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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gamerman555

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    T H E  L E G E N D  O F 
               /++/  _______   ___     _________   _______
              /++/   \      \  \  \    \   ___\ \  \  ___ \
             /++/     \   ___\  \  \    \  \   \ \  \ \  \ \
            /++/       \  \___\  \  \    \  \   \ \  \ \__\ \
           /++/         \      \  \  \    \  \   \ \  \______\
          /++/           \   ___\  \  \    \  \___\ \  \ \ \  \
         /++/             \  \___\  \  \___ \     / /   \ \ \  \
        /++/               \______\  \_____\ \___/_/     \_\ \__\
    O C A R I N A  O F  T I M E
    V-      BASICS
    VI-     ITEMS
    IX-     GOLD SKULTULLA Index
    X-      ENEMIES
    XIV-    SONGS
    XV-     FAQ
    Section 1             Section 2               Section 3
    A) Kokiri Forest      A) Kakariko Village     A) Zora's River
    B) Deku Tree          B) Goron City           B) Zora's Domain
    C) Hyrule Field       C) Dodongo's Cavern     C) Lake Hylia/Gerudo Valley
    D) Hyrule Market      D) Goron City           D) Zora's Fountain
    E) Hyrule Castle      E) Death Mountain       E) Jabu Jabu's Belly
    F) Lon Lon Ranch      F) Updates              F) Updates
    G) Lost Woods                                 G) Temple of Time
    Section 4             Section 5               Section 6
    A) Hyrule Market      A) Death Mountain       A) Ice Cavern
    B) Ingo's Ranch       B) Fire Temple          B) Lake Hylia
    C) Kakariko Village                           C) Water Temple
    D) Lost Woods                                 D) Lake Hylia (Updated Stuff)
    E) Forest Temple
    Section 7             Section 8               Section 9
    A) Bottom of the Well A) Gerudo Fortress      A) Ganon's Castle
    B) Shadow Temple      B) Desert Colossus
                          C) Spirit Temple (child)
                          D) Spirit Temple (adult)
    |                                     |
    |          I- INTRODUCTION            |
    |                                     |
    The Legend of Zelda has been one of the best series ever in video game history.
    Every new title that is released automatically soars up to the top of the
    boards, and the Legend of Zelda, still today, is considered one of the, if not
    the, best video games ever made.
    I am a huge Zelda fan. I have played all the games, and Ocarina of Time is my
    favourite of them all. I have played the game and beaten it 30 times, mainly
    because I just can't get enough of it. Since I know so much about this game,
    and because it is still played all over the place, both on the Nintendo 64
    and now the Gamecube special disk version, I have decided to write a full depth
    guide for the game. Here, I will put every trick I know, for example the best
    way to beat a boss, where to find all the hidden keys in the game, and every
    secret in the game. I hope you will find it helpful.
    One thing I do want to note is that there are probably a good deal of spoilers
    in this guide towards the story. If you have never played the game, and want
    to find it out for yourself, all the story spoilers would be at the end of
    chapters (for example if you don't want to know what happens after you beat
    the Fire Temple, don't read pass the boss section, because any spoiler would
    be there).
    Also, please note that this guide is for the Nintendo 64 version of the game,
    although the Gamecube version is the exact same thing, although without using
    the C Buttons to use items, use camera angles, or anything that uses the C
    Buttons in the Nintendo 64 version, all of these things are used by using the
    C Stick on the Gamecube version. There's really the only difference in the
    two games. The game itself is not different.
    If by any chance there is something I miss, such as a secret of funny glitch
    (or any glitch at all) please write to me at the e-mail address provided under
    the Final Thanks section (the final section of this guide). Anything you also
    want to ask, I know pretty much anything about the game, so feel free to write
    to me with a question. If I think it would be useful for other people to know
    I will add it in the FAQ section.
    This is my second guide I've ever written (my first is for Gauntlet Dark
    Legacy for the Gamecube).
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    The Legend of Zelda has quite an intereasting series. It all started in 1987
    when "The Legend of Zelda" was released for the NES. Right away it was one of
    the most played games of all time. Here's an excerpt:
    "This was the first game to feature Zelda and Link, and video gamers has never
    before seen its like. It combined action with an intricate plot and became
    the blueprint for all the adventure-style games that followed. It was also the
    first battery-backed game for the NES, allowing fledgling warriors to save
    their Hylian adventures for another day-or at least until after dinner."
    *To read the full excerpt, take a look at the "Exerpts" part of this guide.*
    The Legend of Zelda is still played today by many people, its one of the most
    classic games ever made, and as the exerpt said, it was the blueprint for so
    many adventure games that are being made today.
    The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link (also called ZeldaII: The Adventures
    of Link), was released a year after the Legend of Zelda because of its very
    high success. The game was a Adventure genre game, as well as a RPG style game,
    that being of you gaining experience levels and experience. Unlike the Legend
    of Zelda, this game focused more on battles rather than difficulty. Here's
    the Exerpt:
    "Released in 1988, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link presented out heroes in a
    new perspective. While the Overworld scenes were shown in the familiar
    overhead view, battle scenes and palace explorations were shown in a side-
    scrolling format. This game also included RPG-style features, like experience
    points and experience levels, and it focused more on combat than on mazes and
    *To read the full excerpt, take a look at the "Exerpts" part of this guide.*
    This game did not receive as much attention as The Legend of Zelda did, but it
    is still a great game that people play even to this day. Some people, belive it
    or not, think that this game wasn't a real Zelda game, because of the more
    RPG style and Side Scrolling battles. Despite that, this was a full Zelda game.
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was the third game in the Zelda series.
    Considered by some, this is the best old Zelda game of them all. When it was
    first out, people were amazed at the size of the game, as well as the beautiful
    story and gameplay. It was also the first Zelda game to bring out the famous
    Zelda chickens, which you will see many a time in Ocarina of Time.
    "Released in 1991, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past marked a return to
    the all overhead view and renewed emphasis on plot and puzzle-solving. The game
    was one of the largest of its day, both in scope and in the size of its
    program. It featured a huge inventory of weapon, tools, and items, all of which
    had some practical purpose in the game. Even the chickens turned out to be
    Like all of the previous Zelda games, many people still play this game on the
    SNES. This really started the Legend of Zelda series, showing that after
    three games they're all still as good as ever! Something that many games do
    have trouble in.
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was the only version on the Gameboy, and
    it continued the amazing series. Link's Awakening had nothing to do with the
    actual series story, it was kind of an off-adventure, but it was still an
    amazing story and adventure itself.
    "The only GameBoy title in the series, Link's Awakening may not have had
    anything to do with Ganon or the Triforce. It followed Link as he explored
    a remote land called Koholint Island, and there were suggestions in the game
    that the entire adventure may have been nothing more than a dream. It remains
    one of the most popular Game Boy games and is scheduled for release in a new
    version"-from 1997, the new colour version has already come out.
    I have played this game only once, I actually never bought it, but out of the
    one time I did play it I had a great time, and I can really see why it has
    been so popular over the years, even to today.
    And here we arrive at the current title. From 1991 to 1997, no Zelda game had
    been released. The designers decided to put this one on the Nintendo 64, and
    said that it was going to be one of the best games gamers would have ever
    played. Well, they were sure right about that! Ever since 1997, this game is
    still one of the most popular adventure games played, as well as a game that
    you can play over and over and it will never lose its enjoyment. The Legend
    of Zelda: Ocarina of Time continued on the series where A Link to the Past
    somewhat left off, that being in the Triforce and Ganon story.
    A while after Ocarina of Time came out, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    came out. This was not a title that went towards the Triforce and Ganon story,
    and it didn't get as much credit as Ocarina of Time did. Inface, I didn't like
    the game all that much. It was critisized for its length (that being way to
    short), and the "timer", where you were almose always going against a timer
    which got annoying. You either liked or disliked this game.
    The next game, which came out for the Gamecube, called The Legend of Zelda:
    The Wind Waker, was back in the plot with the Triforce and Ganon. This game
    also brought a new graphic style into the Zelda series, that being "cell
    shaded" graphics. Before the game came out, many people saw the preview
    pictures and thought "man, this game's graphics suck", but it turned out that
    the graphics in Wind Waker were amazing. The game brought the Zelda series
    back up, and although it wasn't said to be quite as good as Ocarina of Time,
    it was and still is one of the best adventure games for the Gamecube.
    There are more titles coming out for Zelda in 2004, one set for late 2004 will
    continue the plot with the Triforce and Ganon. I can't wait for that one!
    |                                     |
    |   III-      THE STORY               |
    |                                     |
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has one of the best stories that has ever
    been in a game. When you first start the game, you will find out some of the
    story from the "Great Deku Tree" once you finish the first level.
    "The lives of Link and Zelda still remains a mystery. Throughout Ocarina of
    Time, you will learn about Link's destiny as the "Hero of Time", and Zelda's
    destiny. This story will show how Link will be written into Hyrule history
    for ever, and show the greatest evil that Hyrule has ever seen.
    Ever since the Legend of Zelda, it has always seemed that Link's destiny had
    been written out for him, and in this chapter of the Zelda series, it was time
    that has chosen his fate. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (LoZOoT) will
    start when Link is a very young boy, and will end as Link being a young adult.
    One intreasting thing is that maybe the Link and Zelda in this game are
    different from the ones in previous chapters of the series, perhaps they are
    ansestors, and the Link and Zelda in this game show the same courage as their
    ansestors did.
    The story begins before Link and Zelda are even boarn. This story began when
    the earth was created by three Goddesses. They were: Din, the Goddess of
    Power; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom; and Farore, the Godess of Courage. After
    the three of them created the world (this is shown to Link in the game by the
    Deku Tree before the first Dungeon), they united themselves into three golden
    triangles, called the Triforce. This is what it looks like:
                 /\         The Triforce contained the Esscences of the Gods.
                /  \        Wherever it stood was then sacred ground, and it was
               /____\       said that whoever had the Triforce in their hands could
              /\    /\      do whatever they wanted. If a person with a pure (good)
             /  \  /  \     heart was to hold the Triforce, then Hyrule would
            /____\/____\    flourish. If someone with a dark and evil heart had the
                            Triforce in their clutches, Hyrule would become a world
    of darkness and shadows. The Triforce must be kept in good hands, as the power
    of the gods could destroy the land!
    Because of the Gods and their rich souls, Hyrule flourished and became a
    powerful kingdom. This powerful kingdom was home to the Hylians, and the Royal
    Family of Hyrule. This was the center of attention in the land, as all power
    was heald here.
    Near the Castle, across a vast field called Hyrule Field, was a very thick
    forest called Kokiri Forest. The Kokiri's were called the "Children of the
    Forest". This was because these children never grew up. They were children
    forever. Each of these children had their own guardian fairy. Everyone except
    one Kokiri...
    Every night, a nightmare cought up with Link. These nightmares showed Link a
    terrible storm brewing. Before him he would see a huge castle over a pit that
    had no end, and the upper tower was lite up by lightning. A weird looking rider
    on a horse would ride by, with a terrified girl in the rider's grasp. After
    that rider rode off into the distance and out of Link's vision, another rider
    rode by Link, although this guy was draped all in black. He would stop by Link
    and Link would up at the horrifying sight... at this point Link would wake up
    in a cold sweat..."
    This is where the game begins. When you first meet up with the Deku Tree, he
    will review this story for you, and then once you beat the first level he will
    finish the "before" story. When you meet Princess Zelda for the first time, she
    will also give you some background information.
    |                                     |
    |   IV-      THE CHARACTERS           |
    |                                     |
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has tons of characters. Here I will put
    the ones you will meet most often, and the characters who have a major
    influence on the game.
    Link: The main character, and the guy you control around. Link is the center
    of the story here, and he has been chosen by The Master Sword and time itself
    to be the "Hero of Time", and Link's whole destiny will soon be uncovered.
    Link is a master at sword combat, and is very good at using items he finds.
    Link is also very couragous, something that will reward you greatly later in
    the game.
    Zelda: The Princess of Hyrule, Zelda has been seeing dark dreams as well, and
    she wants Link to help her in her quest to find out what is going on. Zelda
    will turn out to be your saviour.
    Ganondorf (Ganon): The "shadow" in the story, Ganondorf is an evil man who
    comes from the West. Ganondorf has only one thing on his mind, and that is to
    obtain the Triforce and make Hyrule his own, casting it into a world of
    darkness and shadows. Ganondorf has the power of black magic at his side, and
    with the Triforce of Power in his grasp, he is able to turn himself into a
    huge, scary monster being called Ganon.
    Saria and the Kokiri: The Kokiri, also known as the Children of the Forest,
    call the Forest their home. They are kids for their whole lives, they never
    grow into an adult form, but they can never leave the forest as they will die
    soon after. Each Kokiri has their own Fairy who will guide them and give them
    wisdom. Saria, who is best friends with Link, will turn out to play a very
    important role in the game.
    Darunia and the Gorons: These large strong creatures call the volcanic mountain
    "Death Mountain" their home. They have a cavern near the mountain called
    "Dodongo Cavern" where they find "tasty" rocks for them to eat on. Darunia
    is the head man here, and will turn out to help Link greatly.
    Princess Ruto and the Zora: The Zora race lives in Zora's Domain. These fish
    like beings are all female. Princess Ruto will help Link out twice in his
    Impa: Impa helped carve Kakariko Village into a now bustling town. She is
    Zelda's body guard, and is a very mysterious women who comes from a very
    mysterious race, who many people believe to be extinct.
    Nabooru and the Gerudo's: The Gerudo's come from the West of Hyrule, and they
    are also a race of only women. Only one man is boarn every 100 years, and,
    the last man who was boarn was the evil Ganondorf. The Gerudo race love to
    steal things, and they are very skilled in sword combat. Nabooru, the leader
    of the Gerudo, hates Ganondorf.
    The Royal Family of Hyrule: Although you never see the Royal Family (except
    Zelda, of course), they have all the law in the land. The land is ruled by
    the King of Hyrule (who you never meet in this game), who is blind to
    Ganondorf's evil.
    The Townsfolk: Hyrule Market, located at the bottom of Hyrule Castle (where the
    Royal Family live), is the largest town in Hyrule. During the daytime, everyone
    is outside in the Market center buying good and sharing gossip from around
    the lands. At night, a lot of dogs roam around the town center. This town has
    many useful stores that you will visit often. Do note that the town is closed
    off during the nightime.
    Malon and Talon: The inhabitants of the milk farm in the center of Hyrule
    Field are nice people. Talon, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch, is a lazy guy
    who only wants to sleep and never do work. Malon, a young girl and Talon's
    daughter, is cheerful and looks out for her dad, and she will become good
    friends with Link. Ingo, the Ranch's caretaker, hates Talon saying Talon is
    to lazy, and Ingo things the farm should belong to him...
    There are many other characters in the game, but those ones up there are the
    ones you will meet most during your adventure. Other characters will be
    talked about in the Walkthrough.
    |                                     |
    |        V-      BASICS               |
    |                                     |
    There are many things you must known before you start The Legend of Zelda:
    Ocarina of Time. Here are the controls for Link:
    L Button      Maps are avaliable in most areas in the game. Press L to turn the
                  map on/off.
    R Button      Press the R Button to draw your shield and hold it in front of
                  you by holding the button. Use this to block most attacks.
    Top C Button  If Navi calls you, press this button to hear what she has to say.
                  This will also turn on your first person view.
    Other C's     When you get special weapons/items, you can assign one to each
                  of the three remaining C Buttons. Press the Button with the
                  certain item to use that item.
    A Button      The A Button has a lot of different uses. Use it to grab objects
                  (such as pots), pull yourself up when you're hanging on ledges,
                  open doors... the A Button is your action button.
    B Button      Press the B Button once to draw your sword, then rapidly hit it
                  again to swing it and attack. Press the A Button to put it away.
    Z Button      This Button has many different uses. Its your "target" button,
                  press it once to target an enemy. If Navi is flying towards
                  something, press Z to target it. Once a person is targeted, press
                  A to talk to them. Read more about this later on in this chapter.
    Control       The controls stick will move Link around. The harder you push on
    Stick         the stick in one way, the faster Link will run.
    Start Button  Press this to bring up the in game option menu. You can save you
                  game here, access your item invintory, look at the current map
                  (if the area contains one), view game totals.
    Those are the button contols with a basic overview of them. Here is a much
    more indepth guide for the controls. BE SURE to know these before you start
    your adventure. They are extremely important!
    Sidestep: When walking, press and hold the Z Button to lock the camera behind
    you. To walk sideways, press the control stick left and right. This is good
    while fighting enemies, you can dodge some attacks that way. It's also good
    to use when walking across small ledges, you have more control this way.
    Jumping: To jump over an area, run towards the gap, and Link will automatically
    jump off the side. The faster you run, the more air Link will get, and the
    farther he will jump. There is NO BUTTON designated to jumping.
    Swimming: Jump into the water, and press the controls stick in the way you
    want to move. You'll swim automatically. Press and hold the A Button to dive
    down a few meters. You cannot swim under water for more than 3-9 seconds.
    On the upper right of your screen, you will see a blue circle. It displays the
    current action you can preform if you press the A Button. The action will
    depend where you're currently standing. If the icon is blank, try moving around
    to see where it changes. Here are the options that will appear on the Icon:
    Climb & Drop: When you see a ladder, a vine, or something you can climb, then
    approach it and press the control stick up. (The Action Icon will say "Climb".)
    If you want to drop down, press the A Button. To climb ontop of another block
    or some sort of object, walk up to it, and when the icon says "Climb", press
    the control stick up and hit the A Button.
    Push & Pull: When you walk up to a small object, you can pick it up in your
    hands by pressing the A button when the Action Icon says "Pick Up". When you
    walk up to a large object that you can only push and pull around, press the
    A Button to grab a hold of it.
    Grab, Throw, & Drop: To grab an object, move up to it and press the A button
    to pick it up. To throw it, press the control stick in anyway and you will
    throw it. To drop the object, stand still, and when the Action Icon says
    "Drop," then press A to set it down.
    Open Chests: To open a Treasure Chest, walk up to it and press A to open it.
    You'll reach in and pick up whatever is inside automatically.
    Speak to People: To speak to someone, walk up to them and press A to start
    a conversation. You can also target someone with Navi, by pressing Z to get
    their attention, then press A to talk to them.
    Checking Ability: There are many signes throughout Hyrule that contain useful
    information. Walk up to it and press A to read it, or you can press Z to target
    it and press A again to read it.
    Diving Down: To dive, you have to be in deep water and press the A button and
    hold it to dive down. If there's an object you want to grab, get right on top
    of it and press and hold A to go down and get it. You can only dive a little
    distance, and its hard to steer under there. You cannot swim underwater.
    In order to get anywhere in the game, you must know how to use your sword. Now
    there are three sword upgrades in the game. You will use many different items
    in the game, but the sword will be your weapon of choice most often. To draw
    your sword, press the B Button to get it grab it from your Scabbard. To slice
    sideways, press B again. For an overhead chop, hold Z then press B. To stab,
    press and hold Z, up on the control stick and press B simultaneously to stab
    quickly. Stabbing is hard to do, but its a powerful attack. The Jump Attack,
    one of the strogest sword attacks you have, is activated by holding Z and then
    by pressing A. Hitting an enemy with a jump attack does double damage! But
    beware, enemies who use jump attacks also do double damage on you!
    Here's an overview of the controls:
    B = Slice
    B+B+B = Cut
    Chop = Z+B
    Jump Attack = Z+A
    Stab = Z+Control Stick Up+B
    Quick chops: When facing easy opponents with not much health, but there are a
    lot of them, press B continously to do chop after chop. You'll hack very
    quickly and tare through enemies.
    Spin Attacks: These are your strongest sword attacks, but take a little while
    to power up. There are a few of them, each being stronger than the last. Use
    them when you're being attacked from all sides. Press and hold B to power up
    your sword and spin it around. Likewise, you can quickly rotate the control
    stick 360 degress (all the way around), then press B to do the spin attack
    quicker. Once you have the ability to use magic, you will be able to "charge
    up" your shots. Press and hold the B Button for a red glor to go onto your
    sword, then if you keep holding it it will turn blue. Release to make a huge
    spin, taking out lots of enemies. This takes away some of your magic, and
    takes a little while to charge up. These attacks are great to use when enemies
    are getting you from all sides.
    Using your Shield: Your Shield can prove to be your best friend. Like the
    swords, there are three different types of shields in the game. Press and hold
    R to use your currently activated shield and hold it in front of you. You are
    able to move it around with the control stick. When you use the shield you
    crouch down and can't move your feet, so you only have one side of you
    covered. To hold the shield and walk at the same time, press and hold Z and R
    at the same time to hold your shield in front of you and walk at the same time.
    The shield will block most attacks.
    Roll: Rolling will be very useful in dodging enemy attacks. To preform a quick
    forward roll, press Up on the Control Stick and press A. If you time it right,
    you can avoid taking any damage when rolling.
    BACKFLIP & DODGE: This is A VERY IMPORTANT technique to master. When fighting
    enemies, you will have to do backflips to dodge their attacks, and side hops
    to avoid their attacks. To do a backflip, hold Z, press Down on the Control
    Stick and press A. To sidestep an attack from an enemy, hold Z, move to the
    left or right and press A. Knowing these could mean the different between
    life and death when facing bosses and difficult enemies.
    This is the most useful feature in the whole game when it comes to combat!
    When your facing an enemy, press and hold Z to lock onto the enemy. Whenever
    you swing your sword or using an item, it will automatically go towards the
    enemy. For example, when you have your Hookshot, you can lock onto an enemy
    and when you use the shot, it will automatically aim towards the enemy. You
    will also face towards the target item no matter where you move to. To switch
    your view, or change enemies, keep pressing Z. To unlock from an enemy, move
    out of range or press Control Stick down and then press Z. A targeted enemy
    will have little yellow triangles move around it. A targeted item or signpost
    will have blue triangles going around it.
    Remember that Z Targeting has only a limited range. If you move to far from the
    enemy or item, it will untarget. You may need to stand within an enemy's attack
    range for the targeting to work. Once you defeat the enemy, the target will
    automatically go off. Watch out, though, as remember you are looking at only
    one enemy, and you can be attacked from another enemy from behind you. Z
    Targeting works with all long range items, such as the Fairy Slingshot or
    Fairy Bow. Stay close to the target though, as the farther away you are from
    the enemy (in Z targeting), the less of a chance you have of hitting it.
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    Link has a mass aresenal of weapons at his disposal. Some of which are crutial
    for your quest, others which are just fun extras. Here's a list Link's
    NOTE: Items marked with a "1" can only be used when you're a child
          Items marked with a "2" can only be used when you're an adult
          Items marked with a "3" can be used if you're child or adult
    "1" DEKU STICKS - These items are common and can be found by cutting down the
    "Deku Baba" enemies. They can also be bought at stores. You can use these
    sticks as tourches to start fires. They can also be used as a weapon, but they
    break very easily.
    "1" FAIRY SLINGSHOT - As a child, Link was known for his skills with the
    Slingshot. You fire a Deku Seed (found by killing enemies, in stores, cutting
    grass) as ammunition. You are able to take down most enemies with this weapon,
    including Skulltulas.
    "1" BOOMERANG - It was said Hylians are famous for their skills with a
    Boomerang. You use this to stun enemies, or kill them. You can defeat some
    enemies only with the Boomerang. It can also pick up items and bring them
    back to you if they're to high or are to out of reach for you.
    "3" DEKU NUT - This is a useful item. When you use one, it will create a small
    but very bright flash that will stun most enemies allowing you to take them
    out easier. They are found all over the place, from grass, enemies, and in
    stores. Use one if you're being overtaken by enemies.
    "3" OCARINA - The Ocarina is a flute like instrument. You will find two of
    then, the Fairy Ocarina and Ocarina of Time. Both possessed amazing powers.
    You will learn many melodies during your quest, some of which will let you
    transport over the whole land to letting you enter certain areas.
    "3" LENS OF TRUTH - (Uses Magic) This is a must have weapon for two later
    dungons in the game. It will let you see what walls are real and what walls
    arn't. It uses some of your magic meter, but not very much. The longer you use
    the Lens, the more magic will be used.
    "3" BOMBS - Bombs will be used to blow up rocks, kill enemies, or destroy
    walls. The bombs have a five or so second fuse. You can either drop a bomb or
    throw it, just like you can with rocks.
    "3" BOMBCHU - This is a mechanical mouse like robot which acts like a bomb.
    You can Z-Target something, and drop a mouse and it will go to the target
    automatically (as long as the target is not in the air). You do have to aim
    the Bombchu, you cannot steer it once its on course. It has a 8 second fuse.
    "1" MAGIC BEAN - You buy these beans from a weird man. There are a total of
    10, and you will plant them in 10 special places through the land. You can only
    use these beans as a Child, and when you grow into an Adult, they will sprout
    into special moving plants that will take you to special places.
    "2" FAIRY BOW - You can only use the Bow as an adult. You will give up the
    Slingshot for this weapon. It fires arrows instead of seads. There are four
    types of arrows: Normal, Fire, Ice, and Light. Kill enemies from a distance
    with this weapon.
    "2" HOOKSHOT - This item has many purposes, and is VERY useful. It will kill
    a lot of enemies, or stun them. It can also pick up some items and bring them
    towards you. You can also use it as a grapple, and grapple across large
    gaps. Later on in the quest, you will pick up the Longshot, which has a longer
    chain than the Hookshot.
    "2" MEGATON HAMMER - The "Legendary Weapon" (as said by the Gorons) will hammer
    some enemies flat. You can use it to break some boulders (which bombs can't
    blow up), and hit rusty switches.
    "2" FIRE ARROW - (Uses Magic) The Fire Arrow is used along side with the
    Fairy Bow. It uses up some magic per shot, but it will burst into fire upon
    contact with an object. It will vaporize some enemies.
    "2" ICE ARROW - (Uses Magic) When you fire this at an enemy, it will inclose
    enemies in a block of ice for a little while.
    "2" LIGHT ARROW - (Uses Magic) The Light Arrow is the strongest arrow of them
    all, to bad you get it at the very end of the game. It uses up a good deal
    of magic, but kills enemies (the enemies in which arrows effect them) in
    one hit. Its best use is against Ganon in the final battle.
    "3" DIN'S FIRE - (Uses Magic) There are three magic spells left behind in the
    world by the goddesses who created the Triforce. The first one you will find
    is Din's Fire, which will allow you to create a huge fireball, at the cost of
    some magic.
    "3" FARORE'S WIND - (Uses Magic) This is a useful item that will let you
    transport from one area to another in dungeons. Note that it only will work in
    dungeons, and not in the overworld.
    "3" NAYRU'S LOVE - (Uses Magic) Naryu's Love is a great technique to have. It
    uses a lot of magic, but it will temporarly put up a shield around you, making
    you invincible for a short amount of time, NOTHING can hurt you.
    To get a full list of the items, take a look at the special In-Depth FAQ's here
    on GameFAQ's and take a look at the "Item FAQ's". They have all the other
    items in this game. I will talk about these in the walkthrough when you first
    find them.
    |                                     |
    |            VII- BOTTLES             |
    |                                     |
    Bottles will be a major influence in your travels. If you're going for some of
    the sidequests, you'll need to have some empty bottles in hand! With bottles
    you can collect a ton of things, such as bugs, blue fire, and poes. In order
    to get all 100 Gold Skulltulas, you'll need at least one bottle to catch bugs
    There are a total of four empty bottles in the game. Here are the places in
    which you get them:
    1. Lake Hylia, at the bottom of the sea.
    2. Talon at Lon Lon Ranch.
    3. Collecting the 7 Cuccos that are wandering around Kakariko Village.
    4. Catch the 10 Super Poes as an Adult that roam Hyrule Field and give them
    back to the Poe Dealer.
    Getting the first three is quite easy, but the fourth will require a lot of
    You will need to catch bugs in bottles sometimes to get Skulltulas out of the
    ground. To do this, walk up to any random stone (or grotto in the ground) and
    when you pick up a stone, some bugs will crawl out from under it, and will
    stay on the ground for a few seconds. You'll have to quickly whip out your
    bottle to snag them. You can also buy them at some shops, but thats a huge
    waste of money.
    You'll also need to catch a fish in the game. You'll be able to buy one, but
    thats also a huge waste of money. All over Zora's Domain are fish in the water,
    just walk up to an area that has fish swimming in it, and use your bottle and
    you will catch one!
    You can also catch Poes as an adult (and child), and sell them to a poe dealer
    (only avaliable as adult Link). He will give you money, and if you catch one
    of the 10 Super Poes on Hyrule Field, he will give you a ton of money for
    You'll also need three bottles to catch three Blue Fire's late in the game.
    These will be needed to get through a small dungeon, and continue on the
    quest itself in the Water Temple.
    You will need at least three bottles to get through your quest (well, you
    really only need one, but its easier with three, or of course all of them). The
    fourth one is VERY hard to get, but its fun to try. I'll explain how to get
    the bottles in the walkthrough.
    Bottles are used all the time, so be sure to get them when you can!
    |                                     |
    |     VIII- PIECE OF HEART INDEX      |
    |                                     |
    Pieces of Heart are all over the game. There are a total of 36, and for every
    four that you get you will gain a new Heart Container in your health meter.
    You start off the game with 3 Heart Containers in your meter, there are 36
    Pieces of Heart (which equals 9 Heart Containers in your meter) and 8 full
    Heart Containers you will get from beating bosses. This all equals up to 20
    Heart Containers for your health meter. In this upcoming list, I will state
    where each Heart Piece is in the game, and what items you will need to get it.
    In Hyrule Field:
    1. Need: Bombs - Outside the entrance to Lake Hylia, bomb in the center of the
    four fences (use the Stone of Agony to help you find the spot).
    2. Need: Iron Boots - Bomb open the secret cave north of Lon Lon next to tree;
    Iron Boots as adult/ Gold Scale as kid.
    In Lost Woods:
    1. (Child) Need: Fairy Ocarina - Play Saria's Song for the Skull Kid.
    2. (Child) Need: Fairy Ocarina - Play Ocarina with the Skull Kids.
    In Hyrule Market:
    1. (Child) Need: Nothing - Return the dog to the woman at night in the back
    2. (Child) Need: Nothing - Bombchu Bowling mini-game (must complete Dodongo's
    Cavern first, or else this mini-game remains closed).
    3. (Child) Need: Lens of Truth (optional, but highly recommended) - Treasure
    Box mini-game at night.
    In Lon Lon Ranch:
    1. (Child) Need: Nothing - Inside the storage shed at the top right of Lon Lon
    Ranch. Need to push crates around to get through hole in center.
    In Kakariko Village:
    1. Need: Hookshot, Owl - Inside Impa's house, use either the Hookshot to get
    up there as an adult, or use the owl from the top of Death Mountain.
    2. Need: Boomerang - As a child, use your Boomerang inside the windmill, or
    as an adult get up here after you get through Dampe's race.
    3. Need: 50 Gold Skulltulas - Reward from Skulltula house for 50 Gold
    Skulltulas captured.
    4. (Adult) Need: Hookshot - Man on the roof of the house, get up onto the roofs
    with the Hookshot.
    In Kakariko Graveyard:
    1. Need: Ocarina - Under a gravestone. Play the Song of the Sun inside to make
    the chest appear with the Heart Piece in it.
    2. (Adult) Need: Planted Magic Bean - Plant the magic beans here as a kid, then
    ride up the platform here as an adult.
    3. (Adult) Need: Nothing - Race Dampe and beat him in under a minute.
    4. (Child) Need: Nothing - The heart pounding grave digging tour (piece is in
    a random location).
    In Death Mountain Trail:
    1. Need: Planted Magic Bean - As a child, backflip off the top of the bomb
    plant ledge, or as adult ride up bean plant.
    In Goron City:
    1. (Child)Need: Bombs - Light all tourches on bottom of city, then throw bomb
    into moving urn.
    In Death Mountain Crater:
    1. Need: Nothing - Climb down wall into a little cove.
    2. (Adult) Need: Planted Magic Bean - Plant bean as kid by warping here with
    Bolero of Fire, plant bean, then come back as Adult and ride up.
    In Zora's River:
    1. Need: Boomerang - Use Chickens, Boomerang as kid, then Hover Boots as Adult.
    2. (Child) Need: Ocarina - Singing Frogs (play Song of Storms).
    3. (Child) Need: Ocarina - Play all song except warping ones to start the bug
    eating game, beat it for a Heart Piece.
    4. Need: Boomerang - Use Chicken or Boomerang as Child, or Hover Boots as
    In Zora's Domain:
    1. (Child) Need: Deku Stick - Light all tourches, including ones under the
    waterfall. Box appears here.
    In Lake Hylia:
    1. (Child) Need: Nothing - Catch a 9 pound or heavier fish in the fishing pond.
    2. (Adult) Need: Planted Magic Bean - Ride up on plant near the lab, or
    summon Pierre to Hookshot up.
    3. Need: Gold Scale - Dive 9 seconds down in the water.
    In Gerudo Valley:
    1. Need: Nothing - Behind the large waterfall.
    2. Need: Hookshot - In crate on ledge in waterfall trench, use chickens as kid
    or Longshot as Adult.
    In Gerudo Fortress:
    1. (Adult) Need: Epona the Horse - Play the Horseback Archery game, score
    1000 points.
    2. (Adult) Need: Longshot - The chest on the roof, use Longshot to get there.
    In Zora's Fountain:
    1. (Adult) Need: Nothing - On the iceburg.
    2. (Adult) Need: Iron Boots - Sink to the bottom of the lake (use the Iron
    Boots with Zora Tunic on).
    In Ice Cavern:
    1. (Adult) Need: Bottle - Melt the Red Ice that contains the Heart Piece with
    some Blue Fire (use Bottle to trap the fire).
    In Desert Colossus:
    1. (Adult) Need: Plant Magic Bean - Ride the plant up to the top of the arch.  
    All of these 36 Heart Pieces will be explained how to get in detail in the
    walkthrough section of the guide.
    |                                     |
    |       IX- GOLD SKULLTULA INDEX      |
    |                                     |
    This is one of the best side-quests I have ever seen in a game. There are a
    total of 100 Gold Skulltulas through the whole game, and you'll want to find
    them all and kill them to complete the side-quest. Now you don't have to do
    this, you don't need to kill one Gold Skulltula to beat the game, but its a
    very fun extra.
    Of course, when you collect a certain amount of them, you will get rewarded
    with some very unique prizes from the Skulltula House, a house in Kakariko
    Village. Some of the prizes are very useful. Belive it or not, getting all
    100 Gold Skulltulas is one of the hardest challenges I found in this game.
    A few things to remember, Skulltulas will only appear at night (unless they
    are hiding in crates or in trees). The other exception to this is Gold
    Skulltulas in dungeons. Night or day, they will always be out in dungons, as
    its dark enough in there for them to live.
    One final tip, you'll know that you have all the Skulltulas in one area when
    a little Gold Skulltula icon appears on your map screen. This list is organized
    the same way as the Heart Piece on is. Here I will only state the location of
    the Skulltula (such as Kokiri Forest), if you need to be an adult or child,
    and any items you need. Any detailed information can be found in the
    walkthrough section (there's detalied info for each of the 100 Skulltulas in
    the walkthrough section).
    NOTE: Everytime I put "Bottle" for items needed, that means you'll have to
    bottle some bugs, then open the bottle over a soil patch (the same patches you
    plant Magic Beans in).
    Kokiri Forest: Total=3
    1. (Child), Items: None - Behind Know-It-All-Brothers house.
    2. (Child), Items: Bottle - Plot of soil near the shop.
    3. (Adult), Items: Hookshot - In the back of House of Twins.
    Hyrule Field: Total=2
    1. Items: Bombs - Circle of stones near entrance to Gerudo Valley.
    2. Items: Bombs - Bomb near a tree on the little area to the east of the
    castle, on the litle area behind the river.
    Hyrule Market: Total=1
    1. (Child) Items: None - Inside crate in the main guard post.
    Hyrule Castle: Total=2
    1. (Child) Items: None - Roll into first tree at entrance.
    2. (Child) Items: Ocarina - Play Song of Storms near tree by Talon.
    Ganon's Castle: Total=1
    1. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - Behind the brick arch.
    Lon Lon Ranch: Total=4
    1. (Child) Items: None - Tree by main house, roll into it.
    2. (Child) Items: None - Back of grated center area, the corral shed.
    3. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Northwest of storage shed on wall.
    4. (Child) Items: Boomerang - On window of main house.
    Kakariko Village: Total=6
    1. (Child) Items: None - Roll into tree by entrance.
    2. (Child) Items: None - Side of the Skulltula House.
    3. (Child) Items: None - On the stack of bricks where the building is going up.
    4. (Child) Items: None - Side of graveyard kids house.
    5. (Child) Items: Slingshot - On top of observation tower, shoot with
    6. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Top of Impa's House.
    Kakariko Graveyard: Total=2
    1. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Southern area wall.
    2. (Child) Items: Bottle - Plot of soil.
    Lost Woods: Total=3
    1. (Child) Items: Bottle - Kokiri exit Plot of Soil.
    2. (Child) Items: Bottle - "Secret Area" Plot of Soil.
    3. (Adult) Items: Planted Beans - Ledge above bean stalk.
    Sacred Meadow: Total=1
    1. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - Outer wall on east side, near stairs up.
    Death Mountain Trail: Total=4
    1. (Child) Items: Bottle - Plot of Soil by Dodongo Cavern entrance.
    2. (Child) Items: Bombs - Blow up wall on right side, near entrance.
    3. (Adult) Items: Hammer - Destroy rock above Dodongo's Cavern entrance, where
    the bomb flower is.
    4. (Adult) Items: Hammer - Behind the rock in the rock falling area.
    Goron City: Total=2
    1. (Child) Items: Bombs - Boulder room on top level inside the crate.
    2. (Adult) Items: Longshot - On platform at top of area, suspended by ropes.
    Death Mountain Crater: Total=2
    1. (Child) Items: None - In crate by entrance to Death Mountain Trail.
    2. (Child) Items: Bottle - Plot of soil next to the warp point.
    Zora's River: Total=4
    1. (Child) Items: None - Roll into first tree you see.
    2. (Child) Items: None - By Zora's Domain entrance, on ladder at bottom.
    3. (Adult) Items: Longshot -South wall above open hole near fairy fountain in
    top area place.
    4. (Adult) Items: Longshot -Wall near bridge to Zora's Domain, up high on wall.
    Zora's Domain: Total=1
    1. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - At the top of the frozen waterfall to the left.
    Zora's Fountain: Total=3
    1. (Child) Items: None - Southern corner tree.
    2. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Wall by fallen tree.
    3. (Adult) Items: Silver Gauntlets - Secret cave under rock by fairy fountain.
    Lake Hylia: Total=5
    1. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Behind labratory.
    2. (Child) Items: Bottle - Plot of soil by labratory.
    3. (Child) Items: None - On Fire Arrow platform.
    4. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - On top of tree on island in middle of the lake.
    5. (Adult) Items: Iron Boots - Bottom of labratory pool, use Iron Boots then
    role into the box.
    Gerudo Valley: Total=4
    1. (Child) Items: Bottle - Dirt path on bottom ledge, by stream.
    2. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Waterfall to the right of log bridge.
    3. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Behind carpenters tent on wall.
    4. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Under stone arch near tent.
    Haunted Wasteland: Total=1
    1. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Inside stone buidling that has the ghost.
    Gerudo Fortress: Total=2
    1. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Outwall, on top of fortress.
    2. (Adult) Items: Longshot - North pole on horseback archery range.
    Desert Colossus: Total=3
    1. (Child) Items: Bottle - Patch of soil near dungeon entrance.
    2. (Adult) Items: Longshot - On Palm tree by the dry pond.
    3. (Adult) Items: Planted Beams - Top of big rock near fairy fountain.
    Deku Tree: Total=4
    1. (Child) Items: None - Room with three rising platforms, 3F
    2. (Child) Items: Slingshot - B1 on ivy leading back up to main area.
    3. (Child) Items: None - Northwall in B1 on stream grates. Jump to get token.
    4. (Child) Items: Bombs, Slingshot - B1, room with bombable wall.
    Dodongo Cavern: Total=5
    1. (Child) Items: None - 1F behind wall that baby Dodongo's destroy.
    2. (Child) Items: None - 2F on branches on top of giant stairs.
    3. (Child) Items: Bombs - 1F the northernmost room behind the Armos.
    4. (Child) Items: Boomerang - 2F take rising pillers up, then go left and
    climb up the vines.
    5. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - 1F where Skulltula #1 was, call up Pierre.
    Inside the Belly of Jabu Jabu: Total=4
    1. (Child) Items: Slingshot - In room with switch and rising water, up the ivy.
    2. (Child) Items: Boomerang - B1 on wall after you drop down the hole above.
    3. (Child) Items: Boomerang - B1 on wall after you drop down the hole above.
    4. (Child) Items: Slingshot - 1F in room right before boss up the ivy.
    Forest Temple: Total=5
    1. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - 1F ivy in first area before main room.
    2. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - 1F in Great Hall to the right of north door.
    3. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - 1F in northeast part of northest courtyard.
    4. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - 2F in northwest courtyard against wall.
    5. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - B2 in final room, the rotating one.
    Fire Temple: Total=5
    1. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - 1F on top path with Song of Time blocks.
    2. (Adult) Items: Bombs - In rock rolling maze behind bombable wall.
    3. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - In area past where you use Pierre at fence.
    4. (Adult) Items: Longshot - In area where you use Pierre, the circular room.
    5. (Adult) Items: Hammer - 2nd area before the boss key.
    Ice Cave: Total=3
    1. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - Against the wall with the spinning blades.
    2. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - In the room with Compass, next to Piece of Heart.
    3. (Adult) Items: Hookshot - In Ice Block Sliding Puzzle room against the wall.
    Water Temple: Total=5
    1. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Center building at very top.
    2. (Adult) Items: Longshot - In room with platforms and water stream.
    3. (Adult) Items: None - In room with the spinslash switch.
    4. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Mid point in while pool room.
    5. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Against wall before boss key.
    Bottom of the Well: Total=3
    1. (Child) Items: Boomerang - In room behind left locked door in center area.
    2. (Child) Items: Boomerang - In room behind right locked door in center area.
    3. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Upper right area, room with Like Like.
    Shadow Temple: Total=5
    1. (Adult) Items: Longshot - In room with invisible spinning blades.
    2. (Adult) Items: Longshot - In the room with the sliding blocks and spikes.
    3. (Adult) Items: None - Behind the blue fire skull thing.
    4. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Near the floating boat (use Pierre).
    5. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Behind the room with three blue spinning things.
    Spirit Temple: Total=5
    1. (Child) Items: Boomerang - 1F west in Rupee collecting room.
    2. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Behind ladder at the top of the room with the
    two Lizalfos.
    3. (Child) Items: Boomerang - Above doorway before Iron Knuckle sub-boss.
    4. (Adult) Items: Ocarina of Time - 1F in rolling boulder room behind block.
    5. (Adult) Items: Longshot - Main chamber (with the woman statue) on platform
    to the left, use Pierre to get there.
    |                                     |
    |              X- ENEMIES             |
    |                                     |
    Ocarina of Time is full of enemies, and knowing how to deal with them can help
    you out, so here I will have a list of every enemy, where they are found, and
    a little information on them. List is in alphabetical order.
    Found in - Spirit Temple
    These guys will mirror you, move wherever you move, although in opposite. You
    can only defeat them with a shot of the Fire Arrow or Din's Fire or the fire
    switches you can activate in the room that they are in.
    Found in - Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
    You must toss a bomb and it. If the bomb explodes where the Armos is, they will
    start to bounce around towards you and then explode.
    Baby Dodongo:
    Found in - Dodongo's Cavern
    They crawl out from the ground. One sword slash will kill them, but don't stay
    close when they die as they will explode soon after.
    Found in - Jabu Jabu's Belly
    A large jellyfish who doesn't move much. Kill with Boomerang, then they will
    split up into three Biri.
    Found in - Dodongo's Cavern, Bottom of Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple,
    Ganon's Castle, Gerudo Training
    If its eye sees you, it will fire a lazer in your direction. Will take one bomb
    to take down. They do not move except for their head. Hookshot can stun them.
    Big Deku Baba:
    Found in - Forest Temple, Kokiri Forest (before you take care of Forest Temple)
    These guys are larger than normal Deku Baba's. Use your Hookshot to stun them,
    then slash at their stem.
    Big Moblin:
    Found in - Sacred Forest Meadow as adult.
    Can only be defeated using Hookshot. They will charge attack you if you step
    into their vision line.
    Big Octo:
    Found in - Jabu Jabu's Belly
    Can only be hit from behind while stunned. Use Boomerang to stun it, then run
    behind it and jump attack its weak spot.
    Found in - Jabu Jabu's Belly
    Cannot be defeated by your sword, you'll take damage. Jellyfish like things
    (small) that float around. Can only be taken care of with Boomerang.
    Blue Bubble:
    Found in - Forest Temple
    Slash at it with your sword.
    Blue Tektite:
    Found in - Zora's River, Lake Hylia
    Will bounce around, takes a few hits to kill.
    Business Scrub:
    Found in - All over Hyrule
    They shoot nuts at you, rebound them with your shield. Hit them with their
    own bullet and they will pop up. Speak to them and they will sell you
    something. You can also hit them with Slingshot.
    Dark Link:
    Found in - Water Temple
    Ok, you only face him once but hes a tough enemy. Take a look at the
    walkthrough for a full strategy on how to beat him.
    Dead Hand:
    Found in - Bottom of Well, Shadow Temple
    A horried enemy, let one of its hands grab you so its head appears. Break free
    of the hand (by hitting any button a lot) then slash away at the head when it
    Deku Baba:
    Found in - Kokiri Forest (as Adult), Deku Tree
    Just slash away at them.
    Deku Scrub:
    Found in - Inside the Deku Tree, Bottom of Well
    Rebound their seeds at them that they shoot at you, hit them then roll into
    them to talk to them. Like you do with the Business Scrubs.
    Found in - Ganon's Castle, Gerudo Training Ground
    Kill them like you do the Lizalfos, block their shot, then jump attack them.
    Found in - Dodongo's Cavern
    When they breath out fire, hit them on their tail. Takes three normal hits to
    kill. You can also shoot a Slingshot shot in their mouth.
    Fire Keese:
    Found in - Dungons
    Will light you on fire if they hit you, will burn up your Deku Shield if they
    hit you.
    Flare Dancer:
    Found in - Fire Temple
    Hookshot its center located at its stomach to de-attach it from the rest of its
    body, then hack away at it with your sword.
    Found in - Spirit Temple, Shadown Temple, Ganon's Castle, Forest Temple
    They will charge at you when they turn green, shield this or just run out of
    the way. When you kill them, they spilit up into three smaller version who
    will suck the life out of you, then respawn into the larger Floormaster.
    Flying Pots:
    Found in - All over the place, in dungeons
    Not really enemies, but can hurt you. Look like normal pots, but will take air
    and charge at you when you approach them. Shield or just dodge, usualy break
    to reveal a heart or rupee.
    Found in - Ice Cavern, Ganon's Castle
    Their Ice Breath freezes you for a few seconds. Kill them with three sword
    slashes, use Hookshot to latch onto them. Some of them are ghost like that will
    move, but most stay in one spot.
    Giant Skulltula: 
    Found in - Indoor Places, Dungeons, Grottos
    They will turn away from you, then use a jump attack to kill them in one hit
    when they expose their underside. You can hit them from intfront with the
    Longshot/Hookshot. Do not get close or they will swing attack you.
    Found in - Spirit Temple, Bottom of Well, Ganon's Castle
    Mummies who will suck the life out of you if they latch onto you, press B
    rapidly to escape their grasp faster. Quite strong in the HP field. Same as the
    Ghoma Eggs
    Found in - Deku Tree
    Drop from the ceiling to produce mini version of Queen Ghoma. Dodge away from
    their charge, then hack at their eye, two hits kills them.
    Gold Skulltula
    Found in - All of Hyrule
    There are 100 in the game. If you touch them, they take off a full heart. Two
    normal sword slashes to kill, be sure to get their token that they leave behind
    the prove that you killed it.
    Green Bubble
    Found in - Forest Temple, Spirit Temple
    A floating Skull with a green mist around it. You cannot hurt it while it has
    the green mist up, you must wait until it dispatches.
    Found in - Lake Hylia, Desert Colossus, Lon Lon Ranch; all at night
    Flying birds, they will dive down and chase you until they peck you. Hard to
    kill with sword, best to use Slingshot or Hookshot. Even better to just run off
    and not even bother in fighting them.
    Ice Keese:
    Found in - Ice Cavern, Ganon's Castle
    If they hit you, they will freeze you for a few seconds. Rapidly press B to get
    out faster. Best to use Longshot to kill it.
    Iron Knuckle:
    Found in - Spirit Temple, Ganon's Tower
    A swing that will really hurt, takes off abour 5 hearts. Run behind it quickly,
    then jump attack it, then backflip out of the way. Takes a lot of hits to kill.
