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Mini-Game Guide by ImBenjamin

Updated: 02/16/00

Complete Mini-Game Guide
This FAQ is created by ImBenjamin
                               MARIO PARTY 2
 1.0 Four player mini-games
  1.1 Returning four player mini-games
 2.0 2 vs 2 mini-games
  2.1 Returning 2 vs 2 mini-games
  2.2 SECRET 2 vs 2 mini-games
 3.0 1 vs 3 mini-games
  3.1 Returning 1 vs 3 mini-games
  3.2 SECRET 1 vs 3 mini-games
 4.0 Battle mini-games
  4.1 Returning battle mini-games
 5.0 Item and Duel mini-games

1.0 Four player mini-games

Lava Tile Isle-
Music-Don't Look Back
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump, B-Attack, A+Z-Hip Drop
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be the last one standing to win.
In this game you must be the last one standing, by knocking all the
other players off the blocks, or let the players knock each other off.
Every few seconds, two blocks move, so you have to be quick on your 
feet.  If there is a draw, nobody gets coins.

Shell Shocked-
Music-Going for the Coins
3D Stick-Move, A-Straight Shot, B-Lob Shot, Z-Hold Position
My Rating-*****
Object-Be the last tank standing to win.
This game is like Battletanx.  My strategy is to go into the corner
and let the computer kill itself.  Then, you can go in for the kill.
This game has three levels.

Toad in a Box-
Music-Spinning Polka
My Rating-*oooo
Object-Hit the side of the die with Toad on it 5 times to win.
This game is extremely difficult!! The first two times you hit the
die, it is easy.  The next time it is moderately hard.  After that,
it is nearly impossible to win.  Just hope luck is on your side, and
watch your timing.

Mecha Marathon-
Music-The Blue Skies Yonder
A+B-Wind Up Shy Guy
My Rating-*oooo
Object-Wind up your mecha Shy Guy the most, so it flies the farthest.
This game may not be so hard to some people, but it is extremely for
me.  If you can tap two buttons at the same time repeatedly, then
this is the game for you.  Just keep on tapping A and B until the time
runs out and see how well you did.

Roll Call-
Music-Know What I Mean?
A-Add Number, B-Subtract Number
My Rating-***oo
Object-Count the right number of Toads, Boos, or Bob-ombs to win.
This game is pretty easy, but it is fun.  When you're counting Toads,
don't count the mushrooms.  When Boos are there, make sure you count
them when they are slightly visable.  When you have to count Bob-ombs,
subtract one for each one that explodes.

Abandon Ship-
Music-Couldn't be Better
Difficulty-Very Hard
3D Stick-Switch Sides, A-Climb
My Rating-**ooo
Object-Be the first to the top of the mast.
Watch out!! This game may seem easy at first, but I'm pretty sure that
if you climb a while without switching sides, you will slow down.
The Cheep-Cheeps also slow you down, but sometimes if you try to lay
low and avoid them, you will sink.  Just keep on tapping the A button
and switch sides when necessary.

Totem Pole Pound-
Music-Keepin' on the Path
Difficulty-Very Easy
A-Jump, A+Z-Hip Drop
My Rating-**ooo
Object-Be the first one to reach the ground.
The higher you jump when stomping, the further the totem pole will
go in the ground, and the longer it takes you to get up.  Still, that
is exactly what I recommend.  If you are playing against good players,
whoever jumps first wins.

Honeycomb Havoc-
Music-Know What I Mean?
My Rating-**ooo
Object-Be the last one remaining by not collecting the honeycombs.
In this game, all your opponents can make you lose, but they won't if
you use the right strategy.  My strategy is (although it doesn't
ALWAYS work) is to, when it's your turn, pause the game and see how
many fruits (and coins) are left until the honeycomb.  If you can go
again if everyone took two, including yourself, then take two.
Otherwise, take one.  Once down to two people, just take enough to
force your opponent to take the honeycomb.

