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FAQ/Move List by SirGalahad

Version: 20.1 | Updated: 08/16/98

*    *  ***  ***  *****  **  *     *   *  ***  *    * ***   **  ***** *******
**  ** *   * *  *   *   *  * *     *  *  *   * **  ** *  * *  *   *    * * *
* ** * *   * ***    *   **** *     ***   *   * * ** * ***  ****   *    * * *
*    * *   * *  *   *   *  * *     *  *  *   * *    * *  * *  *   *    *  *
*    *  ***  *  *   *   *  * ***   *   *  ***  *    * ***  *  *   *   *******

Written by Chris McCullough(a.k.a SirGalahad (srgalhad@primenet.com))
First printing:  July 27, 1997
Updated:  August 16, 1998

Issue #20.1

Remember:  The Lin Kuei Headquarters

   The information listed in this compendium is for Mortal Kombat Four,
version 3.0, and for the home versions. If you have any information, either
moves, stories, fatalities, game info, etc., please mail to
srgalhad@primenet.com.  Full credit will be given.

What's New

*  New Kombat Kode
*  More info in Home Version Section.
        * Cheat menu for PSX
        * Cheat menu for PC
        * Playing as Kitana (All three systems now)!

(NOTE:  If anyone can get me combo totals that would be GREAT!)


I.     Overall and character plot
II.    Basic moves
III.   Special Points of Interest
IV.    Weapons
V.     Individual moves and fatalities
VI.    Kombat Kodes
VII.   Ending stories
VIII.  The Home Version
IX.    Rumors
X.     Chip Revision
XI.    Credits


   "Thousands of years ago in a battle with the fallen elder god known as
Shinnok, I was responsible for the death of an entire civilization. To rid
all realms of Shinnok's menace I waged a war that plunged the earth into
centuries of darkness and banished Shinnok to a place called the
Now after Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of Earth's warriors, Shinnok has
managed to escape his confines of the Netherealm. The war is now being
fought once again, and this time it can be won by mortals." - Raiden


Face Punch    :  High Punch
Body Punch    :  Low Punch
Face Kick     :  High Kick
Body Kick     :  Low Kick
Block         :  Block
Run           :  Forward + Run

Jump Kick     :  Up + High or Low Kick
Jump Punch    :  Up + High or Low Punch
Roundhouse    :  Back + High Punch
Foot Sweep    :  Back + Low Punch
Uppercut      :  Down + High Punch
Crouch Punch  :  Down + Low Punch
Sidestep Down :  Hold Down(Run - Run)
Sidestep Up   :  Run - Run
Pick Up Object:  Down + Run
Throw Weapon  :  Same movement as readying weapon for each character

Throw         :  Forward + Low Punch
Break Move    :  Forward + Low Kick
        (NOTE:  This breaks a body part on the opponent.)

Quarter-Circle Away    : Down - Back
Quarter-Circle Towards : Down - Forward
Half-Circle Away       : Forward - Down - Back
Half-Circle Towards    : Back - Down - Forward



     After selecting you character on a One-Player game, you see five
towers, representing five levels of difficulty on you quest to defeat
gives you six opponents, Beginner gives you seven, and the rest give you


The Rain Stage

    The combatants are atop a mountain during a rainstorm; heavily
raining, with the occasional lightning blast in the sky.  At some
times a face will appear in the sky, possibly an elder god watching

The Snake Stage

    Evil room with an large reptilian eye in the center.  On each side
is a large skull with a person chained inside.

The Dojo

     As the name says, you're in a martial arts training room, with
banners and writing.  It's raining outside.

The Living Forest

     Just like MK2, you fight in a forest where the trees have faces.
Occasionally, the faces growl.  From what I've heard, those faces, just
like MK2, is the face of Lead Programmer Ed Boon.

The Prison

     You are in a large octangular steel room with a huge spinning fan in
the center.  Two floating lights illuminate the combatants and will follow
them all around the room.
STAGE FATALITY:  The victor will grab his opponent by one arm and one leg
and begin to spin them around.  When they reach the right velocity, they
throw them into the fan, where the opponent is sliced into pieces; his
head flying out and hitting the game screen.

Goro's Lair

     By far the most known fighting area.  Grey dungeon with four entrances
and skeletons hanging from the walls.  Yellow eyes adorn the entrances.
This in Mortal Kombat One is where you would fight Goro.  Huge boulders
adorn the floor.
STAGE FATALITY:  The victor will uppercut their opponent high in the air
where they are impaled on spikes on the ceiling.  Holding down on both
joysticks will cause the opponent to fall off.

The Well

     This is believed to be Scorpion's stage.  You fight right next to a
huge pit of flames.  Severed heads adorn the floor.

The Elder Gods

     Blue room with huge blue faces watching you fight.  Sometimes, the
faces change expression(ie, shock, smiling, etc,)

The Tomb

     This is a purple laidened room with a skull acting as a window in the
background.  A motionless body is at one end, covered by a cloth.  Coffins
around the room on ledges.


     At the bottom of the select screen, we see three buttons.


     Clicking on this button will have the game automatically
choose your player.


     You go through the entire roster, fighting each opponent.


     Clicking on this button will make your select square disappear, making
your opponent unable to see which character you are choosing.

Start Button

     on a one player game, after selecting a tower to play, if you press
your start button, the tower will rotate, giving you a different set of
opponents to face.


   In MK4, you now have a choice on what your character will wear.  Midway
finally got wise and put different colored outfits for the characters.
To change the outfit, highlight your character on the selection screen,
press start and the three buttons that correspond with that particular
character.  The Selection square will change to a yin/yang.  Then select
the character.

        Kai:  Start(High Punch + Block + Low Kick)
     Raiden:  Start(Low Punch + Block + High Kick)
    Shinnok:  Start(High Punch + Block + Low Punch)
   Liu Kang:  Start(High Kick + Block + Low Kick)
    Reptile:  Start(Low Punch + Block + Low Kick)
   Scorpion:  Start(High Punch + High Kick + Block)
        Jax:  Start(Run + Low Punch + Block)
      Reiko:  Start(Run + High Punch + Low Kick)
Johnny Cage:  Start(Run + Low Punch + Low Kick)
      Jarek:  Start(High Kick + High Punch + Run)
      Tanya:  Start(High Kick + Low Kick + High Punch)
      Fujin:  Start(Low Punch + High Punch + High Kick)
   Sub-Zero:  Start(Run + Block + High Punch)
   Quan Chi:  Start(High Punch + Run + High Kick)
      Sonya:  Start(Run + High Punch + Low Kick)

Hidden Characters


  Who is Meat?  Well, Meat is a skinned, living skeleton, hence
the sickening name.  It's a lenghty way to play as him.  Keep
selecting 'Group mode' in a 2 player game until ou complete all
15 numbers.  After completing 'Group Mode', select any character.
The character will have his normal movesm, but will be a skinned
skeleton, 'Meat'.


     In Mortal Kombat 2, we were introduced to Friendships and
Babalities (and frankly I wish we weren't).  In Mortal Kombat 3, we were
introduced to the 'Run' button (and frankly I wish we weren't).  Now, in
Mortal Kombat 4, we are introduced to the ability to use weapons.  Each
character starts with their own weapon.  Over the course of the game, the
character can lose his weapon and subsequently use a different weapon.

