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Boss FAQ by MechaMrEd

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/21/99

<({[-Jet force Gemini-]})>
____Boss FAQ v1.2 (complete)_____

By Mecha Mr Ed. 
Update history:
21st Dec '99 V1.2- Finished another game of JFG, so revised boss strategies a bit.
While I'm at it fixed spelling mistakes and added some more "frequently" asked
questions. This should, with any luck, be the last update.

30th Nov '99 V1.1- Bit 'o spalling misstaces fixed, real boss names added,
added a FAQ section. Interesting, huh? No? And I added "this is my first FAQ" to
the intro. Now THAT'S interesting. Can't argue with that.

27th Nov '99 V1.0- First version, everything is new. What, really?
Hey! Ever sit around, bored, then jump up and say, "I'm gonna write a faq for
JFG's bosses"? No? Well that's what I did. My first FAQ... Whoopee! Anyway, if 
you're having any trouble with the bosses in this superb shoot-em-up for the Nintendo 64,
I shall attempt to help your troubled self. I will present the bosses in 
the order you should encounter them in the game.
Off we go:

Boss 1- Fet-Bubb
Who- Juno
Where- Castle Tawfret
Difficulty- 3/5
Weapons that I suggest:
Tri-rocket launcher
Machine gun
Plasma shotgun

Ah, I remember one of the first shots the game I saw featured this guy. To defeat 
this somewhat tricky boss, follow these concise instructions.
His first attacks will be stamping, creating two rings of fire, so make sure you are
directly in front of him and jump to avoid both rings. His other attack consists of some
bat things, this can be avoided by some strafing or mincing them with a machine gun.
You need the tri-rockets now. When he rears back, target one of his fangs (you can tell
when you've got it right, as the targeting cursor will go red). 3 rockets (a direct hit
with all three tri-rockets) should sort out one tooth. Repeat for the other tooth. It's
dentistry the easy way!
He will now use his antenna. This is very much the same as the teeth, only the attacks are
different, he will use a grenade thingy. Just fire away when the antenna are white with the
tri-rockets. When both are gone, the target is the boss's head. Just blast away at it 
with tri-rockets (and if you run out, charged up plasma shotgun blasts). He will then,
like a nice boss, give up and explode. Hurrah! And there was much rejoicing.

Boss 2- Lurg
Who- Vela
Where- Military Base Ichor
Difficulty- 2.5/5
Weapons I suggest:
Tri-rocket launcher
Machine gun
Plasma shotgun
Homing missiles (if you have them, which you probably won't)

After a cool cut scene of two easily amused drones releasing and saluting this monstrosity,
the battle begins.
When the claws are about to fire (indicated by little stars and a white flash), blow them off 
with the ever lovely tri-rockets. In the battle, she may drop maggots from above. Run to the 
other side of the platform to avoid them before they explode (err.. okay...). Then aim for the 
chest with the rockets and the boss will lose her slug-ness.
Now, if you have them, use homing missiles or the machine gun to target the arms, when they
fall off, only the head shall remain. Machine Gun...
Since there is so little of this boss left, the death scene isn't that good. But there was 
much rejoicing anyway.

Boss(es) 3- The Mechantids
Who- Lupus
Where- Thorax Eschbone
Difficulty- 3.8/5
Weapons I suggest:
Tri-rocket launcher
Machine gun
Homing missiles (if you have them)
Anything that could possibly hit the buggers!

Two? Ah this isn't fair.... Oh well, better get on with it...
Yes, here you face a duo of Mizar's lieutenants. When the boss on the main platform raises
his claw, it will flash white. Blast the tri-rockets at it. One direct hit should suffice.
Then he will do it with his other hand. Repeat. Now he's armless, but not harmless. Arf!
Arf! The next one will do what the last one did, only this time, his limb challenged twin
will be attacking you. He will be firing rockets at you, so make sure you time your jumps.
If you are having trouble hitting the arms, use something like the shotgun, homing missiles
or pistol, as you need to conserve your ammo. When they both are bereft of arms, you may
ask "what are you gonna do, bleed on me?", but no, they have tails. Darn.