Sneak 'N' Snore-
Music-No Fright, No Fear
Difficulty-Very Hard
3D Stick-Move, 3D Stick (release)-Hide
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be the first one to exit through the door.
Press down at first and then once you've pressed the button, go up.
The faster you walk, the longer it will take to get back in your
barrel, so time yourself correctly.  The Chomp will only wake up when
he has a big bubble.  You might need practice on this game.

Dizzy Dancing-
Music-Spinning Polka
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump
My Rating-****o
Object-Be the one to get the treble clef in the center.
The quirk in this mini-game is that because of your dizziness, you
move in a random direction when you press the 3D Stick.  The key is
to find which way you have to press to get to the center, and once
you're there, jump!

Tile Driver-
Music-Keepin' on the Path
Difficulty-Very Easy
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump, A+Z-Hip Drop
My Rating-**ooo
Object-Be the first one to match the puzzle with the one in the center.
This game is just like Totem Pole Pound!  Just pound the pieces to
match the center puzzle and you win.  The rotation is like this
Boo->Goomba->Koopa-Troopa->Boo...  Like in Totem Pole Pound, usually
it is the first one to jump who wins.

Deep Sea Salvage-
Music-Walking Underwater
Difficulty-Very Easy
3D Stick-Turn Left/Right, A-Surface
My Rating-*****
Object-Collect coins.
Go for all the coin bags by letting yourself fall.  When a coin bag
gets stuck on a rock, you can still pick it up.  Don't pick up the
mines, or you will be frozen for a few seconds and you will have to
wait to collect more coins.

1.1 Returning 4 player mini-games

Hot Rope Jump-50 coins
Music-No Fright, No Fear
Difficulty-Very Hard
My Rating-*oooo
Old Name-Hot Rope Jump
Updates-The rope goes at a random speed each time.  After 25, the rope
goes dangerously fast.
Object-Be the last one remaining.
All you do is jump.  Just get your timing right and you should do
fine.  The hard thing about this game is sticking it out all the way
until jump number 50.  You need to be in-tune with the timing to do

Platform Peril-
Music-Going Somewhere
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump
My Rating-****o
Old Name-Platform Peril
Updates-Now, on the track, there are conveyer belts going forward and
backwards, moving platforms, and smaller platforms that don't fit
Object-Be the first to make it to the end.
If you are on the ends, you have to get into the middle by the time
you meet the moving platforms, or you will fall.  You can also jump on
other people or have them jump on you to mess them up.  When you get
to the conveyer belts, on the blue ones, run to the end and jump off
as late as possible to get far and on the red ones, jump off as soon
as possible so you can run faster instead of running slow on the red
conveyer belts.

Bumper Balls-
Music-Couldn't be Better
3D Stick-Move
My Rating-***oo
Old Name-Bumper Balls
Updates-There are three levels, a normal level, an icy, slippery level
and a rocky, bumpy level.
Object-Be the last one remaining on the platform.
On the normal level, just gain speed and bounce your opponents off.
On the ice level, do the same as the normal level, but watch out for
the rebound.  On the rocky level, use the hills to gain speed and use
the rocks to trap your opponent.

Bombs Away-50 coins
Music-Couldn't be Better
Difficulty-Very Easy
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump, A+Z-Hip Drop
My Rating-***oo
Old Name-Bombs Away
Updates-Now, bullets as well as cannonballs attack you.  Also, with 7
seconds left, the Bowser bullet will get ready, aim and fire!!
Object-Be the last one standing or survive the whole time.
The bullets never miss, but they are slow, so they are easy to avoid.
Jump whenever something hits the island.  When the Bowser bullet
comes, stand away from the center and jump.

Tipsy Tourney-50 coins
Music-Spinning Polka
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump
My Rating-***oo
Old Name-Tipsy Tourney
Updates-There is a new picture.
Object-Reveal the whole painting by passing over it with the shell.
The more to the edge you are, the greater the tilt will be.  By
jumping on the shell, you can bounce a great distance.  By jumping,
you can make the shell go one way without making it start going a
different way.

