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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jamie

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 06/22/00

October 19, 1999, Version 2.5  , Jamie,   Jaceves840@aol.com

I will no longer be answering emails asking a question already answered 
in this walkthrough.  If you don't feel like reading this walkthrough, 
scroll down to the bottom and at least read the Frequently Asked 
Questions (FAQ's).

Updated from previous version, added powered up tips (10/20,V2.1), and 
some more help on those hard to find tribals.  Clarified some sections 
(10/24, V2.2), added first Mizar battle.  Added jetpack info (11/2, 
V2.3).  Added more tribal help (11/5, V2.4) and FAQ.  Added most FAQ 

This walkthrough is intended to help if you're stuck, and no matter how 
hard you try, you just can't pass a level or find an item or locate a 
certain tribal.  This walkthrough is by no stretch of the imagination 
comprehensive, as there will be plenty of people submitting those.  I'm 
only including parts of the game that I found to be particularly 
frustrating and/or difficult, to save wear and tear on your controllers 
(from flinging them against the wall in rage).  

I'm not going over the characters and weapons, your manual should do 
that, except where I feel a particular weapon or character would be 

     After you defeat Vela, Juno, and Lupus's bosses, all three will end 
up in Mizar's palace.  After you defeat Mizar, all the characters will 
acquire the jetpack.  Find a fuelpad, and push the C up button twice to 
use the jetpack.  You can use the C down button to hover.  

     By the time I got to the SS Anubis, I knew there was no way I was 
finding every single tribal on the first run through, so I concentrated 
on going as far as I could go, which was much more fun than looking for 
the furry pests.  You can easily warp to any world you've been to to get 
them later.  I didn't even bother trying to collect them until after I'd 
dealt with Mizar first.  When you beat him the first time, you can 
travel to all the worlds with all the characters.
     Some worlds, you cannot get all the tribals with any character, you 
have to have a certain one.  The worlds where you need to have Juno are: 
Tawfret, Sekhmet, and the Walkway.  The worlds where you need to have 
Vela are:  Goldwood (Outset, Lodge), Eschebone (thorax), and the 
Spawnship.  The worlds where you need Lupus are:  Goldwood (rim), Ichor 
(military base) and the Water Ruin.

Other Worlds:
     Walkway; from SS Anubis (depository).  Water Ruin; see Sekhmet 
section of walkthrough.  Gem Quarry; from Goldwood (Rim).  Space 
station; from Goldwood (Lodge)

Miscellaneous Info:
     If you go back to a world with a different character, you will be 
able to open the weapon chests with the new character, if that character 
doesn't have it.  The chest will flash on and off if you don't already 
have that particular weapon.  If you accidentally kill a tribal, just 
redo the level, and collect the tribals again.  
When you get Floyd, you can use him even if you don't have a second 
person.  Push start on the second controller, and use his unlimited 
firepower to help you out.  This works best if you hide behind a crate, 
and let Floyd do the shooting.  Floyd will only hover over your left 
shoulder, so if you want to shoot from the right, just turn the first 
player so they're facing you, and now Floyd will shoot on the right 
side.  Don't even waste your machine gun ammo on the shielded ants, use 
rockets, homing missiles, shuriken, or the zapper.