    The "Gold" Iron Knuckle is the same, just has more Hit Points and a harder
    Found in - Dark Areas, Dungeons
    Flying bats that swoop down at you. They might fly into tourches to turn into
    Fire Keese. Easy to kill with Longshot, Slingshot, or just your sword.
    Found in - Dodongo's Cavern, Gerudo Training Ground, Spirit Temple
    Like the Dinalfos, will jump around and slash at you. Easy to take
    care of, they don't respawn once you beat the room they are in, often attack in
    pairs of 2.
    Mad Scrubs:
    Found in - Sacret Meadow (as child) Kokiri Forest (adult, before you beat
    Forest Temple)
    Will hide if you get to close, rebound its nut back at him.
    Found in - Sacret Forest Meadow
    Use Hookshot to kill it in one hit, only will see you if you walk right infront
    of it. The Big Moblin will fire earthquakes at you, dodge them easily.
    Found in - Jabu Jabu's Belly, Zora's River/Fountain, Lake Hylia as child,
    Forest Temple
    Reflect Shot back at them, like you do with the Scrubs.
    Found in - Hyrule Field (as child)
    Giant things that will fly/attack you during the daytime in Hyrule Field. They
    take 6 Deku Seeds to kill.
    Peahat Larva:
    Found in - Hyrule Field (as child)
    Dropped by the mother Peahats (the big ones). Take one hit to kill.
    Found in - Kakariko Village Graveyard
    Four hits to kill, will turn invisible after a hit. They will attack you with
    their lamp while invisible.
    Big Poes:
    Found in - Hyrule Field (adult)
    VERY fast, can only kill them while on horseback with Arrows. Catch 10 of them
    and give them to the Poe guy in Hyrule Field (as adult) to get a bottle.
    The Poe Sisters:
    Found in - Forest Temple
    Must kill them all to gain access to boss in Forest Temple. Like normal Poes,
    bit must finish a puzzle to find each one.
    Red Bubble:
    Found in - Death Mountain Crater, Fire Temple, Gerudo Training Ground
    Jumps onto land out of lava, will burn you if it touches you. Difficult to kill
    as they are fast and bounce around.
    Found in - In later Dungeons, grottos, Bottom of Well, Royal Family Tomb,
    Market (as adult)
    Re-Deads are the most annoying enemies in the game. They will latch onto you
    and suck life out of you. Press B quickly to escape their grasp. They can
    freeze you in your tracks, once again press B quickly to escape fast. They
    take about 5 hits to kill, use Song of the Sun to freeze them for easy kills.
    Red Tektite:
    Found in - Death Mountain Trail
    Will jump after you when it sees you, use a Light Arrow to get a Purple Rupee
    (great trick for extra cash).
    Skull Kid:
    Found in - Lost Woods
    As child, they will be your friend and you can get Pieces of Hearts from them,
    but as an Adult they will attack you. No need to fight back, they will just
    Found in - Water Temple, Gerudo Training Ground
    When it opens its shell, hit its center spot to kill it with the Longshot.
    Found in - Jabu Jabu's Belly
    Just hit it once to destroy.
    Found in - Dungeons, Grotto's, Dark Places
    A spider like thing, there are lots of different version of them.
    Found in - Dungeons, Grottos, Death Mountain Trail
    On walls where you can climb, they will knock you off if you don't kill them.
    Found in - Water Temple
    Hit it with the Hookshot to make it vulnerable, then again to kill it.
    Found in - Hyrule Field (at night, only as child)
    Will pop up near you, two at a time. Infinite amount of them, so don't bother
    killing them. Two hits to kill them. If you attack a lot of them, a giant one
    will appear that will drop a Blue Rupee when killed. Very slow, you just have
    to run away from them.
    Found in - Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle, 
    Gerudo Training
    Hardest normal in the game by far. These undead beings have giant swords and
    they have the same moves as Link, that being side stepping, backflipping, and
    a VERY STRONG jump attack. Jump attacks can't be blocked by your shield. They
    take a lot of hits to kill, and only your sword can hurt them. When they attack
    in twos, you must kill them both quickly before they respawn.
    Found in - Jabu Jabu's Belly, Water Temple
    Devil Rays who live in shallow water, attack them and they will start to fly,
    then hit them with any long-shot weapon.
    Found in - Jabu Jabu's Belly
    Will fly all over the place, go in and out of areas, like Poes.
    Tourch Slug:
    Found in - Fire Temple, Ganon's Castle
    Hit them a few times to kill them, but if you touch it they will ignite you on
    fire for a few seconds.
    Found in - Forest Temple, Shadown Temple, Ganon's Castle
    Navi will warn you about them, they will make a funny sound then a shadow will
    appear under you, keep running and it'll miss but it will fall down from the
    ceiling, and if it gets you it'll warp you back to the start of the dungeon.
    Kill them to get a ton of Rupees.
    White Bubble:
    Found in - Spirit Temple
    Hit it when it stops moving, very fast.
    Found in - Forest Temple, Spirit Temple, Gerudo Training, Ice Cavern, 
    Ganon's Castle
    It can block your shots and is very agressive, but easy to kill with Jump
    Attacks when its not on the defensive.
    White Wolfos: 
    Found in - Ice Cavern, Gerudo Training Ground
    Moves a lot faster than the normal Wolfos, and has more health.
    I hope I havn't missed any, if I have feel free to tell me about the one I
    missed. Most of the enemies that will give you trouble will be discussed in
    further detail in the Walkthrough.
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    *Warning: A bit of a story spoiler here*
    Before you start the game, there is just a few more things that you should
    know about and get used to. Here are some good topics to know about:
    When you get the three Spiritual Stones as a chlid, you will gain access to the
    Temple of Time. Inside this temple, you find the master sword, and the sages
    will keep your soul sealed up in there for 6 years. When you awake, the whole
    world will have changed. The Kingdom is gone, and the whole world is starting
    to turn into the shadow the Ganon wants.
    All of your old friends from Kokiri Forest now have forgotten you. They will
    remember your looks, but just can't seem to get the memory up (they will
    mention this when you go to the Forest Temple).
    One of the greatest aspects of this game is the change. Everyone has grown up
    (except the Kokiri folk of course, since they don't grow up). Link awakenes
    to continue his quest to save Hyrule from Ganon's dark grasp, but it won't
    be easy. There are some things you can only do as a child, such as crawl through
    small gaps and use certain items. But as an adult Link is able to do a whole
    bunch of new things, such as ride a horse, and hold your Hylian Shield
    properly. As an Adult you can't use the Deku Sticks, Slingshot, and Boomerang,
    but you are able to use the Hookshot, Fairy Bow and the Megaton Hammer (which
    you can't use as a kid). If you plant the Magic Beans as a kid, when you
    return as an Adult they grow into special magic plants that will fly you to
    unreachable parts of Hyrule. The best thing as an Adult is that you are able
    to ride Epona the horse which makes traveling across Hyrule Field and pretty
    much the whole Hyrule Overworld much faster. Landscapes will also change, for
    example Lon Lon Ranch will look different when you're an Adult, and Hyrule
    Market will completely change as well as where the castle once stood will be
    Ganondorf's dark palace. Major changes will be discussed in the Walkthrough.
    The change of night into day is one of the most interesting aspects to Ocarina
    of Time. As soon as night starts, different things around the land will change,
    then change back when its day again. For example, Gold Skulltulas around the
    Hyrule Overworld (so not including dungeons) will ONLY APPEAR DURING NIGHT.
    As soon as day comes, they will go away. Certain mini-games are only open
    during the day (such as the Arrow shooting minigame as an adult in Kakariko
    Village), and some only open during the night (such as the Treasure Chest
    mini-game as a child in Hyrule Town). Some (such as the Bombchu Bowling
    mini-game as a child in Hyrule Town) are open 24 hours a day. It is very
    important to know how night and day works. First of all, while you are in a
    town time is frozen, so when you start the game in Kokiri Forest time will not
    move. When you first enter Hyrule Field, the sun will start to move and day/
    night is on. So any open area you're in, time will move, and when you're in a
    town and dungeon, time does not move. Some events in the game (such as Dampe's
    "Heart Pounding Gravediggint Tour" as a child in Kakariko Graveyard) only
    happen during a certain time. To know what time it is exactly, hit one of the
    gossip stones lying around, and it will tell you the time. Some enemies also
    change during day/night. For example, in Hyrule Field (as a child) during the
    day only the Peahats will attack you, but at night only the Skullchildren will
    attack you (the Peahats are still there, but don't go after you). Also note
    that (as a child only) the drawbridge to Hyrule Town from Hyrule Field is
    closed during the night, and open during the day.
    There are tons of secrets around Hyrule. If something seems suspicious, such as
    a stone lying without any others, pick it up and throw it as it might have some
    good items (such as three recover hearts). Whenever you see grass, be sure to
    cut it to get items, such as Hearts, Rupees, Magic Bottles (once you get magic)
    or other good items. Be sure to bomb EVERY boulder you see (once you get bombs)
    as most of them will reveal a secret grotto (a hold in the ground) with good
    items down there (the odd time). Some of the Grotto's contain Fairy Fountains,
    which will replenish your health fully, and you can also catch one in a bottle
    for later when you die, it will revive you. If you see a circle of rocks (which
    are all over the land), walk into the center and drop a bomb and a hole might
    open up. Otherwise, play the Song of Storms to make the grotto appear. Once you
    get the Stone of Agony, you will be able to feel your controller shake when
    you're near a secret grotto.
    Most of the time you will be travelling on your feet by running (of course),
    but as you go through the game, you will find faster ways to travel. These
    include getting your own horse, Epona, who you can ride around the Overworld to
    make travel much faster from one point on Hyrule Field to another point. Also,
    as an adult you will learn songs that will make you be able to warp from one
    dungeon to another, but since each dungeon is in a major area in the game, you
    will be able to warp from major area to major area. There's also a number of
    shortcuts around the land (such as the warp from Gerudo City to the Lost Woods)
    that will save you travel time. 
    Navi is your fairy friend who you receive at the very beginning of the game
    from the Deku Tree. Navi will be without you for your WHOLE journey, she will
    be by your side. She will give you good information (such as when you Z-Target
    an enemy, she *if you ask for it* will give you information on the enemy you're
    facing and even how to beat it) about enemies and the area you're currently in.
    Sometimes Navi just blurts out at you reminding you of your current mission.
    Sometimes she just calls on your, and you will know this when she says
    "Heeeey" and a Up Arrow Button pointing up on the top of the screen appears.
    She can be very useful the first time your play thought the game.
    Bottles will be very important in your quest. There are a total of 4 for you to
    find, 3 of them being quite easy to get, the last one being the hardest thing
    to beat in the game (well, thats what I think...). You will need bottles to
    collect very important items in the game, and its impossible to beat the game
    without using them. These are describe in detail in the walkthrough, so be
    SURE to get at least 2 of them.
    |                                     |
    |         XII- WALKTHROUGH            |
    |                                     |
    This in-depth walkthrough will feature where to find all 100 gold Skulltulas,
    how to get the Legendary Biggoron Sword, The hidden 13th Ocarina song, all
    the bottle locations, all the item locations, hidden arrows, all 36 pieces
    of heart, how to get Epona the horse, all the masks, how to kill the big Poes,
    catching record fish, and of course, full coverage of the adventure itself.
    Using this walkthrough is easy. I have set it up in to areas (take a look at
    the **WALKTHROUGH TABLE OF CONTENTS at the top of this guide (under the normal
    Table of Contents)). Each different chapter is about the next area you go to,
    so for example once you finish Kokiri Forest (the first area) you will move
    onto the Deku Tree, and then to Hyrule Field.
    The Dungeons are set up also in an easy to follow style, each new point
    being marked with a number.
    I have tried my best to make few story spoilers, but they tend to be at the
    end of each chapter...
    I hope you find this walkthrough useful!
    The first section covers the first part of the game (obviously). Here, you will
    go through the first dungeon and travel from your home land to the busy town of
    Hyrule Market. From there, you will learn your destiny from Princess Zelda. The
    chapter will end back in your hometown.
    ^       A) KOKIRI FOREST         ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 0)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 1)
    You start your adventure in Link's birthplace, that being the Kokiri Forest, a
    little town nestled in a vast forest. From here you are able to go to the Lost
    Woods, but there isn't much you can do there. Both exits will be blocked until
    you get the Deku Shield and Kokiri Sword, and the other exit will only open
    when you get through the first dungeon. You should consider this area as a
    training ground, as its a good place to get used to the controls and master
    some basic skills, such as Z-Targeting.
    The game starts off with a long cutscene showing what has been going on.
    The Great Deku Tree has summoned you, and he sends a fairy off to find you.
    You are Link, a young boy. Once Navi wakes you up, the game starts. First off,
    exit your tree house, and go down the ladder outside. Once you step outside a
    short cutscene will air, showing your best friend, Saria running towards your
    house. Go down the ladder, and talk to her. She has some useful information to
    start out your quest. From here go to the east as Saria says you should.
    *Remember to use your map, located at the bottom right of the screen. Treat it
    like a compass aswell, top being north, right being east, bottom being south,
    and left being west). Go to the east across the pond. When you get to a passage
    that leads out of this area, your pesky rival Mido will stop you saying he
    won't let you pass unless you get a Shield and a Sword... well then, lets do
    KOKIRI SWORD: To get the Kokiri Sword, go west from where you were with
    Mido. At the near far west of this area is a little slope upwards to a higher
    ground level. Go up there, and you will see a maze like fencing as well as a
    house. Go inside the house, and the first guy in there will teach you about
    the icons on the top of the screen, and the two brothers will teach you about
    maps, items, and the C Buttons. Useful information! Now go back outside and
    go through the small wooden fence maze. At the end you will see a little hole
    in the wall (next to the sign). Walk up to the hole and press and hold the A
    button to crouch down and crawl through the hole.
    In this next little area, go to the right first and get the blue rupee by the
    plant. Now go to the left and you will see a giant rock rolling through a
    passage. Go to the passage on the right (don't go straight or else the rock
    will get you). Go as soon as the rock passes which gives you a lot of time to
    get through. At the other side go to the right and get the five rupees. Now
    go to the left and up the passage here to the right. Up here is a dead end but
    with a sign post and Treasure Chest. Walk up to it and press A to automatically
    open it. Inside is the Kokiri Sword! Press "Start" and go to the equipment
    supscreen (press L or R twice). You will see a little sword here, select it
    with the controls stick and press A to equip it on Link. Now go back to the
    two plants in this area and cut them down for some rupees (these plants
    regenerate in a few seconds). Once your done in here, go back out the hole in
    the wall. Outside to the left is a Kokiri who will teach you about some basic
    moves. Now, we need to get the shield.
    DEKU SHIELD: Very easy to get! All you have to do is find 40 Rupees from
    around the area. They can be found anywhere, such as cutting down grass
    clumps. Did you get the two Blue Rupees from the rolling rock room? Go to
    Mido's house (its the one opposide the slope up, with all the rocks surrounding
    it). In here are four mini chests, walk up to each and press A to kick it open.
    Two contain Blue Rupees, the other onces a Green Rupee and a life heart. The
    grass patches in the area have some rupees in them. Here's a cool little
    trick. Over the pond with the stepping blocks on it, hope over each one and
    you will magically get a blue rupee once you hope over the second. (Its the
    pond in the middle of the area, with the waterfall). By now you should have 40
    Rupees, enter the shop (which is the tree stump with the red roof, with the
    girl sitting on top, near the platforms you jumped over on the stream with the
    waterfall). In here, go up to the counter and talk to the shop owner. Move
    the curser over to the right and select the Deku Shield and press A once to
    select it, then A again to buy it. There are some short instructions on how
    to use the shield when you get it. Pay the money, and then exit the shop.
    SHOP INFO                     Stores often contain useless items that you can
    Arrows (10) 20 Rupees         pick up in the area for free, for example Deku
    Arrows (30) 60 Rupees         Nuts, there are a ton in the next area just on
    Deku Nuts (5) 15 Rupees       the ground, no need to buy them. You can't even
    Deku Nuts (10) 20 Rupees      buy the Arrows yet. The only thing you need from
    Deku Seeds (30) 30 Rupees     here is the Deku Shield
    Deku Stick (1) 10 Rupees
    Deku Shield (1) 40 Rupees
    Heart (1) 10 Rupees
    GOLD SKULLTULA: There is a Skulltula behind the Know-It-All Brothers house,
    but it will only appear at night. Because you can't leave the forest yet for
    it to change to night, you'll have to wait until you are able to leave the
    forst (time stays still when your in a town, but runs when you're not in any
    town). Once you are able to access Hyrule Field, step out and wait until its
    night, then come back into the Forest and go behind the Know-It-All Brothers
    house and you will hear a Skulltula on the wall scratching around. Kill it and
    REMEMBER to get its token.
    Once you have the Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield, go back to the east of the
    you equip them both, talk to Mido and he will ramble on about some stuff, then
    he will let you enter the passage to the Deku Tree. Go through the passage, and
    when you enter the next area the Great Deku Tree will welcome you...
    On your way through this passage, three enemies will approach you. They just
    stick out of the ground, but if you touch them it will hurt you. Simply press
    B to get out your sword, and chop it down with once slice. They will drop a
    Deku Stick. Once you take out all three, continue on this passgae. Once you get
    to the Deku Tree's area, and after some chit chat, he will open his mouth for
    you to walk in, and start the first dungeon of the game...!
    ^         B) DEKU TREE           ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Dungeon Map, Compass, Slingshot, Kokiri Emerald
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 0)
    Gold Skulltulas:   3  (total 4)
    There are a few things you should know about a dungeon. First is, when you die
    or save you will start back at the beginning of the dungeon (don't worry, your
    progress is saved). Your world map is also replaced by the dungeon map, and
    further in the dungeon you will be able to find a completed dungeon map.
    In here there are tons of enemies, and there are consistant puzzles that you
    must get through. There is tons of grass here that respawns, so its impossible
    to get low on items.
    This is a very easy dungeon, so you should use it like a training ground to
    get used to the puzzles and how to deal with enemies. The dungeons coming up
    are much harder and longer.
    1. When you first walk into the tree's mouth, your in the dungeon. You are able
    to exit any time. First off, there are Deku Baba's in here, although unlike the
    ones outside they will attack you. Go near one, back away, then when it lunges
    as you, use a jump attack on it (remember you need to Z-Target it). Along the
    right side wall are some grass plots, cut them down to get a heart or anything
    you need, as the grass respawns with new items shortly. In the middle of this
    room is a Spider Web. When you approach it, Navi calls up. Below the web, you
    will be able to see an underground passage. You can't get there now, and the
    only way to go is up. Climb the ladder on the left of the room (or the vines
    on the right, they both lead roughly to the same place). If you take the route
    of the ladder, you will see a gap in the floor. Walk towards it, and you will
    automatically jump over onto the tree branch, then jump over to where the
    next platform (this is where the vine route lead to). There is some more grass
    patches here. Follow the wooden bridge up.
    2. DUNGEON MAP: On the next platform are some vines that go up a wall and a
    wooden chest. Open the chest to find the Dungeon Map! The map will now appear
    in the bottom right of your screen, just like the world maps. Now up the vines
    are some Wallskulltulas. Don't bother going up, they'll just bump you back
    down. We need an item to get rid of them... Continue up this path around the
    tree. Jump over the gap and you'll arrive to a door. Navi will explain how to
    open doors, all you have to do is walk up to one and press A to open it, as it
    says in your action icon.
    3. This next room contains a little puzzle. When you walk in, the door behind
    you will bar shut. You can open a barred door, and the one on the other side
    of the room is also barred up. There's a enemy how will shoot pelets at you.
    Target him, then hold up your shield. The seed he shoots at you will bounce
    of your shield and hit him. (Don't go to close to the guy, or else he will
    hide in the ground). There are two ways to get to him, either chase him, and
    when you approach him he will stop and talk. Or, if you did Z-Target him from
    before, just press A once hes hopping around. He will open up the door for you,
    and give you a useful clue. He also leaves behind a heart so you can refil if
    he gave you any damage. Now both doors are open, go through the door opposite
    the one you came in here.
    4. In this next room, there's a floating platform. Don't step on it... instead
    just jump down. There are some grass bunches here. Go up the vine's on the wall
    infront of you. There's another chest up here, open it and you will find the
    VERY useful Slingshot item! Equip it from your item subscreen onto a C Button
    of your choice. (At this time you should have Deku Sticks, Deku Nuts and the
    Sling Shot avaliable for your C Buttons). Now, on the left side of this room
    is another vine path upwards. Climb up it. Up here is a little chest with a
    heart in it if you're low on health. Now, to get out of this room, if you
    didn't jump on that floating block earlier, you can hope on that, then quickly
    hope over to the door. If you did jump on the block and it fell down, theres
    another way to get out. Face the door out of this room, and you will notice
    Navi goes over to a ladder above the door (she turns green)...Z-Target this
    ladder and shoot a seed at it with your sling shot to make it fall down, then
    jump down from this platform and go up the ladder to get out. Either way, its
    easy to get out. Continue back to where you got the Dungeon Map.
    5. Now, walk up to the vines and Z-Target the Wallskulltulas on the vines, then
    shoot them down with ease with the Slingshot. There's one far up on the vines
    that you can Z-Target, so you'll have to get that one manually. Press the C
    Button that is assigned to the Slingshot once to enter a first person mode for
    firing. Look all the way up the vines and you'll see another Wallskulltula up
    there. Shoot him down. Once all three are down, then climb up the vines up to
    the third floor.
    6. Go to the right side up here. This is a circular area, and there are some
    "Big Skulltulas" up here. You can shoot them when they are facing you. To take
    one out, Z-Target it then wait until it turns around. When it turns around,
    shoot its underside twice to kill it. Or, you can just do a jump attack to kill
    it in one shot. Don't go close to these enemies, or they will attack you with
    a energy shield like attack. Follow this path around the room until you get to
    a door. Open it.
    The door will lock behind you. You will notice on the first platform 
    there are two fire tourches. One is lit, the other isn't. Equip a Deku Stick and
    light one on fire (by putting it into the fired up tourch). Now walk over to
    the unlit one, and stand by it to light it. This will open up the door behind
    you, but don't go through it yet! Step on the floor switch on the right of
    this platform to raise three platforms in the center of the room. Hope over to
    the platform directly across this room. There is a chest here, a large one.
    Open up the chest to find the Compass. The Compass will show any items in the
    certain room your in. On the left of this platform are some grass clumps. Hope
    down to the center of the room, and go over to the right. A Large Skulltula
    will drop down. Take him out like you did the ones in the room before, then
    go back up to the platform with the ground switch (by going up the vines on the
    right). Hit the switch, now hope over the raised platforms to the left side
    of the room (where you took out the Skulltula). In this little alcove is a
    small chest with a heart in it. On the wall is a golden like skulltula, they
    are known as the Gold Skulltulas. There are 100 in the game, and you should
    try to destroy them all. Do not touch a Gold Skulltula, they take off a whole
    heart container! They take two sword slashes to kill, or two Deku Seeds from
    your Slingshot. Take him out, then get the Token he leaves behind. Everytime
    you kill a Gold Skulltula it will leave behind a Token proving that you killed
    it. Only 99 Gold Skulltulas to go! Now, exit this room *by lighting the two
    tourches, as I said earlier*.
    8. When you get back out onto the main circular platform, take out one of the
    Large Skulltulas. There is a break in the web here, and if you look down, there
    is a big drop. At the very bottom you will see the Spider Web back on the main
    floor. There's only one way to break it, and that way is to jump down from up
    here and land RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the web. This may take a few tries. If you
    miss, come all the way back up. Once you are successful, you will drop down
    into the basement of the dungeon. Jump off the top slighly, and you should be
    able to land right in the middle.
    9. GOLD SKULLTULA x2:  When you get to the basement, swim over to the only
    platform you can get to. On the vines in front of you is a Gold Skulltula. Take
    him out with two shots from your Slingshot *you can't Z-Target him, hes to
    high, plus you can't Z-Target Gold Skulltulas. Once you take him out, climb up
    and take his token. These vines are the only way to get back up to the main
    floor if you need to. Now jump over to the other platform (with the floor
    button on it). There is ANOTHER Gold Skulltula here on the water grate. Getting
    his token IS possible. You need to make a long jump from the little outcove of
    land where the floor switch is. If you jump just perfectly, you'll get enough
    air to get the token. Climb back up this platform, and hit the floor switch to
    ignite a tourch right by you. There's a little chest by the touch, it has a
    heart in it. Ignite a tourch, and then quickly jump over to the other platform
    and burn down the webs in the far corner. (To get over to this platform, jump
    on the concrete base in the pond. You can walk over it, if you fall into the
    water where its deep, then your touch will go out, and you'll have to re-ignite
    it). Once you burn down the webs (by touching the lit stick to the webs) walk
    through the door.
    10. In this next room, the door will lock behind you, and there's another Deku
    Scrub in here. Take him out like you did the previous one, and he will tell
    you a little secret. He will say the "order is 2,3,1,... Twenty Three is Number
    One!". This will come in use later. Now, the door behind you will unlock, but
    the other door is still barred down. Go into first person with your Slingshot
    and aim at the "Eye-Target" switch above the door. Shoot it, and the eye will
    close and the door will open. This is a classic puzzle in this game, you will
    see it alot. Go through the door.
    11. This next room actually took me a while to figure out the FIRST time I
    played the game (hehe). Navi will tell you to Hold A to dive down in the water.
    Jump in, then go to the left of the room. You will see a floor switch under the
    water. Dive down by holding A, and press it (remember to dive down right when
    your ontop of it). When you press it, the water level in the room will go
    down. Quickly get back to the top platform, and jump onto the floating platform
    that is going across the room. The water has dropped so you will be able to go
    underneath the turning wooden spike thing. You only have about 20 seconds
    (which is a long time for this puzzle!) to get onto the platform and jump onto
    the other side of the room.
    On the other side of the room, take out the Big Skulltula. There's a block next
    to him. Stand next to it and Navi will tell you how to push blocks. Go to the
    left side of the block, then push is *by pressing and holding A, then pushing
    control stick to the right* all the way over to the right. Once its in place,
    jump up onto the rock (by approaching it straight on, and pressing A once.
    Climb up it, then over to the door. Go through this door.
    12. This room is easy. There are two unlit tourches, and one lit one. Light up
    a Deku Stick and light the two unlit tourches. This will open the door with the
    bars on it. Go through.
    13. This next room can be easy or annoying. Look up when you get here, and you
    will see some eggs on the ceiling. They will only drop down if you go to the
    center of this room. Stay along the perimiter of the room, and they won't fall
    down. On the far left of this room is a lit tourch, and a spider web. Open up
    the spider web (or burn it down I mean...) and there's a wall here that you
    can't open yet... we'll have to come back a bit later for it. If an enemy does
    drop from the ceiling, they are easy to deal with. When their eye turns red,
    then shield from their headbutt attack. When they just stand around, slash
    at them or use a jump attack to take em out in one hit. Lit up your touch then
    go to the far right of this room and burn the spider web down the little
    pathway. There is a tiny hole here. Press and hold A when by it to crouch down
    and crawl through it, like you did before when you were getting the Kokiri
    Sword. It will return you back to the main basement room.
    14. Be very careful not to fall off, or else you'll have to go all the way
    around again. On the far left of this room is a stone block. Push it off this
    platform to make a shortcut so you are able to get back up here if you do fall
    off. In the middle of this platform is another spider web. All the tourches
    are to high to reach, and there's no way to jump on it. Go down (MAKE SURE THE
    BLOCK IS DOWN THERE SO YOU CAN GET BACK UP HERE), and light up your Deku Stick
    from the tourch down there (the one next to the container that had the heart).
    Light the tourch and jump across over onto the block, then climb back up to
    the top of the platform. Go up to the Spider Web, and press A while running to
    roll on the Spider Web. The fire from your tourch will light the web on fire,
    and you will fall down into the bottom of the Deku Tree.
    15. This is the final room in this dungeon. You will land in some water. There
    are four hearts down here if you need them. Once you are full on health, climb
    out of the water and you will see three Deku Scrubs. Remember the 2,3,1 poem?
    "Twenty Three is Number One"? Well, this is how this puzzle works. Rebound
    the nut from the guy in the center first, then hit the guy on the right, then
    the guy on the left. Once you hit the last guy (the guy on the left), he will
    jump out of his hole and start to jump around. Talk to him and he will reveal
    a secret to beating the boss of this dungeon. He will also open up the barred
    door here. If you get these guys in the wrong order, they will reset
    automatically. There are some grass patches on the right of this room, cut
    them down to get full ammo for your Slingshot. Once you're ready, open the door
    and be ready to fight your first boss.
    BOSS: Parasitic Armored Arachnid QUEEN GOHMA
    What a joke! This boss is so easy. When you first enter the room, go into first
    person (top C button) and look at her red eye (shes on the ceiling). She will
    drop down once you do and the battle will begin. Here's how to fight her.
    -First off, as soon as the fight starts, Z-Target here and her eye will turn
    red right away. Shoot a DEKU SEED AT IT, and she will fall down in surprise.
    THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Make a jump shot, then keep pressing away at B to attack
    her over and over. She stays stunned for a while. Once you get damage off her,
    she will climb up to the ceiling.
    -Up here she will stop moving and her eye will turn red. SHOOT HER QUICKLY
    (never un Z-Target her!) while her eye is red and she will fall down and this
    will give you another longer change to kill her. Hack away at her eye and she
    should die this time. How easy is that? If you don't get her, she will drop
    some of the eggs that you fought before in this area, the same creatures will
    come out. Take them out, then shoot her eye again and continue to hack away
    at her.
    -There's grass patches around this large room. If you run low on an item, just
    cut one down to get more. This is such an easy boss! You can easily take her
    out after just two hits from the Deku Seed.
    Once you kill her, she will evaporate. She will leave a Heart Container behind.
    get the heart container, walk into the blue beam of light to transport yourself
    back outside to the Deku Tree... he has some words for you.
    ~End of Dungeon~
    Back outside, The Deku Tree will thank you or what you did. He will now tell
    you how you became to be, and the history of this game (that being the history
    of the Triforce and Ganon). Its a good long cutscene. He will tell you that
    a wicket man from the Desert cast the curse upon the Deku Tree. This cutscene
    will show Ganondorf, the evil in this game. You will learn all about the
    Triforce, and how the earth began. He tells you how the resting place of the
    Triforce is in the Sacret Realm... a place you will not go to for a while.
    The Great Deku Tree will give you your quest, to leave the forst and stop the
    evil man from the Desert. At the end of the cutscene, it says the end for the
    Great Deku Tree. He will say that you are Hyrule's final hope. This is the
    words the Deku Tree says:
    "Link... Go now to Hyrule Castle. There, thou will surely meet the Princess
    of Destiny...Take the stone with you. The stone that man wanted so much, that
    he cats the curse on me..."
    The Deku Tree will give you the first spiritual stone (there are a total of
    three). This is the Kokiri's Emerald! The Spiritual Stone of the forest. After
    he gives it to you, the Great Deku Tree dies.
    Once the cutscene ends, you will start back in the town. Mido has some words
    for you, but who cares what he has to say. You have been given your quest,
    your destiny, and you must fulfill it! From here, go to the far West end of
    the Kokiri Forest, and you will find a hold in the wall (the giant rotten
    tree stump in the middle of the wall). Once you beat the Deku Tree, the guy
    who was standing there has now moved and you can pass. Once you are ready,
    take a step out of the forst, and your adventure aroudn Hyrule will begin.
    When you leave the forest for the first time, Saria will stop you and chat for
    a little while. This is said to be one of the most "emotional" scenes in
    video game history (hmmm?). She will say how you seem to be different from the
    rest of the Forest Folk. As a friendship token, she will give you the FAIRY
    OCARINA!. She will explain how to use the instrament, and then Link will run
    off leaving Saria alone... awwwww.
    ^        C) HYRULE FIELD         ^
    Area info:
    Objectives- None
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 0)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 4)
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Just to remind you, as stated in the first part of this guide
    (Section 1, A) that there is a Gold Skulltula in Kokiri Forest. Once you step
    outside and into Hyrule Field just wait there for a few minutes. The sun will
    drop soon, and day will turn into night (more on this later). Once night
    begins, head back into the Forest and the Skulltula will now be there
    (behind the Know-It-All brothers house). When you kill the Skulltula, you will
    notice that the Token it leaves behind is to far for you to reach, and there's
    no way in jumping. So how can you get it? Press and hold Z and then do a jump
    attack towards the Token. If you aim it right, you will jump right into the
    token. Another way to get this is to come back a little while later when you
    have the Boomerang, but just get it now with the jump attack.
    Hyrule Field is the largest overworld area in the game. It connects you to
    every part of the land of Hyrule. Right now, it isn't possible to follow Zora's
    River, and the Gerudo's won't let you into the dessert. You are able to go to
    Kakariko Village, Lon Lon Ranch, and Lake Hylia. But you should go to Hyrule
    Castle and the town first off, located at the very top (north) of the map.
    HOW TIME WORKS: One of the coolest things about this game is the flow of time.
    When you start the game, its 12:00 pm. While you are in towns, such as Kokiri
    Forest, Lon Lon Ranch, the Market, Kakariko Village and so on, time will stay
    still, meaning if you enter a town at 1:10 pm it will stay 1:10 forever. If
    you exit a town and go into an overworld area, such as Hyrule Field, Zora's
    River, Lake Hylia, and so on, time will move. Night begins at 6:30 pm game
    time, and you will know when the sky gets dark (obviously), and you hear a
    wolf howling sound. Daytime begins 12 hours later, and you will tell when its
    day by the sound of a roster crowing.
    Day/Night plays a large role in Ocarina of Time. For example, during the
    daytime all Gold Skulltulas in Hyrule (this does not include dungeons) will
    dissapear into their hiding spots (in a dungeon, it is always dark enough for
    them to live, so if you enter a dungeon at daytime, the Gold Skulltulas will
    still be there). When it turns to night, the Skulltulas will appear once again.
    Daytime lasts for about 1:30 minutes and nightime lasts about 1 minute, so its
    a very fast day in Hyrule time! To know the exact time, hit a Gossip Stone with
    your sword and it will tell you the current time.
    Also, normal enemies will change in day and night. A good example is in Hyrule
    Field itself. During the day, the only things that will attack you are the few
    but powerful Peahats, and at night time you will face an onslaught of
    Skelletons, but they're very easy to take care of.
    Special things in the game will change during the time of day. For example,
    some mini games are only open during the night or the day. Another thing that
    is very important to know is that YOU ARE NOT ABLE to enter Hyrule Town during
    nighttime as they close the drawbridge to keep the Stalchild enemies out. The
    drawbridge will go down at the break of day. Also remember that the sun rises
    in the east and sets in the west, as does the moon. You can look up in the
    sky and roughly tell what time it is by their position.
    Hyrule Field connects you to every area of the game. It will connect you to
    six different areas, and a seventh in the middle of Hyrule Field. All you have
    to do once you get out of Kokiri Forest is follow the path going straight
    (north). Follow this path in the ground and it will take you directly to the
    castle drawbridge. Also, when you once leave the Forest an annoying owl will
    swoop down and talk to you. He is all over the game, and will get very
    annoying, trust me!
    Hyrule Field has some intreasting secrets. First off, lets talk about the
    enemies. In daytime, you will only face the Peahats, which look like carrots
    sticking out of the ground. They can be avoided if you stay away from their
    resting spot. If you get to close to one, it will pop out of the ground and
    start to fly toward you. The only way to kill one is shoot six bullets from
    your Slingshot at their underside. Peahats also spawn mini version of them,
    which die after one hit from the Slingshot.
    At nighttime you will only face Stalchilden, which are skeletons. You can kill
    them with two quick sword slashes (or one jump attack), but its just easier
    to run away, as as soon as you kill one, another will jump out of the ground
    (there are infinite amount of them at night). Just run away from them, they are
    much to slow to catch you
    There are a lot of trees in the area. You can roll into them and they will
    sometimes drop hearts or Rupees or Deku Seeds and Nuts, but nothing to special
    will drop out. There are also a lot of rocks around here, but you can't open
    them up... yet. There are many other mysteries in this area, such as the holes
    in the ground, but don't bother to go there now, there's nothing special in the
    ones that are currently open. Once your done exploring, then go to Hyrule
    ^        D) HYRULE MARKET        ^
    Area info:
    Objectives- Get Bullet Bag #1
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 2)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 5)
    When you finally get to Hyrule Market, enter through the draw bridge (remember
    its only open during the day). This is the largest populated area in the game,
    there's always activity going on during the day. There is a red haired girl
    standing near the fountain in the middle of the town. Talk to her, as you will
    see her a lot in your adventure.
    Don't miss the entrance to the back ally, which is hidden. There are a few
    shops back here.
    Most of the shops here are closed until later in the game. If you come back
    here at night (more on that in a minute), the Treasure Chest game will be
    open. If you want to come back here in the night, enter the Hyrule Castle area
    and time flows here. Once its night, come back into the market. The other
    shops are closed until you reach certain spots in the game. I will point these
    out at the right time.
    SHOP INFO- The Bazaar              You can buy a shield upgrade here, the
    Arrows (10) 20 Rupees              Hylian Shield, but you shouldn't. You can
    Arrows (30) 60 Rupees              get a free one later.
    Arrows (50) 90 Rupees
    Bombs (5) 35 Rupees
    Deku Nuts (5) 15 Rupees
    Deku Stick (1) 10 Rupees
    Hylian Shield (1) 80 Rupees
    Heart (1) 10 Rupees
    SHOP INFO- Potion Shop          This shop is a big scam! You can get all of
    Blue Fire (1) 300 Rupees        these items just around the game itself for
    Bottle Bug (3) 50 Rupees        free. Once you have an empty bottle, all of
    Deku Nuts (5) 15 Rupees         this stuff you will be able to find around.
    Fairy's Spirit (1) 50 Rupees    Why would you pay 200 Rupees for a fish you
    Fish (1) 200 Rupees             can catch almost anywhere where there's water?
    Green Potion (1) 30 Rupees
    Poe (1) 30 Rupees
    Red Potion (1) 30 Rupees
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Go to the guard post, which is the very first house you will
    see when you enter the town from Hyrule Field. In here are tons of pots, most
    of which contain Rupees. This is a great place to re-fill Rupees when you blow
    them all on mini games in town! Near the guard in the top left corner are two
    boxes. The box on the left contains a Gold Skulltula!
    PIECE OF HEART: For this one you're going to have to come back at night. During
    the day you might see a fat woman in a blue/white skirt around town who will
    talk about her dog. When you come back at night time (remember you have to go
    to Hyrule Castle area then wait till its dark, then re-enter the town. You
    can't enter here from Hyrule Field during the night). At night there are tons
    of dogs roaming around. The lady lives in the back ally of the town, and if you
    go to talk to her she will say how she has lost her dog. You must find the
    right dog and bring it to her. There are tons of dogs around here at night, and
    finding the right one can be a bit of a pain. Her dog is always the same one,
    and thats the one wandering behind the stand on the left side of town. Walk up
    to the dog, and it will hook onto you, meaning where ever you go, it'll follow
    you (as long as you are in the town :P). Go to the woman's house with that dog
    in hand, and she will reward you with your first Piece of Heart!
    PIECE OF HEART: This one is VERY hard to get now. This mini game is only open
    at night, and its the house thats just before the entrance to the back ally.
    You pay 10 Rupees to play it, and when you pay you get a key. This opens the
    door before you. In the next room are two chests, one contains a Rupee, and
    the other has the key to the next door. You must pick the right chest with the
    key, so its a 50:50 chance. You must get through five rooms to get the Piece
    of Heart. This is VERY hard to do, as the chances of you winning are very slim.
    Much much later in the game there's an item that will let you win this game
    every single time, and I suggest you come back then. Once you get this Piece
    of Heart, you can play again for a Purple Rupee (worth 50 Rupees).
    BULLET BAG: The shooting gallery, located near the exit of the town to Hyrule
    Castle, is only open during the day. Inside you will have to pay 20 Rupees to
    try to shoot down 10 Rupees. If you shoot them all down, you will win the
    Bullet Bag, which will increase your Deku Seed capacity for your Slingshot up
    to 40 shots. You are given 15 shots, and there are 10 Rupees to hit, so you
    have some extras incase you miss. If you hit 8 of the Rupees, you will be able
    to try again for free! The order in which the Rupees appear always stays the
    same, this is their order:
    1. Green Rupee in the center
    2. Blue Rupee from the left
    3. Blue Rupee from the right
    4. Green Rupee from bottom to top to bottom
    5. Two Blue Rupees from the right and left
    6. Two Red Rupees going from left to right
    7. Two Red Rupees going from right to left.
    Memorize the way these Rupees come out, and you will have no trouble at all!
    The only thing to really do here (aside from playing mini games and looking
    around) is to talk to the red haired girl in the center of town. Her name is
    Malon, and you will be seeing her in your travels. Talk to her, and she will
    say how her dad has gone to Hyrule Castle to deliver some milk (Malon and Talon
    work at Lon Lon Ranch, the milk farm and horse area), and he hasn't come back
    yet, which isn't right. This gives you a little clue what to do next, so enter
    the area of Hyrule Castle next.
    ^        E) HYRULE CASTLE        ^
    Area info:
    Objectives: Wake up Talon, talk to Princess Zelda
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 2)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 6)
    The Deku Tree has asked you to go to Hyrule Castle and talk to Princess Zelda,
    so here we are. It is quite hard to get there though, as you'll have to avoid
    the eyesight of the guards. There's a special path (take a look at the .gif
    image on gamefaqs for the Hyrule Castle path, its really useful!) that you
    must take in order to get past the guards. Inside the castle is Zelda, your
    First things first, as soon as you walk up the path the annoying owl will say
    some words to you. Once he's finished blabing on, wait until it gets to night.
    Once it is, go back to Hyrule Market to get the heart piece with the dog (and
    the one with the Treasure Chest, if you want to test your luck!). When you get
    the heart piece, return to the castle area.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: When you return here, the first tree on the path (before the
    gate) has a Gold Skulltula. To get it, roll into the tree. When you hit it, a
    jingly sond will come up, and a Skulltula will fall down! Kill it to get its
    token. This is a common hiding place for Gold Skulltulas, you will see it in
    the future.
    When you come back here the red headed girl from the town will be by an ivy
    patch on the right side of this path. Chat with her, and she will ask you to
    find her dad. She will give you a "Weird Egg". Assign it to one of the C
    Buttons, and wait until daybreak. If you came back here at night, you won't
    have to wait very long. Once the egg has hatched, climb up the ivy. Go along
    the path up here and cross over the guard bridge. Jump down, and you'll have
    to follow a path around and not let the guards see you, or else you will have
    to start the mini course over. When you get across the area, climb up the wall
    on the far left (with the stones on it) and over. Up here, go to the far end
    of the castle (where the Gossip Stone is up here), and jump down. Jump into the
    moat and follow it around. There are some Rupees in the river. Climp up the
    far end corner and onto the land again. Go to the end of this path, and you
    will find some milk boxes and a guy sleeping. This guy is Talon!, Malon's
    father. Get close to him, and press the C Button assigned to the chicken to
    make it crow and wake up Talon! Talk to him again, and he will leave the area
    in a rush to get back to Malon.
    Next up, you're going to have to cross the moat into the little hole in the
    castle (where the water is coming out from). To do this, push the two boxes
    into the moat, and climb ontop of them (one box goes in the moat, the other
    goes ontop of it, making a step for you). Once you are ontop of them, jump
    over to the hold in the wall, and press and hold A to crawl through. Do note
    that you are only able to get anywhere in here during daytime, don't enter the
    hole at night!
    In here, you are faced with another puzzle. There are 5 different mini areas
    here, each of them with some guards, and you'll have to sneak past each guard
    or else you'll be thrown out and have to try again. Area 1: the guard circles
    the square bush in the center, walk by when he's on the opposite side of the
    bush. Area 2: Bit more difficult, two guards, two water fountains. Walk by
    when both guards are behind the fountains (you'll have to wait till the time
    is perfect). Area 3: This is very easy, one guard, and a center area with
    some rupees. Don't bother with the Rupees, the guard will catch you to easily.
    You can either go across when the guard is on the opposite side, or just go
    up the stairs and across the top of the garden, which isn't recommended as
    there are holes in the roof. Area 4: Two guards, one area in the center, easy
    just walk ahead when both guards are behind (gotta time it right). Area 5: this
    is the hardest one. A larger rectangular area, with two guards. Time it
    just right so both guards are on the other side when you go (which is just for
    a second). Once you get past this final area, go to the left through the arch
    and you'll be in Zelda's garden!
    Before you go talk to Zelda, there's some fun stuff to do.  There are two
    windows on the left and right side of this area. On the left, try shooting
    a Deku Seed there and see what happens... hehe. One the right are some framed
    pictures of Mario, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi. Shoot the window here to
    get a Red Rupee! Go talk to Zelda, by the window in the center, to find out
    more about some history, and you will receive a new task! You will learn about
    the history of the Tri-Force. This scene will also introduce Ganondorf. When
    the scene is over, Zelda's bodyguard, Impa, will escort you out of the castle
    and town to Hyrule Field. She will show you the way to Death Mountain in the
    east, and that is your next area to go in your quest. Your new quest is to find
    the other two Spiritual Stones, and Zelda will also give you a letter. This
    comes in handy a bit later. Impa will also teach you your first Ocarina song!
    Its called the Princess Zelda Lullaby. Here's the notes:
    C Button Left, Top, Right, Left, Top, Right.
    ^        F) LON LON RANCH        ^
    Area info:
    Objectives: Get your first Bottle, learn Epona's Song
    Heart Pieces:      1  (total 3)
    Gold Skulltulas:   2  (total 8)
    Once you talk to Zelda, Talon and Malon will return here to tend at their
    Ranch. It's a bit out of the way on your quest to come here now, but you
    should if you want some Skulltulas and your first bottle! Lon Lon Ranch is
    located at the center of Hyrule Field. Time stays still in Lon Lon Ranch.
    EMPTY BOTTLE: First off, if you want to get this, you'll have to enter
    Lon Lon Ranch during the day. When you get inside, walk into the main house
    (its the door with the little sign post above it). Inside here, you will find
    a ton of... chickens. Your castle friend Talon is here as well, sleeping in
    the corner. Walk up to him and talk to him to wake him up. He will present you
    with a little minigame.
    NOTE: Before you do this, put all of the chickens roaming around into the
    little corner where Talon is sitting, on the other side of the table. The
    chickens get trapped here. You'll see why this is useful...
    Pay him the minigame fee, and he will talk about his special three "Super
    Cuccos". He will throw three into the room, and you have to find the three
    before time is up. If you put all the chickens into the corner, then finding
    the tree will be very easy, as there are no chickens for you to tamper with.
    You'll know you get the right chicken when Talon says so. Once you get all
    three he will reward you with a bottle full of Milk. Milk is a very useful
    item, as it will recover 5 hearts in your health and there are two doses in
    each bottle. You can come back here to pay for a fill up whenever you want,
    but there is an alternitive to that, as discusses a little later in this
    GOLD SKULLTULA: There is only one tree here in Lon Lon Ranch, and its located
    behind the main house. Roll into it, and a Skulltula will fall down.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: There's another that you can get now. Come here at night, and
    go all the way to the back of Lon Lon Ranch (near the shed at the far end of
    Lon Lon Ranch). There's a fenced in area in the middle of Lon Lon Ranch.
    There's a little food area for the horses here. It's behind this little shed.
    PIECE OF HEART: Go all the way to the back of Lon Lon Ranch, and there's a
    large stone shed. Enter here, and you'll see some cows and boxes in the
    corner. To get it, you'll have to push these boxes around until you can get
    the box in the far corner out. Once you get this box out, you'll see a little
    hole in the wall, big enough for you to crawl through. Crawl through it, and
    on the other side is a seperate little room with a Piece of Heart in some hay.
    EPONA'S SONG (FREE MILK): Only avaliable during the day. Go to the center
    of Lon Lon Ranch (inside the fenced in area), and you'll find your old friend
    Malon is here with her horse. She is singing the same tune she was in Hyrule
    Castle. Talk to her a few times, and she'll ask you to join in on a song.
    Whip out your Fairy Ocarina (be sure you're close enough for her to see it) and
    she will teach you your next song, Epona's Song! Here are the notes:
    Top, Left, Right, Top, Left, Right.
    The best thing about learning his song is you'll now get free milk when you
    want, instead of paying Talon's price for milk. How to do this? Go to the
    stables here in Lon Lon Ranch (the house opposite the main house) and go to
    the cows in the corner. Go close to them and play Epona's Song, and they will
    produce milk for you, giving you free milk forever! There are also numerous
    pits around the game that have cows in them.
    Be warned now, you don't need this song to beat the game, but if you want to
    get the horse as an adult, you'll NEED this song. The horse is one of the best
    options in the game, so you should definitly learn this song!
    Around Lon Lon Ranch you will see a hole in the ground. This will drop you
    into a pit. There are these little pits all over Hyrule, and this one contains
    just some Business Scrubs who will sell you nothing important for extremely
    high prices. Just thought I would point this out.
