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Tribal Guide by DemonicGoblin

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 02/20/05

        |        Jet Force Gemini Tribal Walkthrough          |
        |                     Version 1.10                    |
        |                 Created By: Sigma262                |      
        |  Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact me at:   |
        |   kris.bachiochi@juno.com or AIM SN: Punkrockr48    |

Authors Note: I've been trying to make an ASCII tribal to go along with this 
guide, but my efforts have been useless. If anyone would like to help me, I 
would greatly appreciate it.

This is my first faq/walkthrough so please bear with me.

Authors note: My other account at GameFAQs is DemonicGoblin.

                          |Table of Contents|

NOTE: For the search column, hit Ctr+F and put in the name from the search 
column, such as |ESCH 1| or |WHY DO|
NOTE: Anywhere a Blue Key is required, you cannot use Lupus for that level 
since he doesn't have access to the key. 

|Sect.#|Description of section|Requirements for areas|Number of tribals|Search|
|   0  |Version History       |        N/A           |        N/A      |HISTRY|
|   1  |What are Tribals?     |        N/A           |        N/A      |TRIBAL|
|   2  |Why are they needed?  |        N/A           |        N/A      |WHY DO|
|   3A |Goldwood: Outset      |        N/A           |         7       |GOLD 1|
|   3B |Goldwood: Lodge       |       Vela           |        15       |GOLD 2|
|   3C |Goldwood: Rim         |       Lupus          |        11       |GOLD 3|
|   3D |Goldwood: Interior    |        N/A           |         9       |GOLD 4|
|   4A |SS Anubis: Hold       |       Y-Key          |        10       |ANUB 1|
|   4B |SS Anubis: Passageway |      Jetpack         |         8       |ANUB 2|
|   4C |SS Anubis: Depository |       Y-Key          |        14       |ANUB 3|
|   5A |Tawfret: Bog          |       Juno           |        10       |TAWF 1|
|   5B |Tawfret: Bridge       |       Juno           |        12       |TAWF 2|
|   5C |Tawfret: Castle       |        N/A           |         6       |TWAF 3|
|   6  |Sekhmet: Battlecruiser| Juno, G-Key, Jetpack |        15       |SEKH 1|
|   7  |Cerulean: Dune        |        N/A           |         8       |CERU 1|
|   8A |Ichor: Military Base  |    Lupus, Jetpack    |        16       |ICHO 1|
|   8B |Ichor: Perimeter      |    B-Key, Jetpack    |         8       |ICHO 2|
|   9  |Spawnship: T. Carrier |  Vela, R-Key, G-Key  |        15       |SPAW 1|
|  10A |Rith Essa: Bluff      |        B-Key         |         8       |RITH 1|
|  10B |Rith Essa: Ascent     |        B-Key         |         6       |RITH 2|
|  10C |Rith Essa: Interior   |        N/A           |         4       |RITH 3|
|  10D |Rith Essa: Mine       |       Vela           |        15       |RITH 4|
|  11A |Eschebone: Thorax     |    Vela, Jetpack     |        12       |ESCH 1|
|  11B |Eschebone: Approach   |        N/A           |         6       |ESCH 2|
|  11C |Eschebone: Cortex     |       Jetpack        |         5       |ESCH 3|
|  12A |Mizar's Palace: Lobby |       Juno           |        14       |MIZA 1|
|  12B |Mizar's Palace: Flume |       Vela           |         6       |MIZA 2|
|  12C |Mizar's Palace: Chasm |       Lupus          |        10       |MIZA 3|
|  13  |WaterRuin: Lost Island|       Lupus          |         8       |RUIN 1|
|  14  |Spacestation: A. Wreck|       Jetpack        |        12       |SPAC 1|
|  15  |Gem Quarry: Landing   |        N/A           |         5       |GEM  1|
|  16  |Walkway: Peak         |    Juno, Jetpack     |         6       |WALK 1|
|  17  |FAQ                   |        N/A           |        N/A      | FAQ  |
|  18  |Legal Junk            |        N/A           |        N/A      |LEGAL |
|  19  |Closing/Special Thanks|        N/A           |        N/A      |THANKS|

        |               SECTION 0: VERSION HISTORY            |
        |                       |HISTRY|                      |

Version 1.00: First official release.