     Where you start the game with Juno.  Your first real struggle 
begins after you meet king Jeff.  In that area, there will be two life 
force doors at the end.  The one on the right leads to some caves, where 
you will find the much needed yellow key in the cave with the 3 tribals, 
in a crate.  Use it on the island in the same area as Jeff's hut, to get 
the awesome shuriken.  Use shuriken to slice through shielded bugs, nice 
way to collect ant heads.  
     Powered up:  In the Lodge, in the area with the 3 tribals on the 
falling platforms, after shooting down the flying pests, you don't have 
to fall to get all three tribals.  Get one at a time, by jumping on the 
platform once for each tribal, and exiting and re-entering the room to 
get the next two.  The Rim's another tough one.  After the first life 
force door, get the two tribals before trying to shoot the flying 
robots.  In the area with the proximity mines, float over the mines to 
get the tribals safely.  the rim can only be reached with Lupus.  Once 
you reach the machine gun door in the Interior, go through it.  Make it 
through the next area, and you'll reach a life force door.  Go through, 
and head to the right.  You'll see be on a ledge, and you'll see the 
door on the other side of the drop.  Take a running start, and use 
Lupus's rockets to float to the other side.
     Tribal help:  when you're finally ready to collect the furballs, as 
soon as you see one, go get it, so a stray bullet doesn't.  If you see 
brown ants, shoot them immediately, they seem to have a grudge against 
tribals in a big way.  

SS Anubis:

     Don't take the first door you see, go left and climb the crates, to 
go into the next area from above.  You can target practice on the bugs 
below, and blow out one of the * panels *.  The panels free tribals 
later on, and if you hit one and leave the world, when you return it 
will stay broken.  From up here, you can take the first door on the left 
to go to the depository, but I wouldn't suggest going in there until 
much later, when you have more firepower.  In the room with the 
generators, shoot the pink gems with your pistol, and they'll fall 
within your reach.  There's a * panel * next to the door you enter from.  
In the room after the generators, there's a * panel * on the edge of the 
pit, shoot it from the moving platform.  There's also a * panel * by the 
crates to the right.  The room after, with the moving ramp, is a real 
nightmare.  Look for * two panels *, and if you reach the top, shoot the 
glass for a gemini holder.  Go through, and you'll be on some criss-
crossing beams, right above a room you finished earlier.  Go across the 
beams, and on the other side there's a * panel * high up on the wall.  
You can come back to this area after you get Floyd, to earn the 
earplugs.  To beat the Floyd mission, you have to collect all eight 
circuit boards, destroy all three panels and the generator, and make it 
to the end in under a minute (good luck).  The final room will have one 
last * panel *, as well as Vela and seven tribals.  
     Powered up:  In the very first area, climb the crates, go on the 
walkway, and use the jetpack to get to the Passageway.  There's an area 
here where you see electric beams blocking you, there's a door to the 
right you can take to avoid them (with 2 tribals).  When using the 
jetpack, get as high as you want to get with the top c button, then use 
the bottom c button to hover to where you need to be for much more 
     Tribal help: In the depository level there's nine hiding in the 
spaceship hangar at the end, and one tucked away at the edge of the 
space ramp.


     Run as soon as you land, don't even bother trying to mess with the 
big bugs.  In the second area, there's a life force door to the right, 
inside's a gemini holder.  Once Jeff gives you the rocket launcher, use 
it to bust open doors.  Run right through the bridge area, there's no 
life force door to stop you.  After the bridge, get the invincibility 
and run like mad, collecting what you can along the way.  Near the end 
of this area's another invincibility thing, get that and machine gun the 
flying pests to open the life force door.  In the area with the big tree 
in the middle, same strategy, don't fight, flee.  Climb the tree to find 
the pants, and go on to the next area.  Find Floyd, then go get his 
parts.  Climb in the chimney for one (hold down the jump button longer 
for a higher jump).  Blast the door next to Floyd for another, and climb 
the wall next to Gimlet's for the last one.  When down below, shoot the 
wooden things to find secret passages.  The castle is tough, but if you 
need to restock you can always return to the beginning of the area to 
fill up, so there's no need to die and have to re-squash the vermin.  
Don't forget the shuriken for those shielded ants.  You can collect the 
shuriken after you throw them, so you don't run out.  Use the 
trirockets, if you run out you can always return to beginning and 
collect more before going on.  When you're ready to face the first 
monstrosity, there's plenty of ammo to load up on before facing it.  
Step on the medallion to summon it.  Blast the bats as they rush you, 
then look for the flashing fang, and shoot.  Jump over the fire rings to 
avoid major damage. 
     Powered up:  As Vela, in the area with the tree, there's a tunnel 
     Tribal help:  In the Room below Floyd's post, use the flares to 
illuminate the black wall, to find 2.  Go down the chimney for 4 tribals 
(2 behind a wooden beam).  If you gave Gimlet his pants, you should have 
the crowbar.  Use it in the room with the flares for a Floyd part and a 