    ^         G) LOST WOODS          ^
    Area info:
    Objectives: Bullet Bag 2, Deku Stick Maxup 1, learn Saria's Song
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 5)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 8)
    You must continue your adventure here (despite what Impa said), as the Lost
    Woods holds a song that will be very important to you on Death Mountain.
    The Lost Woods are a maze like area, and it will be very easy to get lost.
    There is no auto-map for the lost woods.
    The first visit to the Lost Woods will be easy for you to get around. First
    of all, the Lost Woods are located back in Kokiri Forest. Go up the vine wall
    (near the exit of Kokiri Forest) and go through the hollow log up here. You
    will enter the Lost Woods here.
    When you first enter, you will go into a mini room with four exits, the
    one behind you (of which you came from), one straight ahead of you which is
    false, one to your left which guides you to another area, and the one to your
    right. Enter that one first.
    NOTE: A good way to tell which stump will is false *that being it will lead
    you back to Kokiri Forest), is when it has a white glow in it. Doors without
    a white glow will not lead you back to Kokiri Forest.
    Go to the right first.
    You will hear when you approach the way to the right, the music will get
    louder. You'll imerge into another room. To the right is a fake passage, and
    straight on is a tree with a target hanging down.
    BULLET BAG 2: You should already have the first Bullet Bag from the shooting
    mini-game in Hyrule Town. You can get the second here. Take out your Slingshot
    and aim at the center of the target on the tree. When you hit the center, a
    blue "100" will appear on top (if you don't hit the center, it won't work). Hit
    the center three times IN A ROW, and a Deku Scrub will pop out of the tree.
    He will bounce to the end and will say how "cool and great you are for hitting
    three perfect bull's-eyes". He will then give you Bullet Bag #2, allowing you
    to carry 50 bullets for your Slingshot. Now, take the path to the left (as of
    entering this room).
    Ohhhh noooo. In this next area is your owl friend again. Listen to his
    yapping, then you'll notice there are three ways to go. The path to the left is
    fake, straight on (through the stone passage) will lead you to Goron City, but
    you can't get far there as the passage is blocked by boulders. The only way to
    go is the path to the right.
    This next room has two ways to go. The way to the right is fake, and the
    way to the left is the way you'll wanna go. In the middle of this room is
    a little puddle of water with a hole at the bottom. Dive down and enter the
    hole to warp to Lake Hylia, but don't do that now. Go to the left.
    In this next area, the path to the left leads to the "Secret Area" (more on
    this area later), the path straight on is the way you'll wanna go, and the
    path on the right is fake.
    7. This next area has three exits again. The path straight on is false, to the
    right is also false, but to the left is the way you'll wanna go.
    In this next area, once again there are three exits. To the left is fake,
    the straight on path is also fake. You'll want to go to the right. This will
    lead you to the Sacred Meadow.
    First things first, when you approach the gate, a Wolfos enemy will meet
    with you. These enemies are fierce. To fight one. Target it and when he is
    about to strike put up your shield. He will hit it them be stunned for a split
    second, and THIS IS YOUR TIME TO STRIKE. As soon as he hits you, do a jump
    attack on him and he will be done in no time. Once you take care of him, the
    gate will open. This next area is a bit maze like, so here's the way to go:
    First go to the right, then up the passage along the right side wall. There's
    a Mad Scrub here. These guys fire three shots at you. Hit them all back at him
    and then he will hop out and jump around. Hit him while he's out of the ground
    (fight him like you did the Scrubs in the Deku Tree Dungeon). Go all the way to
    the end of this path. Then go up the path on the left side wall. Now, go all
    the way to the right on this next path. Take out the Scrubs as you see them.
    Cross over the grassy path (just before the water pool on the very far right
    of this path). Take the path to the left or right here, both lead to the same
    area. When you get to the giant staircase, go up it. There are two Scrubs here,
    take them out, then climb up the next set of stairs. At the top is a large
    clearing, and as soon as you step in, a cutscene will play with Saria.
    Remember this place, you will be coming back here as an Adult. Therefor,
    remember the path you took to get here, as next time, you won't have Saria's
    toon to help you out. When she asks you to play the Ocarina with you, say
    "Yes" and she will teach you "Saria's Song"! Whenever you want to talk to
    Saria, play this song (no matter where you are) and you will be able to talk
    to her. Here's the Song's notes
    Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Left
    NOTE: I am sure that you will notice the large stone structure here. Well, you
    can't enter here now, but as an Adult this is the first main place you will
    Once you are done with the cutscene, go all the way back through the Meadow
    and when you get back to the Lost Woods, don't exit yet! There's some stuff
    to get first in here!
    When you get back out, surprise surprise the owl is here to talk again.
    Once your finished talking to him, go to the path on the left, then in the
    next room go to the path on the right, then the path straight ahead, then the
    path to the right, then to the left, and we'll be back in the room with where
    you got the Bullet Bag. Climb down the ladder, and you'll see a ray of sunlight
    shining onto some stumps.
    PIECE OF HEART: This Piece of Heart is very easy. Step onto the wooden stump,
    and whip out your Ocarina. Two Skullkids will appear, and will ask you if you
    want to play your Ocarina. Select yes, and they will start a melody. Remember
    what they played, then when its your turn, play that tune back. Each time you
    get it right, they will add another note for you to remember. Get the first
    five notes right, and they will give you a prize, a Green Rupee... thanks.
    But they will ask you if you want to play some more. Say yes, and you'll have
    to play again, this time remembering 6 notes (a good technique if you bad at
    memorizing is to just write them down quickly). The second song will consist
    of six notes, get it right and they will give you a Blue Rupee. Once again,
    they will ask if you want to play, hit yes and play a 8 note song. If you get
    it right, then they will give you one last prize, a Piece of Heart! Once you
    get it, they will dissapear. Climb back up the ladder, and go through the
    passage straight on, then in the next room go through the passage straight
    This next room has two tree stumps, a short one, and a higher one with
    another Skull Kid on it dancing. Step onto the short one, and whip out your
    PIECE OF HEART: Take out your Ocarina, and a staff will appear. Play Saria's
    Song (it will only work if you've already visited Saria), which is Down, Right,
    Left, Down, Right, Left, and the Skull Kid will take you as a friend. As a
    little gift, he will give you a Piece of Heart! How easy was that to get?!
    Now, if you have gotten all the Heart Pieces *EXCEPT THE ONE WITH THE TREASURE
    CHEST GAME*, you will gain another Heart Container when you get this! Four
    pieces will equal a new Heart Container! Now, go through the passage to the
    left of where you came into this room from.
    This next room is long, and has the bridge where you cross over from
    Kokiri Forest to Hyrule Field. Jump down to the bottom, and go all the way to
    the end of this area. At the top will be a Deku Scrub. Rebound his own shot
    back back at him, and unlike most Scrubs, he will just stand there. Go up to
    him and press A to talk, and he will sell you a Deku Stick upgrade for 40
    Rupees. If you have the cash, you might as well take it. Once you get it, you
    can now carry up to 20 sticks. When you get it (or decide not to), leave the
    Lost Woods and go back to Kokiri Forest.
    Once you're back in the forest, exit to Hyrule Field. It's now time to go to
    Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, and the Second Dungeon! To get to Kakariki
    Village, go all the way near the entrance to Hyrule Town, but go over to the
    right. There's a stream here, as well as a bridge. Cross the bridge, and you
    will see a staircase going up towards the mountain in the far distance
    background. Go up this staircase, and you will arrive in Kakariko Village,
    Impa's hometown.
    You have received your quest, your instructions in your head. To follow out
    Zelda's plan, you'll have to go to Kakariko Village first, and to Death
    Mountain, which is home to the second dungeon.
    ^      A) KAKARIKO VILLAGE       ^
    Area info:
    Objectives: Second Bottle, Song of Sun, Hylian Shield, Adult's Wallet
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 7)
    Gold Skulltulas:   5  (total 13)
    This is a place you will grow to know about. Kakariko Village is home to many
    different things, as well as a great place for Skulltulas to hid out (as it
    seems). This is a bustling little peaceful town at the bottom of a massive
    fire mountain, Death Mountain. There's a lot of stuff to do here, bit if you
    want you can just skip it all and show your Zelda Letter to the guard
    positioned at the base of Death Mountain Trail. Enter the city at night first,
    as you can get a lot of things at night here.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: First off, the first tree you see (where the guy in the blue
    shirt is standing) has a Skulltula up in it. Roll into the tree and the spider
    will fall right down. Thats the first of five Skulltulas in this area.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Go up the stairs on the left of town (be sure its night), and
    then up the stairs again up here. Behind the house on the left, there are
    three pots, as well as a Skulltula here.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Go down the set of stairs, and you will see a tall tower. Get
    your Slingshot out, and aim up to the top of the tower. You should see a Gold
    Skulltula busling about up here. Shoot it with two bullets, and then climb
    up to get its token.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Go down to the main part of the town again, then up the stairs
    on the right. Go to the far end of the house up here, and you'll see a Gold
    Skulltula on the window sill. This is the Skulltula House.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Final one you can get now, see the stack of bricks near here?
    Looks like a building is going up (thats what the carpenters are doing during
    the day). Climb up the stairs around here, and you will see a Gold Skulltula
    on the bricks in the center.
    PIECE OF HEART: See the giant windmill? To the right of it is a little passage
    in the wall that leads out of Kakariko Village main town. Go through it, and
    you will end up in the Hyrule Graveyard. This place is nice to be in at
    daytime, but its kinda scary at night. Enter here at night around 6:00 and
    9:00 pm, and the gravekeeper, Dampe, will be out. When he's ontop of one of the
    dirt patches on his trail, speak to him. He will tell you about his
    Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour! Be sure to talk to him while hes ontop of
    one of the dirt patches, and give him the 10 Rupees to dig. A random item will
    come out, and there's a chance that a Piece of Heart will come out! Come in
    here with a lot of Rupees! You could be lucky and have it on your first try!
    THE SONG OF THE SUN: The graveyard is full of surprises. For example (only
    avaliable at night), if you pull a Gravestone aside, a Poe will jump out.
    Poe's are ghost like creatures that can only be hurt when they are visible.
    Each Gravestone will contain one. There are a few, however that don't.
    To get the Sun's Song, go to the very top of the graveyard and you'll see a
    large gravestone. There's a symbol with the Triforce on it. Stand on it, and
    whip out your Ocarina. Play Zelda's Lulliby on it, and a lightning bolt will
    strike the large gravestone, making it blow apart. A hole is left where it
    was standing. Jump down into the hole. When you enter, you'll hear some wing
    sounds. These are Keese, evil bat like enemies, that will swoop down and get
    you. To take care of them, you can snipe them down with your Slingshot even
    before they gain air. Enter the room carefully and you'll see two on the
    stairs infront of you, and one to the right of you. Once they're all gone,
    the bars on the door will open. Go up the stairs and into the door.
    This next room is freaky :). When you enter you'll hear the groans of undead
    beings. The green things in the center will eat away at your life so quicly
    it isn't funny. When you enter you'll see some Zombies in the corners. Don't
    even bother fighting them now.  When you enter, go to the left and stay
    right on the edge of the walls. The Zombies have the ability to freeze you in
    your tracks, then the will jump onto you and start to suck the life out of you.
    If one does latch onto you, hit A or B very quickly to get them off, and just
    run away for now. Stay on the left side wall, and then go through the passage
    at the end. In this next room is a wall and two tourches. The wall has some
    writing on it. Take out your Ocarina when your near it, and you will learn the
    VERY helpful Song of the Sun. Press A by the wall. The Sun's Song will turn
    night into day and day into night (as shown by the cutscene). Also, if you
    play it in the room with the Zombies, it will freeze them instead of your for
    a short period of time, giving you time to run by them. Exit the tomb when
    your finished, by going back to the first room and stepping on the lighted up
    You'll arrive back in the Graveyard, and if you entered when it was night, it
    will now be day! Change back to night *by playing the Sun's Song* as you need
    to move another tomb stone (you can't during the day, as the kid won't let
    you for some weird reason). Go down to the first row of Tombstones, you'll
    see one has three flowers in front of it. Pull the tombostone *by grasping onto
    it from behind) and pull to make a hole appear. Drop down to enter another
    HYLIAN SHIELD: Down here (providing you havn't already bought it for 80 Rupees
    at Hyrule Market, I warned you!) is a little chest. Cick it open to reveal a
    Hylian Shield! If you already have the Shield, a Blue Rupee will be there.
    The bombable wall behind the chest has a Fairy Fountain, but you have no bombs
    yet, so you'll have to do that later. Exit when done.
    PIECE OF HEART: Go to the second row of tombstones, and the second on the right
    has a hold under it. Pull it, and go down the hole. Down here, you'll see a
    Re-Dead Zombie. Play the Song of the Sun to freeze him, then walk up behind
    him and slash him OVER AND OVER again. If you do it right, you'll hit him the
    8 times and he won't even notice you (since you're behind him). Play the Song
    of Sun where he was, and a Treasure Chest will appear before you. Open it up,
    and the Piece of Heart will be yours.
    When you get out of this tomb, play the Song of Sun to turn into day. Exit the
    Graveyard now, and you'll be back in Kakariko Village.
    Back in Kakariko Village:
    ADULT'S WALLER: This is the house that had the Skulltula underneath the
    window at night. In other words, its the one to the first right when you
    enter the town from Hyrule Field. Enter the house from the door next to the
    fence. Inside, when you walk around some Skulltulas will drop from the ceiling,
    but don't worry, they won't attack you as they're actually humans. They have
    been transformed into Skulltulas from their greed (talk to the guy in the
    center to learn the story). When you kill 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 Gold
    Skulltulas, one more of the family members will come back to human form. Since
    you should have 10 Skulltulas by now (13 if you have them all) the guy on the
    immediate right will be free from the curse. Talk to him, and he will give you
    the Adult's Wallet! This will allow you to carry up to 200 Rupees instead of
    the usual 99 from before.
    Only avaliable during the day. There's a woman near the entrance to the
    Graveyard. Talk to her, and she will say how she has lost her Cuccos *the
    chickens*. You're job is to go around Kakariko Village and get them back
    for her. Some of them are in areas that seem impossible to get to, but its
    actually easier to do than it looks. First one is located at the very entrance
    to Kakariko Village from Hyrule Field. Walk up to it and press A to pick it
    up, then go up to where the house is being built (with chicken still in hand).
    Up here, go to the ledge that faces the Skulltula house, and the chicken on
    the other side of the fence. Jump off, and you'll glide down to that area.
    Throw once chicken down, then pick up the one up here and put it in the girl's
    chicken pen. Now, pick up the other one and put that in the pen too. Go back
    to the main area of Kakariko Village, and break open the crate here. There's
    a chicken in there. Put that one in her pen, thats three down! Now, to get
    the hard ones. Pick up the chicken near the woman, then go up the stairs
    leading to the windmill. Up here, get a running start, then jump off the
    platform and glide over to the fence on the piece of land with the door. If you
    time it right, you'll just barely make it over the fence. Now, throw that
    chicken down over the fence. Down here, near the ladder, is another chicken. Go
    back up to the door area, and throw that chicken over the fence. Now climb up
    the ladder, and there's a chicken up here. Pick it up, then glide down and put
    it in her pen, then find the two other chickens and put them in her pen to.
    The last one is located by the fence that leads up Death Mountain Path. Once
    you return that one, speak to the woman and she will give you your second
    Bottle for your efforts!
    Once you've finished with these taskes, go up to the gate at Death Mountain
    Trail, and speak to the guard there. Show him your letter Zelda gave you, and
    he will open up the gate giving you access to Death Mountain. The guard will
    also tell you how you should get the Hylian Shield, and if you go to the Bazaar
    in Hyrule Town, they will now give you a special deal. But hey, you already
    got one for free, so how bout that? He will also ask you to do a favour for
    him, which is bring him back a mask from Hyrule Town, but we can't do that
    for a little while. Once he's done talking, go through the now open gate to
    access Death Mountain Trail and Goron City.
    ^         B) GORON CITY          ^
    Area info:
    Objectives: Get Goron Bracelet
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 7)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 13)
    Goron City is a large area near the center of the mountain. It is home to the
    race known as the Gorons, people who love to eat rocks! They have a huge
    crisis, that is they can't get into their rock hole because a giant boulder
    is blocking it, and there is evil now inside the hole. You'll have to be the
    one that helps them out, and you'll get the second spiritual stone for doing
    it. First though, we'll have to cross Death Mountain Trail.
    Death Mountain Trail:
    There's not very much you can do here for now. When you climb up the road,
    you'll notice a giant rock blocking a section of wall. Thats the rock you'll
    have to get rid of in order to enter the next dungeon... but how can we open
    that? More on that in a second. Climb up to the plateau, and enter the area
    near the circle of stones. Inside there is Goron City. Tektites live here,
    and they are a bit of a pain, but easy to kill. They start to jump when they
    see you, but two slashes or one jump attack will take care of them.
    Goron City:
    There's not very much to do here right now until you clear the next dungeon,
    but there is one important item you will have to get. Goron City has some
    areas that seem interesting, but you won't be able to access them for a while,
    such as crossing the lava pit. As soon as you enter, talk to the Goron's if
    you want to find out whats going on, then jump down to the very bottom of the
    city. Walk up to the door, and stand on the carpet. Pull out your Ocarina and
    play Zelda's Lullaby. This will open up the door in front of you, enter it.
    Inside is a small room with Darunia, the leader of the Gorons. When you
    talk to him he says how he's feeling very low, and would like a song to cheer
    him up. If you try playing Zelda's Lullaby it doesn't do the trick, so if you
    have gone to the Lost Woods and learned Saria's Song, play it for him, and
    that'll get him happy again. His dance is freaky, but he will ask a favor
    from you. That is to go into Dodongo Cavern and kill all the Dodongo's in
    there and help them get their feeding hole back. Sounds easy enough... and
    once you do it, he will give you the Spiritual Stone of Fire! Darunia will
    also give you the Goron Bracelet, which will let you pick those Bomb Flowers
    you may seem lying around.
    Before you leave Darunia's room, light up a Deku Stick (if you don't have
    any, the pots to the right have some) and quickly walk back to the main
    cavern. On the ground floor are some unlit tourches. Light them up, and the
    pot in the center will start to spin. This will come in handy later. You can
    also walk up to the bomb flowers next to the bombable wall down here with a
    lit tourch to light them, and then you can break down the door and access
    the shop. Nothing of use in there anyways. Light up your stick again, and then
    climb up the stairs and go to the right when you get to the next platform.
    There are two unlit ones here. Light them up, and then go to the end of this
    passage way and light one of the bomb flowers. This will clear out the rocks,
    and give you an instant warp to the Lost Woods (that weird tunnel we saw there
    earlier). Once you're done this, exit through the door you entered Goron City
    from. You'll return back to the plateau area on Death Mountain.
    When you return to the plateau, walk towards the stone circle in front of
    you, and then take the passage to the right. Over here is a Goron, and a bomb
    flower. The Goron here will teach you about the Bomb Flowers, and about
    Dodongo's Cavern, so listen to what he has to say. Pick up the Bomb from the
    Bomb Flower, and then throw it over the cliff. If you threw it in the right
    spot, it will land right by the boulder beneath you, and the entrance to
    Dodongo's Cavern is now open. Step up on the little platform to your right
    here, and you can jump down as a short cut. If you do a jump attack here, you
    could land ontop of the area entrance to Dodongo's Cavern and there's a Piece
    of Heart there, but its VERY hard to do! You can come back and get this one
    easier later.
    ^      C) DODONGO'S CAVERN       ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Dungeon Map, Compass, Bomb Bag (bombs), Fire Spititual Stone
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 7)
    Gold Skulltulas:   3  (total 16)
    Here goes the second Dungeon in the game, and its a lot bigger than the Deku
    Tree and a lot more unforgiving. You'll have to watch your step, as there's
    fire everywhere and fire does take away your health very quickly. Also be
    destroy your Kokiri Shield in one hit. You can't hold this shield like you
    do the Kokiri, rather you just hide under it.
    1. As soon as you enter, the passage in front of you is blocked. There is a
    Bomb Flower to the right and left sides of this room. Blow up the wall infront
    of you, and access to the Dungeon is now complete.
    2. Enter the main area of the dungeon, and cross the bridge infront of you.
    The platforms on the lava rise and lower. One the one in front of you is up,
    then step on it and quickly jump across to the platform in the center. This
    platform has a Beamos, and enemy that will shoot a lazer at you if it sees you.
    It doesn't move, and its easy to dodge, but you can't kill it right now. From
    this platform, go to the right (wait until that rising/lowering platform on
    the right is up). If you do fall into the lava, just climb out quickly. This
    area on the right has two fake walls, the one on the left has a gossip stone,
    and the one on the right leads to the next area. There's a Bomb Flower over
    here. There's also a Beamos. Pick up the Bomb Flower, and throw it onto the
    Beamos to kill it. Then, bomb the wall to the right to continue on to the next
    3. This area is fun. Baby Dodongo's will jump out of the ground. Kill them in
    one slash, then stand back as they explode. Lure one or two towards the fake
    wall on the right, and kill it right infront of the fake wall. When it explodes
    it will knock down the fake wall. Enter the door in here.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: There are three Keese (the bat enemies) in this room, take them
    out before they take air with your Slingshot (they are all on the far wall).
    Once they are taken out, there's a Gold Skulltula on the far wall here. Target
    its token, then use a Jump Attack to jump up to get it. Exit the room when
    you got the Token.
    Back in the passage, continue going forward and killing the Baby Dodongo's.
    When you reach the end, you'll see two statues and a blue switch. Push one of
    the statues onto the blue switch to keep it down, that will raise the bars on
    the door infront of you. Exit this area through that door.
    4. As soon as you enter this small hallway, don't take one step! Take out the
    Keese on the walls easily here with your Slingshot before they see you and
    take flight. Exit through the next door.
    5. This next room will contain your first *first time enemy* battle. There are
    Lizafos in here, and they are a pain. There are two, but only one will attack
    you at once. They have mini knives. As soon as they are about to attack, back
    flip out of the way, then use a Jump Attack on them. Then do it again. Each
    guy takes 6 hits to kill. They will jump all over the place, but are very easy
    to take care of, just annoying to take care of. Becareful of the floor in
    here, it will hurt you. Once you kill them, the bars on the door will open.
    There are soem jars around here that have hearts. Exit through the now open
    6. This next room contains real Dodongo's. There are three of them, but they're
    not to hard to deal with. Walk up behind them, then land a jump attack on their
    tail. Sometimes it will kill them in one hit. If it doesn't, they will quickly
    turn around and face you and breath fire. Easy to dodge, then while they're
    breathing fire, their tail is unguarded, so slash away one last time (they
    take 3 slashes or 2 total). Another way is to fire a Slingshot shot into their
    mouth when they're starting to breath fire at you, but it takes a lot longer.
    You'll need a Deku Stick here, if you don't have any blow up the fake wall
    with the bombs near the entrance to this room, if you do, light up a stick with
    your stick, then light the other three tourches to raise the bar on the door.
    7. DUNGEON MAP: When you go through the next door, you will be back in the main
    room, but a bit above it. Step on the switch to open the bar door on the left
    side of the room. Jump down, then cross the middle platform over to the left
    side of the room. Before you go through the door, we should get the Dungeon
    Map. To do this, pick up the Bomb Flower here (in the same position as the one
    on the right side of the room) and blow up the bombable wall to the left of
    you. Inside is a little area with a chest in it, open it to find the Dungeon
    Map for Dodongo's Cavern. At the far left of this area is a Deku Scrub that
    will sell you a Deku Shield (if you burn yours up) for a steep price. Go
    through the door on the far right to continue on.
    8. COMPASS: When you enter this room, pick up any bomb (out of the 20 in here)
    and blow up the fake wall and enter. The door will lock behind you, so once
    you're in you'll have to get the compass. There are three statues in here,
    but be warned, the one in the middle is alive! Here's a little trick to killing
    him. Pick up one of the bomb's here and set it up right infront of him, then
    quickly shoot him with your Slingshot, as soon as he's awakened the bomb
    explodes, and he dies right away. The only way you can kill him is with bombs.
    The two other statues are just statues, so don't worry. There's a chest here
    where the Armos was guarding, and open it for the Compass.
    9. GOLD SKULLTULA: Go back to the room you were in before. This is a little
    puzzle that got me stuck for a while when I played for the first time. Pick up
    the Bomb Flower thats not around the thing in the middle of the room (its the
    flower next to the fake door), then put it right in the middle of the area
    around the stone where there's no bomb flower. When it explodes, it causes a
    chain reaction and all the others will explode, triggering the giant platform
    to lower. Climb up the staircase, then go to the right of left. At the top is
    a Wallskulltula on some mesh, and then a Gold Skulltula a little higher. Climb
    up the mesh to get its token. Exit this room from the door up here.
    10. There are some Fire Keese in this room. Don't let them hit you! Take them
    down with your Slingshot, then move the statue infront of the ladder beside
    the middle platform. Don't touch any of the others, they're all alive! There's
    Bomb Flowers in here if you make one wake up, but it goes back to sleep pretty
    quickly. Climb up the ladder, and hit the switch up there, then exit through
    the door that opens.
    11. When you exit this room, you will be back in the main room although quite
    high above. There's a Fire Keese here (as well as a regroawble plant to the
    left that will have Hearts if you need it). Cross the bridge to the right side
    of the room, and kill the Fire Keese over there.
    12. When you enter the next area, and jump down in this room, Navi will stop
    you and tell you about narrow paths. There are blades here, easy to dodge, but
    will hurt you. Make your way over to the far end of this room. Pull the blue
    block out, and there's a Heart in the little incove, then climb up the ladder.
    Your path up here is blocked by a fake door, turn around slowly, and jump over
    to the platform near here with the Bomb Flower and mini chest. The chest has
    a Red Rupee, worth 20 Rupees in it! Now, pick the Bomb Flower and carefully
    throw it so it lands right on the edge of the fake wall. Its hard for it to
    stick there, so another way is to throw it right before it explodes, and it
    will explode right when its by the wall. Climb up the ladder and into the next
    13. Easy room, just hit the eye switch above the far end door to stop the
    platform with the fire on it, and quickly jump across and through the next
    tunnel. Follow the tunnel around to the next room. There are some Baby
    Dodongo's in here.
    14. Uh oh... more Lizalfos. Use the same technique as you did before, but be
    farwarned, if you fall off the platforms (which are very small, you have very
    little room to fight here) you'll end up back on the ground floor, where you
    faught the Lizalfos for the first time, and you'll have to climb all the way
    back up here. Once you defeat the two, exit through the door on the left. There
    are some hearts here if you need them at the very far end of the room.
    15. Another room with flames. Hit the eye switch on the far door to put the
    first platform out, then hope on it and quickly aim over to the left and hit
    the eye switch in there to put the next platform out, then hope over to the
    end of the room. Hurry, the don't stay out for long. Walk into the next room.
    16. BOMBS:You're back in the room that had the blades and hard door to destroy, 
    but now you're on a higher floor. Jump across the gap, and then go to the right
    and hop up on the platform here. There's a big Treasure Chest there, open it
    to find the BOMBS! (finally). You can carry 20 bombs right now. Exit through
    the passage up here when you have em.
    17. When you enter this next area, hit the switch right infront of you. This
    will raise the platform below you right up here for a shortcut (BE SURE TO
    back in the main hall, way above it still. You're on the other side of the
    first bridge you crossed, on the far side of the room. Walk over to the bridge,
    and you will see two holes in it. Drop a bomb down the first hole, then the
    second (make sure they land inside the Skelleton's eyes). When they both
    explode, the eyes will turn red, and the mouth will open revealing the way to
    go. Jump down, then go through the door in the mouth.
    18. When you enter this next room, kill the two Fire Keese, then hop up to the
    passage on the right. Go through this tunnel, and kill the two Fire Keese in
    the next room that you get to. Go to the left, then right and jump down at the
    end of this room. There's a bombable door here, blow it up with a bomb.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: There's another Armos in here, kill it with the same trick you
    did before, and then kill the Gold Skulltula that was behind him, and jump
    attack to get its Token, then exit back to the other room.
    Jump up the block to get to the high part of this room, and go across there
    until you can jump down to the passage out. Before you break open the jars
    here, take out an empty bottle, then capture that Fairy that one has. This
    will revive you when you die, very useful indeed! Exit through the passage
    infront of you, and follow the tunnel around.
    19. You'll be back in the first room. Push the block up here down, then pull/
    push it into the pit in the center. This will open the barred door near you.
    20. When you go through the no-open door, you will be in the final room of the
    dungeon, yay! In here, there's a small Treasure Chest with some bombs, so if
    you're low be sure to get it, you'll need them for the boss fight. Bomb the
    patch of dirt in the very center of the room. This will reveal a secret passage
    going down. When you're ready, jump down and be ready for the boss fight.
    BOSS: Infernal Dinosaur KING DODONGO
    So easy, its scary. This guy is huge, and if you touch him he will hurt you.
    This guy is even easier than the the boss of the Deku Tree if you ask me. The
    only hard this is figuring out how to kill him. As soon as the fight starts,
    he will open his mouth and start to breath in, quickly through a bomb into his
    mouth. When it explodes, he will fall, and then use a Jump Attack on him. He
    will get up, and then start to roll around. Dodge this by stepping near the
    lava, on the little slope down. Follow him around, then throw in another bomb,
    and continue until you hit him just three times. Then he'll die, how easy is
    that? If you run out of bombs, there are bomb plants on the corners of this
    area, but its hard to kill him with those. If you miss your chance to throw
    the bomb in, he will breath a huge flame at you, but if you are on the little
    slope near the lava, it won't hit you. After three hits, he will roll into the
    lava and die. Be SURE to get the Heart Container he leaves behind, then exit
    through the blue transport.
    A cutscene will air once you step into the blue thing. It shows King Darunia
    coming outta nowhere (back on Death Mountain), and thanking you over and over.
    He will call you his sworn brother (yeah...) and will then hand over the
    Goron's Ruby, the Spiritual Stone of Fire! Now that you have two, there is only
    one more to go, but its the hardest one yet! Darunia will tell you to climb to
    the top of Death Mountain and meet the Fairy up there, as she will teach you
    a Special Trick, and hes right, it is indeed very special! We'll be heading
    there soon!
    TWO UNFOUND: There are two Skulltulas that were out of reach the first time
    you play through Dodongo Cavern. One you can't get until you're an adult, and
    I'll cover that when the time is right in a while, but the other you can get as
    a child, but not until you get the Boomerang, which you'll get soon. I'll cover
    this Skulltula in the final Update before you go Adult.
    ^         D) GORON CITY          ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Bomb Bag
    Heart Pieces:      1  (total 8)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 17)
    Once you clear out Dodongo Cavern, Goron City will be back to life. Everyone
    is happy that you have cleared out the Cavern. Now that you have the ability
    to have your own bombs, that will let you get a lot of items in Goron City. If
    you want, you can also go back down to Darunia and see his dance again. :)
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Enter Goron City from the top level, then go to the left and
    blow up the three boulders on the path. Continue here, and you will see a
    little passage. Go through it, and you will emerge in a room with lots of
    rocks. The grey ones can't be destroyed by your bombs, but the brown ones can.
    From the start, blow up the rock on your right, then the rock behind that one.
    You're on the right side of the room, and you'll see a block now to your left,
    blow that one up. Now, go near the end of this room, and blow up the block on
    the left. You're now at a little area at the end of the room. The wooden crate
    here has a Skulltula, roll into it to break it open. There are also two little
    treasure chests, the one on the left has a Purple Rupee (worth 50 Rupees) and
    the one on the right ALSO has another Purple Rupee. There's also a mini rock
    behind that chest that, if you break open, contains three hearts.
    BOMB BAG: Go down to the second level, where there's a big Goron rolling
    around *his name being "Hot Rodder Goron". Go to the covered area to the north,
    and then drop a bomb in his path (you'll have to time this perfectly). If it
    explodes right when hes on it, he will stop rolling. Go up and talk to him, and
    he will give you the Bomb Bag! This will let you now carry 30 bombs. Remember,
    he will only give it to you if you stop him in the covered area under the rock.
    PIECE OF HEART: This one is fun to get. Go down to the third platform (the
    one below Hot Rodder Goron) and you should have already made the giant Urn on
    the bottom level start to move (if you havn't, go into Darunia's room and light
    a Deku Stick on fire, then light the tourches around the Urn to make it start
    to trirl around). Once its going, go to the third level, then if you want use
    your own bombs and throw them into the Urn. When they explode, the Urn will
    turn and depending on what face it lands on, a Heart Piece will come out. If it
    lands on the unhappy face, you will get three green rupees (don't worry if you
    get the wrong one, it will start to move again in a sec). If it lands on the
    happy face, you will get bombs. If it lands on the very happy face, you will
    get a Piece of Heart and blue and red rupees!
    As I said before, if you want you can go back into Darunia's room to see his
    dance again just for fun, hehe. Once you're done in here, go back to Death
    Mountain Trail.
    ^       E) DEATH MOUNTAIN        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Ability to use Magic; Sword Technique
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 10)
    Gold Skulltulas:   2  (total 19)
    Now that you have Bombs, there are many things that you'll be able to get on
    Death Mountain, including opening the path to the peak of the mountain. The
    journey isn't very long, but it can be a killer. On the way are some Gold
    Skulltulas, as well as some Heart Pieces, and at the top you'll get the ability
    to use Magic from the Great Fairy and you'll learn a great new sword technique.
    GOLD SKULLTULA:Jump down to the very start of Death Mountain tril, right 
    before the entrance to Kakariko Village. Near here, on the right side of the 
    mountain, you'll see a weird formation in the rock. Set a bomb by it, and when
    it blows up it will reveal a little grotto in the mountain. Inside here is a 
    Gold Skulltula! Shoot two Slingshots at it, then you CAN get the token even
    though it is high up because you can climb up that wall. Near the entrance to
    Goron City (by the red flag), there's another little fake thing in the wall
    like this one. Inside that one is a Purple Rupee.
    The Great Fairy is located at the top of Death Mountain, so we'll need to
    get up there! Near the entrance to Goron City is a red flag. By the flag is a
    slope upwards. Up here are some platforms on the mountain with boulders on
    them. Destroy the first two boulders on the first platform, the one on the left
    has a Blue Rupee. To destroy the one on the higher platform, you'll have to
    throw it right at the exact time so that it will blow up when it's in the air
    by the boulder. This takes some good timing, but if you did this in Dodongo's
    Cavern (in the room with the spikey moving things) then this is the same thing.
    Jump over to that platform (the boulder will leave a Red Rupee behind), then
    climb up to the next plateau. Up here you might hear a cow... but where is it?
    There's a boulder on this plateau, destroy it then drop down the hole. Down
    there is normal grotto, but there's a cow in there (how I have NO idea). Play
    Epona's Song, and the cow will give you free milk in an empty bottle if you
    want it. Back on the plateau, continue on the path up here. When you get to the
    large open path, the mountain will start to Erupt (this won't stop until a bit
    later when you're an Adult and finish the Fire Temple). This is annoying, but
    you can try to shield the falling rocks, but you might as well just keep
    running if you have full health, one hit from the rocks just takes of a quarter
    of a heart. When you reach the end wall, the eruption will stop. Climb up the
    wall here (be sure to take out the Skullwalltulas) until you reach the top.
    When you get to the top of the cliff, you're at Death Mountain summit! Your owl
    friend is up here, but don't talk to him yet. Destroy the fake wall, and go
    GREAT FAIRY FOUNTAIN #1: MAGIC; Walk up to the fountain, then stand on the
    Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. She will explain your Magic Meter to
    you. So now to power up your sword, press and hold B until it starts to glow,
    then release for a huge sword slash. The Fairy will also tell you about her
    sister who is located near Hyrule Castle, and you should go visit her. We'll do
    that soon. If you ever are near Death, you can go to a fairy and Summon her to
    re-fil your magic and health meters.
    GOLD SKULLTULA, PIECE OF HEART: Both somewhat hard to get. Enter the passage
    to the right of the owl, and you'll emerge in Death Mountain Crater. Its hottt
    in here, and you can't stay in for long (until you get the right Tunic). You
    have exactly 48 seconds before you'll die. Don't worry though, you can exit and
    enter as much as you want to restart the timer. Roll into the box right in
    front of you, and a Skulltula will pop out. Kill it, get its token then exit
    back to Death Mountain and back in here to restart the timer. Now, go to the
    very edge of the cliff before you and slowly walk off, but you'll catch onto
    the clibable side. Climb down (don't let go or else you'll fall into the lava,
    which doesn't kill you, it just will take off one full heart and you will start
    by the entrance again). Climb down until you see the little grotto inside this
    cliff with the Piece of Heart. Once you have it, if you're timer is very low,
    just jump down to restart near the entrance, its better than dying.
    You're now done up here, so lets take a little shortcut back to Kakariko
    Village. Talk to the owl, and he'll ask if you want a ride back. For once, the
    owl actually offers you something useful! When he starts to fly, stay under
    his tallons for a few seconds, and you'll automatically latch on. Watch the
    nice cutscene with the views, and when its done you'll be back in Kakariko
    PIECE OF HEART: The owl will drop you off ontop of Impa's house, but DON'T
    JUMP DOWN! Go to the right of the roof, and approach the end slowly so the
    camera lets you see whats down below. Position yourself so that when you jump
    off you'll land on the little wooden roof above the ground (by the chicken
    pen). Jump down just barely *if you're going to far, press back on the control
    stick quickly to move backwards in the air* and you should land on the wooden
    roof. There's a hole in the house here, so walk through it and you will be
    inside the cow's cage, and there's a Piece of Heart in there! If you did jump
    down by accident, don't worry, you can come back here as an Adult when you have
    the Slingshot and get it then. Once you've picked this up, its time to have
    some fun blowing up things.
    ^           F) UPDATES           ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Grotto's, Fairy Fountains, Din's FIre, Bomb Bag #2.
    Heart Pieces:      1  (total 11)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 19)
    Time to take a little break in your quest, and find some thing to blow up! Now
    that you have your bombs, Hyrule Field is now a great place! Remembe to be
    careful of the Peahats when looking around. There are three boulders that are
    useful. There's one located to the West of Hyrule Castle (in Hyrule Field)
    which contains a Fairy Fountain, where you can go get a lot of Fairies to
    catch in bottles. Incase you die, they will automatically revive you! Very
    useful in boss battles. In the Southeast area of Hyrule Field there's a patch
    of land with a lot of trees. There's a boulder in there, and one in the
    Northwestern corner of the field that are useful. All the other Grotto's are
    pretty much useless, they contain some fish, bugs, and a Treasure Chest with
    a Blue Rupee in them. There's also a lot of araes around here that have no
    visible location to where the grotto holes are, but we'll come back to that
    later when you get the Stone of Agony from the Skulltula house from 20 Gold
    Skulltula tokens (we're just one short right now). I'll talk about these in
    the final Update before you turn into an Adult.
    Next, go to the Lost Woods to get a Deku Nut upgrade (only if you want). Its
    underneath the boulder near the entrance to the Sacret Meadow. Pay 40 Rupees
    for the Upgrade. There are two Business Scrubs down there, the one on the left
    will give you the upgrade.
    PIECE OF HEART, BOMBCHU, BOMB BAG: Go to Hyrule Town next. There's three things
    to get here, all of them in the same location. As soon as you beat Dodongo's
    Cavern, the Bombchu Bowling ally is now open! There are five different prizes
    here, whih are: A purple Rupee, a bomb re-fill, a Bomb Bag (now will make you
    be able to carry 40 bombs), 10 Bombchus, and a Piece of Heart. The prize you
    play for each time is random (although you can win the Bomb Bag and Piece of
    Heart once). Its open 24 hours a day.
    Bombchus travel in a straight line from whichever angle you started it at. If
    they hit a wall, they will climb it based on the direction they were going.
    Here, it will be your goal to get them into the black hold in the center of the
    back board. There are 5 different backboards you can get, this is them:
    1: This one is always the same, there's a hole in the very center and a spike
    going along the bottom of the room. If your bombchu hits the spike, it will
    blow it up. Time is so it goes past the spike and into the hole, very easy to
    aim this one. Once you hit the back, the board will fall and you'll have to do
    round two.
    2: There are three different boards here. One has the hole on the very right
    side wall. Stand near the right side wall, about about two black things from
    the center, and stand on a bit of an angle to the right and you should hit it
    that way. Same thing with the left, just replace right with left. The third
    board is just straight infront of you, so stand in the middle like you did the
    first, wait until the spike and chicken are outta the way, then throw it down.
    3: The third is the hardest, as there are now two chickens in your way, so its
    near impossible to throw it straight to get it in. Stand on the left, about 5
    black streaks from the left wall, on about a 45 degree angle towards the right.
    If you have it right, it'll go off the wall, and straight into the hole, it
    does take some practice. The bombchue shop is now in business in the back ally.
    Remember, its 30 Rupees per play and you get 10 bombchues per round. You have
    7 to spair.
    DIN'S FIRE: Next, go to Hyrule Castle. The first Great Fairy friend lives in
    a little grotto near here, and she will give you an amazing attack which you
    you DO need to beat the game. Like you did when you were getting to Zelda,
    climb up the vines and cross over the bridge. Instad of going up the left side
    area, go to the dead end to the right where the boulder is. Blow it up, and
    then crawl intside. Another Great Fairy Fountain here, this Fairy represents
    Din. Stand on the Triforce Symbol and play the Lullaby, and then the freaky
    Fairy will give you Din's Fire, which takes up a good deal of magic, but will
    create a huge fire ball around you that will kill lots of enemies. Now, you'll
    have fire wherever you go, which is useful in later dungeons. You must assign
    Din's Fire to one of the C Buttons. As the fairy says, you can use it to attack
    and burn things. Once you're done in here, exit, and we're ready to find the
    final Spiritual Stone.
    Only one more Spiritual Stone to go, but its the hardest to get out of the
    three, and requires the most skill both in fighting and in solving puzzles. We
    will now head towards the water kingdom, the Zora's.
    ^        A) ZORA'S RIVER         ^
    Area info:
    Items to Get: Magic Beans
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 13)
    Gold Skulltulas:   2  (total 21)
    Zora's River is the water supply that runs towards Hyrule Castle (which also
    fills the moat around the town on Hyrule Field). This is a linear area, with
    lots of jumping and little platforms around. You can go right to the end to get
    to Zora's Domain if you want, but there's some good stuff to pick up before! Oh
    and by the way, when you first start out here, your good friend the owl will be
    here to chat with you (urgh).
    GOLD SKULLTULA: The first tree (beside the owl and the boulders) has a Gold
    Skulltula in it, roll into the tree to make it fall down.
    MAGIC BEANS: After you talk to the owl, blow up the rocks infront of you
    blocking the path through the gate. Pass through, and go to the end of this
    path. You'll see a weird guy sitting by a gate chomping away at some beans.
    Talk to him, and he will give you some beans for 10 Rupees. Buy them, and then
    plant them next to him (in the little patch of soil). In time, when you come
    back here as an Adult, they will grow into magic bean plants that will carry
    you to places. Talk to the guy again, and you can buy some more, although this
    time for 20 Rupees. There are a total of 10 magic beans to buy from him, and
    a total of 10 plots of soil around Hyrule. The price is raised by 10 everytime
    you buy from him, so the 10th bean costs 100 Rupees. If you want to get every
    Gold Skulltula and Piece of Heart in the game, you'll have to complete this
    little mini-game. There's more coverage on this in the Final Update section
    before you turn into an Adult (the final section in this chapter, chapter 3).
    PIECE OF HEART x2: There are two Pieces of Heart to get in Zora's River, and
    you get both of them roughly the same way. Near the start by the boulders, by
    the rock circle is a chicken wandering around. Like you did in Kakariko Village
    to get Bottle #2, pick up the chicken, and you'll use its gliding power to get
    you to some places Link normally can't get to. Grab it, then glide across the
    river to the right side, then climb up the paths. Eventually the path ends, and
    before you is the Piece of Heart and another ledge with a grass patch on it.
    Drop down to the area beneath. Follow this path, then throw the chicken up to
    the higher path, and quickly jump up there after. Pick him up again, then throw
    him to the path on the right, and quickly hop up there and pick him up. Be sure
    that it doesn't touch the stream, or else it will fly away and you'll have to
    restart (he respawns back where you first picked him up). Now, go right, and
    you'll see behind the thing of land in the middle of the stream is a little
    ledge of land. Glide down to it, then you can just drop your chicken off. Climb
    the ladder. Up here is a boulder. Destroy it with a bomb, and hope down into
    the grotto to find another Fairy Fountain. Up here on the high plateau is
    another chicken. Pick him up, and CAREFULLY and SLOWLY walk across the very
    small wooden path to the piece of land with the Gossip Stone on it. From here,
    you can easily glide over to the platform with the Piece of Heart.
    Now, quickly pick up the chicken once you get the Piece of Heart (if he falls
    into the water, then you'll have to pick up the one at the start again) and
    hope up on the two platforms again. Instead of going to the right, continue
    going left towards Zora's Domain and across the bridges. When you get to the
    natrual bridge formation that has the waterfall before it, jump over to the
    second bridge, and go to the far left at the highest point. From here, turn
    around and jump towards the platform with the Piece of Heart on it. Now, you
    can just throw the chicken in the water for fun :).
    While you're here by the waterfall, jump down to a platform right by the
    river (be sure to jump on the platforms where you can stand, not in the river
    or else you'll be swept back to the start of Zora's River. At the bottom is
    a ladder. At night, a Gold Skulltula will be here.
    Now, go back to the two platforms that you have to toss the chicken the
    quickly go back up to catch them. Near here is a log going into the river.
    Climb onto the log, and when you reach the end Navi will tell you some Frogs
    are looking at you. Pull out your Ocarina, and they will jump out. Play Zelda's
    Lullaby, and then one of them will grow larger. He will then give you 50
    Rupees. Play the rest of your songs like this (Epona's Song, Saria's Song, and
    Sun's Song are the ones you have now), get 50 Rupees, then go and buy some
    Magic Beans. Easy way to get cash. Do note that you can only do a song once,
    if you play it again you won't get the cash. If you came in here with a full
    wallet to start, you can get about 8 of the beans now with the cash in this
    Once you're done here, go up to the bridges where the second Skulltula was.
    To the right of here is a little water pond. Dive down into the hold, and it
    will warp you to the mini pond back in the Lost Woods. To enter Zora's Domain,
    stand on the Triforce Symbol on the second bridge, and play Zelda's Lullaby
    to let the Zora's know you're a Royal Family member. The water fall will stop
    for a short period of time, so jump into the cave quickly.
    ^        B) ZORA'S DOMAIN        ^
    Area info:
    Items to Get: Silver Scale, Empty Bottle #3
    Heart Pieces:      1  (total 14)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 21)
    There's almost nothing here except a Piece of Heart and the Silver Scale, which
    is useful for those of you who like to dive. The King's daugher has gone
    missing, and you must help the King find Princess Ruto. It isn't going to be
    vary easy, though.
    SILVER SCALE: Link can only dive for 3 seconds right now, but the Silver
    Scale will change that to 6 seconds, which is useful if you're the diving
    type. To get this, run up the stairs from the start, then at King Zora's room
    turn left. Go to the waterfall, and you'll see a Zora up here. Talk to her,
    pay her 20 Rupees to play, and she'll toss 5 Blue Rupees into the water just
    before the waterfall. You have 50 seconds to dive and get them. As soon as she
    throws them down and says START, dive off the top of the waterfall, and you'll
    see the Blue Rupees underwater near here. Position yourself over one (take a
    look where your shadow is) then dive down. You can pick up two if you're lucky.
    Its SO easy to get all 5, they're all near each other. Once you have picked
    them up (you'll have made a 5 Rupee profit!), the timer will stop and the Zora
    will call down telling you to get back up there to get your prize. Run back up,
    and you'll receive the Silver Rupee. You can now play again if you want, but
    this time she'll throw down both Blue and Red Rupees, so you can make a lot
    of extra cash off of this mini-game, and its very easy to!.
    PIECE OF HEART: Go to King Zora's room, light up a Deku Stick, then go back
    down the stairs and light up the tourch there. Now take off the stick, and
    bring it back out. Light the stick again, and now you'll have to rush to get
    the heart. Light up the stick again, and quickly run down this path, light the
    tourch without stopping by the Shop, then keep going straight and light up the
    tourch by the circle of stones in the shallow water, now to left along the wall
    along the small path to the underneath of the waterfall and light up the last
    two tourches under there. If you do it fast enough, a treasure chest will
    appear with a Piece of Heart in it. You have two things to worry about, not
    being fast enough so your stick burns out, or not being fast enough and letting
    the other tourches go off.
    Go to King Zora's Room and step up on the platform. Press A to talk to him,
    and he'll say how Princess Zora (Ruto) has gone missing. Dive down where the
    diving game is. When you dive down, you should see a hole underwater. Dive
    down into it (you must have the Silver Scale to get that deep) and you'll be
    warped to the massive Lake Hylia. Move forward a bit in the water and Navi will
    highlight something at the bottom of the lake here, a bottle with a message in
    it! Dive down to get it, then return to Zora's Domain via the Warp spot. Go
    back up to the King's room, highlight him, then take out the bottle. Link will
    show him the message, and he'll read out where Ruto is. He will make move so
    that the path will be open. Don't go up there yet though, there's some things
    in Lake Hylia we should get now. He will keep the letter, but will give you
    the Bottle, which gives you Empty Bottle #3!
