1. Vu Thai Dang Additional Design
  2. Barry Dorf Additional Design
  3. Ted Fitzgerald Additional Design
  4. Sean House Additional Design
  5. Jake Neri Additional Design
  6. Steve Sims Additional Design
  7. Scott Slaby Additional Design
  8. Jeremy Cooper Additional Stadium Artist
  9. Wesley Grandmont Additional Stadium Artist
  10. Dave Mathieu Additional Stadium Artist
  11. Eric Remboldt Additional Stadium Artist
  12. Steven Waller Art Manager
  13. Scott Slaby Assistant Producer
  14. Rob Jones Associate Producer
  15. David Whittaker Audio Director
  16. Ian Schmidt Audio Programmer
  17. Donnie Worley Cinematic Artist
  18. Eric Kohler Cinematics and Animation Artist
  19. Don Barnes Cinematics and Stadium Artist
  20. Dale Jackson Development Director
  21. James Brown EA Studio Host
  22. John Schappert Executive in Charge of Development
  23. Scott Orr Executive Producer
  24. Rob Jones Game Design
  25. Red Cashion Guest Referee
  26. Darryl S. Duncan In Game and Cinematic Sound Effects
  27. Jorge Rosado Interface and Stadium Artist
  28. Holly Ruark-Mesick Interface Artist
  29. Jeremy Paulding Interface Programmer
  30. Deon du Plessis Interface Programmer
  31. Keelan Stuart Interface Programmer
  32. Marek Telgarsky Interface Programmer
  33. Jason Andersen Low Level Programmer
  34. Mike Pendowski Madden Intro Theme
  35. Joe Aska Motion Capture Talent
  36. Bill Musgrave Motion Capture Talent
  37. Gary Plummer Motion Capture Talent
  38. Daryl Price Jr. Motion Capture Talent
  39. John Taylor Motion Capture Talent
  40. Tommy Thompson Motion Capture Talent
  41. Eric Turner Motion Capture Talent
  42. Jim Wahler Motion Capture Talent
  43. Pat Summerall Play by Play
  44. Jake Neri Play by Play Scripting
  45. Benjamin Yu Play Diagram Artist
  46. Jim Spoto Player Modeling
  47. Mike Park Player Modeling and Animation Artist
  48. Diana Salles Player Modeling and Texture Artist
  49. Sandy Sandoval Player Relations
  50. Ted Fitzgerald Producer
  51. John Rotolo Program Manager
  52. James Bailey Project Manager
  53. Shelly Eckenroth Public Relations
  54. Charlie Scibetta Public Relations
  55. Steve Bono QB Audibles
  56. Steve Sims Senior Producer
  57. Ken Felton Sound Effects
  58. Luke Mosling Stadium and Portrait Artist
  59. Christian Holmes Stadium Artist
  60. Sergio Vanelli Stadium Artist
  61. Jake Neri Stadium/Website Approvals
  62. John Madden Strategy and Play Design
  63. Rocky Capella Stunt Coordinator
  64. Rocky Capella Stunt Performer
  65. Mike Martinez Stunt Performer
  66. Dave Renaud Stunt Performer
  67. Jason Hayes Team art and Stadium Artist
  68. Lenny Williams Team art and Storyboard Artist
  69. James Brookes Tiburon 3-D Programmer
  70. Stuart Riffle Tiburon 3-D Programmer
  71. Benjamin Scott Rich Tiburon Game Programmer
  72. Dave Swanson Tiburon Lead Programmer
  73. Mike Weilbacher Tools and Interface Manager
  74. Jerry Newton Video Operations Manager
  75. Ernest Adams Video Producer
  76. Eric Kornblum Video Specialist


Data and credits for this game contributed by Baseman, Blueberry Buttface, BolerosCloud, KeeperBvK, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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