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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zauron

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    Zauron's "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time" Complete Guide
          A. Weapons and Equipment
          B. The Four Bottles
          C. The Masks
          D. The Big Goron's Sword
          E. Epona the Horse
          F. The Ocarina
          G. Bigger Containers
          H. Faeries and Magic
          I. The Heart Container Pieces
          J. The Gold Skulltulas
          K. The Magic Beans
          A. Kokiri Forest
          B. Deku Tree
          D. Ranch, Woods, and Village
          E. Dodonogo's Cavern
          F. Magic and Zora's Domain
          G. Jabu-Jabu's Belly
          H. Collecting stuff
          I. Temple of Time
          J. Forest Temple
          K. The Well
          L. Fire Temple
          M. Ice Caverns
          N. Water Temple
          O. Shadow Temple
          P. Gerudo Fortress
          Q. Gerudo Training Ground
          R. Desert Colossus
          S. Spirit Temple
          T. Final Preperations
          U. Gannon's Castle
    The purpose of this guide is to give you hardcore info about the game, how to
    pass it, and how to get everything.  Note that the walkthrough section does not
    talk about all the things you could be doing in between levels.  It acts like
    all you want to do is pass the levels and that's it.  I don't recommend you do
    everything in the walkthrough and nothing else.  You'll be missing out on what
    the game has to offer.  Between dungeons use the other information in this guide
    to find items and explore!  There's plenty to do here besides pass the levels
    and get only the essential items.
    To quickly get to a section you are looking for, use the Find command (CTRL-
    F/Command-F) and type in the section label as the roman numeral then a space
    then the letter.  For example, if you want to get to the section about the Water
    Temple, you would do a search for "III N." (without quotes).
    This guide does not talk about game play mechanics except when describing battle
    tactics, and assumes you have read the instructions and know how to equip items
    and know what Z targeting means.  If you didn't get the instructions (rented the
    game) then there's a nice training thing in the game in the first town you can
    use to learn stuff like that.
    If you are playing the GameCube rerelease version, when I refer to "Z targeting"
    it means to use the L button.  C-button items use the yellow C stick or the X,
    Y, and Z buttons.  Other than that everything is the same as the original game.
    The Master Quest version is obviously different, but only in the dungeons as far
    as I've seen - all the overworld stuff, plot, etc. is exactly the same.
    I've put many sleepless days and nights into this guide so I hope you find it
    useful. Enjoy!
         I A. Weapons and Equipment
    Kokiri Sword - Young Link's sword.
    Find the training center in Kokiri Forest.  Its in the south part of town next
    to the Know-It-All-Brothers house.  In the back is a small cave.  Go up to the
    cave and press A to enter.  Crawl through, dodge the boulder, and find the
    treasure box containing the sword.
    Master Sword - Adult Link's primary sword, needed to travel in time.
    Found in the Temple of Time after you have all 3 Spiritual Stones.
    Giant's Knife - Adult Link only, really big sword.  Breaks easily though.
    Can be bought for 200 rupees from the giant Goron.  As Adult Link, find the wall
    in the third floor that can be bombed (it is between two bomb plants) and bomb
    your way through to the Giant Goron.
    Goron's Sword - Version of the Giant's Knife that won't break.
    Follow Adult Link's trading sequence to get it (see the Big Goron's Sword
    Deku Shield - Young Link's primary shield (press R to use it).
    Collect 40 rupees in Kokiri Forest by slashing bushes and breaking rocks, etc.
    and buy it in the Kokiri Forest's shop.
    Hylian Shield - Adult Link's primary shield. Young Link can use it to block
    falling rocks while climbing Death Mountain.
    Can be bought or found in the Kakariko village graveyard.  Look for a grave in
    the graveyard that has three flowers in front of it and pull it to get the
    Mirror Shield - Adult Link Only. Reflects magical attacks and light.  Can also
    absorb some magical attacks and then fire them back out.
    Found in the Spirit Temple.
    Kokiri Tunic - Link starts with this.
    Goron Tunic - Adult Link only.  Let's you go in the Death Mountain crater, is
    resistant to heat.
    Can be bought at the Goron store.  Also, can find by talking to the young Goron
    named after you.  He's on the third floor of Goron City when you are adult Link.
    Use a bomb to stop him from rolling, then talk to him to get the tunic.
    Zora Tunic - Allows you to breathe under water.
    Can be bought in the Zora's Domain shop. Can also be obtained from the Zora
    King.  To get it from the Zora King, as adult Link go into the Ice Cavern at
    Zora's Fountain (behind the King's throne room) and find a magic blue flame.
    Catch the magic blue flame in a bottle and return to the frozen King Zora and
    use it to melt him.  Talk to him and he'll give you the tunic.
    Kokiri Boots - Link starts with this.
    Iron Boots - Adult Link Only.  Makes you sink to the bottom of any water.
    Found in the Ice Cavern at Zora's Fountain (behind King Zora's throne room).
    It's at the end of the Ice Cavern level.
    Hover Boots - Adult Link Only.  Allows you to "float" over air and water for a
    few seconds.
    Found in the Shadow Temple.
    C-Button items:
    Young Link Only items:
    Mask of Truth - Allows you to talk to the gossip stones (those stones that tell
    you the time when you hit them with your sword).
    Complete Young Link's Trading Sequence (see the Masks section).
    Deku Sticks - Can be lit with a fire and then used to light torches.
    Bought in stores or obtained from killing Deku Baba's (the man-eating plants).
    Fairy Slingshot - Shoot enemies from a distance.
    Found inside the Deku Tree in a room with a floating block that falls when you
    step on it.
    Boomerang - Stuns or kills enemies from a distance.  Returns to you.
    Found inside Jabu-Jabu's belly.  Find a room with all flying fish in it and kill
    the flying fish to get it.
    Fairy Ocarina - Plays magical music.
    Given to you by Saria when you first leave Kokiri Forest.
    Magic Bean - Can be planted in soft soil.
    Can be bought from a character near the entrance to Zora's River for 10 rupees
    for the first one and then an additional 10 rupees each one after that (so
    second one costs 20, third 30, and so on).
    Adult Link Only items:
    Fairy Bow - Fires arrows from a distance.
    Found in the Forest Temple in the upper Stalfos room.
    Fire Arrows - Exploding arrows made of fire that take some MP to use.
    Just after beating the Water Temple, face the small island with two pillars on
    it that's across from you (there's a plaque here explaining this) and shoot the
    rising sun with an arrow (use the Song of the Sun to get a rising sun quicker).
    The fire arrow will drop to the small island, so just swim over and get it.
    Ice Arrows - Freezes enemies.  Uses MP.
    Complete the Gerudo Training Grounds.
    Light Arrows - Very powerful arrows.  Uses MP.
    Gained automatically when have 6 pendants and return to Temple of Time.
    Hookshot - Allows Link to grab things from a distance and pull himself to them.
    Found in the Kakiriko village graveyard.  Look for the grave stone with flowers
    in front of it on the far west side of the grave yard, close to the entrance.
    Pull it to reveal a hole.  Fall down to talk to the gravedigger and you'll have
    to race him.  Keep up with him and he'll give you his hookshot.
    Megaton Hammer - Destroys red boulders, smashes down rusted switches, and other
    useful stuff.  Can be used as a weapon.
    Found in the Fire Temple in Death Mountain.
    Shared items:
    Deku Nuts - Stuns the enemy.
    Bought in stores or found.
    Bombs - Blows up enemies, rocks, secret tunnels, etc.  Can be thrown.  Very
    Found in Dodongo's Cavern.
    Ocarina of Time - Same as fairy ocarina.  Needed for time travel.
    Found in Hyrule Castle's moat after Princess Zelda throws it there.
    Lens of Truth - See invisible things and see through fake walls.  Uses magic.
    Also can look in the
    treasure chests in the treasure chest game as young Link!
    Play the Song of Storms in the windmill as young Link, and the well will be
    drained.  Go down the well and you'll be taken to the Bottom of the Well level.
    Beat it to get the Lens of Truth.
    Bombchu - A bomb that runs along the ground and up walls until it hits something
    or a certain time passes then blows up.
    Get 40 Gold Skulltula Tokens and then go to the house of the cursed rich family
    in Kakariko Village and one of the children will give it to you.  Also can be
    won from the Bombchu Bowling game and some other mini-games.  At night there is
    a bombchu shop in the back alley of the market when you are young Link (after
    beating Dodonogo's Cavern).  Can be bought from a guy on a flying carpet in the
    desert.  Sometimes found in chests.
    Quest Related Items:
    Stone of Agony - Makes a Rumble Pack start "beating" when you're near a secret
    Get 20 Gold Skulltula tokens and take them to the cursed family in Kakariko
    Gerudo's Card - Allows you to walk around Gerudo's Fortress freely.
    Get by freeing all 4 carpenters in Gerudo's Fortress.
    The 3 Stones - Along with the Ocarina of Time and Song of Time, allows you to
    open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time to get the Master Sword and warp
    through - you guessed it - Time.
    Get from beating the Deku Tree, Dodonogo's Cavern, and Jabu-Jabu's Belly levels.
    The Six Medallions - Needed to beat Gannondorf as adult Link
    Get by defeating the 5 temples (get the first one for free).
    Goron's Bracelet - Young Link Only.  Allows you to pick up Bomb plants and
    Get from the King of the Gorons after playing Saria's Song to make him happy
    Silver Gauntlet- Allows you to pick up heavy stones.
    Found in the Spirit Temple.
    Golden Gauntlet - Allows you to pick up really heavy stuff.
    Found in Gannon's Castle.
    Silver Scale - Allows you to dive for longer.
    Get from winning the diving game in Zora's Domain.  The diving game is in the
    tunnel to the left of King Zora's throne room.
    Gold Scale - Allows you to dive for even longer.
    Beat the record you set as young Link at the fishing pond (if you didn't make a
    record, catch a record breaker now and then catch one that beats it).  It also
    has to be bigger than 14 pounds.  You'll either have to plant a magic bean next
    to the Lake Hylia Lab as young link, beat the Water Temple, or use the
    Scarecrow's Song and a hookshot in order to get to the fishing pond.  Try
    finding the huge fish near the sticks sticking out of the water and under the
    log in the middle of the lake.  Use your Iron Boots to look under water to help
    you find it.
    Longshot - Makes the Hookshot longer.
    Found in the Water Temple after beating the mini-boss.
    NOTE:  Other upgrades can be found in the Bigger Containers section below.
         I B. The Four Bottles
    Bottles can be used to hold potions, faeries, ghosts, blue fire, etc.  EXTREMELY
    Bottle #1: Win Talon's chicken game at Lon Lon Ranch after waking Talon at
    Hyrule Castle.  He will give you a bottle with some Lon Lon Milk in it.  To make
    it easier, first throw all the regular chickens in the corner at the bottom of
    the stairs before starting.
    Bottle #2: Gather all the chickens at Kakariko Village and put them in the
    chicken woman's pen.  Talk to her to get the bottle.  See the Chickens section
    Bottle #3: Found by diving in Lake Hylia after gaining the Silver Scale to dive
    deeper.  Has a note in it.  Give the note to the Zora King to use the bottle for
    something else.
    Bottle #4: Given to you from the Poe trader at the entrance to the Market as
    adult Link.  Bring him 10 Big Poe's and he'll give you the bottle.  See the
    Poe's section below.
    Finding the Chickens:
    There are 7 chickens to find in Kakariko village.  Here are their locations and
    how to get to them.
    1 - Right near the entrance to the village.
    2 - Right near the chicken woman's pen.
    3 - On the path up to the North part of town, where the guard and Death Mountain
    4 - Behind a fence next to the rich cursed family's door.  Float over with
    another chicken, then throw both chickens over the ledge and then take them each
    to the pen.
    5 - In the fenced off area in the Northeast part of town.  This one's tricky.
    Get a chicken and go up the steps by the chicken pen.  Now aim slantwise and run
    and jump off aiming for the corner of the small fence on the ledge.  This may
    take a few tries but you can get over.  If you can't seem to make it another
    thing to try is throwing the chicken at the last second and grabbing the edge of
    the fence.
    You can also try getting to the roof of the house with the guy sitting on it and
    dropping down the other side.  Get up there by climbing up the very high lookout
    tower, facing the construction site, then holding Z and tapping left+A to side
    jump over the side and grab onto the fence.
    Now once you're over throw the chicken back over the fence (if you used one),
    then grab this chicken and throw it over too.  Then hop over the fence and bring
    it to the pen.
    6 - Do the same as chicken 5, except this time after floating over and throwing
    the chicken back, climb up the ladder to the ledge where the windmill is.  You
    should find the chicken somewhere up there.
    7 - As you enter the town the first house on your left, with a red roof, has a
    crate next to its wall. Smash open the crate by doing a roll attack (push A
    while running toward the crate with the correct timing).  The chicken is inside
    the crate.
    Finding the Big Poe's:
    The Big Poe's only appear in Hyrule Field as Adult Link while riding Epona.
    Don't get them confused with regular poes, which appear when you aren't riding
    Epona.  You'll know a Big Poe because they fly away instead of attacking you,
    and it will say it's a Big Poe when you put it in a bottle.  Catch them by
    shooting them with 2 arrows then walking up to their remains.  Make sure you
    have an empty bottle.  If you figure out exactly where you have to be to make a
    Poe appear (try slowly walking with Epona around an area where you saw a big poe
    and stop as soon as you hear it), you can just wait there and the poe will keep
    reappearing in the same spot, in the direction Epona is facing, every 10 seconds
    or so.  There are 10 Big Poe's to find and capture to bring to the Poe Trader,
    who is at the entrance to Hyrule Castle.
    1 - Center of Hyrule Field near a tree next to the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.
    2 - Middle right of Hyrule Field near a gray boulder South from the Kokiri
    Forest entrance.
    3 - Top right of Hyrule Field near an overhang by Zora's River overlooking the
    entrance to Kakariko Village.  Try backing up Epona onto the overhang and the
    poe should appear in front of you.
    4 - Center right of Hyrule Field along a brick wall East of Lon Lon Ranch.  Ride
    close to the outside of the wall and it should appear when you hit the corner.
    5 - Center of Hyrule Field in front of Hyrule Castle, near a sign pointing to
    Lon Lon Ranch
    6 - Middle left of Hyrule Field, on a triangular section of grass to the
    Southwest of where the paths leading into Gerudo Valley cross, right next to the
    outer wall of Hyrule Field.
    7 - Middle left of Hyrule Field near a lone tree just barely North of the paths
    leading into Gerudo Valley.
    8 - Top left of Hyrule Field, near a stream that's coming out of the West side
    of Hyrule Castle, next to one of the bushes there.
    9 - Bottom right of Hyrule Field near a green tree and a patch of high grass
    (the kind you can cut with your sword).  Ride through or stand in the middle of
    the patch of high grass.
    10 - Bottom right of Hyrule Field near a rock in a grove of brown trees.  The
    grove is right next to the green tree from Poe #9.  Stand or ride past the tree
    that's just to the SouthEast of the rock.
    Note:  Top right, middle right, etc. refer to where to look on the Hyrule Field
    map.  So top right is actually NorthEast.
         I C. The Masks
    This is also known as Young Link's Trading Sequence.
    To avoid confusion, note that the item in the heading is the item you will get,
    NOT the item you are using.  Thus when it says 6 - The spooky mask it is
    describing how to get the spooky mask, not what to do with it.
    1 - The egg.
    Get it from Malon just outside Hyrule Castle (on the castle grounds, past the
    2 - The Chicken.
    Wait for a day for the egg to hatch.
    3 - The Letter.
    Use the chicken to wake up Talon by the castle (equip it and press c).  Then go
    inside the castle past the guards and find Princess Zelda.  She'll give you the
    4 - The keaton mask.
    Show the letter to the guard guarding Death Mountain in Kakariko Village.  He'll
    ask you to get him a mask.  Go to the Happy Mask Shop in the Market to borrow
    the mask.
    5 - The skull mask.
    Give the keaton mask to the guard in Kakariko village.  Then go back to the
    Happy Mask Shop, pay them the money, and get the skull mask.
    6 - The spooky mask.
    Go to the Lost woods (get there through the hollow log on the ledge overlooking
    Mido's house).  Go left to find the Skull kid.  Stand on the short stump wearing
    the skull mask. (Note that first you need to play Saria's Song for him if you
    have not done so already).  He'll buy it from you.  Go back to the Happy Mask
    Shop and pay them the money and get the spooky mask.  It's hard to see because
    it blends in with the background but it should be there.  If not try coming back
    7 - The bunny hood
    Go to Kakariko Village during the day time and talk to the kid in the Kakariko
    Graveyard wearing the spooky mask.  He'll buy it from you.  Go back to the Happy
    Mask Shop and pay the money, then get the bunny hood.  While wearing the bunny
    hood no skeletons will bother you in Hyrule Field.
    8 - The Mask of Truth
    Run around Hyrule field and look for a man running around the field.  He doesn't
    appear until after you've gotten the Ocarina of Time.  To find him quickly, as
    soon as you exit the Market run toward the right side of Lon Lon Ranch and then
    circle around it a few times and you should soon see him in the distance.  If
    you can't find him try again after becoming adult Link and then warping back,
    sometimes he doesn't appear until then.  When you find him, follow him around
    until he becomes tired and sits down (he won't talk to you until he does).
    He'll get tired quicker if you play the Song of the Sun and make it dark then
    wait for a little bit.  Wear the bunny hood and talk to him and he'll pay you a
    ton of money for it.  Go back to the Happy Mask Shop and pay them the money and
    then you can borrow the Mask of Truth!  The Mask of Truth lets you talk to
    Gossip Stones when you wear it...Gossip Stones are those rubber stones that tell
    you the time when you hit them with your sword.
    9 - Other masks
    You can also borrow a Goron mask, a Gerudo mask, and a Zora mask now.  Try
    wearing them in different places and see the responses people give you.
         I D. The Big Goron's Sword
    This is also known as Adult Link's Trading Sequence.  Note that you'll need
    Epona to get through this trading sequence.  Also remember you have to actually
    show them the item using a C-button, not just talk to them.
    1 - The egg.
    Talk to the chicken woman in Kakariko Village to get the mini chicken egg.
    2 - The chicken
    Wait for a day for the egg to hatch (or just play Song of the Sun twice).
    3 - The blue chicken
    Use the mini-chicken to wake Talon in the house on the ground level of Kakariko
    village.  Bring it back to the chicken woman to get the blue chicken.
    4 - The odd mushroom
    Find a sleeping man in the lost woods (just go left from the entrance) and wake
    him with the blue chicken.  He'll give you an odd mushroom.
    5 - The odd potion
    Take the odd mushroom to the weird potion shop in Kakariko Village (Go to the
    normal potion shop and go through the hallway on the left to get to the fenced
    off section of the village, then go up a ladder to get to the weird potion shop)
    before the time runs out. If you try using your ocarina to warp it will
    instantly spoil.  A good shortcut is if you've planted the magic bean as young
    Link in the soft soil one screen to the left of the sleeping man, you can ride
    the bean platform up onto the bridge and then exit to get out of Kokiri Forest
    quickly (it's the bridge that leads out).  Give the shop owner the mushroom and
    you'll get an odd potion.
    6 - Poacher's Saw
    Find the small girl in the lost woods (She's where the sleeping man was, left of
    the entrance) and trade the odd potion for the Poacher's Saw
    7 - Broken Goron's Sword
    Give the Poacher's Saw to the carpenter's boss in Gerudo Valley to get the
    broken Goron's Sword.  You can get over the broken bridge by jumping with Epona
    or using a longshot.
    8 - Prescription
    Give the broken Goron's Sword to the Big Goron at the summit of Death Mountain
    (NOT the one inside Goron City) and get the Prescription.  Climb to the top of
    Death Mountain and then look at the right edge of the plateau up there to find
    the Big Goron.
    9 - Eyeball Frog
    Bring the prescription to King Zora to get the Eyeball Frog.  Remember to thaw
    him first by using magic blue fire, which you can get from the potion shop in
    Kakariko Village for 300 rupees, or from the Ice Cavern.
    10 - Eye drops
    Bring the Eyeball Frog to the professor in the Lake Hylia lab before the time
    runs out to get the Eye drops.  If you try using your Ocarina to warp it will
    spoil instantly.  The quickest route is to take a left as soon as you exit
    Zora's Domain and dive in the small pool there to warp to the Lost Woods.  As
    soon as you pop up in the woods hang a left and you'll warp to Kokiri Forest.
    Then exit the forest, summon Epona with Epona's Song, and ride quickly South to
    Lake Hylia.  Jump the fences blocking the entrance to Lake Hylia and ride Epona
    right up the the lab's front door.
    11 - Claim Check
    Bring the Eye drops back to the Big Goron at the summit of Death Mountain before
    the time runs out to get the Claim Check.  A quicker way to get to him is to
    ride Epona to the Lost Woods, go R,L,F to warp into the Goron City, then exit
    (go left, take the second passageway on your left, up the stairs, then right and
    take the first passageway on your right) and climb up to the Big Goron.  When
    you get to the part with the falling rocks (if you haven't beaten Fire Temple
    yet) just roll attack with forward + A constantly to avoid most of them.  You'll
    have to use your hookshot or arrows to kill the skulltulas on the wall unless
    you're good at dodging them.
    12 - Big Goron's Sword
    Wait for three days and return to the Big Goron at the summit of Death Mountain
    to get the big Goron's Sword.  You can play Song of the Sun 6 times if you're
         I E. Epona the Horse
    Epona is Adult Link's horse.  You can use her to ride around Hyrule field much
    quicker.  She can also jump over the broken bridge at Gerudo Valley, and is your
    only means of finding Big Poe's.  To get Epona follow these steps:
    1 - Learn Epona's Song.  As young Link talk to Malon in the horse corral in Lon
    Lon Ranch any time after meeting Princess Zelda.  Talk to her again and show her
    your ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's Song.
    2 - Become adult Link and get at least 70 rupees.
    3 - Talk to Mr. Ingo outside the corral at Lon Lon Ranch and pay 10 rupees to
    ride the horse.  Instead of getting on the horse provided, play Epona's Song and
    Epona will run up to you.  Ride her around the corral to practice.  Wait until
    the time is up.
    4 - Talk to Mr. Ingo again and pay to ride again.  Play Epona's Song and get on
    Epona.  This time, walk up to Mr. Ingo while on Epona and use Z Targeting to
    talk to him.  He'll challenge you to a race with a 50 rupee wager.
    5 - Win the race against Mr. Ingo.  He'll challenge you to a second race.  Win
    again and you'll get Epona.
    6 - Use the A button to get Epona running really fast and jump over any fence to
    escape the ranch.
    Race Tips:  Racing Mr. Ingo can be tough.  Here's how to win.  Hold forward on
    the control stick as soon as the race begins.  Use 1 carrot (push A to use a
    carrot) and wait for it to come back before using it again to keep up with Mr.
    Ingo.  Hug the fence and wait for him to move out of your way.  Then use up all
    the carrots you have EXCEPT ONE to speed up and pass him.  Then wait until a
    second carrot appears and use it, then keep doing this to keep ahead of Mr.
    Ingo.  NEVER USE YOUR LAST CARROT!  Just keep using the second-to-last carrot.
    If you use the last one you'll slow down big time and lose.
    Tip:  You can play Epona's song whenever you're on Hyrule Field now to summon
    her to you.  You can also now wake up Talon in the house in Kakariko Village to
    get him to return to the ranch, and then talk to Malon while riding Epona to try
    out an obstacle course and win your own cow.
         I F. The Ocarina
    Secret Ocarina Stuff:  The Ocarina's button layout on the original Nintendo 64
    controller is the same as a real Ocarina!  The Z trigger simulates the bottom
    hole.  Try holding down the Z trigger while playing a note and you'll hear the
    note changes just like it would on a real Ocarina!  The R button also changes
    the note in a different way.  Also, if you push the control stick around while
    playing the ocarina you'll change the pitch and modulation, simulating the same
    effect if you changed how you were blowing into a real ocarina.  Cool huh?  On
    the GameCube the button layout doesn't match a real Ocarina, but you can still
    mess with the tones by using the R and L buttons and the control stick.