    ^          C) LAKE HYLIA         ^
    Area info:
    Items to get: Collectables
    Heart Pieces:      3  (total 17)
    Gold Skulltulas:   3  (total 24)
    A little break in the quest here, and a good way to take a break is to go
    fishing! We're going to go to Lake Hylia (the giant lake where you got the
    bottle with the Message in it)and get some Collectables there, then we'll go to
    Gerudo Valley for some more collectables. Three Heart Pieces to get total!
    PIECE OF HEART: Go to Lake Hylia via the warp from before in Zora's Domain.
    The building in the Northeast corner of Lake Hylia (on the little island by the
    wall) is the fishing pond. Enter, and pay the man at the desk 20 Rupees in
    order for you to fish. He will explain everything you need to know (such as the
    controls). Fishing is one of the coolest mini-games in this game... as there is
    quite a bit of strategy in order to catch the big fish. You'll want to catch
    the 10 pound fish around here to set a new record. Once you do, show it to the
    man at the desk and he will give you a Piece of Heart! But its a lot easier
    said than done...
    There's one or two Special FAQ's on Gamefaqs.com that gives away the best
    secrets on how to fish. If you're having tons of trouble, take a look there as
    I will only post a few tips.
    First of all, its best to fish right when the sun rises in the morning. The
    fish tend to jump around at this time. If you come here when you have the Song
    of Storms (which we don't get until a while to come), wait outside the door
    until the sun rises, then play the song. While it starts to rain, enter the
    pond and it will be raining in here. The fish love it when its raining, and
    they will bite your hook like crazy!
    Now the fish you want (the 10 or so pound fish) is always in the same few
    locations around the pond. He's either near the large log in the middle of the
    pond or near the bamboo sticks by the pond water source. Wait until Navi goes
    by him and turns blue, then z-target the fish. Then cast your line, and bring
    it back towards you with slow, jerky movements *if you fish in real life, you
    should be good at this game ;)* It may take a few castings in order for the
    fish to finally bite, but when he does press A+Down on the control sick fast
    to set the hook, and then pull in the opposate way he is moving. So for example
    when you're luring him in, if hes pulling towards the left on the line, you
    should pull towards the right. Stand as far into the water as you can to make
    it so you don't have to reel him in for a longer period of time.
    There's secrets here, such as the Sinking Lure (if you wanna know how to get
    that, take a look at the fishing guide) and some other good strategies.
    When you're done fishing, go to the counter and talk to the man. Say "I want
    to Quit" and he will take back the lure, and will remind you to come back when
    you're an Adult because the fish will probably be bigger. Hmm...
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Everytime you see the patches of land around Hyrule where you
    plant the magic beans (with the exception of the one in Zora's River by the
    man who sells you the magic beans), you should know that there is a secret
    Gold Skulltula in there. So how to you get them out? Make sure one of your
    bottles is empty, then walk towards the Scarecrows here in Laky Hulia (near the
    Fishing Pond) and cut down the patches of grass here. One of them will make some
    bugs appear. Trap the bugs in the bottle, and now walk up towards the Lakeside
    Labratory (the other house, opposite the Fishing Pond). You'll see one of the
    patches of soil here where you plant the beans. This time though, set down the
    bottle bugs, then quickly press the button you assigned the bottle to to catch
    one again (this way you don't have to keep finding the bugs). The other 2 bugs
    will go down into the soil, and after a few seconds a Gold Skulltula will pop
    out! You can do this with every patch of soil where you have plant the beans
    *except the one in Zora's River*. Also, plant a Magic Bean here if you have
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Near the Lakeside Labratory is a long bridge that goes over the
    river. Cross this bridge, and you'll see the owl on a pertch on a little island
    but don't talk to him unless you want a trip to Hyrule Market. Continue on the
    next bridge going to the left, and you'll land on a little island with a tree
    stump and a plaque (which we will talk about later). Swim over to the island
    that the plaque is facing, the island with two little beams on it. If its not
    nighttime, play the Song of the Sun here to change it to night. Not only will
    the Gold Skulltula appear on the left beam, but a Giant Fairy will also appear
    and if you touch her it will give you back all your health AND magic.
    THE SCARECROWS: Go to the Scarecrows where you got the Bugs from earlier. Talk
    to the Scarecrow on the lower patch of land, and he will tell you how he
    never forgets a song tune. Take out your Ocarina near him, and he will ask you
    to play something. Make the tune VERY easy (it has to be 8 notes) such as
    RLRLRLRL (right, left, right, left... on the C Buttons) and all at the same
    pace. He will remember this tune, and when you're an Adult this will come
    very handy. If you want all the Gold Skulltulas you will NEED to teach the
    Scarecrow this song.
    Exit Lake Hylia from the passage in the wall near Lakeside Labratory. This will
    take you directly to Hyrule Field. There's some gates here which you can't
    jump over, so just take the ladder across them on the left. Continue on the
    left side of Hyrule Field, and go to the westernmost point in Hyrule Field.
    You'll see this when the land gets quite rugged. Go up the little passage with
    the rugged land *its all  red, barren, desert land* and go thorugh the passage
    here to Gerudo Valley.
    Gerudo Valley has the best background music in the game for sure. If you need
    bugs in a bottle, the first three rocks when you enter *they're by the wall*
    have bugs under them. Pick one up, throw it away quickly, then catch the bugs.
    Cross the little bridge over the small pond, and you'll be in Gerudo Valley,
    well... the entrance to it. Don't even bother crossing the bridge, the Gerudo
    Tribe *who are all women... except for the one man boarn ever 100 years who
    was Ganondorf, this is where he hailed from* will not let you in because you're
    only a child. So we'll come back here as an Adult much later. You'll see a
    chicken wandering around here. Before you pick him up, go towards the cliff
    edge and look down. Its a long way down, and at the bottom is a huge River
    *which is the water source of Lake Hylia*. Look down, and a little bit to the
    left, and you should see a crate on a small ledge in the distance. Pick up
    the chicken, and glide down to there. This is where it gets trick, put the
    chicken down, and VERY QUICKLY ROLL INTO THE BOX to smash it open and pick up
    the Piece of Heart, and pick up the chicken. If you do it to slow, the chicken
    will drop down into the water. If this happens, just jump into the water where
    you'll be carried away back into Lake Hylia. From there, go back to the entrance
    to Gerudo Valley. If the chicken is still there and you pick him up, glide
    down to the long path near the river at the very bottom of this trench.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Go to the very end of the little passage down here, and you'll
    see a cow and a Gerudo down here. She will ask you why you're down here, but
    then Link askes her the same question (burnnnn). By the cow is a box, smash
    it open to get a Red Rupee. Also by the box is a patch of soil. Drop some bugs
    down there (then pick one up again) and a Gold Skulltula will pop out! Also,
    plant a Magic Bean here if you have one.
    PIECE OF HEART: The final item to get now is one last Piece of Heart, and its
    the easiest out of the three in this chapter. Walk to the end of the little
    passage down here until you're right by the waterfall. Jump in (don't worry,
    the current won't push you down the river) right by the waterfall, and go
    behind the waterfall. There's a ladder here, climb up and at the top is a
    Piece of Heart!
    Once you get this last one, go down the river so you end up back in Lake Hylia
    again. Take the warp back to Zora's Domain, as that is where the next Dungeon
    is located.
    ^       D) ZORA'S FOUNTAIN       ^
    Area info:
    Items to get: Farore's Wind
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 17)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 25)
    Once you warp back into Zora's Domain, walk all the way up to the King's Room.
    If you havn't showed him the message in the bottle yet, do so now and he will
    move and create a path to Zora's Fountain, the source of all water for Hyrule,
    as the giant river that starts here and goes through Zora's Domain, down Zora's
    River, through the moat at Hyrule Market, to Gerudo Valley, and finally to
    Lake Hylia. Walk up the pathway on the right to get to where the King is, and
    go down up the river here.
    Before you do though, be sure to catch a fish in a bottle. To do this, go to
    the bottom of Zora's Domain to where the stones in a circle are *in the water*.
    There's some fish swimming around here, and like you do with bugs, just catch
    one by standing by it and pressing the button assigned to the bottle.
    Time does not flow in Zora's Fountain, just to let you know. Zora's Fountain
    is home to Lord Zabu Zabu, somewhat like a fish god. He is huge, and he is the
    third dungeon in the game. Before we go there though, there are two things to
    FARORE'S WIND: Swim over to the little island behind Zabu Zabu (with the grass
    and a tree and boulders) and set a bomb by the silver boulder. A huge hole in
    the wall will appear when it explodes, enter the wall to find another Great
    Fairy. Play Ocarina on the Triforce Pad *Zelda's Lullaby* to make her appear,
    and she will teach you Farore's Wind, a very useful Warping technique used in
    dungeons. She will explain how to use it. If you are in danger, you can use it
    to warp away. You will teleport to the warp point. When you first use the magic,
    you will create a warp point. When you use the magic again, you can either
    dispel the warp point you created last time or warp to that point. You can
    only use the magic when in dungeons with a dungeon map hidden inside it. This
    is a VERY useful technique in large dungeons.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: The little island that you just blew up the wall on has a tree
    on it. Slam into the tree to make a Gold Skulltula drop down. There's another
    Gold Skulltula in Zora's Fountain but you can't get the token now. Inside the
    next Dungeon you will find the Boomerang, and all those to high tokens will
    now be within your reach.
    Accessing the final Dungeon as a kid is a bit of a puzzle. If you cought a
    fish, you're ready to go. Swim back to the little platform facing Zabu Zabu and
    go up onto it. Step right by his mouth, and open up the bottle with the fish.
    Once you do, he will open his mouth and will start to breath in. Not only will
    he take the fish in with him... but he swollows you to... Welcome to the third
    and hardest dungeon so far.
    ^      E) ZABU ZABU'S BELLY      ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Dungeon Map, Compass, Boomerang, Water Spititual Stone
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 17)
    Gold Skulltulas:   4  (total 29)
    The first time I played though the game this Dungeon gave me a lot of
    trouble. Its quite difficult, and although its not very big (not nearly the
    size of Dodongo's Cavern), its about twice as hard. The puzzles are annoying
    and the enemies you can't even kill with your sword. This whole dungeon
    takes place inside Jabu Jabu.
    1. As soon as you enter, you'll be bombarded. Walk a few steps and Octoroks
    will pop out. Pull out your Deku Shield, and rebound their shots back at them
    to kill them. There are also two bubbles that float around, that pop if they
    touch you. Sword slash them to kill them. Look towards the ceiling near the
    door out of this room, and you'll see a yellow switch. Fire a Deku Seed from
    your Slingshot at it to open the door infront of you.
    2. The next room introduces the main enemies of this dungeon, Biris. These
    are floating Jellyfish that are made out of electicity. If you try to attack
    with your sword, you'll be electricuted. So you can't kill them now, so just
    run past them to the door on the other side of this room to exit.
    3. When you walk into this next room, you'll find Princess Ruto! After some
    discussion she will refuse for you to help her, and she'll jump down one of
    the worm holes in this room. Make sure you jump down the same hole she did
    *when the short cutscene is over, you'll be right infront of it* and you'll
    land below right by her. If you somehow take the wrong one, you'll have to
    clim back up via the vines.
    4. When you land by her, talk to her again and she will go with you, as long
    as you carry her. This is annoying but what can ya do. Exit this room though
    the door right by you *DON'T JUMP DOWN OFF THIS PLATFORM*. In this next area,
    you can just toss her at the bubbles to destroy them if you want.
    5. This next room is annoying. There's a crevis in the middle. Jump down with
    Ruto, then throw her up onto the other side, don't worry she won't go anywhere.
    Down here, stop on each of the floating red things to make them appear and fly
    around (the manta-ray things)and hit them with 2 Slingshot hits. Defeat all
    three then take care of any bubbles. On the right you'll see a little vine with
    a Gold Skulltula on it. Take him out, then press the button in the middle of
    this little pond to raise the water level. It only stays up for 5 seconds, so
    quickly swim over to the vines and grab on. Get the Token, and at the top are
    three jars, one has a Fairy in it (you should grab it in a bottle). Once you're
    done here, pick up Zora again and walk down the next area, killing the bubbles
    as you go. Near the end is another thing on the ceiling like in the first room
    of this dungeon. Shoot it down with the Slingshot to open the door infront of
    you. Make sure you go out with Zora!
    6. As soon as you enter this next room, simply dodge the Octoroks shots until
    the elevator comes down. Jump on it (the Octorok will go away once you get near
    him) and ride it up. You'll be back in the second room of the Dungeon, where
    you first saw the Biris, and go through the door leading to the room where you
    met Princess Ruto.
    7. In here, go all the way to the end of the room, avoiding the weird holes
    in the floor,and the Biris. At the end, walk to the side to avoid the giant
    Biri that drops down. Exit through the door here.
    8. This next area is puzzling. As soon as you enter, you'll have to dodge the
    weird worm like things that come out of the floor. Go down to the right side
    of this area, all the way to the right and dodge the other worm thing down
    here. There's a switch, step on it with Ruto and with you combined weights it
    will drop down. This opens the door infront of you. Go though this door with
    Ruto in hand. Drop her down by the entrance, and you'll see more of those
    floating Manta Rays. Kill them all *there are four of them* and a chest will
    appear in the center of the room. It contains (FINALLY) the Boomerang! You can
    target enemies, and throw the boomerang to kill them. Some enemies (such as
    Biris) can only be defeated by the Boomerang. You can also use it to get all
    those too high Gold Skulltula Tokens from the past (which we will get after
    this dungeon). Assign it to a C-Button right away, and then pick up Ruto and
    exit this room.
    9. Back in the weird tunnels room, run all the way to the left side now while
    avoiding the worm things (you can kill them now with the Boomerang, but its
    just a waste of time since they'll come back). There's another switch down
    here. Set Princess Ruto on it and then go though the door. This switch needs
    something on it to keep it down. Don't worry about leaving her here, she won't
    go anywhere.
    10. DUNGEON MAP:
    This next room is weird. In the center is a large tenticle like thing.
    Before you go near it, Z-Target its upper area, and once you're near it, quickly
    throw the Boomerang than step back. You'll hit it, and it will go up into
    the ceiling, then come back down. Hit it four times to kill it. Always step
    back after you throw the Boomerang or else it might hit you. After four hits he
    will die and the Dungeon Map chest will appear. Exit the room and pick up
    11. COMPASS: The room directly to your left now is accessable. The giant slimy
    thing that was blocking your path here before is now gone. Once you defeat a
    Tail Like enemy in the following rooms, more paths will be accessable. Enter
    the room here, and defeat this tail like you did the one before. In this next
    room, there are 10 bubble things and you have 40 seconds to defeat them all.
    Just use Din's Fire to destroy them all in one shot (easy eh). The Chest with
    the Compass now appears. Exit the room with Ruto once you have it.
    12. Go all the way to the right side of this area now, and the passage way
    here is open. Enter the room with Ruto and take care of the Tail thing. Kill
    it and the door will open. Exit with Ruto.
    13. Now, go to the center area (with the three electric worms) and go down the
    passage there to enter the final door here. There is one last Tail like enemy
    in there, kill it and the door will open. There are also some Biri's in this
    room but take them out easily with the Boomerang. Once you defeat all of them
    plus the tail, the door opens but nothing seems to happen...but go back to the
    room with all of the holes and you'll notice the slimey electric things that
    were over some of the holes are now gone. Go though the hole where the green
    tenticle used to be (its the hole futhest to the right when entering from the
    Tenticle area).
    14. GOLD SKULLTULA x2: If you got the correct hole, you'll land on the highest
    platform in this room (across from the one where Ruto dropped down onto from
    before). There are two Gold Skulltula's on the walls here to your right. Two
    hits from the Boomerang will kill them, and them simply aim at the token and
    throw the Boomerang. The target will latch onto the Boomerang, and will bring
    it back to you! Once you have them both, exit through the door on this platform.
    15. Sub-Boss time. Once you enter this next room, the Zora Spiritual Stone will
    be on a platform, and Princess Ruto will go crazy. Throw her onto the platform
    as she asks, but up goes the platform, and when it comes back down its not
    Ruto thats on it, its a Giant Octo. Fighting him is easy, the hard thing is
    the spinning spiked platform in the center of the room. As soon as the battle
    starts, fire your Boomerang at him to stun him. Walk around, and when he starts
    walking again, throw the boomerang again, and you'll want to get behind him.
    Once you're right behind him, throw the Boomerang and he'll be stunned exposing
    his weakspot. Walk up behind him and quickly jump attack the glowing circle
    where his uh... *backside* is. Two Jump Attacks will kill him. Once you kill
    him he drops three hearts and then step on the platform in the center to ride
    up. Ruto isn't here, but there's three jars, one of them containing a Fairy
    if you need the health. Exit through the door up here.
    16. This next room is just plain weird. There are two things in the center,
    and if you go near them they start to jump around. They look kind of like
    tongues... Anyways, throw your Boomerang at it to stun it, and then stun the
    other one the same way and jump onto them both over to the next door to exit
    this room. You might want to Kill the Octopus here if he keeps hitting you,
    it gets annoying.
    17. You're back in room #2 again, although at the very top. Jump over to the
    platform here and it will drop down to the bottom of the room, completeing
    the path. Pick up one of the boxes here, walk over across the now fallen
    platform, and set the box on the blue switch. Enter the door that opens.
    18. GOLD SKULLTULA: This is the final room in this dungeon (see, it hasn't been
    THAT bad hasn't it?). First of all you'll want to take out the Biris in this
    room. Walk over to the vines by the wall jutting out, and take out the Gold
    Skulltula here (final one in this Dunegon, this makes 4). Climb up to the top,
    and you'll see yet ANOTHER of those ceiling switch things, although there's a
    shield around it so you can't hit it with a Deku Seed. Z-Target it, then throw
    your Boomerang at it. You'll have to position yourself far back behind the
    shield up here, but it isn't very hard to do. It will open the door to your
    right, which leads to the boss.
    BOSS: Bio-Electrid Anemone BARINADE
    Unlike the pervious two bosses, this guy is quite difficult. Once you know how
    to beat him though, he isn't. He has many different forms which you must go
    though. There's a ton of recovery hearts in the room in jars, plus you should
    have two fairies from this dungeon if you put them in a bottle.
    To start off the battle, get close to him (DO NOT STOP MOVING) and Z-Target
    the things on top that attach him to the ceiling. Keep walking in a circle
    around him to avoid the electric shocks he fires at you. Next he generates
    little Biris, destroy them all with your Boomerang. Wait for an opening to the
    main body, then fire a Boomerang shot at it. He will become stunned and turns
    blue. The Biris keep moving so be careful about them, they won't go after you
    though. Rush up to him and hack away with Jump Attacks and slashes. When he
    goes back on the attack, stay away from him until you have another clear shot
    at him. Only two times should be all you need.  He does have a high hit point
    count. Beating him is is quite self explanitory, you'll see what I mean. Once
    he's defeated, be sure to pick up the Heart Container (this should be container
    #10 in your health meter). Once you have that, exit from the blue warp.
    Back in Zora's Fountain, Ruto will give you the final Spiritual Stone, the
    Zora's Sapphire. She will also make you promise that you will have to marry
    her in the future (urgh). Now that you have all three, you have completed you
    task. You should head back to Hyrule Castle to meet Zelda...
    ^           F) UPDATES           ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Grotto's, Stone of Agony, Masks (Mask of Truth), Secrets.
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 19)
    Gold Skulltulas:   15  (total 44)
    These are the final Updates as a child. By now, you should have collected all
    three Spiritual Stones, and you *if you want* can go to the Temple of Time in
    Hyrule Market to change into an Adult and let you true quest begin, but there's
    some stuff we can get now that we have the Boomerang, such as Gold Skulltulas,
    Pieces of Heart, and the fun Mask Trading Game is now open for business. You
    have probably gotten most of these things that are about to be mentioned, but
    you don't want to miss anything important.
    ZORA'S RIVER AREA: Lets start off where the last Dungeon ended since this is
    where you are now most likly. In Zora's Fountain, there's a Gold Skulltula on
    the far wall near the fairy fountain (you'll have to walk ontop of the log in
    the water to see it). Throw your Boomerang at it then get its token. Back in
    Zora's River, if you didn't get the two Heart Pieces there that are on the
    high ledges (if you didn't use the chickens) you can now get them with your
    Boomerang by throwing the Boomerang at them, and like the Skulltula Tokens, it
    will pick up the Heart Piece and bring it back to you. You may have noticed some
    weird hive like things in King Zora's Room (on the ceiling). You can now smash
    them down with the Boomerang with manual aim, most of them contain nothing but
    the odd one does contain a Red or Blue Rupee. They're also in some grottos, and
    the VERY odd one contains a Purple Rupee.
    KAKARIKO VILLAGE AREA: There's a great item waiting for us here in the House
    of Skulltula. If you've been collecting all the Gold Skulltulas I've mentioned
    so far, you should have 29 or so. Go to the Skulltula House in Kakariko Village
    (and presuming you've gotten the Big Vallet a while ago from killing 10 Gold
    Skulltulas), the kid on the left is now normal again. Talk to him, and he will
    give you the Stone of Agony (you must have killed at least 20 Gold Skulltulas).
    The Stone of Agony is a great item in the game, as whenever you are near a
    secret it will make your controller rumble (providing you have a Rumble Pack).
    There's many areas in Hyrule where there's a grotto but you can't see the hole
    because its covered. When you walk near it with the Stone of Agony (once you
    have it, its always activated so you won't have to turn it on/off) the Stone
    will start to rumble. The closer you are to the secret, the more it starts to
    rumble and the stronger the rumble. When its rumbling strong and at a fast pace,
    you're near the secret.
    Many of these pits require a bomb to open, but go outside and down the stairs
    into the main area of Kakariko Village. You should start to feel the controller
    *near the tree* rumble, search around until its rumbling a lot (its near the
    center of this area) and set down a bomb. The blast of the bomb should open
    up the hole. Jump down and kill the two re-deads and a mini chest will appear.
    Open if for a Huge Rupee, which is worth 200 Rupees!
    While you're here, go to the Windmill (its near the entrance to Kakariko
    Graveyard) and enter. You'll see a Piece of Heart ontop of the little ledge
    on the left. Position yourself carefully, and then throw the Boomerang and you
    you should be able to get the Piece of Heart this way (if you can't don't worry,
    because you'll be coming back here as an adult soon and you'll be able to get
    this Piece of Heart another way). Go to Kakariko Village Graveyard (at night)
    and on the righthand wall near the tomb of the Royal Family is a Gold
    Skulltula high up on the wall. After you get this Token, it might be number 30
    on the Killed Skulltula List (if you've gotten all the one's I've mentioned
    till now) or maybe 31+, it depends. Go to the Skulltula House and another kid
    will be free. He will give you the Adult's Wallet, which will let you carry
    500 Rupees max! This is a GREAT item. There are three more items which you
    will get from the Skulltula House, at 40 killed the kid will give you some
    Bombchu's (pretty useless). But at 50, he will give you a Piece of Heart (we
    won't have 50 until Adulthood tho, although you CAN comeback here as an Adult
    cause its still here). At 100 (which is all of the Gold Skulltula's killed),
    you will get a Huge Rupee (not a great prize but meh) wortht he 200 Rupees.
    There's also another Plot of soil here in the Kakariko Graveyard on the left
    side. Be sure to get the Gold Skulltula from it (there's some bugs under some
    rocks near the entrance to the Graveyard) and plant a Magic Bean here (be sure
    to do this, as it will get you a Piece of Heart later on as an Adult).
    There's quite a few that we have missed, but they're all easy to get. There are
    six Skulltula's that we were not able to get due to the Token being to high
    for Link to reach. Only one which is in Dodongo's Cavern is still unreachable
    and you'll have to wait until you're an Adult and have the Longshot for you
    to get to the Skulltula. Here's the six:
    1. Lake Hylia: Back of the Lakeside Labratory. Get it from the bridge.
    2. Gerudo Valley: Small waterfall near the entrance.
    3. Lon Lon Ranch: 2nd Story Window on Talon and Malon's House.
    4. Lon Lon Ranch: Outside wall on the place here you got the Piece of Heart.
    5. Deku Tree: Behind the Bombable door in B1.
    6. Dodongo Cavern: Enter the cavern and all the traps re-set. Walk up to the
    platform that raises up all the way to the second floor. Ride it up, then
    backtrack all the way until you get to the room with the giant staircase in
    the center which you had to blow up on the base. Go down the path on the left
    and climb up the stairs (which have been re-set to their high position) and
    enter the little room on the wall and the Skulltula is in there.
    There's also 7 Gold Skulltula's hidden in the Plots of Soil found around Hyrule
    in which you planted the Magic Beans. Here's their locations:
    1. "Special Area" in the Lost Woods.
    2. Area where you got the Deku Stick Upgrade in the Lost Woods.
    3. Kakariko Graveyard
    4. Death Mountain Trail, near the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.
    5. Zora's River by the man who sells you the beans (there's no Skulltula here).
    6. Kokiri Forest, to the right of the Shop.
    7. Gerudo Valley, on the path right by the large waterfall, near the cow and
    the Gerudo Girl down there.
    8. Plot of Soil by the Lakeside Labratory in Lake Hylia.
    Remember to plant the Magic Beans in each of these 8 spots. There are 2 other
    places with plots of soil, but you can't reach them right now.
    If you have the Stone of Agony, it will point out some of Hyrule Field's secrets
    as there are many. There are a lot of grotto's that have no visible entrance
    until your bomb them, and some of them contain very useful things. Here's a
    list of the bombable/secret areas:
    1. East of the Castle by the lone tree near the castle wall, bomb RIGHT by the
    tree and drop down. In there is a Gold Skulltula, search around for it.
    2. North of Lon Lon Ranch is a tree alone in the middle of the field. Place a
    Bomb right by the tree and enter. Down there is is a underground lake with a
    Heart Piece at the bottom but you can't get to it now. You'll have to wait until
    you get a certain item to get it. Just mentioning it now.
    3. Near Gerudo Valley in the circle of stones. Down there is a Gold Skulltula
    as well as a cow if you want Milk.
    4. Center of the Gates near Lake Hylia has a great secret. Go into the little
    section in the middle of the gates. Your controller should ruble here, and
    set a bomb off where it rumbles most. Down there is a Deku Scrub who will sell
    a Piece of Heart for only 10 Rupees!
    In the Grotto's that have Gold Skulltula's, they are behind webs. Use Din's
    Fire to burn down the webs, and kill the Skulltulas.
    *When you first go near Hyrule Castle you will notice a short cutscene, more on
    this later.*
    This is a fun mini-game. You don't have to do it to beat the game but its still
    fun. The Mask Trading game is located in Hyrule Market, the shop next to the
    entrance to the Temple of Time. It is only possible to complete this mini-game
    once you have all three spiritual stones. Go into the shop, chat with the
    owner and he will explain what to do. You will borrow a mask and try to sell it
    to someone. Then, you return to the sales shop and pay back the money. You
    will start off with one mask, and there are a total of 4 for you to bring to
    special people around. *Note that you must be WEARING the mask before they will
    take it from you.*
    1. Keaton Mask: This kind of looks like a fox mask. You have to bring it to the
    guard in Kakariko Village at the base of Death Mountain (the guy you show
    Zelda's Letter to). Once you give it to him, return to the mask shop.
    2. Skull Mask: This goes to the Skull Kid who gave you the Heart Piece in the
    Lost Woods for playing Saria's Song before him. Before you give it to him, go
    to the Special Room in the Lost Woods, and near the tree stump here is a
    gotto hidden in the grass. Search around for it, and you'll eventually find
    it (its near the butterflies). When you drop down there, stand on the platform
    and put on the Skull Mask. A ton of Deku Scrubs will pop up and circle around
    you. Go to the other Scrub on the right and talk to him, and he will say how
    that masks looks exactly like their Sacret Totem Pole. He will give you a Deku
    Stick upgrade (making you be able to carry 30 sticks at once). Then go and
    give the Skull Mask to that Skull Kid, and return to the Shop.
    3. Spooky Mask: This mask makes you look like a Re-Dead. Bring it to the
    Graveyard during DAYTIME and show the little kid who's wandering around the
    mask. The little kid will take it, and pay you the full price. Return to the
    4. Bunny Hood: This is the final mask you must deliver. Once you have the 3
    Spiritual Stones, a weird man can be seen running around Lon Lon Ranch in
    Hyrule Field. Run with him until he sits down and then put on the mask and
    talk to him. He says some weird things.... and then will buy the mask from
    you for 500 RUPEES!!! If you have the Adult's Wallet, you'll have full money
    no matter what :). Once you sell this one, go back to the Shop for one last
    Back in the shop, pay back 50 Rupees for the Bunny Hood mask and then the owner
    will give you the Mask of Truth. This mask lets you talk to all those Gossip
    Stones around, and they will tell you intreresting information about people
    and monsters and so on. This is yours to keep. Bring this mask to the "Special
    Room" in the Lost Woods and they will bounce around and the leader will give
    you a Deku Nut max (making you be able to carry 40 now). If you come back and
    put this mask on, all the Scrubs will bounce around and explode into Rupees.
    Three other masks, the Gerudo, Zora, and Goron masks will also be avaliable.
    These won't do anything except change what people say to you. Remember you can
    only carry one mask at a time. I recommend keeping the Mask of Truth.
    Once you finish this mini-game, this is all you can do as a kid for now. Its
    time to start your real quest as an Adult.
    ^       G) TEMPLE OF TIME        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Ocarina of Time, Master Sword.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 19)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 44)
    Finally, it is time to start out your true quest as an Adult and take on Ganon's
    dark forces. When you go near the entrance (drawbridge) to Hyrule Market even
    during the day you'll notice the bridge is up. Go near it and a cutscene will
    play showing Ganon gaining power. Zelda and Impa ride out on their hourse and
    into Hyrule Field, shortley followed by Ganon on his hourse. You will notice
    Zelda throw something into the moat around Hyrule Market. Ganon and Link face
    off, with one shot from Ganondorf grounding Link. Then Ganon rides off with
    his evil laugh. When you re-gain control of Link, jump into the pond and you'll
    see Navi target something under the water. Dive down and get it, and you'll
    surface with the Ocarina of Time! The final tool you need to enter the
    Triforce Realm. Another cutscene will play, and you will learn the Song of Time!
    This song will open up the Door of Time in the Temple of Time. Go into Hyrule
    Market, and near the Happy Mask Shop you will see a large building in the
    distance. Enter there, and follow the path to the Temple of Time.
    Once inside here, walk up to the Red Carpet and play the Song of Time. The
    Three Spiritual Stones will appear, and will be put into place on the thing
    infront of you. And then the Door will finally open. Enter, and Navi will point
    out the Sword in the stone in the middle of the room. Its the Master Sword!
    The Sword the only the Hero of Time can weild. Approach the Master Sword and
    press A to pull it out of the stone, and then... your future begins. Say
    goodbye to the world we once knew...
    As soon as you pick up the sword, a cutscene shows with Ganon saying how he
    tricked you into opening that door, and how he now stole the Triforce of Power.
    The cutscene also shows your destiny, as told to you by Rauru, the Sage of
    Light. Link is the chosen one to fight off evil and save the world. You wake
    up inside the Sacret Chamber which is the only place Ganon has not gotten to
    yet. This cutscene completes the history of the story in the game. You will
    see yourself as Adult Link, much different. The cutscene ends with you talking
    to Sheik, he will be your guide as an Adult. He will teach you many things
    for over your adventures. You regain control of Link in the Temple of Time,
    where the world is now much different, and has been cast into shadows. It is
    now 7 years since your childhood, and many things have changed. Your new
    quest is to enter the 5 temples, and awaken the sages from within them. Only
    the Sages are able to take care of Ganondorf's darkness. This is where your
    real quest begins, as from here on, things are much harder than before. Sheik
    will tell you to go to Kakariko Village to start off your quest, as there's an
    item there that you must need in order to enter the first dungeon. But before
    we go there, there's another thing you should be positive on getting... the
                                LINK'S TRUE QUEST BEINGS
    Here we will start out quest as Adult Link. Many things, as you will see, have
    now changed and the dungeons you go into are much larget and much more difficult
    (both puzzle and enemy). In this section we will tackle the first Dungeon, the
    Forest Dungeon.
    ^        A) HYRULE MARKET        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Empty Bottle.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 19)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 44)
    You resume control of Link in the Temple of Time. Take a minute of so to get
    used to your new swordsmanship (since Link is taller, his swing is also higher).
    When you're ready to move on, exit the Temple of Time.
    When you're outside you will see how things have changed. The sky is black,
    Death Mountain has a huge red halo on it, and everything looks like its from
    a horror movie. Continue along the Temple of Time path, and you will soon reach
    Hyrule Market. *Before we continue on, you should take a look at your invintory.
    You'll notice you won't be able to hold alot of your old items, which include
    the Deku Sticks, Slingshot, Boomerang, Magic Beans, and Mask of Truth. You are
    still able to use Deku Nuts, Bombs, the Ocarina of Time, Bombchus, Bottles, and
    Din's Fire and Forore's Wind. Why you can't use the items I don't know, but
    you'll make up for the Slingshot/Boomerang with the Hookshot which you will get
    very soon. Your quest has also changed, as now you must find the six Medallions,
    but you already have one (the Light Medallion you have already gotten, so you
    only need to find 5). So once you get into Hyrule Market, you will see what
    Ganondorf has done to it. It is no longer filled with people, instead it is
    filled with Zombies (Re-deads). These guys don't seem to be able to freeze you
    but there are a lot of them. Its best just to run right through without even
    bother fighting them. You should go to where Hyrule Castle once stood, as now
    there is a huge black castle floating overtop a lava pit. There is a Gold
    Skulltula here, but you should come back when you have the Hookshot to get it
    (explination on this Skulltula when you get that item). Aside from that there is
    nothing to do here. One way to get the Skulltula is to throw a bomb at it right
    when it is about to explode in the air. Then, target the Token while in
    Z-targeting and do a jump attack off the edge. You'll pick up the token but fall
    into the lava at the same time. So if you don't care about loosing one piece of
    health (which can easily be gotten back) just jump on it.
    When you're done there, exit the town. On the way out you will see the old
    guard house (where you used to break all of the jars for Rupees and that place
    that had Hyrule Market's only Gold Skulltula). Enter and you will see the old
    guard is obviously gone. Instead, a weird looking guy who has an interest in
    Poes will be there. You can sell any Poes to him cought in a bottle for some
    Rupees, but he is really interested in the Poes now found on Hyrule Field
    (the Peahats and Skullelton children are now gone, the Poes are the only
    enemies there). But you can't catch these poes unless you are on Horseback and
    have a Bow and Arrow, so we will have to come back to this one. Once you get
    all 10 Super Poes, he will give you an EMPTY BOTTLE. Next place to go is
    Kakariko Village, but before we go there I think we should get Epona the horse.
    ^         B) INGO'S RANCH        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Epona.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 19)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 44)
    Head off to what was Lon Lon Ranch. Talon and Malon are now gone, and its now
    run by the "evil" Ingo, who was the caretaker from before. Enter here during
    the daytime and talk to him. He will tell you all about it. He will ask if you
    want to ride one of his "fine" horses for 10 Rupees for one minute. Say yes,
    and as soon as it starts play Epona's Song. He will also explain how to ride
    horses, but here's a quick overview:
    Approach the hourse and press A to get up onto it. You use the Control stick
    (pushing forward) to start to make it run, then press A to tap it with your
    whip once you're going to speed it up. You have 6 carrots which replenish, and
    if you hit all 6 from whipping you slow down a lot. To get the most speed
    you should always stay between carrot 4 and 5. They replenish every few
    seconds. To jump over a fence, you have to accelerate and hit the fence right
    on. You can't jump over them on angles, or if you're going slow. If you want
    to get off, you simply stop the horse completely and press A to get down.
    When you start off, never mind about the horse Ingo gives you, instead play
    Epona's Song and wait a few seconds and she will ride on over to you. Epona is
    faster than the other horse, and is all around better. Take her on a spin. Once
    your one minute is up, Ingo will call you in. Pay him another 10 Rupees to ride
    again and do the same thing. Call Epona over, and while you're on her walk over
    to Ingo. He will ask if you want to race him with 50 Rupees on the line. If
    you think you're good enough, then say "yes". Racing him is easy, its one lap
    around the Ranch. Winning is simple, keep your carrot bar between 4 and 5 while
    never letting it fully deplete. Stay as close to the inside of the circle as
    possible, and if Ingo tries to pass you, simply get in his way with Epona. Once
    you beat him the first time, he will give you the Rupees and ask if you want to
    race again, this time he will put EPONA on the line. Winning the second race is
    a bit more difficult, as at the start passing him is a bit difficult. Pull out
    to left of the track and he will be on the inside. Pass him out there and then
    keep him behind you. Its pretty easy once you get used to it and you should have
    no trouble whatsoever. He will keep his promise and give you Epona, but you
    can't leave the Ranch as he seals the doors! But you have the best jumper in
    the ranch, so take Epona and speed her towards one of the low walls surround
    Lon Lon Ranch, and if you have just enough speed she will jump RIGHT OVER them
    and you will land in Hyrule Field! Contrats, you just got Epona who will make
    your travels across most of Hyrule much faster!
    Now that you have the horse, go on to Kakariko Village.
    ^      C) KAKARIKO VILLAGE       ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Hookshot.
    Heart Pieces:      3  (total 22)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 45)
    Kakariko Village has also changed quite a bit. The house that was being built
    in the middle is now finished, and most of Hyrule Market has taken up household
    here. Most of Kakariko is the same, such as the Skulltula house. Here you will
    get the most important item pretty much in the game, the Hookshot.
    KAKARIKO TRADING GAME: The trading game is a sidequest that will end up with
    you getting the Biggoron Sword, the best sword out of the three. Its a long
    process which you don't complete until three dungeons are done, but you will
    start it now. First of all, go to the woman who has the Cucco Pen (who gave you
    the empty bottle for finding her chickens as a child). Talk to her and she
    will give you the Pocket Egg. It will hatch at the next Sunrise (use the Song
    of the Sun to speed this process up). Its the same way that Malon's egg worked
    a while ago back at Hyrule Castle. Once it has hatched, you will need to put
    the chicken into a "good mood" as the girl asks. To do this, you'll have to
    wake up Talon, who is located in the middle of town. Stand right by him and
    activate the chicken and it will cluck. Talk to Talon, and DEPENDING if you have
    gotten Epona yet and defeated Ingo, then Talon will go back to the ranch.
    *You can now go back to the Ranch and compete in a little obstical course Malon
    has set up. If you win, you win a prize which is a cow inside your house back
    in Kokiri Forest, yup thats right.* Now, take the chicken back to the woman.
    Show her the chicken, and if you woke up Talon the chicken will be happy (only
    if you woke him up). She will give you "Cojiro" which is a blue Cucco, its her
    brothers. When she asks if you want to keep him, hit yes. You will bring
    Cojiro back to its owner soon. Thats all you can do right now with this trading
    THE SONG OF STORMS: The final song for you to learn (not including the Warp
    songs) will be the Song of Storms. Enter the windmill, and you will see the
    same guy is there. He used to be happy but if you look at him now he is very
    angry. Talk to him and he will tell you why. He will say a kid with an Ocarina
    messed the whole windmill up... but that wasn't you. Pull out your Ocarina by
    him and he will play the song back to you. Its the same song as in the background
    music in the windmill. This is the song:
    A, Down, Up, A, Down, Up.
    Play it back to him and you will learn the Song of Storms! This song doesn't do
    much (accept access a later dungeon), but you don't really use it aside from
    that, unless you want to start up a storm outside. All you have to do is play
    it and it will lightning and thunder for a little while. It can also access
    soem grottos. When you play the song, the windmill will start to mess up. The
    thing in the middle will start to move really fast. But it doesn't do anyting
    right now. Exit the windmill when done.
    PIECE OF HEART, GOLD SKULLTULA: Once you get the Hookshot you can latch up onto
    the rooftops on any of the buildings here in Kakariko. From there you can hook
    to other roofs, including two that have special things. Visit the guy who is
    sitting on his roof looking at the new Death Mountain. he will give you a Piece
    of Heart as a momento. Then, get to the top of Impa's house (at night) and you
    will see a Gold Skulltula back there. Its the final Gold Skulltula in Kakariko
    PIECE OF HEART: Head over to the graveyard. If you planted the Magic Bean here
    as a kid, you will see it has grown into a small plant. Step on it and it will
    start to float and raise you to the little ledge above. Jump onto the ledge and
    break open the wooden box here by rolling into it. There is a Piece of Heart
    in there.
    DAMPE'S RACE: Hookshot and Piece of Heart: Right by the magic bean plant is a
    gravestone that wasn't there when you were a child. Pull it to the side and
    it will reveal a hole. Jump on down and you will meet up with Dampe, the ex-
    graveyard keeper. He is dead but still in high spirits. You must race him through
    his dead village. You must follow him through the winding corridors or the
    tomb. Watch out for his fireballs, and anything else down there. As long as you
    keep on his track, you won't run into any enemies. If you do go the wrong way,
    you will re-start the race. You can't beat Dampe, its impossible. But you can
    get good times. Make it to the end the first time to get the HOOKSHOT! Then,
    race again and he will give you a Piece of Heart if you finish in under 1
    minute (easy to do as long as you roll, which is slightly faster than walking
    but is hard to control, watch out for the fire, as if you hit to many you will
    loose a lot of time). On your way out, exit through the door and then in the
    next room play the Song of Time to move the blue blocks away. Climb the stair
    case revealed, and you will end up back in the Windmill! If you didn't get the
    Piece of Heart in here before with the Boomerang as a child, you can now by
    jumping on the platform moving around and jumping off again on the Piece of
    Heart platform. You can also get the Song of Storms here if you didn't just
    a little whil ago. Once you get everyting here, most importantly the Hookshot,
    its time to start on your quest, which is in the Lost Woods now.
    *With the Hookshot you can now go get the GOLD SKULLTULA in Ganon's Castle
    area behind the old gate. If you didn't get it before, that is. This Skulltula
    is now counted in the TOTAl countup.*
    ^          D) LOST WOODS         ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Access to Forest Temple.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 22)
    Gold Skulltulas:   2  (total 47)
    The first temple that you go to (which you SHOULD go to) is the Forest Temple,
    located in the heart of the Lost Woods (in the Sacret Forest Meadow, where
    Saria tought you "Saria's Song"). Sheik is waiting there, and be SURE that you
    have the Hookshot from Kakariko Village before you come here.
    GETTING THERE FROM KAKARIKO: Now that you have Epona, its easy. If you left her
    by the entrance to Kakariko Village, she will still be there. Get up onto her
    and ride her to the entrance of Kokiri Forest. This is quick travel time. Or,
    even better, you could just take the warp in Goron City to the Lost Woods.
    LOST WOODS AND KOKIRI FOREST OVERVIEW: Kokiri Forest has really changed since
    Ganon took over. Everyone is still here, but inside as the land is now infested
    with evil baddies, such as Deku Scrubs and other beasts. If you go to the Deku
    Tree he is now closed up. Enter Lost Woods same way as before, from the
    hillside. The Lost Woods hasn't changed, except the Skull Kids are now evil and
    will fire little things at you.
    TRADING GAME: As soon as you enter the Lost Woods, you will hear your chicken
    start to cluck. This is because its owner is near here! Take the path to the
    left where you played Saria's Song for the Skull Kid. The Skull Kid is no longer
    there but in his place is the weird guy who used to sit infront of the tree
    in Kakariko Village at night. Go near him and show im Cojiro, and he will be
    be pleased at you. He will ask you to deliver some stuff to the "old hag in
    the potion shop" in Kakariko Village. You only have a limited amount of time
    to get it done. Say OK and he will give you the "Odd Mushroom". Quickly go back
    to Epona outside Kokiri Forest and ride her over to Kokiri Forest (it can be
    done without using Epona but VERY difficult to do, you must roll all the way).
    Once back in Kakariko Village, you must get to the place fenced in (where you
    went to get the two chickens before). You can't jump over to there (you can but
    its more luck than skill). I tend to hookshot up onto the roof from the fence on
    the house there, then drop down. Go up the stairs and enter the witch's shop.
    Walk up to the witch behind the counter and she will say some mysterious things
    "That bum! He had to go into the forest... I see." Weird, that guy is. She
    will ask for you to give it to her, so say "yes". Everything will go dark and
    she will make it into the medicine "If you see that fool, give this to him.
    It is the strongest medicine I have ever produced." What is wrong with that guy?
    Well, I guess we'll never know... as you must go back to where he was in the
    Lost Woods (don't worry there's no timer on the medicine so you can take you
    time to get back). In his place is a Kokiri Girl. She will explain how anyone
    who enters the forest who isn't a Kokiri will turn into a Stalfos (which you
    will meet soon). She will give you the Poacher's Saw which he left behind. That
    is as far as you can get in the Trading Game up to this point.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Go to the part of the Forest where you planted the Magic Bean
    (in the area where you brought the masks to for the Busienss Scubs). Ride it
    up to an upper area, and up here is a Gold Skulltula (must be at night). The
    other Magic Bean plant you planted here will just give you easy access to the
    bridge out of the forest. On the way you will see Mido blocking your path
    *he's in the area with the warp to Zora's Domain*. Play Saria's Song infront
    of him and he will let you pass. The path to the Sacret Meadow is the same as
    before, no change.
    THE SACRET MEADOW: As soon as you enter you might feel your controler rumble.
    Set a bomb down in the center of this room room and kill the two Wolfos enemies
    down in this pit to reveal a small chest containing a Purple Rupee.
    Along the paths used to be little enemies such as the Mad Scubs, but now there
    are gigantic enemies called Moriblins who are keeping watch on the path to the
    Forest Temple. They are VERY easy to take care of tough. If you step in the
    line of vision of one of them that isn't a good thing, as they will change you
    and do a good deal of damage. To kill them, wait until they walk past you (they
    can't see you if you are on an angle to them) and then one hit from your
    Hookshot will take them down, thats right just ONE HIT. Navi will remind you
    how to use special camera views to see what is down a corridor before you go
    there. When you kill the last one, climb up the ladder onto the edges of the
    maze. Go to the left and you will see another Gold Skulltula there (presuming
    its nightime) on the wall. Kill it in one hit with the Hookshot, then get its
    token with the Hookshot as well (it brings the token back to you, just like how
    the Boomerang did). When you climb up the stairs you'll see a Monblin. This
    guy is twice as big as the Monoblins, and his attack is much worse. He will
    fire an energy shock towards you. Dodge back and fourth until you get behind
    him. Once you do, you won't turn around to hit you (weird). Hit him three times
    with your sword or Hookshot to take him down. Also, remember about the Fairy
    Fountain why the hedges up the ladder before you enter the Temple, get a Fairy
    just incase. Climb up the final stairs and you will be back to where Saria
    once was. She isn't there anymore, instead a cutscene will play with Shiek. He
    will teach you the "Minuet of Forest", which is another song. Unlike the songs
    you have previously learned, this one is good for one purpose, and that is
    whenever you play it it will warp you directly to this spot. Very useful!
    This is the melody to the Minute:
    A, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right.
    Once you learn it Sheik will leave in a "flash". Now, its time to get into the
    first real "dungon" in the game. Go into Slingshot mode and aim at the high
    branch overtop the staircase. You will land ontop of the stairs, and enter
    the doorway here to start the first Adult Dungeon, the Forest Temple.
    ^        E) FOREST TEMPLE        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Dungeon Map, Compass, Small Keys, Fairy Bow, Boss Key.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 22)
    Gold Skulltulas:   6  (total 54)
    This is the first of five massive temples, but it is also one of the most
    complicated as far as "what the hell do I do" comes into play.
    1. Gold Skulltula, Small key: You start out in a lobby sort of thing. Kill the
    two Wolfos here easily as you did before. Climb up the vines on the right
    side wall and take out the Gold Skulltula here. Now, walk onto the edge of
    the trees up here, and you can try jumping to the other, but an easier thing
    to do is go into your Hookshot view and just latch onto the little crate (which
    you can do) and pull yourself over. Open the crate for a Small key (all the
    Adult Dungeons are filled with these, and they only work in the certain dungeon
    that you're in, so for example this key won't work in the Fire Dungeon). Jump
    down and enter the door.
    2. In this little hallway you'll see a Skulltula hanging down from the ceiling.
    Now, with your Hookshot, target him and you can shoot him right through his
    skull mask. Easy as that. Exit through the next door.
    3. You will imergine in a large lobby room, and you will see a quick cutscene
    of four Poes (the Poe Sisiters) lowering an elevator leading to the basement,
    and they will all go off in their seperate directions. To open that elevator
    down which leads to the boss, you must find the four Poes. First off, go
    directly across this area to the door across from the one you entered in. Up
    near the door you will see a Gold Skulltula to your right. Take him down, then
    enter the door.