     In the room with the sign, the door to the right has three tribals, 
and the one to the left has two.  You might as well get them so you 
don't have to repeat this level.  Facing the sign, the middle flame on 
the left leads to the underground.  There are seven tribals down here.  
The last two tribals are in the room with the lava.  If you make it to 
the courtyard, find the Floyd pad and collect the golden things to bring 
down the pyramid.  Go in and wait for your buddies.
     Powered up:  Go to the other pyramid, and transform into an ant to 
play the cool racing game.  If you get all the spaceship parts, and all 
the tribals, use any character to go to the pyramid, and talk to Jeff a 
couple of times to get him to give you the final part.


     When you enter the second area, the first door on the left leads to 
the machine gun and a gemini holder.  The machine gun door leads to the 
red key, and plasma shotgun.  In one of the later rooms, there's a glass 
floor with an upgrade cartridge.  Shoot through the glass to get it and 
the green key.  In the room after this, try to kill as many enemies as 
you can before getting the gemini holder to fill up your health.  This 
room is tough, so go back a couple of rooms if you need to refill your 
health.  Through the door is the beginning, go through the other green 
door, and up the ramp to the next world.  
     Powered up: From the beginning:  to get to Water Ruin, Go left, and 
through the first door.  stay on the upper platform, keep going, through 
the next door.  You'll now be in a room with jetpads, look around the 
upper platform for one.  Fuel yourself up, and use the jetpack to go to 
a ledge high up in the room.  keep walking along this ledge until you 
get to a fork.  take the left path to reach the water ruin..  In the 
room with the lava, as Juno, go in the pipe to eventually get the blue 
     Tribal help:  You need Juno.  There's 2 tribals in the area with 
the blue key, and one tribal on the way to the Water Ruin launchpad.


     After the first life force door opens, go to the right to kill the 
ant, and open up the second life force door.  Look around the whole area 
for gold bars before going on, they'll help you get the rocket launcher.  
Don't miss the yellow key in the next chamber.  In the room with the 
columns, there's a hard to see cave to the left of where you enter.  Get 
the homing missiles here.  You're out of luck in the next area, you have 
to kill every single bug to escape.  
     Tribal help:  There's 2 tribals at the very end, hidden behind the 


     In the beginning there's a full health gem, which I kept coming 
back to again and again to get through the next areas.  Jump on the 
bridge, and use the entrance to the right.  Look for an entrance in the 
wall on the left, to get the sniper rifle and the useless flares.  In 
the room with the pistons pushing you off the platform, as soon as they 
start to pull back, run for it, and jump to the right if you think it's 
going to push you off.  The room with the moving platforms is very 
annoying.  I moved the yellow one close, then the red one close, then 
the pink one close.  Use the pink one to move the green one close, move 
the pink one back, and that should do it.  Use the flying head to fill 
yourself up, it's cheap and easy.  In the next room, don't even try the 
platforms, come back with lupus.  When you get to the shielded ants, use 
homing missiles and shurikens, you can go back and get more homing 
missiles and gems as many times as you want.  Don't bother trying to get 
the machine guns firing on the bridge, if you run weaving back and 
forth, they don't get you anyway.  The next boss will start chugging 
slugs at you, keep moving left and right to avoid them.  Practice moving 
left and right while shooting at the same time, you'll need this skill 
for Mizar.  
     Powered up:  In the perimeter, after sniping the snipers, there's a 
hole in the wall to the left of the entrance to the next area.  It's a 
tunnel with 2 tribals.  When you get to the dance area (my favorite part 
of the game), collect the machine gun ammo lying around, then shoot the 
big bug before going for the tribals, or he'll shoot you down right 
after you get them.  
     Tribal help:  You need Lupus for the military base.  In the room 
with the mechanical squid, don't use heavy artillery to shoot them, or 
you'll kill the tribals.  Use Floyd, if you have him.  In the perimeter, 
in the area after you shoot down the snipers, look up and to the left, 
and jetpack up to a tunnel in the wall.  


