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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nexxt

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               | ________  /     T H E  L E G E N D  O F                    
               |/       / /_________ _____    _______      __               
                       /// \   ____ |\   /    \   __ \     \ \              
                      ///   | |    \| | |      | |  \ \    /_ \             
                     ///    | |__/|   | |      | |   | |  //_\ \            
                    /*/     |  __ |   | |      | |   | | /_____ \           
                   ///      | |  \|   | |      | |   | |//     \ \          
                  ///       | |____/| | |___/| | |__/ ///       \ \         
                 ///       /________|/_______|/______//_\       /__\        
                / /_______/|                   
               /___________|   O C A R I N A  O F  T I M E
                       Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
                            Platform: Nintendo 64
                            Type: FAQ/Walkthrough
                         Ryan Kavanagh (Bonds Legacy)
                      Version: Final - Updated: 08/02/02
    Email: brutalican@hotmail.com
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    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it is the epic tale of Link, a young 
    boy who was raised in a forest with faries and elves. He must banish the 
    evil from the world of Hyrule and save the Princess, Zelda. He is all alone 
    with nothing bnut a sword, shield and other assortment of weapons to help 
    him on his quest. He will meet many friends on his way. Including a horse 
    that will come when you play a special tune on your Ocarina. Now is the 
    time, to begin your quest...
                        T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
                     I.......FAQ/Walkthrough Revision History
                       III.....Game Overview
                           VII.....Ocarina Songs
                            VIII....Heart Piece Locations
                             IX......Soft Soil Locations
                              X.......Fairy Fountain Locations
                                XII.....Trading Process
                                  XIV.....Gerudo Training Ground
                                    XVI.....Frequently Asked Questions
                                      XVIII...Copyright Info
    This FAQ contains major spoilers beginning at section V
    I. FAQ/Walkthrough Revision History
    Version 0.00 - 08/06/01: Formatted, nothing else.
    Version 0.10 - 08/06/01: Did the Story Section
    Version 0.20 - 08/06/01: Finished up almost all aspects of the Game 
                             overview Section. if I think of anything else 
                             to put in, I will.
                   08/07/01: Added more stuff to the Game Overview, a LOT of 
    Version 0.30 - 08/07/01: Finished the Items Section, once again, If I find 
                             anything that belongs in that section, I'll put it 
    Version 0.40 - 08/07/01: Finished the Characters Section, I don't think I'll 
                             be adding anything else to it.
    Version 0.50 - 08/08/01: Started the Walkthrough, finished up to the Deku 
                   08/16/01: Sorry everybody, I've been on Holidays so I couldn't
                             get anything done. Anyways, I finished roughly half 
                             of the Deku Tree. 
                   08/19/01: Did The Road to Hyrule. About 4 paragraphs.
                   08/20/01: Finished the Deku tree along with up to Kakariko 
                   08/21/01: Finished all the way up to Dodongo's Cavern. I'll 
                             finish THAT later on.
                   08/21/01: Finished Dodongo's cavern, yay!
    Version 0.55 - 08/21/01: Finished all the way up to when Link turns into an 
                             adult. I'm on a roll today!
                   08/22/01: Finished the Forest Temple
                   08/22/01: Finished the Fire Temple, at the rate I'm going, 
                             I'll be done within the week!
                   08/23/01: Finished the Ice Cavern and the Water Temple
    Version 0.60 - 08/23/01: Finished the Ocarina Songs Section
                   08/24/01: Finished half of the heart peice locations, I'll do 
                             the rest later
    Version 0.65 - 08/24/01: Well, I took a little break from the walkthrough, 
                             but now I'll go back and finish it. I'm up to the 
                             Shadow Temple right now
                   08/24/01: Finished the Shadow Temple. I'll try to do the 
                             Spirit later tonight
    Version 0.70 - 08/24/01: Finished the Heart Peice Locations. 
                   08/24/01: Finished the Soft Soil Locations
    Version 0.75 - 08/24/01: Finished the Fairy Fountain Locations
    Version 0.80 - 08/24/01: Finished the Masks Section
    Version 0.85 - 08/24/01: Finished the Secrets Section. I'm making a LOT of 
                             progress today.
                   08/24/01: Completed the Trading Process
    Version 0.90 - 08/24/01: Finished the FAQ section
                   08/24/01: Finished the Credits Section
    Version 0.95 - 08/24/01: Finished the Copyright Section. All that's left is 
                             to finish the walkthrough.
    Version 1.00 - 08/24/01: It's a couple of minutes to midnight, so this is 
                             the last update for today. Of course, I'll still 
                             work on it for a little bit. Anyways, Finished up 
                             to the Spirit Temple.
                   08/25/01: Finished the Spirit Temple. I'm up to Ganon's 
                             Castle right now
                   08/25/01: Finished Ganon's Castle, I'm DONE! Yay!
    Version 1.00 - 12/21/01: Here it is, the first complete version. I added an 
                             enemies list.
                   12/21/01: I was sent a cheat. I added it to the 
                             cheats/secrets section
                   12/21/01: I added some more reader FAQs
    II. Story (From the Instruction Booklet)
    Before Life began, before the world had form, three golden Goddesses 
    descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule. They were Din, the goddess of 
    Power, Nayru, the goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, the goddess of Courage.
    Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. 
    Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law to the 
    world. Farores rich soul created all life forms who would uphold the law.
    These three great Goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving the golden 
    sacred triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrule's 
    Providence. Where the triforce stood became sacred land. 
    In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule, the Great Deku Tree served as the 
    guardian spirit. The children of the forest, the Kokiri, lived with the Deku 
    Tree. Each Kokiri had his or her own guardian fairy, except one. His name 
    was Link.
    Early one morning, Link was having a nightmare. It was the same nightmare he 
    had had every night. During a storm, Link would find himself standing in 
    front of a mysterious castle. A rider on horseback, carrying a girl, would 
    race by. The girl would look at Link, as if to say something. Then another 
    rider would appear. This big man clad in black would look down menacingly at 
    Link. Link would then awaken.
    "Link! Hey, get up, Link! The Great Deku Tree wants to talk to you!"
    As Link opened his eyes, he saw a fairy floating in front of him. This 
    fairy's name was Navi. Navi was sent to summon Link to the Great Deku Tree.
    "Oh Navi, thou hast returned!" said the Deku Tree. "Thank you, Link, for 
    coming. Thy slumber these past moons must have been restless, and full of 
    nightmares. A vile climate pervades this world. Verily, ye have felt it. The 
    time has come to test thine courage. I have been cursed. I need you to 
    dispel the curse with your wisdom and courage. Art thou prepared?"
    Link entered the great Deku Tree and broke the curse.
    "Well done, Link! I knew that ye were worthy of carrying out my wishes. A 
    wicked man of the desert cast this dreadful curse on me. Employing his vile, 
    sorcerous energies, the evil one is searching for the sacred realm connected 
    to Hyrule. For it is there that one will find the divine relic, the Triforce,
    that contains the essence of the Gods. Whoever hold the Triforce can make 
    their wishes come true. Thou must never allow the desert man to lay his hands
    on the sacred triforce. Thou must never suffer that man to enter the sacred 
    realm of legend. Link, go now to Hyrule castle. There, ye will surely meet 
    the princess of destiny. Present this stone to the Princess. I have forseen 
    that she will understand everything."
    The Great Deku Tree gave Link the spiritual stone of the Forest. Before 
    dying, the Deku Tree's last words were, "The future depend upon thee, Link. 
    Thou art courageous."
    III. Game Overview
    Start...................Go to Sub Menus
    Analog Stick............Move
    Z Button................Z Targeting/Look forward
    R Button................Raise Shield
    C Up....................Allow Navi to speak
    C Left/Down/Right.......Use the item assigned to the button
    A Button................Action Button
    B Button................Swing Sword
    When in the water, simply hold the analog stick in the direction you would 
    like Link to swim. There is no pressing of A or B neccicary.
    Hold A to dive underneath the water when you are on the surface. At the 
    beginning, you can only dive very shallow. Later in the game, you get to 
    aquire items that let you dive down to depths you never imagined.
    The analog stick is used to both walk and run. Depending on how far you tilt 
    the stick, it will make Link walk slowly, jog, or run. To go the fastest, 
    move the analog stick as far as it can go in the direction you want to go.
    Jumping is automatic in this game. Simply run to the edge of an area and 
    Link will jump. You can jump up to ledges this way.
    The little fairy that never shuts up. This is Link's new partner. When you Z 
    target enemies, Press C up to let Navi tell you about the enemy. She usually 
    tells you how to kill it as well. She will also give you clues as to where 
    to go next in your adventure.
    Z Targeting
    This is one of my favorite things about this game. When you press Z, it 
    locks onto the nearest enemy. No matter where you move, you will always be 
    looking at it. Unless you get too far away, you will have to look at it 
    until you kill it. Z targeting can also be used to talk to people sitting up 
    high or something. Z Target them and press A to talk to them.
    Action Icon
    In the top right hand corner of your screen, you will see a little blue 
    circle. When you get near doors or blocks and stuff. It will tell you what 
    you can do, when you get near a door, it says "Open" Then, by pressing A, it 
    makes you open the door. You can drop down holes and pick up bomb flowers 
    with this action icon.
    Your health is in the upper left hand corner. You start out with just three 
    hearts. But whenever you beat a boss, you get a heart container, which 
    raises your maximum heart carrying abilities by one heart. You can also find
    heart pieces lying around Hyrule. Collect four of them to form a new heart 
    Gold Skultullas
    Throughout your quest, you might hear a strange scratching noise. It is 
    being made by a gold skultulla. Defeat it and it will leave behind a token 
    proving you defeated it. In Kakriko Village. There is a house full of 
    Skultullas. Only they aren't Skultullas. They were once a normal family. 
    Until a curse was put upon them. Retrieving all the gold skultulla tokens 
    will completely break the curse. There are 100 in all.
    There are four swords in this game for you to slash at your enemies with.
       - Kokiri Sword....This is the sword that Child Link uses. It is a descent 
                         sword, just the right weight for a child to hold.
       - Master Sword....When Child Link pulled the Master Sword out of the 
                         pedicle of Time, He was put on a ride through time. When 
                         he awoke, he was seven years older, and was now strong 
                         enough to fight with the Master Sword.
       - Giant's Knife...In Goron Village, you can purcahse a knife from the 
                         giant Goron for 200 rupee's. The knife breaks after you 
                         slash at enemies for a while. You're then stuck with a 
                         broken sword. 
       - Biggerons Sword-This is the ultimate sword. Through some event 
                         trading, you will end up on top of death mountain where 
                         there will be another big Goron. He will build you a 
                         sword just like the Giants knife, except it will never 
                         break. Link must use both hands to hold onto this sword.
    A shield can protect Link from an enemies attacks. There are three of them 
    in the game.
       - Deku Shield.....This shield is only made out of wood and can be 
                         destroyed by fire enemies. It's okay though, because 
                         you can find these for sale at a lot of shops.
       - Hylian Shield...This shield will not burn away when exposed to fire. 
                         When Child Link wears it, he has to bend over because he 
                         cannot raise out in front of him.
       - Mirror Shield...This shield is made of a special material. It can 
                         deflect enemy attacks as well as sunlight.
    Tunics can do many things. They can do nothing, they can let Link breath 
    underwater, and even stand in a volcano!
       - Kokiri Tunic....This is the Tunic that was given to Link by the Kokiri. 
                         It is his only Tunic at the beginning of the game
       - Goron Tunic.....This tunic lets Link stand in the intense heat of Death 
                         Mountain Crater without suffering damage.
       - Zora Tunic......This allows link to breath underwater. Don't go swimming 
                         without it
    Sometimes, Link may need to change boots to move on in his quest.
       - Kokiri Boots....This is Link's standrad boot. These, too, were given to 
                         him by the Kokiri
       - Iron Boots......These botts allow you to sink to the bottom of a lake, 
                         or any other water body for that matter. Without the 
                         Zora Tunic, this can cause damge to you, so be careful. 
                         The iron boots also make it impossible for you to slide 
                         on Ice, but they DO make you walk very slow.
       - Hover Boots.....The boots with the golden wings. When you step off of a 
                         solid surface, the boots will hover Link in mid-air for 
                         3 seconds. There is no traction with these boots, so you 
                         slide around a lot.
    IV. Items
    Deku Stick (Child Link)
    The Deku Stick works like a sword, but is much weaker. They break 
    very easily. Deku Sticks can also work as torches. Find them after 
    defeating enemies or purchase them in stores.
    Fairy Slingshot (Child Link)
    Use the Slingshot to shoot enemies or objects that are far away. Hold
    the C Button and Link's hands zoom in. Aim with the analog stick and 
    release the C Button to shoot. If you use Z targeting before 
    shooting, your accuracy will increase greatly. If you just hold the 
    C Button, you can aim the Slingshot without shooting it. Collect Deku
    Seeds to refill your ammunition.
    Boomerang (Child Link)
    If you throw it, it comes back, witha vengence! The Boomerang can 
    stun or kill enemies. Use Z Targeting to improve your accuracy. Some 
    enemies can only be defeated with the boomerang. You can also pick up items 
    that are far away if you get really good with it.
    Deku Nut
    Throw a Deku Nut on the ground and a bright light flashes, 
    temporarily stunning enemies (doesn't stun ALL enemies). Deku Nuts 
    can be found almost everywhere.
    Ocarina of Time
    Play the Ocarina at certain times and special things may happen. With 
    the Ocarina, you can also warp to other places. There are only a few REAL 
    uses for it, but it also acts as the Adult Ocarina. It replaces the Fairy 
    Ocarina once you get it.
    Lens of Truth
    See which walls are real and which are fake with the Lens of Truth. 
    Using this item consumes magic. You can also see some enmies that are 
    invisible normally. At least then, you won't be running into a skultulla 
    hanging from the sky and not even realize it.
    Damage enemies or blow up walls with the bomb. Be careful not to get 
    too close to the blast or you may damage yourself. Bombs explode 
    approximately four seconds after pick them up.
    Pick up a Bombchu and set it at your feet. it will start running by 
    itself. If it hits an object, or runs for a while without hitting 
    anything, it will explode. Once it starts running, you have no 
    control over it.
    Magic Bean
    Place Magic Beans at certain locations and they eventually spout. Z 
    targeting comes in handy when trying to decide where to plant a magic 
    bean. You can only plant them in little square patches of "soft soil" 
    that are scattered throughout Hyrule.
    Fairy Bow
    Shoot enemies or switches with the Fairy Bow. It works the same as 
    the Fairy Slingshot. As your adventure progresses, you will find 
    three magic arrows, each with different effects.
       - Fire Arrow......This arrow will light your enemies on fire, making 
                         sure they don't come back to life...
       - Ice Arrow.......This arrow will entrap the enemy in a cube of ice. It
                         only lasts for a short time though, so be careful
       - Light Arrow.....This is the ultimate evil destroying arrow. It uses
                         the most magic of the three arrows, but it's also 
                         the most powerful.
    Hookshot (Adult Link)
    This is a hook at the end of an expandable chain that can grab onto certain 
    objects. This is helpful when trying to get to hard-to-reach areas. A red 
    dot marks the distance you can travel. The hookshot can also be used as a 
    weapon (even underwater). When using, if you see a red dot, your target is 
    within your range. As the quest continues, you can get an upgrade to make 
    the chain longer.
    Megaton Hammer (Adult Link)
    Move big blocks or activate a rusted switch with the hammer. You can also 
    use it as a weapon. It's a giant hammer. You can use it for the mentioned 
    things as well as well as knocking some enemies upside down. It's so heavy 
    that you need two hands to carry it properly.
    Scattered around hyrule, there are fairy fountains. When you find them, you 
    can play Zelda's Lullaby to make a Great Fairy come out of the fountain. She 
    will heal you and give you a magic spell. There are three magic spells that 
    you can collect. 
       - Din's Fire......Fire wraps around Link's body, protecting him from harm. 
                         This is very helpful when surrounded by a large number 
                         of enemies. It can also be used to burn away some types 
                         of wood.
       - Farore's Wind...Farore's Wind surrounds Link's body with a green light, 
                         and the spot where you first use it will be set as a 
                         warp point. If you use the magic again, at a different 
                         location, you will be able to warp back to the original 
                         warp point. Select "Dispel the Warp Point" to set a new 
                         warp point location.
       - Nayru's Love....A blue crystal surrounds Link. While he's in it, nothing 
                         can hurt him. It only lasts for a short amount of time 
                         though, so be careful.
    Empty Bottles
    Bottles can carry medicine, milk, fairies, and other important stuff. You 
    can use them whenever you need to. Your inventory cannot exceed four bottles,
    and you cannot buy them anywhere. Look everywhere and talk to everyone to 
    find them. They are very useful.
    The mask is one of the event items. Borrow a mask from the Happy Mask Shop 
    in Hyrule Castle Town Market. Sell it to somebody who needs it and you will 
    be able to get a different Mask. Keep doing this during your adventure, and 
    you may end up with something nice.
    V. Characters (Some information from Instruction Booklet)
    Description....Link lives in Kokiri Forest. Unlike the other kokiri, Link 
                   doesn't have a fairy. Link, as usual is on a quest to save 
    Description....Saria is Link's lifelong friend. Neither of them knows it 
                   yet, But Saria and Link will play a huge role in the future 
                   of Hyrule.
    Character......Kokiri People
    Description....These childlike people live in Kokiri forest. Each kokiri has 
                   a guardian fairy. they cannot leave the forest or their lives
                   will come to an end.
    Description....The King's daughter. Hyrule's princess. She is counting on 
                   Link to save Hyrule. Her Link share telepath almost. They 
                   both have the same dreams and visions of each other.
    Description....Head of the Gron people, Darunia is well-known and well-liked.
                   He is Link's "sworn brother" He holds the spiritual Stone of 
    Character......Goron People
    Description....These people live in Death Mountain, an active volcano in the 
                   northern part of Hyrule. Their source of food is the minerals 
                   they dig out of the volcano.
    Character......Princess Ruto
    Description....Zora's Princess, Ruto is very much a tomboy. Her mother gave 
                   her the Spiritual Stone of Water when she was a baby, telling 
                   to give it to only the person who she was to marry.
    Character......King Zora
    Description....King of the Zora and princess Ruto's father. He usually just 
                   sits on his throne all day. 
    Character......Zora People
    Description....The people of Zora's Domain are like evolved fish. They live 
                   underwater but can venture out for short periods of time.
    Description....These three people all work at Lon Lon Ranch, the only ranch 
                   in Hyrule.
    Description....This sinister man comes from the desert in the western part 
                   of Hyrule. Ganondorf desires the Triforce.
    VI. Walkthrough
    Opening Scene
    In the opening scene, the great Deku Tree will talk to navi, telling her to 
    summon Link. You then go to a First Person view through navi's eyes as she 
    flys towards Link's house. She goes in and wakes Link up. You grumbly sit 
    up, and eventually stand up. Now, you can control Link.
    Kokiri Forest
    Before you can go see the Deku Tree, you must first get a sword and a shield.
    Walk out of your house. Saria will come running down the pathway, trying to 
    talk with you. Climb down the ladder. You can go talk to her if you wish. 
    She just says congratualations for being chosen by the Deku tree. Anyways, 
    head to the right. Follow the path. Then go to the left, up the ramp. Climb 
    over the small fence and go to the small hole in the wall. When standing in 
    front of it, press A. This will make Link crawl into the hole. Move forward, 
    along the small tunnel. On the other side, run straight. When you get to the
    wall, go left. When you hit the next wall, go right. In this little area is 
    a big treasure chest. Go over to it and press A. Link will look into it for 
    a few seconds before pulling out.....The Kokiri Sword! 
