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FAQ by GavLuvsGA

Version: 9 | Updated: 05/04/02


FAQ for the N64

by GavLuvsGA

Version 9: 10 - 04 - 02

Copyright notice: The contents of this FAQ are the property of the author.
Copying of any part of this without including my name is basically not allowed.

Revision History

Version 2 (31 - 12 - 00)

Made a few corrections, and added how to access the Mini - Game Stadium, Battle
and Item Mini Games

Version 3 (05 - 01 - 01)

More corrections; added Baby Bowser's Item Shop and difficulty rating for

Version 4 (07 - 01 - 01)

Basically, more corrections, and additions (including fake Toad). Spill chequed

Version 5 (10 - 01 - 01)

Added the coin bonus for getting double numbers, plus a sorta - walkthrough for
the Mini Game Coaster

Version 6 (27 - 01 - 01)

Very few changes this time; but I added the "Dance" section of Horror Land
(which I only just discovered). Completed the Mini Game Coaster Walkthrough up
to the end of Level 6

Version 7 (02 - 09 - 01)

FINISHED Mini Game Coaster Walkthrough

Version 8 (31 - 12 - 01)

Changed email address and altered some ratings; also got right amounts for the
Golden Mushroom.

Version 9 (10 - 04 - 02)

Made some additions and clarifications for Bowser Land.


1 Rules
2 Items
3 World Guide
4 Mini Game Guide
5 Battle Guide
6 Duel Guide
7 End of Game

1 Rules

Game Play

Get as many stars as you can on the board to qualify for the title of
Superstar. Roll the dice by pressing A twice; game play is determined by
whoever gets the highest number at the start of the game.
Four characters play; you can have one to four human players - other characters
are controlled by the CPU, and you can set their skill ratings.
You start with 10 coins. These are used in the game; squares you will find

Blue Square

You get three coins, or six if during the last five turns.

Red Square

No, not somewhere in Moscow, but the exact opposite of the Blue Square; you
lose three coins, or six during the last five turns.


The more of these you land on, the more chance you have of getting the
Happening Star at the end; in each world, something different will happen when
you land on this. See World Guide for details.


You play a game of Chance; hit the squares on either side, to reveal a
character, and the middle one to reveal and instruction. One of the following
will happen:
One character must give coins and/or a star to the other, or:
The characters must trade coins and/or stars (i.e. if Mario has six stars and
Luigi has one, Mario will end up with one and Luigi six.)
N.B. If it says (character) must give all his/her coins to (character), it
actually means they must give ONE star. Presumably Nintendo originally had them
give all their stars, then decided it was too cruel.


Goomba appears, and you each player must give him between 10 and 50 coins; you
will now play in Battle Mode. Coins are awarded from what Goomba collected,
usually just to the two best players, although sometimes he may turn
sympathetic and give the player in last position a coin (even if whoever is in
3rd place gets nothing).

Treasure Chest

You get to play a bonus round for an item. For more information, see World


Uh - oh! You must play Bowser's game of roulette; stop the roulette by pressing
A; one of the following will happen:

Give Coins to Bowser

Speaks for itself. If you have no coins, Bowser will give you ten.

Bowser's Pot Luck

Every player gives a random amount of coins to Bowser.


Play a game of chance, except here you must choose which player must give coins
to Bowser, and how many coins they must give. N.B. If the player selected has
no coins, Bowser will give them 10 out of sympathy (what's he done with the
real Bowser?). If you land on this with no coins, be sure to get yourself
(unless you're trying to stop someone getting a star).

Bowser's Appearing Act

At the end of the tur, Baby Bowser will turn into Bowser and roll three dice;
whoever he meets on his turn must give Bowser all their coins. Same effect as
the Bowser Bomb.

Bowser's Multiplying Toads

Two toads will appear, one a fake - but which one?

N.B. The fake Toad is Baby Bowser; if you reach him, he will give you a black
star. You still have to give 20 coins, though.

But if you're lucky, you may get "10, 000 star gift", "Star Steal" or "Stars
packed to go". You don't actually get these, but you frighten off Bowser!

2 Items

These can be found in the bonus games and item shops. Use them by pressing B
after you press A to roll the dice (except for the Skeleton Key). You may only
carry one item at a time.

Mushroom (10 coins)

You get to roll two dice (giving a maximum move of 20). This and the Golden
Mushroom are preferred by Mario. You get a ten coin bonus if you roll both
numbers the same.

Golden Mushroom (20 coins)

You get to roll three dice,giving a maximum move of 30, and you will kick
yourself if you get two 1s and a 2 - three of the same number gets you a 20
coin bonus. However, getting three lucky 7s gives you FIFTY coins!
N.B. Using a mushroom can also lift the effects of a Slow Curse (see Mystery

Skeleton Key (10 coins)

All worlds have two areas (usually short cuts) that can only be accessed with a
skeleton key. When you pass, you will get the option of using the key. Once
you're through the gate, it will close. This item is frequently used by Luigi.
N.B. You don't have to go through the gate if you open it; sometimes it is
useful to simply get rid of the key so you can get another item.

Plunder Chest (15 coins)

Peach loves this item; if you're playing against her (and she's controlled by
the CPU) and she gets it, use your item on your next turn if you can. If you
don't kick yourself as Peach will probably use the chest to steal your item
(grr!!!). All you can do is hope she takes someone else's. You can use this to
steal any item, including another player's Plunder Chest!