When their tail peaks round to attack you, homing missile it. If don't have these machine
gun or pistol it. When you have got rid of one's tail, it gets easier, as one cannot fire 
those nasty homing missiles. When they are tail-less, the target is the head after it
flashes white. Just shoot it with whatever you have left, tri-rockets or missiles 
hopefully, and one should finally explode. Be careful to avoid those rocks by strafing
to the side. Repeat for the other one. When you pumped it full of enough lead, the cut
scene will kick in showing you pummelling it with the machine gun (even if you have run
out of ammo) and it will purchase a agricultural development. And there will be much

Boss 4- Mizar
Who- Lupus
Where- Center pyramid in Mizar's palace
Difficulty- 0.5/5
Weapons I suggest:
That's it. Honest.

Okay. This boss is very easy. If you ask me, he's sort of an interactive cut scene.
Shoot him in the head with tri-rockets, except when he covers it with his bionic hand.
His attacks are: 

An Ice Breath. Strafe out of the way.
Purple laser eyes. Strafe or jump.

If you can't do this boss, how did you get this far? After a couple
of shots, he will fall to the ground, and die. At this point, run outside and shout "I
have beaten JFG! I am great! Worship me!" Until a neighbor points at your TV and says
"No you haven't! He's still alive". So walk back inside and watch as Mizar sends a handy
asteroid towards Earth and Jeff tells you to get all the Tribals in the game. And there was
much cursing and stamping of feet.

Boss 5- Mizar
Who- Juno
Where- Mizar's lair Asteroid
Difficulty- 4.7/5
Weapons I suggest:
Homing missiles
Machine gun

Gimme a H. Gimme a A. And an R and a D. To be honest though, I've things like "This is the
hardest thing in video game history" and "This is hardest boss ever" and "This is harder
than finding a cure for AIDS", but this is not true. He is hard, but fair. Never once did
I say "Ah, that wasn't fair you ****ing stupid ****er, I ****ing hate you and you are so
****ing unfair and your ****ing mother is a ****ing ****.". No, hang on, once, when he
kept doing that electric attack from a funny angle.
First you will need at LEAST 40 homing missiles and 30 tri rockets. Take Juno to the
lava room on the spawnship, and the long tunnel on Sekhment behind the magenta door
and collect those crates.
First I will tell you his attacks:

1. Purple laser eyes
Avoid: Strafe one way, then when he fires again, the other way, repeat.

2. Fiery Claw
Avoid: There are 2 methods here.
a) Strafe to one edge of the platform to draw his attention there, then to the other.
This is the easiest way.
b) Stand still in the middle, and just before his claw hits, jump (the claw itself
does not hurt).
Why do b)? It is best to do it in the later phases, as it gives a better hit and there
is more chance of it "glitching" (see below).

3. Ice breath
Avoid: Ice, ice, baby. Just run from one side to the other (he will run out of breath
before he covers the whole platform). If you get trapped, try to jump out. Don't worry
too much, as this very rarely does more than one unit of damage (you can sometimes
walk through it without getting hurt!).

4. Electric arc.
Avoid: Arrrrrgh! This attack will become famous, I know it. This battle would be easy
if it wasn't for this awful attack.
But, it is fair. When Mizar raises his bionic hand, jump. He will send an arc of electricity
towards you, and strafe it back and forth along the platform. To avoid it, play skipping
with the intergalactic tyrant. This is quite easy when he does it medium speed, pretty hard
when he does it fast, and very hard when he does it slow. Stand in the middle of 
the platform, and jump when it comes next to you. On slow, you must time it right, or you
risk falling back into the arc. Why is this attack so bad? Well just experiment. Go in
to the battle, and just stand in the arc. Look at your health bar drain like a.. err...
well, drain.
How to kick his arachnid ass:
Mizar will first send asteroids at you, strafe and jump to avoid them, firing the machine
gun if you wish. When this is done, Mizar will take to the air, and claw you. (see 2)
when he turns round, you will see a big glaring light on his back. Lock on a homing
missile, and chocks away! He will do this attack at least one more time, and when he flies
back, fire a homing missile. If it hits you will hear a buzzing. It is best if the missile
hits when you can see Mizar's back, as this makes lots of blood and more damage. Make sure
you don't send it off too early, or it'll hit his leg. And only send off one at a time.