    Song keys:
    CL=C left, CR = C right, CD = C down, CU = C up, A=A
    The songs of the Ocarina:
    Zelda's Lullaby - Used all over the place to show you are a royal messenger.
    Play whenever you see a Triforce symbol.  When all else fails, try playing this
    song.  Also if you play this song near one of those rocks that tells you the
    time (they're called gossip rocks) you'll be rewarded with a life-giving faerie.
    Taught to you by Impa after meeting Zelda for the first time.
    Epona's Song - Used to tame and summon Epona the horse.  Also if used next to a
    cow you will get some milk.
    Learn from Malon in Lon Lon Ranch after meeting Zelda.
    Saria's Song - Used to contact Saria, talk to Navi, or open some secrets related
    to forests.  Also used to make the King of the Gorons dance and be happy.
    Learn from Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow in the lost woods.  To get to the
    meadow, from the entrance of the Lost Woods, listen to when the music is loudest
    and go that direction.  For the lazy ones out there, the path is R,L,R,L,F,L,R
    (L=Left, R=Right, F=Forward).
    Song of the Sun - Used to change night to day and day to night at any time!
    Also freezes the undead zombies and mummies.
    Go to the Kakariko Graveyard at night and go to the large gravestone in the
    back.  Check the two gravestones on either side of it and fight the Poe
    brothers.  Once they are defeated, play Zelda's Lullaby to open the Royal
    Tombstone.  Fall down the hole, kill all the bats to open the doorway, and go
    through the tomb to learn the Sun's Song.
    Song of Time - Used to open the Stone Door in the Temple of Time.  Also used to
    move or destroy Blue blocks with the Temple of Time symbol on them.
    Learn from Zelda telepathically when you first get the Ocarina of Time.
    Song of Storms - Causes it to rain.  Allows you to enter the bottom of the well
    as young Link.  Also used to open secret holes and summon secret Big Faeries.
    Talk to the weird guy inside the windmill in Kakariko Village as adult Link and
    then show him your Ocarina (equip Ocarina and push the Ocarina button when near
    Minuet of Forest - Warps you to the Sacred Forest Meadow
    Learn from Sheik when you get to the Sacred Forest Meadow as adult Link.
    Bolero of Fire - Warps you to the Death Mountain Crater
    Learn from Sheik on your way to the Temple of Fire
    Serenade of Water - Warps you to the entrance to the Temple of Water in Lake
    Learn from Sheik when you get the Iron Boots in the Ice Cavern
    Nocturne of Shadow - Warps you to back of Kakariko Graveyard, entrance to Shadow
    Learn from Sheik if you return to Kakariko Village after beating the Water
    Requiem of Spirit - Warps you to the entrance to the Spirit Temple, the Desert
    Learn from Sheik after crossing the desert, going into the Spirit Temple, then
    coming back out again.
    Prelude of Light - Warps you to the Temple of Time
    Learn from Sheik if you return to the Temple of Time's Master Sword room after
    beating the Forest Temple level.
    Scarecrow's Song - summons a scarecrow at certain areas that you can use your
    hookshot on to get to things.  Look for areas where Navi turns green but there
    doesn't seem to be anything there.
    To get this song, go as young Link to Lake Hylia and look for a small farm area
    with a scarecrow in it in the Northern section.  Show him your Ocarina and he'll
    ask you to compose a tune.  The tune has to be 8 notes long.  Make it easy to
    remember.  Also keep in mind it will play it back at the same speed you
    originally played it, so don't leave any long pauses in there or it will sound
    dumb.  If you mess up you can push B to try again.  Now as adult Link return to
    the scarecrow and play the same song for him again.  Now the song you made up
    becomes the secret Scarecrow's song.
         I G. Bigger Containers
    Increased Deku Nuts 1:  Go R,L,R,L,F,L in the Lost Woods and bomb the rock
    there.  Fall down and beat the first shrub guy and pay him 40 rupees to get the
    upgrade to 30 Deku Nut capacity.
    Increased Deku Nuts 2:  Go R,L,R,L,L in the Lost Woods and fall down the hole in
    the grass near the butterflies.  Wear the Mask of Truth and be judged.  The
    shrubs will decide that you are ugly but give you the Deku Nut upgrade to 40
    Deku Nuts anyway.  There is a bug in the game that makes it so you can't get
    this after becoming adult Link.  So you want to do it the second you get the
    Mask of Truth, and thus want to get the Mask of Truth as soon as you can
    (immediately after getting the Ocarina of Time).
    Increased Deku Seeds 1:  Go to the Lost Woods.  Go right from the first room and
    you'll see a round gray object hanging from a tree.  Hit it with your slingshot.
    Get three bullseye's in a row (100 points is a bullseye) and you'll get a bigger
    Deku Seed bag that holds 40 Deku seeds.
    Increased Deku Seeds 2:  In the market is a target shooting game.  Hit all the
    targets to increase your Deku seed carrying capacity to 50 seeds.
    Increased Deku Sticks 1:  Go to the Lost Woods.  Go left from the first room and
    then go on to the next room after that.  Walk across the room to the ramp on the
    other end, and one of those bush monsters will be there.  Knock it out by
    deflecting its bullet back to it and it will ask you for 40 rupees.  Pay the 40
    rupees and you'll get a 20 Deku stick carrying capacity.
    Increased Deku Sticks 2:  Borrow a Skull Mask from the Happy Mask Shop as young
    Link.  Go to the Lost Woods and go R,L,R,L,L.  Walk in the grass in the back of
    this area near a bunch of butterflies until you fall down a secret hole.
    Immediately put on your skull mask and walk forward. All these little guys will
    start hopping around you.  Make your way to the right to a bush monster that's
    still submerged in the ground and talk to him to get a 30 Deku Stick carrying
    capacity.  You can also wear other masks in this area to get other prizes.
    Increased Bombs 1:  In Goron City there is a wild rolling Goron on the 3rd
    floor.  Stop him from rolling while he's in the tunnel by using a bomb.  He'll
    give you a Big Bomb Bag which allows you to carry 30 bombs.
    Increased Bombs 2:  One of the random prizes in the Bombchu Bowling game is a
    bigger Bomb Bag which allows you to hold 40 bombs.
    Increased arrows 1:  You can get a bigger quiver (40 arrow capacity) by playing
    the Shooting Gallery in Kakariko Village.
    Increased arrows 2:  Win at the Gerudo fortress shooting range with 1500 points
    (after getting the HCP for 1000) to get a 50 arrow quiver.
         I H. Faeries and Magic
    Faerie Fountain Locations:
    - On the upper level of the forest maze, down a hole
    - In the graveyard behind a bombable wall in the tomb below the gravestone with
    flowers in front of it in the first row of gravestones (where you got the Hylian
    - In a hole under a boulder on top of a laedge near the beginning of Zora's
    River.  You can use a chicken as young Link (float to a small ledge at the
    bottom of it where there's a ladder) or the magic leaf platform as adult Link to
    get up there.
    - In a sand pit at the Desert Colossus (play Song of Storms on the nearby rock
    to activate it)
    - In Gerudo Fortress, outside on the ground level in the area next to the 2 two
    pairs of crates, near the right pair.  Play the Song of Storms to open a hole
    leading down to it.
    - As you exit the Market turn right and follow the wall of the castle around to
    a boulder.  Bomb the boulder to reveal a hole leading to a faerie fountain
    - If you play the song of storms as young Link on the island in Zora's
    Domain(The one with a zorian standing on it, its right next to the ladder), a
    hole will appear with a Faerie fountain inside.
    Great Faeries:
    1 - Spin Slash and first magic meter - Hold down B and wait for your sword to
    charge up then release to use this magic.  Hold B longer for an even more
    powerful one.
    Go to the top of Death Mountain and bomb the rock to the left of the sign to
    find the great faerie.
    2 - Din's Fire - Makes a ball of fire surround you burning enemies and lighting
    Go to the Hyrule Castle grounds (after the Market) and find the rock with a sign
    that says dead end.  Blow up the rock with a bomb and enter the cave to find
    this great faerie.
    3 - Farore's Wind - Set's up a warp point at the last doorway you went through
    and then either dispels it or warps you to it if you use it again.
    Go to the Zora's Fountain (behind King Zora in Zora's Domain) and look behind
    Jabu-Jabu to find a little island.  Bomb the rock in the wall here to find this
    great faerie.
    4 - Double magic meter
    First you need the Megaton Hammer from the Fire Temple.  Then go to King Goron's
    room.  Go through the back of his room and enter the Death Mountain crater.
    Immediately go right over a bridge to a cave blocked by two red rocks.  Destroy
    the red rocks using the hammer and enter the cave to find the faerie.
    5 - Nayru's Love - Puts a protective barrier around you for a time.
    Warp to the Colossus Giant and look for 2 palm trees with a gap in between them.
    Bomb the crack in the wall there to find this faerie.
    6 - Double defense - Makes you take half damage from enemies
    After you get the Golden Gauntlet in Gannon's Castle, go outside to where the
    faerie fountain was that you got Din's Fire in and lift the huge black pillar up
    to find this last faerie.
         I I. The Heart Container Pieces
    There are 36 heart container pieces in this game.  Here is the complete list of
    their locations.  Note that some that say Adult Link only can still be gotten as
    young Link by using a boomerang.
    HCP = Heart Container Piece, AL=Adult Link only, YL=Young Link only, BL=Both
    Links, nothing=either Link
    - Hyrule Field - The path to Lake Hylia is blocked by a few fences.  You either
    have to climb up a ladder to the side or jump over them with Epona in order to
    get to Lake Hylia (unless you warp).  Instead, put a bomb in the middle of the
    square that the fences form then drop down the hole.  Defeat the bush guy and
    he'll sell you a HCP for 10 rupees.
    - Hyrule Field - AL - Exit the Market and turn right.  Keep walking in that
    general direction and you'll see a lone brown tree.  Bomb the base of it, fall
    down the hole, then use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the pond and get
    the HCP
    - Market - YL - In a house in the back alley at night you'll find a woman who
    lost her dog.  Go outside and find the dog (Look for a white one in the corner
    near the Bazaar).  Give the dog back to the woman and she'll give you a HCP.
    - Market - YL - Go into the market at night to play the treasure chest game.  If
    you make it to the end you'll get a HCP.  If you have the Lens of Truth you can
    cheat by looking into the chests with it.
    - Market - YL - After beating Dodonogo's Cavern, return to the market and the
    Bombchu Bowling game will be open.  Play to win a prize.  Randomly the prize
    will be a HCP.
    - Lost Woods - YL - Enter the Lost Woods and go left from the first room.  Stand
    on the short stump and play Saria's Song and the Skull Kid on the big stump will
    give you a HCP.
    - Lost Woods - YL - Go right from the first room in the Lost Woods and climb
    down the ladder to find two skull kids.  They'll want you to play songs with
    them.  Repeat whatever they play and after a few songs they'll give you a HCP.
    - Lon Lon Ranch - YL - In the far southeast corner of the ranch is a stone
    tower.  Go inside and there is a bunch of crates.  Move them around to find a
    hole in the wall and crawl through  to get the HCP.
    - Kakariko Village - Method 1(YL): Climb to the top of Death Mountain and talk
    to the owl.  Have him take you back down to the village.  He'll place you on a
    roof.  Drop down off the roof on to the roof of the Chicken Women's pen and then
    walk into the hole on the side of the house there.  Find the HCP next to a cow.
    Method 2(AL): You can longshot from the roof of a house to inside the windmill
    (look for a hole on the front of it and you can longshot inside).  At the end of
    the hole is a chicken.  Use it to float down to the top of the Chicken Women's
    coop and go in the hole there to get the HCP.
    - Kakariko Village - Method 1(AL): Use your hookshot to get on top of the house
    with the man sitting on top of it.  He'll give you a HCP. (NOTE:  Some people
    have written me saying you need the longshot to do this.  That simply isn't
    true.  Just go into the potion shop and out the back door.  Stand on the very
    corner of the platform you are now and you can just barely get your hookshot to
    hit the bottom of the roof and get onto it.  There are other places you can
    hookshot from as well.)
    Method 2(YL): Get a chicken and make your way up the construction site beams by
    throwing it up and then climbing up.  Then you can float over to the roof from
    there and talk to the man.
    Method 3(YL): Climb to the top of that very high lookout tower, then face the
    construction sight and hold Z, then tap left+A to hop over to the fence where
    you can then climb up onto the roof.
    - Kakariko Village - The prize for 50 gold skulltula tokens is a HCP.
    - Kakariko Graveyard - Pull on the middle gravestone in the second row (4th from
    the right) to reveal a hole.  Fall down, kill the zombie,  and play the Song of
    the Sun to get a HCP.
    - Kakariko Graveyard - YL - First in the day time watch the kid walk around the
    graveyard.  Make note of all the places he stops and waves his stick.  Then go
    outside and wait on the steps of Kakariko village until the skeletons FIRST pop
    out, then go immediately into town.  Talk to the gravedigger and he'll charge
    you 10 rupees a dig.  Have him dig in all the places where the kid waved his
    stick and one of them should be the HCP.
    - Kakariko Graveyard - AL - Pull the gravestone with flowers in front of it on
    the left side of the graveyard to find the gravedigger's tomb.  Talk to him and
    race him through the cavern.  Then play the Song of Time to get rid of the blue
    stone blocking your exit.  Follow the path and you'll end up inside the
    windmill.  Jump on the rotating platforms to get to the HCP.
    - Kakariko Graveyard - AL - If you get 1 minute or less in the race against the
    gravedigger you'll get a HCP.  Use the longshot on one of the torches in the
    last room for a shortcut, although it's possible to do it without this (I did it
    - Kakariko Graveyard - BL - Plant a Magic Bean in the graveyard as young Link.
    Return as adult Link and ride the magic leaf platform up to get the HCP.
    - Goron City - YL - Light up all the torches on the ground level of Goron's City
    to make the giant Urn in the middle spin.  Go up a level and throw a bomb into
    the Urn to make it drop prizes.  Eventually, it will drop a HCP, depending on
    what face on the Urn is facing forward when it stops spinning.
    - Dodonogo's Cavern - Method 1(YL): Find the ledge above the entrance to
    Dodonogo's Cavern where a bomb plant is.  Stand against the short fence and face
    the bomb plant then backflip over the fence (back + A) to get to the ledge with
    the HCP.
    Method 2(BL): As young Link plant a Magic Bean at the entrance to Dodonogo's
    Cavern.  Return as Adult Link and ride the magic leaf platform up, then jump off
    of it to get the HCP above the entrance.
    - Death Mountain Crater - If you enter Death Mountain Crater from the cave at
    the peak of Death Mountain, go straight forward on the large platform you are on
    until you come to the edge.  Slowly walk over the edge.  If you walked slowly
    enough you'll start to climb down the face of the cliff.  There's a hole halfway
    down with a HCP in it.  You can also get to this one using the magic leaf
    platform near the entrance to the Fire Temple if you've planted a bean there.
    - Death Mountain Crater - BL - Have young Link plant a magic bean at the
    entrance to the Fire Temple (use the Bolero of Fire to warp there).  Then return
    as adult Link and use it to ride up to the HCP at the peak of one of the small
    - Zora's River - YL - If you play the Song of Storms for the frogs that are
    halfway up the river they'll give you one.
    - Zora's River - YL - After playing all your songs for the frogs (including the
    Song of Storms, but not any of the songs that warp you somewhere), take your
    ocarina out again.  They'll ask you to help them get bugs.  Play the ocarina in
    the correct pattern to get a HCP.  The correct pattern is
    - Zora's River - YL - There's a chicken near the beginning of the river.  Pick
    it up and take it along with you.  You'll see the HCP on a small raised
    platform.  Next to it is a high ledge on the west bank of the river.  Now
    there's two methods to get this.  Method 1:  Jump toward the part of the ledge
    closest to the wall and just as you hit it throw the chicken with A and hold
    your control stick toward the ledge and you should grab the ledge.  Climb up and
    jump to the small platform to claim your HCP.
    Method 2:  Keep going with the chicken, throw it up on the platform in front of
    you.  Then on to the next platform to your right.  Now face downstream and you
    should see a very narrow ledge to your left.  Use the chicken to float over to
    it.  Lose the chicken and climb up the ladder there.  Grab another chicken
    that's up there and float down to the HCP.
    - Zora's River - YL - Bring the chicken with you until you reach the big
    waterfall.  In this last area you'll see a HCP on a ledge.  Jump to it with the
    - Zora's Domain -YL -  Go to King Zora's room and light a Deku stick with a
    torch that's there.  RUN down and light a torch at the bottom of the steps, then
    run around and light the one in front of the shop, then across the water to the
    one by the circle of stones, then hugging the wall run behind the waterfall and
    light both of those torches.  If you manage to get them all you'll get a HCP
    that will appear in a chest behind the waterfall.
    - Lake Hylia - BL - Plant a Magic Bean as young Link near the Lake Hylia lab.
    Return as adult Link and ride the Magic Leaf platform up to on top of the lab,
    then climb the ladder there to get a HCP.
    - Lake Hylia - After you have the Gold Scale dive (don't use Iron Boots) to the
    bottom of the pool in the Lake Hylia lab.  Then talk to the weird lab person and
    get a HCP.
    - Lake Hylia - YL - Go to the Fishing Pond and catch a 10-pound fish.  Try near
    the sticks and under the log to find the big ones.
    - Zora's Fountain - AL - There's a HCP floating on a ice block on the Eastern
    - Zora's Fountain - AL - Use the Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots to sink under the
    water and find the HCP at the bottom.
    - Ice Cavern - AL - You'll see a HCP in some Red Ice in the Ice Cavern in the
    round room east of the room with the helicopter blade made of ice.  Use some
    Blue Fire in a bottle to melt the ice and get it.
    - Gerudo Valley - Method 1(YL):  Use a chicken on the bridge to float down to a
    platform that's to the right of the bridge and on the opposite bank (from where
    you enter the valley).  Then you can walk up the ledge to the point closest to
    the water fall and jump behind it, then climb a ladder to the HCP.
    Method 2(BL):  Use the chicken as young Link as in method 1 and float down to
    the platform.  Then plant a magic bean in the soil by the cow.  Then return as
    adult Link and ride the magic leaf platform to the HCP.
    - Gerudo Valley - YL - Grab the chicken and walk to the far left side of the
    cliff.  Jump off and float to a small ledge on the opposite side with a crate on
    it.  Smash the crate for a HCP.
    - Gerudo Fortress - AL - In the big chest at the top of the fortress.  You can
    play the Scarecrow's Song and longshot to the scarecrow or to the chest itself
    depending on where you are aiming from.  Just try to get to a nearby rooftop.
    - Gerudo Fortress - AL - Beat the horseback archery range with 1000 points or
    - Desert Colossus - BL - Plant a magic bean at the soft soil location at the
    entrance to the Spirit Temple as young Link (use the Requiem of Spirit song to
    get there).  Return as adult Link and ride it.  Eventually it will loop around a
    stone arch in front of the entrance to the temple.  Jump off onto the top of the
    stone arch to fetch the final HCP.
      I J. The Gold Skulltulas
    These items relate to the very rich but cursed family in Kakariko village.  They
    have been cursed to look like spiders and the curse will be lifted when you kill
    Gold Skulltulas spread throughout the world and collect their gold tokens.
    There are 100 Gold Skulltulas to find in the game.  When you've killed all the
    gold skulltulas in a dungeon a skull token symbol will appear on that dungeon's
    map screen.  When you have killed a certain number of gold skulltula's return to
    the rich cursed family and one of the children may have returned to normal.
    Talk to the child to get your prize.  This is what you get:
    10 Gold tokens - Adult's wallet - gives you 200 rupee capacity
    20 Gold tokens - Stone of Agony - makes your Rumble Pak react to secret holes in
    the ground.
    30 Gold tokens - Giant's Wallet - gives you 500 rupee capacity
    40 Gold tokens - Bombchu
    50 Gold tokens - Heart Container Piece.
    100 Gold tokens - Huge rupee (200 rupees) - Can be gotten infinite times.  Lame!
    Gold Skulltula's can be found everywhere.  Note that some of the skulltulas you
    can find and kill but you won't be able to get the token they drop until you get
    the boomerang or hookshot.  Also some require you to return to a dungeon later
    with another item or the Scarecrow's Song in order to get it.
    The locations of the 100 Gold Skulltulas:
    Dungeon Gold Skulltulas:
    Deku tree - In an alcove on the left side of a room on the third floor.
    Deku tree - Room you fall to after falling through web.  On vines.
    Deku tree - Room you fall to after falling through web.  On grate.
    Deku tree - Behind the only bombable wall in the Deku tree.  You'll have to come
    back for it later.  From start, it's down the big hole, crawl through the small
    hole, then to your right behind a web.
    Dodonogo's Cavern - In the passageway to the right of the entrance into the big
    room, in a secret room on the right wall of the passage.  Blow up the doorway by
    killing an exploding lizard next to it.
    Dodonogo's Cavern - In the big stairway room, on the vines by the second floor
    Dodonogo's Cavern - In the big stairway room, right above the big stairs in a
    small alcove.  In order to get this one you have to return to the cavern after
    getting the boomerang and use the moving pillar in the big room to get to the
    second floor, then make your way back to this room and the stairs will be raised
    so you can get to it.
    Dodonogo's Cavern - In the room before the boss's room where you have to push
    some blocks around, there's a bombable door on the north end of the room.  Bomb
    it open and kill the statue inside to reveal this one.
    Dodonogo's Cavern - Go right from the main room into the hallway with the
    exploding lizards.  To your left is an alcove.  Use the scarecrow's song and
    hookshot to it.
    Jabu-Jabu's belly - On the vines in the room with a switch in the middle that
    raises the water level.
    Jabu-Jabu's belly - In the room you fall to after falling through a pit.
    Jabu-Jabu's belly - Right next to the previous gold skulltula in the same room.
    Jabu-Jabu's belly - On the vines in the room right before the boss.
    Forest Temple - Entrance on vines on right wall.
    Forest Temple - On the right wall of the big room, near the stairway opposite
    the entryway.
    Forest Temple - In the East Plant Room on the wall on the Island. (use the
    hookshot on the chest to get on to the island.)
    Forest Temple - In the West Plant Room on the wall , only reachable from the
    Forest Temple - In the rotating room just before the boss, in one of the little
    Bottom of the well - In the pit room (See Well section of the walkthrough for
    Bottom of the well - In the room next to the pit room (See Well section of the
    Bottom of the well - In the Shield-eater room (See Well section of the
    Fire Temple - In the big lava room with the bridge (first room you go through)
    on the far North side there's a blue block above the doorway.  Play the song of
    time to move it and go through the new door that's revealed.  The gold skulltula
    is in that room.
    Fire Temple - In the maze like room with the large boulders everywhere, one of
    the walls can be blown open to reveal a gold skulltula in a small alcove.  Walk
    along the outside walls and listen for it.  It's in the northeastern part of the
    Fire Temple - In the room with the Shield-eater just before the boss key room.
    Fire Temple - On the second floor of the boulder maze above the doorway there is
    a high platform.  Use the Scarecrows song and hookshot to it.  Then hookshot
    over to a platform across from it and it will lift you to a secret area that has
    a gold skulltula.
    Fire Temple - Continue past the last gold skulltula and you'll end up in the
    donut room where the megaton hammer is.  To your left on the wall is a skulltula
    you can get with the hookshot.
    Ice Cavern - In the room with the helicopter blade thing made out of ice.
    Ice Cavern - In the small round room East of the helicopter blade room.
    Ice Cavern - In the room with the moving block of ice, West of the helicopter
    blade room.
    Water Temple - Above the second vortex in the underground river.
    Water Temple - Inside the tower in the middle of the main room, at the top.
    Need longshot first.
    Water Temple - Behind the waterfall in the room with the boulder rolling right
    before the boss key.
    Water Temple - High on the right hand wall in the room with the big waterfall
    and the platforms going down it.  Need longshot.