Duelling Glove (15 coins)

Initiate a duel with another player. Wario's favourite item. When you duel, you
can select a prize, which is taken out of the other player's coins. If two
players land on a space together in the last five turns, a duel will be
initiated, UNLESS one or both players have no coins.

Warp Box (15 coins)

Use this to swap places with a random character (you cannot choose). Yoshi's
favourite item. This is best used when all three rival players are close to the
star, because the game has a strange sense of humour; if one player is a long
way from the star, you will probably be swapped with them. The same applies to
any player who is right next to you!!!

Boo Bell (Only in Bonus Games)

You can call up Boo (see World Guide for more information).

Magic Lamp (30 coins)

It is really frustrating if another player gets this! This makes the Mushroom
Genie appear, who will transport you straight to the star. Make sure you have
20 coins, though.

Bowser Suit (Only in Bonus Games)

For one turn only, you will turn into Bowser, and any player you pass must give
you twenty coins. This item is a favourite of Donkey Kong. Also, passing Baby
Bowser will allow you to take all the money he has stolen.

Bowser Bomb (Only in Bonus Games)

This only appears in the Bonus Rounds. It activates Bowser's Appearing Act.
This is one of Donkey Kong's favourite items, unfortunately. Baby Bowser will
change into his father at the end of the turn. See section 1 for more

3 World Guide

3.1 Mini Game Land



Woody (no, not a character from Toy Story) will sell you mini games.

Mini Game Amusement Park

Play the mini games that you have purchased from Woody.

Mini Game Stadium

This is only available if you have bought three of each type of mini game (4
player, 2 v 2, 1 v 3). The three options are:


Play Mini games; the first player to get the selected number of wins is the


Go round a track, playing mini games after each turn. The winner is the
character with most coins at the end. This is only available if you have bought
at least three of each available mini game from Woody.


You and another character (either another player or a CPU character) fight
duels until one has won an agreed number. The only duels available are the ones
already played in the main game. You need to get about six of each game type
from Woody to activate this.

Mini - Game Coaster

A one player game, with nine levels. You can select to play the first three
types; Easy (up to level 3), Normal (up to level 6) or Hard (up to Level 9).
You can also choose a CPU controlled character as a partner in the 2 v 2 player
mini games. If you lose a mini game, you lose a life; wining one gets you a
coin bonus. 100 coins will give you an extra life. If you complete all the
first six levels, you will be able to buy Bonus Games from Woody; complete all
nine levels to purchase Battle Games from Woody. If you lose a mini game, you
must play it again. If you clear two in a row, you will get twenty coins;
thirty for three in a row, and so on...
N.B. If you asre playing as a team of three, then the mini game ends when you
are knocked out, even if the other players are still in - unlike in the normal
Each surplus coin you have at the end will go into your bank (to purchase mini
games) and each life will count as 100.
You can save your game on the Toad space at the start of each level, or by
pressing start during the level. However, if you press start, you must also
quit and re - enter the Coaster.


This simply shows what mini games to expect when; I haven't quite finished
level 6, so this is still under costruction. For information on the mini games,
see part 4.

Level 1 (4 player games):

1 - 1: Bumper Balls
1 - 2: Roll Call (with Boos)
1 - 3: Tile Driver (the Koopa)
1 - 4: Slot Car Racing

Level 2 (2 v 2 player games):

2 - 1: Cake Factory
2 - 2: Destruction Duet
2 - 3: Balloon Burst
2 - 4: Looney Lumberjacks
2 - 5: Speed Hockey

Level 3 (1 v 3 player games, all played as the single player)

3 - 1: Crane Game
3 - 2: Look Away
3 - 3: Archer - ival
3 - 4: Bowl Over

Level 4 (4 player games)

4 - 1: TOAD in the Box
4 - 2: Tipsy Tourney
4 - 3: Totem Pole Pound
4 - 4: Dizzy Dancing
4 - 5: Shell Shocked

Level 5 (2 v 2 player games)

5 - 1: Magnet Carta
5 - 2: Bobsled Run
5 - 3: Handcar Havoc
5 - 4: Sky Pilots (Navigating)
5 - 5: Torpedo Targets (Firing Torpedos)
5 - 6: TOAD Bandstand (On the Flute)

Level 6 (3 v 1 player games)

6 - 1: Quicksand Cache (in the team of three)
6 - 2: Lights Out (Single Player)
6 - 3: Shock Drop or Roll (in the team of three)
6 - 4: Move to the Music (in the team of three)
6 - 5: Filet Relay (on your own)
6 - 6: Bob - Omb Barrage (in the boat)

Level 7 (4 player games)

7 - 1: Honeycomb Havoc
7 - 2: Mecha - Marathon
7 - 3: Abandon Ship
I got the rest of the featured levels from: Nick14578@aol.com; thanks for that!
7-4 Hot Rope Jump (you must make 50 jumps to clear)
7-5 Skateboard Scamper
7-6 Platform Peril

8-1 Deep Sea Salvage (you must get 15 coins to clear)
8-2 Shy Guy Says
8-3 Sneak 'n' Snore
8-4 Hexagon Heat
8-5 Lava Tile Isle
8-6 Bombs Away

9: Goal: Shell Shocked vs. 3 Baby Bowsers. (a.k.a. The Baby Bowser Bunch)
When you arrive in World 9, a fake Toad tells you that if you had one more
life, he'd reward you for clearing Hard Course. So he asks you to start over
from World 1. Say no, and he'll tell you he's fake. Then the real Toad appears.
Then three Baby Bowsers appear and challenge you to a 1 vs. 3 Shell Shocked.
They're all playing as a team against you. You get unlimited tries to beat
them, but they'll encourage you to give up/ start over each time they beat you.
(Don't listen to them). When you finally beat them (it's very hard), you will
have cleared the Hard Course once and for all and you'll be able to buy Battle
games from Woody.