    4. In this corridor is a Blue Bubble enemy. You can't kill him while his blue
    mist is up, so use your shield to dispatch it (let him run into the shield) and
    then hit him twice with your sword to kill him, then enter through the next
    5. In this room are two of the most difficult enemies to deal with in the game,
    the Stalfos which some characters have spoken of. Fighting them can be either
    easy or a killer, depending how good you are at shielding and dodging. You
    have to fight two in here, but don't worry. If you Z-Taget one, the other will
    just wait until his partener finishes you off or dies. Keep your shield up ALL
    the time, so non of his hits will get to you (he has the same moves you do,
    sword slashes and jump attacks which take off about 4/6 hearts). As soon as he
    swings his sword and your hear it cling against your shield, its your move!
    Quickly jump attack him. He takes about 4 Jump Attacks to finish off (they're
    very strong). You first fight against them will be difficult, but this isn't
    the last time you will face Stalfos, they are all over the place not only in
    this dungeon but the rest of them to. (If you think fighting them as an Adult
    is hard, fighting them as a kid a little later on is even more difficult). Once
    you finish them off, a little chest will appear. Open it for another small key
    and the two pots contain fairies to fully replenish your health after the
    big fight (once you get good at fighting them, you'll be able to kill em
    in seconds without loosing health). Get good at fighting Stalfos though, as you
    need to take two down quickly to get the Fairy Bow. Now, go back to the main
    6. Now, in the Main Hall, take the passage immediately to your right. You'll
    see a blue block blocking the path (like the one after you finished Dampe's
    race course). Play the Song of Time to make it move away, and enter the now
    accessable door.
    7. DUNGEON MAP: This is the west courtyard, and its quite big. Watch out for
    the Deku Baba at the start, and the Octorok in the pond. Walk over to the wall
    on the right and you'll see some vines up. Aim up and take two of the
    Wallskulltulas out, but the third is out of reach so you'll have to dodge him.
    Climb up and into the little incove in the wall, and then exit through the
    door up here. In this room is a Blue Bubble, kill him like you did the one
    before and a large chest will appear, which contains the Dungeon Map! Now, exit
    through the door oposite the one which you entered this room from.
    8. You're now on some balcony high up. Kill the plant, then look over to the
    left. You'll see a circle thing ontop of the other balcony. Aim your slingshot
    on it, then it will attach to it and swing you over to that balcony. Stand on
    the switch here and the water will drain from the wells. Latch onto the vines
    to your left and go down to the bottom. You're now in the easy wing. Over to
    your right is one of the wells. Now with no water in them, climb down. Walk
    to the other side and get the two hearts if you need them. There's a mini chest
    on the other side which has another Small Key in it. Now walk back over to the
    east side.
    9. Gold Skulltula: In the middle of the little pond is a small island. Latch
    up there by hooking onto the treasure chest by getting the right angle (its
    a difficult angle though). It has a recovery heart in it, but to your left
    up here is a Gold Skulltula. Once you get it, return back to the main hall.
    10. If you exited from the east courtyard, go over to the stairs to the far
    right (next to the west side courtyard entrance). There's a lock on this door,
    but you should have three small keys right now, so appraoch it and unlock it
    (which uses up one key).
    11. This next hallway contains another Skulltula hanging from the ceiling. Just
    simply use your Hookshot to kill it again.
    12. This is a big room. When you enter it, just avoid the Blue Bubble and go
    directly forward to the ladder, and climb up to the second floor of the room.
    Navi will point out there are arrows on the floor up here, and when you look
    to your left you'll see a huge blue block. Get a hold of it, then pull it over
    until you can go no further. Set it up so it fits on the other hall. Then, push
    it until it goes no further (read the arrows on the floor). Now, go around to
    where the block once was and to the right, then back down the corridor. You'll
    see the block again, and push it to the end this time (you'll know when a beep
    sound happens and the block falls into a little hole). Climb up to the third
    floor in this room now, and you'll see a maroon colour block. Pull it until it
    can go no further. Now drop back down to the second floor and go to where the
    blue block originally was. You'll see a ladder up to the third floor here, and
    turn to the right, then right again and you'll see the red block. Push it all
    the way this time until it stops. Now go back down to the second floor, and
    back up the blue block to the third floor, and push the red block to its
    resting position to create another block staircase. Climb up the red block then
    go to the left up here, and climb up the stairs and to the right this time. In
    this fouth floor room, there are two Blue Bubbles, but just avoid them and run
    to the door at the end and press A to open it up (which will use up another
    key since its chained up, you should have one key left).
    13. This part is interesting. This passage is completely twisted, yet the next
    room is perfectly fine. When you look back you'll see that you started on an
    angle! Kinda weird... but anyways...when you enter the next room Navi will
    tell you to watch out for the shadows of enemies that come from the ceiling,
    and you really should! If you see a shadow appear near you, DON'T STOP
    MOVING! Keep moving and a monster will fall down, and a few slashes later he
    will die and give you about 30 Rupees! But don't bother, instead just jump to
    the platform in the middle, then to the platform on the right, unlock the door,
    (which will leave you with 0 keys) and you'll enter a staircase.
    14. You'll see three paintings of a ghost that keeps dissapearing, and that
    is one of the Poe sisters we've been looking for! But we can't get her yet, we
    need one more item, the Fairy Bow! Walk to the bottom of this staircase, and
    enter the door and prepare for the hardest battle yet. In this next room you'll
    have to fight three Stalfos. It will start with one and there will be no floor
    in the middle of this room making it difficult. Be sure not to fall down, or
    else you'll have to get back up here. He can walk on the hole though. Once
    you defeat that Stalfos, the floor will come back and two more Stalfos will
    come up to challenge you. These guys are hard because if you kill one and don't
    kill the other quickly, the one you killed will come back to life. A good way
    to handle this is to hurt one a bit, then hurt the other a little bit, then
    kill the other one, then kill the last one. This is good as you'll spread the
    damage out. Once you kill all three, a chest will appear in the middle of the
    room, and it contains the Fairy Bow! The two Stalfos fight the same as the others
    did (with the exception of the life link), that being only one will attack you
    if you Z-target one of them. Exit to the hallway stairs you were just in, and
    face the painting that has the Poe in it (they dissapear sometimes), but when
    you have it in sight quickly shoot the painting with an arrow. After than, only
    two paintings will remain, shoot the other, and finally the last one which
    will make the Poe appear. Go down to the bottom of the stairs and kill him
    like you do any other Poe. Each Poe takes 5 hits. When he's dead the tourch
    will light up (meaing 3 Poes to go), and a small chest will appear by it. The
    chest contains a Small Key! Now, go back into the Stalfos Room, and enter the
    door across from this one to see another staircase.
    15. This next staircase contains another Poe. Same deal, with three pictures,
    so destroy the three pictures then take out the Poe like you did before. When
    you kill her the other beacon will be lit, and a large treasure chest will
    appear. This chest contains the Compass! When you're done, climb up this stair-
    case and enter the door using your only key.
    16. This next room contains another being that will fall from the ceiling. Jump
    down and wait until he falls, then kill him. Climb up the ladder to another
    twisted hallway. In here are two Green Bubbles which keep their position, but
    you can only kill them when the extinguish themselves (which they do every
    10 seconds or so). You'll see that the door here is locked, and you have no keys,
    so its time to back to the first twisted hallway.
    17. Backtrack to the first twisted hallway, and exit to where the two Blue
    Bubbles were. Ontop of the door you'll notice an eyes switch. Shoot it with
    one arrow to untwist the hallway, but it twists up the room ahead so you can
    access some things. Jump down, and remember to watch out for the Wallmaster
    that falls from the ceiling. There's a golden large chest down here, and
    that could only mean one thing, its the BOSS KEY! Open it to get the boss key
    which will let you gain access to the boss later on. Once you get it, drop down
    into the hole to enter a new room.
    18. Down here are two Blue Bubbles. Kill them, the enter through the door
    that just opens once you do kill them. You'll be back in the West Courtyard,
    but on a new ledge. Jump over to the little arch that has the Hearts on it,
    and look up and you'll see a Gold Skulltula. Be careful not to fall, as if you
    do you need to go alll the way around again to get back onto this ledge. Go
    over to the far end of this ledge and to the right you'll see a door. Enter it.
    19. Inside here is a Floor Master, an annoying enemy. Its like the Wall Master,
    except it will charge at you when it turns green, so put up your shield. Two
    hits will kill it from your sword, but when you do it splits up into three
    other mini floor masters who like the Re-Deads will latch onto you and suck
    life out of you, then will grow into another Floor Master who could split up
    into ANOTHER three, so you could have a little fight on your hands, but don't
    worry, once you kill him power up your sword until it glows red and then
    unleash the energy slash and it will take up the whole room and kill every one
    of them (easy eh), and this is the best way to take care of the little guys,
    as they are harder to deal with than the Floor Master itself. Once you kill
    them all, a mini chest appears. It has a small key in it. Now exit this room,
    and enter the door to the right.
    20. You're back in the area with the block puzzles. Climb all the way up to
    the top, then shoot an arrow at the eye switch to re-twist the corridor. This
    will put the room back to normal, then cross it and enter the staircase. Cross
    the Stalfos room, and finally go up the other staircase so you reach the next
    room. Go to where the Green Bubbles were, and then enter the locked up door
    with you only key.
    21. This room will test your aiming ability with your bow, which is important.
    Jump over onto one of the moving platforms (try NOT to fall), and get a bow
    ready. The eye switch is frozen over, so you'll have to burn it down. You'll
    have to align your shot so it goes through the lit tourch and so it hits the
    eye at the same time. Difficult shot, but fun to do. Once you get it, the other
    coridor will now twist, so exit this room. In the room, jump down and through
    the hole, and you'll land in a chess board like room.
    22. This room is WEIRD. Take a few steps and the ceiling starts to colapse on
    you, then it goes back up. There are a few safe spots, but go along the passage
    on the right, take out the Skulltula and let it fall down, but it will miss you
    if you're on the square where the Skulltula was. Then, walk over and hit the
    switch, wait until it falls, then run over to where the little chest is, and
    step to the left of it (there's two spaces where the ceiling will miss there),
    then wait until its safe and go through the now open door.
    23. This next room contains Poe sister #4. Hit her picture on the left with an
    arrow, and some blocks will fall from the ceiling. You have a limited amount
    of time to push/pull the blocks to form a picture of the Poe. One block is not
    used, there are 4 that are used in the picture. If you get it in the amount of
    time, she will appear, fight her like you did the other two then kill her. Her
    beacon will light up, and there's only one to go. Exit this room through the
    other door, by the beacon.
    24. You're back in the main hall now, and you can hear the final Poe sister
    is in here. Jump down to the center, and she will appaer. This battle is
    tricky, as she splits up into 4 forms and you'll have to decide which is real,
    and which is fake. The real one turns around first when they all appear, so
    watch for the one that turns. The best way to take them out is by standing
    still, then watching which moves first then nailing her with the Hookshot. Once
    you hit her 6 times, she will die and all 4 of the tourches are finally lit,
    and the elevator will rise up, and there is now only one room seperating you
    from the final boss of the Forest Temple. Take the elevator down.
    25. When you land in this room you'll notice a few things, two giant blocks
    sticking out of the wall, and the tiles on the ground are red, white, and
    blue. The blue tiles (When you first to down there) lead to doorways in the
    hall, but they're closed off right now, and we must open them. Grab ahold of
    one of the giant blocks sticking out of the wall and push/pull it. It will
    turn the whole room around. Keep turning it around until there's a white block
    facing the holes in the wall, and search around as one has a switch in there.
    This opens one gate. Now, go back and push the stones again. Now it should be
    so red is facing the two openings. One of them has another switch which opens
    up another gate. Push the stones again so there is now the other white tiles
    facing the openings. One of the holes in the wall contains a Giant Skulltula,
    as well as the Forest Temple's final Gold Skulltula. Now, push the blocks on
    last time and the blue will be back, but now the gates are open. (This has
    been done by making the room go clockwise, if you were to pull a block the
    room would move counter clockwise. All and all, everytime you push/pull a block
    be sure to see what is inside each of the holes in the wall). Now, go to the
    hole in the wall that has the switch to open up the final gate across from you.
    This opens up the way to the boss. The door with the Gold lock on it can only
    be opened from the Boss key, which we got a little while ago. When you're ready,
    step through and face the boss of the Forest Temple.
    BOSS: Evil Spirit From Beyond PHANTOM GANON
    Ok, before you ask anything this is not the REAL GANON, its simply his "shadow"
    of a sort. But he fights much like the final battle with Ganon, so if you breeze
    through this fight, the final one won't be much harder! Phantom Ganon has two
    seperate phrases, both of them quite tricky and all of his attacks can do some
    good damage. Before you go in here, be sure you have some fairies to heal you if
    you die *remember there's the Fairy Fountain outside in the Sacret Forest
    For phrase one: Phantom Ganon and his horse will charge through two of the
    paintings on the wall (there are 6 paintings on the wall). You'll have to
    choose which one you think is correct. You'll know because at the last second
    the fake one will turn away and ride back into the picture, while the real one
    will come out to throw an attack at you. If you picked correctly, shoot him with
    an arrow right when he's coming out of the painting, but if you're to slow
    do NOT stay in the center of the platform, move to the edge not on a corner
    or else his attack will hit you. Keep trying this over and over until you hit
    him a couple of times (its really luck since you won't know which is real right
    to the last second). After a few hits you will kill his horse and he will start
    to float, which means its time for phrase 2.
    For phrase two: Phantom Ganon will start to float up high. He will fire a ball
    of energy (much like the one you saw Ganon fire at you when you were a child
    during the castle cutscene) at you. You are able to repel this back at him
    though with your own sword, and this takes great timing. He can reflect them to,
    so you will have a game of tennis on your hands. The loose gets a nasty shock.
    If it hits you you will take a good amount of damage, and he will create another
    and you will start up again. If you hit him with the ball he will fall to the
    ground giving you time to hack away at him with your sword (jump attacks arn't
    a good idea unless at the very start when he falls, its faster to use just
    normal slashes). A good strategy many people use is to stay very close to him,
    like right underneath him so when he fires the ball of energy you'll be backing
    away and hit it right back to him and he won't have time to react, and it will
    hit him almost everytime. After a lot of sword slashes he will die, and Ganon
    will sent Phantom Ganon to the undead world. Congratulations you have beaten
    your first boss as an adult (yay). Before you step through the blue light to
    get out of the temple, be sure to get the Heart Container as always.
    BACK IN THE SACRET CHAMBER: One you beat the Phantom, you will appear back in
    the chamber where you saw Ruru when you first became adult (during the long
    cut-scene). This time, the sage of the Forest will appear, as she has now been
    awakened. Hmm... I won't make this a spoiler but lets just say the Sage of the
    forest has been a good friend to you for a long time. She will also give you
    the Medallion of the Forest. Only four more to go.
    You'll appear back by the Deku Tree after Saria gives you your reward. Now that
    the evil has left from the forest, the Deku Tree Sproud can now flourish! You'll
    meet him, he appears right by the old Deku Tree. The monsters are now gone from
    Kokiri Forest, and it is now peaceful once again.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: There's one left in Kokiri Forest, the only one you can get as
    an adult. Make sure its night, then with your Hookshot you'll be able to get the
    on one the House of the Twins. There's all we can do here in Kokiri Forest, and
    is really the last time we will need to visit here as far as the journey goes,
    so say goodbye to your homeland for now.
    WHATS NEXT TO DO?: Before we continue on to the next temple, go back to Hyrule
    Market and enter the Temple of Time. Enter the Sacred Room and Sheik will
    meet you. He will teach you the Prelude of Light, here's the notes:
    Up, Right, up, Right, Left, Up
    This song will warp you back to the Temple of Time whenever you want, because
    you will need to change back into a child to complete your quest. Also, Sheik
    teaches you how to go back in time, simply stand by the Pedisal of Time and
    press A to put your sword back in there (you can't keep the Master Sword as
    a child). We don't need to go back for a little while though. After you learned
    everything here, go to Lake Hylia for a little momento...
    LAKE HYLIA: Use Epona to get here quickly, and once you arrive here (by the way
    Epona can jump over the two fences on Hyrule Field right before the entrance
    to Lake Hylia) go over to where the Scarecrows were. One is left, and if you
    pull out your Ocarina near him he may ask you to "Play that Song" again. This
    depends if, as a child, you played him a simple song. If you didn't, this
    special song won't work, if you did do it, play the exact same song for him
    and he will remember it. This will activate a cool thing, whenever you play
    this song and if Pierre is around, he will appear allowing you to get to some
    hard to reach places. I will tell you about them whenever we get to one
    (for example, to get every Gold Skulltula in the Fire Temple you need to have
    Pierre). You'll also notice in Lake Hylia the lake is, well, gone. That's a
    problem we will have to clean up, but in a little while.
    You now have your second Medalltion (the Forest) along with the Light, and there
    are only 4 more to go, but don't think they'll be any easier. This section is
    all about Fire, as we return to Death Mountain to take on the Fire Temple,
    where one wrong move could prove fatal. This is one of the largest Temples of
    them all as well. Before we go there though, there's a few things to touch
    up on.
    ^       A) DEATH MOUNTAIN        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get: Large Quiver, Goron Tunic
    Heart Pieces:      3  (total 25)
    Gold Skulltulas:   3  (total 57)
    Before we go to Death Mountain, there's something special we should get in
    Kakariko Village. Like most of the weapons, the Quiver (which you hold your
    arrows in for your Bow) can also be up-graded. One of those upgrades is here
    in Kakariko Village.
    LARGE QUIVER: The house in the center of town (the one which was being built
    as a child) is now completed, and now that you have your Fairy Bow you can
    participate in the event. Its the exact same game as the shooting gallery that
    was in Hyrule Market (where you shot down the Rupees with your Slingshot),
    although this time the Rupees don't come out in a set order, its random
    everytime. This game is great to test your skill with the arrow. Its important
    you get good with it, especially if you want to catch the Poes on horseback
    on Hyrule Field for that final bottle. Same as before, if you hit 8 down he
    will give you a free retry. You will be able to hold 40 Rupees if you win. You
    can play again if you want for 50 Rupees as a prize.
    Once you get it, we need to continue on Death Mountain Trail, so head there
    DEATH MOUNTAIN TRAIL: You'll notice some changes here. First of all, there are
    boulders all over the place, as well as rolling boulders coming from Dodongo's
    Cavern. Wtach out for those, stay on the edges of the trail instead of the very
    PIECE OF HEART: If you planted the Magic Bean by Dodongo's Cavern, step on it
    and ride it until you're just above the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern. There's
    a Piece of Heart up there. This plant will also give you a quick trip to the
    top of the mountain.
    PIECE OF HEART: If you have been collecting all of the Gold Skulltulas until
    now (you should have 54), go to the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village to
    get a Heart Piece (for killing 50).
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Its time to get that final Gold Skulltula in Dodongo's Cavern,
    and now is a good time since you're right at the entrance. Enter the cavern, and
    go to the first room you went to from the main hall (to the right, the one with
    all the Baby Dodongo's in it) and play the Scarecrow song when you hear the
    sound of the Skulltula scratching around (on a little ledge to the left about
    half way through this small tunnel). It will summon Pierre, and you will be
    able to use him as a Hookshot target. You can hookshot onto him and pull yourself
    up there. The Gold Skulltula is right on the wall.
    The entrance before Goron City (the little platform with the rocks in a cirlce)
    has a secret. Step ontop of it and play the Song of Storms and a grotto will
    open up. Drop down and there's a Gold Rupee down there (worth 200 Rupees).
    When you enter Goron City you will find it pretty much deserted, all of the
    Goron have gone to the Fire Temple. First of all, if you go to the large Goron
    who was making knives earlier has finished his project, its called the Giant's
    Knife. If you want, you can buy it from him for 200 rupees, but be warned. The
    sword is great since it does double damage (compared to the Master Sword) and
    and has a long range, but it will break after a couple of hits to enemies. The
    sword remaining still does damage, but the range is horrible. The only reason
    to buy one is for bosses or subbosses.
    GORON TUNIC, GOLD SKULLTULA: There's a Skulltula on the back of the platform in
    the center of Goron City (suspended by the ropes). Walk on one of the ropes and
    take a look behind the little pedistal on it. You'll see the Gold Skulltula
    there. If you look down even more on the next floor you'll see a Goron rolling
    around (where Hot Rodder Goron used to be). Like you did with Hot Rodder, you're
    going to have to make a bomb explode in the Goron's path to make him stop moving,
    but unlike last time where you had to make him stop in the shaded area, you
    can stop this Goron anywhere you want. You can use your own bombs, or the
    bombflowers near the blocked up door here. Once you stop him, talk to him, and
    you will notice he has the same name as you. He will explain what has happened
    to the Gorons, that being they have all gone to the Fire Temple with Darunia
    (the guy who gave you the Fire Spiritual Stone, and who is your "brother") and
    they have gone to take care of the Dragon. When the guy starts to cry, ask him
    the two questions (more talking... urgh) and once he answered both for you,
    he will give you the Goron Tunic! When you put it on, your old Green Tunic
    will go off, and a new Red One goes on. This will protect you from the intense
    heat of Death Mountain crater. With it on, unlike the Kokiri Tunic, you can
    stay in the heat for as long as you want. Once you receive the Tunic the doors
    on the first floor will all open (the shop and the doorway to Darunia's room).
    To access Death Mountain Crater, you'll need to pull aside the Statue in
    Darunia's room (the one against the far wall). You'll be able to squeeze through
    a small opening, and find yourself in Death Mountain Crater! Be sure to put on
    the Goron Tunic!
    DEATH MOUNTAIN CRATER: There's not a whole bunch of stuff you can do here now
    (not until you get the Hammer). What you need to do is (when you first enter)
    is go to the left, and you'll see a bridge that has fallen. Hookshot onto the
    beam that is across the part of the bridge that is still up. Continue walking
    down the bridge, and Sheik will meet you. He will teach you the song for the
    Fire Temple, the Bolero of Fire. Here's the notes:
    Down, A, Down, A, Right, Down, Right, Down
    This will allow you to warp here anytime you want (the warp pad is right after
    this bridge). There is one thing we need to do before we enter the Fire
    PIECE OF HEART, GOLD SKULLTULA: This took me A LONG TIME to figure out. Once
    you learn the Bolero of Fire, play the Prelude of Light to warp back to the
    Temple of Time, and change into a kid. Now, make sure you have a Magic Bean and
    some Bugs in a bottle. Remember, as a kid you can only wear you Kokiri Tunic,
    which means you can't stay long in Death Mountain Crater. Warp back there using
    the Bolero of Fire, and you'll notice a plot of soil here (weird place for some
    soil to be, in the middle of an active volcano). But anyways, use some bugs here
    and get the Gold Skulltula, then plant the Magic Bean. Once you have the
    Skulltula and the Bean planted, warp back to the Temple of Time and become an
    adult once again. Warp back to Death Mountain Crater with the Bolero of Fire,
    and you will notice that the plant is there. It will fly you up to one of the
    smoke things (cone like things), the first one you go around, jump off quickly
    and land ontop of the smoke stack. You'll see a Piece of Heart is right here.
    To get down, simply jump off one of the sides onto the warp pad. Now, its time
    to enter the dungeon. The entrance is right infront of you, it you look straight
    on, you'll see a passage way going into the mountain. Go through there, then
    down the ladder, and enter the Dungeon from here!
    ^         B) FIRE TEMPLE         ^
    Area info:
    Items to get: Dungeon Map, Compass, Small Keys, Boss Key, Magaton Hammer
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 25)
    Gold Skulltulas:   8  (total 64)
    You'll notice that this dungeon is bigger than the Forest Temple, but I do
    find this one easier. We'll be looking for the Megaton Hammer, the only weapon
    that can defeat the boss in this Temple, and its a long journey there.
    1. When you first enter, walk up the steps and go to the left. You'll emerge
    in a very hot room, and Darunia is on the other side. He will explain to you
    what has been going on, and how you must save the Goron's from being eaten, and
    how this whole mess was caused by Ganondorf. Darunia gets through the Boss Door
    somehow, but you can't (of course) yet. When you regain control of Link, jump
    onto the small platform to the left, then onto the larger one, then smaller,
    then to the next platform. You'll notice a Goron in a cage here, with a switch.
    Step on the switch to open the gate, then talk to the Goron. He will be released,
    and will give you a secret, he'll tell you how you'll need to drop a pole
    from the ceiling to access where Darunia went. After he walks away you'll notice
    a small chest where he was. Open it to find the Temple's first small key. Also,
    if you need it, take the platforms over to the right (and Hookshot on the
    target), and climb up the steps. There are four pots up here, two contain
    Magic Fairies for you to catch (if you need any), as well as some bombs. Exit
    the room when finished.
    2. In the main hall, enter the door on the right now with the only key you have.
    You'll enter a huge room, and there are two small keys to get here. You'll
    see a lot of stuff in the center of this room, but never mind about it, it
    serves no real purpose. Go to the area on the left wall, by taking whatever
    route to there you want. If you fall into the lava its ok, because you don't
    take damage directly. You'll notice a discolouration in the wall, and if you
    hit it with your sword it makes a different sound that if you hit a real wall
    *its a higher pitches sound*. Take out a bomb, and set it right infront of
    the door. It will blow it up, then enter though the door that is revealed.
    3. In this little passage way is another locked up Goron, and a switch right
    infront of it. Step on the switch to open up the gate and talk to the Goron.
    He'll give you a secret as well, he will explain how to use the special switches
    which we will see soon. By the way the Goron's "Special Crop" refers to your
    bombs. There's a litle chest in here as well, open it to get a small key. Now
    exit this little room.
    4. Back in the large room, make your way across to the other side of the room.
    Watch out for the Fire Keese, as well as the Red Fire Bubbles that bounce
    around when you get near them. Once you get to the little area, enter through
    the door.
    5. Walk to the end of this narrow, curved passage. Step on the switch to open
    the gate to the Goron and talk to him. He will tell you about the walls that
    sound different and to destroy them with bombs. There's a little chest in here
    with another small key, so you should have 2 now. Exit this room.
    6. Back in the large room, play the Song of Time to drop the Blue Block from
    above. Climb ontop of the block, and go through the door up here.
    7. As soon as you step forward in this green room, put up your shield, as 8
    flying discs will fly towards you. Once they're all gone, you'll notice a weird
    creature on the other side of this room. Its the create you may have heard about
    from the person in the Bazaar Shop as a child in Hyrule Market. Its the "monster"
    that eats shields, and tunics! Its name is a Like Like, and its one of the most
    annoying monsters in the game. DO NOT GET NEAR IT! It will swollow you up, you'll
    take damage and lose your shield and tunic. Don't worry though, they're not gone,
    destroy the monster *by using bombs or by getting near it quickly and slashing
    it*, and after a few hits its finished. Whenever it leans down move away.
    Once its dead, it will leave you lots of Rupees and your Shield and Tunic if
    you lost them. Be SURE to pick them up and re-equip them. There's a Gold
    Skulltula on the wall where the Like Like was. Once you get it, exit this
    8. Back in the large room, time to exit. Go through the door oposite to which
    you entered this room firstly from. *Its the door to the left if you entered
    the big room from the Gold Skulltula room*. Also, its the door which has the
    key lock on it. Open the door and use one key (be sure that you have one left).
    9. In this next room, you'll have to slide down the little wooden beam from
    the first platform to the gated in area. Climb up the gate to the top. Once
    at the top, look over to the left. You'll see two bats resting. Take them out
    BEFORE they notice you or else you'll have some trouble up here. Shoot them
    from afar with arrows. They will leave lots of hearts if you need them, but there
    are even more hears (3) to the right. Now, go to where the bats were and drop
    down onto the block on the platform just below you. Push the block all the way
    so it falls off this platform. Then quickly jump down onto it. The fire gyser
    will launch you and the rock up, into the next room (must be fun!). In here,
    simply use your last key on the door.
    10. This room introduces the Tourch Slugs. They're on the platforms on the left
    of the room. If they hit you, they will burn you quite bad. Taking care of them
    is easy though, as about 2-3 sword slashes will take it out. Take out both
    of them, then jump over to the platform with the block on it. See the switch
    here? Its the switch a Goron was talking about earlier, but we'll activate it
    in a sec. Push the block down, and then pull it until it goes no further. Jump
    up onto it, and then jump over onto the platform and climb up the gate. Go to
    the slightly lower one, and look down. You'll see the switch. Drop a bomb down
    and quickly jump up onto the higher platform. When the bomb detonates, the switch
    will activate for a VERY short amount of time and will let the fire wall around
    the mesh up to the next room dispatch. Quickly climb up into the next room, and
    enter the door.
    11. This room is pretty big to, and there are boulders rolling around to add
    to it. Watch out for them, but first off go to the left, all the way, until
    you see a little incove. Go near and you'll hear a Skulltula rustling around
    behind the wall. Hit the wall and you'll hear a funny clink sound. Detonate
    a bomb here to destroy the wall, and take the Gold Skulltula from there. Now,
    keep on this left wall until you see another little incove with a door here,
    enter through it.
    12. In here, walk around until you see the switch to step on. You know the
    drill, step on it, open the gate, and talk to the Goron. He tells you a very
    good time about how to put out fire when its on you from a fire bat or whatever.
    Swing your sword, or just roll forward, simple as that. There's another small
    chest in here with a Small Key in it.
    13. Return to the boulder room and go all the way to right side wall now. Watch
    out for the boulders. You'll see a little incove, with a switch. Once again,
    step on it, talk to the Goron. He gives a good tip, thats about the doors that
    fall down when you try to open the, *I'll point them out when we get to one*,
    and to destroy them with bombs. Remember to get the Small Key in the chest
    here. Now, back a bit to the northern most point of this room, and to the
    right you'll see a little incove with a keyed up door. Use one of your keys
    *you should have one left after opening this door* to enter. Its hard to see
    this door because of the camera angles.
    14. This next room is difficult in the sence that you gotta walk across very
    short beams, and falling down will land you back to the "large room" from
    before. You can jump to the hearts on the platform, but its a death jump really.
    Walk across slowly, and enter the locked up door (which will leave you with
    0 keys).
    15. In this next room, step onto the grated things in the middle, and a wall
    of fire will appear behind you. Quickly run and jump to the other side of the
    room. There's a heart here if you need it. Climb up here, but don't enter
    the door here yet. Climb over the fence and drop down, and open up the treasure
    chest to get your Dungeon Map. Exit through the door, because you can't get
    out of this fenced area, and you'll appear back in the room with the small
    pathways and big drop. Walk again over to the right to enter that room again, and
    walk to the end of the room quickly. Enter the door up here (before the fenced
    in area).
    16. You'll be back in the room with the boulders, but ontop of the platforms
    in the middle. Walk straight to the platform in the center, and set a bomb
    onto of the damaged floor. Blow it up, then climb down. Down here, walk around
    until you get to a gate. Step on the switch, talk to the Goron and get the
    key. This Goron tells you how to beat the Flame Dancers, but his strategy
    isn't a good one, I have a better one. Once you got the key and set him free,
    go back up the ladder to the boulder room.
    17. Back in the boulder room, walk around until you see the switch ontop of
    one of the platforms (near the center of this room). This opens up a gate on
    the right side of the room. Jump across the platforms over there and free the
    Goron and get the key. Now that you have two keys, you're ready to move one to
    the next part of the Temple. Either with the door on the top or bottom of this
    room, get back to the room with the fire wall, and stop near the center of it
    and jump up to the platform with the locked up door (its a long jump but Link
    does make it). Enter through the door, and you should have one key left. Go
    through this small corridor to enter the next area.
    18. This room is huge, but there's a way you're suposed to go through it. Go to
    the path on the left first. Watch where you walk, there are some walls of fire
    that appear when you get near them. Make your way through the fire wall maze
    until you get to the end. There's some pots here that have hearts, then find
    the way to get into the locked door. Once you get through there, you'll have
    0 keys left. In this next room there's a Goron caged up but no switch, so we'll
    have to get him later. Walk through to the next door. In this next area (the
    right side of the room), get over to the switch. As soon as you hit it, walk
    to the left then right over the step. The wall of fire is only dispatched for
    a few seconds. The door here is fake, if you try to open it it will fall on
    you. Set a bomb by it and it will explode. It will destroy the fake door, and
    reveal the real one. Go through it.
    19. This room will give you your first fight with the Flare Dancer. Taking
    care of them is a LOT easier than it may look. As soon as you enter he will
    most likley jump out of the fire near you. Z-Target him, then first your
    Hookshot. It will pull him out, and you will be able to hack and slash away
    at him. He will run away from you, but run in the opposite direction to counter
    him. Keep doing this over and over (he goes back into the fire after a few hits,
    then back down again, so just pull him out with the Hookshot yet again), and
    after about 20 slashes or so he will die. When done go to where the fire
    was, and step on the platform to ride up.
    UPDATE: Sorry I forgot to put this in earlier. Return to the room with boulders,
    and get to the top part of it. When you enter from the door, look up to your
    right, way up. Play the Scarecrow Song to make Pierre appear, and Hookshot
    up there. There are two Gold Skulltulas up here by the door and in the next
    20. We're in another greenish room with a activation switch. Go to the left
    and climb up the ladder. Look down and throw a bomb or fire an arrow down there,
    and quickly go up the ladder that had the fire one it, then once up in the
    next area enter through the door.
    21. Another room with a hole in the center. This room contains the Megaton
    Hammer, an item you need to continue on. Getting it is harder than it looks,
    though. Step on the switch, then follow the SMALL path, right on the edge of
    the large hole, to get around. You only have a short amount of time, and if
    you go the way around the perimiter of the room, it'll take way to long. So
    you have to watch your step (I suggest taking out the Fire Keese before you
    make the trek, with arrows so they won't hit you off the ledge). If you make
    it in time, quickly go over to the chest and get the Megaton Hammer! If you
    fall you'll have a long way to get back up here. Once you get it, go back to
    where the switch was. Drop down to near the door, and you'll notice there's
    a tile with a face sticking out of the floor. Equip your hammer, stand ontop of
    the tile, and slam the Hammer against it, which will force the tile to fall.
    22. In this next room, get out the tile and swing it agains the two blocks
    against the door to destroy them, and then enter the door.
    23. As soon as you enter this next room, two Fire Keese will swarm you. Take
    them out, then take out the other two Keese. With your Hammer, pound the block
    sticking up to lower the platform infront of you. Pick up a box from your
    left, then go down the stairs. Set the box down on the blue switch so the door
    stays open, then go through it.
    24. In this next area, stand ontop of the tile sticking up and hammer it down.
    You'll land back in the room with the fire mazes. Step up near the bared down
    door, and hit the switch next to it with your hammer *because its rusted over*
    which will open the door. Enter it.
    25. You're now back in the room where we couldn't get the Goron before. Play
    the Song of Time up here to make the Blue Block appear beneath you to make a
    stepping stone. Jump over onto it, then onto the next side of this room, and
    hit the rusted over switch with your hammer. This will open up the gate. His
    secret, which will tell you where to go next, back to the door at the first
    room in the Temple! There's a small key in here BE SURE TO GET IT! Once you
    have it, step back onto the blue block, and exit through the door on the
    higher level of this room.
    26. Jump over onto the block sticking out of the ground. Stand ONTOP of it and
    hit it with the hammer. This is a looooong way down, but you won't get hurt
    from it. The block lands in the room where you met Darunia a while ago, and
    now completes the way into the boss area, but we need to get the boss key. So
    get out of this room and go back into the first room of the Temple.
    27. Go down the stairs and to the right. You'll see some blocks stack up. Like
    you did before, hit them down and destroy them with the hammer to reveal the
    final locked up door. Open it with your key you just got.
    28. This next room is a "enemy room". Kill all of the enemies (a few fire
    bats and Tourch Slugs) to open up the door.
    29. This next room contains 5 more of the spinning tiles and another Like Like
    (its the same as the room at the start of the Temple). Take out the Like Like,
    and get the dungeon's final Gold Skulltula. Exit through the door on the left.
    30. The next room contains yet another Fire Dancer, but take him out the exact
    same way you did before. When he's done, the platform that had the fire will
    go out, and a small chest will appear. The chest (for once) contains something
    different than a small key, it has some Bombs. Exit through the door when done.
    31. This next room is simple, the final Goron is here. Use your hammer on the
    rusted switch to open up the gates. Talk to the Goron, and his "advice" is to
    help Big Brother Darunia... yup. Anyway, the gold chest is here which contains
    the final thing we need, the Boss Key! Once you get it, go exit this room
    which will return you to the main room. Then, go to the room on the left, jump
    over on the piller you brought down, take a breath, save your game, and enter
    the Boss Door!
    BOSS: Subterranean Lava Dragon VOLVAGIA
    Its the boss you see in so many pictues of the game, Link riding this fire
    Dragon, well finally you'll meet him face to face. Volvagia has beem revived
    by Ganondorf to take control of the mountain. Volvagia eats Gorons as food, and
    it is just plain evil. The only weapon that can kill him is the Megaton Hammer,
    so be sure thats equipped.
    Taking out Volvagia is actually pretty easy. As the battle starts, take a look
    to see which of the 9 fire holes Volvagia will come out of (marked by flames
    coming out of it). Whatever hole has flames coming out of it, go over to it and
    he will pop out. He will stand there for a second before making an attack, so
    quickly pound him twice with the hammer, which will stun him, and his head will
    fall to the ground. Target him quickly, and do a jump attack on him so you will
    get double damage in (useful!). Once you hit him, he will go back under the flames
    and will resurface in a second, although this time he will either go up to the
    ceiling and make boulders fall on you (easy to dodge, just run away from the
    shadows on the ground), or he will follow you around and spit fire at you (also
    easy to get away from, simply just keep running around the platform, he won't
    even be able to hit you. For a legendary dragon, he has horrible aim. After a
    little while he will go back under into a hole. He will now try to trick you,
    as flames will come out of one hole but then quickly move to another. Watch
    for this trick, and wait until he pops out, then hit him and he will repeat
    his attack process. He will then go back under and this time trick you with
    2 fake flame holes, but once you get the right one hit him once again and that
    should finish him off, depending on if you're jump attacking him or not. Hit
    routine just keeps reapeating, and you should actually be able to get through
    this battle without even losing one quarter of a heart. He is much easier than
    the battle in the Forest Temple with Phantom Ganon. Just be sure never to get
    to close to him when he pops out, leave the range to the hammer, as he will
    attack you quickly. Once he's dead, he will start to "burn up" and turn will
    dissapear. He will leave behind a Heart Container. Be sure to get it, then
    exit through blue light.
    A short cutscene will play showing (from Kakariko Village) the man sitting on
    his roof looking at Death Mountain. A pretty violent eruption happens, and the
    red halo that was on top of Death Mountain goes away, and the sky turns blue
    again. The evil from the mountain has now gone, and Link will find himself
    back in the Sage Temple. Darunia will show up as the Sage of Fire. He will give
    you the Fire Medallion. He thanks you greatly for saving his people.
    BACK IN DEATH MOUNTAIN CRATER: You will appear back in Death Mountain Crater.
    Now we have two of the five Medallions, only three more to go! You'll start
    on the warp pad. There's a few things here that we can get now that we have the
    Megaton hammer. Walk onto the bridge, and hookshot over to the ledge. Notice
    the boulder here? Walk up to it with the hammer and hit it two times, and it
    will destroy it! This saves a bomb, and some boulders can only be destroyed
    with the hammer. The grotto it was hiding only has some Business Scrubs. Walk
    up past the entrance back to Goron City, and you'll see another bridge. Cross
    it, and destroy the boulders blocking the entrance into a hole in the wall.
    Inside is another Great Fairy! Play the Zelda Lullaby for her, and she will
    increase your magic meter x2! Very useful for those Din's Fire lovers. Once
    you have the new magic meter, exit, and to your right (back in Death Mountain
    Crater) you'll see another block to destroy with your hammer (isn't this fun?).
    Destroy it, and jump over to the ledge and climb up the ladder on the left
    wall. You're back where you were as a child, well, near the entrance to the top
    of Death Mountain Trail. Exit from here, instead of the one leading to Darunia's
    room. While you're up here, if you go to your left, a HUGE Goron will appear.
    His name is Biggoron. Talk to him, and he will talk about his brother's bad
    blades. He is the guy who will make the Biggoron sword for you, soon. Now, make
    sure its night, and walk down to the path. There are some boulders here, and
    if you destroy the first one you see, you'll find a Gold Skulltula behind it.
    Go back to where you threw a bomb down as a kid to open the entrance to
    Dodongo's Cavern, and you'll find another block there. It has ANOTHER Gold
    Skulltula behind it.
    We now have 2 of the Medallions in our pocket, only three left. Next, we'll be
    heading off to the heart of Lake Hylia to get to Temple #3, the hardest temple
    in the game, the Water Temple. Before we go there, though, we must get an item
    inside the Ice Cavern that is a must to get through the Water Temple.
    ^          A) ICE CAVERN         ^
    Area info:
    Items to get: Dungeon Map, Compass, Iron Boots, Zora Tunic
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 27)
    Gold Skulltulas:   6  (total 70)
    First off, head to Zora's River. You'll notice the whole area is now different,
    that being that the waters are now infested with Octoroks. Come here at night,
    as there are a couple of Gold Skulltulas here to get. You'll also notice the
    magic flow here (next to where the guy who sold you the beans used to be), it
    will quickly take you up to the entrance to Zora's Domain if you want, but
    forget it for now. To get the first one, you'll have to go up to where you
    got the first Heart Piece here as a child. Jump over to the other side of the
    river, and remember the ladder we climbed up to get up there? We needed to
    chicken to get to that ledge with the ladder, but adult Link is able to get
    there without it. Climb up the ladder, and go to the ledge on your left (with
    the grotto hole on it), and just after this platform on the wall on the left
    is the Gold Skulltula.
    The second one is easier to get. Go to the area right before the natural bridges
    at the end of Zora's River. Take a look on the corner (its right after the
    first wooden bridge). Look around on the walls up here (remember, at night) and
    you'll see it there. To get to it with your Hookshot, jump up onto the fence
    carefully, and it will give you enough height to use your Hookshot to kill it
    and JUST BARELY enough to get the token (of course, you can come back here with
    the Longshot after the Water Temple, and getting it will be easier).
    The third Gold Skulltula is in Zora's Domain (which you'll see is now completely
    frozen over, with no Zora's Remaining. Go up to the top of the waterfall (as if
    you were going to talk to the Zora up there to start the Diving Game, like you
    did as a child), and carefully go out onto the very edge of the frozen waterfall.
    You'll see it to your left (once again, this DOES have to be at night).
    ZORA'S DOMAIN OVERVIEW: Well, things sure have changed here since you were here
    as a child. Everything has been turned to ice thanks to the evil curse of
    the boss of the Water Temple. The Zora's have gone, and up in the King's room
    you'll notice that he is surrounded by Red Ice. This ice is magic, and can
    only be melted with the special "Blue Fire" that is found in the Ice Cavern.
    You'll also notice that the shop here is also shielded by the Red Ice. To get
    to the Ice Cavern, you'll have to go to Zora's Fountain from the King's Room,
    which is still open.
    PIECE OF HEART: This one is easy, depending if you're good at jumping or not.
    Go into Zora's Fountain via the pathway the King opened up for you a while ago,
    and you'll notice that Zabu Zabu is no longer there. In his place is an Ice
    platform. Run and jump off of it, and you'll land on a little ice block on the
    water. If you look off straight ahead of you, you'll see a Heart Piece on a
    little platform. Jump over to here, and when you get to the ice blocks that
    are moving in cicles, simply time you're jump so you'll land on them right
    when it goes by you. Remember, this is ice and its slippery, and if you fall off
    one, you'll have to go back to the Zabu Zabu pedistal to get back on to them
    (meaning you can't climb onto the ice blocks from the water).
    The Ice Cavern is on the right side wall. If you take a look on the wall to
    the left of the pedistal, you'll see a crack in it. Jump over there via the
    ice blocks (remember, watch out for the ones that are turning, you need good
    timing), and make the jump over to the Ice Cavern and enter.
    First of all, this isn't a REAL dungeon, its some what like a "sub" dungeon.
    There IS a Dungeon Map and compass in here, as well as the Blue Fire, which
    we must get to save the King, and get some other goodies in here.
    1. From where you start, run down the pathway. When you get to the Blue 
    Icicles, chop them down with your sword. You'll see some more of the Red Ice
    here. At the next part of this pathway, keep running to avoid the ice that
    falls from the ceiling. When you get to the end of that pathway, chop down
    the ice and you'll see three Freezzards. These enemies are annoying, they
    take three sword chops and their breath will freeze you and take off good health.
    To kill them, wait until they stop breathing ice, then they sit there for a
    few seconds, enough time for you to Hookshot onto them and kill them (they
    can be used as Hookshot targets). Kill all three (oh yea, and watch out for the
    spikey thing going around here in cicles). Sometimes another Freezzard just
    randomly appears, like a ghost Freezard which will just try to run into you.
    Three hits to kill and its easy to. Once you take care of them all, the door
    ahead of you will open up (the door between the two red blocks of ice).
    2. This next hallways has more icicles that fall from the ceiling. The two
    pots you first see have hearts in them if you need it after the Freezzard
    3. This room will introduce the Silver Rupees. They act like Blue Rupees, each
    are worth 5 Rupees, but it also means in order to open up the door you'll have
    to get all of them in the room *this is a puzzle dungeons from now on will
    have*. The first two are right by the center of the giant spinning blade, watch
    out for that thing. If it gets close to you, simply roll underneath the
    blade. The third is on near these first two, on the outside of the blade path
    though. The fourth is located behind some blue icicles right by the entrance
    to this room from the hallway you just were in (it would be to your right of
    when you first entered. There is also a GOLD SKULLTULA on this wall, so when
    you get this Rupee look right up, and there it is. The last one is a bit
    difficult to get. Jump up to the door across from the one you entered this
    room in, and look out over the spinning blade. Its there, in the air and will
    take a good jump over there to get it, but time it so when you land you won't
    land ontop of one of the two blades. The pots around this room have hearts
    ONLY if you're missing health. Once you get this last one, the door where you
    just were will open. Go through there.
    4. This next hallway has another Freezzard, a very icy floor, more falling
    icicles, and two fast moving spikey things. Quickly move past the first, kill
    the Freezzard, then go past the second one and continue on to the next room.
    5. This room introcudes a lot of things. First of all, the Blue Fire bats which
    will freeze you for a few seconds if they touch you, and their fire doesn't
    go out. First of all, if you're good with your arrows, shoot the three down as
    soon as you enter here. Then, take care of the Freezard on the bottom. Climb
    up onto the platforms in the center, and kill the Freezard up here (to the right
    is a platform with three recover hearts, yay). The platform in the center
    contains a Blue Fire beacon! Empty two or three bottles (I usualy keep one full
    of a Fairy). Stand right by the blue fire, and capture it with your bottles.
    Now, take care of the other Freezzard on this platform. Walk over to the final
    platform, and melt the ice with a Blue Fire. Inside the chest you'll find
    the Dungeon Map. Make sure that you two bottles (of three if you want) are
    filled, and exit this room.
    6. Back in the room with the giant spinning blade, on the walls you'll notice
    two redish ice walls. Melt them both with the blue fire. Which path to do down
    first? As if you entered this room from the Blue Fire room we were just in,
    its the pathway to the left.
    7. In this room you'll see another Blue Fire Tourch, and soem icicles from the
    ground (if you see a lot of Blue Fire bats and Rupees, you're in the wrong
    room. Go back and take the other path first). This room has a Piece of Heart
    (yup, a Dungeon with a Piece of Heart). Its to your left. Fill up your bottles
    with some Blue Fire first from the tourch in the center. Now, take out the
    icicles on the right, and melt the Red Ice around the Piece of Heart to get
    it. Plus, look up on the wall here and you'll find a Gold Skulltula! Two
    things in one small area. The area on the right has two bats who have not
    yet taken flight, take them out before they see you (that means, before you
    get close to them) with arrows or Hookshot. If they do see you, they'll head
    right for the Blue Fire to become Blue Fire Bats and you don't want that. The
    chest here (melt the Red Ice with the Blue Fire to get it) has the Compass.
    Before you leave this room fill up your two+ bottles with Blue Fire.
    8. Back in the room with the spinning blades, take the other path now. Go
    through the short path and you'll end up in the final room.
    9. This room contains a lot of Blue Fire Bats. Take them out first. The wall
    on the left (as if you were entering the room) has this Dungeon's Final Gold
    Skulltula. Use the Hookshot to get it. But be very careful not to fall into the
    bottomless pit right underneath it. You'll notice this room also has some
    Siler Rupees in it. Get the ones you can by simple jumping, but the others
    will require you to push the ice box to get to them. First off, push the block
    straight so it hits (once you push the block, it will go in that direction
    until it hits something, or falls into the bottomless pit, in that case it
    will just re-spawn at the start of the room) the block infront of you. Climb
    up onto the block and up onto the high piller to get the Rupee. Next, push the
    block to the right. You'll see a Silver Rupee in some Red Ice. Jump up from the
    block onto the little incove on the wall and melt the ice and get the Rupee.
