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Reviewed: 06/27/02 | Updated: 06/27/02

Fun the first time, boring the second!


If you're looking for a good racing game, this is not it! You'll probably be bored by the third race.

Graphics 7/10

Racing over the kitchen table never looked so good in a game(of course this is the only game where you can do that)! You can go from kitchen tables to backyardsand even through the chemistry lab at school. But whatever place you decide to race on, the graphics look good. The cars you drive are elaborate and well-designed but mayb a little too colorful. The worst part, graphic-wise, are the characters you select. They all look dumb to me!

Story N/A

Umm... it's a racing game.No story.

Sound 3/10

The sound effects SUCK. The only good sound effect is the engines on the cars. Every other sound effect is bad. Seriously. When you jump, it makes a stupid ''bouncy'' sound. Something like off of Disney. The voices also sound corny. And the music... don't even get me started on the music. The beats are just so simple and elementary. Also, after a while, it tends to get on your nerves.

Gameplay 5/10

This game would be so much better if you could adjust the camera views somehow. It's especially hard when you have a fast car and it's zoomed in. Any turn would send you off the table or somewhere you don't want to be. 1 player mode is very boring unless you're trying to unlock new cars. Getting new cars is probably the only thing that kept me playing. But once you get them all then there's nothing else to do! The multiplayer can sometimes be fun. Usually, the only time I'm playing this game is when my neice and nephew come to visit. This is what saves the gameplay from getting a 3/10.

Replay Value 2/10

There are only two reasons why you would be playing this game again. The first reason is that you're probably trying to get all the cars. But once you get them all, you'll probabaly never play this game on 1 player again. The second reason that you'll be playing this game is for the multiplayer action. I must admit - this game can be very fun with three of your friends over. But besides those two reasons, you'll never want to play this game again. This game will probably end up in your drawer or closet.


All in all, this is a bad game. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone and I'm still sorry for even getting it. So do yourself a favor and don't get this game!

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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