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Move List and Guide by PMcCarron

Version: 0.97 | Updated: 07/21/1997

                      Mace: The Dark Ages FAQ v.97
                   by Justin Thomas & Patrick McCarron

-=-=[ What's New in .97 ]=-=-  (Updated 7/21/97)
- Koyasha's execution added.
- Added Pojo code and moves.
- Added Fatal and moves for Dregen and moves for Hellknight.
- Added story for Xiao.
- Namira's Execution added.
- Lot of combos added.
- New secret characters and lots of special moves!!!
- Stage selection and secret stages...
- Tons of combos added!

-=-=[ Codes ]=-=-
Secret Stages:
Move to indicated characters and hit start after each one.

Battle in a Mini Golf Course (Koyasha, Mordus Kull, Takeshi)
Battle at Machu Pichu (Namira, Koyasha, Taria)
Battle in the Castle (Mordus Kull, Taria, Ragnar)
Battle in San Francisco Rush (Xiao Long, Al' Rashid, Koyasha)
Battle with a Big Noggin' (Ragnar, Al' Rashid, Takeshi)
Battle in Micronaut Mode (Takeshi, Al' Rashid, Ragnar, Xiao Long)
Battle in Super Speed Grid Mode (Ichiro, Xiao Long, Koyasha)
Battle the Random A.I. (Hell Knight, Xiao Long, Dregan, Namira)

Stage Selection:
Go to character's portrait and hit start 4 times then select your
character like normal.

-=-=[ Key ]=-=-
B = Back, D = Down, F = Forward, J = Jump, Q = Quick, S = Strong, K = Kick,
E = Evade, QCT = Quarter Circle Toward, QCB = Quarter Circle Back,
HCT = Half Circle Toward, HCB = Half Circle Back
All characters have counter-attacks:  QCT, E followed by Q or S.   
All characters have throws:  F + Q.
Picking up Objects:  Next to object hit D + S
Counters:  QCT, E
If no distance on fatals stand close.

-=-=[Secret Characters ]=-=-
Mace has a total of six secret characters (including a playable Grendel).
Four of these will be time-release, beginning one month after the release
of the arcade game.  Look for them beginning around July 1.  

=[ Grendel ]=
Grendal is a savage monster who is at once less than and more than a 
man.  A tormented soul trapped in a demon's body, he has scattered 
memories of once being human, of having a family.  Those memories have 
been obliterated by decades of oppressive killing, forced to do the 
bidding of Asmodeus.   

-[ Selection ]-
Win three 2-player games. On the fourth 2-player game, go to Executioner.
Press evade, then start. You should have Grendel now.

-[ Moves ]-
Earthquake - Q + S + K 
Trip and Hammer - HCB, S, S
Shoulder Ram - F, F, S shoulder ram
Uppercut - HCT, Q 
Head Ram Followed with a Hit - B, Q + S, S
Railroad Treatment  - Q + S, Q + S, Q + S

-[ Combos ]-
7-hit - B + K, K, B, F + Q, Q + S, Q + S, Q + S, Q + S 

-[ Fatality ]-

=[ Hellknight ]=
Sent from hell to retrieve the Mace and slay the rogue demon Asmodeus.

-[ Selection ]-

-[ Combos ]-

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Tail Swipe - D, F, S (can be followed by S)
Tailblast - D, F, Q

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Two Chops - B, Q + S
Block High Chop	- HCB, Q
Anti-crouch - F + Q + S 
Reverse sweep - B + K
Tee off - S, S, S + Q 

-[ Fatality ]-

=[ Pojo ]=

-[ Selection ]-
Pick Taria and do her Execution. Then, at the next character
select screen hold down start and evade and move the cursor 
over on to Taria. 

-[ Moves ]-
Egg Launch - Jump up and press Q & S
Charge - B, F + Q
Explosion - Q + S + K
Jump Kick - HCB + S

-[ Combos ]-

-[ Fatality ]-
- Tap forward 4 or 5 times and press K (close)

=[ Sir Dregan ]=
Undead crusader on a mission.  Empowered by Asmodeus, he 
was one of the original Covenant of Seven and now seeks the Mace 
to discover and slay the stealer of his soul.