    Now, turn around. make sure that the huge boulder has gone past you, then 
    run straight ahead. At the wall, turn left. Follow it until you can see the 
    little hole on the right. Go over to it and press A again. Once you get on 
    the other side, you have another job to do. You now have to get a shield. 
    You can only buy them at the local store. But they cost 40 rupees each! I 
    can't tell you the exact loactions of all the rupees. But I CAN tell you 
    that there are rupees loacted in the high grass. If you can't find any more 
    rupees, then just go into a house and come back. The rupees will come back! 
    When you have collected 40 rupees, you to the house with the red roof. If you
    haven't gone near this area yet, a Kokiri well call to you from the roof, 
    telling you how to use Z Targeting to talk to people that are far away. Go 
    into the building and purchase the Kokiri Shield.
    Now, go back outside and go to the left. Swim through the water and follow 
    the wall to an exit. The only problem is that there is a Kokiri blocking you 
    from going through. Talk to him to get him jealous of you. He will move away
    after that. Now, go through the exit. You will be in a small pathway. There 
    will be deku babas popping up in front of you. Hack at them with your 
    new-found sword. They will leave behind Deku Sticks. When they are dealt 
    with, follow the path out into a clearing. The Deku Tree is waiting for you. 
    Navi will fly up to him. He will then tell you a story. In the end, he opens 
    up his mouth, telling you to enter if you are courageous enough to fight the 
    evil within him. Go inside...
    Deku Tree
    Well, this is the first dungen in the game. You're inside the big tree. How 
    splendid </sarcasm>. Anyways, go straight, then go to the left and hug the 
    wall until you find a ladder. The reason for hugging the wall is because 
    there are Deku Scrubs in the center. When you climb up, go right. When you 
    reach the gap, jump it. Then jump the one on the other side. Continue to the 
    right. You will come to a treasure chest. Open it with A to find the Dungeon
    Map. Continue to the right and Navi will contact you, telling you that the 
    wall beside you is climbable. Don't worry about it for the time being. 
    Continue to the right once more. Jump the gap and Go to the door. Navi will 
    give you a little speech about how to open doors. When she's done, go up to 
    the door and press A.
    In the next room, you will see a Deku Scrub sitting in the middle of the 
    room. Z target him and hold your shield out. He will shoot a Deku Nut at 
    you. it will bounce off your shield and go back, hitting him in the head. He 
    gets up out of his hole and starts running away. Stay Z targeted at him. 
    Head towards him. When you get close, he will surrender, giving you a hint 
    on how to not take damage after falling off a cliff. He will then run away, 
    leaving a heart for you. Take it and run through the door ahead of you. Run 
    forward, jumping onto the hovering platfrom in the middle. It will start 
    shaking. Continue running across it and jump to the other side. The platfrom
    will fall and shatter on the ground. Uh oh, there's no other way to get 
    On the platfrom that you are standing on, there is another treasure chest. 
    Go over to it and press A. Inside is the Slingshot! Put it on one of your C 
    Buttons. Then, pull it out and turn around. Aim at the ladder dangling in 
    the spider web across from you. Shoot it to make it fall. Jump down and run 
    over to the ladder. Climb it and go through the door. Cross the room where 
    the Deku Scrub used to be and go through the next door. Go to the right, 
    back across the gap until you reach the place where the Dungeon Map was. 
    Pull out your slingshot and aim up. There are lots of Skulltulas climbing 
    around on the wall. If you try to climb up it when they're on there, they 
    will attack you, sending you crashing to the ground. Anyways, aim at the 
    Skulltullas and shoot them, one by one until they're all gone. Then climb up
    the vine to the very top. Move to the right and drop down when you can see 
    that yopu're on top of a platform. The top level is one big circle. Run 
    around it until you find a door on the outside wall. Go through it. the door 
    will shut behind you. Pull out a Deku Stick and light it on fire with the 
    torch beside you. Then use it to light the burnt out torch. This will 
    re-open the door.
    Anyways, turn around and walk onto the switch. It will make three platforms 
    raise in the center of the room. Jump to the first one, then to the second, 
    etc. until you reach the end. Open up the chest to find the Compass. Now 
    turn around. The platfroms should have gone back into the ground by now, so 
    jump down and run across the room. Be careful of the Deku Babas popping up 
    all around you. On the other side, Climb up the vines and go back through 
    the door. Try to find one of the openings in the web on the inside of the 
    circle. Careful though, don't get too close to the openings because a big 
    Skulltula will drop from the celing. When it does, Z target it and wait for 
    it to turn around, exposing it's stomache. Then slash at it. You will need 
    to do it again to finish it off. Then, step back and run towards the opening.
    Jump to the heart in the middle. When you see a view looking down, try to 
    guide Link to land in the middle of the web. If you do this, the web will 
    break under pressure, allowing Link to fall down into the water far below. 
    Jump up on the platform behind you. Push the switch. This will make fire 
    ignite in the torch nearby. Light a deku stick on fire. Then turn around and
    go to the water edge. 
    You should be able to see a lighter area, extending to the other side. 
    Follow it and jump up on the other side. Run to the end of the area with the
    lit deku Stick When you reach the spider web, the fire will make it burn to 
    the ground. Beyond, is a door. Go through it. In the next room, you will, 
    once again, find a Deku Scrub sitting in the middle. Pull out your shield 
    and bounce the seed it spits back at it. When it gets out, run over to it. 
    It will give you a hint, just like the last one. When it runs away, it won't 
    open the door. Instead, pull out your slingshot. Aim at the eye above the 
    barred door. Shoot it and the bars will lift. Go through the door. In this 
    room, there is a platfrom moving back and forth under neath a spiked 
    cylinder. If you go on the platform, you will run into the spikes, causing 
    damage. You don't want that. 
    Instead, jump into the water. Go over to the left and Navi will tell you 
    about diving. Press and hold A. This will make Link dive as deep as he can. 
    If you are over top of the switch, this should be more than enough to get 
    you to the switch. When it gets pressed down, the water will lower. Go back 
    up the ramp and jump onto the moving platfrom, now that you can safely pass 
    underneath it. Jump to the ledge on the other side. Run over to where the 
    block is and wait for the Skultulla to come down from the celing. Kill him, 
    then pull the block out a little so that it's under the ledge above. Then 
    climb up on the block, then up to the ledge. Go through the door ahead. 
    In the next room, pull out your Deku Stick. Run to the lit torch and light 
    it. Then run it over to the other two un-lit torches, lighting all three 
    will open the door. In the next room, try to stay to the side. If you wander 
    out into the middle, 3 enemies will drop from the celing. Anyways, go to the 
    lit torch. Light a deku stick and turn around. On the far side of the room 
    is a web. Run to it and burn it down. Then, crawl through the hole behind it.
    You should now be back to where you fell down the spider web at the 
    beginning. Onlky now, you're at an area you couldn't resch any other way. 
    Push the block down into the water. Then jump down and go to the torch. 
    Light a deku stick. Turn aroiund and jump back onto the block. Climb up to 
    the higher area again. From here, roll over the web to burn it down. You 
    will be plunged into the water below. Climb out to the shore and you will 
    see 3 Deku Scrubs. You must Kill them in this oder, the middle one (2) The 
    right one (3) and finally, the left one (1). This will open a door to the 
    side, go through it.
    Queen Gohma
    Now, to face your first boss. Queen Gohma. When you first go in, you won't 
    be able to see her, but you'll be able to hear a wierd scratching noise. 
    Press C-Up. Look around the celing until you see a little red light. Stay 
    focused on that for a few seconds. It's really Gohma's eye! She will jump 
    down from the ceiling and loom in front of you. Make sure your slingshot is 
    on one of your C-Buttons. When she opens up her eyelids, revealing her big, 
    ugly red eye, shoot it with a Deku Seed. This will stun Gohma, causing her 
    to fall to her knees unconscious. Slash at her with your sword. If she 
    doesn't die, you'll ahve to repeat the process. If she climbs up the walls 
    onto the celing, watch out because she will drop little monsters to the 
    floor to atrtack you. If this happens, kill them and wait for her to drop 
    down again. If you happen to run out of Deku Seeds, use Deku Nuts to stun 
    her. When she is dead, grab the heart container and enter the blue light. 
    You will appear in front of the Deku Tree. He will give you the spiritual 
    Stone of the Forest. He will then start to slowly die.
    The Road to Hyrule
    Once the Deku tree dies, go back, past the Deku Things. You will be back in 
    Kokiri Forest. Talk to Mido to let him pass. He will be mad at you because 
    he thinks you killed the Deku Tree. Anyways, go straight. Right to the other 
    side of the forest. Go through the now un-blocked tunnel. A short cut-scene 
    will appear. Link will be walking across the bridge when Saria jumps out. 
    She gives him a Fairy ocarina as a momento of their friendship. Link turns 
    and runs, out into Hyrule field. In this area, time passes. Day turns to 
    night and wierd monsters and skeletons pop out of the ground. Follow the 
    twisting path out to the clearing of Hyrule field. You will be stopped by a 
    giant Owl. Throughout the game, he will come and give you hints, sort of a 
    beginners thing. In this case, he tells you that Hyrule Castle is straight 
    ahead. So, that's where you must go. Run straight ahead.
    You will eventually reach a big draw bridge. If it is open, go inside, if 
    it's night time, it will be closed, to keep the monsters out. In this case, 
    you have to stay outside fighting for your life, until the first sight of 
    dawn appears. Anyways, when you are in, it will go to a birds eye-view angle.
    Go south, into the Town Market. In front of you is a big fountain. On the 
    other side is a young girl dressed in red. Talk to her. She will comment 
    about your clothes, your fairy, and her father, who went to deliver milk at 
    Hyrul castle. When she's done talking, go past her and through the opening. 
    This is where Hyrule castle is located, but first, you have to get past all 
    of the guards. On your right, there are a bunch of vines growing up the wall.
    Climb up them and run across the stone bridge, Keep running until a guard 
    catches you (Don't worry, you want this to happen).
    He will throw you back. You will land near the vines. Go back to them. You 
    will find Marin (The girl from the Market place) standing there, singing a 
    song. Talk to her and she will give you a mysterious egg. It will come in 
    handy later. Climb up the vines and this time, jump OVER the stone bridge. 
    You should now be on the other side. Run down the road. When you reach the 
    corner, Turn to the left, onto the field. Posisition yourself between the 
    two guards and run straight ahead. When you see a guard come into view on 
    your right, turn to the left a little. When you reach the wall, climb up the 
    vine. Run up the hill and jump in the little moat around the castle. When 
    you reach the corner, get out and go to the left. You will find a sleeping 
    man in the road. This is Malon's father. If night has turned to day, then 
    your egg will have hatched into a Cucco. Pull it out on one of your 
    Press the C button to make it let out a cry that will make the man up. He 
    will stand up. He will talk to you for a little, then realize Malon is going
    to kill him for being so late. He runs in the opposite direction, leaving 
    the path clear for you. You will notice that all around you, there is a 
    little rail that pops out of the ground. With an opening left out, towards 
    the moat. Look around to find two milk crated. Grab one and push it through 
    that hole, down to a platform beside the moat. Then, take the other crate 
    and push it on top of the other one. You should now have the two crates 
    stacked up in front of the moat. Climb on top of the top box. You should 
    notice that there is a little ledge across the moat with a small hole in it.
    Jump across to the ledge, then climb in the hole. You will come out on the 
    other side in a pond. A pond in Hyrule Castle! You got in. Well, sort of. 
    You should notice that the view has changed. Well, go to the left. When you 
    come to the hedge, you will see a guard walking around a big fountain. He 
    can't see you when his back is to you. Try to stay behind him, but not TOO 
    close. Maybe like 5cm's back. When you reach the other side, go past the set 
    of hedges. The next screen has the same set-up as before only this time 
    there are 2 guards. When the second guard walks past, there will be a bigger
    gap in-between them. This is the gap you need. On the third screen, climb up
    the stairs and walk across the wooden plank. Be careful. If you fall down, 
    you'll most likely be found my the guard and thrown out of the castle. When 
    you get to the other side of the plank, jump off. Just one more section to 
    Go left again. This time, the "game" is in the north section. I'll let you 
    figure this one out on your own, I can't be holding your hand throughout the
    ENTIRE game, now can I. When you get to the end, go left. Through the big 
    Arc. This is the Castle Courtyard. In here, you will find Princess Zelda. Go 
    straight ahead to find her peering through a window. Press A to make her 
    turn around. From here, you get into a LONG cut-scene, so grab the pop corn 
    and chill out. When it ends, Zelda will tell you that her Caretaker, Impa, 
    is waiting at the entrance to the courtyard to escort you out of the castle. 
    Before you leave Zelda's side, she will give you a letter signed by her, it 
    might come in handy she says...So do that, go back to the entrance of the 
    courtyard to find Impa. She will teach you the first song for your Ocarina, 
    Zelda's Lullaby. You don't need to write it down or anything, as it's stored 
    in the quest status screen. After you learn the song, you will be outside 
    the gates to Hyrule Market. Impa will point you in the direction of the next
    spirit stone. Towards Kakariko village.
    The Ranch
    Don't go to where Impa said just yet. Run across Hyrul field. Look at your 
    map. See that big circle thing in the middle? That's where you must go first.
    It's called Lon Lon Ranch and it's where Malon and Talon live. Enter the 
    first door on the left. Inside is Talon, once again sleeping. You can play
    a game with him for 10 rupees. But first, let's cheat a little. See all of 
    the Cuccos running around in the middle of the room? Pick them up one by one 
    and throw them behind Talon, between the stairs and the wall. When they're 
    all over there, go talk to Talon. Py him the 10 rupeess to play the game. In 
    the game, you're supposed to pick out his 3 special Cuccos out of the bunch 
    of them. But since his other Cuccos are near the wall, it will be VERY easy 
    to find his 3 special Cuccos. When you get them all, he'll give you a 
    bottle! Now, go back out the door and continue on into the ranch. You will 
    notice a big fenced area, with horses inside. Go inside, right to the center 
    to find Malon. Talk to her. She will tell you about her Mothers song. Pull 
    out your Ocarina. She will comment on it and teach you her Mother's song. 
    It's called Epona's Song. Now, with the song, go back out of the ranch.
    Back to the Forest
    Now, go back to the path, going back to Kokiri forest. Go inside. Once 
    inside the actual forest, go left. Jump up on the ledge. Near you is a big 
    wall with vines growing out of it. Climb up them. At the top, run along the 
    path until you reach an exit. Go through it. You will now be in the Lost 
    woods. If you take the wrong pathway, you'll start back at the beginning. 
    Anyways, I'll give you the right directions. Start by going right. In this 
    area, go right to the fence. Pull out your slingshot. Aim at the target 
    board. If you hit 3 perfect 100's in a row, a Deku Scrub will come out and 
    give you an upgrade to your Deku Bullet Bag. Now you can hold 40 bullets! 
    Anyways, next, go to the left. From here, go right. Next, go left. Go 
    straight ahead, into the next one. Then go straight again. next, turn left. 
    Then turn right, out of the Lost Woods.
    You are now in the Sacred Forest Meadow. Go forward, towards the closed 
    gate. A White Wolfos will pop out from the ground. Kill it to make the gate 
    dissappear. Go through it. Follow the twisting path all the way around. KIll 
    the Deku Scrubs that pop out of the ground before they can shoot seeds at 
    you. When you reach an intersection, so right. Follow it around until you 
    reach a small pool of water. You have to jump in. Get out on the other side. 
    Go straight until you see stairs going up on the right. Gon up the stairs. 
    It will lead to a long straight pathway, with 3 deku scrubs in the middle. 
    Kill them at a safe distance with your slingshot, then continue up. On the 
    other side is another long set of stairs. Climb these to find Saria sitting 
    on a tree stump playin an Ocarina. She will teach you a new song called, 
    Saria's Song. She also says that that place will be important for both of 
    them some day.
    Kakariko Village
    Head towards the direction Impa pointed you in. Cross the bridge and go up 
    the stairs, into Kakariko Village. There are a few things that you can do 
    here. One is get a bottle. Go to the northeast corner of the village to find 
    a young woman crying. She has lost all her cuccos and she want you to find 
    them. If you find all of them, you will get a bottle.  Beside the lady, 
    there is an exit leading to the graveyard. Go through it. gGo up to the 
    first row of grave stones. See the one with 3 Triforce shaped flowers at the
    base? Pull that head stone back and jump down the hole. Run over to the 
    chest and open it to find a Hylian Shield! Equip it and get out of the grave.
    Now, go to the very back of the graveyard. Stand on the Triforce thing and 
    play Zelda's Lullaby. The stone in front of you will be struck by lightning 
    and blow up. It leaves a big hole, jump down it.
    In the first room, kill all the keese (Bats) This will open the door at the 
    far end. Go through it into the next room. In here, there are a lot of 
    Zombies. if they see you, they'll scream. Freezing you in your tracks. If 
    they catch you then they'll wrap around you and start to suck your energy. 
    Stick to the left side of the room. When you make it into the next room, run 
    up to the wall. There is a scroll written there, under it is a song. Sun's 
    Song. It will change day to night and vice versa. Now, when you're ready, 
    climb back out of the grave and get out of the graveyard. Now, whenever 
    you're ready, Climb up the set up stairs that are some-what close to the 
    entrance. Keep climbing until you reach a big gate. The guard will not let 
    you pass without proper authorization. Pull out Zelda's signature onto one 
    of your C-Buttons. Then, use it in front of the guard. HE will read it and 
    give you access. He opens the gate, leading up to Death Mountain. 
    The Mountain
    Go through the gate. You are now on Death Mountain Trail. Run up the path. 
    You will see a huge boulder blocking a tunnel. Beyond that tunnel is 
    Dodongo's cavern. Keep following the path upwards. You will see an incline 
    in the path going off to the left. That leads up to the summit. Don't worry 
    about it right now. Go to the path on the right. There will be a rolling 
    "thing" coming down the path. It's really a Goron. The race that lives on 
    Death Mountain. Avoid it and continue on aloing the path. Straight ahead of 
    you is a big wooden door. Go to it and it will open, giving you access to 
    Goron City.
    Goron City
    Goron City, home of the Grons. Now, you need to get down to the bottom level 
    of the city. There are two ways to do this. Either, A)Run forward. Jump up 
    on the railing. Then,. jump off towards the middle. Keep the analog stick 
    pushed forward. When Link hits the ground, he will roll instead of taking 
    damage. B)Go to the left and go down the stairs. Just keep following 
    different sets of stairs until you get down to the bottom. Whatever you 
    choose, when you get to the bttom, go to the big door. Stand on the doormat 
    and play Zelda's Lullaby. Darunia (The Goron King) will think you're a 
    messenger of the royal family and let you enter his throne room. When you 
    enter it, he is sad. To cheer him up, stand in front of him and play Saria's
    He will become happy and start dancing. He will be SO happy that he will 
    give you a Goron Bracelet. He tells you the reason he was sad is because 
    Ganondorf blocked the entrance to Dodongo's cavern. The Gorons need to enter 
    that cavern to get food. Darunia then tells you that he will give you the 
    spiritual stone of fire if you enter Dodongo's cavern and destroy the evil 
    within. Obviously, you're going to accept. Now, go back to the entrance to 
    Goron City. Go outside to Death Miuntain Trail. From here, go to the right. 
