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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jdude84

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/18/99

"This is your chance to smile sweetly at some cutesy characters, pull the 
trigger and blow their brains out. It's what gaming was invented for."

* Jet Force Gemini - The Complete Guide *
Author: Jdude84
E-Mail Address: Jdude84@hotmail.com
Version: 1.0 (FINAL)

Welcome to my complete guide, for my all-time favorite game - Jet Force Gemini. 
This Guide will include a FAQ\Walkthrough and everything you need to know about
JFG. After reading this guide you will know where every suare inch of the game
is, and what's on it. If for some extremly rare reason you find any errors with
this guide please E-Mail me using the address listed above. Enjoy The Guide...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Version 1.0

Version History

09/15/99 - Started This FAQ.

10/12/99 - Added important information to the first section of this FAQ.

10/13/99 - Actually recieved JFG today, walkthrough coming soon.

10/17/99 - Wow! This walkthrough will take a while to complete, beat mizar #1 
yesterday...Started Walkthrough.

10/20/99 - Changed the layout. Tell me if you like it...also updated 

10/22/99 - Skipped ahead, finished 'The Meeting', 6b, 6c will be both done by 
the end of the month.

10/27/99 - On a side note, collected the final squad of tribals today, wahoo! 
Updated faq as well.

- Completed Vela Walkthrough

- Started in on both the Lupus walkthrough, AND section 8, which will take a 
while. Hopefully by
the time DKC64 is out, this FAQ will be complete.

10/28/99 - Finished section 6, all that is left is section 8, which won't take 
that long!

- Also, i finally reached Mizar - The Final Confrontation today! If you must 
know, it took 30:27 to reach him. Am i slow? that's for you to decide...

- It seems i forgot to post a F.A.Q, oops! Now all your questions may be 
answered here!

10/29/99 - I beat Mizar today, and let me tell you, it was quite thrilling!

- Updated Walkthrough, F.A.Q., Version .5 complete

11/03/99 - fixed a few minor errors on the headers

11/04/99 - Upped walkthrough, 8 more sections, Final Showdown to come later.

11/19/99 - Final Version. Walkthrough complete. *runs around leaping for joy*
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Table Of Contents
- - - - - - - - - -
1) Legal Disclaimers\Contact Information
2) Game Data
3) Character Bios
4) Story
5) Reviews
6) Walkthrough
6a) Juno Walkthrough
6b) Vela Walkthrough
6c) Lupus Walkthrough
7) The Meeting
8) Further On...
9) F.A.Q.
10) Credits
11) Author's Note

1) Legal Disclaimers\Contact Information

Your probably wondering why this boring crap is at the top of this extremly 
inportant FAQ. I simply recieve way too much stupid, unimportant, or jumbled 
crap from people asking me one of 4 things:

Don't take me wrong, i love answering your mail. However, i do not appreciate 
questions such as: "hae mon i wuz wundering howe to gt th pegusis boots?" Your 
mail will be quickly deleted, and not replied to if i get this.

All too often i get mail such as: "Dude! Like update your FAQ! I need to know 
how to get the final badge!"
The main reason i get this mail is because of all the stupid sites out there 
that don't update my FAQs. Your mail will be deleted, because i have way too 
much other stuff to do. Which brings us to...

Posting My FAQs:
If you e-mail me asking me if you can post ANY of my FAQs on YOUR site you will 
be one of the lucky ones that get a reply. Of course, that answer will be "NO", 
"no", and "No!" Understand? For those that are stil confused, let me clarify 
what not to do:
Don't Post This FAQ on your site.
Don't link directly to this faq which is located on Gamefaqs and it's 
get it? And finally there is...

Praise\Intelligent Mail:
This makes up rougly 60% of my mail and is usally all packed into a long e-mail. 
This mail i will reply to.  For you idiots out there this is because these are 
messages worth reading, messages worth reading are worth replying to. I hope all 
of you understand now.

Which brings us to the legal disclaimer:

This document is copyright 1999 Jdude84. All rights reserved.

You MAY:

1) Link INDIRECTLY to this FAQ.
2) Read this FAQ.
3) Print this FAQ
4) Worship this FAQ.


1) Worship Jello.

You May NOT\Cannot\Will Not\Are Not allowed to:

1) Link directly to this faq.
2) post this on your site.
3) steal from this faq
4) use it for profit.

2) Game Data

Platform: Nintendo 64
ESRB Rating: Teen (13+)
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action 
Players: 1-4
Rumble Pack: Yes
Memory Pack: No
Expansion Pack: No (Unfortunatly)

3) Character Bios

<From The Instruction Booklet\Rare's Website>


With aspirations to be part of a crack Jet Force team since the day that he and 
Vela's roaming space trader
parents fell foul of murderous pirates, Juno has become a well-liked and 
respected fighter since his acceptance into the Gemini squadron. Thoughtful and 
deliberate, all he's ever really wanted to do is keep his part of the universe 
safe from harm: but times are grim, so it's just as well that he's proven 
himself one of Jet Force's most fearless men in the field.


Juno's twin sister, Vela naturally shares his passion and dedication to their 
cause but often relies on her temper to get her out of tricky situations. Having 
always been the feisty one, she's followed the Jet Force dream both through a 
fierce sense of justice and a determination to prove the equality of the fairer 
sex in the sceptical military world, which she's achieved with flying colours. 
Vela's currently on a mission to prove a point to Mizar...


The idea of equipping each Jet Force squadron with a mascot to boost morale has 
evolved with time, now reaching the point where they all come cybernetically 
enhanced to hold their own as efficient fighting units should the need arise 
(including beta release thought transmitters to aid communication with their 
teammates). Tough, unshakable and totally loyal, Lupus is a long-time companion 
of Juno and Vela, and a vital member of the Jet Force Gemini crew. 


Tyrants come and tyrants go, rising from nowhere only to be overthrown by 
revolution or other tyrants-in-waiting: an endless cycle that has lulled the 
Federation into complacency. But the sinister Mizar and his seemingly endless 
Drone army have already broken the mould and proven themselves the biggest 
threat to intergalactic peace for centuries as far as the JFG survivors are 
concerned - and Federation greenlight or not, they're going to do something 
about it.

King Jeff

Leader of the Tribal race on Goldwood for some time now, and very popular with 
his subjects, living amongst them and serving as a day-to-day shaman and advisor 
as well as a King. Tribal rulers are traditionally chosen from those rare few 
born with unusual powers, and Jeff is no exception. Nevertheless, when it comes 
to fending off a full-scale Drone assault, even a fearless King on his home turf 
stands at a severe disadvantage...

4) Story

<Also, From The Instruction Bookle\Rare's Websitet>

"There goes another one," sighed Juno as one more dot on the splintered and 
blackened on-screen galaxy map flickered and turned red.

Vela turned her back in disgust. "How much longer are they going to wait?" she 
demanded angrily, stomping back across the ravaged ship's bridge to her co-
pilot's seat. Lupus barked his agreement.

"Beats me," Juno muttered, shaking his head. "At this rate Mizar's going to be 
knocking on their door before they've made a decision."

The twins were fast losing count of the number of urgent reports they'd made to 
the ruling Federation since the seeds of this whole affair were sown, first 
warning of the growing threat, then demanding that a stronger force be sent in 
to deal with Mizar as the scope of his intentions became clear, and finally 
pleading for backup as the hostilities expanded to include their own fleet. But 
still the Federation refused to commit. Just another petty tyrant, they kept 
saying. Don't worry about it. Stay out of his way, let him have a few of those 
minor stars just over the borders of his territory, and he'll be satisfied...

But of course that wasn't happening. Savage attacks on the JFG patrol ships had 
left the squadron crippled, with only a single ship - that of Juno, Vela and 
Lupus - escaping by the skin of its teeth. Less than a week ago, the entire 
Force was intact: now, it was space debris. And with their hyperdrive unit 
damaged beyond repair, there was no way for these three survivors to escape the 
field and report first-hand back to base. They were trapped in an warzone 
expanding by the day.

And during the systematic destruction of the JFG fleet, another long-standing 
treaty had been breached: Mizar had invaded Goldwood, homeworld of the peace-
loving Tribals, and taken almost the entire colony into slavery. The prospect 
was a particularly sour one to Juno and his fellow fighters - the Tribals were 
valued allies, and it was a source of guilt and shame to Jet Force that they 
hadn't been there to help in their hour of need.

Vela rose suddenly from her seat, breaking Juno's reverie, and he knew what was 
coming next. "We have to do it," she announced. "We have to do it now." And even 
as she spoke, Juno realised that he'd also made his own, long overdue decision. 
He nodded, expression grim. Who were they trying to fool? Their other options 
had long since expired - this was the only path left open to them, one that 
would permanently make or break their chances of a return to Earth.

"I know," he agreed solemnly. "We're a sitting target, and we're not going to 
last another day if we-"

Juno found himself cut off in mid-sentence as without warning, the floor beneath 
them shuddered from the force of a furious blast down in the bowels of the ship 
- which also gave the emergency sirens a jolt into belated action.

"Hey! What now?" yelled Vela, wheeling to face the main monitor as it threw up 
an abrupt, horrifying image of chittering Drone raiders pouring from a Stealth 
Ship docked at the devastated cargo bay doors. The three of them stared in grim 

"Well, this more or less settles it," muttered Juno, setting his jaw. "You two 
get going, and I'll join you down on Goldwood when I've secured the ship."

"Not a chance!" spluttered Vela. "What if you -"

But Juno was already steering her out into the corridor and the ever-closer 
echoes of the Drones' scuttling footfalls. "Vela, there's no time!" he hissed. 
"If Mizar takes the ship, we're all trapped and the Tribals lose the only chance 
they have. Now take Lupus and get out of here! I'll be with you soon enough," he 
promised, placing his hands fondly on her shoulders before spinning on his heel 
and diving headlong into the mouth of danger, pistol cocked and glowing in the 

So that's that, Vela thought to herself, watching him go. Well. I guess he's 
right, as usual.