-[ Selection ]-

-[ Combos ]-

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
SpinSkin - Hold S, release
Shield Slam - B, F, S
Uppercut - F, D, F, S

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-:	
Spine Cruncher - F + K
Shinsplitter - B, D, F, K
Head Ache - D, F, Q
Spin shot (left)  - E + Q 
	  (right) - E + S
Big Chop - F + Q + S

-[ Fatality ]-
Dregan opens a portal underneath his opponent. Then the opponent is sucked

=[ Warmech ]=

-[ Selection ]-

-[ Combos ]-

-[ Specials ]-
Wherever you are - Q + S
Double Slam (anticrouch)  - F + Q + S
Windmill - F + S (repeated S)

-[ Fatality ]-

-=-=[ Moves & Characters ]=-=-
=[ Al' Rashid ]=
Master Assassin hired by one of the Seven to bring back the
Mace of Tanis.

-[ Combo Starters ]-
Dazzle blades - B + S (will block an attack if timed right)

-[ Combos ]-
7-hits - B + S, Then Charge S, Q, Release S
8-hits - B + S, S, S, Then Charge S, Q, Release S
11-hits - B + S, S, S, Q, HCT, S (hold S), HCT, Q, Release S

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Sand Devil - Hold S, release
Spinning Uppercut - F, D, F, S
Flashcut left/right - QCT, S or QCT, Q (one can follow the other)
Blade Tornado - HCB, S
Air Move - B, F, S (fast done in air)

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Double Chop - F + Q + S (anti crouch)

-[ Fatality ]-
Slices off your arms, head, mid section, and then kicks what is left of
you over.
- HCT, B, S

=[ The Executioner ]=
Freelance torturer who seeks the ultimate power for himself.

-[ Combos ]-
7-Hit - B + Q, Q, Q, B, F, Q, HCB, S
6-hit - Q, Q, S, B, F, Q, HCF, S
5-Hit - B + Q, Q, Q, HCF, S
5-Hit - B + Q, Q, Q, B + S
4-Hit - S, K, Q, QCF, Q

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Hookswing - HCT, S (Hooks enemy and throws them)
Corpse Kiss - QCT, Q
Devastator - B, F, Q

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Sweepchop - HCB, S (Sweep then anti-crouch)

-[ Fatality ]-
Takes his axe and cuts off your head execution style.

=[ Koyasha ]=
Testing her skills as a master of the ninjitsu arts, she seeks to
kill Asmodeus.

-[ Combos ]-
8-hit - E + S, S, S, Spin Kick, Spin Kick, Spin Kick, F + Q + S
8-Hit - S, Q, K, QCB, K, QCB, K, QCB, K, QCF, Q, QCF, Q

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Spin Kick - QCT, K (can be done 3X)
Deception - HCT, S
Electric Shuriken - HCT, Q, (tap Q again for another one)

-[ Stand Alone Specials: ]-
Heel Drop - HCB, K (anti-crouch)
Viper teeth - F + Q + S (anti-crouch)
Dragon Uppercut - F, D, F, S

-[ Fatality ]-
Stabs opponent repeatedly, like Mileena on acid...
- B, F, B, F, Q

=[ Lord Deimos ]=
Hundreds of years old, Deimos rules his people with an iron
fist.  Member of the Covenant of Seven, he seeks to usurp power to expand
his kingdom.

-[ Combo Starters ]-
Iron Fist - B + Q

-[ Combos ]-
7-Hit - B + Q, S, S, HCF + S, B, F, S, B, F, S
6-Hit - B + Q, S, S, F, F, S, B, F, S, B, F, S
4-Hit - B + Q, S, S, Q + S, Q + S, B + Q + S
3-Hit - S, F, F, S, B, F, S
3-Hit - HCF, S, QCF, Q

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Soul kick - B, F, K
Flame Column - QCT, Q
Hellicopter - HCT, S

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Homerun swing - Q + S
Mega Thrust - B + Q + S (press Q when hitting to toss)

-[ Fatality ]-
Impales you on his incredibly small sword...
- F, HCT, S

=[ Mordos Kull ]=
Legendary mercenary.  After his family and then his foster
family were killed before him, Kull has spent his orphaned youth thinking
of nothing but revenge against the Seven.

-[ Combos ]-
7-Hit Q, S, Q, B, F, K, B, F, K, B, F, S, F, D, DF, S
8-Hit Q, S, Q, HCF, S, B, F, K, B, F, K, B, F, K
3-Hit B+S, B, F, S, F, D, DF, S
3-Hit HCF, S, F, D, DF, S
4-Hit K, B, F, K, B, F, K, B+K

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Dragons' Bane - F, D, F, S
Shield Blast - B, F, S (follow by Dragons' Bane)
Side Kick - B, F, K (can be done 3X)

-[ Stand Alone Specials: ]-
Block High, Go Low - HCB, Q (Defensive attack)

-[ Fatality ]-
Knocks  you in the air then proceeds to knock you into paste.
- D, D ,B ,S

=[ Namira ]=
Harem girl and lost princess, Namira mastered the deadly art of
scimitar fighting from a court eunoch.  She seeks revenge on Al'Rashid and
the Seven.

