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FAQ by Haunter12O

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 02/14/00

A Haunter120 FAQ…
Created by Haunter120

M A R I O   P A R T Y   I I


For-Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64

Created by- Haunter120

Fourth update



Be sure to read this before doing anything to this FAQ!

1.Do not post it in magazines or copy it and put it somewhere else.

2.I allow putting this into a web page.

3.If you do that, follow the rules below:
-Do not modify it under any circumstances.
-Leave my name up there.

4.I suggest that you e-mail me some Q and A. I’ll post it in that section.

5.It is ok for GameFAQs, GameWinners, and vgstrategies to have this FAQ.

	-Donkey Kong
3.The boards
4.The Mini-games
5.Mini-Game Coaster

Not a lot of games are coming out so I played a while on the Playstation and 
got bored as hell. Resident evil nemesis I beat millions of times, Vandal 
hearts II was just to repetitive, and Dino Crisis wasn’t too good. So I 
decided to write a FAQ on Mario Party II. I just got the game, and now I’ll 
be updating majorly on this game.
0.7-Some Mini Game boards, character bios, and a little about Mini Game 
Coaster is added.
0.2-All the mini games are added with little info, expect an update when the 
game comes out.

Well, if you’ve played Mario Party 1, you’d know some things about this 
game. First of all, the 5 Nintendo characters return, nothing changed, same 
old Yoshi, same old Wario. This time, they are ready to tackle 5 board games 
and some secret ones too. One good thing about this game is that games like 
Tug’o’War, Paddle Battle, Cast Aways, and the killer Pedal Power have been 
taken off the game. And there will be no mini game where you have to rotate 
the control stick like that. Instead, you will press the A button rapidly in 
some games, of course, games like Handcar Havoc can be as annoying as the 4 
rotate the stick games.


Mario and Luigi, Wario and Peach,
Donkey Kong and Yoshi, all gathered in speech.
Sharing their wishes for all they had seen,
Saying “Let’s make a world built on all of our dreams!”
Combining their talents, they sweated and strained,
Completing that world, Mario Land by name…

Alas, But Wario stepped forth and said,
“This world should be named for a Super Star, instead,
“Wario Land is far a better name!”
And so they argued the depth of their fame,
“Peach Land is better!” and “My Name is best!”
Toad could not believe the words of the rest!

But as they debated who was more grand
Bowser invaded that Mario Land!!!
“there’s no time to argue and no time to fight!
“The task before us,” Toad said with a fright,
This land shall be named for the Super Star who
“Defeats evil Bowser and saves us all, too!”

So Mario and his friends, took on this new quest,
To defeat the King Koopa and prove who’s the best!
They went deep into space, met ghosts and pirates,
But always on Bowser their keen sights were set.
No adventure more trying, no reward more grand…
So speaks the legend of Mario land!


Character in the game will be the same as the ones in Mario Party 1. I don’t 
know about attribute changes. Yoshi seems to take to long to jump, though.


The main character and the mascot to Nintendo first in command (second is 
Pikachu), he stars in the most Nintendo games and beats up either Bowser or 
Donkey Kong. Luckily for him, they are in this game. Mario first starred in 
Super Mario Bros., The first game for Nintendo(NES), and then made other 2-D 
games for the NES, Super Nes, Game Boy, Virtual Boy, and finally the 
Nintendo 64. Let’s just hope that Super Mario Adventure is good.

Mario is the most average character in the game. In Bumper Balls he is not 
easy to push, he jumps high, and he has more power. If you are a beginner 
start out with him, he is really great. 4/5


Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario Bros the Lost Levels
Super Mario World
Dr. Mario
Super Mario All-Stars
Mario and Wario
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2
Super Mario Land 3
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Super Mario RPG
Mario Tennis
Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Mario Party
Super Smash Brothers


Luigi is Mario’s trusted companion and he stars in most of his games. 
Starting on Mario Bros, Luigi went up to DK, he didn’t star in that, then 
went up to Super Mario RPG. He didn’t star in most of that except the 
credits… He also didn’t star in Super Mario 64. Then he returned to star in 
most other games. I wonder if he will ever make an individual game…? He has 
the skills the same as Mario, but he isn’t so good as him. 3/5

*NOTE-The games Luigi starred in are the ones above where Mario’s are except 
for Dr. Mario, DK, Mario and Wario, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario 64.