    Water Temple - There's a passageway on the bottom level (left from the passage
    that leads to where you meet Ruto) that leads to a dead end with a gold
    skulltula behind a grate.  Use a power spin move (hold A and charge, then
    release) next to the grate to hit the shock switch inside and open the grate.
    Shadow Temple - In a room on a side path from the giant room with the falling
    blades.  Go left instead of right after fighting the Stalfos, go through the
    door, and kill the enemies to open a door leading to the skulltula (This one's
    in the walkthrough).
    Shadow Temple - In the room with the falling spikes in a cage to the left.
    Shadow Temple - In the room with the single giant skull there's one behind the
    Shadow Temple - In the room with the ghost ship, stand on the platform next to
    the ship and play the Scarecrow's Song to have Pierre appear across the way.
    Longshot over to get the skulltula.
    Shadow Temple - In the room with the three rotating giant skulls, behind the
    Spirit Temple - After crawling through the hole at the beginning as young Link,
    go through the right door and it's on the fence across the pit.
    Spirit Temple - After crawling through the second small hole as young Link,
    climb up the rock face where the regular skulltulas are and then turn around to
    see the gold one.
    Spirit Temple - As young Link, after the room where you have to move the blocks
    to get the sun symbol into the sunlight you'll be in a staircase.  It's above
    the door you entered through.
    Spirit Temple - As adult Link, in the room with the rolling boulders and the
    silver coins, in an alcove blocked by a blue Time block.  Use song of Time.
    (Cool camera angle in there!)
    Spirit Temple - As adult Link, in the room with the huge statue where you got
    the map, go up the stairs and play Scarecrow's Song to hookshot across to a
    ledge with a gold skulltula.
    Non-dungeon Gold Skulltulas:
    Most of these require it to be night in order to get them.  Also many require a
    boomerang, hookshot, or longshot to recover the token they drop.
    AL=Adult Link only, YL=Young Link only, neither=either link
    Hyrule Field - AL - Find a circle of stones near the entrance to Gerudo Valley,
    smash the red boulder with the hammer, bomb a hole in the ground, then use Din's
    Fire to find it behind a web and a cow
    Hyrule Field - As you leave Kakariko Village turn right and head to a small
    tree.  Bomb the ground near it, drop down the hole.  Skulltula is near ceiling
    Kokiri Forest - YL - Back of Know-It-All-Brother's house
    Kokiri Forest - YL - Drop a bottle of bugs on the soft soil by the shop and one
    will pop out.
    Kokiri Forest - AL - Back of the Twin's House.
    Hyrule Castle - YL - In a crate inside the guard house at the market entrance
    (roll attack to open)
    Hyrule Castle - YL - The first tree you see when entering the castle grounds
    (roll attack it)
    Hyrule Castle - YL - After getting past the outside guards in Hyrule Castle's
    grounds, swim down the moat to the corner where there's a big tree.  Play Song
    of Storms, drop down the hole, and bomb the walls
    Hyrule Castle - AL - Go to the right of the castle and there's a stone arch.
    It's on the back of it.
    Lon Lon Ranch - YL - Near the roof of Talon's house on his second story window
    Lon Lon Ranch - YL - In a tree near the entrance to the ranch, roll attack to
    get it
    Lon Lon Ranch - YL - Behind the shed at the edge of the corral
    Lon Lon Ranch - YL - Outer wall of the ranch, just north of the stone structure
    Kakariko Village - YL - On a tree near the entrance
    Kakariko Village - YL - On a red brick at the construction site in the middle of
    Kakariko Village - YL - On the side of the house where the guard's son lives.
    Kakariko Village - YL - On that high tower in the northern part of town.
    Kakariko Village - YL - The side of the rich cursed family's house.
    Kakariko Village - AL - On the wall above the chicken woman's house (use
    longshot to get up there)
    Kakariko Graveyard - YL - On the southeastern wall.
    Kakariko Graveyard - YL - Use bugs on the soft soil
    Lost Woods - YL - The soft soil two screens left of the first area has one if
    bugs are used on it
    Lost Woods - YL - The soft soil that's R,L,R,L,L from entrance (use bugs)
    Lost Woods - AL - The magic leaf platform R,L,R,L,L from the entrance leads up
    to one
    Lost Woods - AL - High on the East wall of the maze (near the sacred meadow)
    Death Mountain Trail - In a cave behind a bombable wall a little ways up the
    Death Mountain Trail - YL -In the soft soil at the entrance to Dodonogo's Cavern
    (use bugs)
    Death Mountain Trail - AL - In a small nook above the entrance to Dodonogo's
    Cavern where the bomb plant was.  Destroy the red rock there with the hammer to
    find it.
    Death Mountain Trail - AL - After beating the Fire Temple, go up to where the
    rocks used to rain down on your head.  Smash the red boulders there with the
    hammer and it's behind one of them
    Death Mountain - YL - In a crate just inside the crater (the mountain summit
    Death Mountain - YL - Another soft soil spot in the crater.  Use Bolero of Fire
    to get to it.
    Goron City - YL - Smash open a crate on the top floor in a room full of boulders
    Goron City - AL - On the side of the small stone platform suspended above the
    Zora's River - YL - In a tree at the mouth of the river
    Zora's River - YL - On the ladder near the entrance to Zora's Domain
    Zora's River - AL - Just before the section with the waterfall is a bridge in a
    fairly narrow valley.
    Look very high on the left wall.  You'll need the Longshot.
    Zora's River - AL - Ride the magic leaf platform that's at the beginning of the
    river (assuming you planted the bean as young Link there) and near the beginning
    of its trip it floats over a high platform with a boulder in the middle of a
    ring of rocks.  Jump off onto this platform.  Look high on the South wall and
    you should see it.
    Zora's Domain - AL - High up next to the frozen waterfall
    Zora's Fountain - YL - A tree on the small island in the Southeast corner (roll
    Zora's Fountain - YL - Just to the right of the fallen log
    Zora's Fountain - AL - Pick up the gray boulder in front of the Faerie's
    Fountain using the silver gauntlet to reveal a hole leading to one
    Lake Hylia - YL - The small island with the two small pillars where you get the
    Fire arrows
    Lake Hylia  - YL - Behind the Lake Hylia Lab
    Lake Hylia - YL - Use bugs on the soft soil next to the lab
    Lake Hylia - AL - In a crate at the bottom of the Lake Hylia Lab pool (use roll
    attack with Iron Boots)
    Lake Hylia - AL - Above the Water Temple is a dead tree.  Use your Longshot on a
    spot on the trunk just above the branch to get up and land on the branch.  It's
    on the top of the trunk.
    Gerudo Valley - YL - When you first enter the valley and are walking across the
    plank look right
    Gerudo Valley - YL - The soft soil spot on the ledge that you float to from the
    right side of the bridge using a chicken.  Drop a bottle of bugs on it.
    Gerudo Valley - AL - Look behind the tent on the back stone wall at night
    Gerudo Valley - AL - On the left leg of the stone arch near the tent.
    Gerudo Fortress - AL - There is one high above the eastern wall of the fortress
    Gerudo Fortress - AL - In the horseback archery range on the Northern target
    Haunted Wasteland - AL - Inside the stone structure where you discover the
    phantom guide.
    Desert Colossus - AL - When you first get there, head left and it's on a palm
    tree near a sand pit.
    Desert Colossus - YL - A soft soil spot has one if you use a bottle of bugs on
    Desert Colossus - AL - The magic leaf platform from the previous one will take
    you to one.
      I K. The Magic Beans
    Magic Beans can be planted by young Link in soft soil.  Soft soil looks like a
    square of light dirt with a hole in the middle.  When a bean is planted by Young
    Link, it will transform into a magic moving platform for adult Link.  These
    magic moving leaf platforms are very useful.  Magic Beans can be bought from a
    character near the entrance to Zora's River.  It costs 10 rupees for the first
    bean and the price goes up 10 every bean you buy.  Also, every soft soil spot
    except the one next to the Magic Bean merchant has a gold skulltula in it.  Drop
    a bottle of bugs on the soft soil to get it.  It doesn't matter whether or not
    you've already planted a bean there.
    There are 10 spots to plant beans, and as such you can only buy 10 beans.
    Soft soil locations to plant Magic Beans:
    - To the right of the shop in Kokiri forest.  The shop is the building with the
    red roof.
    - In the Lost Woods, two areas left of the first area.
    - In the Lost Woods, go R,L,R,L,L.
    - In the Northeast corner of the Kakariko Graveyard
    - The entrance to Dodongo's Cavern
    - Right next to the guy that's selling the beans at Zora's River
    - Next to the Lake Hylia lab
    - In the Death Mountain Crater (use Bolero of Fire to get to it)
    - In Gerudo Valley (fall down to a platform on the right side of the bridge and
    far side of the river)
    - At the Desert Colossus, right next to the entrance to the Spirit Temple (use
    Requiem of Spirit)
    NOTE:  Most of the following information was contributed by Jon Skeels.  Enemies
    who's real name hasn't been confirmed have a  ? after the name.  The names in
    parenthesis are the name that is used in the walkthrough.  Please note that the
    game walkthrough does mention strategies for the more difficult enemies.
    Strategies for the mini-bosses and bosses are not given here.  Look in the
    walkthrough for tips on them.  Bosses are marked with **********Boss
    Name********** in the walkthrough.
    Anubis(floating weird thing) - Floating snake things that are vulnerable to
    fire.  They copy your movements, except in reverse.  You can shoot them with
    Fire Arrows, use Din's Fire, or try to lure them into a flame.
    Armos(statue) - Statues that come to life.  Stun them with a Deku Nut and then
    use your sword.  Afterwords they'll come after you then explode so watch out.
    Bari - Bigger versions of Biri.  When killed they also split into three Biri.
    Use a super spin slash.
    Beamos(eye laser thing) - A strange creature that has a rotating eye that fires
    a laser at you if seen.  Use a bomb on it to destroy it.  Some of them will only
    stun with the first bomb so follow up with a second bomb.
    Berinade - A large conglomeration of jellyfish, tentacles, and other organic
    material.  The Jabu-Jabu's Belly boss.
    Big Deku Baba - A bigger version of a Deku Baba that is much more dangerous.
    Try to attack it after its head is on the ground.  Arrows work well too.
    Bigocto - A giant octopus thing that acts like a vacumn cleaner. Jabu-Jabu's
    Belly mini-boss.
    Big Poe - Bigger version of the poe.  It doesn't attack, just flies away from
    you.  Only appears in Hyrule Field while you're riding Epona.
    Big Skulltulla - A big scary spider. Slash these ones in the back when they turn
    around, or use the Megaton Hammer or Hookshot whichever way they are facing.
    Biri(jellyfish) - Flying electrocuting jellyfish.  Don't use your sword except
    for spin attacks. Use projectiles or a Deku stick on these guys to avoid being
    Blue Bubble(blue flaming skull) -  A skull in blue flames.  Use your shield on
    it to get rid of its flames, and then slash it.  You can also stun it with the
    hookshot then slash it.
    Blue Tektite(blue spider thing) - Same as the regular Tektite only it appears on
    water.  Its also helpful to lure it off the water so you can kill it easier.
    Bongo Bongo - A giant one-eyed head and two disconnected hands that likes to
    play a giant drum.  Shadow Temple boss.  See walkthrough.
    Business Scrub(bush guy) - The same as Deku Scrubs only they try to sell you
    things instead of giving you tips.  Some also increase the amount of certain
    items you can hold.
    Centipede - Flying creatures that resemble centipedes.  Try to use a boomerang
    on it before it starts flying for an easy kill.
    Club Moblin - Only one of these, protecting the Sacred Forest Meadow as adult
    Link.  He uses his club to produce force waves by smashing the ground.  Dodge
    his force waves to try and get behind him.  He wont turn around, so just finish
    him off easily.  Also can use Bombchu's or arrows if you have them.
    Dark Link - Your shadow come to get you.  Water Temple mini-boss.
    Dead Hand - A scary-looking monster that has a bunch of long hands coming out of
    the ground that grab little children so he can eat them.  Bottom of the Well and
    Shadow Temple mini-boss.
    Deku Baba - A plant with a mouth that tries to get you.  Some give you Deku
    sticks and some Deku nuts.
    Deku Scrub(bush guy) - These little guys shoot nuts at you.  Use your shield to
    reflect them.  Afterwards they give you tips if you talk to them.
    Dinolfos(lizardmen) - Same as the Lizalfos only these ones are much faster and
    like to leap.  Use the same strategy.
    Dodongo(lizard) - A strange lizard that breathes flames.  Get them to swallow a
    bomb by laying it in their path.  They are also weak if you attack their tails.
    Explode when they die.
    Dodongo Larva(exploding lizard) - A smaller version of Dodongo.  Just use your
    sword on them.  Watch out for their leap attacks, and for them blowing up after
    you've attacked them.
    Fake Doors - Fake doors are harmless unless you try to open them.  You can tell
    the difference by seeing that its not sunken into the wall.  Use a bomb or the
    hammer on these.
    Flare Dancer - Little black balls that when they touch fire turn into a dancing
    fire enemy.  The Fire Temple mini-boss.
    Floor Master(hand monster) - These guys are a pain.  They are just like the
    Wallmaster only they stick to the floor.  There are a few different versions of
    these.  Some split into three smaller ones, some also turn green to show that
    they are invulnerable while attacking.  Some also are invisible so use the Lens
    of Truth.  Some do everything.  When they split, make sure to get them all or
    they could become big again.
    Flying Bottles? - Not technically an enemy, but still tries to hurt you.  Watch
    out because they try to smash into you.  Although some have hearts in them and
    just heal you a little bit, but if you dodge them and then get the heart, it'll
    be of more use.
    Freezzard(ice statue) - Watch the ice breath on these frozen ice blocks.  When
    they're not breathing run up to it and slash so its all gone, or it will
    Ganondorf - The final boss of the game.
    Gerudo guard? - Fight these ladies at the Gerudo Fortress.
    Gibdo(mummy) - Very similar to ReDead, only it looks like a Mummy.  Use the same
    strategy here.
    Gohma Larva(spider) - Little spiders that hatch from eggs.  They appear in the
    Deku Tree.  Watch out when their eye turns red for they are ready to pounce.
    Just slash them to kill them, but try to get them before they hatch out of the
    Gold Skulltulla - Same as the regular ones, only you can't target them.  Destroy
    any of the 100 of these to get a token.
    Green Bubble(green flaming skull) - A flying skeleton head in green flames.  Use
    your shield to get rid of its flames then slash it with your sword.  You can
    also use the hookshot to stun it then slash it.
    Guay - Almost identical to Keese, but look more like crows.  Use the same
    Iron Knuckles - An armored knight with an ax.  Spirit Temple mini-boss.
    Keese / Fire Keese / Ice Keese(bat) - Flying bats.  These can become a real
    pain.  Target them and use arrows or a slingshot, but if you want to save ammo,
    use a boomerang or hookshot.  Sometimes some are already on fire, but the normal
    ones can become Fire Keese if they fly through fire.
    King Dodongo - A very large version of a Dodongo.  Dodonogo's Cavern boss.
    Leever -  These annoying creatures appear in the desert.  There is no point in
    trying to kill them because they just come back.  Since they aim for you in a
    straight line, keep changing direction to dodge them.
    Like Like(shield-eater) -  Watch out on these guys!  This tannish colored blob
    will try to suck up your tunics and shield.  Try to slash it while its not
    trying to suck you up.  Make sure you get your shield and tunic after its dead
    if it took them.
    Lizalfos(lizardmen) - Lizard guards.  They jump around a lot.  Try to get in
    some good sword hits on these guys.
    Mad Scrub(bush guy) - Very similar to Deku Scrubs only they run away after use
    your shield to bounce their nuts back at them.  Slash them after they run away.
    They don't give you tips, though.
    Octorok - Octupi that live in the water, of course.  Bounce back their rocks at
    them with your shield to get them, but watch it, if you get to close they
    Moblins - They're back... These guys only appear in the Sacred Forest Meadow,
    but are a pain.  Use the Z button to try to see them around the corners.  When
    they're facing the opposite way, use the hookshot on their back.
    Morhpa - A strange small creature that can morph water to its will.  Water
    Temple boss.
    Peahat -  A large strange rotating creature that sometimes spits out Peahat
    Larva.  Try to attack its roots.  Watch out because it flys uneven and can cause
    damage when you get close.
    Peahat Larva - Mini Peahats.  Just use your shield to block them.
    Phantom Ganon - A duplicate ghost of Ganondorf.  Forest Temple boss.
    Poe - An evil ghost that carries a lantern.  There a couple variations of these.
    Some will disappear when targeted.
    Poe Sisters? - The 4 Poes that appear in the Forest Temple.  Forest Temple min-
    Queen Gohma - A huge mother spider that lays Gohma Larva.  Deku Tree boss.
    Red Bubble(red flaming skull) - Skulls on fire that usually appear around lava.
    You can usually ignore these most of the time since they don't often get in your
    ReDead(zombie) - Basically zombies.  They will try and paralyze you if they see
    you.  Try to get behind them and attack them or use the sun song to paralyze
    Shabom(bubble) - Bouncing bubbles that appear inside Jabu-Jabu.  Use projectiles
    or Deku Nuts.
    Shell Blade(clam) - Clams that appear underwater.  Its best to use the hookshot
    on them QUICKLY after they've opened their mouths.
    Skulltula - Small spiders that usually are on walls or vines.  Use a projectile
    Spikes - An indestructible spike that moves in a pattern.  You can roll attack
    (forward + A) right through it and not get hurt!
    Spike(spike balls) - The enemy version of spike.  They are a ball with spikes
    that rolls around.  Attack them when they retract their spikes.
    Stalchild(skull kid) - A skull kid.  Just use your sword.  Sometimes you will
    knock off their skull.
    Stalfos - A skeleton guard.  Try to hit it right before it swings at you.  If
    you are lucky enough to get behind it and swing at it, you will do more damage.
    Stinger(flying fish)- A floating creature underwater.  Use bombs or lure them
    out of the water then use a projectile weapon.
    Tektite(spider thing) - A red spider.  They jump around, so try to attack it
    after its landed.  Its also fun to flip it with a hammer.
    Tentacle - A tentacle in the ceiling of Jabu-Jabu's belly.  If you get too close
    it will get you.  Use your boomerang.
    Tiles - Magical flying tiles that try to hit you.  Either dodge them or slash
    them to dispose of them.
    Torch Slug - Slugs that are on fire.  Just use your sword.  Make sure you kill
    them before their fire comes back.
    Twinrova - Twin witches of Fire and Ice.  Spirit Temple boss.
    Valvagia - A long fire dragon.  Fire Temple boss.
    Wallmaster - Navi will warn you when these guys are around.  Watch their shadow
    and dodge before they grab you, or say hello to the beginning of the dungeon.
    Attack them before they go up to the ceiling again.
    White Bubble - Flying Skulls.  Try to attack them with projectiles when they
    Wolfos / Ice Wolfos(wolves) - A wolf that runs around you in circles.  They try
    and block your attacks, so try to hit them right before they attack.  Spin
    slashes also work well.  The Ice ones are bigger and white.
      III. Full Walkthrough
    NOTE:  This walkthrough only mentions required items, with the exception of the
    occasional gold skulltula or heart container piece where it's easier to describe
    in the walkthrough.  For all the items in the game, refer to the rest of the
    guide.  In the far future I may integrate more items into the walkthrough.
         III A. Kokiri Forest
    Talk to Saria and then go to the training center. The training center is to the
    left of your house, the south end of the map.  If you didn't get the instruction
    book read all the signs here with A, and talk to the Know-It-All-Brothers in the
    house nearby to learn more about how to play the game. Go to the back of the
    training center and find the hole in the wall.  Crawl through, dodge around the
    boulder, and find the chest to get your sword.  Return through the hole.  Walk
    around the village, talk to the Kokiri's, and walk through grass, slash bushes,
    throw rocks and pots, and look around to earn money.  Find Mido's house and go
    inside to steal his money from the treasure chests inside there. Once you have
    40 rupees, go to the shop with the red roof and buy a Deku shield.  Equip the
    shield and sword in your subscreen and then exit the town on the East side of
    the map.  You'll have to talk to Mido to get through.
         III B. Deku Tree
    Talk to the Deku Tree and he will open his mouth to let you in.  Enter the tree.
    Find the ladder and climb up to the second floor.  Follow the path around and
    you'll see some vines, spiders, and a treasure box.  Open the box to get the
    dungeon map.  Ignore the spiders and vines for now and keep going along the path
    until you find a door.  Go through it.  Use the Z trigger to target the bush guy
    in the middle of the room and then hold down R.  The bush guy will chuck a nut
    at you but it will bounce off of your shield and hit him.  Go talk to him and
    he'll give you a hint and a heart.
    In the next room, keep holding forward to jump onto the platform and then onto
    the next ledge before the platform falls.  If you miss you can climb up the
    vines.  Open the treasure chest to get the Fairy Slingshot.  Aim above the
    entrance doorway at the ladder and shoot if to make it fall.  Now climb up the
    vines to your right to get to another treasure box with a heart in it.  Go out
    and back to the first room and return to the vines and spiders from before.
    Push Up C to look toward a spider until Navi flies to it, then push your Z
    trigger to focus on it and then just push the Slingshot button (whichever one
    you assigned it to) twice to whip out the sling shot and shoot it.  This is
    easier than aiming manually.  Climb up the vines to get to the third floor.
    Walk around this path and you'll see some big spiders (they're called
    Skulltulas).   Don't let them scare you.  Just focus on them, whip out your
    sword with B, and wait.  When they turn around, push A to jump-attack them for a
    one hit kill. (NOTE:  If you don't first pull out your sword with B when trying
    a Jump attack, you will just roll instead of attacking.  Also you have to be Z
    targeting and not pushing any directions to perform the Jump attack.)  Run
    around the path until you find a doorway and go through it.
    In this room, whip out a Deku stick and walk up to the lit torch to light the
    stick.  Bring the lit stick to the unlit torch to light it and open the doorway
    behind you.  (Tip:  If you quickly press B to use your sword after lighting
    stuff with a burning Deku Stick, it will put the stick away and keep it from
    burning down to nothing)  Now step on the switch and jump across to the alcove
    on the left of the room.  Watch out for the giant spider though.  Get the
    treasure box and kill the gold spider there.  Go back and step on the switch
    again and jump across to the other side to get the Compass.  Return to the first
    room and find the platform with the heart floating in front of it.  Jump off to
    get the heart and try to land on the web in the middle of the floor.  You'll
    break through to floor B1.
    In this room, step on the switch to light the torch, grab the treasure box
    behind the torch, and use the torch to light one of your Deku sticks.  Run with
    the burning stick to the other side of the room (be careful not to fall in the
    water and put it out, you'll have to walk across the shallow section) and light
    the web on the wall with your stick.  Go through the door that's revealed to
    another room with a bush monster.  Deal with it the same way as the last one.
    Use your slingshot to hit the eye above the next door and go through.  In this
    room jump into the water and follow the left wall until you get to the rotating
    spiked log.  Look for a switch under water and hold down A to dive down and push
    it.  Then return to the entrance and jump on the moving platform to ride across.
    Push the block over and climb up to the door to the next room.
    In this room use a Deku stick to light all the torches and move to the next
    room.  Watch out for spiders falling from the ceiling in this room and use your
    Deku stick to burn away the webs covering the exits.  Crawl through a hole to
    move on.  Now you're back in the first room of B1.  Push the block into the
    water and fall down to the torch you used earlier.  Light your stick, climb up
    the block and then use the stick to burn the web in the floor (attack with the
    stick).  Climb or fall down the hole to the next room.  There are three bush
    guys here.  You need to knock them out in order.  First the middle one, then the
    right one, then the left one.  Then go on to the boss's room.
    **********Deku Tree Boss: Queen Ghoma**********
    Use your C Up button to look at her and let her see you.  Now wait until she
    drops down and stun her by either throwing a Deku nut or shooting her in the eye
    with your slingshot.  Then hit her with your sword while she's stunned.  She'll
    crawl up to the ceiling.  Now there's two things you can do at this point.  You
    can either wait until she drops some things and kill them before they hatch,
    then wait for her to come down and repeat the above process.  Or, while she's
    getting ready to drop the things her eye will turn red.  Shoot her in the eye
    with the slingshot while she's up there and she'll drop down and be stunned, so
    hit her with the sword and repeat.  This way is quicker and you don't have to
    deal with the dropping. Pick up the heart container she drops when she dies and
    walk into the blue light.
