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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BostonFuse51

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/26/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Mario Party 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
    For the Nintendo 64 console
    Written by BostonFuse51 or bbeltchris92@netscape.net
    Copywrite 2005 Chris. All Rights Reserved.
    Version 1.1
    Welcome!  This is a FAQ/Walkthrough for Mario Pary 2 on the Nintendo 64.  This
    guide will cover everything in the game including spaces, characters, and much
    much more.  If you have a question or comment about the game or my FAQ just e-
    mail me your question or comment.  If some good questions are asked, I will add
    in a Frequently Asked Questions section. Enjoy...
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Story
    3. Rules
    4. Characters
    5. Spaces
    6. Items
    7. Boards
    8. Mini Game Land
    9. Mini Games
    10. Legal/Illegal information
    11. Credits
    1. Version History
    Version: 1.0, finished the guide and submitted it for the first time.
    Version 1.1, fixed all of the spelling errors and areas I was wrong in.
    2. Story
    One day, the six major characters of the game (see my chatracters section) got
    a new piece of land.  Everyone aggreed on calling it Mario Land...except for
    one person...The scoundral of the group...Wario.  (Thanks a lot you fat tub of
    lard!)  Thanks to Wario, the whole group gets angry at one another, and they
    begin to fight.  Everyone is in a deep argument except for one person...Princes
    Peach.  Everyone askes her why she isn't arguing or complaining about what to
    call the land, and she says that she believes the land should be called Peach
    Land!  (Sorry toots, it ain't going to happen.)  Suddenly, a Koopa Troopa comes
    in yelling that it saw Bowser attacking Marrion Land.  (A famous place in the
    Mario games.)  However no matter what the Koopa Troopa does, the group
    continues to argue.
    Koopa Troppa being the smart little bugger that he is says that he has an idea.
    The person that can stop Bowser will be the superstar of the land and will have
    the land named after him or her.  (Meh, it's already called Mario Land.)
    Everyone runs off to go get Bowser, and to hopefully become the superstar of
    the land.
    3. Rules
    In every game that you play, the first thing you do is select how many players
    are playing.  (You can choose from 1 player, 3 computers, 2 players 2
    computers or 3 players and one computer or 4 players, no computers.)  After
    that is all taken care of, you must select wat character you would like to use
    during the game.  When all the human players have selected their character, you
    can decide who the computer characters will be.  Once you decide this, you must
    decide how hard the computers skill level will be.  (The options layed out in
    front of you are Hard, Normal, or Easy.)  You can make them all the same skill
    level, or you can set each computer player's skill individually.  After you
    select the difficulty, you must select how many turns you want to play.  (The
    options layed out in front of you here are 20 turns, 35 turns, or even 50
    turns.)  After you decide how many turns you want to play, you
    must select Bonus or No bonus.  (Selecting bonus means that, at the end of the
    game, Toad will give you different stars.)  The first star at the end of the
    game is the mini game star which will go to the character who one the most
    coins in mini games.  The next star is the coin star which will be givin to the
    character who had the most coins at one time.  The last star is the happening
    star. This will be givin out the the character that landed on the most "?"
    spaces. When this is all taken care of, you finally begin your game!
    Before you begin playing, you must role a dice to decide turn order. The number
    range is between numbers 1 and 10.  The person that gets the highest role goes
    first, second highest goes second, and so on.  After this, you begin playing
    your game.
    All of the characters are seperated into which were decided by the number that
    they got in the beginning. Every character lands on a certain random space.
    (See the space section in my guide for more info about this.)  Then, after one
    turn is played you play a mini game.  The different types of mini games are 4
    player (happens if all characters land on red or if all characters land on blue
    spaces.)  1 on 3 (happens when one character lands on red, and the rest blue,
    or vice-versa. 2 on 2 (happens when two characters land on red and the other
    two on blue.)  The different mini games vary.  (See my mini game section in the
    guide for more information on this.)
    When the last 5 turns hit, you are in a little meeting with Toad.  He shows all
    of the standings.  Then, either Koopa or Whomp will come and say who they
    think will be the winner of the game.  (It's usually the third place person, or
    the last place person.)  The character that they select gets a 10 coins bonus.
    Then, Toad makes an "important announcement."  Now if you land on a blue space,
    you get +6 coins instead of +3.  If you land on a red space, you get -6
    instead of -3.  Also, if you land on the same space with another character, you
    will duel each other for a price determined by the character that landed on
    that space last.
    At the end of the game, Toad either gives out the bonus stars or not (see
    earlier in the section,) and then a cutscene appears.  In the cutscene, the
    superstar of the level comes in and somehow defeats Bowser in a very humorous
    When you first start out the game will be very confusing, but you'll get with
    the program soon enough.
    4. Characters
    Here are the major characters in Mario Party 2...
    Mario - Dah!  His name is in the game, and he is on the game carrtridge!
    Anyways, Mario looks to be the leader of the game, and the group...again.  He
    and Bowser have had some classic showdowns in the past, and it's time for him
    to show himself once again that it's his time, and that nothing, not even his
    love for the princess will stop him from defeating Bowser.  Mario runs like the
    Dickens in this and every other game.  His item of choice in the game is the
    mushroom...an item that he frequently buys at the item shop and an item that he
    constantly tires to win if he gets an item mini game.
    Luigi - Mario's brother and my favorite character.  This poor plumber has had
    to watch Mario shine, and he is just plain sick of it.  Luigi is ready to show
    that he is his own man, and not just some older sibling of Mario.  This guy is
    ready to role, and his determination is to finally show that he is better than
    his brother. In this game, and in his life, he is a man of many unknown
    talents.  His item of choice for this game is the Skeleton Key.  He frequently
    buys this at the item shop, and also wins it almost every time if he gets the
    chance to play an item mini game.
    Peach - The only girl of the group.  She acts like she's an extreme girly girl,
    but I think that she has some tom-boy in her.  She is constantly used as the
    damsel in distress, and the one that Mario always saves from Bowser.  In this
    game however, she is not the damsel in distress.  This babe wants in on the
    action, and she's pretty determined to get it.  In this game, Peach loves to
    trick people, which can suck for other real players, and also computer players.
    Her item of choice is the Plunder Chest, an item that she usually gets at the
    item shop, or tries to win if she gets a chance to play the item mini game.
    Yoshi - Yoshi is a very fun character.  He is an extremely cute dinosaur, with
    a big fluffy nose. On the inside however, this guy is a tough little guy.  He
    loves messing up everyone's plans, and at times even though he is cute, you
    will be very annoyed with him.  Because of course, he is a master at destroying
    plans, his item of choice is the warp block.  He uses this usually when you are
    very close to a star or another major part of the board like boo.  He usually
    gets who he wants also.  All of this makes for a very dangerous computer
    character and/or human character.
    Donkey Kong (D.K) - This guy is a wild, fun ape.  He was first created right
    about the time that Mario was.  He thinks that he is the toughest character
    here, and in some cases he might be.  He assumes that he can knock out Bowser
    with just a few hits and kicks.  He and Mario have always had a bit of a
    rivalry going on, and in this game it really shows.  D.K loves happening spaces
    (or "?" spaces.)  This can be extremely annoying esspecially in Pirate, Horor,
    and Western Land.  You could have a perfect plan going on, and bam bye bye.  As
    you can probably guess, the game is rigged!  He usually gets happening spaces
    instead of other ones if he needs to.  He doesn't quite have an item of choice,
    but it really doesn't matter because of his happening fix.
    Wario - This guy is the guy who, in the beginning of the game was the only one
    who disagreed with the land being called Mario Land.  He is an extremely fat
    character (must have had too much pixalated fast food,) and he is another one
    of Mario's rivals.  He constantly tries to show Mario up, but usually makes a
    fool out of himself.  In this game, it seems to me that he is awesome in almost
    all of the mini games.  Another thing about Wario is that he is a great
    duelist, so aviod dueling with him for a lot of coins.  (If you can.)
    Obviously because of his dueling skills, his item of choice is the dueling
    glove, an item he usually buys at the item shop, and usually wins if he gets
    the chance to play the item mini game.
    Other, less important characters
    Toad - Toad is a red and white mushroom that is the tour guide throughout the
    entire game.  (Except for Bowser Land where he gets kidnapped.)  Anyway, Toad
    always sruck me as being a cool little guy with a lot of smarts.  He is a very
    fun character, and I think the game would be much more fun if you could play as
    him.  In other games like Mario Super Circuit, he is extrememely fast.
    Bowser - Bowser is the evil villian of the game.  He is the one that started
    attacking Marion Land in the beginning.  (See the story section.)  At the end
    of every game, the superstar or winner of the level will either beat him in
    some kind of duel, or outsmart him in a battle of wits.