     Take a right into the water with vela, to go to the underwater 
tunnels.  There's four upgrades to get, so after you get them head on 
out of there.  The tribals are really easy to get here, so might as well 
get all six of them while you're here.  Go in the pyramid and wait for 


     If you make it past the platforms without falling (good luck), 
you'll wind up in a room with crisscrossing beams.  The life force door 
leads to the red key.  Use it to open the red door you saw earlier from 
above.  After much falling and 'cussin, you'll eventually come to a room 
with a column and two sniper ants standing in pipes.  The sniper rifle 
and yellow key are in the room behind them.  In the lava room, don't 
forget the gemini holder to the left of the entrance, on the stairs.  
     Powered up:  There are tons of shortcuts if you have the right 
keys.  In the lava room, use Juno to get tons of power ups, and a 
spaceship part.  You can find the shocker in the lava room also.  
     Tribal help:  You need Vela.  

Rith Essa:

     Awesome looking level, right at the start float behind the 
waterfall to get the homing missiles.  Past the difficult cliff trail, 
you'll get to an area with another waterfall.  The door to the right 
leads to the doghouse, with gems galore, and the clusterbombs.  
     Powered up:  the second blue door leads to the Ascent.  In the part 
where you have to jetpack from platform to platform, shoot the big 
flying robot before even trying to make it across.  I had a tough time 
finding a way past here, because the entrance to the next area you have 
to look down to see.  
     Tribal help:  In the mine, there's 4 in the first area, 3 in the 
area with the slavemaster, 2 in the room inside the elevator shaft, 4 in 
the area with the two bridges (after the elevator shaft), 2 next to the 
transformation pad, last 1 right after that.


     This area has easy to get tribals, so might as well get all six 
while you're here.  Don't miss the gemini holder in the lava room with 
the falling bridge.  Use the grenades you find later to open up da worm.  
When you get to the sniper ants shooting you from the bridge, get as far 
back as you can and pick them off with your sniper rifle.  In the room 
after, with the columns, go to the left through the lighted windows, to 
get filled up on health and ammo.  Whenever you see ants hiding behind 
barrels, shoot the barrels for some messy splatters.  You'll eventually 
work your way through to the little lake with the gemini holder, soon 
after is the magenta key.  Go through the magenta door to get to the 
last mini boss.  Get ready for hours of fun with the mantis brothers.  
The best way to beat them is to hit their flashing parts, and keep 
moving from side to side.  You can also try jumping over the missiles 
they chuck at you, and hiding behind the walls while they last.  When 
you finally knock off their arms and tail, keep going left and right, 
and if you time it right, they shouldn't be able to hit you once with 
their rocks.  When you see them getting ready to spit the rocks at you, 
go for the head.  
     Powered up:  In the room with the bright window panes, exit to the 
right through one of them, and blast the door, to jetpack up to the 
entrance to the Cortex.  From up here, you can drop down to get 2 
tribals.  In the Thorax, look around the little lake with Vela to find 
underwater tunnels, leading to the magazine, the blue key, and 6 
tribals.  Don't hop in the glowing areas, you'll get hurt.  
     Tribal help:  Don't forget the 2 tribals in the room with the 
windows.  Go outside, and drop down from above to get them.  