Hexagon Heat-50 coins
Music-Going for the Coins
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump, A+Z-Hip Drop
My Rating-*****
Old Name-Mushroom Mix-Up
Updates-Fire and platforms instead of water and mushrooms.
Object-Be the last one remaining on the platforms.
Here is my most valued strategy.  Jump as little as possible, unless
you can control the rebound perfectly.  Once the hexagons are
colored, get on the middle one so you can easily get to the next one.
My first way to get rid of opponents is to stand at the edge of the
hexagon they are trying to jump on.  My second is if they make it to
the top by jumping, make them jump on you so they fall off.  Finally,
the third way of getting rid of enemies is to hip drop them and hold
the direction you want to go.  By the time they get up, it is too late
to get on the right hexagon.

Skateboard Scamper-50 coins
Music-Don't Look Back
Difficulty-Very Hard
A-Jump, B-Skate
My Rating-**ooo
Old Name-Skateboard Scamper
Updates-Instead of lava, there is a boo.  There are ramps and bumps
that move up and down.  There are also two steps of stairs, one
moving, and one that stays still.
Object-Be the first to the window.
Jump and get the coins if you like, but it can be dangerous.  Jump
normally over the moving bumps, but watch out for the stairs.  On the
first set, jump as soon as you get to the stairs, and then jump again
immediately.  On the second set, do the same thing except jump onto
the stairs a little earlier.

Slotcar Derby-
Music-The Blue Skies Yonder
3D Stick-Move
My Rating-****o
Old Name-Slotcar Derby
Updates-There are now three courses, different from the two in Mario
Object-Be the first to cross the finish line.
The harder you hold the 3D Stick, the faster you will go in that
direction.  If your tires are smoking, let go for a second and try to
press in the right direction.  It is harder to hold the 3D Stick out
further the closer you are to the center.

Shy Guy Says-50 coins
Music-That's All of It
A-Hold Up White Flag, B-Hold Up Red Flag
My Rating-****o
Old Name-Shy Guy Says
Updates-Now Shy Guy can pull up both flags, pull down the other, and
then switch the flags.  What a cheap trick!!
Object-Be the last one floating to win.
Not much strategy in this one.  When Shy Guy holds up red, press B.
When he holds up white, press A.  When he tries to trick you, wait
until the end of the trick to hold up a flag.

2.0 2 vs 2 mini-games

Sky Pilots-
Music-Going Somewhere
Pilot Difficulty-Moderate
Flapper Difficulty-Moderate
Team Difficulty-Hard
Pilot:3D Stick-Steer
Flapper:3D Stick-Flap
My Rating-****o
Object-Be the first to get through the goal.
For the flapper, just flap fast and full.  For the pilot, steer into
the rainbow rings for a boost.  Also, when the cannons shoot at you,
move around to avoid them.  The pilot should also avoid the Bowser

Speed Hockey-
Music-Keepin' on the Path
Team Difficulty-Moderate
3D Stick-Move
My Rating-*****
Object-Be on the first team to score three goals.
Ooooh!! A pong-like game.  Just keep your paddle near the shell.  A
strategy I once tried was going up and down rapidly, and it actually
worked!!  Oh well.  Not much else I can tell you.

Cake Factory-
Music-Let's Have Some Fun
Cake Placer Difficulty-Moderate
Strawberry Placer Difficulty-Moderate
Team Difficulty-Hard
A-Pick Up Ingredient, A(release)-Place Ingredient
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be on the team to get the most finished cakes.
If the cake person gets rushed and puts two cakes on each other, then
you will have to start a new cake.  The same is for when the one with
the strawberries puts down a strawberry when there is no cake.  If you
miss picking up the ingredient, you will be frozen for a little bit,
so try to keep your timing accurate.

