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Reviewed: 11/22/02 | Updated: 11/22/02

The most under-rated N64 game ever...

Iggy's Recking Balls is a game by Acclaim that is unique in many ways. Actually, no other Nintendo 64 game is even near to the this game's style. I always love a new challenge. But, will everyone like this type of game. It sort of only implies to a certain audience. I can immediately tell any RPG fans to stay away from this game. Although this is a racing game, racing gamers may not like it. Especially fans of any automobile games. All his stuff is a little obvious, but I just want to give you an idea of this game's audience for newbies and collectors. So, please consider this review before you even rent this game. Please note that Iggy's Reckin' Balls will now be referred to as IRB.

Graphics-7/10- IRB provides no spectacles using graphics. They are mediocre, but fit the game's style. Also, the main focus should not be on the graphics. The complex puzzles are enough to look at. While your thinking of your next move, the last thing you are thinking about are the graphics. All I'm saying is that the graphics are not a key factor in this game, but they are made with enough detail so that you can forget about them and think about the obstacles ahead of you. The characters look passable in color, sharpness, and their spherical shape. The puzzles look original in pattern and shape. The puzzles are towers you must climb upward, so different heights have different looks. The backgrounds are nothing. They are pointless to look at. But, this is a good thing because your focus is on the tasks you are encountering rather than the setting you're in. I believe the majority of gamers will agree that the graphics are nothing to stare in disbelief at, but help keep your focus on the mind-boggling obstacles you must endure.

Sound-7/10- IRB 's sound is also mediocre. The game provides wails of pain, disbelief, anger, and pleasure from the characters. The other sounds are the banging and crashing of your opponents being attacked by other players. There is no tunes or music worth listening to. But, the accuracy of the sound is not too bad. When you are approaching an opponent being attacked by another opponent, the sounds of pain come accurately from speaker to speaker. What I mean is that the sounds appropriate in their distance and volume. The accuracy saves this game from being a nuisance to the ear. So, the sounds themselves are mediocre, but the accuracy of distance and volume are almost dead on.

Play Time-9/10- IRB 's play time may be a little too much for some gamers. There are one-hundred towers to climb. They are separated into categories of ten worlds each with ten towers. With the complexity of the more advanced towers, you may want to give up on this game after the addiction goes away. But, to me there is no such thing as too much play time. The more there are, the more new and interesting obstacles there are to discover and conquer. This game will last you anywhere from two months to a full year depending on the experience you have with puzzle and racing games. There are not many other things to complete, besides the option to master multiplayer. I believe that their focus was to keep you addicted to the main part of the game. They did a very good job addicting me. So, the Play Time will last long enough for you to brag about. IRB is addictive enough to keep convincing you to just test the water in the next world. Then, the addiction sucks you in. In simpler words, the Play Time is worth all your effort.

Replayability-8/10- IRB is fun once, twice, and maybe even three times. Just because you completed all the puzzles doesn't mean doing them again isn't fun. You can't remember all you did in the puzzles either. There is too much of an addictive variety to remember it all. Your satisfaction will not be fully fulfilled because you never know what your opponents will do the next time around or what place you will finish in. The only way to master this game is to play it over many times. Grappling accuracy and speed are two things that will take a long time to master. The unlockable players will make you want to play various times too. IRB addicts you from the beginning. That addiction changes into commitment. Once your committed to this game, your hands are glued to the controller. Replaying this game is involuntary. You replay it without even thinking about it because it is so fun! So, replaying this game is not only fun, but you do it without even thinking.

Gameplay-9/10- IRB's gameplay is very unique. I love it! You can grapple, or grab things with you chain, walls as well as opponents. You must learn to grapple quickly, smoothly, and sometimes with stealth. The player's speed varies because each character is different in a way. Items make this game appealing too because they can give you a sudden advantage at any time, and it's just plain funny to see your opponents suffer. Such items such as the helicopter can carry you all the way up the tower in times of falling behind the players too far. Others baffle your players senses and cause them to lose control of their actions. The great thing about this game is that no matter how far behind your opponents you are, you can still win if you try and receive the items you need. Also, the towers have so many different obstacles. The variety adds to the addiction. As the levels get harder, so does your concentration and, unfortunately, frustration. This game can often be frustrating. Very frustrating. But, don't let this distract you from how entertaining this game really is. The controls of IRB are responsive which is great because you will be grappling on objects for a huge part of the games. The camera follows you smoothly, and there are few objects that are able to get in the way of the camera. So, gameplay is unique and addictive. That's all you need for a good video game.

So, IRB is one of the more unique games out there. But, don't overlook how great this game is. You will be confused at first, but you will get used to it. You will get addicted. You should buy this game and at it to your collection. Plain and simple, this game is great!

Rating: 8

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