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FAQ/Walkthrough by PGemini

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/01/99

Version 1.2

**** *       *   *   * ***** *****   ***  ***** *   * ***** *   * *****
*  * *      * *  **  * *       *    *   * *     ** **   *   **  *   *
**** *     ***** * * * ***     *    *     ***   * * *   *   * * *   *
*    *     *   * *  ** *       *    *  ** *     *   *   *   *  **   *
*    ***** *   * *   * *****   *     ***  ***** *   * ***** *   * *****

                             Planet Gemini

                  Find it in a nice HTML format at:



Copyright Information

This entire FAQ is Copyright (c) 1999 by Planet Gemini. 

It is intended for private use only and may only be distributed or reprinted if 
you have emailed me and I have given you my permission.  This is because I want 
you to have the latest version so I don't get emails from people asking me 
questions that I have already answered.  If I find this guide anywhere that I 
have not expressly permitted, I will email you, and then perhaps your webmaster 
for your infringements.

Jet Force Gemini is Copyright (c) Nintendo and Rareware and in no way, shape, or 
form am I or this FAQ affiliated with them.


Update History

Version 0.1 

This is the very first version of this walkthrough and it hardly includes any 
information that can be used to help players out if they are stuck.  I just 
received my copy of the game through the mail and will be frequently updating 
every day (hopefully) with every discovery I find.

Version 0.2

- added Totem Pole and Fish Food in Goldwood Stage 1: Outset
- Goldwood Stage 2: Lodge
- Gem Quarry Stage 1: Landing
- S.S. Anubis Stage 2: Passageway
- Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser
- Cerulean Stage 1: Dune
- Tawfret Fighting Boss
- Ichor Fighting Boss
- Eschebone Fighting Boss
- Mizar's Palace First Confrontation

- corrected the Tribal locations in S.S. Anubis Stage 1: Hold
- corrected the Tribal locations/totem pole on Walkway Stage 1: Peak

- added the Strategy section
- added the Codes section
- revised/elaborated on the Story
- revised/elaborated on the Controls
- revised/elaborated on the Planet Overview
- revised/elaborated on the Items

Version 0.3

Wow!  I had a lot of people write in about the Passageway level and the Battle 
Cruiser level!  The first people to tell me were ExoByte, AceThePro, and Rick.  
They will also be added to the Credits section down below.  (If you want some 
recognition then there are some other questions I have in some of the new places 
I added today).

Yes, I know that you may be wondering why I have walkthroughs for some levels 
that are out of order.  Well, I *usually* don't write the walkthrough for that 
particular level until I have located almost all of the Tribals and most of the 
items.  So understand that right now I am nearing the end of the game, but there 
are still a lot of things scattered throughout some levels that I'm still in the 
process of finding.

- Tawfret Stage 1: Bog
- Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge
- Mizar's Palace Stage 1: Lobby
- Mizar's Palace Stage 2: Flume
- Mizar's Palace Stage 3: Chasm
- Mizar's Palace Special Floyd Mission

- corrected Walkway Stage 1: Peak

- added the Key Locations (partially complete)
- added the Spaceship Parts Locations section (partially complete)
- added the Totem Pole Locations section (partially complete)
- added the Floyd Mission Locations (partially complete)
- revised/elaborated on the Characters
- revised/elaborated on the Items/Weapons
- revised/elaborated on the Planet Overview
- revised/elaborated on the Contact information below
- revised/elaborated on the Credits section and have included all of the 
companies that helped make this place possible

Version 0.4

- Tawfret Stage 3: Castle
- Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier
- Rith Essa Stage 1: Bluff
- Rith Essa Stage 2: Ascent
- Rith Essa Stage 3: Interior

- corrected S.S. Anubis Stage 2: Passageway
- corrected Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser

- revised/elaborated on the Codes
- revised/elaborated on the Characters
- revised/elaborated on the Planet Overview
- revised/elaborated on the Spaceship Parts Locations
- revised/elaborated on the Totem Pole Locations
- revised/elaborated on the Special Items

Version 0.5

I have been sick as anything for the past two days.  However, I am almost 
finished with this walkthrough, and all that is left is a few more secrets, 
grammar corrections, and maybe some multiplayer tactics.  I am also going to get 
all of this to look nice on my HTML website listed up at the top of this 
walkthrough.  I know many of you have seen it, and you can probably tell I 
haven't touched it in about a week.  However, in a few days it should all be 
looking very nice, and then the following weekend my friend and I are going to 
record ourselves playing the game to help out those of you in the really tough 

- added Totem Pole to Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier
- Goldwood Stage 3: Rim
- Ichor Stage 1: Military Base
- Ichor Stage 2: Perimeter
- Rith Essa Stage 4: Mine
- Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax
- Eschebone Stage 2: Approach
- Eschebone Stage 3: Cortex

- revised/elaborated on the Story
- revised/elaborated on the Characters
- finished on the Items/Weapons
- revised/elaborated on the Codes
- finished the Spaceship Parts Locations
- revised/elaborated on the Totem Pole Locations (one more remaining I think)
- finished the Floyd Mission Locations
- finished the Special Items

Version 1.0

Even before the last version got posted I found those last Tribals!  Hurray!  
Version 1.0 is here.  Perhaps coming soon: multiplayer strategies, editing 
changes, and the HTML version!

- added totem pole in Rith Essa

- corrected Ichor Stage 1: Military Base
- corrected Ichor Stage 2: Perimeter

- finished the Story
- finished the Characters
- revised/elaborated on the Codes
- finished the Totem Pole Locations

Version 1.1

After taking a break for awhile I'm back with loads for information for Jet 
Force Gemini in attempt to bring you the most in-depth, yet at the same time 
concise guide on the Internet.  But, make sure to check out this walkthrough in 
style at:



- added the Access section
- added the Weapons section
- added the Enemies section
- added the FAQ section
- added the Review section

- corrected general misspellings and grammar mistakes (there are still a lot 
- revised/elaborated on certain tough areas in some levels

- revised/elaborated on the Controls
- revised/elaborated on the Strategy
- revised/elaborated on the Codes

Version 1.2

Yes, there is even more knowledge I must bestow upon you about Jet Force Gemini.  
But after this I am basically open to any suggestions people want to send in.

- added the Gemini Holders Locations (incomplete)

- corrected Floyd piece location, apparently I had confused a piece with a 
- corrected locations of certain weapons for some of the characters thanks to 

- finally decided to use spell check and found about 300 spelling mistakes :)
- revised/elaborated on the FAQ

This is the new thing I've been hearing people want.  Everyone wants to know 
where to find all of the Gemini Holders so that every character can have maximum 
health.  Well, I have started a small list from memory, but I know I am actually 
missing only one.  However, I cna only remember where a few of them are, so if 
anyone remembers where to find others then I will be glad to post the 
information here and I can give you credit.

The other thing that I want to know personally are those of you who have been 
able to earn Expert Awards on the Special Floyd Missions.  I have tried briefly, 
but have been unable to earn a single one besides the one you automatically earn 
at Mizar's Palace when the pyramid forms.  Does anyone know the precise times 
you must beat and how many items you must collect?

Coming Soon......I know in many places in the game I have stated for example, 
"There are two Tribals around this area."  Well, I have been hearing questions 
about those areas so I will hopefully be going over some of the more difficult 
parts of the game again with a finetooth comb so I can detail the exact 



If you have any comments whatsoever, please feel free to send them to:


Please make sure to give your email a very descriptive subject so I know what I 
am going to see.  Also realize that I want to beat the game myself, and will not 
necessarily want the answers to some questions that may be troubling me!  But 
once I finish with the game (I expect it to be a week or so) I will gladly read 
everyone's secrets, tricks, or other helpful contributory information.  If you 
would like to be mentioned in the Credits section, make sure to include your 
email address or an alias in the body of the email.  Thank you!

Send me junk.  This encompasses a lot of things.  But recently with the 
popularity of this walkthrough I am beginning to get bogged down with emails.  
Some of them are seriously junk, but others are stuff that I have already 
covered.  Please be sure only to ask questions about places I have yet to cover, 
or you think I have been too vague in doing so.

I get a lot of repeat emails.  Sometimes I won't be able to respond to 
everyone's queries, but so far I have been good about responding.  But please 
don't feel offended when a reply never comes, or maybe comes after a week you 
sent it in.  Just remember that my life is not completely dedicated to Jet Force 
Gemini at the moment (but almost :) and I get busy very often with sports and 


Table of Contents
      - Copyright Information
      - Update History
      - Contact
      1. Background
         - Story
         - Characters
         - Controls
         - Items/Weapons
      2. Strategy
      3. Codes
      4. Access 
      5. Weapons Locations
      6. Enemies 
      7. Key Locations
      8. Spaceship Parts Locations
      9. Totem Pole Locations
      10. Floyd Mission Locations
      11. Special Items
      12. Gemini Holders
      13. Guide
           - Planet Overview
           - Goldwood
             - Stage 1: Outset
             - Stage 2: Lodge
             - Stage 3: Rim
             - Stage 4: Interior
           - Gem Quarry
             - *Landing
           - Spacestation
             - *Abandoned Wreck
           - S.S. Anubis
             - Stage 1: Hold
             - Stage 2: Passageway
             - Stage 3: Depository
           - Walkway
             - *Stage 1: Peak
           - Tawfret
             - Stage 1: Bog
             - Stage 2: Bridge
             - Stage 3: Castle
             - Fighting Boss
           - Sekhmet
             - Stage 1: Battle Cruiser
           - Water Ruins
             - *Stage 1: Lost Island
           - Cerulean
             - Stage 1: Dune
           - Ichor
             - Stage 1: Military Base
             - Stage 2: Perimeter
             - Fighting Boss
           - Spawnship
             - Stage 1: Troop Carrier
           - Rith Essa
             - Stage 1: Bluff
             - Stage 2: Ascent
             - Stage 3: Interior
             - Stage 4: Mine
           - Eschebone
             - Stage 1: Thorax
             - Stage 2: Approach
             - Stage 3: Cortex
             - Fighting Boss
           - Mizar's Palace
             - Lobby
             - Flume
             - Chasm
             - Special Floyd Mission
             - First Confrontation
           - Asteroid
             - *Mizar's Lair
             - Final Confrontation
             - Special Floyd Mission
      14. FAQ (come here before emailing me!)
      15. Review
      16. Credits
      17. Epilogue

* denote it is a secret world

1. Background


The tale of Jet Force Gemini revolves around three main characters attempting to 
reach and eventually defeat the evil leader Mizar for all of the destruction he 
has caused and the people he has killed.  He has mercilessly slaughtered and 
enslaved thousands of Tribals and he is steadily taking over planets one by one 
on his conquest to rule the galaxy.  All that is left to fight him is the crew 
of the last starship of a specialized military group called Jet Force.  The 
members, Juno, Vela, and Lupus now have to fight all alone on their treacherous 
journey to save the endangered planets and to annihilate the threat of Mizar.

In the beginning, Juno is split up from Vela and Lupus, and must travel to S.S. 
Anubis to rescue Vela after first liberating the Tribals at Goldwood.  Then Juno 
meets up with a robotic companion named Floyd, a traitor to Mizar because of his 
incredible artificial intelligence that helped see the folly in Mizar's ways.

Later on, Vela herself rescues Lupus.  Then all three started off on their paths 
to Mizar, each taking their own separate route.  After countless battles, the 
trio reunited in the magical pyramid at Mizar's Palace, to confront the colossal 
villain.  After a brief battle though, Mizar retreated to an asteroid in space 
and set course to Earth to destroy the twins' homeworld.

The heroes' only hope was with King Jeff, the extremely grateful King of the 
Tribals.  He offered his own ancient spacecraft to be used to catch up with the 
evil nemesis, but only once all of the Tribals had been freed from the slavery.  
Then the trio would still have to find the hidden space parts to help repair the 
legendary spaceship.

Once they did they returned to the same place where they defeated Mizar to give 
the all twelve parts to King Jeff.  Then they set about completing the ship and 
readying it for its journey.  Once it was finished they took off into outer 
space and blasted off in the direction of Earth.  There, just before impact they 
located the asteroid on its path to destroy the planet where the Jet Force twins 
were from.

As they prepared to land and face Mizar, floating debris coming off of the 
asteroid damaged their ship and they crashed on the rough surface.  As the rest 
of the crew set about for repairs, Juno headed off to explore the asteroid.  
After battling through the final ranks of Mizar's drones, he reached the final 
area where the showdown was to take place.

After a fierce battle Mizar was eliminated, as all of his parts jettisoned into 
space leaving only his disgusting head.  But out of that head, that mechanical 
head, came Barry.  "He is my brother," proclaimed Jeff.  Indeed, the Tribal that 
came out of Mizar's head  affirmed it.  But he said that there were explosives 
to detonate the asteroid before impact, and scatter its parts.  But who could 
get into the core so quickly?

Then Floyd came to the forefront.  He offered to sacrifice himself for the good 
of Jet Force and all of humankind.  So he took off into a fissure as fast as he 
could and saved the entire planet!  A great celebration took place back down on 
the blue planet, and all of the heroes received great awards for their 
achievements.  And then in the end...they boogied down to some disco!



There are six main characters along the plot of Jet Force Gemini.  There are the 
three principle heroes, Juno and his twin sister Vela, along with their trusty 
robotic friend Lupus.  Occasionally, a fourth character will come to the aid 
(namely when you play cooperative mode) called Floyd, another droid that can be 
extremely helpful as an extra gun that hovers around following you through 
everything.  The arch-nemesis of the title is Mizar, a maniacal dictator set on 
taking over the entire galaxy.  On his mission he has run into the peaceful but 
defenseless Tribals who must be saved and protected.  The leader of their tribe 
is King Jeff.

Juno is the head pilot of the only remaining starship left in the Jet Force 
fleet.  He is the twin brother of Vela, and together they command their small 
spaceship along with the standard robotic companion.  Since they are the last of 
their small space army, they have decided to take on the entire quest themselves 
of rescuing the Tribals and defeating Mizar.  One of Juno's specific traits is 
his ability to withstand great heat and walk on lava.  However, just as the team 
had decided to leave, they were split up by a horde of boarding drones.

Vela is the co-pilot of the last Jet Force ship.  She is Juno's twin sister and 
they have worked together in the military for awhile.  She was the one that 
finally decided to attack Mizar and all of his drone troops themselves, and quit 
trying to wait for the Federation to make a decision regarding the drastic 
situation.  Since their hyperdrive unit was down also, it was practically their 
only choice.  Vela's unique gift to the team is her ability to hold her breath 
for long periods of time so that she can swim and traverse underwater caverns.

Lupus is one of the standard robotic units that accompany any ship of the Jet 
Force squad.  He is a faithful hound and can hold his own in the midst of 
battle.  He is always seen by the sides of Juno and Vela and has proven himself 
to be a beneficial companion.  However, Lupus will have his very own part of the 
adventure he must complete as each person must travel to Mizar via his own 

Floyd is the hovering robot that can assist in certain situations when he any 
member of his team calls upon him.  He basically serves as a an extra gun, but 
can be cleverly deployed as a sniper to take out faraway opponents and leave the 
main characters relatively safe and unharmed.

***King Jeff***
King Jeff is the leader of the Tribals that reside on the planet of Goldwood.  
He is a fair and just leader and he will encounter each member of the team 
separately along their paths.  The evil and very powerful Mizar armies are 
enslaving his entire tribe and his people are growing desperate.  He depends on 
the success of the Jet Force team.

Magnus is a green furry negotiator that assists Juno in particular along his 
mission.  In the beginning of the game, and often in the parts where a little 
explaining is needed, you will be sure to find him.

Midge is basically Magnus' alter ego.  Midge is a blue creature with droopy ears 
that helps out Vela usually.

This strange character is an inhabitant of the swampy area Tawfret.  During the 
course of your adventure you will have to give him his pair or pants back in 
exchange for a Crowbar!  Besides that, he will help with some other useful 
information and a piece of an ancient spaceship.

***Fish Face***
He is one of the first strange alien creatures you will find in the game with 
Vela on Sekhmet.   Surprisingly he is kind enough to give you a key and says to 
head on over to Rith Essa whenever you can to visit his mines there.

Fernando is the second of the mining brothers that work at Rith Essa.  
Eventually, you will have to find him at his home planet where he will give you 
yet another key for the Specialist Magazine.

Farmer is the last miner and you will encounter him inside the mine itself.  He 
is wicked and very cruel to the Tribals as he uses them as slaves to mine all of 
the crystals.  You can trick him though to give you a spaceship part. 

***Ivana the Bear***
This cynical bear is annoyed by those pesky Tribals on the Water Ruins stage.  
He'd give anything for a set of Ear Plugs so he could rest in peace.

***Mercenary Robot***
There are a number of these vendors scattered around the planets of Jet Force 
Gemini.  When you find one of these "awful creatures" you can pay for your 
health to be entirely replenished (at the cost of 5 Mizar Tokens), or you can 
buy a full stock of ammo for every weapon in your inventory (for the cost of 10 
Mizar Tokens).  Overall, I am usually glad when I find one of these because 
there are plenty of Mizar Tokens in the game, and it is critical to maintain a 
healthy supply of ammo for each weapon.

Mizar is the mysterious leader responsible for the attacks on Goldwood and other 
surrounding planets and space armadas.  Little is known of the powerful tyrant, 
but his intention to take over as much of the galaxy as possible is clear.  He 
controls the insectoid armies with his dictatorial powers, and will do anything 
in his ability to utterly destroy the Jet Force team.

You'll find out...It is too mean to ruin it for stray eyes that see this.  It 
would be like telling someone about Sheik being Zelda (whoops)!



These are the most basic play controls for any of the characters.  Note that 
this is the default selection.

Control Stick -- move/turn character in any direction
                 hold harder to move faster
                 crawl (while crouched)
                 moving targeting cursor (in Targeting Mode)
                 continue swimming
Control Pad   -- each of the four buttons can be assigned to bring up a 
preselected weapon
Start         -- brings up the Pause Menu
                 allows second player to control Floyd in cooperative mode
Z             -- fires selected weapon
                 hold Z to charge up certain weapons
                 use an item while in a racing mini-game
A             -- scrolls forward through weapons
                 general select/action button (talking, chests, activating pads, 
                 accelerate as Floyd
                 use a boost while in a racing mini-game
B             -- scrolls backward through weapons
                 functions as a general cancel button to back out of some 
                 break while in a racing mini-game
C Left        -- sidestep left (can be used in conjunction with firing)
                 when crouched it will result in a sideways roll
C Right       -- sidestep right (can be used in conjunction with firing)
                 when crouched it will result in a sideways roll
C Up          -- jump
                 hold C Up to jump higher
                 run forward (in Targeting Mode)
                 activate jetpack or rocket boosters
                 rise in depth when swimming
                 jump out of the water onto the shore
                 zoom in farther with the Sniper Rifle
C Down        -- crouch
                 run backward (in Targeting Mode)
                 lower in depth when swimming
                 zoom out farther with the Sniper Rifle
R             -- center camera behind character
                 hold R for Targeting Mode



A personal favorite section for me: the gruesome weapons.

Jet Force Pistol
The standard-issue weapon designated to all members usually.  It will rarely run 
out of ammo since every weapon is so much better than it is, so it eventually 
goes into disuse.  But if you ever get into trouble this will be the gun that 
will get you out of sticky situations.  You can charge up the weapon to give 
yourself some rapid-fire goodness for a limited time.

Machine Gun
A fast-paced chain gun that sends a wave of swimming bullets crazily in the 
direction of your enemies.  Tears through drones as fast as it eats ammo.  Don't 
get too carried away :)  However, it is good for taking out airborne attacks 
because your aim doesn't need to be precise.  This is true as well with drones 
that have shields.  The random spray of bullets is almost always bound to hit 
some enemies.

Plasma Shotgun
Fire small blasts or charge this puppy up and watch some fireworks.  It can take 
out small enemies or large, more powerful ones depending on the time you give it 
to power up.  Make sure you can hit your target though, otherwise it will take 
awhile to charge it up again so that it can deal some real damage.