    Koopa Troopa - This guy does still play a pretty big role in the game.  He is
    the one who first spotted Bowser attacking Marian Land.  Also, at the start of
    the last 5 turns, he is the one that gives out the ten coin bonus.  (Sometimes
    that is.)  Also, he is used as the...well person in destres as Bowser usually
    yells at him, and tries to hurt him.
    Boo - He is the ever famous ghost of this, and many other Mario games.  He
    always has at least one space on every board.  Make your way toward him if you
    want to steal coins from another character or even steal a star if you have
    enough coins. (50 coins on every board)
    Baby Bowser - He is Bowser's little sidekick.  He is one of the kidnappers who
    kidnapp Toad, and is your tour guide for Bowser Land.  Also, he appears on the
    space where the last star was.  If you go by him, he will either give you five
    coins (not often, very rare) or he will take 5 coins (probably occurrs 90% of
    the time.)
    Woody - He is the huge Tree in mini game land.  You can click on him, and buy
    mini games from him, with the coins that you get after every game.  When you
    buy mini games, you can play then for practice in mini game stadium.
    Gooba - Gooba is the little guy that controls the battle mini games, and the
    duels.  He decides how many coins are up for grabs in Battle Mini Games (either
    10, 20, 30 or 50 coins from each player.) If a player does not have enough
    coins as he says, all the coins that they DO have will be used as their coins
    that go up for grabs.
    Whomp - The big square guy that blocks enterances to different areas in the
    game. You can give him coins to get him to move, and take huge shortcuts doing
    Mr. Shark - This guy is the shark in Pirate Land. If you land on one of his
    three spaces, he will take you to another one of his spaces on the island.
    It's very hard to get this space, but when you do, it can creat huge shortcuts
    for you, and other characters.  Also, it can be bad for you if you want to go
    somewhere and get side-tracked by him.  Also, you have no choice as to where
    you go, or even if you want to go.
    5. Spaces
    Blue Space - This space is the color blue as you probably guessed. If you land
    on it before the last five turns, you will get a three coin bonus.  If you land
    on this space inside of the last 5 turns, then you will get a six coin bonus!
    Also, hidden blocks are hidden on these spaces, and if you get one of those,
    you get either a 20 coins bonus, or a star.
    Red Space - This space is the color red as you probably guessed.  If you land
    on it before the last five turns, you will get -3 coins.  If you land on it
    inside of the last five turns, then you will get -6 coins. (Ouch.)
    Treasure Chest - If you land on the treasure chest, you get to play the item
    mini game. There are three different types.  I call them the crappy items, the
    moderate items and the good items.  The crappy ones have not to good of items,
    the moderate have some good items, and the good items have the best items in
    the game.  This game is always fun, and usually challenging to play.
    Bank - If you go past a bank space, you must pay 5 coins. (Except for in Bowser
    Land where it is the opposite.)  If you don't have 5 coins, you must pay what
    you have.  If you land on the space, you get all of the money that has been
    deposited there by the other players.  All of the banks are interconnected so
    if one player deposites 5 coins in another bank space, and you land on a
    different bank space, you still get the money that was deposited by the other
    player on the dfferent bank.
    Thunder Bolt - If you land on the thunder bolt space, you get to have a battle
    mini game.  Gooba will apear, and tell you that each player needs to deposite
    10, 20, 30, or 50 coins. If you don't have it, you must give all the coins that
    you have.  All of the totals are added up , and that is how many coins you play
    for.  The person who comes in first I think gets 66% of the coins and the
    second person gets 33%.  A bonus coin is awarded after if the totals don't go
    in evenly.
    "?" - Another name for this space is a happening space.  Different stuff
    happens in levels.  They are...
    Horror Land - Changes from night to day or vice-versa.
    Western Land - Makes train move to next station, and if you are in the way, you
    are sent back to start.
    Pirate Land - The happenings here are on the different bridges.  If you land on
    one, the other characters on the bridge get bumped back to start along with
    Space Land - Here, the happenings make the little train come after you and bump
    you back about 10 spaces or more.  If you set the police on patrol, they will
    bump you back 20-30 spaces.
    Mystery Land - Mover you to the next island in a clockwise direction.
    Bowser Land - You get transferded to another random pipe anyware in Bowser
    Exclamation Point - If you land on this, you play one of my favorite elents of
    the game...Chance Time!  You select two random characters, and then a copins
    total.  Let's say you get Mario pays 10 coins to Yoshi.  Then, both Mario and
    Yoshi appear, and Mario gives him 10 of his coins.  This can be a major part of
    the game.
    Bowser - If you land on a Bowser space, you could be in deep shitalki
    mushrooms. When you land on this space, a board comes up with otions on it.
    Click A to stop it, and Bowser will pick which one that he wants.  The options
    ___ Coins for Bowser
    If you get this, you have to pay a certain amount of coins to Bowser.  You will
    have to pay 10, 15, 20 or even 30 coins to him!
    Bowser's Chance Time
    If you get this, you have to play Chance Time...Bowser style. You pick one
    character, and a coin amount.  The second character is Bowser.  In this chance
    time however, the playable character that is picked hs to give a certain amount
    of coins to Bowser.  This can really suck if you have to pay him a lot of
    Bowser Revolution
    If you get this, and you have a ton of coins, you're doomed.  Bowser adds up
    every person's coins, and divides by four. So if you had four characters 
    Character A - 100 coins
    Character B - 200 coins
    Character C - 300 coins
    Character D - 300 coins
    Bowser would give every character 200 coins.  So, he takes the average and
    gives that number to everyone.  If you have practically no coins though, this
    option can be extremely useful.
    Bowser's Multiplying Toads
    If you get this, it can be really good, or an extreme devistator.  Bowser adds
    in another Toad in the game.  This doesn't mean that the origingal one has the
    star however.  There are two todas, and you have to go to one of them, and get
    the star...hopefully it is the real toad.  If someone is very close to the star
    however, and this happens, they might now get it.  Hopefully you aren't that
    Bowser's Appearing Act
    It is just like the Bowser Bomb when this happens.  (See my items section.)  At
    the end of the turn, Bowser will appear from the baby Bowser spot.  He will
    roll the dice three times (like he has a golden mushroom.)  If you're in his
    path, he will take some kind of coins from you.  The number varies, but
    sometimes, it is all.
    Bowser's Coin Potluck
    When you get this, Bowser will take a random amount of coins from ever
    character playing.  Its fine when it is like 10 coins but when it is 30
    coins...it really does suck.
    All other options there are in gold.  If the pointer lands on this, nothing
    happenes and you are returned to the game.
    6. Items
    Mushroom - Mario's favorite item!  All the time, when you go to the item shop,
    you can buy this item for 10 coins.  The item shop will have this item all of
    the time. Also, you can get this playing the item mini game. Use it, and you
    get two rolls of the dice instead of just one.  If you get two of the same
    number, you will get 10 coins.  If you get two 7's, you will get a 20 coin
    Skelaton Key - Luigi's favorite item! All the time, when you go to the item
    shop, you can buy this item for 10 coins.  The item shop will have this item
    all of the time.  Another way that you can get this item is winning it in an
    item mini game.  You can use this item buy putting it in doors on the board.
    Doing this will show you sometimes a secret area in the level, and/or create a
    huge shortcut in the board.
    Plunder Chest - Peach's favorite item!  At the item shop, they sometimes have
    this item for 15 coins.  The item shop will have this most of the time.
    Another way that you can get this item is by winning it in an item mini game.
    You can use this item, by stealing another player's item.  If two players have
    items, you will get one of their items.  (It is decided randomly whose item you
    get.)  You can use this item most effectivly when you are last.
    Dueling Glove - Wario's favorite item! At the item shop, they sometimes have
    this item for 15 coins. The item shop has this item 25-35% of the time.
    Another way that you can win this item is by playing the item mini game.  You
    use this by challenging another character to a duel.  To learn what the duels
    are and how to play them, see my duel mini games section.
    Warp Block - Yoshi's favorite item!  At the item shop, they sometimes have this
    item for 15 coins.  The item shop has this item only about 20-25% of the time.
    Another way that you can win this item is by playing the item mini game. The
    way that it's used is that you get to switch places with 1 of the 3 characters
    remaining, and it's totally random.  This can easyily runin another player or
    computers plans.
    Golden Mushroom - At the item shop, they sometimes have this item in stock for
    20 coins  Another way that you can win this item is by winning it in an item
    mini game.  The item shop usually has this item later in the game.  You get
    three rollls of the dice intstead of two rolls with the mushroom. If you roll
    three of the same number, then Toad will give you a 20 coin bonus. If you roll
    triple 7, and then Toad will give you a 50 coin bonus.