Ghurka Knife ("Machete")

Upward Slash    :  High Punch
Downward Slash  :  Low Punch
Spinning Slash  :  Back and either Punch buttons


Swing to Right  :  High Punch
Swing to Left   :  Low Punch
Overhead Smash  :  Back + High Punch
Swing Uppercut  :  Back + Low Punch

Nagimaki ("Battle Staff")

Strike Overhead :  High Punch
Upward Swing    :  Low Punch
Trip Opponent   :  Back + Low Punch
Thrust          :  Back + High Punch

Flamberge ("Dragon") Sword
(Liu Kang)

Slash Downward: Low Punch
Quick Slashes : Repeatedly tap High Punch
Thrust Stab   : Back + High Punch
Spin Slash    : Back + Low Punch

Battle Axe

High Slash     :  High Punch
Low Slash      :  Low Punch
Uppercut Slash :  Back + Low Punch
Spinning Slash :  Back + High Punch
     (NOTE:  Hold High Punch to keep spinning)

Claymore ("Long Sword")

High Slash    :  High Punch
Low Slash     :  Low Punch
Spin Slash    :  Down + Low Punch
Overhead Slash:  Back + High Punch
Uppercut Slash:  Back + Low Punch

Spiked Club
(Jax & Reiko)

Swipe         :  High Punch
Backhand      :  Low Punch
Overhead Swipe:  Back + High Punch
Uppercut Swipe:  Back + Low Punch
Smack Screen  :  Forward + Low Punch
                (The opponent will hit the screen and slide down.)

Bowie Knife

Spinning Slash: High Punch
One-Hand Slash: Low Punch
Two-Hand Slash: Back + High Punch
Backhand Slash: Back + Low Punch

Black Dragon Sword

Slash Upward    :  High Punch
Slash Downward  :  Low Punch
Thrust          :  Back + High Punch
Spin Slash      :  Back + Low Punch


Downward Slash  :  High Punch
Throw Boomerang :  Low Punch  (NOTE:  It will return)
Spin Slash      :  Back + High Punch
Throw Upward    :  Back + Low Punch


   Straight Shot:  Low Punch
High Angled Shot:  High Punch
 Low Angled Shot:  Back + Low Punch

Ice Scepter

Slash           :  High Punch
Trip Opponent   :  Low Punch
Uppercut Swing  :  Back + High Punch
Freeze Opponent :  Back + Low Punch

Mace Staff
(Quan Chi)

Swing to Right: High Punch
Swing to Left : Low Punch
Overhead Smash: Back + High Punch
Swing Uppercut: Back + Low Punch


Downward Slash  :  High Punch
Upward Slash    :  Low Punch
Thrust Slice    :  Back + Low Punch
Uppercut Slash  :  Back + High Punch



A former member of the White Lotus Society, Kai learned his skills from
the great masters throughout Asia.  He journeyed to the far east after
meeting his friend and ally Liu Kang in America.  Now they reunite and
assist Raiden in his battle against Shinnok.

Weapon is a Ghurka Knife

Break Move : Kai lifts his opponent over his head and slams their back
             on his knee.

Ready Weapon  :  Quarter-Circle Away - Low Punch
Falling Fire  :  Back - Back - High Punch
Rising Fire   :  Forward - Forward - Low Punch
Slide         :  Quarter-Circle Towards - Low Kick
Air Fist      :  Down - Forward - High Punch
Hand Walk     :  Hold Block then press Low Kick
   Leg Spin   :  Hold Low Punch
   Kick       :  Either Kick
   Stand up   :  Block

Fatality #1   :  Up - Forward - Up - Back - High Kick
                  (Kai picks his opponent up and snaps them in half.)
Fatality #2   :  Up - Up - Up - Down - Block
                  (Kai leaps in the air and throws a fireball that hits the
                   opponent, causing their head to explode.  Stand out of
                   sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair   :  Back - Forward - Down - High Kick
The Prison    :  Forward - Forward - Down - Block

Combo #1      :  HP - HK - D+HP - Rising Fireball - HP - HP - Jump HK -
                        Flying punch (40%)


The God of Thunder returns to Earth after the defeat of Shao Khan -
but finds a new threat when Shinnok's forces, led by Quan Chi, attack
the Elder Gods. With the heavens in disarray Raiden exists as one of
the last Gods of Earth. He must come to the aid of his elders and put
an end to his evil villainous reign of his ancient enemy.

Weapon is a Warhammer

Break Move : Raiden grabs his opponent's head and slams it on his knee.
Throw      : Jack-knife Powerbomb

Ready Weapon  :  Forward - Back - High Punch
Lightning     :  Quarter-Circle away - Low Punch
Body Launch   :  Forward - Forward - Low Kick
Teleport      :  Down - Up

Fatality #1   :  Hold Block(Forward - Back - Up - Up - High Kick)
                (Raiden grabs his opponent and proceeds to shock them
                 until they explode.  Stand Close.)
Fatality #2   :  Down - Up - Up - Up - High Punch
                (Raiden's staff appears in his hand. He impales the opponent
                 on the staff and holds them up where they are electrocuted.
                 Their limp body slides down the pole and Raiden throws them
                 off.  Stand close.)
Goro's Lair   :  Forward - Forward - Down - Low Punch
The Prison    :  Down - Forward - Back - Block

Combo #1      :  High Punch - High Kick - Forward - Forward - Low Kick
Combo #2      :  High Kick - High Kick - Forward - Back - High Punch
                 - Back + Low Kick - Forward - Forward - Low Kick(44%)
                 (NOTE:  Best against the computer)
Combo #3      :  HP - HP - HK - D+HP - Run up + HP - HP - Teleport - LP -
                 Jump HP - HK - Torpedo (43%)
Combo #4      :  Jump into and HP - HP - HP - HK - HK - Pull Weapon -
                 Jump HP - torpedo (45)


Banished to the Netherealm for crimes committed against his once fellow
Elder Gods, Shinnok is freed from his confines by Quan Chi. With the aid
of a traitor he is then able to take the Realm of Edenia. From there he
wages a war against the Elder Gods, and awaits a chance to enact revenge
against the God who banished him there - Raiden.

Weapon is a Battle Staff

Break Move : Shinnok grabs his opponent's legs, causing them to fall.  He
             stomps on their head, then jumps on their body.

Ready Weapon  :  Back - Forward - Low Punch
Impersonation moves
(NOTE:  Think Shang Tsung without morphing.  When you perform the
move listed below, you temporarily can perform that character's
special moves.)

         Kai : Forward - Forward - Forward - Low Kick
      Raiden : Down - Forward - Forward - High Punch
    Liu Kang : Back - Back - Forward - High Kick
     Reptile : Back - Back - Forward - Block
    Scorpion : Forward - Back - Low Punch
         Jax : Forward - Down - Forward - High Kick
       Reiko : Back - Back - Back - Block
 Johnny Cage : Down - Down - High Punch
       Jarek : Back - Back - Low Kick
       Tanya : Back - Forward - Down - Block
       Fujin : Forward - Forward - Back - High Kick
    Sub-Zero : Down - Back - Low Punch
    Quan Chi : Forward - Back - Forward - Low Kick
       Sonya : Forward - Down - Forward - High Punch

Fatality #1   :  Down - Back - Forward - Down - Run
                (Shinnok disappears in a ring of fire.  A portal opens up
                 and a large skeletal hand grabs the opponent and squeezes
                 them until their head pops off.  The hand takes the
                 decapitated body beck in the portal and the portal closes.
                 Shinnok then reforms.  Stand Close.)
Fatality #2   :  Down - Up - Up - Down - Block
                (Shinnok punches the gound and disappears in a ring of fire.
                 The opponent is levitated. A portal opens and two skeletal
                 hands come out and clasp over the body, completely crushing
                 the opponent.  Stand Close.)
Goro's Lair   :  Down - Forward - Back - High Punch
The Prison    :  Down - Down - Forward - High Kick

Liu Kang

Still the immortal champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang finds himself
venturing into the realms of Edenia to rescue the princess Kitana from the
vile clutches of Quan Chi.  Unsuccessful in his mission Liu returns to Earth
and mounts an effort to bring together Earth's greatest warriors.  He does
it this time to not only to free Kitana's home world but also to assist his
mentor and Earth's protector - Raiden.

Weapon is a Dragon Sword

Break Move : Liu Kang grabs his opponent from behind and kicks them in
             the back.