    There is a small alcove peaking out over the trail. You are right over top 
    of the big boulder blocking Dodongo's Cavern. Now that you have the Goron 
    bracelet, you can pick up bomb flowers. Pick the nearby one up and throw it 
    over the railing. The view will change to show where it lands. if it doesn't
    blow up the boulder, keep trying. Then go back around the long way. When you 
    reach the cavern, go inside.
    Dodongo's Cavern
    You aren't exactly in the cavern yet though. Go to either the left or right 
    side of the small room you're in. Pick up a bomb flower and throw it at the 
    wierd looking wall. The wall will crumble, exposing Dodongo's Cavern. Run in.
    Go straight. Run across the broken bridge and jump to the rising platform. 
    When it rises, jump to the middle. From here, avoid the Beamos in the middle 
    and go to the right. Jump to the rising platfrom, then jump to the other 
    side. Pick up a bomb flower and throw it at the Beamos to kill it. Then pick 
    up another flower and throw it near where the Beamos was, by the wierd wall. 
    The wall will crumble and you can go through. After you take a few steps 
    into the room, some baby dodongo's will pop out of the ground. Kill them. But
    watch out, when they die, they tick for a few seconds and then blow up. 
    When you get to the end of the passageway, you will find a barred door with 
    a switch in front of it. You can push down the switch to raise the bars, but 
    when you leave the switch, the bars will lower again. What you need is 
    something to weigh down the switch. Push one of the statues that are sitting 
    next to it, over top of the switch. This will keep it from popping back up. 
    Now that the door is open, go through it. You are now in a small passage. 
    there are a couple of pots for you to get more hearts. When you're done, go 
    through the next door, but be ready for a mini-boss battle! When you enter, 
    you'll just see a bunch of platfroms floating on top of lava. When you go 
    intot he room a little more, 2 Lizards will jump down and start attacking 
    you. The easiest way to kill them is to Z target one of them when he is on 
    the same platform as you. When you strike him, he runs away. That is when 
    you go to the other Lizard. Keep alternating until they're both dead. And 
    remember to use your Hylian Shield!
    When they die, go through the door that opens. In the next room, there are 
    BIG Dodongo's. To kill them, run around to their rear ends and slash at 
    their tails. After a few hits, they'll blow up, just like the little ones. 
    When they're all dead. Whip out a deku stick and go to the lit torch. Light 
    it and run around lighting all the other ones. When they're all lit, the 
    door will open to the next area, go through it. In the next passage, run 
    forward and press the switch. This will open the door on the far end of the 
    main room. Now, jump down from your little ledge. You're back in the room 
    you started in, only this time, you opened the door on the far side. So, 
    jump across the rising platforms again and make your way over to that door. 
    Go through it.
    You will see a huge set of stairs sitting there, only you can't reach the 
    first stair. There are bomb flowers lined up all around the base of the 
    stairs. There is one lonely bomb flower just sitting all by itself. Pick it 
    up and throw it in between the gap in the line of flowers. This will start a 
    chain reaction, setting off all of the bomb flowers. The explosion will 
    cause the stairs to fall. Climb up them and go to the right. Keep following 
    it up until you see the door. Go through it. In the center of the next room 
    is a pillar. There are Armos statues all around it. Look for the one that 
    has a ladder above it. Push that one away and climb up the ladder. Push the 
    switch to open the door ahead of you. Jump off the pillar and go through the 
    door before the Keese have a chance to get at you.
    In the next room, run forward and jump over the broken part of the bridge. 
    Keep running until you reach the next room. Run forward and jump in between 
    the 2 walls. A balde should whiz right past you. Navi will tell you to be 
    careful and use the Z button to peek around corners. Don't worry about it. 
    When the blade goes back past you, run past it to the other side, pull the 
    block out of the hole in the side. Climb up on top of it. Then jump to the 
    other platform beside it. Pick up the bomb flower and turn around. There is 
    a bombable wall there, but there's no ledge to set the bomb! Wait until the 
    bomb starts flashing and then throw it towards the wall. If your timing was 
    right, the bomb would explode in mid-air, destroying the wall. If it didn't 
    work, keep trying until it does. When you're done with that, climb up the 
    ladder into the entrance you bombed. Go through it. 
    In the next room, you'll have to fight the Lizard guys again. Kill them and 
    go through the newly opened door. You're back in the room with all of the 
    blades, only now, you're on the top level. Jump across the gap. Then climb 
    up the wall ont he right. There is a chest there. Open it to find a Bomb 
    Bag! Along with a couple of bombs! Now, go through the doorway nearby. Walk 
    forward and hit the switch. That will make the rising platfroms below rise 
    all the way up to the top, where you are right now. This is good in case you 
    die, and need to get back up. Anyways, run across the bridge. Stop at the 
    gap. Drop a bomb down it. It will land in the giant dead Dodongo's eye. When 
    it explodes, the eye will turn red. Hop over the gap and drop another one in 
    the second gap. Now that both eyes are lit, the mouth opns up. Letting you go
    inside. Jump down onto the platform with the Beamos and go into the mouth. 
    Open the door at the end.
    Inside, there is a switch in the middle. once again, you can't keep it down 
    unless something is on top of it. Go to the right and climb up on the ledge. 
    Follow the twisting path until it opens up to a large room. There are a few 
    Keese in here, so watch out. Follow the twisting path around the room. When 
    you reach the block, jump up on top of it. Jump to the next one and follow 
    the tiny ledge all the way to the exit. Go through the exit and follow yet 
    another twisting path all the way up to a block. I suggest standing there 
    and killing all the Keese in the next room with your slingshot. Makes it a 
    lot easier to push the block. Push the bl9ock over the edge and jump down 
    after it, pull it away from the wall and push it into the hole in the center.
    It will stay on top of the switch, opening the door on the right for you. Go 
    through it. Go to the chest to find Bombs. Then place one on the lighter 
    square patch of dirt. The floor will crumble, exposing a hole, jump down to 
    face your next boss.
    King Dodongo
    King Dodongo. This guy is really easy. Make sure you have your bombs 
    equipped though. When he opens up his mouth, throw a bomb down his throat. 
    When it explodes, he will fall to the ground, stunned. Run up and hit him 
    with your sword. You have to do this 3 more times to kill him. If he starts 
    rolling towards you, just go to the inside of the circle. Don't go too far, 
    that you'll touch the lava, just enough so that he can't hit you. When he 
    dies, run over and pick up the Heart Container. Then step into the circle of 
    blue light. You will appear in front of Dodongo's Cavern, where Darunia is 
    waiting to Congratulate you. he gives you the spiritual Stone of fire and 
    makes you a sworn brother of his. He then points you in the direction of 
    Death Mountain Summit, where a fairy is told to be...
    The Summit
    Go back up the mountain, towards Gron City. Only this time, go to the left, 
    up towards the summit. Blow up the boulders here and jump from platform to 
    platfrom. Now, the tough part. You have to run across the big field, only 
    problem is, huge boulders fall off the mountain, landing on top of you. When 
    yousee a huge shadow on top of you, Hold R to make your Hylian shield go 
    over your back. When the rocks stop for a few moments, move forward again. 
    When you get to the end, pull out your slingshot and shoot down the 
    Skultullas hanging on the wall. Climb up the vines When you get to the top, 
    go bomb the wall with a wierd rupee shape on it. Go through the hole it 
    leaves. Inside, there is a huge fountain. Walk up to the small triforce 
    symbol on the ground and play Zelda's Lullaby. A fairy will come out of the 
    fountain and give you a special sword technique. If you hold down B, your 
    sword will charge up, but it will use up magic. Now, go back out of the 
    fountain and talk to the owl. He will fly you back down to kakariko village. 
    Walk out of the village and go down the stairs. 
    Zora's River
    Go down the stairs and head left. Follow the river into the next area. Walk
    up to where there are a row of boulders. Bomb a few so that you can go 
    through. The owl will talk to you again, giving you a few hints about what 
    to do. Head up the river, following the bridges, etc until you reach the 
    waterfall. Stand on the triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby. The waterfall 
    will slow to a trickle, revealing a secret exit beyond it! Jump over to it 
    and enter the Domain...
    Zora's Domain
    This is where the Zoras live. They are a race that is somewhat like a fish. 
    Anyways, follow the path down. Then follow the other one up. When you get to 
    the top of the stairs, go left. At the end of the tunnel, talk to the Zora. 
    It wants to play a diving game. I will throw a bunch of rupees in the water 
    far below, then you have to dive in and get them. if you get all of them, 
    you get a prize. It costs 20 rupees to play, but don't worry, you'll gte 
    more than that from the rupees you'll collect during the game. When the 
    rupees are throwmn dive off. When you hit the water, try to get as many as 
    possible. After that, just line yourself over top of the rupees and then 
    dive down after them. When you get them all, the Zora will tell you to go 
    back up to get your prize. So do that, go back up to where thegame started. 
    The Zora will give you the silver scale. It lets you dive deeper than
    before! Jump back down. Now, look for a hole in the bottom of the water. 
    Dive down into it. It's a short-cut to Lake Hylia.
    Lake Hylia
    When you come out, look in front of you. Navi should turn green and fly over 
    to an object under the water. Go over to it and dive down to get it. It's a 
    message in a bottle! it seems that Princess Ruto of the Zoras has been eaten 
    by Lord Jabu Jabu! You must bring the message to her father! Dive back into 
    the hole, back to Zora's Domain.
    Zora's Domain
    When you come back to the Domain, go over to the shallow water. Pull out 
    the empty jar that you got from Lon LonRanch. Use it to catch a fish. After 
    that, run back up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, walk over to the 
    alter and press the C-Button that has the message in the bottle. King Zora 
    will read it. He wants you to go help his daughter! He gives you the empty 
    bottle that the message came in, then he moves over, revealing a pathway 
    behind his throne. Run to the right and follow the pathway leading up to 
    King Zora's throne. Run through the shallow water and out of Zora's Domain. 
    In the next area, you will see a gigantic fish, that, is Lord Jabu Jabu. 
    Take out the fish and drop it right in front of him. He will open his mouth 
    and try to suck in the fish, only you get sucked in too.
    Lord Jabu Jabu
    As soon as you can move, pull out your slingshot and aim straight ahead, at 
    the end of the room is a strange looking thing hanging from the celing. Hit 
    it with the slingshot to make the door open up. Run straight ahead, past the 
    Octapus things. In the next room, follow the ledge to the left, go through 
    the next door. In the next room, take a few steps, you will be confronted by 
    Princess Ruto. She doesn't want your help, but then she steps into a hole. 
    She falls down below, you can hear her screaming! Time to be a hero, jump 
    down after her. Talk to her, she will still be stubborn. Talk to her again 
    and she will finally let you carry her. Press A to hoist her onto your 
    shoulders. Turn around and go through the door. You are now in a hallway, 
    with floating dangerous bubbles! You can throw Ruto at them to pop them or 
    you can slash at them with your sword. Either way, make it to the end of the 
    hallway and go through the door. In the next area, jump down into the gap in 
    the floor. Throw Ruto on the opposite ledge. Then push the switch to make 
    water ise. Swim over to where you put Ruto, climb up onto the ground and 
    pick her up. Continue on through the doors. 
    In the tunnel, there are more bubble things. Do whatever you want with them, 
    but make it to the end. There is another one of those wierd hanging things 
    in the ceiling. Throw Ruto up to hit it then go through the door. Put your 
    Deku Shield on your a few moments. In the next room, ther eis an Octapus 
    thing shooting seeds at you. Drop Ruto and bounce the seeds back at the 
    thing to kill it. When he's dead, pick her up and wait for the platform to 
    lower, when it does, jump on it and wait for it to rise to the top. When it 
    does, get off. You are now back at the beginning. Follow the ledge around 
    and go through the door. You're now in the room where Ruto fell down the hole
    . Be careful, there's a lot more holes where that came from. Anyways, go to 
    the far end of the room while avoiding the jellyfish things. See that large 
    tenticle thing covering up one of the holes? Remember that hole, it's going 
    to be important.
    Go through the doorway. The pathway will split into three sections. Take the 
    right one. Follow it straight ahead until you reach the switch. Something 
    has to stay on the switch or else it will rise back up. Place Ruto on it. 
    The go through the doorway. Inside, there are a bunch of Stingray guys. Kill 
    all of them with the slingshot or sword. You will then be awarded with the 
    Boomerang! Go back outside the room and pick up Ruto. Go down to the end of 
    the pathway and turn right. Go straight and follow the pathway to the end. 
    Put Rutomon the switch and step inside. There is a huge tenticle hanging 
    from the celing. Pull out your boomerang and z target the ting. Circle around
    it while throwing the Boomerang at it. It will eventually crumble to the 
    floor, then, a chest will appear, inside is the Dungeon Map! Now, go back 
    outside the room. Pick up Ruto and go to the left. The tentacle in front of 
    the door is now gone, leaving you free to go inside. Kill all the bubble 
    things in here to be rewarded the compass. 
    Now, go back down the long hallway and go straight, back into the right hand 
    side of the area. Keep going until you reach the tunnel going left. The 
    tentacle at the end of it is gone, so go inside. There is another tenticle 
    in here though, so destroy it and go back outside. Go back down to the 
    beginning of the tunnel. Now, it's time to go up the middle pathway. This 
    time, you have to destroy a tenticle, plus a bunch of jelly fish things. 
    First take out the jellyfish, then take out the tentacle. When it's dead, go 
    back out of this room and head straight, back into the room with the holes. 
    Go to the first hole on the right (The one that used to have the tentacle in 
    it) and drop down it. Go into the doorway. In the next room, Ruto spies what 
    she's been looking for, the Spiritual stone of water!. She asks you to throw 
    her up onto the ledge, so do that. 
    She picks up the spiritual stone. then, the platfrom that she was on rises 
    up to the celing, into a hole. When it comes down, there's an Octapus thing 
    sitting on it. It's a big one! It's not too hard to kill though. Throw your 
    boomerang at it to stun it. It has to be stunned with it's back facing you 
    though. Run up and hit the jewel thing on his back with your sword. Back up. 
    If he heads in your direction, throw the boomerang at him again to stun him, 
    hopefully making him run the other way. If you can't catch up to him, don't 
    worry, Z target him and try to stay as close to the inside as you can. 
    Without touching the spikes that is. When he's dead, hop onto the platform 
    and let it carry you to the top. You will be in a big room. Go into the door 
    on the far side of it. There are a bunch of jiggling things here. Hit the 
    first one with your boomerang. It will turn red and stop shaking. Jump to it.
    Then do the same to the next one, etc until you reach the door. Go through it
    . In the next room, jump onto the ledge to make it fall below.
    Once again, you will be at the very beginning, only now, the ledge goes all 
    the way around the room, leading to an alcove, where you will find a door. 
    You cant keep the switch to the door pressed down though, so walk around the 
    ledge until you find a crate. Carry it over to the switch and drop it down. 
    Go through the doorway. Kill all the jelly fish things, then climb up the 
    tower that's in the middle of it. At the top, look towards the center, there 
    is a switch hanging from the celing, but you can't reach it because there's 
    a glass wall in the way. Take out your boomerang. Z target the switch and 
    throw the boomerang. If you did it right, the boomerang will go around the 
    glass and hit the switch, opening the way to the boss. Jump down and go 
    through the door. 
    The boss, Barinade. it's not too difficult. A little wierd though. Pull out 
    your boomerang. At first, it will be difficult, but keep throwing your 
    boomeraqng at it while you are Z targeted. It has a bunch of jelly fish 
    things making a shield for itself. You should eventually hit it. This wills 
    tun it, making the jellyfish leave her side and spread out. Take them out 
    ASAP! If you don't get them all before she sticks them back onto her body, 
    don't worry, it'll be easier to hit her now. Kill all the jellyfish until 
    there's nothing protecting her. Then hit her with your boomerang to stun her.
    Then rush up and slash at her with your sword. After your attack, she will 
    sink into the ground and begin shooting electricity at you. Dodge it until 
    she comes back up. Repeat the process. When she dies, grab the heart 
    container and step into the blue light, where Ruto is waiting.
    Zora's Fountain
    You will appear on a log in Zora's Fountain (Where Jabu Jabu is) Ruto will 
    sneak up on you ans sacare you, you will both fall into the water below. 
    Ruto will tell you that she can only give the spiritual stone of water to 
    the man she is going to marry. You take it, so i guess you'll have to marry 
    her.....some day. Now, with the last spiritual stone, go back to Hyrul 
    Castle to show Zelda.
    The Awakening
    When you get near the castle, you will notice the draw bridge is closed, 
    even if it's day time. As you get closer and closer to the castle, it gets 
    darker and darker, when you get in front of it, a cut scene will come on. 
    Zelda and Impa start riding off on a horse. Zelda sees you and tosses the 
    Ocarina of Time to you. Only she doesn't have good aim, and it goes in the 
    moat around the castle. Then, Ganondorf comes out on a horse. He shoots a 
    magic beam at Link and then rises off, looking for Zelda. When the cut scene 
    is over, jump into the moat. Dive down to the bottom to get the Ocarina. 
    When you surface with it, you will get a telepathic message from Zelda. She 
    teaches you the Song of Time, a song needed to gain access to the Sacred 
    realm. Well, now it's off to the Temple of Time. Go into the Hyrule Market. 
    In one of the corners, you will see what seems like a castle, go towards it. 
    It is the temple of time. When you get inside, run forward and stand on the 
    red carpet. Play the Song of Time to make the door open. Go in it and pull 
    the Master Sword out of the Pedastle of Time.
    Ganondorf will appear. It seems he followed you in to get the Triforce. 
    There's nothing you could have done, you never knew... Suddenly, you wake 
    up, you're surrounded by blue light, and a person. He is Rauru. The sage of 
    the Light Temple. He has kept you there for 7 years. Thjat's right, seven 
    YEARS. It seems that you weren't sytrong enough to be the hero of Time that 
    Hyrule needed, so he kept you until you WERE ready. You are now an adult. 
    Yay for you! When you go back to the Temple of Time, a stange cloaked figure 
    will come and tell you about Temples, that you need to free the sages that 
    are trapped inside each one. She tells you that you must first go to 
    Kakariko village. 
    Go out into the town market. You will see that everything has drastically 
    changed. The buildings are all run down and there are zombies roaming the 
    marketplace. Go out into Hyrule field. From here, you should remember how to
    get to Kakariko Village. You go to the left and up the stairs, etc. Anyways, 
    go to the graveyard. Take your first left path. Look for the grave stone that
    has the triforce flowers at the base of it. Pull this head stone out to 
    reveal a hole. Jump down into it. Now will be faced with Dampé, the now 
    deceased grave keeper. His spirit is hovering in front of you. Go near him. 
    He will challenge you to a game. You just have to follow him right to the 
    very end, where he will give you the Hookshot! Now, go through the exit, 
    just past the chest that held hookshot. The door will close behind you. 
    Only, in front of you, there is a wall of strange blue blocks. To make them 
    disappear, play the song of Time. Then, climb up the steps and into the 
    windmill. Jump down and go through the door. Now, make your way out of the 
    village, back to Hyrule Field.
    The Forest
    Go to Kokiri Forest. Notice that the forest has also changed, for the worst. 
