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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A Detailed Look at Ocarina of Time's Staying Power 07/27/09 DDJ
My 100th review is on the greatest game of all time 03/09/03 Aganar
Not even close to greatest game on the N64, never mind of all time 01/06/08 Computerbug8
One of the greatest games ever released. Entirely deserving of the praise. 08/26/09 Etrurianmage
You don't play Zelda? Get away from me. 12/30/03 Kaiden
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Killing Time 01/19/10 LordShibas
Wanna play a real Zelda game? Sorry, no can do. Not here, anyways. 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
I wanted a game, not a 3D Hyrule Life simulator 08/14/06 Stinger31383
Hyped up and ready to go...can it stand up to the test? 07/30/03 A.K.A
Most versions of OoT deserve this score, BUT not all! Confused? Read on! 06/10/03 ace64
Zelda in 3D makes for the highest ranking game of all time! (No pun intended) 06/28/04 Adori
The best of the best! 07/02/09 Anclation
The best game ever... I mean it. 08/14/06 andymancan1
Become the Hendrix of ocarina players and you can save the world! 09/25/08 Archmonk Iga
A Star-studded Epic among gamers of all kinds. 06/15/05 arctheladx
The pinnacle of all modern day video games...close to flawless. 03/06/06 askthemaster
A Legendary Masterpiece 06/17/03 Baradur
1.21 gigawatts of pure adventure... 03/05/12 BimmyandJimmy
A timeless classic even to this day 05/06/14 Calamity
Perfection shows 10, 15, 20 years later 08/23/07 captainvidiot
A Great Start to the 3-D Zeldas 08/19/07 Darkdoomsday
Welcome to Utopia 01/25/04 DarkLink715
The Legend Live's On 11/21/07 Deezlink
I hope you have the time of your life... 09/09/04 discoinferno84
Possibly one of the most revolutionary games 06/27/11 DistantVoice
When will I be free? 08/28/06 Draqq_Zyxorian
Ocarina of Perfection 01/04/10 EJRICH
Overrated; later games greatly improved over this game, but it is still fantastic! 11/15/10 epicgordan
Timeless Classic 01/30/04 Firestorm88
The Best Game of All Time! 05/25/05 FishTaco64
Zelda 64, one of the best games ever! 10/14/03 GamerChick90
One of the biggest - and best - games I've ever come across 07/07/05 GavLuvsGA
You can call it overated, I call it one of the best games. 10/30/06 ghangiskhan1
At long last!!! 07/09/07 gothic_chic
A Personal View of the Classic N64 Title 06/15/05 HeMan1980
Zelda's journey into 3D 12/17/18 IceMage2000
A revolutionary game for the 3D era 09/08/17 James00715
A legendary tale, A legendary hero, A legendary game 06/09/08 JleeLink
Nearly ten years later, 'Ocarina of Time' is still a masterpiece 04/28/08 Kimari
Ocarina Of Time. Time You Will Need! 7 Years, In Fact! 05/16/05 Light_Inside
The first 3D zelda is an elite 05/01/05 Link165
Is this just fantasy? 09/06/03 Mariner
The Great Evil King Ganondorf...beaten by this kid? 09/15/06 Megaman1981
There will never be a game is this masterpiece. 01/01/04 Metalguru
Good game! Great game? I don't think so. But nevertheless, a good game! 10/07/02 mighty mosquito
Links first appearance on the Nintendo 64 was well worth the wait, because what we got was a masterpiece that Nintendo will have a hard time topping. 08/19/05 Mortortex
Quite simply the best game ever made. 07/25/05 MSuskie
It belongs to the ages. 04/22/14 nastynate3118
3D Legend 10/28/09 Ofisil
As of now, the greatest game I have ever played 03/07/06 Pastulio_
The very definition of a masterpiece of game design. 02/16/05 Phediuk
A Zelda Masterpiece from Nintendo 09/11/04 plasmabeam
This is just about one of the best, if not the best games ever created. An instant classic. 07/16/01 Pyro Vesten
Best Game Ever? Definately! 05/03/05 RPGs R Awesome
The greatest game of all time, as voted by YOU!!! 06/15/09 SandPaperWash
Presentation alone does not a great game make 06/10/13 SethBlizzard
Not quite all that it is hyped up to be 03/28/05 Shivan Reincarnated
The best game ever? I don't think so. 08/12/09 shnickshnick
13 Years on, Ocarina remains the timeless pinnacle of the franchise 09/06/11 sneggid
The best game of all time. Nothing remotely comes close. 07/30/01 stonedwal
Worth the 1000 points, you ask? Yes. Most defenitely. 06/18/07 Super Slash
Seven Years for Link, About Ten for Us. 01/26/09 TakerVersion1
The greatest game ever? Not quite. That doesn't take away any from the fact that this was, and is, a wonderful game. 02/16/03 terrisus
Never before had videogaming been graced with a gift such as this Masterpiece. 04/29/04 TFTRC Narte
Oh, what a sweet, sweet game. 11/19/00 The Freelancer
The Greatest Masterpiece of the N64 08/05/08 TheWindWarrior
Ocarina of Time = Link to the Past in 3D; in other words, every Zelda fan's dream come true. 06/11/10 UltimaterializerX
A review of a classic from someone who's never played it before now. 07/25/17 WhatTheDeuce92
Nintendo shakes the industry to its core with the release of Zelda in 3D. 05/30/06 ZFS