Homing Missile Launcher
This will definitely clear a path through the ranks of the drones' defenses.  It 
will lock on and send some serious chunks of body parts go flying all over the 

Tri-Rocket Launcher
This an especially nasty long range weapon.  The best part is that it only needs 
to impact near your opponent.  This way you can take out foes that are partially 
shielded from crates or rock walls.

Sniper Rifle
Basically self-explanatory here.  It can zoom in and out though with the help of 
the C up and C down buttons, but only while in Targeting Mode.  This can be a 
very stealthy weapon that can save a lot of damage if used wisely in tight 

Torches everything it comes across, including the good guys.  Watch enemies run 
around while under fire.  Just as entertaining as effective, but can become an 
out of control forest fire if used improperly.

Essentially sends a bolt of electric power into the body of an enemy.  Although 
short ranged, and the fact enemies won't look like the played with a toaster in 
the bathtub, it will produce some nice effects.

Pull pin, throw.  Actually, just throw.  Then, BOOM!  If you hit an opponent it 
will detonate immediately, otherwise it will wait around for about five seconds 
before exploding.

Hi-tech throwing stars that rip through enemy bodies.  Prepare for some blood 
spattering when employing these homing weapons of death.  If the enemies evade 
the weapon long enough though it will drop to the ground or become stuck in the 
wall.  If this happens make sure to retrieve the star so that you can reuse it.

Remote Mines
Lay some tricky traps and reward yourself with a huge explosion with the press 
of a button (literally).

Timed Mines
These aren't "smart" weapons and will blow enemies, Tribals, and you up 
accordingly.  Definitely fun to watch some of the more dim-witted foes go up in 
a burst of surprising flames.  When you throw them they will flash and make a 
beeping a noise, and after five seconds or so they will become spiky and go 

Cluster Bombs
A grenade that explodes into more grenades that parachute down from the sky and 
eventually wipe out an area with quite a large radius.  These are very rare and 
should only be used when some serious damage needs to be inflicted.

These items need to be used in those dark and creepy corridors when the lighting 
just isn't efficient enough.  At first a pink light will emerge from your hand, 
but you can throw it onto walls as well.  Eventually they will wink out of 
existence after ten seconds or so.

Eventually, after defeating Mizar for the first time, King Jeff will reward you 
with jetpacks for each character.  These can be fueled up in special areas with 
pads that have an "F" on them.  Then you can jet into the air and obtain special 

Below are four pads that I have encountered so far:

Fueling Pads      -- marked by a distinctive "F", these pads will partially 
refuel any character's jetpack so that it can be used to reach special areas in 
specific rooms

Floyd Pads        -- these pads have a picture of Floyd on them, and if you have 
assembled him and he is following you then you can access a special Floyd 
Mission by pressing Start

Night Vision Pads -- when you acquire the Night Vision goggles you will be able 
to use them in                      especially dark places by activating them 
when on one of these rare pads

Drone Pads        -- these pads have the mark of an ant drone and when you press 
A you will transform into a drone

Tribal Pads       -- these pads have the mark of a Tribal and when you press A 
you will transform into a Tribal

These are the items that you can pick up and hold in your inventory:

Blue Gems              -- these repair one unit of your energy

Purple Gems            -- these repair five units of your energy

Gemini Holders         -- the more of these you have the more Gems you can hold

Normal Ammo Crates     -- usually replenishes five, twenty, or fifty ammo 
depending on the                           weapon

Red Ammo Crates        -- this will completely restore the maximum amount of a 
certain type of ammo

Capacity Crates        -- increases the total possible amount of ammunition that 
can be held

Keys                   -- keys can be found and used to open particular doors 
scattered about                           the planets that allow you to further 
along on your quest

Mizar Tokens           -- the standard form of currency used to pay for special 

Shields                -- these will temporarily make you invulnerable to damage

Including all of those above there are also special unique items that are only 
used once in particular situations like gold bars or pairs of pants.


2. Strategy

There are some certain facts or tips that you should be aware of when playing 
Jet Force Gemini.  Below are some of them.

Racing Tricks

When racing in either of Jeff and Barry's courses you will need to be fast in 
order to win first place and defeat the impressive high scores.  Try to get used 
to the controls first and realize that it doesn't matter which way your vehicle 
is facing, when you press up you move up, when you press down, you move down.

You have three boosts to start out with, and you can use them by pressing the A 
button.  Whenever you see one of those blue discs appear, accelerate towards it 
as fast as possible since the computer controlled racers are usually intelligent 
enough to go for them as fast as possible as well.  Use these and the other 
items (like the bombs) with the Z button to slow down opponents so that you can 
have more space and widen the margin for victory.  

Try to follow the inside portion of the race as much as possible because it 
shaves off so many seconds.  But if you hit the side then you will slow down 
considerably.  If you are really lucky though, sometimes you can have other 
racers boost into you or bump you directly in your back and you will bounce off 
of them and hopefully be going forward too!

Most of these tactics work just as well in the 3D racing as well as the 2D 

Surrendering Drones

If you meet up with a pack of drones and take care of them rather efficiently 
with an extremely powerful weapon like the Homing Missile Launcher or Cluster 
Bombs then you can make some nearby and/or upcoming drones surrender!  They will 
stop what they are doing and just hold their hands in the air and watch you.  Of 
course, this is war, no time to show mercy!  Blast their heads off with whatever 
gun you please and bask in your love of violence and animated gore :)

Find Ammo

Always make sure to have some ammo for every weapon because there are always 
situations where one weapon works best and if you are out for that particular 
one, you are in for some major trouble.  After defeating many ant drones, make 
sure to pick up their guns that they leave behind.  These act as normal ammo 
crates for whatever weapon you are currently carrying.  That way if you need to 
replenish for one type of weapon, destroy an ant with another gun, then switch 
weapons and pick up the ammo.

Flamethrower Trick

Once you find the Flamethrower (late in the game at the Abandoned Space Station) 
you will find it runs out of ammo rather quickly.  Well, many Tribals carry 
certain items with them.  Although baby Tribals and child Tribals may just cry, 
others carry axes to make tapping noises when you are near, and still others 
carry lanterns.  The ones with the lanterns are the ones we are concerned about 
here.  Take out your Jet Force Pistol and hit them once in the foot.  They will 
flinch and drop the lantern.  Go and pick up the lantern as the fire inside will 
serve as ammo for the Flamethrower.

Conserve Jetpack Fuel

When you are floating in mid-air with your jetpack as any character, you can 
press C Down instead to hover at the same altitude and still be able to move all 
around.  Now though you will use less ammo.

Get Gems

Oftentimes you will see Gems that seem to be out of reach.  Most of the time 
though, all you have to do is take careful aim and shoot them.  They will slide 
around in whatever direction you hit them in, and with any luck they will lands 
somewhere helpful.

Assign Weapons

Make sure to assign four different weapons to your control pad (digital) so that 
you can quickly access some of the weapons you find yourself using more often.  
I use Up as the Machine Gun, Right as the Tri-Rocket Launcher, Down as the 
Shurikens, and Left as the Grenades.

Lost in a Maze?

Whenever you seem to be stuck in a network of passages that seem to be infinite, 
remember to follow one wall.  This means at intersections to always go in one 
direction.  If you always turn right, you will eventually find an exit unless 
you begin to travel in circles.  To prevent this, you can damage boxes nearby to 
indicate to yourself later that you have been here before.  You can also try 
leaving one Mizar Token behind or one Gem behind too.

Play with a Friend!

If you are in desperate need, get a friend to help you out by controlling Floyd 
(once you earn him at Tawfret).  You can have almost twice the firepower yet 
conserve ammo and health.

Check Everywhere!!!

If you can't find an exit then search like mad.  Think of what character you are 
and what advantages that character has.  Have you killed every enemy, have you 
gone through every door and even checked in the strangest places.  Most of the 
problems in Jet Force Gemini aren't really puzzles, and 90% of them can be 
solved by exploring every nook and cranny.


3. Codes

Collecting Ant Heads

In your Pause Menu you will see an option to check your inventory.  In there you 
will see how many ant heads you have collected with your character.  Although 
you can't go back and collect more heads from previous levels, you can go back 
and essentially "beat your high score" for that level by getting more.  A lot of 
it just depends on aiming.  If you have a good shot then always go for the head.  
If that doesn't work and you are getting frustrated, just whip out the big guns 
and watch heads go bouncing all over the place.  Sometimes if you kill a drone 
(or most other huge monsters) you can go over to their dead bodies and shoot 
their heads off that way.  Anyway...

100 Ant Heads
Rainbow Blood
This will make it so that when enemy is killed their blood, instead of the 
usually green or black (with monsters) or red (with Tribals) it will 
multicolored and fluorescent.

200 Ant Heads
Jet Force Kids
This will make any character you control basically become proportionally 
smaller.  Fortunately, this doesn't impact gameplay too much, as you can still 
jump and reach platforms as normal, but you are indeed a smaller target.  
However, this, like all of the other ant head cheats, is mainly just for fun.

300 Ant Heads
Ants into Pants
This code is definitely the most hilarious.  Readers of the Rare web page have 
often heard references to the famous Mr. Pants, and if you were lucky enough you 
may have seen a glimpse of the 2D stick figure.  But now he makes his 3D debut 
in one of the most comical codes ever!

All of these can be turned on or off through the options part under the Pause 
Menu.  Understand though that the code will only work for those particular 
characters that have met the requirement themselves.

Jeff and Barry Racing I and II, along with Greenwood Village Racing Stage

In the Big Bug Fun Club of Ichor, where all the cool bugs hang out, you can find 
a door that leads to a small room with two arcades.  One of these is Jeff and 
Barry Racing I.  You can play it for one Mizar Token, and if you come in first 
you will always be able to choose it as a Multiplayer Mode.

If you get a Gold Medal on the Floyd Mission on the Military Base level you will 
also be rewarded with a circuit.  With this you can fix the second arcade and 
play Jeff and Barry Racing II.  When you beat 45 seconds on this then you will 
again be able to choose it in Multiplayer with friends.

If you break both high scores on each arcade (30 seconds on one of them and 40 
seconds on the other) then you will also earn the special Greenwood Village 
Racing Stage in Multiplayer Mode that is exactly like the course in Diddy Kong 

Mizar 3D Race

Once you have the jetpack you can return to the where the pyramid is at Mizar's 
Palace.  Take one of the small hallways you had to travel down as Floyd earlier 
and you will come to another small pyramid.  Enter it, refuel your jetpack on 
the nearby pad, and fly to the top of a pillar in the center of the room.  On 
the top there is a drone transformation pad.  Activate it, go through the newly 
opened door, and look for an empty stall in the next room.  Now you can race it 
out, and if you finish first you will earn the right to have this track in 
Multiplayer Mode.

Disco Fever!

Head on over to the Big Bug Fun Club at Ichor Stage 2: Perimeter for a real good 
time!  Dance the night away to some swing, disco, funk, and techno.  Just ask 
the DJ and he will play you a tune!  Don't forget to join the bug crowd in your 
clever costume that you can get from the drone pad outside.  Even the giant 
drones dance a little behind the bar counter!

Cyborg Drone

Once you have all Expert Medals on all five of the Floyd Missions you will 
unlock the Cyborg Drone for the Multiplayer Mode.

Title Screen Changes

After certain achievements are made the title screen will change.  Here are the 
times when they do:

1) Find Vela
2) Find Floyd
3) Find Lupus
4) Defeat Mizar the first time
5) Defeat Mizar the second time

Rare's Trademark Hidden Jokes

Just like with some of Kazooie's off color remarks in Banjo-Kazooie, Rare snuck 
in some of their classic hidden jokes to appeal to some of us older gamers who 
realize the true meaning behind them.

After you give Gimlet his Pants back in the Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge, he will 
disappear from that room for the remainder of the game.  But if you talk to him 
before leaving, and after receiving the Crowbar, he will be kind enough to add, 
"Ahhhhh...my yin and yang are warming up nicely!"  They may be able to slip this 
past some people, but not me!

When you find the so-called "Specialist" Magazine in Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax, 
and then give it to Fernando, you will get the impression he will not just be 
reading with it.  I think I can hazard a guess that he will not be using the 
magazine for literary pleasure, since it will be the works of art that, uh, 
please him most.

Glitch in Greenwood Village

Veteran gamers of Rare's previous racing title will recall the secret shortcut 
in the well of Greenwood Village.  However, this has been taken out of the 
version in Jet Force Gemini!  The area where you returned to the normal part of 
the track has also been cut from the final version.  This is because your 
vehicles are "hover cars" and always follow the surface of the course.  No 
matter how hard you try you will not be able to catch air, fall off a cliff, or 
be knocked into the sky!


4. Access

Some of the more frequently asked questions I receive concern how to find 
certain secret planets or stages once you have defeated Mizar the first time.  
In order to cut down on the time it takes them to find the information, and to 
add to the free time I have to answer other emails, I present this special 
section to you called Access.

Goldwood Stage 2: Lodge

Use Vela to access this extra area.  At the conclusion of Goldwood Stage 1: 
Outset there is a river just before the door that exits the stage.  To one side 
of the river is an underwater cave that leads into this special level.

Goldwood Stage 3: Rim

Use Lupus to unlock this previous unreachable level.  Near the beginning of 
Goldwood Stage 4: Interior you will see a vast ravine that divides up the piece 
of land that you are on, and a small ledge off in the distance.  Move ahead and 
kill all of the enemies in the area until you see a quick cutscene of a Life 
Force door opening up.  Head back to the huge cliff and hover across with Lupus' 
built in boosters.  A door over there will lead to this level.

Spacestation Stage 1: Abandoned Wreck

You will have to be playing as Vela to find this secret and desolate spacecraft.  
Eventually, after wandering through Goldwood Stage 2: Lodge you will find a 
special landing zone with your spaceship.  Jump into your vehicle and you will 
be rewarded with a sweet movie of you blasting off through the wreckage of the 
mutilated station and landing at a breach in its hull.

Gem Quarry Stage 1: Landing

You will be playing as Lupus once again to uncover this hidden planet in need.  
At the conclusion of Goldwood Stage 3: Rim you will finally reach a subterranean 
cavern housing your spaceship at an underground launching pad.  Hop inside and 
watch as you jet across the stars and to this peaceful planet also populated by 
the friendly Tribals.

S.S. Anubis Stage 2: Passageway

This level can be accessed with the use of the jetpack.  Near the very beginning 
of S.S. Anubis Stage 1: Hold, you can climb up a stacked pile of boxes to reach 
a small balcony.  Follow the trail between the guardrails and you will arrive at 
a little area with a fuel pad.  Energize your jetpack and fly up into the corner 
where a lone door will lead you to this level.

S.S. Anubis Stage 3: Depository

This level is out of the way, but can actually be reached before defeating Mizar 
once.  Start off S.S. Anubis Stage 1: Hold by entering through the upper route.  
You should be able to reach a kind of catwalk by climbing up some huge boxes 
nearby.  Then you can follow a small corridor to a door that will lead you into 
another room with enemies down below.  Quickly dodge the laser fire and head 
over to another door.  This will take you into this new level.

Walkway Stage 1: Peak

This is another bleak planet with a single mound of barren rock resting amid the 
clouds with a single building upon it.  To reach this forgotten planet you will 
have to travel through S.S. Anubis Stage 2: Depository.  At the end of that 
level you will find your spaceship awaiting you in a hangar that will fly you 
over here.

Water Ruins Stage 1: Lost Island

This will probably be one of the coolest stages to explore and to find in the 
first place!  Once you have received your upgrade armor and jetpack from King 
Jeff, go to Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser.  At the start, go to the left to 
enter a huge room.  Continue on heading in that direction to enter yet another 
room, similar to the previous one.  Along here you should see some branches that 
lead off to the side of the raised path you should walking along.  These 
branches lead down to a river, but one of them in particular takes you to a fuel 
pad.  Using this you can fly up into the air and over to the far wall that is 
above the river.  You should find a corridor now that actually encircles the 
entire level!  At one point though, the passageway will enter outer space and 
there will be a small ramp that will lead you to your faithful spaceship.  Walk 
down this and then you will warp on over to the Water Ruins!

Ichor Stage 2: Perimeter

There are actually two entrances to this level from Ichor Stage 1: Military 
Base.  Both of them require the Blue Key, which means you will need to use 
either Juno or Vela to enter it.  The easiest method to get into this stage 
though is to start the level off from the beginning.  Destroy the first group of 
enemies and then go through the Life Force door.  In this large outdoor area, 
continue running straight until you should see a door in the left wall that 
needs the Blue Key.  Through here will be the Perimeter stage.

Rith Essa Stage 2: Ascent

This level also requires the assistance of the Blue Key to unlock, and therefore 
requires the skills of Juno or Vela.  After charging through Rith Essa Stage 1: 
Bluff, you should come to a somewhat peaceful area with a waterfall.  To the 
left you should see a locked blue door.  If you travel through this threshold 
you should enter into the stage.

Rith Essa Stage 4: Mine

After forging a trail through the numerous enemies in Rith Essa Stage 1: Bluff, 
and exiting the level and reaching a quite clearing, you should see some steps 
that wrap around a waterfall and lead into another area.  In here you will see a 
hut that you can enter.  Inside is the mining brother Fernando, and if you 
entrust him with the Specialist Magazine he will be sure to give you the Mine 
Key in return.  With this you can go back outside and follow the mine tracks 
there into a cave where the Mine stage resides.

Eschebone Stage 3: Cortex

The veritable brain of the mutant creature you wander inside of is the level you 
are now in search of.  However, in the beginning of Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax 
you will see some gills on either side of the room with the four pillars.  You 
can walk through these to enter new areas outside.  From there you should be 
able to find a blocked off doorway that you can blast through with your Tri-
Rocket Launcher.  Then you should notice a fuel pad that you can use to fly back 
to where you came from, but above the gills and up on top.  Up here after 
looking around you should spot a cave to the side.  In here is where the Cortex 
lies ahead.

Asteroid: Mizar's Lair

This is the final level of Jet Force Gemini, and can only be reached once you 
have individually saved every last Tribal across all of the planets and stages 
within and have collected all twelve pieces of the ancient spaceship.  Then you 
can return to the pyramid at the end of any of the Mizar's Palace stages, using 
any character you desire.  Inside the pyramid you will locate King Jeff and a 
number of Tribals hard at work on the spaceship.  Talk to him to receive the 
final piece to the spaceship, and then talk to him again to start blasting off 
through the stars in chase of Mizar's Asteroid.  After an extended movie you 
will begin this final stage, the last stepping stone until the battle with 


5. Weapons

There are numerous weapons in Jet Force Gemini and it is crucial, or at the 
least rewarding, to uncover every last one for each character.  Only then will 
you have fully conquered this game, once you have a full arsenal for each 

Jet Force Pistol

Juno starts his adventure with it.

Vela starts her adventure with it.

Lupus starts his adventure with it.

Fish Food

When you enter the second area of the entire game on Goldwood Stage 1: Outset, 
there is a hidden passage off to the right.  Follow the shadowed rock wall and 
you will eventually discover a dark opening that will lead to a clearing with a 
pond.  Around the edge of the pond is a chest with this practical item.

Same as above.

Same as above.


Once you have the Yellow Key you can enter a special door in the second area of 
Goldwood Stage 1: Outset.  In here is a small underground cave with one huge 
drone awaiting.  Blast him and then search for the chest that is next to the 
small campfires.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Machine Gun

In Goldwood Stage 4: Interior you can find this weapon behind the red locked 
door.  After climbing a cliff to find the door, quickly shoot down the monster 
to grab the chest.

In the first room to the left at Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser you will find a 
Life Force Door.  Kill all of the drones in the room and the door will open.  
Inside is the trusty gun.

In the first room on Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier this gun can be found.


This devastating weapon can be found within the depths of Spacestation Stage 1: 
Abandoned Wreck.  At the beginning, drop down below your ship before even 
entering a single door.  After rummaging around down here, and jumping/dropping 
through some holes in the ceiling/floor you will come upon this treasured gun.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Plasma Shotgun

In the first room of S.S. Anubis Stage 1: Hold there are a number of boxes off 
in the corner that can be ascended.  At the top you will find a chest containing 
this weapon.

After receiving the Red Key from Fish Face on Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser 
you will see a chest in the corner awaiting you with this gun.