The dinosaur that Mario used in most transportation is back to star in Mario 
Party 2. He made a few individual games, but most of them weren’t really 
that good, like Yoshi’s Story. Anyway, it started in Super Mario World, and 
then Yoshi got to make some extras, which didn’t help, and kept going, until 
Super Mario World 2 came out. It was a great game and then Tetris Attack 
came out, which was also cool. But then, all of a sudden, Yoshi’s Story 
appeared. It was the easiest game in the world and too boring. Will Yoshi 
make more games? Yoshi is the best character in my opinion, he jumps high, 
runs fast, and is easy to use. 5/5


Super Mario World
Yoshi’s Safari
Yoshi’s Cookie
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario Land..?
Super Mario World 2
Super Mario RPG
Tetris Attack
Super Mario 64
Mario Tennis
Mario Kart 64
Yoshi’s Story
Mario Party
Smash Brothers

Peach is the actually Princess Toadstool from the NES, Game Boy, and Super 
NES. She changed her name..? Anyway, she is always the person Mario needs to 
rescue, she’s why Mario was made. Always stolen  by Bowser, peach does have 
a differancy. Some games she was playable, some games she wasn’t. Although 
the majority of those is wasn’t. In this game, peach is like Yoshi, but 
somewhat jumps not too high. 2/5

Peach has starred in almost all of Mario’s games.

Mario’s fat little elfish looking rival. Wario always wants to stay away 
from Mario, and sometimes they even battle. Wario tends to be a little slow 
in this game, and he doesn’t jump so high. But he is very powerful, and can 
be one of the more better characters. 2/5.

Like Bowser, DK is most likely an enemy of Mario. He has his own independent 
games like Donkey Kong 64. and hmmm… how should I say this? He isn’t a very 
good character to use. I mean really, it’s in my opinion that he isn’t good. 
He is like Wario, still. 1/5.

T H E   B O A R D   G A M E S

Like Mario party 1, mp2 includes Board games. Here are some things to start 
you up.

Choose your character, other characters, difficulty, number of turns, and 
get ready to play! After that, you will have to hit the dice to determine 
what your turn is. 1st and 4th are the best IMO. The higher the number is, 
the higher your turn is. After that you will start.


Blue Space-
Land here for 3 coins. Doubled for 6 at the last 5 turns.

Red Space-
Land here to lose 3 coins. Lose 6 at the last 5 turns.

Toad Space(Star)-
If you gained 20 coins, you can get a star from Toad here. Toad moves into 
different spaces by time.

Bowser Face Space-
Landing here is bad. If you do Bowser will roll to see who gets tortured. 
Bowser revolution makes everyone’s coins even. Mostly all the others you 
will lose coins. Sometimes it will land on 10000 coin present or 100 star 
present. If it does, Bowser will run away.

Baby Bowser-
Baby Bowser will take away 5 coins from you each time you pass through here.

Koopa Bank-
When you pass through here, Koopa will take away 5 coins from you. If you 
LAND here, Koopa will give you every coin he’s got. Just like Free Parking 
in Monopoly. So for example, if 3 people pass through this space, it will 
have 15 coins. If one lands on it, he/she will get the 15 coins. This is 
opposite in Bowser Land.

Treasure Box Space-
When you land here, an ITEM mini game will occur. ITEM mini games take you 
in a choice of items to pick from, however, there is a Baby Bowser to pick 
from and that’s not good. Read more about ITEM mini games in the mini game 

Item Shop-
Buy items such as the DUELING GLOVE or the MUSHROOM. See more about items 
further on.

Green “?” space-
When you land here, something will happen. Every world has something 
different to happen, so I’ll tell you about this space later.

Green “!” space-
When you land here, a CHANCE TIME will occur. CHANCE TIME can be good or 
bad. If the player rolls Yoshi and Mario, and the middle block has the icon 
“Exchange stars”, they do so. So if Mario has 6 stars and Yoshi has 1, Mario 
gets 1 star and Yoshi gets the 6. This could make you win at the end.

Boo Space-
Landing on this will call Boo, the ghost. Boo will steal another person’s 
coins for 5 coins from you. Or he can steal a star from someone else for 50 
coins. If you are being stolen coins from, press A repeatedly to pull Boo 
away. This is very useful indeed.