-[ Combos ]-
9-hit - K, S, Q, B + Q, Q, S, B + S, S, Q + S + K
6-hit - S, B + S, S, QCF, K, K, Q + S + K

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Spin Left - B + Q (can follow with another spin by hitting Q again)
Spin Right - B + S (can follow with another spin by hitting S again)
Dervish Twirl - Q + S + K

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Desert Shadow - F + Q + S (anti crouch)
Arabesque - B, F, K (anti crouch)

-[ Fatality ]-
The shrinker...
- D, D, B, F, K

=[ Ragnar Bloodaxe ]=
Prince of Torsgard, his family and village were murdered
by the power-hungry Deimos.  He seeks revenge, hoping the power of the Mace
can restore his beloved land. 

-[ Combos ]-
7-Hit - B + S, S, S, Q, (QCF, S,) and hold S (QCF, Q), Release S
6-Hit - S, Q, Q, B, F, K
5-Hit - S, Q, Q, QCF, S
4-Hit - Q+S, B, F, K

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Vallhala Sweep - HCB, S
Frenzy - F + tap Q quickly
Rolling Uppercut - B, F, K

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Head Rush - B + Q + S (sends character flying)
Thor's Vengeance - F + Q + S (anti-crouch)
Thunder - B, F, Q

-[ Fatality ]-
- HCT, B, K 

=[ Takeshi ]=
Son of the Japanese Emperor, Takeshi has been trusted to prevent
the evil power of the Seven from spreading to Japan.  He also searches for
his lost brother Ichiro.

-[ Combo Starters ]-
Steel Waterfall - HCB, S

-[ Combos ]-
8-hits - HCB, S, B, F, K, Q, Q, S, B, F, S, F + S , HCF, S

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Flipping Uppercut - HCT, S
Energy Palm - B, F, S (can be followed by S and then another special)
Hop Kick - B, F + K

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]- 
Zen Dodge - E +  S
Dodge Slash - Tap B + Q

-[ Fatality ]-
Slices you in half with the katana.

=[ Taria ]=
Powerful sorceress and the daughter of the Malanoche de Castillo,
one of the Covenant of Seven.  Taria aspires to become a demoness and
conquer hell itself.   She's  mean enough to do it.

-[ Combos ]-
7-Hit - B + Q, Q, Q, S, HCF+S, QCF+Q
7-Hit - B + Q, Q, Q, S, HCF+S, QCF+K

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
Flip Kick - QCT, K
Fireball - QCT, Q
Rush forward - B, F, S (can by followed by Flipkick)

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Bladegeyser - F, D, Q (can be followed by special)

-[ Fatality ]-
Turns you into a chicken.
- Hold S and release (sweep)

=[ Xiao Long ]=
Born the son a Chinese Warlord, Xiao Long was trained early in the skills 
of martial combat.  In the feudal battles that raged across the Mongolian 
steppes, warlords would commonly torture in public any enemies that were 

-[ Combos ]-
12-hit - (S) Charge Strong, Q, K, Release Strong, HCF, Q, D + S, HCF + S
10-Hit - S (hold), Q, K, (release S), HCB, S
9-Hit - S (hold), Q, K, (release), Q+S
3-Hit - S, Q, HCF, K
4-Hit - Q, K, K, HCB, K

-[ Comboable Specials ]-
1000 Staffs - Hold S, release
Flying Kick - HCT, K

-[ Stand Alone Specials ]-
Mystic Orb - Hold B, F, S (holds victim still for 1.5 sec)
Low-High - HCB, S (sweeps then chops)
Overhand - F + Q + S (can be followed by a Q or Flying Kick)

-[ Fatality ]-
Tears out your heart.
- B, F, B, F, S

-=-=[ Credits ]=-=-
- Atari Games for making this kickass game!!!
- Patrick McCarron for the idea.
- Last of course myself.
- Ricochet2U@aol.com for fatalities...
- blackrain - blackrain@vipxlnet.com for a Ragnar Combo
- Chris Alton - e.alton@internetmci.com for Grendal Code and
  special moves for him.
- Weiand@aol.com for Mordus Kull's Execution.
- BADRoCK (aka PR0NKiNG) for Xiao's fatal and combos.
- Otis Lande for combos and Namira's execution.
- The Mace team for Koyasha's execution.
- Richard Griffith for lots of secret people specials!!!

-=-=[ E-Mail ]=-=-
- 3D Killer = just@infoave.net
- McCarron = pat@rat.org

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