She took a deep breath, nodded once, pulled her familiar JFG firearm from its 
holster then turned and sprinted alongside Lupus in the direction of the 
teleport bay - and the death-or-glory crusade that lay beyond.

5) Reviews

This section will contain reviews from almost anywhere on the planet, websites, 
companies, and ordinary gamers, please send in your review to me at the standard 
address if you have one!

-Some Short Reviews From Those Crazy Critics-

"Rare stresses that the screenshots represent in-game graphics, not rendered 
stuff. If that's true, this is a game to watch. As with most Rare games, the 
backgrounds, colored lighting, detailed explosions, sophisticated characters - 
everything - looks fab."
- Next Generation Online (preview)

"The latest totally-3D creation from the company that brought us GoldenEye 007 
and Diddy Kong Racing promises to deliver big gun, big explosion action the 
likes of which N64 has never seen."
- UGP Online (preview)

"GOOD GOD! This game sounds like it will be STRAIGHT OFF THE HOOK!"
- 64 Source (preview)

"Judging by these unbelievable visuals, this could very well be the show 
stealer, and possibly the most beautiful game of the year."
- Revolutions (preview)

"A stunning new 3D adventure cum blaster... the kind of sci-fi weaponry on offer 
here could be the most exhilarating fun ever!"
- Paragon Online (preview)

"The game could prove to be every bit as swanky as Perfect Dark and the rest - 
there are even those who believe it'll be a veritable N64 classic. But what's it 
all about, Alfred?"
- Digitiser (preview)

"Boasting massive bosses, swarming enemies, fantastic AI, killer weaponry, and 
three playable characters, Jet Force Gemini should definitely be one to watch 
for in '99."
- Game Informer (preview)

"Jet Force Gemini provides an unstoppable mix of the best the N64 has to offer: 
a beautifully coloured 3D world, where movement is fast and free-roaming; 
bizarre yet strangely believable character designs; occasional puzzle interludes 
and of course, a multitude of frighteningly large weapons."
- Arcade (preview)

"As the first of Rare's offerings for 1999, Jet Force Gemini should set a new 
standard of excellence."
- Nintendo Power (preview)

"The game is very colorful, and the textures are amazing. Throw in multiplayer 
mode, co-op mode, the tons of worlds to visit, and I think Jet Force Gemini has 
enough variety to please most everyone."
- N64 Underground (preview)

"Large levels and lots of variety make even this demo version of the game a 
great deal of fun."
- GameSpot E3 News (preview)

"Although these impressions are very initial, it's clear Rare has done it again; 
the game promises amazing visuals, action packed gameplay and replay out the 
- Nintendojo (preview)

"This promising shooter will feature all the real-time lighting effects and 
great character design of past Rare gems along with a slew of action that 
includes deathmatch and two-player cooperative gameplay... Ramped A.I., wave 
after wave of enemies, and some strong graphics all point to another possible 
winner from Rare."
- GamePro (preview)

"Packed full of the latest visual effects the Nintendo 64 is capable of, more 
action than you can shake a couple of sticks at, and some unique area landscapes 
to wade through, JFG is shaping up to be a great addition to the console's 
fall/winter line up."
- Gaming Age Online (preview)

"I'll admit to having been skeptical of the title earlier, but with the recent 
changes - such as the new character art - I can honestly say that this is one 
game you'll definitely want to check into."
- GameSpot News (preview)

"From the weapons to the puzzles to the great sound, the individual parts of 
this game add up to a tremendous whole... The bottom line is, if you like 
videogames at all, you'll want to give JFG a serious look and when you do be 
sure to clear your calendar of appointments for the next week or two."
- IGN64.com (preview)

"Not only is the Rare name enough to warrant a closer look, but the overall 
quality of the package will convince you that this isn't just a cart to tide you 
over until Donkey Kong 64. It's the real deal."
- GameFan Online (preview)

"So action-packed you'll feel obliged to give your seat up to an OAP while 
playing, JFG could easily be Game of the Year."

"This is your chance to smile sweetly at some cutesy characters, pull the 
trigger and blow their brains out. It's what gaming was invented for."
- Arcade (preview)

6) Walkthrough

This walkthrough will only present how to get the neccesary key(s), Items, and 
weapons neccesary to get to mizar. If you are looking for the remaining 
keys\tribals\etc then you may want to try section 8. 

6a) Juno Walkthrough

********** JUNO WORLD 1 - GOLDWOOD **********

Reaching The Outset

After your ship lands, run forward and you will meet Magnus. Talk to him
and he will explain a few things to you. Now go through the door and enter
the large hut in the center. Talk to King Jeff - King of all the Tribals
he will explain some more stuff, and also show you a cinema of the Invasion.
Get used to the cinemas, they pop up often, and are pretty sweet. When he
is done talking get the Gemini Holder\Increaser behind him and exit the hut.
Now go behind the hut to once again find Magnus, he will explain about life
force doors, shoot the 3 enimies that pop up with 3 shots and enter Goldwood!

********************** GOLDWOOD FOREST - OUTSET **********************

First Person Mode

Before the walkthrough, let me point out that you will want and need to
get used to FPM, which makes your character transparent as well. This will
be used 85% of the time, maybe more, and now is the time to get used to the
controls. It should take about an hour.

Squish Em' Squash Em

Almost immideatly you will find the enemy - drones. Plenty of them too.
Green snipers and Blue land forces. Pick off the snipers using FPM, although
i use FPM all the time, as it is more accurate. Kill all the guards, and pick
up ammo, saving tribals is optional at this point, so forget them. Two life
force doors will open eventually, one being wooden, enter that one.

Underground\Collecting The Yellow Key

Here you are in the caves\sewers and there are guards everywhere as usual. 
spectacular or overly hard though. Eventually you will reach a large area with
many tribals, a few guards, and a large crate. Kill the guards, forget the 
and shoot the crate. Inside is the yellow key, of course. Now exit this area and
enter the other Life Force Door.

Collecting The Red Key 

Here you will find some nice shiny oil tanks, get used to these, you'll be using
these to your advantage often. No guards here, up the blue stairs, and left to 
Magnus again. This time it's the red key he has to offer. He also tells you 
about Vela,
now go up the dirt ramp and enter the RED KEY Door.

Collecting The Machine Gun

See that huge Alien Beast in front of you? Shoot it repeatadly while avoiding
the gunfire and he will eventually die. Now walk up to the futuristic treasure
chest, and press "A". You will receive the MACHINE GUN, which is an extremly 
fast-firing weapon. Get used to it, you'll be using it ALOT.

Accessing The Interior

Down the ramp, and over to the door with the weird crystal lock to the right. 
it's center with the machine gun until all the crystals are blue. The door will 
open, giving you access to the interior.

********************** GOLDWOOD FOREST: INTERIOR **********************

Reaching Your Ship

Here you will be introduced to backpacks, which increase the amount of 
ammo that can be held, and ammo boxes which fill your magazines rather
nicely. There are also flying weird things here, take them out with your
machine gun and FPM. You should be able to continue with minimal damage
suffered. Eventually you will find the final door to goldwood and fly
away to the next huge world!

<Also note that you may now get the Shuriken in Goldwood, see section 8 for 

********************** JUNO WORLD 2 - S.S. ANUBIS **********************

So Much To Do

Ok, first you need to talk to Magnus again, who is right there at the start.
You will see a sweet looking cinema of what happened to Vela. After that,
go up the boxes to find a gemini capacity increaser. Continue up to find
another treasure chest that contains the Plasma Shotgun! This will be very 
effective later. For now, stick with the machine gun. Go to where Magnus was
and enter the door. Into the hold you go.

********************** S.S. ANUBIS: HOLD *********************

Squish Em' Squash Em' #2

Hide behind the boxes, then strafe out killing as many targets 
as possible. Continue until the room is empty from your viewpoint.
Now head right and shoot the overweight purple thing till' it explodes,
making some nice stew. The life force door should now be open, into the
next room.

This room holds six gigantic drums. As well as plenty of land and air
targets. Take them out using the strafing technique i mentioned previously.
The life force door will now open. Oh yeah, shoot down the gems with your
pistol if you need more life.

Now you are in a sweet looking room with crates to your right. Blast all
the baddies over there, get the ammo and gems. Then jump on the moving platform
in the middle of the room to cross the gap. Kill all the ants\termites to the 
and into the next room.

Quickly kill the 3-4 drones before they know where you are. Then hide
behind the boxes and strafe left and right, picking off the snipers.
Once they are gone head to the top, using the crates instead of the conveyor
belt. Flying foes will now appear, which are no match for your machine gun.
Shoot the glass and get the gemini container, then hop down the left side
of the room along the crates to find a circut-type thing. Shoot it, this
unlocks Vela's cell. Also, in the glass area. There is a door. Kill all
the roach's, and you will eventually find a chest containing the cluster
bombs! Now head back to the room with the conveyer belt.

Unlocking Vela's Cell\Reaching Your Ship

Enter the life force door, and into the small prison. Find Vela
and talk to her. You will be rewarded with a short cinema and the
ability to now play as her. She will run off, now go through the
door you didn't enter, and enter your ship. You will now land in
the swampy region called Tawfret.

********************** JUNO WORLD 3 - WALKWAY **********************

Huh? This ain't the walkway! Go back to the previous world, and enter
the yellow key door in the first room at the top. You will be in the
'depository' stage. Blast your way through, and you will eventually reach
your ship, and land on the walkway.

********************** WALKWAY: PEAK **********************

This is the shortest area in the entire game so i will make this
brief. Go along the short walkway, killing the few guards there
are. Enter the only building to find a chest with Homing Missles.
Now you may leave to Tawfret.

********************** JUNO WORLD 4 - TAWFRET **********************

Welcome to the once-beautiful planet called Tawfret. This place is a
murky swamp, and one of the coolest worlds in the game, so enter the 
first (and only) door to get going.