         III C. Hyrule Castle
    After the story sequence leave Kokiri forest to the West.  On your way out
    you'll get the Ocarina from Saria automatically.  Head for the market.  Use your
    map subscreen if you need to find it. Explore the market for a while and when
    you're ready move on to the Hyrule Castle grounds.
    Talk to the guard, and move back and forth between the Market and the castle
    grounds until you see a girl standing by some vines on the side of the path.
    Talk to her until she give you an egg.  Now climb up the vines and jump over the
    gate the guard was guarding.  Move along the path until you see two guards up
    ahead of you...don't go near them!  Instead, go left up onto the hill.  Watch
    out for the guard on the hill, run behind him and head to the far left toward a
    cliff.  You should see some climbable rocks on the cliff, climb them and then
    jump off the other side toward the castle.  Jump into the moat and swim down it
    until you reach the corner where you can safely climb out.  Follow the path
    around and you'll see the sleeping Talon.  Wait until your egg hatches in the
    morning and use it on Talon to wake him up and get him out of your way.  Once
    he's gone push and pull the blocks to dump them in the moat.  Use them to jump
    across to where the water comes in and climb through the hole there.  Now avoid
    all the guards by not letting them see you and make your way to Princess Zelda.
    Talk to the princess.
         III D. Ranch, Woods, and Village
    Head to Lon Lon Ranch in the middle of Hyrule Field after the story sequence
    with the princess is over.  Go into the first door on your left to find Talon
    and a bunch of chickens.  Throw all the chickens  into the corner at the bottom
    of the stairs and talk to Talon.  Win his game and you'll get a bottle of milk.
    The milk is kinda useful but the really useful thing is the bottle itself.
    Also, go to the horse corral and talk to Malon until she talks about a song her
    mother composed.  Whip out your Ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's Song.  Use
    Epona's Song on any cows you see for some free Milk.  Now leave Lon Lon Ranch
    and head back to Kokiri Forest.
    Once in Kokiri Forest, climb up the vines behind Mido's house and go through the
    hollow log to get to the Lost Woods.  In the lost woods, follow the sound of the
    music (wherever it is loudest) to get to the sacred forest meadow.  For lazy
    people, the directions are R,L,R,L,F,L,R.  Then kill the wolf, enter the gate,
    navigate the maze, and go up the steps to get to the Meadow.  Talk to Saria to
    learn Saria's Song.  Now head back out of the woods and leave Kokiri Forest.  If
    you want you can stop and get 2 heart container pieces, a Deku Stick upgrade,
    and a Deku Seed upgrade on the way out.  Head to Kakariko Village now.
    Explore the town and get the various items available to you at this time.  The
    most important things to get are the Hylian Shield from the graveyard, the
    second bottle, and the Song of the Sun.  Once you've got what you need, talk to
    the guard at the North part of town and show him Zelda's letter.  Don't listen
    to him about buying a shield...you can find one for free in the graveyard.
    He'll talk about wanting a mask which you can now go and get from the Happy Mask
    Shop in the market.  If you wish you can now do most of Young Link's Trading
    Sequence.  Go past the guard and head up Death Mountain until you find Goron
         III E. Dodonogo's Cavern
    Go to the bottom level and stand on the doormat in front of the closed door and
    play Zelda's Lullaby. Then go inside and talk to the Goron King.  Then play
    Saria's Song for him.  He'll give you the Goron's bracelet.  Now leave Goron's
    City and head up Death Mountain trail and take the first right you see.  Pick up
    the bomb plant there and chuck it down to the big boulder below.  If you aim
    right you'll blow it up.  Then go around and enter the revealed cave, which is
    Dodonogo's Cavern.
    WARNING about this level:  if you have your Deku shield equipped and you get
    burned by a fire bat or something, the shield will burn away!  So use the Hylian
    shield unless you need your Deku shield to fight lizardmen or bush guys.  You
    can buy another shield from a bush guy on the left side of the Big Room.
    In the first room, use one of the bomb plants to blow open the doorway.  Then
    head into what I will from now on refer to as the Big Room.  Make your way to
    the right side and use the provided bomb plant to blow up the doorways and that
    laser-shooting thing.  Take the doorway that leads to a passageway (the other
    just leads to a gossip rock) and kill the first couple of lizards.  Watch out
    because when these lizards die they explode.  On the right wall near the back of
    the passage is a doorway but you have no bomb plant to blow it up with...kill
    one of the lizards next to the doorway and let its explosion as it dies open the
    doorway for you.  This room has some bats and a gold skulltula in it.  Now move
    on to the end of the passageway and drag a statue onto the switch to open the
    door.  Go through the next passage and then you'll find yourself in the lava
    room, facing two deadly lizardmen.  These guys are tough, Z target them and use
    your Deku shield to block and counter with slashes or jump slashes.  You can
    also shoot them with the slingshot but that's usually more trouble than it's
    After you kill the two lizards go through the new door that just opened.  Notice
    the bombable doorway down this next passage.  Go on a bit further and you'll see
    a bomb plant you can use to blow it up.  There's nothing really useful in that
    room though.  Move on down the corridor and kill those lizard things by hitting
    their tails (watch out they blow up too). Use a Deku stick to light all the
    torches in the room and open the door.  You'll now be back in the Big Room.
    Step on the switch in front of you to unlock a door across the way.  Now head to
    the other side of the room and find the door that was just unlocked but don't go
    through it yet.  First blow up the doorway next to it and get the dungeon map.
    Now go through the door.
    In this room use a bomb plant to blow open the doorway and go in that room.
    Throw the bomb plant just inside that room at the three statues and one will
    come alive and chase you.  Throw a Deku nut at it to stun it and then slash it
    with your sword.  Then run away because it will try to chase you down and then
    blow up.  Now retrieve the compass from the treasure box and leave the room.  In
    this room, take the bomb plant that's next to the door you just went through and
    place it right in between the two rows of bomb plants.  If you place it right
    when it blows every bomb plant should go off. This will lower the stairway
    leading to the second floor.  Go up the stairway and around to the doorway and
    through it.  In this room three of the statues come alive and chase you, and the
    fourth has to be moved.  You don't have to fight the three statues if you're
    careful not to touch them in any way.  Just move the statue that's in front of
    the ladder out of the way and go up the ladder to hit the switch to open the
    Now you'll once again be back in the big room but this time on a bridge at the
    top of it.  Go across the bride to the other side, jumping over the hole in the
    middle.  Now you'll end up in the moving spikes room.  Make your way to the
    opposite side where you'll find a gray block in front of a ladder (you can roll
    attack through the spikes with forward + A).  Use the block to get on top of the
    platform containing a treasure chest and a bomb plant.  Use the bomb plant to
    blow open the door at the top of the ladder.  You'll need to time it right.
    Wait until the bomb blinks rapidly before throwing it across to the doorway.
    Once you've done that go through the doorway.  Now use your slingshot to shoot
    the gold eye on the wall past the pillar of fire and the fire will disappear.
    Jump across and go through the corridor to reach the upper lava room with two
    more lizardmen.  Kill the lizard men and go through the newly opened door.
    Shoot the gold eye on the wall opposite you to get rid of the first flame, then
    jump to where it was and turn left to see another gold eye.  Shoot it to get rid
    of the second flame.  Then jump across.
    In the next room, which is the moving spikes room again, jump straight across
    the gap and then get the treasure box to your right which contains (Hurray!!)
    bombs.  If you wish you can jump down and bomb a doorway to your left to reach a
    room with two bush guys that sell you crap.  I wouldn't recommend it though
    'cause it's a hassle to get back up.  Move on down the passageway and step on
    the switch.  This switch enables a moving pillar which gives you an alternate
    way to get to the second floor.  Now go right and find the bridge.  On the other
    side is a bombable wall with a new Deku shield if you lost yours (or rupees if
    you didn't) if you want to get it.  In any case, drop a bomb down each of the
    holes in the bride to blow up the two eyes of the old dead Dodonogo.  Once both
    eyes have been blown up its mouth will open.  Use the pillar to get down and
    enter its open mouth.
    In this room go through the doorway on your right to enter the block puzzle
    room.  When you come to two movable blocks, pull the ground-level block to
    underneath the other one.  Then climb on top of it and push the other block off
    to the other side.  Now push this block to underneath the third block.  Push the
    third block out of the way and head down this corridor.  At the end of the
    corridor is another moving block.  Push it off the edge, then pull/push it into
    the hole in the middle of the room. This will open the boss room door.  In the
    boss room, blow up the square in the center of the room, open the small chest to
    refill your bombs, and drop down.
    **********Dodonogo's Cavern Boss:  King Dodonogo**********
    This boss isn't all that tough.  First make sure to equip your Hylian shield in
    your subscreen.  Z target its mouth and when it opens it to breath fire on you,
    throw a bomb in.  When the bomb goes off and its stunned, hit it with your
    sword.  Then it will go into a roll attack. Use your Hylian shield by holding R
    and let it roll over you and you won't get hurt.  Repeat until dead.  Grab the
    heart container and step into the blue light to leave.
         III F. Magic and Zora's Domain
    After the short story sequence with the Goron King head up Death Mountain trail.
    If you want you can first stop over in Goron City to get a bigger bomb carrying
    capacity.  Just stop that big rolling goron on the third floor by using a bomb
    while he's inside the cave part.  You can also light up all the torches on the
    bottom floor of the city using a torch from the King's room, then throw a bomb
    into the giant urn to try to get a heart container piece.  When you're ready
    head to the peak of Death Mountain.  Use your bombs to blow up the boulders in
    your way and when you get the part where it start to avalanche, use your Hylian
    shield and the rocks won't be able to hurt you. Just wait until they are done
    falling and then move again until you reach Death Mountain's peak. Once there,
    blow up the opening to the left of the owl (do NOT go in the right cave, you'll
    die) and go inside.  Play Zelda's lullaby in front of the fountain to talk to
    the great faerie and get magic.  Then talk to the owl and he'll give you a lift
    down the mountain. (After landing, drop down on top of the chicken women's pen
    and go through the hole there for a heart container piece).  Now head to Hyrule
    Castle.  In the castle grounds there is a side path on the right side of the
    main path with a sign and a boulder (remember to climb the vines to get past the
    first guard).  Blow up the boulder and crawl in the cave to get the fire spell.
    Now return to Hyrule Field and follow the river East past Kakariko Village to
    get to Zora's River
    Use your bombs to blow up the boulders in your way.  You can make use of the
    chicken at the beginning of the river to get to a few heart container pieces.
    Also this is where you meet the guy that sells the magic beans.  About halfway
    up the river is some frogs.  Play your songs for them and they'll give you
    money.  If your money's full go buy some magic beans before playing another song
    for them.  Make your way upriver until your get to the waterfall at the mouth of
    the river.  Then stand on the plaque in front of the waterfall and play Zelda's
    Lullaby to make the waterfall reveal a cave.  Jump over and enter the cave to
    enter Zora's Domain.
    The first thing to do here is get an empty bottle and find the little fish
    floating around in the shallows near a circle of stones.  Use the bottle to
    catch one of the fish.  You'll need it later.  Now head up to the top of the
    mountain in the middle of the domain and you'll see King Zora.  Before doing
    anything else, take this opportunity to use one of his torches to light a Deku
    stick and quickly run and light all the other torches in the domain, including
    two hidden behind a waterfall.  This opens a few things up for you, like a heart
    container piece.  Go back to the King's room and talk to him, then head left
    from his room and find the diving game.  Win at the diving game and you'll get
    the Silver Scale, which allows you to dive deeper.  Now look for an underwater
    doorway at the front of the mountain.  Dive down and go through it and you'll
    pop up at lake Hylia.  Swim forward a bit and you should notice a bottle at the
    bottom of the lake.  Dive down and fetch it.  Then swim back through the tunnel
    to Zora's Domain.  Bring the bottle to King Zora and show it to him (press C
    when Z Targeting him) and he'll take the note out and move out of your way.  Now
    take the right path to get behind him and enter Zora's Fountain.
    Ignore the big fish (Jabu-Jabu) for now and instead swim behind him to the
    southern part of Zora's Fountain to a small island with a tree, some bushes, and
    two boulders.  Put a bomb next to the gray boulder to blow a hole in the wall
    and get the Farore's Wind spell from a great faerie.  Now swim onto the platform
    by Jabu-Jabu's mouth and walk up to him.  Use the bottle with the fish in it to
    offer the fish to Jabu-Jabu, thereby making him open his mouth and swallow you.
         III G. Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    Use your slingshot to shoot the white thing hanging down from the ceiling and
    unblock the door.  Go through the door.  In this room you'll first meet the
    electrifying jellyfish.  Don't hit them with you're sword, use a Deku stick
    instead.  You'll break the stick but you'll at least have killed them (this is
    the only time I know of where one of these sticks is at all useful for anything
    other than lighting torches and spider webs).  Now follow the path around and
    IGNORE the elevator platform and the alcove in the wall (you'd be surprised how
    many people go for this and get all mixed up).  Instead go through the next door
    and in this room, the pit room, you'll meet Ruto.  She'll jump down a
    pit...follow her down.  Talk to her twice and she'll demand you carry her.
    You'll have to do so.  I know it's a pain and it may seem easier to just leave
    her there and go get her at the end, but you'll need her later in the level.
    Also if you accidently lose her she'll show up back here.
    Now go through the door behind you (the one closest to you) and follow this
    passageway.  At the end is a room with a switch in the middle.  Throw Ruto to
    the other side and then step on the switch to raise the water.  Then join Ruto
    on the other side and follow the next passageway to a blocked door.  Shoot the
    thing hanging from the ceiling to unblock it and go through (If you're short on
    ammo throw Ruto at it).  In this room wait for an elevator platform to lower and
    ride it up.  Don't try jumping to the small alcove with the white switch in it,
    you can't get to it yet.  Go through the door and you'll be back in the pit room
    (if you end up back in the first room you went through the wrong door).  Avoid
    the pits and go through the door on the opposite side of the pit room.  Now head
    straight right and hug the right wall until you find a switch and a blocked
    door.  Make sure you're holding Ruto and step on the switch to unblock the door,
    then go through.
    Put Ruto down in the entryway of this room and venture forth to kill all the
    fish in the room.  You can easily clean them out by laying bombs.  When they are
    all dead you'll receive the extremely cool boomerang!  The boomerang can get
    items for you and can kill most stuff at long range safely, such as those
    jellyfish, and with no worries about running out of ammo.  Anyway, pick up Ruto
    and leave this room then go straight, ignoring all side paths until you come to
    a switch and blocked door on the opposite end of the corridor.  Place Ruto on
    the switch so she'll hold it down for you and go inside. Kill the tentacle
    through the use of Z targeting and your new boomerang.  You'll receive the
    dungeon map as reward.  Now head out, retrieve the irritable Ruto, and take the
    first left and go through the door.  Kill all the bubbles using Z targeting and
    your boomerang before the time runs out and your reward is the compass.  Now
    head out of this room and head back to the room where you got the boomerang.
    Take the side path right before the door to the boomerang room and kill the
    tentacle here.  Leave the room, take a right, then take another right and you'll
    be going down the center path. Go through the door to find a third tentacle you
    have to kill.  Go back out the door and go straight and back through the next
    door to return once again to the pit room.
    Now you have to fall down a certain pit.  It's to the right of you, but not the
    first one to the right of you.  It's a little more forward and right up against
    the right wall.  Fall down it and you'll find yourself in a room with a bunch of
    jellyfish and two gold skulltula's you can use for target practice for your
    boomerang.  Remember that you can use your boomerang to retrieve the gold tokens
    for you after the skulltula is dead.  Now go through the passage and door behind
    you to get to Bigocto's room.  Throw Ruto up onto the platform and then you'll
    have to fight Bigocto.
    *****Jabu-Jabu's Belly Mini-boss: Bigocto*****
    Hit him with your boomerang to stun him.  When he gets unstunned he'll start
    spinning around.  Hit him again and if you timed it right he'll have his back
    turned to you.  Slash him a few times with your sword.  Repeat until he's dead.
    Jump up onto the platform once Bigocto's dead and you'll be lifted up to a new
    room.  Go down the only passageway and door and you'll end up in a room with
    weird red blocks that wobble.  Smack them one with the boomerang and they'll
    solidify for a while, allowing you to use them as stepping stones to make your
    way to the door on the west side of the room.  In the next room jump across the
    gap to the platform and it will lower you to the alcove with the switch you saw
    at the beginning.  Go pick up one of the crates and place it on the switch.  Go
    through the door that opens.  Kill all the jellyfish here and climb up the vines
    to the high platform.  Now you should see the white thing hanging from the
    ceiling, but there's something in the way that keeps you from hitting it.  You
    can't destroy the thing in the way so don't bother.  Instead, Z target the white
    thing and then move as far to the side of the platform as you can and you should
    be able to chuck the boomerang AROUND the barrier to hit the white thing and
    open the door to the boss.  Climb down and go through the door to face Barinade.
    **********Jabu-Jabu's Belly Boss: Berinade**********
    This boss is tough.  Use Z targeting and your boomerang and KEEP MOVING around
    him at all times to avoid being zapped.  First, destroy the tentacles.  Then,
    destroy some of the giant jellyfish he has protecting him to get an opening.
    Then attack him directly.  When the boomerang hits and his body flashes blue go
    after him with the sword.  Just keep going after him and his protecting
    jellyfish with your boomerang and Z targeting, moving around him at all times,
    and slashing at him with your sword when you stun him with the boomerang, until
    he's dead.  Remember don't go after him every time you hit him with your
    boomerang...only when he's still exposed.  Other times he sinks and when he does
    that, attack the jellyfish with your boomerang instead of trying for the sword.
    Once he's dead get the heart container and go into the blue light to meet Ruto.
         III H. Collecting stuff
    After the story sequence is over, head over to Hyrule Castle and watch the story
    sequence.  After it's over jump in the moat and get the Ocarina of Time and
    learn the Song of Time.  Now, before you continue on, you should probably go
    around and get any items you missed.  You can always go back for stuff later
    (yes, you CAN become young Link again, for all those that are going to ask), but
    now is a good time to go around and get everything.  For reference, you could
    get the following things by this time if you are diligent:
    3 of the 4 bottles
    Din's Fire and Farore's Wind
    The Mask of Truth
    The 2 bomb bag upgrades
    The 2 Deku seed upgrades
    The 2 Deku stick upgrades
    The 2 Deku Nut upgrades
    The first 5 songs
    11 Heart Containers
    41 gold skulltulas and rewards for them
    (NOTE: To get this many you have to get some that are listed as adult only using
    the boomerang)
    And could also have accomplished the following:
    Planted 8 beans
    Made up and played a song for the scarecrow
    Remember, don't feel that you should get all this stuff now, it's just that you
    can if you really work at it.
         III I. Temple of Time
    Go to the Market and then the Temple of Time (it's in the top right corner).
    Inside, stand in front of the alter and play the Song of Time.  A long story
    sequence will follow, after which you'll find yourself as Adult Link.  Your
    first quest as adult Link is to find the hookshot.
    Head out of the Temple of Time and into the market, which is now inhabited by
    the undead.  Play the Song of the Sun to freeze them and head out.  Head over to
    Kakariko Village and talk to the chicken women to get an egg and start adult
    Link's Trading Sequence.  Go into the graveyard and look at the gravestones on
    the left side.  The first one should have some flowers in front of it.  It's
    Dampe's grave.  Pull the gravestone and drop down the hole to meet Dampe, the
    gravedigger as a ghost. You'll have to race him around the cavern.  If you make
    it to the end, he'll give you the hookshot. Afterwards walk through the black
    doorway and you'll see a blue square ahead of you.  Play the Song of Time to get
    rid of it and climb up the stairs to end up in the windmill.  Jump on the
    rotating platforms to get the heart container piece, and talk to the music guy.
    He'll mention an Ocarina boy from 7 years ago.  Show him your Ocarina (equip it
    and press the c button when near him) and he'll teach you the Song of Storms.
    Now head out of Kakariko Village.
    Once outside you can go get your horse Epona now if you have 70 rupees.  You can
    also get the Big Goron's sword by following Adult Link's trading sequence (you
    need Epona first) and the Scarecrow's Song from Lake Hylia.  Eventually, go to
    Kokiri Forest and through the Lost Woods to the Sacred Forest Meadow (remember
    the path is R,L,R,L,F,L,R).  When you run into Mido play Saria's Song to get him
    to move.  Once you hit the maze you'll have to fight your way through some big
    Moblins.  The best way to kill them is to hit them in the back with your
    hookshot.  Make good use of the faerie fountain up the ladder just before the
    stairs at the end of the maze by catching some faeries in your bottles.  At the
    top of the stairs is a really hard Moblin.  You have to dodge his attack back
    and forth until you can get past him, then slash him in the back.  If you have
    Bombchu's you can use those from outside his reach to kill him easily.  Once you
    get into the meadow Sheik will teach you the Minuet of Forest and then you can
    use your new hookshot to latch on to the tree and enter the Forest Temple.
         III J. Forest Temple
    First thing to do, in the very first room (the entryway with the trees and the
    wolves) is climb up the vines on the right wall and then jump from tree to tree
    to get the small chest up on the left wall containing a small key.  Now enter
    the temple.  Kill the giant Skulltula in this hallway with your hookshot (you
    don't have to wait for it to turn around with the hookshot) and enter the Big
    Room. You'll see some ghosts making off with some torch flames.  Now go straight
    forward and enter the door up the stairs on the other side.  They'll be a blue
    flaming skull here.  Z target it and use your shield (R button) until it runs
    into your shield.  That will get rid of its blue flame.  You  can also stun it
    with your hookshot for the same effect.  Then just take it out with your sword.
    Go through the next room and you'll be in the Lower Stalfos room.  It's a large
    round room that contains two of the toughest enemies you've yet faced, the
    skeletal Stalfos.  Using a combination of Z targeting, effective use of your
    shield, side jumps, and backflips, and some good ol' slashes and jump slashes
    you should be able to take them out with a bit of practice.  Remember that you
    can't block their jump attack so if they do one, backflip (back+A) to avoid it
    then counterstrike.  One good thing is that for the most part the one you aren't
    focused on leaves you alone.  Once these guys are toast, you'll be rewarded with
    a second small key.  Kill the pots in the room and one should contain a life-
    giving faerie.
    Now return to the Big Room.  Go to your right to a small corridor with a blue
    block in it.  Play the Song of Time to get rid of the block and go through.
    This room, the West Plant Room, contains some man eating plants that are much
    tougher than previous ones.  Make your way to the vine- covered wall to your
    right.  Kill whatever skulltulas you can reach with your hookshot and climb up
    the right side of the vines...you'll have to make you way up slowly and try to
    avoid the skulltula that is left.  Remember that if it doesn't see you it can't
    get you.  If you have to, when it comes at you push A to drop down and then grab
    back on and try again.  Once you make it into the alcove with the doorway go in
    the door and kill the annoying blue flaming skull.  You'll be rewarded with the
    dungeon map.  Go through the next door and you'll find yourself on a balcony.
    Notice that the balcony next to you has a gray circle icon above the doorway.
    This is called a hookshot target.  Use your hookshot and shoot the hookshot
    target to fly over to the other balcony.  Step on the switch in there then kill
    the skulltula with your hookshot and use the vines to climb down.  Make your way
    to the well you saw get drained and climb down it.  Run down this corridor to
    the other side and open the chest there to get your third small key.