     It's easy to get lost with Lupus in the Chasm.  There's tons of 
powerups in the underground tunnels, but if you just want to get the 
tribals and head on out of here, just keep following the wall to the 
right, and you'll eventually wind up in a room with a stone slab.  Jump 
on it to go above ground.  
     Tribal help:  There's two right at the beginning, four in a hidden 
room in the underground tunnels, and four more above ground.  Look 
behind you when you come out, under the waterfall, and right before you 
enter the courtyard.

     The first battle with this bug is pretty easy, I thought.  Just 
keep shooting his face, while moving left and right with the c buttons, 
and jump over the rings.

Space Station:
     As soon as you land, turn around and drop down to the lower level, 
the lava edges won't hurt you.  Explore that whole area, climbing on the 
crates to get to higher floors, and you'll find 4 tribals. In the next 
area, don't go down to the lower floor, keep going, and you'll find a 
tribal in a room to the right.  Go down to the lower floor, and you'll 
find two tribals, and an elevator that should take you up to another 
tribal next to a jetpack fuelpad.  Go back down, and this time take the 
other elevator down, and you'll find the last four tribals down there.


     Much much later in the game, after collecting all tribals and 
spaceship parts, you will hopefully end up here.  There's lots of ammo 
for the rockets and homing missiles, so use those and the shuriken to 
get those pesky shield ants.  My favorite weapon by far to use against 
them is the zapper (shocker), even though you have to shock them about 
three times before they die.  The shocker is invaluable in the room with 
the glass, because one stray bullet can unleash one of the big bugs at 
you.  After days of playing, you've finally made it, Mizar!  Prepare for 
a grueling deathmatch that promises hours of swearing and controller 
throwing.  My thumb's still sore from that battle.  First thing he'll do 
is launch asteroids at you.  Weave left and right to avoid them.  Then 
he'll come at you with his claw, to shake the ground.  Stay either on 
the far left or far right of the platform, and wait until the last 
instant to move aside.  This lets you avoid the red rings, and gives you 
a clear shot at his back with the homing missiles.  
     Load up on as many homing missile containers as you can find for 
Juno, there's some on the spawnship in the lava room, and two on the 
second area of rith essa (make sure lupus skips those, they're right at 
the beginning of the second level).  After you get the magenta key with 
Juno, head to sekhmet, to the room after the machine gun door.  Go 
through the magenta door for more homing missiles.
     After you blast Mizar in the back countless times with homing 
missiles (or rockets, if you run out) he'll land back on his perch and 
send another barrage of asteroids at you.  Get ready for round two.  You 
can tell you got a direct hit in the back when you hear a fizz, like a 
short circuit, after you hit him.  He'll attack you four ways, first, 
with his ground thumping claw and ring of fire.  Then he'll spew a belch 
of green flame.  He'll shoot purple laser beams out of his eyes, and 
last and most damaging, send an electric current through his other claw, 
sweeping back and forth until you shriek with fury.  I found that if I 
stood still right after one of his attacks, he was more likely to do the 
purple laser beam attack, which is easier to dodge than his other 
     As I said earlier, his thumpin claw is easy to avoid, stand either 
on the far left or far right, and wait until the last second to move.  
He'll do that three times.  When you see him getting ready to belch 
green hell on you, same thing, move from one end to the other.  His 
laser eyes are definitely the easiest to dodge, you have to figure out 
the timing (after 693 battles with him you will, trust me).  The most 
infuriating is the electrical claw, just dodge left and right, jumping 
over it, until he gets tired of torturing you and moves on to something 
else.  Finally, after a while of doing this, and shooting his back after 
almost every ground pound, he'll come down to earth and you can do some 
real damage to him.  Fortunately, he's about the same as the first time 
you fought him with lupus.  Unfortunately, you're probably down to about 
three powercells by this time.  Keep moving left and right while 
shooting him in the face, and jumping over his rings of fire, and 
eventually he'll fall.
     Last but not least, just when you thought it was all over, one 
final mission for Floyd.  Go through the asteroid, to the core.  As you 
go, keep firing at all times, as there will be glass panes obstructing 
you.  Finish that mission, and it's finally over, earth is saved.  (Who 
else thinks they should let you replay the credits?)