In the first room on Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier

Cluster Bombs

In S.S. Anubis Stage 1: Hold you will find three huge panels of glass at the 
summit of a sliding ramp.  Blast through them and behind them and you will find 
a passage that will eventually lead outside the ship in a glass hallway, over 
the ceiling of another room, and past some floor crawlers and into a small area 
with some Mizar Tokens.  Here there is also a chest with the bombs.

In Ichor Stage 1: Military Base there is a place in the level where huge glass 
panels line most of the wall.  Blast through this and search around up in a 
secret corridor and a room off to the side to find these helpful explosives.

Same as above.

Homing Missile Launcher

At Walkway Stage 1: Peak there is a trail that leads up to a building with this 
essential weapon inside of a chest.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Tri-Rocket Launcher

King Jeff will reward you with this weapon after you reach the end of Tawfret 
Stage 1: Bog.

After you collect three Gold Bars on the desert of Cerulean Stage 1: Dune, you 
must find a Life Force door.  Hopefully you will have already killed enough 
enemies by now and the iron bars will open allowing you to enter.  Inside you 
will see your old friend waiting to trade you for this weapon.

At the starting area of Rith Essa Stage 1: Bluff you will be able to locate this 
gun hidden away in a chest before even advancing to the next area.


Right after collecting the Tri-Rocket Launcher, destroy the doors off of some of 
the tombs at the end of Tawfret Stage 1: Bog.  Inside one of the three tombs 
will be a chest with Grenades.

In the very first room at the hangar to Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser there is 
a chest nearby with this handy item.

When you reach the huge mouth at Eschebone Stage 2: Approach there will be a 
chest full of grenades to the side.

Sniper Rifle

At the ending of Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge in Gimlet's own special area there is a 
chamber within a cave with this helpful item.

Help!  I can't remember!

Help!  I can't remember!

Remote Mines

This is yet another special little weapon found within the tunnels near the 
finality of Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge.  It is behind some of the obstructions that 
secretly block some crawlspaces in the walls.

Same as above.

Same as above.


Also at the conclusion of Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge you can find this item.  
Underneath Floyd's pedestal you can find a door that can be obliterated with the 
aid of the Tri-Rocket Launcher.  Inside is a chest containing some Flares to use 
in the tunnels ahead.

Same as above.

Same as above.

Timed Mines

At the far side of the mainland in Water Ruins Stage 1: Lost Island you can find 
a chest just above the shoreline of the huge ocean.  In here is definitely one 
of the more powerful devices.

Same as above.

Same as above.


Near the end of Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier you will find a room covered 
with magma along the bottom.  Drop down here and search for a doorway in one of 
the structures that support a walkway overhead.  In here is the "experimental 

In Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier you will find a room with some water near 
the beginning.  Dive down into the pool and swim through the tunnel beneath the 
surface.  Eventually you will pop back up in a small alcove with some Tribals 
and the Shocker.

In one of the areas where you must traverse some floating platforms you can see 
a pipe jutting out of one of the lower walls and on the left.  Jump down here 
and use your boosters at the correct instant to hover into the pipe.  This will 
lead you to a small room with yet another chest containing the Shocker.


6. Enemies

Due to popular demand and some of the sad stories I've heard of some people 
being defeated at the last instant by a monster, I have decided to compose an 
enemy compendium of sorts that will detail each type of monster and exploit 
their weaknesses and what tactics should be used against them in the field of 
battle.  Please note as well that all of the names are approximate descriptions 
of them and are not official by any means.

The Hideous Blue Drones

Above all the most abundant soldier in the galaxy for Mizar troop's these blue 
ants can be a menace in numbers.  They will always work together in groups, but 
will usually approach you one by one for close range combat.  Keep your back to 
a wall if possible so that you know you can't be attacked from them circling 

Try to take them out one at a time, and usually blind charging is the best 
technique, splitting their defenses.  Make sure to follow them to, as sometimes 
they will retreat behind boxes and reveal themselves later after you think you 
have cleared the area.  Some of them will also decide to be tricky and throw 
grenades into the wild fray, but this results in a beneficial act for you just 
as much as it does for them.

The blue insectoids come in three types, one unshielded, one with a partial 
shield, and the other with full body protection.  With the latter two try to use 
your Machine Gun so spray bullets raining upon them.  Otherwise resort to 
explosives like the Tri-Rocket Launcher or Grenades, or the unobjective Shuriken 
dice through their armor.  Be careful to exhaust too much ammo though.

Oftentimes after a group has been entirely dispatched with, the final monster to 
fall will leave behind a Purple Gem to partially help you recuperate from the 
skirmish.  Wait around awhile to collect these.  Always make sure to grab their 
guns if/when they drop them.  You can even knock them out of their hands when 
they are still alive sometimes!  And if you are aiming for the cheats, go for 
the heads, as they will pop off more easily with direct hits, and even after 
they are down you can blast them off of their writhing corpses.

Green Drone Snipers

These are green drones that are actually far weaker than their blue 
counterparts.  Expect them to stand in isolated/camouflaged/protected sniper 
points so as to deal the most damage to you without being detected.  However, 
once they are found a few shots with any gun will make them somersault to the 
ground in death.  Sometimes you can even make them surrender and that can be 
really fun!

Yellow Drones

These rare drones are usually solitary among a group, and are cooler to find 
then anything else.  They move at a paralyzed rate, and their only attacks are 
close range combat with their own physical body.  They will grab you, kick you, 
or bite you if you wander close.  You can also hear them from afar if you are 
wary and listen to their guttural growls.  A simple blast to the head though 
will put an end to their misery.

Red Drones

These are fast moving drones that don't mind running all over the battlefield 
firing powerful lasers and throwing explosives often.  They move and work as a 
team inside groups even more than the slower blue drone.  Don't hold back with 
your Machine Gun, and you can even use rockets against them on a regular basis 
as you should be able to carry a lot of them by the time you encounter these 
enemies in large groups.

Zombie Drones

These are the mutant cousins of the normal ant drones, and they principally 
inhabit the marshy realms of Tawfret.  You can neutralize them temporarily with 
shots to the body, but the only attacks that will leave lasting damage are 
Plasma Shotgun blasts to the skull, or explosions from the Tri-Rocket Launcher.  
They are slow though, so you can take your time usually, and get up-close and 
personal to make your shots count.  The larger ones imitate the smaller ones in 
this respect as well.

Giant Drones

These massive aliens are slow gargantuan killers that usually reside in the back 
of a battle and hit you from a distance.  They usually fire a huge blue blast at 
you that deals major damage and moves quickly through the air.  Keep your 
distance and strafe back and forth quickly.  Although you can take them out with 
lesser weapons, it is worth the time and the ammo to dispose of these creatures 
with one rocket dead on target.  You can even collect their heads after the 
carnage if it was a particularly nasty shot.  These come in different 
variations, but the idea is always the same.

Flying Squadrons

These airborne assailants will always travel in formations.  Most of them will 
form a square or a line of some sort and act in a very robotic fashion.  You can 
always find a pattern in their movements, whether it is traveling around the 
room or just swaying from side to side.  Either way, the Machine Gun rids you of 
these pests the fastest as its wild barrage of bullets are always bound to hit 
some targets.

The squadrons come in different types, and many of these follow familiar 
patterns.  One version literally just rests there firing at you until one is all 
that remains and then it will roam about a little bit.  Another type stays as a 
swarm and flies high in the sky for a moment, and then plummets down lower for a 
moment before returning to continue the process yet again.  The most dangerous 
type is the one that stays off in the distance, and then they all rush you one 
right after the other firing lasers as they seek you out and hail you with 
attacks.  Then they return to their previous formation to regroup and travel 
over once again.  These guys demand the most respect, and return the favor with 
something more powerful.

Floating Jellyfish

These are just slightly more advanced than their flying squadron cousins are.  
These monsters will usually appear in front of you as a surprise attack.  They 
are even simpler to destroy though, it is just their lasers that pack more 


There are very few of these minor beasts, and they travel in small groups in 
small passages and hallways or tunnels.  They can slowly wear you down if you 
ignore their threat too much, so blast them on the ground when you first see 
them crawling towards you.  Watch out for their only trick however, as they 
might act dead for a few moments before continuing their quests to nab you.

Mizar Guards

There are a few of these powerful guards that usually attack in a pair or a trio 
just before the end of a major level, or before Mizar himself.  They require 
multiple missile explosions, preferably to the head.  Their movements resemble 
those of the huge drones, but they are slightly more intelligent and will seek 
you out if you try to take them out from a distance.  Stand your ground, strafe 
in a circle around them, and use the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to 
destroy them as quickly as possible.


7. Key Locations

Each character must collect a number of keys before they can exit levels, and 
ultimately, before they can confront Mizar for the final showdown.  Below are 
the listing of the keys that I have described how to obtain.  Please note that 
some keys found by the same character are actually found in the exact same 
place.  Here they are:


Red Key
Goldwood Stage 4: Interior

Yellow Key
Goldwood Stage 4: Interior

Green Key
Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser

Blue Key
Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser

Magenta Key
Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax


Red Key
Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser

Green Key
Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser

Yellow Key
Cerulean Stage 1: Dune

Blue Key
Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax

Magenta Key
Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax


Red Key
Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier

Yellow Key
Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier

Green Key
Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser

Blue Key
...there is none that can be found with Lupus!...

Magenta Key
Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax


8. Spaceship Parts Locations

Part: Vela's Hatch Key
Level: Goldwood Stage 2: Lodge
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: None   

Part: Radar Dish
Level: Gem Quarry Stage 1: Landing
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: None   

Part: Fin
Level: S.S. Anubis Stage 2: Passageway
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: Jetpack   

Part: Cargo Bay Key
Level: Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: None

Part: Power Cell
Level: Water Ruins Stage 1: Lost Island
Character: Juno
Pre-requisites: Ear Plugs

Part: Nitrogen Tank
Level: Water Ruins: Stage 1: Lost Island
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: None

Part: Juno's Hatch Key
Level: Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier
Character: Juno
Pre-requisites: None

Part: Deflector Shield
Level: Rith Essa Stage 4: Mine
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: Mine Key

Part: Lupus' Hatch Key
Level: Ichor Stage 1: Military Base
Character: Lupus
Pre-requisites: None

Part: Oxygen Tank
Level: Eschebone Stage 3: Cortex
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: Jetpack

Part: Fuse
Level: Mizar's Palace (at the end of all of the stages)
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: Jetpack

Part: Stabilizer
Level: Mizar's Palace (at the end of all of the stages)
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: All Tribals must be saved


9. Totem Pole Locations

Code: Yellow Ant
Level: Goldwood (before Stage 1: Outset)
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Spacestation Stage
Level: Spacestation Stage 1: Abandoned Wreck
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Blue Ant
Level: S.S. Anubis Stage 1: Hold
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Rith Essa Mine Stage
Level: Walkway Stage 1: Peak
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: Jetpack

Code: Zombie Termite
Level: Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge
Character: Lupus
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Beetle Termite
Level: Tawfret Stage 2: Bridge
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Male Tribal
Level: Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: Magenta Key

Code: Metallic Termite
Level: Sekhmet Stage 1: Battle Cruiser
Character: Lupus
Pre-requisites: None

Code: King of the Hill Stage
Level: Cerulean Stage 1: Dune
Character: Any
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Red Ant
Level: Ichor Stage 1: Military Base
Character: Juno
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Green Ant
Level: Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier
Character: Lupus
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Tunnels Stage
Level: Rith Essa Stage 1: Bluff
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: None

Code: Female Tribal
Level: Rith Essa Stage 4: Mine
Character: Vela
Pre-requisites: Mine Key

Code: Purple Termite
Level: Mizar's Palace Stage 1: Lobby
Character: Juno
Pre-requisites: None

10. Floyd Mission Locations

Once you have assembled Floyd on Tawfret you can find Floyd Pads and access 
special Floyd Missions by pressing the A button on those pads.  Below are the 
pads that I have described thoroughly.  Here they are:

Award Earned: Target Range: Goldwood
Level: Goldwood Stage 4: Interior

Award Earned: Ear Plugs
Level: S.S. Anubis Stage 1: Hold

Award Earned: Circuit
Level: Ichor Stage 1: Military Base

Award Earned: Target Range: Normal (Rith Essa)
Level: Eschebone Stage 1: Thorax

Award Earned: None (allows you to battle Mizar the first time)
Level: Mizar's Palace (at the end of all of the stages)

Award Earned: None (wins the game)
Level: Asteroid (at the end of all of the stages)

Note that you can earn five versions of a medal once you have completed the 
mission and met all of the primary objectives.

Merit ~ you met all of the primary objectives
Bronze ~ you met all of the primary objectives within a time limit
Silver ~ you met all of the primary objectives within a tighter time limit
Gold ~ you met all of the secondary objectives within a time limit
Expert ~ you destroyed every target and picked up every item extremely fast!


11. Special Items

There are certain special items in Jet Force Gemini that some characters can 
earn by talking to characters etc. and then they can use those items in any 
level.  All of the items found so far and written about are below.  Here they 

These pants are found on Tawfret and must be given back to their owner Gimlet.

This is earned by giving Gimlet his pair of pants back on Tawfret Stage 2: 
Bridge.  This Crowbar can be used by Juno to open up particular locked doors 
such as the trap door on Walkway Stage 1: Peak.

Ear Plugs
This is awarded to you after you complete the Floyd Mission on S.S. Anubis Stage 
1: Hold.  This must be given to Ivana the Bear for a spaceship part on Water 
Ruins Stage 1: Lost Island.

Gold Bars (3)
These are hidden individually on Cerulean Stage 1: Dune and must all be 
collected by Vela so that she can trade them in for a Tri-Rocket Launcher.

This is awarded to you after you complete the Floyd Mission on Ichor Stage 1: 
Military Base.  Once you have it you can repair the second arcade in the Big Bug 
Fun Club on Ichor and play Jeff and Barry Racing II.

Specialist Magazine
This is found in after swimming through a small tunnel as Vela on Eschebone 
Stage 1: Thorax.  Once you have it you can give it to Fernando so that he will 
reward you with the Mine Key.

Mine Key
This can be earned from giving the Specialist Magazine to Fernando on Rith Essa 
(see above).  Once you have it you can unlock the door that leads to the Mine 


12. Gemini Holders

***Goldwood Stage 1: Outset***
Go inside the King Jeff's hut and hump up the stone platforms that line the 
inside of the room.  Up on the top is a Gemini Holder.

***Spawnship Stage 1: Troop Carrier***
Once you enter the room with lava lining the floor, carefully peer over the edge 
to the left.  If you are standing on the very first platform you stand on when 
you come in, you should see another small ledge just above the surface of the 
leve with another Gemini Holder.

***Rith Essa Stage 1: Bluff***
MUST BE LUPUS!  Start climbing up the path in the beginning of the level that 
leads up to the peak of a hill.  About halfway up the trail turn around and face 
back at the waterfall and a platform behind near it.  Jump as far as you can and 
use your boosters to barely make it to the platform to pick up the Gemini 

This is the small amount that I can remember right now.  Don't worry though, I 
will have many more soon once I replay through the game!


13. Guide

Planet Overview


Goldwood is the very first world that the members of the Jet Force squad will 
enter.  Here they will be able to see the terror Mizar has inflicted upon the 
Tribals, and how evil he, and the armies of his drones really are.  The planet 
itself is peaceful forest area that is mainly populated by the Tribals, led by 
King Jeff.  You will also meet Magnus on this world and he will provide you with 
some information.

S.S. Anubis

The S.S. Anubis (named after an Egyptian god) is an incredibly large cargo ship 
that floats aimlessly in the vast reaches of space.  It was originally owned and 
maintained by Mizar and his wicked dominions, but now has been discarded for an 
obsolete piece of junk.  Many strange items and characters can still be 
discovered residing inside.


Another planet normally inhabited by the neutral Tribals who were promised to be 
protected by the Jet Force team.  Just like Goldwood's situation, they are in 
dire need of assistance as Mizar's drones are quickly taking over and enslaving 
the helpless teddy bears/furballs.  The setting itself is very dismal and is 
composed of mainly swamps and cloudy overcasts along with scattered showers


This is the reason why many worlds have fallen under the awesome power of 
Mizar's far reaching army.  It poses a gigantic threat and will be a difficult 
place to overcome.  It is basically a military destroyer vessel that Mizar loves 
to use to take over helpless planets.


A mysterious desert planet that portrays the ruins of a lost land centuries ago.  
Particularly blue and desolate it stretches out under the light of a moon.


The veritable hive of military activity for Mizar.  The huge outpost is 
constantly swarming with thousands of drones and space ships docking and 
transporting goods and soldiers.  The entire level is completely filled with all 
sorts of enemies strategically placed to defend the drones' territory.


The rumored breeding grounds for the seemingly endless insectoids.  The battles 
here will be swift and furious.

Rith Essa

A mining planet that supposedly holds claim to many an amazing view.  It is very 
colorful and almost tropical.  All around it are scenic vistas that are 
unparalleled anywhere else in the galaxy.  It is also the home of the Mining 
Brothers and their precious mine.


An uncolonized world that is dotted with angry volcanoes and vicious alien 
monsters and beasts.  Expect some huge bosses here as it will the final stepping 
stone to the home of the evil lord himself, Mizar.  Most of the time you 
actually have to travel through the disgusting insides of a huge mutant beast.

Mizar's Palace

The lair of the evil ruler and the meeting place of the separate team members.  
Once they rejoin here, gamers will be able to retrace their steps to unlock 
special areas.  They will also have to combat Mizar here once, and eventually 
take off into outer space to fight him again!

This brief level is set in the clouds on a barren rock.  Strangely enough, there 
is a natural walkway that leads to a single building.

A seemingly half-destroyed space station lies in ruins seemingly floating 
through the stars for eternity.  Nothing is known about its insides though...

*Gem Quarry*
A special mining planet for the Tribals located a small distance off of 
Goldwood.  They have a special satellite orbiting the planet as a defense system 
as well.

*Water Ruins*
This level is just one huge ocean littered with the remains of what used to be a 
castle.  All that is here now are some broken buildings.

The place of the final showdown is desolate and bleak.  Many caves run through 
its surface with foggy corridors.  Outside you can see Earth in the distance as 
rocks and clouds whiz by overhead.

* denote a secret world


Let the Walkthrough goodness begin.  This is the section where the meat of this 
guide is, and the place that you have been scrolling around madly to locate.  
Well, the answer to all of your questions (or all of the questions that I can 
answer) are here, starting with level one, and one day ending up at Mizar's 
Palace.  Please only use this when you are really stuck because it really isn't 
any fun cheating.  You bought this game for a challenge, don't punish yourself 
unnecessarily!  Try the problem.  Again.  Again.  Then come see my walkthrough.  
Afterwards, if there are any more comments/questions then email me (see Contact 
info up at the top).


Goldwood                   Tribals: 6
Stage 1: Outset                Use: Any

After watching a long cinema sequence that portrays the background to the 
adventure, you will see yourself land on Goldwood.  Get use to your controls 
here before continuing on, but don't waste too much ammo.  Before leaving you 
will automatically bump into Magnus, who will tell you to follow him to meet 
King Jeff.

After entering the door you will see a huge open area that is centered upon a 
large hut in the center.  Enter the hut and talk to King Jeff.  Ask him to 
replay the events that lead up to this disaster and you will be treated with 
another cutscene.  Then jump up the nearby stairs to pick up an additional 
Gemini Holder.

When you are back outside go to the left and search for a black passageway in 
the wall.  It will appear to be just a shadow, but you can actually walk through 
since it is just a dark door.  You will then find a clearing with pond in the 
center.  To the right is a capacity crate while a little ways onwards is a chest 
containing Fish Food!  You can now feed fishes, feed Flopsy (at Rith Essa near 
the entrance to the mines), or distract enemies!

***Special Note***
If you are Vela then you can dive down to the bottom of the pond to touch a 

Leave the clearing and go find Magnus waiting at a specially marked door.  Three 
harmless enemies will appear and you can test your aim and accuracy and blast 
them to pieces.  Then continue on into where the real first stage starts.

***Special Note***
If you have the Yellow Key you can enter through another door in the open area.  
This will lead to a cavern where you can open a chest and pick up 10 Shurikens.