Version 1.10: Fixed SS Anubis: Hold console problem (added #1).

        |              SECTION 1: WHAT ARE TRIBALS?           |
        |                       |TRIBAL|                      |

Tribals are, in essence, your secondary mission throughout Jet Force Gemini. 
They are furry, bear-like beings found in all areas of each planet or 
spaceship.  To pick up tribals you need to just walk into them and then a 
display will appear telling you how many you have left to find, rescued, or 
killed in that area.  Your goal is to rescue all tribals in every level. This 
mostly cannot be done on your first time through a level because many tribals 
are unreachable unless you have a specific item/weapon.

        |            SECTION 2: WHY ARE THEY NEEDED?          |
        |                       |WHY DO|                      |

The main reason you need tribals in Jet Force Gemini is to actually complete 
the game. Once you rescue all tribals you can then get the last spaceship part 
from King Jeff and battle Mizar for the last time.

        |             SECTION 3A: GOLDWOOD: OUTSET            |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: NONE         TRIBALS: 7        |
        |                       |GOLD 1|                      |

You can get these your first time through the level so that makes it easier. 
The first tribal you encounter is right next to the tree that the first sniper 
drone is on. When you step into the village, there is one directly across from 
you between two houses. There is also another one between these houses. Next 
make sure you open the shorter, wooden life-force door by killing the two 
sniper drones. In here, take the path to the left and follow it all the way to 
the dead end (make sure not to turn to the right by accident). The last four 
tribals are in here, one working near the central pillar, two at the back wall, 
and one next to the water gate.

        |             SECTION 3B: GOLDWOOD: LODGE             |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: VELA         TRIBALS: 15       |
        |                       |GOLD 2|                      |
Head down the pathway a little and enter the door on the left. Grab the first 
four tribals. Continue down the path and enter the next area. You will 
immediately be engaged with flying drones. Take care of them and follow the 
path. Ignore the life-force door for now, and continue following the path. At 
the end of the path, there is a wooden life-force door. Enter it. Kill the 
large group of flying drones so they do not kill the tribals as you rescue 
them. After they're gone, proceed to the cliff and quickly jump to get each 
tribal as the platforms will fall. You might die trying this, but that's OK as 
long as you have continues left. Return outside and backtrack. Enter the metal 
life-force door on the right that you ignored earlier. Head to the left, then 
left, and then to the left again. Follow this path to a stag drone and a few 
flying drones guarding a door. Enter this door. Kill all the drones in this 
room and enter the life-force door at the bottom. Look to the right as you 
approach the bridge and grab the two tribals behind the pillar. Head back 
outside and take a left at the campfire. Continue to take out flying drones and 
stags and enter the life-force door. In the village area, one tribal is on the 
left near the first hut, one is towards the back on the right, two are in the 
second house on the right, and two are in the first house on the left.

        |             SECTION 3C: GOLDWOOD: RIM               |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: LUPUS        TRIBALS: 11       |
        |                       |GOLD 3|                      |
At the first fork go left, the second, left. Rush in and get the two tribals. 
After the life-force door, follow the path and go left at the fork. there is a 
tribal behind the stalagmites. Keep following the path and in the room with the 
pillars in the water, look behind you and boost to get the tribal. Kill the 
drones when you're over there. Enter the life-force door to the left to get two 
more tribals. Go back and follow the platforms to the top and then follow the 
tunnel. Boost over to get the tribal across the gap and then boost back. Follow 
the pathway some more and then boost over again. Head right at the fork and 
quickly rush in and get the tribal in the middle of the barrels. Enter the 
life-force door down the other path and continue. Enter the life force door at 
the end. Now here comes the tricky part. The left fork houses some tribals but 
also some proximity mines and a ninja drone. Here's what you do. Take out the 
stack of two boxes on the right wall and glide along that wall. The detection 
radius of the mines can't get you. Now hurry and get the two tribals before 
they are killed. A cyborg drone down the other path on some steps guards the 
last tribal. He is on the right, right under the boxes.

        |           SECTION 3D: GOLDWOOD: INTERIOR            |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: NONE         TRIBALS: 9        |
        |                       |GOLD 4|                      |
The first tribal in this area is again under a tree, around the first turn. It 
is standing next to a box sunken into the ground. As you enter the area with 
the broken huts, you can see one on a high wall of a hut, near a sniper drone. 
Just hi-jump to get him. In the room after the one with the flying drones, you 
TRIBALS!!!! Right before the exit of the area, the last three tribals are 
behind the stack of boxes.