Ready Weapon  :  Back - Forward - Low Kick
Fireball      :  Forward - Forward - High Punch
Low Fireball  :  Forward - Forward - Low Punch
Flying Kick   :  Forward - Forward - High Kick
Bicycle Kick  :  Hold Low Kick(3 seconds) and release

Fatality #1   :  Forward - Forward - Forward - Down - Block + Low Kick + High
                (Liu Kang transforms into a large dragon and grabs his
                 opponent with his mouth and thrashes them about.  Stand out of
                 sweep range.)
Fatality #2   :  Forward - Down - Down - Up - High Punch
                (Liu Kang grabs his opponent and spins them around. He releases
                 and they fly toward the screen. Liu Kang shoots his fireball a
t the
                 opponent and they explode, sending blood all over the screen.
                 Stand close.)
Goro's Lair   :  Forward - Forward - Back - High Kick
The Prison    :  Forward - Forward - Back - Low Punch

Combo #1      :  High Punch - High Kick - Bicycle Kick - Low Fireball


A general in Shinnok's Army of Darkness, Reptile once belonged to an
extinct race of reptilian creatures. He was banished to the Netherealm
for committing genocide against several species. Responsible for the death
of millions, Reptile is a dangerous ally to the forces of evil.

Weapon is a Battle Axe

Break Move : Reptile forces his opponent to the floor, grabs their head
             from behind and twists.
Throw      : One-armed overhead slam

Ready Weapon  :  Back - Back - Low kick
Acid Spit     :  Quarter-Circle Towards - High Punch
Invisibility  :  Low Kick + Block
                 (Repeat to reappear)
Elbow Dash    :  Back - Forward - Low Punch
Super Krawl   :  Back - Forward - Low Kick

Fatality #1   :  Hold High Punch + Low Punch + Low Kick + High Kick - Up
                (Reptile leaps onto his opponent from the front.  He then
                 proceeds to devour the flesh off of his opponent's head.
                 Reptile jumps off his opponent and they collapse on the
                 floor.  Stand Close.)
Fatality #2   :  Up - Down - Down - Down - High Punch
                (Reptile floats above his opponent and spews his acid spit
                 at them.  The flesh is melted off their body.  Stand outside
                 sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair   :  Down - Down - Forward - High Kick
The Prison    :  Down - Forward - Forward - Low Punch

Combo #1      :  High Punch - High Kick - Back - Forward - Low Punch


In hopes of gaining Scorpion as a new ally in the war with the Elder Gods,
Quan Chi makes the dead Ninja an offer he cannot refuse - Life, in
exchange for his services as a warrior against the Elders. Scorpion
accepts, but hides under ulterior motives.

Weapon is a Long Sword

Break Move : Scorpion grabs his opponent's arm and punches them in the
             elbow joint.

Ready Weapon  :  Forward - Forward - High Kick
Spit Fire     :  Quarter-Circle Towards - Low Punch
Spear         :  Back - Back - Low Punch
Teleport Punch:  Quarter-Circle away - High Punch
Air Throw     :  Block (While in mid-air)

Fatality #1   :  Back - Forward - Forward - Back - Block
                (Scorpion removes his mask to reveal a skull.  He breathes
                 fire on the opponent, engulfing them in flames.  The
                 opponent runs around until it finally collapses.
                 Stand out of sweep range.)
                (NOTE:  Hold Start and you'll hear Dan Forden say "Toasty! 3-D!
Fatality #2   :  Back - Forward - Down - Up - High Punch
                (Scorpion disappears in a gulf of red smoke and reappears
                 as a large scorpion.  He stabs the opponet with his tail and
                 rips their torso off.  Stand outside sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair   :  Back - Forward - Forward - Low Kick
The Prison    :  Forward - Forward - Down - Down - Low Kick

Combo #1      :  High Kick - High Kick - Spear - High Kick - Roundhouse Kick
Combo #2      :  Jump Punch - Teleport - Spear - Uppercut - Foot Sweep


When Sonya disappears while tracking the last living member of the Black
Dragon, Major Jackson Briggs heads after her. He soon finds that Sonya's
mission has led her into a battle with the forces of an evil Elder God.
This is a battle they must win or their own world will crumble at the hands
of Shinnok.

Weapon is a Spiked Club

Break Move : Jax kicks his opponent in their knee joint.
Throw      : One-armed Multi Slam (See 'Quad Throw')

Ready Weapon  :  Half-Circle Towards - High Punch
Missile       :  Quarter-Circle Towards - Low Punch
Energy Wave   :  Forward - Forward - Down - Low Kick
Dash Punch    :  Quarter-Circle Away - Low Punch
Back Breaker  :  Block  (Must be done in air)
Quad Throw    :  Press Low Punch then press in succession:
                        1. Run + Block + High Kick
                        2. High Punch + Low Punch + Low Kick
                        3. High Punch + Block + Low Kick
                        4. High Punch + Low Punch + Low Kick + High Kick

Fatality #1   :  Hold Low Kick(3 sec)(Forward - Down - Forward)
                    (Jax grabs his opponents arms and places his foot on
                     their chest.  He then rips their arms off and tosses
                     them on the ground.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Back - Forward - Forward - Down - Block
Goro's Lair   :  Forward - Forward - Back - High Punch
The Prison    :  Forward - Forward - Back - Low Kick


Once a general in Shinnok's armies, Reiko lead the forces of darkness
into the battle against the Elder Gods. Once thought killed during that
onslaught, he resurfaces and joins the battle against Earth's forces.

Weapon is a Spiked Club

Ready Weapon   :  Half-Circle Away - High Punch
Throw Shurikens:  Quarter-Circle Towards - Low Punch
Teleport       :  Down - Up
                 (After teleporting, press Block to throw opponent)
Circle Teleport:  Back - Forward - Low Kick
Flip Kick      :  Half-Circle Towards - High Kick

Fatality #1    :  Forward - Down - Forward - Low Punch + Block + Low Kick
                        + High Kick
                 (Reiko kicks his opponent in the chest so hard that
                  their torso flies off of their body, arms, and head.)
Fatality #2    :  Back - Back - Down - Down - High Kick
                 (Reiko throws his shirukens at his opponent.  Stand outside
                  sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair    :  Forward - Forward - Forward - Down - Low Kick
The Prison     :  Down - Down - Back - Low Punch

Johnny Cage

After Shao Kahn's defeat, Cage's soul is free to leave to a higher place.
From the heavens, he observes his friends engaged in battle. With the
heavens in disarray, he learns of the war waged against the Elder Gods by
Shinnok. Cage seeks out Raiden to help him restore his deceased soul and
join Liu Kang in his quest. Once again, Johnny Cage finds himself fighting
alongside Earth's greatest warriors.

Weapon is a Bowie Knife

Break Move : Johnny Cage grabs his opponent's arms, does an in-air
                 somersault, and kicks his opponent in the chest.
     Throw : Overhead Body Slam

Ready Weapon  :  Forward - Down - Forward - Low Kick
Low Fireball  :  Quarter-Circle Away - Low Punch
High Fireball :  Quarter-Circle Towards - High Punch
Shadow Kick   :  Back - Forward - Low Kick
Uppercut Punch:  Back - Down - Back - High Punch
Crotch Punch  :  Block + Low Punch

Fatality #1   :  Forward - Back - Down - Down - High Kick
                (Johnny Cage grabs his opponent by the waist and twists,
                 snapping their spine.  He then rips their upper torso
                 off and throws it down.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Down - Down - Forward - Down - Block
                (Johnny Cage decapitates his opponent with an uppercut.
                 Stand Close.)
Goro's Lair   :  Back - Forward - Forward - Low Kick
The Prison    :  Down - Down - Forward - Forward - High Kick


Believed to be the last member of Kano's klan, the Black Dragon. Jarek is
hunted down by Special Forces agent Sonya Blade for crimes against humanity.
With the emergence of a much greater evil, Sonya focuses her strengths on
the new menacing Quan Chi. Jarek now finds himself fighting alongside Sonya
and Earth's warriors to help defeat the Evil Elder God, Shinnok.