    Now, jump back down and you must push the block either left or right into the
    bottomless pits to let it re-spawn at the start of the room. Now, push it to
    the left so it hits the other tall piller. Climb up there and get the Rupee.
    Then push the block forward so it hits the last tall piller at the other side
    of the room. Climb up and get the Rupee. This is the final one, and the door
    will open. If you want to get the Blue Fire, push the block to the right, then
    straight again so it will be close to the ledge. Make a very long jump over to
    the ledge, its possible, and fill up. Make sure you have at LEAST 2 BOTTLES
    FULL OF BLUE FIRE. *From up here, play the Song of Time to make a blue block
    appear, and jump up onto it to find three Red Rupees (that 60 Rupees right
    there, if you're low on cash!). Now, to get to the gate that opened, we must
    get the block in the certain area. Re-start the block, and follow these
    directions. Straight, left, straight, left, straight (towards the door to where
    you entered this room), then to the right. Horrible directions, so if you like
    using the Compass, here would be the answer: west, south, west, south, east, and
    south. Jump up to the final hall. This room contains two Freezards and icicles
    that fall from the ceiling. At the end, melt the ice with some Blue Fire (if
    you want to open up the shop, you'll have to go back and get more blue fire
    if you only had two bottles full, but be sure to have ONE BOTTLE FULL. Enter
    the door here in the wall.
    10. Iron Boots: This cool looking room holds a great gift, the Iron Boots. To
    win it, you must defeat the single White Wolfos in here. Like normal Wolfos,
    this guy fights the same, he just has more health than the others. Two jump
    attacks can finish him off. The chest will appear as soon as he's killed. Open
    it, and you'll get the Iron Boots!
    Sheik will appear to teach you the warp song for the Water Temple, the
    Serenade of Water. Here's the notes:
    A, Down, Right, Right, Left
    Sheik will tell you what is going on, and how all the Zora's are trapped
    under the ice. Sheik did save the Princess of the Zora's (Princess Ruto, who
    you worked with in Zabu Zabu's Belly dungeon). The ice is being created by the
    boss of the water temple, and that is also why Lake Hylia has lost almost all
    of its water. In order for the ice to melt, you must shut off the source (even
    though the ice never melts). Oh well.
    11. To exit this room, go behind the chest that had the Iron Boots, and jump
    into the water. Put on the Iron Boots (from the Sub Screen on the start
    menu) and quickly sink down, open the door, and exit from the other side. You
    can't stay underwater for long until you run out of air, but thats a problem
    we'll fix soon. You'll appear back in the first room of the temple. Get more
    Blue Fire if you want, but exit the dungeon when finished.
    BACK IN ZORA'S FOUNTAIN: First of all, go back to Zora's Domain and unfreeze
    King Zora. Talk to him (rememer you have to stand on his pedistal to talk to
    him), and he will thank you, and give you the quest to save the Zora's. He will
    also give you the Zora Tunic, which is blue. Put this on, and you'll be able to
    stay under the water with your Iron Boots for as long as you want! Head back
    to Zora's Fountain, and sink down to the VERY BOTTOM of the small lake. There's
    a Piece of Heart under here. That's all to get here. Also, you can unfreeze
    the opening to the Zora Shop. You can discard any blue fire you have left
    after unfreezing these two things, you don't need it anymore. Next up, we will
    visit a little thing in Hyrule Field.
    ^          B) LAKE HYLIA        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Gold Scale.
    Heart Pieces:      3  (total 31)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 71)
    Its time to return to the home of the Water Temple, Lake Hylia. You'll notice
    that the Lake has seemed to completely go away, with the exception of a little
    bit at the very bottom of the lake. There's a few things to do before we enter
    the temple, that is find 3 Heart Pieces, get the Gold Scale from the fishing
    game, and get another Gold Skulltula. Remember, you can warp here directly
    using the "Serenade of Water" you were just tought.
    HYRULE FIELD: There's a Piece of Heart we can now get in one of the many gottos
    in Hyrule Field now that we have the Iron Boots. Remember the Bombable place
    Northwest of Lon Lon Ranch? Use a bomb on the hole right beside the tree, and
    drop down. Inside is a Lake, and use your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom.
    There's a Heart Piece under here. Once you get it, return to Hyrule Field and
    either Warp of use Epona to get to Lake Hylia quickly.
    PIECE OF HEART: This one is easy to get. Go over to the Lakeside Labratory, and
    if you planted your Magic Bean here as a child, they'll be a magic flower here
    now. It'll give you a ride up to the top of the roof of the Lab, and it if you
    don't jump off you'll take a ride around Lake Hylia. Jump off (if you didn't
    plant, its ok. Just sommon Pierre with your Scarecrow Song, and if you don't
    have that yet, go over to the left and talk to the Scarecrow there to start up
    this song, as long as you tought him something as a child), and then climb up
    the ladder but watch out for the birds that might come and hit you off the
    ladder. At the top of the lookout tower is a Piece of Heart.
    THE FISHING GAME REVISITED: Use your Magic Bean plant to get over to the fishing
    game island, or Summon Pierre from the ground (because now that the water is
    gone, you can't swim/ jump over to it. Make sure you enter rigth as the sun is
    going up (you catch fish better at this time). Talk to your old friend at the
    counter and pay him 20 Rupees to start fishing. This time, you'll want to catch
    anything OVER 15 POUNDS. Use the same strategies you did as a kid. The large
    fish are in the same areas: under the big log, by the bamboo sticks....etc.
    Some of the larger fish are 18 pounds, and some people have even cought
    bigger ones. The biggest fish I've ever cought is 20 pounds (its the fish right
    by the logs). Once you get your big fish, take it back to the guy at the
    counter and he'll weight it. If its over 16+ pounds, he'll give you the Gold
    Scale, an item like the Silver, except now you can dive even deeper, which will
    come in handy in a second...
    PIECE OF HEART: The final one in this area is back INSIDE the Lakeside Labratory
    with the old man. Go inside and at the very end of the house you'll see a little
    pond he must use for researching water animals and such. Now that you have the
    Gold Scale you can dive 9 meters (or 9 seconds) down into the water and touch
    the bottom of his pond here. This ONLY WORKS if you have the Gold Scale, the
    Silver Scale doesn't cut it. Once you dive down and touch the bottom, go back
    to the old man and talk to him. He'll say how hes been looking at you (eeek) and
    that you dived right down to the bottom!  He'll give you a present for doing
    so, which is a Piece of Heart! But we're not done in here. Jump back into the
    pond and this time put on your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom. You'll see
    a crate down here. Roll into the box, and out comes a Gold Skulltula! The only
    item you can use underwater is your Hookshot, so kill it with that. There's
    also 3 Red Rupees down here which re-spawn everytime you leave and re-enter.
    Thats 60 Rupees! Once you're finished, exit the lab.
    ^         C) WATER TEMPLE        ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Dungeon Map, Compass, Longshot.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 31)
    Gold Skulltulas:   5  (total 76)
    Ahhh, the Water Temple, the most famous of them all among Ocarina of Time
    lovers. Why? Its by FAR the hardest of all the temples, both puzzle wise and
    difficulty. This Temple isn't very large as far as rooms go, but finding out
    where all the keys are and where to use them makes it even harder. Plus, you'll
    have to play around with water levels, changing it from low to medium to high.
    One mistake early could leave you in a huge probelm later on, so be sure to
    follow to the step.
    WHERE IS THE WATER TEMPLE?: Puzzle #1, where in the world IS the Water Temple.
    Now that Lake Hylia is very shallow, walk to the bottom. There's still a little
    bit of water by the island in the middle. When you approach this area, the
    clouds will roll in and it will start to rain. Put on your Iron Boots, and
    sink down to the bottom of this last remaining water of Lake Hylia. You'll see
    a gated up door here, and ontop of it is a little blue crystal like thing. Take
    out your Hookshot and fire it at the crystal thingy. Hit it, and the door to
    the Water Temple will open. Remember to put on your blueish Zora Tunic so you
    can stay underwater for however long you want.
    NOTE: As you might have known, you can tackel either the Fire or Forest Temples
    in any way, and since you only need the Hookshot to get in here, you can enter
    this temple as soon as you become an Adult. BUT YOU DO NEED the the Iron Boots
    from the Ice Cavern and the Fairy Bow from the Forest Temple. This Temple is
    the toughest as far as mental challenges go out of Ocarina of Time's 11 dungeons.
    1. This is a step you can complete later, but you might as well do it now. As
    soon as you enter, go into the main room and swim to the passage to the right.
    In here you'll find a hole filled with water. Jump into it and put on your
    Iron Boots (you'll be switch between your Iron Boots and Normal Boots a LOT
    during this temple, and unlike in Wind Waker, you can't set the Iron Boots to
    a C-Button). Down here you'll see a Red Block in the wall. Grab it, and PULL it
    out as far as it can go (so it covers the green square on the ground). This
    opens up a passage you'll use in the near future.
    2. COMPASS: The compass is near here. Go back to the main room, then put on your
    Iron Boots and sink down to the doorway right below this one (NOT THE DOORWAY
    AT THE VERY BOTTOM). This is the ledge with the two pots on it. Go in here and
    around the corner are some manta ray like enemies. The ONLY weapon you can use
    underwater is the Hookshot, so target them quickly (there's 4 of them) and kill
    them all. Fighting things underwater is difficult. Once you killed them, switch
    to your normal boots and float on up in this next area, or use the Hookshot
    targets to get up there. Up here you'll see a little switch like the ones in
    the Fire Temple that require a sword or arrow or bomb to activate. You'll see
    a little geyser and a chest by it. If you try to get to the chest you'll just
    be blown away by the geyser. Fire an arrow at the switch while you're RIGHT BY
    the chest as the geyser is only down for a few seconds, open up the chest
    fast, and you'll have your compass. Now, go back to the main room and sink all
    the way down to the bottom of this side of the room. On your way back, watch
    out for the spikes at the bottom of the tunnel.
    3. There are a few enemies at the bottom of the room, spikey things. Use your
    Hookshot once to put them into a defensive mode, then hit them again to kill
    4. Enter the room at the very bottom of the main room (still on the right side
    wall) and go through the passages. You'll meet up with Princess Ruto. She....
    she sure has changed. Don't worry, you DON'T have to carry her around. Talk
    to her, then when she swims up to the top of this area, put on your normal
    boots and swim up after her. She will talk to you about the ways to change
    the water levels, that being how there are three of them. The first is up in
    the room she just took you to. Up here you'll find a Triforce marking on the
    wall. Go up right by it and play Zelda's Lullaby. This drops the water level
    all the way to the bottom. First of all, go through the door in this room.
    5. In here are more of the spikey enemies (4 of them). Let them roll around
    and after a few second they go into a defensive mode. Kill them all with your
    sword only when their in that mode. Kill them all and the Dungeon Map in a chest
    will appear. Once you get it, exit this room.
    6. Back in the room with the Trifoce Symbol, jump all the way to the bottom to
    where you met Ruto. This is a bit difficult. The pots here contain arrows, and
    you'll need em. There is one lit up tourch, and two that arn't. You need to
    light them but since you can't carry Deku Sticks, you'll have to fire an
    arrow through the lit tourch and make the arrow hit the unlit tourches. You also
    have to do them quickly before one goes out. If this is giving you trouble,
    simply use Din's Fire. Enter the door that opens up. In this room are four
    Shell Blade enemies. They can't be hurt when they're closed up, and they only
    open when you get near. Z-Target them, then when you get close, quickly use
    your Hookshot when they open up to kill them. If you're not fast enough they
    will charge towards you (but just jump out of the way). When you kill all 4,
    a small chest will appear with the first Small Key. BE SURE TO GET IT! Exit
    the room when done.
    7. Go back into the main room, and all the water has drained out. Go over to
    the LEFT side of the room this time, and you'll notice that a floating wooden
    platform has come down here to give you a stepping stone to the door. Take a
    hold of this block, and push it all the way to the end of this pathway. It will
    fall down to the bottom of this area. Put on your Iron Boots and go on down.
    At the end, put on the normal boots and float up to the top. In this next room
    take out the Tektite on the opposite platform with 2 arrows. Then, hit the
    switch and a geyser will rise from the middle of the room. Jump over onto it,
    then jump to the platform on the other side. Be quick, the geyser only stays
    up for a short amount of time. If you fall, Hookshot back up. On the other side,
    go through the door.
    8. This room is my least favourite in like the whole game. The water current
    here is strong. Put on the Iron Boots, and swim down onto the tail of the
    dragon down here. Be sure you can hit both the switch in the dragon's mouth,
    and the Hookshot target on the pathway to your right with the Hookshot. Once
    you're sure, hit the switch, then very quickly the Hookshot target. Quickly
    swim to the very end by the next Hookshot target and take out the Shell Enemies.
    Be sure you're by the target on the end of the wall though, or else you'll miss
    the area when the gate comes down. Take off your Iron Boots and float up to
    the top. up here is a small chest with another Small Key. Now, hit the switch
    here and put on your Iron Boots, sink down to the bottom, and if you're quick
    you'll beat the time and land back in the room with the weird water current.
    Exit back to the main room.
    9. Back in the main room, go through the passage on the south end wall *so to
    the right of the area you just came from*. Blow up the hole on the end of this
    passage, and sink down to the bottom. There's a shell blade down here right
    off the bat, so be ready for him. At the end, float back up to surface. Step
    on the switch, and it will raise the water level. Look straight on the platform
    infront of you and you'll notice the dragon head also raises up, with a Hookshot
    target on it. Hookshot over to the platform. Up here, you'll see a gate. Get
    right by the gate, power up your sword to blue or red, and release, and it will
    hit the switch on the inside (good trick, one that other dungeons in the
    future will have). Inside here is a Gold Skulltula, as well as four pots with
    some fillups. Once you have it, head back to the main room.
    10. Back in the main room, you'll see the large structure in the middle of
    this room. Step onto the block, and open the Locked Door with one of your keys
    (you should have one key left after you open this door).
    11. Inside here is a little puzzle. Walk to the end of the path here, and look
    up to the right. You'll see a little platform with a Hookshot target on it, so
    Hookshot up there. Up here is the second Triforce Symbol. Play Zelda's Lullaby
    to raise the water level to "medium". Now, take a look back down to where
    you entered this room. You'll notice the wooden platform has now raised up,
    and there's a hold in the ground below. Sink down there with the Iron Boots 
    (WATCH OUT FOR LANDING ON THE SPIKES!). Sink down to the bottom of this now
    open area.
    12. This is a bit of an enemy puzzle. There's a switch here, hit it with your
    Hookshot, and a TON of enemies will fall from the room above. This includes
    two Shell enemies and 4 spikey guys. Here's a good tip I found out, stand
    far from the switch when you hit it. The enemies come down without knowing
    you're there. Stay a ways back, and the shells won't attack you, and the spikey
    enemies won't turn into their spikey form unless you get near them. So stand
    a little ways back, and kill them from there. Easy. Kill them all, and the
    other hole on the ceiling will not open up (on the right). Float on up there.
    Up here is ANOTHER SMALL KEY! You don't know how long it took me to find this
    out. Anyways, once you get it, return back to the area with the Triforce,
    and enter back into the main room. Go through the door opposite the Triforce
    Symbol. You'll be back in the main room, but the water level is a little bit
    13. Go to the right, and to the very bottom of the area. Go back to where
    you met Princess Ruto, and float on up. You won't go all the way to the top,
    you'll stop on the platform in the middle. You'll see a large crack in the
    wall, and inside is a treasure chest. Blow it up with a Bomb, and open up the
    chest to get another small key! You should now have 3 small keys. Now go back
    to the main room, and float up to the middle.
    14. Back in the main room, look to the west side wall and you'll see a door
    that is locked up. Hookshot over to it, and use a Key on it. Inside, you'll
    see a geyser and a switch. Stand ontop of the geyser, then fire an arrow or
    Hookshot over to the switch, and ride on up. When you stand on the geyser,
    though, a Tektite will jump down from the top. In the next room, exit through
    the door, and you'll notice you're on a high platform back in the main room,
    although the third and final Triforce picture is here. Play the tune to raise
    the water level back up to the top. Kill the Tektite, and jump back to the
    center of this room.
    15. On your left is another locked door. Swim/Hookshot over to it, and enter.
    As soon as you enter this room, don't move. Take out the two Keese on the wall
    before they notice you. This room will test your skill with the Hookshot. Jump
    down to the platform below you, then down again to the one that is moving up
    and down. On the other side you'll see water flowing down, as well as platforms
    going down as well. Each one has a Hookshot target on it. When your platform is
    about middle from top to bottom, Hookshot onto a platform on the other side.
    Now, qucikly look up, and Hookshot onto the platform ontop of you, and then again,
    and again and again until you get to the top, and Hookshot onto the target
    on the wall and pull yourself up. If you are to slow, or if you fall though the
    hole, you take damage and respawn back at the start of this room. At the top,
    use your final key on the door here to enter the next room.
    16. This next room contains a good puzzle. First of all, take out the three
    Tektites so they won't be able to hurt you. YOu'll see a switch in the center
    of the room. Hit it with the Hookshot or Arrow to raise the water level. Then,
    the dragon head infront of you will raise up. There's a Hookshot target on his
    neck, so Hookshot over onto that platform. Look to the next platform, and
    you'll see a Dragon Head with a target on it, but don't Hookshot onto it, you'll
    just land in the water. Hit the switch again to lower the water level in this
    room. To the left of that dragon head is another Hookshot target on the wall.
    Hookshot over to this one, jump over the now lowered Dragon head (when the water
    is low, the Dragon Heads are low, when its high the Dragon heads are raised).
    Hit the switch again, and Hookshot over onto the Dragon on the last platform.
    Hit the switch again to lower the dragon head. Climb up onto of the dragon
    head, then hit the switch again to raise the dragon head, with you ontop of it.
    There are two Tektites up here, take them out. Then, you'll also see a Like
    Like on the other side. I suggest killing him with two bombs. Look up, and
    ontop of where the Like Like was you'll see a Hookshot target on the ceiling.
    Hookshot up onto it and over the spikes. There are two pots here, both of
    which contains Magic, and you'll see why you need that so much. Enter the door
    here and be prepared for one of the weirdest battles in this game.
    17. This room is cool. Its all misty :D. You'll see a tree in the center of
    the room. Walk up to it, and you'll see nothing is there, then walk over to the
    barred up door. You can't open it, so walk back to the tree, and there he is,
    the famous Shadow Link. Fighting Shadow Link is a pain. He can do anything
    you can. If you do a horizontal slash, so will he and you'll end up clashing
    swords and no one gets hurt. If you have the Megaton Hammer, you can cheet him
    that way. Just keep hitting him with that, as he can't mirror that move since
    he doesn't have the Megaton Hammer. Once of the best things to do is not to
    Z-Target him. He will sometimes shield your Megaton Hammer shots, but he can't
    do ANYTHING else against them. You'll kill him in no time. Whenever you hit
    him he sinks into the ground, and then will appear behind you. After a few
    several hits, he will die and the mist in the room will go away, and it will
    return to normal. He will leave behind 15 Rupees. Oh, and you can't use Jump
    Attacks on him. If you don't have the Hammer (because you didn't visit the
    Fire Temple yet), then you can simply use Din's Fire. Using standard sword
    slashes WILL work, but you'll most likely end up getting hurt before he
    does. Exit through the now open door, and inside is a chest. Open it up for,
    the LONGSHOT! This is exactly like the Hookshot, just an upgraded version, that
    meaning the chain is now twice as long. Behind the chest is a blue block. Play
    the Song of Time to make it dissapear, and then drop down.
    18. This is BY FAR the most annoying room of them all. There's a few things to
    this room, first of all the current is strong, and second of all the water is
    filled with little underwater swirles that if you get sucked into them, you'll
    end up back at the start of this room. Jump into the water and right away put
    on the Iron Boots, you have more control this way. When you get to the first
    vortex (with a heart infront of it), take off the boots and swim to the other
    side quickly (if you have the boots on, you'll slip and fall into the vortex).
    Put on the boots right away when you're on the other side. Walk a bit further,
    and you'll see a Gold Skulltula on the wall. Kill it with your Longshot. Walk
    across the next area, and you'll see two more vortexes. Take off your boots
    and quickly swim over to the platform with the two jars on it. One has a fairy
    in it, the other has some arrows. Go back into the water, and carefully
    walk over to the platform (with the Iron Boots on) on the other side of this
    area. jump up onto it, and fire an arrow into the eye. QUICKLY look to your
    left and Longshot onto the little chest. Inside the chest is a Small Key.
    Finally this room is done. Walk over to the right and you'll drop back down into
    the room with the weird water currents. From here, find your way back to the main
    19. Go back to the room where you met Princess Ruto, and swim up to the top.
    Play Zelda's Lullaby to lower the water level to the very bottom again. Go back
    to the main room by jumping down, and enter the structure in the middle of the
    room. Hookshot up like you did before, except this time don't change the
    water level. Look up to the ceiling and you'll see a Hookshot target. Longshot
    onto it, and you'll fall down onto a higher platform. Look over onto the other
    wall, and you'll see another Gold Skulltula. Get it with your Longshot. While
    you're here, raise the water to the middle mark, then exit.
    NOTE: If you want to open this door any time, shoot an arrow through the tourch
    to the unlit one.
    20. Go to the other side of this room, and you'll see a gate and an eye switch.
    Shoot the eye with an Arrow, then the gate opens, but only for a few seconds,
    so quickly Longshot onto the target and across the gate. Follow this path around,
    and take a look what we have here! The block we pulled across at the very
    beginning of the temple. Now, PUSH it until it goes no further. To your right
    is a small room with a small chest. Inside the chest is the final Small Key
    for this Temple, as well the pots contain two hearts. Go back to the main
    room. To do this, go to the left and Hookshot up. You can't go back the way
    you entered here from, the gate is down.
    21. Back in the main room, Longshot to the top platform, then Longshot to the
    door on the opposite side of where you entered from. Raise the water level to
    its highest point. Now, go to the room where you had the platforms and the
    Hookshot targets on them *the room before Shadow Link* The only reason to come
    here is to look on the right side wall. There's a Gold Skulltula here that
    we can get now with the Longshot. Exit back to the main room when done.
    22. There are two things you need to look for right now, make sure the water
    is at its highest position (you will never have to change it again now), and
    that you have 2 SMALL KEYS in your possession. Go to the north point of this
    middle room, and sink all the way to the bottom and go through the passage here.
    When you reach the room, look behind you and you'll see a Hookshot target.
    Longshot up there. Then, look straight across to the other side of the room,
    and Longshot onto the next target, over the spikes on the floor. Use one of your
    Small Keys here.
    23. There are 6 Tektites in here. I suggest taking them all out. Once all
    6 are gone, look down into the water. There's some vortex's and boulders
    rolling around. Jump down, and go across the CENTER of this room. Watch out for
    the boulders. On the other side, take off the Iron Boots, and keep swimming
    forward so you can get up onto the platform, or else the very strong current
    will move you right into the vortex on the left. Wait right until a boulder
    goes by, then take off the Iron Boots and swim up. Enter the door here.
    24. This room has 5 manta rays in it. Its best to take them out from ontop
    with your bow. Once they are all gone, jump down. Blow up the two bombable
    walls (which you can tell because of the discolouration, and the hole in the
    wall). Go through the hole on the right and push the block until it goes no
    further. Then, go around and pull the block until you can go no further, then
    back around and push it so it lands on the switch. This raises the water
    level so you can get to the next door.
    25. In this next room, first of all, take out the two Tektites. Then step on
    the switch, and jump across the 3 geysers that come up and land on the other
    side of the room, then go through the door.
    26. Wait for a boulder to go across, then jump into the water with the Iron
    Boots on and go to your right. There's the final Gold Skulltula for the Water
    Temple here, take it out with your Longshot from below. Jump down to the lower
    hole so the rocks won't hit you. Go to your right and along the little passage.
    Float up, and open the locked up door with your final key.
    27. In here is the chest with the Boss Key in it! Thats the final tool we need,
    so once you get it, return to the room with the boulders (which is in the place
    we just were with the Skulltula, if you go to your left you'll land back in the
    boulder room), and then go back to the main room. Both jars in this room contain
    Fairies, so fill up your bottles, or use it if you're low on health.
    28. Back in the main room, float all the way up to the top.
    29. Face North, and you'll see a dragon head. Longshot over to it. The two pots
    here contain fairies. Fill up your bottle, and enter through the door.
    30. Final room in this dungeon! This is all about timing. You walk slowly up
    the path in the center, and there are three spikey things moving across it. If
    you touch one, you'll slide back down. Time it right, run straight up one side
    without stopping or going in another direction. At the top, open up the boss
    door, and face the boss of the Water Temple!
    BOSS: Giant Aquatic Amoeba MORPHA
    Morpha is actually a lot easier than the temple itself. Morpha itself is just
    a small little eyeball looking thing, but don't judge it by its size. As soon
    as you enter the room, Morpha won't appear right away. Navi will point out that
    the water doesn't seem normal. Jump onto one of the platforms in the center
    of ther room, and Morpha will appear. As soon as you regain control of Link,
    jump back onto the perimeter of the room. Morpha's main attack are water
    jets. She will make one by swirling around, and then it will appear. It has a
    long range, and if it touches you you loose a LOT OF HEALTH. Stay away from it.
    The only way to hurt Morpha is to target it with Z-Targetting, then pulling it
    out of its water spoud with your Longshot. As soon as shes right by you, either
    hit it with a slash or jump attack, but you might not have enought time for
    that as she bounces around. If you have the Giant Knife, use it for double
    damage! Simply keep doing this. After a few more hits, she will create two
    spouts at one time, of course she will only be in one of them. Stay near that
    one, but watch out for the other as it may appear behind you. Morpha has quite
    a high hit point count. After about 10 hits or so, she will finally die. The
    fake water will go away, and Morpha will explode. Leaving behind the warp outta
    here and a Heart Container! Congratulations, you finished the hardest Temple
    in Ocarina of Time! Step into the warp when done.
    You'll be back in the Temple of Sages, and Princess Ruto will be revealed as
    the Sage of Water. She will hand the Water Medallion to you, and you only
    have 2 left, but they are the hardest as far as enemies go of them all. She
    will talk on and on, but when she is finally done, you will land back on the
    warp pad in Lake Hylia. Sheik is there, and Lake Hylia now goes back to normal.
    The water is restored, and Lake Hylia looks like it did when you were a child.
    ^       D) LAKE HYLIA UPDATES    ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Fire Arrows, Biggoron Sword.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 31)
    Gold Skulltulas:   1  (total 77)
    There are a few things to get in Lake Hylia now that the water is back to
    normal, and this includes the completion of the Trading Game for the Biggoron
    As SOON as the cutscene is over, you'll notice that the morning sun is rising.
    Quickly stand on the pedistal (the one that says "When water fills the lake, shoot
    for the morning light."), and fire an Arrow at the sun. If you do it right
    away as the sun is rising, the arrow will return to the ground on the small
    island in the east *where the Skulltula was as a child*. Swim over to pick it up,
    and you'll now have the power of the Fire Arrows! These arrows use up some
    magic when you use them, but they kill enemies fast and set fire to some. To
    activate them, go onto your "Select Item" subscene, and you'll see its now
    there. Highlight it, and select a C Button to put the arrows on. You still
    use your bow and normal arrows, they just have fire on them now. To put them
    back to normal, simply just select the Arrows on the Item Subscreen.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: This is the last Gold Skulltula I found when I first played
    through the game (to make 100), its one of the best hidden in the game. Go back
    to the small island in the middle with the pedistal and the large tree. Make
    sure its night, and position yourself so you can Longshot up there and land on
    the tree branch. This can be done by standing on the warp pad, its a good angle
    there. Carefully walk to the end of the branch, and when its night, a Gold
    Skulltula will appear at the top of the tree.
    Here's a quick overview of what we have done so far:
    Pocket Egg: First we got the Pocket Egg from the Cucco lady in Kakariko
    Village and it was used to wake up Talon.
    Blue Chicken Cojiro: She gave you the Blue Chicken after you woke up Talon
    and you took it to the weird guy in the Lost Woods, in the room where the
    Skull Kid used to be which you played Saria's Song for.
    Odd Mushroom: The guy took the chicken and asked you to take the Odd Mushroom
    to the Potion Shop in Kakariko Village quickly.
    Odd Medicine: She will make this very powerful Medicine and she says to take
    it back to the weird man in the Lost Woods.
    Poacher's Saw: When you get back to the Lost Woods, the guy is no longer there,
    she says whoever enteres the forest and isn't a Kokiri will turn into a
    Stalfos. She takes the medicine and gives you the Poacher's Saw he left behind.
    That is where we left off. To continue, I strongly suggest you get Epona the
    Horse from Lon Lon "Ingo's" Ranch, because some of the time trials near the
    end of the trading game are VERY hard to do on foot (possible, but only if you
    have the Longshot and you roll the whole way, which is a bit faster than
    STEP 6: Next, get onto Epona and head towards Gerudo Valley. You'll notice that
    the bridge has been destroyed, but Epona CAN jump the whole gap if you have
    enough speed, or you can just use your Longshot and hook onto the wooden beam
    on the other side. When you get to the other side, look immediately to your
    right. You'll see a tent, with the Carpenter beside it. Talk to him, and then
    show him (by putting the Poacher's Saw onto one of the C buttons) the Poacher's
    Saw. He will take his old Saw and give you the Broken Goron Sword. Get back onto
    Epona, and now ride to Kakariko Village.
    STEP 7: Get off your hourse at Kakariko Village, and then head up Death Mountain.
    You need to get to the top, but instead of walking the whole way, take your
    Magic Bean plant instead. At the top, talk to Biggoron. He will recognize his
    work. Thanks to the eruption from Volgaria, his eyes have been clouded up with
    ash. He won't be able to repair the sword until you get him the perscription
    NOTE: You'll notice, if you've beaten the Water Temple, when you get here
    Kakariko is up in flames! The whole town is being destroyed. A cutscene shows
    Sheik near the well, and some weird, invisible monster comes out, tosses
    Sheik around, and then Link around to. When the scene returns, the fire is out
    and the town is as it was before. Sheik will say how the Evil Shadow Spirit
    has been released. Impa (Zelda's body guard) had sealed that evil shadow at
    the bottom of the well, but the seal broke. Impa had gone to the Shadow Temple,
    as she is one of the six sages. Sheik asks you to go to the Shadow Temple and
    help, but you cannot go yet, as there are still some things to do. She will
    teach you the Noctune of Shadow.
    Left, Right, Right, A, Left, Right, Down
    Even though we're in the Trading game, we might as well learn this now.
    With the perscription eyedrops, you'll have to head to Zora's Domain.
    STEP 7: Now, go back to Zora's Domain because Biggoron said you need to give
    the perscription to King Zora (providing you unfroze him). Show him the
    Perscription, and he has what you need, the Eyeball Frog. But he can't do
    anything with it, so you'll have to take it to the Scientist in the Lakeside
    Labratory in Lake Hylia to do it for you. WARNING: DO NOT warp there with
    the Seranade of Water, you'll lose instantly. You only have three minutes to
    get this frog to the scientist before it spoils, so quickly get out of here,
    down Zora's River, and get on Epona and ride to Lake Hylia (this can be done on
    foot, but it is VERY hard, and most likley you won't have enough time).
    STEP 9: Show the Scientist the Eyeball Frog (the same guy who gave you the
    Piece of Heart in Lake Hylia). As weird as he is.. he though this is for him
    to eat, hense him saying "These eyeballs are so delicious! Tonight I will cook
    fried eyeballs for the first time in a long time! Uhoy hoy hoo houy hoy!"
    Alright, well whatever that means, Link tells him they're for perscription,
    and the guy will make them for you. Now as he says "This medicine doesn't
    have any preservatives in it. So it WON'T LAST LONG at this temperature. In
    other words, get them to Biggoron as FAST as you can. You have 4 minutes, so
    get back on Epona and ride away.
    STEP 10: This is the final step. Ride across Hyrule Field, into Kakariko
    Village, up Death Mountain (take the Magic Plant to save some time), and across
    the pathways all the way up to Death Mountain. In the place near the top, be
    SURE to take out the Skullwalltulas here, because they will knock you down if
    you don't and you don't want to lose time here. Show Biggoron, and he will use
    them, making his eyes feel much better! He will give you the Claim Check, and
    in a few days (three) his work will be done. You can use the Song of the Sun
    to speed things up if you want (hehe). Doing this on foot is near impossible
    by the way. When its done, give him the cliam check, and he will give you the
    Biggoron Sword!
    THE BIGGORON SWORD: This is by FAR the best sword in the game. Its two handed,
    meaning you CAN'T use your shield when you're weilding the Biggoron Sword, and
    its exactly like the Giant's Knife, but this sword won't ever break. This
    sword does double damage than the master sword (this sword kills Stalfos in
    2-3 jump attacks), has a HUGE range, and you'll love it, trust me.
    This section is all about Death! Well.. in a sort. You're next Temple is
    the Shadow Temple, where nothing is what it seems. For that reason, we must
    get an Item in the Bottom of the Well as a child first.
    ^      A) BOTTOM OF THE WELL     ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Lens of Truth.
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 33)
    Gold Skulltulas:   4  (total 81)
    The Bottom of the Well is like the Ice Cavern, that being its somewhat of a
    "mini" sub dungeon. It will get you prepared for the darkness of the Shadow
    Temple. The Bottom of the Well is... well at the bottom of the Well. The well
    I'm talking about is the one in Kakariko Village. You cannot enter it, though,
    as an adult. So, you must warp back to the Temple of Time and become a kid
    once more.
    PIECE OF HEART x2: You can't use any of Adult Link's items as a child, such as
    the Longshot, Arrows, and so on, but you CAN use the warping songs. Before
    we go into the darkness of the Well, there are some things we can now get with
    the Songs we have. First of all, go back to Zora's River, and to the frogs.
    We have played every song for them, except one, the Song of Storms. Play it
    for them, and now they are all big. As a thank you, they will give you a Piece
    of Heart, but thats not all they have. *Play the Song of Time for them if you
    havn't yet to make them all big*. Talk to them again, and they'll play a little
    game with you. Whenever a little butterfly appears on their head, you must hit
    that note on the Ocarina. But you must be LIGHTNING quick. To make it easier
    for you, here are the notes:
    A, L, R, D, L, R, D, A, D, A, D, R, L, A  (A being the A Button, L being left,
    R being right, and D being down).
    You must do this VERY fast, or else you must try again. This is actually much
    harder than it may look. When you finally do get it, your prize is another
    Piece of Heart. Once you get these two Heart Pieces, go to Hyrule Castle.
    GOLD SKULLTULA: Make your way past the guards like you did so long ago. Jump
    into the moat around the castle, and get up on the little corner like you did
    before. Here, there's a lone tree. Play the Song of Storms, and a Grotto will
    appear right by the tree. *If you have a Rumble Pac and the Sone of Agony,
    you'll feel where I mean*. Jump down into the grotto. Down here are some walls
    to blow up, and behind one is a Gold Skulltula.
    Once you get it, its time to tackle the dungeon. To do this, go back to Kakariko
    THE WELL: It's full of water! That's no good, we can't get down there if its
    full *mainly because you can't wear the Zora's Tunic, but you can wear Iron
    Boots either*. Go into the Windmill and play the Song of Storms. The Windmill
    will go crazy, speeding up and pumping all of the water out of the Well for
    you. Climb down the well, and enter the mini dungeon.
    This mini dungeon is only here for one purpose, to hide the Lens of Truth, so
    basically you can just come in here, get the lens, and leave. But, you'll be
    missing some Gold Skulltulas if you do.
    1. As soon as you enter, crawl through the little hole and down the ladder.
    Kill the Skulltula here. You'll see a Skulleton on a wall here, and the wall is
    completely fake, walk right through it (this is a standard trick in the Shadow,
    and Spirit Temples).
    2. This next room is pretty large. Its in the shape of a square, but a giant
    Green Bubble is floating around, so watch out for him. This room is partly
    filled with water, and that is something we don't want. Go to either the left
    or right (be SURE to stay in the water, some of the areas on the side are fake)
    and go to the opposite side to where you entered this room from. You'll see
    a Triforce drawing drawing on the floor. Stand on it, and play Zelda's Lullaby
    and the water in this room will empty. Go back to where you entered this room
    from. You'll notice the hole that was filled with water is now empty. Jump down
    there, and crawl through the little hole. The chest in here just had some
    3. In the next room, a Skulltula will drop down right away. Take him out, then
    climb up the mesh on the wall. Infront of you is a door, enter it.
    4. When you enter this room you'll most likley say to yourself "What the hell
    is this?" There are 4 white hands sticking up from the ground, and that could
    only mean one thing, you must fight the horrifying Deadhand. He isn't very
    hard, as long as you know what to do. He will ONLY appear if you go near one
    of his hands. He will grab you, but press the "A" Button as fast as you can
    to get out of its grasp, then stay away from them. Z-Target him, then get
    near him. He can only hurt you when his head is down, and its the only part
    of him you can hurt. When he lowers his head to attack you, quickly slash or
    do a jump attack on him (jump attack is a better idea, because with your little
    sword, it takes a ton of hits to kill this guy). Keep repeating this, getting
    grasped with a hand, get out of its grasp, then hit him when his head is down,
    and after a while you'll kill him. A Treasure Chest appears, and inside is the
    LENS OF TRUTH! Equip it to a C Button, and then look behind this Treasure Chest,
    and you'll see a small one. Inside is a Huge Rupee! Using the Lens uses some
    Magic Power, but just a small amount. The whole point is you can see "The Truth"
    meaning you can now see what are fake walls/ floors and what is real. This is
    one of the most useful items in the game. Exit this room when you're done, and
    return to the main room.
    5. From here you have two choices. You can either just leave if you don't care
    about Gold Skulltulas, which is what I usualy do. But, if you are in the hunt
    to take all 100, stick around.
    THE TREASURE CHEST GAME: Remember a looooong time ago, back in Hyrule Market, I
    told you about the Treasure Chest game, the one only open at night? Well, now
    with the Lens you will always known which chest has the key, as you can see
    right through the chests! Its impossible to lose now! To there and get that
    Piece of Heart if you havn't already.
    GOLD SKULLTULA x3: There are three of them, and each are behind locked doors
    so you'll have to find the three Small Keys first. The first two are simple,
    from the start (from the hole you were just in) look to the left and right near
    the ends of this hall. Simply use the Lens to see what walls are fake. There is
    one on the left side, and one on the right side. Each have a chest in them, so
    simply get the first two keys from there. The third requires a bit more
    thinking. Go to the Northwest hall (to the left of where you started in this
    room), and jump down into the hole, then back up the other side. Enter the
    door here. When you enter this room, you'll see a Gibdo, a mummy of a sort.
    They play the exact same as Redeads do. Use the Song of the Sun to freeze it,
    then hack away. Each coffin has a tourch, but only one has the key. The one
    at the very top right of this room has the key, all the others contain enemies,
    so leave those shut. Two Keese come out to the one with the key. Once you get
    it, leave this room and return to the main room. Upon exiting this area, look
    with the Lens, and you'll see a fake wall towards the center of this area. Go
    inside and you'll see a hidden room. In here are a number of cells. Directly
    to your left is a chained door, open it. Inside are three flying pots, a Deku
    Baba, and a Gold Skulltula. Exit back to the cell room, and watch out for
    the enemy that will drop onto you, also watch out for fake floors (use the
    Lens this whole time to see what's real and what isn't). Open up the other door,
    and take out the four Keese. There's a large hole in the center, but use your
    Lens to reveal a path around it. The Gold Skulltula is at the end of the path.
    Now, go to the Top right point of this room. You'll see a little hole in the
    ground. Crawl through it. Open up the key door, then don't move in the next
    room. Use your Z-Target to take out the Flaming Keese, then put up your Lens,
    there is a huge hole in the floor. Run by it, and by the Beamos in the middle
    of the room. Go through the door on the opposite wall. Now you're in a very
    small room and you'll be one on one with a Like Like. Only tough because you
    need 4 hits to kill it, and because you're in such a small area. Kill it,
    and then take out the final Gold Skulltula on the wall. The chest just has a
    Blue Rupee. Now, we are pretty much done here. Now that we have the Lens, which
    is all we came here for, you can exit this mini dungeon.
    IF YOU FALL THROUGH A HOLE IN THE FLOOR: You'll end up in B1, one of the
    worst rooms in the game if you ask me. Filled with Re-Deads, poison water, and
    tons of enemies, you do NOT want to come down here. The Dungeon Map is down
    here, but who cares. To open up the barred door to get out, you'll have to
    grab the Silver Rupees to open it up.  I just suggest stay OUT of this room, I
    really do hate it.
    Now that we have the Lens of Truth, we can take on the Shadow Temple. Be sure
    you got the two Heart Pieces from the frogs from before, and then return to the
    Temple of Time, and become Adult Link again.
    NOTE: As I just said, now that we have the Lens, you can cheat at the Treasure
    Chest mini game (open only at night), and you can get a Piece of Heart from it.
    ^         B) SHADOW TEMPLE       ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Dungeon Map, Compass, Hover Boots.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 33)
    Gold Skulltulas:   5  (total 86)
    TECHNICALLY this is the final dungeon in the game... because if you do this
    first you'll see that the Medallion doesn't go after the Water Temple. But I
    DO recommend you do this dungeon first, as the Hover Boots make the Spirit
    Temple easier. It really is your choice, but there is nothing in the Spirit
    Temple that we use here.
    KAKARIKO VILLAGE: If you have already been here as an Adult (during the trading
    game, but it only happens after the Water Temple has been completed) you'll
    see that the Evil Spirit from the Well has escaped and taken home to the Spirit
    Temple, the House of the Dead. Sheik and Link will have a short cutscene, and
    Sheik will teach you the Nocturne of Shadow. Now that you're Adult Link again,
    simply from the Temple of Time play it and you'll warp directly to the Shadow
    HOW DO I GET IN?: When you play the Nocturne of Shadow (which is the ONLY WAY
    to get into this temple) you'll appear on a ledge above the Graveyard in
    Kakariko Village. Go down the path, and you'll find yourself in a large room
    with a giant door with an eye on it, and tons of unlit tourches. There is no
    lit touch, and you can't use Deku Sticks, so that means one thing, time for
    Din's Fire! Stand on the platform in the center of the room, and cast a Din's
    Fire spell. This will light up all of the tourches, and the giant door will open,
    giving you access to the Shadow Temple. Enter if you dare...
    1. First of all, you'll be greeted by a large hole in the ground. Use your Longshot
    to get across, and go through the fake wall.
    2. This room is kind of weird, there are 4 skulls on poles with a giant bird
    statue... but we won't worry about this yet, as we need to get a special item
    first. Upon entering this room, go to the far left. Use your Lens and you'll
    see that one of the walls is fake, go though it, and through the door in the
    next room.
    3. A little thing will come up saying "One who gains the eye of truth will be
    able to see what is hidden in the darkness". That tells you this next room must
    have fake walls, which it does. First of all, go to the right, and use your
    Lens to see a fake wall on the right hand wall. You'll know you're near it when
    this comes up "Shadow Temple... Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of
    greed and hatred...". In this room take out the Redead (only 2 hits with your
    Biggoron Sword) and the two Keese, and a chest will appear. Inside is the
    Dungeon Map. Go back into the other room, and now look opposite from where you
    originally entered from. There's another fake wall there. You know you're in the
    right area when it says "What is hidden in the darkness... Tricks full of ill
    will... You can't see the way forward..." Hmm.. spirits must be restless. Anywas,
    Take a look around, this room looks exactly like the one before. There is one
    fake wall, go though it, and enter the door.
    4. Mr. Deadhand wants a rematch. He's here again, this time with 6 hands. Do
    the EXACT same thing as before, except use your Biggoron Sword, and he'll be
    finished in just a few hits. (three to be exact). In his place will be a chest,
    and it contains the Hover Boots! This is how they work, when you put them on
    you have NO control, it feels like you're walking on ice. The good thing about
    them is they will let you float for a few seconds when you step off normal
    ground, which will be useful in a second... Return back to the room with the
    Skulls and the bird statue.
    5. Back in this room, use your Lens of Truth to see which skull is real. The
    real one will not go away when you use your lens, all the others will dissapear.
    Push the statue to that skull so its point to it, and the door will open across
    the pit. If you push to the wrong one, you'll fall into a bottomless pit and
    start again. Now its time for the biggest jump of the game really. Put on your
    boots, get a good running start, jump over the pit and you'll hover for a few
    seconds, and you'll BARELY make the jump. You can't move in the air, keep the
    same direction and always pressing forward as far as you can. You'll just
    barely land on the tongue. Take them off, and enter the now open gate.
    6. Follow the path deeper into the dungeon. There's a Beamos here, but it
    will requite two bombs to destroy. Don't bother. Look to your left, and you'll
    see that the wall there is fake. Go through it, and enter the door.
    7. Remember the giant spinning blades in the Ice Cavern? Well here is another
    one, just as bad. There are some Rupees in this room, collect them all to open
    up a gate. Watch out though, as one of the little incoves is completely fake,
    and you DON'T want to fall down there as you'll have to make your way back up
    again. Go into the room with the gate that just opened, and you'll find the
    first Small Key. Now exit this room, back to the one with the Beamos, and this
    time, go through the passage on the right.
    8. As soon as you enter this room, play the Song of the Sun. There are two
    Gibdo in here, but two hits from the Biggoron Sword does the trick. Kill them
    and a large chest will appear, with the Compass inside it. Now return back to
    the room with the Beamos. Destroy it if you want. The final passage you havn't
    been to yet doesn't seem to be fake.. the wall doesn't reveal anything. Place
    a bomb by it, and blow it up. Now you'll see the truth. Open up the door with
    the only key that you have, and continue deeper into the darkness.
    9. I like to call this passage the "Passage of Death". Its filled with
    Skulltulas that drop from the ceiling, and at one point even falling blades
    that hurt. Time it, then roll under it when its up. Every time you fall in the
    next room (you'll see what I mean) you'll return to this corridor. Go under
    the next blade, and Navi will warn you Wall Masters are here. I suggest you
    let it fall down so you don't have to worry about it, then kill it.
    10. This next room is the "BIG MAIN ROOM" of this dungeon. It links to some
    different areas, but a fall will land you in a bottomless pit and a trip back
    to the Passage of Death. First of all, jump across the falling blades, simply
    time your jumpes. To get to the final platform though, you need the Hover
    Boots to get that extra air time. There's a Stalfos on this next platform. Three
    hits from the Biggoron Sword are all it can take. It can also fall off the
    platform if it steps there (unlike the ones in the Forest Temple). Now, take
    a look to your left, and put up your Lens of Truth. You'll notice nothing... but
    try putting up your Lens of Truth, several platforms appear. Jump across them,
    and enter the door at the end of this path.
    11. When you enter this room, looks like its normal. Well, put on the Lens and
    you'll see what it really is, the swinging blades are here, but they are
    invisible. Good trick! Make your way around this room (the blades only follow
    the path of the highlighted blue bricks in the center of the room, easy way
    to remember. Take out the three Keese in this room along with the Like Like, and
    the gate will open. Inside is a Gold Skulltula. That is all thats here, but oh
    well. In the room with a Skulltula is a Blue Rupee in the chest, but use your
    Lens to see a chest to the right that has some Arrows in it. Exit this room
    when finished, and go back to the platform with the Stalfos (hes back, but
    simply kill him again).
    12. Once you kill the Stalfos, take a look to your right, you'll see a platform
    going up and down. When its all the way down, put on your Hover Boots and jump
    across over onto it. Then, when its all the way up, jump over onto the next area.
    13. More Rupees here. Get the four, then kill the Beamos to find the fifth.
    This opens up the door right by here, go though it.
    14. This room has falling spikes coming from the ceiling. You can't cross it
    like this, so you'll need to block the spikes some how. Use your Lens by the
    purple picture on the floor to see a block hidden in the wall. Pull it out, then
    push it along the path with the spikes. It will block the spikes, giving you
    room to get under them. Push it until it is stopping both spikes (so don't
    push the block all the way to the end). The cell on the right has some arrows,
    but the one on the left has a Gold Skulltula! Now that you have it, pull the
    block all the way to the end. Jump uo onto the block, then onto the platform
    on the left. Jump ontop of the blade and jump over to the right side of the
    room. The chest here has a Blue Rupee. Step ontop of the switch, then jump on
    the top of the first spikey thing and over to the left side of the room. The
    chest that dropped has a small key in it. Now we're done in here, return to
    the main room.
    15. We have gone every way but one now. Walk over the small strip of land over
    to another blade dropping up and down. Use the Lens to see a whole bunch of
    new platforms. Time your jump to clear the blade and land on the platform.
    Across the chain is a platform that is moving. Time your jump so you land on
    it at the right time, and then make a final jump over to the locked up door and
    use your one key to get through.