    Now climb up the vines and you'll be back in the West Plant Room.  Go out the
    door you came in and you'll find yourself back in the Big Room.  Go through the
    locked door to your right.  Kill the skulltula with your hookshot and go through
    the door in the small hallway.  In the next room, which I refer to as the block
    puzzle room, climb up the two ladders and then follow the yellow arrows on the
    floor to walk around until you hit the back of the blue movable block.  Push it
    until it's even with the hallway going the other way, then back up and go up the
    ladder you passed while pushing it.  Up here go around until you meet a second
    movable block.  Push this one until it stops moving, then go back, take a left,
    and fall off the ledge to fall back down to where the first block was.  When you
    bump into it push it as far as it will go, then loop around to the other side of
    it and push it as far as it will go again.  It will fall down slightly and
    you'll get that tone telling you solved a secret.  Now climb up the block and
    then climb up the wall next to it and you'll bump into the second block
    again...push this one as far as it will go then climb it and the wall behind it.
    Follow the passageway around to a ladder and climb up it, then keep going and
    you'll see a locked door.  Go through and you'll find yourself in the West
    Twisted Hallway.
    Follow the twisted hallway until you reach the West Twisted Room.  Watch out for
    hands falling from the ceiling and hop across the stones to another locked door.
    Go through it and you'll be in the west stairway.  Climb down the stairs and
    enter the Upper Stalfos Room.  You've got a tough battle here.  Kill the first
    Stalfos while avoiding the pit and then two more will come after you.  Unlike
    the previous two, with these two if you kill one and take too long killing the
    other, the first one will come back!  Don't panic, keep your head, and I hope
    you put some faeries in your bottles from the forest meadow maze earlier!  The
    reward for this tough battle is the awesome Bow.  Now take your new bow and go
    BACK (yes, back, not forward, through the door that's pushed back into the wall)
    to the stairway you entered from.  You should have seen a red ghost laughing at
    you right?  Well, as soon as you got close she disappeared.  This time shoot her
    with your arrow before you get close enough to make her disappear.  If you get
    her in all three pictures she'll fight you.  She's just like the composer
    brothers in the graveyard.  Just keep blocking her attack until she appears and
    then let her have it with a jump slash.  If you're using the Big Goron's sword
    quickly tap the hookshot button then push R to get your shield (you can't use
    the shield while holding the big sword).  When she's dead you'll have recovered
    the first flame from the Poe Sisters and you'll be rewarded with a small key.
    You need another key before continuing on, so continue backtracking by going up
    the stairs, through the West Twisted Room and West Twisted Hallway and you'll
    find yourself back at the end of the block puzzle room.  Above the doorway to
    the West Twisted Hallway is a gray eye.  Shoot it with your arrow and the
    hallway will straighten.  Now go through the hall way to the Twisted Room and
    you'll be at a different angle now.  This time, drop to the floor and open the
    gold chest to get the Boss key, then drop down the hole in the floor.  Kill the
    flaming blue skulls in this room and go out the door.  Now you're on the balcony
    of the West Plant Room.  Walk along the balcony and enter the door on your right
    to get to a room with a very tough Living Hand monster.  Remember to kill all
    its parts quickly when it splits or it will join back together.  Your reward is
    the second key you need.
    Go out the door, take a right and go through that door.  You're back in the
    block puzzle room.  If you're low on arrows there's a gold eye on about the
    third level on a wall that will make a chest with arrows appear if you shoot it.
    Make your way up to the door to the West Twisted Hallway and shoot the gray eye
    again to turn it back into a twisted hallway.  Go through the Hallway, the
    Twisted Room, the West Stairway, the Upper Stalfos Room, and finally through the
    other door into the East Stairway.  Here you'll face the blue Poe Sister.  Deal
    with her the same as the red one and get the compass as reward.  Head to the top
    of the stairs and go through the locked door and you're in the East Twisted
    Room.  Hang a right and you'll be in the East Twisted Hallway (which is
    currently straight).  Kill these Green Flaming Skulls the same as the blue ones
    - Z Target and hold down R and walk into them, then kill with sword.  They're
    easier then the blue ones.
    Go through the locked door at the end of the hallway and you'll be in a rotating
    blocks room.  Jump on one of the blocks and aim your arrow toward the frozen eye
    that's on one wall.  Wait until the torch in the middle of the room is between
    you and they eye and then fire your arrow.  The arrow will fly through the
    torch's flame, light on fire, then hit the eye, melt the ice, and activate the
    eye (cool, ain't it?).  Believe it or not since Adult Link doesn't get to use
    Deku Sticks you'll have to light torches and stuff using this method instead.
    Kind of tricky but cool nonetheless.  If you're lame you can also just use Din's
    Fire :P
    Now the Hallway will be twisted so go back through it.  Fall down the hole in
    the bottom of the Twisted Room and you'll be in the falling ceiling room.  To
    your right is a small hall and door that leads to the balcony of the East Plant
    Room.  Don't bother the only thing there is a small chest containing a heart.
    Instead, wait until the ceiling falls and as it's rising again run to the small
    yellow switch along the right wall.  Stand on it and stay on it until the
    ceiling falls and you won't get hurt. Remember you can quickly kill any big
    skulltulas that get in your way with the hookshot.  Then run to the square just
    left of the small treasure chest when the ceiling rises again.  Get the treasure
    (some arrows) and wait for the ceiling to fall.  Then run through the door to
    the picture puzzle room.
    Shoot the picture on the wall with an arrow to get the puzzle going.  You then
    have to push blocks around until they match the picture on the wall (look at the
    top of the blocks and ignore the pictures on their sides).  One of the blocks is
    a nonsense block and is just there to confuse you.  If you don't make it in time
    the blocks will rotate to a new configuration and you'll be given a bit more
    time. Keep trying, eventually it should give you enough time to do it.  Once you
    get the picture you'll have to fight the green Poe Sister.  Knock her around to
    get back the green flame and then go through the door.  Kill the skulltula and
    go through the next door and you're back in the Big Room.
    Jump over the fence and fight the final Poe Sister.  She'll split up into 4
    ghosts.  Watch carefully, after they split, one of them will do a quick 360 spin
    and the others won't.  The one that spins is the real one.  Shoot her with an
    arrow or hookshot using Z targeting.  Once she's dead the tile in the middle of
    the floor will become an elevator.  Ride it down to the Revolving Room.
    Stand at the right of one of the rig rock platforms sticking out of the wall and
    push A to grab it, then push.  After a while of pushing the room will rotate.
    Go through any opening and step on switches, get treasures, and kill monsters
    until finally the room rotates around to the now opened hallway leading to the
    Boss Room (remember to keep rotating it the same way by always standing to the
    right of the block when pushing).  Now go through the Boss door and climb the
    stairs, then walk over the Triforce symbol and then try to go back out.  Your
    way will be blocked and you'll now be facing...
    **********Forest Temple Boss:  Phantom Gannon**********
    Phantom Gannon has two phases.  In the first phase, he rides into a picture and
    then two of him rides back.  One of them is fake.  You can tell which one is
    fake because the fake one rides slightly to the left of the path in the picture,
    and the real one rides slightly to the right.  Stand in the middle of the room
    with an arrow ready to fire and rotate around scanning the pictures.  You can
    also stand to the side of the room near one of the triforce symbols and use your
    hookshot.  When one of the pictures has Phantom start coming back out of the
    picture (a bunch of purple light will appear) fire an arrow or the hookshot at
    him right away.  If you hit him he'll retreat and you can do it again.  If you
    miss he'll zap you for a big time hurt, so try running to the side to avoid it.
    After you've done this 3 times he'll lose the horse and start flying around the
    room shooting bolts at you.  You'll quickly notice that you can block the bolts
    but you can't seem to hurt him at all.  If you've played A Link to the Past,
    remember the evil wizard Aghanihm?  Well, next time Phantom Gannon shoots a bolt
    at you, hit it with your sword to shoot it back at him (the Master Sword works
    better for this than the Big Goron's sword).  HOWEVER, watch out as he might hit
    it back at you again!  So be ready to hit it again if it comes flying back to
    you.  Sometimes you'll hit it back and forth like 10 times before it finally
    gets him.  The more times it bounces back and forth the more it hurts too.  When
    it does hit him he'll fall to the ground.  Take this opportunity to give it to
    him with a jump slash from your sword.  Then he'll fly back up again.  The more
    times the bolt bounced before hitting him the longer he'll be on the ground.
    Keep doing this until he dies.  Sometimes when he's almost dead he'll fly toward
    you with a super powerful spear stab.  Try to dodge it if you can, you can't
    block it.  If you have trouble with the bolts try getting further away or closer
    to him, some people find different distances make it easier for them depending
    on their fighting style.  Once he's dead grab your heart container and get out
    of the temple via the blue light.
         III K. The Well
    After a revealing story sequence you'll be in the Deku Tree's meadow.  Leave
    Kokiri forest and if you have your horse, you can summon her with Epona's Song.
    If you want you can now hunt for Big Poe's using the bow and Epona.  You may
    want to first get the arrow capacity upgrade at the Kakariko Village shooting
    gallery to make it easier.  Now this next section tells how to get the Lens of
    Truth.  You don't need to do this at this time, but since you CAN do it now, I
    thought I'd put it here.  If you don't want to do it yet, skip on to the Fire
    Temple section.
    First, if you don't have the Song of Storms yet, go to Kakariko and talk to the
    guy in the windmill and show him your Ocarina.  Now, head to Hyrule Castle and
    go into the Temple of Time's Master Sword room.  Sheik will be there and will
    teach you the Prelude of Light (very handy).  Now walk up to the pedestal and
    push A to return the Master Sword and warp back to being young Link.  Leave the
    Market.  Go into Kakariko Village and enter the windmill.  Play the Song of
    Storms for the music guy and the well will drain.  Climb down the well and walk
    into the passageway ahead of you and you're now in the Bottom of the Well level.
    This level is nasty.  So, I'm going to tell you how to get to the Lens of Truth
    very quickly.  There are a bunch of treasures scattered in this level but they
    are almost all WORTHLESS!  Most of them are a single Deku nut.  I'm going to
    tell you how to get the Lens of Truth, a gold rupee (worth 200 rupees), and
    finally the 3 gold skulltula's that are here (I've never mentioned most of the
    gold skulltulas before but explaining them here instead of making you explore
    this whole confusing level to get them is just easier).
    Crawl through the hole and climb down the ladder.  Kill the skulltula then walk
    straight forward right through the wall in front of you (yes, you read right,
    this level has walls you can walk through, invisible floors, etc.).  Now you're
    in the main well room.  Watch out for the giant green flaming skull flying
    around and just keep running straight forward through another wall.  Now ignore
    everything in this room but watch out, there's a small invisible pit right in
    the center of the room where all that blood is.  Move around the pit and keep
    moving forward to the opposite wall and, again, walk through it.  Now stand on
    the Triforce symbol in front of you and play Zelda's Lullaby. The water will
    drain out.
    Now turn around and go back through the wall, avoid the pit, through the next
    wall, and you're back where you started, except now there's a big pit in front
    of you.  Fall down it and crawl through the hole that's down there.  Kill the
    skulltula, climb up the vines and go through the door to the Bottom of the Well
    boss, Dead Hand.
    *****Well Boss: Dead Hand*****
    This guy is scary but easy.  It's basically a swing-your-sword-wildly-at-
    anything- that-moves affair.  You can kill the hands coming out of the ground.
    If they grab you just wildly mash your buttons until they let go and keep
    slashing at them.  You don't need to kill the hands, just the weird thing
    walking around trying to bite you.  Once it's dead, a treasure box will appear
    containing the Lens of Truth.
    Use the lens of truth in this room and you'll find an invisible treasure box.
    Open it for 200 rupees.  Now if you wish, you can just leave now by playing the
    Prelude of Light and go on to the next section.  Otherwise, read on for how to
    get the 3 gold skulltulas in this level.
    First, leave this room, climb through the hole and up the vines to get out of
    the pit.  Now go down the left path a little bit and if you use your lens you'll
    see a small alcove in the right hand wall.  Go in and retrieve the key that's
    there.  Now leave the alcove and go left (back toward the starting point). Keep
    going and you'll hit a left turn.  Turn and use your lens and you'll see another
    alcove containing another key.  Now leave the alcove and continue down the
    corridor.  A little ways more and you'll see a cage with a Shield-eater in it.
    Directly across from it is a wall you can walk through.  Go through it and walk
    straight across the room (avoid the pit in the middle!  You can see it with your
    lens now).  Go through the opposite wall and down the small corridor.  You'll
    see a grate ahead of you.  Fall down the pit you come to, walk under the grate,
    and climb up the vines on the opposite side and go through the door.
    Now in this next room is a mummy.  Use your Song of the Sun to stun it and kill
    it with your sword. Now take out a Deku stick and light it with the torch but DO
    NOT LIGHT ANY TORCHES with it yet.  All these torches open the coffin next to
    them and will release more enemies.  You need to light a specific torch.  It's
    the torch in the corner furthest from the door and to the left when looking from
    the door.  Light the torch and the coffin will open letting out two bats.  Kill
    the bats and inside the coffin is the third and final small key.  If the bats
    burned away your Deku shield don't worry you can get another free one on the way
    to the third spider.  Now head out of this room, fall down the pit and climb up
    the other side, and go straight through the wall in front of you.  Look left and
    there's a locked door.  Go through and kill the plant, watch out for the pots,
    they attack you, and there's spider number 1.
    Leave and turn left, avoid the pit, and there's another locked door on the other
    side of the room.  In here is a bunch of bats and a big pit in the middle.
    Don't worry, there's an invisible floor.  Just walk around the outside of the
    pit and you won't fall in.  The spider is in the opposite corner of the room
    from where you entered.  Now leave the room, turn left immediately and walk
    through the wall. Turn left again and continue down this corridor.  You'll see
    some kind of face picture on the wall at the end of the corridor.  Right
    underneath it is a pit so don't fall down it.  Now turn right at the end of the
    corridor and you'll be at a dead end with a hole to crawl through.  Crawl
    through and go through the locked door.  Before moving into this room use your
    lens to see all the pits spread all over the place.  Kill the bats and kill the
    laser shooting thing in the middle of the room by throwing a bomb at it.
    The chest in this room contains a replacement Deku shield if you lost yours.  Go
    through the door and you'll be in the cage with the Shield-eater.  Avoid it when
    it tries to suck you into it and hit it with your boomerang or sword when it
    stops.  Kill the third and final gold skulltula in this room.  Now use your
    Ocarina and play the Prelude of Light to warp out of this hellhole and end up
    back in the Temple of Time.  Go into the Master Sword room and replace the
    Master Sword to warp to the future and continue your main quest.  Pat yourself
    on the back for getting 3 well-earned skulltulas and the Lens of Truth.
         III L. Fire Temple
    One way or the other, make sure you're now adult Link and head for Kakariko
    Village.  Go up to the Death Mountain Trail and travel to Goron City.  All the
    Goron's are gone except one rolling around on the third level.  Use a bomb to
    stop him from rolling and talk to him.  He'll give you the Goron's Tunic, which
    is resistant to fire.  Equip it.  Now go to the bottom floor and enter the
    King's room. Pull the statue at the back of his room out of the way and enter
    Death Mountain Crater.  Use your hookshot to get across the broken bridge and on
    your way across it Sheik will come and teach you the Bolero of Fire.  Now
    continue on down and enter the Fire Temple.
    Go up the stairs, hang a left, and enter the door.  Short story sequence here.
    Now start hopping stones and make your way to the left of this chamber.  There's
    a cage there with a Goron in it.  Step on the switch to release him and nab the
    small key in the treasure box behind him.  Now hop on back to the door you came
    in and exit this chamber.  Walk straight across to the door on the other side
    and enter it.  Now in this large chamber make use of the bridge and platforms to
    make your way to the left side of the chamber.  There is a small hallway and a
    door there.  Don't panic if you fall in the lava, your new tunic keeps you from
    getting hurt at all for a few seconds to give you time to get back up. Anyway,
    go through this hall and door, and down the next hall to another Goron.  Free
    him and get the key from his treasure box.  Now go back to the big chamber and
    hop your way across to the other side (the right side).  Blow open the wall to
    find another Goron and key.  Now finally make your way to the other end of the
    chamber from where you came in to where there's a locked door.  Go through and
    you're at the Fire Elevator.
    In this interesting room, slide down the ramp and then climb up the fence.
    Climb up to the top of the fence and kill the two bats there, then drop down to
    the platform just below you and push the movable block off of the edge.  Then
    fall down and land on the moveable block and you'll be shot up into the next
    room.  Go through the locked door here into the green room.  Climb up the ledges
    and kill the little torch slugs.  Jump across to where you see a white diamond
    thing and a movable block. Push the movable block off the side, then drop down
    and pull it until it stops.  Climb up onto it, hop over to on top of the Goron's
    cage, and climb up the fence.  Now walk forward all the way until you hit the
    wall, and stand on about the forth tile from the cliff edge.  Get out a bomb and
    throw it towards the edge.  It will drop down and set off that diamond thing
    (it's a switch) which will make the pillar of fire temporarily disappear.  Climb
    up the fence where the pillar of fire was and go through the door that's up
    Now you're in the big boulder room.  Turn right and keep going that way, dodging
    boulders, until you find another caged Goron.  Get his key.  Now as you exit his
    cage follow the left wall past a locked door (don't go through it) until you
    reach the other side of the room and the second caged Goron of this room (he's
    through a door that's in an alcove that may be hard to see).  Now on the way out
    of this room hug the right wall until you find that locked door and go through
    it.  Here you'll have to carefully walk across a walkway.  If you look high
    above the blocked door you'll see a gray eye tile.  Shoot it with an arrow to
    unblock the door.  Through the door is the Dungeon Map.  Back in the narrow
    walkway room, go through the locked door.  In this next room, which I later
    refer to as the fence room, walk along the stone path and jump over onto the
    fence.  A flame will follow you. Just hurry forward hopping over to the next
    fence until you reach the unlocked door on the other side.  Go through it.
    Now you're on the upper level of the big boulder room.  Hop onto the platform in
    front of you and kill the torch slug, then use a bomb on the crack in the floor
    and climb down.  Down here you can rescue the Goron from the green room and get
    another key, not to mention an easier way up later in case you fall down
    somewhere.  Now climb back up and hop a few ledges to get to the switch that's
    near you.  This switch will free a Goron on the other side of the big boulder
    room.  Hop ledges and make you way over to him and get his key.  Now that you've
    got 2 more keys hop your way back to the door you came in.  Look high up and to
    the left when facing the door and you should see a high ledge.  There is a
    secret area up there.  You don't need to do this, but if you have the
    Scarecrow's song you can.  Play the Scarecrow's song and hookshot to the
    scarecrow.  Turn around and hookshot to the small floating platform.  It will
    elevate you up to a secret area.  Go through this area and you'll pop out in a
    donut-shaped room.  Step on the switch and hurry to the treasure chest (use your
    hookshot to get past the steep cliff).  Open it to get 200 rupees.  Go back down
    to where you played the Scarecrow's song go in the door to go to the fence room.
    If you don't have the Scarecrow's song just go in the door and into the fence
    This time, back in the fence room, jump your way across to the locked door.
    The last jump to get there seems impossible but it's not.  Just jump slantwise
    from the corner of the fence to the corner of the ledge and if you keep holding
    forward you'll grab on to the ledge and pull yourself up.  Go through the locked
    door.  Follow the short corridor after it and you'll find yourself in the giant
    fire maze chamber.  Hop on down and head to the right.  You'll have to dodge
    spinning flame throwers, rolling boulders, and proximity sensitive flame walls
    to make your way to a door in the far right wall. The compass is through that
    door.  Be wary of fake doors in here.  They'll hurt you if you try to open them.
    If you're unsure put a bomb next to it to find out if it's fake or not.  Now
    head back to the starting point and then to the left side.  Make your way
    through this maze to the locked door on the pillar in the middle of the chamber.
    Go through it and you'll see a trapped Goron on your right. You can't save him
    yet.  Instead continue on and go out the door on the other side.
    Now you're back on the right side of the maze.  Make your way toward the right
    wall of the chamber where there's a yellow switch.  If you step on it the big
    fire wall on the opposite side of the room will disappear for a few seconds.
    Hurry (I know it's hard to hurry in this maze, but you'll have to) through to
    where the fire wall was and run past it before the time runs out.  The door
    ahead is a fake. That said, blow up the door with a bomb and then go on in
    through the real door and face the first dancing Flare Dancer mini-boss.
    *****Fire Temple mini-boss: Flare Dancer*****
    This mini-boss is really easy if you have bombs...otherwise he's a lot harder,
    but still possible to beat.  All you have to do is throw a bomb at him. When it
    explodes he'll shrink to a little helpless black ball.  Slash him a couple of
    times and he'll run away.  Don't chase him you can't run fast enough.  Instead,
    hold down B to start charging a spin attack, and walk the opposite direction he
    went.  Eventually he'll circle around the room and bump into you again.  He'll
    start running away again before he's very close to you, but your fully charged
    spin attack has a good range.  As soon as hear him make a scared noise
    indicating he's about to turn around let it go to teach him a lesson.  If you're
    low on magic, hide against the wall and he won't see you.  He'll keep running
    past and as he does slash him with your sword.  Now he'll jump into the flame
    and become a dancing fire guy again.  Use another bomb and repeat the process
    until he's dead.  If you run out of bombs you can use your hookshot to pull the
    little black guy out of the center of the fire dancing thing and hit him with
    your sword.  Just wait on the steps until he stops skating around the room and
    use Z-targeting.  Now that he's dead climb up onto the platform where the pillar
    of fire was and it will raise you up to the next floor.
    Go through the door to enter the second green room.  Find the fence and climb up
    it, then drop a bomb down on the diamond switch and climb up the fence once the
    pillar of fire is gone (similar to the last green room).  Go through the door up
    there to enter the large donut-shaped room.  In here you'll find a small yellow
    switch and a long circular stairway.  You have to step on the switch and run up
    the stairway before the time runs out to open the treasure chest at the top.  Of
    course this is pretty hard because the stairway is right on the edge of a huge
    pit.  If you happen to fall you'll be back where that Goron was that you
    couldn't save before inside the pillar in the middle of the big fire maze
    chamber.  You'll have to make your way back up and try again.  Once you open the
    treasure chest you'll get the Megaton Hammer.
    Now make your way down the narrow stairway to a block with a face on it.  Hit it
    with the hammer and fall down the resulting hole.  Now smash the statue with the
    hammer (this is harder than it sounds...try holding forward or sideways while
    swinging the hammer to hit it correctly).  Now in the next room kill those
    annoying bats and then hit the small face tile with your hammer.  Grab a crate,
    go down the stairs, and put the crate on the blue switch.  Go through the door.
    In the next room hit the face square with your hammer, drop down, then hit the
    rusted switch with your hammer.  Go in the door.   Play the Song of Time to move
    the blue block down.  Use it to jump to the other side and then hit the switch
    with your hammer.  Go get the key from the now-freed Goron's cage.  Then climb
    back up to the door you came through using the blue block.
    Back outside, hop over to another face block and hit it with your hammer.  Make
    sure you have enough life to handle it and then drop down the hole.  If you're
    low on life there's a fairy in a pot on the right side of this room once you're
    down there.  Use the hookshot to get to it.  Anyway, exit out of this room and
    you're back at the entrance.  Go down the stairs and to your left is a statue
    thing. Destroy it with the hammer and go through the door behind it.  Kill all
    the baddies in this room and go on to the next one.  In here the floor tiles
    will raise up and try to attack you so watch out.  If the Shield-eater gets your
    shield and tunic kill it quickly and you'll get them back.  Go on to the next
    room and you'll face the second dancing fire man mini-boss.  Kill him the same
    way as the first one. Go through the next door, smash the rusted switch with the
    hammer, and nab the boss key.  Now go out the doorway ahead of you and you're
    back at the entrance.  Go up the stairs and through the left door, hop across to
    the boss door and go through.  Now you'll face...