    There are enemies everywhere and the children are forced to stay inside 
    their houses. Go to the left and climb up the vines. Just like before, enter 
    the lost woods. Take the right, then a left. You will find Mido guarding the 
    way to go any further. To get past him, play Saria's song. From here, follow 
    the directions I gave you at the beginning of this Guide. When you get to 
    the Sacred Forest meadow, defeat the Whit Wolfos and continue on. Take out 
    your hookshot and put it on one of your C-Buttons. Peek around the corner 
    and shoot at the Moblin. Keep doing this until you get all the way up to the 
    spot where Saria sat, waiting for you when you were a child. Now, Shiek, the 
    person from the Temple of Time, sits waiting for you. She teaches you the 
    Minuet of Forest. It is a song that can transport you in front of the Forest 
    Tempe whenever you play it. Look up. There is a broken set of stairs. But 
    there is also a log hanging over them. Sink your hookshot into the log and 
    it will pull you up. Go forward into the hole for your first Temple encounter
    Forest Temple
    Run forward and kill the 2 Wolfos. Then go to the right and climb up the 
    vine. Keep climbing until you're on top of the tree. Then, run across the 
    branch and jump to the next tree. Open the small chest to find a Small key. 
    Jump down and go through the door. Above you is a Skultulla. Kill it with 
    the hookshot and continue on. In the next room, 4 different coloured ghosts 
    will steal 4 different coulered flames and fly away. This makes the elevator 
    in the center dissappear. Go straight ahead. Hop up the ledge to the stairs 
    and go into the next room. Kill the 2 Stalfos to retrieve another key. Now, 
    exit the room and go to the right. Play the Song of Time to remove the blue 
    block, and go through the door. In here, there are a lot of killer plants, 
    so be careful. Make your way to the right and kill the Skultulla with your 
    hookshot. There's another one higher up, but you can't reach it. So start 
    climbing. When the Skultulla is looking the other way, climb past it into 
    the alcove in the side. Go through the door.
    Inside is a flaiming skull. Let it bounce against your shield and the flame 
    will go out, and it will begin to bounce around on the floor. When it's 
    doing this, slash at it a few times to kill it. When it dies, a chest will 
    appear with thr Dungeon map. Now, go through the door on the opposite side 
    of the room. You will be on a balcony now. To your left, above another 
    alcove is a target. Hit it with your hookshot. The hookshot will stick, 
    pulling you over there. When you drop down, hit the switch. This causes all 
    of the water in the well below to drain. Jump down and go into the well. 
    Under the well is just a single long passage. At the very end is a ches with 
    a small key. Take the key and climb up the vines next to the chest. You're 
    now back to the killer plant room you started in. Go through the door, back 
    to the main room. Go right and climb up the stairs. Unlock the door and go 
    through. In the next room, kill the Skultulla and continue on. 
    I hate this room, go forward and climb up the ladder. Go left and follow the 
    little yellow arrows on the floor when Navi tells you about them. You will 
    find a block wedged into a hallway. Pull it back as far as it can go. Then, 
    go around to the back of it and push it so that it is right beside the wall.
    Then go to the side of it and push it in the direction of the yellow arrows. 
    At the end, it will fall into a little hole. Climb up on top of it. Then, 
    climb up to the next level. This is harder. Find the block and pull it out. 
    On;y, now there is no easy way to get around to the back of it. Go back down 
    to the level below. In between one of the passageways is a ladder. Climb up 
    it. You can now get to the backside of that block! Push it even with the wall
    . Then you have to go back down the ladder and climb back on top of the 
    block. Push the block as far as it can. It still won't fall into the hole 
    though! Go back to the area it was wedged into. Follow the ledge to the 
    right. Yay! There's another entrance that you can push the block from. Push 
    it into the hole.
    Now, Climb on top of the new block and follow the path to a ladder. Once up 
    it, go straight, through the doorway, you have unlock it though, as there's 
    a chain around it. There is an eye above the door, but you can't do any 
    thing about that yet. You will be in a long twisted hallway. Follow it right 
    to the very end, int he next room, Navi will warn you about Master Hands, 
    they fall from the celing, grab you and take you back to the beginning of 
    the temple. You will know they're coming when a shadow is on top of you. Hop 
    across to the platfrom in front of you, then hop to the left. Unlock the 
    door and go through. Go down the stairs and out the door. Ready for a tough 
    battle? At first, there's two regualr Stalfos. Easy to kill. Just make sure 
    you don't fall down the hole in the middle, even though they can some how 
    magically walk over top of it. When they re dead, a platform from above will 
    lower, covering up the hole. But there's also two more Stalfos, only these 
    are special ones. Once you defeat the first one, he won't dissappear, 
    instead he sits on the floor as a bag of bones.
    You have a limited time to defeat the other Stalfos. if you don't kill it 
    during that time, the other one will be revived. When they are both dead, a 
    chest will appear in the center of the room. Inside is the Fairy's Bow! Now, 
    go backwards. You should see a Poe hidden in the picture. Shoot it with an 
    arrow. If it dissappears before you have a chance, just walk up the stairs. 
    There are 3 paintings intotal that it can hide in. When all three are 
    destroyed, the Poe will reveal itself and float down to the bottom level. 
    Now, you go down to where it is. Pull out your shield and Z target it. Keep 
    your shield on it until it stops spinning. Then slash at it with your sword. 
    When it dies, you will be given a small key. Now, go back into the Stalfos 
    room. This time, go through the door on the other side. There is another poe 
    here, do the same as you just did to the last one. You will be rewarded with 
    a Compass. Now, go all the way back to the twisted corridor. On the other 
    side of the door is an eye switch, remember? Shoot that eye with an arrow. 
    Now, go back through the door. The corridor isn't twisted anymore! 
    Go straight down to the end and jump down to the ground. Open up the golden 
    chest to get the Boss Key! There is a hole in the floor beside it. Drop down 
    it. There's a couple of flaming skulls in here, kill them to unlock the door.
    Go through it to find your on a ledge in the plant room. Go to the left. Go 
    into the first door on your right. Inside is a strange hand thing. If you 
    get too close, it will turn green, making it invincable. It will then charge 
    at you. Dodge it and wait for it to return to it's normal colour. Then 
    attack it until it dies. Uh oh. Three baby ones came out of the dead carcus. 
    Now, you have to kill them fast before they all turn into the bigger version.
    When they're all dead, a chest with a key will appear. Grab the key and exit 
    the door. Go to the right. Guess what, you're back in that block room, the 
    one where you had to push the blocks along the arrows. Go all the way back 
    to the top. Shoot the eye switch again before you leave. The hallway should 
    be twisted again. Now, go to the room where you defeated the seconf poe. 
    Follow the stairs up to find a locked door. Open it and go through. 
    Jump across the platform and then jump to the right. You're now in another 
    twisted hallway. Go all the way to the ned, either killing or avoiding the 
    flaming skulls. At the end, unlock the door and go through. In here, a 
    couple of platforms are rotating around a torch. There is an eye switch on 
    the wall, only it's covered in ice, that can't be good. Hop onto one of the 
    platforms and get an arrow ready. When You are lined up with both the torch 
    and the ice eye, let an arrow go. If you did it right, the arrow will pass 
    through the fire, and get lit on fire, then it will hit the ice switch, 
    melting it and pushing it down. The switch will make the twisted hallway go 
    straight. So go back into it. Follow it all the way back to the small room. 
    Jump down and drop down the hole. Now, you will be in a room whre the 
    ceiling falls. Wait until it is rising, then run to the nearest square with 
    a chest or something. Don't go near the squares that have a round shadow in 
    them, there are Skultullas waiting to drop down and attack you. Make sure 
    you get to the switch. This will open the door at the end. When you make it 
    to the door, go through it.
    Now, go into the room and shoot the picture of the poe three times with an 
    arrow. 5 puzzle blocks will then fall from the celing. Move the black one 
    out of the way. You don't need it. From there, try to put the 4 puzzle 
    peices together to form the picture of the poe on the wall. If you don't do 
    it in the time provided, the blocks will rise and shift places. But you also 
    get more time to do it. When you finish it, the poe will come out, kill it 
    just like the last ones and go through the doorway. In the next room, kill 
    the skultulla and go through the door. Jump over the balcony. You are back 
    in the first room, with the last poe sister right in front of you. Go to the 
    ver center and stand on the tile. The poe sister will split into 4 replicas. 
    Watch carefully. The first one to start spinning is the real one. That's one 
    you have to shoot with the bow. When she is dead, all of the flames will 
    return to the torches, making the elevator rise up. Ride it all the way to 
    the bottom. In this room, grab onto one of the walls sticking out. Push it. 
    It will reveal a hidden doorway. Go into the door and press the switch. 
    Continue doing this until you reach the boss door. Open the door and go 
    Phantom Ganon
    Go up the stairs and into the center of the room. Now, try to exit. Spiked 
    bars will raise over the exit, leaving you trapped. Link turns around and 
    finds Phantom Ganon! A ghost version of Ganondorf. He will jump into one of 
    the many pictures around the room. Now, run over and stand on one of the 
    little triforces. Pull out your bow. Phantom Ganon will look like he's 
    coming out of two different pictures, but one is a diversion, while the 
    other is the real deal. When he comes out of the picture, he spits a pool of 
    electricity at the ground. He can't hit you if you're standing on a triforce 
    though. When he's in mid-air, fire an arrow at him. After he do that three 
    times, his horse will be destroyed, leaving him floating there. Now, he will 
    throw energy balls at you. Swing your sword to bounce them back. keep doing 
    htis until it hits him. Keep doing that until he's dead. Grab the heart 
    container and walk into the light. You will appear in front of the Deku Tree.
    I'll leave the rest of the cut scene for your own enjoyment.
    Death Mountain
    Now, exit the forest and go all the way back to death Mountain. Go into 
    Goron City. The entire place is deserted! What happened? To find out, drop 
    to the second floor. There is a solitary Goron rolling around. To make him 
    stop, drop a bomb in front of him. He will tell you that all the people have 
    been kidnapped and taken to the Fire Temple, where they're going to be eaten 
    by a fire dragon named Volvagia! He gives you a Goron Tunic. It lets you 
    survive intense heat. Put it on, you'll need it in the center of the volcano.
    Go down to the bottom floor and go into Darunia's throne room. Pull back his 
    throne to reveal a secret entrance to Death Mountain Crater! Go inside. Go 
    to the left. The bridge is broken, but sink your hookshot into the wooden 
    bar on the other side. Start running some more and Shiek will drop down. She 
    will teach you the Bolero of Fire. A song that can warp you to in front of 
    the temple whenever you play it. When he/she leaves, go forward, down the 
    passage and down the ladder, to the Fire Temple...
    Fire Temple
    In the first room, run forward and up the stairs. Go left, through the door 
    to find Darunia. He will tell you he is going to fight Volvagia. The only 
    problem is that he doesn't have the legendary Megaton Hammer. He goes 
    through the door and the door locks behind him. Jump to the platform on the 
    left. Follow them until you reach the platform with the switch. Push the 
    switch to open up the Goron's prison cell. Talk to him and he will give you 
    a hint. Then go behind him and open the chest to get a key. Now, exit the 
    room. Go straight ahead and open up the locked door. In this room, there is 
    a long bridge stretching through the center. Find your way to the left side 
    of the room, there are platforms, etc to accomplish this. When you reach the 
    door, go inside, free the Goron, and get the key. Now, go to the right side 
    of the room. There is a bombable wall here. Bomb it and enter to find 
    another Goron. Get the key and go back out of the room. Go back to the 
    bridge in the center.
    Go to the far end of the room, to the locked door, open it and go through. 
    Now, slide down the wood in front of you. Now, turn around and climb up the 
    fence. When you get to the top, walk to the wide peice of the fence. Kill 
    the Keese. Then jump down to the platform with the block. Push it over the 
    edge. It will land on a hole. Lava comes spewing out of that hole, pushing 
    the block up towards the celing. Make sure you're on the block and it will 
    take you to the next floor. Step off the block and open the door. Now, go to 
    the left and climb up to the platform. Kill all the little lava things. 
    Then, jump across to the platform that has the block and crystal. Push the 
    block off the side. Then jump down and pull it along the little grooves in 
    the floor. When it's at the end, climb on it and uyse it to reach the vines 
    growing on the wall. At the top, there is a metal thing that you can climb 
    up, except it's surrounded by a flame! Peek over the edge, you should see 
    that crystal. Shoot it with an arrow or your hookshot. 
    Now, that puts out the fire, so climb up the metal thing and go through the 
    door. This room, is the boulder maze. Go to the right. Look for an alcove in 
    the wall. Inside is a door, inside that is another Goron. Get the key and 
    exit. Look around for the next alcove. Get the key from inside and then look 
    for a locked door. The door is hard to see because of the bird's eye view 
    it's given you, but it's on the north side of a wall. When you go through, 
    look up and shoot the eye switch with an arrow. This opens up the barred 
    door on your right. Go through that door. Inside is the Compass. Get it and 
    exit the door. Now, go to the right. In here, as soon as you step on the 
    metal floor, a wall of fire will come at you. Run to the far side of the 
    room. Jump to the right and go up to find a door. Go through it. You're now 
    on the second level of the boulder maze. Jump to the platform across from 
    you. Kill the lava things and bomb the crack in the floor. When it blows up, 
    climb down. Push the switch to free the Goron. Grab the key and climb back 
    up the vines.
    Now, jump across the top platforms to the back of the room where you will 
    find a switch. Press it to free a Goron. The goron's cage is just stuck in 
    the wall, with no platform reaching out to it. Makes you wonder how he got 
    in there... Anyways, jump across the platfroms and jump into his cage. Get 
    the key and leave. Go back through the door on the top lebvel. You are now 
    back in the room with the flaming wall. Jump on the metal and it will rise. 
    Climb up on one of the pillar things. Stand there until it passes under you. 
    Then jump down. Across from you is a platform with a locked door on it. It 
    doesn't look like you can reach it, but roll off of the metal. Link will 
    jump up and somehow grab onto the ledge. Go through the door. Go out the 
    door on the other side. You are now in a maze. There are small stick things 
    rising out of the ground. If you get to close to some, a wall of fire will 
    come up. Look for the openings and keep going until you see the locked door. 
    Go through it. In here is a Goron, but you can't reach the switch, yet. Keep 
    going, go through the door into the other half of the fire maze. 
    Runb forward and push the switch. Then go to the left. Try to make it to the 
    opening before the huge fire curtain appears again. Hit the pots to get 
    hearts and bombs. Bomb the door in front of you. It's a fake door. Behind it 
    is the real door. Go through it. In the next room, you will find a fire 
    dancer. When he come sout of the fire, he is red. Throw a bomb at him. His 
    flame will go out and he will turn into a little"thing" he runs around in 
    circles on the floor, around the flame. If he sees you, he will turn the 
    other way. Slash at him with your sword when you get the chance. He will 
    jump back into the fire after a little bit. Repeat the process to kill him. 
    Now, when the fire is gone on the middle platform, ride it to the next 
    floor. Climb up the vines on the side of the wall. Once again, there is fire 
    around the fence. Peek over the ledge and hit the crystal switch, then climb 
    up the metal, to a door. In the next room, hit the switch. This will 
    extinguish the flames surrounding a chest at the top of the room.
    Run up the stairs, all the way to the chest. Inside is the Megaton Hammer! 
    Equip it to one of your C-Buttons. Now, go back down, you can use the big 
    wide stairs if you don't want to risk falling down the middle. When you get 
    back to the beginning of the room, hit the strang elooking block with the
    hammer. It will fall to the ground below. Now, jump down after it. There is 
    a rusty switch in the room. You can't press it normally, but you CAN press 
    it by hitting it with the megaton hammer. So do that, it lowers the stairs, 
    leading to a door. There is another switch at the bottom to open the door. 
    Grab the crate from the top and bring it down the stairs. Set it on the 
    switch and go through the door. Drop down the hole. You're back in the fire 
    maze room. Go through the door in front of you by hitting the rusty switch. 
    Once inside, play the song of time to make the blue block across from you 
    move to the lower part of the passage. Jump on it and use it to reach the 
    platform on the other side. Press the switch to release the Goron. 
    Jump down and get the key. Then, climb back on the blue block and jump to 
    the platform you came from. Go through the door. Across from you is a 
    strange pillar thing hanging from the structure in front of you. Hit the top 
    of it with the hammer while you're standing on it. It will fall down. Right 
    to the bottom level, into the room where Darunia was. Exit the door. Now, go 
    down the stairs and turn left. See that totem statue? Hit it with your 
    hammer. Each time you hit it, a peice of it will go flying. When it's all 
    gone, a locked door will be revealed. Go through it. In the next room, kill 
    all the enemies to open the door. In the next room, there is another fire 
    dancer. Don't bother with bombs, Just slam your Megaton Hammer on the ground 
    to make it turn little. When it's dead, go through the newly opened door. 
    Hit the rusted switch top open the last Goron cell. Grab the boss Key and 
    exit the door. Go back up the stairs and to the left. Jump across to the 
    pillar in the middle, then jump to the boss door platform. Open the door and 
    go inside.
    Jump down on the small platfrom, then jump to the big one, with all the 
    holes. This is when Volvagia will show himself. He is a big long fire 
    breathing dragon. He will pop his head out of one of the many holes on the 
    platform, when he does, hit his head with the megaton hammer. This will stun 
    him, giving you time to slash with your sword. When he goes back down, he 
    will come bursting back up through one of the holes. H ewill then fly around 
    chasing you. Run around until he goes back down. Smack him on the head and 
    slash at him again. This time, he will fly up to the celing and make rocks 
    fall down at you. Stand at the very edge of the platform and the rocks will 
    never hit you. Continue doing this until he's dead. Pick up the heart 
    container and exit through the blue light. You will appear in the Temple of 
    Light. The Sage of Fire has a few words with you, then you are transported 
    back to Death Mountain Crater, with a new medallion. Now, it's off to the 
    third temple.
    Zora's Domain
    Now, leave kakariko Village. Go up to Zora's River. Follow it all the way to 
    the end. Play Zelda's Lullaby to make the waterfall stop and enter the 
    Domain. Uh oh, everything's turned to ice! All the Zora's are trapped under 
    there. Go up to King Zora's throne. Ah! Even he's frozen, except in a block 
    of red ice. Hmmm, sounds a bit wierd to me. Anyways, Go into Zora's 
    fountain. Jump across the ice bergs. When you reacha wide cavern, go inside 
    Ice Cavern
    Go straight down the tunnel. When you reacvh the cavern, go straight to the 
    other side. Follow this new tunnel. In the next cavern, there is a giant 
    spinning fan in the middle. Avoid it and run around collecting the silver 
    rupees. When you get all 5, the door will open. Go through it. When you get 
    into the next cavern, go up the ramp. Kill the ice thing in front of you. 
    Jump to the next platform. Keep going until you reach a pit of blue fire. 
    Put it in your bottle. If you have more, that's better, fill them all up.
    Now, go back to the room with the big fan. Go to the left and melt the red 
    ice with some blue fire. Go inside. Melt the red ice around the chest. 
    Inside is the compass. In this room, there's another pit of red ice. Refill 
    your bottles. Now, go back in the spinning fan room. Go to the other side of 
    the room and melt the red ice. If you don't have it least 2 more blue fires 
    left, go back and fill a bottle up. Follow the tunnel to another chamber. 
    Kill all of the Keese in the room before you enter. Now, this part is tough. 
    You have to push the block around. There are 5 silver rupees in the room. 
    You have to stand on the moveable block to get to some of the rupees. When 
    you get all the rupees, a door will open. Go through it and melt the red ice.
    Go through the doorway and fight the White Wolfos. When it dies, you will 
    get the iron Boots! Shiek jumps down and teaches you the Serenade of Water. 