Also, your role in the Lights Out game (World 6-2) is different depending on
what difficulty you're playing. On Normal, you're the single player and must
hit all three opponents to clear. But on Hard, you are carrying a light bulb
and you must survive for 30 seconds to clear, which is definitely tougher.

3.2 Main Boards

3.1 Common Features

These features can be found on all boards; to activate them, simply pass them:


Get to Toad and he will give you a star - but you must have 20 coins.

Baby Bowser

He appears in a space previously occupied by Toad (who moves after a star is
found); when you pass him, you must give him five coins. Sometimes he will GIVE
you five coins by mistake : )


For five coins, Boo will steal coins from another player. If Boo tires to steal
yours, press A repeatedly to drag him away. Boo will also steal a star, for 50
coins. In Horror World, most Boos only appear at night.

Item Shop

If you have 10 or more coins, you can buy an item from Koopa.

Koopa Bank

As you pass this feature, you must give Koopa five coins (or however much you
have). The difference with Baby Bowser is that if your turn finishes on the
green space in front of the bank, you will get all the coins (if any)

3.2.1 Pirate Land

Special Features

Shark Ride

If you land by one of the three piers, Sushi the shark will carry you to
another part of the board. This can be useful, but it can be frustrating if you
were close to the star, since you do not have the option of declining; you must
pay 5 coins (or however much you do have). If you have none, you can ride for


They block short cuts, and you must give them a coin to pass - the first time;
following this, the charge will get progressively higher. You can increase the
toll by holding right on the joystick.

? Squares

These are EXTREMELY annoying! They are located on bridges, and if a character
steps on one, a nearby ship will fire cannonballs at everyone on the nearest
bridges, blasting them back to the start.

Bonus Game: Roll Out the Barrels

Five items are laid out in front of you, with Baby Bowser. They will each be
covered by barrels, which will be swapped around. When they stop, punch one. If
you get Baby Bowser here or in any other game, you get nothing.

Other features

Item Shop Location

On the first straight after the start point, before the first bridge.

Gate Locations

1) Near the item shop, allowing a short cut to where Boo is and skipping the
2) Not terribly useful, simply allows for a shortcut on the top left island,
although it is easy enough to pay the toll to pass the Thwomp nearby.

Boo Location

Towards the bottom right of the screen.

3.2.2 Western Land

Special Features

Platform Spaces

If you pass over the footprints, and the train is in the station, you can get a
lift (for five coins) to the next station (there are three in total). The track
goes round the board, along some of the routes. However, you must roll a dice
and you can only go forward with a Toad; a Goomba will send you back one
station. There are three stations, two near to the Boos and one near Wiggler
(see below).

Wiggler's Saloon

Here, you can pay twenty coins for a Hootenanny (probably spelt wrong, but
never mind) - its like a party. Here, all the players will be placed outside
the bar. This is useful if a player is close to the star and you want a chance
of getting to it first (muahahahaha!) For some reason, the CPU - controlled
characters always seem to decline. Is there something they know that I don't?

? Spaces

Landing on one of these will move the train round one stop on the track. If a
character is run over, they will be sent flying back to the start.

Bonus Game: Give Me A Brake

Baby Bowser will sit on the engine of a steam train, which has an item on each
carriage. The train will spin round the track. Press A to pull the brake and
hope it isn't Baby Bowser that stops in front of you.

Other Features

Item Shop Location

In the middle of the board, go up at the first fork in the path to reach it.

Gate Locations

1) In the middle of the screen, allowing you to take a short cut.
2) At the top right, accessing the Chance space and one of the star locations.

Boo locations

1) At the bottom left of the screen
2) At the top right

3.2.3	Space Land

Special Features

Bowser's Coin Beam

This is one of the game's best, though most annoying, features; in the centre
of the board is a timer, which is set at 5. Every time a player crosses it, it
will count down one number. When the timer hits zero, Bowser will fire up his
beam, which will attack the diagonal path infront of him, causing anyone on it
to lose all their coins. However, sometimes Bowser will forget to turn it on...
but only if no - one is in the way!

Snifit Police Station

Pay the Chief of Police five coins and he will set up a trap for speeders;
confused? Read below...

? Squares

These are located at the top and bottom of the board; when one is pressed, a
Whomp will appear in a car and chase all players back to just before the Snifit
Police Station. If you pay for a speed trap, the Snifit Police Chief will chase
them, but you will be chased further away and end up on the diagonal in front
of Bowser's coin beam. The speed trap is best used when you are trying to get
to the centre of the board.

Bonus Game: Rocket Launcher

Press A repeatedly to raise the mallet, and then press B to lower it and hit
the button' launching the rocket. Whatever the rocket stops at, you will get.
Be careful, though as if you swing too far, the rocket will go down and hit
Baby Bowser.

Other Features

Item Shop Location

Along the left hand side of the screen

Gate Locations

1) Along the top of the screen; accesses a Boo
2) Along the right hand side of the screen, allows a short cut to the counter
of the coin beam

Boo Locations

1) Behind the first Gate listed
2) At the top right of the screen

3.2.4 Mystery Land

Special Features

The board is split up into four main areas (labelled 1 - 4); to get between
these, you can either land on a ? button, or use a skeleton key.