Weapon is a Black Dragon Sword

Break Move : Jarek kicks his opponent in their knee joint.
Throw      : Jack-knife Powerbomb

Ready Weapon    :  Forward - Forward - High Punch
Projectile      :  Quarter-Circle Away - Low Punch
Cannonball      :  Back - Forward - Low Kick
Vertical Roll   :  Forward - Down - Forward - High Punch
Ground Slam     :  Back - Down - Back - High Kick

Fatality #1     :  Forward - Back - Forward - Forward - Low Kick
                  (Jarek pulls his opponent's heart out.  Stand Close.)
Fatality #2     :  Up - Up - Forward - Forward - Block
                  (A laser beam emitts from Jarek's eye.  The laser makes
                   two passes.  One decapitates the opponent, the second
                   slices the body at the waist.  Stand outside sweep diatnace.
Goro's Lair     :  Back - Forward - Forward - Low Punch
The Prison      :  Forward - Down - Forward - High Kick

Combo #1        :  Unknown


As the daughter of Edenia's ambassador to new realms, Tanya invites a
group of refugees fleeing their own world into the safety of Edenia. But
soon after Queen Sindel allows them through the portal, she learns that
one of the warriors is none other than the banished Elder God, Shinnok.
The opened portal leads not into another world but into the pits of the
Netherealm itself. The once free realm of Edenia is now at the mercy of

Weapon is a Boomerang

Break Move : Tanya jumps on her opponents shoulders and snaps their
             neck with her legs.

Ready Weapon  :  Forward - Forward - High Kick
Fireball      :  Down - Forward - High Punch
Downward Fire :  Down - Back - Low Punch
                  (NOTE:  Can be done in air only)
Split Kick    :  Half Circle Away - Low Kick
Corkscrew Kick:  Forward - Forward - Low Kick

Fatality #1   :  Down - Down - Up - Down - Block + High Punch
                (Tanya kisses her opponent.  Their limbs and body begin
                 twisting and tightening until the strain finally causes
                 their body to shatter.  Stand Close.)
Fatality #2   :  Down - Forward - Down - Forward - High Kick
                (Tanya Jumps on her opponent's neck and performs her breaker
                 move.  The opponent falls to the ground, it's neck broken.)
Goro's Lair   :  Forward - Forward - Forward - Low Punch
The Prison    :  Back - Forward - Down - High Punch

Combo #1      :  Unknown


Better known as the god of wind, Fujin joins Raiden as one of the last
surviving Gods of Earth.  Their counterparts were defeated in a war of
the heavens between Shinnok's forces and the elder gods.  He now prepares
for the final battle between the forces of light and Shinnok's hell-spawned
warriors of darkness.

Weapon is a Crossbow

Break Move : Fujin grabs his opponents arm, twists it over his head, and
             snaps it at the elbow.  He then elbows the opponent.

Ready Weapon  :  Back - Back - Low Kick
Whirlwind Spin:  Forward - Down - Low Punch
                  (NOTE:  Hold Low Punch to continue spinning)
Levitate      :  Forward - Down - Forward - High Punch
        Slam      :  Back - Forward - Down - Low Kick
Jumping Knee  :  Down - Forward - High Kick
Diving Kick   :  Down + Low Kick(In air)

Fatality #1   :  Tap Run + Block four times
                (Fujin catches his opponent in his Whirlwind Spin.  He takes
                 out his crossbow and fires at his opponent, causing them
                 to explode.  Stand just out of sweep range.)
Fatality #2   :  Down - Forward - Forward - Up - Block
                (Fujin fires a huge blast of wind at his opponent, causing the
                 opponent's skin to fly off their body.  Stand outside of
                 sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair   :  Back - Forward - Back - High Punch
The Prison    :  Down - Down - Down - High Kick


After Shao Khan defeated the heads of Earth's fighters, Sub-Zero's warrior
Clan known as the Lin Kuei is disbanded.  But with the new threat brought
on by Quan Chi the ice warrior once again dons the familiar costume warn
by his brother the original Sub-Zero. He also holds secrets passed on to
him by his sibling - secrets that may hold the key to stopping Shinnok.

Weapon is an Ice Scepter

Break Move : Sub-Zero punches his opponent in the face.  As they stagger,
             he grabs his opponent's leg and bends it the wrong way,
             snapping it at the knee.

Ready Weapon  :  Quarter-Circle Towards - High Kick
Freeze        :  Quarter-Circle Towards - Low Punch
Ice Clone     :  Quarter-Circle Away - Low Punch
                        (Can be done in air)
Slide         :  Low Punch + Block + Low Kick

Fatality #1   :  Forward - Back - Forward - Down - Run + Block + High Punch
                (Sub-Zero grabs opponent's head from behind and pulls
                 it off, including the spine.  Close to opponent.)
Fatality #2   :  Back - Back - Down - Back + High Punch
                (Sub-Zero raises his arms and snow and ice begin to form around

                 his hands.  He freezes the opponent, then slides over and
                 shatters them with one punch.  Stand out of sweep range.)
Goro's Lair   :  Down - Down - Down - Low Kick
The Prison    :  Down - Up - Up - Up - High Kick

Combo #1      :  High Kick - High Kick - Freeze - High Kick - High Kick -

Quan Chi

A free roaming sorcerer powerful in the black arts, Quan Chi uses his
abilities to free the now evil Elder God Shinnok from his confines in
the Netherealm. In exchange for his services Shinnok has granted Quan Chi
the position of arch-sorcerer of his now expanded Netherealm.

Weapon is a Mace

Break Move :  Quan Chi places his hands on his opponent's shoulders.  He
              then kicks them with both feet at the knees, breaking them.
Throw      :  German Suplex

Ready Weapon  :  Quarter-Circle Away - High Kick
Green Skull   :  Forward - Forward - Low Punch
Air Throw     :  Block
Teleport Stomp:  Forward - Down - Low Kick
Steal Weapon  :  Forward - Back - High Punch
Dashing Kick  :  Forward - Forward - High Kick

Fatality #1   :  Hold Low Kick(5 sec)(Down - Forward - Down - Forward)
                 (Quan Chi pulls the opponent's leg off at the socket
                  and beats the opponent with it.)
Fatality #2   :  Up - Up - Down - Down - Low Punch
                 (Quan Chi performs the fatality of his opponent.  Stand
                  outside of sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair   :  Forward - Forward - Back - Low Kick
The Prison    :  Forward - Forward - Down - High Punch

Sonya Blade

After her journey into the Outworld and Shao Khan's near destruction of
Earth, Sonya becomes a member of Earth's own Outworld Investigation Agency.
Her first mission leads her to join Liu Kang on his quest to aid the
troubled thunder God, Raiden. She must survive long enough to warn her
government of the new menace brought on by Quan Chi.

