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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DLagasse

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Welcome to the walkthrough for
    Version 1.0, By Dane Lagasse
    Table of Contents
       1. How to contact me
       2. Game controls
       3. Starting a new game
       4. Catching the big bass!
       5. Q & A
       6. Game Cheats
       7. Credits
       E-mail: dlagasse@canoemail.com
       ** Fishing Controls
                 Control Stick: Set casting power/move rod
                 A Button: Cast/Fast reel
                 B Button: Slow reel
                 Z Button: Power set
                 Start Button: Pause game
                 R Button: Menu icons
                 L Button: Reel, one turn per press
                 C Up: Overhand cast
                 C Down: Skip cast
                 C Right: Side arm cast
                 Control Pad: Trolling motor
       ** Boat Controls
                 Control Stick: Steer
                 A Button: Move boat forward
                 B Button: Reverse
                 Z Button: Cut throttle
                 Start Button: Pause game
                 R Button: Menu icons
                 C Up: First-person camera view
                 C Down: Third-person camera view
    (Note: Third-person view is default)
       ** Main Menu
                 Compete in pre-planned tournaments. Difficulty progressively increases.
                 You can view weather, rules, and water conditions before each tournament.
                 The more tournies you win, the more purchase points you'll receive, which you
                 should use to purchase better equipment.
                 FISH FOR FUN:
                 Select "Fish For Fun" if all you want to do is practice. Set the difficulty and fish
                 in any available lake.
       ** Finding a good spot on the lake
                 How good you do depends on where you fish. Read the tips at the beginning of each
                 tournament to see where you should be fishing. Key places are under docks, in weeds,
                 under bridges, and under falling trees.
       ** Casting
                 Once you get the Ranger Bass boat, it will be a simple matter of driving up to the fish
                 and casting with 9% power. However, if you still have the ol' clunky boat, you'll have to
                 cast from further away. Practice in "Fish For Fun" mode before you enter the major tournies.
                 Pull back on the control stick to raise the power percentage for your cast.
       ** Reeling
                 Once you work your way up to the lakes with the big bass, the fish will begin to put up a fight.
                 the best thing to do if you're a beginner is to try one of the cheats, which are specified in the
                 next section. If you're against cheating, try to get enough money to buy as many lures as you
                 can. Use rattlers to lure stubborn bass out from under docks and out from deep grass. Or use
                 use the "Super Lure" for just about any time at all (Enter your cheat as SUPERLURE). Jerk your
                 lure with the control stick to make the fish look like dying prey.
                 A lot of times the fish will get away, so it helps to get the Ranger Bass boat and be able to 
                 drive right up to the bass. Even then, the big fish can get over 100 feet away from the boat. Be
       ** Make sure it's bass
                 There are other fish in the lakes besides bass. The catfish are the long ones with dark colors on
                 top and white on the bottom. There are others also. Learn to recognize bass, and if the fish on
                 the end of your line isn't one, press R to let it go and save you some precious bass-fishing time.
    5. Q & A
       Q: The other fish keep on biting the lure. How can I get the bass?
       A: Try adjusting your cast so you land closer to the bass before the other fish can get there.
           Another strategy would be to try a different approach with your boat.
       Q: What do the penalties mean?
       A: You will get penalties if you cast on land, switch lakes, or pull away from a fish using R
           after you have it hooked. Be careful not do to any of these when your time is almost up.
       Q: What difference do the weather and water conditions make?
       A: The fish will hide under objects in warm water to find shade. In summer, the bass are 
           hungry and are more likely to bite. Try different strategies in different seasons and
           water conditions.
       ** All codes are entered on the cheat menu in the options screen
                 WHATADRAG - Slow Boat 
                 HYPERBOAT - Super Fast Boat 
                 BAGDSNAGS - No snags while fishing 
                 NOPENALTY - No penalties in tournament mode 
                 MONDOFISH - Huge Fish 
                 ALLDLAKES - All Lakes 
                 ALLDCASH - Lots of cash 
                 SUPERLURE - Easier to catch fish 
                 IWINIWIN - Automatically win tounaments 
                 FISHMAN - Lots of fish on fish finder 
                 SUPERSTRING - Unbreakable string 
                 HAPPYFISH - Makes fish more active 
                 GIMMEDFISH - Fills livewell with large fish 
                 RUBADUBDUB - Turns boat into a bathtub 
                 HEADADBIGA - Big headed fisherman            
    7. CREDITS	
       ** Special thanks
                 Thanks to Nintendo Power for most of the information, and Digital Edge N64 Cheats for 
                 the cheats. Visit their websites:
                 Remember, visit www.gamefaqs.com for all your FAQs!
    This FAQ is Copyright 1999 Dane Lagasse. Ask for permission before using this FAQ
    on any other website other than GameFAQs. 
    Thanks, and happy bass-hunting!
    Dane Lagasse

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