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Character Guide by AnimalCrosser13

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 06/17/05

Version *1.05*
Character Guide
        __  __               _          _  _              _
       |  \/  |  __ _  _ __ (_)  ___   | |/ / __ _  _ __ | |_
       | |\/| | / _` || '__|| | / _ \  | ' / / _` || '__|| __|
       | |  | || (_| || |   | || (_) | | . \| (_| || |   | |_
       |_|  |_| \__,_||_|   |_| \___/ _|_|\_\\__,_||_|    \__|
                            / /_  | || |
                           | '_ \ | || |_
                           | (_) ||__   _|
                            \___/    |_|

                           CHARACTER GUIDE

Table of Contents

This is the classic table of contents. This shows where everything is in my
guide. If you want to get to a certain spot in my guide, press Control and then
f and it should bring you to a search box. Type in the code next to each place
in my guide and it should bring you there. The codes are within the

I..............Introduction (!@)
II.............Version (@#)
III............Character Guide (#$)
 A...........Mario ($%)
 B...........Luigi (%^)
 C...........Peach (^&)
 D...........Toad (&*)
 E...........Yoshi (*-)
 F...........Donkey Kong (-~)
 G...........Wario (1!)
 H...........Bowser (2@)
IV.............FAQ (3#)
V..............What's to come (4$)
VI.............Credits (5%)

I. Introduction

Mario Kart 64 came out in 1996 for the Nintendo 64. It was the second of the
Mario Kart Games the first one being Super Mario Kart for the SNES. The game
grew in popularity and soon became one of the most popular Nintendo 64 games.

This game later had 2 sequels, Mario Kart: Super Circuit for Game Boy Advance
and Mario Kart: Double Dash for the Nintendo Gamecube. Both are very good
games but many people still believe Mario Kart 64 was the best of them all.

This guide is here to answer all the questions a lot of people are asking on 
the message boards and other places. This guide covers everything about the
different characters to choose from in the game. This game has 8 different 
characters and a lot of people wonder what the best character for them is. 
This guide was written so that people can figure out what characters they 
should use and where.

I hope you can get some use out of my guide. If you have comments keep them to
yourself, I don't want a lot of mail. And NO, you may not use this guide on any
other site besides GameFAQs as of now. That is subject to change, but probably
won't. If you find any important mistakes please post in my topic on the Mario
Kart 64 board.

II. Version

This section of my guide shows what and when I've made changes to the guide. I
go by a 0.00 scale, 1.00 being complete, 0.00 being not started. After 1.00 I 
may still add more or fix small problems. An increase of 0.01 is a very small
change or addition, 0.10 is a large change or addition, and 1.00 is a huge 
very large addition.

Version *0.00* 12/9/03
-Just started writing this guide.

Version *0.10* 12/9/03
-Started work on the guide
-Added II. Version Section
-Added Table of Contents
-Added I. Introduction
-Added Credits

Version *0.20* 12/9/03
-Started Character Guide
-Added Mario's section

Version *0.30* 12/10/03
-Added in Poll Data
-Added Luigi's section
-Added Speed-Codes

Version *0.50* 12/10/03
-Added Peach's section
-Added Toad's section

Version *0.70* 12/11/03
-Added FAQ section
-Added Yoshi's section
-Added What's to Come section

Version *0.90* 12/14/03
-Added D.k.'s section
-Added Wario's section

Version *1.00* 12/16/03
-Added Bowser's section
-Finished Guide!!!

Version *1.01* 12/17/03
-Fixed some small errors regarding Bowser's section

Version *1.03* 4/6/05
-Fixed minor spelling errors
-Fixed some stat issues
-Added a question to the FAQ section

Version *1.05* 6/17/05
-Fixed all spelling errors
-Fixed all grammar errors
III. Character Guide

For each character I'm going to include a description of the character,
history of the character, the time it takes them to reach 30 kmph, 50 kmph, 
what their top speed is, how long it takes to reach that speed, and
information about their weight classes.

Each character is going to be given at the end of their information thing a 
scoring. I score on a 1-5 scoring. The categories will be Acceleration, Top 
Speed, and Weight.

On the Mario Kart 64 message board is poll for favorite character. I will be
including the information for that poll below:

Total: 119

Mario: 8
Luigi: 3
Peach: 11
Toad: 28
Yoshi: 36
Donkey Kong: 8
Wario: 18
Bowser: 17

Thank You peach freak for this information.

Note: All information regarding time to get to a certain speed was done 4
times to ensure accuracy and was done starting at 0 kmph and was done on the
straight away on Luigi Raceway. on the road.
Note2: All Top Speeds are what they can get to WITHOUT boosts, turbo, or
anything else.