    Magic Lamp - At the item shop, they someyimes have this item for 30 coins.
    Another way that you can win this item is by winning it in an item mini game.
    The item shop has this about 5-15% of the time.  Use this item by rubbing it
    and a genie will appear.  He will take you directly to the star no matter how
    fast it is.
    7. Boards
    Before I write the boards, the difficulites that I put are according to the
    game not to my standard.
    Pirate Land
    Difficulty: 1/3
    Pirate Land is one of the two lands that are given a three in difficulty, and
    in my opinion, that is absulute crap.  This board might not be the biggest, but
    it is probably the hardest board to get around on.  You're probably thinking
    "What do you mean by this?"  Well here it is.  The happening spaces in this
    level are extremely difficult.  There are tons of bridges in this level, and on
    them, almost every space is a happening spece.  When you land on them, you and
    every other character on the bridge is sent back to the starting point.  So,
    you could be very close to being to the star, after you trudged there for 10
    turns, and bam 5 seconds go by and your hard work goes to nothing.
    However, this can be an extreme advantage to you.  You could be on the bridge,
    and need to go back to start, and when someone else landson a happening space,
    you will be send back there! Or...what I said before could be vice-veraed. You
    can ruin other characters plans.  This is always fun to do, especially when
    you're in a very mad scientist mood.
    There is only one boo space here, and it is to the very east of the board.
    Also in this level, there is Mr. Shark.  He will pop up if you land on one of
    his spaces and bring you to another one of his spaces.  (There are three Mr.
    Shark spaces on the board.)  Also, there are two Whomps.  Use these guys to
    make a shortcut instead of walking around the sandy beach area.  When you take
    a shortcut, the price goes up one coin.
    In this level, you are supposed to stop Bowser from finding the treasure before
    Space Land
    Difficulty: 2/3
    This is an extremely fun board.  In this level, every time that you pass the
    center of the board, the countdown meter winds down 1.  It starts at 5, and
    when it goes down to zero, Bowser fires this huge beam.  If you are in his line
    of fire, it will hit you, and you will lose all of your coins.  That is the way
    that you can tinker with other characters plans in this specific level.
    On this board, there are two doors, and two boos.  One of the doors that you
    can open with a skeleton key leads to one of the boos.  The other one there
    creates a huge shortcut across the board.  The way that you can use the
    Happening Spaces in this level is that you pay 5 coins to the "police
    department" that are near the Happening Spaces, and if you land on one, they
    will bring you down way further than the little train wlll.  Another one of the
    characters could be right near the star and BAM...plans ruined.  This can be
    awesome for you, but it can also suck for you if you're the one with the plans.
    In this level, you must stop Black Hole Bowser from attacking, and possibly
    destroying the space city near the board.
    Western Land
    Difficulty: 1/3
    This is another fun board...most of the time.  Again, I hate this rating.  This
    board is extremely hard to move around on, and that is probaly the worst thing
    about it.  In this board (as you might have guessed from the name) you are in a
    western town.  On the perimiter of the board are train railroad tracks...for
    trains!  That's right; this level is full of them.  When you land on a
    happening space in this level, the train moves to a different station.  In this
    level, the easiest way to move around is by taking the train 20 spaces or so.
    However, it isn't always guarenteed.  When you come to a train station, if the
    train is there, you can pay 5 coins to ride it.  However, you won't always go
    forward.  You have a 50 50 chance to go forwards, but if you get a Gooba, you
    will go backwards to the next station.  If you get a Toad however, you will go
    forward just like it should be.
    In the northwest map however, there is a very fun building.  Here, there is a
    famous "wiggler" from other Mario games.  If you go up here, and you pay twenty
    coins all of the characters will come to the same space!  This is proably my
    favorite way to ruin other people's plans, and that is because it's guarenteed,
    for example, in Pirate Land, you're not always guarenteed that you are going to
    land on a happening space.  Here however, this space on the map (it isn't a
    real space) is always there, and you can be sure that if you go there with 20
    coins, you will be able to bring them all here.  However, just like every other
    element, and board this can suck because characters do do this lots of times.
    And trust me, characters in this game aren't very forgiving.
    In this level, you must stop "Bowser the Brash" from causing trouble in the
    Horror Land
    Difficulty: 3/3
    This is definitly my favorite board in the game.  This level has tons on unique
    things to it that make it a truly nifty board.  For example, this level goes
    from day tonight.  This goes along with the happening spaces.  When you land on
    a happening space it goes to the opsite of what it is outside.  So...
    If it is day and you land on a happening space, it will become night.
    If it is night and you land on a happening space, it will become day.
    This can be really fun, because the whomps wonn't move at night.  Three or four
    of the places that the star appears, you have to go through womps, so you can
    easily screw up characters plans using this method.
    There are three boos in this level.  Two of the, are really close to each
    other, and only are active at night.  If you get a skelaton key, close to the
    middle of the map is a day only boo.  Another thing that you van go to to
    chancge from day tonight is dancing boo.  Say yes to him when you reach him,
    and you will dance all night therefore changing the time to day.
    Also in this level, there are two eyeballs called Mr. I.  If it is night time,
    you will pay one of them 5 coins, and it will warp you from the northwest
    direction of the board to the southeat, or vice-versa.  If it is daytime, you
    will need to pay 10 coins instead of 5.
    In the daytime, there is another fun house to go to the north of the board.
    When it is daytime out, you can light a darkness lamp for 10 coins, and it wil
    immedietly change from day to night.  Even thought this may sound like a REALLY
    confusing boad, you'll get the hang of it soon enough, and I hope that you will
    come to love it.
    In this level, you must stop "Bowser the Wizard" from causing even more havoc
    in the land of sppok.
    Mystery Land
    Difficulty: 2/3
    This land is a pain in the neck, and it does get extremely boring afer a few
    times of playing it.  This land is filled with tons of happening spaces.  When
    you land on a happening space in this level, yu get sent to the next piece of
    land going in a clockwise direction.  This is just one of the reasons that this
    level can get very annoying.  Almost every four turns or so you will get warped
    according to phisics.  This can suck because you can be going after the star,
    and the BAM you have to go around every single piece of land.  That can also be
    good, because that same thing could happen to another computer or another
    person character.
    One another thing about this board are the slow curse houses.  The computer
    only uses this about 1% of the time...serious.  You can pay 5 coins, and cast a
    slow curse on another character.  Doing this allows that specific character to
    only get a 1-3 next turn.  This can work out great for you because you could be
    in the race for a star, and the character that you're trying to beat can only
    move 1-3 spaces.  This doesn't really have a downside because the characters
    hardly ever use it.
    The only way that you can take a shortcut in this level is to buy a skeleton
    key on the seond island.  When yu go up, you can unlock the door, and then move
    to any part of the board that you want to.
    One other shortcut is to take the alien spaceship.  They will take you, and
    move you to the middle pit, the northwest direction, or the southeast
    direction.  It will take you to one of the two depending on where you are.
    At the end of the game, you will meet up and solve the riddle of the Bowser
    Sphinx.  This riddle is supposed to be 2,000 years old, and no one has been
    able to solve it.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it for godsakes.  Anyways...
    Bowser Land
    Difficulty: 3/3
    This is one of my favorite boards in the game.  In the beginning of the game,
    you do not have this board unlocked.  You must play every other board at least
    once, and then Baby Bowser (see character section) will kidnapp Toad, and he
    will be your guide on this one.  After he does, you have to play Bowser Land
    before you can play any other land.
    The happening spaces in this level are located near all of the pipes.  If you
    land on one, your character will jump into the pipe and land in some other
    random location that is on another happening space.  You can't really mess up
    other characters plans with happenings, but you can in other ways...
    Throughout the level, you can "change the parade route."  That's right; this
    level is famous for its "Bowser Parade."  Every five turns, a huge parade comes
    in from the very north of the map.  The direction that it goes in is the
    direction that you and all of the other characters have directed it to.  If you
    are in the parades route, it will drive you all the way back to start, and as
    you go one space, you will lose 2 coins.  The only way that this really could
    work in your advance was if you had practically no coins, and needed to go to
    the starting point.
    In the norheast corner of the map, there is an item shop that forces you to buy
    items, but don't worry, they have great bargins...not.  They will jack up the
    prices of items by 2-10 coins.  In the southwestern corner, there is a real
    item shop for all of the regular prices.
    In sort of the middle of the board, and a little to the left there is a row of
    three happening spaces.  These aren't real ones though.  If you land on one of
    those, you go into that circle directly above you.  The only way to get out is
    to land on another happening space inside of the circle.  This can be very
    annoying, because it seems to me like I always get trapped in there!!