He will now do a couple of attacks from above, except the claw one. When he has finished,
he will turn his back. Fire. He will do his claw bit now, and then back to random attacks.
After 10 to 15 missiles, he will land, and send asteroids like he did at the start. Now he
will do what he did before, only now he is harder to hit. To effectively hit him, make sure
you send the missile off quickly (not too early, or it will hit his leg) and are standing
in the middle of the platform. This gives the missile more chance to "glitch" as I call it.
In a "glitch", the missile goes over Mizar's head, and spins round in circles in the 
background, then smacks him in the back when he's attacking you. Sweeet.

After another 10 to 15 hits, he will send rocks, and then do same but with nastier angles 
for his attacks. After another 10 to 15 hits, his wings will fall off. He will fall, smash
the platform and you fall to the bottom with him.

Now, if you die here, you will kick yourself. He is very similar to the first Mizar now,
only you have VERY LITTLE HEALTH! Tri-rocket him in the head. One by one his arms will 
fall off. Now, his head remains. Where to shoot?

As his lower body flies out of the asteroid, and burns up in the earth's atmosphere,
give a sight of relief. He's "dead". Why "dead", not dead? Well watch the ending.
My lips are sealed. Oh, and there was much rejoicing. Happy now? I quite liked that
boss. He wasn't too easy (Ahem... Ganon in Zelda TOoT, you could sneeze, thus beating
him by accident) or too hard (Ahem... The Primagen in Turok 2, TSoE, I couldn't beat
him with infinite ammo. I hate Turok 2). One day all final bosses will be like this.
I love you Rareware... Not in that way, you sick-minded fools. Sheesh.


--Look! It's a FAQ! Those wretchedly persisant boss quezzies answered! Are you ready?
(are you ready for this) are you hangin' on the edge of your seat? Yo!--
Where are the jetpacks?

Up your arse. No, hang on, beat Mizar 1 and Jeff will give them to you. That was
not even remotely boss related. Get out of my sight now.
Are those the bosses' real names?

Fet-Bubb, Lurg and the Mechantids are their real names. See the cast list for
JFG on Rare's website if you don't believe me. Booya!
What does strafing mean?

Oh, you don't understand that big word? It means move side to side. Now, sit down
and don't be so egregious, you ignoramus.
Mizar is too hard. I want to cry.

He isn't. Sit down, put some time aside, and kill him. As Mr T might say, "I pity
the fool who can't kill Mizar." Possibly.
Where are the homing missiles?

Err... To be honest, I haven't the foggiest. For Juno, they can be found on 
walkway, at the end of the S.S Anubis' depository stage (after the plasma shotgun)
for Vela and Lupus... I'll have a look. 
<--- Please stand by. --->
Ah, here we are. Vela, go in to a non-lifeforce door in the Cerulean caves after 
you shoot down the snake of flying drones. Lupus, behind a waterfall near where
you start on Rith Essa. Hover across with your Jet-paws. Never knew that. Learn 
something everyday.
What sort of a stupid name is Mizar anyway?

Why did I get this question? Anyway, I thought I'd post it.  Mizar is a star, 
in the constellation known as the plough. Vela is a supernova, Juno is an 
asteroid in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and Lupus is a star in 
the southern hemisphere. Bet you wish you hadn't asked now.
That was the best FAQ ever. Can I send you money? When's your next FAQ? You are
a God. 

Such a frequently asked question.... Yes, send me money. Lots. Real money, mind.
No get paid for surfin' the net crap. 
My next FAQ? Donkey Kong 64 probably. Maybe I'll venture beyond just the bosses that 
time. Don't get blasphemous now, or you will be stoned.


Well, there you are. All the bosses. If you have a boss question, then e-mail me at 
mecha_mr_ed@yahoo.com. If would like to use this FAQ on your site (what? really? 
You're not taking the piss, right?) then e-mail me first.

This document copyright Mecha Mr Ed 1999.

Jet Force Gemini was developed and published by Rareware (www.rareware.com <--go to. Now!)
It is available on the Nintendo 64 (www.nintendo.com)
I am not associated with Rare or Nintendo in any way (duh..)

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