Review by JamesBJames

Reviewed: 11/16/03

It's not bad, but it's not that good either

As said by the title, this isn't a good game OR a bad game. I'd say this one is somewhere in between there. In this game, you control a wrecking ball trying to get to the top of the level by racing against other wrecking balls. Here are some reasons you might want to look over before buying or renting this game.

Graphics: 7/10: The characters you play with are designed well, and the courses are too. You may ask me why I only gave graphics 7 out of 10 then. I'll tell you why, the same graphics are used over and over again! Some people may not care about this, but some people will.

Sound: 4/10: So, the sound isn't as good as the graphics as you can see. Even though some of the tracks are good, there are very few music selections to pick from. Like the graphics, the music WILL get repetitive.

Control: 15/20: The control isn't half bad! There's a tutorial to help you with the controls, and the controls are very easy to learn and to memorize. The controls consist of moving, attacking, and using items. While the controls are good, the next thing I talk about isn't.

Gameplay: 13/30: Usually with a puzzle game there are different puzzles to play. The puzzles are basically all the same with just a bit of challenge added to this. This game is like a puzzle game in that way. And no, this isn't a puzzle game, it's an action game. What I'm trying to say is that the levels have a bit of challenge added into them on each level.

Challenge: 6/15: Half-half here. It's like this, get ahead of the computers and you'll probably win. But if you get behind the computers, you'll STILL most likely win. Why? The computers are horrible at getting to a platform. If it's a moving one, they'll wait forever, giving you a huge advantage.

Replay: 5/15: Not much replay value here. You can go and get first place on all the levels, which will unlock more stuff. You could do the battle arena too...but that's it.

So let's take a look,
Overall: 50/100. 50% out of 100%

Iggy's Wreckin' balls may be fun for a little while, but will soon become boring. I suggest you rent this game for a week or so and do the stuff on it.

Rating: 5

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