Weapon is a Windblade

Break Move : Sonya does a handstand on the opponents shoulders.  She then
             twists their head.
Throw      : German Suplex

Ready Weapon  :  Forward - Forward - Low Kick
Energy Rings  :  Quarter-Circle towards - Low Punch
Leg Throw     :  Down + Low Punch + Block
Sqr Wave Punch:  Forward - Back - High Punch
Bicycle Kick  :  Back - Back - Down - High Kick
Cartwheel     :  Half-Circle Towards - Low Kick
Air Throw     :  Block (While in mid-air)

Fatality #1   :  Down - Down - Down - Up - Run
                 (Sonya blows a kiss at her opponent, which causes the
                opponent's upper body to explode.  Stand out of sweep
Fatality #2   :  Up - Down - Down - Up - High Kick
                 (Sonya performs her leg grab on her opponent.  With her
                  legs, she splits the opponent in half.  Stand outside
                  sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair   :  Down - Forward - Down - High Punch
The Prison    :  Down - Down - Back - Back - High Kick

Combo         :  High Punch - High Kick - Cartwheel - Square Wave Punch


     That's right, they're back.  At the VS screen in a two player game,
there are six little boxes.  Pressing on a particular button will cause
the picture on the box to change.

|  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |
| Low |Block| Low | Low |Block| Low |
|Punch|     | Kick|Punch|     | Kick|
|    Player 1     |    Player 2     |

Kode 1: Free Weapon - 111-111
Kode 2: Throwing Disabled - 100-100
Kode 3: Armed And Dangerous - 444-444
Kode 4: Silent Kombat - 666-666
Kode 5: Explosive Kombat - 050-050
Kode 6: Random Weapons - 222-222
Kode 7: No Power?? (Start at 'Danger' energy) - 123-123
Kode 8: Many Weapons - 555-555
Kode 9: Randper Kombat - 333-333
Kode 10: No Rain (Wind Stage) - 060-060
Kode 11: Weapon Kombat - 002-002
Kode 12: Unknown
Kode 13: Noob Saibot Mode - 012-012
Kode 14: Red Rain - 020-020
Kode 15: Maximum Damage Disabled - 010-010
Kode 16: (Disable throws/max damage) - 110-110
Kode 17: Kombat Zone: Goro's Lair - 011-011
Kode 18: Kombat zone: The Well - 022-022
Kode 19: Kombat Zone: Elder Gods - 033-033
Kode 20: Kombat Zone: The Tomb - 044-044
Kode 21: Kombat Zone: Rain Stage - 055-055
Kode 22: Kombat Zone: Snake Stage - 066-066
Kode 23: Kombat Zone: The Dojo - 101-101
Kode 24: Kombat Zone: Living Forest - 202-202
Kode 25: Kombat Zone: The Prison - 303-303
Kode 26: Unlimited Run - 001-001


  Well, the masses have seen the endings.  Evidentially, they are now
spoken by the characters themselves; some even play out scenarios!
So, it looks like this time around the endings will be in script
format.  So this is what I'll be needing from you:  What the picture
looks like, any actions that take place, and most importantly: the
dialog that the characters say verbatim.  I managed to get three endings
in that format.  I just need the words the characters say.  Parts
where there should be words are replaced by four periods (....)


Raiden: You fought well, Kai.  You are now a true Shaolin Warrior.

Kai: Thanks, Raiden.  But I am not interested in becoming a Shaolin Warrior
     anymore.  I've got too many of my own problems to deal with.

Raiden: What will you do next?

Kai: I don't know... Wander the earth, search for my soul.  That kind of

[Raiden gives Kai his Lightning Staff.]

Raiden: Well, perhaps you could use this on your journey.

Kai: Your Lightning Staff?

Raiden: It holds the power of Thunder and Lightning.  Wield it wisely, for
        it can show you the way to immortality.

Kai: Thank you, Raiden.  I will not fail.


Elder God:  Raiden, for many ages you have protected the Earth Realm from
              the forces of evil. You have earned your place among us.
                Before your dissention into the Patheon of elder Gods, you
                must choose your sucessor to protect your Earth.

Raiden:  With the aid of Earth's mortals, I have once again managed to
           defeat Shinnok and his minions.  I choose Fujin.  He will guide
           the mortals of Earth as they move into the next millenium.


[Scene : The Tomb.  Shinnok stands staring at Raiden, who is floating
helplessly in the air]

Shinnok:  For millions of years, I suffered in the bowels of the
          Netherealm.  You, Thunder God, are responsible for my
            suffering.  Now the pitious mortals of Earth will pay
            for my grievance.

Raiden:   You turned against your fellow Elder Gods.  You betrayed your
            title.  You deserve much worse.

Shinnok:  But it's too late, Raiden.  I win!  With the other Elder Gods
            out of the way, I will take my rightful place as ruler of all
            eternity.  I can already feel the power surging from within!

Raiden:   You're mad!

Shinnok:  Farewell, Thunder God! [Laughs]

[Shinnok raises his hands.  Lightning comes out and strikes Raiden.  After
a while, Raiden explodes into pieces.]

Liu Kang

Liu Kang: The war is over.  I once again defended my title as Champion of
          Mortal Kombat, and defended the realm of earth.  I have failed to
          save the realm of Edenia.  In doing so, I have also lost Kitana

[Kitana appears via a portal.]

Liu Kang: Kitana?

Kitana: Yes, Liu Kang.  It is I.

Liu Kang: I thought you were gonna...

Kitana: With Shinnok's destruction, you have not only saved the earth, but
        you have saved my own realm.  For that, I can never repay you.

Liu Kang: Knowing you survived is all I need.

Kitana: As heir to the throne of my realm, I offer you the chance to rule
        at my side, as King of Edenia, forever.

Liu Kang: I cannot accept your offer.  I belong here on earth as Champion
          of Mortal Kombat.

Kitana: Then, I wish you good luck, Liu Kang, on all your journeys.

Liu Kang: Goodbye, Princess Kitana.


[SCENE:  The Snake Stage.  WIDE SHOT of Reptile and Quan Chi.  Reptile
bows to Quan Chi and gets down on one knee in servitude.  As the
conversation progresses the camera pand around the two in a circle.]

Reptile:  Quan Chi, I have served our Lord Shinnok well in the
destruction of Earth warriors.

Quan Chi:  Yes, we are most appreciative of all your efforts.

Reptile:  Now I wish to return in time to my home world before it was
          destroyed at the hands of Shao Kahn.  As the new ruler supreme
          of all reality, Shinnok alone has the power to grant my request.

Quan Chi:   You dare make such a perpetuous request of your lord and

Reptile:  Is it a simple request for one of such great power.

Quan Chi:  It is also not worth his attention.

[Reptile stands up and yells at Quan Chi in defiance]

Reptile:  I demand it!  If it were not for warriors such as myself
          his attack against Raiden's forces would have failed!

Quan Chi:  Perhaps you should convey your feelings to Shinnok yourself!

[MEDIUM SHOT : Reptile]

Reptile:  What?

[Shinnok teleports in front of Reptile and grabs him by the throat,
lifting him off the ground]

Shinnok:  Infidel!  You are in no position to demand anything!  I could
kill you with a mere thought!

Reptile:  [choking] But, we had a deal!

[Camera pans out to LONG RANGE SHOT : Shinnok and Reptile.]

Shinnok:  A deal?  I am not a God of my word, Reptile!  All deals are off!

[Shinnok releases a blast of energy.  Reptile explodes into pieces.]


[Scorpion stands over Sub-Zero's fallen body]

Scorpion: I deafeated you, Sub-Zero.  I have avenged the death of my
          family and clan.  Now my soul can finally rest.

Sub-Zero: Your soul will never rest, Scorpion.  The Lin Kuei may have
          been responsible for your murder, but your family's true killer
          still remains free.

Scorpion: If you are not the murderer, then who is?

[Quan Chi appears.]

Quan Chi: I am the one you seek.  To defeat my nemesis, Sub-Zero, I needed
          the power of a specter.  You've done my bidding well, Scorpion.
          But now I must return you to the Netherealm.

[Quan Chi opens a portal into the Netherealm.]

Scorpion: NEVER!

[Scorpion grabs Quan Chi and they both are engulfed in the portal.  Shot of
Scorpions Lair in UMK3.  Quan Chi looks around and then stares at the

Quan Chi: NO!!!


[Scene:  Grassy field.  Sonya is talking to Jarek]

Sonya:  It's over, Jarek.  Shinnok is dead.  The good guys's won.  You're
        coming back with me.

Jarek:  Never, Sonya!  I agreed to help defeat Shinnok, not turn myself in
        to the Special Forces!  The Black Dragon lives on!

[Jarek begins walking toward Sonya, who in turn begins backing away from
him.  WIDE SHOT AND CRESENDO:  They are atop a high cliff.  Sonya has
backed to the edge.]