Below is a rough map of the level.

		B o o o o o      S o o o o o
		o			o		o		   o
		o	3 *		o		o		4  o
		o			o		o		   o
		K o o o o o		G o o o o o
					 o	  o
					  o  o		o o
						o	   o 5	o
					  o	  o		 o o
					 o		o
		o o o o o G		 o o o o o S
		o			o		 o			 o
		o  2		o		 o	 *  1	 o
		I			o		 o			 o
		o o o o o o		 K o o o o o !

o = Space ! = Start	* = Teleportation Pad 	K = Koopa Bank
I = Item Shop	 B = Boo  S = Shy Guys  G = Gate

UFO Ride

In two of the board's four main areas (1 and 3), a pad shaped like a Bob - Omb
is located; this can be used to call up Bob - Ombs in a UFO, who (for ten
coins) will USUALLY carry you to the other one. Sometimes, however, the aliens
will suffer a "Navigation Malfunction", and dump you on a small board full of
red squares (labelled 5 on the map), which you will be stuck on until you land
on a ? square.

Slow Curse

This is great! For some reason, the CPU controlled characters never use it. For
five coins, you can get the Shy Guys to put a curse on any character (including
your own) that makes them only capable of moving up to three spaces on their
next turn. This can be useful, but it can also give them an advantage if used
carelessly. If you have a mushroom and you are cursed, using it will stop the
curse. I found this out to my cost during a particularly bad game.

? Squares

Warp you between areas; area 1 to area 2, area 2 to area 3 and so on.

Bonus Game: Mallet - Go - Round

Five items will circle round on stacks of two blocks, along with Baby Bowser,
on a single block. You must hit both the blocks under an item in the time given
to win it, by pressing B, and they will speed up each time. If you hit Baby
Bowser's block, it is all over.

Other Features

Item Shop location

Marked on the map

Gate Locations

Marked on the map

Boo Location

Again, see map

3.2.5 Horror Land

Special Features

Every two or so turns, day will turn to night and vice - versa. All but two of
the Boos will only appear at night (this is a bit like Fungi Forest from Donkey
Kong 64). The other two will only appear in the daytime (including the one
behind the gate at the bottom left hand corner).


At some junctions, a Whomp will block one route, and can only be bypassed by
paying five coins. If you don't pass the Whomp, it will move to block the route
that you took. The Whomps can only move in the day, so you cannot pass them at
night (though CPUs constantly try).

Mr. I

At two points in the game, Mr. I will appear and offer to warp you to his other
contact point, for ten coins. This is hilarious; he will chase you across the
N.B. If anyone is in the way, they will also be chased to the other side of the

The Lamp of Darkness

Only active in the day, you can pay Magikoopa ten coins for day to be
automatically changed to night.


At night, when you pass the spider's web near to the top right of the board,
Mr. I and several boos will invite you to dance with them for ten coins. When
you dance, time will speed up to daytime, and you will dance all night. In
short, the exact opposite of the Lamp of Darkness.

Big Boo

He can only be found by using a skeleton key on the door to the top right of
the board, and is turned to stone (and is inactive) in the daytime. When
activated, you can pay fifteen coins to instantly take coins from every other
character (MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!) Big Boo will also steal a star from everyone for
150 coins (bigger maniacal laugh).

? Squares

These turn day to night and vice - versa.

Bonus Round: Coffin Congestion

This is probably the easiest bonus game! Five objects will be laid into open
coffins, and Baby Bowser will enter the sixth. The coffins will close. The
coffins will then open and shut quickly, about four times, and the items will
have moved. When they stop, punch the one you want.

Other Features

Item Shop Location

To the left of the start point

Gate Locations

1) Near the graveyard; open in the day for a boo
2) At the top right, near Magikoopa's Mansion; open at night for the Big Boo

Normal Boo Locations

1 and 2) In the graveyard (Night only)
3) By the spider's web (Day only)
4) Behind a gate to the bottom left of the screen (Day only)

3.2.6 Bowser Land

This is only available when you have completed all five of the main worlds; see
below for how to collect coins.

Special Features

Bowser Parade

This is scheduled to start at the beginning of every fifth turn. When you land
on one of the green squares with footprints on, you can - for five coins -
change the direction of the parade. When the parade is activated (assuming its
not cancelled), Bowser will march out a door at the top of the screen, along
with his son and a bunch of other bad guys, and they will march across the
board, until they reach the start. Any character that gets in their way will be
forced along with them and will have two coins stolen for every square they
must pas through. They must then start from the beginning.

Blooper Wheel of Fortune

At one point in the game there is a circular track that can only be accessed by
landing on one of the ? squares nearby. You will stay here, landing on blue and
red squares, until you land on a ? square (there are about six of these -
roughly half the number of squares in total.) One of Toad's star locations is
here. If you are on here, you cannot be caught by the Bowser Parade.

Bowser Bank

Unlike the Koopa bank, Baby Bowser will give you five coins as you pass. If you
land infront of it, however, you must pay five extra coins for all the
characters who have passed by it.
New: I found this out to my cost, but if you have no coins when you have to
give money to Bowser Bank, be prepared to cry. You will lose a star - I found
this out to my cost.

Baby Bowser's Item Shop

This is found at the top right of the board; when you pass, Baby Bowser will
FORCE you to buy a random item (even the Boo Bell, Bowser Helmet or Bowser
Bomb). This can help or hinder you (and can even stop you getting stars).

