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Mario's back at it again! 05/21/03 A B C
Get's boring pretty quickly 10/20/08 Boris_Fan_279
Let'sa Go! 07/07/08 DandyQuackShot
Young strugglers racing the clock, ain’t no telling when it all can end 06/23/03 Denouement
I'mma Wario, I'mma gonna win! 03/01/19 DouglasFett
A Great Racer on the Nintendo 64 12/25/07 dragoon6181
Congratulations Mario Kart64! You are Awarded the Gold Cup! 05/25/05 FishTaco64
Mario's back, in what must be the greatest racer of all time... 06/03/05 flat_tyre
If you liked the original, you won't feel disappointed here 07/06/05 GavLuvsGA
The racer that used to be God. 06/04/08 GodOfWarFanatic
The great debate on which version is better finally comes to an end! 05/05/00 Gruel
The Best Mario Kart 07/21/08 JoeB_91
An unbiased review written after the hype. 01/08/03 John The Ax
Good gameplay, graphics and sound, But does it make up for the loss of Koopa and the Feather power-up? 11/18/01 Lagunathemoron
In pole position. 08/01/18 Malorkus
Multiplayer racing on the N64 at it's best. 01/26/05 marchmadness1012
I really Don't See What Was So Great About This Game. 11/04/03 napster
I'm-a gonna wiiiiiin!! 08/08/04 plasmabeam
This is 10x better than Super Mario Kart and it always will be, end of story 06/20/04 REFreek
Grr... stupid blue shell! 01/08/07 Shivan Reincarnated
Mario Kart, a good choice for an Nintendo 64 game. 07/23/04 SSJ10Gohan
One Of The Best Games On Nintendo 64 07/19/03 THAguyINgta3
I Don't Normally Play Racing Games But This Game Rocks! 03/07/03 The Insane Gamer
Burn rubber the fun way! 03/23/03 Tokyo Fusion
Decent is the only word I can use for this disappointing sequel 05/13/03 XCommander
My friend whups with Bowser... HOW does she whup with BOWSER? 01/09/04 Xerian

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
I love this game, excellent gameplay, and great for parties. 02/02/00 Aristotle
It might not have Super in the name, but it sure is far better. 09/05/13 BimmyandJimmy
A great game.. but not as good as the original 01/13/01 Blackjack4x
I'ma gonna Weeeeen! 10/26/10 Blue Blob
If you buy this record your life will be better. 01/08/00 Daniel
An improvement over the first one. 12/20/09 DarkMark42
The best all around mario kart game so far 02/25/08 DiabolicalGamer
I may hate racing games, but this classic surprised me! 01/13/01 Earthshaker
What Happened To Koopa?????? 11/24/00 GeckoGreen
A fun game, but the AI is lacking 03/02/07 general531
A game that never, never gets old with a friend!! 01/13/01 Gizmo
Karting with a Mario twist. 03/07/00 GreenFlag
Great Racing If You Have A Few Friends! 01/13/01 Jdude84
Heh...get over you stupid mushroom!!! 02/15/00 KasketDarkfyre
Fun but primitive... 01/11/00 KeithKosh
Let me clear this up so that everyone understands. THIS GAME IS BETTER THAN THE SNES VERSION! 10/06/02 LordAtomic
Seriously the best game I've ever played. 08/16/10 McLovinR00Lz
I got a koopa shell and I am not afraid to use it... 07/24/01 MI4 REAL
A great racing game with a high multiplayer value! 04/30/01 mighty mosquito
What a bumer... 06/01/09 Ofisil
Mario Kart is back and better than ever 09/11/08 PentiumMMX
Even with a few problems, it still manages to be as fun as the original version 09/16/08 PentiumMMX
How does this Mario Kart stack up to the others? 03/16/02 Player Guy Forever
The best racing game you could buy on Nintendo 64 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
A nice little Mario Kart Wii teaser 02/04/08 quadruplesword
It got pretty boring after a while... 03/04/10 Retroreviewer Productions
Really Fun Racing Game 01/13/01 RHunter
Mario Kart Returns, This Time On The Wii 01/30/07 RockyStarPro
Mario Kart 64 is a very fun game! 01/05/09 Roguesquad6
Probably the best in the Mario Kart series 08/06/07 SharmHedgehog
Mommy, Mommy!! I want a go-kart just like theirs! 02/23/09 ShockeeperEZZ
It has a great personality, but it honestly isn't perfect. 01/26/15 SNES_64_DC_Xbox
Blue Shells FTW! 03/09/10 Sour
Mario kart is always fun, but is this game a big enough revolution from its predecessor? 01/08/08 ss__samy
Welcome to Mario Kart... again! 05/25/07 SuperPhillip
One of the best racing games ever 02/06/00 The Game
Not so good anymore but still fun with friends 02/02/07 TheFanBoyDestroyer
Great game but the emulation could have been better. 01/30/07 Ulknar
Nintendo does it again 10/10/07 wolverinefan
Porting the Classics: Mario Kart 64 style 03/05/07 xcamel24
It keeps the spirit alive!!! 08/14/02 XtremeGundamX
Mario's supposed to be at every kinda catagory to every console.......... 01/13/01 Yakuza
Kart series enters into the 64-bit!!! 12/16/02 YSF
Driving Insanity 07/21/08 zenGOSM

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Classic Game Room - MARIO KART 64 for Nintendo 64 review from Lord Karnage
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MARIO KART 64 (N64) (Teens React: Retro Gaming) from REACT

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