    **********Fire Temple Boss:  Valvagia**********
    This boss requires a little patience.  What he basically does is go down a hole
    then pop up and perform 1 of 3 attacks.  Either he'll just poke his head out and
    swipe at you, fly up and try to bite and breathe fire on you, or fly to the
    ceiling and start making rocks fall down on you.  He alternates between swiping
    at you and one of the other two attacks.  Also, sometimes it will seem like he's
    going to pop out of a certain hole and then he'll suddenly change his mind and
    come out a different one.  Sometimes he'll change his mind 3 or 4 times before
    finally popping out.  Now, the way to kill him is, you'll have to wait until he
    just pokes his head out to swipe at you.  As soon as his head pokes out, push
    your hammer button twice to whip out the hammer and smack him one with it.  Then
    back off while he flails around for a second, then you can use the hammer,
    sword, or a bomb to get him again (A jump-attack with the Big Goron's sword
    works good).  When he does his other two attacks, Z target him and just hold
    your shield button and he can't hurt you.
    NOTE:  If you push your shield button while you have the hammer or Big Goron's
    sword ready it won't do any good. Tap your hookshot button once to put away the
    hammer or sword and then you can safely hold down your shield button.  Also, for
    the falling rocks attack don't worry, they rarely if ever actually hit you, you
    don't have to run around dodging them or anything.  Once you've smacked him on
    the noggin enough with the hammer he'll go down.  Grab your heart container and
    off you go into the blue light for another story sequence.
         III M. Ice Caverns
    After the story sequence you'll be just outside the Fire Temple.  Walk back over
    the bridge (use your hookshot to cross where's it's broken) but instead of going
    out the cave, walk over the next bridge to a cave blocked off by red boulders.
    Use your hammer to smash the boulders and go inside to the 4th Great Faerie who
    will double your magic meter.  Now you can either walk down Death Mountain or
    you can use the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple of Time, walk outside,
    and summon Epona with Epona's Song.  Either way, head on over to Zora's River.
    Make your way up the river just like the last time and just like the last time,
    play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol in front of the water fall.  Unlike
    last time, however, you'll find that the water world is now an ice world.
    Go up to the King's room and go around behind him to enter Zora's Fountain.  Now
    hop on the ice blocks and make your way to a cave there known as the Ice Cavern.
    The Ice Cavern is a fairly straight forward level.  Just make sure you have a
    couple of bottles to use to store the magic blue fire in.  You'll need at least
    two to carry back out with you - one for the King and one for the Zora store.
    Now, from the entrance of the Ice Cavern, follow the path until you reach a room
    with a revolving spike thing and some ice statue guys.  Kill the ice statue guys
    to open the door to the next corridor. At the end of this corridor you'll be in
    a room with a big helicopter-blade thing made of ice.  You'll have to run around
    and collect all the silver rupees to open the blocked door.  One of them is
    right next to the exit door floating in the air.  Go through the door and tunnel
    and fight your way through the next room until you get to a room with some ice
    bridges everywhere.  Go up on the ice bridges and get to that blue fire.  Now
    use all your empty bottles on that blue fire to collect it for future use. Use
    one of them to melt the red ice around the treasure box at the end of the bridge
    to get the dungeon map.  Make sure to refill it (you need two bottles at least
    BTW), and go back to the helicopter blade room.
    There are two additional exits from this room that are covered with red ice.
    Use your bottles of blue fire to melt them.  Go through the one to the East (the
    one with two pots next to it).  It leads to a small round room containing
    another blue fire thing.  Refill your bottles and use them to melt a heart
    container piece and a treasure box containing the compass.  Now refill them
    again and go back to the helicopter blade room and then through the West exit.
    The basic idea behind this next room is to push that block of ice around and use
    it to get where you want.  The following directions pertain to the direction you
    were facing when you first walked in.  First, push it left and get the silver
    rupee there.  Then forward and get that one.  Then (careful not to fall of the
    edge!) push it right, then back toward the entrance to get another silver rupee
    there.  Then push it off of one of the edges and a new one will appear.  Push
    this one forward then right and climb up to melt the last silver rupee with your
    blue fire.  Then push this one off the edge to get another new block.  Push this
    one left, forward, right, back, and then left to get to the exit and go through
    You'll have to use some blue fire to melt some red ice in your way in this
    corridor.  Open the ice door and you'll face an ice wolf.  Kill it and receive
    the Iron Boots.  Sheik will come and teach you the Serenade of Water.  Use your
    new Iron Boots to sink into the water behind the treasure chest and walk to the
    end of the passage.  Take the boots off once you emerge from the water.  You're
    now back in the first room.  Before leaving the ice cavern, go back to the small
    round room where you got the heart container piece and the compass (East of the
    helicopter blade room) and fill two bottles with fire.  Then go back out the way
    you came in.  Leave Zora's fountain and use a blue fire on the frozen King Zora.
    Talk to him and he'll give you the Zora Tunic, which keeps you from drowning.
    Go down and use your other blue fire on the doorway to the Zora Store.  Now play
    your Serenade of Water and you'll warp to Lake Hylia.  Run forward and jump into
    the water in front of you.  Make sure you're wearing Zora's Tunic and then turn
    around and equip the Iron Boots.  Use your hookshot to hit the blue diamond
    above the doorway and it will open.  Go inside and you're now in the Water
    Temple so take off those Iron Boots.
         III N. Water Temple
    Drop into the water and swim along the right wall to a ledge.  Then equip your
    Iron Boots and drop down to the bottom.  Find the tunnel with the torches on
    either side of it and go in there to meet Ruto. Walk to the center of the room
    after she leaves and take off your Iron Boots to float up.  Play Zelda's Lullaby
    in front of the Triforce symbol that's there and the water level will lower.  Go
    through the door that's there to get your dungeon map.  Drop down and you'll be
    in a room with two unlit torches and a lit one.  Light the torches by shooting
    arrows through the lit torch or use Din's Fire. Go in there and kill the clam
    guys.  Z target a clam and hold down your hookshot button to aim at it, then
    walk up to it until it opens its mouth and then release the button to fire the
    hookshot.  Kill them this way because in a bit you're going to have no choice
    but to kill clam guys with your hookshot. Now go back into the main room.
    Follow the left wall, skip the next tunnel and go on to the tunnel after that
    with the block in front of it. Push the block all the way forward and it will
    drop down.  Jump down and go down the passageway then up the other side.  Now
    hit the shock switch (the thing that looks like a diamond) and jump onto the
    geyser that shoots up then jump over to the other side.  If you fall down
    there's a hookshot target you can use to get back up.  Now you'll be in a room
    with a big whirlpool.  Equip your Iron boots to sink down.  Go stand on the
    piping under the water across from the stone head.  Aim your hookshot to hit the
    crystal shock switch in its mouth, then turn and fire the hookshot at the
    hookshot target inside the underwater passage.  Go down the passage and float up
    and grab the key, then hit the shock switch that's in there to reopen the gate
    and use your Iron Boots to walk back out.  Take off the boots and float back out
    of the whirlpool and make your way back to the main room.  You'll need to use
    the hookshot to get out of the hole at the end of the tunnel.  Stand on the
    block you dropped down then look up and you'll see a hookshot target you can
    You should have 2 keys now.  Go to the tower in the middle of the main room and
    find the locked door and go through it.  Use your hook shot to go up to the
    ledge above you then play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the Triforce symbol to
    raise the water level.  Now put on your Iron Boots and drop back down.
    Underneath where the block was is now a hole.  Drop down and follow this
    corridor and you'll end up in a room with a shock switch.  Hit it with your
    hookshot from a distance and back away as a bunch of baddies drop down from the
    ceiling.  Here's a battle tip for you.  Z target the rock thing (the thing that
    turns into a spiked ball when you get to close) and hit it with your hookshot to
    kill it and it won't even be able to attack you.  If it does come at you, block
    it with your shield and it will turn back into a rock thing.  Walk around Z
    targeting all the rock things and kill them and you'll be left with two clams.
    Kill them using the hookshot method you used before.  Once they are all dead a
    grate on the other side of the room will open in the ceiling.  Float up there to
    get another key.  Go back to the tower room and go through the upper door.
    Walk around until you see a tunnel with two pots in front of it and go in there.
    Follow the passage, use your hookshot to get over the spikes, then use your
    hookshot again on the ceiling to get up in the room.  Go stand next to the
    treasure chest and shoot an arrow at the shock switch.  Then get the compass.
    Go back out to the main room.  Jump in the water, put on your boots, and sink to
    the bottom.  Walk into the room where you met Ruto (the one with the torches on
    either side of the entrance) and float up.  Blow open the crack in the wall to
    get your third key.  Now go back into the main room, unequip your boots and swim
    left across the wall.  Enter the first locked door you see. Go stand on the
    water geyser and then shoot an arrow at the shock switch to have it shoot you up
    to the next room (you can also use a bomb if you are out of arrows).  Go through
    the door and you're at the high water level Triforce mark.  Play Zelda' Lullaby
    to raise the water level to its highest point.
    Now drop into the water and swim left to a locked door and go through it.  Hop
    down two platforms and this platform will move.  When it's at its lowest point
    jump to the non-moving platform to your right.  Now use your hookshot on the
    hookshot targets on the fronts of the moving platforms to make your way up to
    the top of the waterfall and go through the locked door.  Now your in the water
    level puzzle room.  If you mess up at any part of this room and fall in and the
    water level is low, use your iron boots to sink to the bottom then use the
    hookshot to hit the shock switch and raise the water level, then float up and
    climb back on to the starting platform to start over.
    Use your hookshot on the shock switch in the middle of the room to raise the
    water, then hookshot over to the statue nearest you.  Now shoot the switch again
    with the hookshot and the water will lower.  Walk to the back corner of this
    platform and look to your right.  Use the hookshot on the hookshot target on the
    wall to get over to the next platform.  Climb over the statue head and walk to
    the edge and shoot the switch again to raise the water again.  Now hookshot to
    the next statue and hit the switch once again to lower the water.  Now stand on
    top of the statue's head and shoot the switch a final time to be taken up to the
    next level.  Kill the annoying spider things and kill the Shield-eater with
    arrows then use the hookshot target in the ceiling to get over the spikes.  Go
    through the door and you'll find yourself at a big lake with a dead tree in the
    middle and a pillar on the opposite side. The lake is an illusion.  Just walk
    over it and walk up to the pillar on the other side.  You can't get in the door,
    so turn around and you'll come face to face with...yourself!  In the form of
    Dark Link.
    *****Water Temple Mini-boss: Dark Link*****
    Okay, this guy may seem impossible but there's a trick that makes him easy to
    beat.  First, stand on the island in the center of the lake and make sure he
    stands on it too.  For some reason, if he's standing on the island he won't
    attack nearly as well.  Some say it has something to do with the lack of a
    reflection.  You can also use the islands to either side but there's a glitch in
    the game that sometimes causes him to be stuck in the wall and you can't get
    him, so use the middle island. Anyway, once you've done that try hitting him
    with your hammer.  If he blocks, take out your sword and hit him once with a
    regular swing (NOT a stab) and he'll deflect it but then be vulnerable, so take
    out your hammer again and it should hit this time.  Then just keep smacking him
    with the hammer while staying on that island and he'll go down in no time.  If
    you can't get this to work use Din's Fire or swing madly at him with the Big
    Goron's Sword.
    Now the lake will disappear and reveal where you really were...just a large
    room.  Go through the now unblocked door and get your nice new shiny Longshot.
    Now look behind the chest and there's a temple of time block.  Get rid of it
    with the Song of Time and drop down the hole.  You'll be at the mouth of a
    river.  Swim down river and when you start coming close to a whirlpool, use your
    Iron Boots to wade past it.  If you get caught in its pull and can't get out,
    try to get as far away from it is possible and then take off the Iron Boots and
    start tapping your B button like mad to swim away from it.  Make your way to a
    small platform on the left side of the river, just before a particularly strong
    whirlpool.  Use an arrow to shoot the gold eye across from you and a grate will
    open with a treasure box behind it.  Use your hookshot on the treasure box to
    fly across, avoiding the last 2 whirlpools, and open the box to get a key.  Go
    down the hallway and you're back at that whirlpool you got a key from earlier.
    Now make your way back to the main room (you should know the way) and with your
    Iron Boots on go once again through the tunnel with the torches on either side
    where you met Ruto, and float up to the water level changing switch.  Play
    Zelda's Lullaby to change the water level, then drop down and go back into the
    main room.
    Go into the tower and play Zelda's Lullaby there to raise the water to the
    middle level.  Exit the door and go around the tower to the back.  There's a
    tunnel here with a grate and a gold eye below the entry.  Shoot the gold eye
    with an arrow then quickly use your Hookshot on the Hookshot target at the end
    of the hall.  Follow the passage until you hit a movable block on your right.
    Pull it to the left until it stops, then go down to the end of that passage.
    Hookshot up the hole in the ceiling and you'll end up back in the main room
    again.  Drop down, shoot the eye with an arrow again and hookshot into the
    passage.  This time when you hit the block push it forward out of your way, turn
    right and get the key.  Now go back the other way again and use your hookshot to
    fly up the hole in the ceiling and return to the main room.  Sink down to the
    bottom and go into the passage to the left of the passage leading to the room
    where you met Ruto.  Float up the other side.  Use your hookshot to get over the
    spikes and go through the locked door.
    In this room kill as many of those spider things as you can first then use your
    Iron Boots to wade through the middle of the water, avoiding the whirlpools and
    the boulder.  Float up and out on the other side and go through the door.  Drop
    to the nearest ledge on your right and blow open the crack in the wall.  Don't
    go through it yet.  Instead, swim across to the left platform and blow open the
    discolored bricks.  Go through this one and push that block that's in there all
    the way forward.  Now loop back around to the first hole and go in there and
    pull the block as far as you can.  Loop back around once again and push it the
    rest of the way onto the underwater switch.  This will raise the water level.
    Float up with it and go through the door (not the one you came through, the
    other one. It's got steps in front of it).  Now in this room step on the floor
    switch and quickly cross the gap by hopping on the water geysers then go through
    the door.  You don't have to jump on the third geyser, you can make the jump
    from the second to the door to save time.
    In here avoid the boulder and head right (upstream) then use your boots to sink
    into the deep water. Walk along the passage, float up the other side and go
    through the locked door.  Get the Boss key from the treasure chest.  Now go back
    outside, go down stream and you're back in that room with all the spider things
    and the vortex's.  Go back through the door you first came in and make your way
    back to the main room again.  Once there float up and go through the door with
    the red block floating in front of it and raise the water to the highest level.
    Now look for one of those dragon head statues with a hookshot target on it.  Use
    the hookshot to get over there and go through the door behind it. Go up the ramp
    while trying to avoid those moving spike things (this is a lot harder than it
    sounds. Try going up the right side when the first spike thing is moving to the
    left and about halfway over and keep running straight up) and go through the
    boss door.  Jump onto one of the platforms and you'll get a warning about the
    water.  Now you'll meet...
    **********Water Temple Boss:  Morhpa**********
    This boss is fairly tough but not overly so.  When it start to morph into a
    tentacle just get far away from it.  You can use your hookshot on the targets on
    the walls to get away faster.  I stayed on the outside edge all the time so as
    to avoid falling in the water.  Now once you're far enough away Z target that
    little red thing and when it stops spinning around so much, use your hookshot to
    pull it out of the tentacle and bring it toward you.  Then hit it with your
    sword.  Another method is using your Din's Fire spell.  Stay fairly close to the
    tentacle that has the little red thing in it.  When it's about to grab you use
    Din's Fire and the tentacle will dissolve.  Then quickly do a Jump attack (push
    A) on the red thing to get in a nice solid hit.  Another idea is to try to
    corner the red thing and just wail on it not letting it get back into the water.
    After a bit it will start using two tentacles which is more difficult.  If one
    of the tentacles gets you you're in for some serious damage.  Just keep doing
    either or both of these methods and that little red thing will finally die.  The
    water will drain so go nab your heart container and step in the blue light and
    you're finally past this hellish level
         III O. Shadow Temple
    After the short story sequence look around on the island you are standing on and
    find a plaque that talks about shooting into the morning sun.  Use the Song of
    the Sun to make it night, then wait until dawn and shoot an arrow into the
    rising sun.  A fire arrow will drop down onto the island across the water from
    you.  Go get it.  Now go to Kakariko Village using whatever method you like and
    as you walk in, you'll see...we'll I'll let you see for yourself.  Sheik will
    teach you the Nocturne of Shadow here.  Use it to warp to the entrance of the
    Shadow Temple.  Go in the cave behind you and you'll see a ton of unlit torches.
    Stand on the platform in the middle and use Din's Fire to light all the torches
    simultaneously and open the gate to the Shadow Temple.
    If you haven't already gotten it, go back to the Well walkthrough section and
    get the Lens of Truth. You need it for this level.  Go down the hall and turn
    the corner, use the hookshot to get across the pit, and you'll see a wall in
    front of you.  Walk through it.  Immediately turn left and follow the wall two
    face tiles down and walk through the wall again (use the Lens in any area to see
    where the walls can be walked through).  Now go through the hall and door and go
    through another wall to come to a room that seems to have no exit (but we know
    better right?)  As soon as you enter head right and follow the wall until you
    find an opening (use lens if you want).  Go through the door behind it and then
    play the Song of the Sun to stun the zombie and kill it, then hunt down and kill
    the two bats. Get the chest that appears for the Dungeon Map.
    Now go back out and head right following the wall to an opening behind a walk-
    through wall with a pot on either side of it.  Keep going down this tunnel and
    you'll end up in a room that looks the same as the last one.  The opening to go
    through next is in the corner on the right with a pot beside it.  Go through the
    door there and you'll face Dead Hand, which is the same guy that you killed to
    get the Lens of Truth in the bottom of the well.  After this easy kill, a chest
    with the Hover Boots will appear.  Snatch your prize then go all the way back
    through to the first big room that had the statue in the middle of it.
    Use your Lens and look at the skulls on the pillars around the circle, and see
    which one does NOT disappear with the lens.  Now walk up to the tab sticking out
    of the side of the base of the statue and push the statue until the tab you are
    pushing is pointing toward the skull that didn't disappear.  Don't stop pushing
    until it gets there or you'll fall in a pit.  Now put on your hover boots and
    walk across the pit to the tongue-looking platform and go in the door and down
    the ramp.  Kill the laser eye in the middle of the next room by throwing two
    bombs at it, then stand in the middle of the round platform it was on and play
    the Song of Storms for a Big Fairy (Big Faeries heal both life and magic but can
    NOT be captured into a bottle.  Also note that all you have to do is leave the
    room and come back in and you can get it again.).  Go through the wall on your
    right, kill the mummies (stun them with Song of Sun if need be) and get the
    chest containing the compass.
    Exit back to the eye laser room and go straight through the wall on the other
    side.  You'll end up in a big room with two Deaths swinging giant scythes around
    the room (it's not enemies, it's just a giant statue).  Avoiding the blades,
    grab all the silver rupees in the room.  Note that one is on a platform that has
    a hookshot target on the wall above it, so use the hookshot to get to it.  Now
    go through the alcove it opened and get the small key.  Return to the eye laser
    room and use a bomb to blast open the remaining wall leading North.  Go through
    the locked door.  In this next passage watch for round small shadows on the
    ground.  They are Skulltulas waiting to drop on you.  Kill the three Skulltulas
    and drop down the ledge ahead and you'll be facing some dropping blades.  Dodge
    the first blade, kill the Skulltula, then go past the second and keep following
    the tunnel.  Now you'll be in a huge room.  Take off the Hover boots if you're
    using them, otherwise you might slide into a blade.  Jump over the pit, dodge
    the blade and jump over the next pit, dodge the second blade and jump over the
    pit, and just before the third blade watch out for a flaming skull to try to get
    you.  Kill it then dodge the final blade.
    Now on this island you'll have to kill a Stalfos.  Once he's dead, play the Song
    of Storms in the middle of the island for a Big Faerie.  Put your Hover Boots
    on. Facing away from the last falling blade, turn left and use your lens to see
    an invisible platform.  Hover on over it and the next platform, turn right, and
    hover on over to the door there.  Go through and use your lens to see the big
    spinning scythes thing.  Kill the Shield-eater and look on the walls to find 3
    bats to kill.  Kill them and the door will open.  Go through it to kill a gold
    skulltula, open a chest for  some rupees, and open the invisible chest using the
    lens for some arrows.  (Yes, that was just for two stupid treasures and a gold
    skulltula but I didn't want people complaining that I'd missed some treasures).
    Now head back out and hover back to where the Stalfos was.  You can use the Song
    of Storms for another Big Faerie now if you want.
    Wait until the platform in front of you falls and hover forward as far as you
    can go to land on it (it's farther than it looks).  Then wait for its highest
    point (you'll have to time it) and hover over to the next big island.  Collect
    all the silver rupees here (there's on inside that eye laser thing so kill it)
    and go through the door that opens.  Follow this passage to a room with falling
    spikes.  Use your lens and look at the right hand wall to see a movable block.
    Pull it out onto the face tile and then push it in front of you and it will keep
    the spikes from hitting you.  Once it's on the second face tile walk around and
    start pulling it until it's on the third face tile.  The treasure box in the
    cage to the right has arrows.  Climb up on to your block now and hover/hop to
    the ledge on your left.   Now wait until the spiked platform lowers and walk
    over it to get to the platform on  the other side of the room.  The treasure box
    has rupees, but more importantly the yellow switch makes a new treasure box
    appear on the other side of the room.  Hover there using the spike platform as
    before and get the small key. Leave this room back to the big room.
    Now look at the left hand corner of the platform you are on (the one furthest
    corner from you) and you'll see a small rock ramp.  Use it to get to a platform
    with a falling blade.  Use your lens to see the ledges behind the blade, then
    dodge and hover to the platforms and finally to the locked door on the wall.  In
    this room use your lens to see the invisible spikes on the floor.  Kill the two
    zombies and a rupee chest will appear.  Now to get all the silver coins here,
    hookshot to the hookshot targets on the wall.  To get the last one, use your
    lens to see an invisible hookshot target above an invisible platform.  Hookshot
    up and hover walk off the platform to get it.  Once you have them all a door
    will open, go through it.  In this room kill all the bats to reopen the blocked
    door that shut behind you. Climb up the steps and pick a bomb plant then toss it
    into the hole in the top of the giant skull to blow it up and get the small key
    it drops.  Go back into the last room.  Use your lens and look on the ceiling
    above the raised platform for an invisible hookshot target.  Use it to get on
    the platform and go through the locked door.
    Now I know this sounds weird but, put on your Iron Boots.  This will keep the
    fans in the tunnel ahead from blowing you away.  Make your way through the
    tunnel until you come to a pit.  Watch the fan on the other side of the pit and
    as soon as it stops blowing, equip the hover boots, walk across, and then
    reequip the iron boots.  Drop down off the ledge and walk across the bridge to
    the door.  You can kill the eye above the door that's shooting fire at you by
    hitting it with an arrow while the eye is open.  In this small room kill the two
    zombies to reopen the door, play the Song of the Sun (not storms) in the middle
    of the room for a Big Faerie, open the invisible chest for some arrows, use z-
    targeting and Navi on the face for a hint, then leave.  Use your lens to see a
    hole in the right wall, then stand even with it.  Look at the fan behind you and
    when it stops, turn around and equip the hover boots.  Stand on the side of the
    bridge closest to the fan.  Watch closely and when you start moving from the fan
    run across to the opening in the wall.  The fan helps blow you across.  Go
    through the door.
    As soon as you walk in this room, look to your right and there's a pile of dirt
    there.  Blow it up with a bomb, then use your Lens to see the invisible chest
    containing a key.  Kill the two mummies for another rupee chest and go through
    the locked door.  Once you're through this door turn left and go to the movable
    block.  Pull it onto the path of green bricks and then pull/push it onto the
    face tile under the ladder on the opposite side.  Climb up onto it and go up the
    ladder.  Hop over onto the ship, stand on the Triforce symbol, and play Zelda's
    Lullaby.  As the ship moves you'll have to fight two Stalfos.  When the ship
    completes its journey, whether or not you're done with the Stalfos, it will
    start sinking.   Jump off to the left (if you're facing the front of the ship)
    onto the platform there before it sinks.  Go through the door that's on the
    This next room has 4 doors at North, South, East and West (you came in the East
    door) and is a small maze of invisible walls.  It's inhabited with those hand
    things like from the Forest Temple. Use your lens to navigate it.  The West room
    contains three giant rotating skull heads that give you some rupees and a gold
    skulltula.  The South room contains an invisible hand monster (use Lens of
    course) and a chest that appears once it's dead containing a small key.  The
    North room contains two spiked walls that close in on you to kill you.  Use
    Din's Fire to burn down the walls and recover the Boss Key and some rupees.