Now that the stage has begun, get ready for action.  Always make sure to check 
areas after you have decimated the enemies to pick up ammo crates and capacity 
crates to extend your supplies.
After the first pair of ants and a sniper up in the tree tops, make sure to 
rescue the single *TRIBAL*.  Keep taking out those ants until you reach a small 
village.  Two *TRIBALS* are hidden here behind huts and structures.

***Special Note***
If you are returning to this level with the Tri-Rocket Launcher, you can blast 
through the doors of two of the huts.  In one of them will be a Mercenary Robot 
who can refill your energy or all of your ammo for a few Mizar Tokens.  In the 
other hut there are some Mizar Tokens.

Instead of entering the Life Force door in the distance, take a right turn to 
enter a cave.  As soon as you enter there will be a barrage of enemy fire so go 
in prepared.  Make your way to the left tunnel in the beginning, and take the 
first available right turn.  As you continue down this corridor you will see 
three more *TRIBALS* and a huge crate.  Destroy this crate to pick up the 
*YELLOW KEY*.  Go back down the tunnel and continue your assault on the ants.  
Watch out for some Proximity Mines laid on the ground in some places.  These 
will be signaled by a beeping noise and flashing red lights.

Eventually you can either exit through the door you entered, or fall down a 
waterfall and exit that way.  In the end you will appear in another large 
outdoor area where the exit to the entire stage is.  One of the doors is 
actually the Life Force door from before, while the other one with red sparks is 
the exit.

***Special Note***
If you are playing as Vela, you can swim underwater and through a submerged 
tunnel to enter a new stage.  This level is called Lodge, and can only be 
accessed after encountering Mizar at least once.


Goldwood                   Tribals: 15
Stage 2: Lodge                 Use: Vela

Come out of the water in the beginning and quickly go to the left to grab some 
more Shurikens.  Farther down again go to the left and through a door to free 
three *TRIBALS*.  When you are back outside you will find a path that leads up 
to yet another door.  Inside here is a Mercenary Robot.

When you have bought what you wanted return to the bottom of the tunnel and 
continue onwards.  This is where it begins to get tough.  The next area will be 
filled with ants wearing body shields and being backed up flying squadrons of 
monsters.  Get that Machine Gun ready, or clean up a bit by chucking a few 
grenades into the crowd.  Whenever you advanced prepare for some sniper fire, 
but usually those guys are taken out easily.

There are also a lot of these particular large green monsters.  These enemies 
can seem invincible at times when rocket after rocket appears ineffective.  You 
must be specific with your aim and for the head.  This is actually a good time 
to use your Plasma Shotgun as long as you continue to strafe back and forth in 
front of them.  Use this tactic to take them all out, and remember to pick up 
the Purple Gems they usually leave behind.

There are two Life Force doors in this area.  The one that is NOT near the 
beginning is the one you should go through first.  This second door should be 
located after a few twisting passageways and a few more run ins with shielded 
drones.  Then you will enter a giant clearing that is occupied by about thirty 
or more flying monsters.  Grab one of the two Shields nearby (one is almost to 
your left as soon as you enter while another is behind a crate).  After they are 
taken out try to rescue all of the *TRIBALS* on each of their individual 
plateaus.  There are only three of them, but you must be quick.  The one time I 
succeeded I had to commit suicide to save the last one.  As soon as you save 
one, all of the small towers of rock will sink out of sight and kill the Tribals 
without even mentioning it on the screen.  Don't let this screw you up as bad as 
it did for me.

Back in the other Life Force door you will have to dispatch a good number of 
those huge green monsters.  After doing so, there will also be a couple raids by 
some flying opponents.  After that there will be two more Life Force doors to go 
through.  One of these leads to a village.  This leads to the end of the level, 
so don't take it quite yet.  Take the other one and be sure to have full Machine 
Gun ammo (there is a red ammo crate nearby somewhere for the Machine Gun).  You 
will soon find yourself on a cliff and under heavy fire from another swarm of 
aerial attackers.  Ignore them for the moment and run ahead to grab another 
Shield from behind a nearby crate.  Now take out the bad guys with ease, 
including a lone sniper.

Eventually you will find a path that leads lower onto another area.  Take out 
the three or so drone down there from above.  Then proceed into a Life Force 
door down there.  After going through it you will be able to rescue two more 
*TRIBALS* and pick up a piece of the ancient spacecraft the Tribals are building 
for you.  It is *VELA'S HATCH KEY*, and the piece should no longer apparent a 
translucent green under your special menu in the Pause Menu.

Now venture all the way back to the Life Force door near where the giant green 
monsters were populated.  Through there should be four or so huts.  One is 
filled with Mizar Tokens, another is for a Mercenary Robot, and the two others 
house the remaining *TRIBALS* for the level.  Make sure to also pick up all of 
the red ammo crates nearby.  Now walk through the next door and hop into your 
spacecraft.  This should now escort you to the Abandoned Space Station via a 
sweet looking movie.


Goldwood                   Tribals: 11
Stage 3: Rim                   Use: Lupus

This level can be tough or easy.  You start out in a cave as Lupus and are 
heading down a passageway.  Almost immediately you will reach an intersection 
and partially shielded drones will be coming from all over the place.  Take them 
out with whatever you want, but always make sure to collect the ammo they drop 
or you will run out at a bad time probably for this level.  Try using a lot of 
grenades and shooting the explosive barrels that are often amid the corridors.

At this first fork in the road, take a left and run quickly to rescue two 
*TRIBALS*.  Then back up without turning around and blast away at a small group 
of hovering monsters.  Return from whence you came and head down the other 
direction.  As with almost every area in this whole stage, to continue on to the 
next section of the level you need to have eradicated every enemy for a Life 
Force door to open.

The next section of tunnel is similar, with this time to the right passage 
leading to a room with some Mizar Tokens, while the left passage takes you to 
the next area.  This third section you will enter is once again mirrors the 
architecture of the previous two, except this time to the left is a small room 
with a solitary *TRIBAL*.  You may not see him at first though because there is 
a small pile of rocks in the center that he is hiding behind.  Jump over it and 
save him before bringing out any heavy artillery.  Afterwards, head back down 
the hallway and through the next Life Force door.

The next large room you will come to you will immediately see some drones drop 
from a door high in the air and to the right.  Deal with them and then continue 
onwards through another tunnel.  Now take out your Sniper Rifle and peer around 
the corner of this place to see a new room with some drone snipers waiting for 
you to run on in.  You'll still be in the open, but at this distance their 
accuracy greatly decreases.  You should see that the room has water lining the 
bottom and that there are a series of platforms that act as steps up to a door 
high on the wall to the right.  As soon as you get on the first platform though, 
another sniper will shoot you from behind from a ledge above the entrance.  Take 
this one out quickly and carefully because accompanying it is a *TRIBAL*.  Once 
you reach the top platform you can hover over to save the Tribal, and then hover 
over to the far wall and through a cleverly concealed door.

Inside here are a bunch of Blue Gems and a pair of *TRIBALS* with little mining 
tools being forced to labor.  Liberate them both and head back to the room with 
platforms and hover over to the other, more obvious, corridor.  Make your way 
down here and you should find yourself in the upper section of another room you 
were in previously.  First, hover over to a *TRIBAL* in the corner and then 
return back, hopefully without accidentally falling.  Then move down a little 
farther and hover across the gap one more time and into another passageway.  
After heading down here you should go through a door that leads back into the 

This is where the name of the level is from, as this portion of the stage is 
composed of a rim that encircles that majority of an extremely vast and 
beautiful canyon.  Pay no attention to the scenery just yet however, and work a 
path through the numerous ranks of foes that you will undoubtedly encounter as 
you muscle your way along the path.  Watch out at one point for one of those 
giant drones waiting for you around the corner.  Then again near the end, when 
you hear the sound of another flying swarm of creatures, back up and take them 
out safely with your Sniper Rifle if you have enough ammo.  Now continue on 
through the Life Force door and back into the caves.

These caverns are just like the first ones you went through.  To the right 
though is a room with a lot of explosive barrels.  Don't be tempted to watch 
some fireworks, as a hapless *TRIBAL* has dumbly deemed it a good hiding place.  
Search for him first, and then torch the place and all of the other drones 
fighting you here too.  Then proceed back to the main branch of the cave and 
make your way through a Life Force door.

The next passage will split again, and one stem will go to the left.  Down here 
are some Proximity Mines that have been placed for you to set off while trying 
to rescue two *TRIBALS* huddled in between them.  Off behind a pillar as well is 
a drone waiting for you to step into view.  When you inevitably do, he will 
through a grenade into the fray and set everything off in a burst of flames.  
Basically, you need to make a mad rush at the pair and then shoot the drone, or 
at least the former!

Down the other path is the conclusion of the level in a huge cavern.  There is a 
giant drone looming around somewhere, and a bunch of steps that lead up through 
a short corridor and to your spaceship.  On one of the steps is the final 
*TRIBAL*, but as soon as you get near him a small fleet of aerial monsters will 
appear and take fire.  Just don't waste time and you should be fine.


Goldwood                   Tribals: 9
Stage 4: Interior              Use: Any

This level will begin with a trail winding around a few explosive barrels.  
Don't get apprehensive though, since no enemies await just yet.  Soon you will 
reach a wide open clearing, with a path on your right that leads up a cliff.  
However at the top you will find a locked door, and you will need Magnus to give 
you the *RED KEY* by taking the left path first.

***Special Note***
If you have assembled Floyd at Tawfret as Juno then you can enter the Floyd door 
and press start on your controller.  Inside you will be able to fly along a 
mission through Floyd's perspective.  Blaze through the level as fast as 
possible, picking up as many of the floating oil pickups as possible and 
shooting a few targets as well.  At the end you will receive a bonus level in 
the Multiplayer mode to play Target Practice at Goldwood.  To unlock this 
though, you need to earn a Gold Medal by collecting a lot of the items, shooting 
most of the targets and getting down as fast as possible.

When you return to the locked door you will fond inside that there is a huge 
monster.  Dodge his giant blue blasts and knock him dead and you will be 
rewarded with the Machine Gun.  There are also some other Gems that can only be 
reached with the aid of Lupus.

Now go back outside.  To the left is where you came from, and straight ahead 
will lead you to a Floyd Door and Magnus again, while to the right will further 
you along on the stage.  Start heading right and you will come along another 
locked door of sorts.

With the Machine Gun you can blast open the door by hitting the lighted target.  
The rest of the level from here is kind of straightforward.  At one point though 
you will find a vast ravine that cannot be traversed just yet.

***Special Note***
If you have Lupus you can rocket boost across this wide gap and into the door.  
This door will lead you to yet another stage.  This stage is called Rim, and 
eventually leads into another hidden stage at a Gem Quarry.

You will also reach another village area, but this one has been destroyed and 
lies in ruins.  Before that you almost bump into a *TRIBAL* just sitting there, 
but at the village one of them is resting atop a broken structure.  Just get 
beneath him and jump as close to him as possible to rescue this *TRIBAL*.

After another Life Force door you should approach an area where you will have to 
deal quickly with a swarm of airborne creatures.  Save your Machine Gun for 
this, and don't forget to pick up the Invincibility item too.  Afterwards search 
around for two more *TRIBALS*.  At another area even another pair of *TRIBALS* 
will reside behind a few stacked up crates.  Be sure to take out the drones here 
quickly because they will soon take the Tribals out if you are slow to react.

Now the stage should be basically completed, and you will be rewarded with a 
cutscene of you warping over to the spaceship S.S. Anubis.


Gem Quarry                 Tribals: 5
Stage 1: Landing               Use: Any

In this level there is really only a puzzle to solve.  You will not fight any 
monsters, but you will need your Jet Force Pistol.  In the first area there are 
three huts.  Outside one of them is a pair of *TRIBALS* hanging out, while 
inside one of the accompanying huts are two more *TRIBALS* among some Mizar 
Tokens.  In the second hit is a Mercenary Robot that you can pay for health and 
ammo, while in the last hut, the largest one on the left, you will meet Magnus 

In here he will describe to you a way to destroy the asteroid that is heading 
towards the planet.  He iterates that in the next area there is a special 
machine that runs on special Green Gems and can power up a satellite orbiting 
the planet that can annihilate the incoming asteroid.  Afterwards, Magnus 
indicates, return to him for a reward.

Well, leave the hut and head towards the door to the new area making sure to 
stop by and rescue the last *TRIBAL* moping around with his lantern.  In this 
new area you will see the strange machine resting in the middle of the clearing.  
If you attempt to go near it though it will lift off the ground and hover in the 
air until you move away.  At a cliff nearby is a Tribal that does not need to be 
saved.  He continually enters a cave with a wheelbarrow and returns every so 
often to dump out four Green Gems.

Powering up the machine properly is the tricky part.  It has a vacuum on one of 
its sides that will suck up any nearby Gems, so all you have to do is shoot the 
Green Gems with your Jet Force Pistol in the direction of the machine.  However, 
it will only run when eight Gems are inserted into it within a special amount of 
time.  If you notice, after there are eight Gems on the screen for a few 
moments, some of them will disappear.  That is why you must quickly fire the 
first four Gems into the machine, and then as the next four drop down, quickly 
blast them into the machine as well.  With any luck, you will be treated to a 
cutscene that will illustrate the satellite in space blasting a laser at the 
asteroid can breaking apart into small meteors.

Now return to Magnus and he will reward with a spaceship part.  Specifically, it 
is the *RADAR DISH*.  Now you can return to your spacecraft and continue onto 
another level.


Spacestation               Tribals: 12
Stage 1: Abandoned Wreck       Use: Any

This level starts off with you jumping out of your spaceship and landing on part 
of the station's only remaining section.  First thing you should do though is 
drop down beneath your own spaceship.  There should be another hole to drop down 
through again as well.  You will now be in a small room (or what used to be a 
room).  Now you have to go through a small hole in the wall, jump up on a box 
and then go through the ceiling, and then walk through another gap.  Now you 
should see a chest that contains the Flamethrower.  On your way here you should 
have also rescued three *TRIBALS*.  Now drop down another level, save one more 
*TRIBAL*, and then hop back over to where you originally started.

Go through the entry door and you should be in a room with a small bridge that 
leads to a hallway.  Go across the bridge and turn the corner.  Watch out for 
some scattered drones as they move around this area almost randomly so you have 
to always be ready.  Basically, this whole space station is split into three 
levels, while the first level is again split up into two smaller floors.  The 
best method for searching this entire place is to go everywhere possible on one 
floor before continuing downwards to the next one.

On the topmost level you should be able to find a fueling pad along with two 
*TRIBALS*.  One of the Tribals is in a room with only on entrance and is guarded 
by a drone.  The other is across a gap and is next to the fueling pad.  Once you 
have found those fall off one of those bridges.  Down here there are two more 
*TRIBALS*.  One is under the very first bridge you crossed in the beginning, 
while the other is beneath the fueling pad.  Next to that Tribal is also a 
*TOTEM POLE*.  Now you should search for another elevator that leads you down 
into the real second floor.

As you start out here ignore the drones since there are two *TRIBALS* sitting 
around nearby.  Once you save them blast away the drones.  This floor is 
basically one big circle with a few rooms off of the main hallway.  In one of 
them are the last two *TRIBALS* while another one is occupied by one of those 
giant drones.  Watch for this, because as soon as you enter he will blast with 
one of those blue beams.

Eventually you will also stumble upon the last elevator that leads to the 
smallest floor, the third.  Down here there are only drones though.  So you can 
amuse yourself with them or you can head all the way back to your spaceship.


S.S. Anubis                Tribals: 10
Stage 1: Hold                  Use: Any

Hold will start with you talking to Magnus yet again, and nearby to him should 
be the Plasma Shotgun and another Gemini Holder.  Make sure to the begin this 
level by jumping up a few boxes tucked away in a corner of the room, instead of 
traveling through the door on the ground.  Up here there will be a special 
rocket boost pad, and then another entrance into the main part of the stage that 
will begin with you being higher up.

***Special Note***
If you have defeated Mizar at least once, you will be able to use your jetpacks 
to rocket up to another entrance of a level.  This stage is called Passageway.

When you begin this level you will be high up on a balcony.  The only good thing 
about this is that you can find a special monitor up here along a wall.  When 
this monitor is destroyed, you will shut down the energy barrier at a prison 
cell near the end of the level.  There are numerous prison cells there, but for 
every monitor you eliminate, you can unlock another cell, which will enable you 
to reach a *TRIBAL*.

***Special Note***
You can enter a new stage up here as well.  This level is called Depository.

Down below there will be a lot of action, centered around a huge purple monster 
near some explosive barrels.  Take him out manually, and then drop down next to 
him to rescue two *TRIBALS* huddled close to the barrels.  After exiting this 
room, you will reach another huge chamber with some ants walking around.  Take 
them out and make sure to free another *TRIBAL* by taking out the monitor that 
is right next to the door you entered by.  You can also grab the Purple Gems 
that seem to be out of reach by shooting them with a weapon.

In the next room there will be some more action with some drones battling you 
behind some crates.  Take them out and save yet another *TRIBAL* waiting there 
for you.  Net to that Tribal there is another monitor that will release another 
*TRIBAL* when destroyed.  Now jump across the moving platform carefully, and 
take out the guards over there as well.  Now look behind you and down into the 
opening in space.  On one of the walls below the moving platform there should be 
another cleverly hidden monitor that will release another *TRIBAL*.

In the next room there will be a lot of action again.  There are numerous drones 
and three fleets of airborne creatures.  The room is focused around a huge ramp 
that in the middle is a sliding escalator (heading downwards), and to go up you 
must climb up over some boxes on either side.  Be wary of Proximity Mines.  Next 
to one of the Proximity Mines though is a monitor that will actually release 
*VELA* from a cell.  When all of the enemies are defeated, there is a door at 
the bottom of the ramp that leads to all of the rows of cells.  However, do not 
enter just yet, as there are some more goodies at the top of the ramp.  Even 
before that though, there is a monitor situated high up on a wall directly above 
and straight ahead of you if you had just entered this room.  Make sure to take 
that out to save another *TRIBAL*.

Up here you should see three huge panels of glass. Break them down with a few 
shots from your guns and continue on through a passage that leads you outside 
the ship but inside a completely glass made corridor.  After walking a little 
ways, you will find yourself at the top of the room with the moving platform.  
Here there is a network of narrow bridges that you can use to reach the other 
side of the room.  Before you begin though, look high up on the left wall to 
take out another monitor and respectively free a *TRIBAL*.

On the other side of the room is also the location of a *TOTEM POLE*.  Along 
with that is a door that leads you through a long series of passageways that are 
occupied by little monsters that scurry around on the floor.  Eventually you 
will reach an area where you can pick up your first Mizar Tokens.  A chest is 
also among the wealth.  The chest itself is next to small burrow in the wall 
that you can crawl through to reach the second Floyd Pad in the game.

***Special Note***
If you have assembled Floyd already with Juno on Tawfret, you can begin this 
mission.  You must fly through a set of corridors and pick up every single 
circuit that you see.  Along with that are three targets that must be shot down.  
Just before the first target though you can look down into space and see a huge 
reactor.  Blow the reactor up with your lasers, and continue on.  In the next 
large room where the two remaining targets can be found, go to the left and 
through secret passage you opened via detonating the reactor.  Once you go 
through here, take a right turn and finish off the race.  If you win a gold 
medal you will get the *EAR PLUGS*.

After completing all of the above go back to the door that lead to all of the 
cells.  The first cell on the left though is still unopened, but the 
corresponding monitor is exactly to the left of the energy shield that keeps 
that last *TRIBAL* stuck.  Now just walk in the opened cells of all of the other 
ones.  One of them will also contain Vela, and after reuniting, she will once 
again leave.  Now go through one more door, enter your spaceship, and take off 
to the next level.


S.S. Anubis                Tribals: 8
Stage 2: Passageway            Use: Any

This level will start off with an extremely long glass corridor that leads into 
an area outside of the ship and in outer space.  Here the level continues and 
you will need to be very proficient with the use of your jetpack as well.  You 
can fill it up with 100% fuel and you will see that there is sort of narrow 
corridor between to outside hulls of the spaceship S.S. Anubis.  Attached to the 
walls intermittently are platforms that may contain more fueling areas, ammo 
crates, health Gems, or snipers trying to take you out.  AS you navigate along 
always make sure to refuel as often as possible, and ignore enemies while firing 
at you in the air.  Try to have patience and take the damage before you can 
safely land and return the favor.