    This will warp you to lake Hylia. Now, go back out of the Ice Cavern, Go to 
    King Zora's throne and let lease some blue fire on him. It will melt the red 
    ice, freeing him from his icey prison. He will give you the Zora Tunic, 
    which lets you breath underwater! Now, play the Serenade of Water. Run 
    forward and hop into the water. Put on the iron boots and the Zora Tunic. 
    You will float to the bottom. Pull out your hookshot. It's the only weapon 
    you can use underwater. Shoot the glass switch above the big gate. It opens 
    up the door, go through it.
    Water Temple
    Go forward and jump into the water. Put on the iron boots to sink to the 
    bottom. Run around the middle tower until you see a doorway with torches 
    around it. Go through that opening. In the next room, Ruto is waiting for 
    you! She tells you that there is a way to raise and lower the water level in 
    the temple. She then starts to swim upwards, so take off your iron boots and 
    go after her. When you reach the top, she will be gone. There is a triforce 
    picture on the nearby wall. Stand in front of it and play Zelda's Lullaby. 
    This is how you lower the water. The water goes right down to the bottom. 
    Now, enter the nearby doorway. Kill all of the spiked ball things to get the 
    Dungeon Map! Now, exit the room and drop down the hole. there are two ways 
    to open the door here. 1)Use Dins Fire, stand in front of the door. It will 
    light both torches and give you access to the next room. 2)Pull out your bow.
    You have to launch an arrow through the lit torch to hit one of the un-lit 
    torches. Then you have to switch over and do it to the other one as fast as 
    possible. When both are lit, either way, go through the door.
    Inside, kill all of the clams and exit the door again. Go back to the main 
    area. Look for a block to jump up on. In front of it  is another block. Push 
    that block forward until it drops into the water. Now, put on your iron 
    boots and hop in the water. Walk across the bottom and kill the clam with 
    your hookshot, when it's mouth is open. When you get to the other side, aim 
    up at the target with your hookshot. When you get up, go through the door. 
    Now, With your bow, aim across the gap and kill the spider things. Now, hit 
    the crystal switch. This will make a column of water rise in the middle. 
    Jump on it, then jump to the other side. Go through the door. In the next 
    room, there is a whirlpool. Jump in it. Try to stay to the outside, when 
    you're over top of the pipe, put on your iron boots to sink down on top of 
    it. Pull out your hookshot. Aim it at the crystal in the dragons mouth. it 
    will open up a gate to the right. Use your hookshot to latch onto the target.
    Then run underneath the gate before it closes again. You can either kill the 
    2 clams here or just take off your iron boots and float to the room above. 
    When you get up, go to the chest to get a small key! Now, hit the crystal 
    switch. This re-opens the gate. Jump back in the water and go through it. 
    Now, exit the whirlpool room and go all the way back to the main room. There 
    is a locked door in the middle tower. Open it and go inside. Run to the end. 
    Now, turn around and hookshot the target above you. On this platform, play 
    Zelda's Lullaby in front of the Triforce to raise the water level half way. 
    Now, put on your iron boots and sink down to the bottom. Go through the hole.
    In this underwater room, run over and hit the crystal switch. It will 
    release a gate above you. Inside that gate are a lot of enemies. Spikes and 
    clams...Kill them all to open up a gate on the other side of the room. Walk 
    over to it and take off your boots to float up it. Inside is a chest with a 
    small key. Now, exit the room and float back up the main tower. Go out the 
    door. Now, put your iron boots back on and look for the room with the 
    torches around it, the one where Ruto was. Go into it and float up. Since 
    the water level isn't at the top, you can only float up half-way. 
    Get out of the water and bomb the crack in the wall. Go in and get the key, 
    now, go back to the main area again. Float up to the top. Go through the 
    locked door. Inside, go over to the water spraying out of the floor. Loo up. 
    A spider thing will jump down, so move out of the way and kill it. Now, 
    stand on the water again. With your arrow, shoot the switch on the other end 
    of the room. This will raise the column of water you're standing on. Get off 
    of it when you reach the next floor. Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the 
    Triforce to raise the water level back up to the top. Go through the door. 
    Jump over to the central tower. Look around until you find the locked door. 
    Go through it. In front of you, kill the two Keese. Then go forward. there 
    are a lot of moving platforms here. Jump down to the one underneath you. 
    Pull out your hookshot. When you are within reach, hook on to a target of 
    one of the patforms on the other side of the room. Then, aim up and hook 
    onto the next one. Keep doing this until you reach the top. Go through the 
    locked door. 
    In this room, hit the crystal in the middle. It raises and lowers the 
    statues around the room. JUmp to the left. Just keep doing this. Sometimes, 
    the staue won't lower completely. so you have to climb over it's head. When 
    you get to the last one, stand on it's head and hit the switch. it will 
    raise you to the next floor. Hook onto the target on the ceiling to get to 
    the other side, past the spikes. Kill the Like Like and go through the door. 
    You will be in a wierd room. It's almost like you're standing on water. 
    Anyways, run to the far side of the room. The door has bars on it. Now, go 
    back towards the tree in the middle. There's a strange character waiting for 
    you. It looks like you! It's Dark-Link! Don't Z target him. He will know 
    you're every move, block you, then jump up on top of your sword. Instead, 
    just go crazy on him. It takes about 10 hits to kill him. When he's dead, 
    the illusion around you will disappear. It's really just a normal room with 
    a little bit of water in it. Go to the newly unlocked door. Inside, get the 
    chest. Inside is the Longshot! IUt's an upgraded version of the hookshot.
    Now, go around behind the chest. There is a Time Block. Sing the Song of 
    Time to make it dissappear. Then jump down the hole. This part is 
    semi-difficult. Put on your iron boots and jump down into the river in front 
    of you. Run along it. You will reach a couple of whirl pools. If you get 
    sucked down them, then you have to start over at the beginning of the room. 
    You can walk past most whirlpools. Some you have to roll past. When you 
    reach the big room with lots of whir pools, take off your iron boots. Swim 
    in between the two whirlpools in front of you. Go to the platform. Break 
    open the pots to find a fairy. Now, make sure your iron boots are on, Drop 
    down onto the underwater platfrom . Walk along it, it's narrow. But when you 
    reach the next platform, climb up on it. Now, with your bow, shoot the eye 
    across from you. It will open up the gate on your left for a short time. 
    Hook onto the small chest here. Open it to get a small key. Now, go along 
    the path. You will come out in an upper area of the whirlpool room. With 
    your longshot, hook onto the target near the doorway. Now, go back to the 
    main room. 
    Now, you have to raise the water levl half-way. Go into the Ruto room and 
    float upwards. Play Zelda's Lullaby to lower the water. Then, go into the 
    middle tower. Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the triforce in here too. Now 
    that the water is halfway, go outside. In front of you is an eye switch 
    Shoot it with the arrow. Then, with the Longshot, hook onto the target
    behind it. In this area, push the block to the end. Go into the small room 
    on the right and get the key. Then go straight down the hallway. Use the 
    longshot to reach the target high above you. Now, you're back in the main 
    room. Sink down to the bottom. Go through the doorway that drops down 
    immediately. Float up on the other side. Climb up on the platfrom. Use the 
    Longshot to reach the target on the other side of the room. Unlock the door 
    and go through. In this room, there are a lot of spiders. You can shoot them 
    all with arrows or just hop into the water in front of you. Put on your iron 
    boots. You have to run to the other side, but be careful, there are a lot of 
    rolling boulders coming your way. When you get to the other side, go through 
    the door. 
    In here, there are sting ray things. Kill them all from your perch at the 
    top of the room, then jump down. There is a switch underwater that will 
    raise the water, only you can't keep it press down. Bomb the cracked wall. 
    Go inside and pull the block out as far as you can get it. Now, go to the 
    opposite side, that the bombable wall was on. There isn't a crack, but you 
    can still bomb the wall. Go through and push the block against the wall. 
    Then, go back to the first bombed wall and pull the block out. When you can't
    pull it any more, go around to the other side and push it out, onto the 
    switch. When the water raises, get out and go to the door you haven't been 
    to yet. In here, kill the spider across the gap (They might fall, if they 
    do, don't worry about them.) Then hit the crystal switch beside you. It will 
    make 3 water coulumns rise inside the gap. Jump to the first one. You don't 
    need the one on the right, so jump straight ahead to the next one, then to 
    the other side of the room. Go through the door. Don't go too far out of the 
    Big rolling boulders will come at you. After one passes you, put on your 
    iron boots and go to the right. When you drop down the hole, follow the 
    passage to the end. Take off your boots and float to the top. Open the door 
    and go inside. Open up the gold chest to get the boss key. Now, go back to 
    the passage with the rolling boulders. Run to the end and jump into the 
    water. This is the room with the spiders and boulders. Go to the door that 
    leads to the main area. Float up to the second floor, where you left it last 
    time. Go through the doorway on the side. Use the water coulumn to reach the 
    top floor. Play Zelda's Lullaby to raise the water to the top floor. Go out 
    the door. Now, go around the central platform. You will see a door on a 
    platform far away. Use your Longshot to reach the target. Go through the 
    doorway. Now, there is a steep ramp leading up to the boss door. Exccept 
    there are spiked things moving back and forth. Go to the right. When the 
    spiked thing passes, push the analog stick up. Keep it there and don't move 
    at all. If your timing was right, you'll make it up safely. Go through the 
    boss door.
    This boss is easy. First, jump to one of the platforms in the middle. A cut 
    scene will show the boss creeping up on you. Morphia! When the level starts 
    again, jump over to the side, go into one of the corners. Now, when one of 
    Morphias' tentacles pop out, watch for the one that has her nucleus in it. 
    Z target it and shoot you longshot at it. If you hit, it will be dragged 
    out of her body and brought over to you. Slash at it with your sword until 
    it jumps back in the water. Stay in the corner, her tentacles will never 
    reach that far, so you'll be safe. If you happen to wonder out, she will 
    grap you and throw you to the other sid eof the room! When she is defeated, 
    grap the heart container and exit through the blue light. After you get your 
    water medallion, you will appear back at the warp point in Lake Hylia. Shiek 
    will be standing there, watching Lake Hylia re-fill because all the evil is 
    gone. When she's done talking to you, she will dissappear. Now, go over to 
    the plaque on the grund. It tells you how to get fire arrows. When the lake 
    is full, shoot an arrow at the morning sun. When the sun is just rising, 
    shoot an arrow at it. The arrow will fall back down to the earth, only it 
    will be lit on fire. Swim across to the platform to get it. Now you have a 
    magical arrow!
    Go back to kakariko Village. Uh Oh. The shooting range is on fire! Shiek is 
    standing over a well. She tells you to stay back. Then an invisible force 
    throws her to the ground. Then it comes at you. It knocks you unconcious. 
    When you wake up, Shiek is standing over you. She teaches you the Nocturne 
    of Shadow, which warps you to the graveyard. You don't need it just yet so 
    hold on. Go into the Kakariko windmill. Walk over to the Guru and pull out 
    your Ocarina. He will teach you the Song of Storms, saying that a yound kid 
    with an ocarina once came to that windmill 7 years ago and played that song. 
    It messed up the windmill forever. Well, that's your cue, run all the way 
    back to the temple of time. Shiek will teach you the Prelude of light, which 
    warps you to the Temple of Time whenever you play it. Anyways, place the 
    Master Sword back in the pedicle of time. It will change you back to a child.
    Now, go back to Kakariko village. Go into the windmill and play the Song of 
    Storms. it will dry up the well outside. Go into it.
    The Well
    Go straight. Drop down and kill the Skultullas. Then go through the 
    invisible wall right in front of you. In the next area, go right. Follow the 
    passage until you find a stone monster on the wall. Stand on the triforce 
    and play Zelda's Lullaby. It will get rid of ALL the rest of the water in 
    the well. Now, follow the passageback to the main room. drop down the big 
    hole in the middle. Climb through the tunnel. When you get out, kill the 
    skultulla. Then go through the doorway. In here, you must defeat the boss. 
    He's easy. There are a lot of hands spouting out all over the room. Then, a 
    big demon thing comes over. When it gets close, it will bend over, trying to 
    bite you. Now, is when you slash at it with your sword. If one of the hands 
    grabs you, it will hold you until it comes over and bites you. When it's 
    dead, it will leave behind the lens of truth. Now, exit the well. Play the 
    plelude of Light to go back to the Temple of Time. Turn into an adult. Now, 
    play the Nocturne of Shadow to be warped to the graveyard.
    Shadow Temple
    Run down the stairs. Stand on the platform in the middle and use Din's fire 
    to light all the torches. This opens the big door in front of you. Go in. 
    Now, Go forward and use your longshot to cross the gap. On the other side, 
    go staright. There is a door here, but you can't see it. If you pull out the 
    lens of truth, you can see that there really isn't anyhting there. When 
    you're in the next area, go left. Put on the lens of truth and look for the 
    opening. Go through the door. Now, go to the right look for the next 
    invisible doorway. Go through the door and into the next square shaped room. 
    Keep going around it until you find the door. Go inside. Inside is a 
    mini-boss. It's just like the one you fought in the well. When he's dead, 
    get the chest. Inside are the Hover Boots! Now, go back to the main room. 
    There is a statue in the middle. There is a handle that you can turn. You 
    have to make it face the real skull. There are a lot of skulls all around it.
    Use the lens of truth to see the only real one.
    Push it to that one to make the gate open on the far side of the room. Put 
    the hover boots on. Now, run and roll over the gap to the gate. Go through 
    it and down. At the bottom, kill the Beamos. To the left, it looks like 
    there's a wall. But there isn't. Go in and get all of the silver rupees. 
    This opens a door to a dungeon key. Get it and go back. Kill the Beamos and 
    go straigh ahead. Bomb the wall and go in and get the Compass. Now, go back 
    out and go right. Open the door with the key and go through. Now, you have 
    to make it to the bottom of this ramp. The only problem is that there are a 
    lot of Skultullas that fall down in front of you. be careful and take your 
    time. At the bottom, there are guillotines. Time your movements and get past 
    them. When you get to the big room, a master hand will start to descend upon 
    you. Kill it. Run forward and jump across the platforms, making sure you 
    don't get killed by the guillotines. When you get to the last platform, kill 
    the Stalfos. Then look to the right. There is a platform moving up and down. 
    Jump to it. When it's at it's highest point, jump to the next platform over. 
    On here, you must get all of the silver rupees while avoiding the spinning 
    blade traps. This opens up a door. Go through it. Put on your lens of truth 
    to spy a block hidden in the wall on the right. Pull it out. Now, push it 
    along, underneath the giant falling blades. When it's between both of them, 
    switch to the other side and pull it the rest of the way. Now, climb up on 
    the block. Then jump to the blade thing. Go on top of it. Then, jump to the 
    right. Go through the cage and push the switch. This makes a chest pop out 
    of the wall on the other side. Jump on top of the blade thing again. This 
    time, jump to the other side. Get the key from the chest and jump down. Exit 
    the room. Now, follow the narrow ledge leading away from the spinning blades.
    Jump to the platfform. Now, put on your lens of truth to see that there is a 
    moving platform in front of you. Jump to it. Then jump to the door. Go 
    through it. In the next room, put on your lens of truth. Kill the Gibdo's 
    and watch out for the spikes in the room.
    Collect all of the silver rupees. You have to use your longshot to reach a 
    couple of them. When they're all collected  a door will open on the left 
    side of the room. Go inside. There is a giant blue flaming skull here. Go up 
    the stairs on either side. Kill all of the Keese to re-open the door leading 
    out. Now, take a bomb and throw it in the top of the skull. When it blows up,
    a key will go flying out. Pick it up and exit the room. Now, put on the Lens 
    of Truth. Look up at the ceiling. There is a hidden target here. Hook onto it
    with your Longshot. On the platform, open the door with your new-found key. 
    The easy way to cross this room is to put on your iron boots. Walk across it.
    You won't get blown over the side because you weight oo much. Ahead of you, 
    above the door is an eye. It isn't a switch, it shoots fire at you. When it 
    opens up it's eye, shoot an arrow at it. Now, when you get to the other side 
    of the room, put on your lens of truth, there is a gap in the wall on your 
    left. Put on your Hover Boots.
    Let the fan blow you over the gap, to the room. Go through the door. To your 
    right is a pile of something, with a crack on the top of it. Put a bomb on 
    it. Now, pu on the lens of truth to see a chest there. Inside is a key. With 
    it, Go to the other side of the room, moving past the Gibdos and open the 
    door. Go through. Now, look for a block stuck in the wall, pull it along the 
    premade path in the ground. When you push it against the wall, climb up on 
    it. Use it to reach the next platform. Now, jump onto the ship. Stand on the 
    big Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. The ship will begin to move 
    forward. A couple of Stalfos will jump down from the rafters. Kill them. 
    When you are nearing the end, there is a walkway on the left. Jump to it 
    before the ship sinks. Now, follow the walkway until you find a door. Go 
    through it. You're now in a square shaped room. There are 3 other doors in 
    this room. Go to the one on the right. You have to put on the lens of truth 
    though, and navigate the maze, while avoiding or killing the hand things.
    When you reach the door, go inside. Uh oh, the walls are coming at you. And 
    they have spikes on them! Either use Din's Fire or Fire arrows to burn away 
    the spiked walls. Now, go to the right and kill the Gibdo. Open the chest to 
    the get the boss key. Now, exit the room, now, you have to find your way to 
    the door on the left side. In here, defeat all of the hands to get a small 
    key. Now, exit the room and go through the south door. Walk down the the 
    walkway until you can see a big statue on the other side. Shoot an arrow at 
    the bomb flowers that are at the base of it. The explosion will cause the 
    statue to fall over. Walk across it to the door and open it using the key. 
    Go inside. Use the lens of truth to find out where the platforms are. Cross 
    all of them using the Hover Boots to make it to the boss door. Go into it.
    Walk into the middle and fall down the hole. You will land on a giant drum. 
    A drum belonging to Bongo Bongo! Sure, he has a wierd name, but he's the 
    hardest boss in the game. At first, all you can see are his hands. They will 
    just bounce on the drum at first, but then they will start to swipe at you. 
    To defeat him, shoot both his hands with an arrow. Then, put on the lens of 
    truth to see the rest of him. He has one big eye which is open now because 
    you hit both his hands. Hit his eye with an arrow and he will fall down 
    stunned. Now, run in and slash at him with your sword. Keep repeating the 
    process until he is dead. Pick up the heart peice and exit through the blue 
    light. After a brief conversation with the sage of the Shadow Temple, you 
    will get the Shadow Medallion! You will appear back in the Graveyard.
    The Fortress
    Now, go out into Hyrule field. Go to the north end. Go through the entrance 
    to gerudo Valley. Cross the small wooden bridge and stop when you reach the
    broken bridge. If you have Epona, call her and jump the gap. Otherwise, Use 
    your longshot and attach onto the wood sign hanging off the other side of 
    the bridge. On the other side, talk to the carpenter by the tent. he will 
    tell you that his fellow carpenters have run off to Gerudo Fortress to be 
    with all the woman. He asks if you can get them back. Go go forward. Get off 
    Epona if you're on her. Go forward. Don't go to close to the left or a guard 
    will spot you. Go through the doorway. You will come to a jail cell. Inside 
    it is one of the carpenters! He will talk to you then say to watch out. 
    Behind you, a gerudo has snuck up on you. She is pretty easy to defeat. Just 
    keep blocking and slashing. When she is defeated, grab the key she drops and 
    open up the cell door. Now, go through the exit on the other side of the 
    room. The door leads back outside.
    Go through the door on the left. Inside, run up the ramp. Turn right. When 
    you reach the ramp on your right, go up it before the Gerudo at the end of 
    the hall sees you. Go out the door at the top. Once again, you're outside. 