Special Spaces-
There are many special spaces in different kinds of board games. I’ll tell 
you later.

These are bought in the mini-game shop in each world. If there is an 
asterisk (*) next to them, that means they can only be found in item mini 
games. To use them, at the beginning of your turn just press B and then A.

Allow you to roll twice during your turn. If you get doubles (ie 5 and 5) 
you will get 10 coins. So if you roll 10 and 10, you get 10 coins and you 
will move 20 spaces.

Gold Mushroom-
Allow you to roll 3 blocks. Triples. If you roll a 9, 10, and 8, you go 27 
spaces. Better than the regular mushroom.

Skeleton Key-
Use this to open locked doors and take shortcuts. Useful when you are racing 
an opponent to the star. I don’t know why but Luigi ALWAYS buys or wins 

Plunder Chest-
You will steal another person’s item using this. This is useful when your 
opponents have stuff like the Magic Lamp. However, you can’t choose who to 
steal from. It picks a random person with an item. I don’t think anyone else 
who has the Plunder Chest can steal a Plunder Chest from you. Heh.

Dueling Glove-
When using this, you will be able to pick a person to duel with, then bet 
coins. Then you will be able to go into a duel game with him/her and duel. 
Useful before the 16th turn.

*Boo Icon-
This will automatically call Boo and you will be able to pay him and let him 
steal coins or a star from an opponent. This usually changes the standings…

Magical Lamp-
A useful item which other people always try for when they have enough coins. 
When using this, a genie will come and you’ll see yourself flying around 
Mario Planet atop the genie. He will bring you to Toad. And you will get a 
star. A better wish is to get 100 stars instead.

*Bowser Icon-
This you want to avoid whatsoever. Using this item will make Baby Bowser 
turn into Bowser. And Bowser will be controlled by the computer and will 
roll each turn. Whenever he goes by a player, he steals all the coins from 

*Bowser Suit-
You will put on a Bowser Suit and whenever you pass an opponent, you will 
steal his/her 20 coins. This lasts for one turn. I wish you could combine 
the golden mushrooms with this. Then you would be able to steal some dough.

Warp Block-
When using this, one of the opponents will switch places with you, the 
computer picks a random person. Don’t buy this, it sucks.

Hidden Block-
You can’t buy this item. You discover it on the board. It either gives you 
20 coins, or maybe a star. This item is very cool.

*Baby Bowser-
Ok, not exactly an item, but you’re able to find him in an item mini-game, 
if you do, you won’t get an item.


Predict the Winner! Game-
After the end of the 15th turn, 30th turn, or 45th turn, Toad will start a 
game for the last 5 turns. It’s called Predict The Winner! What he does is 
have a spectator come up and the spectator predicts who will win. That 
person predicted gets 10 coins. Usually, the spectators always go for the 
4th or 3rd place winner. Their AI is bad, or maybe they think Chance Time 
will change it all.

Bonus Stars-
At the end of each game, Toad will give out Bonus Stars to people who:

-Collected the most Coins in Mini Games

-Collected the most coins

-Landed on the most ? green spaces (Why would they give an awars star for 

After he gives these stars out Koopa will come and an event will trigger 
with Bowser torturing Koopa. Then the winner comes and defeats Bowser. Then 
the board game ends.

Pirate Land-
More coming soon!

Western Land-
More coming soon!

Space Land-
More coming soon!

Mystery Land-
More coming soon!

Horror Land-
More coming soon!

Bowser Land-
More coming soon!

Mini-game stadium-
I hate to tell you this, but… More coming soon!

As you know, Mario Party games are filled with many action, adventure, any 
type of mini games you will play. There is a lot of them. And I will show 
you them, the number next to them shows you the difficulty ranging up to 5:


The first type of mini game are the dueling ones. Which will only be 1v1. 
You against another human/computer.

Rock, Paper, Mario-2/5
Each player picks Mario, peach, or Bowser, and it plays like Rock, Paper, 
Scissors. Peach beats Mario, Bowser beats Peach, and Mario beats Bowser. 
This game is only included in Bowser Land.

Time Bomb-3/5
Press the buttons at the right time as Goomba tells you to. There is no 
timer. After setting the bomb, the person with the closest time to Goomba’s 

Mushroom Brew-1/5
This is like Simon Says. Whenever it says “A”, you push “A”. B, push B. 
Whoever comes closest to the commands wins. It is very easy because the 
opponent usually always loses.