Eventually you will come across a door that will lead you back inside the 
spaceship.  This will lead you into a huge room split into two halves by a 
small, shallow lake in the room.  You can use your jetpack to hover across, but 
it really doesn't matter what method you choose because you can walk across just 
as easily.  At the end though look out for a fleet of flying monsters.

Before you decide to traverse the water though, go to the right and enter a room 
where Midge is waiting for you.  He will briefly talk to you before giving you 
the spaceship part called the *FIN*.  Now return to the huge room and cross the 
water to enter another room.

In here you can refuel your jetpack yet again and blast off to the ceiling where 
there is a revolving platform occupied by six different *TRIBALS*.

After rescuing the Tribals all that is left for you to do is to return back to 
the entrance of the level and reenter S.S. Anubis.  But on your way back make 
sure to go through the small corridor to the left of the electric tines that you 
see when flying through.  If you returning, head to the left towards a purple 
door in the wall (you never have to land near the electric bolts).  This is just 
a small and short passage that contains the last two *TRIBALS*. 

S.S. Anubis                Tribals: 14
Stage 3: Depository            Use: Any

This level is basically just one huge maze.  It is one gigantic room that has 
hundreds of boxes stacked up to form makeshift walls.  You can never climb up 
onto the boxes, but be sure to look up there every once in  awhile to check on 
the snipers.  Everywhere you go there will be swarms of drones.  I suggest 
taking out your Plasma Shotgun, charging up, and covering the walls with green 

There are two doors in the corners of the room (besides the one that you entered 
by) that can be entered.  In one of them is another small room with two 
veritable towers of boxes.  Quickly locate the one or two yellow drones in here 
and take them out before they can harm any of the five *TRIBALS* found here.

The other door leads into the docking bay where your spaceship is.  In here 
there are nine more *TRIBALS* scattered about.  All but two of them are easy to 
find though.  One is tucked away in the corner of the landing area for the 
spaceship.  Another is on the edge of the spacecraft itself, teetering on the 
edge of falling into space.  After they are all saved, proceed into your ship 
and warp out to your next level.  This next stage is in fact on a special planet 
that is off of your main course.  If you check your amp on the Pause Menu you 
can locate it.


Walkway                    Tribals: 6
Stage 1: Peak                  Use: Juno (w/ Jetpack and Crowbar)

This level is pretty short.  It starts off with you walking along this path that 
leads up to a mountain peak.  After a short skirmish with some drones outside, 
you can enter a structure.

***Special Note***
There are four *TRIBALS* outside.  One is to the left of the building while the 
other is to the right.  Two more are located on the very top of the structure 
though and can only be reached by fueling up your jetpacks on the left side of 
the entrance.  Besides that, there is a *TOTEM POLE* residing up there as well.

Inside of the building are where the real goodies are.  There is chest that has 
Homing Missiles inside, and then a Mercenary Robot to replenish your health and 
your ammo if you need it.  Then there is a trap door in the floor that will only 
open up and let you down into a small tunnel if you are Juno and you have the 
Crowbar given to you by Gimlet on Tawfret.

***Special Note***
The trap door will remain closed at all times unless you are Juno for some 
reason.  Then the door will automatically open as soon as you enter the room.  
Down there you will encounter numerous drones carrying full body shields.  The 
best method for this situation is to use explosives so that you don't have to be 
exact with bullets.  Or you can use Shurikens to chop off their heads if you are 
lucky.  Either way, the tunnel will continue on, and you will find a pair of 
*TRIBALS* as well.  Be careful to touch them as soon as you see them so they 
don't get obliterated.

Eventually you will come back to what appears to be the door you entered in the 
beginning, even though you haven't gone in a circle.  Either way, once you go 
through it you will reappear back inside the structure next to the chest and the 
Mercenary Robot.  If you have collect everything then just return to your ship 
to leave the level.


Tawfret                    Tribals: 10
Stage 1: Bog                   Use: Juno (w/ Crowbar)

This level starts you off in swampy area right away, and shows you a glimpse of 
the mutant monsters found here.  If you want some practice you can take on the 
huge bugs to the right just as you begin.  The best tactic for destroying these 
guys is with the Plasma Shotgun.  Charge up and make sure to aim for the heads, 
and a after a few blasts they will explode in a shower of green slime.  But make 
sure to hit their heads, because otherwise it may seem like you are damaging 
them when you really aren't.

After going through the door you will appear in a similar outdoor area that is 
quite a bit larger.  You will also see some Purple Gems on the tops of trees and 
you can shoot these off and pick them up.  Straight ahead and to the left is a 
door that continues on with the level, while on the right side is a Life Force 
door that can be opened after taking out all of the enemies.  In there you will 
find even more zombie drones to take care of, but the important part is that 
there are two *TRIBALS* hidden among the murky surroundings.

After collecting what you want, proceed back to the other area and go through 
the second door that should be straight in front of you now.  In this next area, 
you will see a ruined church resting in between three tombs.  Go around to the 
front of the church and you should see King Jeff waiting there.  After talking 
to him he will replay the events that lead up these mutant beasts.  At the 
conclusion he will reward you with the Tri-Rocket Launcher that you can use to 
take out those zombies much more easily.

***Special Note***
If you have already gone through this level and have the Crowbar, you can enter 
a trap door that is resting in the center of the destroyed church area.  Down 
underground you will find yourself in a small hallway with five doors on your 
left and right side.  Straight ahead is a Life Force door as well.  When you 
open any of the doors on either side, you will see a small room and there will 
either be a drone awaiting for you or it might be one of the four *TRIBALS* 
hidden behind the doors.  Once you have dispatched with every drone though, the 
Life Force door will open up revealing one more *TRIBAL*.

Outside and on one of the sides of the dilapidated structure is one more 
*TRIBAL*.  You must climb up the side first and then you should be able to 
easily save him.  Now use your Tri-Rocket Launcher to open up all three tombs in 
this area.  In one is Grenades, another there are some capacity crates, and in 
the last one are the two remaining *TRIBALS*.  Now you can just exit this area 
and the stage by going through the other door outside.


Tawfret                    Tribals: 12
Stage 2: Bridge                Use: Juno (w/ Crowbar)

This level starts off with your character standing on the edge of a huge lake.  
A network of bridges however lead over the lake and up to higher places.  As you 
move along the bridge though, there will be three or four squadrons of flying 
monsters that will appear, usually right behind you too.  Make sure to take 
these out along the way.  As you reach each platform make sure to check behind 
the trunks of the huge trees that are supporting the walkway.  Behind the first 
is one *TRIBAL*, while behind the next one there two more *TRIBALS*, and lastly 
around the third one is another *TRIBAL*.  As you reach the top platform you 
will also see another platform far in the distance that appears to be 

***Special Note***
If you are controlling Lupus at this point you can hover across the large gap 
and land on the platform.  Here there will a hut with a Life Force door that 
will open as soon as you defeat the last of the squadrons.  Inside the hut is a 

Now you should drop back down into the water and exit through the door on the 
opposite shore.

***Special Note***
If you are Vela at this point you should swim underwater and look for a cave.  
Look for some bubbles seemingly coming out of the ground and that will give away 
its position.  Swim down the submerged tunnel and you will reach yet another 

The next area is basically a long strip of land that winds around between the 
water.  Scraggly trees are always on either side as you make your way along the 
path.  This entire place is just for fighting and to try to wear you down.  
However, there is a Shield right at the start, and another one near the end.  
The cave that leads you out of the area is a Life Force door, but you don't need 
to kill every monster for it to open.  The door will open once you defeat the 
last flying squadron of enemies, so basically you could run like mad through 
this part and just stop to fight at the end.

The following place is centered around a huge lake with an island in the middle.  
Along either side of the lake are lots of zombie drones, so it is suggested that 
you just swim through the lake.  On the island though there is a tall tree that 
stretches into the fog above.  On one of the branches though, there is a pair of 
*PANTS*!  You have to pick that up and give it to a friend later in this stage.

***Special Note***
If you are Vela you can swim around the bottom of the island and locate a tunnel 
that leads to a special room.  This is where Gimlet will be and he will thank 
you for his pants a second time and give a spaceship part.  This piece is the 

The next area is without a single monster.  In the beginning you will notice on 
the right a door that cannot be opened yet.  This will open with the help of the 
Crowbar, but you do not actually need it here.  Jump over the wall on the left 
side and run into the large building on the right.  In here you will find 
Gimlet, who will happily thank you for his pair of pants back and in return give 
you the *CROWBAR*, which Juno can use to open jammed doors or trap doors.

If you go back outside you will see another structure on the right.  Climb up 
there and you will see the head of Floyd the robot on a stake!  If you talk to 
him he will relay the story of how he defected from Mizar's troops and saved 
many a Tribal by sacrificing himself.  He explains though that you can repair 
him by finding three of his pieces and then putting him back together.

Now drop off the building and look for  a shut door at its bottom.  There is 
some Tri-Rocket Launcher ammo next to the door, and you can use that to blast 
the door to splinters.  Go inside and a trap door will open up (if you have the 
Crowbar).  To the left though is a chest with some Flares inside.  If you use 
these in this room you will see a small ledge to the left that you can climb up 
on.  Then turn around and you can jump to another platform high in the air and 
very close to the ceiling.  Here are two *TRIBALS* that have been waiting for 

Now go back down and through the trap door.  After a windy passage you will see 
another *TRIBAL* standing around along with the *first piece that goes to 
Floyd*.  Now return to the outside world.  On one of the walls that are located 
within this area there is a *second piece of Floyd*.  Then, to enter another 
portion of the cave you can either fall down the chimney to the huge building, 
or use your Crowbar on the door at the beginning of this area.  Either way you 
will enter some more passages.  Along some of the passages there are some types 
of blocks against a wall.  You can blow these up with a few shots from any 
weapon and in some cases you will find a small crawlspace that your character 
can manage to squeeze through.  There are two of them to find and you will 
eventually get the Sniper Rifle and two more *TRIBALS*.  Now make your way down 
the passage until you find a small room that has the *final Floyd piece* and two 
more *TRIBALS*.

Make your way out of tunnel and go back outside and in front of the huge 
building.  Now if you walk along its right side you will see an opening on your 
right.  Inside here is a helpless drone who surrenders to you (he raises his 
arms up) and the final *TRIBAL* of the level.  Now go back to Floyd and repair 
him with your three pieces by standing before him and talking to him.  After he 
becomes whole again, he decides that he will accompany you on the rest of your 
adventure.  He helps by warning you when enemies are near, allowing you to 
access Floyd Missions, and by letting you and a friend play cooperatively with 
another controller.  But for now just walk through the exit of the stage and 
begin the next level.


Tawfret                    Tribals: 6
Stage 3: Castle                Use: Any

This level starts off with a bang!  If you do not move within three seconds you 
will be barraged with blue missiles coming from giant drones up on the castle 
walls in front of you.  Switch to rockets and blast them to pieces, and then 
quickly switch back to the Machine Gun to kill the flying group of creatures 
shooting at you from above.  Now whip out your Sniper Rifle and take out the 
drones above the Life Force door you must eventually enter through.  Once that 
is done search around to pick up some health and some ammo.  Then continue on 
ahead to enter the passage.

The first two sections of the castle are straightforward in the fact that there 
are no intersections.  There are a number of drones accompanied with some giant 
drones every so often.  Use explosions to take out the shielded ones, but 
conserve ammo on some of the green snipers that populate the area by using the 
pistol or the Machine Gun.

The rest of the level is unfortunately a complicated maze.  Just wander around 
taking out guards basically, and as soon as you come to an area that's empty 
then that is a signal that you've been here before.  All six *TRIBALS* are 
scattered about, and sadly I'm too lazy to describe their positions exactly.  At 
the end of the level though is a Life Force door with some snipers guarding it.  
Here there are two Tribals, so if you reach this point do not exit unless you 
have found all of them.  Once you do exit though you will go straight to the 
huge boss after getting fully re-supplied.


Fighting Boss

This giant mechanical beast is definitely not as hard as it looks.  Its main 
attacks are to send a wave of fire at you along the floor.  If you time it right 
you should be able to easily jump over it.  Remember that you cannot go forward 
or backward to get a running start either.  The other method it likes to use is 
to send a group of explosive black bats after you.  It is critical to take these 
out before they get close in range and really hurt you a lot.

Watch the monster carefully to see which part of its body twinkles slightly.  In 
the beginning it should be his two lower teeth that jut out of his metal mouth.  
Afterwards you will have to aim up higher at his antennae.  Once both teeth and 
antennae have been destroyed, aim straight for the head (preferably with the 
Tri-Rocket Launcher) and blast away.  After a nice ending sequence it is off to 
Mizar's Palace.


Sekhmet                    Tribals: 15
Stage 1: Battle Cruiser        Use: Juno

This level will start you off in the hangar area of the spaceship.  Quickly go 
over to a chest to pick up some grenades and rummage through the nearby boxes 
for four different *TRIBALS*.  Then exit off to the left door (the left door 
from the perspective if you had just turned around after opening the chest).  In 
here there are almost ten ant drones to locate and destroy.  As soon as you do, 
go through the Life Force door that was on your immediate left when you had 
first entered the room.  In here will be the Machine Gun and a locked green 
door.  Don't worry about it though, it only acts as a shortcut to a different 
part of the level.

When you return outside again in the open area, go through the second Life Force 
door that you had opened.  The next room will closely resemble the first room 
with two more doors on the far side of the room, but one of them will lead you 
to an area that requires a Red Key.  Go through the lower door by using your 
newly acquired Machine Gun (blast the target as fast as possible) and you should 
be in a narrow passage.

***Special Note***
In this huge room you can find a refueling pad for your jetpack.  Climb onto the 
platform that connects the door you entered by to the door that requires the Red 
Key.  As you walk along here there are several platforms that leads down towards 
the river that lines the wall.  At the tip of one of these is a jetpack 
refueling pad.

With this you can fly up high and head straight above the river to land on a 
part of a hallway.  This extremely long corridor actually stretches across the 
entire level, forming a complete circle around the level and sometimes even 
going outside into space.  When you first land head to the right and on your way 
you should find two *TRIBALS*.  Eventually though, you will exit the huge 
starship.  When this happens, there will be a little ramp to the left where your 
spaceship is parked.  This will now take you to the Water Ruins.

Up ahead are three tightly packed shielded ants that can really be some trouble.  
Take out a few grenades and lob them over.  Their shields can't stop those 
explosions.  Continue on and into a large room with a mole like character called 
Fernando.  He will talk to you about the mines at Rith Essa and then give you 
the *RED KEY*.  Also in the room is a chest containing the Plasma Shotgun.

***Special Note***
If you have the Magenta Key you can also access another door in the room.  This 
leads to long passageway with a river running through it. There is also a handy 
platform that floats down the river, but as you travel down it be wary for 
airborne attackers that will pester you and try to knock you off the edge.  At 
the end on the left side is a *TOTEM POLE*.  Eventually there is also a door 
that returns you to another part of the level.

With the Red Key now you can return to the Life Force door back in the large 
room.  After going through that you will come into a huge chamber where the 
floor is completely covered with lava and there are some narrow bridges that can 
connect you over to another door.  As you navigate your way across, be careful 
as squadrons of flying creatures will constantly appear and shoot at you.  At 
the end will be another door and this is where you need the Red Key.

***Special Note***
If you are Juno you can drop into the lava safely and find a pipe that you can 
enter.  This will lead you through a glass tunnel and then into another room.  
Above you is an overhanging bridge that you can reach by going to the end of the 
area.  Eventually, after walking across the zigzagging bridge you will come to a 
small room with two *TRIBALS* and a Mercenary Robot to restock on supplies.  The 
most important item however, is the *BLUE KEY*.

After going through the locked door you will come upon a room that is meant to 
be a battlefield since it is filled with crates, drones, ammo, and some Gems.  
Hopefully you will have some Machine Gun ammo leftover, otherwise revert to 
using the Jet Force Pistol.  Continue on and you will arrive in another large 
room occupied by a few drones and a lot of bridges and floating platforms.

***Special Note***
There is a jetpack refueling pad in the corner of the room that you will need to 
use grab two *TRIBALS* residing up above and being protected by a drone.  If you 
haven't yet confronted and defeated Mizar for the first time then you will have 
to ignore them.  In the next two rooms you will also need the jetpack (or you 
will at least find it very useful in rescuing two more of those Tribals.

After dispatching the enemies you can continue on through a passage high up in 
the wall.  In this next room there are yet again some platforms.  There is one 
lonely *TRIBAL* that can be picked up as well.  Basically, you have to keep 
jumping from platform to platform and make it to another corridor found high up 
in the wall.  Then you will proceed to the last room filled with platforms in 
this series, and there is again one *TRIBAL* hanging out on one of them.  After 
this you can further along through another door.

In this room it is another battle, but this time focused on a tough group of 
flying enemies.  If you don't have the Machine Gun run around wildly trying to 
pick up some ammo for it, or hope for the best and try your Jet Force Pistol.  
Afterwards (or during the battle if you are in major trouble) recuperate with 
some scattered Purple Gems.  Now go to the next room.

In here you will see a glass panel in the floor at the center of a bowl shaped 
room.  You can blast through it with your gun and open a chest to receive the 

***Special Note***
This is where you should obtain the Green Key for every single character.  Also, 
there is a jetpack fuel pad that can energize you.  If you look up above you 
will see another glass window in the ceiling that can be destroyed.  Take it out 
and proceed up an extremely high shaft.  On the walls of the shaft are small 
platforms that jut out.  Each one has another jetpack refueling pad that should 
be used.  Essentially, continue up the cylinder shaped room by advancing one 
plateau at a time.  At one point though you will have to take out a group of 
flying opponents.  Anyway, the point of all of this is that there are three 
individual *TRIBALS* that can be saved up here.

Now move on to the next room.  This is a twisting room where you will go down 
one way and then loop around a wall and come back up.  At the middle you will 
notice two grates that have cannot be penetrated.  This is where you arrive if 
you use the shortcuts mentioned before in this level.  Don't worry if you don't 
understand as it isn't really important.  Basically you can return to this 
specific area quickly if you have some of the keys.

As you cautiously move through this room watch out for two distinct fleets of 
flying monsters, along with a number of drones carrying small shields.  Try to 
keep your distance and detonate the explosive barrels that dot the area to take 
out drones brutally and effectively.  You will then see a locked green door that 
you can open and will lead you back to the original room you entered by.

In here there is another locked door from the beginning that you can now open 
with the help of your Green Key.  This brings you to a gigantic room that has 
very long spiral walkway that wraps around the room until it reaches the exit 
for the stage at the top.  Take out the shielded drones on the ground first and 
you should see the Life Force door at the peak of the ramp turn green.  Now 
slowly make your way up the platform taking out each drone that has a body 
shield one by one with your Machine Gun.  Don't be frugal either, as there are 
numerous ammo crates along the way to replenish Machine Gun ammo.  Once you 
reach the top you will leave the stage, and then hop into your spacecraft and 
continue on the next level.

***Special Note***
At the very top at he Life Force door you can look to the center of the room and 
see a platform that holds a *TOTEM POLE*.  If you are Lupus you can use your 
built in foot rockets to reach the elusive the platform and activate the bonus 


Water Ruins                Tribals: 8
Stage 1: Lost Island           Use: Lupus

Please note that each character can do something different in this level, and 
you will need to go through it three times total.  It starts you out by landing 
on a small island on a gigantic ocean.  I mean gigantic!  From the start turn 
around and carefully walk to the backside of your ship to see a *TRIBAL* waiting 
for you.  Now go back to the front and start swimming to the main island in the 

Along the way there you should see another *TRIBAL* on your left just above the 
surface of the water.  After rescuing him continue on to the main island.  Once 
you reach it go through the opening and you'll now be in a clearing.  Continue 
on a little ways and look to your left at a small gap in the wall.

***Special Note***
If you have the Ear Plugs (found at the Floyd Mission at S.S. Anubis) you can 
talk to Ivana the Bear.  He says that the Tribals are making so much noise and 
that they are really annoying.  Then he will ask you for a pair of Ear Plugs if 
you have any.  If you give them to him he will reward you with the *POWER CELL*.

