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Originally, the Blue Shell item was to take on a role much akin to its modern variant: to balance races by knocking out only the person in first place. However, due to program limitations, the N64 couldn't aptly process the knocking out of each individual player that got near the Blue Shell without causing lag, so the Blue Shell item was programmed to knock out every player it met on the way to the one in first.

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Thwomp's laugh in this game is actually a slowed-down version of Wario's own laugh.

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Peach's castle from Super Mario 64 can be found in Royal Raceway, and is the location for the trophy celebrations at the end of each Cup.

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In the first showings of Mario Kart 64, it showed a Magikoopa racing with the characters. There was also a screenshot of the character selecting screen with Magikoopa. Magikoopa was later replaced with Donkey Kong.

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There was a huge rumor that "Marty", a Thwomp in Bowser's Castle could be playable. To unlock this "character", players would have to play as Bowser in Bowser's Castle, go around the big Bowser statue three times, and then play the track in reverse. Once the player gets back to the statue, they would have to go around the Bowser statue three more times and then finish the lap. Players were angry though when they found out that "Marty" could not be unlocked.

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Mario Kart 64's manual shows an icon on the map for Bowser's Castle which cautions the reader to watch out for falling rocks. There are no falling rock hazards on the stage.

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The game's beta version, known as Super Mario Kart R, had several deviations from the final product. Most noticeably, the select-your-player screen portraits face forward (rather than to the left) and a magikoopa -- seemingly Kamek from Yoshi's Island fame -- takes Donkey Kong's roster slot. Item boxes during races were jarring black cubes instead of the diamond-shaped, rainbow-hued forms they'd become. The Cape Feather from Super Mario Kart (SNES) also made a repeat appearance.

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Famous Quotes

I'm-a-Wario! I'ma gonna win!

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