Looney Lumberjacks-
Music-Spinning Polka
Difficulty-Very Easy
Team Difficulty-Very Easy
A-Pull Saw, B-Push Saw
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be on the team to cut off the piece of log first.
Just time yourself right pressing A and B and you will do fine.  The
arrow above you also tells you what to press.  If it is red, then you
are pressing the wrong button.

Torpedo Targets-
Music-Walking Underwater
Shooter Difficulty-Moderate
Pilot Difficulty-Hard
Team Difficulty-Moderate
Shooter:3D Stick-Steer Torpedo, A-Shoot Torpedo
Pilot:3D Stick-Steer, A-Go Forward, B-Go Backwards
My Rating-*****
Object-Be on the team to hit the most targets.
As a pilot you must be on your feet and get to all the targets fast.
You can follow the opponent if you want, and you must align yourself
to the target so your partner can attack it.  As a shooter you must
shoot the torpedos at the right time and steer them correctly.  You
can aim for the target, the opponent, and I don't know what happens
if you hit the fish.  Try it!!

Destruction Duet-200 coins
Music-This Way That
Difficulty-Very Easy
Team Difficulty-Very Easy
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump, B-Attack, A+B-Jump Kick, A+Z-Hip Drop
My Rating-**ooo
Object-Be on the team that destroys the statue first.
Just jump on the statue's head and hip drop it.  Or you can kick it in
the head, or punch it.  Some possible strategies are to beat up the
opponents while your partner attacks the statue or to jump on your
partner to get to the top of the tall statues.

Magnet Carta-
Music-Keepin' on the Path
Difficulty-Very Easy
Team Difficulty-Very Easy
3D Stick-Move
My Rating-*****
Object-Collect coins.
Pick up the bags of five coins on the outside, then go for the chest
on the inside.  Don't let everyone else get in your way, and don't get
in your partners way.  To mess up your opponent, get in his way,

2.1 Returning 2 vs 2 mini-games

Toad Bandstand-
Music-Toad Waltz/Flower Waltz
Team Difficulty-Easy
A-Play Instrument
Old Name-Mario Bandstand
Updates-Now it's a 2 vs 2 mini-game.
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be on the team who plays the least wrong notes.
Whenever the blue highlighter goes over one of your notes, press A.
If you miss, an acorn will land on your head.  It can be a little
harder if you are on the right because you have to know when the
highlighter switches boards.

Bobsled Run-
Music-Going Somewhere
Team Difficulty-Moderate
3D Stick-Change Speeds/Move, A-Get In Bobsled
Old Name-Bobsled Run
Updates-New track.
My Rating-****o
Object-Be on the team to pass the finish line first.
Pick up the turbos to gains speed.  To slow down your opponent, jump
in front of him.  Hold up at all times and try to stay at the middle
of the platform

Handcar Havoc-
Music-The Blue Skies Yonder
Team Difficulty-Hard
3D Stick-Tilt, A-Speed Up, B-Slow Down
Old Name-Handcar Havoc
Updates-New track.  Some sort of jump on the track.
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be on the team to pass the finish line first.
Always turn into the curve.  When the screen says "SPEED UP" then
keep on pressing A.  Just follow those rules and you will do fine.

Balloon Burst-
Music-Not Gonna Lose
Team Difficulty-Easy
A-Push Pump, B-Pull Pump, Z-Pull Pump
Old Name-Balloon Burst
Updates-Now it's a 2 vs 2 game.
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be on the team who bursts the Bowser balloon first.
Just press A then Z fastly, and fully.  If you're partner does the
same, you should burst Bowser in no time.

2.2 SECRET 2 vs 2 mini-games

Dungeon Dash-Go into mini-game park after buying most of the 2 vs 2,
1 vs 3 and 4 player mini-games.  The phirana plant will give it to you.
Music-No Fright, No Fear
Team Difficulty-Moderate
3D Stick-Step
Old Name-Desert Dash
Updates-Now there is a fireball going past the players.
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be on the team to leave the dungeon first.
Press in unisen with your partner left, then right.  When you get to
the fireball, make sure it doesn't hit you, or you will get stuck.
The same goes for if you and your partner press different directions.
You can also get stuck behind the Whomp or get smashed by it.