Sonya:  The Black Dragon died with Kano.  You're the last one, Jarek.

Jarek:  NEVER!

[Jarek dives toward Sonya.  Sonya backs out of the way and Jarek goes over
the cliff.  Sonya looks over, then turns away.  She takes out her radio.]

Sonya:  Come in, Major Briggs.  This is Lieutenant Sonya Blade...

[From the edge of the cliff, Jarek is seen climbing up.  He grabs Sonya
by the leg and tosses her over the cliff]

[Shot of the radio lying on the ground]

Jax's Voice:  (From the radio)  Sonya?  This is Major Briggs!  Come in.
Sonya, this is Jax!  Are you there?

[Jarek's foot steps on the radio.  Silence.  Jarek laughs to himself and
walks on]

Jax:  Going somewhere, Jarek?

[WIDE SHOT:  Jarek has walked into Jax, who grabs Jarek by the neck]

Jarek:  JAX!  But I thought you were..

Jax:  Thought I was what?  Dead?  Like my partner you just dropped off
      the cliff?

[Jax walks back to the edge and holds Jarek over it]

[OVERHEAD SHOT:  Jax holding Jarek over the cliff]

Jarek:  I...I'm sorry, Jax!  Wait!  Don't drop me!

Jax:  Wait?

Jarek:  I promise...

Jax:  Too late, Jarek!

Jarek:  You can't drop me!  You have to uphold the law!  You have to
        arrest me!  Wait!  Wait!  This is brutality!  You can't do it!

Jax:  Wrong, Jarek.  This is not a brutality.  This is a fatality!

[Jax releases Jarek.  We see him falling as the scene fades out]


A portal opens and Reiko steps through.

Johnny Cage

[Scene:  Awards ceremony.  Johnny Cage walks up to a podium.  Crowd is
cheering like mad.]

Cage:  Wow!  I don't know what to say!  I guess I should start by
thanking all my fans out there!

[More cheers]

Cage:  But that's enough of the mushy stuff.  I mean let's
get real here, huh?  When am I going to get some real competition?


Cage:  Come on, don't get silent now.  Where are all the cheers?

[The audience begins booing]

Cage:  Hey wait a minute! I'm your number one guy!  I'm gonna
remember this!

[Audience continues booing, but now start throwing things]

Audience:  [ad lib]  Boo!  Get off!  You suck!

Cage:  Ow!  Ok, now I'm mad!  Hey, Come on!  Quit it!  Ow!  I saw that
Arnold!  Hey, cut it out!


        See Jax.  His story ends when he steps on the radio.


[Scene:  In a underground passage.  Tanya is talking to Liu Kang]

Tanya: Follow me, Liu Kang.  Raiden has asked that I lead you to him.

Liu Kang: What about the others?

Tanya: He has something special planned for them.

Liu Kang: Tanya, what's going on?

Tanya: [laughs] I don't know what Kitana saw in you.  Can't you see, Liu
       Kang?  This is a trap!
Liu Kang: What?!

[Liu Kang turns as a wall opens.  We see Quan Chi and Shinnok in the room
that opens.  Shinnok is hovering in the air.]

Quan Chi: Welcome, Shaolin Warrior.  Your thunder god is beaten, earth's
          warriors destroyed.  We obliterated the forces of light.  Do you
          wish to beg the mercy of your new master, the lord Shinnok?

Liu Kang: Never, sorcerer!

[Liu Kang performs a flying kick toward Shinnok but is blown up by him.]

Shinnok: [laughs] Fool.


[Scene:  Elder Gods.  Fujin is talking to one of the blue faces.]

Fujin:  Our forces of light have defeated Shinnok, now I must return
          to my duties as Earth's god of wind.

Face:   You have served your elders well, Fujin.  But we have a new
          mission for you.

Fujin:  Raiden?

Raiden:  Our battle with Shinnok's forces is over.  I must move on
           to my new position as an Elder God.  And you, Fujin, you
           must take my former position as protector of Earth.

Fujin:  Raiden, it will be my honor to succeed you.

Raiden:  Take special care of the mortals of Earth, they are a great people but
           have the ability to self destruct.  Be patient, and offer
           your wisdom as guidance.

Fujin:  Farewell, Thunder God.  I will not fail you.

Raiden:  That is why I picked you.


[SCENE:  The Well.  Sub-Zero stands of the fallen body of

Subzero:  The battle is finished!  Your quest for vengeance is
over Scorpion!

Scorpion:  You cannot kill a dead man! You have defeated my physical
form but my soul is eternal!  You will pay for the massacre of my
clan and family!

[LONG RANGE SHOT:  Sub-Zero is attacked from behind by Quan Chi]

[LONG SHOT:  Sub-Zero on the ground looking up at Quan Chi]]

Quan Chi:  Welcome, Sub-Zero.  Like your brother before you, you have
served my purposes well.

Sub-Zero:  I serve no one!  Not the Lin Kuei, and not you!

[Quan Chi stomps on Sub-Zero's Chest]

[PANNING CLOSE UP SHOT:  Quan Chi looking down at Sub-Zero.
Scorpion's fallen body is in the background.]

Quan Chi:  Scorpion took my trust in exchange for freedom from the
Netherealm.  A deal I have no intention of fulfilling. By killing
him you saved us the trouble. Both you and Scorpion were pawns
for Shinnok.

[When the panning stops we see Scorpion stand up behind Quan Chi]

[Scorpion lifts Quan Chi in the air like Fujin's Wind Lift]

[LONG RANGE SHOT:  Quan Chi and Scorpion]

Quan Chi:  Scorpion!

[Scorpion files a green ball of energy.  Quan Chi Explodes.]

[LONG RANGE SHOT:  Scorpion and Sub-Zero face each other.]

Scorpion:  Our battle is finished.  You are now free from my curse.
Farewell, Lin Kuei warrior.

Sub-Zero:  Arrrright!

Quan Chi

[Scene:  The Furnace.  Shinnok, victorious, is talking to Quan Chi.]

Shinnok:  In payment for your loyal services, Quan Chi,
            I grant you the gift of your existence.

Quan Chi:  My existence?

[High angle shot from behind Shinnok looking at Quan Chi]

Shinnok: Understand, sorceror, I consume all energies, including the
           life forces of all that live, but I shall spare you.

[Medium shot of Quan Chi]

Quan Chi:  If it weren't for me, you will still be a tortured soul
            rotting in the pits of the Netherealm.

[Medium shot of Shinnok]

Shinnok:  You dare question me?

[Medium shot of Quan Chi]

Quan Chi:  I do more than question you, Shinnok.  I challenge you!

[Wide shot of both Quan Chi and Shinnok]

Shinnok:  Then you shall die!

[Shinnok mutters something as he throws a pink magic missile at
 Quan Chi.  The magic missile touches Quan Chi but fizzles without
 harming him.]

Shinnok:  What!

Quan Chi:  Your powers are useless against me.

Shinnok:  How can this be?

[Quan Chi holds up Shinnok's amulet.  Camers shot circles around Quan Chi
until Shinnok is in view.]

Quan Chi:  I am in possession of your once sacred amulet.  Years
             ago I delivered to you an exact duplicate, while I retained
             the original.  I even fooled Raiden.  Now, I am ruler supreme
             and you, Elder God, are finished!

Shinnok:  Noooo!!

[Quan Chi uses the amulet to shoot a green missile at Shinnok.
 It touches Shinnok and he explodes.]


[Follow Jax's story up to where Jarek falls over the cliff.  Sonya takes
out her radio.]

Sonya: Come in, Major Briggs.  This is Lt. Sonya Blade, over.

Jax's voice: Sonya, glad to hear you're alive.

Sonya: You actually sound happy to hear from me, Jax.  Things got boring?

Jax's voice: Not since you followed Liu Kang into the Netherealm.