        |           SECTION 4A: S.S. ANUBIS: HOLD             |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: NONE         TRIBALS: 10       |
        |                       |ANUB 1|                      |
In this level there are many wall consoles that, if you shout them, a message 
will appear saying that a cell door has been deactivated. Most of the tribals 
are in these cells. Here is the list of where they are:

1. 	Before you enter HOLD, right when you get off of your ship, head right and 
climb up the boxes. Pass the chest with the PLASMA SHOTGUN im it, or collect 
if you don't have it. Enter YELLOW KEY DOOR at the top and enter HOLD. Head 
right on this ledge and shoot the console behind a "pillar" from the wall
2. 	Right next to the entrance door in the room with the "tanks" with gems on 
3. 	In the room with the moving platforms, look to the right as you enter. It's 
on the back wall.
4. 	In the room with the moving platforms, hop on one and look back toward the 
entrance. It is on the lower part just as you begin moving to the other 
5. 	About halfway up the room with the conveyor belt on the left side. There is 
a bomb next to it.
6. 	At the top of the room with the conveyor belt, break the glass and enter the
door. Follow the path until you reach the top of the room with the 
platforms. Carefully walk along the top of the skinny bars and at the other 
side turn left. Look up the console is there. There is also a totem pole 
there if you need help.
7. 	Right next to the first cell on the left.

Besides these, there are other tribals. The first ones you will encounter are 
in the first room. Where the stag drone shooting missiles are, there are two 
tribals. Make sure you don't blow up the barrels because they are right next to 
them. The third is on a stack of boxes right next to console 2. All of the 
other tribals are in the room with the cells

        |         SECTION 4B: S.S. ANUBIS: PASSAGEWAY         |
        |        REQUIERMENTS: JETPACK    TRIBALS: 8          |
        |                       |ANUB 2|                      |
Follow the extremely long path to the end. After about halfway through the 
jetpack part, you will reach an area with electricity running through it. To 
the left of this is a skinny red and blue hatch that will open when you fly to 
it. The first two are in here. At the end, enter the door and the next door on 
the other side. Fuel up and fly across the gap. Enter the door and fly to the 
top to get the last six of your tribals.

        |         SECTION 4C: S.S. ANUBIS: DEPOSITORY         |
        |        REQUIRMENTS: Y-KEY         TRIBALS: 14       |
        |                       |ANUB 3|                      |

In the second room with boxes (past the door with your ship in it), there are 
five tribals and a ninja drone. Kill him first. One should have ran up to you, 
two are in the back behind boxes, one is on top of the boxes on the right, and 
one small one runs around most of the time. Just look for it. Now, the rest of 
them are in the room with you ship. One should be to the left, behind boxes. 
Another should be behind boxes to the right of that one. On that stack of boxes 
lies a crying baby. One runs around. One on the stack of boxes to the right of 
the door. One on a stack of boxes to the left of that. One by that stack of 
boxes. The last two are a little harder to find. On is in the corner of the 
lower area near the door. The other is all the way back, about to fall into the 
eternal nothingness of space.
        |               SECTION 5A: TAWFRET: BOG              |
        |        REQUIRMENTS: JUNO          TRIBALS: 10       |
        |                       |TAWF 1|                      |

The two tribals in this area are in the life-force door in the second room. 
Kill the large zombie drones to open it up. They are in the middle of a group 
of trees. There is one on a high wall near the trap door in the village type 
area. Jump up to get him. There are two tribals in the small house at the left 
of the trap door "building". Break the door open with rockets. Next, drop down 
the trap door (you need the crowbar from this world to do so). Next, follow the 
path all the way to the life force door. That's number six. To get the one in 
the cage, number seven, you need to kill all the enemies in here. Where are 
they, you ask? In between every pillar in this room is a black door that will 
open up when you get close to it. The drones are in here. There are also 
tribals in some of these doors. The first on the left houses a tribal, as does 
the third. The forth one on the right also has a tribal. Then get the one in 
the life-force cage.     