    Follow the ledge around and go through the door. Inside, run up the ramp and 
    talk to the carpenter. Then a guard will drop down behind you. Kill her and 
    get the key to open the carpenters door. That's 2 down, 2 to go. Go through 
    the doorway at the other end of the room. Outside, go into the next door. 
    Walk up to the ledge, there are a lot of Gerudos down below but don't worry 
    about them right now. Pull out your Longshot. Aim it across to the other 
    side of the room, at the ceiling. Actually, to where the wooden beam is. It 
    will make you land on the other side of the room. Go up the ramp and through 
    the doorway. Out the door, drop down to the lower level and go through the 
    door. Stand behind the crate and pull out your bow. When the Ferudo guard 
    walks by, put an arrow in her head. Then, run past her body.
    Go to the right. Then to the left. Follow the passage until you reach the 
    cell. You SHOULD know by now what you have to do. But in case you don't, 
    talk to the carpenter. Then fight the Gerudo guard for the cell key. Open 
    the door and let the carpenter go. Now, go back out the way you came, to the 
    outside. Now, drop down to the next level and go through the door. Go down 
    the ramp to find the last cell. When you open it and let the carpenter go, a 
    Gerudo Guard will drop down behind you. She will be impressed with your 
    stealth skills and give you a card. The card is like a membership to Gerudo 
    Valley. The Guards won't try to catch you anymore! Now, exit the fortress.
    Go to the left to find a huge gate. Climb up the ladder to the top. Talk to 
    the Gerudo here. She will open the gate to the desert for you. Drop down and 
    go through it.
    Desert Wasteland
    Go straight ahead. You will stop in front of a big pool of quicksand. Use 
    your Longshot to attach onto the crates on the other side. Or, use your 
    hover boots to float across the quicksand. On the other side, look for a red 
    flag in the sand storm. Run to it. Then run to the next one. They get hard 
    to see, but keep going. When you reach a big stone structure, the hard part 
    is over. Run up the ramp leading to the top of the structure. Read the 
    plaque. Now, put on your lens of truth to see ayour ghostly guide in front 
    of you. Follow him. There are enemies that pop up in front of you, but run 
    around them. When you get to the end, the ghost won't stop, he'll just do a 
    U-Turn and go back to the stone structure, if you're not careful, you might 
    miss where you get off. When you see 2 red flags waving in the distance, 
    that's where you get off. Run towards the flags.
    Desert Colossus
    Run forward. All the way to the spirit Temple. Go inside and exit. Shiek 
    will jump down from the overhead arc. She will teach you the Requiem of 
    Spirit, which warps you to the Colossus. She also tells you that only a 
    child can enter the temple at first. Warp to the Temple of Time and turn 
    into a child. Now, warp back to the Colossus. Go into the Spirit Temple.
    Spirit Temple (Child Link)
    Go up the stairs and go left. Talk to the Gerudo person here. When she asks 
    what you're doing there, say, "Nothing" She will then move out of the way, 
    revealing a hole that only a child can crawl through. She asks you to get 
    her some "Silver Gauntlets" So, crawl through the hole. Kill the Armos in 
    the middle with a bomb then kill all the Keese. This will open two doors. Go 
    through the left one. In here, kill the Stalfos. He looks really big now, 
    but that's only because you're smaller. When he's dead, throw your boomerang 
    at the switch across the gap/ It will release a bridge. Walk across it and 
    through the door. In here, there is an Anubis on the other side of the room. 
    It shoots fire balls at you. Follow the ledge over to a switch. Lure the 
    Anubis there and step on the switch. Fire will erupt all around you. If the 
    Anubis touches it, it'll die. Another method is to use Din's fire. When the 
    door opens, (After you defeat Anubis) go through it. Now, you must collect 
    all the silver rupees. This releases the bridge Walk across it and light the 
    two torches on fire.
    This releases a chest from the wall behind you. Go back  across the bridge 
    and open it to get a key. Now, go back across the bridge and through the 
    door. You're back in the room with the Armos and Keese now. Open the locked 
    door with the key and go through. In here, shoot the Skultullas off the wall 
    with your slingshot, then climb up the wall. At the top, walk around for a 
    little bit and a Lizard will hop down. Kill him and wander around again. 
    Another one will drop down. When you defeat it, use a Bombchu on the big
    boulder near the ceiling. If you don't have any Bombchu's, shoot theswitch 
    on the ledge by the boulder. This will make a chest fall down that has 
    Bombchus in it. After the boulder is blown up, sun will come through and 
    activate the sun switch. This opens up the door. Go through it. Now, push 
    the Armos statue off the ledge. If you want the Dungeon MAp, run to the top 
    of the stairs, light a deku stick on fire and jump to the bottom. Light the 
    two sticks on fire to make a chest appear. Inside is the map. You can also 
    use Dins Fire. It will land on the switch below, unlocking the door above. 
    Run up the stairs and go through the door. Now, run up the small set of 
    stairs to the next room. In here, run forward, watching out for the blade 
    Go to the blocks. There is one with a sun on it. Thta is the one you need 
    right now. Pull it out into the sunlight behind you to open thje door on the 
    other side of the room. Don't worry about it yet though. Now, I suggest
    killing ALL the Beamos in the room. After that, collect all of the silver 
    rupees. This ignites a torch. Run to it and light a Deku stick on fire. Now, 
    run to all the other un-lit deku sticks, lighting them. This makes a key 
    appear. It's on a ledge close to where the exit door is. When you get it, go 
    through the door and unlock the next door. Run up the stairs, into a throne 
    room. turn the corner to see a huge armored thing. It is an Iron Knuckle. 
    Hit it with anything to make it come alive. One hit from it will take off 
    about 3 hearts, so don't stay close to it. After it swings it's axe, run in
    and slash at it, then move out of the way again. Eventually, it's armor will 
    fall off. This leaves it vulnerable, but it moves faster! Use the same 
    strategy though. When it's defeated, go through the door behind his throne. 
    You're back in the Colossus. Open the chest to get the Silver Gauntlets. 
    Now, a cut scene will shwo the Gerudo Person from the beginning of the 
    temple get sucked into the ground by two witches. Uh Oh. Warp back to the 
    Temple of Time. Become an adult and go back tot he Spirit Temple.
    Spirit Temple (Adult Link)
    Now, go forward, up the stairs. Since you couldn't give the Silver Gauntlets 
    to Nabooru, you now have them on. They give you a lot more strength. Turn 
    right at the top of the stairs. Push the Huge block until it falls down into 
    the ground. Go forward more. Kill the Beamos then hit the switch on the 
    celing. it opens up two doors. Go through the one on the left. Play Zelda's 
    Lullaby while standing on the Triforce. A chest will appear on the far side 
    of the room, use your Longshot to reach it. Open it to find the Compass. 
    Now, put your hover boots on and run across the quicksand. Go through the 
    door. Now, go to the door on the other side. In here, you have to collect 
    the 5 silver rupees. Start by hovering out to the first one that is 
    suspended in mid-air. The, all the others are in the little alcoves in the 
    wall. Be careful though, there are 3 rolling boulders and if you get hit, it 
    will hurt you. When they're all collected, it will open a door on the far 
    side. Go in and open the chest to get a small key.
    Go back out of the room and open the locked door. In the next room, kill the 
    Like Like, then climb up the wall and go through the door. You're back in 
    the room with the big statue in the middle Run up the stairs to the top. 
    Jump to the statues out stretched left hand. There is a triforce symbol on 
    it, so play Zelda's Lullaby. A chest will appear in her other hand. Use your 
    longshot to attach onto it. Open it to get a key. Now, jump down. Go back to 
    the stairs you were at. You can't climb up the wall, but you can use your 
    Longshot to attach onto the target. Now, run up the stairs and open the 
    door. Go inside. Here, defeat the two Anubis. Go through the newly opened 
    door. Go right. There is a locked door here. But there is a switch behind 
    you, surrounded by Armoses. To make one of them step on the switch, hit one 
    with your longshot. It will start bouncing around and hit the switch, as 
    soon as the door opens, go through. Go up the two sets of stairs to find 
    another Iron Knuckle. Defeat it, just like the first and go through the door 
    behind it.
    Open the chest to get the Mirror Shield! Now, go back. Out of the Iron 
    Knucke room and down the stairs. In this room,  go to the other side, past 
    the Armos. Pull out your mirror shield. Stand in the sunlight. Use your 
    shield to reflect the sunlight onto the sun switch. That opens the door in 
    front of you. Go through and get the key. Now exit and go back through the 
    door on your right. It's the Anubis room. Go and unlock the door and go in.
    Now, kill the two Beamos here. Now, the hard part. Kill the Skultulla high 
    above you, on the wall. You ahve to climb up the wall, but the hard part is 
    that it's moving. To skip the first part, Longshot onto the middle part of 
    the wall, the part that isn't moving. When you get to the top, run past the 
    MEamos and go through the door. Now, run up the stairs and play Zelda's 
    Lullaby on the Triforce. This opens up the door. Go inside. Now, go to the 
    back of the room, the door furthest on the left is a fake door. Bomb it to 
    reveal an eye switch. Shoot it with an arrow to make a couple of platforms 
    appear above you. 
    Go backwards a little to see the target on the ceiling. Attach onto it and 
    open the golden chest to get the Boss Key! Now, exit the room and go up the 
    stairs. Through the fence, hit the crystal switch to open the door on the 
    other side of the room. Go through it. In here, fight the two Lizard guys. 
    Then go into the next part and kill all the flying skulls. Now, look at your 
    map. You see an opening on the map, but not in the wall. Bomb the part of 
    the wall. It opens to another room. Turn the cobra mirror to shine down that 
    tunnel. Now, go down the tunnel and fight two more Lizards. After that, turn 
    the cobra mirror so that it's reflecting off of the first one, and out 
    through the bars. Now, go back around through the tunnels and out of the 
    room. Jump down below to where the light is reflecting off of a big mirror, 
    onto the ground. Pull up your shisld because there's a lot of flying pots 
    here. Now, aim the sunlight at the sun switch. This makes the platform lower 
    to the room below. Now, aim the sunlight at the statues face. Keep it there 
    until the face dissolves. Longshot ontot he fenced grating to get up there. 
    Run forward and open the boss door.
    Now, go forward. The two witches are huddled around an Iron Knuckle. They 
    dissappear, leaving you to fight the thing. Just like before, kill it. When 
    it's armor falls off, you see that it was Nabooru! Go through the door at 
    the end of the room. Climb up the rocky wall and run into the middle of the 
    platform. The two witches will appear. Now, the blue one will shoot an ice
    beam at you. The fire one will shoot a beam of fire. Don't let any attack 
    hit the ground, it causes the hole area to be covered with the stuff, almost 
    surely causing damage to you. Now, when one attacks you, use your mirror 
    shield to deflect the attack to the OTHER withch. Once you do this three 
    times, they will fuse and become Twinrova! Now, when one of them attacks,
    block it with your shield. You're shield will absorb the attack. Collect the 
    same attack three times in your shield. You're shield will unleash the power 
    outwards. Make sure it's pointing at Twinrova. If it hits her, it will stun 
    her. Jump across to her and slash at her. If you have 2 ice powers absorbed, 
    and she shoots a fire at you, move to the corner of the platform. Uou can 
    only have one type of power at a time. When she's dead, get the heart 
    container and enter the blue light.
    Return to the Temple
    Now, after your conversation with the Sage of the Spirit Temple, and after 
    you get your medallion, warp to the Temple of Time. There is somebody there 
    waiting for you there. It's Shiek. But she reveals her secret identity. I 
    won't spoil it. But after that, she gives you Light Arrow.s They are a magic 
    arrow that is used to banish evil. Then, Ganondorf comes and takes the 
    person away. It's up to you to save her. Now, go to Ganon's Castle. It's 
    where Hyrule Castle used to be. Go to the spot where's there's almost like a 
    path. All the Sages will use their power to create a rainbow bride up to the 
    entrance of Ganon's Castle. Run up the bridge, to the final Showdown.
    Ganon's Castle
    Okay, now, once inside, run staright ahead, past the Beamos to the door. Go 
    through. In front of you is the door leading to Ganondorf. The only problem 
    is that there's a barrier protecting it. You have to go to 6 different 
    rooms and break the barrier to gain access. Now, go to the right. Go through 
    the doors to the Forest Barrier.
    Forest Barrier
    In the first room, defeat the Wolfos. Then use Dins Fire to light all the 
    torches around you. Now, take out a fire arrow and aim it at the torch above 
    the door. If you hit it, it will light up, opening the door. In here, you 
    have to collect all the silver rupees. Watch out though. There are some fans 
    that will blow you down into the abyss blow. Remember to use the Hover 
    Boots in here. When you get them all, go through the opened door. Shoot the
    barrier with a light arrow. Saria will appear and place you back outside
    the room. Now, go to the right again, down the stairs to the Water Barrier.
    Water Barrier
    In the first room, get out a bottle. Now, go over to the fountain of blue 
    fire and fil the bottle up. Go over to the door and melt the red ice. Go 
    back and re-fill the bottle. Now, destroy all the frozen enemies here to 
    open the door. Go inside. In here, you have to push one of the blocks into 
    the hole. Then push the other one to the wall. Climb up on it and melt the 
    red ice here. Hit the rusty switch with the Megaton Hammer. It opens up the 
    door. Go through it. Remember, if you start to run out of time, just exit 
    the room and go back in. In the next room, shoot a light arrow at the 
    barrier. Ruto will appear and take you back to the main room. Now, go right 
    again. Go through the first door on your right. It's the Shadow Barrier
    Shadow Barrier
    Inside, pull out a fire arrow. Shoot it at the torch to your right. it makes 
    blocks appear in front of you. Cross them to get to a block. There is a Like 
    Like on it. Kill the Like Like and go across the blocks again. Down to your 
    right, there's a switch. Jump to it. Press it to make a treasure chest 
    appear on the platform where the Like Like was. Hook onto the chest with 
    your Longshot and open it. Inside are the Golden Gauntlets! Now, start 
    crossing the blocks again. When it ends, put on your lens of truth to see a 
    path leading to the left, to a switch. Go to it and hit the rusty switch to 
    open the door. Go back along the pathway until you reach the door. Inside, 
    shoot a light arrow at the barrier. Impa will appear and take you back to 
    the main room. Go to the right and enter the first door you see.
    Fire Barrier
    This is really simple. Put on your hover boots. Now jump down to the 
    platform. If you don't have the hover boots on, the platform will drop into 
    the lava. Run around collecting all the silver rupees. For two of them, you 
    must lift up the huge pillar. There is one underneath it. Link throws the 
    pillar to the other side of the room automatically. it sticks out a little, 
    serving as a platform to reach another silver rupee. When you are done, 
    longshot to the doorway and go through. Shoot the barrier. Darunia will 
    appear and take you back to the main room. Go into the first door on your 
    Light Barrier
    Go in. In the first room, put on the Lens of Truth to see a Skultulla 
    hanging in the center. Kill it and all the Keese in the room to make a chest 
    appear. In the chest is a key. Use the key on the door. In the next room, 
    there is a Triforce symbol on the ground. Play Zelda's Lullaby while 
    standing on it to make a chest appear. Take the key and go through the door. 
    In here, there is a structure in the middle with boulders rolling all around 
    it. You have to collect the five silver rupees. To get one, Longshot to the 
    target on the roof. The rest are in alcoves in the side, or in one of the 
    alcoves on the structure itself. When the door opens, go through. There 
    isn't a barrier! Walk through the wall where the the barrier should have 
    been. It was a fake wall! Shoot the barrier with a light arrow. Rauru comes 
    out and takes you back to the main room. Go through the first door on your 
    right. The last barrier.
    Spirit Barrier
    In the first room, run past all the blade trpas while collecting the five 
    silver rupees. There is also a Beamos in the middle, so be careful of that. 
    When the door opens, go through it. In here, hit the switch through the 
    fence. It makes a chest full of Bombchus drop down. Notice that there is a 
    hole in the top of the fence and that there is another switch at the back 
    wall. Take a Bombchu and let it go while standing in front of the hole. It 
    will go up the fence, through the hole and will go to the other side. When 
    it explodes, it should set off the switch, opening the way to the next room.
    In the next room, take out your fire arrows. Aim at the ceiling and hit the 
    spider web. This causes Sunlight to pur into the room. With your mirror 
    shield, reflect the light onto the sun switches until you find the right one.
     Be careful though, sometime if you hit the wrong one, a MAster Hand drops 
    down. When the door opens, go through. Hit the Barrier witha light arrow to 
    make Nabooru come out. She will take you to the main room. The Barrier 
    around the entrance to Ganondorf is now down. Go through the doorway.
    The Road to Ganondorf
    Okay, run up the stairs. In each new room, there are enemies for you to 
    fight. In one room, there are to Lizards that you must defeat to get rid of 
    the flames engulfing the boss key, Grab it and continue up. You will come to 
    a room with not ONE, but TWO Iron Knuckles! It's easy if you have Nayru's
    Love, if not, don't worry about it. Hit the first one with your sword and it 
    will come to life, after it's dead, hit the second. Once their dead, and the 
    door opens, go through it. At the top of one set of stairs, there's a big 
    doior. It has a boss lock on it. Open the lock and enter...
    Look around, there's nothing here! Run to the right and go through the door. 
    Run up the very LONG set of stairs to the top of the castle. Here, is where 
    Ganondorf is, and he's still keeping Zelda. After a short conversation, Navi 
    will be blown away, so she can't help you in knowing how to defeat Ganondorf.
    When it starts, he throws anergy bombs at you. Just like Phantom Ganon. 
    Bounce them back at him, just lie Phantom Ganon. When one hits him, unleash 
    a light arrow at him. He will fall to the middle platform, stunned. Jump 
    over and start slashing at him. When he gets up, jump back. Sometimes, he 
    pounds the ground, making some of the squares that make up the top floor 
    crash down below. He also makes this wierd black bomb thta hunts you down. 
    Try to roll to stay away from it. When he's defeated, Zelda will come over. 
    Ganon will jumnp up and with his last breath of power, made the Castle start 
    to fall apart. better hurry and get out of here.
    Zelda will start to run down a ramp. Follow her. When she gets to the big 
    gate, she will open it with her powers. Inside, run to the doorway with her. 
    Keep doing this. In one room, she will become trapped with a wall of fire 
    all around her. Defeat the Lizards to free her. She will give you a couple 
    of hearts for your trouble. Now, keep going down the castle. In the last 
    stretch, there is a Gibdo. Take him down with the master sword and exit the 
    castle. Behind you, the entire castle will crumble to the ground. Just when 
    everything seems safe, Zelda see's something over in the rubble that used to 
    be Ganondorfs castle. She sends you over to go check. Go over. Then, 
    Ganondorf bursts out of the rubble. With his peice of the Triforce, he 
    transforms himself into a huge monster.
    As soon as he transforms into Ganon, he knocks away the Mastersword and puts 
    up a wall up fire to prevent you from getting to it. Uh Oh. Doesn't look 
    like this guys got a weakness. Pul out your MegaTon Hammer. Now, run behind 
    him and smack his tail with the hammer. He DOES have a weakspot! Keep doin 
    this until he faints. the fire wall goes out so run and get the master sword.
    Now, go back to him, he will get up. it's not so easy to get to his tail now,
    he's protecting it at all costs. Z target his neck. Shoot a light arrow at 
    it. This stuns him. Roll between his legs to the other side of him. Slash at 
    his tail with the Master Sword. After a while, he will collapse again. Zelda 
    tells you to make the final strike. So start slashing. The cut scene will 
    take over from there.