Sonya: Well it's over now, I'm returning to base.  10-4, Jax.




To access the Cheat Menu, highlight CONTINUE and hold Block + Run until the
 Cheat Menu appears

Items of Speciality:

1. Endings - You will see your characters ending after one match
2. Fatalities I -  Your character's first fatality is done by holding
                         Down and pressing High Punch at the FINISH HIM/HER.
3. Fatalities II - Your character's second fatality is done by holding
                         Down and pressing High Punch at the FINISH HIM/HER.
4. Level Fatality - Your character's stage fatality is done by holding
                          Down and pressing High Punch at the FINISH HIM/HER.
                          (Note:  Only on a stage with a stage fatality.)

Playing as Goro

1.  Enable the Cheat Menu
2.  At the select screen, choose the HIDDEN icon, move to Shinnok, and press
    Block + Run.

Playing as Noob Saibot

1.  Enable the Cheat Menu
2.  At the select screen, choose the HIDDEN icon, move to Reiko, and press
    Block + Run.

Playing as Meat

1.  Same as arcade version.



PSX:  Start a 2 player game and enter this kombat kode:  302-213.  Afterwards,
go into the options menu and highlight VERSUS SCREEN ENABLED.  Press and hold
down LOW KICK and BLOCK until the screen changes.  You will hear Jarek's laugh
just before.

PC-CDROM:  Go into the PRACTICE Section and highlight DIFFICULTY.  Press and ho
down LOW KICK and BLOCK until the screen changes.  You will hear Jarek's laugh
just before.

Cheat Items

1. Endings - You will see your characters ending after one match
2. Fatalities I -  Your character's first fatality is done by holding
                         Down and pressing High Punch at the FINISH HIM/HER.
3. Fatalities II - Your character's second fatality is done by holding
                         Down and pressing High Punch at the FINISH HIM/HER.
4. Level Fatality - Your character's stage fatality is done by holding
                          Down and pressing High Punch at the FINISH HIM/HER.
                          (Note:  Only on a stage with a stage fatality.)

PSX ONLY:  You can turn on ALL THREE cheat fatalities and use them during game
play.  The movement is still the same, but by doing the following on the
winning round BEFORE the FINISH HIM/HER, you will decide which fatality
you perform.

        1.Fatality 1: R1+SQUARE
      2.Fatality 2: R1+TRIANGLE
      3.Stage Fatality: R1+UP

REMEMBER:  Being able to switch fatalities is just for the PSX version.

Playing as Goro

1.  Win a one-player game with Shinnok
2.  At the select screen, choose the HIDDEN icon, move to Shinnok, and press
    Block + Run.

Playing as Noob Saibot

1.  Win a one-player game with Reiko
2.  At the select screen, choose the HIDDEN icon, move to Reiko, and press
    Block + Run.

Playing as Meat

1.  Same as arcade version.


Kai:  Leather jacket and sunglasses
Raiden:  Costume from Mortal Kombat II
Shinnok: None
Liu Kang: Black Karate training outfit
Reptile: Original Ninja outfit
Scorpion:  Black Ninja outfit, no mask(a skull)
Jax:  White tank top & pants
Reiko: None
Johnny Cage:  Black tuxedo
Jarek: None
Tanya:  Grey/black outfit
Fujin: None
Sub-Zero:  Same as 1st, but his arms and legs are frozen
Quan Chi: None
Sonya:  Same as 1st, but color is pink/purple, and no cap


Each character now has a selection of wespons to choose from.  Obtain the
one you want by rotating the characters icon according to the chart.  You
rotate by simply holding START and pressing any attack button.

Rotations:              None             One              Two
Kai             Ghurka Knife Ghurka Knife Lightning Staff Spiked Club

Raiden          Warhammer        Warhammer        Windblade           Ghurka Kn

Shinnok         Battle Staff Battle Staff Long Sword    Boomerang

Liu Kang        Dragon Sword Same         Same          Same

Reptile         Battle Axe      Battle Axe        BD Sword              Spiked

Scorpion        Long Sword      Long Sword        Mace Staff    BD Sword

Jax             Spiked Club Spiked Club   Battle Staff  Ghurka Knife

Reiko           Spiked Club Spiked Club   Dragon Sword  Crossbow

Cage            Bowie Knife     Bowie Knife   Ghurka Knife      Pistol

Jarek           Scimitar        Scimitar          Warhammer     Warhammer

Tanya           Boomerang       Boomerang         Ice Scepter   Warhammer

Fujin           Crossbow        Crossbow          Spiked Club   Warhammer

Sub-Zero        Ice Scepter Ice Scepter   Battle Axe    Dragon Sword

Quan Chi        Mace Staff      Mace Staff        Bowie Knife   Crossbow

Sonya           Windblade       Windblade         Ghurka Knife          Mace St

Goro            No Weapon       No Weapon         No Weapon           No Weapon

Noob Saibot     Scythe  Scythe    Scythe                Scythe

Basic Moves

Upward Air Swing: High Punch (in midair)
Downward Air Swing : Low Punch (in midair)

Lightning Staff
(Kai) (Third Costume)

Upward Swing  : High Punch
Downward Swing: Low Punch
Swing at Torso: Back + High Punch
Straight Stab : Back + Low Punch

(Johnny Cage) (Third Costume)

Straight Shot: Low Punch
Upward Bouncing Shot: HP
Downward Bouncing Shot: Back + LP

(Noob Saibot)

Upward Swing  : High Punch
Downward Swing: Low Punch
Swing at Torso: Back + High Punch
Straight Stab : Back + Low Punch



The half human dragon stood as Shang Tsung's protector in the first
tournament.  Goro took the Mortal Kombat title from the original Kung Lao,
only to have it won from him nine generations later by Lao's ancestor, Liu
Kang.  Seeking revenge, the Shokan Prince has returned from the Outworld to
crush Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat.

Breaker Move: Goro holds the opponent with his upper arms and breaks
                  their back with his lower arms.
Throw       : Chest Pound

Fireball      : Forward - Back - High Punch
Tele-Stomp    : Forward - Forward - Back - High Kick
Forward Stomp : Unknown
Ground Shaker : Back - Forward - Down - Down - High Kick
Two Hand Swipe: Forward - Forward - High Punch
Super Uppercut: Down - Down - High Punch
Lunge Kick    : Back - Back - High Kick
Overhand Hit  : Unknown
Taunt         : Unknown

(NOTE:  Because Goro has no fatalities, his strength and move arsenal is
increased.  Also, because of his size, you cannot perform an Air Throw on

Noob Saibot

Breaker Move:  Noob Saibot grabs the opponent's head and slams it into
                   his knee.
Throw       :  Leg Throw

Weapon is a scythe

Ready Weapon: Forward - Forward - High Kick
Fireball    : Down - Forward - Low Punch (Can be done in midair)
Air Throw   : Block in midair (Close range)
Teleport    : Down - Up

Fatality #1 :  Unknown
                (Noob Saibot grabs his opponent by the waist and twists,
                 snapping their spine.  He then rips their upper torso
                 off and throws it down.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2 :  Unknown
                (Noob Saibot raises his arms and snow and ice begin to form
                 around his hands.  He freezes the opponent, then slides over
                 and shatters them with one punch.  Stand out of sweep range.)

NOTE:  Noob's fatalities in the PC version are the same as Reiko's.  Plus
in a recent IRC chat, Ed Boon stated there is no way to perform Noob's
fatalities without using the One-Button Fatality Cheat

Goro's Lair :  Forward - Down - Forward - High Kick
The Prison  :  Down - Back - Back - High Kick


1. Jumping in High Punch - High Kick - Down + High Punch - Fireball(23%)
2. High Punch - High Kick - Down + High Punch - Fireball(16%)


  Let me explain...no there is too much, let me sum up.  Kitana was originally
going ot be part of MK4, but Midway decided on Tanya instead.  Midway did
leave her coding and data in due to the fact that they needed it for Liu Kang's
ending.  The result is an unfinished character that, through the wonders of
programming, can be used.