? Squares

Apart from the ones by the octopus, these will give your character an
irrepressible urge to jump down a pipe, which will take them to a random ?

Bonus Game: Bowser Slots

In the hardest bonus game, you must hit the red block to stop each wheel in
turn. If each shows the same item, you win it; if not, then "MUAHAHAHAHA!!!".
the best tactic is to memorise what appears immediately before the item you
want and remember that,  unlike other Item Games, there is no time limit.

Other Features

Item Shop Location

Go stright along the bottom of the screen

Gate Locations

1) At the bottom left; leads to a star location
2) Along the right hand side; lead to a boo (I think) and a shortcut

Boo Locations

1) At the bottom left of the screen
2) Towards the top right, behind a gate (I think)

4 Mini Game Guide

At the end of every turn, a mini game is played. The type of mini game is
decided by what colour square a character is on; if all squares are the same
colour (red or blue, Bowser squares counting as red), a 4 player game is
played; if two are on one colour, then normally a 2 v 2 game is played; if one
is one one colour and the others are on another colour, a 1 v 3 game is played.
Green squares usually count as blue, but not always. The winner (or winners) of
each game receive 10 coins for their efforts.

All mini games have been given a star rating (1-5), with 1 being easy and 5
being almost impossible.

4 Player Games

Star ratings:
* - Easy - I win it most of the time
** - I win about 75% of the time
*** - I have a 50 - 50 chance of winning
**** - I win about 25% of the time
***** - I'm screwed!!!! Almost impossible!

Abandon Ship (Star rating: *****)

A Titanic - style animation ensues, where the characters' ship hits a Bowser -
shaped rock. The characters will now each run to a mast and you must climb to
the top by repeatedly pressing A. Move left and right and avoid overhangs, and
collect coins, but beware of the Cheep Cheeps (some sort of fish) that leap out
of the water, as you will temporarily stop if one hits you. If you are too
slow, then you will drown. Coins - if collected - will be added to your total
regardless of whether you win.

Bombs Away (Star rating: ***)

All four players stand on a tiny island, while Bowser firest bombs at it. Most
will miss, but be sure to jump when one hits. In the last 10 seconds, he'll
fire a massive guided missile at you and you must jump roughly as the timer
hits 1 to avoid it. 10 coins are awarded to anyone left on the island at the
end of the onslaught. If one player is left before time is up, that player

Bumper Balls (Star rating: ***)

There are three different versions of this, but its essentially the same.
Similar to defeating the Bullies on Super Mario 64. Use the direction pad to
knock your opponents off the edge.

Deep Sea Salvage (Star rating: *)

Each player is in a submarine; the Hammer Brothers will throw coins (and bags
of coins, worth five coins) at you, and you must collect them. Press A to go
higher and move left and right with the joystick. Don't hit a mine or you'll be
temporarily disabled. There is no winner here, but coins will be awarded based
on what you collected. On Mini Game Coaster you must collect 15 coins to win
(this is harder, as the other players will try and block you).

Dizzy Dancing (Star rating: *****)

All four characters are placed on a record, which then spins round as fast as
it will go, until all four characters are dizzy. You must now get to the centre
of the record and jump up to get the floating treble clef. Your controls will
be reversed (or something) and you must jump on other characters' heads to be
able to bounce up and get it.

Hexagon Heat (Star rating: **)

You are on a board made up of seven hexagons; Toad will raise a flag, and you
must get to the hexagon of the same colour before the rest of the tiles sink
into the lava. If other characters get there before you, you will have to
bounce on their heads until the other tiles return. Last player standing is the
winner. A useful tip is to jump back onto the white tile as soon as it begins
to rise, then the other characters are less likely to get in the way. Also,
don't be caught out if Toad raises the white flag first - stay put.

Honeycomb Havoc (Star rating: ***)

This is similar to the game where you keep taking objects away and have to
avoid taking away the last one; here, fruit will slide out of a tree and you
must collect it; hit the block to select one or two iems, but don't collect one
of the three honeycombs, or you'll get chased away by bees. The only way to be
sure of not getting a honeycomb is to ensure that there is less fruit before
the next honeycomb than there are players before your next turn, then one of
them will have to collect it. The game also has coins to collect, which you
will receive regardless of whether you win.

Hot Rope Jump (Star rating: *)

Keep jumping every time the fiery skipping rope gets near your feet; if you're
playing against three CPU characters, all you can do is keep going until
finally they lose the rhythm (and they all do in the end!)

Lava Tile Isle (Star rating: *****)

This one's largely up to chance; you stand on an island made up of seven
Grindels (from the pyramid in Super Mario 64), and you must be the ONLY player
to stay on to win (if there is a draw, no - one gets anything). The Grindels
keep moving, so you must too; punch the other players to knock them off (which
is HARD).  You can tell when a Grinel is about to move as it shakes.

Mecha - Marathon (Star rating: *****)

This one is practically impossible against CPU characters. You must keep
pressing the A and B buttons together, to wind up your Flying Shy Guy, and then
see how far it flies. Basically if you mess up the winding, and you're playing
against three CPU characters, you don't have a chance.

Platform Peril (Star rating: ****)

This has to be one of the game's hardest and mopst frustrating mini games; you
must race across the collapsing platforms to the finish, and if you fall,
that's it - you've lost your chance. Staying on the course is hard as you have
to pull the joystick towards the upper left or you'll run off to the side.
Coins can be collected here and added to your total, even if you don't win.