    Also, this board is rigged for the better.  In all of the other boards, when
    you pass the bank, you must pay 5 coins, and if you land on the bank space, you
    gain all of the coins that were deposited.  In this board, when you pass the
    bank, you gain five coins, and when you land on it you have to pay all of the
    coins that were ever gained.  Also, if you can't pay all of the money, if you
    land on it again Bowser will take a star from you.
    All of the doors here don't really open to anyware hidden or special, so don't
    This is the board that decides who will beat Bowser for real!
    8. Mini Game Land
    In the main lobby, you can choose Mini Game Land.  Here, you can do lots of
    things involving mini games which include purchasing mini games, and also
    playing mini games for practice before you play the real boards.  Also, you can
    view your records, and how many coins you have in your bank.
    The first thing I want to get to here is buying mini games.  Click the "A"
    button on the huge tree.  Its real name is Woddy.  Here, you can buy mini games
    from him.  You can only buy them however if you have played the mini game in a
    real board at least one time.  Now, why would you want to do this?  Well, after
    you buy the certain mini game, you can go to the pipe in the middle of the land
    (called mini game park.)  Here, you can practice playing the min games, to
    improve your skills, and much more.  Here, you can play ANY mini games that you
    have bought.
    In the little bottle to the right, you can view all of the records that you
    have broken in mini games.  Some mini games have records that you can break,
    but some other mini games don't have records that you can break.
    To the island to the right, there is your coin storage.  Here, you can view how
    many coins you have collected by beating boards.  Sadly that is the only thing
    that you can do there.
    The island right next to Woody (the big tree) is Mini Game Stadium.  You can
    access this by buying 3 of each different type of mini games.  "You can do
    trial mode (where you go through this figure 8 board for fun), battle, where
    you can compete up to 7 wins and you get to pick which Mini Game type you want
    to do.  There is duel where you and another player can battle in duel Mini
    Games, and you can select which ones you can do."
    The last island is the one that is right of the small bottle in the water.
    This island is called "Mini Game Coaster."  Here, you go on a rllercoaster ride
    like at an amusment park on the easy, normal, or hard course.  The easy course
    goes up to world 3, the normal course goes up to world 6, and the hard course
    goes through all of the worlds.  Here are the different mini games in each
    different worlds...
    World 1 (4 Player Mini-Games):
    World 1-1: Bumper Balls
    World 1-2: Roll Call
    World 1-3: Tile Driver
    World 1-4: Slot Car Derby
    World 2 (2 vs. 2 Mini-Games):
    World 2-1: Cake Factory
    World 2-2: Destruction Duet
    World 2-3: Balloon Burst
    World 2-4: Looney Lumberjacks
    World 2-5: Speed Hockey
    World 3 (1 vs. 3 Mini-Games, all as single player):
    World 3-1: Crane Game
    World 3-2: Look Away
    World 3-3: Archer-ival
    World 3-4: Bowl Over
    End of Easy Course, Normal and Hard Course players continue reading on.
    World 4 (4 Player Mini-Games):
    World 4-1: TOAD in the Box
    World 4-2: Tipsy Tourney
    World 4-3: Totem Pole Pound
    World 4-4: Dizzy Dancing
    World 4-5: Shell Shocked
    World 5 (2 vs. 2 Mini Games):
    World 5-1: Magnet Carta (10 coins in normal course, 15 in hard course)
    World 5-2: Bobsled Run
    World 5-3: Handcar Havoc
    World 5-4: Sky Pilots (navigating)
    World 5-5: Torpedo Targets (firing torpedoes)
    World 5-6: TOAD Bandstand (drum on Normal Course, flute on hard)
    World 6 (1 vs. 3 Mini Games):
    World 6-1: Quicksand Cache (in the Team of 3)
    World 6-2: Lights Out (solo player in normal course, team of 3 in hard course)
    World 6-3: Shock Drop or Roll (in the team of three)
    World 6-4: Move to the Music (in the team of three)
    World 6-5: Filet Relay (single player)
    World 6-6: Bob-Omb Barrage (single player)
    End of Normal Course, Hard Course players continue reading.
    World 7 (4 Player Mini Games)
    World 7-1: Honeycomb Havoc
    World 7-2: Mecha-Marathon
    World 7-3: Abandon Ship
    World 7-4: Hot Rope Jump (must clear 50 jumps to win)
    World 7-5: Skateboard Scamper
    World 7-6: Platform Peril
    World 8 (4 Player Mini Games)
    World 8-1: Deep Sea Salvage (collect 15 coins to win)
    World 8-2: Shy Guy Says
    World 8-3: Sneak 'n' Snore
    World 8-4: Hexagon Heat
    World 8-5: Lava Tile Isle
    World 8-6: Bombs Away
    World 9 (1 Player Mini Game)
    World 9-1: Shell Shocked vs. 3 Baby Bowsers
    9. Mini Games
    Here is a list of all of the mini games in mp2.  I will rank their difficulty
    in my opinion from 1-5, 1 being the easiest, and 5 being the toughest.  I will
    also list them in alphabetical order in benefit to you.
    4 Player Mini Games
    Abandon Ship
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Controls: "A" button - tap the "A" button to climb up the pole.
    Control Stick - If you want to slide right on the pole, push it to the right,
    and same thing for left left.
    This is a very tough mini game.  You and all of the other characters are on a
    boat, and it crashes against a big boulder in the water.  The ship goes down,
    and you and all the other characters are on four different poles.  When the
    mini game begins the water will start to rise.  You must tap the "A" button to
    climb up the pole.  Now, here is the tricky part.  You must decide wether you
    should go after the different coins going up to pole.  I suggest that if you
    are a very quick tapper, then you should go for it, but if not stick with
    getting to the top instead.  If you finish first, you will get 10 coins the end
    of the mini game.
    Bombs Away
    Difficulty: 2.5
    Controls: "A" button - Tap the "A" button to jump in the air.
    Control Stick - Move around
    This isn't the toughest mini game out there, but it isn't a walk in the park.
    You are on this really small island and when the bombs come firing out of the
    ship in the backround, I suggest that you jump before they hit (so you don't
    get dizzy because when you are dizzy, you can't do anything.  Just like in real
    life.)  In the last five seconds, the ship will send this huge bombs, so jump
    before it hits, and stay in the middle.  No matter what, if you stay on the
    island, you win; fore there are no draws in this game.  If you stay on, at the
    end of the game you will get 10 coins.
    Bumper Balls
    Diffciulty: Tower: 2 Ice Mountain: 3
    Controls: Control Stick - Move Around
    Tower - On the tower, you just have to move around and run into other player's
    balls, and get them close, and closer to the edge.  Try and hit every other
    character on the the tower off, and if you do, you will win 10 coins.
    Ice Mountain - On here, you must do almost the same thing as on the tower.
    This time however, there is a big ice patch in the middle.  DON'T GO INTO THE
    MIDDLE unless you absulutly have to.  If you do go, things become very
    slippery, and it is hard to stay ballanced.
    Deep Sea Salvage
    Difficulty: 1.5
    Controls: "A" button (tapping) - rise to the surface
    Control Stick - Move around the water
    This is a fun mini game, and when you see it being randomly selected by the
    pointer, it will be in gold.  That is because in this game, the amound of coins
    you get isn't predetermined.  Well, you are in the sea, and there is a sailboat
    right above you.  He will fire bags (if you get these, you get 5 coins), coins
    (if you get these, you get 1 coin) and bombs where you get none.  At the end of
    thirty seconds, it counts up how many coins you got, and that is how many you
    get as a bonus.  I love this mini game a lot because it's a different story
    every time.
    Dizzy Dancing
    Difficulty: 4
    Controls: "A" button - Jump
    Control Stick - Move
    This mini game can be a pain in the neck.  You start off on a record player,
    and it starts spinning around.  When it stops, you are in one of the four
    corners.  The reason that this mini game is a pain in the neck is because the
    controls are all screwed up.  Like usually, pointing the control stick up would
    mean that you go up, but here it can be something completely different.  The
    object of this mini game is to try and get back to the middle of the record on
    the record player, and then jum up to grab the musical note.  If you are the
    first character to do this, then you will get a 10 coin bonus at the end of the
    Hexagon Heat
    Difficulty: 2.2
    Controls:  "A" button - Jump
    Control Stick - Move
    "Z" button (in the air) - ground pound
    This is easily one of my favorite mini games.  Here, you are on a really big
    hexagon full of many different colors.  Toad will raise a flag, and you will
    have some time to go to that color on the hexagon.  When that time runs out,
    alll of the other pieces of the hexagon will go down into the fire, and if you
    are not on the certain piece that Toad said, you will be burned by the fire.