********************** TAWFRET: BOG **********************

Ahh! Zombies!\Collecting The Tri-Rocket Launcher

Run through the swamp, ignoring the zombies, while picking up
any health and ammo you need. Soon you will come upon what used
to be the tribal village. You can see it is in ruins now, and
King Jeff will show you a weird cinema of how it happened and
also give you the TRI-ROCKET LAUNCHER. This is extremly useful
for bosses, huge enemys, and packs of drones. Additionaly, it
will allow you to kill the zombie-like creatures here.

Did somebody say Explosives?

After getting the tri rockets, use it to blast the small doors
on the huts. Inside them are tribals, ammo, etc. However, in
one there is a chest. Inside are the GRENADES! Also, in another
house there are two backpacks which increase your tri-rocket
capacity to 15! Very handy...

Reaching The Bridge

Run through the gate and into the door to exit.

---------------------- TAWFRET: BRIDGE ----------------------

Run, Johnny, Run!\Finding Grimlet

Run through the bridges, totally ignoring the enimies and avoiding 
gunfire. At the end is a small wood elevator, hop on, then exit 
through the door to your left. Now you are in another swampy region,
with plenty of zombies. Blast them all, using the trees for cover.
Eventually you will find a few flying foes, blast them away to open
the life force door, and come upon a medium sized village. Up the 
stairs, and into the house, to find Grimlet! Grimlet, who by the way
is an extremly weird, yet amusing hippie, will tell you that one of
the more perverted drones took his only pair of pants and put them on
a tree. Like it or not, you have to get them for him.

Collecting The Pants\Crowbar

Head back to the swamp, in the middle is a lake with a small island.
Up the tree, retrive the pants, and head back to Grimlet. He will 
then give you the crowbar in exchange for the pants.

<Now you can open trap doors on Walkway and Tawfret>

Collecting The Sniper Rifle

Nearby is another house with an entry. Go in, kill the drone, and open
the chest for the extremly useful SNIPER RIFLE.

Finding Floyd's Head\Missing Parts\Collecting The Flares

Nearby you will see another house you haven't been to, hop on top to find
Floyd. He will tell you how he was blown to bits via a nice cinema. It's 
your job to collect the 3 parts, and assemble him!

Floyd Part #1:

This one's easy, near the exit is a large stone structure, on top is piece #1!

Floyd Part #2:

Also easy, go on top of Grimlet's House, using the platform like structure,
then hop down the chimmney. Explore around inside to find part #2!

Floyd Part #3:

You may have seen a large stone door blocking the entrance to yet another house.
Blast it open using the Tri-Rocket-Launcher and enter to find the flares. Hop 
down the trap door, and walk around to find the final floyd piece. Now head back
to floyd.

Assembling Floyd

Floyd will be put back togther via cinema, and will remain alongside you 
the game. Don't you feel special?

Time To Raid The Castle...

Run through the gate and into the visually spectacular region known as the 

******************** TAWFRET: CASTLE **********************

C'mon, Lower That Drawbridge!

This is your first chance at a series of lenthy, exciting battles.
First you need to open the drawbridge, so use the Machine Gun on
the drones\airial attackers, and the sniper rifle on the...snipers.
Before doing all this, take care of the huge creatures on the corners
using your rocket launcher.

Inside, now what?

For those of you that become lost here you aren't alone. This actually
is pretty basic, except for the 50 or 70 drones\snipers\beetles that
await you. Just use common sense, machine gun on drones, tri rocket launcher
on shield drones, and big-time explosives on the beetles. As for the snipers,
take them out with anything. Eventually the life force door will open, go 
through it and you will be in a large temple with Full ammo boxes, and a Full
Health Gemini. Stock up, and heal, and prepare to face your first boss.

JUNO BOSS:                                             Difficulty: 3\5

This is pretty easy if you know what to do. But couldn't that be said
for everything in the game? Anyways, firing round after round at this
giant beast will do you almost no good. No, you must have patience and
skill. Your first goal is to take out the bottom two 'fangs'. To do so,
take out your Homing Missle Launcher and take aim, once the cursor is red
fire away, repeat twice and phase #1 is near complete Also note that
he will attack with explosive bats, and also create a sand wave which
can be avoided by simply jumping it. Finishing off this phase, you must
hit the top two fangs exactly like you did with the Bottom two. A bit
harder, the hardest part of all. Then is the final phase, phase #2.
Simply blast rockets at his head and he will explode, squirting lots
of blood everywhere. You will then exit the stage.


********************** FINAL JUNO WORLD: MIZAR'S PALACE **********************

Mizar's palace is the center of all the war, and disaster that has occured.
Here you will later meet up with Vela and Lupus, and it's Juno's job to find
the place where they will meet. 

********************** MIZAR'S PALACE **********************

The Pyramid...

Run through the first area, ignoring the drones, and enter the large building.
Jump down the 2nd fire on the left to find a 'secret' area. There are some easy
drones here, and some backpacks, pick them up, then head toards the exit. You
are now in a huge area with gold rings in the center. Around here is a floyd 
step on it and complete the mission and a nice cinema will roll, showing a huge
pyramid crash on the golden rings, which is the meeting place, obviously. Enter
Juno's door, and you will see a cinema of his dissapearing...


You've completed the game(or so you think..) with Juno, now you must do the same 
with Vela and Lupus. So naturally, here is the walkthrough for Vela!

6b) Vela Walkthrough

********************** VELA WORLD 1: BATTLESHIP SEKHNET **********************

After your ship lands, talk to Midge. Looks like Magnus, only blue. he will 
explain a few things. Next, get the backpack on the crates, then open the 
treasure chest nearby to collect the grenades. These will be useful in this 
level, so save these for later on. Then enter the only door you can, the one on 
the left.

********************** BATTLESHIP **********************

Easy as 1,2...

Shoot the drones in here with your pistol, yes your poor pathetic
pistol. After that enter the first life door that opens, and enter.
Inside is a backpack AND the machine gun which is useful, to say the
least! Now go back to the drone room, and enter the SECOND life force
door that opened before. Kill the drones here if you wish, and fire
away at the door that requires firepower to unlock. You will now be in
a tight hallway with Shield Drones. There are oil tanks here, so shoot
them all first, hopefully killing a few of the 4 drones. If there are
some remaining, finish them off with grenades. Then continue on and you
are in a room with a cool-looking mole unkindly named 'fishface'. He will
give you the red key if you ask for it. Also, be sure to pick up the plasma
shotgun which is in this room as well!


Backtrack to the 2nd room with drones(they have shields), and enter the red key 

Drones and Airbornes, and Lava, Oh My!

Now you are in a small area with drones on the ground and 'airbornes', a.k.a
'those flying things'. Duck behind a crate if possible, and take out as many
drones with grenades\your machine gun. Then go after the weak flying foes with
your all-mighty machine gun.

Now you are in a lava pit with steel beams leading to the exit. however, there
are more of those annoying flying drones above you, so either A) Shoot them, and
casualy make your way to the exit. or B) run like mad, hoping you don't fall off
and you don't get hit. Either way works well...

Which floor would you like?

The next 3 rooms have tribals, elevators, and drones. The 2nd two are the same 
the first, so here is a description of the first. Basically, you walk on a 
simple series of platforms, at the end of them, are elevators, then you walk a 
more, and onto the next room. Easy enough, then you'll need to use your machine 
and take out a few enimies, and finally reach a SMALL room with a chest and 
but it's covered with glass. Glass + Bullets = ? fill in the blank, then 
continue on 
and you will eventually reach where you started! Now where do you go? Through 
the green
door in the middle, of course.

I'm getting dizzy....dizzzzyyy...\Reaching Your Ship

Your almost their, don't panic. Kill all the shield drones on the ground using 
then go up the looonnngg, winding, dizzying, and extremly high ramp filled with 
Either kill them\run by them, and through the life force door at the top. Then 
hop in your
ship and fly away to my 2nd favorite world...Cerulean.

********************** VELA WORLD 2: CERULEAN **********************

This level is just plain cool. The extremly long, nice looking under
ground tunnels are enough to make this level fun. First, get the gold
piece where you start, then head into the level.

********************** CERULEAN: DUNE **********************

Into the sandbox...

Remember when you were little, how you would squish any bugs that
came into your sandbox? This is exactly the same, only with guns.
Immideatly you will see 5 or so drones hiding behind crates. Fire
a grenade or two and that's that. Now head out into the LARGE field,
which will instantly bring back memories of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
Anyway, now you need to collect 2 more gold bars. One is on top of 
a sewer-like pipe. The other near some water. Pretty simple, then 
head back to the first area, and talk to that awesome mole. You will
recieve the TRI-ROCKET-LAUNCHER in exchange for the three pieces of

Let me in!

Now you'll need to go all the way back accross the field, where you will reach
about 7 drones in a tunnel. Tri Rockets should take care of them rather quickly.
Get the tri rocket ammo, and head into the wonderful area ahead. Here you will 
tribals, a TOTEM POLE, and yes, the Yellow Key! Now exit this paridise into a 
i simply hate. You are in a field again, with flying ships\whatever overhead. 
route is the same, but they move rather quickly. Your best shot is the machine 
I will admit this took me QUITE a while to beat. Now head into the caves!

Grenades, Grenades, and more Grenades

As you can see, you'll be using grenades in here till' you run out. The first 
is easy, just hurl 3-5 grenades off the wall to kill all the drones\beetles. 
then on it's about 5 more of them, each one having a life force door. Make sure 
get the TOTEM POLE, and all the backpacks in here, as well as those full health
gemini's! When you reach a dead end and have killed everything, head back to the 
start of the cave. There is a life force door now open, head through it. In all
honesty this isn't hard at all, if you use grenades. Also, if you run out, make
that brand-spanking-new rocket launcher handy!

Reaching Your Ship

This isn't all that hard, since your ship is well, RIGHT there. So enter, and
you'll fly off to Ichor!