Roll Call (Star rating: **)

This is harder than it looks; a number of characters (either Toads, Bob - Ombs
and Boos) will be wandering around a field and you must count them. Count
higher with A and lower with B. The main problem is that objects like mushrooms
are also included to trick you, and characters sometimes - leave. With the Bob
- Ombs, for example, one will occasionally explode, so you must take one off
your estimate. The winners are all the characters who get it spot on (and not
all the CPU characters can do this ; )

Shell Shocked (Star rating: **)

Clearly based on Battle Mode in Mario Kart 64, this game involves all four
characters having to fire shells at each other. Get hit twice and you're out;
fire shots with A and B. A good tactic is to head towards someone and fire at
them twice in a row. Press Z to lock on to a target.

Shy Guy Says (Star rating: *****)

The Shy Guy will raise one of two flags; you must raise ours of the same
colour. To raise the white on, press A and press B for the red. If the Shy Guy
isn't impressed by your performance, he will fire an arrow at the balloon
holding you up (the game takes place in the sky) and you are out. Sometimes he
will trick you with two flags; the best idea is to wait until the last moment.
But don't wait too long or you'll be automatically out.

Skateboard Scamper (Star rating: *****)

This is like a horizonatal version of Abandon Ship. This time, you are being
pursued by Big Boo, whose effect on a player is like the Mist in the Stephen
King story of the same name - he consumes them and they are never seen again.
Get away from him by pressing B repeatedly to skateboard along the corridor,
and A to jump where there is an obstacle, or coins overhead. Get to the end and
Boo will be exposed to light and vanish, but you must be first to win.

Slot Car Derby (Star rating: ***)

This is really annoying; us the arrow keys to get your slot car round four laps
as fast as possible, but if you go too fast round the bends, then your car will
be temporarily disabled. You will spin out if you go too fast round corners; to
avoid this, let go of the joystick as you reach a corner.

Sneak N' Snore (Star rating: *****)

Each player must sneak up on Chain Chomp and press their button, then back out
the door that opens. However, every few seconds, Chain Chomp will wake up. When
you think he's about to (and you will get a good feel for it after a few goes),
let go of the joystick and your character will duck into their barrel. If
you're too slow, however, Chain Chomp will throw you down a pipe. The winner is
the first character (if any) to make it to safety. Very hard against CPUs, who
are usually immaculate at this one.

Tile Driver (Star rating: *)

Similar to some of the puzzles in Donkey Kong 64, this consists of a picture
containing nine tiles, each of which contains the pieces of pictures of a Boo,
Goomba and Koopa Troopa (the latter pops up most often). Hip drop (A+Z) each
piece so it shows the picture in the middle.

Tipsy Tourney (Star rating: **)

Run to the edges of the picture (which is covered in tiles) and tip it up so
the shell moves around, removing the tiles. The winner is the one who removes
them all (if the time runs out, it is declared a draw).

TOAD in the Box (Star rating: **)

Jump up and hit the revolving box above you when Toad's face appears and you go
up a level. Do this five times to win. But, if you get Bowser, Chomp or
whatever else is on the box, you will be pounded on the head and lose time. The
box speeds up after each hit. The last two times I normally look away and jump
whe I think Toad has appeared - its almost impossible to guess by looking.

Totem Pole Pound (Star rating: *)

You must keep pressing A and Z for a hip drop to pound your Totem Pole into the
ground as fast as you can. Press A for longer and you'll jump higher, causing
more damage.

2 v 2 Player Games

A good tip on the two player games is that if your partner is really close to a
star, but has between 10 and 19 coins, is to sabotage your team by doing badly
on purpose - that way your partner will score nothing. Just pray they pass the
star on their next turn. This is possible with most games (though I'm not sure
about Magnet Carta...)

Balloon Burst (Star rating: *)

Press A and Z (or A and B) repeatedly to blow up and burst your Bowser balloon
as quickly as possible. Dead simple.

Bobsled Run (Star rating: *)

The teams race each other in a Bobsled; to push it up to the start, press A
repeatedly. Press forward to speed up and backward to slow down. Go through the
red rectangles for a boost, and avoid falling off the track. First team to the
end wins. It is hard to get on the sled before the CPUs, but it is usually easy
to catch them. At one point, the path forks and the left path goes on a longer
route, but has a booster. Ignore it; you will usually miss the booster
altogether. CPU players nearly always take the left path and often miss.

Cake Factory (Star rating: Cakes **; Strawberries ***)

One team member grabs Cakes from the conveyor belt, the other strawberries.
Grab with A; if you're getting cakes, let go and you'll drop it onto the table.
With strawberries, let go immediately if there is a cake available; if not,
wait until there is; if you drop two cakes on top of each other or a single
strawberry, then you waste time. You also waste time if you try to grab when
there's nothing there and you are stunned for several valuable sceonds.

Demolition Duet (Star rating: ***)

This is largely up to chance if playing with three CPU characters; keep
attacking the statue in front of you until it crumbles.

Dungeon Dash (Star rating: **)

This becomes available when you buy all the 2 v 2 games from Woody. It can only
be played in Mini Game Land, and its is very tricky. You must alternately press
right and left to move along the dungeon floor, but each team is joined
together, so each player must press their button at the same time, or you will
fall over and lose time. Also, avoid being hit by the flames and the Thwomp or
you will also lose time. First team out wins. Very rare.

Handcar Havoc (Star rating: *****)

Be the first to get your handcar to the end of the track, pressing A
repeatedly. Lean inwards at bends, using the joystick. Very hard against two

Looney Lumberjacks (Star rating: *)

Wow, this is easy! Press A to pull the saw and B to push alternately and be the
first to saw  disc off your log. Basically if the saw is nearest you, push and
if its away from you, pull.