    Every time that the other pieces come back up, the time that you have to get
    onto the piece that Toad raises is shortened.  This can suck, because sometimes
    you have to go across the whole hexagon to get to another piece with a limited
    time period.  If you ground pound one of the other characters, they will be
    confused for a while, so try and hit them when the other pieces are coming back
    up from the fire.  If you are the last one to survive and not burn, you will
    get a 10 coin bonus.
    Honeycomb Havoc
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Controls: "A" button - Jump
    This is another tough mini game.  In the tree above you, there are lots of
    fruits, and some coins.  You can't see it yet, but there are 3 beehives in the
    tree also.  You and the other characters must hit the block on either 1 or 2.
    You must decide which one to take, even if you aren't getting a coin or
    whatever.  You have to choose which one that you're going to pick that won't
    have you getting the beehive.  My strategy is that when there are an odd number
    of stuff left before the beehive hit the two, and when there is an even number,
    hit the 1.  Also, if there are 3 things before the beehive and there is one
    character ahead of you, do the opposite of what he or she does, and the person
    behid you will be knocked out.  If you are the last one to survive, then you
    will get a 10 coin bonus.
    Hot Rope Jump
    Difficulty: 1.5
    Controls: "A" button - Jump
    The crew goes out to the recess yard for this one, except instead of a regular
    jump rope, you've got a jumprope on fire.  This is probably in my top ten
    favorite games for the game.  For the first 5 turns, the flames are blue and
    small, and go around pretty slow.  After the first five turns, the flames
    become a light red, and much bigger.  They also go by much faster.  Over the
    next 15 turns or so, the jump rope simutaneouly gets bigger and faster, and
    when it hits 25, the jump rop starts going around at a fast pace.  It remains
    at this pace, and might from time to time get a little faster until every
    character is out except one.
    Lava Tisle Isle
    Difficulty: 3.5
    Controls:  "A" button - Jump
    "B" button - Hit or punch other characters
    Control Stick - Move around
    "Z" button - Ground Pound (while in the air)
    As a first timer for this mini game, I can almost guarentee you wll come
    pretty close to hating this mini game.  However, with a little more experience,
    you will get better with practice.  You'r on lots of stones, and you must go
    around hitting, and trying to knock off other characters.  Sounds pretty easy
    right?  Well, here is the twist.  Before they move, two of the stone squares,
    will jiggle, and then move.  If you are on one of the stones that are jiggling,
    get off...fast.  If they move, and you are on it, it won't take it with you, 
    have to tap the control stick in that direction, and sometimes you don't know
    where it is going to go.  If you are the last one to survive falling into the
    fire, you will get a 10 coins bonus, but if the last two fall off at the same
    time, it will be a draw, and no coin bonus will be givin out.
    Mecha Marathon
    Difficulty: 5
    Controls: "A" butoon + "B" button together - Wind up the wind up toy
    This game is always an extreme pain in the neck, and I dislike it very much.
    You are in what looks like a racing track, and you will have 20 or 30 seconds,
    to tap them as hard as you possibly can.  At the end of the time, you will
    stop, and your wind up toy will take off.  The furthest toy on the track will
    win, and at the end of the mini game will get a 10 coin bonus.  Please, try not
    to get frusterated with this mini game, and if you are having trouble, try
    practicing at mini game stadium.
    Platform Peril
    Difficulty: 3
    Controls: "A" button - Jump
    Control Stick - Move
    In this mini game, you are on an obstacle course in the sky.  You just jump
    from platform to platform choosing wether or not to jump up and waist a few
    seconds to grab the coins.  In about the middle of the course, you are
    basically on a tredmill, and you must run to the top and then jump to the next
    platform.  Also, there is another platform that will send you forward, so don't
    forget all of the platforms are just regular, plain platforms.  If you are the
    first to finish the obstacle course, then you will get a 10 coin bonus at the
    end of the game.  If everyone falls off before the end, then a draw will
    occurr, and no one will get any coins.
    Roll Call
    Difficulty: Bombs: 1.5 Boos: 2.5 Toads: 4
    Controls: "A" button - Use this to move up one number on your guess
    "B" button - Use this to move down one number on your guess
    This mini game can be a very tough mini game or a very easy mini game.  You are
    in a small piece of land with lots of bombs, boos or toads there.  You have to
    count them up, and then put the number that you counted above you.  The bombs
    are really easy to count because they are slow, and usually stay in the same
    space.  The boos can be difficult, because they move pretty fast, and also they
    love to hide behind one another.  The toads are easily the most difficult,
    because they are the smallest and the fastest of the group.  Also, there are
    some mushrooms in the ground that you can easily not see.  Getting toads for
    this mini game can really suck.  If you have no idea, go with the majority of
    the other characters, or go with your favorite.  (What, you're desperate!)  At
    the end, the person/people that got the number right get a 10 coin bonus.
    Shell Shocked
    Difficulty: 3
    Controls: "A" button - Fire shell
    "B" button - lob shot usually over a pipe
    Control Stick - Move
    This mini game is another one of my favorites.  You are in a little close in
    area, and the size of it is random.  One of them is extremely small with only
    one pipe in it, and another one is extremely large with about 50 pipes.  What
    you have to do is go around the close in area, and fire shells at your
    opponents.  One direct hit will destroy one of their lives, and two will knock
    them out of the game.  If the characters decide to gang up on you, you can use
    the pipes for protection, but watch out for the lob shot over the pipe.
    However, you can be on offense and be the one that fires the lob shot.
    Anyways, the character that beats every other character and is the last one to
    survive will get a 10 coin bonus at the end of the game.
    Shy Guy Says
    Difficulty: 3
    Controls: "A" button - Raise up your white flag
    "B" button - Raise up your red flag
    This game is a really fun game, but it can also be a pain in the neck.  You
    need to watch shy guy.  If he raises a white flag, you need to press the "A"
    button pretty quickly.  If he lifts up his red flag, you need to press the "B"
    button to raise up yours.  This game someone wise once told me is just like the
    kid game Simon says.  Do what shy guy does, and you will be fine.  At the end
    of the game, the last character left whose balloon was not popped will be give
    a nice 10 coin bonus.
    Skateboard Skamper
    Difficulty: 4
    Controls: "B" button - Skate forward (while tapping)
    "A" button - Jump
    Here, you are in what looks sort of like a hall, and Boo the big white ghost is
    chasing after you.  You have to skate forward, and jump over different
    obstackles that are in your way.  There are wall pieces that move up and down,
    that you have to go over, and sometimes you have to climb up and drop down
    hills.  You also like in Platform Peril must decide wether or not to go after
    the coins, and again like I said for Abandon Ship, only go after them if you
    are a really quick tapper, because they make you fall behind a second or two.
    If you aren't that great at tapping, then do not go after the coins.  A little
    cheat here is to, when you are at the top of a hill, jump to the ground giving
    you a slightly bigger lead.  If you are the first one to win the little race,
    at the end of the game you will get a 10 coin bonus.
    Slot Car Derby
    Difficulty: 4.5
    Controls: Control Stick - Move
    Here, you are on a race track in the sky.  This is another one of those mini
    games that can be a pain.  Toad will say go and you have to race the other
    players in your own characters little car.  The catch is that if you go to
    fast, you will spin out of control, and you will lose valuable time that you
    need to win the race.  So, I have a little trick for that.  Just when you are
    going straight, gun the control stick, but when you start to go around the
    edge, light up quiet a bit.  After you do, gun it again.  This way, you will
    hardly ever spin out of control.  Also for this mini game, there are 3
    different courses.  Course 1 is the smallest course, and doesn't take that long
    to finish.  Course 2 is the medium sized course, and still only takes around 30
    seconds to complete.  Course 3 is the biggest of the three, and takes the
    longest to complete.  If you are the first one to finish (the race consists of
    4 laps) at the end of the game, you will get a 10 coin bonus.
    Sneak 'n' Snore
    Difficulty: 4
    Controls: Control Stick - Move for ward/backward
    Realeasing Control Stick - Hide in your barrel.
    This game is ANOTHER game that can be an extreme annoyance.  You are in this
    little hall, and you have to go down your lane, step on the red button, and
    then head back to the now opened door.  There is a twist however.  There is a
    chain chop near the bottom of your screen.  You will see big bubbles that the
    guy is blowing out.  Anyways, when the bubble pops, you have to duck back into
    your barrel so that he can't see you.  If you release too late, you will be put
    down the pipe.  If you are the first one to get to the opened door, at the end
    of the game you will get a 10 coin bonus.  If no characters finish, a draw will
    occurr, and no coins will be given out.
