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Short Move List by FulgoreX

Updated: 05/09/98

MK4 Extreme *Rev3* FAQ http://mk4.home.ml.org <-check for latest info!
***What is New***
Correction on Shinnok's Ceiling Pit
Corrections on some Shinnok spoofs.
*** 5/9/98 ***
All Fatalities are close, unless noted
Button combinations next to players are for Alternate outfit,
 to be done on the select screen.
HP/LP=High/Low Punch  HK/LK=High/Low Kick  BLK=Block  RN=Run
FDBU = Forward,Down,Back,Up                ST=Start
^ =in air   @ =also in air   () =hold    + =Press together

[D+RN] = pick up weapons,rocks,heads and so forth.
Throw Weapons    [Same as the weapon pull]
Shift Axis       [RN,RN]   - Into the screen
                 [D+RN,RN] - Out of the screen
*Liu Kang [(ST)BL+HK+LK]
    Weapon [B,F,LK] (Flamberge` Sword)
    Fireball       [F,F,HP@]      Low Fireball   [F,F,LP]
    Flying Kick    [F,F,HK]       Bicycle Kick   [(LK)+3secs release]
   !Fatality(Sweep)[Fx3,D,HK+LK+BLK] 2nd [F,D,D,U,HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,B,LP]        Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HK]
* Raiden [(ST)LP+BL+HK]
    Weapon [F,B,HP] (Wooden Mallet)
    Torpedo        [F,F,LK@]       Teleport      [D,U]
    Electric Spark [D,B,LP]
   !Fatality       [BL(F,B,U,U,HK)] 2nd [D,U,U,U,HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,F,B,BLK]      Spike Fatality [F,F,D,LP]
* Scorpion [(ST)HP+BL+HK]
    Weapon [F,F,HK] (Broad Sword)
    Spear          [B,B,LP]      Teleport Punch [D,B,HP@]
    Air Throw      [BLK ^]       Flame Breath   [D,F,LP]
   !Fatality(sweep)[B,F,F,B,BL]  2nd [B,F,D,U,HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D,D,LK]  Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LK]
* Sonya [(ST)HP+LK+RN]
    Weapon [F,F,LK] (Blade Wheel)
    Fireball       [D,F,LP]      Leg Grab       [D+LP+BLK]
    Sq-Wave Punch  [F,B,HP]      Vert. Bike Kick[B,B,D,HK]
    Air Throw      [BLK ^]       Front Flip Kick[B,D,F,LK]
   !Fatality(sweep)[D,D,D,U,RN]  2nd(outside sweep) [U,D,D,U,HK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,B,B,HK]  Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HP]
* Sub-Zero [(ST)HP+BL+RN]
    Weapon [D,F,HK] (Icy Wand)~freeze with it   [B+LP]
    Ice Blast      [D,F,LP]      Ice Clone      [D,B,LP@]
    Slide          [LP+BLK+LK]
   !Fatality [F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN]  2nd(outside sweep) [B,B,D,B+HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,U,U,U,HK]  Spike Fatality [D,D,D,LK]
* Reptile [(ST)LP+BL+LK]
    Weapon [B,B,LK] (Battle Axe)
    Acid Bubbles   [D,F,HP]      Dashing Punch  [B,F,LP]
    Invisibility   [BLK+HK]      Super Krawl    [B,F,LK]
   !Fatality   [(HP+HK+LP+LK) U] 2nd (outside sweep)[U,D,D,D,HP]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,F,F,LP]    Spike Fatality [D,D,F,HK]
* Fujin [(ST)HP+LP+HK]
    Weapon [B,B,LP] (Crossbow)
    Whirlwind Spin [F,D,(LP)]   Air Dive Kick  [D+LK ^]
    Levitate       [F,D,F,HP]~~~Slam [B,F,D,LK]
    Super Knee     [D,F,HK]
   !Fatality(sweep)[RUN+BLK x4] 2nd (outside sweep)[D,F,F,U,BLK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,D,HK]   Spike Fatality [B,F,B,HP]
* Quan Chi [(ST)HP+HK+RN]
    Weapon [D,B,HK] (Mace)
    Air Throw      [BLK ^]      Tele-Stomp     [F,D,LK]
    Skull Fireball [F,F,LP]     Dash Kick      [F,F,HK]
    Weapon Steal   [F,B,HP]
   !Fatality[(LK)5sec F,D,F,rel] 2nd (outside sweep)[U,U,D,D, LP]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D HP]    Spike Fatality [F,F,B,LK]
