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FAQ/Walkthrough by Alxs

Version: Final | Updated: 09/14/02

                     ----- Mario Party 2 -----

Mario Party 2 (N64)

Copyright 2002 Alxs (alxsthemighty@yahoo.com)  
Final Version, September 14, 2002


Please read the Email Policy (below) before contacting me!  


Email Policy

1) Put the name of this game in the subject title.
2) Please only send me game-related questions that are not already 
answered in this FAQ.
3) Don't be rude.  It will get you nowhere with me.
4) It's okay if you use a bit of "internet lingo" (e.g. "u" instead of 
"you"), but if I have no idea what you are saying, I have to delete the 
5) Don't send me downloadable files, because I absolutely will not 
download them.  Everything you would like me to see must be located in 
the actual body of the email.

That's all.  Now that you have read these rules and agree to abide by 
them, feel free to email me at alxsthemighty@yahoo.com 


The Mario Party games were the series that introduced me to the board 
game/party genre.  I've played the first one a lot (my friend owns it), 
the third one looks great, and 
Mario Party 2 is no exception.  I've spent and still do spend hours of 
fun playing through all of the different boards, mini-games, and other 
cool things the game has to offer, and I like it all so much, I wrote a 
FAQ for it!  So, if you haven't been convinced enough to go out and get 
this great game once and for all, I recommend you do now!  
Enjoy the FAQ!


I) Version History
II) Characters
III) Mini-Game Land Overview
IV) Boards Overview
V) Items
VI) Boards
VII) Mini Games
VIII) Frequently Asked Questions
IX) Conclusion

                   ----- I. Version History -----

Final Version (September 20, 2002)
Slightly new format and new email.  Don't expect any more updates, 
because I no longer have this game.  However, I'm still taking reader 

Version 1.0 (August 12, 2002)
The guide is 100% complete!

                     ----- II. Characters -----

Playable Characters

There's nothing really to say about the playable characters in the game 
besides their names (I'm not going to bother doing a description of 
them, because they're extremely common).  But I might as well list them 
anyway, so here we go:
~ Mario
~ Luigi
~ Peach
~ Yoshi
~ Wario
~ Donkey Kong

Non - Playable Characters

There are characters out there that you cannot use, but have a role in 
the game.  I'm not going to list every single character that you come 
across that is non-playable, but just the major ones.  Here they are:

~ Toad
If you think of Mario Party 2 a game show, you could say 
Toad is the host.  
He's basically there to ask you for game settings, give you stars if you 
20 coins on boards, and so on.

~ Boo
Boo appears on every board.  He'll steal coins or a star from a player 
and give them/it to you, but, of course, for a price.

~ Baby Bowser
Baby Bowser appears on the board in the spot where Toad last was.  He'll 
take some coins (usually up to five) from you if you pass by him, but if 
you have the Bowser Suit equipped, he'll give you all the coins he's 
collected, thinking you're Bowser!  Pretty handy!

~ Bowser
If you land on the Bowser space, you'll be transported to 
Bowser, where a special roulette will occur.  There's a lot of bad 
things on there (like "20 Coins for Bowser"), but if you get a good 
thing, he'll just run away!  

             ----- III. Mini Game Land Overview -----

On the main menu, you can choose to visit a place called 
Mini-Game Land.  
Basically, you can go here to play games without having to go through a 
big board game in the process.  Here I've typed up a little guide to the 
places you can go to here.

You buy mini-games here with the coins you've earned in board games.  To 
be able to play mini-games in the park, you have to pay for them here 

Mini-Game Park
Here you can play any of the mini-games you've bought from Woody.  These 
include the 4 player, 2 vs. 2, and 1 vs. 3 games.

Mini-Game Stadium
You can play three styles of games here, although when the stadium is 
first available, you can only use one of them.  
Just buy more mini-games to unlock the two other styles.

~ Battle (Available from start): You play randomly selected mini-games 
that are either all 4 player, 2v2, or 1v3 games (you set this option at 
the beginning).  You just keep playing until a team/player comes to 3, 
5, or 7 wins, depending on what you set it on before the game.

~ Trial: It's basically a short version of a traditional board game.  
You only play with coins, and you can only get them by winning a mini-
game at the end of everybody's turn and by doing one lap around the 

~ Duel: Simple.  There are two players, and you play duel mini-games 
until one player reaches a certain amount of wins.