        *Congratulations on beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!*
    VII. Ocarina Songs
    Zelda's Lullaby
    Location.........This song is gotten by Impa. She teaches it to you after 
                     you're first visit to princess Zelda.
    How to Play......C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right
    Special Uses.....This song can usually do many things when standing on or 
                     near a picture of the Triforce. It is proof that you're a 
                     messenger of the Royal Family.
    Saria's Song
    Location.........One your first visit to the Sacred Forest Meadow, Saria is 
                     waiting for you. She teaches you her song.
    How to Play......C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left
    Special Uses.....This song has a cheery melody that can make soem people 
                     happy. You can also talk to Saria any time you want.
    Sun's Song
    Location.........This song is loacted in the Kakariko Graveyard. Play 
                     Zelda's Lullaby in front of the last head stone. Then enter 
                     the grave and complete the puzzles.
    How to Play......C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Up
    Special Uses.....This song can change night into day and day into night. It 
                     can also freeze the mummy enemies in their tracks.
    Song of Storms
    Location.........This song is in the Kakariko Windmill. Talk to the Guru 
                     here. He will get mad and tell you about the song.
    How to Play......C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Down
    Special Uses.....With this song, you can make it storm and rain.
    Song of Time
    Location.........After you retrieve the Ocarina of Time, Zelda will send 
                     you a telepathic message telling how to play the Song of 
    How to Play......C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Down
    Special Uses.....It opens the Door of Time as well as moves any Blue "Time" 
    Blocks you may encounter
    Epona's Song
    Location.........Learn this song in Lon Lon Ranch. Talk to Malon a few 
                     times and pull out your Ocarina. She will teach the song 
                     to you.
    How to Play......C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right
    Special Uses.....Use this song to summon Epona, where ever she is. She 
                     won't come if you're in a town or village though.
    Minuet of Forest
    Location.........In your first visit to Sacred Forest Meadow as an adult, 
                     Shiek will teach you it.
    How to Play......A, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right
    Special Uses.....Warps you to the Sacred Forest Meadow
    Bolero of Fire
    Location.........After you go through Darunia's thrones secret passage to 
                     Death Mountain Crater, cross the bridge and Shiek will drop 
                     down and teach you the song
    How to Play......C-Down, A, C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, C-Right, C-Down
    Special Uses.....Warps you to Death Mountain Crater
    Serenade of Water
    Location.........Once you get the iron boots, Shiek will teach you the song
    How to Play......A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left
    Special Uses.....Warps you to Lake Hylia
    Nocturne of Shadow
    Location.........When you go to Kakariko Village after you beat the Water 
                     Temple, the village will be on fire, Shiek will teach you 
                     the song.
    How to Play......C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, A, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down
    Special Uses.....Warps you to the Graveyard
    Requiem of Spirit
    Location.........Enter the Spirit Temple and exit it again. Shiek will jump
                     down and teach you the song.
    How to Play......A, C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A
    Special Uses.....Warps you to the Spirit Temple
    Prelude of Light
    Location.........After you complete the Forest Temple, go back to the Temple 
                     of Time. Shiek will teach you the song
    How to Play......C-Up, C-Left, C-Up, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right
    Special Uses.....Warps you to the Temple of Time
    Scarecrow Song
    Location.........As a kid, go to the scarecrows on the side of Lake Hylia. 
                     Pull out your Ocarina and they will ask you to play a tune. 
                     Play and eight (8) note song. Now, as an adult, go back to 
                     him. Play the song again. It now becomes your scarecrow 
    How to Play......Not Available
    Special Uses.....Playing the song can summon the wandering Scarecrow. When 
                     ever Navi flys up onto a ledge and turns green, it usually 
                     means you can summon it. Use your Hookshot/Longshot to hook 
                     onto one of his limbs.
    VIII. Heart Peice Locations
    Kokiri Forest
     1 - Go into the lost woods. Take the first left. There is a skull kid 
         standing on the far tree stump. Don't go near him. Instead, go to the 
         tree stump opposite him. Play Saria's Song. He will be happy and give 
         you a Heart Peice.
     2 - Enter the Lost Woods and turn right. Climb down the ladder. Now, go over 
         and stand on the tree stump. Two skull kids will appear opposite you. 
         Now, pull out your Ocarina and they will play a game with you. They will 
         play a few notes, then you have to play the same ones back to them After 
         a while, they will give you a heart peice.
    Hyrule Field
     3 - Go to the entrance to Lake Hylia. Climb over the fence. Go into the 
         middle. If you have the Stone of Agony and a Rumble Pack, it will start 
         rumbling. Drop a bomb here and a hole will appear. Go inside. Walk up to 
         the Deku Scrub and buy the Peice of Heart for 10 rupees. 
     4 - Go right of Hyrule Castle all the way to a river. With the rumble pack 
         and Stone of Agony, you will notice it start rumbling by one of the 
         trees. Bomb the tree to reveal a secret hole. Go in it. Inside is a big 
         hole filled with water. Kill the enmy before you go in it. Either, with 
         the golden scale, dive down and and get the heart peice, or put on your 
         iron boots.
    Hyrule Castle/Market
     5 - At night time, look around the Market. There is a white dog running 
         around in circles. Go near him to make him follow you. Then, go into the 
         back alley way. In one of the doors, a fat lady lives. The dog, Richie, 
         belongs to you. She'll be so happy you brought him back, that she'll 
         reward you with a peice of heart.
     6 - At night, enter the treasure chest game. You have to pick one of two 
         chests. In one is the key to the next room, in the other is a rupee. If 
         you use the lens of truth, you will be able to see inside of the chests, 
         seeing what's inside of them. When you get to the end, there's a single 
         Chest. Open it to get a peice of heart.
     7 - Go to the Bombchu Game. It may take a couple of trys, but the lady at 
         the desk will eventually offer you a peice of heart as a prize for 
         winning. When you finish the game, you will be presented with a peice of 
    Kakariko Village/Graveyard
     8 - Go to the Graveyard at night. Talk to Dampe. He will ask you if you want 
         to play a game. The game is, tell him to dig hole whereever you want 
         him to. Make him dig the small square lighter soil patches. It's 
         compltely random, but the heart peice is inside one of them. All the 
         others contain rupees.
     9 - As an adult, go to Dampe's grave. Now, you must have the long shot. You 
         have to complete Dampe's little maze thing in under a minute. When you 
         get to the end, where it goes in three different directions, go through 
         the middle one. When you come out to the cavern, take out your longshot. 
         Aim it at the base of the torch ahead of you. It is right beside the 
         exit door. Go through it. You should be pretty close to 1:00 if not, 
         try again.
    10 - Go through Dampe's maze. When you come out, you will be in Kakariko 
         windmill. To your right iz a peice of heart. Jump on one of the 
         rotating fans of the windmill and jump off when you reach the peice of 
    11 - Once you have the Longshot, go to Kakariko village. Use it to latch 
         onto the rooftops of buildings. One one of the buildings, there is a 
         man sitting watching over the city. Talk to him. He'll give you a peice 
         of heart just for visiting him!
    12 - Go up to Death Mountain Summit. Talk to the owl and let him carry uoi 
         all the way downm to Kakariko village. He will drop you on top of 
         Impa's house. Walk to the edge of it and look down. There is a ledge 
         there. Drop down on it and go through the door. Inside, next to the cow 
         is a peice of heart.
    13 - Once you have collected 50 Gold Skultulla tokens, go to the Skultulla 
         house. The child you haave broken the curse off of, will now be so 
         grateful he'll give you a peice of heart.
    14 - As a child, plant a magic bean in the mound of soft soil near Dampe's 
         future grave. Now, return as an adult. The plant as grown! Stand on it 
         and it will carry you up. Jump to the higher area. Now, roll into the 
         box. A peice of heart will come out.
    15 - There is an unmarked grave in the third row that can be pulled back. Go 
         inside. Run in between the Gibdos and play the Suns Song. The Gibdos 
         will be frozen in their tracks and a chest will appear. Inside is a 
         peice of heart.
    Zoras Domain/River/Fountain
    16 - In the river, there is a fallen tree stump. There are frogs in the 
         water all around it. When you stand on the stump, they will all jump 
         onto the log acoss from you. Pull out your Ocarina and play the Song of 
         Storms. They will reward you with a peice of heart.
    17 - Go to the tree stump with all the frogs around it. Play all of your 
         songs, except the warping songs. With each song, the frogs will grow in 
         size. When they are giant frogs, they will challenge you to a game. 
         They will play something, then you have to play it back. Do it to gain 
         another heart peice.
    18 - Grab the Cucco that is at the end of the river. Carry it up the path. 
         When you can, jump across the short gap on the left. Follow this up to 
         a dead end. Jump to the platform ahead of you while holding the Cucco. 
         When you are really close to the edge, throw away the Cucco and grab 
         onto the edge. Now, jump to the next platform, the one with the peice 
         of heart.
    19 - Grab the Cucco and run all the way up to the entrance to Zora's Domain.
         Look behind you. There is a platform with a peice of heart. Use the 
         Cucco to reach it.
    20 - Inside Zora's Domain, run up to King Zora's throne. Light a deku stick 
         on fire and run down the stairs, lighting every single torch you see. 
         When you get to the one in the water, make sure you stay in the shallow 
         area and go behind the waterfall where there are the last two torches. 
         Light them and a chest will appear, guess what's in it...
    21 - In Zora's Fountain, as an adult. Jump across the ice bergs until you 
         get to the one with the peice of heart.
    22 - Now, in Zora's Fountain, as an adult, put on your iron boots and float 
         down to the bottom. In the middle is a peice of heart.
    23 - In the Ice Cavern, melt the red ice leading to the room that holds the 
         compass and another blue fire flame. Across from the compass is a 
         peice of heart frozen in red ice.
    Death Mountain/Goron City
    24 - As a kid, plant a magic bean in Death Mountain Crater. It's right next 
         to the warp pad. When you turn into an adult, return to it. Ride it to 
         one of the mountains in the crater, jump off when you see the peice of 
         heart, the plant will circle it a few times, giving you a chance to 
         jump off.
    25 - As an adult, go to Death Mountain Summit, Enter the crator and go 
         forward. There is a cliff, but if you go near it, Link will grab onto 
         the vines hanging down the side of it. Climb down them and get into the 
         alcove where a peice of heart is awaiting you.
    26 - When you're a kid, go to Goron City. Go into Darunia's throne room and 
         light a deku stick on fire. Go out of the room and light all the 
         torches. This will cause the big Goron jar in the middle to start 
         spinning. Go up to the second floor Take ombs and throw them into the 
         top of the jar. When they explode, the jar will turn. If it lands on 
         it's happy face, a peice of heart will be flown out of the top of it.
    27 - As a child, plant a magic bean at the entrance to Dodongo's cavern. 
         Come back as an adult and ride it. Jump off above Dodongo's cavern and 
         get the peice of heart.
    Lake Hylia
    28 - Go to the lakeside laboratory. Jump into the water. This only works if 
         you have the golden scale, dive down and touch the bottom of the tank. 
         When you come out, go over and talk to the scientist. He will be 
         impressed by your diving skills, so he'll give you a peice of heart.
    29 - As a kid, plant a magic bean behind the lake side laboratory. Come back 
         as an adult and ride it to the roof of the lab. Climb up the tall 
         ladder. be careful though because the crows will swoop in and knock you 
         off. At the top is a peice of heart.
    30 - Go to the fishing pond as a child. When you catch a 10 piunder, the man 
         at the desk will give you a peice of heart for having caught the
         biggest fish.
    Gerudo Valley/Fortress
    31 - In gerudo valley, jump down into the ledge beside the river. Now, walk 
         up to the waterfall. Behind it is a ladder leading up into an alcove 
         high above the ground. Go into it to find another heart peice.
    32 - In Gerudo Valley, as a child, grab the chicken. Now, go out onto the 
         bridge. With it in your hands, jump towards the platform that holds a 
         single crate. Roll into the crate to reveal a heart peice.
    33 - In Gerudo Fortress, make it to the very top. Navi will fly over, across 
         a gap and turn green. Play the Scarecrows song to make the scarecrow 
        pop up. Attach onto him with your Longshot. Walk over to the chest, open 
        it to find a heart peice.
    34 - Go to the Horse-back arcery course. If you score at least 1 000 points, 
         you'll get a heart peice as a prize.
    Desert Colossus/Wasteland
    35 - In the Colossus, as a child, plant a magic bean outside the entrance to 
         the spirit temple. When you come back as an adult, the plant will have 
         grown, ride it all the way around the area until it come back to the 
         beginning. Jump to the arch, where a heart peice is awaiting
    Lon Lon Ranch
    36 - Go to Lon Lon Ranch. Go around the horse place until you find a small 
         building. Go inside and push all the mil crates around until you can 
         get into the little tunnel. Through it is a heart peice.
    IX. Soft Soil Locations
    Lake Hylia
      - In Lake Hylia, behind the Lake Side Laboratory, there is a patch of soft 
        soil to plant a magic bean in.
    Desert Colossus
      - Right beside the Spirit Temple is a patch of soft soil. Use it to reach 
        a heart peice in the future
    Gerudo Valley
      - Grab the Cucco. Jump down the valley. On the north wall, there ia a big 
        alcove in the wall with a Gerudo Guard and a cow. There's also a patch 
        of soft soil...
    Death Mountain Trail
      - At the entrance to Dodongo's cavern, there's a patch of soft soil.
    Death Mountain Crater
      - Right beside the warp pad is a patch of soft soil that can be used to 
        plant a magic bean and get a heart peice in the future.
    Lost Woods
      - As soon as you enter the wood, turn left. Then turn left again. In front 
        of you is a patch of soft soil.
      - Near the short cut to Zora's River is a patch of soft soil.
    Kokiri Forest
      - There is a patch of soft soil beside the shop. When you return as an 
        adult, it can only be used to reach a couple of rupees.
    Zora's River
      - Right beside the guy you buy the beans from, there is a patch of soft 
    Kakariko Graveyard
      - Take your first left in the graveyard. At the end of the graves, there 
        is a patch of soft soil, this like others can be used to reach a heart 
        peice in the future. 
    X. Fairy Fountain Locations
    Magic Fairies
    Sword Spin........To get the Sword Spin magic, go to the summit of Death 
                      Mountain. Blow up the wierd looking rock and enter. Play 
                      Zelda's Lullaby on the triforce symbol to make the Great 
                      Fairy come out.
    Din's Fire........To get Din's Fire, go to Hyrule Castle. Climb up the vines 
                      and jump over the fence. Follow the road to a dead end. 
                      Blow up the rock here to reveal a hole. Crawl into it to 
                      find a fairy fountain. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the 
                      Triforce symbol to make the Fairy come out.
    Farore's Wind.....Go to Zora's Fountain. In the rear end of it, there is a 
                      big wall that has a strange colour. Blow it up to reveal 
                      the entrance to the Fountain. Do the same as above to make 
                      the fairy appear.
    Nayru's Love......Go to the Desert Colossus. On the right wall, keep going 
                      up and down it until you find the crack in it. Blow it up 
                      and enter. Do the same as above to make the fairy appear.
    Defense Hearts....Once you're in Ganon's Tower and you have the Golden 
                      Gauntlets, go outside. Go to where the Din's Fire Fairy 
                      used to be. In it's place is a huge pillar. Pick it up 
                      with the gauntlets and enter. The Fairy will give you 
                      white armor around all of your hearts. They make it so 
                      that all damage done to you is split into half.
    Normal Fairy Fountains
    - In Hyrule Field, There are a lot of boulders scattered around. In some of 
      them, there are hidden Fairy Fountains filled with fairies to fill up your 
    - In the Kakariko Graveyard, go into the tomb where you got a Hylian Shield. 
      Blow up the wall behind the chest to find a fairy fountain. It's full of 
      faries that you can put in bottles.
    - In Zora's River, climb up a ladder to the second level of platforms, Bomb 
      the boulder to uncover another fountain. When yuo have a fairy in a bottle,
      it will come out when you die and refill your health.
    - In the Sacred Forest meadow, at the ver back of it, after the maze, there 
      is a ladder leading to the top level of the maze. Drop down the little 
      hole in one area to find a fairy Fountain.
    - In Zora's Domain, jump down into the water, climb up on the stone platform 
      and play the Song of Storms. It opens up a hole in the rock. Inside the 
      hole is a fairy fountain. 
    - In Gerudo fortress, there are a couple of crates on the ground, outside. 
      Behind them, play the Song of Storms to open up a hole leading to a fairy 
    XI. Masks
    Keaton Mask
    This is the Mask of a Fox like creature. To sell it, go to Kakariko Village. 
    The guard standing at the gate has been wanting to get one for his son, but 
    he can't leave his post. He will give you the 15 rupees it costs to buy the
    mask. Bring the money back the the Happy Mask Shop.
    Skull Mask
    Go into the lost woods. Turn left. Put ont he Skull Mask and walk over and 
    talk to the skull kid. He will buy the mask, but for less than it's worth. 
    You have to pay for the rest of the mask out of your pocket.
    Spooky Mask
    In the day, go to the Kakariko Graveyard. The little kid patrolling the 
    graveyard will be delighted to pay full price for the mask.
    Bunny Hood
    With this mask, go out into Hyrule field. The running man that you must sell 
    the mask to is usually running past Lon Lon Ranch. Catch up to him. He will 
    pay you until your wallet is full.
    Mask of Truth
    Once you sell all of the four masks, the owner will lend you the Mask of 
    Truth. Stand in front of gossip stones and press A. They will tell you 
    Goron Mask
    As well as the Mask of Truth, the shop owner gives you permission to use 
    three other masks, one of them being the Goron Mask. It doesn't really do 
    anything but get strange repsonses from the Gorons.
    Zora Mask
    This is the same as the Goron Mask, only it gets wierd responses from the 
    Zora's. Most of them know you're not really one of them though.
    Gerudo Mask
    Once again, it gets different responses from the gerudo's.
    XII. Trading Process
    Pocket Egg
    As an adult, go to Kakariko Village. Go to the woman near the graveyard. She 
    used to take care of Cuccos. Now, she has a new breed, called Pocket Cuccos. 
    She gives you an egg. In the morining, when it hatches, go to the small 
    house on the ground floor of the village. Talon is fast asleep on the bed. 
    Use the Pocket Cucco to wake him up. Now, take the Cucco back to the lady. 
    She'll be so happy that you made the Cucco happy, that she'll give you 
    another Cucco.
    Cojiro is a blue Cucco. It used to belong to the womans brother, but he 
    left, and the Cucco hasn't been happy since. I guess it's time to go find 
    her brother. Go to Lost Woods. Take the first lmeft. There is a mutated man 
    leaning up against a tree stump. Go over to him and pull out Cojiro. The 
    brother will be happy and take Cojiro. He gives you an Odd Mushroom.
    Odd Mushroom
    Now, there is a time limit on this. If you don't do it, then the mushroom 
    will spoil and you must start again. You CANNOT warp. If you do, the 
    mushroom will go bad. Just run all the way to Kakariko Village. Call Epona 
    if you want. When yuo get there, go to the potion shop and give the mushroom 
    to the old lady.
    Odd Potion
    The old lady will prepare  potion. Carry it back to the lost woods. The man 
    is gone. Insted, there is now a little Kokiri Girl in his place. Give the 
    potion to her. She will be angrey that you took something from the forest. 
    She gives you a carpenters saw that had been dropped in the forest.