* Kai [(ST)HP+BL+LK]
    Weapon [D,B,LP] (Kali Dagger)
    Fallin Fireball[B,B,HP]     Rising Fireball  [F,F,LP@]
    Turbo Air Fist [D,F,HP]     Super RoundHouse[D,F,LK]
    Handstand      [BLK+LK](LP)spin)LK/HK(kicks)BL(standup)
   !Fatality       [U,F,U,B,HK] 2nd(outside sweep) [U,U,U,D,BL]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,D,BLK]  Spike Fatality [B,F,D,HK]
* Tanya [(ST)LP+HK+LK]
    Weapon [F,F,HK] (Boomerang)
    Fireball       [D,F,HP]    In Air Fireball [D,B,LP]
    Splits Kick    [F,D,B,LK]  Corkscrew Kick  [F,F,LK]
   !Fatality [D,D,U,D,HP+BLK]  2nd [D,F,D,F,HK]
   !Fan Fatality   [B,F,D,HP]  Spike Fatality  [F,F,F,LP]
* Jarek [(ST)HP+HK+RN]
    Weapon [F,F,HP] (Weird Blade)
    Cannonball Roll [B,F,LK]    Ground Shaker  [B,D,B,HK]
    Projectile      [D,B,LP]    Vertical Roll  [F,D,F,HP]
   !Fatality        [F,B,F,F,LK] 2nd(outside sweep) [U,U,F,F,BL]
   !Fan Fatality    [F,D,F,HK]   Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LP]
* Johnny Cage [(ST)LP+LK+RN]
    Weapon [F,D,F,LK] (Weird BladeII)
    Shadow Kick    [B,F,LK]      High Fireball [D,F,HP]
    Uppercut       [B,D,B,HP]    Low Fireball  [D,B,LP]
    Crotch Punch   [BLK+LP]
   !Fatality       [F,B,D,D,HK]  2nd [D,D,F,D,BLK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,F,F,HK]  Spike Fatality[B,F,F,LK]
* Jax [(ST)LP+BL+RN]
    Weapon [B,D,F,HP] (Spiked Klub)
    Energy Wave    [F,F,D,LK]    Dash Punch    [D,B,LP]
    Backbreaker    [BLK ^]       Fireball      [D,F LP]
    Multi-Slam     [LP,RN+BLK+HK,HP+LP+LK,HP+BLK+LK,HP+LP+HK+LK]
   !Fatality[(LK)3secF,F,D,F rel] 2nd [B,F,F,D,BL]
   !Fan Fatality   [F,F,B,LK]     Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HP]
* Reiko [(ST)HP+LK+RN]
    Weapon [F,D,B,HP] (Spiked Klub)
    Teleport/Slam  [D,U @]~~[BLK (when close, to slam)]
    Spin Behind    [B,F,LK]      Flip Kick     [B,D,F,HK]
    Ninja Stars    [D,F LP]
   !Fatality[F,D,F,LP+BLK+HK+LK] 2nd(outside sweep)[B,B,D,D,HK]
   !Fan Fatality   [D,D,B,LP]    Spike Fatality[F,F,D,LK]
* Shinnok [(ST)HP+LP+BL]
    Weapon [B,F, LP] (Nagimaki(Bladed Staff)
    Impersonation Moves:Jarek [B,B,B,LK]     Kai     [F,F,F,LK]
    Sub   [D,B,LP]      Liu   [B,B,F,HK]   Fujin   [F,F,B HK]
    Scorp [F,B,LP]      Sonya [F,D,F,HP]   Raiden  [D,F,F,HP]
    Quan  [F,B,F,LK]  Tanya [B,F,D,BLK]  Reptile [B,B,F,BLK]
    Reiko [B,B,B,BLK]   Cage  [D,D,HP]     Jax     [F,D,F,HK]
   !Fatality      [D,B,F,D,RN] 2nd [D,U,U,D,BL]
   !Fan Fatality  [D,D,F,HK]  Spike Fatality [D,F,B,HP]
Kombat Kodes
123 123 - One-Hit Win
012 012 - Noob Saibot Mode (?)
020 020 - Red Rain (do on the Rain stage)
050 050 - Explosive Kombat
002 002 - Weapon drawn and can't be knocked out of your hands
100 100 - Disable throws
010 010 - Disable Max Damage
110 110 - No Throw/ Disable Max Damage
111 111 - Free Weapon (Random weapon falls)
222 222 - Start With Random Weapon
333 333 - Randper Kombat
444 444 - Start With Weapons Drawn
555 555 - Many Weapons
666 666 - Silent Kombat

Stage Select
011 011 - Goro's Lair (Spike Pit)
022 022 - The Well (Scorpion's Stage)
033 033 - Elder God's (Blue Face)
044 044 - The Tomb Stage
055 055 - The Rain Stage
066 066 - Snake Stage
101 101 - Shaolin Temple
202 202 - Living Forest
303 303 - Prison (Fan Stage)

Play as "Meat"
Beat "Group Mode" (keep choosing "group" in a 2 player game).
After you have WON with all the character, select any character.
Now you will be that character, but with a different look..."Meat".

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