        |             SECTION 5B: TAWFRET: BRIDGE             |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: JUNO         TRIBALS: 12       |
        |                       |TAWF 2|                      |
Head up the bridge, and the first tribal is on the left near the pole. Two more 
are behind the next pole, and another behind the last pole. Past the area with 
the large tree in the center, you'll find the church area. Enter the door to 
the right of the water, in the wall. As you approach the area with the ammo 
crate and the Mizar tokens on the platform, head straight. When you hit the 
first torch, blow open the black concrete in the wall. Enter the small opening 
created. In here are two tribals. Head left down the path and as you reach the 
open area, two tribals will be on the right. Exit this sewer area the same way 
you entered. Now jump up and into the church area by heading to the right and 
climbing the steps. Head to the right, and at about the same spot as the sewer 
door was, you can find another hole. In here is a weapon box, a soldier drone 
(who surrenders), and a tribal. Rescue him. At the back of one of the buildings 
is a wooden door. Blast it open and grab the tribal down the trap door. Come 
back up to the room with the trap door. Notice one section of the room is all 
black. Use a flare and climb up the now lit platforms to find the last two 
(albeit hardest) tribals.
        |             SECTION 5C: TAWFRET: CASTLE             |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: NONE         TRIBALS: 6        |
        |                       |TAWF 3|                      |
After passing through the first area, follow the path until you get to the 
life-force door, which leads to a waterfall. At the waterfall, take the path 
that has water on it and proceed to the next room. The first tribal is right in 
front of you. Keep following the waterway until you reach the gate at the end. 
Jump out and go around the corner to the left. In between the platforms with 
sniper drones on them are the second and third tribals. Continue following this 
path and you should see tribal number four in a corner near a life-force door. 
Follow the path around the life-force door and the fifth tribal is on the 
opposite side of where number four was. Follow the path to an area with pillars 
and look to the right. There is the last tribal.

        |          SECTION 6: SEKHMET: BATTLECRUISER          |
        |                       |SEKH 1|                      |
Head towards the ramp, but turn right before you get there. Two tribals are 
hiding behind the boxes. There is one more behind each other box group, which 
makes four tribals in the first room! Enter the door on the left. Enter the 
life-force door on the other side, or the red key door if you have it. Enter 
the life-force door at the top. In the room with the lava, jump down and enter 
the pipe that the lava is coming from. Follow the tube to the next room, climb 
up the platform and enter the door at the end. Two tribals are on the right. Go 
back out of the pipe, and enter the red key door on the other side. Use the 
jetpack pad in the next room to fly up and get two tribals on a small platform 
with a soldier drone. Refill the jetpack and go to the next part of the room. 
Directly across from the entrance to the next part is a tribal on a small 
platform. In the third part of this room, there is a lone tribal on a platform 
near the exit door. In the room with the glass on the floor, blast it and fuel 
up on the pad. Aim up and shoot through TWO layers of glass, fly up and land on 
the outside of the hole. Next fly to the next highest platform and fuel up 
again. Continue flying up and refueling and you'll soon reach a tribal, and 
another one after two more platforms. There is also one on the next platform, 
the highest one. Return all the way to the bottom and into the next room. Go in 
the green key door at the end and. WHAT!?!? Yup, a big circle. Next enter the 
regular door at the end (no, I'm serious) and follow the path to the red key 
door once again. On the last platform before the life-force door is a jetpack 
pad. Use it, and fly across the gap straight ahead. Run to the right and pick 
up the next tribal. Continue past the curvy platform and grab the last tribal.

        |             SECTION 7: CERULEAN: DUNE               |
        |        REQUIREMENTS: NONE         TRIBALS: 8        |
        |                       |CERU 1|                      |
In the big outside area, you will come to a red tunnel. In this room are SIX 
tribals. Wow, only two left. After the next room with that really annoying 
group of flying drones, enter the life-force door. Continue to waste all of the 
drones in these tunnels and eventually you will get to the landing pad. The 
last two tribals are at the back of the landing pad, behind a pillar.

        |           SECTION 8A: ICHOR: MILITARY BASE          |
        |     REQUIREMENTS: LUPUS, JETPACK  TRIBALS: 16       |
        |                       |ICHO 1|                      |
The first two tribals are tucked away behind an explosive barrel in the room 
with the cyborg drone and some shield drones. They are right next to the 
platform the cyborg drone is on. The next two are in the same room, but are in 
the downward-sloped area with 3 flying drones. In the next room, there are 3. 
The first one is on the high ledge in the back, it's the one on the right. 
There is a sniper drone right in front of him so he may be the firs drone you 
want to pick off seeing as he blows himself up (and the tribal too) sometimes. 
To get the tribal use the jetpack pad on the left side of the room. There is 
also one above the door you used to enter this room. The other one is on the 
left side, between the wall and the pillar that sticks out at the back of the 
room. Two more lie in the room. To get them, pass the first yellow push barrier 
and hover over the gap with Lupus. Don't forget to kill the cyborg drone first 
because he may kill them with a rocket. In the room with the glowing platforms, 
there are 3 tribals on the platform to the left of the Diamond Geezer. Just 
hover over to get them. In the next room, quickly kill the ninja drone that 
runs from the left before he can kill the tribals in this room. There is one 
above the door on the opposite side, one to the left of that door, in the 
shadows, one on a high ledge to the right. The last one is also in this room. 
He is usually running around, just look for him.