Mini-Game Coaster

This is for only one player, and I believe can only be accessed if 
you've bought all of Woody's mini-games.  It's like a classic Mario-
style game, where you move to different levels, except each level is a 
mini-game.  Pretty fun.

Records Bottle
You'll see a little red bottle floating near the coaster, and it just 
holds your best records for mini-games.

Coin Box
It shows how many coins you currently have.  Coins are earned from 
playing board games, and can be used to buy mini-games from Woody.

                  ----- IV. Boards Overview -----

Here is the basic information you need to know about boards so you will 
be able to understand playing.  That includes settings, space 
descriptions, special places, and more.

Game Settings

Before every game, you need to tell Toad some things.  They're all 
listed here, in order, with a description of what each one means (like 
you need them :P). 

Player Settings
Here you simply decide if one human player, two human players, three, or 
four (you'll need a controller for each person, though).  In each 
bubble, you may see both little blue figures and little red figures; 
blue = humans; red = computers.

Character Settings
Yep, believe it or not, you get to decide which characters you'll be 
playing with (human and computer characters).

Computer Skill Settings
This just asks you how tough the computer players are on you.  First you 
get to choose if you'll set the levels all the same or individually.  
Then, you'll be able to set the skill levels from a few choices.

Turns Settings
You next need to decide how many turns your game is going to last (one 
turn = each player going once), and can choose from 20, 35, and 50 
turns.  I usually stick with 20, as 35 is pretty darn long, and 50 seems 
to go on for eternity, really.

Bonus Stars Settings
Lastly, you need to choose if you to play with the bonus awards or not.  
Bonus awards are basically when they give out a few stars out to players 
for accomplishing certain things.  One example is the "coin star," and 
you can probably guess that it is given to the player with the most 
coins at the end.

Space Descriptions

Blue Space
Description: A plain blue space.
Effect: +3 coins, but +6 coins if you land on it in the last 10 turns

Red Space 
Description: A plain red space.
Effect: -3 coins, but -6 coins if you land on it in the last 10 turns

Bowser Space
Description: A red space that is in a shape that somewhat resembles 
Bowser's face.
Effect: If you land on it, you'll be transported to Bowser, where a 
special roulette will appear. There are mainly bad things for the player 
on the roulette, but if you get one of the good things, he'll usually 
just run.

"!" Space
Description: A green space with a "!" on it.
Effect: If you land on it, you will play the Chance Time game.  There 
are three blocks that are spinning.  The ones on the ends have the 
players' faces on them, and the middle one has arrows and a certain 
amount of coins or stars on them, which shows what the character on one 
end will be giving to the other.

Happening Space
Description: A green space with a "?" on it.
Effect: A certain thing will happen to the player who lands on this 
depending on what board you're playing on.

Battle Space
Description: A green space with a yellow lightning bolt on it.
Effect: Goomba will come if a player lands on this and will take an 
indefinite amount of coins from each player.  You will play a special 4 
player mini-game, and the winner takes most of the coins Goomba 
collected, and second place will get some.

Treasure Chest Space
Description: A green space with a white treasure chest on it.
Effect: If you land on it, you will get to play an item mini-game.

Special Places

If you pass by here in the five normal levels, you have to give 5 coins 
to Koopa Troopa, but if you land here, you get all of the coins that 
were collected!  In Bowser Land, if you pass by it Bowser will give you 
a 5 coin loan, but if you land on it, you will have to pay back the 

Item Shop
Run by Koopa Troopa, you can get items here besides from item mini-

If you pass by Boo, you'll have the opportunity to steal coins or a star 
from other players.
Steal Coins: 5 coins
Steal Stars: 50 coins

If you pass Toad and have 20 coins, he'll give you a star if you give 
your 20 coins in exchange, and then will move to another location.

Baby Bowser
Baby Bowser is in the spot where Toad last was giving out stars.  He'll 
normally take some coins from you if you pass by him, but if you wear 
the Bowser Suit and come, he'll give you all the coins he collected!

                         ----- V. Items -----

Cost: 10 coins
Effect: You will be able to get two rolls at the beginning of your turn 
instead of one when you use it.  There rolls will be added together to 
form the number of spaces.