    Tile Driver
    Difficulty: 1
    Controls: "A" button - Jump
    Control Stick - Move
    "Z" button - Ground Pound (while in the air)
    This is proably one of the easiest mini games in the game.  You are on your own
    little puzzle piece.  The middle of the game before you start will show you the
    picture that you want to get.  So, after it shows you, you have to hit the
    tiles so that they are the part of the picture you want.  Go around hitting
    tiles so that the picture 100 percent resembles the picture that you saw
    earlier.  I myself have a small trick for this mini game.  Instead of waiting
    till you are very high in the air, jump up only a little, and do your ground
    pound.  No matter what, it will have the same force as one from high in the
    air, and in the end it will save you a hell of a lot of time.  The first one to
    complete their puzzle will win, and at the end of the game will get a 10 coin
    Tipsey Tourney
    Difficulty: 3
    Controls: Control Stick - Move
    "A" button - Jump
    This may seem like an easy no-brainer mini game, but in some points it can be
    very annoying and difficult.  Well, just like in tile driver, you are basically
    in the same place, with all the squares empty in your little lot.  Yuou have to
    go around your little puzzle piece, and every quare that the little blue shell
    touches will show a part of a picture.  This seems easy, but there are some
    really hard squares to get.  My friend and I call them our "unlucky squares."
    There isn't that much strategy to this game, it's just to do well!  If you are
    the first one to get all the squares filled in, you will see a picture of Toad,
    and you will win.  Also, at the end of the game you will get a 10 coin bonus.
    TOAD in the box
    Difficulty: 2
    Controls: "A" button - Jump
    This is another mini game that is in my top 5 mini games in the entire game.  A
    blcok ahead of you will flash 4 different faces; Toad, Bowser, what looks like
    a piranha plant, and a chain chop.  You have to go for toad hence the name
    Toad in the box.  If you get other people, they will bop you on the head, and
    other stuff, to stop you.  For the first three or so, my strategy is that when
    you see green, jump.  (Green is the color of Bowser who is right before Toad.
    On the last two, you just have to jump, and leave it up to faith.  If you are
    the first one to get Toad in the box five times, you will win, and at the end
    of the mini game you will get a 10 coin bonus.
    Totem Pole Pound
    Difficulty: 1
    Controls: "A" button - Jump
    "Z" button - Ground Pound (while in the air)
    This is a really easy mini game.  Just jump up as high as you can go, and when
    you are at your highest point in the air, press the "Z" button to drive the
    pole into the ground.  Make sure that you ground pound only at your highgest
    point however, because the lower you are, the less the pole will drive into the
    ground.  When there is only one bottem square left of the totem pole, don't
    jump at your highest point, and only jump up a little bit.  This way, if you
    are in a dead heat, you will get the upper edge.  The character that drives
    their totem pole into the ground first will win the mini game, and receive a 10
    coins bonus.
    1 on 3 Mini Games
    Difficulty: 1 player - 2, 1 in 3 players - 2.5
    Controls: Control Stick - Move for both
    "A" button - Get out and load arrow, and then tap it again to fire
    This is a very fun mini game, and another one of my favorites.  The game in my
    opinion is much easier for the person on his own team, because if you are on
    the team of three, you can get trapped in the middle by another character, or
    by the boo or bowser peg.  This can be really annoying because you cannot do
    anything about it.  You're trapped between them and you can't move around or
    get away.  When you are the 1 player though, you can use this toward your
    advantage.  As soon as a player gets trapped, you have the opportunity to get
    them, and they can't do squat about it.  That, and really only that is the
    reason I think that the 1 player has the advantage on this one.
    Bob-Omb Barrage
    Difficulty: 1 player - 1, 1 in 3 players - 3
    Controls: Controls Stick - for team of one, you move, and for team of three is
    to fire bombs.  The longer you hold it down, the shorter the trow is, and the
    faster you flick it, the longer it is.
    This is another one of my favorite mini games.  If you are a 1 player, then you
    are on this little tub box in the middle of a river.  If you are the person in
    the team of three, you are at the bottem shore of the river, with a few bombs.
    Toad will say to begin, and you have to (if you are the 1 player) move around
    dodging the bombs from the team of three.  If you are in the team of three, you
    have to try and time your throw right.  You have to throw your bomb into the 1
    player's tub.  If one of the team of three's members does manage to get a bomb
    into the 1 players tub, the whole team will get a 10 coin bonus at the end of
    the mini game.  If you are the 1 player, and you doge all of the bombs thrown,
    then at the end of the mini game you will get a 10 coin bonus.  In this game, I
    again think the 1 player has the advantage because sometimes it is very hard to
    time it right.
    Bowl Over
    Difficulty: 1 player - 2, 1 in 3 players - 4
    Controls: "A" button - As the 1 player, it is used to roll the ball.  As a team
    of 3, it is to jump.
    Control Stick - As the 1 player, you can control the direction in which the
    bowling ball goes, and as the three player, you can control in which direction
    you jump in.
    This game is sometimes very fun, but then again sometimes very annoying.  You
    are at a bowling ally in the air on a little slope.  If you are one of the team
    of three, you are one of the pins.  If you are the 1 player, you are the
    bowler.  The 1 player has to role the ball and keep it on the course.  When it
    gets to the pins, he or she has to try and knock the other computer or human
    players down.  The team of 3 obviously has to try and manuver themselves so the
    one player can't hit them.  You can jump and move around, but the really
    annoying computers will follow you!  If they had any smarts what-so-ever they
    would go in the opposite direction, but no they have to make it easy for the 1
    player.  Speaking of the one player, he or she has his or her own difficulties
    as well.  In Boser Land, the course is really tough; however in Western Land
    the course is really easy.  It is tough sometimes to keep the ball still in
    play, but even though this can get annyoing, the 3 player has the underhand in
    this game...again.
    Crane Game
    Difficulty for single player: **
    Difficulty for Team of 3: Impossible
    Controls: A pick up item, tapping A while a computer is grabbed keeps that
    character from being dropped.
    You are the person on the crane, and must get all people in the pipe to win.
    Grab them by pressing A while above them, and once they're grabbed, keep
    tapping A until that character is dropped in the pipe. If you don't tap A fast
    enough, the computer has a better chance of escaping, then you drop the
    character and waste time. If you are low on time, grab a +15, +20, or +30
    timer, but you don't need to tap A to the pipe while holding onto one. If you
    are in the Team of 3 and you get grabbed, tap A is hard as you can and that
    will be your only escape of breaking free. I say good luck if you are in the
    Team of 3.
    Filet Relay
    Difficulty for all players: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A (While tapping): Race
    You are the single player, and will need to beat the last filet relay racer
    from the team of three. Tapping A speeds you up, but if you go too fast, you
    will slip. If you're extremely lucky, the computer will make a helpful mistake
    before he hands the fish to the next character. At the end where all of the
    hills are, slow down, since the computer might slip and fall, giving you a
    chance to win. In the team of 3, be quick racing because the single player can
    catch up pretty quick when you are tossing the fish to the next player. At the
    end try to avoid the snowballs that can trap you, and you should be fine no
    matter what team you're on.
    Lights Out
    Difficulty for single player: **
    Difficulty for team of 3: ***
    Controls: Move
    A: Swing Hammer Vertically
    B: Swing Hammer Horizontally
    Hammer people should press B for a wider attack range to increase your chance
    of knocking someone out. If you are the single player, press A to do a vertical
    swing to find where you are (stars will appear where you are), and then get the
    computer with horizontal swings. If you are in the team of 3, stay where you
    are and if the single is near you, run away from him. Should be fairly simple
    for both teams.
    Look Away
    Difficulty for all players: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move head in direction you move it.
    This is tricky playing against harder computers because they move in multiple
    directions, and when the music stops, try looking in multiple directions (move
    the control stick fast) to have a better chance of catching the computer, and
    this takes skill. If you don't want to move your head, don't move the control
    stick. You have 5 chances to get all three of them out. In the team of three,
    just don't look in the same direction as the single player and you should be
    Move to the Music
    Difficulty for single player: ****
    Difficulty for team of 3: ***
    Controls: A, B, All directions on the control stick, Z: Dance
    If you are in the team of three, the trick is to memorize the dance master's
    move, and when the sliding bar comes to your music note, press the appropriate
    button that was in the order of the dance steps. If the dance master doesn't
    make a move, the no move part comes to you, you need to do any of the dance
    moves in the controls section, not press anything. The music tone depends on
    what course you took also. If you are the single player, try to make a dance
    hard to remember and confusing, like Up, Left, A, Right, B, Up and you could
    stump someone. Should be no problem for Team of 3.
    Quicksand Cache
    Difficulty for all players: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Move, control quicksand if single player
    The single player is in a Bowser suit in the middle of the quicksand, and the
    team of three are on the outer edges of it. Coins are falling to the single
    player, and the team of three can collect them so the single player can't get
    them. There are bags two which are worth 5 coins, and they stop appearing after
    a while. If you are the single player, you can slow down the team of three by
    using left and right to spin the quicksand around, slowing them down. Try to
    collect as many coins as you can in 30 seconds.