Full Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
The Gaming Equivalent of Star Wars Episode 1 08/05/00 Bobo The Clown
Easily the worst Legend of Zelda 06/30/08 The_Bear753
Should've been called Hero of Time - Nobody knows what an ocarina is 04/26/10 007Ganondorf
Best game I have ever played, although fell short in areas that could easily have been made better. 01/13/01 aMMo----KLiP
A classic that has aged poorly. 04/07/17 BaconPancakes
Great game, disapointing Zelda 01/17/01 Dark Templar
The first 3D Zelda, but is it truly perfect? Close. But not really. 04/06/10 Desulated
Still a Classic 03/01/07 EJRICH
The Benchmark for Video Games, Still to this Day 11/19/07 Emenpee
Happy 20th Anniversary to a legendary game 11/20/18 Fletch4413
The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of time: a legendary game. 06/09/02 Gaimeguy
This Zelda will certainly become a legend 06/18/02 HatesTheInternet
Zelda 64 shoots and...scores! 01/26/03 hero of time 43
Still one of the best games of all time 09/16/15 horror_spooky
Ocarina of Time is the definitive textbook Zelda game; setting the bar for many games to come. A perfect 10. 12/04/09 J-man45
It's 3 years later, and OoT is still the greatest. 11/09/02 LegendaryFrog
Life, the universe, and Zelda. 09/08/17 Malorkus
Crafted by the hands of God..... Ocarina is the best game ever! 05/19/03 Metalguru2
The Greatest Installment in the Zelda Series Yet 11/26/07 N60
Nintendo's greatest game unfolds with such mastery, you will be left speechless 03/30/09 omegajustice
Way too overhyped, but an excellent game nonetheless. 01/20/12 RageBot
Well, what else could this game be but fantastic? 01/13/01 Ranma
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Review) 01/17/17 SolidusBigBoss
Link's finest hour. 08/12/09 Tenshi No Shi
My First Game Ever Is The Best Game Ever 08/26/11 TheGamingGolfer
Simply the best game ever! 01/13/01 ThePeoplesElbow
Immensely overrated, but who cares? It's Zelda! 01/30/03 Tricoteur
Easily the greatest game of all time, even by today's standards. 03/19/12 unclehosh
Probobly the best Zelda game ever made, and possibly the best game ever made 03/28/08 yoshi184

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Hmm . . . 01/13/01 A Guy
Great Game, Great Engine, Poor Textures, Fiddly Controls 01/13/01 Alucard
Perfection? You HAVE to be kidding me... 09/12/13 AnalyticalGamer
A great game with cool graphics!!! 01/13/01 Andy M.
Time, tell the truth is this one of the best games or what. 02/25/11 Arcreium
To me it is not the best game ever, but still deserves a 10/10. 09/30/14 Asgardian724
A great Zelda game and one of the best adventure games ever. 07/12/08 BenhTheMan
World's greatest game, or Nintendo's biggest overrated, money maker? (V1.0) 12/17/07 Blood_Nights
All Nintendo's main series made a beautiful jump to 3D 05/26/09 comicfire
Without a doubt the best out there. 01/13/01 Dallas_
A compelling and amazing adventure you should not miss ! 05/27/08 dazid2k6
A breathtaking 3-D game which is incredibly addictive 01/13/01 desolate
Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. Now on one console. 02/28/07 FelixFelicis
This game is like Michael Jordan's attempt at baseball..... 01/13/01 Flyingkyle
Perfection is in this game. A fantastic game and a great great buy. 10/19/09 FoxMulder1961
Even after more than a decade, OoT still plays Great! 07/29/09 gamer4life018
A timeless classic revived 03/01/07 general531
The Best Game Ever? I think so. 04/05/10 JayZilla2830
A great game with great graphics that you can beat in about a month. 01/13/01 KKiider
Is this the best game of all time? Or one of those "Best game of all time" games for a few months? 07/18/01 Lagunathemoron
Zelda+N64=Best Game Ever. 01/21/03 Link19
One of the the best games of its time, but how is it today? 03/30/07 lord_andy_of_x
Beginner-type stuff. 11/20/09 LuigiGolf
My favorite game of all time. 02/26/07 Maester_Link
Simply an experience you can`t miss 04/02/10 marioplayer64
There is nothing better than this game.... 01/13/01 MasterReviewer
Zelda 64 is without a doubt the Best game for any platform to date! 01/13/01 MegaMan2345
The most original and engaging Legend of Zelda game. 04/23/10 nightfire36
Goody goody gumdrops!!! 01/13/01 PContaminator
Overrated 06/20/11 Piccolo48
One of the best games I've ever played. 01/13/01 RavenWing
Zelda 64 ---- Perfection?? ---- Not quite, but close 01/13/01 Rendarius
Talk about standing the test of time. 02/26/07 ShadowGuardian9
A Classic Zelda Game 01/13/01 Shaggy
a legend trancsending generations seven years in the making. 08/27/10 superstarluigi
The greatest game of all time, not a single doubt about it. 04/13/10 supersword12345
Ocarina of Time for the Virtual Console?!?!?! Good enough for my wii points! 02/27/07 The Magnum Master
What? You'd rather play a different game? Well, that makes one of you. 08/05/11 ThePenguin56
It was the best, it is the best, and always will be the best!! 08/15/07 TheRainMan117
Happy 10th anniversary, Ocarina of Time! 11/25/08 Vegito57 [AKA: Vortrex]
Perfect, perfect, perfect. 01/13/01 Volrath
Even after eleven years, Ocarina of Time still hails as the best game ever made. 08/21/09 Xanth93
An amazing game, but is it really the best game of all time? 11/12/12 xZELDALOVERx
Old game legend returns to the nintendo Wii! 02/27/07 yoshifav
"I've been waiting for you, Hero of Time..." 12/22/09 zack125
Epic Journey to Hyrule in the third dimension 09/08/17 greatdreamhero

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