3.0 1 vs 3 mini-games

Move to the Music-
Music-Rythm Shakers/Dancing Star
Lead Dancer Difficulty-Moderate
Co-Dancer Difficulty-Hard
3D Stick-Dance, A-Dance, B-Dance, Z-Dance
My Rating-***oo
Object-Lead Dancer:Make the co-dancers dance the wrong way.
Co-Dancer:Have at least one of the co-dancers dance the right way.
As the lead dancer, you should make a complex pattern and use things
that look the same like up and right, not A and Z, although those can
work, too.  As a co-dancer, you should remember the notes.  Repeat
them in your head or make up a little chant, but do whatever you can
to remember them.  Then, press the correct button when the highlighter
passes your note.  If you fail, hope for the other co-dancers.

Bob-omb Barrage-
Music-Keepin' on the Path
Player In Boat Difficulty-Hard
Bob-omb Thrower Difficulty-Moderate
Player In Boat:3D Stick-Move
Bob-omb Thrower:3D Stick-Throw Bob-omb
My Rating-***oo
Object-Player In Boat:Avoid all Bob-ombs!!
Bob-omb Thrower:Toss a Bob-omb in the boat of the single player.
If you are in the boat, you should always be on the move to avoid
Bob-ombs, or you can stay in one place and move away when it comes at
you.  If you throw the Bob-ombs, flick the controller stick in
different directions at different lengths and see where it goes.  Play
around with this, and when you get the hang of it, aim towards player

Look Away!-
Music-Head Music(I just made that up)
Top Head Difficulty-Hard
Bottom Head Difficulty-Hard
3D Stick-Move Head
My Rating-****o
Object-Top Head:In 5 turns, look the same way as each of the three
bottom heads.
Bottom Head:Have you or another bottom head survive all 5 turns by
looking away from the top head.
When you are about to freeze, you can still move your head.  Either
move your head in the same way or move your head away from the top
head, depending on what team you're on.  If you are a bottom head and
there are less turns then heads left, just don't look the same way as
the other head(s) and even if one head gets out per turn, you will

Music-That's All of It
Archer Difficulty-Easy
Target Difficulty-Very Hard
Archer:3D Stick-Move, A-Load/Shoot
Target:3D Stick-Move
My Rating-***oo
Object-Archer:Knock down all three of the targets.
Target:Have you or another target not be knocked down.
If you are the archer, you can shoot down the purple targets for extra
coins.  To strike down your opponents, follow them and shoot them
right before they move into a place, so they will be ambushed by the
arrow.  You can also wait until they trap each other, or until they
are trapped by the purple targets.  If you are a target, try to keep
your space from other targets, but if they try to get to close, smash
into them so you have space to move around in.  If you have a good
amount of space around you, you can dodge arrows.  Just move the other
way when the archer shoots at you.  That should do it.

Shock, Drop or Roll-
Music-Keepin' on the Path
Turbine Spinner Difficulty-Hard
Runner Difficulty-Very Hard
Turbine Spinner:3D Stick-Spin Turbine
Runner:3D Stick-Run, A-Jump
My Rating-**ooo
Object-Turbine Spinner:Knock the other players off the turbine.
Runner:Have you or another runner neither shock, drop nor roll.
As the turbine spinner, you should rapidly spin the turbines, but not
too fast.  Wait until the players front is turned to the side you want
them to fall off of, and then spin that way.  As the runner, you
should get ready to turn at any moment.  Any second, the spinner can
switch the directions of the turbine, so you have to be on your feet.
A sure strategy is to always head for the middle of the turbine.  If
you slightly go past the middle, head back for it.  When the turbine
spins, just hold the direction towards the middle of the turbine.