Psychic Safari-4/5
Again, this is like Simon Says, but fairly different after all. Each player 
will have a bunch of commands appear on his/her mushroom. Push the A and B 
buttons. The player who gets done fastest pushing all the commands in 5 
seconds will be victorius. This game is fairly hard, so be careful not to 

Saber Swipes-2/5
Located in Pirate Land, you will play this saber-duel mini-game. This game 
will be a lot like Psychic Safari. Just press the button pattern above you 
in the box. The first one to complete it wins.

Quick Draw Corks-2/5
This game is located in Western Land, of course. If you know how to count 
seconds, then you might just win. Wait at least 3-4 seconds and then turn 
around to shoot. The first person to (kill?) knock the other player out 

These games are like 4 player mini games, except they have each person 
beating up on each other. So games like Running of the Bulb and Key-Pa Way 
will not be included.

Bumper Balloon Cars-4/5
In front of your car you have a spear. In the back you have a balloon. You 
know what to do, use your spear to blow up other people’s balloons on the 
back of their cars. But watch not to get hit by their spears in your balloon 
or you’ll lose. Also this game is hard to master because of the awkward 
controls, try to play this and magnet Carta a lot to try to master these 
annoying controls.

Rakin’ ‘em In!-3/5
Use your backhoe to swipe the mushrooms on the tree stump. Get the regular 
and gold mushrooms but not the poisonous purple ones. If you do, you will 
lose points. Gold mushrooms are the best. Whoever has the most points at the 
end wins. It’s hard to rake the mushrooms in your bucket, kind of like those 
games in the arcade.

Bowser’s Big Blast-3/5
There are 5 switches here and one of them is the detonator. Each person 
takes a turn on hitting a random switch. If one hits the detonator, they 
will lose and there will be 3 players left. The switches will change. The 
game goes on after there are 3 switches and 2 players left. Once everybody 
gets hit by the detonator and you’re the only one left, you win.

A Day At The Races-3/5
This game is funny! Yes, the name might describe it all, but you are not 
racing. You will be betting on the person who is racing and see if he/it 
wins. There are 4 racers, a Whomp (brick wall), Thwomp (those annoying 
blocks that star in every Mario game), Boo(the ghost) and finally Bob-Omb 
the bomb. Don’t let the appearance fool you. If the thing you betted on 
wins, you too. They have a replay in slow motion at the end, its pretty 

Grab Bag-2/5
Go behind a person and press B to grab their bags and take their money. 
Watch out though, you have a bag too and people might steal your money also. 
CHANGES-The terrain and the time is reduced.

Crazy Cutters-3/5
Slightly fun. You have to trace the design on your screen so it’ll get a 
high score. Whoever traces the most accurate design wins. CHANGES-The things 
you trace.

Hot Bob-omb-3/5
Like Hot potato, you have to catch the bomb with ‘B’ and throw with ‘A’. 
Whosever hands it is at the end loses. The number of people reduces to 3, 
and a new bob-omb comes, it goes to 2 people and whoever wins here gets the 
most coins. CHANGES-The catch, more bombs.

Face Lift-2/5
A fun game. You get to mess around with random faces that appear in the 
middle (i.e Mario, Yoshi), the computer stretches the face and you have to 
copy it. Like crazy cutters, the most accurate face wins. CHANGES-More than 
1 face.

MINI GAMES RETURNING-Grab Bag, Crazy Cutter, Hot Bob-omb, Face Lift.

Again in the board courses you will be encountering these. These games are 1 
player very easy games. Just find the item(s) you need to win. Watch out for 
enemies such as baby bowser.

Hammer Slammer-1/5
Remember those games at fairs and carnivals where you have to hit the bell 
really hard to make it go up? Well in this one you can’t ring it hard and 
you can’t ring it low. What you have to do is hit it in the middle. If you 
hit it too high it will come up to Baby Bowser.

Bowser Slots-2/5
This is the hardest item mini-game because there is a fat chance of getting 
an item. Hit the block to stop the first and wheel and so on. If you don’t 
hit it and wait idle for too long it will hit itself.

Mallet Go-Round-2/5
The wheel is spinning. Each block has an item. One has Baby Bowser. Two 
blocks hold the item, only one holds Baby Bowser. Sounds Hard, huh? Well, if 
you time your hits right you will be able to get an item. Hit the blocks, 
not the Bowser block, though.