Gold Mushroom
Cost: 20 coins
Effect: You will be able to get three rolls at the beginning of your 
turn instead of one when you use it.  
There rolls will be added together to form the number of spaces.

Skeleton Key
Cost: 10 coins
Effect: Opens up special doors.

Plunder Chest
Cost: 15 coins
Effect: Steal an item from another player randomly.

Warp Block
Cost: 15 coins
Effect: Change places with another player randomly.

Magic Lamp
Cost: 30 coins
Effect: Takes you directly to Toad when you use it.

Dueling Glove
Cost: 15 coins
Effect: Duel with a player of your choice.

Boo Bell
Cost: Found only in item mini-games
Effect: Calls Boo.

Bowser Suit
Cost: Found only in item mini-games
Effect: If you bump into another player while wearing it, they must give 
you 20 coins.  Also, if you bump into Baby 
Bowser while wearing it, he'll give you all of the coins he's collected!

                     ----- VI. Boards -----

Pirate Land (*/***)
I) Shark - 5 coins [NO CHOICE]
If you land on his space, the shark will take you to the other side of 
the board and charge you five coins AUTOMATICALLY.
II) Thwomp
In this board you will find a thwomp blocking your path.  
You must pay at least one more coin than the previous person did to 
pass.  (Example: if player one pays 1 coin, player 2 must pay at least 2 
HAPPENING SPACE EFFECT: Player is hit by a cannonball that shoots them 
back to start.

Western Land (*/***)
I) Train - 5 coins
If you happen to land on the spot where the train is currently on, you 
can take a ride for 5 coins.  Once on the train, a spinning box will 
appear.  Hit a Toad, and the train will go forward.  Hit a Goomba, and 
the train will go backward.
II) Call everybody to same space - 20 coins
Just what the name says...
HAPPENING SPACE EFFECT: The train will move to a new destination, 
knocking away anybody that is in its path.

Mystery Land (**/***)
I) Curse Castor - 5 coins
If you cast a curse on somebody, that person can only hit a 1, 2, or 3 
on their next turn.
II) Teleporter
Throw down 10 coins a special spot and a Bomb-omb space ship will come 
and bring you to a new destination.
HAPPENING SPACE EFFECT: The Bomb-omb space ship will come to the player 
and bring you to a new destination.

Space Land (**/***)
I) Bowser Laser
Each time a player steps on the laser spot, the countdown decreases by 
one.  The person to be on it when it hits zero will loose all their 
II) Snifft Patrol - 5 coins 
The Snifft Patrol will find the space creatures and chase them.
HAPPENING SPACE EFFECT: The space creatures will come and chase you.

Horror Land (***/***)
I) Day -> Night - 5 coins
Note: This does not appear in the night time.
II) Thwomp - 5 coins
You must pay the thwomp 5 coins if you want to pass.
HAPPENING SPACE EFFECT: If it is day, it will become night.  
If it is night, it will become day.

Bowser Land (***/***)
I) Bowser Parade
This occurs every 5 turns.  Every player Bowser bumps into looses all of 
their coins!
II) Bargain Shop
This is an alternative to the Item Shop.  Sometimes are less expensive 
than those in the Item Shop, and sometimes they are more expensive.
HAPPENING SPACE EFFECT: Player must jump into warp pipe.

                  ----- VII. Mini Games -----

4 Player Mini Games

Lava Tile Isle
RULES: Try to stay alive by keeping on shifting stone 
blocks that are floating over lava.  The last one standing 
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Jump
B - Attack
A + Z - Hip Drop

Hot Rope Jump
RULES: Normal jump rope with a fiery twist!  The flames 
will start out as blue, and then will soon turn into red 
ones.  The last one standing wins.

Shell Shocked
RULES: Kind of like Goldeneye.  Each player is in a shell-
shaped tank, and your objective is to kill all of your 
opponents by firing missiles at them.  
Each player has two hits before they die. 
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Straight Shot
B - Lab Shot
Z - Fix Aim

TOAD in the Box
RULES: Jump up to hit spinning blocks.  Each time you hit a 
toad face, you increase a level, and the block starts 
spinning faster.  First one to reach level five (or five 
toad faces) wins.