Leave the clearing you are in and jump onto one of the rocky platforms to the 

***Special Note***
If you are playing as Lupus you can hover over to the top of the wall that 
encircles the clearing.  Once you are on top you can all the way around 
clockwise, and on your way you can save three *TRIBALS*.  At the end you can 
also hover over to yet another platform in the distance where another *TRIBAL* 

Now jump back into the water and head way out into the ocean on the right.  Near 
the horizon you should be able to make out another *TRIBAL* resting on a broken 
structure that is jutting out of the water.  Touch him and then return back to 
the mainland.

***Special Note***
If you are controlling Vela you should be able to notice a tunnel near the base 
of the mainland underwater.  Dive down and swim through it.  This will take you 
through a submerged tunnel that will open into a chamber.  In here there is a 
fire burning in a skull-shaped fireplace, along with a capacity crate for the 
Flamethrower, and most importantly, the *NITROGEN TANK* for the ancient 

Now you should be able to see a chest waiting for you on the shore.  In here are 
the Timed Mines, and nearby is the final *TRIBAL*.  Once you have picked 
everything up, make your way back to your ship and blast back to Sekhmet.


Cerulean                   Tribals: 8
Stage 1: Dune                  Use: Any

This level starts off with Vela coming out of her spaceship onto the desolate 
blue world.  From the start walk behind you to pick up a concealed *GOLD BAR* 
that you will need later on.  Now go through the passageways ahead, taking out 
all of the drones that you see.  There will be a Life Force door on your left, 
but it won't open until later.  Instead, continue onward into a huge open plain 
(this is the most wide open area in the game, almost as large as Hyrule Field in 

Off to the right you will find a drone protecting yet another *GOLD BAR*.  After 
picking that up and exploring a little ways ahead to get some other items, 
return to the entrance to the huge field.  From here, go the opposite direction 
you first went (if you were entering the large field, it would be to your left).  
You will see small dam in the distance with iron bars.  On top of it though is 
the last remaining *GOLD BAR*.  Now if you have destroyed enough enemies out 
here in the field, the Life Force door back near the beginning will be open.

That door will lead you into a small chamber where you will meet up with 
Fernando again from Sekhmet.  For the three gold bars he will give you the Tri-
Rocket Launcher.  With this, you can return to the field and head all the way to 
the left to enter through the door that originally wouldn't open if you did not 
have the rockets.  Now that you do, go through it.

In the next chamber you will be greatly rewarded for your effort, as there is a 
*TOTEM POLE*, the *YELLOW KEY*, and six *TRIBALS*.  After collecting everything, 
continue on into another door.  From here on it is basically a network of 
passages.  To further along in each section you need to destroy all of the 
drones.  Afterwards, you can advance into the next part, and repeat the process.  
Watch out for a few huge monsters that you should be able to take out easily 
with the Tri-Rocket Launcher.  Off to the side now and then will be small cul-
de-sacs with Red Gems and other supplies.  If you ever get lost just keep making 
the same turn at each intersection (i.e. always make right turns, or always make 
left turns and you will eventually find the way out unless you go in a circle).

Eventually you will return to the outside and see your ship awaiting you.  
Before leaving the level though, circle around the ship to rescue the last two 
*TRIBALS*.  Now you can exit out and go to the next stage.


Ichor                      Tribals: 16
Stage 1: Military Base         Use: Lupus

This level will be another free-for-all battle almost the whole way through.  
You begin by picking up some maximum ammo for your Tri-Rocket Launcher and 
Machine Gun and then enter a huge melee with shielded blue drones and a giant 
drone as well.  On these types of drones Shurikens or explosions that get around 
their shields work very well.  After the messiness pick up the Red Gem and head 
on through the Life Force door.

This next area is even larger with drones running about all over the place.  
There are also some snipers that occupy posts on nearby towers that line the 
outsides of this battle arena.  Off to the left is a door that needs a Blue Key 
to be opened and will lead of into the Perimeter stage.  The other door nearby 
is a Life Force door that will bring you to the insides of the complex.

In here will be lots more drones and another giant one off in the distance 
taking shots at you from a raised platform.  Take him out carefully and then 
move to rescue two *TRIBALS* stupidly taking shelter near the base of that 
platform behind some explosive barrels.  When the Life Force door in this room 
opens up, there are still three monsters remaining.  These creatures are those 
annoying jellyfish monsters that hover about while rising up and down.  Take 
them out with the Machine Gun and rescue the two *TRIBALS* beneath them.

The next chamber is filled with crates and some more shielded drones.  Take 
these guys out and then make sure to notice the huge glass panels that line most 
of the room.  You can destroy the glass, and if you explore up there you will 
notice two passageways.  These form a huge circle that include some cramped 
corridors with giant drones, chests, another entrance to the level Perimeter, 
and even some bridges back outside.  However, you can actually ignore all of 
this, as the chests contain weapons you probably already have by now (they 
weren't blinking when I first found them so I'm not sure), and the entrance to 
the level requires the Blue Key just like the one outside that you saw earlier.

***Special Note***
However, besides those two passageways there is one more doorway that leads to a 
room with a Floyd Mission.  In here you must collect at least 45 oil cans as you 
fly through the level at blazing speeds (even though the screen says 50).  Once 
you win you will awarded with the *CIRCUIT* that will fix the Jeff and Barry 
Racing II Arcade in the Perimeter level.

This next room is home to another fierce battle for sure.  There are fully 
shielded drones all over the place and amidst them are three *TRIBALS*.  One is 
one the door above the door that you entered through, another is at the end of 
the room and on the right, and the last one is on a high platform next to a 

***Special Note***
There is a fuel pad early on the left side.  You will have to use this to reach 
two of the Tribals mentioned above.

Continue through the door and you should see a room that may require some 
thinking.  Some stairs lead up to a higher platform, but before that search 
around on the ground level for a huge drone wandering the area.  Take him out 
and the climb to the top of the platform.  Here you will see a series of metal 
piston like objects that move and back and forth and will push you off the 
platform if you are not quick enough.  You must wait patiently and watch their 
patterns and then make a break for it.  There will always be a rest period 
between each of these strange tubes though.  Eventually you will reach another 
Life Force door that will take you to the next room.

***Special Note***
If you are playing as Lupus hover on over to the left to rescue two more 
*TRIBALS*.  Then hover on back.  You can also use his natural ability to 
somewhat circumvent the pistons by making an arch out in mid-air and then 
returning to the ledge.

The next room is also a puzzle.  There are numerous colored switches that when 
stood upon will cause the corresponding colored floating platform to hover back 
in forth along a certain line.  By using all of the switches you can line up the 
platforms so that you can jump from one to the other to reach the exit of the 
room.  If you fall though, you must restart by climbing up some stairs that take 
you back to the beginning of the room.  If you are feeling good you can also try 
to rescue three *TRIBALS* off in a corner along with reaching a Mercenary Robot.

The next room there is only about one drone to worry about.  There are also 
three more floating platforms moving at incredible speeds back and forth that 
you can attempt to jump across to reach some Tribals.  In this room alone there 
are four *TRIBALS*.  Two or three are running around on the ground and may even 
seek you out, while two more are on raised platforms that seem to be unreachable 
as of yet.

***Special Note***
There is a fuel pad in one of the corners of the room and you can use this to 
bypass the swiftly moving platforms to reach the two Tribals.  You can use it to 
reach one of two doors that lead to different places.

The first room is just a huge lake of lava that you must traverse.  Just walk 
down it and you should eventually find a platform where a *TOTEM POLE* rests.

In the second room you will just walk down a rounded passage to reach *LUPUS' 

The next room will take you outside again and you will have to fight a lot more 
drones and flying monsters.  At one point the huge trail splits up, but on the 
right are only a few Mizar Tokens.  To the left is a bridge that has an 
incredible amount of guards and even two "drone" guns on either side of the 
bridge.  These sentry guns will rapidly blast at you from both sides, so use the 
most powerful weapon you have to take them out fast.  Once everything has been 
obliterated, continue on through the Life Force door.

This small chamber will contain all of the necessary supplies you will need to 
battle Vela's boss in the next room.  After beating it, you will be reunited 
with Lupus and you will now be able to access his part of the adventure.  Then 
you will be outside once again and can casually walk around to dins where your 
spaceship is parked to take you to Mizar.


Ichor                      Tribals: 8
Stage 2: Perimeter             Use: Juno/Vela (w/ Blue Key)

There are two entrances to this level, but they are actually right next to each 
other: one is on the ground while the other is in the air on a bridge up and to 
the right.  Some measly snipers will take positions on either side of you, but 
should really pose no threat.  Turn the corner and you should enter a small room 
with windows.  A Life Force door is on your left, but there are no enemies in 
this small passageway.  Look out the windows with your Sniper Rifle however and 
you can pick out a number of drones.  Don't worry about them hitting you though 
unless they have unbelievable accuracy.  Just take your time and blast them so 
that you can get through the Life Force door eventually.  The other exit will 
lead you to the other entrance to this level.

In the next series of corridors you will bombarded with hordes of fully shielded 
drones.  Try to isolate small groups or individuals and mercilessly cut through 
them with Shurikens or detonate them with explosives and mines.  There are also 
two fuel pads here to reach some innocent Tribals that are on some high up 
platforms.  Overall, there are four *TRIBALS* nestled into small corners, make 
sure your homing Shurikens don't cut their heads off!

As soon as you begin this part of the room high up on the wall to your left is a 
small circular passage.  You can use your jetpack to reach up there and inside 
you will find two more *TRIBALS*.  Eventually it will lead you out at the end of 
the room behind four sentry guns being aimed by drones.

After a while you will come to a long straightaway that has some explosive 
barrels.  Zoom in with your Sniper Rifle and take out the four drone guns from 
outside their range.  The only other choice is to get hammered as you try to 
manage your way through the to the exiting door.

Now you will be outside and the first thing you will see is a transformation 
pad.  Use this to help camouflage your identity.  Up ahead you will notice the 
Big Bug Fun Club with two huge drones guarding it with ten or so blue drones.  
Watch them and laugh while you blow them to pieces as they ignore you because 
you appear to be an ant.  However, as soon as you unleash one round they will 
realize the disguise and start fighting.

Inside the dance club enjoy the crazy tunes and you can even talk to the DJ to 
change the sounds around.  Two more *TRIBALS* are being forced to endure the 
cheesy music, but if you rescue them your disguise will be discovered yet again 
and it will go crazy underneath all of the neon lights.

A small corridor in the wall will also lead you to the arcade where the Jeff and 
Barry Racing machines are.  You can play each of these for one Mizar Token each, 
and will find the simple 2D racing games hard to defeat (especially the best 
times).  After you have done what you came to do, just head on back to the 
beginning of this level and leave.


Fighting Boss

This boss has some incredible graphics when you fight it as Vela.  As before, 
you can only move side to side, but this time, both you and your enemy will be 
moving down an underground river.  Anyway, this guy is simple if you know what 
to expect.

His basic attack is to drop these worm like bombs on you from above, so try to 
stand to one side, and then when they fall quickly move to the other side so as 
not to get harmed.  The best weapons to use are most likely the Tri-Rocket 
Launcher and the Machine Gun.  Just keep your cursor on whatever part of his 
body flashes, and it should alert you that you are locked on and can deal some 
damage.  Piece by piece you'll reduce it in size.

Finally it will resort to a straightforward attack where it will just be 
constantly firing at you.  Just bring out your biggest gun and deal it a few 
killing blows before it can actually harm you too much.  You should then see its 
now miniscule body explode in a flash.


Spawnship                  Tribals: 15
Stage 1: Troop Carrier         Use: Vela

This is a somewhat complicated level because of its size.  It starts you out in 
a room with two chests containing the Machine Gun and the Plasma Shotgun on your 
left.  Take these and then ride the elevator platform up into a tunnel near the 
ceiling.  In the next room take out your Machine Gun and quickly destroy the 
swarm of flying bugs that arrive.  Now fall down off the bridge your on.

Down here there are six doors that lead to separate rooms.  One of them leads 
back to the main room you started in, but all of the others lead to rooms with 
ammo, monsters, and usually *TRIBALS*.  One of the rooms contains a pool of 
water as well.

***Special Note***
As Vela you can swim through the underwater tunnel.  After a little ways you 
will come into a narrow passage that is occupied by a lot of drones and some 
explosive barrels.  Keep your distance and destroy the drones by detonating the 
barrels.  Then continue on into the next room.

In here you will see a chest that holds the Shocker.  There is also a fuel pad 
for your jetpack to blast off near a high platform to save a *TRIBAL*.  Now you 
can exit, but remember to save two more *TRIBALS* that are at the top of the 
door you entered through.

Now retrace your steps and head through the door in the center of the wall 
(where there aren't any steps) and you should reappear in the main room where 
you first began.  Go back up the elevator and across the bridge and into the 
next room.  You have already been here before, but only on the lower part, up 
here there is a huge drone and a bunch of floating platforms that you must 
navigate across to reach the next room.  Before and after crossing though, save 
a *TRIBAL* in the corner (for a total of two).

In the next room you will have to fight a number of shielded drones that will be 
hiding behind a set of crates on the left.  After killing all of those you will 
see that the huge room you're in now is split in half by a huge gap in the 
center.  To cross you have to jump onto a platform that rotates around the side 
of the gap and eventually drops you off on the other side.  As soon as you land 
though prepare for more drones on the left.  Once they are dead too enter the 
Life Force door on your right.

If you are interested in being tricky, in the first half of the room you should 
see a pipe on the lower right wall if you are looking down at the gap.  You can 
successfully time your jump down there and hover into the opening to reach a 
special room.  Inside is a chest with the Shocker and a grinning *TOTEM POLE*.  
Now though you will have to retrace your steps a bit.

The next room is once again high up in the air, and composed of some 
interlocking bridges.  There are some monster too so try to stay where you are 
and take them out instead of moving around and risking the chance of falling 
off.  There is a locked green door to the left of the door you entered by (it is 
on the same wall).  Although you will not be able to enter this room right away 
(you will have to return to this level at a later time) there are some important 
things inside.  

***Special Note***
If you have the Green Key then definitely continue through here.  First you will 
have to avoid some electric lasers that are suspended between the two walls of 
the corridor.  After that you will enter a room with four *TRIBALS*.

Back in the room with the catwalks go through the Life Force door on your left.  
You will then enter a room with a huge drone waiting for you.  Use the Plasma 
Shotgun and aim between the eyes to knock him down swiftly.  Then open the chest 
behind the carcass to receive the *RED KEY*.

Return once again to the room with the four doors, and this time go through the 
only door you haven't passed through yet.  This is where you use your Red Key.  
Now you will enter the same room you were in before, but this time on another 
bridge.  Quickly take out another fleet of aerial monsters and then continue 
through another locked door.  The next room all you do is continue walking 
straight through yet another locked door.

The room you should be in now is the room with the six doors on the bottom.  But 
this time you are on a different bridge.  Before heading through the door in 
front of you, turn around and save the *TRIBAL* standing on the door you just 
entered through.  Once that's done continue on ahead.

This next room has two drone snipers hanging out in two sewer pipes on the far 
wall.  There is also a door that requires the Yellow Key to open.  Before you 
waste any time though, sprint to the right to save a trio of *TRIBALS* from 
being blasted by a drone on the ground.  Now climb back up the crates and take 
out the snipers.  As Lupus, jump as high as possible and glide through one of 
the pipes (they both lead to the same room).  If you are Juno or Vela though, 
there is a fuel pad to use as well.

In this room there are two chests.  One contains the *YELLOW KEY* while the 
other contains the Sniper Rifle.  Grab them both and head on back to the 
previous room and open the locked door.  Now you should be in a huge room where 
magma lines the ground.

***Special Note***
If you are Juno, then congratulate yourself now.  You are going to pick up a lot 
of helpful items.  Walk on the lava and stay to the left side of the room.  To 
your right you will eventually see a door in one of the supports of the bridge 
in this room.  Go through there and pick up the Shocker as well as some capacity 
crates on the floor.  Then exit this room and go through another passageway in 
the wall.  All along here are capacity crates for the Homing Missile Launcher 
and the Tri-Rocket Launcher, along with some for the Sniper Rifle and the 
Cluster Bombs.  Eventually though you will come to another room that has *JUNO'S 
HATCH KEY* for the ancient spacecraft.  Now just head back to the main room.

Walk over the bridge above the lava and soon you will exit the room through 
another door.  Now you should see your spaceship ready to take you to the next 


Rith Essa                  Tribals: 8
Stage 1: Bluff                 Use: Juno/Vela (w/ Blue Key)

This level is very straightforward.  You start off next to your spaceship, but 
after entering a door you will find yourself in a beautiful open area.  There is 
a windy trail that leads to the top of a hill, and if you are Lupus you can 
hover over to pick up a capacity crate and a Gemini Holder.

***Special Note***
If you are either Juno or Vela and have the Blue Key you can enter a locked door 
set into a wall on the ground.  Through here is a long tunnel that winds around 
for quite awhile.  The tunnel itself is broken up into different sections where 
you must destroy every enemy to advance through the Life Force doors that split 
up the separate parts.

Sometimes there will also be a fork in the passageway.  One way will always lead 
to a dead-end where either some necessary enemies might be found or in one 
instance, a pair of *TRIBALS* is located.  Eventually, you will reach another 
door that leads you back outside in the scenic area again.  You will be at the 
very top of the hill and on a ledge.  On the plateau with you are two more 
*TRIBALS* and capacity crate for the Sniper Rifle.

Head through the door at the end of the trail.  Now you should find yourself 
again on another trail.  To your left is a cliff while on your right is a wall.  
In this fashion will you continue on until the end of the level.  Occasionally 
you will find yourself amid flying swarms of monster, drones, and at one point 
three huge drones too!  Just take your time during the level and you should be 
all right, and make sure to pick up the ammo left behind by some drones.

At one point there is also a small drop-off on the cliff that leads to a 
concealed ledge.  It is easier to see if you turn around at some points and see 
it behind you.  On the ledge is some ammo for the Homing Missile Launcher.

The one point when you do indeed come across a group of giant drones don't take 
out an explosive right away.  Take some damage and run between them to find the 
last two *TRIBALS* hiding in a corner behind the beasts.  Then get out of there 
as fast as possible and get your distance so that you can blast them safely.

Eventually you will come to the end of the level.  But once you exit you won't 
begin a new stage.  Instead you will be in a clearing that branches off to the 
other three levels of the planet.  If you have the Blue Key in your possession 
you can go to the left and enter the Ascent level.  Or there is a doorway that 
leads to the Interior level where your ship is located.  Otherwise you can enter 
a door and find yourself in yet another open area.

***Special Note***
In the central waterfall area there is a tunnel just underneath the surface of 
the water where the spray comes crashing down.  As Vela you can swim down 
through the tunnel and come up in a quaint cavern where a *TOTEM POLE* awaits.

In here there is dog named Flopsy who will attack you if she gets bored.  You 
can distract her though if you use your Fish Food (found in Goldwood).  You can 
also enter her small dog house too where there a number of Purple Gems awaiting.  
But the principle building is a large hut.  Inside is your old friend Fernando, 
one of the mining brothers.  He says that you can enter the Mine outside if you 
give him the Specialist Magazine.  If you do then he will reward you with the 
*MINE KEY* so you can go back outside and access the last level of Rith Essa.


Rith Essa                  Tribals: 6
Stage 2: Ascent                Use: Juno/Vela (w/ Blue Key)

This stage starts you off on a narrow path with drop-offs on both sides.  Take 
out your Sniper Rifle if you have one and start picking off a number of drones 
who themselves are poised to snipe you.  There is one high and to the left and 
about two in front of you and a little bit to the right.

There is also a huge drone way in front of you.  Try to also take him out from a 
distance before you get within his range.  Once everything is clear, continue 
down the path making sure to rescue the two *TRIBALS* that are along the way.  
The slope doubles back and starts gaining altitude as you begin to fight 
oncoming ant drones.  After it zigzags back and forth a few times you will come 
upon a Life Force door.  If you have killed everything along your way up here 
then it should be green.