********************** VELA WORLD 3: ICHOR MILITARY BASE **********************

This is one of the hardest levels in the game, fortunatly for you, you can skip
the hard parts for now, and just beat it! It is short, though...

********************** ICHOR: MILITARY BASE **********************

Shield Drones+Snipers+Beetles+Explosives=Skill And Lots Of Blood

Like my math skills? I was always good at math! :) anyway, you start
outside, armed with a rocket launcher, grenades, and a machine gun,
at least that is all that will help. If you're good, you can use your
steady supply of grenades to kill the drones, and whatever on the giant
beetle. You are then inside the base, but still outside. Here you will
find about 8 snipers in groups on the towers, and 15-17 shield drones on
foot. Take out the snipers with your Machine gun\Pistol. There are also
some explosive tanks which some drones 'hide' behind. Make use of those.
To take care of the rest you need either skill, or explosives. Choose wisely.

Don't Be A Pushover...

Here you'll find 4 blocks that come in and out and in and out of the wall over
and over. Obviously you'll need to get by these, so just count in your head how
many seconds... '1..2..3..', then go when you hit that special number. Pretty
easy. Oh yah, you'll need to kill a pathetic beetle to open the life force door,
no biggie.

Uhh, what's all these colors?

No this is not a test to see if your TV colors are working properly, it's just a
pathetically easy puzzle! Simply stand on the pads to make the corresponding 
block move. Then continue on...

More Drones...

You'll fight a few more drone battles, then appear on a small, thin, steel 
over lava. Ahead of you is a giant boss similar to Juno's.

VELA BOSS:                                             Difficulty: 2\5

This isn't TOO hard, if Juno's boss was easy for you, this should be
no problem. Took me 2 tries...Anyway, to beat this mammoth freak, you'll
first need to target his arms using the tri-rocket launcher. When the
cursor turns red, fire of course. Quickly both arms will be gone, and
you will now need to shoot the chest. During all of this, he will fire
exploding maggots at you, which can easily be avoided while in FPM using
the C buttons. Once his chest is virtually gone, you'll need to use your
machine gun to knock his arms off. Use the machine gun because he flies
around, and the machine gun makes it easier to hit his arms. Finally,
after all of that his head will become targetable. Oh and, if you didn't
notice, he shoots machine gun fire at you now. Aim for the head, and rip
loose! Then watch as it dies, and explodes. Fun, yes?


Girl's Best Friend

I'm sorry, were you expecting diamonds? Sorry, we don't have those, just the 
bext thing, Lupus! He now becomes an avalible character. Now you get to watch a 
pretty cool, action packed cinema as lupus boards the Spawnship, which you'll 
visit shortly. For now, exit the level and world via your ship!

********************** FINAL VELA WORLD: MIZAR'S PALACE **********************

Swim Girl, Swim!

First you will encounter the EXACT same first area as juno, screw the drones,
and just run into the water, and into the Flume. Flume is easy, kinda. It is
a nasty series of underwater tunnels, with no enimies. You _MAY_ get lost once
or twice, but that's ok. Collect all the goodies, and you'll eventually find the

Have i been here before?

Run into your sector of the huge pyramid, and watch vela dissapear into seeminly
thin air. 


You've completed the game(or so you think..) with Vela, now you must accomplish
the same task with Lupus. So without further ado, the walkthrough for Lupus:

6c) Lupus Walkthrough

********************** LUPUS WORLD 1: SPAWNSHIP **********************

This level is way too short, and way too easy. That's allright though,
because it's my least favorite, and possibly your least favorite, 
world in the entire game.

********************** SPAWNSHIP: TROOP CARRIER *********************

Two Guns, A Dog, And A Troop Carrier

Like the title? I sure hate it...anyway, get the Machine Gun AND The
Plasma Shotgun which are in the first room side-by-side!

Elevate To The Red Key

Take the elevator, and head through the door. Kill all the airbornes
to open the door. Use your rocket shoes here to leap across the huge
gap. Kill the guy there, and proceed on. Here you will find shield 
drones, and all you have is a Machine Gun, Shotgun, and Pistol! My
god, your screwed, or maybe not. Just use the machine gun, and they
go down suprisingly quickly! Get all goodies, and proceed. Hop on
the moving platform, and ride all the way across, woohoo! Kill more
baddies here, and move on! Kill the guys here, enter the door, yada
yadda, yaddda...Destroy the huge reatard, and your reward for all of
this no-so-hard work, is the red key!

Couple'a Goodies In A Pipe

I'm running out of cheesy titles....anyway....
Now head back, and into the other door which leads to another
life-force door. You know what to do. Head through the red key doors,
and you'll find a room with two snipers in two different pipes. Kill 
them both, and stand as close as you can to the edge of the ledge you are
on. Execute a super-jump, and at the highest point of your jump, activate
the rockets. Now glide through the left, (or right), pipe and you'll find
the yellow key. Also, you can collect the Sniper Rifle here, which is a 

Reaching Your Ship

Head through the yellow key door, then continue through the next room.
Then, you will find your nice, shiny ship! Now you can fly off to my
favorite world - Rith Essa!

********************** LUPUS WORLD 2: RITH ESSA **********************

This level is fun, loaded with plenty of enimies, beatiful landscapes,
and of course, tribals. There is also a local mine around run by fishface
and his tribal slaves, for obvious reasons.

********************** RITH ESSA: BLUFF **********************

You Lucky Dog...

You knew that was coming sooner of later...anyway, hop over to the
winding bridge and you'll come upon a small waterfall. Hop over there,
and you'll find not only a gemini contanier, but also the _HOMING MISSLES_
and you thought lupus was the worst character...shame!

Put Those Missles To Good Use

Head up the mountain and you will come upon 1-2 dozen drones. 4-5 dozen air
bornes, and a handful of huge beetles. Just use your machine gun on the 
and hordes of drones. You may, however, want to use your 5 homing missles in 
where flocks of airbornes are creaming you, and when you come upon those 
beetles. Get all the ammo around though, and you should be fine! 

Where's My Reward?

Looking for something after those long fights? Look no further...beside the 
you can find the TRI-ROCKET-LAUNCHER in a chest! Too bad it's capactity starts 
5. Now head through the only door you can open, which leads to the interior.

********************** RITH ESSA: INTERIOR **********************

Reaching Your Ship

_____________ (Insert favorite word here) through the dozens and dozens
of drones, and other enimies using your new toys, and you'll find your
ship, just there waiting for you. Hop in, and it's onto my SECOND favorite
world - Eschebone :)

********************** LUPUS WORLD 3: ESCHEBONE **********************

My favorite world is a calm, peaceful, beautiful planet. However, this
world, which just happens to be my 2nd fav, takes place in the sweaty,
disgusting, bloody, digestive system of a huge alien. If that's not enough
for you, there is also steaming lava, TWO big bad bosses, and yes, blood.
If this sounds disgusting to you, go cry to mommy and daddy.

********************** ESCHEBONE: APPROACH **********************

Open Wide...

Here you start near some lava, with a couple of drones. Shoot them,
move on, and you'll find more drones, flying enimies, nothing you
haven't seen before..zzz. Then you'll come upon a HUGE, and i mean
huge, disgusting, awesome creature with a tounge bigger than you.
Collect the grenades from the chest nearby, and toss one, perfectly
aimed grenade into the alien's mouth. The tounge, and the creature
will settle down, allowing you to hop in via the 'tounge bridge'.

Now Where Is That Thorax?

You'll come upon two rooms here. First up, is your basic alien mouth.
It's slimy, with tons of junk in it, and of course, drones. Kill them
all, easy enough, and proceed. Now you are in a large room, with a life
force door, and a bridge, with drones. Simply take aim with the Homing
Missles And\Or tri-rocket launcher and it's by-by drones!

********************** ESCHEBONE: THORAX **********************

Collecting The Magenta Key\Gemini Container\Reaching The Bosses

The only thing longer than that title is this stage itself! This
will take an expert at LEAST 15 minutes to go through, longer if
you aren't as skilled. There is no real strategy, since all you 
do is go into room after room battling drones and such, it's all
skill. In one room, there is and easy gemini container over water,
and in the next room or so, the magenta key. Afterwards, you'll 
need to 'unlock' several magenta doors. Now you're in a small room,
loaded with goodies. Restore your health, fill up on ammo, and then
exit. You will literally be pooped out of the alien, which is enough
to make a puppy dog like Lupus faint. You are now in the lava-filled
outside again, and you'll see a boring, long, pathetic cinema involving
the bosses and a weak tribal. Onto the boss!

LUPUS BOSSES:                                          Difficulty: 4\5

No, you don't need to adjust your TV, you saw me correctly - bossES.
Does lupus get the hard worlds or what? Luckily, you have me to help
you! You will have to face _TWO_ LARGE, incredibly cool-looking grass-
hopper\praying mantis type creatures. The first one will attack using
a laser on it's arm. Quickly destroy it using the tri-rocket launcher.
Next up, is his other arm, which seems to be a bit harder to destroy.
I advise using the homing-missles here, or the machine gun. After this,
it will run away, and you'll need to do the same to the second one, only
THIS time, boss #1 will be consistently firing missles at you which need
to be avoided. You following all of this? Here is where it gets tough.
Much like phase #1, they will attack using lasers, this time via their
'tails'. Use homing missles here until you run out, which comes all too
soon for _SOME_. If you run out, I _HIGHLY_ advise that you use your
trusty pistol, because you SHOULD have good aim with it, like i do, and
plus, you need your rockets for the final stage! Anyway, when both beasts
have lost their tails it's onto the final stage. Now BOTH insects will be
on the front platforms, only this time one will ALWAYS be on the center
platform, and one on either side. While _EASILY_ avoiding the fire from
the one on the side, shoot the center one, whichever it may be, with tri
rockets on the head when your cursor is red. ONLY shoot the one in the
center, at all times. Once one is dead it only gets easier, finish it
off in the same matter, or, if you run out of rockets, with your machine 
gun. If you can easily beat these tremendously cool bosses, you are all
but ready for the task ahead.


