Where all the cuccos in kakariko village i need to get in the pen and how?

  1. I need help finding the cuccos in kakariko village you are supposed to get in the pen i cant find them all? please help

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    austinu812 - 7 years ago

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  1. The first one is easy, it should be
    walking around right beside you near the entrance to the graveyard, grab it
    with the A button and throw it into the fenced area beside the girl. Go back
    to the entrance of the village and you will find a second Cucco wandering
    around minding its own business. Pick it up over your head with the A button
    and then run all the way east up the stairs, and turn around to find another
    set of stairs going up to that incomplete brick house. There is a special
    neat trick about Cuccos, when you jump off a cliff the violent flapping of
    their wings will allow you to glide. Jump off the edge of this incomplete
    house with the Cucco still in hand and glide directly west to reach the little
    raised ledge with the Cucco, behind that fence that you could not access
    otherwise. Throw your Cucco back down into the middle of town and take this
    one over to the chicken coop. Go back to the main middle area of town with
    the tree and notice the crate against the house when you face northeast.
    Break this crate by rolling into it and grab the Cucco, bring it back to the
    chicken coop. From the middle of town take the large north set of stairs up
    toward the path that leads to Death Mountain, you should come across a Cucco
    there which is just minding its own business. Pick up this Cucco and bring it
    back to the girl. Grab hold of the fourth one, which is the one you threw off
    the edge when you landed and got the Cucco behind the fence. Don't throw it
    back, but head toward the graveyard entrance, climb the stairs leading north.

    You should still have the Cucco in hand like I said, you'll need it here in
    order to glide. Notice that if you run straight north and jump off the edge,
    you can't quite make it over the large fence, don't worry. Notice that beside
    the large fence is a smaller fence that actually extends out further toward
    you, this fence you CAN barely glide over so do that now, you'll land beside a
    door. Face the main area where you just came from and throw the Cucco back,
    you can get it easily afterward. Jump down behind you and you'll land beside
    a hole, drop down into the hole and open the small treasure chest to acquire a
    RED RUPEE. Climb out of this hole and then go north to find a Cucco beside
    the ladder. Lift it up and throw it over the fence like you did the other
    one, it will be there waiting for you after. Now climb that fence up to where
    the windmill is and grab the final Cucco. Use this one to glide back across
    and throw it into the chicken coop. Now all you have to do is find those two
    which you threw over the fence for later and that takes care of all seven.
    Speak to the girl and she will reward you nicely with another EMPTY BOTTLE.

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  1. look in the FAQs, there'll be a walk through.

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