Lights Out-
Music-Couldn't be Better
Person With Mallet Difficulty-Very Easy
Person With Bulb Difficulty-Hard
Person With Mallet:3D Stick-Move, A-Vertical Swing, B-Horizontal Swing
Person With Bulb:3D Stick-Move
My Rating-***oo
Object-Person With Mallet:Smash the others.
Person With Bulb:Have you or another player avoid being smashed.
If you are the person with the mallet, you got lucky and landed on
easy street.  You must do 3 simple things.  They are move, see, and
kill.  To move just press in the direction toward the people with the
light bulbs.  To see, wait for the lights to go on, go in the light of
another player or press the A button.  The stars tell you where you
are.  And, finally, kill.  The easy kill is going near the player and
tapping the B button.  They will fly into the boundaries making it
hard for the opponent to run in circles.  If you have a bulb, you must
do one thing.  Run!!!  Against the computer, I suggest just running in
circles.  The computer's mallet man usually stays in the middle, so
you should be safe like that.  Otherwise, just run away from the place
you see the other characters fly from, stars, and of course the person
with the mallet!

Filet Relay-
Music-This Way That
Solo Penguin Difficulty-Moderate
Tag Team Difficulty-Moderate
3D Stick-Move, A-Move Forward
My Rating-****o
Object-Solo Penguin:Get the fish to the penguins first.
Tag Team: Be on the team to get the fish to the penguins first.
On the first part, there is not much strategy.  Run fast.  On the
second part,  if you get ahead of the other penguin, as long as you
don't bounce around you'll be fine.  The other penguin will bump into
you if he tries to get ahead in the canyon.  The third part is the
most troublesome.  Run fast, but on the hills you can easily trip and
lose valuable seconds in getting to the igloo first.  You can bump
the other penguin by getting ahead of him.  If you are on the tag team
and you are right near the other player and your teammate, when you
slide in, the other player can get bumped back which can cost him the
game.  Oh, also, if you press A too much, like on the hills, you will
trip for a while.

Quicksand Cache-
Music-This Way That
Bowser Difficulty-Very Easy
Runner Difficulty-Hard
Bowser:3D Stick-Turn Quicksand
Runner:3D Stick-Run, A-Jump
My Rating-*****
Object-Collect Coins.
If you are in the middle, just turn the quicksand so that the runners
are trapped away from the coins and valuable coin bags.  Obviously,
you can't get all the coins,  but bring to the middle all the ones you
can.  As a runner, press left and right to get out of the sinking
quicksand in the middle.  Otherwise, use the 3D Stick to move along
the outside picking up lots of coins and coin bags.

3.1 Returning 1 vs 3 mini-games

Bowl Over-50 coins
Music-Going for the Coins
Bowler Difficulty-Easy
Pin Difficulty-Hard
Bowler:3D Stick-Aim/Spin Shell, A-Launch Shell
Pin:3D Stick-Turn, A-Jump
My Rating-**ooo
Old Name-Bowl Over
Updates-Now the bowler gets 2 turns, but has to bowl over all 3
Object-Bowler:Knock down all 3 pins.
Pin:Have you or another pin stay up.
As the bowler, you have 2 turns to knock down the pins, so use them
wisely.  Aim only for the players, and wait until they all gather
around.  If you don't get more than one in one hit, you can not win.
By the way, if you do manage to hit the white pins, you will get a
coin each.

Crane Game-50 coins
Music-This Way That
Crane Difficulty-Very Easy
Doll Difficulty-IMPOSSIBLE
Crane:3D Stick-Move, A-Grab/Hold
My Rating-*oooo
Old Name-Crane Game
Updates-Now there are clocks, the crane must get all three dolls, and
it is no longer within the dolls control whether they win or not.
Object-Crane:Pick up all 3 dollss.
Doll-Have you or another doll avoid being picked up.
If you are the crane, first, pick up all the clocks to gain time.
Then the players are a piece of cake.  Just keep on tapping A, and
they don't stand a spec of a chance.  If you are a doll, tapping A
won't break you free.  Nothing will.  Just sit back, enjoy a bad
mini-game and hope the crane is an idiot and doesn't pick up the