    Once you get the Boss Key and small key, return to the room where the ship
    dropped you off (through the East door).
    As soon as you're back in this room, look up and to your right to see a high
    platform.  If you have the Scarecrow's Song you can play it to get Pierre to
    appear up there and then Longshot to him to get across.  If not, go to the other
    end of the platform and look over to a large statue and some bomb plants.  Shoot
    one of the bomb plants with an arrow to blow them up and make the statue fall
    over the gap creating a bridge.  Once you're over go through the locked door.
    Use the Lens and Hover Boots to walk over the gaps and invisible platforms and
    go through the Boss Door.  Make sure you're still wearing the Hover Boots and
    fall down the hole in the middle of the room to face...
    **********Shadow Temple Boss:  Bongo Bongo**********
    This boss is easy if you know how to do it.  Stand far away from the hands.  Z-
    target one of them and fire off a regular arrow.  It will turn blue.  Then Z-
    Target the other and hit it with an arrow.  Now as soon as it also turns blue,
    turn on your Lens and, push B once to take out your sword, then hold down B to
    start a spin slash charging.  Wait until Bongo Bongo's eye is close enough and
    let the spin go.  Start slashing it with the sword until it retreats.  Then
    repeat until he dies.  With the Big Goron's sword he should die fairly quickly.
    Grab the Heart Container and step into the blue light to get out of this tricky
         III P. Gerudo Fortress
    After the story sequence get out on the field and summon Epona with Epona's
    Song.  Ride to the West and enter the Gerudo Valley area.  If you speed her up
    enough Epona can jump over the broken bridge in the beginning of this area.  If
    you talk to the man there (he's the boss of the carpenters, the guy you give the
    Poacher's Saw to while doing Adult Link's trading sequence), he will explain
    that his carpenters are in the fortress.  Continue on to the fortress right
    ahead.  Let one of the guards see you and you'll be thrown in a cell.  Now look
    up and notice the overhang of your window. Hookshot to it.  Then fall down to
    ground level and go through the door right next to you.  Follow the corridor and
    you'll come to a cell.  Talk to the guy in the cell (the first carpenter) and
    you'll be attacked from behind by a Gerudo guard.  I personally just Z-targeted
    and blocked her first attack and then wailed on her by holding forward and
    pushing B using Big Goron's sword.  Also shooting her with arrows from a good
    distance works well.  There's probably plenty of good techniques for this fight.
    You have to watch out though because one of the attacks she has will knock you
    down and you'll end up back in your cell.
    Once she's gone she'll drop a key so use it to free the first carpenter.  Now
    continue on past the cell and go outside again.  Turn left and go in the door.
    Turn right in at the corner of this hallway and you'll see the head of a guard
    poking out over a box.  Shoot it with an arrow.  Walk to where she was and turn
    to look down the next hall.  From there shoot down the two guards in the next
    room. Go in the room (there's a Big Faerie that can be summoned using Song of
    Storm near the stove) and go up the ramp on the far side to an exit.  When you
    are outside again turn right and drop down and go through the door that's there.
    Now just stand in the doorway with an arrow cocked and in a few seconds a guard
    will walk by, so shoot her.  Now go right, left, right and you'll be at the
    second carpenter's cell.  Talk to him, fight another guard, and free him.
    Go back out where you came in and drop down one level.  Turn left, climb up some
    vines, and go through the door that's straight ahead of you (NOT the one to the
    left).  This is the third carpenter's room.  Same process.  Once he's rescued,
    go back out the door you came in.  Shoot the three guards that are wandering
    around outside and drop down to ground level.  Turn left and go into the door
    furthest left, the one right before the Gerudo in white clothes (Don't worry
    about her, she's not a guard she just lets you into the Training Center later.)
    Follow this hall down to the fourth and final carpenter and go through the same
    process to free him.  Now that he's free a Gerudo will talk to you and since you
    are so skilled, you will get a membership card that lets you wander around the
    fortress all you want and participate in the activities it has to offer.  Also,
    the bridge will now be fixed. Explore the fortress and try the horse archery
    game if you want.  When you're ready you can try out the Gerudo Training Ground.
    If you're not interested in getting the Ice Arrows yet (they are not necessary
    to beat the game) skip down to the Desert Colossus section below.
         III Q. Gerudo Training Ground
    Go to Gerudo Fortress and talk to the lady in white clothing outside a blocked
    door.  Pay her 10 rupees to get into the training grounds.  Once you're inside,
    turn right and go inside the lion's mouth. Quickly kill all the enemies in this
    room to get a key.  Go through the door that became unblocked. Equip your hover
    boots.  Hover over to the platform to your left, then head right and hover to
    that one.  Now go back to the previous platform.  Play the Song of Time here and
    two blue blocks will appear.  Hover over to the platform with the switch.  Step
    on the switch, hover back over to the previous platform, then over to those blue
    blocks.  Climb up them to get a key, then hover and drop down to a platform with
    a silver rupee.  Quickly hover to your right to get off before the fire pillar
    comes back.  Go right one more platform for another rupee.  Finally hookshot to
    the hookshot target above the doorway for the final silver rupee.  This will
    unblock a door.  Hover over to it and go through.  Take off your hover boots
    now.  Stand on the red tile and play the Song of Time, then put on Iron Boots
    and drop down.
    Once at the bottom, kill the clams with your hookshot and start collecting
    silver rupees.  For some of them, you'll have to stand under it and then
    hookshot to one of the hookshot targets on the wall. You'll have to aim right so
    that you'll hit the rupee on the way up.  Try standing almost right under the
    rupee.  You can also try taking off your boots and swimming to it but you'll be
    swept around by the current.  The highest one is too high to use the hookshot
    targets so you'll just have to swim around the ceiling to get it.  Be careful to
    avoid the middle of the ceiling or you'll be swept up and have to put the Iron
    Boots back on in order to get back down.  Once you've gotten them all, float up
    to the surface and get the small key that's now there.  Go back through the
    Back in the lava room, use the hookshot on the torch by the high door to get up
    there.  Go through this door.  If you kill the enemies in this room you'll get
    some arrows.  Take out your hammer and start smashing all the statues around the
    walls.  One of them has a switch under it.  Step on it to remove the fire pillar
    and get the small key.  Another has a gold eye on the wall behind it.  Shoot the
    eye to unblock another door.  Go through this new door.
    In this room you have to stand on the side and shoot the eyes of the 4 statues.
    You have to do it in one pass, if you miss one you'll have to do them all again.
    If you're having trouble try floating over to the platform they are on with your
    Hover Boots then just running around and shooting up at the eyes.  Once you do
    the room will stop rotating and a chest will appear.  Shoot the chest with your
    hookshot to get over to it.  Another key.  Now use your hookshot on the target
    on the wall to get back up.   Go back and make your way back to the first room.
    If you're low on health or magic, go stand in between the two pillars where Navi
    turns green and play the Song of Storms for a Big Faerie.
    Now go through the lion head on the opposite side of the room.  In the first
    room kill the two Stalfos, get the fifth key, then go through the next door.  In
    this room, take the first left, then go left again and grab the rupee.  Turn
    around, go up the hill (you'll probably be smacked by a boulder on the way up)
    to the very top for another one.  Now go back down and a ways and take a left.
    Turn right and you'll see a rupee floating in front of you.  Jump off the ledge
    to get it.  Walk forward a bit, look up and hookshot to the target above you for
    another rupee.  Turn around, take a right, take another right, and another right
    for the last rupee.  Turn around, go up the hill, take the left, then turn right
    and use the hookshot target on the ceiling to get over the flame.  Go through
    the door.
    In this room if you kill all the wolves you'll get some arrows.  The door is
    fake, you can blow it up with a bomb or hammer.  Use your Lens of Truth and look
    above the door to see a secret hole in the wall and a hookshot target.  Hookshot
    up there, step on the switch, and go through the door.  Follow the path around
    to another door and a small key.  Now go back to the room with the fake door and
    there's also a big gray block there.  If you have the Silver Gauntlets you can
    get another key from here.  If not skip down to the * below.  Push the gray
    block forward until it falls down, then go through the door.  Kill the Shield-
    eater's here and you'll get some chests with rupees in them (one has 200
    rupees).  If you open the chest on the pedestal you'll get frozen.  Mash buttons
    to break out of the ice.  Use your Lens and find the invisible chest in one of
    the little holes that the Shield-eater's were in.  Open it for the 7th key.
    *Now go all the way back to the first room again, and go through the Lion's
    mouth that's straight across from the entrance.  Take the LEFT door and in this
    room, use your Lens and look at the ceiling to find a secret hole.  Climb up it
    via the fence and get a key up there.  Now just keep going through unlocking all
    the doors on that path and you'll get the Ice Arrows.  If you took the right
    path you'll have to get the key that requires the Silver Gauntlets in order to
    get them.
         III R. Desert Colossus
    Once you're done having fun in Gerudo Fortress, head for the big gate.  Climb up
    the ladder next to it and talk to the girl there to get it opened.  Walk out
    into the desert.  In front of you will be a river of sand.  Put on your hover
    boots to cross it.  Then, follow the flags.  This is much easier to do during
    the day, so if it's night use the Song of the Sun to make it day.  After the
    first flag or two you'll notice a little sign.  If you follow the direction the
    sign is pointing you'll end up on a flying carpet talking to a weird guy that
    sells Bombchu's for 200 rupees (rip off!).  Keep following the flags until you
    get to a stone structure.  Walk up the side of it and read the plaque up there.
    Then activate your Lens of Truth to see a ghost.  Follow him closely as he
    wanders seemingly aimlessly around the desert.  You might have to fight off a
    couple of desert critters.  Eventually you'll end up at the Desert Colossus.
    Turn right first off and look for two pine trees next to a wall with a crack on
    it.  Blow open the crack to find the 5th Great Faerie and get Nayru's Love.
    Also on the other side of this area is a sand pit with some palm trees around it
    and a small rock nearby.  Make it night with the Song of the Sun and kill the
    gold skulltula on one of the palm trees first, then stand on the rock and play
    the Song of Storms to fill the sand pit with water and it will become a faerie
    pond.  Fill your bottles with the faeries if you need to.  Now walk in the front
    door of the Spirit Temple.  Immediately walk back out. Sheik will appear and
    teach you the Requiem of Spirit.  Play the Prelude of Light to warp to the
    Temple of Time, replace the Master Sword to turn into young Link, then play the
    new Requiem of Spirit to warp back to the Desert Colossus.  Enter the Spirit
         III S. Spirit Temple
    Go up the stairs and turn left.  Talk to the person there.  When asked what you
    want, say Nothing, Really, and when asked if you like Gannondorf say no, and
    then you'll be asked to go get a treasure. Crawl through the hole, kill the bats
    and statue guy, and then light a Deku stick with one of the torches.  Go through
    the right hand door and light the torches in there.  Then go back and go through
    the other door.  You'll have to fight a Stalfos here (boy they're much tougher
    and scarier when young Link aren't they?) and also a flaming green skull (stun
    it with your boomerang and then hit it with your slingshot).  Now throw your
    boomerang to the left of the shock switch across the pit from you. If you aim
    right it will swing around behind the fence and hit it.  Then the fence will
    fall down forming a bridge.  Cross the bridge, watch out for the flying pots,
    and go through the next door (the chest is 5 rupees or a Deku Shield if you lost
    In this room walk along the bridge until you're just before the spike thing and
    then use Din's Fire to fry the guy.  Just so you know, these guys copy all your
    movements, except in reverse.  Technically you can lure it into a pillar of fire
    that appears when you hit the shock switch nearby, but it's easier to just fry
    them.  There's nothing on the other side of the bridge, so just go through the
    next door. Open the treasure chest here for a key and collect all the silver
    rupees to make a bridge.  Now go back into the first room again and this time
    climb through the small hole (not the one you came in through, the one between
    the two torches).  Go through the locked door.  Kill the skulltulas and climb up
    the wall.
    Now you're on floor 2.  Go in the room a ways and you'll have to fight two of
    those lizard guard guys.  Use your boomerang to hit the shock switch above you
    and open the chests that appear.  One has Bombchu's in it, the other a Deku
    Shield or 5 rupees.  Aim a Bombchu so it climbs up the wall and hits the boulder
    up there.  This will open the doorway.  Go through and look to your left.  Push
    the stone statue you see straight off the ledge onto a switch.  Climb the steps
    in front of you to get to a torch and a door.  Light a Deku stick with the
    torch, drop down, and light the two torches in front of the big statue to get
    the Map.  Go back to the small statue, climb the wall, and go up the steps
    again, this time going through the door.  Go around to the next door, and you're
    now in another silver rupee-collecting room.  You'll have to kill the laser eye
    guys with bombs or bombchu's to get up to most of them.  After getting them all
    a torch will light.  Use it to light the other torches to get a chest with a
    key.  Now move those blocks in the middle of the room around until the one with
    the sun symbol on it is in the sunlight coming in from the window.  Go through
    the door that opened, up the stairs, and into the next room.  Go up to that big
    metal thing sitting in the throne and hit it with your sword.  Now you'll be up
    against an Iron Knuckle.
    *****Spirit Temple Mini-boss: Iron Knuckle*****
    This guy isn't all that tough.  If you get hit though, you're in for some
    serious pain.  Just Z-target and go to right outside his attack range.  Then
    Jump attack (push A) and you'll get off a good hit and the swing he takes at you
    will miss.  Back off and then do it again.  If he hits a pillar it will give up
    3 hearts.  You can also try getting in behind him when he misses a swing if
    you're good.  After a bunch of hits he'll be dead.  Go through the door that
    opens and up a ramp and you'll end up...outside.  Open the chest there to get
    the Silver Gauntlets.  Watch the story sequence then play the Prelude of Light
    to go to the Temple of Time.  Get the Mater Sword to become adult Link.  If you
    want you can go back to get the Ice Arrows from the Gerudo Training Grounds
    using your Silver Gauntlets, or continue on to the rest of the Spirit Temple.
    Play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the entrance of the Spirit Temple and go
    on in.  Go up the stairs and to the right is a big gray block.  Push it until it
    falls down and go into the next room.  Kill the eye laser thing and shoot the
    shock switch in the ceiling with an arrow.  Go through the door on the left.
    Kill the wolves and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to make a chest
    appear.  Hookshot to the chest to get a Compass. Go back and now go through the
    door on the right.  Collect all the silver rupees in this next room.  Use you
    Hover Boots to get the one floating in the air.  Go through the door that opens.
    Watch out for the Shield-eater and get a small key from the box.  Go back to the
    room with the shock switch on the ceiling and go through the locked door.
    Watch out for flying pots and a Shield-eater that falls from the ceiling in this
    hallway.  Climb the wall and use your Lens to see an invisible hand monster.
    Kill it, then use one of the wood poles sticking out of the statue to push it
    around to the third sun symbol from the left, opening the doorway.  Go through
    it and you're back in that giant statue room.  This time the small statue next
    to you is alive so watch it. Climb up the stairs and jump onto the statue's hand
    with the Triforce symbol on it.  Play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear in
    the statue's other hand.  If you've got good aim you can hookshot to it, or just
    drop down and climb the other stairs to jump over to it.  Inside is a key.
    Climb up the stairs where you came in (there's a hookshot target on the ceiling
    above the door you came in that you can use to get up there) and go through the
    locked door.
    Kill the eye laser thing with a bombchu, then go through the next door and kill
    that eye laser thing with a bombchu (it will go down the wall, across the floor,
    and up the other wall to get it).  Kill the weird floating guys with fire arrows
    or try luring them into the fire that appears when you step on the switch.  Go
    through the door that opens.  Ignore the statues and go stand next to the closed
    door to your right.  Equip normal arrows and fire one at the statue furthest
    from you.  As it moves toward you it will step on the blue switch which opens
    the door, so quickly go through it.  Go up the stairs (there's invisible chests
    in here with hearts in them) and through the door.  You'll have to fight another
    Iron Knuckle.  This time is a little different since you're now older Link.  If
    you use the Big Goron's Sword you can stab by pushing forward+A and then quickly
    retreat to get in hits before he hits you.  Using this sword will kill him in a
    lot less hits then it took young Link to kill him with.  If you don't have the
    Big Goron's Sword wait until after he's done swinging his axe and then hit him.
    Once he's dead go through the door to end up outside, and this time the chest
    holds the Mirror Shield.
    Go back inside and down the stairs to the room with the four statues.  Stand in
    the sunlight and use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light on to the sun
    symbol on the wall.  Go through the door that opened and get the key from the
    chest.  Go back out of this room and then take the door to your right back to
    the room where those weird floating guys were.  Go through the locked door here.
    Kill the two eye laser things with Z-targeting and a couple of Bombchu's (BTW
    your new Mirror Shield can now block their lasers!).  Shoot down the skulltula
    halfway up the wall.  Now aim your hookshot at the climbable section of wall at
    the very top and fire it.  You'll be pulled up to the top climbable section
    rather than having to navigate this moving wall.  At the top you have two more
    eye laser things to kill then go through the door.  Play Zelda's Lullaby on the
    Triforce symbol to open the door in front of you, then go through it.  All the
    doors in this room are fake.  Blow up the one just to the left of the chest to
    reveal a gold eye.  Shoot it and another block of ice will appear above you.
    There's a hookshot target on the ceiling above it to use that to get up onto the
    new ice block, then jump over and step on the switch.  Drop down and get the
    Boss Key, then exit the room.
    Turn right and go through the door.  Watch out for flying pots, and hit the
    switch behind the grating with a spin slash.  Go through the door that opens and
    kill all the baddies in this room.  You can use the Mirror Shield to reflect the
    light onto a sun symbol above the archway between the two sections of this room
    to get some bombs.  Blow open the wall to the statue's right then push it around
    so the light shines down the new passageway.  Go down there and push the second
    statue so the light shines back into the previous room through the grating.  Now
    go back into that room, drop down to the floor and stand in the light.  Reflect
    it onto the sun symbol on the wall with your Mirror Shield and you will be taken
    down to the big statue room again.  Stand on the side of the platform furthest
    from the statue (but make sure you're still standing in the light), hold your Z
    trigger for a second to get the camera focused on the statue's face, then let go
    and use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light on to the statue's face.  The
    face will crumble off and a grate will be behind it.  Hookshot to the grate and
    go through the Boss door behind it.  Watch the short story sequence and you'll
    have to fight a third Iron Knuckle.  This one is bigger though.  First Z-target
    him and get fairly close.  Then wait for him to start to swing his axe.
    Immediately push Back+A to do a backflip, then push A again as soon as you land
    to do a Jump Slash and nail him when his defense is down.  Then just wait for
    him to come close and start another swing and do it again.  Once he's gone,
    watch another story sequence then go through the door behind the throne.  Go
    down the hall, through the door, and climb up onto the big square platform.
    Step in the middle of the platform to initiate the battle with...
    **********Spirit Temple Boss:  Twinrova**********
    First, jump onto one of the 4 side platforms and face toward the big platform in
    the middle.  Keep facing toward the general direction of the witches.  Do NOT Z-
    target.  When one of them looks like she's about to fire, face her and hold down
    your shield button.  Her beam will reflect off of the shield.  Try to direct it
    at the other witch by moving the shield.  If they fly over and start hovering
    above your platform, jump to the middle platform and reflect the attack, then
    jump back onto your platform.  After you've gotten them to hit each other enough
    times, they'll combine into a more powerful (but much less ugly) Twinrova.  Jump
    back to the main platform.  Z-target her and hold down your shield button.  Your
    shield will absorb her attacks!  After three of the same type (fire or ice) it
    will fire back at her.  She'll fall down to a platform.  Let off your Z
    targeting, get over to her platform (Hover Boots may be useful here) and let her
    have it with the sword.  Then get back to the main platform and repeat the
    process.  NOTE:  If she fires an attack of the opposite kind of what your shield
    is absorbing (an ice attack when you previously absorbed a fire attack) just
    dodge, don't try to absorb it, otherwise you'll get hurt enough to lose 10
    hearts!!  Watch the somewhat funny death scene, grab the heart container, and
    step into the blue light.
         III T. Final Preperations
    After the story sequence you're back at the Desert Colossus.  Use the Prelude of
    Light to go to the Temple of Time.  Another, very informative story sequence
    follows in which you get the Light Arrows.  Now, go around Hyrule and finish up
    all your unfinished business.  Get all the remaining heart container pieces,
    complete the trading sequences, kill gold skulltulas you've missed, catch all
    the 10 Big Poes, catch a huge fish, and try all the cool tricks in the Secrets,
    Tips, and Fun Stuff section below.  If you want you can do the very first part
    of Gannon's Castle to quickly get the Golden Gauntlets and the double defense,
    which can help you get other things, and then leave the castle and come back
    after you get everything else.  Get everything you can out of this awesome game,
    because the next step is the final level, Gannon's Castle.  When you're ready,
    make sure you have at least 1 blue potion (found in the weird potion shop behind
    the regular potion shop in Kakariko Village) and some faeries and head to
    Gannon's Castle.  Walk up the steps and a bridge will be formed for you. Head
    into the castle
         III U. Gannon's Castle
    Walk down the hall, past the two eye laser things (just run past them) and
    through the door.  Now turn right and follow the outside wall until you find the
    door with the purple Shadow Temple emblem above it (look on your Quest Status
    subscreen if you need to compare).  Go through that door, look to your left for
    a platform with a small chest on it.  Hookshot to it.  Put on your Hover Boots.
    Now aim across the way at a small platform with a torch on it, and use a Fire
    Arrow to light the torch. Quickly run across the blocks that appear, past the
    shield-eater and on to the next platform after it. You won't have time to make
    it to the next block so don't try.  Instead, use your Lens to see an invisible
    walkway.  Take the right-hand walk way and jump down to the platform with the
    switch on it.  Step on the switch to make a big treasure box appear.  Use your
    hookshot on the treasure box to get up to it and you'll get the Gold Gauntlets.
    Now take the left invisible path to a switch.  Hit it with your hammer, then go
    back and take the right path again to the door.  Go through it and shoot the
    floating ball thing with a Light arrow.  You'll be transported back to the main
    room.  Go back to the main door you came in through and leave the castle.  When
    you are outside go across the bridge and loop around to your left.  You'll run
    under a stone arch and go down a passageway to a huge stone pillar.  Pick it up
    using your A button and go through the cave behind it.  Use Zelda's Lullaby to
    summon the faerie and get double defense.  Now head back into the castle and
    into the main room.
    Now that you have the Golden Gauntlets it doesn't matter what order you get rid
    of the barriers.  So just head right and go through the first door, the one with
    the green emblem (Forest Barrier).  Kill the wolf, then use Din's Fire to light
    all the torches.  Look above the doorway and there's another torch, so light it
    with a Fire Arrow and go through the door.  Make sure you have your Hover Boots
    equipped in this next room.  First, wait until the fan to your left is going and
    then walk toward it to get the silver rupee, then turn right and the fan will
    help blow you across to the next platform.  Hover over to the next small
    platform with the switch on it and step on it.  Turn around and use your
    hookshot to get up onto the platform and get the silver rupee you couldn't reach
    before.  Turn toward the middle of the room and Z-target and toss a bomb at the
    eye laser thing.  Hover over to its platform then across to another silver
    rupee.  Hover back to the eye laser thing's platform and forward to the one
    under the door.  Now wait until the fan to the right of the door stops blowing
    then hover across to the last silver rupee.  Go through the door and shoot the
    floating ball with a Light arrow to be warped back to the main room.
    Head right again and go through the next door, the Water Barrier.  Empty one of
    your bottles (NOT a blue potion) and use it to get some magic blue flame from
    the center of the room.  Walk around the room to find the two ice statues and
    kill them to unblock the door.  Melt the ice blocking the door with the blue
    flame, then refill the bottle with more blue flame.  Go through the door.  In
    this room, push the ice block furthest from you right, then back (toward the
    door you came in through) so that it falls down the hole.  Then push the other
    block right, forward, and finally left so that it ends up in the nook in the
    wall.  Climb up it and use the blue fire to melt the ice.  Smash the switch with
    the hammer then go through the next door.  Kill the floating ball thing with a
    Light arrow and you're back in the main room again.
