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    FAQ/Move List by Atari Games

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                                   MACE: The Dark Ages
                                      by Atari Games
                                FAQ Written by Atari Games
    The game plays alot like souledge in a way, but uses different techniques
    and moves. The gameplay is not as fast as souledge. The graphics are awesome
    and kick ass.
    It's 1273 a.d. Europe, Asia and Arabia are ravaged by unchecked war, pov-
    erty, and despair. Among the greatest warriors of the time are Seven who
    have made a pact with the demon Asmodeus to live forever. Not content with
    just immortality, the Seven now hunger to wield the ultimate power: the dark
    magic of the Mace of Tanis, controlled Asmodeus. Opposing them are warriors
    who see the Sevens' reign of terror ended, heroes whose families have been
    destroyed, and those who seek to prevent their native lands from corruption
    Asmodeus and the Mace.
    B=Back, D=Down, F=Forward, J=Jump, Q=Quick, S=Strong, K=Kick, E=Evade
    All characters have counter-attacks: D,F + Q or S.
    All characters have throws: F + Q.
    NOTE: All basic moves for all characters are on overlay of game.
    Al' Rashid: Master Assassin hired by one of the seven to bring back the Mace
    of Tanis.
    Combo starters:         Double Chop       F+Q+S(anti crouch too)
                                              Q,Q,S Knockdown
    Combo specials:         Sand Devil        Hold S, release
                            FLashcut left/right D,F,S or D,F,Q(one can follow
                                                               the other)
    Stand alone specials    Blade Tornado     F,D,B,S
    Fatality:                                 B,D,F,B,S
    The Executioner: Freelance torturer who seeks the ultimate power for himself.
    Basic Combos:                             Q,Q,F+S Left Standing
                                              S,S,Q Knockdown
                            Quicky combo      D,B,Q,Q,S
    Comboable specials      Stabswing         B,D,F,S(Hooks enemy and throws them)
                            Devistator        B,F,S
    Stand alone specials:   Sweepchop         F,D,B,S (Sweep then anticrouch)
    Fatality:                                 B,D,F,B,D,F,Q
    Koyasha: Testing her skills as a master of the ninjitsu arts, she seeks to kill
    Basic combos:                             S,S,Q+S Knockdown
                                              S,Q,K Left standing
    Comboable specials:     Spin kick         B,D,F,K (can be 2x)
    Stand alone specials:   Deception         F,D,B,S 
                                              (can be followed by a special)
                            Electro shuriken  B,D,F,Q(tap Q again for another one)
                            Heel Drop         F,D,B,K (anticrouch)
    Lord Deimos: Hundreds of years old already, Deimos rules his people with an
    iron fist.  Member of the original Seven, he seeks to usurp power to expand 
    his kingdom. 
    Combo starters:         Iron Fist         B+S
    Basic Combos:                             Q,Q,S Knockdown
                                              K,S,Q+S Send flying
                                              S,D+S,D+S, Send flying
    Comboable specials:     Soul kick         B,F,K
                            Hell-icopter      B,D,F,S
    Stand alone specials:   Homerun swing     Q+S
                            Mega Thrust       B+Q+S(press Q when hitting to toss)
    Mordos Kull: Legendary mercenary. After his family and then his foster family 
    were killed before him, Kull has spent his orphanded youth thinking of nothing
    but revenge against the Seven.
    Basic Combos:                             Q,Q,B+S Left standing(follow up by 
                                              S,K,K Send flying
    Comboable specials:     Dragons' Blade    F,D,F,S
                            Shield Blast      B,F,S(follow by Dragons' Bane)
                            Side Kick         B,F,K(can be done 3x)
    Stand alone specials:   Block high, go low F,D,B,Q (Defensive attack)
    Namira: Harem girl and lost princess, Namira mastered the deadly art of 
    scimitar fighting from a court eunoch. She seeks revenge on Al' Rashid and the
    Basic Combos:                             Q,Q,S Knockdown
                                              S,S,Q Stagger back
    Comboable specials:     Spin left         B+Q(can follow w/ another spin by 
                                              hitting Q again)
                            Spin right        B+S(can follow w/ another spin by 
                                               hitting S again)
                            Dervish Twirl     Q+S+K
                            Desert Shadow     F,D,B,S(anticrouch)
                            Arabesque         B,F,K (anticrouch)
    Ragnar Bloodaxe: Prince of the Torsgard, his family and village were murdered 
    by the power-hungry Deimos. He seeks revenge, hoping the power of the Mace can
    his beloved land.
    Basic Combos:                             Q,S,K, Left standing
                                              S,S,Q+S Send flying
    Comboable specials       Vallhala sweep   B,D,F,S
                             Frenzy           F+tap Q quickly
                             Rolling Uppercut B,F,K
    Stand alone specials     Head Rush        B+Q+S(sends character flying)
                             Anti Crouch      F+Q+S(anticrouch)
                             Thunder          B,F,Q
    Takeshi: Son of the Japanese Emperor, Takeshi has been trusted to prevent the 
    evil power of the Seven from spreading to Japan. He also searches for his lost
    brother Ichiro. 
    Combo starters:          Steel waterfall  F,D,B,S
                             Dodge Slash      Tap, B+Q
    Basic Combos:                             Q,S,K Send flying (follow with 
                                              Flipping Uppercut)
                                              S,Q,Q, Left standing
    Comboable specials:      Flipping Uppercut B,D,F,S
                             Energy Palm      B,F,S(can be followed by Q+S and then
                                              another special)
                             Typhoon Fury     F+ Tap S quickly
                             Zen Dodge        E+S
    Taria: Daughter of Tantalus Raven, on of the Seven, Taria seeks claim to an 
    evil throne.
    Basic Combos:                             Q,Q,S Send flying
                                              S,Q,Q+S Left standing
    Comboable specials:       Flip Kick       D,F,K
                              Fireball        D,F,Q
    Stand alone specials:     Bladegeyser     F,D,Q(can be followed by special)
                              Rush forward    B,F,S (can be followed by Flipkick)
    Xiao Long: Disowned and blinded by his father Khan, Xiao was raised by monks 
    and taught to master the sixth sense.  He vows to destroy evil in all forms, 
    beginning with the destruction of the Mace.
    Basic Combos:                             Q,S,Q Left standing Send flying
                                              K,K,S Left standing
    Comboable specials         1000 Staffs    Hold S, release
                               Flying Kick    B,D,F,K
    Stand alone specials:      Mystic Orb     Hold B,F,S(Holds victim for 1.5 secs)
                               Lowhigh        F,D,B,S(sweeps then chops)
                               Overhand       F+Q+S(can be followed by a Q or 
                                               Flying Kick)
    These moves are subject to change without notice! i would like to thank Atari 
    for for making this faq and presenting it at the ASI show in Las Vegas and 
    this game. All characters, names, titles, etc. are property of Atari Games 
    (c) 1997 Atari Games Corp. 

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