In the next room there is a spiral ramp that leads down to the bottom of a tall 
room.  Watch out for the floating jellyfish-like monsters that rise and fall in 
the middle of the room.  Try to blast them with the Machine Gun or move away and 
take them out with rockets.  It is best to look down to the bottom of the room 
and snipe opponents before you meet them as you walk down.  Once they are all 
cleared up, calmly walk to the bottom and exit through another Life Force door.

You will now be among the clouds.  Don't move anywhere just yet or you will fall 
to your doom.  Instead, pull out your Homing Missile Launcher (preferably) and 
look out for a drone flying some form of hovercraft.  When you see him, lock and 
take him out.  Now you will have time to see that this place is just a bunch of 
rock plateaus jutting of the clouds.  If you fall at anytime you will die.  So 
fuel your jetpack on the fuel pad nearby.  Now use your Sniper Rifle to search 
for a platform in the distance that also has a fuel pad so you can recharge.  
Then power up your jetpack and hover on over.  Repeat this process until you see 
another door in the distance.  Head on over to that and go through it to enter a 
new room.

This place is another room with a spiral stairway except this time you start off 
at the bottom.  However, there are also about 10 drones waiting for you on the 
floor and there are also four *TRIBALS* amid them.  The best technique I found 
was to have a powerful weapon armed when you entered the room.  In this fashion 
most of the drones would surrender and just hold their arms in the air while you 
saved all of the Tribals.  Then you could take them all out at your leisure.  
Remember though that there are snipers up above who won't be affected by that, 
and will fire downwards to try to hit you.  So make sure you save the Tribals 
quickly and then take them out yourself from the ground.  Now just walk up the 
stairway and through another Life Force door.

Even though it doesn't make sense, you will now appear outside on the area where 
you first began.  Just walk down the winding path and exit the level at the same 
point you entered.


Rith Essa                  Tribals: 4
Stage 3: Interior              Use: Any

This stage is remarkably simple.  It starts out with a few drones in front of 
you, but after they are taken out jump on a ledge to the right to save a 
*TRIBAL*.  Now continue onwards through some other melee battles.  Most of this 
level is just composed of troop after troop of ant drones or flying enemies.  
Coming up on your left will another *TRIBAL*.

After swimming across a pond watch out for a legion of flying monsters to attack 
you while your swimming.  Hurry up and retaliate once you reach dry land.  
Continue on and you should see another group of ant soldiers up ahead.  Behind 
them is a small platform with some Mizar Tokens on top along with a *TRIBAL*.  
Save the little furball first and then take out the drones without the risk of 
harming the Tribal.  Now you should make a right turn and start heading uphill.

Soon you will reach a bridge with a huge drone guarding it.  Take him out before 
even daring to cross.  If you are Lupus you can also hover over to the right to 
pick up some Purple Gems before moving on.  Eventually you will come into a new 
area with a path that leads up hill with a wall on your left and a cliff to your 
right.  As you make your way up the trail you will naturally come upon the final 
*TRIBAL*.  After a little more hiking you will finally come to a door that will 
lead you to your spaceship and the end of the level.


Rith Essa                  Tribals: 16
Stage 4: Mine                  Use: Vela (w/ Mine Key)

Just to help you relax, there are absolutely no enemies in this entire level, 
and you will only need your Jet Force Pistol to blast a few switches.  This 
level is a huge network of tunnels with lots of little Tribals scurrying (not 
literally :) around mining the crystals here under the surveillance of Farmer, a 
mining brother.

The first large chamber features a bridge spanning a small gap and leading 
through a corridor into another room.  However, down below you can find four 
different *TRIBALS* clinking around with their miniature tools.

The next vast cavern has three *TRIBALS* on the floor doing some handiwork.  
There is also a giant elevator that can bring you up to a new part of the level 
that is well out of reach.  The switch to activate is hidden behind some boxes 
on the right.  Blow up the boxes and shoot the switch until it changes to the 
color green.  Then the elevator will slowly lower and allow you to get on.  At 
the top you will find Farmer walking around.  Near him and somewhat near the 
cliff you just ascended is another sad *TRIBAL*.

There are two corridors that lead off from here, but just keep in mind that 
everything connects together and forms a nice big circle that you can get lost 
in.  This is how I remember getting through it though.  Take the right passage 
and you should eventually come to a small room with a lake.  Another tunnel 
leads off to the side while you can drop off and go into an elevator shaft where 
two *TRIBALS* are waiting nearby.  Shoot the switch on the inside and the 
platform will lower itself all the way past the door and into some water.  Just 
hop out of the water and into the new area.  In here there is a fuel pad to 
power your jetpack up along with a *TRIBAL*.  When it is has reached its 
maximum, fly up through the elevator shaft again to a secret room at the every 
top through a door.  In here are two more *TRIBALS* and a *TOTEM POLE*.

Now go back down the elevator and through the passage along the bottom.  Now you 
should come to an area with another elevator platform that is not moving yet.  
To the right behind some more crates is another switch to shoot like before.  
Blast it green, grab the *TRIBAL* nearby too, and then ride the elevator up.  
Now you should see two bridges heading off in opposite directions.  Take the 
right one, before entering the corridor make sure to save the *TRIBAL* that is 
on your right.

Eventually, through this corridor you will enter a room that has a path that 
winds around the side of the room and then back into another hallway.  However, 
there is also a transformation pad in front of you now, and use it by pressing 
the A button to turn into a Tribal!  Now retrace your steps and go back to the 
room with two bridges.  Take the opposite route and you should eventually find 
yourself back near Farmer, at the other passage you missed near the very 
beginning.  Talk to him as a Tribal and he will confide in you how much he 
despises Jet Force and then he will give you a *DEFLECTOR SHIELD* for you to 
bury.  Yeah, right.

Go back to the transformation pad and morph back into Vela.  Head down the 
narrow slope and through the corridor to save up the last *TRIBAL*.  Now you 
should be back at the lake.  Take the other corridor that leads out of here to 
return to where Farmer was before you got the spaceship part.  Drop down the 
elevator and go through the rest of the chambers to exit the level.

I have to admit though for this level that I think I may be forgetting part of 
it now that is has been a long time.  Instead of sow seeds of doubt in you, I 
can reassure you that what you need to know is up above although the number of 
Tribals in certain situations may be off by one or so.


Eschebone                  Tribals: 12
Stage 1: Thorax                Use: Vela

This is a long level that will definitely test your merit when it comes to 
fighting.  It starts you off in a relatively quiet area with four pillars in 
front of you that go up to the ceiling practically.  On top of two of them is a 
*TRIBAL* (for a total of two).  To reach them you can go to the right and exit 
this room through some gills.  Out here there will be a wooden door that you can 
blast down with your Tri-Rocket Launcher.

***Special Note***
In this small space there is a jetpack refueling pad.  You can use this to fly 
up on top of where you entered this area.  Up there will be four holes to 
correspond to one of the four pillars in the previous room.  This is the only 
method that you can reach the Tribals mentioned earlier.

Besides that, there is a small cave that leads off to Stage 3: Cortex.

If instead you leave the room with the pillars by taking a left you will locate 
a Mercenary Robot that will of course offer you some ammo and supplies.  Now 
though, continue on in the room with the pillars and go into the next chamber.

In this vast chamber there will be lots of action.  There are two sets of flying 
monsters that will appear and a small pack of those orange drones.  Near the end 
of the room are two doors that require the Magenta Key.  To the right though is 
a Life Force door.  Go through this and just keep blasting the whole way with 
whatever you got.  At the end of the corridor is another Life Force door and you 
will actually have to double-back and take out some drones that snuck in from 

This next room has a lot of rocks in it, and the one in front of you is piled 
high with pick-ups.  Save them for later and try to dispatch all of the enemies 
first.  Then use the Red Gem and grab the ammo crates.  Go through the next 
corridor and prepare for more.  First though, you will cross over a bridge that 
is above one of the first rooms you were in with the two locked Magenta doors.  
Keep moving on and get ready because at the end of this will be huge drone 
guarding the exit Life Force door.  Pulverize him and enter the next room that 
has two or three lava pits in it.  Watch out for those and take out the drones 
as fast as possible.  Then go over and rescue two more *TRIBALS*.

Head down another passage after this and remember about another huge drone that 
awaits near its completion.  Now out here in this next chamber is a few more 
scattered ants and a small group of aerial monsters.

***Special Note***
When you return here as Vela you will be able to swim into the deep pool of dark 
water that takes up the right half of the room.  Down there will be a tunnel 
that will take you along a huge array of tunnels and items.  First take a left 
at the intersection to get the Blue Key.  Then head back down to the other side 
to grab the *SPECIALIST MAGAZINE*.  From there continue through a number of 
water-filled tunnels and you should ultimately rescue six *TRIBALS* while doing 
so.  Then return back to the to the surface of the pool in the room you began.

Walk up the stairs and keep blazing a trail through the ranks of the monsters.  
Now you should come to a room with some catwalks and a passage to the left that 
requires the Magenta Key.  But never fear, for the *MAGENTA KEY* is on your 
right resting on a pillar.  Down below and on the ground there are also the last 
two *TRIBALS*.

***Special Note***
If you are Lupus you can hover to the right as well and into a special room.  
Otherwise, as Juno or Vela you can use a fuel pad on the ground to jetpack into 
the opening as well.  In here is yet another Floyd Mission.  In this place you 
must collect all 24 DNA strands and reach the finish in a certain amount of 
time.  Along the way you will often bump into some glass, but just shoot it down 
with your twin blasters.  The best technique here is to probably go all the way 
down the tunnels to the left, come all the way back taking lefts (thus making a 
circle), and then going as fast as possible to the finish again.  If you win 
with a gold medal you will unlock a Target Range at Rith Essa.

Go through the locked door now and you should find yourself back near the early 
part of the stage.  Just turn left and you should see another door for the 
Magenta Key.  The next room is loaded for supplies as the following area is 
where you battle Lupus' boss!


Eschebone                  Tribals: 6
Stage 2: Approach              Use: Any

This is actually the first level you will play even though it is called stage 
number two.  After watching yourself land your spaceship you should head on out 
and through the opening in front of you.  This next area has a large lake of 
lava in the center, and a small shore that encircles the entire room.  In the 
lake are numerous platforms that you can jump onto while fighting two enhanced 
drones that are very quick and powerful.  Watch out though, as they will move 
near the two *TRIBALS* in this area and use them as a type of body shield.

The next area is just a bridge that crosses over another lake of lava.  When you 
cross it beware of some flying creatures that will appear, and that a little 
ways past the middle of the bridge a portion of it will mysteriously collapse.  
However, there are two Red Gems, one on either side of the bridge, to repair any 
injuries.  Among them are two more *TRIBALS* resting safely on small platforms 
above the lava's surface.

The next area is focuses upon what looks like the giant head of a deranged 
monster.  A massive tongue whisks about crazily, but if you pick up some nearby 
Grenades and aim them into the mouth the tongue will rest on a platform for you 
acting like a bridge into its stomach.  Before entering though, look around for 
another platform to the side with the final two *TRIBALS*.

This next indoor area is composed of a lot of surprise attacks.  The environment 
is made for battles with numerous obstructions and poles to take cover behind.  
Watch out for either hovering monsters to appear and fight or those speedy 
drones you will soon come to love.  This is really where you are tested to see 
how skillful you are at fighting.  Always make sure to conserve ammo and pick up 
whatever supplies you need along the way as well that might be hiding off to the 
sides.  Eventually at the end of the room will be a Life Force door that will 
allow you access to the Thorax stage once all of the enemies are cleared.


Eschebone                  Tribals: 5
Stage 3: Cortex                Use: Any (w/ Jetpack)

This level is ridiculously simple.  It forms a figure-eight in the beginning as 
you make your way through cramped tunnels.  Every so often you will bump into 
some glass, but a few shots from any gun will shatter it.  There are also some 
occasional lasers that move intermittently at certain places.  Just remember 
that they all follow a pattern and can be avoided if you just take your time.

All five of the *TRIBALS* in this level are located in this section with the 
figure-eight.  Eventually though, at the end the small corridor opens up into a 
giant room that resembles the brain of some fantastic beast, with lasers and 
platforms moving all around.

Take the platform that floats over towards you, and ride it across to another 
ledge on the right.  From here you can climb a little higher, but then you have 
to wait for another platform to come pick you up.  This one will drop down from 
the ceiling, and if you catch it you will soon find yourself at the top of the 
room.  Lastly, there is one more platform that circles around the room allowing 
you to reach some far off ledges.  Ride this around picking up any Purple Gems 
you may need to replenish your health.  Then jump off at one other platform to 
pick up the *OXYGEN TANK*.

Now just return the way you came from.  If you ever have problems and fall off, 
there is a platform that comes down to the ground and brings back up to the 
entrance of the room where you can restart the process.  Otherwise, if you have 
collected everything you need head on out of the level.


Fighting Boss

For this boss there are really two.  Each of them are huge praying mantises that 
take a lot of time to completely destroy.  Only aim for the one that is closest 
to you and ignore the furthest one away as best as possible.  Their attacks are 
varied though, and sometimes you will have to watch for giant boulders, lasers, 
or rockets that come from the sides.  With lasers and rocks, you can usually 
dodge them by jumping or simply moving to the side.  With rockets though, since 
they travel in pairs (one comes from the left at the same time one comes from 
the right) you have to try to get in between them and then jump and land so that 
they both hit each other.

Start off by taking out the arm of the bug on your right (its left arm).  Then 
quickly take aim at the other arm until both are destroyed in that order.  The 
mantis will retreat and let the other one attack just like before.  Repeat the 
process, but this time watch out for the rockets coming towards you from the 
background.  To help you hit the mantis when it jumps to the right or left, you 
can destroy both walls that are in your way sometimes on each of those 
respective sides.  Usually be the end of the battle the bugs have eliminated 
them out of the equation anyway.

After both of them have been dispatched of their arms, the first one will come 
again and try to attack with its tail.  Avoid the missiles and move to the side 
of the bug to get a clear shot at its tail behind it.  Its almost impossible to 
damage it unless it is on the center platform, so when it moves away from there 
focus more on staying alive than in wasting precious ammo.

Once the mantis' tail has been blown away, that bug will become helpless so you 
can concentrate on just the second one that will take its place.  Again you will 
have to take out its tail.  Eventually both will come to the forefront after all 
of the attacking appendages have been eviscerated.  Now you have to aim for the 
heads.  However, watch out, as both of them will spew rocks from their mouths at 
you.  But from now on it is really methodical, and you can get used to timing 
your jumps so that you should have no more worries.

At the end after both have each been utterly destroyed, you can continue on in 
the tunnel once the islands in the lava reappear.  Now go catch your ship and 
head on over to Mizar's Palace.


Mizar's Palace             Tribals: 14
Stage 1: Lobby                 Use: Juno

This level is really straightforward except for the one part near the beginning.  
Again, I know I have collected all of the Tribals here, but I cannot the exact 
numbers at each location.  In the very beginning after first landing at Mizar's 
Palace, you will traverse down a passage and enter a huge outdoor arena with 
lots of ant drones buzzing around.  The atmosphere here is really great, as the 
palace looms on the horizon along with an orangish sky highlighted with a moon 
even farther in the background.  The section where the melee will occur is all 
over reflective tiles that act as mirrors practically, adding a new dimension 
the battlefield along with some sapphire fountains.

You can amuse yourself by dispatching the ants, or you can continue straight 
ahead and into the beginning of the Lobby by entering through the main entrance.  
This will lead to (surprise) a lobby, which is lined on both sides by 
luminescent torches.  At the end of a long hallway you will also see a graphical 
map displaying the architecture for this place.  You will notice that beneath 
one of the torches is a secret pit that only Juno can enter because of his heat-
resistant natural ability.

Before progressing down that route, go through each of the passages on the right 
and left sides at the end of the hallway.  Each new place will consist of a room 
constructed of stairways, ramps, crates, and nice sniper sections.  Watch out 
for some huge creatures firing at you with some blue blasts, so take them out 
first with the Tri-Rocket Launcher or something else equally powerful.  In on 
the rooms there are also two (I think two, maybe three) *TRIBALS* huddling close 
together in a corner.

After destroying all of those enemies, each corridor will lead to a huge open 
room filled with goodies.  I think both have *TRIBALS* within them, along with 
health Gems, capacity crates, and Mizar Tokens.  After fully retrieving all of 
those, continue on by falling down the pit where the torch is.

Down here it is a relative small and not too confusing maze.  Amid the multiple 
corridors you will find countless shielded drones trying to take you out.  You 
will also discover over time a wealth of Mizar Tokens and (I think) four doors.  
All but one of the doors will lead to a small chamber usually with *TRIBALS* and 
almost always with some ammo, health, and cunning opponents.  The final door 
will take you out into another long room with a river of lava in the center.  By 
now, you should have all but two Tribals.

On your left will be a sneaky goliath drone so beware of him.  Take him out with 
one swift powerful blow, and follow in behind the carnage and through a small 
crawlspace behind him that he was previously guarding.  In here you will find a 
*TOTEM POLE*.  Now return to the main room, cross the lava, and pick up the last 
two *TRIBALS* waiting not so patiently behind a pillar.  The exit should be 
right in front of you now, and after going through it you will be in the 
principle Mizar section.


Mizar's Palace             Tribals: 6
Stage 2: Flume                 Use: Vela

I have received countless emails regarding this confusing level, mainly on the 
subject of the underwater caves.  Well, here are the answers to all of the 
questions regarding this level.

You start off in the identical position you start out with Juno.  Simply walk 
through the dark tunnel in front of you to reach a huge area with a pyramid in 
the distance and lots of ant drones, all nicely reflected back at you by the 
shiny tiles that line the floor.  You can take time with these enemies or you 
can charge on through to directly outside the pyramid where a river runs.  Jump 
in and swim to the left to enter the maze called the Flume.

Yes, I took the liberty to compose a map for this place so that I could get 
precise directions.  There is nothing of value down here except a few dumb fish 
and some scattered Red Gems to completely refill your health.  All you need to 
do is follow the directions below:

1. Go straight
2. Go left at the next intersection
3. Go left again at the next intersection
4. Go straight at the next intersection
5. Go right at the next intersection
6. Go straight at the next intersection
7. And finally, go straight at the next intersection

After that you will see a door that you can travel through so as to reappear in 
another aquarium type room out of the water.  Practically straight in front of 
you are four dopey *TRIBALS*.  Turn around and exit the room through another 

Outside here you will see another large area, centered on a waterfall in the 
middle.  As you head up a ramp turn around and walk back on the high ground to 
save the last two remaining *TRIBALS*.  Now turn around again and head through 
the waterfall to exit the stage.


Mizar's Palace             Tribals: 10
Stage 3: Chasm                 Use: Lupus

I haven't yet written down the exact route through this level yet.  But 
basically it starts off with you entering a cave.  As soon as you are inside, a 
door bolts down behind you trapping you in.  Off to one side of the room is a 
blinking chest that contains the *Night Vision Goggles*.  Now another large door 
will open up allowing you to access a maze filled with ant drones that you must 
battle using your green visor.

There are a few capacity crates that can be found to increase your maximum space 
for some weapons scattered around the bland looking tunnels.  There is also a 
small room that has a tiny passage on the left that leads to a group (I'm not 
sure how many) *TRIBALS*.  I think nearby to that is a chamber only occupied by 
a strange rectangular platform resting in the center.

Hop onto the platform and watch yourself lift off and out of the maze and back 
into the open air.  Look to the left up here to see a friendly *TRIBAL* waiting 
for you on an accompanying cliff.  Now look across the great ravine between you 
and a distant platform.  Although it looks impossible, you can actually easily 
make it by standing still, performing a maximum leap into the air, and coasting 
across with your built in boosters.

Over here there are a few more drones along with a few more *TRIBALS*.  Now just 
continue through another passage and back out into an open area filled with some 
goliath drones.  Take out the Tri-Rocket Launcher preferably and blast away at 
the clever foes that might hide behind some huge pillars that can almost be 
found there.  In one corner behind a huge drone there are a few more *TRIBALS* 
as well.  At this point you may need to use a weapon that doesn't involve 
explosives so that you can be sure not to damage the small teddy bear creatures.  
Now, as a Life Force door opens as the last creature is defeated, you may move 
on to the final area of Mizar's Palace.