Now that they are dead you may exit this awesome level!

********************** FINAL LUPUS WORLD: MIZAR'S PALACE **********************

Apparently, Lupus is the last one to Mizar's Palace. He'll need to cross a large
chasm, fight more drones, and collect some goggles before he finds his friends.
I know your itching to get to mizar, so let's continue!

********************** MIZAR'S PALACE: CHASM **********************

Collecting The Night Vision Goggles

Yawn, airbornes, and 4 beetles. Easy room, into a dark area, which contains the
night vision goggles. Step on the pad, and watch as your screen turns green. 
There are some more pathetic drones here which take 1-5 minutes to kill. 
you'll find a elevator of sorts. Now you can ditch the goggles, thankfully, and 
sunglight! Cross the chasm, and you'll soon find the large pyramid once again!

Finding Your Friends, Meeting The Enemy

Enter the large pyramid again, watch the cinema, and proceed to section 7!

7) The Meeting

You will all now appear, meet up, draw your weapons, and stare ahead of you as 
appears before you in all of his glory. Cinematicly, of course. Lupus, being the 
dog that he is, not to mention the only one that can fly, will hover over the 
to face mizar!

MIZAR #1                                               Difficulty: 3\5

This is uhhh, easy, to say the least. His attacks can be easily dodged.
And the target is his large, ugly head. Simply highlight it with your 
tri-rockets\machine gun, when it turns red, blast him! If you damage
him he will protect himself, and then unleash a powerful blast. Do this
a few times and poof - you win.


Afterwards, Lupus will walk over to Mizar's body, only to watch him be lifted
off the ground by two huge jetpacks and into space. King Jeff will now appear,
telling you that he is off to destory our planet. Of course your ships are 
because they have lost too much power. Which brings us to the final part of 
speech. You must recover 11 different pieces of a ship that the tribals used to 
goldwood. you must ALSO rescue EVERY TRIBAL in EVERY WORLD to get the 12th and 
piece, before you can face mizar again! However, he will give you something to 
you started, jetpacks. You can now use these by standing on fuel pads, fueling 
rocket-packs letting you reach otherwise unreachable areas. Are you halfway 
no. 1/4? maybe...

Now your TRUE test of school begins, so head to section 8 and lets get started.

8) Further On...

Here will be a DETAILED walkthrough on how to get the un-neccesary weapons, ship 
parts, and of course, tribals.
The walkthrough(s) will be broken down into the small weapon walkthrough, and 
the large, detailed walkthrough
of every world to get the 11 ship parts and every tribal. First, the easy 



Fish Food (Vela, Lupus, Juno)
To get this pathetic waste of graphics, enter a small passageway near where you 
enter. You can now feed the fish. Personally, i prefer killing them.

Shuriken (Vela, Lupus, Juno)
Seeing as how this is my favorite weapon, i will go into a bit of detail. To get 
these go through the yellow key door once you have the yellow key. You'll need 
to kill a large beetle, then you will find a chest with the Shuriken. These can 
cut clean through glass, drone shields, and yes, drones.

Shocker (Lupus)
In one of the caves, in the 'Rim' stage, very easy to find! Just use those 

S.S. Anubis

Cluster Bombs (Vela, Lupus, Juno)
There are cluster bombs you can easily get here, but that's in the walkthrough 


Remote Mines (Vela, Lupus, Juno)
There's some remote mines underneath grimlet's house. Pretty easy to find!


Flamethrower (Vela, Lupus, Juno)
Right where you start, in a broken part of the ship. Easy!


Proximity Mines (Vela, Lupus, Juno)
In the center area, on the outside, near the water. I missed this on my first 
trip here...


Shocker (Vela)
You should be able to find this yourself! If not, then swim through the water 
What water tunnel you say? You might try looking in the ONLY area of water in 
the level.

Shocker (Juno)
Ya know the area with lava? Ya know the pillars? Hmm...

***Well, that's all the weapons! Now onto the bulk of this guide, the extremly 
comprehensive walkthrough.***

-------------------- GOLDWOOD: AREA 1 - OUTSET --------------------

Rescuing The 7 Tribals

Character: Vela, just because i said so

This is easy, since it's the first world.

Use your pistol here, because the drones suck, you rule, and you don't want
to hurt any poor tribals. Shortly, under a tree you will find ***tribal #1***.
Shortly after THAT, you will come upon the village, which contains 
***tribals #2-3*** behind houses. Enter the caves again, once you've kiled
all the drones. At the end of the caves, is a round circle with lots of drones 
***tribals #3-7***, forget the drones, and run around madly saving their furry

-------------------- GOLDWOOD: AREA 2 - LODGE --------------------

Character: Vela is a must.

Vela is the only character that can swim, so...upon exiting the life
force door not taken in the above walkthrough, you will come upon
some water. Mmmm...water. Swim down there and you'll reach the lodge!

Rescuing The 15 Tribals

15...ouch. You'd think this would be hard, lucky for you, it's only moderatly
difficult! Starting out, enter the hut on the left to find
***tribals #1-4***. Continue on, and you'll exit the area. Before you battle
the drones, i suggest you use either A) Shurikens. or B) Tri-Rocket Launcher.
I'd use A, because you can re-collect them and they are cool, but it's your 
choice. Now take out all the shield drones, noting the life-force door you'll
soon pass. Continue on, and soon enough you'll come upon another life-force
door. This time, enter. Immideatly strafe left, grab the invincibility, then 
out your machine gun and shoot down the 24 or so airbornes. Now head to the edge 
the cliff, and somehow, someway 3 tribals got on 3 different platforms suspended 
mid-air. Collect the first tribal, and the other 2 platforms will lower, so get 
and i mean QUICKLY because you only have about 2.5 seconds. If you make it 
you'll get
***tribals #5-7***. Now head back to the life-force door you saw earlier. 

Here, you will find monstrous beetles, even MORE powerful than before. Shoot 
head repeatadly with TRI-ROCKETS and they will go down. Here you can find more 
which are no match for the deadly shurikens. You will again find two life force 
here, take the one that is hidden a bit, on a path with vines and a huge beetle. 
the invincibility and make short work of all the troops on both air and land. 
Head down
to the life force door, and inside you will find *****VELA'S HATCH KEY***** 
which by the
way is a -----SPACESHIP PART-----. Just making sure you see that :). Also, you 
can find
***tribals #8-9*** here. Now head back, and into the other life-force door! 

You are now in a soaked tribal village full of soaked tribals. There are some 
wet, furry
hides you can save outside, as well as the rest inside the huts. Oh and i know 
they are begging
for it, but don't shoot them, ok? By the time you reach the exit you should have 
EASILY found
***tribals #10-15***. Head to your ship, and it's onto the 'secret' world, 
Abandoned Space

-------------------- GOLDWOOD: AREA 3 - RIM --------------------

Character: Lupus is the only one that can hover...

If your wondering where this stage is, then you would be the first
to not know. Simply hover across the large chasm in goldwood using
Lupus' boosters. Easy enough...

Rescuing The 11 Tribals

Probably the hardest Goldwood stage, but nothing overly difficult.
Rim is a not-so complex system of tunnels ans such, with the 
occasional mountain view...

The first few areas are nothing special to talk about, except for
***tribals #1-2***, which can be found to the left, after the 1rst
life-force door. You'll encounter mainly shield drones in the first
rooms, which are no match for an expert shuriken thrower. Also, in
one room, several disturbed drones will 'fly' from the above ledges,
down to where you are, behind some oil drums. Lock and load, my friend :)
After that room, to the left again, is ***tribal #3***. Soon you will
come upon a medium-sized area with water, and 'islands' of some sort.
Shoot down the 1 or 2 drones on those pillars, then hop up to find a
trigger happy drone, and a poor, defensless tribal. Shoot the stupid
thing before it knows what's happening and save ***tribal #4***. Now,
look for a life-force door on a small ledge. Enter to find not only
***tribals #5-6***, but also the Shocker! Which isn't powerful, but
it's fun to watch those bugs shake.

Head back, and glide to the exit before you. Ahead of you, is the ever
so easy to rescue ***tribal #7***. Continue on, and take the path to 
the right to find ***tribal #8*** among the hoard of oil canisters.
Now head toards the exit, destroying anything you desire, and you'll
soon be outside, over a cliff. Here is where it gets 'fun'. There are
no tribals here, so whip out your Homing Missles and watch the rainbow
entrails fly all over the place :) Note that in one area there are mines
which can simply be glided over, not destroyed. I advise doing this, for
soon you will HAVE to do the same if you wish to save 2 furry hides.
Soon you are BACK underground, and it's just more of the same. Get out
your most destructive weapon, head left, and QUICKLY glide OVER the mines,
PAST the _BLACK_ drone, and onto ***tribals 9-10***. Now use that nice
weapon you have and give that drone what he deserves!

There will be a cyborg or two more, maybe some drones, etc, eventually
you'll find your ship. Head down the stairs, and you should come upon
***tribal #11***, which, thankfully is the final tribal you must
collect. Now head to your ship, and you'll fly away to Gem Quarry, which
by the way, SUCKS!

-------------------- GOLDWOOD: AREA 4 - INTERIOR --------------------

Rescuing The 9 Tribals

Character: Probably Vela, since you used her for areas 1 and 2.

***tribal #1*** can easily be found near the first corner, hiding behind
a small box. Upon entering another village, is ***tribal #2*** on top of
a house which can easily be rescued by executing a super jump. Blast your
way through the current area, eventually reaching a black drone, ahh! and
some tribals. Kill the drone, then collect ***tribals #3-6***. The easiest
tribals can be found at the end of the level. Here, behind some boxes you 
will find ***tribals #7-9***

-------------------- GEM QUARRY: AREA 1 - LANDING --------------------

Character: Your Personal Favorite.