    Rainbow Run
    Difficulty for single player: ***
    Difficulty for Team of 3: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Fire cannon (Team of 3)
    This is a secret Mini Game you need to unlock. If you are the single player,
    you must get across a long rainbow without being knocked off. If you are in the
    team of 3, you need to try and knock the single player off. A hint for the
    single player is try to walk straight and try not to turn left or right. Be
    careful for the winds and if the cannonball knocks you down, just recover and
    don't hesitate. For the team of 3, get positioned right and try to fire. If you
    hit the single player, stay where you are and fire again. You may hit him
    again. Also, the wind may help you too.
    Shock Drop or Roll
    Difficulty for all players: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    You are in the team of three, and must stay on the cylinder for the whole time
    to win. The trick is to stay in the middle and keep jumping for the whole time,
    moving right or left if needed. If you are the single player, getting harder
    computers out can be really tricky. One trick I do to get everybody out is to
    pull the level right and 1 or 2 seconds later pull it left. This can fool other
    players and knock other people off the cylinder.
    2 on 2 Mini Games
    Balloon Burst
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: A: Push Pump Down
    B or Z: Pull up Pump
    This is an easy one. You go in a pattern A, B, A, B, at a steady rate (so the
    tank meter goes to full), and your partner is fast too, beatable in 9 seconds
    if you have a good partner, so no major tips here.
    Bobsled Run
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A (At the beginning of the game before you race): Push sled.
    Up: Speed up
    Down: Slow down
    From the start, keep tapping A as hard as you can until the race starts, and
    then hold up and turn if needed. Holding up speeds you up, and down makes you
    slow down. Hit the zippers as the computer do, and you should win. If your
    partner is not a computer character, make sure your partner steers in the same
    direction you do or the sled will not turn correctly.
    Cake Factory
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Pick up Item; Let go: Drop it.
    A race in a cake factory, the team with the most cakes made wins. If you are
    placing the cakes, grab one and place it, and if your partner didn't grab a
    strawberry yet and you have a cake, hold A when you pick it up so you don't
    mess up. If you are placing strawberries and your partner didn't grab a cake
    yet, just hold A and wait for him to drop a cake. Messing up means placing 2
    cakes on top of each other or putting a strawberry first. As time goes by, the
    conveyor belt holding the cakes and strawberries goes faster so be quick and
    don't mess up.
    Destruction Duet
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B: Punch, Kick while in air
    Z (While in air): Ground Pound
    Ok, so you need to destroy a Bowser statue to win, you will get either a small,
    medium, or large statue. No matter how big the statue is, this mini-game is
    easy, but if you are beating up the large statue, kick the statue more than
    punching, and your partner is very useful here if he his at a high skill
    level/good player. If you are fighting the small statue, a quick way to get rid
    of it is to get on top of it and to keep ground pounding it. As long as your
    partner helps, you will have it done in no time.
    Dungeon Dash
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: Right and Left: Move skies
    This is another mini game you will need to unlock, and it is just the same as
    Mario Party's Desert Dash. You and your partner must get across the dungeon on
    your skies, dodging the Thwomps and watching for fire coming out of the lava.
    To move, use Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left on your control stick at a
    steady rate to move. If you have a partner that is not a computer character,
    this mini game is much harder, he/she and you must hit Right or Left at the
    same time, making it tricky, so have someone go "Right! Left!" for you or do it
    for yourself.
    Handcar Havoc
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: Control Stick: Lean
    A (Tapping): Speed up
    B: Breaks
    This is easy if you are a fast button masher, and this mini game is a lot more
    hard if you are playing against a harder computers, because they go way too
    fast and it's hard to keep up with them. A tip is to mash A as hard as you can
    along with your partner, and when you get to the curves, lean your handcar in
    the direction the track curves and you should get a speed boost. If you are
    playing against a harder computer, good luck.
    Looney Lumberjacks
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Pull
    B: Push
    The gang is making a clubhouse out of wood, and the goal is to cut off a piece
    of a tree first. Tap A, B, A, B at a steady rate to the saw will budge
    completely, and once you see sweat above your character, you'll know you're
    almost done. This game is more harder if your partner is not a computer
    character. If you need to press A your partner needs to press B and vice versa,
    and you must press your button at the same time too. If you are next to the
    log, you need to pull the saw, and if you are not next to the log, you need to
    push the saw. A good trick to remember when you start the mini game.
    Magnet Carta
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Steer Cart
    A really fun mini game where you have a chance to get a lot of coins. Big
    yellow coins gives you one, the bags give you 5 and the treasure chest gives
    you 10. But carrying a bag or the chest slows down your cart, so be quick. You
    must use the magnet in front of your cart to crab a coin/chest and bring it to
    your hole at the start. The game will end when there are no more coins left or
    when your 30 seconds are up. Be quick, and try to get a lot of coins.
    Sky Pilots
    Difficulty for Navigator: **
    Difficulty for Flapper: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Steer, use Up and Down to flap as flapper.  You are 
    either navigating your bird or flapping it in the back.  If you are flapping, 
    use Up, Down, Up, Down at a steady rate to help make your bird go faster. If 
    you are navigating, hold Down to steer up and Up to steer downward.
    Try to keep as low as you can if you are navigating to dodge all of the
    cannonballs firing at you. When you get to speed boosters (the rainbow circles)
    go through them to get more speed. Computer characters can be very bad at
    steering, so hope for the best. At the end, keep upward as you can to get
    through faster.
    Speed Hockey
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move up or down
    It's air hockey on Mario Party 2! Anyway, the first team to score 3 goals is
    the winner, and you move up or down to defend the puck (or shell) into scoring.
    As the game gets longer, and the puck is hit more often, it goes faster. So
    look where the gaps are on the other team and aim for their net. If you are the
    goalie, just keep your eyes on the puck and don't hit it when it's behind you
    or you'll get it into your own net.
    TOAD Bandstand
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Play Instrument
    You are either playing a flute or drum, and there are two different songs
    (Toad's Waltz or Flower's Waltz). The team on the left plays the first half of
    the song and the team o the right plays the second half of the song. When the
    sliding bar on the bottom of the screen comes to your instrument, press A each
    time it does. If you miss one or play your instrument at the wrong time, an
    acorn will fall on your head. At the end of the song, the winning team will be
    the one who had the least amount of acorns fall on their heads.
    Torpedo Targets
    Difficulty for navigator: *****
    Difficulty for torpedo launcher: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Control Torpedo, steer sub (as navigator)
    A: Fire Torpedo, accelerate sub (as navigator)
    B: Reverse Submarine (as navigator)
    You are in a submarine. One player steers it and the other one fires torpedos.
    You must hit the yellow and red targets in the water. The person with the most
    torpedos scored wins. If you are the navigator, looking for the torpedo is
    almost impossible, and the computer steer directly to it no matter what skill
    level (so you're in luck if your navigator is a computer character). So, just
    follow the computer for the best luck if you can't find the target. Torpedo
    launchers can also hit the other submarine, sending them back. Also, once you
    see the target, you can use the control stick to control the submarine.
    Battle Mini Games
    BOWSER'S Big Blast
    Difficulty: It's all on probability
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Press Plunger
    Winning or not all depends on probability. At the start, there are 5 plungers.
    One of them blows up Bowser's head, so there is a 20% chance you'll get it. If
    you get it, you're out, if not, you're safe. Once someone is out, the red
    plunger will be removed, and there will be 4 plungers left, and then there is a
    25% chance you'll get the detonator. Once someone is out the gray plunger will
    be removed, and there are 3 plungers left. Once someone gets the detonator, the
    remaining person wins. And just because a plunger was the detonator doesn't
    mean it won't be the next time.
    Bumper Balloon Cars
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    This is a really easy mini game. All you have to do is use the spikes in the
    front of your car to pop the balloons in the back of other cars. One thing I
    like to do is stay where you are and let the other people fight. If someone
    comes towards you, attack them. The remaining person wins.
    Crazy Cutters
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    This is really easy. You will randomly cut out one of three characters: Chomp,
    Cheep Cheep (a fish) or a Blooper. This is like using scissors to cut out the
    outlines of paper. Use your jackhammer to cut around the edges of the
    character. Some are easy, some are hard. Once you make it around the character,
    move your jackhammer to touch the point where you started. The best one cut out
    wins and it will be scored.
    Day at the Races
    Difficulty: N/A
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Select racer
    I hate this game, I hate this game, I hate this game. The order players pick is
    by rank on the boards. So people in first place pick last and people in last
    place pick first. There are 4 characters you can pick: Whomp, Thwomp, Bob-omb,
    and Boo. Each has their own good and bad points. Each of them will run faster
    but trip most of the time. They race on their own so you don't have to do
    anything. At the end they will show an instant replay, and the person that
    comes in first is the winner.