        |            SECTION 8B: ICHOR: PERIMETER             |
        |    REQUIREMENTS: B-KEY, JETPACK   TRIBALS: 8        |
        |                       |ICHO 2|                      |
Enter the life force door in the room with the two windows (use the sniper 
rifle to kill the drones out of the window to open it up),there is one all the 
way at the end of the first hallway in the small space between the protruding 
ledge and the wall (its on the right). The next one is on the first small ledge 
with yellow and black stripes on it on the right (use the jet pad behind the 
right wall from the first turn. The third is just around the corner on another 
ledge on the right. The forth should be just behind you, to the left. In the 
area after the four machine gunners, use the transformation pad and enter the 
Big Bug Fun Club at the end of the path (you can kill the drones if you want 
but you don't have to). There are two by the "bartender" drone. Go back and 
enter the room with the machine gunners, if you look up and to the right, you 
can a small black hole in the wall. Use your jetpack and enter this tunnel. The 
last two tribals are in here. 

        |        SECTION 9: SPAWNSHIP: TROOP CARRIER          |
        |    REQUIREMENTS: VELA, R-KEY, G-KEY    TRIBALS: 15  |
        |                       |SPAW 1|                      |

When you hit the room with the moving platforms, get the tribal on the left and 
then drop down. There is another tribal in a corner of this lower floor. Exit 
and head straight. Get the tribal in the middle of the room, then get the on in 
the corner just in case the flying drone blows it up when you destroy it. Exit 
this room and as you approach the door with the green marker above it, enter 
the door on the right and swim into the gate. As you pass the next few life-
force doors, you will find a room with a Diamond Geezer, a weapon box, and a 
tribal up on a high box. There are two more tribals on the doorway you entered 
from. To the left of the door, is a jetpack pad. Use it to get the tribal on 
the box. Retrace your steps and enter the door with the green marker on it. 
Back at the beginning, advance to the room with the moving platforms. After all 
the moving platforms, you are at a room with four doors. Enter the green key 
door and, after passing the electricity, you find a happy tribal family of 
four. Go back and enter the door with the green marker overhead, not the life-
force door. Enter the life-force door at the end of this walkway. Above you is 
a tribal on the doorway. Just jump. Enter the red key door at the end. Quickly 
drop down and assassinate the ninja drone before he assassinates the last three 
of your tribals. 

        |            SECTION 10A: RITH ESSA: BLUFF            |
        |         REQUIREMENTS: B-KEY      TRIBALS: 8         |
        |                       |RITH 1|                      |

Enter the blue key door in the second room. Turn left at the fork. The first 
two tribals are on the right as you enter the room. Kill everyone and enter the 
life-force door. Enter the next life-force door when possible. Turn left and 
rescue two tribals in the boxes. Follow the path to the door to reach a high 
ledge with two tribals. Drop down and head left. Eventually you'll get to an 
area with three stag drones right next to each other. Run between the rightmost 
two to get the last two tribals.