To reach this world simply complete the 'Rim' stage on Goldwood!

Rescuing The 5 Tribals

This is easy, but for the hopelessly disturbed, the EXACT locations are:
***tribals #1-2*** are near a house, to the right at the start.
***tribal #3*** is right in the middle of the village, and ***tribals #4-5***
are near the exit, to the left. (Told you this would be EXTREMLY in-depth).
Anyway, with the EASY part of this world complete, head into the huts and 
you'll soon come upon Magnus.

Collecting The Radar Dish

Magnus will exlplain that a meteor is heading toards them, etc, etc, zzzz.
I personally don't care, but the reward is nice, so let's head toards my
personal hell, which can be found in the next and final area. 

Here, you will find a STRANGE machine with a vaccum of sorts on one end.
You need to power it up with 8 green gems which are dumped from a tribal 

I will admit right now, that this was the FINAL ship part for me, i even
had all the tribals collected before getting this part. Sadly, this took
me 3 DAYS and the equivalent of about 2 hours to get. I don't know if it's
just me or not, but i really hate this machine. getting back to the faq...

The first should be of no problem, the second four CAN be unless you are
lucky and the machine is timed perfectly with the tribal. For the second 4,
i found the best way to get them in was to shoot the gems as CLOSE as possible
to the vaccum, and the quickly run off the little ledge, and without getting too
close, putting them in. Now this won't always be quick enough, as i did it twice
without it working. However, my third try was succesful. 33% ain't so bad...

Now you get a nice cinema which is fun to watch, then head back to ol' yoda,
and get the ****RADAR DISH***** which by the way is a -----SPACESHIP PART-----.
Can you see that? ok, good, now head back to your ship, where you started, which
oddly enough, is also the exit!

-------------- SPACE STATION: AREA 1 - ABANDONED WRECK --------------

Character: Probably Vela.

To get here simply complete Goldwood - Lodge. You must be vela in that stage so 
are you'll be her for this level. 
Note: Since this stage is so cool, not to mention dark, turn off the lights for 
effects! Otherwsie, this level is just so-so.

Rescuing The 12 Tribals

I could give you an extremly detailed map of the area, with precise directions, 
ASCII art to make you go 'oooh' and 'ahhh', but it really does not seem 
neccesary to 
me. First off, grab the flame thrower and ***tribals #1-4***, which can be found 
the start, in the melted cracks. The other 8 tribals are scattered throughout 
ship, and are NOT hard to find at all. The drones don't have shields, so there's 
nothing special about them. Therefore, simply bomb around the ship, and quite
quickly you will find ***tribals #5-12***. Wasn't that easy? Also note that 
find a _TOTEM POLE_ in here quite easily!

------------------- S.S. ANUBIS: AREA 1 - HOLD --------------------

Character: Juno, just because he has the most health\weapons.

Rescuing The 10 Tribals

This is probably the SAFEST level for collecting tribals. By that, i 
mean there is the least chance of a tribal dying. In the first area,
quickly get ***tribals #1-2*** near the huge beetle. Then fire away!
***tribal #3*** can be found on some boxes in the room with the large
electrical pit. The remaining 7 are locked up, and their cell doors
must be deactivated by shooting various consoles on the walls. So,
here they are. 

#1 - In the first area, on a wall. Use your sniper rifle to zoom
around the room. You will know you've found the 'console' when
your cursor becomes red.

#2 - This can be found in the room after #1. It is right next to the entrance 
door a BIT higher than eye level.

#3 - Electrical pit room again. Hop on the platform and cruise to the other
side. Now look back at the wall below to find the switch.

#4 - This one is near the entrance to the electric room, near some boxes.

#5 - Enter the room with the conveyer belt, look up and to your right with
the sniper rifle...lookie what you found.

#6 - Exit the conveyer room via the 'secret' exit at the top. Walk across the
steel beams. then turn left, use your sniper rifle to look at the very top of
the wall, and you've found another switch! Note that there is another easy
_TOTEM POLE_ here.

#7 - Head to the cells, and free ***tribals #4-9***. You will notice one tribal
remains locked up. If you can't find HIS console your blind...it's right there 
next to his cell! Now free ***tribal #10*** and your all set!

Collecting The Ear Plugs

It's floyd mission time, we all know where the pad is, so head there, and now
you must get a gold medal to recieve the ear plugs. "How the hell do i do that
dude?" you may be wondering. The answer is simple, doing it is not. You must
shoot all 3 consoles, collect all 8 circut boards, and destroy the big 
thing-a-ma-jig. The circuits are easy enough to get, except for one, which will 
be discussed shortly. The first console, AND the electrical hub can be found in
the same small area easily. Shoot them, and proceed until you come to the large
room. Shoot the two reamining consoles, and turn RIGHT to find a shorcut with 
FINAL circuit board! If you do all this in under a minute, the ear plugs are 
Aren't you the lucky one?

-------------------- S.S. ANUBIS: AREA 2 - PASSAGEWAY --------------------

Character: Anyone but Lupus, as his advanced hovering makes this level

To get here, use the fuelpad in the VERY first room. The fuelpad, by the
way is right next to the yellow key door!

Rescuing The 8 Tribals

Simply fly, fly, fly until you reach a electrical area. Now head back a BIT,
and hover right up against the wall. You will come upon a door that isn't
fake! Hover through, and collect the oh so clever ***tribals #1-2***. Now
just fly to the end, and get the remaining tribals which are on the tower
like structure. Now you should have ***tribals #3-8***, and be done!

Collecting The Fin

In the area with the dead end and tribals, to the right, is a door. Inside
is another Yoda Look-Alike. Talk to him, and the *****FIN***** is yours, by
the way that's another -----SPACESHIP PART-----

-------------------- S.S. ANUBIS: AREA 3 - DEPOSITORY --------------------

Character: Anyone, it really doesn't matter

To get here simply enter the Yellow Key Door near the fuel pad mentioned in
the above paragraph. 

Rescuing The 14 Tribals

This level is SHORT! Thus, the walkthrough will be about 4 or 5 sentences.
Blast your way though the level using your trusty machine gun, and eventually
you'll find a door. Inside is a _BLACK DRONE_ which obviously, needs to be
killed immidiatly. Here, you can collect\rescue ***tribals #1-5***. Yes,
there are five tribals here, you just have to look. The rest are all at the
end with your ship. Most are in boxes, and there are two others near your ship.
One is in the corner, the other near the very edge, almost in dark space. Be 
careful not to get to close to your ship though :). You should know have
***tribals #6-14*** and be able to exit this nice, short level.

-------------------- WALKWAY: AREA 1 - PEAK --------------------

Character: Juno, he has the crowbar.

It's easy to get here, just follow the directions in the above
paragraph. You've allready been here before for the homing missles,
so this short level will be even shorter.

Rescuing The 6 Tribals

This is like taking candy from a baby, destroy the 4 drones, get some
fuel, and fly up to the roof. Here you can find ***tribals #1-4*** and
a _TOTEM POLE_. Now head to the area where the crowbar is needed. Open
the trapdoor, and head inside. Here you will need to blast away various
drones before finding ***tribals #5-6*** at the end.

-------------------- TAWFRET: AREA 1 - BOG --------------------

Character: Juno, he has the crowbar.

This is obvioiusly no problem to get to, so let's focus on getting
those fuzzy little ewoks.

Rescuing The 10 Tribals

In the first area, blow away all the zombies and such via your
tri-rockets. A life force door will soon open, in here you can
collect ***tribals #1-2***. Now you need to make your way to the
old tribal village. In one of the huts you can find ***tribals #3-4***.
Next up, near some torches, is another cute little fuzzball waiting to
be collected. ***tribal #5***. Head down the trap door, and you'll
instantly notice a hairy creature running for help. ***tribal #6***
Now head into each and every door on the left and right. You'll either
find A) 1 of 3 tribals, or B) A zombie. Either A) Rescue it or B) Kill it.
easy, yes? You should now have killed the zombies, and rescued
***tribals #7-9***. Now the life force door at the end is open, so go save
fuzzy-wuzzy. ***tribal #10***. Onto the 'Bridge'

-------------------- TAWFRET: AREA 2 - BRIDGE --------------------

Character: You'll need Lupus and Vela to get the 2 totem poles,
and Juno to get the tribals.

Collecting Totem Poles 1 and 2

#1 - Use lupus to glide to the lone hut in the distance, inside is...

#2 - Use vela to swim underwater in the same area, and you'll see some 
bubbles, follow them to find...

Rescuing The 12 Tribals

The first 4 tribals can be found on the actual bridge. ***tribals #1-4***.
All the way to grimlet's village now, head to where you found the sniper 
rifle, kill the surrendering drone with your pistol, and save ***tribal #5***
Now enter the area with the flares, and use a flare. I just thought i'd mention
this is the ONLY area where you'll use flares, as they suck completly. Anyway,
get up there to find a tribal pair with a lantern. ***tribals #6-7***. Now, head
down the trapdoor, and collect another furrball. ***tribal #8***. Finally, head 
grimlet's underground passage to find another tribal pair in plain site.
***tribals #9-10***. Now run around blasting the coffins\boxes near the wall 
your tri rockets, and soon enough, you'll find tribal pair #3. ***tribals #11-
Aren't you glad that was easy?

-------------------- TAWFRET: AREA 3 - CASTLE --------------------

Blast your way through until you come to the waterfall, ditch the drone
area, and take the secret route to find ***tribal #1***. Soon enough you 
will come upon another lone tribal ***tribal #2*** near some torches and
pillars. Continue pulverizing shield drones with your explosives\shuriken,
and you'll come upon ***tribals #3-4*** in a small corner near sniper drones,
arggghh. Don't shoot, get the tribals, and run! And finally, ***tribals #5-6***
can be found right at the life force door, on opposite sides of a wall. Now
enter the life force door, and enter the door to the right at the end of the

-------------------- WATER RUINS: AREA 1 - LOST ISLAND --------------------

Character: Lupus must be used for the tribals, and Vela must be used to get
a ship part.