    Face Lift
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Grab onto face and use Control stick to move it
    B: Reset face to normal
    Fun mini game. You will randomly do one of the six main characters. You must
    make your face match closest to the one in the middle. Hold A to grab onto
    something and control stick to move it around. If you mess up something, use B
    to undo that part. Now if your character's hand is blinking, you cannot move
    that part. Your face depends on what turn you go on the boards (first player is
    top left, 2nd is top right, 3rd is bottom left, and 4th is bottom right). After
    30 seconds, the face that matches the middle one closest wins, and the highest
    score is the winner. I think the easiest one is Wario and the hardest is Peach.
    Grab Bag
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B: Grab onto someone's bag/break free if grabbed
    A really fun battle mini game. The person with the most mushrooms at the end
    wins. Each character starts out with 5 mushrooms in their bag, but one has a
    Golden Mushroom, worth 3 mushrooms. To steal mushrooms from somebody else, get
    to their bag and keep tapping B to steal a mushroom from it. If you get
    grabbed, keep tapping B to break free without losing a mushroom. If someone has
    a Golden Mushroom and gets grabbed, the Golden Mushroom will be stolen. If
    everybody is after you, try jumping around.
    Hot Bob Omb:
    Difficulty: Varies
    Controls: Control Stick: Throw Bob-omb to different player
    A: Throw Bob-omb (to direction in control stick)
    B: Catch Bob-omb
    A really fun mini game. If it explodes on you, you lose. Throw the bob-omb
    around to other players and get rid of it quickly. When someone throws a Bob-
    omb at you, press B to catch it or you'll drop it, wasting time. To throw it to
    a different player, use the control stick and press A to throw it in that
    direction. Once three players are out, the remaining person will win.
    Rakin' Em In
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A: Use rake
    A really fun mini game, but a bit tough. Each player has a rake in front of a
    spinning tree. On the spinning tree are different types of mushrooms. The
    normal ones are worth 1, Golden Mushrooms are worth 3, and Poisonous Mushrooms
    subtract 3. The player with the most mushrooms at the end is the winner. Use A
    to rake in mushrooms into your basket when they come to you, but not the
    Poisonous Mushrooms. After you learn how to time your raking right, you should
    get the hang of this mini game.
    Duel Mini Games
    Saber Slashes
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A, B, and Z: Swing sword
    This is Pirate Land's duel mini game. This is fairly easy when you get the hang
    of it. At the start of the duel, you will see a random button combination at
    the top part of the screen. Both players use the same combination, so don't
    worry. You must hit those buttons in that order before the other player does.
    Whoever does it first is the winner.
    Quick Draw Corks
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: A: Fire Gun
    This is Western Land's Duel Mini Game. This is really hard but a bit more easy
    once you get used to it. Now, Goomba counts down 3, 2, 1, and then says "GO!"
    Whoever fires their cork gun first wins. Remember, you can only fire your gun
    after the Goomba says go. If you do it too early, you get 1 miss. Do it again
    and you lose, giving the other player a win. So be quick firing.
    Time Bomb
    Difficulty: **
    A: Press Plunger
    This is Space Land's Duel Mini Game, and it's quite simple. Goomba will give
    you a number between 2-5. This number tells you how many seconds you need to
    wait before hitting your plunger. Let's say he says the number 4. Once you
    think 4 seconds have gone by, press A to hit your plunger. The dueler who was
    closer to the time will win, and the losers will blow up. So don't wait too
    early or too late.
    Psychic Safari
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A, B: Power up relic
    This is Mystery Land's Duel Mini Game. The point of the game is to power up
    your relic in 5 seconds. To do this, keep pressing A, B, A, B, A, B, as fast as
    you can. After 5 seconds, the relics will battle, and whoever had the stronger
    relic will win. This Mini Game is tough for people who aren't fast at hitting
    Mushroom Brew
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A, B, or Z: Blast Mushroom
    This is Horror Land's Duel Mini Game. You must make the least amount of
    mistakes to win. Use A to make a blue mushroom, B to make a green mushroom, and
    Z to make a gray mushroom into your pot. At the top of the screen A, B, or Z
    will appear. That is the button you need to press, so be quick. Keep your eyes
    on the top of the screen and be careful of what you press. At the end, a star
    will come out of the pot of the winner. No, you do not win the star.
    Rock, Paper, Mario
    Difficulty: N/A
    Controls: A: Mario
    B: Peach
    Z: Bowser
    This is Bowser's Duel Mini Game. Quite hard and scary if you tend to duel for a
    lot of coins. This is just like rock, paper scissors. Mario beats Bowser,
    Bowser beats Peach, and Peach beats Mario. Use A for Mario, B for Peach, and Z
    for Bowser. Then, when both people are ready, their selected character will
    come out of the pipe. Whoever had the stronger one will win. If you die, you
    will keep battling until somebody wins.
    Item Mini Games
    Roll out the Barrels
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B: Punch
    Z (while in the air): Ground Pound
    This is Pirate Land's Item Mini Game. This is really good if you are bad at
    following fast stuff with your eyes. At the beginning, the items will be
    covered by barrels, and move around. Follow the barrel with the item you want,
    and do not blink and take your eyes off the screen. Once they stop rolling, go
    to the barrel you want to hit, and you will win your item/lose with Baby
    Give me a Brake!
    Difficulty: ****
    Controls: A: Pull Break
    This is Western Land's Item Mini Game. Getting your item is hard to pull off,
    even I can't do it, so you'll have to stop the train when you feel like it.
    Once you do, press A to pull the break and the train will stop. You will win
    the item that appears in front of you.
    Hammer Slammer
    Difficulty: ***
    Controls: A (tapping): Raise Hammer
    B: Drop Hammer
    This is Space Land's Item Mini Game. Now, at the beginning, keep tapping A fast
    to raise your hammer, and then press B to drop it. You will launch a rocket up
    and you will get what it stops at. So raise your hammer low to have the rocket
    go low, and raise it high to make the rocket go up high. Be careful, if you
    raise it too high, it could hit the spring at the top, sending the rocket down
    to Baby Bowser.
    Difficulty: **
    Controls: A: Swing Hammer
    This is Mystery Land's Item Mini Game. This is quite simple if you can time
    your swings right. Baby Bowser is on one spinning platforms and all of the
    items are on two. To get the item you want, swing your hammer when the item
    comes towards you. This will break one platform, then break the next one to get
    the item. The second time it spins faster, so be quick.
    Coffin Congestion
    Difficulty: *
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    A: Jump
    B: Punch
    This is Horror Land's Mini Game, and it's the easiest out of all of them. At
    first, you will see the items inside the coffins, and then the coffins will
    close. Each time they open, the items will have been warped to a different
    coffin, so keep yours eyes on the item you want, but this quite easy anyway.
    Once the items stop warping, go to the item you want, and punch the coffin to
    get the item.
    Bowser Slots
    Difficulty: Impossible
    Controls: A: Jump
    This is Bowser Land's Mini Game, and it's near impossible. If you want an item,
    you must line up 3 of the item on the slot machine. First, memorize the order
    of the islands on the slots, and then hit them when they come to you. Or, if
    you are this bad with slots like me, use the pause trick and hit the slots when
    the items come around.
    Other Mini Games
    Driver's Ed
    Difficulty: Varies
    Controls: Control Stick: Move
    This is a mini game to unlock, and it's kind of there to test your skill. It's
    a 1 player mini game, so only you can play it. The point of the game is to pop
    all 20 balloons in order and cross the finish line. Each balloon is labeled
    with a number, so you pop them 1-20, and each balloon is in between two combs.
    But you have to steer through the cones in the direction the arrow is pointing
    to pop the balloon, otherwise you miss. After all 20 are popped, quickly drive
    to the finish line. If you mess up popping balloons or if 1 minute passes, you
    lose. There are 5 courses, with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest.
    Each course is tricky in it's own way.
    11. Legal/Illegal Information
    This document is (c) copyright 2006 to Chris. This FAQ is the intellectual 
    property of me (BostonFuse51), and is solely intended for personal and private 
    usage. Any reproduction or distribution of this guide to make a profit is 
    strictly prohibited, and is punishable by law.  If you wish to use this guide 
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    the law, and you will regret it.  
    Sites allowed to use this guide:
    12. Credits
    Me - I wrote the guide.
    You - You read the guide.
    CJAYC - For posting this guide.
    Peach freak - I used some of your mini game discriptions because I didn't know
    a lot about them, and also because writing out the mini games was extremely

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