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Reviewed: 03/16/00 | Updated: 03/16/00

Fun...for five minutes.

Micro-machines 64, sounded like a bad game to begin with because I didn't really like the NES version and the Nintendo 64 version proves no better. The game was pretty much exactly like the original version except for Nintendo 64 graphics.

Gameplay=> what can I say? All you do is drive your car around a track that you can't see ahead of yourself with the hopes that your rival racers will crash off the side or hit something on the track before you do so you can win a point getting you closer to winning. (you win after you get like 10 points or something.) Its fun for a few minutes watching your friends crash and burn or trying to win a cup in single player. They try and mix it up with different tracks and different types of vehicles (theres a tank, boat, race car, etc.) But the variety of vehicles isn't that great because the only one that is really different is the tank (you can shoot little bombs with the tank.) and the others just vary in speed. And the levels start out fun but as soon as you play them three times you know exactly whats ahead of you because the tracks are very short so you usually win or drive for hours on ends with your friends before one of you or your friends fingers get numb (that actually happened to me!)

Sound=> The sound is kind of kiddy and the songs get old pretty darn quickly and there are only like three sound effects...explosions, the occasional bomb or weapon sound and at the start and end of the races there's funny little music. Don't think the game can win you over with sound or anything.

Graphics=> The graphics are everything you would expect from a Nintendo 64 game. They are nice to look at and the help the game some but unfortunately they can't save the game from its gameplay that gets old quickly. And the game my friend has occasionally it would glitch and make a blue blob on the screen (I hope this is just a glitch in his game because its a pain in the butt and it can mess you up right in the middle of a race).

Overall=> So overall the game gets a five for being exactly the same as the original( which stunk in my opinion) except having better graphics. I would recommend renting it first and seeing how boring it gets so you'll know you don't want to buy the game for all that money!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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