Mecha Marathon
RULES: Wind your Mecha Fly Guy up to make it fly the 
farthest.  Whoever flies farthest wins.
CONTROLS: A+B repeatedly - Wind up

Roll Call
RULES: Try to accurately count the amount of [random 
CONTROLS: A - plus 1
B - minus 1

Abandon Ship
RULES: Try to climb up to the top of the mast before your 
ship sinks!
CONTROLS: Analog - Left or right
A repeatedly - Climb

Platform Peril
RULES: Jump across the platforms in the sky; be careful, 
they will fall!  
Race to the finish line trying to avoid falling off.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Jump

Totem Pole Pound
RULES: Do hip drops to pound the Totem Bros. Into the 
ground.  First one to finish this wins!
CONTROLS: A -> Z - Hip drop

Bumper Balls
RULES: Try to bump all your opponents off of the edge 
within the time limit.  
CONTROLS: Analog - Move

Bombs Away
RULES: The Bowser ship will fire bombs at a small platform 
in the water that you and your opponents are on.  Try to 
survive; at the end of the time limit, the ship will fire a 
big bomb.  Stay to the sides when this happens and do not 
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Jump

Tipsy Tourney
RULES: Tip the picture to make the shell uncover the 
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Jump

Honeycomb Havoc
RULES: Hit a block to get the number one or two and take 
that number of fruits from the tree.  If you get a 
honeycomb, you're out.  Last one standing wins.
CONTROLS: A - Hit block

Hexagon Heat
RULES: Jump to the hexagon whose color is the one that is 
on the flag Toad holds up.  Get there in time or else 
you'll be eliminated!  Last one standing wins!
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Jump
A -> Z - Hip drop

Skateboard Scamper
RULES: Skate across to the floor on your skateboard, and 
avoid Boo, who is chasing you and your opponents, to the 
finish line.  First to reach the finish line wins!
B - Skate

Slot Car Derby
RULES: Complete 4 laps first to win.  Be careful - if you 
spin around curves you will spin out of control.
CONTROLS: Analog - Tilt = Speed up, Release = slow down

Shy Guy Says
RULES: Shy Guy will raise a flag that either shows "B" or 
"A."  Press the button on the flag to raise yours.  If he 
raises two flags, just wait till he puts down one, and just 
raise the one that is left.  The one who is left remaining 
CONTROLS: A - Raise White Flag ("A" flag)
B - Raise Red Flag ("B" flag)

Sneak 'n' Snore
RULES: Sneak to the red button then out the door without 
the Chain Chomp waking up and catching you!  Hide in your 
barrel when he wakes up.
CONTROLS: Analog - Down = Move forward, Up = Move backward, 
Release = hide in barrel

Dizzy Dancing
RULES: The record will spin automatically at the beginning 
and you will become dizzy.  When you gain control of your 
character, try to jump back on the record and get the 
treble clef (music symbol).
CONTROLS: Analog - Move (NOTE: The controls will be very 
messed up since you are dizzy -forward on the analog may 
make your character move backwards, etc.)
A - Jump
B - Attack
A -> Z - Hip drop

Tile Driver
RULES: Do hip drops to switch the tiles on your picture 
frame.  Make them so they form a picture, which is 
displayed in the middle of the screen.  First to finish 
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Jump
A -> Z - Hip drop

Deep Sea Salvage
RULES: Drive your submarines to get the Hammer Bros. drop 
into the sea.  
(This is a bonus game.)
CONTROLS: Analog - Direction
A repeatedly - Surface

2 vs 2 Mini Games

TOAD Bandstand
RULES: Play a duet with your partner and try to make it 
match what Toad conducts.  The best performance wins.
CONTROLS: A - Play instrument

Bobsled Run
RULES: You and your partner are riding in a bobsled and 
must reach the finish line before the other team does.  
Stick to the middle, as there are parts in the track where 
there are no walls on the edges to keep you on!
CONTROLS: Analog - Left/right = Steer, Up = Speed up, Down
= Slow down
A - Push sled

Handcar Havoc
RULES: Work together to make your handcar get to the finish 
line of a winding track.  Careful - carelessness leads to 
falling off!  First one to the end wins.
CONTROLS: Analog - Lean Handcar
A repeatedly - Speed up
B - Brake