Q.  How do I get Floyd?

A.  to get floyd, go to the plantet Tawfret.  You'll come to a gigantic 
tree in the middle of a swamp, climb the tree to get gimlet's pants.  Go 
to the next area, into gimlet's house, and give him his pants, he'll 
give you the crowbar.  explore the walls, and blast open doors with the 
rocket launcher to get floyd's parts. 

The three parts:
in the same area as gimlet's house, go down the chimney for one, look on 
top of the wall next to his house for the second, and blow up the door 
right under floyd's post, and go down below for the third.(blow up 
anything that looks wooden with your rockets) 

Q. I am on Tawfret and I can't find the frogs pants or the 3'rd robot 
piece which is under the trap door that won't open can you tell me? 

A. To open the trap door you need the crowbar.  Gimlet will give you the 
crowbar in exchange for his pants.  The pants are in that huge tree in 
the middle of the swamp, climb the tree to get them, and take them to 
Gimlet's house.  

Q. Where's the Mine key in JFG? 

A. The mine key is right next to the mine, Fernando has it.  He will 
give it to Vela in return for the specialist magazine.  To get that, you 
have to go to Eschebone with Vela, find the cavern with the lake, go in 
the underwater tunnel, and find it in a chest. 

Q. IM stock in getting earplugs for this fat ass bear  

A.  To get the earplugs, go to SS Anubis after you get floyd the robot, 
and find the floyd pad.  stand on it and push "A" to start the floyd 
mission.  Score gold on the floyd mission to earn the earplugs.

Q. The part where you have to go get a ear plugs from a floyd mission 
(SS Anubis),how do you get gold or higher on that mission??? 

A. Shoot all three panels, collect all eight circuit boards, and finish 
in under a minute to get gold

Q.  I have a real problem trying to find the ear plugs on the SS Anubis 
can you help? 

A.  You have to have Floyd the robot first.  Then go to the room with 
the moving ramp and crates on either side.  Climb to the top of the 
room, shoot through the glass, and go through the tunnel.  walk across 
the beams, and go into another tunnel.  Go all the way to the end to 
find a second ramp, and a floyd pad.  Step on the floyd pad to start the 
floyd mission.  Once you get a gold rating, you'll receive the ear 

Q. I am in S.S Anubis and there is a room with a pad on the floor and a 
moving ramp that extends to both sides of the walls.  I tried running up 
it, got close to the top, and it took me back down, how do I get passed 
that part? 

A. Find Floyd on Tawfret, then come back to this spot and stand on the 
pad.  Push the 'A' button to start the Floyd mission.  There are two 
ramps in this level, the other ramp is in a huge room.  To go up this 
second ramp, use the boxes on either side of the ramp.

Q. I need some help with spaceship part hunting.  I found all of them 
except the stabilizer and I can't find it.  Could you help? 

A. In order to get the stabilizer from king Jeff, you have to rescue 
every single tribal in every single world, without killing any of them.  
In order to see your progress, in the pause menu go to the "tribals" 
option.  It will list how many tribals you've rescued/killed in each 
world.  Basically, make sure that the only column that has any numbers 
is the middle column.  The left and right hand column (tribals left to 
rescue/ tribals killed) should be all zeroes..

Q. I got all tribals and the 11 ship parts except the stabilazer. 
Everytime i got with king jeff on mizar's palace, he doesn't want to 
give me the stabilazar. He says i'm progessing pretty good but there are 
some pieces left. 

A.  Go to the pause menu, and look under the spaceship parts.  The only 
one that should be green is the stabilizer.  Then go to the tribals menu 
in the pause menu.  Make sure the column of numbers at the very left, 
under the tribal head with the eyes open, are all zeros.  Keep the 
"tribals killed" column all zeros too.  There are also tribals in the 
space station, water ruin, walkway, and Gem Quarry.

