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Reviewed: 12/27/01 | Updated: 12/27/01

Intense football action!

Out of all the football games ever made, Madden 64 may not have the best graphics, best commentary or best music. But I'll tell you one thing that simply rocks this game:Fun. I've never played a football game yet a sports game that has been so fun. If you don't have this game then buy it now!

Graphics 7.5
You can see everything clearly although the fans seem a little blocky. The players have no team logos but at least they wear the right colors. Sometimes the players seem to go through each other on Instant Replay. Overall the graphics are above-average but nothing special.

Control 8
The controls may take awhile to memorize, but once you get the hang of it you can beat any team. Although sometimes pressing the wrong button can mean the difference between a sack and a touchdown.

Sound/Commentary 8
You can hear the cheers and yells from the fans as the game goes on. Theres also a few grunts from the football players after the snap. They also have quite a few touchdown phrases. John Madden repeats the same thing over and over. It would've been better if he had said things like; ''Maybe this guys exercised too much!''. Pat Summerall however, keeps you listening with the play by play. Unlike Madden, Summerall says things like where the ball is, what down it is, etc. Thus he doesn't repeat the same thing like Madden. Overall, the commentary could've been a little better.

Music 6
There are few themes in sports games including this one. Fortunately, this doesn't hurt the score much because what would you rather do, Beat the crap out of your opponent, or listen to some dopey music? I thought so...

Story N/A
Your a football team trying to win the super bowl. Thats pretty much it.

Gameplay 10
There is all the teams in the NFL as well as all your favorite NFL superstars. There is also great features such as create-a-player, and releasing players that are no good. You can choose the stadium and weather. Make it snow it Florida! There is also tons of injures ranging from a broken collarbone to a ruptured disk. All these options keep you coming back for more!

Challenge Easy
You can change the difficulty of the game, but if you pick the All Madden team, than you can probably win on any difficulty.

Replay 10
With so many features, options, plays, and teams, Madden 64 is a game you cannot resist!

Buy or Rent
BUY!!!! However if your still not sure about it, then rent it first to see how it is.You can find it for about 20 bucks(give or take five dollars)at Gamestop.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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