Balloon Burst
RULES: Try to make you and your partner's Bowser balloon 
burst before the other team does!
CONTROLS: A -> Z - Blow up balloon

Sky Pilots
RULES: The player steering and the player flapping the 
wings need to work together to get their plane to the 
finish line before the other team does!  
(If you fly through the rainbows, your plane will get a 
small burst of speed.)
PLAYER FLAPPING - Analog (up and down) - Flap wings

Speed Hockey
RULES: Knock the shell into your opponents' goal.  First 
team to score 3 goals wins.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move up/down

Cake Factory
RULES: One player needs to grab a cake and set it down and 
the other needs to get a strawberry and put it on top of 
the cake.  The team to make the most cakes at the end of 
the time limit wins.
CONTROLS: A - Press = Grab cake/strawberry, Release = Place 

Magnet Carta
RULES: Use the magnet on the front of your car to grab 
coins and chest, and then bring them over to your team's 
hole.  (This is a bonus game.)
CONTROLS: Analog - Up = Forward, Down = Backward, 
Left/Right = Change direction
Looney Lumberjacks
RULES: You and your partner are trying to be first to cut 
off a complete piece of your log.  Make sure you take 
turns, because if you cut at the same time, nothing will 
happen!  First to finish wins.
CONTROLS: A - Pull saw
B - Push saw

Torpedo Targets
RULES: The submarine pilot and torpedo launcher must 
cooperate so they can hit more targets than the other team 
within the time limit.
A - Forward
B - Reverse
PLAYER FIRING - Analog - Steer torpedo
A - Launch torpedo

Destruction Duet
RULES: Be the first demolition duo to demolish the Bowser 
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Jump
B - Attack
A -> B - Kick
A -> Z - Hip drop

Dungeon Dash
RULES: You and your teammate are racing through a dungeon!  
Watch out for any hazards on your way.  First to the finish 
CONTROLS: Analog - Right = Move right leg, Left = Move left 

1 vs 3 Mini Games

Bowl Over
RULES: The single player needs to knock down all of the 
other players with a shell!  They have two tries.
CONTROLS: Analog - More left or right (3 players), 
Spinshell (1 player)
A - Throw shell (1 player)

Crane Game
RULES: The single player tries to grab all the others and 
throw them down the pipe before the time runs out!  There 
are also things that you can throw into the pipe to 
increase your time.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move (1 player)
A - Drop crane/ repeatedly = hold on (1 player), repeatedly 
= Wiggle (3 players)

Move to the Music
RULES: The single player will create a dance out of certain 
buttons on the controller, and the others must copy it.  If 
one of the three dancers messes up, they're out.  The 
single player has three tries to get everyone else out!
CONTROLS: Analog - Up, down, left, right = Dance
A, B, Z - Dance

BOMB-OMB Barrage
RULES: The single player must steer clear of the bombs that 
the other players throw so he/she won't sink in their tub!  
If the three players make the single player sink within the 
time limit, they win, and if the single player survives, 
he/she wins!
CONTROLS: Analog - Move tub (1 player), Flick throw Bomb-
Ombs (3 players)

Look Away
RULES: When the music stops, the single player must look in 
a direction, and the others try not to look in that 
direction.  The single player has 5 tries to get the others 
to all mess up!
CONTROLS: Analog - Look

Shock Drop or Roll
RULES: The single player turns a lever and tries to make 
the others fall off of a spinning cylinder they're on 
within the time limit.
CONTROLS: Analog - Right/left = change direction (1 
player), Right/left = run right/left (3 players)
A - Jump (3 players)

Lights Out
RULES: The single player must find the other three and 
knock them with a hammer before there's no time left.  
Plus, the room will only be lighted for 
a few seconds and then it will become dark.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move (everybody)
A - Vertical swing (1 player)
B - Horizontal swing (1 player)

Filet Relay
RULES: The single player must carry the fish to the finish 
line all alone, but the other players work together and 
make a relay out of it.  First to the finish wins.
CONTROLS: Analog - Left/right = move (everybody)
A repeatedly - run (everybody)

RULES: The single player must shoot down the others within 
the time limit.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move left/right (everybody)
A - Set arrow, shoot arrow (1 player)