3.2 SECRET 1 vs 3 mini-games

Rainbow Run-Buy all the battle games and visit mini-game park.  The
piranha plant will give it to you.
Music-Walking Underwater
Walker Difficulty-Very Easy
Shooter Difficulty-Very Hard
Walker:3D Stick-Walk
Shooter:3D Stick-Aim, A-Shoot
My Rating-***oo
Old Name-Tightrope Treachery
Updates-Now you walk on a rainbow.
Object-Walker:Walk through the rainbow ring.
Shooter:Stop the walker from walking through the rainbow ring.
If you are the walker, just stay towards the middle of the rainbow and
avoid being hit too many times.  If you are a shooter, aim precisely,
and shoot rapidly at the walker.  Don't shoot your fellow shooters,

4.0 Battle mini-games

Bumper Balloon Cars-
Music-Not Gonna Lose
3D Stick-Move
My Rating-*****
Object-Be the last car standing.
Just drive around popping peoples balloons.  You can also wait for the
other people to pop their own balloons and then go after the last
person.  If someone juts into your spike, you will flip around,
making it easy for them to kill you.

Day at the Races-
Music-The Blue Skies Yonder
3D Stick-Move, A-Choose Character
My Rating-***oo
Object-Pick the winning Bob-omb, Boo, Thwomp or Whomp.
This game is all luck, just hope you pick first so you can pick the
guy you like best.  My favorites go like this Boo, then Thwomp, then
Bob-omb then Whomp.  The Bob-omb can run fast and trip.  The Boo can
teleport, which doesn't count as it moving while invisible, and trip.
The Thwomp can hover fast and stop.  The Whomp can fall on its face
and run fast.  They are all equal, though.

Rakin 'em In!-
Music-Spinning Polka
A-Use Rake
My Rating-****o
Object-Rake in the most points.
This game is like Hungry, Hungry Hippos!!  At the beginning, the
mushrooms will be hard to get, but as they seperate, it will get
easier.  The gold mushrooms are worth 3, and the purple ones are worth
-3, but you can't get a negative amount of mushrooms.  Watch the
timing so you can get the gold mushrooms.

Bowser's Big Blast-
Music-That's All Of It
3D Stick-Move, A-Push Plunger
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be the last one surviving.
This game is also a lot of luck.  Just pick a plunger, and hope it
doesn't destroy the Bowser head.  I usually try pressing the one that
last exploded it, and I hope.

4.1 Returning battle mini-games

Grab Bag-
Music-Couldn't be Better
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump, B-Grab/Shake Free
My Rating-****o
Old Name-Grab Bag
Updates-Now you go for points, not coins.
Object-Grab the most points.
Once you grab someone, keep on taking mushrooms from him.  If you do
this, you can steal lots of points for yourself.  Once you see the
golden mushroom, go after it.  It is worth 3 points.  To avoid being
grabbed, jump and face your bag to the wall.

Face Lift-
Music-Keepin' on the Path
Difficulty-Very Easy
3D Stick-Move Hand, A-Grab Part, B-Reset Part
My Rating-****o
Old Name-Face Lift
Updates-Now, instead of stretching King Koopa's face, you have 6 new
faces to stretch.
Object-Stretch your face to match the middle face exactly.
Usually, the faces will stretch to the extremes.  Those are easy.  But
on the ones that don't, you just have to use your best judgement.
Good luck!!

Crazy Cutters-
Music-Let's Have Some Fun
3D Stick-Move
My Rating-***o
Old Name-Crazy Cutters
Updates-There are 3 new designs, and I think the game is a little
Object-Cut exactly around the border of the fossil.
Just follow the pattern.  The Chomp is easy, because it is just a
circle.  The Octopus is moderately hard and the Cheep-Cheep is very

Hot Bob-omb!-
Music-Going for the Coins
3D Stick-Aim, A-Throw, B-Catch
My Rating-**ooo
Old Name-Hot Bob-omb!
Updates-Now you have to catch the Bob-omb, and the last one remaining
wins, not the first one out loses.
Object-Be the last one standing to win.
This is the only battle game I dislike.  In this  version of Hot
Bob-omb!, you must catch the Bob-omb.  When it comes at you, tap B so
that it doesn't bounce and explode.  Then press A and the direction of
the person you want it to explode on and toss it.  The catching makes
this game a little bit harder than it normally is.

