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It's one crazy party! 07/05/02 ZGoldman
Mario Party is fun with 4 but boring with 1. 07/05/02 AlphabetMan
Become the Super Star by getting the most stars, coins, winning the most mini games, and/or landing on the special "?" spaces the most. Fun! 07/05/02 AMorozin
Great! One of the best party games yet 12/21/99 Corraiv
Mario & company play some board games, but this game is NOT for one person only. 08/22/00 Duke Nukem
A great party game 10/11/04 EmPlaya34388
This Game is the True Super Star! 05/25/05 FishTaco64
Like most parties, it isn't any fun if you're the only one that shows up. 01/11/02 HatesTheInternet
Will hurt your hand, but it's alright. 01/01/00 Haunter12O
Somebody order some pizza! 12/11/00 Icy Flame
Great game with 2 flaws.....Great gameplay! 07/05/02 Jdude84
This is one "Party" you can't afford to miss! 07/05/02 MasterReviewer
A fun party for you and your friends! 07/07/01 MI4 REAL
This game lasts forever....on a board anyways. 11/16/03 Monkey Masher
The best multiplayer game for the N64, VERY addicting. 07/05/02 Nint125
You can't have a party on your own 10/19/07 Ofisil
Let's party forever!! (Updated 7/2 2010) 07/06/10 Retroreviewer Productions
A great game which I prefer over the sequel! 10/15/00 starfoxrocs
Family party goodness from Nintendo... 07/05/02 Tenshi No Shi
Mario Party is an excellent Party game as it's title suggests, but not as exciting in single player. 01/01/00 tuvok47
Nintendo, Party Game? YEEHAW 08/14/02 XtremeGundamX
How the party got started! 09/08/08 zgmiletich

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Classic Game Room - MARIO PARTY review for N64 from Lord Karnage

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