Quicksand Cache
RULES: The single player is in a Bowser suit and can drag 
coins down into your hole by shaking the quicksand.  The 
others just collect the coins they can.  (This is a bonus 
CONTROLS: Analog - Right/left = spin right/left (1 player), 
Move (3 players)

Battle Mini Games

Face Lift
RULES: Each player has a face of a certain character that 
they must stretch to make it resemble the picture showed in 
the middle of the screen as best they can.  After time's 
up, the faces will be scored based on how accurate they 
were, and the person with the highest score wins.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move hand
A (hold) - Grab face

Crazy Cutters
RULES: Each player must cut a picture out of the ground the 
best they can.  
After time's up, they will be scored based on how carefully 
you cut, and the person with the highest score wins.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move

A Day at the Races
RULES: Each player will bet on either a whomp, thwomp, Boo, 
or a bomb-omb (only one player can bet on a character), and 
then the characters will race.  
It's completely random how well they do.  The player who 
bet on the character that reaches the finish line first 
CONTROLS: Analog/A - Select racer

Bowser's Big Blast
RULES: Players take turns walking up on the stage and 
choosing a switch.  One of the switches will make Bowser's 
head blow up, eliminating the character who chooses it.  
Every time a character is eliminated, there is one less 
switch, just like musical chairs.  You keep doing this 
until there is one player left, and he/she is the one who 
CONTROLS: Analog - Move
A - Press switch

Rakin' 'em in
RULES: Everybody has a crane, and you want to score the 
most points when time runs out.  You do this by using 
cranes to rake in mushrooms to you: a regular mushroom is 
worth 1 point, golden mushrooms are 3 points, and purple 
ones subtract 3 points.  Whoever has the most points at the 
end wins.

Bumper Balloon Cars
RULES: Each player is riding in a cart, and the front of it 
has a spike and the back has a balloon.  If your balloon 
gets popped by somebody else's spike, you're out of the 
game.  The one player that remains wins.
CONTROLS: Analog - Move

RULES: It's just like Hot Potato!  If you are holding the 
bomb-omb when it explodes, you're out.  The one player that 
remains wins.
CONTROLS: Analog - Direction
A - Throw
B - Catch

Duel Mini Games

Saber Swipes (Pirate Land)
RULES: Press the buttons displayed on the top of the screen 
from left to right.  If you make a mistake you must start 
over again.  The first player to finish wins.

Quick Draw Corks (Western Land)
RULES: When Goomba says go, press A as quickly as you can.  
The first to press A will shoot the other and wins.

Psychic Safari (Mystery Land)
RULES: Power up your relic.  At the end, the two relics 
will fight, and the relic that is charged up more wins, and 
therefore that player wins.  
CONTROLS: A -> B repeatedly - Power up relic

Time Bomb (Space Land)
RULES: Press A three seconds after Goomba says go.  The one 
closest to three seconds after wins.
CONTROLS: A - Press lever

Mushroom Brew (Horror Land)
RULES: Press whatever button Goomba says to so you can put 
the correct mushrooms in your cauldron.  The player to get 
the most right wins.
CONTROLS: A/B/Z - Put mushrooms in cauldron

Mario, Bowser, Peach (Bowser Land)
RULES: It's just like Rock, Paper, Scissors, but Mario 
style!  Mario beats Bowser, Bowser beats Peach, and Peach beats Mario.
B - Peach
Z - Bowser

            ----- VIII. Frequently Asked Questions -----

Q: Bowser Land?  Where can I get to that board?
A: Just play through the other five at least once, and 
Bowser Land will appear on the main menu.

                   ----- IX. Conclusion -----


This document is Copyright (c) 2002 the author, Alxs, all 
rights reserved.  Unless otherwise mentioned, the content 
within this file was written and is sole property of the 
author.  This FAQ may only be posted on www.gamefaqs.com, 
not on any other website, magazine, book, CD, etc.

There's no point in asking for permission to post this FAQ, 
because the answer is no.  The only place this document is 
legally posted is www.gamefaqs.com, so please notify me if 
you see any other site using this FAQ.

However, if you'd like to use a (somewhat small) portion of 
this file in your own online FAQ, ask me first, and I'll 
probably give you the thumbs-up.

Thanks everyone.


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