5.0 Item and Dual mini-games

Pirate Land

Roll Out the Barrels-
Music-Got an Item
3D Stick-Move, A-Jump, B-Attack
My Rating-***oo
Object-Smash the barrel with an item in it.
This is like 3 card monty.  Keep your eye on the barrel with the item
you want and attack it when the barrels stop spinning.

Saber Swipes-N/A
A-Swipe Sword, B-Swipe Sword, Z-Swipe Sword
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be the first to punch in the correct combo.
There is a 5 button combo on the top of the screen.  Tap in the combo
first to win.  If you mess up, you will have to start from the
beginning again.

Western Land

Give Me a Brake!-
Music-Got an Item
A-Stop The Train
My Rating-***oo
Object-Stop the train at an item.
Just press the A button when the train is 2 cars before the item you
want.  That should do it.

Quick Draw-N/A
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be the first to shoot the other player.
After the Goomba says "Go!", tap the A button.  That's all the
strategy I can give on this game.

Space Land

Hammer Slammer-
Music-Got an Item
A-Pull Up Hammer, B-Smash Hammer Down
My Rating-***oo
Object-Slam the mallet to get an item.
You should practice this one.  Raise your hammer to a certain point,
then slam it down to get a prize.  Hope it's the one you were

Time Bomb-N/A
A-Press Plunger
My Rating-***oo
Object-Be the one closest to the number of seconds the Goomba says.
If the Goomba says to press the plunger at 5 seconds, say out loud or
in your head, one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi,
etc. until the time is up, then press A.  Whichever player is closest,

Mystery Land

Music-Got an Item
A-Swing Mallet
My Rating-***oo
Object-Knock down an item with the mallet.
This is easy.  Just wait until the item you want comes, and press A.

Psychic Safari-N/A
A-Power Up Relic, B-Power Up Relic
My Rating-**ooo
Object-Have your relic destroy your opponent's relic.
Keep on tapping A, B, A, B, A, B, to win this one.  How annoying.

Horror Land

Coffin Congestion-600 coins
Music-Got an Item
A-Jump, B-Attack
My Rating-***oo
Object-Attack the coffin with an item in it.
Watch the item you want warp from coffin to coffin.  The last place
it is before the coffins close for good is where it still is.

Mushroom Brew-N/A
A-Add Blue Mushroom, B-Add Green Mushroom, Z-Add Gray Mushroom
My Rating-****o
Object-Produce a star from your brew.
Follow the path and press the button it says.  If you do this right,
you are bound to win.

Bowser Land

Bowser Slots-980 coins
Music-Got an Item
My Rating-****o
Object-Get an item bu getting three icons in a row.
Watch your timing like in Toad in a Box.  Just make sure you press the
right combo; don't hit three Bowser Bombs.

Rock, Paper, Mario-N/A
A-Peach, B-Mario, Z-Bowser
My Rating-*****
Object-Pick the character better than the opponents.
Peach->Mario->Bowser->Peach.  Peach<->Peach, Bowser<->Bowser,
Mario<->Mario.  Pick your character, and the rest is luck.


Driver's Ed-After you buy all the mini-games, Woody will let you play
Music-Not Gonna Lose
3D Stick-Move
My Rating-*****
Object-Pass the finish line after passing all 20 balloons.
The first course is just a straight out path, but the other courses
are harder.  Be sure to get your curves right.  Also, you can't go
through balloons that you aren't up to or go through them backwards,
but you can go through cones youv'e already been to.  Remember that
you can go backwards through them.

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