Roll Out the Barrels-1/5
Like Shell Game. To do this, watch the barrels as they lift up and then 
move. Watch Baby Bowser though, because he is in one of the barrels. After 
the barrels stop moving, find the barrel that is not moving and get that 

Give Me A Brake!-1/5
Located in Western Land. Stop the train to get the item, careful not to end 
up with Baby Bowser. When you stop, whatever is in front of the arrow will 
be yours (the arrow below you).

Coffin Congestion-1/5
A clone of Roll out the Barrels, except even easier. 5 items you can get, 
one that is Baby Bowser. Look at the coffins carefully as they have items in 
it, then pick the coffin that has your item.

Four player games are the most fun, and here they come. Either you go 
against the players or work with each other to complete a certain task in a 
game. Here they are:

Mecha Marathon-3/5
What you have to do is wind up Mr. Shy Guy. Press A and B at the same time 
as time goes. If you pressed it enough times, your shy guy will probably win 
the race. If not, cross your fingers. This is like Balloon Burst except you 
don’t know who will win.

Lava Tile Isle-2/5
The tiles move up and down tilting. Be careful not to fall off. Try to knock 
the other 3 players into the oblivion. But don’t get yourself knocked out!

Roll Call-2/5
A math mini-game. Hmmmm. Count how many bob-ombs there, all of them. Then as 
they blow up, subtract 1 from your total. The hardest one is the Boo count, 
which is in Mini game coaster.

Shell Shocked-2/5
Like a simple Mario Kart battle except with tanks and slower vehicles and 
guns. Use the cannon barrels to defend yourself. If you lose your shell, you 
will lose 1 point. Lose two and you will die.

Abandon Ship-3/5
Race to the top of the ship by poles. Keep climbing, because water level is 
heading up towards you and if you touch it, you lose. Also fish will be 
trying to get you so just keep climbing and avoid coins. Climb on the other 
side of the pole sticking out because it can make you slow down.

Toad In A Box-3/5
To win this game, hit the block above you when it shows Toad’s face. It will 
make you go up once and the block will spin faster. Each player has a block 
and can win you too. The player who gets to the top first wins, its hard 
because once you’re on 4, the block starts spinning hyper.

Totem Pole Pound-1/5
All you have to do is pound down to the ground. It is pretty easy. The 
higher you jump, the more blocks of the pole disappear. So be sure to jump 
and not just a small jump stomp, although it’s faster.

Honeycomb Havoc-3/5
The fruits will be going down to your basket as you hit the block, you will 
be able to catch 1 or 2 of them. It’s pretty much more math. Have your 
opponents end up with honeycombs and they will lose.

Sneak and Snore-5/5
Keep waiting, waiting, waiting, DUCK! Whenever the chomp chomp awakes, duck 
in your barrel. Don’t duck too early or too late. You know what will happen 
if you do, keep moving on to the red button and back, if you move to fast, 
you won’t have time to duck and you will lose.

Tile Driver-2/5
Flip the panels to find the right one. Form a picture to win. The first 
person to form a perfect picture wins!

Dizzy Dancing-3/5
Head for the center of the record and make sure no other player does. It 
will be hard since you are still dizzy and need to figure out the controls.

Deep Sea Salvage-2/5
Go down and up in your submarine and grab treasure the ship throws down to 
get coins. If you hit a mine, you will be temporarily paralyzed. So be sure 
not to. Watch where the ship throws the treasure, then go after it.

Hexagon Heat-3/5
A clone of Mushroom Mix Up except with a different name and hexagons instead 
of mushrooms and lava instead of water. When Toad raises a flag, you go to 
the hexagon colored the same as the flag. If you don’t you will sink with 
the other hexagons, the hexagons will sink faster and faster. The last 
person standing wins.

RETURNING 4 PLAYER GAMES- Hot Rope Jump, Bumper Balls, Skateboard scamper, 
Shy Guy Says, Tipsy Tourney, Platform Peril, Bombs Away.

In these mini games you will have a partner to support you. Make sure to let 
your team win and not the other team.

Looney Lumberjacks-2/5
Like Desert dash. One person needs to hit the A button while the other on 
hits the B button. The first team who cuts the log wins.