        |         SECTION 10B: RITH ESSA: ASCENT              |
        |          REQUIREMENTS: B-KEY      TRIBALS: 6        |
        |                       |RITH 2|                      |
The first tribal is on the path to the left. You can see it when you start. The 
second tribal is a little further up the path on the right. After you pass the 
large outside area with the platforms, the last four tribals are in the next 
room. Three are right in front of you and the last one is a little higher, on 
the path.
        |         SECTION 10C: RITH ESSA: INTERIOR            |
        |           REQUIREMENTS: NONE      TRIBALS: 4        |
        |                       |RITH 3|                      |
You can catch a glimpse of the first tribal on the right of the screen. It is 
sitting on a platform. The second one is in an alcove on the left underneath 
some Five-Unit-Gemini. The third is on a platform on the left next to some 
Mizar tokens after the first group of flying drones. The last tribal is on the 
path, after the bridge.
        |            SECTION 10D: RITH ESSA: MINE             |
        |      REQUIREMENTS: VELA, JETPACK    TRIBALS: 15     |
        |                       |RITH 4|                      |
In the first large room, there are four tribals: one on the left, two in the 
far right, and one near right. Follow the path where you will find a drop off. 
There are two down here. After riding the elevator (shoot the switch behind the 
boxes), to the left behind a pillar is another tribal. There are two paths up 
here, take the one on the left. At the bridge, rescue the two tribals you see. 
Cross the next bridge and there is a tribal behind the pole to your right. 
Follow the path past the transformation pad and nab the two tribals here. Keep 
following and grab a tribal right after the stairs. If you take the left path, 
it leads right back to where there were the two paths, so go straight instead. 
Shoot the switch. Enter the door at water level and use the jetpack pad to fly 
up the elevator shaft to the third floor (you came from the second). Grab the 
two tribals on the lower part of this floor. Drop back down after getting these 
two and pass the jetpack pad on the path. Right at the elevator, the last 
tribal is to the left.

        |            SECTION 11A: ESCHEBONE: THORAX           |
        |      REQUIREMENTS: VELA, JETPACK   TRIBALS: 12      |
        |                       |ESCH 1|                      |

Head right, going outside from the first room by going into the white light. 
Bust open the door and fuel up. Fly to the top and enter the hole on the bottom 
right. Tribal one. Again do the same thing but enter the top left hole. Tribal 
two. Now advance to the next room. Enter the life-force door in the large room. 
In the room with the four teeth-like objects protruding from the wall, two 
tribals wait near the far left "tooth". Jump into the water when you come to it 
and enter the cave. Head left at the fork then grab the two tribals and head 
back, going straight. Keep following toe path past some more teeth and into the 
water. Eventually you'll come to another fork. Head left again and find two 
tribals in the middle of the red things (hearts I guess?). head straight in the 
water again and find more of the hearts and a path. In this next room, there 
are two tribals to the right. Backtrack all the way to where you first entered 
the water and climb the steps. Where the flying drones are, hop down to the 
right and find the last two tribals behind the wall.
        |            SECTION 11B: ESCHEBONE: APROACH          |
        |          REQUIREMENTS: NONE       TRIBALS: 6        |
        |                       |ESCH 2|                      |

Enter the door. There is a tribal to the left of your position and one across 
the lava pits next to the door. In the next room. There is one on a platform on 
the right, and one on the left. In the next room, two reside on a platform on 
the right.

        |            SECTION 11C: ESCHEBONE: CORTEX           |
        |          REQUIREMENTS: JETPACK    TRIBALS: 5        |
        |                       |ESCH 3|                      |

Head to the right at the first fork, blast the glass to get to the first 
tribal. Be careful not to blast him too. The second is at the end of this path. 
Get the third tribal right at the second fork and head left. Two more tribals 
wait along the path. 

        |           SECTION 12A: MIZAR'S PALACE: LOBBY        |
        |          REQUIREMENTS: JUNO       TRIBALS: 14       |
        |                       |MIZA 1|                      |

Run all the way to the end and enter the door on the left. Two tribals are to 
the left of the entrance. Go back and head through the other door. Enter the 
door at the top and get tree tribals in this room. Now go back tot he main 
lobby with the torches in it. Jump into the second torch on the right, and drop 
down to the basement area. Keep heading right until you get to a room with 
three tribals in it. Leave this room head right when you can. This room has two 
tribals in it. Now go past the entrance to this area and then take a left at 
the fork. In the room with the four golden drones, there are two tribals to the 
right. Exit and head left, up the ramp into the door. Cross the lava and just 
before the door, turn left to get the last two tribals.

        |           SECTION 12B: MIZAR'S PALACE: FLUME        |
        |          REQUIREMENTS: VELA       TRIBALS: 6        |
        |                       |MIZA 2|                      |

Once you make it out of the underwater part, head to the right of the door to 
find four tribals. In the next room the two tribals are on a ledge to the left.

        |           SECTION 12C: MIZAR'S PALACE: CHASM        |
        |         REQUIREMENTS: LUPUS       TRIBALS: 10       |
        |                       |MIZA 3|                      |

There are two tribals to the left of the door at the start. Had to the right at 
the fork in the night vision part. Go left when you can to find a room with a 
small hole in the wall where four tribals rest. Once outside, head behind you 
to find a tribal out on a far ledge. You know what to do. As you fly back 
across the platform to the platform with the water on it, make sure you get the 
tribal In the waterfall. Climb up to the top and get last two tribals at the 
far right near the door.