N64:  If you have a Gameshark enter this code at the beginning: 800fe2930010
Unfortunately, this will wonly work until you go to the Choose Your Destiny
screen, as Kitana has to character icon, so N64 will crash.

PSX:  The only difference is that Kitana's skin coding (IE her body) is not
programmed.  Her moves ARE in there, it's just you will be using a
different character.

Depending which player side you want to use Kitana's moves, type in the
following gameshark codes(You do need ALL THREE)

"P1 Plays as Kitana"
800AAC24 0006
800BFD6C 0010
800BFE54 0010

"P2 Plays as Kitana"
800AAC28 0006
800BFD6C 0010
800BFE54 0010

PC:  There are some nice gentlemen that created a Trainer (Cheat) program
that not only will give you some nifty tricks to play with, but will also
let you play as Kitana.  The program is called the Super Trainer, and it
is created by The Russian Way of Mortal Kombat (http://start.at/dmkf.mksite).
The Super Trainer Page is http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Realm/8854.

Moves and Fatalities

Weapon is a Ghurka Knife(PC) or a Fan(N64)

Breaker Move  :  Kitana does a handstand on the opponents shoulders.
                     She then twists their head.
Throw         :  German Suplex

Draw Weapon   :  Forward - Forward - High Kick
Fireball      :  Forward - Down - Low Punch (Can be done in air)
                        (Note:  Down - Forward - Low Punch for PC)
Sqr Wave Punch:  Forward - Back - High Punch

Fatality #1   :  Forward - Back - Down - Down - High Kick
                        (Kitana grabs her opponent by the waist and twists,
                         snapping their spine.  She then rips their upper torso
                       off and throws it down.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Up - Down - Down - Up - High Kick
                        (Kitana does a handstand and gerbs her opponent with
                         her legs.  She then splits the opponent in half.
                         Stand outside sweep distance.)
Goro's Lair   :  Down - Forward - Down - Forward - High Kick
The Prison    :  Down - Down - Back - Back - High Kick

NOTE:  It seems only the Stage Fatalities work on the PC version.  The
only way to perform her normal fatalities is with the One-Button
Fatality Cheat


Kode 27 : Kombat Zone: Ice Pit - 313-313
Kode XX : Big Heads - 321-321


  As PC owners know(or may not know but will if they keep reading), the IBM
keyboard can only allow three buttons to be pressed without conflict.  So
what happens if you want to do Reptile's Fatality which uses FIVE?  Eurocom
gives us the answer:  Keyboard Friendly Fatalities.  The movements of some
of the multi-button fatalities will stay the same, but you don't have to
press so many buttons.

Press F2 and choose GAMEPLAY.  In there is the section FATALITIES.  Change it

Keyboard Friendly Fatalaties:
(Distances are still the same)

Liu Kang's Dragon   : Forward - Forward - Forward - Down - Block
Reptile's Face Chew : Up
Reiko's Torso Kick  : Forward - Down - Forward - Block
Tanya's Death Kiss  : Down - Down - Up - Down - Block
Sub-Zero's Spine Rip: Forward - Back - Forward - Down - High Punch
                                (Can substitute High Punch for Block or Run)


     Well, I guess the MK community has gotten wiser.  There really
aren't any rumors around that haven't been proven false, not counting
the usual nudealities...:)


    Well, In order for me to keep a log of which revision MK4 is (since we
ALL know there's going to be a few revisions) I need to know what version
we are at right now.  Please email srgalhad@primenet.com with any info!

Beta Version 1

* Beta release during MK4 TOUR(Date:  July 30th, 1997)
* Playable characters:  Scorpion, Raiden, Sonya, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Fujin,
  Quan Chi, Shinnok, Noob Saibot
* Quan Chi, Shinnok and Noob Saibot do not have any special moves.
* Sub-Zero's Ice Clone and freeze animation not implemented

Beta Version 2

* Kai and Reptile added
* Random and Hidden buttons are selectable
* Kai's name was not on energy bar
* Shinnok and Fujin has new selection screen picture

Beta Version 3

* Tanya added
* Selection screen changed
* Shinnok's impersonation moves added

Beta Version 4

* Revision date: August 22nd, 1997
* Living Forest Stage added
* 2nd stage added. (nicknamed The Prison by mk community)
* Shinnok's impersonation moves added

Beta Version 5 (0.99)

* Story added
* Jarek added
* Some Fatalities added (known is one for The Prison)
* Noob Saibot is now a hidden character, accessible by UKC

Version 1.0

*  Official release
*  More Fatalities
*  Raiden's intro speech added
*  Still glitchy:  Quan Chi's teleport stomp can't be blocked by
    holding Block while facing left(Has to be crouching block)
*  Error in DIP switch settings..Switch one needs to be OFF in order
   for Fatalities to be shown.
*  BIG GLITCH WITH SHINNOK - he performs the wrong fatality when
   impersonating Sub-Zero

Version 1.44(Revision 2.0 beta version)

*  New hidden characters:  Jax and Johnny Cage!
*  New moves for characters
*  New weapon for Jarek
*  Ability to pick up objects and use them(ie boulders in Goro's Lair)
*  Kombat Codes added

Revision 2.0

*  Noob Saibot is out???
*  New Character: Reiko
*  Endings added
*  New moves for characters
*  New font
*  Maximum Damage added...(ick)
*  Still some bugs :  Shinnok when impersonating Scorpion has no head when
   Performing his spit fire

Revision 2.1

*  Latest Revision
*  Clears up most of the remaining bugs

Revision 3.0

*  A new Stage Fatality-Goro's Lair
*  Second fatalities for each player
*  More Kombat Kodes.
*  Air Combos possible!
*  Endings will be closed captioned.
*  Meat Added.

Revision 3.1 (Coming Soon)

*  Fixes some bugs

Home Version Port

*  New Stage
*  Return of the Prince of Shokan
*  New outfits for the kombatants
*  More to come...


Other WWW sites

Rat's MK site  :  http://www.rat.org/mk

Kombat Cybercity:  http://mkcc.home.ml.org

Realm of Mortal Kombat:  http://mk.hotweird.com

Midway Gaming Source:  http://www.icemaster.com

MK4 Extreme:  http://www.dragondata.com/~tremor

Those who have contributed to the MK4 Compendium

Ratman-------------------------------------------------------- rat@rat.org
Cybertaz------------------------------------------ cyberzeus@geocities.com
Greesman------------------------------------------------ jeff@hotweird.com
The Icemaster------------------------------------------- mk4@icemaster.org
Pat McCarron-------------------------------------------------- pat@rat.org
Jenn Dolari----------------------------------------- dolari@dragondata.com
TetterkeT------------------------------------------------ jmw@hotweird.com
Shinnok---------------------------------------------- ktpratch@palmnet.net
The Werewolf---------------------------------------- Werewolf@Wolf-Web.com
Osx------------------------------------------------- tremor@dragondata.com
Gumbo------------------------------------------------ obmug@mindspring.net
Jade2--------------------------------------------- ki2fan@worldnet.att.net
TonyD------------------------------------------------------- xs@smartt.com
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IamMe---------------------------------------------------- IamMe727@aol.com
Sektrax------------------------------------------- sektrax@mk.hotweird.com
Rob Phillips----------------------------------------------------------????
SteveHTG------------------------------------------------- coding@jorsm.com
NileshNTG------------------------------------------------ zapman@jorsm.com
|30W|HTG------------------------------------------------- moe@megsinet.net
Pat Martin---------------------------------------------- cmarti39@icon.net
haroldr---------------------------------------- jimn@pccaix.sycrci.pcc.edu
Dungeon Master------------------------------------------------------- ????
BADRoCK---------------------------------------------------- badrock@i1.net
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