Sky Pilots-4/5
Flap or steer the plane. You need long flaps to last and go through all the 
rings. This game is a pretty tough one indeed. Avoid the cannons and mines 

Torpedo Targets-1/5 and 5/5
Use the sub to get as close to your target and hit it with a torpedo. Hit 
more targets that the other team to win. This game is very easy when you’re 
the torpedo guy (I gave a 1 to being the torpedo guy, and a 5 for the 

Speed Hockey-4/5
This is Hockey. Try to get the puck in to the other team’s goal to win. 
Guard yours too. Use combo attacks to score a goal too, usually it always 
seems to go into your goal…

Destruction Duet-2/5
To tear down the statue, use all kinds of combos like you might’ve done to 
Dogadon the Firefly with Chunky in Donkey Kong 64. This is pretty easy. Use 
ground pound and punch and all those things.

Cake Factory-2/5
Grab a cake and put strawberries on it. Time your grabs before the cake 
reaches you. After you/your partner grabs the cake, have you/your partner 
put strawberries on it, remember you need to grab strawberries the same way 
you grab the cakes.

Magnet Carta-3/5
Grab the coins with magnet cars. Clear a path to the treasure in the middle. 
Watch out for the other team, though. Again, the controls are very awkward, 
so practice this one.

RETURNING 2v2 MINIGAMES- Handcar Havoc, Balloon Burst, Bobsled Run.


When 1 person lands on a red space and 3 on a blue space, or vice versa, a 3 
player mini game will occur. These ones have been fun since the removal of 
Tig’o’war. Still, there are still some major moronic games.

Move To The Music-3/5
This is fun when you are the dance master. Make up moves by pressing buttons 
and the other 3 will have to memorize them and copy them. Sounds easy, huh? 
There are 2 turns of music making for the master, if the three players get 
them right, or if there is a survivor, the master loses. If all 3 players do 
the wrong move, the master wins.

Shock, Drop, or Roll-3/5
Another fun thing for the lone player. If you are the lone player, you 
control the wheel’s directions and the player’s directions. If you turn the 
switch left, the wheel will turn left, if you turn it right, the wheel turns 
right. If there is a survivor left after the time is up, the lone player 
loses, if there isn’t, the lone player wins. Usually the lone player always 
wins here. It’s pretty hard being the ones on the wheel.

Look Away-1/5
A fun game for all the players. When the music stops, the top and bottom 
players turn to face directions. If any bottom player faces the same 
direction as the top player, he/she loses. He/she can still play, but don’t 
count. Also you can turn your head quickly into another direction (top or 
bottom) if you see that the top player turned the same direction as you or 
the same direction as the bottom player. Once the 5 rounds are up, if anyone 
still standing wins on the bottom makes his/her whole bottom team win. If 
the top player got everyone out, he/she wins! Remember, if you don’t face a 
directions when you’re supposed to, you will face the forward direction.

Bob-omb Barrage-2/5
Torturing the lone player this time. The lone player is in the bucket, while 
the others throw bombs to try to hit into the bucket and make it explode. 
Believe me, it’s sooooo boring when you’re throwing bombs. However, it’s fun 
when you’re in the bucket. Hehehehe.

Filet Relay-5/5 and 1.5/5
This is the most boring game in the whole game. You have to carry the fish 
to the finish in a penguin suit if you are the lone player. If you are not 
the lone player, you have to carry the fish to the other players and watch 
them take it to the end. Watch out for snowballs. If you are the 3 player 
group, the difficulty for you should be 1.5/5. If you are the lone player, 
it will be 5/5 because it’s just too rigged.

This game is pretty fun with the lone player. He/she has to shoot down all 
three of the other targets down with arrows. The other targets can move. And 
there is also a boo, bowser, and toad target, which are just annoying. If 
the time runs out and the archer didn’t shoot all three targets down, the 
opposing team wins. If he did, then he wins.

Quicksand Cache-2/5
If you are the quicksand lone guy, you can rotate the quicksand and try to 
have the other players fall in it. Coins fall too, and leftover coins go to 
the quicksand person. The other players have to get the coins. This is a 
bonus game.

More updates coming soon! Just wait, I’m not so fast at writing FAQs…


Nintendo Power- My source of information on this game

GameFAQs- For publishing this FAQ on that site.

Harvest Moon 64 FAQ.

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