    Carpenters Saw
    Now, go to Gerudo Valley. In the tent, or outside the tent, one or the other 
    is a carpenter. It was him who dropped his saw in kokiri Forest.
    Broken Sword
    He is relieved that you brought back his saw, but he doesn't have anything 
    to give to you in return, except for a broken Goron Sword. Take the sword 
    and go to Death Mountain Summit. There is a really large Goron here. He was 
    the one that made the broken sword. He is embarrased it broke, but he can't 
    fix it because the sulfuric fumes are hurting his eyes.
    He gives you a prescription for eye drops. Go to King Zora in Zoras Domain 
    to fill out the prescription. The King doesn't have eye drops, but he does
    have an eyeball frog which is the main ingrediant for eye drops.
    Eyeball Frog
    He gives you the Eyeball frog, telling you that if you take it to the lake 
    side laboratory in lake Hylia, the scientist can make the eye drops. So, 
    exit the Domain and the river. Call Epona and ride across Hyrule Field, 
    like the mushroom, the eyeball frog has a time limit on it. When you reach 
    the laboratory, go inside and give the frog to the scientist.
    Eye Drops
    The scientist gives you eye drops. These too, have a time limit on them. You 
    have to race back to Death mountain Summit as quick as possible. Use Epona 
    to shorten the trip considerably. When you get the drops to him, he'll put 
    them in.
    Claim Check
    Now that his eyes are better, he can work on the broken sword. He gives you 
    a claim check and tells you to come back in three days. If you're patient, 
    wait for the three days to pass, if not, then play sun's song a bunch of 
    times to make the days pass. When three days are up, give him the claim 
    Biggerons Sword
    This is what you end up with. It is a giant sword. This is the ultimate 
    sword.  Link must use both hands to hold onto this sword. It never breaks no 
    matter how many times you use it.
    XIII. Enemies
    A skultulla is a spider. It has a white hard shell on it's back, protecting 
    it. To defeat it, wait until it gets stupid and turns around. Slash at it's 
    soft belly with a sword or shoot a deku seed at it. As an adult, you can kill
    it with the hookshot/longshot even if it's belly isn't exposed!
    Gold Skultulla
    There are 100 of these skultullas in the game. When you kill one, you reciev 
    a golden token, proving that you killed it. In Kakariko village, there was a 
    curse put upon a family. the curse turned them all into mutated skultullas. 
    After you get enough gold skultulla tokens, the curse will begin to break and
    the family will return to normal, rewarding you with a valuable item. You can
    tell if a gold skultulla is nearby by listening for a scra5tching noise.
    Keese are very annoying. In case you didn't know, they're the bats that are 
    flying all around Hyrule. To defeat them, simply wait until they're at ground
    level and slash at htem, or Z target them and pull out your Singshot or bow 
    and launch an arrow or deku seed. The keese come in two other forms as well,
    the fire Keese and the Ice Keese. If it is on fire, don't let it hit you or 
    you'll catch on fire too! If you have the Deku Shield out when a fire keese 
    attacks you, the shield will burn! For ice Keese, if they touch yu, they'll 
    turn you into a block of ice. Watch out for them.
    Beamos are statues. Very strange statues. On the head, they ahve a single 
    large eye that rotates in a 360 degree pattern. To kill it, throw a bomb or 
    bomb flower at it's base. If for some reason, you want to stun it, shoot a 
    deku seed or arrow at it's eye when it's facing you. The Beamos can fire a 
    single laser that6 can rotate with it's eye. If it sees you, you better get 
    out of there fast, it can reach pretty far.
    Stalfos are skeletons. Well, they're living skeletons. They have a sword and 
    shield and will attack very fiercely. Use your shield. Right after it slashes
    at you, slash at him while he's still open. Some times, they will leap from 
    half way across the room, trying to do a critical slash to you. Move out of 
    the way and slash at their back. They take a few hits to kill.
    Yes, even pots can be your enemy! Sometimes, a pot will rise off the ground 
    and hurdle itself at high speed towards you. Pull up your shield to block it.
    The pot will break, sometimes revealing a rupee or arrow, etc.
    A Gindo is like a mummy. it moves really slow, if it gets too close to you, 
    it will jump onto your back and start draining your energy. Press A rapidly 
    to get it off. Slash at it until it dies. If it screams, you will be frozen 
    in your tracks, so don't give it the chance to do that. If you have suns 
    song, play that and it will freeze a Gibdo in IT'S tracks.
    Deku Baba
    A Deku Bab is a plant that will spot out of the ground and attack you. Slash 
    at it's base to cut it's upper body off and kill it. It will usually leave 
    only deku sticks.
    Dek Scrub
    A Deku Scrub is a small bush like plant that will sput up from the ground, 
    shoot a Deku Seed at you, then duck back into the ground. To get it out of 
    the ground, when it fires a deku seed at you, bounce it back to hit it. It 
    will get up and start running. Run to it and slash with your sword to finish 
    Even cuccos can be your enemy. Although they look like dumb little chickens, 
    slash one with your sword about 6 times. it will howl out. Calling it's 
    friends. They will all fly down from the sky, attacking you. If you have 
    Epona, you can just out run them. 
    You will only encounter Moblins at one time. When you're an adult and in the 
    Sacred Forest Meadow. They are giant pig-like things. If they see you, 
    they'll charge with their giant spears. To kill one, hit it with any kind of 
    weapon, although I don't suggest trying to kill it with a sword.
    These are like water spiders. They have a single red eye and can jump high, 
    usually onto your head. Their really easy to kill though, just slash at them 
    twice with your sword.
    Armos are giant statues. hey look some-waht like a dog. If you touch one, it 
    will come to like, bouncing towards you. Throw a bomb at it. When it explodes
    near the Armos, it will begin to flash red. It will start to bounce around 
    in a crazy pattern. Then blow up. Make sure you're not near it when that 
    These are giant Lizard like things. The easiest way to kill them is to Z 
    target one of them when he is on the same platform as you. When you strike 
    them, he runs away. That is when you go to the other Lizard. Keep alternating
    until they're both dead. And remember to use your Hylian Shield!
    These are little octapus thiongs that pop their head out of water bodies and 
    shoot a deku seed at you. Block it with a shield and bounce it back it it. It
    will get stunned and fall back into the water, where it drowns.
    Bari are jellyfish like things. They float around the rooms. If you touch 
    one, it will send an electrical current down your spine. To defeat it, simply
    Z Target it and throw a boomerang at it.
    Poe's are ghosts, usually found in the Kakariko Graveyard. If you get too 
    close to the wrong grave, the owner of it will come out and attack you. To 
    kill it, wait for it to stop spinning and slash at it. When it stops spinning
    again, slash at it once more to kill it.
    Master Hand
    Sometimes, when you enter a room, Navi will warn you there are shadows on the
    ceiling, This means that there is a Master Hand up there. If you stand still,
    you will notice a shadow growing bigger and bigger around you. When it's 
    pretty big, move out of the way. The Master Hand will land on the ground. 
    Kill it with your sword before it leaps back up to the ceiling. if it lands 
    on you when it comes down, you will be sent back to the start of the temple.
    In the desert, Leevers will pop out of the ground and head in your direction.
    Slash at it with your sword until ti dies. Some times though, they attack in 
    big numbers, so you have to kill them as fast as you possibly can. Good Luck!
    Fire Bubble
    I don't know where they got their names, but in the Forest Temple, there are 
    a lot of flaming skulls. These are Fire Bubbles. To kill them, hold out your 
    shield until it bounces against it. This will put out the flame and make it 
    tumble to the ground. Hit it with your sword a few times to kill it.
    In Lord Jabu Jabu's belly, there are a couple of rooms with floating bubbles.
    To kill them, either throw Ruto at them, if you have gher, or shoot a deku 
    seed at them. You could even let one hit you. But that would do damge to you 
    XIV. Gerudo Training Grounds
    When you enter the training complex, go left. Go through the doorway. You 
    have a limited time to kill a couple of Stalfos. When they are dead, you 
    will get a key. Continue on through the next door. This is a maze. Collect 
    the silver rupees. When they are all collected, a door will open on the far 
    side. You have to use the Long shot to get a couple of the rupees. Like the 
    last event, you have a limited time to do this in. In the next room, as long 
    as you have the silver/golden gauntlets, go straight ahead and push the 
    block into the hole. Then go through the door and open the chest to get a 
    key. Now, go back to the room before. Pull out your Lens of truth and your 
    Longshot. Look at the opposite wall. There is a hidden entrance here. Hook 
    onto the target to get up there. Go through the door. In this room, Stand on 
    the circling platform. Pull out your bow. Shoot arrows at the eyes of the 
    statues. if yu miss one, you have to start over. When they're all hit, a 
    chest will appear in the middle. Jump to it. After you get the key, hook 
    onto one of the targets on the outside and go through the next door.
    In the next room, take out your MegaTon Hammer. Hit the totem polls. The one 
    with three block has a switch underneath it. Press it to make the fire 
    around the chest in the middle dissappear. Open the chest to get a key. Now, 
    you're in a room with silver rupees and platforms. Under them is lava. Put 
    on your Hover boots and float over to the first platform. When Navi runs to 
    a wall and turns green, go to the platform closest to that. Play the Song of 
    Time to make a time block appear. Jump on it. Now play it again to make 
    another appear. Jump up to the lege above to get a key. Now, jump down and 
    continue collecting the lkeys. When the exit door opens, go through it. In 
    here, kill the Beamos first. Then take care of the Lizards. When they are 
    all dead witin the time limit, you will get a key. Now, go through the door. 
    You're back at the beginning. Go through the door on your right. It leads to 
    a maze. Go to the left side, opening up every door that gets in your way. 
    You should have enough keys. When you get to the end, open the chest to get 
    the Ice Arrows!
    XV. Secrets/Cheats
    Getting Epona
    Getting Epona, amke sure you have at least 80 rupees. Go to Lon Lon Ranch as 
    an adult. For this to work, you MUST have Epona's song. Go up to Ingo. Talk 
    to him and play the 10 rupees to ride a horse. Go in and ride the first 
    horse you see, when time runs out, he will throw you out. Go back in. Now, 
    play Epona's song. Epona, the horse will come trotting over. Climb on top of 
    here. Now, from atop the horse, talk to Ingo. He will challenge you to a 
    horse race for 50 rupees. If you beat him, and you should with Epona, he 
    will challenge you to another race, if you win that one, he will give Epona 
    to you. The only problem is, after you winit, he will lock you in. Gather 
    speed and jump one of the fences, into Hyrul field. You're now free to ride 
    Epona around.
    Use C Items while Riding Epona
    This secret is kind of cool. When you get to Ganon, when he knocks your 
    sword away, save and exit. When you go back into the game, exit Ganon's 
    castle. You have no sword on the green button. Go out into Hyrule field and 
    call Epona. While riding, press a c-button, you can now use the items! To 
    get the master sword back, just go to the equipment sub screen and equip it 
    100+ Golden Skultullas
    For this cheat, make sure you have learned the Song of Storms or else it 
    won't work. You need to be a kid for this, too. Go to Hyrule castle and 
    sneak past the guards. Jump in the water by the castle and float by the 
    second group of guards. Climb out of the water, and there will be a tree in 
    front of you. This tree is near where you wake up Talon with the chicken. 
    Walk up to the tree, and play the Song of Storms and a secret hole will 
    emerge! Go inside and there are three walls you can destroy with bombs. On 
    one wall there is a Gold Skulltula. Back up so that you are right in front 
    of the light that will take you back up. Destroy the Skulltula, then take 
    out your Boomerang. Aim for the golden token and throw. As soon as your 
    Boomerang starts coming back, do a backflip into the light so you go back to 
    the surface. the blue screen telling you that you destroyed a Skulltula will 
    come up, and maybe a few words, but that's it. When you reappear at the 
    surface do this process again, and the Skulltula will be there again. By 
    doing this, you can get over 100 Skulltulas and you can cash them in the 
    House of Skulltula for things. If you happen to destroy the Skulltula and 
    don't jump out in time, turn off the game without saving otherwise the cheat 
    will be useless!
    - I got this from Devin Morgan's FAQ/Walkthrough. Please, look at his 
      FAQ/Walkthroguh, it's much better than mine.
    Gossip Stones
    There's a few things you can do with these things. First, put on the Mask of 
    Truth. Now, press A on one of the stones. They tell you secrets! Another 
    thing you can do is put a bomb beside one. When the bomb blows up, the 
    stone will start flashing colours, then it'll launch up into the sky. To 
    make the stone stay the colour red or blue, slash at them with your sword 
    while they are flashing that colour.
    Grab a lit Deku Stick. Now, go and run by some butterflies. They'll turn 
    into faries!
    Bottles, Bottles, BOTTLES
    Go to a place that is shallow and has fish. Like Zora's Domain. Now, with 
    your bottle, swip at a fish. Just when the fish is about to be caught, press 
    start. Now, replace the bottle with another c-item. Press start. The c-itme 
    you replaced the bottle with will turn into a bottle with a fish inside! 
    Repeat this process to get however many bottles you want. Don't save though! 
    You don't want all your c-items gone for good.
    You may notice that if you slash at some signs, they brake apart, leaving 
    you with something you can't read. To revive the sign, play Zelda's Lullaby.
    The sign will pick itself up and put itself back together.
    Skultulla Prizes
    10 Gold Skultulla Tokens - Adult Wallet (Holds 200 rupees)
    20 Gold Skultulla Tokens - Stone of Agony
    30 Gold Skultulla Tokens - Giants Wallet (Holds 500 rupees)
    40 Gold Skultulla Tokens - Bombchus
    50 Gold Skultulla Tokens - Heart Peice
    100 Gold Skultulla Tokens - Gold Rupee
    Getting More Arrows
    It is possible to upgrade your arrow quiver in the game. To get the first 
    upgrade, go to the shooting gallery in Kakariko Village. Beat it to get an 
    upgrade to 40 arrows. For the next one, you must ahve the gerudo membership 
    cardd and Epona. Go to Gerudo Fortress and go to the horseback archery 
    course. Get 1200 points to get another upgrade, up to 50 arrows!
    Getting More Deku Seeds
    It's also possible to upgrade the amount of Deku Seeds you can hold. For the 
    first one, go into the lost woods and turn right. Shoot the target 3 times to
    get the upgrade to 40 Deku Seeds. Now, go to Hyrul Town Market and enter the 
    shooting gallery. Beat it to get the second and last upgrade, up to 50 Deku 
    Freeze Redeads
    To freeze a reDead in it's tracks, play the Sun's Song. 
    Beating the Running Man
    *NOTE*:You have to start off this cheat as an Adult for this to work. Once 
    you fix the bridge in Gerudo Valley, talk to the running man. Accept his 
    challenge and make it to the bridge in the Lost Woods in 2:36- two seconds 
    faster than his time. He'll say he beat you by one second (I say he cheated).
    Leave and head back to Gerudo Valley. Talk to him again and accept his 
    challenge. Leave the tent and play the Prelude of Light. He will say you 
    forfeited the race- ignore him. Place the Master Sword in the Pedastal of 
    Time and head out into Hyrule Field. Look for the running man and start 
    chucking bombs in his path. If you're lucky, he'll run right into a bomb 
    right and it goes off and he'll take a fall. Talk to him and he'll say he 
    thinks his leg is broken. Return to the Temple of Time and withdraw the 
    Master Sword. Go back to Gerudo Valley and talk to the running man one last 
    time. He'll have a bandage on his leg and says that you look familiar. He'll 
    then say that he's not as fast as he used to be but he's still pretty 
    confident in his running abilities. Accept his challenge, leave the tent, 
    and call Epona. Run to the bride in the Lost Woods and the running man wont 
    be there. Wait a couple of seconds and he'll come huffing in and flop down. 
    He'll say he's never met anyone as fast as you and will then give you the 
    Golden Saddle which gives you 8 carrots and Epona runs faster. He'll say 
    something about someone throwing a bomb at him 7 years ago and heads back to
    Gerudo Valley.
      - This was submitted by Micheal Ashley. I'm not 100% sure that it works 
    XVI. Frequently Asked Questions
    Question - I heard the Triforce is in this game. Where is it?
    Answer   - Sorry, what you heard was a rumor with absoulutely no truth to it.
    Question - How do you go back in time?
    Answer   - Just go back to the Temple of Time. But your Master Sword back in 
               the Pedistal of Time. 
    Question - Mario! Where is he?!
    Answer   - I assume your talking about the picture of Mario. Go to the Hyrule
               Castle Courtyard and look up into one of the windows. There is a 
               small picture of Mario there.
    Question - How do i defeat a Beamos?
    Answer   - Throw a bomb at the base of it
    Question - I found a Gold Skultulla Token, what do I do with it?
    Answer   - Just go to the Skultulla house in Kakariko when you have enough 
               of the Tokens, the peope there will give you prizes.
    Question - How do I beat Twinrova?
    Answer   - It's in the FAQ, go to the Spirit Temple part.
    Question - How do I get a Giants Knife that doesn't break?
    Answer   - Look in the Trading Process section of this FAQ/Walkthrough. It 
               tells you how to get the Biggeron Sword, which is what you're 
               talking about
    Question - How do I beat the Running Man? Whenever I get back to the Lost 
               Woods, he's already there!
    Answer   - You can't beat him.
    Question - I found an error with your FAQ, what do I do?
    Answer   - Email me. My address is located at the top of the FAQ.
    Question - Can I use this Guide on my site?
    Answer   - No. This guide is exclusive to GameFAQs at the moment.
    Question - I'm stuck at a part in the game that isn't mentioned in this FAQ!
    Answer   - Really? Sorry, take a look at one of the other FAQs on the site 
               and see if any of them will help
    XVII. Credits/Thanks
    Credit/Thanks for this FAQ go to:
       - CJayC: For posting the Guid eon his site
       - Devin Morgan: He gave me the insperation to write this Guide. Thanks Dev
       - Nintendo: They developed this wonderful game.
       - Miyamoto: He oversaw production of the game and did a fine job of it too
       - All the fans that look at this FAQ for help
       - Outkast: The GameShark Codes came from Outkasts FAQ/Walkthrough
       - Myself: For writing this FAQ
       - Segaholic: For letting me use the ASCII art at the top of this FAQ
    XVIII. Copyright Info
      Copyright 2002 Ryan Kavanagh (Bonds Legacy). This FAQ and everything 
    included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form  
    (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely 
    accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and unaltered  
    format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money 
    would be made from  selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in
    any sort of commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of
    bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is 
    therefore prohibited.
      Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors, employees  
    or associates, etc. of any company, group, business, or association, etc.,
    nor can it be used by game sites and the like. It cannot be used in magazines
    guides, books, etc. or in any other form of printed or electronic media 
    (including mediums not specifically mentioned)in ANY way, shape, or form 
    (including reprinting, reference or inclusion), without the express written 
    permission of the author, myself. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, 
    Ryan Kavanagh. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected 
    that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
      This FAQ was written for GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) only. I don't want it 
    to be put up on any other web site and am not above explaining this to your 
    ad banner guys or whoever else I can get ahold of if you decide to violate 
    this disclaimer.
      To continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected by the 
    Berne Copyright Convention of 1976, not to mention International Copyright
    Law. Remember that plagiarism is a crime, and that this is a copyrighted 
    work--stealing from this guide is putting yourself at risk, plain and simple,
    because the law is on my side. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ  
    (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any questions, comments,
    or corrections, to the address above.
           End of File. Copyright (c) 2002 by Ryan Kavanagh (Bonds Legacy)

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