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Get this. 06/14/03 Captain Doormat
Let's keep this party going... 11/01/04 Computerbug9
Mario and the gang are back for more pah-tay action! 03/14/00 CyricZ
Possibly the best multiplayer game in existance! 10/10/00 Dave 008 Bond
The sequel to the best party game on the N64 is finally here! 02/01/00 DMaul
Perhaps the best of the Mario parties 12/28/04 GavLuvsGA
Mario Party is down the drain compared to the sequel. 02/20/00 GreenFlag
Party on Mario, you definitly deserve it with this. 05/14/00 GregP
Ok, but outdated compared to the rest of the series. 09/15/11 hartmaning
It's time to PARTY! 11/10/05 iammaxhailme
Time to order another pizza! 12/12/00 Icy Flame
Liked last year's game? Then you'll love the sequel! 02/14/00 Jam
If you liked the original then you'll love this. 08/02/02 Link19
Let's keep the party going like its 1999! 02/13/06 Megaman1981
And the fun goes on! 07/07/01 MI4 REAL
More games than the first one but same gameplay 10/29/07 Ofisil
The replay value has improved on Mario Party 2! 05/27/02 Paulos
Did anyone order the Soda or Chips? 03/04/04 peach freak
Being the best multiplayer game on N64, this is a party you shouldn't miss. 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
The best party you can come up with for the N64 02/02/10 Retroreviewer Productions
The greatest multiplayer N64 party game of all time, but lacks single player 08/23/01 Squallxxx
A Good Sequel, but is is Perfect? 06/28/03 StarFoxRocks
Mario Party 2 improves all of the flaws from the first game... 02/16/07 The Magnum Master
A perfect sequel for a perfect game 08/08/03 X infested Falcon
The best Mario Party game yet! 07/15/03 X Slayer007 X

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