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Reviewed: 10/30/03

A teaser in more ways than one

Capcom has had a history for making Disney games in the past. For the NES there was Mickey's Mousecapades (co-produced with Hudson), Ducktales and Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, on the Gameboy there was Mickey's Dangerous Chase and most notably on the SNES there was the Magical Quest series. In Capcom's N64 recession, their debut title on the console was also a Disney game, however it was also a Tetris game. With all due respect to Alexis Pajitnov, Capcom on the other hand was lazy in practice.


Now I love Tetris just as much as the next guy but come on, too many people keep making spin-offs from it. Why would THIS game be any different? Aside from the Mickey Mouse motif and non-conventional Tetris music. there are a few tweaks. As the game action intensifies, you will get strange Tetris pieces that exceed 4 blocks and will throw off your style. It'll be harder to fit a 5x5 block piece in gaps you had for 't' pieces for example but on the plus side, you may get a 1x5 piece which will net you a 'Pentris' for some mad points.

For those who have a hard time concentrating on where to land pieces, the Temporary Landing System is here to help. It displays a sillouette of your tetrad on where it COULD land and pushing UP on the CONTROL PAD will instantaneously land the piece there which I strongly suggest you do more often as the story mode is very fast paced later in the game.



Since the game is 2D and doesn't require much of the N64's CPU, sound effects are clear but not exploited. Tetris pieces drop, chimes will sound, steam whistles will blow. It's mostly 16-bit fare to match the 32-bit sprites. Sadly there are NO voices for the characters. A low blow for a Disney game but also puzzle games. Modern puzzle games usually have character voices, annoying or cute, it gives the game atmosphere. Since this is a Tetris game though, I think we'll let that slide.



A lot of the music is catchy but cute doesn't describe it.
Mickey's theme is happy and electronic and makes you want to get into the game more, Minnie's theme sounds like something you'd hear at a department store or on an educational video, Goofy's theme sounds like something that should have been on either PilotWings or Harvest Moon, Pete and the gang's theme sounds like typical boss and final boss music. I suppose the theme that stands out the most to me is Donald's theme, because it sounds like softcore porno music. I KID YOU NOT! All in all, the music is all good but I'm surprised that Disney Interactive approved of Donald's music because that sounds like it's going to work AGAINST them (those who know of the controversy surrounding films such as 'The Little Mermaid' and 'The Lion King' don't be shy)



2D Disney sprites that move to the best of Capcom's ability (if were on very limited CPS-2 arcade hardware). Colorful Tetris pieces and CGI modeled backdrops for Tetris matches. Not the N64's strongest, even for a sprite based game. The graphics are clear but not really something to brag about. Some of them make me wonder if Capcom tried to make a 4th Mickey Mouse platformer on the N64...


Replay value?

I doubt anyone would play through Story Mode more than once, but on the other hand I don't think people would play this game beyond the story mode. Sure there's multiplayer mode, but younger audiences have a hard impulsive time understanding Tetris and older audiences that play puzzle games like Tetris will probably play the game for laughs or under the influence of outside substances. The mishapen pieces and 1x5 pentris pieces aren't enough to come back for more, they harm the game more than it helps.


Rent or Buy?

Since the game is now $5 or $10 at a used game store, I strongly suggest renting the game. Unless you are a Tetris collector or Disney collector, don't bother picking up this game if you are looking for a good time to spend 30 minutes.

Rating: 6

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