Magnet Carta (Star rating: ***)

Like Deep Sea Salvage, you gain points on how much you collect; move your
trucks forward and grab the coins with the magnet on your cart, then drop them
in your team's pit. Move forward by pressing forward, backward with backward
and turn with left and right. Get the treasure chest for ten coins. Make sure
you don't get in each others' way.

Sky Pilots (Star rating:  Navigating  ** ; Flapping Wings ***)

This is actually very annoying; one player must navigate the plane (up down,
left, right) while the other flaps its wings by pushing up and down
alternately. First over the line wins.

Speed Hockey (Star rating: ***)

Move back and forth to stop the red shell getting into your goal. That's about
all I can say about it.

TOAD Bandstand (Star rating: *)

This is dead easy; each team will have one character playing the flute and one
playing the drums. Toad will show you the directions for when to play on the
staves, and all you have to do is concentrate on the stave with your
character's face on. A box will move along the stave and when it passes over
one of your symbols, press A. If you don't an acorn will fall on your head. The
team with the least mistakes wins.

Torpedo Targets (Star rating: Navigating ***** ; Firing **)

Another annoying game, you must hit as many underwater targets as you can; one
player moves the submarine around (A to move forward and B for backward) and
the other fires torpedoes with A, and guides them with the joystick. If you
have a CPU steering and you're firing it should be no problem but if you're
steering then it is very hard to know where the next target will appear, which
makes winning against two CPUs almost impossible.

1 V 3 Player Games

Sabotaging your team's efforts in order to stop players scoring will not work
in most cases (except maybe Filet Relay), as in most cases you cannot affect
what the rest of the team do - save grabbing other players' control pads (if
playing with 4 human players) and messing them up, which will more than likely
make you unpopular. If one of the three players is left standing, all three
win, so you can actually win by doing nothing whatsoever.

Archer - Ival (Star rating: 1 player *; 3 players *****)

One player fires arrows at the others (who have been turned into Archery
targets). Aim and fire arrows with A, and move left and right with the
joystick. Hit Toad, Boo or Bowser to win extra coins. If you're a target, you
must move left and right to avoid being hit, but chances are you'll end up
trapped at one end or between two others. This is far easier as the archer.

Bob - Omb Barrage (Star rating: **)

Even the CPU characters are normally useless at this; one player sits in a tub,
while the others hurl Bob - Ombs at them. If one hits, the team of three wins.
It is easier to win if you're in the tub, as hurling bombs is hard; use the
joystick to grab them and then aim and throw them; the longer you pull in a
direction, the harder you throw it.

Bowl Over (Star rating: 1 player **; 3 players *****)

Now, this is hard. You will be transported to the Grand Canyon, where three
players are turned into skittles. The other player must bowl two shells towards
them (using A), and knock down all three to win. Bowling is almost impossible,
as a lot of the time, the sheels will fall off to the side. If you're a
skittle, you must get out of the way by jumping (also A). This is itself nearly
impossible when playing against CPUY characters - just hope your companions can
do better. If the player bowling hits one of the white skittles, they win a

Crane Game (Star rating: 1 player *; 3 players *****)

One player is attached to a crane and must move to pick up all the other
players, be using the joystick. You will know when you're directly over one, as
a light will shine on them. Press A to lower the crane, then repeatedly press
it to hold on, and drop them down the tube. Grab the colcks to get extra time.
The other players press A to wriggle free, but it its a CPU character in the
crane, your chances of winning are extremely slim. If you miss a target, you
will return to the pipe, wasting time.

Filet Relay (Star rating: 1 player ***; 3 players **)

All the players wear penguin suits, and must waddle by repeatedly pressing A.
Move left and right with the joystick. Three players are in a team together,
and the other must do the entire course on their own. The object is to get a
fish to the penguins in an igloo at the end. The team of three passes it to
each other. If you're playing against three CPU characters, your only hope is
to be in the team of three, otherwise this will be almost impossible to win.
Also, don't press the buttons too fast or you will slip. Avoid the snowballs
and you will be okay.

Lights Out (Star rating: 1 player *; 2 players **)

This is dead easy (probably simplest if you're the lone player). Three players
hold torches, while the other holds a mallet. The lights go out and the player
with the mallet must hit the others (using A or B) to knock them out. You can
see them, because of their torch beams. If playing against a CPU - controlled
psycho, you can normally avoid concussion by running around the outside of the

Look Away (Star rating: ***)

When the music stops, each player must look up, down, left or right (use the
joystick), and if one of the players in the team of three looks in the same
direction as the single player, they're out. Players can move their heads for a
few seconds until they are frozen. The single player must knock out all the
other players to win.

Move to the Music (Star rating: 1 player *****; 3 players **)

This is similar to the TOAD Bandstand. One player has to create a dance using
the joystick, A, B and Z buttons. To do this, press a button whenever the box
on the stave passes over a note. The other players must memorise this. When it
is their turn, they each have a separate stave (with their face on) and they
must only perform a move when a note appears on the stave. Forget a move and
you're out; if all three players screw up, the "Dance Master" wins. If you're
playing the Dance Master against the CPU, then you have to be very lucky to win
or think of a ridiculously hard dance to follow (easier said than done).
Pressing a combnbation of direction keys usually works.