Q.  I need to find a spaceship part...

A.  to find the spaceship parts, go to this website and click "ship 
parts guide"


Q. Were is the jetpack, please tell me 

A. When you beat Mizar, you are awarded the jetpack

Q.  How do I get to the Water Ruin

A.  Read the section titled "Sekhmet" in this walkthrough

Q.  How many gems do you need to shoot into the generator in order for 
it to work, and does it need to be done in a certain amount of time? It 
seems as though I've shot a hundred into it already, but nothing 

A.  I tried counting them, but it seemed like it would never end, so I 
thought I was doing something wrong.  Basically, you have to shoot them 
in as fast as you can, and after a very long while you'll notice the 
machine begin to power up, and eventually fire.  It's just a matter of 

Q. Is there a cooperative mode in the game? 

A. Yes, when you find Floyd with Juno, use the second controller to 
control Floyd.  He has unlimited ammo, and it's pretty powerful.

Q. Do you have any idea why you can collect trible heads?  My friend 
thinks its for a cheat, like ant heads. 

A. Other than for the fun of it, I have no idea.  If you find out let me 
know, and I'll post it and give you credit.  

Q. Do you know any cheats for jet force gemini?? 

A. If you mean like invincibility, unlimited ammo, all the weapons, etc, 
there are none that I'm aware of.  Some options become available if you 
collect a certain number of ant heads.  100 heads gives you the rainbow 
blood option, 200 lets you become a younger version, 300 turns all the 
enemies into Mr. Pants. (you have to see it to believe it).  I wouldn't 
be at all surprised if Rare has secrets hidden up their sleeves though, 
and if I find any I'll definitely post them.  If you know of any, let me 
know and I'll give you credit for them.

Q. I was wondering what you do after you get the jetpacks?

A. Basically, after you beat Mizar the first time, you find that he's on 
a mission to destroy earth.  To stop him you have to collect all the 
spaceship parts to put the spaceship together.  To get the final ship 
part, you have to rescue every tribal in the game. (To move from world 
to world, on the pause menu, go to the 'map' screen, and move your 
character to the world you want to go to next.)

Q. I'm in need for help!where do you find lupus the dog? 

A. To find Lupus, you have to play as Vela, and beat the  big boss she 
comes to on Ichor.

Q. I have a question about jfg how do i get out of mizars palace after i 
get the new armor >>

A. Push 'start', and select the 'map' menu.  Move around until you get 
to the world you want to go to, and select it with 'A'.  While in the 
map screen, you can push the left and right 'C' buttons to switch 
between different characters.

Q. How do i get diffren chareters to play other levels.
 like how do i get lupus to play goldwood?
A. You have to beat Mizar, then all the levels are open to all the 
players.  Go to the "map" option in the pause menu to travel between 

Thanks to…
IGN, they helped tremendously, their review convinced me to buy this 
incredible game, and their tips and tricks helped me beat it without 
yanking all my hair out.

Gamesages, because that's who supplies IGN with their codes.

FAQ's, because that's where I found some more help.  They are great at 
keeping their site constantly updated.

Shade8284, their faq contribution helped me find the last ship parts.

Rare, they made their best game yet.  I caught myself with my jaw 
dropping wide in awe at the fascinating graphics, and the game, while 
certainly frustrating, was fun, and gave you a real feeling of 
accomplishment after completing the many difficult levels.  People 
always complain that games are too short, or too easy.  It's refreshing 
to get a game that's extremely challenging, complex, and enormous.  It's 
also amusing to see the same people that were whining about how short 
and easy games are, now saying that this game is too big, and too hard.  

Nintendo, for helping to bring us this great game.

Anyone else associated with Jet Force Gemini.  I am in no way, shape or 
form associated with Nintendo, Rare, etc., nor claim to be or ever have 
been associated with those companies and or organizations mentioned 

This document copyright 1999, Jamie Aceves

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