This is another easy stage to get to. In the Sekhmet - Battle Cruiser stage,
in the 2nd or 3rd room, there are fuel pads. fuel up and fly to the overhead
area where drones soemtimes shoot from. Follow the path, and you'll wind up
outside, here you can find your ship which will deliver you to...

Rescuing The 8 Tribals 

The first ***tribal #1*** can be found near the start, hiding on a ledge.
The next tribals, ***tribals #2-3*** can both be found in the water, on 
stone figures. There is ***tribaal #4*** in the central area, near some
ruins. ***tribals #5-8*** are not that hard, although they seem to be.
There is one rock ledge you can jump from, which will allow you to get on
the topmost area of the world. Here you can collect the rest of the tribals.

Even More Goodies....

For such a small world, this level has a lot to offer. First off, get the
proximity mines, you never know when you'll need more explosives. Then, go
talk to Ivanna The Polar Bear. With the earplugs in your possesion, give them
to Ivanna and in return you will get the *****POWER CELL***** which is yet 
-----SPACESHIP PART-----. If that's not enough to satisfy you, then your a 
pig. For all you greedy pigs out there, swim down to the depths of the water 
VELA, and into the cave and you'll recieve the *****NITROGEN TANK***** which is 
another -----SPACESHIP PART----- and can be used by normal people and greedy 
NOW you've collected everything in this world, so head back to Sekhmet.

--------------- SEKHMET: AREA 1 - BATTLE CRUISER ---------------

Character: Juno, he can withstand hot situations.

If you can't find your way here than there is no way you could have made
it this far, so let's get on with it!

Rescuing The 15 Tribals

This ship is HUGE, and with 15 tribals, you'd think it'd be hard. Thankfully,
it's not, although i wouldn't have minded ONE hard level :)

At the start, you can easily find ***tribals #1-4*** hiding behind crates.
Head through the left door, and through the red key door up ahead. Get
some fuel from the fuel pad, and fly up to the overhead wrap-around walkway.
Here, you can find a few goodies, and ***tribals #5-6***. Just keep walking 
until you are back where you started. Drop down, and blast those bugs to bits!
Red Key door, life-force door, and then, you're in the lava sector. Since you
are juno, drop down, and head into the pipe for a REAL treat. Not only do you
get ***tribals #7-8***, but you also collect the BLUE KEY! Now head back, and
into the area of 3 rooms and moving platforms. In each room kill the drones(if 
THEN fuel up, then get the tribals (2 in first room, 1 in 2nd, 1 in 3rd). By the
time you exit you should have ***tribals #9-12***. Soon you will reach the area
which holds the green key. Look up, and shoot the TWO glass panes above you. 
up there via fuel and your jetpacks. By the time you reach the top you will have
collected ***tribals #13-15***. Also note that you can collect a _TOTEM POLE_ 
Lupus in the area with the LONG spiral bridge. It's easy, just hover :) There is 
another _TOTEM POLE_ in the room near fishface. (Requires Magenta KEY).
Ready for Cerulean?

-------------------- CERULEAN: AREA 1 - DUNE --------------------

Character: Pick one!

You know how to get here, right? I sure hope so...

Rescuing The 8 Tribals

This level is yet another simple one :(, oh well...
There are only 8 to get, and the first SIX can easily be found in
the first underground area, here you can also collect a _TOTEM POLE_
You should have ***tribals #1-6*** when you exit. Speaking of exits,
the remaining tribals, ***tribals #7-8*** can be found at the end of
the level, right at your ship, behind a pillar!

-------------------- ICHOR: AREA 1 - MILITARY BASE --------------------

Character: Lupus, his hovering abilites are 'useful' to say the least.

Yawn....we all know how to get here, right?

Resucing The 16 Tribals

This isn't that hard of a level, but definetly one of the harder levels
in the game, oh well...

Blast throught the first 3 areas, spilling alien guts all over the place.
In the next area, quickly rescue ***tribals #1-2*** sitting in a corner 
next to some oil tanks! Then dispose of the cyborg, and the other creatures,
easy enough. Run down where the squid-like creatures area, rescue ***tribals
#3-4***, then blow their brains out. In the next room you can easily find
***tribals #5-7*** Next up, is the room with those awful blocks that come out
of the wall, pushing you off. Thankfully you have lupus, hover across, kill
the big beetle, then hover over to ***tribals #8-9*** which can be found on the
opposite wall. Now, you should be in the ever-so-easier colored platform area.
Glide from platform to platform, and you'll get your reward of
***tribals #10-12***. Also, 'Diamond Geezer' is in here. Fill all your health
AND ammo. It only costs 15 tokens, and you should have 300 of them at the LEAST.
Finally, in a room similar to where you found tribals 5-7, you will come upon
the last of the tribals. Kill that nasty black drone IMMIDEATLY, then get the
2-3 snipers quickly before they throw those #%)(& grenades, killing the tribals.
Now you have ***tribals #13-15***. Now, switch to Juno, and it's time for the
next stage!

-------------------- ICHOR: AREA 2 - PERIMITER --------------------

Character: Vela or Juno.

How To Get Here: Second area, blue door....

Rescuing The 8 Tribals

Blast your way through the first two areas with snipers, and in the third
area use your explosives to remove the shield drones. Here you can find
***Tribal #1*** in a corner, and ***Tribals #2-4*** in the same area.
Two need to be flown up to via the jetpack. Head back to the starting
area in this room, and fly up into the little hole at the top of the wall.
Crawl through to find ***tribals #6-8***. Now exit here, and go outside.
Turn into a drone, get out your shuriken, and use 2 shuriken on the 8 drones,
they fall down like dominos! Enter the disco club, and collect the final tribals
***Tribals #7-8***. You may want to enjoy the 'sceneray' first though...

Disco Fever!

In the walkthrough mentioned above you'll come upon the hillarious disco
bug club. I won't spoil the fun, but go into a small chamber to the right
to find jeff and barry's arcade racing. Shoot the DJ for even more fun...

--------------- SPAWNSHIP: AREA 1 - TROOP CARRIER ---------------

Character: Vela is a must. Juno is also for getting his Key.

How To Get Here: I assume you allready know that.

Rescuing The 15 Tribals

I cannot write a walkthrough for this as my skills are not at a level
where i can write a detailed walkthrough. There are a few tribals and
a black drone in the room before you collect the yellow key, and there
are a few in the only underwater region. The rest are out in the open
spread around the level. I regret not having a walkthrough for this level
but i do hope this will be sufficent enough.

Collecting Juno's Hatch Key

<as juno> head into the lava area, and head left. Besides a load of
homing missle capacity increasers you will find his hatch key! Double

--------------- RITH ESSA: AREA 1 - BLUFF ---------------

Character: Juno, Vela, Or Tinky Winky

How To Get Here: Select the planet Rith Essa, hit 'A', and your there,
hard eh?

Rescuing The 8 Tribals

Enter the blue key door at the start, and navigate the tunnels to find
***tribals #1-4***, as well as a few pathetic drones. Upon exiting the
underground tunnels\sewers you will appear on a large cliff, face to face
with ***tribals #5-6***. Hop down, and walk along the main area, when you
find 2-3 cyborg ants, run behind them, collect ***tribals #7-8***, THEN
fire away with those explosives!

--------------- RITH ESSA: AREA 2 - MINE ---------------

Character: Vela

How To Get Here: Trade the magazine for the mine key, and enter the mine.
<see eschebone walkthrough for the location of the magazine>

Rescuing The 16 Tribals

Thankfully there are no drones here, making this much easier. In the
first room, you can find ***tribals #1-4*** hard at work. Continue down
the hallway to find another big room, with more working furrballs, this 
time - ***tribals #5-6***. Shoot the boxes here to the right with your
pistol, then shoot the switch once, and hop on the lift. Now you will find
two tunnels, a fishface dude, and a tribal to the left ***tribal #7***.
Ignore fishface for now, and take the tunnel ahead of you. Ahead you will
find ***Tribals #8-10*** Continue on ahead to find ***tribal #11***, another
elevator, and a tribal transformation pad. Hop on, and you'll be a fuzzball
yourself! There are **tribals #12-13*** here as well. Continue on to find
***tribal #14*** near the stairs. Talk to fishface when you find him, get
the *****DEFLECTOR SHIELD**** from him, another -----SPACESHIP PART-----.
Then return to the pad, turn back to vela, and head back to where you were
before you talked to fishface. Are you as confused as i am? Oh it's really
not that hard...Anyway, follow the river down, find an elevator, use it,
get on the fuel pad, hop back in the elevator and go up, up, up to find
***tribals #15-16***.

---------------- RITH ESSA: AREA 3 - ASCENT ---------------

Character: Anyone but Lupus, he can't get the blue key.

How To get Here: Blue door, middle of level...

Rescuing The 6 Tribals

***tribals #1-2*** can be found at the start. Blow away all of
the snipers, drones, beetles with your explosives, and move on.
Shoot down that flying spaceship drone-thing with a single guided
missle...and continnue on your merry way using the fuel. Soon
you will come to an area with drones, and tribals. Point your
gun at the drones, they surrender. Get ***tribals #3-6***, and of 
course, execute the drones with a single cluster bomb. Poor

---------------- RITH ESSA: AREA 4 - INTERIOR ---------------

Rescuing Ths 4 Tribals

This is fun, no really...There are ***Tribals #1-3*** near the
start, and ***tribal #4*** at the end in a group of drones. That

--------------- ESCHEBONE: AREA 1 - APPROACH ---------------

In the first area with 2 zombie drones are ***Tribals #1-2***.
Next up, in the area with lava on some islands are ***tribals
#3-4***. Finally, in the last room on two pillars, there are
two more tribals. Use the jetpack to get them. ***Tribals #5-

--------------- ESCHEBONE: AREA 2 - THORAX ---------------

Character: You'll need to swim in this level..so...