    Continue to the right, past the Shadow Barrier door since you already beat it,
    and on to the Fire Barrier door.  Equip your Hover Boots and Goron's Tunic.
    Collect all the silver coins in the room. Watch out because most of the
    platforms sink in the lava while you're standing on them so keep moving.  You'll
    have less of a problem with this if you're wearing your Hover Boots.  There's
    one on the platform with the rotating fire-breathing statue and one just to the
    right on a block.  Further down on the left there's a big pillar.  Lift it with
    your Golden Gauntlets to reveal another one.  Then the last two are on the far
    right side of the room.  After you've grabbed the last one get close enough to
    the door so that you can hookshot to the hookshot target next to it.  Go through
    and kill the floating ball thing with a Light arrow and warp back to the main
    Once again heading right, move the pillar out of the way of the door to the
    Light Barrier.  In the first room, use the Lens or just Z-targeting to kill the
    4 bats and big skulltula in the room.  Get the key in the chest that appears and
    go through the locked door.  Use Zelda's Lullaby in the next room for another
    key and go through the locked door.  Now you're in another collect silver rupees
    room. There's 2 in nooks on the outer wall, two in the structure in the middle,
    and one on the ceiling you can get with the hookshot.  Go through the door
    and...the ball thing is missing!  But not really.  Go straight through the wall
    in front of you and you'll be in the real room with the ball thing.  Destroy it
    and warp back.
    On to the final door, the Spirit Barrier.  In the first room, once again collect
    silver rupees.  Blow up the eye laser thing with two bombs or bombchu's.  Just
    roll attack (forward+A) through the spikes to get most of them.  Don't forget
    the one floating in the middle of the room - hookshot to the ceiling to get it.
    Go through the door and kill the torch slugs.  Use a spin slash to trigger the
    first shock switch, which makes a chest drop containing Bombchu's.  Use a
    bombchu on the fence to have it climb up the fence, go through the hole up
    there, then climb down the other side to finally blow up the second shock switch
    (good use for a bomchu eh?).  Go through the door now and through an entryway to
    a room with some sun symbols on the wall.  Shoot the hole in the ceiling with a
    Fire Arrow to let in the sunlight.  Use your Mirror Shield to reflect it onto
    the symbol just to the right of the entryway (NOT the doorway!) to unblock the
    door.  Go on to the final floating ball thing.  Kill it with a Light Arrow.
    Now leave Gannon's Castle to stock up.  Use the Great Faerie's fountain to heal
    your life and magic. Make sure you have at least 1 blue or green potion because
    you may need it to refill magic during the final battle.  Fill the rest with
    faeries.  Also be sure you have a full quiver of at least 40 arrows.  Now go
    back into Gannon's Castle and go into the tower in the middle of the room.  Go
    up the stairs and through the door.  Now you'll just have to keep killing all
    the enemies in the room to unblock the next door, then go through and up more
    stairs.  About halfway up you'll find the Boss Key in a chest surrounded by fire
    that you need to kill all the enemies in the room to get to.  Evantually you'll
    also have to fight two Iron Knuckles at the same time.  Don't worry though
    they're slow enough you can just work on one at a time.  Remember to wait until
    they get close enough to swing, then backflip with back+A, then push A again
    when you land for a jump slash.  Once you've climbed enough stairs you'll end up
    in a huge room with a giant pillar in the middle of it and pots everywhere.
    Don't break any pots, you'll need them later.  Find the other door and go
    through it and up a huge flight of stairs.  You'll pop in on a small story
    sequence when you go through  the door the top.  Afterwords you'll face the big
    guy himself, the Evil King....
    **********The Final Boss:  Gannondorf**********
    Immediately put on your Hover Boots and run to one of the corners of the room.
    Now face Gannondorf, tap Z to center the camera, and wait until he throws a ball
    of lightning at you. Remember Phantom Gannon?  Hit the ball to reflect it back
    at him and be ready for when he knocks it back at you.  Keep hitting it until it
    hits him.  He'll be stunned for a second, so take this opportunity to shoot him
    with a Light Arrow.  Turn float/jump/hookshot (you can use the hookshot on him
    directly) over to his platform, Z-target, and wail on him with your sword.  When
    he gets back up quickly run back to your corner.  If you fall off, break the
    pots to get some life/magic/etc. and then use the Longshot on the side of the
    middle pillar to quickly get back up.  Then as soon as you climb over the top,
    turn to face the nearest corner, tap Z to center the camera, and run over to it
    before he knocks you back off again.  After a while he'll try a more powerful
    attack.  When you see him start gathering a big dark ball of energy above his
    head.  Quickly shoot a Light Arrow at him to stun him. If you miss, you can
    still reflect the attack back at him with a spin attack.  Eventually you'll
    defeat him.  I'm not going to give away the rest of the game after this, but if
    you get stuck, here are some hints:  1) Take off those Hover Boots! 2) Follow
    instructions, and be quick about it 3) If you're looking for a weak spot, try
    the tail 4) Light Arrows are your friends 5) Roll attack (forward + A) under
    things that you can't walk under to get behind them. 6) If you got the Big
    Goron's sword it's a big help when you're feeling helpless.
    - Keep from getting stuck in the game by always saving and quitting the minute
    you walk into a new dungeon, then copying your saved game to one of the other
    slots.  This way if you mess up and can't figure it out you can delete the game
    and copy the backup over and use it to start the level over.  When you save in a
    dungeon it lets you continue at the beginning of that dungeon so you won't have
    to get to it again.
    - Tapping B while swimming makes you swim faster.
    - You don't need bombs to break crates...just roll into them using Forward + A.
    - If you're using a weapon that doesn't let you use your shield (like the Big
    Goron's Sword or the Megaton Hammer) and you need your shield quickly, take out
    another weapon to get to it.  A good one is the hookshot.  Just tap the hookshot
    button once to take it out, then immediately press R to take out your shield.
    - You can use the hookshot on anything climbable, like vines, fences, or grooved
    walls.  It's faster than climbing up the normal way.
    - You can extend the range of your hovering with the Hover Boots, allowing you
    to get items that may seem out of reach.  Even items that this very guide states
    are out of reach.  To do it, roll attack off of the edge with forward + A, take
    a few steps forward, then roll attack again and you will get a lot more distance
    out of your hover.
    - You can get many Heart Container Pieces mentioned in section 9 of the guide
    early by using your boomerang or hookshot on it.  This works well on the one's
    in Zora's River.
    - As young Link climb to the top of one of the chains of the drawbridge of
    Hyrule Castle and wait until night fall or play the Song of the Sun to make it
    night.  When the drawbridge is closed walk along the top of it for three red
    rupees. Go in to the Market and back out again to repeat for some quick cash.
    - MEGA MONEY as adult Link!  After completing the sleeping man and little girl
    sections of Adult Link's Trading Sequence, go once again to the screen 1 left of
    the starting point of the Lost Woods.  Kill the skull kid there using your sword
    and he'll drop 200 rupees!  Leave the woods and go back and kill him again for
    another 200!  You'll have a full 500 in seconds!
    - Go back to Link's house after accomplishing some stuff in the game and there
    will be a plaque there with records like largest fish caught, fastest horse race
    time, best archery score, etc.
    - Beat up on a chicken with your sword a couple times and it will summon all its
    chicken friends to come and beat the hell out of you.  Kinda funny, just run
    into a doorway or other exit to escape the onslaught.  If you ride on Epona you
    can run over a chicken a few times with her and when the chickens attack you
    can't get hurt.
    - Play Epona's Song for a cow and one of your bottles will be filled with milk.
    - If you beat Malon's obstacle course at Lon Lon Ranch as adult Link (Talk to
    her while riding Epona after getting Talon to go back home) in under 50 seconds
    then she'll give you a cow!  It will be delivered to your house in Kokiri
    Forest.  Use it to get milk using the above trick.
    - You can sell fish, bugs, and magic blue fire.  Fish can be caught in Zora's
    Domain and in a little pond down a hole behind the potion shop in Kakariko
    Village, bugs under rocks sometimes or in holes in Hyrule Field, and blue fire
    in the Ice Cavern as adult Link.  Find the person that looks like they're
    begging in the Market as young Link and in Kakariko Village as adult Link.
    Equip the bottle containing the item, walk up to the beggar and push the c
    button for the bottle and you'll get 100 rupees for a fish, 50 rupees for bug,
    and 150 rupees for some blue fire.
    - If you're using bugs to get Gold Skulltulas from soft soil spots, after you
    drop them 3 will pop out. Recapture 1 of them and let the other 2 get the Gold
    Skulltula.  Somehow the 1 becomes 3 again for the next time you use it.  This
    way you'll never run out of bugs until you want to.
    - Use the Lens of Truth in the treasure chest game in the market as Young Link
    to cheat and always win.
    - Mario character appearances - Go to Zelda's Palace Courtyard and look at the
    window to your right when you first walk in, you can see portraits of Mario,
    Luigi, Bowser and Peach in the hallway. Also look closely at Malon's brooch when
    you are adult Link, or Talon's brooch at any time.  It's a bowser head!
    - Fun with gossip stones!  Gossip stones are those rocks with an eye that act
    like rubber.  You can do lots of things with them.  Hit them with your sword and
    they'll tell you what time it is.  Play Zelda's Lullaby and they will give you a
    free faerie.  Song of Storms will give you a Big Faerie.  Talk to them while
    wearing young Link's Mask of Truth and they'll give you gossip or hints. Hit
    them with the Megaton Hammer to flatten them.  Use a fire arrow or Din's Fire
    spell and they'll start spinning around.  Use a bomb and they'll rocket off into
    space (or explode on the ceiling).
    - If you have ever played the second Zelda game (Zelda II:  The Adventure of
    Link for NES) you will notice a lot of the towns have the same names as Zelda 64
    characters. There is Ruto Town, Saria Town, Mido Town, Rauru Town, Nabooru town,
    and Darunia Town.  It's likely that this is to show that the various towns of
    the future were named after these famous characters from the past.
    - If you find a secret using the Stone of Agony and a bomb doesn't work,  often
    the Song of Storms will do the trick.  If that doesn't work, try the Megaton
    - In the fishing game you can find a sinking lure.  Just walk/swim around until
    you bump into it.  It isn't always there and its location is random.  You can
    only use it for the current fishing session.  If you catch a record breaking
    fish using it, then the fishing pond owner will say that you used an illegal
    lure.  Look at the fish in the tank and it will say that it was caught using an
    illegal lure.  If you talk to the pond owner (say "Let's talk about something")
    he'll make it legal to use it.
    - There is a secret fish in the fishing pond as adult Link that looks like an
    eel called the Hyrule Loach.  Cast in the reeds and lillypads when it is early
    morning.  You can look for it by using your Iron Boots and going under water,
    then pushing top c to look around.  It can be very large (upwards of 30 pounds)
    but you only get rupees for it and it is thrown back in.
    - In the fishing game as adult Link you can try to hook the fishing pond owner's
    hat.  If you do you can try fishing with it but it will sink to the bottom and
    he'll charge you 50 rupees for it.  It will stay down there too, and he'll be
    without a hat the rest of the game.
    - Once again in the fishing game, you can fish while standing underwater!  You
    need the Hover Boots and Iron Boots to do this.  You also need to have found the
    sinking lure in your current fishing session.  Now put on the hover boots and
    run out into the water, but before you sink, cast your line and you should keep
    on running and fall in over your head.  Then put on the Iron boots.
    - Get a butterfly to land on a Deku stick and will turn into a faerie.  Just
    walk slowly up to it while holding the stick and be patient.
    - Play the Song of Storms for a seedling from a magic bean (as young Link) and
    it will grow and spit out 3 regular faeries.
    - If you slash up a sign, like those in the training area in Kokiri Forest, play
    Zelda's Lullaby in front of it and it will reform right before your eyes!
    - You are invincible while riding your horse Epona.  You can also smash bushes
    with her.
    - Shooting most enemies with Light Arrows will cause them to leave 50 rupees
    most of the time.
    - After beating the game stay on the The End screen long enough and it will
    start playing your Scarecrow's Song using different instruments.
    Q: How do I turn back into young Link?
    A: You have to beat the Forest Temple, then return to the Temple of Time and
    walk up to the pedestal where you pulled out the Master Sword.  Push A and
    you'll return the Master Sword and warp back to being a kid.  You can now warp
    back and forth as many times as you want using the Master Sword and the Temple
    of Time.
    Q: How do you beat the running guy in the carpenter's tent (after passing
    Gerudo's Fortress)?
    A: You can't.
    Q: I went down into the Royal Family's tomb to get the Song of the Sun, but the
    first door won't open!  What do I do?
    A: As in many other places in this game and also as mentioned in the Ocarina
    section, kill everything in the room - that is, the bats - and the door will
    Q: I've raised the water level to it's highest point in the Water Temple, now
    how do I lower it again?
    A: Use your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the water.  Find the tunnel with
    a  torch on either side of it, and go on in.  Take off the boots to float up a
    hole in the ceiling and play Zelda's Lullaby next to the triforce symbol to
    lower the water.  This will not work if the water is at mid level.  To lower it
    when it's at mid level, you need to first raise it to it's highest level then do
    Q: I've taken the broken sword to the Big Goron for Adult Link's Trading
    Sequence but nothing happened.  What am I doing wrong?
    A: You have to take it to the Big Goron at the summit of Death Mountain, not the
    one inside Goron City.  Climb to the top of Death Mountain to where the cave
    leading into the crater and the 1st great faerie cave are, then just turn right
    and walk to the edge to see him.
    Q: How do I beat Dark Link in the Water Temple?
    A: See the Water Temple section in the walkthrough section for more about this
    battle.  Just stand on the small island in the middle of the lake, which keeps
    him from fighting well, then use your Megaton Hammer or Din's Fire.
    Q:  I missed this key or item, am I stuck forever now?  Or can I still get it?
    A:  You can always get anything in this game eventually, even if you missed it.
    You can go back to becoming young Link to get items you missed when you were
    young Link before.  The only item in the game that you can't get after a certain
    time is the second Deku Nut upgrade, which you have to get before becoming adult
    Link the first time, but this is believed to be a bug.
    Q: Help!  I can't pass this level, beat this boss, or figure out this puzzle!
    A: If it's not in the walkthrough I don't know.  If it is in the walkthrough
    read it carefully.
    These credits are in no particular order.
    Jon Skeels (Zatos@webtv.net) - Contributed enemy section and also helped a lot
    on how to get through the Spirit Temple and Gannon's Castle.
    etherghost@gtemail.net - 50 rupees given when shoot normal enemy with Light
    Joe Ryan (580ryan@erienet.net) - A faerie fountain in Zora's Domain
    Namdren (namdren@gci-net.com) - Magic Bean seedlings give 3 faieres for Song of
    Steve Downs (SteveDowns@worldnet.att.net) - Connection with town names and Sage
    names from Zelda 2
    Jared (Jared_K@email.msn.com) - Making sinking lure legal
    RezKnotX@aol.com - A faerie fountain
    Tom Pilholski (NYKnicks50@aol.com) - A faerie fountain
    mspowers@ptialaska.net - Fishing under water trick
    Kirko (http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~kirko) - Enemy tips and other tips
    JLLM722@aol.com - Hookshot directly to gannondorf tip
    Denise Bartels (DeniLynn@webtv.net) - Throwing Ruto at the switches in Jabu-
    Jabu's belly
    Ice Blue (iceblue64@hotmail.com) - Hat trick in fishing game
    Hackenslacker (Hackenslacker@psnw.com) - R button on Ocarina lowers pitch
    Dennis Fan Chang (DFCHANG@uci.edu) - Deku Nut 1 Upgrade information (need to do
    Sean Kelly (Slayer720@aol.com) - Plaque in Link's House showing game records
    Ryan Costello (Ryan.Costello@LibertyMutual.com) - tips on Spirit Temple and
    Gerudo Training Grounds
    Aaron Wright (wright_left@yahoo.com) - Easier way to beat Bigocto
    Ian Goodale (chpicker@cloudnet.com) - Gold skulltula location information
    Nintendo Guru (http://nintendoguru.home.pipeline.com/guru.htm) - A gold
    skulltula on top of the chicken woman's house and Big Goron shortcut in Adult
    Link's Trading Sequence
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    Hyrule Castle
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    tip.  Awesome!
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    Goron in Goron City and the Big Goron on the summit of Death Mountain when doing
    adult Link's trading sequence.
    Kevin Kazimir (http://t25wrestling.cjb.net) - Death Mountain Crater soft soil
    Drane (IVIlIIIIVI@aol.com) - Rocket ship gossip stone trick
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    Jonathan Hoefker (jonathan@AE.MsState.EDU) - Cow tricks, Water Temple tips, and
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    Levi Smith (Levi.D.Smith@prodigy.com) - Tip on Fire Temple mini-boss (the
    hookshot method)
    Jesse Smith (http://www.world-of-nintendo.com/) - Info on a TON of gold
    skulltula locations
    Gene (VXGene@aol.com) - Song of Storms secrets, Epona can jump over any fence to
    escape tip, Scarecrow song, killing Moblins in the Lost Woods tip.
    My other guides include Oddworld Adventures 2, Moonbase Commander, Metrod:
    Fusion, and a
    helpful FAQ on Drakan 2: The Ancient's Gates (all found on www.gamefaqs.com).
    Just in case
    you cared.
    0.1 - 11/28/98 - First Release.  After 3 days with only 6 total hours of sleep
    I've released this first version.  I've seen a few FAQs out there online and I
    can't believe anyone could release one so fast!  How do they do it?  Anyway,
    I've been as thorough as possible for how far I've gotten in the game.  I was
    going to wait until I found everything but I've noticed a lot of people on the
    Nintendo forums asking questions that I've already answered in this guide so I
    thought I'd release what I have now.
    0.2 - 11/28/98 - I got a ton of E-mail and added all I could but was so busy
    reading it all, haven't had time to beat Water Temple.  So leave me alone for a
    bit k guys?  I appreciate the responses though.  Included in this version is a
    Tips and Tricks section which I'm sure will grow with time.  Check out that
    funny rocket-ship gossip stone trick!  I'm now going to work on the Water Temple
    and ignore all E-mail for as long as it takes to complete it.  Expect another
    update with the Water Temple walkthrough soon.
    0.3 - 11/28/98 - I've completed the water temple walkthrough.  I also changed a
    few things in the walkthrough based on help from other people, such as a better
    way to beat Queen Ghoma and the hookshot method to kill the fire temple mini-
    bosses.  Also fixed a few errors here and there and added various other infos.
    Added a Frequently Asked Questions section with questions people ask me all the
    time in E-mail.  Most of the answers were in the guide already but I put them in
    again here so people could find them easier.
    0.4 - 11/29/98 - Updated and reorganized the gold skulltula section.  Also
    updated and revised other sections like adult Link's trading sequence.  Expect
    updated HCP section and next temple walkthrough coming soon.
    0.5 - 11/30/98 - Fixed a mistype in the Bottles, Chickens, and Big Poe's section
    where Poe #3 said Kokiri Forest and it's supposed to be Kakariko Village.  Added
    notes about E-mailing me and posting the guide on a web page.  Added a second
    technique for getting the Megaton Hammer.  Put up a better strategy for killing
    Dark Link in the walkthrough.  Added some more tips and secrets.  Added the
    Scarecrow's song to the Ocarina section.  Revised the HCP section to be easier
    to read and separated out confirmed and unconfirmed HCP's.  Added new
    unconfirmed HCP's and Skulltulas.  Added info on the other arrows, Mirror
    Shield, Hover Boots, last 2 faerie fountains, and some other items (all still
    unconfirmed by me).  Cleared up info about getting the 5th and 6th chickens.
    Added info about upgrades (check out the really interesting Deku Stick 2
    0.6 - 12/1/98 - Shadow Temple and Gerudo Fortress Walkthrough.  Quick cash in
    Kakariko Village tip (in Tips and tricks section).  A few HCP's and Gold
    Skulltula's added and confirmed.  Reorganized Gold Skulltula section.
    0.7 - 12/1/98 - Added Mega Money tip to tips and tricks (check it out!).
    Corrections and minor other additions.  Proofread walkthrough and added
    paragraph separations for easier reading.
    0.8 - 12/2/98 - Added final Heart Container Pieces!  Confirmed and found more
    Gold Skulltula locations.  Added walkthrough for Spirit Temple and Gerudo
    Training Grounds (special thanks to Jon Skeels for his great information about
    the Spirit Temple).  Fixed incorrect information about Fire Temple's secret area
    (oops).  Gave better way to beat Bigocto.
    0.9 - 12/3/98 - Some corrections made.  Improved walkthrough for Gerudo Training
    Grounds to include 2 other keys found.  Added last gold skulltulas to make 100
    confirmed skulltulas!  Clarified some Big Poe locations and the capturing of Big
    Poes.   Added to and fixed up the new Enemies section.  Cleared up soft soil
    skulltula controversy in the Magic Beans section (you CAN get skulltulas after
    planting a bean.  I had forgotten that I had originally put that you need to do
    it before planting a bean).  Gannon's Castle walkthrough should be ready soon!
    1.0 - 12/3/98 - The full release of the guide is finally here!  Now has the
    complete walkthrough and every known item in the game.  Proofread entire guide.
    Updates will be a lot less frequent after this version (hopefully).  If you want
    to send me something I'm most interested in errors that ended up in the guide.
    I have been told I have a particular problem with getting my left's and right's
    mixed up, so if you notice one of these let me know (someone said there's quite
    a few in the Water Temple walkthrough).  Any other errors in the guide that you
    find let me know via E-mail.
    1.1 - 12/6/98 - Lots of corrections and clarifications, a couple of tips and
    tricks added.
    1.2 - 12/7/98 - More corrections, clarification, and tips added.  Added the
    running man in the carpenter's tent to the FAQ section so people will stop
    asking me.
    1.3 - 12/9/98 - Added regular faerie fountains and renamed faerie section (now
    Faerie Fountains, Great Faeries, and Magic).  Tons of corrections and fixes,
    clarifications, and tips.  Improved description of Big Poe locations.  Added new
    ways to beat enemies.  Moved the upgrades to the Weapons and Equipment section
    except for the carrying capacity upgrades.  Rewrote some of the Gerudo Training
    Grounds section to include ways to get the Ice Arrows before or after getting
    the Silver Gauntlet.  Reconfirmed every gold skulltula and heart container
    piece.  Went through the entire game again and confirmed and fixed all
    directions given in the walkthrough.
    1.4 - 12/20/98 - Added changing water level in Water Temple to FAQ section.
    Added some new tips and tricks in the appropriate section.  Fixed some minor
    errors and added some very small things to the walkthrough.  Listed the use for
    the chicken in the windmill in the HCP section.
    Final - 2/19/3 - Redid formatting to match the style of my more recent guides,
    since I think it makes it easier to find info you are looking for.  Proofread
    again.  Since nothing in terms of game information has needed to be updated
    since 1998, I consider this guide complete!
    Honestly for the most part I'd rather you didn't.  I'm really very busy and may
    not have time to answer you.  Especially for questions.  If it's not here, I
    probably don't know, so don't ask.  It's been so long since I've played this
    game I don't remember a thing about it so I can't help you anyway.  Plus every
    question I get asked by e-mail is answered somewhere in this guide anyway, so
    please just take the time to find the information yourself!
    If you have a correction for the guide or you want to send compliments, that's
    great.  I can't guarantee I will actually respond to these, but I will include
    your information in the credits section for any new information I use from your
    e-mail (be sure to include whatever information you want in the credits as part
    of your e-mail, including what name you want to be known as and whether or not
    you want your e-mail address included in the credits listing).  If more than one
    person sends me the same info, I will only give credit to the first person that
    sent it in (judging by the date/time stamp on the e-mail).
    That said, you can reach me at Zauron (at) zauron (dot) net and you can view my
    homepage at http://www.zauron.net
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