    16. In this room kill the two Redeads to make a chest appear. Inside is.. yay
    a Blue Rupee. Use your Lens to see spikes in the ground, so work your way
    around them. You need to get the Silver Rupees in here to open the door. Most
    of them require you to Hookshot up and land on them. Some of the Hookshot
    targets are invisible, so look for them with the Lens. One of them also requires
    you to use the Hover Boots after jumping from a higher platform. Getting all of
    them opens up the door on the left wall. GO though it
    17. This room has a huge skull in the center. Take out the two Fire Keese as
    soon as you enter, then climb up the left or right paths. Take out the Keese
    between the two Bomb Flowers before they see you. This will open the door to
    get out, but we're not done yet. Get one of the Bomb Flowers (or your own) and
    throw it into the hole ontop of the skull (out lined from the blue fire). When
    it explodes, so does the skull, and out pops a Small Key. Jump down and get it
    quickly, then look behind you where the skull was. There's a Gold Skulltula on
    the wall. Exit this room when done.
    18. Back in the spikey floor room, look up on the high platform towards the
    ceiling. Use the Lens to see a Hookshot target. Longshot up there and you'll
    land on the ledge, and open the locked door with your key.
    19. This corridor introduces the wind makers. When the fans start to blow, they
    will push you back, and most likley into one of the spikey things moving around.
    The only way to avoid this is to put on the Iron Boots. When you get to the
    bottomless pit (just past the second wind maker), use the Longshot to get
    across by attaching onto the wooden beam onto the other side. Then jump down to
    the path beneath. Keep the boots on, as there are more in this next area, and
    they will blow you into a bottomless pit if you're not careful. Walk all the
    way to the end (watch out for the thing that looks like an eye switch, it isn't,
    instead it shoots little fire balls at you). Enter the door beneath it.
    20. In here, play the Song of the Sun to freeze the two Redeads, and a Large
    Fairy will appear. Step into her and she will fill your health meter PLUS your
    magic meter. Then kill the two Redeads. Use the Lens to find a hidden mini
    chest with some arrows in it. Exit back to the fan room
    21. Look to your right with your Lens on, you'll see a fake wall, but its a long
    jump. Put on your Hover Boots, and then wit the wind behind you, float over
    to the fake wall and enter the door there.
    22. In this next room, play the Song of the Sun right away. This will freeze
    the two Gibdo, kill them and a chest appears with a Blue Rupee. But the door
    out of here is locked... where's that key? Well, classic Zelda trick, under
    a pile of rubble! Take a look to your right form where you entered this room,
    and in the corner you'll see a pile of soil. Blow it up with a bomb. Then use
    your Lens to see the chest with the Small Key in it, then open up the door.
    23. This next area is huge, we are now at the very heart of the dungeon. You'll
    see a boat, but we must get a path to it first. Look for the large block, then
    push/pull it over so it is right by the ladder. Climb up onto the block, then
    onto the ladder and climb to the top. Now don't get onto the boat yet. Play
    your Scarecrow's Song, and Pierre will appear. Longshot over to him, and
    you'll be on a platform with two hearts and a Gold Skulltula. Now get back onto
    the platform with the boat, and jump on. You'll see the Trifoce symbol there,
    so play Zelda's Lullaby and the boat will start moving. Two Stalfos will
    jump down. Kill them (should take you a matter of seconds with the Biggoron
    Sword). As soon as you play the song there is no going back. Look over to your
    left when they are gone and put on your Hover Boots. When you enter the
    next area, jump off right away to the left (at the last second when the boat
    stops and starts to bounce up and down), because it will fall into the
    darkness or "the other realm" as Ganondorf would like to say im sure. You
    don't want to go in there, so be SURE to jump off right away to the LEFT.
    24. Go to the very right hand side of this platform and through the door. Looks
    like a wide open room with a lot of Floor Masters (don't kill them or else
    they will just split up), but put up your Lens to see its more of a mazy like
    area. Go to the door (using the auto map on the bottom right hand corner of
    the screen) to the south.
    25. Inside this room is an Invisible Floor Master. Put up your Lens to see him,
    kill him, then he splits up. Take the Lens down, and charge up the Biggoron
    Sword until its red, then let go and it will most likley kill them all since
    the range of that attack is so big. A chest will appear with a Small Key
    in it. Now, go back to the other room.
    26. This time, go to the door on the west wall.
    27. Inside are more of the Blue Fire skulls, three of them. Climb to the top
    of the area like you did before and throw bombs down into them. Destroy all
    three, and the third one will give you a TON of Rupees (about 100 total). Behind
    the skulls, like before, is this dungeon's FINAL Gold Skulltula. Now, exit back
    to the Floor Master room.
    28. Now go to the door to the North, but before you enter be sure to have
    Din's Fire equipped.
    29. As soon as you enter this room, the walls on both sides will start to close
    in on you. They are wooden, luckily, so Din's Fire will burn them up to get
    rid of that threat, it will also set fire to the two Redeads in this room. Kill
    them both. The little chest on the left contains a Blue Rupee, and on the
    right is the chest with the Boss Key! Now, return back to the Floor Master, and
    go through the door on the east wall to get back to the room that you jumped
    off the boat.
    30. This part left me in confusion for a while. But there are two ways to get
    across to the platform. Look up on the wall near the door we just were in, and
    you'll see a high up platform. You can call Pierre from your Scarecrow song and
    Longshot up there, and then jump to the other side, or you can do it the more
    fun way. Look to your left where all the Bomb Flowers are on the other side and
    the bird statue. Shoot an arrow at the bomb flowers to make them explode, and
    the Statue comes crashing down, creating a bridge for you. The pots on both
    sides have Arrows, be SURE that you have full Arrows, you'll need them for the
    Boss. Enter the door here with your final Small Key.
    31. This room is a pain. Its the final one before the boss, but I find it the
    hardest. Put up your Lens, and your Boots, and make your way across on the
    invisible platforms to the door. Some of them are quite skinny, and since you
    have no traction with the boots, it is difficult. When you finally get to the
    other side, open up the boss door.
    32. In here, self explanitory, there's a giant hole in the center of the room.
    All you can do is... jump down it and you land on a bouncy like pad, turns out
    to be a Bongo...
    BOSS: Phantom Shadow Beast BONGO BONGO
    Well, this guy sure has a great name, but sure has an evil attitude. You land
    on his Bongo drum, but Bongo Bongo is by far the hardest boss in the GAME if
    you ask me. Keep your Lens on, and be sure to have your Bow out. Shoow his two
    hands when they are open. When you shoot his hands, he will drop arrows and magic
    pots, but don't worry about that unless you are very low. When both of his
    hands are blue (meaning you hit them), his eye will appear ONLY if you have
    the Lens on, or else you can't see it. Shoot his eye with an arrow, which will
    stun him for a good while. Move in with your Biggoron sword, and do SLASH AFTER
    SLASH as many as you can. You do NOT want this battle to go on for a while,
    because he seems to have the advantage. His attacks are brutal, they're only
    with his hands, but they cause a lot of damage. Try to come in here with a fairy
    or two. One to look out for is his squeeze attack, much like Morpha's. If his
    hand goes ontop of you, get OUT OF THE WAY, or else he will pick you up, squeeze
    you for a few seconds, throw you down and most likley you'll land in the gew
    around the bongo (which takes of health VERY fast). You need to get both
    hands stunned around the same time, before one re-gains its control. Bongo
    doesn't have many Hit Points, but enough to make you stun him in three
    different rounds. When you kill him he turns into a Black shadow, and evaporates
    away. Behind he'll leave another Heart Container. Get it, then exit via the
    Blue light.
    Back in the Temple of the Sages, Impa will come out as the Sage. She, like
    all the others, has now been awakened, and she will give you the Medallion
    of Shadow. Only ONE more to go! Impa says that Zelda is safe, and that soon
    Link and Zelda will meet face to face once more.
    You will re-gain control of Link on the warp pad for the Shadow Temple. There
    is only one place we have not gone to yet, and that is the place Ganondorf
    hails from and the place with the good music, Gerudo Valley. That is our next
    stop, so get on Epona and ride over to the Carpenters Tent in Gerudo Valley.
    There is only one Medallion left to get, and it is inside the coolest temple
    (well that is what I think) of them all, the Spirit Temple. Unlike the others,
    getting to this temple is hard enough, as before we can even access the area
    before the temple we must go through yet another mini-dungeon of a sort. Plus,
    this temple requires you to beat it both in child and adult form.
    ^       A) GERUDO FORTRESS       ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Gerudo Pass.
    Heart Pieces:      2  (total 35)
    Gold Skulltulas:   4  (total 90)
    Gerudo Fortress was blocked to you as a kid (except the large canyon). Now,
    as an adult you will be able to progress further into the area. But, like as
    a child, he is not welcome at all. The Gerudo Tribe are all females, and as
    soon as one sees you, its off to the jail cell for you. Your objective here is
    to save the four carpenters from their cells, and once you do you will
    receive the Gerudo Pass, making you a member of the tribe, and being able to
    roam where you want without any hesitation.
    First of all, with Epona jump over the canyon with enough speed (like you did
    before), or if you don't have her, Longshot onto the bridge poles on the other
    side. Speak to the head carpenter. He will explain to you that his men went
    to Gerudo Fortress and havn't come back, and he wants you to find out what
    in the world they are doing. Before you go there, take a look to the left of
    the tent, on the other wall. See the little pile of rocks by the wall? Walk over
    to there, and look up to the right. If its nighttime, you'll see a Gold Skulltula
    on the arch like rock. Now, get on Epona, and continue along this path.
    When you get to Gerudo Fortress (after the short scene plays), get off Epona and
    go up the stairs you see. You have to be very stealthy here, but if you want to
    get a Heart Piece, simply walk infront of one of the Gerudo. They will throw you
    into a cell in the cliff, but it is actually very easy to get out. Go into
    Longshot mode and look up. By the window (well, overtop of it) is a wooden
    roof. That is a Hookshot target! Latch up onto it, and pull yourself up and you'll
    be out of the cage that easily. Now, don't jump down. Walk to the right hand
    side of this little ledge, and look to the left, ON THE ROOF of the fortress.
    You'll see a Treasure Chest here. Put on your Hover Boots and hover over to the
    ledge on the left. Go through the door here.
    In here, take out your Longshot or Arrows and stun the two Gerudo's patrolling
    the room. Once they're out, take the path to the left. Look up, and you'll see
    two wooden bars across the top of the path. Longshot onto the second one, then
    go up this path and out of the Fortress.
    You'll be on the roof of the cell you were in. Watch out NOT to fall into the
    hole in the middle of this area. Look over to the corner, and you'll see a
    wooden box. Smash into it, and out comes a Purple Rupee! Now, go right by
    the fence over looking the fortress, and look to your let. See the Treasure
    Chest? Use your Longshot to hook onto it, and pull yourself over there. Open
    up the chest for a Piece of Heart! From here, jump down onto the second level
    of the fortress. Enter the door here.
    You're in a hallway with a wooden box infront of you. Take out the Gerudo
    with an Arrow, then continue down this hall until you get to the cell room.
    One of the four carpenters is here! Walk over to him and talk. Once he's done
    a Gerudo Warrior will jump down behind you. They are very agressive, and if
    she is about to use her spin attack, get OUT OF THE WAY, its an instant KO and
    you'll find yourself back in the cell. Use your Master Sword, not Biggoron
    because you might want your shield. Once shes taken out, pick up the key she
    drops, and unlock the cell door to release this carpenter. Now you have three
    left to save. Go back out this hallway to where we entered from. Jump down
    to level 2 and enter the door on your right. This brings you directly to
    another cell. Like before, talk to him, the Gerudo comes, kill her, release
    the guy with the key. Two guys left now. The jars in here contain a heart if
    you need it. Now, exit this room the opposite way you entered from. Now, you
    are right outside! Quickly run to the left behind the boxes, and go through
    the door on the left. In here is the third cell. Talk, watch out, kill, get
    key, release. Only one guy left. The quickest way to get the last guy is to get
    caught again. Get out of your cell, and hover over to the roof like you did
    before. Enter the door here, and get back up to the balcony to where the
    purple rupee was. Latch over to the Treasure Chest again. Jump down to the
    second level, and climb up the green ivy on the far wall. Enter the door right
    infront of you, not the one to your left. Inside here is the fourth and final
    cell. Kill the guard then get the key and release the guy. This guy will
    give you a hint, that is "In order to cross the Haunted Wasteland, you'll need
    the EYE OF TRUTH. The Temple is on the other side of the wasteland". Good
    help actually. When the guys goes, a Gerudo will appear. She will complement
    you on your fine sword skills. She tells you about nabooru, the leader of the
    Gerudo Tribe (who is second to command to the "great Ganondorf"). Her
    headquarters are in the Spirit Temple, which we will be heading to soon. But
    before we do, there are some things around here we should stick around for.
    She will give you the Gerudo Pass, which means with it in hand you will be
    able to roam where you want, Gerudo's won't throw you in jail anymore when
    they see you (yay). Exit the Fortress.
    Exit that room from the opposite way you came, and you're you on the other side
    of the fortress from where your cell is. Take a look on the wall, and you'll
    see a passage going up. Get to Epona, and ride up there!
    At the top you'll find the Gerudo Arrow Shooting grounds. Talk to the guard
    and pay her 20 Rupees for a go. If you score 1000 points, you'll get a Piece
    of Heart, and if you score 1500 points (a perfect score pretty much) you'll
    get the Upgraded Quiver (letting you hold 50 arrows). For your first go, I
    suggest hitting the pots first as they are easier to hit than the targets. When
    you go past the pots, look up and hit the center of the tall target to get 100
    points (you can shoot at it a few times actually). Then, you'll re-pass the
    pot area, giving you anther change to destroy the pots or hit the targets, then
    you'll you'll have a chance to hit one final tall target, and then that will
    be it. If you get 1000 points, you'll get the Piece of Heart. To get 1500, you'll
    have to destroy every pot, hit 100 on the tall, hit 100 on the other targets,
    then 100 on the final one. Sounds hard, but if you can get the Poes on the
    field, you can get this easily. Most likley it will take a couple of tries
    due to dum mistakes.. so be sure to bring a lot of money. When you're done,
    ride back down to the Fortress.
    This is another completely optional mini dungeon. The prize are the Ice Arrows,
    which arn't needed in the game but are a cool extra, and you can brush up on
    your combat skills. It is located right before the pathway up to the shooting
    gallery. Pay the Gerudo 10 Rupees, and she will open the gate, giving you
    1. As soon as you enter, you'll see you have three ways to go. Look over the
    door you entered from, and shoot the eye switch up there. This drops a mini
    chest to the right of you with a Blue Rupee in it. The best way to go from
    the left *the left of the door*. Enter the door there.
    2. As soon as you enter, equip the Biggoron Sword. You have to take out two
    Stalfos in 1 minute. Not much to say here. Its simple, with your long range
    and large attack, you'll kill these Stalfos in 20 seconds most likley. (My
    all time record is 10 seconds to kill them both with the Biggoron Sword). A
    Treasure Chest will appear by the door out of here. Inside is a small key. Get
    it, then enter through the next door.
    3. This room is harder. You need to collect the Silver Rupees within 1:30. To
    start, go down to your left. Watch out for the rolling rocks, then get the
    Rupee by the hole the rocks go into. Climb up here, then to the first path on
    the right, and then to the right again. Jump down and get the Rupee in the air.
    Now look up to the Hookshot target, Hookshot up there and get the Rupee by it
    in the air. Now, take the path on the right, watch for the rocks, and go towards
    the pit they fall into. On the first path to your right, there's another Silver
    Rupee there, but watch for the fire wall right after it. Now, go back to the
    left side of the room, and all the way up to where the rocks fall. Get the one
    there, and thats the last. Now, hookshot over the fire wall onto the target on
    the ceiling, and exit the room.
    4. This room is annoying. Take out all of the White Wolfos and normal Wolfos,
    and a Mini CHest will appear. Open it for some arrows. To the left you'll
    see a giant silver stone. A message comes up saying "One with Silver Hands shall
    move a giant block!" Well, we'll have to come back for this. Now... there seems
    to be no exit (since the visible door is fake, like the ones in the Fire
    Temple). Put on your Lens of Truth and look up ontop of the door, and you'll
    see that the wall is fake. Look up and you'll see a Hookshot point. Hookshot
    up there to get through the wall, and exit from the door here *by stepping on
    the switch*.
    5. This is a weird room. Jump down from the platform you're on, and the platform
    around the perimiter of ther oom will start to spin. Get out your bow, and
    shoot the four eyes on the statue in the middle of the room, and you must shoot
    them all in order or else they will reset and you have to start again. A chest
    appars on the platform. Jump over and get it to find your second small key. To
    get back, look for the Hookshot Target over the door out of here, and Hookshot
    over to it.
    6. Classic Zelda room this is. Kill the two fire bats and two other guys. This
    makes a chest appear. Inside are some arrows. Now, take out your Megaton
    Hammer and take down the stack of 3 heads to reveal a eye switch. Shoot it to
    make a door open that you came here from. Now, take down the stack to the right
    of this to reveal a switch. Step on it to extinguish the flames in the center
    of this room, and get the mini key in the chest. Now, go through the next door.
    7. This is the hardest room in this mini dungeon. Some Silver Rupees to collect
    in here. The first is right infront of you (Hookshot up to it from the Hookshot
    ontop of the area where you entered this room from). Now look down, and jump
    to the nearest platform to you with the Rupee on it. Now, put on your boots and
    jump to the other two platforms with Rupees on them. Step on the switch near
    the final platform to extinguish the flames on the flaming platform, and jump
    back over there to get the final Rupee. Go through the door that just opened.
    8. This room is simple, reminds you of the water temple. Play the Song of Time
    to get the blue blocks away, which reveal a pit of water. The very first thing
    to do is sink to the bottom with the Iron Boots, then kill the 5 shell enemies.
    Get the Rupees in here (watch for the strong current, use the Hookshot targets
    on the walls to help you out. Once you have them all, float back up to the
    top and open the chest for another small key (making 4). There are various
    ways to get those Rupees, one is from switching between Iron Boots and Normal
    to float up to it (watch for the current) or simply using the Hookshot targets
    and getting them on the way up (easier). Enter the fire room again.
    9. Play the Song of Time near the switch that unlit the fire and two blue
    stones will appear. Jump over to them and climb ontop of both to get to another
    doorway. Up here on this platform is another small key (making 5). The door
    up here leads to the Treasure Room, but don't go in there yet. Instead, take
    the door to the far left of this one.
    10. This room is dead easy. Take out the two Dinolfos (a bit more difficult
    than the Lizalfos.... they dodge better and have more health). Once both of
    them are gone, destroy the Beamos in the center of the room. You have a long
    time limit for this room. Once they are all gone, a chest with Small Key
    #6 appears where the Beamos was. Note the two hearts on the sides of this room
    if you need them, although you'll have to climb up from the start of those
    railings, or else you'll be pounded with fire walls. Exit from the other door.
    11. You're back in the main room! Now, go through the door in the center of
    this room to access the Treasure Room.
    12. In order to get this chest in the middle of the room, you'll need 7 Small
    Keys, but we only have 6. But, there is one in here. From entering, open
    the door to the LEFT. Now, look up to the ceiling with your Lens to see a fake
    part of wall. Climb up the fencing by here to the top of the fake ceiling. Up
    here is a little room with Key #7. Drop back down, and unlock the door to the
    left. The chest in this next little chamber has a Purple Rupee. Open the
    next locked door, then the next. The next small chest has a Red Rupee. Open
    up this door, and the next chest has a bundle of arrows. Open this door, and then
    the final one, and you're in the center of the room. Open up the chest to
    get the Ice Arrows! They arn't good for anything except freezing enemies. Once
    you have it, there isn't really anything left for you to do here. There are some
    rooms that I didn't cover, but you don't need them as there is nothing inside
    except a Rupee or two.
    Gold Skulltulas?: You may have noticed I didn't cover a few Skulltulas, so I'll
    tell you their locations now. One is behind the Tent of the Head Carpenter
    back in Gerudo Valley. The two in Gerudo Fortress are located on the walls by
    the fortress. One is high atop of the fortress on the east wall, and the final
    one in this area is on the Northern large target in the shooting range. Must
    be at night to see them. For the one ontop of the Fortress, its exact location
    is hard to say without using a picture, so basically search around the top of
    the Fortress.
    ^        B) DESERT COLOSSUS      ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Naryu's Love.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 35)
    Gold Skulltulas:   2  (total 92)
    The Desert Colossus is home to the Spirit Temple, the final one in the game.
    To get there, though we need to cross the Haunted Wasteland, a terrible place
    where only a few can get across it.
    First of all, where the hell is the Haunted Wasteland? Go to the northern
    most point of Gerudo Fortress, and you'll see a gate leading to a giant area
    of what looks to be sand dunes. Climb up the ladder next to the gate (to the
    right). At the top of the lookout post, talk to the Gerudo up here, and she
    will open the gate for you. Go back down the ladder, and enter the Haunted
    What makes this place so had? Well... first of all you can barely see due to
    a terrible sand storm that is going on. There are two obsticles that you must
    cross which the Gerudo told you about. As soon as you enter, put on your
    Hover Boots to cross the river of sand (or Longshot onto the crate on the other
    side). Once you're on the other side, simply follow the flags. Here's a good
    tip, if you play the Song of Storms, the lightening will temporarly let you
    see into the distance and let you see where the flags are. One the way you'll
    see a sign pointing towards a guy on a magic carpet. Use your Hover Boots to
    get over there, and he will give you some Bombchus and 200 rupees. Go back to
    the flags and soon you'll find yourself at a small stone structure in the
    middle of the desert. Go down below this structure and if its night you'll
    see a Gold Skulltula. Kill it. Use Din's Fire on the two touches down here and
    a chest appears with a Purple Rupee in it. Go ontop of this little structure to
    find a plack saying use your lens of Truth. Put it on, and a Poe will appear,
    who is your guide to the Spirit Temple. Follow him to the Desert Colossus.
    (If you ever lose your way, you'll re-appear back at the start of the
    Wastelands, but if you get lost from the Poe you'll appear back at the little
    structure. Now the Poe doesn't take your right to the gate, so be on the lookout
    for two flags beside each other. You'll konw this is near when the little
    green enemies start to come out of the ground.
    As soon as you get here, go to the left and look for the dry pit. Stand on the
    rock and play the Song of Storms to fill the pond, and it is really a Fairy
    Fountain. The fairies come back once its filled, giving you a lot of fairies 
    right by the temple. How handy.
    At night, you'll find a Gold Skulltula atop one of the trees near the fountain.
    Now, go over to the right side of this area and look for two trees beside
    each other. The wall by here has a crack in it, so blow it up with a bomb
    and go inside. Its a Great Fairy Fountain! She will give you Naryu's Love, a
    spell that will make you invulnerable for a few seconds. Good little trick
    you got there.
    Another Gold Skulltula: This one only will be in contact with you when you
    plant the magic bean here as a kid... I'll mention it here and include it in
    the Skulltula count up... but I'll remind you later to.
    So, the final thing to do here now is approach the huge structure to the Western
    most point in this area. Enter the Spirit Temple. But, there isn't very much
    you can do here yet, as the only ways to go are a little way only a kid can
    get through, and a huge silver block that Link can't push aside yet. There is
    nothing you can do in here, so you might as well exit.
    Upon you returning to the Colossus, Sheik will jump down infront of you, and
    teach you the FINAL OCARINA SONG IN THE GAME *tear*. Its called the Requiem of
    Spirit, here are the notes:
    A, Down, A, Right, Down, A
    Now that you have that, we are able to return here as a child without going
    through the Gerudo Tribes. Play the Prelude of Light to return to the Temple
    of Time, and change into a kid.
    When you do change into a kid, remember that the bridge is still there in
    Gerudo Valley, BUT the Gerudo, like before, still won't let a little kid like
    you get into their home. So, as soon as you change into a kid, make SURE that
    you have some bottled bugs and the last Magic Bean (100 Rupees from the guy),
    and if you have them warp directly to the Spirit Temple with the Requiem of
    ^     C) SPIRIT TEMPLE (child)   ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Dungeon Map, Silver Gauntlets.
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 35)
    Gold Skulltulas:   4  (total 96)
    The Spirit Temple is the final one in the game, and you will need to take it
    on both as child and adult. Why? Remember when we came here as an Adult there
    were two ways to go, one was to small for Link to get through, and the other
    way was blocked by a huge stone block Link couldn't move. Child Link can
    get through the little hole, and his prize for this Dungeon are the Silver
    Gauntlets, an Item that will let Adult Link move those huge silver blocks.
    THE FINAL BEAN SPOT: When you come here as a child, you'll notice to the left
    just before the entrance to the Spirit Temple is the final patch of soil. As
    always, place some bugs there to get a Gold Skulltula, and then plant the
    Magic Bean here *which allows adult Link to get the final Piece of Heart a
    little later on*. After you get the Skulltula, plant the final Magic Bean. Once
    that's done, enter the Spirit Temple.
    1. As soon as you walk a few steps, put up your shield as the two pots will
    fly towards you, each has a heart. Walk up the stairs and don't even touch the
    statues here, they will come alive if you do. Go to your left, and you will see
    the leader of the Gerudo Tribe, Nabooru. Talk to her, and tell her that you're
    doing "nothing", and she'll ask you to get into the Temple and find the Silver
    Gauntlets for her. She will move out of the way, giving you access to the little
    crawl hole. Crawl through it to enter the Temple.
    2. As soon as you enter this room, take out your Slingshot and kill the two
    Fire Keese, then the two Keese sitting on the wall over by the lit tourches.
    The Armos statue is real, put a bomb down by it, wait till it is about to explode,
    hit him with a Deku Seed to awaken him, and he'll awake in an explosion (easiest
    way to kill him). Once you kill him, the doorways to the right and left will
    open up. Take the door to the left of the tourches first.
    3. As soon as you enter this next room and walk a few steps, a Stalfos will
    come down from the ceiling. Fighting them as a kid isn't really fun, as it
    takes a TON of hits form your little sword to kill them. While he's shielding,
    keep hitting him with your sword, and eventually you'll push him off of the
    platform down into the bottomless pit (but make sure he doesn't push you off
    into there). Once you take him out, I suggest taking out the fast moving
    Green Bubble to. Once they are both gone, take out your Boomerang, and remember
    back to the days of Zabu Zabu's Belly. Remember in the final room of that
    dungeon you had to shoot your Boomerang around a spiders web to hit a switch,
    well you have to do something like that to here. Position yourself on the left
    of the switch, and aim yourself so it'll hit it (it'll take a few tries). Once
    you do hit the switch, the beam that was infront of it will fall, giving you
    a bidge over the bottomless pit over to the other side of this room. Enter
    the door here.
    4. This room introduces the Anubis enemies. When you enter the room, he will
    get up and fly, but he will mirror every movement you do, meaning you can't
    approach him. Plus, he can ONLY BE HURT WITH FIRE. Of course, you can just use
    Din's Fire, but if you wanna do it the fun way, walk over to the switch and
    step on it. This will light up a tourch, and he will be right infront of it,
    frying him. Once you kill him, the bars on the door will dissapear.
    5. As soon as you enter this room, Navi will warn you of Wall Masters. Remember,
    if you see a shadow under you getting bigger, don't stop moving! Once you
    take out all the enemies, find the Silver Rupees. One is behind the tourch, the
    other two are at the top of the fence. Once you have them all, a part in the
    fence will fall. Now, go to the other side and use Din's Fire to ignite the
    tourches. This will make a chest fall. Open the chest to get a Small Key. Also
    note that there is a Gold SKulltula on the fence. Use the Boomerang to kill
    him and to get the Token. Exit through the door by the tourches.
    6. You're now back in the room you were in before (that had the Armos in it),
    but this time enter the small hole by the two tourches. Now that you have a
    small key, you can open the door here.
    7. First of all, in this small room, take out the two Skullwalltulas on the
    wall you can climb, but then look up on the wall by the door, and you'll see
    another Gold Skulltula. Use the Boomerang to get the Token. Now, climb up the
    high wall.
    8. A couple of things to do in this room. Take out the Skullwalltulas, then
    walk around the room, and two Dinalfos will drop down. Kill them (they each
    take 3 jump attacks to kill), and then look up. You should see a switch, hit
    it with the Boomerang to make a chest appear. It contains Bombchus. But this
    time, you will actually use them! Look towards the rugged wall, and look up
    (the wall that the Skulltulas were on). If you press Z Link will look up and
    see a crack in the wall. Place a Bombchu, and let it go up there, destroying
    the wall (since bombs can reach that hight, and Bombchus can go up walls). This
    will let light in, hitting the sun "light" switch, and opening the door infront
    of you. If you lost a Deku Shield, a mini chest in here will have one.
    9. This is the largest room in the Temple, but there isn't very much you do
    in here as a kid. First of all, notice the Armos statue right beside you when
    you enter. Push it off the side (don't worry, its a real statue), and it will
    land right on a switch, opening the door ontop of you (which you get to by
    climbing up the stairs), but if you want the Dungeon Map, don't go up there
    yet. Jump down to where the Armos is, and over to the center of this room.
    You'll see two unlit tourches, use Din's Fire to light them up, and a chest
    will appear in between the two. Inside the chest is the Dungeon Map. Now, go
    back to where the Armos was, and climb up the wall there, then up the stairs
    to the door that we opened.
    10. Follow the passage and open the next door. This next room is... intersting.
    First of all, collect all of the Silver Rupees, which are all in plain sight.
    I also suggest taking out the three Beamos enemies. Once you get all the Silver
    Rupees, you'll notice that the locked door doesn't open, instead a tourch lights
    up. Take a look around to find 4 blocks. Move three of them (the ones that
    DON'T HAVE the sun switch ontop of them) to block the blade like things moving
    around between the wall, kinda of self explanitor. This will give you an easy
    path for something you have to do in a second. Now, move the block with the sun
    switch into the beam of light. This opens the door, but don't leave yet. Go
    to the lit tourch, light up a Deku Stick, then light the other tourches
    around here. This makes a chest appear with a Small key in it. Now, go through
    the door that just opened.
    11. As soon as you enter this hallway, look over the door you just entered
    from, and the final Gold Skulltula you'll get as a child is up there. Now go
    up the stairs, and use your key on the large door.
    12. Time for Link's toughest battle really as a child. You're going to face
    an enemy that hits much harder than a Stalfos, has a TON OF HEALTH, and is
    just plain annoying (thank god you only have to face a few of them in the game).
    Now, once you know HOW to fight this guy he isn't that that hard. His name is
    Iron Knuckle. If you need hards, lure him towards (he is VERY slow) one of
    the pillers in the room, and he will chop it down, giving you a few recover
    hearts. The best way to take him on is this, get near him then back away
    quickly so he swings, then jump at him with a jump attack (use jump attacks, or
    else you'll be here for a while). Or, walk behind him (he's so slow it takes
    him a while to turn around) and hit him from behind. His axe like weapon has quite
    a wide range. Bombs and Bombchues also hurt him if you're very low on health,
    this is a safe approach. Once he's near death, and some of his shield falls
    off, he'll start to run, which is a lot faster than his normal stuff. He will
    also block some of your attacks, so this small phrase is a bit harder, but still
    quite easy. Once he's dead, the door behind the chair he was sitting in will
    open. Go through it.
    13. You're back outside the temple, on the left side of the Fortress. And,
    well well well look whos back, good old owl friend, and this is the final time
    you have to talk to him! First of all, be VERY CAREFUL not to fall off this
    ledge. Infront of you is a treasure chest, inside are the Silver Gauntlets! Once
    you have them, a short cutscene plays with the two witches the owl was talking
    about. They seal Nabooru into some magic warp, and she's gone. This means
    you get to keep the Silver Gauntlets! (what luck). Once this scene is over,
    you've done everything you can here as a kid. Warp back to the Temple of Time
    and change into an Adult.
    ^    D) SPIRIT TEMPLE (adult)    ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Compass, Mirror Shield
    Heart Pieces:      1  (FINISH TOTAL 36)
    Gold Skulltulas:   3  (total 99)
    Now that you have the Silver Gauntlets, Link is able to move the giant stone
    NOTE: THe one that is inside the Gerudo Training ground only leads to another
    room which you can get a small key, but it is pretty much pointless.
    Warp back to the Spirit Temple, now as adult Link, and you'll notice that the
    bean has grown into the magic plant. Step on it, and ride until you are right
    ontop of the arch stone near here. Jump off when you by it, and ontop is the
    FINAL PIECE OF HEART! If you have gotten every Piece up to here, you'll have
    19 Heart Containers at the top of the screne. The only one left is held by the
    boss of the Spirit Temple. Also, if its night, remember to stop on the rock
    that has the Gold Skulltula on it (just look out for that rock), its only
    reachable from the plant. Once you have these two things, enter the Spirit
    1. In the main room, this time go to the right. Adult Link puts on the Gauntlets
    by default as soon as you change into adult form. Get to the block, and push it
    as far as it will go until it falls into a hole, giving you a path to the
    next room.
    2. The cool thing about this temple is both the Adult sides and the child sides
    look very much the same (the rooms), just the puzzles are different. In this
    next room, look up on the ceiling above the Beamos and hit the switch with
    your Longshot. This opens up the two barred doors. This time, enter the door
    to the right first.
    3. Boulders rolling around, Silver Rupees to collect, easy enough. The boulders
    can't get you when you're inside the little incoves the Rupees are in. To get
    the one in mid-air, use your Hover Boots. Once you get all of them, the door
    will open, but don't go through it yet. Play the Song of Time by the blue
    block in the incove, and then go into that incove that is now open, and a
    Gold Skulltula is inside. Now enter the next room.
    4. When you enter this room, just stay still for a few seconds, as a Like Like
    enemy will fall form the ceiling, and you don't want it to fall ON you. Kill
    it, then open the chest for a Small Key. You can also play the Sun's Song
    here to make a Big Fairy appear. Now, retrace your steps back to the room
    with the Beamos.
    5. Now, go through the door to the left.
    6. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the symbol in this room (kill the Wolfos first), then
    use your Longshot to hook over the sand in the bottom of this room (your
    target being the chest). The chest has the compass in it. The sand is kind of
    a death trap, as there are tons of enemies in there. To get back, Hookshot over
    onto the rough part of the wall that you can normally climb. This means you
    don't have to into the sand once. Now, exit back to the Beamos room.
    7. Open the locked door with your key.
    8. Wait a few seconds again, as another Like Like will drop from the ceiling.
    Kill it, then climb up the wall like you did before as a child.
    9. This room has in invisible Floor Master. Put up your Lens to see where it
    is, then kill it. Use the Spin Attack to kill its 3 offspring. Now, you have
    a little puzzle. 4 Sun Switches, one of them is real. Push the snake mirror
    *from the left* to the THIRD sun symbol. It will open the locked door. The
    first two chests that appear contain a FREEZE enemy that will freeze you, then
    take off. The fourth one has a Wall Master.
    10. When you go through the door, you'll find yourself back in the large room.
    As an Adult, there is a lot you can do in here. First off, climb up the
    stairs to the top. Use the Hover Boots to glide over to one of the hands on the
    large statue (the hand on the right). Play Zelda's Lullaby on that hand with
    the Triforce Symbol to make a chest appear on the other hand. Longshot over to
    that hand (its a far target, but the Longshot has JUST ENOUGH range). The
    chest contains a Small Key. Now, jump down and go up to the top of the staircase
    on the child side. Go to the edge of the platform up there and play your
    Scarecrow song. This will make Pierre appear on the edge across from you, Longshot
    over there and that platform has Gold Skulltula #99. Now, go back up to the
    top of the adult staircase, and now there's a little chest on the platform
    across form you here. Longshot over to it, and hit the switch with your
    Megaton hammer. This opens the door between the two staircases down on the
    first floor. Jump down there, and go through the door.
    11. Push the first large block straight until it falls into a hole in the ground,
    then push the second large block until it falls into a hole, giving you access
    to a secret room. hit the rusted switch, and the floor here will go down, then
    back up, and so on. This leads back to the lobby of the temple (the very
    first room). This is useful if you ever get trapped by a Wall Master, you can
    use this elevator to get back to this room quickly. Now, go back to the large
    room, Hookshot up to Adult Link's staircase, and use the key on the locked
    door at the top.
    12. Follow this passage around. Nevermind about the Beamos, just run past it
    and open the door.
    13. This room contains 3 Anibus, but with the fire arrows, this is soooo easy.
    Once they are all gone, destroy the Beamos with a bomb. This will open one
    door, the other is still locked. Go through the door that just opened.
    14. This room has one of the greatest puzzles in the game, it took me a long
    time to figure out how to do it properly. As soon as you enter, go over to the
    locked door on the right, and then shoot the Armos furthest away from you.
    It will hope towards you, landing right on the blue switch which opens the
    door, so quickly go through the door! Easy enough. Awaken him with an Arrow, thats
    the easiest way. Be quick to go through that door, he will only be on it for
    a second.
    15. Follow this hallway, and open the door. You're in another room with the
    Iron Knuckle, but with your Biggoron Sword, he is pethetically easy. Like
    before, if you're low on health get him to chop down one of the poles to give
    you some hearts. THis battle goes EXACTLY like the one as before, but most
    likley you'll beat him a lot faster. Once he's dead, the door will open, giving
    you access to the other hand outside. This chest contains one of my favourite
    items, the Mirror Shield. Infact, the Biggoron Sword takes him down in 3
    jump attacks. Now, go back to the room with the four Armos.
    16. Go over to the left side of the room. Equip your Mirror Shield (looks
    pretty cool), and stand in the light coming from a hole in the wall. Press
    R to hole your shield infront of you, and it will reflect light! Reflect the
    light up to the Sun Switch to open the door infront of you.
    17. This room just contains a small chest with a Small Key in it. Now, go back
    to the room that had the three Anibus and open up the locked door with your
    18. This room is a pain as it seems, but it is actually a LOT EASIER than it
    may look. First of all, take out the two Beamos, then look up on the moving
    wall. You can try climbing up that if you want, which requires great timing,
    but if you're in a hurry, simply go into Longshot mode and look up to the very
    top square that isn't moving. You can LONGSHOT UP TO THAT! How easy is that?
    Look behind you to see a platform you can Longshot to that has some recovery
    hearts on it. Exit this room through the door at the top.
    19. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce Symbol in this next room to open the
    door infront of the symbol.
    20.  In this next room, take out the four fire worms. You'll notice there
    are several fake doors in this room. The one to the left of the fire has a
    switch behind it (one of those eye switches). Break down the door with a bomb
    or your Megaton Hammer, and shoot the eye switch to make an ice platform
    appear ontop of you. Hookshot up to it (the target is on the ceiling right
    overtop the second ice platform), then jump over to the switch. This puts
    out the flames below you, giving you access to the gold treasure chest with
    the boss key!
    21. Return to the hallway from before, this time go to the door on the left.
    22. This is one of the coolest rooms in the game. As soon as you enter, put
    up your shield or else some flying pots will get you. Now, go towards the
    gate on the left, and hit the switch behind the gate to open the door infront
    of you. Go through it. A Dinalfos will drop as soon as you enter this room.
    Take him out, then go into the next room. Kill the White Bubbles (they
    can only be killed when the stop moving). Then, push the Snake Mirror so
    it aims towards the fake part of the wall (its the part that is sticking
    out), and then blow it up with a bomb to make the light shine through onto
    the other snake mirror in the next room. Go to that room. Another Dinalfos
    will drop down in here, take him out, then aim the mirror so it goes through
    the gate, onto the large mirror in the other room. Now, go back to the room
    that had the flying pots. Put up your shield right away to stop the flying
    pots from hitting you. Now jump down to where the light has stopped, on the
    little platform on the floor. The pots down here also fly around. Now, WHILE
    STANDING ON THE PLATFORM, aim the light towards the sun switch. This will
    lower the platform down to the giant room with the snake woman in the middle.
    This part is fun. Aim the light towards her face to break it off. Now, there
    is an opeing in the statue! With your Longshot, attack onto the gate (which
    can be used as a Hookshot target) in the statue, and pull yourself over there.
    The gate opens as soon as you get there. Here is the final boss door, open
    it with your key.
    23. One final challenge in this Dungeon, and that is one huge Iron Kunckle.
    This one has more health than normal, takes more health off you, and is a bit
    quicker. Nontheless, a few hits from the Biggoron Sword take it down pretty
    quickly. After a few hits, the shields will fall off, revealing Naboou is the
    person inside. She was brainwashed. Koume and Kotake, the witch sisters, will
    appear and be angry over what happened. They will make Nabooru dissapear. Then
    the witches dissapear as well. The door infront of the chair is now open, giving
    you access to the boss chamber.
    BOSS: Sorceress Sisters TWINROVA
    This is my favourite boss battle, it is just pure fun. They are actually pretty
    good fighters, and their attacks do a good deal of damage IF THEY HIT you. By
    that, I mean its hard for them to hit you, since your Shield will absorb the
    energy. There are two phrases to this fight, both of them not being THAT hard.
    You will start off fighting them both. One sister will start her attack, so
    watch out for that. When you notice it (both sisters attack with either flame
    or ice), take out your shield. She will fire towards you, but your shield
    reflects it right back. It won't hurt the one that is casting the attack, but
    it DOES hurt the other witch. The other which usualy floats right infront of
    the attack, making it easy for you to aim the attack onto her. This is the only
    way to hurt them, as they are floating above you on their broomsticks. Keep
    doing this, and after a few hits they'll be done. By the way, if you are to slow,
    and the attack is cast, do NOT stand in the middle of the platform or else
    you're take a LOT of damage. Stand on the very edge if that is the case. Once
    they are defeated in this phrase, they will fuse togather to form the main boss,
    Twinrova. This boss is a bit harder. She will fire either fire or ice balls
    at you. This is how it works. You want to collect three of the same attacks
    in your shield. For example, as soon as you start, if an Ice Ball is fired at
    you, put up your shield to absorb the energy. Then you'll want ANOTHER ice
    ball, then another one. As soon as the third one hits your shield, a huge
    beam of that attack will go out, and you'll have to aim it towards her. This
    will stun Twinrova, making her fall to one of the four platforms around the
    main platform you're on. Jump over to her (with your Biggoron Sword I suggest)
    and keep wacking away at her. If you have two fire ball charges in your shield,
    for example, and then a fire ball is fired, don't absorb it, as your fire
    charges will go away. Instead, walk to the edge of the platform and let the
    attack hit. If you're standing on the edge, then you will take no damage. As she
    gets near death, she will mix up the attacks more often. After a couple of hits
    (she doesn't have high health, really), she will re-form. The two witches are
    back, but this time they are dead. A funny little scene plays with them. Two
    Halo's appear above their heads, and then a white light comes from above, and
    they dissapear arguing. Anyways, you've killed the final boss and you will
    awaken the FINAL SAGE! Turns out to be Nabooru, what a surprise. Now that all
    of the Sages are awakened, your quest is fulfilled! There are no more dungeons
    left, with the exception of Ganondorf's Dungeon. You will now get the final
    Medallion, and if you look on your subscreen, you'll see you'll have every
    item, 20 heart containers, and 99 gold skulltulas. So where is this last one...
    NOTE: The sage of Light will talk to you, telling you to meet someone at the
    Temple of Time (hmmm, I wonder who that can be).
    You will re-gain control of Link outside the Spirit Temple.
    Heart Pieces:   0 (36)
    Gold Skulltula: 1 (100)
    So where is this last Gold Skulltula? Well, it is the final one I found when
    I played through this game for the first time getting all the Skulltulas. It
    is the best hidden one of them all. First of all, go to Zora's Fountain. Go
    over to where you blasted the wall to get Forore's Wind. You'll notice that there
    is a silver block right before the entrance. Use your Silver Gauntlets to
    pick it up then throw it away, which reveals another little boulder which you
    can destroy with a bomb. Destroy it, then drop down the little passage that
    is revealed. Put up your Lens of Truth to see 4 invisible Skulltulas. Kill
    them all, then climb up the ladder at the end of this passage. At the top is
    one final large Skulltula. And, if its night, to your left you'll see the
    FINAL GOLD SKULLTULA OF THE GAME! This took me forever to find.
    So now, out quest has been pretty much completely fulfilled, the only thing
    left to do is take care of Ganondorf. To do this, you're missing one final
    weapon which you must have to even get through Ganondorf's castle, and those
    are the Light Arrows. From here, simply warp to to the Temple of Time. As soon
    as you get there, a long cutscene will start playing. I won't ruin this for
    you, but at the end you will get the light arrows. This scene brings the whole
    game togather, the whole story of what happened 7 years ago is now revealed,
    and your final task with Ganondorf is given. So, from the Temple of Time just
    take the short walk over to Ganon's Castle (if you havn't been there yet, its
    in the same place that Hyrule Castle was as a child).
    Well, the walkthrough is coming to an end. This final section is the walkthrough
    for Ganon's Castle, a dungeon of a sort that will test you on your knowledge
    of each of the pervious dungeons. Once you dispel the special force field, the
    path to Ganondorf will open.
    NOTE: I forgot to mention this. The prize at the Gold Skulltula House in
    Kakariko Village is just a Huge Rupee, worth 200 Rupees. Not the best prize,
    but hey, pride is good enough, isn't it?
    ^        A) GANON'S CASTLE       ^
    Area info:
    Items to get- Golden Gauntlets
    Heart Pieces:      0  (total 36)
    Gold Skulltulas:   0  (total 100)
    This is it, the final challenge.
    From the Temple of Time, go to Ganon's Castle. If you have taken care of all
    the Dungeons, walk up to the ledge before the drop near the entrance to
    Ganon's Castle. A short cutscene plays with the Sages creating a rainbow
    bridge for you to get across to the entrance to the castle.
    As soon as you enter, walk down the passage and just run past the two Beamos
    into the main room. Inside you'll notice the pathway up, but it shielded by
    a huge force field. This is a large, circular room with 6 energy shields
    putting up the force field, each representing one Temple. You must dispel these,
    but which room do we do first? Well it doesn't really matter, but I'll start
    my walkthrough with the room on the left, and we'll continue going left until
    we reach the entrance again (so in other words, clockwise around this room).
    1. The first room is simple. First of all, take out the Beamos in the
    center. You'll notice several Armos statues blocking off the spikes. If you
    remember back to that room in the Spirit Temple, here we do the same thing,
    push the Armos statues so they will give more time for you to get the Rupees.
    Most of them you can simply get just from running past, but the last two in
    this room you'll have to move the Armos statue AWAY from the wall, making
    more space between the wall and the Armos, which means the spikey will have
    to travel more. This gives you more time to get the Rupee without getting
    hurt. The one in the center of the room is in the air, use the Hookshot target
    above it to get it. Once you have all of them, the door will open.
    2. This room requires more thought, but is easy when you know what to do. Kill
    the two Tourch Slugs, and hit the first switch behind the gate. It will make
    a chest of Bombchu's appear *if you need some*. Now, look up at the top of
    the gate, and you'll see there's an opening at the top. Position yourself so
    the Bombchu goes up the gate, back down on the other side, and hits the switch
    far from the gate. That will open the door in the gate, and go through the
    door on this side to enter room 3.
    3. Look up to see a spider web. Shoot a Fire Arrow (or use Din's Fire) to clear
    away the webs and let a ray or sun light come in. Reflect the Sun to the
    Sunswitch that is to the right of the locked doorway that you just entered
    from. The other ones will reveal a Wall Master. Go through the door that
    just opened.
    4. There are 6 of these rooms. Get out a light arrow and shoot one at the
    wallnut like looking thing in the middle of the force field. This will destroy
    the shield for the Spirit Barrier. You will re-appear in the main room.
    Now, go to the left again, but you'll notice that the way is blocked to the
    Light Barrier by a huge stone, so we'll have to come back to that one once
    we have the Golden Gauntlets (which we'll get soon). Keep going left, up the
    stairs to the Fire Barrier. In here, you need the Golden Gauntlets once again,
    so why don't we just go get them? The room next to the fire holds it, it's the
    room with the Purple barrier coming out of it.
    1. As soon as you enter, Hookshot over to the chest on the little platform
    to the left (or use the Song of Time to create some blocks). Inside is just
    a blue rupee. Get out a fire arrow, and shoot it at the unlit tourch on the
    other sie of the room. This makes a whole bunch of ice blocks appear, but only
    for a quick time so you'll have to be quick. Follow them over to the platform
    in the middle of this room. Be sure to kill the Like Like!
    2. From this center platform, fire another Fire Arrow at the tourch. This
    will make a platform appear infront of you so you can hope over to the next
    one, PLUS it will make several platforms appear to the right of this one. Quickly
    jump down there and step on the switch, making a large chest drop from the
    ceiling. Longshot up there. Open the chest for the Golden Gauntlets!
    3. Now, from that platform turn on your Lens and look to the left, revealing
    a small pathway over to the switch on the platform to the left. Use the
    Megaton Hammer to hit the switch. This will open the door to the Spirit
    Barrier. Now, go back to the center platform with the chest.