A. Mario

Mario is tied for oldest and most well known out of all the other racers. He
was originally in the old game Donkey Kong for Arcade. He's been in many games
, so many I won't even start to count. He is a short fat Italian plumber, he 
always wears a full red suit, and he has a huge nose. Mario's full name is 
Mario Mario. He has a brother named Luigi and he has a girlfriend named 
Princess Peach. He also has a pet named Yoshi who is either a dragon or
dinosaur. Mario is a good driver for beginners as he is very well rounded. He
also has his own track, Mario Raceway.

Cart Color: Red
Time to get to 30 kmph: 2.10 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 3.30 seconds
Top Speed: 68 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 5.10 seconds
Weight Class: Medium
Percent of votes: 7%

Mario has very average stats. His times are very close to Luigi's. Mario's
weight class is average meaning he can be very useful in battle mode because 
he can smash little guys and can still move reasonably fast.

Acceleration: 3
Top Speed: 3
Weight: 3.5
Total: 9.5

B. Luigi

Luigi, the often forgotten brother, is the only other medium weight/size in 
Mario Kart 64 besides Mario. Luigi first made his debut in Super Mario Brother
s. He is normally just playing a part as sidekick or 2-player's character but
he actually starred in his own game, Luigi's Mansion. He's very similar to 
his brother Mario. Luigi's full name is Luigi Mario. Luigi is also a good 
choice for beginners as he has very similar stats to Mario. He also has his 
own track, Luigi Raceway.

Cart Color: Green
Time to get to 30 kmph: 1.80 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 3.50 seconds
Top Speed: 68 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 5.30 seconds
Weight Class: Medium
Percent of Votes: 3%

Luigi is very close to Mario, the only difference is Luigi is slightly faster
at getting to 30 kmph and Mario is slightly faster at getting to 50 kmph. They
have the same Top Speed and Weight. Mario also is slightly slower at getting
to his top speed, but the difference is very small. I personally think that
if you like Mario try Luigi, you'll probably like him.

Acceleration: 3
Top Speed: 3
Weight: 3.5
Total: 9.5

C. Peach

Peach is the princess of the whole Mario story. She gets kidnapped by Bowser
in most of the games and then rescued by Mario at the end of most of the games
. Peach wears all pink and white and normal princess colors. She's just an
average princess. Peach is not very popular as a character but is still very
useful overall. Peach originally was named Pauline in the game Donkey Kong,
but her name changed soon afterwards.

Kart Color: Pink
Time to get to 30 kmph: 1.10 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 2.00 seconds
Top Speed: 68 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 3.80 seconds
Weight Class: Light
Percent of votes: 9%

Peach is very useful because she has a top speed of 68, same as Mario and
Luigi and she has better acceleration. Her only flaw is that by going fast and
having little weight she can get smashed much easier. This still doesn't stop
her from being one of the best karts.

Acceleration: 4.5
Top Speed: 3.5
Weight: 1.5
Total: 9.5

D. Toad

Toad is has been normally thought of as just a villager. He never really
gained a role of importance until Mario Kart 64 came out. He's the 2nd most 
popular and from getting popular in this game he's become a star in even more
games, for instance being the host in Mario Party 1, 2, 3, and a board leader
in Mario Party 4! Toad is a short stout little guy with his distinguishing
mark being a huge mushroom on his head. This character is one of the most
threatening despite his size. He also has his own level, Toad's Turnpike, a 
long level with lots of traffic.

Kart Color: Blue
Time to get to 30 kmph: 0.80 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 2.20 seconds
Top Speed: 66 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 3.80 seconds
Weight Class: Light
Percent of votes: 23%(wow!)

Toad is definitely a speedy little guy. He has the fastest 30 kmph time and
2nd fastest 50 kmph time. He also has a disadvantage with being light and 
quick but less so than Peach because Toad can get back on his feet much
quicker because of high acceleration. Just don't use him for Battle Mode!

Acceleration: 5
Top Speed: 2
Weight: 2
Total: 9

E. Yoshi

Yoshi, the green dinosaur, first starred in Super Mario World for the SNES. 
Yoshi is one of the most popular of the characters and for good reason. Yoshi
uses his tongue as his main weapon in most of his games. Yoshi also has 2 of
his own games, Yoshi's Story for SNES and Yoshi's Story for N64. He has also
starred in the Mario Party games. Yoshi has also been found in other colors
in the other games, but in this one he remains green. Yoshi also has his own
level in this game, Yoshi's Valley, a very confusing maze-like race with the
places of the players unknown until the end.

Kart Color: Light Green
Time to get to 30 kmph: 1.00 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 2.40 seconds
Top Speed: 66 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 3.20 seconds
Weight Class: Light
Percent of vote: 32% (the most)

Yoshi is second in acceleration only to Toad but Yoshi gets to his high speed
the fastest out of anyone. He also has the largest percent of the vote. Also
his weight is an ok score for a light-weight because his high acceleration 
lets him comeback from falls easily.