Quicksand Cache (Star rating:  ***)

One player dresses up as Bowser and controls the quicksand, to suck in as many
coins (and rivals) as possible. The other players have to run around the edge,
grabbing coins. Like Magnet Carta ad Dep Sea Salvage, there is no winner, but
the coins you grab are added to your total.

Shock Drop or Roll (Star rating:  1 player *****; 3 players ***)

Three players stand on a cylinder, while the other holds a lever. The latter
must pull the lever back and forth (using the joystick), while the others must
stay on by running in the opposite direction and jumping (with A). This is far
easier if you're controlling the lever.

5 Battle Guide

A Day at the Races (Star rating: N/A - down to luck)

This is completely down to chance; each player must select a winner in the race
(the choice being Whomp, Thwomp, Boo and Bob - Omb). The order of choosing is
always loser first, and winner last, so if you're in first place against the
CPU, then you'll have to hope it makes the wrong choices. The CPU also controls
the racers, and the events are purely random. Boo is probably the best
player,as he can teleport himself forward, while Bob Omb is usually the most
unreliable. Note that it is the first across the line that wins, and even if
Boo teleports over the finish line, he must reappear before another runner
crosses it.

Bowser's Big Blast (Star rating: N/A, down to luck)

Players take it in turns to run up to the Bowser head and choose a lever (press
A to push it). There are five levers and one will detonate the Bowser head, and
the player is out. When one player is gone, a lever will be lost. The last
player standing wins.

Bumper Balloon Cars (Star rating: ***)

Use the same controls as in Magnet Carta; you now have to use the spikes on
your cart to burst the balloons on the back of the other carts. My best tip is
to sit where you are, as the other cars cannot get your balloons in the
starting position, and only come into play when two carts are out. It's
naughty, but it usually works (unless another player manages to knock into you
and knock you sideways).

Crazy Cutters (Star rating: ****)

You will be given a fossil of either Blooper, Chain Chomp or a Cheep Cheep and
you must cut around it as well as you can (use the joystick). Points are
awarded for the cleanest cut. If doing Cheep Cheep, I recommend you go anti -
clockwise, as it is hard to see what is behind the character, and the left hand
side is very tricky to do if you cannot see where you have to go next. If you
make too big an error, or go too far, you lose your jackhammer and score

Face Lift (Star rating: *)

A character's face will appear on the screen and the computer will manipulate
it (e.g. pull out the nose, widen the face, etc.) Each player must do the same
to their picture. Hold A on a feature to grab it and move it using the
joystick. Like Crazy Cutters, points are earned on how well you did and the
highest score wins.

Grab Bag (Star rating: ***)

Each player has a bag containing mushrooms; you must snatch mushrooms from the
other players' bags, but avoid having it done to you. Press B to grab, and also
to wriggle free. One player will be given a golden mushroom. Try and have it on
you when time is up, as it is worth three mushrooms.

Hot Bob - Omb (Star rating: **)

I actually once dreamt I was playing a game like this for real! Throw the bomb
to another character with A and catch it with B, or you'll drop it and be
delayed for a few seconds. Eventually the bomb will blow up and whoever is
holding it is out. Play continues until one is left.

Raking Them In (Star rating: *****)

The prizes move round on a carousel, and you must drag them in by pressing A.
Make sure you don't get any purple mushrooms, or they deplete your total.
Golden mushrooms are worth three as usual.

6 Duel Guide

You can duel in Mini Game Land, or on the main boards. Int he latter, it can be
achieved by either:
Getting a duelling glove.
Landing on the same space as another player in the last five turns.
The player who initiates the duel gets to choose how many coins the winner

Saber Slashes (Pirate Land) Star rating: **

Goomba will show you a sequence of buttons to press. The first player to get
them in the right order wins.

Quick Draw Corks (Western Land) Star rating: **

The players (who have been transported to Monument Valley, Arizona) turn their
backs on eachother. Press A as fast as you can after Goomba says "Start" and
you will win by shooting your opponent.

Time Bomb (Space Land) Star rating: ***

Having a clock in the room is handy if playing against the CPU. Goomba will
tell you to press the detonator on your bomb (press A) a certain amount of time
after he says: "Start". Whoever is closest to the time wins.

Psychic Safari (Mystery Land) Star rating: *****

Two mushroom statues stand in the background. Summon up psychic energy by
pressing A and B alternately as many times as you can. The more times you do
it, the more powerful the relic becomes. The relics will now duel, the most
powerful one winning.

Mushroom Brew (Horror Land) Star rating: *

Simply look at what colour mushroom appears. If it's blue, press A, press B for
green and Z for grey. Your character will throw the corresponding colour
mushroom into their brew. Whoever makes the least mistakes is the winner.

Rock, Paper, MARIO (Bowser Land) Star rating: **

This is like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Press A to select Mario, B for Peach and Z
for Bowser. Remember:
Mario beats Bowser
Bowser beats Peach
Peach beats Mario
Bowser is the best option, as the CPU characters always seem to select Peach!

7 End of Game

When all the moves are done, you can (unless you selected "No Bonus" score
bonus stars for good game playing. These are awarded for most coins collected
in Mini Games, most coins collected in the game (including those you lost) and
most ? squares landed on.
Also the combined total of all coins remaining are put in the game bank, and
the stars are traded for 50 coins each. You can now use the coins to buy games
from the Mini Game Tree.

I hope this FAQ has been useful; if you spot a mistake, or something I missed,
email me: XPhileScaper1121@aol.com or GavLuvsGA@aol.com - just so long as its
nothing patronising like pointing out a speeling mistace!


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