How To Get Here: You should know that

Rescuing The 12 Tribals\More Goodies

Allright, **Tribals #1-2*** are on top of pillars at the very
start, simply go to the adjacent rooms to get on top of the pillars
and collect the tribals. about 3 minutes into the level, in the steam 
room you'll find ***tribals #3-4*** cowering in a corner. When you come
to the area with a huge water pool, dive down and navigate the tunnels
to find ***tribals 5-10***, the blue key, and the Specialist Magazine!
Aren't you the lucky one? Now head to the area with the magenta key,
and get ***tribals #11-12***. Side Note: Take the magazine to the
lonely ol' mole on rith essa for the mine key.

--------------- ESCHEBONE: AREA 3 - CORTEX ---------------

Character: Vela

How to Get Here: In the large area with pillars there is a way to get outside
of the giant monster. Blow open the door in one room to find a fuel pad. Fuel
up, and fly on top of the belly, now you may enter the cortex.

Rescuing The 5 Tribals

This is easy, they are all in the hallways with glass panels and electric 
bolts. ***tribals #1-5***.

Collecting The Oxygen Tank

At the end of the hallways, you will find the core of the beast, it's brain.
Here you'll need to ride up on the electric platforms to get to the top where
the *****OXYGEN TANK*** is located, yes that is another -----SPACESHIP PART-----

--------------- MIZAR'S PALACE: FLUME ---------------

Character: Vela, DUH.

How to get here: You know that...

Rescuing The 6 Tribals

Once you get OUT of the gigantic water labyrinth, you will find ***tribals #1-
In the next area you can find ***tribals #5-6***. If you know the way out of the
water, this stage is easy!

--------------- MIZAR'S PALACE: CHASM ---------------

Character: Lupus of course!

How to get here: You allready know...

Rescuing The 10 Tribals

At the start, you can find a tribal pair ***Tribals #1-2***.
Blast your way through the 4 beetles, and various airbornes 
to find the night vision goggles again. Put em' on, and step
onto the pad to enter. Here you need to find 4 more tribals,
thankfully they are all in one group. Here it might help if 
you collect everything in an area before moving on so you know
if you've been someplace before. Soon enough you will find
***tribals #3-6*** tucked away in a corner. Now exit the area 
via the elevator. Directly behind you is a lonely little tribal.
***tribal #7***. Hover accross the chasm, and you'll soon find
***tribal #8***. In the higher area, is the final tribal pair,
***Tribals #9-10***.

--------------- MIZAR'S PALACE: LOBBY ---------------

Character: Guess...

How to get here: You should know that...

Rescuing The 14 Tribals

Run through the first area, and into the main lobby. There are two hallways, and
the secret door here. Go through both hallways first, rescuing ***tribals #1-
then fall down the secret passageway into the chamber you've been to before.
Here you can find countless drones, small chambers with tribals, and tons of 
and mizar tokens. I could write up a fancy walkthrough, but you'll easily be 
to walk through this area, picking up ***tribals #6-12***. In the final area, 
the giant beetle, watching guts fly everywhere, cross the lava and collect the
final tribals in the game!!!! *****Tribals #13-14*****.

There is also a totem pole behind the huge beetle mentioned above, in a small

---------- MIZAR'S PALACE - CENTRAL ARENA ----------

Ants, Cars, And Ship Parts

I really am running out of title here, anyway, exiting the
lobby section of the world head left to come upon ANOTHER
pyramid. Fuel up, and fly to the top to find a drone pad.
Hop on, turn into a big bad bug, and enter the next door.
In the 3rd garage you can find your car, hop in, and enter
the races. This is really simple, especially if you've played
Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, Etc...Get first place to not
only open up that track in multiplayer, but more importantly
get the *****FUSE*****, another -----SPACESHIP PART-----.
Now head back to the BIG pyramid, go inside, and talk to King
Jeff to get the final -----SPACESHIP PART----- in the game,
the *****STABILIZER*****. Now you will watch a quite long,
relaxing, enjoyable cinema before crash landing on the hell-
like area known as...

---------- ASTEROID: MIZAR'S LAIR ----------

I Told You To Let Me Drive...

Allright, watch the cinema and that will explain any questions you may have
about this level. There are no tribals to rescue, only bugs, big, giant, and
really stupid bugs. You ***WILL*** Have at LEAST 40 Tri-Rockets PLUS around
60 Missles so this is no problem. Just fire away baby! At the end you will 
come to an area that will refill ALL of your ammo for EVERY gun. Just through
the door ahead is Mizar.

More Cinemas\Preparing For Battle

Allright, before entering, i suggest the following weapons setup:
Up - Homing Missles
Down - Tri-Rockets
Left - Machine Gun
Right - ???
Allright, now that you have that all cleared up, enter, and watch the short 
revealing Mizar Himself. Lupus and Vela appear, only to be knocked down 
It's just you, and him now, and i hope your ready.

--------------------The Final Showdown: Juno VS. Mizar--------------------

Phase 1: 

Starting off you will be introuduced to several out of control asteroids being
thrown at you by Mizar. Shoot the grey ones with your machine gun as it helps
a bit and your going to need all the life you can get. Mizar will then come at 
you and slam down with his giant claw creating a huge fiery shockwave. To avoid
this jump just before it hits ground. He will then fly around, and do the
following attacks at random:

1. Mizar will fire three consecutive blasts of double lasers from his eyes. 
Very cool looking, but the easiest to avoid.

2. Mizar will unleash a freezing cold blast of green air from his mouth. To 
it, start at one end of the platform, and move all the way over in the other 

3. Mizar will use his electrical claw to create a NASTY electric orb at one of 
speeds, which in essence is another 2 attacks. The speeds are:
- Slow: Jump over it left and right, which is easy as it moves extremly slow
- Medium: Definetly the hardest. Once again jump left and right, this time 
you'll need to do it much faster, as the claw is much quicker.
- Fast: Easy. Stand in either corner, and jump just before it reaches you, you 
have to get used to the timing though.

Soon enough, he will fly away from you, allowing you to attack. Use your homing 
launcher, and QUICKLY lock on to his 'backpack' of sorts, and fire once. It will 
him as it is a homing missle, quickly switch to TRI-ROCKETS, as they are more 
and when he flies at you about to use the mantid claw again, fire one tri-rocket 
at his
face, and then jump over the shockwave. You'll know you damaged him if you hear 
the little
circutry sound he makes when you hit him in the back. Now switch to Homing 
Missles, avoid
his attacks again, lock on quickly, and fire once, etc,etc...until he flies back 
to his 
little pad.

Phase 2-3:

This is the same as Phase One, only he gets faster and faster, and uses that 
claw ALOT. Since this phase's writeup is so short, i'd like to explain my 
suggestions. I've read my share of JFG guides, mainly the ones at Gamefaqs. We 
all know
you can use rockets or missles, while missles are less powerful, they require no 
while rockets are 3X as powerful, they DO require aim. For me, the best strategy 
to be combining the two together. It does take a while to get used to, but i 
think it IS
the best strategy possible. However, if you ARE good with rockets, use them at 
all times,
otherwise, i'd stick with this strategy. Allright, after you blast the big lug 
times on stage three he wil BARELY land where you are.

Final Phase:

By now your veins should be popping out of your forehead and your Blood Pressure 
should be
off the charts because here you are at the final stage, which is VERY similar to 
the first
mizar battle, only this time - you have about half a lifebar left! Take out your 
and blast the hell out of his mantid claw BEFORE he creates a 
monster....shockwaves. Any
way, blast the living hell out of his mantid claw QUICKLY, and then destroy that 
electric claw. Now it's you - with 10 rockets, and him with his bleeding head, 
it's time
to finish this once and for all...

More Old Friends\A Final Task

I will not spoil the ending cinema, however, i will tell you you need to 
complete a final
floyd mission. Simply make it to the end in time to complete it, nothing hard. 
You will
then be rewarded with a StarWars-like ending which is about the same as Zelda. 
After that,
however is your real treat - the credits! These are definitly the funniest 
credits ever in
a video game. Again, i won't spoil it, but i will give you a hint - Think Disco 

I'd finally like to thank rare for making this game, AND the extremly awesome 
credits which
I'd like to see in future games. Congratulations on completing this extremly fun 
and hard
game, i'll see you in the Jungle for DKC64!

9) F.A.Q.

Q. Is it just me, or do the sounds remind you of Star Wars and Jurrasic Park?

A. Star Wars...hmmm, i'm not sure about that one. But yes, some of the sounds, 
E.G. the drones sound similar to jurrasic park.


Q. How many worlds are there?

A. 14.


Q. I've searched everywhere! Where are the jetpacks?

A. This seems to be the most FREQUENT question i get, and i see a lot of people
asking the same thing on message boards. To get the jetpacks, simply talk to
king jeff after you beat Mizar #1.


Q. What is the point of getting tribal heads?

A. I'm puzzled on this one, currently i cannot offer any answer except that it's
fun to blast their heads off and collect them like a demonic fool.


Q. How do i get cooperative mode?

A. Collect the 3 floyd pieces <see walkthrough>, and assemble him, then you can
play cooperative mode.


10) Credits

Jdude84 - I Wrote This FAQ.

GameFAQs\Jeff "CJayC" Veasy - Posts all of my FAQs, and runs a great site.

Rareware.com - it seems i forgot to credit them for the character info, story, 
quotes! Ooops.

Marshmallow - The first FAQ i ever read was his Zelda FAQ\Walkthrough. His FAQs 
are the funniest on gamefaqs.com, not to mention some of the greatest. I guess 
you could say he inspired me to write FAQs of my own. Thanks!

11) Author's Note

Thanks for reading my FAQ. As always you can contact the insane author at 
Jdude84@Hotmail.com, with any Questions about JFG. I need to get some sleep now, 
seeing as it is 3 am. Nite all!

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