Mizar's Palace
Special Floyd Mission

After completing any of the Mizar stages for the first time, you will see your 
character enter a strange place that is apparently uninhabited.  In the central 
area though, you will see two huge gold rings rotating into in a strange 
pattern.  Nearby and on a wall you will see a pictorial illustrating three 
scenes.  The first panel is a diagram of Floyd, the second is a picture of three 
golden triangles connected together into one large triangle, and the third image 
is of a pyramid.

Now if you search around you will find a Floyd Pad in between a circular 
structure much like a circle of stones.  Stand on the pad and press Start and 
you will see your objectives for the mission.  You must collect three golden 
triangles floating around somewhere in the level, and then head through another 
door within a certain amount of time.

The first triangle is located right in between the golden rings and is hovering 
in mid-air.  After that look to the right and you should see two small passages 
through a wall.  Head through the bottom one so that you can quickly turn to the 
right and fly along a corridor.  You will then see a small pyramid, and inside 
the entrance is the second golden triangle.  Now return to the small structure 
where you saw the three hieroglyphics.  Up above is another passage that leads 
to the last golden triangle and then to the necessary passage.

***Special Note***
Inside the smaller pyramid where you got the second triangle is a huge room with 
a pillar in the middle.  With the aid of a jetpack pad nearby, you can fly up to 
the top of the short pillar and stand on a pad that has an image of a blue drone 
on it.  With this I think you'll be able to enter another closed door if you 
resemble a drone.  Make sure that you are standing still on the center of the 
pad and without holding any other buttons.  Press the A button and you will 
transform into a drone and the other door will open.  Walk inside and jump on 
the platform and it will lower you down to another special room.  Down here find 
the empty stall and jump onto your green racer.  Now fly through any of the 
three tunnels to begin Mizar's 3D Race.  When you win the *FUSE* will be yours.

Now you will see a huge cutscene where another humongus pyramid drops down.  The 
pyramid has three doors set in its base, and all three characters must meet up 
here and go through their respective doors.  Only then will they be able to 
confront Mizar for the first time.

***Special Note***
Once you defeat Mizar the first time you will always be able to enter the huge 
pyramid as any of the characters.  Inside is where King Jeff will await for you 
to bring all of the Spaceship Parts and rescue all of the Tribals.  Until then, 
you're bound to go through a lot of searching.  But if you have rescued all of 
the Tribals in every level then he will give you one piece, the *STABILIZER*.


Mizar's Palace
First Confrontation

Here you will battle Mizar as Lupus.  This is remarkably easy.  Mizar will 
either spit a stream of green fire at you from his mouth, or cause a wave of 
fire to encompass you.  But all you have to do is take aim for his head.  After 
dealing him a little damage he will stop and "soothe" his eyes with his giant 
claws.  As soon as he stops pelt him again.  Just keep repeating this process 
ten times or so and he will eventually retreat and he will leave into outer 

Now you will watch a complicated movie of him entering an asteroid in outer 
space and setting his course on Earth to destroy your homes.  However, you 
spaceships can't catch up to him so you need some help.  King Jeff will appear 
and say that he has an ancient spaceship that can help you catch Mizar and fight 
him in a final confrontation.  However, he explains that there are eleven pieces 
of the spaceship scattered around the planets and that you must recover them as 
a team.  There is also a twelfth piece that King Jeff has, but he will only give 
you it if you rescue EVERY SINGLE TRIBAL on EVERY SINGLE PLANET!!!  To help you 
though he enhances your armor and gives Juno and Vela jetpacks and turns Lupus 
into a tank (I think this is stupid, sorry :)

Anyway, now you must return to previous levels and unlock different stages and 
worlds by using the different characters' distinct advantages.  You also have to 
return to previously defeated areas to make sure you rescued every last Tribal.

If you check the Tribal section in the Pause Menu you will see that there are 
some stages that you haven't even visited yet.  Go to those worlds as a 
different hero and you should be able to find ways to access them.  All of the 
new levels are listed up above and usually are marked with "SPECIAL NOTE".  Good 
luck!  Return here once you have uncovered all of the pieces and are ready for 
the final showdown.


Asteroid                   Tribals: 0
Stage 1: Mizar's Lair          Use: Juno

Go through the first passageway you see in front of you.  In the next area you 
will see two doors.  One leads to a plateau from where you cannot advance any 
farther, as it just gives you a view of a later part of the level.  The other 
one will take you inside of a cave.  In here use your most powerful weapons 
because there is no need to hold back any longer.

Plow through the mixture of blue ants and colossal drones.  When the corridor 
opens up into a room there are two choices to the left and right.  The left is 
another room where you can restock your ammo after blasting another huge drone.  
On the right is where the level continues.

Basically, this is how the entire level works.  Keep moving ahead and blasting.  
Eventually you will come to a room with some glass walls encasing some huge 
drones.  You can be careful if you want to, but if you are like me you tear down 
the entire room for fun.  Soon you will reappear outside again.

As soon as you see the sky again you will be blasted on all sides by giant 
drones.  Get trigger happy and set the place on fire with everything!!!  It's 
carnage time so take out that Flamethrower, those Timed Mines, and that Homing 
Missile Launcher!  Once they are all destroyed turn around and jump up on the 
platform to go through the Life Force door.

Now you should see a fuel pad on your right.  Fuel up and head for the passage 
in the distance that has a green mark above it.  The other way will take you 
back to the very beginning, and from there, without fuel, you will have to go 
through the level again.  So be smart and head to the left and through the door.  
The next room will have your last drones.  Then you can pick up full ammo for 
everything and head on over to Mizar!


Final Confrontation

To beat Mizar you just have to memorize his different types of attacks.  When 
you know them then you will be able to say alive long enough to vanquish him.  
His weakpoint in his back, and you will have to hit him numerous times.  After 
so many hits he will be knocked down and you can...see below.

In the beginning and after every time you knock him down, Mizar will retaliate 
with a swarm of meteors that swirl around and strike at you.  Just move back and 
forth along the ledge to avoid as much damage as possible.

The Claw:
Every so often he will charge at you and strike with his claw.  Make sure to 
dodge this and jump over the ring of fire that comes from his claw.  This is 
your chance to strike.  He will then fly back to his original location to 
prepare for another charge.  When his back is turned let loose a barrage of 

Purple Lasers:
These come in pairs (they come from his eyes) and fire at your location.  If you 
can see his eyes turn green then run back and forth along your ledge to try to 
dodge them.  He will usually fire three times like this before moving somewhere 
else and attacking again.

Green Breath:
When his eyes turn green prepare for a stream of acid green breath.  This will 
follow you for awhile so run away as best as you can, but you may eventually run 
out of room.

Blue Lasers:
These are the most painful.  From many different angles Mizar will fire a stream 
of lasers at you and send them back and forth along the ledge.  Try to be in the 
center and just pretend like it is jump rope.  Time your leaps so that you 
perfectly bound over the shocking electricity.

I used only Homing Missiles when he is flying around.  Make sure you get a lock 
on his back so that whenever he turns you can just fire and know that you will 
hit home.  But conserve your ammo; be patient and fire only two rounds or so at 
a time.

Once he lands on the ground it is totally different.  Now bring out the Tri-
Rocket Launchers and light up the world.  Aim for his head and strafe back and 
forth inflicting as much damage as possible and basically ignoring everything 
else.  Piece by piece he will be destroyed and then you will be crowned 


Special Floyd Mission

To destroy the asteroid before it reaches Earth you will unfortunately have to 
sacrifice Floyd on a daring mission.  However, it is extremely straightforward 
and I succeeded on my first try.  Just fly through the amazing graphics that 
form the crystalline cave as best as possible.  Try not to get hypnotized by the 
swirls and just go at breakneck speed all the way to the end.  Remember to avoid 
some outcroppings of rock as best as possible.


  C  O  N  G  R  A  T  U  L  A  T  I  O  N  S  !



14. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I am slowly becoming overwhelmed by repetitive emails from people, as I sadly 
expected.  But I can understand the urge to email me when you can't find the 
answer to the question that has bugged you so much it drove you to search 
throughout the Internet.  That is why I have made so many reference guides.  
Before the walkthrough even begins I have section after section of lists to help 
you find some of the more major objects and uncover the most secret of secrets.  
Yet there are admittedly some popular questions that I receive that would indeed 
take some sifting through of my walkthrough before you found a flat out answer.  
So here you go!  Happy?

Question: How do I get (fill in the blank) or get to (fill in the blank)?

Answer: This is by far the most frequently asked question.  But you can find the 
answer to this in the walkthrough after only a few moments of searching!  I 
refuse to answer these emails any longer!  For my own sanity...Only one special, 
rare occasions when I'm unusually bored.

Question: When do I get the jetpack?  I heard King Jeff gives it to me!

Answer: Well, you are right, King Jeff does indeed give it to you.  Once you get 
every character to Mizar's Palace and inside of the pyramid you will be able to 
battle Mizar in the First Confrontation.  Once you defeat him King Jeff will 
appear and upgrade your armor and give you jetpacks to use for the rest of your 
adventure via a long cutscene.

Question: What is the point of those "F" pads?

Answer: Those are used in conjunction with the jetpacks that you will eventually 
receive.  When you stand on them they will slowly _F_uel up your jetpacks to 
certain percentage.  Then, for the remainder of the time you spend in that 
particular area you will be able to fly around using your jetpack.

Question: I'm missing a lot of keys, levels, Tribals, jetpack, etc! Help!

Answer: Ummmmm, good question...:) it seems as though you haven't reached Mizar 
yet for the first time and this explains it all.  You will have to fight Mizar 
once before you reach a lot of the levels in the game, along with collect a lot 
of the Tribals and keys.  Only once you have defeated Mizar and gotten the 
jetpack can you retrace your steps as other characters to reach special places.

Question: I need more life!  What Gemini Holders am I missing?

Answer: Never fear.  I have begun compiling a list of all of the locations of 
Gemini Holders and hopefully within a few days of writing this the complete list 
will be ready.  Then you'll be able to take on Mizar and his hordes of enemies 
with some more energy for every character!

Question: Now I need more ammo?  I've always been running out when I need it 

Answer: Hmmmnnn, this is tough.  This question honestly hasn't been too 
"frequent" and I thin kmost people have been managing well.  But if I here more 
people out there begging for the same thing then maybe I'll stop being lazy and 
start another monstrous list...


15. Review

Although this is supposed to just be walkthrough or guide to aid you on your 
journey through Jet Force Gemini.  I have decided to include my own thoughts on 
this game within here as well, mainly because that is what I do at my website 
that I run (see top of walkthrough).


Jet Force Gemini is long awaited title to leave Rare's distinguished doors since 
Banjo-Kazooie in 1998.  The game marks a long standing drought of Rare's magic, 
and it feels good to get back in a title that shines in so many areas.  But 
perhaps the Rare mix has been too hyped for its own good as eager gamers have 
sung their praise in apprehension.  From the start you can tell that Jet Force 
Gemini is definitely, yes, lacking in a few areas.  Alas, Rare didn't obtain 
perfection just yet.  :( Sob.  Oh well, it is only one of the best games of the 
year so far, and if that disappoints anybody than they are expecting too much.

Rare has carefully crafted this epic 3D space shooter for over two years and it 
has ended up in a fine result.  Sparkling, realistic settings at many turns, 
another incredible soundtrack by their one and ONLY ONE musician, an amazing 
feat to say the least.  The gameplay though is where it hurts most, as in some 
points it just leaps beyond its own limits in hopes of attaining something 
impossible.  But through and through this game provides a steady adventure that 
will keep you hooked, and I mean HOOKED, for over a week.

Innovation 8

Rare has uncovered some more great ideas from that magic place somewhere where 
all good game ideas come from.  Jet Force Gemini is definitely a unique game 
inside and out, in its goals and gameplay style.  It basically brings the third-
person shooter genre to a new step along its journey.  You travel to different 
planets across a solar system that really feel like whole new worlds with the 
crescendos in the orchestral beats, or the natural sounding rhythmic tunes on 
the more homey planets.  Either way you will find yourself in awe sometimes 
without realizing it.

But the underlying theme is action, and never before did I imagine I could have 
so much fun throwing some insane weapons around blowing monsters up to pieces.  
For that is another area where, uh, Rare had some originality.  Even though the 
game seems to be an epic, honorable adventure from the cutscenes, the way the 
action is portrayed is downright cartoonish.  It is either supposed to be taken 
as somewhat funny, or then it serious, and that would make it satanic.  There 
are gallons of blood plastered on walls after every battle, with limbs bouncing 
off walls, and heads rolling around into dead carcasses.  It is even more 
rewarding than Turok 2: Seeds of Evil at times if that is possible, but at the 
whole time it is meant to be light-hearted (and this is still kind of sick, but 
I'll accept my shadow side for now because I like it!!!)

However, the story is kind of blase, and the players for sure never truly care 
about the plight of the Tribals, or the outcome of their home planet, which ends 
up being Earth ultimately.  So some of the game kind of seems ridiculous, and 
I'm talking about the parts that weren't really supposed to.  (Unless everything 
is just a big farce and no one is letting me in on the secret).  The gameplay 
also kind of gives up on its intentions, and in many battles you will revert to 
the first-person "Targeting Mode" because the third-person just can't hack it.  
It's kind of a mix between the boring first-person corridor shooters because of 
Jet Force Gemini's nice scenery and sometimes dynamic environments, yet at other 
times it is an ugly platformer.  Overall it is not the best of both worlds, but 
yet no one has made this strange set up to really work, and Rare's effort is 
valiant to say the least.

Graphics 9

Some of the graphics for this game are ridiculously sharp and realistic, and 
really seem like Rare has taken Nintendo to the next level with brilliant bump-
mapping on the textures, and colorful graphics and explosions never seen before 
like this.  I really thought that after playing so many games and becoming more 
critical with each one that it would take something amazing to wow me like this.  
And indeed I was right, for there are times where you just are simply inspired 
by the amazing scenes.  There is always something that stands out to me in every 
single game, and you can already tell that this achievement of setting the scene 
with great imagery is my idea of Rare's major accomplishment with this title.

However, in other points of the game I was kind of confused by the lack of 
detail, or blocking looking modeling.  Some items really seem mismatched in the 
game.  The main characters look smooth, but then when you meet a swarm of drones 
and realize that there really isn't anything special about them it seems more of 
a shell-shock.  You can tell where sacrifices were made to handle so many 
onscreen monsters at once, and this is something that should have been more 
hidden, especially since there are still some _minor_ qualms_ with the 
framerate.  Overall though, the good outweighs the bad in this section by an 
unbelievable amount.

Gameplay 8

I'm sorry, guys.  But I have to say right now that some of the story and how it 
is advanced through the various cutscenes is really, really lame.  Come on, even 
some of the cheesy tactics are used twice, and I can barely stomach one serving.  
This is all so true when you see Mizar shoot down Juno, and then our classic 
hero takes the pain, gets up, and follows after the evil tyrant, unrelenting in 
his urge to fight the nemesis.  Give me a break.  And they use this again when 
Juno meets up with Mizar for a second time.  Another corny sequence is when 
Lupus is has to battle two giant bosses for this one Tribal.  Situations like 
that are just too much to bare, especially when you want to start the action and 
you still have to endure the meek story.

But the above really matter?  Not too much.  The grade of eight comes from the 
poor control, average aiming/battle, and acceptable framerate.  And with even 
those the eight could still be deemed a little too critical.  But I know the big 
boys at Rare can handle it.  First of all, the control is loose.  Characters go 
sliding all over the place, and really jerk around when you change directions, 
or have to go somewhere specific and fast.  You can't even chase a drone around 
a crate without getting your hands tied in a knot.  This is why Rare implemented 
the first-person "Targeting Mode", to aid us gamers who feel as though we are 
more at home with that controller scheme, and that we are more comfortable and 
can control better and aim more accurately.  And we can.  But it is still hard 
to aim just right.  Players still heavily rely on auto aim and huge explosions 
to clear the path of enemies, and the times when you do need to be exact and 
precise, you are able to get up close, or just use a Homing Missile! :)  Overall 
though, the fighting is difficult to manage with, and it will take you days to 
gradual master it, if it can ever be mastered.  But even though action is so 
major, this complaint is not, because the action itself is not difficult.  I 
don't think I got one game over the whole time I played.  Heck, I don't even 
know what happens!  You really just don't die too many times in this game from 
enemies, so you never really get into the mood to throw your controller.  I only 
got mad when I had to jump from platform to platform, since that was when I 
yearned for the smooth controls Banjo-Kazooie or the tight controls of Super 
Mario 64.  There will still admittedly be times of major frustration, but for 
Jet Force Gemini, it is bearable.

However, there are so many good qualities about the game as well.  I _like_ 
saving the Tribals, it isn't too bad (especially with this guide I don't want to 
hear that many complaints ;).  They are hilarious too with how dopey they are, 
running around battlefields and accidentally getting blasted to smithereens by a 
stray grenade...Well, that's another story.  During battle you can also be very 
ingenious with the array of weapons you can eventually possess.  I also think 
for the first time it was rewarding to backtrack (briefly) through levels to 
unlock strange, secret worlds and stages.  It is never very boring with all of 
the action, and if you ever get really stuck you can always find a group of 
drones to lift your spirits!  But overall, the best experience in this game is 
the setting, as you are getting tired of hearing it by now.  Levels like the 
Spacestation and the Water Ruins really draw you into the game where in other 
parts you are drawn out!  There are just some instances in this game where it 
attains a really cool feeling and you are so glad that you are playing this 

Audio 10

I am a sucker for good music.  This game really packs a punch, with some amazing 
battle symphonies for the spaceship levels, along with some climactic scores and 
peaceful melodies on the tropical Water Ruins or mysterious Mine.  This was all 
part of setting the scene.  The graphics and the audio have rarely melded 
together so nicely in a game.  But the main aspect of the game, and the numerous 
cartoonish qualities of it make it seem like a kooky mix when put together.  
Either way, few can deny the joys of full Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound with 
special support too for those with just stereo, monaural, or headphones.  The 
sound effects too are nice, with spaceship engines humming, and the few talking 
characters mumbling just like Banjo-Kazooie!

Lifespan 7

As I'm sure you've been reading, the replay value for this game is slim.  It is 
fun to go back to the single player mode, and even more so with a friend, but 
the battle modes and the target ranges can only hold your interest for a short 
time.  It is more appealing to just jump back to your favorite level and start 
blasting away with all of the cool weapons.



16. Credits

This is the section where I will list all of the contributors to this document.  
Hopefully I will be receiving tons of emails explaining different parts of the 
game that have mystified even myself.  I'll be sure to tack your name on to the 

Thanks to (in no particular order, well maybe...)

- ExoByte
- AceThePro
- Rick
- Niveau

Not to mention the highly esteemed companies that have made this walkthrough 


If it wasn't for those crazy guys at NOA we wouldn't have the luxury of skipping 
homework to complete that last level in Jet Force Gemini.  I will always have a 
special place in my heart for that fact :)



The company that in my opinion makes the best games (well, maybe a close second 
to EAD, I haven't decided yet) and has the strangest website.  Always good 
though for a laugh so make sure to check out their huge web page to check up on 
upcoming games (think DK64 and Perfect Dark, drool...) and released ones as 



I have to hand it to these guys.  This was my first FAQ/walkthrough posted here 
and I have to say that the process was relatively simple and smooth.  That is a 
good thing.  I am totally amazed by how much feedback I have received, and 
definitely plan to write future FAQs here as well.

Hmmnnn, maybe the site that you are looking at?  Just a thought...
http://www.gamefaqs.com (well, not you might be looking at this walkthrough at 
other places...)


17. Epilogue

This FAQ/Walkthrough has come to an exhaustive end.  If you still have questions 
remaining that you insist are not mentioned above than please feel free to email 
me.  If you have any other comments or suggestions then also send all of those 
goodies in.

This was the very first guide that I wrote for GameFAQs.  And right now I'm 
hoping that it doesn't look all messed up on some of your computer screens.  
Hopefully I will learn a lot throughout this entire experience so that I will be 
able to write even more guides.  I think my next mission will probably be Donkey 
Kong 64, unfortunately there will probably be 100 guides!

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