Acceleration: 5
Top Speed: 2
Weight: 2
Total: 9

F. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is tied for oldest character with Mario. Donkey Kong first appeared
in Donkey Kong and later became well known for being in the Mario Kart series,
Mario Party series, Donkey Kong World, 1 ,2 ,and 3. He also is the star of
Donkey Kong 64. He's a monkey, and older brother to Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong
also has his own race track, Dk's Jungle Parkway. This map is set in a Jungle 
with lots of trees and a river.

Kart Color: Yellow
Time to get to 30 kmph: 2.00 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 2.60 seconds
Top Speed: 70 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 4.20 seconds
Weight Class: Heavy
Percent of Vote: 7%

Donkey Kong is a very average character. He's right in the middle for
acceleration and top speed within his weight class. Donkey Kong is my personal
favorite after Bowser and Luigi.

Acceleration: 1
Top Speed: 4
Weight: 5
Total: 10

G. Wario

Wario is the second youngest of the racers, after Yoshi. Wario, also known as
Mario's rival, first appeared in Wario Land for GameBoy. Wario is an overweight
greedy guy. He has a mustache like Mario and has yellow and purple overalls.
His racetrack, Wario Stadium. This race track has many turns and a huge jump
near the end. It is in a dirt-bike like stadium.

Kart Color: Purple
Time to get to 30 kmph: 2.00 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 2.70 seconds
Top Speed: 70 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 4.00 seconds
Weight Class: Heavy
Percent of Votes: 15%

Wario is very, very, close is stats with D.k. Wario has slightly better acc.
when it comes down to Top Speed time but D.k. is faster at getting to 50 kmph.
Overall though they are very similar. Wario is fairly popular, 15% of the

Acceleration: 1
Top Speed: 4
Weight: 5
Total: 10

H. Bowser

Now for Bowser, last but not least, the koopa king. Bowser has been the great
bad guy, mastermind, kidnapper in most of Mario's games except Mario Land 2,
and Super Mario RPG where he joins forces with Mario to destroy Smithy. Bowser
is a huge dragon that comes in many sizes. He's largest in Mario 64 and
Super Mario Sunshine. In the other games he's about the same size as Mario.
Bowser can breathe fire and pound into the ground to smash people. Bowser 
also has his own racetrack, Bowser's Castle. The track is a huge castle with
whomps and lava pits.

Kart Color: Red
Time to get to 30 kmph: 2.10 seconds
Time to get to 50 kmph: 2.50 seconds
Top Speed: 70 kmph
Time to get to Top Speed: 3.50 seconds
Weight Class: Heavy
Percent of votes: 14%

Bowser is the fastest of all the heavy-weights. He is also very heavy, just
like the others, but because of his high speed Bowser's weight is easier to
use to his advantage as far as slamming into others. Bowser is my personal
favorite. I hugely advise him for all heavy-weight lovers. He truly is the
koopa king.

Acceleration: 2
Top Speed: 4
Weight: 5
Total: 11

+Character Totals: +
+                  +
+Mario: 9.5        +
+Luigi: 9.5        +
+Peach: 9.5        +
+Toad: 9           +
+Yoshi: 9          +
+D.k.: 10          +
+Wario: 10         +
+Bowser: 11        +

This section is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this game
. I will try to answer these questions as best as I can.

Q: Who is the best character?
A: Well, you obviously know that I'm going to say they're all about equal. 
But there are still some choices that should definitely be looked at. 
After looking at all the overall scores I've decided that the top 2 are Bowser 
and Peach.

Q: Is it possible to get onto the boat on DK's Jungle Parkway?
A: No, if you hit the boat you just fly up in the air and land in the water
where Lakitu pulls you out.

Q: How much does this game cost?
A: I'm not exactly sure but I think it is around $12-$20 at Gamestop or E.B.

Q: Should I buy this game?
A: I personally think you should but you should probably read some reviews
first. I especially advise reading the review by Aristotle.

Q: Why did your spelling and adding suck so much in earlier versions?
A: Well, I was young and stupid. Before I had Bowser with 5 points for top
speed when Wario and D.K. with equal top speeds got only 4 and 3.5 points.
Maybe my subconscious favored Bowser and made me up his score. Who knows?

V. What's to Come

This I will add in upcoming versions:
-Best tracks for each character

VI. Credits

I would like to give thanks to the following people for their help with this 
 +Me for typing this thing out
 +CJayC for hopefully posting this on GameFAQs
 +Nintendo for making such a great game
 +My friend Ryan for reading over and giving feedback about my guide
 +peach freak for making a poll of favorite characters
 +My friend Dennis for reading over and giving feedback about my guide and
  helping me with spelling and minor errors.
 +My even more useful friend Eric who found tons of errors.

Copyright AnimalCrosser13 2005

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
 private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
 web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
 violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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