    4. Now, turn on your Lens again and look straight to reveal another platform
    across to the door. There are some hearts on here if you need it, but
    watch your step! A fall will mean re-starting this room all over again. Once
    you get there, go through the door, and like before shoot a Light Arrow at
    the barrier. NOTE: If you're running low on magic the two pots right beside
    the door in this room contain a magic fillup and some arrows. Now the
    Shadow barrier is destroyed.
    Like before, you'll appear back in the main room, and this barrier will
    be dispelled. This time, though, go the the right and enter the fire barrier.
    1. This is the toughest room out of the 6. If you step on the platform infront
    of you, it will start to sink and you won't have enough time to get to the
    next, so that means its time for Hover Boots! They make you so light, the
    platform won't sink. You need to get the Silver Rupees, and if you fall into the
    lava you have to start the room all over again. The first one is just to the
    right of this sinking platform, on another sinking platform which will still
    sink, even with your boots on. Now, follow this platform over to the left side
    of the room, and jump over to the platform that has the fire sprays on it.
    Get the Rupee on there, then jump back to the main platform. Still on the
    left, jump over to the very skinny platform, and up to where the huge black
    block is. With your Golden Gauntlets, you can pick this up and throw it
    away. Underneath is a Silver Rupee. Link throws the platform over to the right
    side of the room, creating a bridge to get another Rupee. Go over there, and
    hope over to the platform with the Tourch Slug on it (watch out that it doesn't
    push you into the lava). Get the Rupee here, and look to your right. You'll
    notice that the black block Link threw over here is now a bridge to get over
    to the other platform. Hope over there (still with the Hover Boots), get the
    final rupee, and quickly hope back over to the black platform. Then look
    for the Hookshot target over on the door platform, Longshot over there, enter
    the door, and dispel the Fire Barrier. Phew.
    You'll appear back in the main room, now with the Fire Barrier dispelled.
    Three down, three to go. Now, go to the right again. Pick up the huge block like
    you did in the Fire Barrier, and Link will throw it into the shield, destroying
    it, and giving you access to the Light Barrier.
    1. As soon as you enter here, put up your Lens and take out the Keese sitting
    on the little chests around this room. Don't open any of the little chests, they
    are mostly all Ice Traps. Kill all the Keese to make a small chest appear in
    the center of the room. Inside is a Small Key. Open the door to the next
    room with it.
    2. Simple room. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the symbol to make a small chest drop
    to your right. Open it for a small key, and open the door with it.
    3. This room is annoying. You have one minute to get the Silver Rupees.
    Two are in little alcoves in the center piller (watch for the boulders), the
    other is ontop of this little piller, with a Hookshot target above it. Then,
    the final two are in little alcoves in the walls, use the Lens to see where
    those are. Once you get all of them, the door will open.
    4. This looks like the final room, but there is no shield here. Well, maybe
    because its a smart trick. Watch out, if you stay still a Wall Master will
    come down on you. Use your Lens to see the secret wall right infront of you.
    Go through it to the real Barrier room, shoot the Barrier to dispel the Light
    Back in the main room, return to where you started, at the top. Now, go to
    your right and enter the Forest Barrier.
    1. Walk a few steps in the first room and a Wolfos appears. Kill it making a
    small chest with a Blue Rupee appear. Now, use Din's Fire to light the
    four tourches in the center of this room, and then use a Fire Arrow to light
    the one ontop of the locked door to open it.
    2. Another wind room, how fun. Remember the ones in the Shadow Temple? First
    of all, put on your Hover Boots and step to the left when that wind blower is
    blowing to go over to a platform. Get the Rupee here, and look down to see a
    switch. Hover over to that switch and step on it, making a hookshot target
    appear behind you. Hookshot up there to get the Rupee that is high up. Now,
    kill the Beamos in the center platform, and hover over there. Get the Rupee on
    the platform to the right just by hovering over to it, as well as the Rupee
    infront of you. To get the last one, jump over to the platform with the locked
    door, and wait until the wind blower on the right is completely stopped. Then,
    with normal boots, jump over to the small platform. Get the final Rupee, and
    quickly jump back before the wind activates again. In the next room dispel
    the barrier. Only one to go!
    Back in the main room, keep going to the right until you see the door with the
    blue barrier ontop of it. This is the final one.
    1. Some would argue for this being the hardest barrier. In the first room,
    kill the two Freezzards, then empty a bottle and fill it with blue fire. Use
    the fire on the red ice door to reveal it.
    2. OHH I HATE THIS ROOM. It's a puzzle with two ice blocks, and you must
    complete it in under two minutes. Make sure you have some blue fire from the
    room before, you'll need it. Lets start with the far block. Push it to the right,
    then straight into the hole. Then with the other block, push it to the right
    over the hole, then to the left, and then down to the wall. Jump up on the
    block and use some blue fire on the ice up there. Use the Megaton Hammer on
    the switch to open the door. The pot in this room has a fairy. Be careful
    not to fall into the pits around the edges of this room since its so slippery.
    In the barrier room, destroy the FINAL barrier, and the shield back in the
    main room will be dispelled. The access to the tower is now granted. BUT BEFORE
    we go up there, we must visit one final great fairy.
    THE FINAL GREAT FAIRY: Exit Ganon's castle. Back outside, cross back over the
    bridge, and go to your left until the path ends. You'll see another large black
    block here that Link can now lift up with his Golden Gauntlets. Lift it up, and
    walk in the opening. Inside, the Fairy will give you one of the best upgrades,
    and that is upgraded health. Your hearts will become outlined with white, meaing
    you now have double health! So really... now you have 40 hearts! It takes twice
    as long for enemies to do damage, which is great for the Ganondorf battle. She
    will also fill your magic and health meters. You are now ready to take on
    Ganondorf. Go back into his castle, and go through the now open door in the
    tower in the center of the room.
    This is the final part of the game really. Its very short, but it is filled
    with the toughest enemies in the game. In the first room, take out all the Fire
    Keese ( there are a lot), and go up the stairs. Take out the Keese up here
    and enter the door.
    In this next room kill the two Dinalfos. Easy enough. Once they are killed,
    the door will open. Climb up this long stairway and enter the next door.
    This next room has two Stalfos in it (they don't run on life force). Kill them
    both, and the chest in the fire in the middle of the room will dispell. Open
    up the chest here to get the Boss Key. Then continue on up the next long stair
    The final enemy room contains two Iron Knuckles. Take em out like you did the
    ones in the Spirit Temple. Once both are done, the door will open. Go up the
    long staircase and open the boss door at the top.
    In this next room, go to the right. You'll see quite a few pots around here,
    but DO NOT BREAK THEM! These are the only way that you'll be able to re-fill up
    on magic during the Ganondorf battle, so do not break them for no reason. Go
    through the door on the right side of the room, and climb up the final long
    staircase. Before you open the door at the top BE SURE to save your game. Once
    you are ready, enter the door to take on your final challenge.
                                  King of Thieves
    When you first enter, a short cutscene plays, but I won't ruin it. As soon as
    the battle starts, get away form him and go to one of the far corners of the
    room. This battle is EXACTLY the same as the one in the Forest Temple with
    Shadow Ganon. He will fire a ball of energy at you (if you don't like its
    location, simply put up your Mirror Shield to dispel it), and you must
    hit it back at him (I suggest if you're good at dodging, use the Biggoron
    sword as it has such a long range, its much easier to hit the ball). Ganondorf
    will rally much better than Shadow Ganon did, and the ball picks up great speed
    after a little while. When it finally does hit him, quickly shoot a LIGHT
    ARROW at him. This will make him collapse in the center of the room. Becuase
    he knocked out the floor around him, from the corner you're on use your
    Longshot to attack onto his cape and pull yourself over there. Use your Biggoron
    sword to give in extra damage. Take a look at his cape, the more ripped up it
    gets, the closer he is to death. When he is getting near death, he will
    start to use his Black Ball attack. This takes a while to muster, so you'll know
    when he's about to use it. When he is charing it, charge up your sword with
    the B holding. When he releases it, the attack goes in about 6 different mini
    energy balls. With your sword charged, wait until they get near you *they're
    quite slow, so if you didn't charge quick enough they're very easy to dodge*.
    if you did charge, when they get near you release your charge to rebound all of
    the balls back at Ganon, and he won't block these, meaing a free hit on you
    (but if they hit you they do a HELL OF A LOT of damage, even with your upgraded
    health meter). Once again, go in and hit him. After he goes back up to fight,
    you must Hookshot over to another corner (the walls on the corners of the room
    are Hookshotable, you can latch onto those). If you ever run low on either
    health, magic, or arrows, jump down where the floor isn't there. You'll be
    in the room you were before with all of the pots. You can re-fill there, then
    the pole in the center is made so you can climb back up. Ganondorf's health
    isn't very high, with the Biggoron Sword you'll kill him in no time. Ganondorf
    powers up one final attack, destroying the room, and himself, but you're fine.
    But it is far from over. That final attack didn't just destroy the room, its
    detroying the entire castle! You don't have very long to escape.
    You have three minutes to follow Zelda out of the castle. She will open the
    doors along the way, but you'll have to destroy all the monsters. Right as
    it starts, put up the Ocarina, you'll see why. Follow her down the first
    area and into the castle. You're back inside the pots room, but keep following
    her. She will open the next gate for you, and you'll be back outside. Follow
    her along the perimeter of the castle until you get to the next gate that
    she opens. NOTE: You need to be close to Zelda for her to open it. Follow
    her around the next room, and back outside, to yet the next room. But before
    you enter this room, make sure you have Naryu's Love in one of your C Button's.
    As soon as you enter this room, Zelda runs ahead, but is trapped inside a fire
    wall that appears. Two Stalfos appear, and these DO run on a life meter like
    the ones in the Forest Temple did (the ones you had to beat to get the
    Fairy Bow). Meaning, as soon as you kill one, you have to kill its counterpart
    for them to both die, or else the other will regenerate. Cast Naryu's Love
    as soon as you enter here, as you can just hack away at them without worrying
    about yourself (you want to save us much health as you can). Kill them, and
    then the fire around Zelda will dispell, and she will open the next door for
    you. Remember, this spell lasts a LONG time. Back outside, as always follow along
    and be near to open the next door. Follow her in the next room (watch out for
    the flaming rocks on the ground, they'll hurt you, and some drop from the
    ceiling. Follow her down the stairway and to the next gate. You're almost there!
    As soon as you enter this next room, watch out for the Re-Dead. He will freeze
    you, and can cause you a lot of trouble. Take him out with a spin attack or
    two, then follow Zelda to the final gate. If you make it out in time, you'll
    look back upon the castle. Everything collaspses. But, in kind of a weird
    way... Zelda thinks its over, but they hear one weird sound coming from the
    reckage. You take contol of Link here, walk over to the reckage ile in the
    very center of this area. A huge wall of fire appears trapping you in, and
    Ganondorf appears. This is his final form, GANON.
                                      Final Boss
    Ganon is HUGE. The Trifoce of Power has turned him into a beast with huge
    swords and a ton of health. He is nearly invincible, except for one little
    weakness. First of all, he knocks away your Master Sword, meaing you can't
    fight with it, but your Biggoron Sword is still here (if you didn't get the
    Biggoron Sword, don't worry. You can simply use your Megaton Hammer, but it
    takes longer). If you're low on health, lure him over to one of the pillers to
    make him knock it down with his giant swords. This will reveal magic pots,
    arrows, bombs and hearts.
    So, how do you kill him? Well, he may be the final boss but if you know what
    to do he is one of the easiest in the game. His weak point is his multicoloured
    tail, which he guards quite carefully. There are two different ways you can
    get to it. The long way, or the easy way. The long way is to Z-Target him in
    the face (Navi is with you during this battle, unlike the Ganondorf one), and
    then shoot him in the face with a Light Arrow. He will be stuned for a while,
    giving you enough time to run behind him and smash his tail with a jump attack.
    The other way is to simply roll under his legs and quickly hit his tail (you
    only have a split second to do this before he turns around). You can't do
    a jump attack this way, but it is faster than using the Arrows. His swords
    will take away you health so fast, it isn't funny. So stay away from those
    things. After you hit him a few times, he will go down in pain and the fire
    around this platform will dispatch. Run over to Zelda and pick up the Master
    Sword (he is only down for a little while, so you have to be quick. Pick it up,
    and walk back into the ring. Now the final phrase will start.
    In this phrase, Ganon is much faster. You can still roll under his legs, but
    you must be PERFECT to do that. You can still hit him in the face with a
    Light Arrow, stunning him. Lastly, you can wait until he attacks then counter
    attack with a spin, but that is quite hard to do. I suggest rolling under his
    legs, it really is the easiest way. After a few more hits (just a couple if
    you're using the Biggoron), he will fall down in pain once again, and this time
    Zelda will step in. She will use her power to paralize him, giving you just
    a few seconds to walk up to him. He is now lying on the ground, so walk up to
    his head, EQUIP THE MASTER SWORD ( you cannot do the final blow with ANYTHING
    but the MASTER SWORD), and do one final slash. A cut scene takes over showing
    Link Slashing away at Ganon. In the second phrase I do suggest using the
    Master Sword. I won't reveal what happens, I'll let you find that out for
    I will leave you with these final words "One day, when this seal is broken..".
    Remember, Ganon still has the Triforce of Power.
    Anyways, its party time! Zelda and Link meet in one final cutscene. The very
    final scene, after Link and Zelda have parted their ways, shows Link approaching
    Zelda back when they were kids (like you did when you entered Hyrule Castle so
    SO long ago)... but that leavs with one question... was this whole quest real?
    Or was it simply a dream?
    Then the credits roll, piece has returned to Hyrule once again, as the scenes
    in the credits show.
    And of course I would like to thank Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto (the producer of
    the Zelda series and so many of the other hit titles) for making one of the
    greatest games of all time.
    ~~~ End Walkthrough ~~
    |                                     |
    |      XIII- SIDE QUESTS Index        |
    |                                     |
    Here is a quick overview of the side quests. I will also include my Top 10
    hardest Gold Skulltulas to find here. Useful stuff! Also, the Big Poe guide
    is here, I forgot to leave space in the Walkthrough to put it here, its the
    way to get Big Bottle #4.
    Ok, the first time I played through the game I remember the ones that gave me
    the hardest time to find. If you're missing a few Skulltulas, I guarentee
    that it is one of the ones located here.
    10. LON LON RANCH (child) - Outer wall (northwest of storage shed) need the
    9. ZORA'S DOMAIN (adult) - At the top of the frozen waterfall, need the Hookshot.
    8. DODONGO'S CAVERN (adult) - 1F Where 1st met Baby Dodongo's, summon Pierre
    and Hookshot up there.
    7. GERUDO FORTRESS (adult) - On the Northern large target in the Archery grounds.
    6. DESERT COLOSSUS (adult) - On palm tree by dry pond.
    5. DESERT COLOSSUS (adult) - On big rock next to great fairy, plant bean as kid.
    4. WATER TEMPLE (adult) - In building in center at the very top against the
    wall, Longshot up there.
    3. HYRULE CASTLE (child) - Play Song of Storms near the lone tree where you
    first met Talon.
    2. LAKE HYLIA (adult) - Top of tree on island with the plac, Hookshot up there.
    1. ZORA'S FOUNTAIN (adult) - Secret cave under the silver rock right by the
    Great Fairy Fountain. Need the Silver Gauntlets to pick up the rock, then
    bomb the other smaller one. The follow the area down below and up to the
    These are the ones that gave me the most trouble. It took me forever to find
    that one in Zora's Fountain.
    Like the Skulltulas, there are 10 Pieces of Heart that can be easily missed.
    Remember they are almost always found after completing a mini game, but some
    are hidden quite well.
    10. ZORA'S FOUNTAIN (adult) - Very bottom of the lake, use the Iron Boots to
    sink down there.
    9. KAKARIKO VILLAGE (adult) - Finish Dampe's race in one minute or less.
    8. HYRULE FIELD (adult) - Bomb open secret cave north of Lon Lon next to tree,
    use Iron Boots to get it.
    7. LAKE HYLIA (adult) - Dive 9 meters in the scientist pool in the Lakeside
    Labratory, must have Gold Scale to dive that deep.
    6. GERUDO VALLEY (child) - Climb up ladder behind the waterfall.
    5. GERUDO VALLEY (child) - Use the chicken to glide to the ledge with the crate
    on it, or use the Longshot as an adult.
    4. HYRULE MARKET (child) - Return the right dog to the woman at night.
    3. HYRULE FIELD (child) - Outside the entrance to Lake Hylia, bomb.
    2. KAKARIKO VILLAGE (adult) - Hookshot up to the man ontop of the roof looking
    at Death Mountain.
    1. LON LON RANCH (child) - Inside the storage shed, re-arange the crates so
    that the crate in the corner has moved, then crawl through the hole in the wall.
    I just noticed that I forgot to put this in the walkthrough, so I'll put it
    here. To catch a big poe, you MUST be on Epona the horse. Approach the Poe,
    and it will run away from you but you will be able to catch up to it. You
    must shoot it a few times with Arrows to kill it. Shooting them on horseback
    is very difficult, but if you are good at the Archery in Gerudo Fortress,
    you'll be fine at this. Remember all the Big Poes are around Hyrule Field. Also,
    they only appear when you're an adult.
    POE #1: Northwest Hyrule Field, by the stream between some trees.
    POE #2: The signpost infront of the castle, approach going west for more room
    to fight it.
    POE #3: Right by the V-Shapped wall south east of the ranch.
    POE #4: Right by the high piece of land near the entrance to Kakariko Village.
    POE #5: South of Hyrule Field, by the trees patch.
    POE #6: A bit to the left of Poe #5, by the path.
    POE #7: Right before the slope up to the entrance to Gerudo Valley.
    POE #8: Right by Poe #7, a little bit to the North.
    POE #9: By the tree right infront of the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.
    POE #10: Near Poe #3, by the grey rock.
    As soon as you kill a Big Poe, get off Epona and catch it in an empty bottle.
    Then, take it back to the old guard poste in Hyrule Market. Talk to the weird
    guy in there and give him the Poe. He will pay you a lot of money for it,
    and for each one you give he will give you 100 points on your card. He said
    if you get 1000 points you'll get a great prize, which means 10 Big Poes since
    they're each worth 100 points. Once you give him the 10th Poe, he will give
    you the final Empty Bottle.
    |                                     |
    |              XIV- SONGS             |
    |                                     |
    I know I posted the songs in the Walkthrough, but I'll make a handy reference
    here. Remember, if you want to see your songs once you learn them in the
    game, press Start and go to your Status Subscrene (the one that shows your
    Gold Skulltula total, Heart Pieces, what Medallions/Spiritual Stones you
    got). You'll see a few musical notes here. Highlight the one you want to
    hear and press A to see the notes for it. But aside from that, here's a
    quick reference.
    Zelda's Lullaby: Left C, Up C, Right C, Left C, Up C, Right C
    Epona's Song: Up C, Left C, Right C, Up C, Left C, Right C
    Saria's Song: Down C, Right C, Left C, Down C, Right C, Left C
    Sun's Song: Right C, Down C, Up C, Right C, Down C, Up C
    Song of Storms: A, Down C, Up C, A, Down C, Up C
    Song of Time: Right C, A, Down C, Right C, A, Down C
    Minute of Forest: A, Up C, Left C, Right C, Left C, Right C
    Bolero of Fire: Down C, A, Down C, A, Right C, Down C, Right C, Down C
    Serenade of Water: A, Down C, Left C, Left C, Right C
    Requiem of Spirit: A, Down C, A, Left C, Right C, Down C
    Nocturne of Shadow: Left C, Right C, Right C, A, Left C, Right C, Down C
    Prelude of Light: Up C, Right C, Up C, Right C, Left C, Up C
    Scarecrow Song: Any 8 note song that you want, but make it easy and it must
    contain at least two different notes, such as:
    Left C, Right C, Left C, Right C, Left C, Right C, Left C, Right C
    <from A-Fan>
    I have a new song for you to try out. I don't know if its good but... 
    here goes! :D
    James Bond Theme (kinda long!): Intro: A, A(R), A(^), A(R), A, A(R), 
    A(^), A(R)
    Melody One: A, A(^), A(^), A, A, Cv, A(^), A, A(^), A(^), A, A, Cv, 
    A(^), A, A(^), A(^), A, A, Cv, A(^), A, A, C^ C^(v), C>, C>(v), C>
    Melody Two: A, Cv, C^, C^(v), A, C>(Z), C>, Cv, Cv(Z), A, A, A(v,Z) A, 
    Cv, C^, C^(v), A, C>(Z), C>, Cv, Cv(Z), A, A(Z), A
    Sorry its kinda confusing, but it's as simple as I can put it. Have fun 
    trying it!
    -A fan
    |                                     |
    |               XV- FAQ               |
    |                                     |
    Here I'll answer some of the most asked questions. There are many questions
    that relate from Ocarina of Time to Wind Waker (for the Gamecube), so I'll
    answer those to. Remember, these are only what I think, and are not 100% right
    in every case (I try my best!).
    Q - Is Wind Waker the sequal to Ocarina of Time?
    A - Yep, it is.
    Q - Is it possible to beat the running guy in the tent in Gerudo Valley?
    A - Ok, here's a full answer to this question as I have tested it out and have
    come to a solution. First of all, the guy is the one you sell the Bunny Hood
    to as a child. As an Adult, he is now in the tent near the head carpenter in
    Gerudo Valley across the huge fall down to the river. If you talk to him, he
    will ask if you want to race him from Gerudo Valley to Kokiri Forest (the
    bridge right before you enter). I have tried beating him, and even if you roll
    the entire way (no, you cannot use Epona), he will ALWAYS win by exactly 1
    second if you keep up with him. If anyone HAS beaten him, tell me, but as far
    as I know it is impossible.
    Q - Where does Ganondorf hail from?
    A - Interesting question. Ganondorf comes from the Gerudo race. As you may
    know, the Gerudo race consists of only women, but 1 man is boarn every 100
    years, and for this last 100 years, that man was Ganondorf. He, like the
    Gerudo's, is a thief, but his power has gotten out of hand. He only wants to
    rule the land, and his power as a theif really does help him out in his
    evil ways, after all he does steal the Triforce ;).
    Q - How do I use the Levetation cheat?
    A - A cheat that will let you get through the game much quicker, as you can
    easily get over large gaps which you normally can't (until you hit the game's
    boundery). The ONLY WAY to use this is from the Gameshark, but it does mess
    up some people's games.
    Q - How does the story end?
    A - Well this is a bit of a spoiler, but once you beat the game the very final
    scene shows a bit of memory. After the credits roll, the scene shifts back
    to Link approaching Zelda in Hyrule Castle, like he did so long ago before she
    told you to go find the Spiritual Stones. There are many questions over this
    one scene, for example, is the whole game simply Zelda's Dream? Did the
    adventure never TRULY happen? Lots of theories here, if anyone has any other
    answers, please send them in!
    Q - Does the final scene ever go away?
    A - I don't think so. After that final scene and "The End" shows, this scene
    never seems to go away. All I know is I have to restart the system.
    Q - Does Hyrule Castle ever return as an adult?
    A - No. It will always stay as Ganon's Castle, meaning he is the only boss you
    can fight over and over again. After all, it is a great boss fight, one of my
    favourites out of all the games I have played.
    Q - What do the sages do to Ganondorf?
    A - They seal him in the sacret realm, meaning he can no longer roam the lands.
    Q - What is the difference between the Nintendo 64 version and the special
    Gamecube version of Zelda Ocarina of Time?
    A  - The game ITESLF is the EXACT SAME, there is no difference (of course,
    since the Gamecube controller has no C-Buttons, the C-controls are used with
    the C-stick). And the graphics and textures for the Gamecube version are a
    little bit better and sharper than the Nintendo 64 version. But everything
    about the game is the same, meaning this guide can be used for both the N64
    version of Ocarina of Time and the Gamecube Version of Ocarina of Time.
    Q - Does the game have a secret ending? My friend told me that if you get 
    everything and never die there is a different ending for the game is this 
    A - I may be wrong about this, but from what I know there is NO secret ending
    to the game. No matter what, the ending will always be the same. If anyone
    knows different, please contact me.
    Q - In Super Smash Bros Melee, Zelda turnes into Shiek...so is Zelda both 
    people in the Ocarina of time as well?
    A - This is one of the best question I think, well, good eye ;). Zelda is both
    people in Ocarina of time as well *not the cutscene near the end of the game*.
    Q - How do you collect more than 99 Rupees?
    A - You need to get the two wallets from killing Gold Skulltulas. Once you
    kill 30, go to the House of SKulltula in Kakariko Village and talk to the guy
    who is now free from his curse and he'll give you the Large Wallet.
    Q - Is it possible to get in to the Bottom of the Well as an adult?
    A - No. Adult Link cannot crawl through the small holes throughout Hyrule, only
    young Link can.
    More questions will be added soon. If anyone has any, please feel free to send
    them in! Same with extra strategies.
    ~ From my fans :) hehe ~
         !!!                     IMPORTANT QUESTION                     !!!
    UPDATE: It seems as if we have a good answer to this question thanks to
    Nintendo Zelda Fan Guy. Although I havn't yet tried this out, seems to make
    sense to me.
    Casey writes in asking a very interesting question. I have never seen this in
    the game, and if anyone knows the answer to it, please e-mail me at
    << agamer@rogers.com >> with the answer. Thanks!
    Casey wrote:
    If you approach the grave to the right of the 'Royal grave' that becomes the
    grotto where you go to learn the sun song and "check" the inscription Flat ,
    one of the composer brothers appears. You fight him like a normal poe and he
    gives you some information. My problem is that I didn't quite catch what it
    was that he said and I can't seem to get the other composer brother, Sharp ,
    to show up. I vaguely remember doing this one of the first times that I played
    LOZ:OOT but I no longer have the game guide and have forgotten the
    significance of this aspect of the game. Do you know where I might find out?
    Thanks again.
    I have just figured out how to find one of the Composer Brothers if you haven't
    found him yet OK you know the graveyard... go there. I've only done this as
    adult Link but i still got him to come out.
    Go down the very back of the graveyard where you blew up the stone before the
    entrance to The Shadow Temple and there should be 2 little graves. Go to the
    one on the right (if you warped to the graveyard jump down and its the one on
    the left) Stand in front of it and press A to check it and it'll say "here lies
    blah blah blah..." and then he'll pop out. Kill him and go to his spirit and
    he'll talk about the useless info that you already know.
    Now I can't find the other one but the other stone does the same thing exept
    bring out a poe.
    Submitted by,
    Nintendo zelda fan guy
    E-mail: jackthedog@qldwide.net.au
    < Good Strategy for Fighting the Gerudo Thieves, send in by "Artemis_Dark" >
    Hola... i jus wanted to add a strategy that you can be used in Gerudo Valley 
    when you're fighting those nasty Gerudo Thieves.. If you think that this may 
    help newcomers to the game post it if not... oh well.. i tried... well after 
    you talk to the carpenter in prison the Gerudo chick falls from the ceiling 
    and starts attacking you...
    Requirements: Hylian Shield, Master Sword, and Arrows..
    First off, if you actually listen to what im telling you the arrows aren't 
    neccesary but anyways... First things first.. make sure <inserts YOUR Fairy 
    boys name here> has his sword in his hand and his shield in his arm.. lock 
    on to the gerudo bitc..chick and hold down the button used for Blocking... 
    NEVER stop moving.. if she does her annoying spin attack to you and shes at 
    the right angle it doesn't matter if your blocking or not.. your still going 
    back to jail.. always try and keep her in front of you.. if not.. Spin 
    spin.. your in jail.. The easiest way to beat her is to NOT let her use her 
    spin attack.. how you ask.. always take the initiative (for you people with 
    a horrible vocabulary it means.. always attack first).. Back her into a 
    corner so she has no room to back up therefore no room to spin! when she IS 
    in the corner take your controller and hit the button that lets you slash at 
    her as fast as you can...She will most likely to a flip and land behind you 
    but if you were paying attention you should be locked onto her so it wont 
    matter.. just repeat the process of getting her into a corner.. Eventually 
    she WILL figure out that she needs more training and suddenly become a 
    female spiderman and jump to the ceiling.. NOW.. For you people who cant 
    seem to get her into a corner and continuosly have to start over because  
    you keep on getting hit with her spin attack.. don't worry.. everything will 
    be Okay..<pats you on shoulder>... So if you cant seem to avoid the spinning 
    attack of doom (korny.. i know but who cares) just follow these simple 
    rules.. 1 keep her in front of you.. 2 never stay in one spot for too 
    long(keep on moving)... 3 Whenever she jumps back pull out your lil Fairy 
    Bow and shoot her.. this will Usually cause her to jump back next to you 
    thinking Oh Sh---... Crap.. Im screwed..  this is your opportunity to hit 
    her... So actually HIt Her.. and eventually she will fall...(well in this 
    case jump and run but oh well)...
    < Good strategy for fighting the Boss of Dodongo Cavern, King Dodongo, send in
    by "Chris Yamamoto" >
    Hey, what's up? Anyway, I just wanted to give you a different strategy for a 
    part of Ocarina of Time. In Dodongo's Cavern, when you are fighting King 
    Dodongo, instead of dodging his rolls by walking near the lava and risking the
    chance of being burnt, you could just guard with your Hylian Shield and he 
    will roll right over you without hurting you at all. I don't know if this 
    works against his fire blast, because I never risked trying it seeing as how 
    I had half a heart left when I beat him, but if you try the hide-under-shield 
    technique against him, it is sure to work.
    -Chris Yamamoto
    < Good strategy for the Bombchu Bowling ally, level 3, send in by "Mahvash
    Toghia" >
    I am sending you this letter to tell you that in your guide, in the section 
    about the Bombchu Bowling ally for the third stage there is a much easier way 
    to get the bombchu into the hole than the way your suggested.If you stand 
    about one step away from the right wall and throw the bombchu straight forward
    it will slope towards the hole and go in. You just have to time it with the 
    two chickens and the spike thing.
    -Mahvash Toghia
    <Here's an additional walkthrough and tips sent in by "Tyler Brice">
    First off you should try and get Biggorn’s Sword ASAP. (As soon as you’re an
    adult that is.) It proves to make the game a lot easier and it’s an all around
    fun weapon.  The only down side is if you have it in your hands you can’t use 
    your shield until it is put away. Also you should always have a few bottles of
    fairies in stalk.  Fairies, I've found, aren’t too hard to find.  You just 
    have to know how to find them.  You can find them near boss rooms in a 
    dungeon, but that’s not where I’d suggest you go whenever you need one, 
    back in the dungeon.  When you see a Gossip Stone and you have a spare bottle 
    or two get close to it, play the Song of Time and watch as a fairy flies out 
    to that familiar up-down octave bloop noise you hear when you’ve achieved 
    something.  Bottle it, and there you go! Also when Navi flies over to 
    something and turns green, if the Scarecrow’s Song doesn’t work, usually 
    Zelda’s Lullaby or the Song of Storms does. You’ll hear the noise when a chest
    is revealed and a non-bottle-able fairy will appear to replenish your health!
    Hey, I can make up words can’t I? Coming from Hyrule Castle on the right hand 
    border (not necessarily close to the castle) is a small river running from the
    castle surrounding a vaguely diminutive piece of land with a Peahat in it’s middle.
    (Peahats being those orange things with spinning buts stuck in the ground you
    see as a child) On that body of
    land off to the right is a rock you can smash to uncover a hole. Drop down to 
    find a fairy fountain filled with bottle-able fairies!  I’m sure there are 
    other ways to find fairies too.  At least try to get all the pieces of heart
    before you fight Gannon for they are particularly helpful.
    -Makeshift Bottles-
    Did you know that you could create your own bottles?  Before you go to catch 
    something, right when you swing press the start button and go to your Items 
    Screen.  Equip something that you don’t need in the bottles stead. 
    (Like Claims Check or Deku Nuts, and if you’ve already used it Zelda’ Letter.)
    Once you’ve done that press start again to see Link catching what ever it was
    you caught in the bottle.  Go to the Items Screen again to see that you’ve 
    made something useful out of a particularly useless weapon or item! You can 
    only create bottles with items available to you, so if you are adult Link you 
    can’t turn Zelda’s Letter into a Bottle.  Also if you created a bottle as a 
    kid you can’t use that bottle as an adult, and vise versa.  Please note that 
    if you have a fairy in a makeshift bottle when you die, it will NOT come out 
    and replenish you automatically.  You have to release them manually.  But if 
    you have fairies in regular bottles as well, those ones will replenish you 
    when you die, even if you have makeshift bottles of fairies in stalk.
    Queen Ghoma
    I don’t have much advice for her since she is VERY simple.  Aim at her eye 
    with your deku seeds to stun her, then go up and slash your heart out.
    (Not literally)  It should only take a couple times.  Try to stun her before 
    she has time to lay her eggs of mini ghomas.  Though they die with only a few 
    King Dodongo
    Make sure when you fight King Dodongo you’ve equipped the Hylian Shield.
    When Dodongo rolls around just put on your shield and he will roll right over 
    you at the cost of no damage! Then he will hit the wall and turn around taking
    a dramatically long time.  I suggest right after he rolls over you to keep 
    his pace and chase after him.  When he turns all the way around take out a
    bomb, for Dodongo has opened his mouth to take in a deep breath before he 
    spouts out flames.  When you see his mouth open throw the bomb in!  When he is
    paralyzed slash him! 
    On the way to Zora’s Fountain you will see a man with a bag munching.
    From him you can buy a couple beans!  (I'd suggest around six if you're going 
    to attempt to find all the heart pieces.)  Plant one on the soft soil next to
    him.  Then go and plant one in the soil in front of Dodongo’s Cavern! Phew,
    you can continue along your journey.
    Giant Octo 
    Well, all you have to do is aim your boomerang at him.  When your aiming it at
    him he will try to trick you and switch directions.  Just turn around and when
    he's in view throw the boomerang.  He will do something weird and start 
    spinning around.  Aim the boomerang again and fire.  Some times you'll stop 
    him in the wrong direction. (Facing you.)  When this happens simply fire again
    and he will start spinning, AGAIN!  Try to stop him facing the other direction
    so his bulbous butt is exposed for slashing. 
    When fighting Biri it helps to keep him targeted and KEEP MOVING!  Sidestep 
    around the room throwing your boomerang, first at his/her/shims lasers, then 
    at his/her/shims week spots.  If you keep moving in one direction 
    his/her/shims attacks won’t be quite fast enough to catch you.  Though if you 
    get to close to....IT, you might have to change direction.  Please tell me 
    you know what to then!  
    Now YAY, you’ve gone to the temple of time and seven years later you’re an 
    adult! GET BIGGORN’S SWORD! Yes, it is pretty hard.   But you can do it.
    It helps if you’ve planted the seed in the soft soil in front of Dondongo’s 
    Cavern, because now you will find a plant that will take you up to the base of
    Death Mountain Crater! Hurray! That’ll shave off a few seconds of time.
    Phantom Gannon
    You will find yourself in a room surrounded by paintings, it reminds me of a 
    museum.  Well, right when you see the purple aura of Gannon coming out of the 
    painting fire an arrow at him!  Once you see Gannon ride down the rode in the
    painting toward you nock an arrow and aim it at him.  As soon as you see that
    aura again FIRE AWAY!  There will be two Gannon’s in two different paintings
    trying to trick you so aim at the right one!  If you’ve aimed at the wrong one
    quickly run to a different spot and try to avoid the jolt of electricity he’ll
    send you.  You will know if it’s the wrong one, 
    1. By the fact that the guy in the painting just turned around and ran the 
       other way.
    2. By the sound the aura makes when he comes out of the painting.
    3. By the telltale evil laugh emitted from another direction.
    When you’ve hit him enough times the purple and black clad Gannon will jump 
    off his horse and begin dancing in the sky.  Target him and ready your sword
    when he begins to twirl his baton.  (I’m surprised I don’t hear show tunes in
    the background.) When the ball of lightning shoots out hit it just out of
    reach of your sword.  Somehow it will bounce off the tip of your blade and
    shoot it back at him.  When Gannon faints to the stage slash him! When he’s
    finally "dead" start cheering because show boy has been a bad puppet and needs
    to go to the sacred realm for a LOOOONG time out.
    This one’s pretty simple, just don’t get hit too much.  When Volvagia is up in
    the air keep in mind that arrows and your hookshot will deal damage if
    targeted and fired at the head.
    Also keep in mind that the lava holes won’t hurt you.  I can’t tell you how
    many times I didn’t make it to Volvagia in time because I was avoiding the
    Shadow Link
    It was very, very easy for me when I used the Megaton Hammer.  I just had to
    wack him on the head to make him fall into his reflection.  If you keep
    whacking him it should be no problem.  Though he is sort of fast, but you
    should be able to keep up with him.  Be patient, after all, patients is a
    Giant Aquatic Amoeba Morpha
    All you have to do for this one is just stay in the corner.  Its membrane
    can’t reach you there though it will still continue to try and reach you.  All
    you have to do is sit with your hookshot out and whenever its nucleus is in
    view target it and shoot it.  When it flies out toward you slash it with your
    sword.  With the Biggorn Sword I killed it on the second group of hits.  See
    why you should get it?!
    Dead Hand
    I’ll give you two tips.  When the hand grabs you, toggle side to side.  Then
    when the body comes forward and bends down for a snack slash it.  Don’t slash
    too soon or it will bring its head back up.  Wait till its head is all the way
    down.  Don’t worry about it eating you it takes him a few seconds to lunge
    forward for a bite, so you have a few seconds.
    Bongo Bongo
    This fight is probably the most involved fight you will have in the game.
    Shoot both its hands with arrows for the boss to open its eye.  The only
    problem is you can’t see it. Use the lens of truth and shoot an arrow at the
    eye.  Then now that it’s stunned, slash him.  When you shoot one of the hands
    the other one will try to kill you in the quickest way possible to let the
    other hand shake it off.  So shoot it quickly.  If the hand makes a fist don’t
    try and shoot it because it will just bounce off so RUN DAMMIT!
    Iron Knuckle
    This guy is a pain! So bring lots of fairies.  After you’ve woken Knuckle
    target him.  While he’s target him quickly pass by his side.  Close enough so
    he will try to hit you far enough so he won’t.  Judge your distance!  Be
    careful he doesn’t clip you on the back swing!  If he does a ground slash don’t
    worry about it.  During the time it takes him to recover his weapon jump in
    with ONE slash then jump away! He recovers quickly so don’t let him get you or
    he will take away points.  If you need heart draw him towards a pillar and let
    him slash it.
    Sorceress Sisters Twinrova
    These ugly ladies are a pain as well. Especially when you get one behind you
    and the other in front of you.  So search for a place where you can see both
    of them.  Hey look! One’s fire the other is ice! Opposites, yay!  When one
    readies an attack on you get out your mirror shield and target the other!
    There power opposes each other!  Apparently once they are hit enough,
    opposites attract.  You will find yourself in a cut seen where the witches
    join together into green hottie showgirl Twinrova!  More show people, what’s
    with that?  Anyways build up the power on your shield and after you’ve
    absorbed three of the same power .KABLOOM! Aim it at the witch to make the
    annoying bleeping stop!  As she faints to one of the platforms, hop over take
    out Biggorn and slash her in the boob!  I’m not kidding!  Then when she hovers
    away, stop for a second to put Biggorn away so you can use your shield again!
    Submitted by,
    A 13 year old with WAY too much time on his hands,
    Ty a very bored guy.
    < A cool tip for some extra Rupees from Dave >
    I think I have a secret you missed:
    When the drawbridge is down in front of hyrule, you can climb up the
    chains. At the very top, jump off (towards the open gate) and you will
    collect 3 red rupees. (I forget what kind of rupee actually, but
    theyre 20 rupees a piece i think.) Anyways. It's a great way to stock
    up on $ without killing things or playing mini-games. :-)
    Submitted by,
    < Some additional strategies from Bob thy dead at tmha@wi.rr.com >
    I have some information for your FAQ.
    Strategy for Shooting Gallery:
    I found a "universal spot" where you can hit the rupees at. This works for
    the slingshot and arrows. First make sure that you look right above the
    place where the green rupees come out. After that go up until your about
    half way between the rope where the rupees come out on and the green rupee
    thingy. :p There you should only have to move left or right to hit the
    rupees. Mainly the blue ones since the others move on their own.
    Fighting the Gerudo Thieves:
    The is another way to fight them that is a little harder but faster. Wait
    the Gerudo to do the spin slash. You can tell when she is do it by watching
    her. She will turn about 90 degrees. Then move over to the left or right and
    hit her with your biggoron sword. You can also wait for her to spin forward.
    Use the same strategy. Just move over to the side and hit her. Try to hit as
    fast as possible though as they recover fast.
    Submitted by,
    Bob thy dead
    < Easy Rupee Strategy from Bill! >
    Empty all your bottles, and go directly west of Hyrule Castle. Open
    the little grotto there, and drop down. On the right there is a mini
    pool with a fish in it. Catch it in a bottle, go out of the grotto,
    drop down again, and the fish has respawned... catch it again and
    again until you fill your bottles.
    Once you have three (or four) fish, go to the guy in Hyrule
    Market/Kakariko Village who says "please with C, sell me something
    with C" In Hyrule he's on the left side of the market under the
    balcony as a child, and in kakariko as an adult hes up the stairs on
    the left. He will buy each fish for 100 RUPEES EACH. Especially
    useful for people like me who took way too many tries to beat those
    expensive mini games.
    This is the fastest way ive found, especially if you do it as a child,
    since you can just run back and forth (the grotto is right near the
    bridge to the castle).
    Submitted by,
    < Sent in by Sawyer >
    Hello, My name is Sawyer Piwetz, I am a long time Zelda player dating 
    back to '94, anyhow I was reading your Walkthrough and I noticed one 
    little error in your Gold Skulltulla "Rewards" section.  I'm sure  you 
    noticed this, but you said that the "100" Gold Skulltulla Reward was 
    not very good, being that it was only a "Huge" Rupee worth 200.  This 
    is NOT the case I'm afraid, It IS in fact a GOOD reward in some cases, 
    It being a source of Infinite Rupees and all... Yes, INFINITE!  Every 
    time you talk to the Cursed man that gives you the Huge Rupee, you get 
    ONE, then you walk outside and Re-enter and talk to him again.  Voila! 
    Every time you talk to him and Re-enter you get another free Huge 
    Rupee! (YOU CAN do this an INFINITE # of Times!).
    I know of a way for Infinte Gold Skulltullas without using a "Sharker" 
    Code or anything like that.  I chose the Bomb-able circle of stones 
    near Gerudo valley and inside resides, A cow, A regular Skulltulla, 
    some bugs, and a golden skulltella, (all protected by webbing).  When I 
    discovered this trick, I was Very happy, because the trick (after some 
    practice) is incredibly easy to master! (I'll be done soon).
    #1. Bomb the circle of Stones to reveal a hole, Jump in.
    #2. Move towards the area with the cow and use Din's Fire to burn the 
    webbing,  (BTW, you are doing this as a kid...)
    #3. Slay the Gold Skulltulla, (this process is easy to manipulate 
    because in front of the cow is some pots and plants, almost always they 
    contain Magic refills, Deku Seeds, and occasionally bombs)
    #4. Align yourself with the warp pad and Gold Skulltulla so that, You, 
    the warp pad, and the gold skulltulla form somewhat of a line)
    #5. (this takes good timing) Launch your Boomerang while Z-targeted and 
    RUN/Flip backwards so you land on the warp pad.
    #6. You will begin to float and the screen will white out for exiting, 
    and faintly or Strongly, (depending on your screen settings, you will 
    see, Blue, Wordless dialouge, and you will normally launch out of the 
    hole. Check your Gold Skulltulla count and you will notice, it went up 
    by one! Re-enter and the skulltulla will reside there once more! 
    (However, if you fail once, RESET and try again, you will not BE ABLE 
    To do it Twice if you fail, There are also some other holes like this 
    one) Another sign that you did it right, The music of Normally Catching 
    a Gold Skulltulla Token will play.
    Submitted by,
    Easier way for Room #8 in the Water Temple. Kate has found an easier way to
    do it than I have in my FAQ. Also, this works for the N64 version too.
    Kate said:
    I just wanted to let you know this room can be a lot easier, at least in the
    Gamecube version. Just float yourself past the dragon into the entrance point
    where the gate is. Once there switch to your iron boots and walk to the very
    far left corner so you can see the side of the dragon's face and the very
    corner edge of the crystal. Use your hookshot, but aim at the point just past
    the crystal edge, it's very slight (If you aim at the crystal itself you will
    bounce off the dragons face) The crystal will open the gate run over to the
    clams, they will chase you. No problems here, just avoid them, or switch to
    your regular boots and float out, they will follow you and fall harmlessly to
    the bottom. Float yourself back to the edge, hookshot from the corner again,
    and you can then leisurley walk into the room without having to worry about
    currents, and/or timing.
    Submitted by,
    Cool Trick: How to kill the Skulltula Kid
    Once you have the Biggoron Sword it is possible to kill the skull kid in
    the first room to the left when entering the Lost Woods. Z - target him
    and walk near him and he will jump off his stump and shoot nuts at you.
    All you have to do is swing three times with the Biggoron Sword of
    giants knife. When you kill him he drops and giant rupee the size of
    Link which is orange and is worth 200 RUPEES! You can only kill this guy
    when you are an adult and you can't jump attack him or corner him for too
    long or he will back flip and dissapear.
    Submitted by,
    James B.
    Gamerman555's note: I havn't tried this yet, but it sounds cool.
    |                                     |
    |         XVI- VERSION HISTORY        |
    |                                     |
    Current Version: -- 1.5 --
    New trick added in FAQ section.
    Added a bunch of new FAQ enteries as well as more strategies for various parts
    of the game. Thanks to Nintendo Zelda Fan Guy I finally have an answer to the
    tricky question regarding the Composer Brothers. I have also received
    numerous e-mails regarding the ending scene wether it being a dream or not of
    Zelda's. A few people said it might not be a dream as Link is wearing his
    Hylian Shield and that you can't get it before you meet Zelda, however this is
    UNTRUE as you can get the Hylian Shield before you meet with her.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: I recently changed my e-mail address from agamer@sympatico.ca
    to << agamer@rogers.com >>, so please take note if you have e-mailed me before!
    Added some new things in FAQ *strategies for a few things*, as well as an
    important question being asked near the beginning of the FAQ section.
    Added some Tips for Walkthrough and Boss Battles in the FAQ section.
    Added some questions and strategies to the FAQ section.
    This is the first version, and everything is complete. Walkthrough done, all
    the other components finished. But, as always, some strategies may be added,
    as well as FAQ questions, so this walkthrough isn't fully "complete".
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    Yea, most likley you won't read this, so I'll keep it as short as possible.
    This FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough is Copyright 2004 Alex Gam. Do NOT use this guide
    without my credit in it. You can poste it on your site, you can print it out,
    you can do what you want with it, but any credit MUST be given to me
    (gamerman555). If you would like to use this guide, I would be greatful if
    you are able to e-mail me first. If you want to use it for your site, you
    have a few options. Copy the whole file while KEEPING CREDIT TO ME (once
    again please e-mail me first), or just simply link to the page on GameFAQ's.com
    As for other sites like GameFAQ's, if you would like to use this guide, I would
    be more than happy to let you. All you MUST do is send me an e-mail. I will
    give you my permission. But if this does appear on any other site aside from
    GameFAQs.com without my knowing it, I will take legal action. It took a while
    and a lot of hard work to make this guide, and I want full credit for all of
    it. Thank you!
    |                                     |
    |            XVIII- CONTACT           |
    |                                     |
    Through this Walkthrough I've been mentioning to e-mail me if you have any
    questions about anything, or if you have anyting you would like to add to this
    FAQ. My e-mail address is agamer@rogers.com  . *Remember to put the .ca not
    This is what I will accept:
    - Anything I have missed.
    - Horrible spelling errors.
    - If you have a good strategy, please send it to me the way you'll want it to
    be posted, as I will just copy and paste it from the e-mail. I will be very
    grateful if you send in your stuff, don't be shy!
    - Anything that was not mentioned correctly.
    - Basically any errors I made.
    - Any questions (which will be put in my FAQ section).
    Stuff I won't accept:
    - Chain Letters
    - Hate Mail (if there is something I have here you don't like, let me know as
    I could change it to make it better! But say it in a nice way, please!).
    - Basically stuff that doesn't relate to this FAQ.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are sending me information on this game, in the subject
    box PLEASE be sure to put "Zelda OoT FAQ" in that field, or else I will NOT
    open it. If it has something to do with any of my other guides, please put
    their special "Subject code" in there.
    Once again, my e-mail address is      agamer@rogers.com
    |                                     |
    |           XIX- FINAL THANKS         |
    |                                     |
    Well, this is my second FAQ! I did it on one of my favourite games of all time
    (if not my fav!), and I must say I had great fun doing it. So, my thanks
    are of course to all of you! The Gamefaqs.com readers for making there be
    a reason to write these faqs! To Shigeru Miyamoto for producing/creating one
    of the best games of all time! And finally, CjayC for making the best site on
    the web for FAQ's and all your other gaming needs! Great job CjayC!
    ~End Document~

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