        |         SECTION 13: WATER RUIN: LOST ISLAND         |
        |         REQUIREMENTS: LUPUS       TRIBALS: 8        |
        |                       |RUIN 1|                      |

From the start head right and jump into the water. Continue going right around 
the landing pad and you'll find the first tribal. Go back around to the front 
and follow the path you can see under the water. Get the tribal you see on the 
rock. Head up the stairs and past the door to the back of the building. There 
is a tribal behind a slab of rock near the weapon box. Head to the edge of the 
building and hop on a rock slab. High jump and boost on top of the wall. See 
those two tribals? Carefully drive up the wall edge and grab them. Continue on 
the wall to get a tribal by the doorway. Head back to where you first climbed 
on the wall. See that high ledge that kind of looks like an upside-down foot. 
Jump on that to get another tribal. Head towards the doorway and look out over 
the ocean. There is a tower sticking out that looks like something you might 
put in a fish tank. The last tribal is on there.
        |         REQUIREMENTS: JETPACK     TRIBALS: 12       |
        |                       |SPAC 1|                      |

From the start, head through the door. Drop down to the floor below and get the 
first tribal. Follow the path for number two. Turn right and head down the 
hall. Turn right and descend in the next room. Get the two tribals here and go 
down the hallway on the right. Turn right at the fork and enter the door on the 
left. Nab two tribals in here. Head back to the right and right again to the 
elevator platform. Ride it up and then head left.  Take a right and get on the 
elevator at the end. At the top turn right to get a tribal and then use the 
jetpack pad on the left to get across the gap. Head straight down the hall and 
turn left when you can. A tribal will be on the right in the next room. Head 
back and to the left and enter the door. Cross the platform and ride the 
elevator. Back at your ship, it's the tricky part. Inch to the edge. Carefully 
drop down. Turn to the right and go through the hole. There's a tribal in here. 
Jump on the box and climb into the hole in the ceiling. Do the same thing on 
this floor. The next tribal is in the back corner. Head through the hole in the 
wall next to the hole in the floor. The next tribal in on the right of the door 
in the room with the weapon box. Drop through the floor to get the last tribal.
        |          SECTION 15: GEM QUARRY: LANDING            |
        |         REQUIREMENTS: NONE        TRIBALS: 5        |
        |                       |GEM  1|                      |

Right in front of you are the first two tribals. Continue down the path (ignore 
the huts) and get the last three. Wow, that was easy.

        |             SECTION 16: WALKWAY: PEAK               |
        |     REQUIREMENTS: JUNO, JETPACK   TRIBALS: 6        |
        |                       |WALK 1|                      |
At the end of the path, you will reach a building. Use the jetpack pad on the 
left side to fly up to the lower platform of the building where the first 
tribal resides. Atop the pillar where the totem pole is, there is a little 
walkway behind it. Drop down to get tribal number two. At the jetpack pad, move 
to the edge and look down. Jump down here for tribal three. On the right side 
of the building is the same thing. Look down where the edge meets the building. 
Get tribals number four and fly back up. Now enter the building. Enter the 
hatch on the floor. About halfway through this tunnel are the last two tribals. 
Make sure not to kill them while exterminating the shield drones.

        |                  SECTION 17: FAQ                    |
        |                       | FAQ  |                      |


        |                 SECTION 18: LEGAL JUNK              |
        |                       |LEGAL |                      |

As of right now, this guide can only appear on GameFAQs. If any webmasters 
would like to make a like to the page this guide is on, they can, but they MAY 
NOT post it directly on their site. GameFAQs will not let you link directly to 
any of their guides for legal reasons. Eventually this will be posted on my 
website (currently in the making) so you can link to that if you want to.

This guide is c. 2004 Kris Bachiochi.
All rights reserved.

        |          SECTION 19: CLOSING/SPECIAL THANKS         |
        |                       |THANKS|                      |

Special Thanks:

Nintendo- For making the N64 and the great console that it was, and still is.

Rare- For making many great games. The top of that list being JFG.

GameFAQs- For being one of the greatest FAQ/walkthrough sites on the web.

Chris Bowman(asassin_99@hotmail.com)- For pointing out that I missed a console 
in the SS Anubis: Hold level (#1).

Me- For putting the time into writing this.

You- For reading this guide.

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