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FAQ by marshmallow

***Iggy's Reckin' Balls - The FAQ***
Author: marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com)

Finally, a game that is as perverted as me! ;) Not much of an 
introduction, but hey, who cares (Except maybe you...)?

1) Story
2) GamePlay Mechanics
3) Characters (Incomplete)
4) Items (Incomplete)
5) Courses (Incomplete)
6) Secrets (Incomplete...I think)
7) Credits
8) Legal Stuff
9) Farewell/Final Notes

1) Story

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...Wait, not really. In the 
Kingdom of Balls there are several large towers that were bult by an 
ancient, intelligent civilization of balls. The old balls are gone, but 
the towers remain. Iggy and his friends want to blow them away, for some 
reason. The only problem is that they argue about who should do it. They 
decide that they'll have a race to the top of each tower. Whoever wins 
the race gets to push the large, red button at the top that will make 
the tower go "Bye Bye." And then, we're off...

2) GamePlay Mechanics

I'm taking all of this stuff DIRECTLY from the training mode, so it's 
accurate :)

___Start of quotes from game___

Let's begin training! You can jump using the button below (A). Try a 
jump now...

Grappling is important: Use the button shown below to grapple now 
(B)!...Great! Let's move on...

Push up and grapple at the same time to go up this platform! 

You can drop through platforms! Push down and jump at the same time. OK, 
come back up! What's over here?...

This platform is high up, you'll need to jump and grapple at the same 
time! Give it a try...

Hang downwars from a platform. Use down and grapple together!...You've 
got it! Now pull yourself back up and we'll continue.

Head left to the end of the next platform. Get ready to jump!...OK...

You'll need to take a running jump to get onto this next platform! Let's 
move on...

The drop swing: This move can be tricky! You need to grapple hang...pull 
down and grapple now! Swing left and right until uou fly up. Get ready 
to grab the platform!...Well done! 

This object here is a plunger! Jump on it to blast upward! Try it and 

Cool! Now use what you've learned to climb this tower.

This tower is a littler harder...keep climbing! 

Great work, and now for something FUN! This archway marks the start of a 
roll section. Walk through it and see what happens!

Here you'll learn about flapping. At the gap, jump and hold the jump 
botton. Flap across the gap and get ready to grapple!...Well done, now 
jump into the warp!

Now we'll look at slime! Slime slows you down. Walk through it and see!

The next part is icy! Ice is very slippery! See for yourself!

The track above you is amoured (My note: It's made of steel). You can't 
grapple it! Try it and see what happens! 

Going up...

You can't drop through armoured tracks! Try it and see!...Let's go look 
at something NEW!

This section is quite long. It would be nice if could go much more 
quickly along it...Well you can! Press the use powerup botton to 
activate your rollburst!

The object to your left is a chance warp. You want to jump into it only 
when theyt arrow points upwards. If you miss, just try again (My note: 
Although you'll have to run back to it, it'll make you go back to a 
previous section).

Almost done!

Here is another player. They are trying to beat you in the race to the 
top! Here's how to stop them...

Attack 1 - Basic Slam
To slam a player, fire your grapple into them. Try it now!

Great, try it again!...Let's try another attack...

Attack 2 - Multi Slam
Fire your grapple into th enemy and wiggle the control stick left and 
right. Try it on this player now! It takes practice!

Attack 3 - 360 Spin
Fire your grapple into the enemy, push up and begin a circular motion on 
the control stick (My note: Actually, you only have to hold up). This 
move is tricky, keep practicing!

A fun way to slow a player down is to jump on top of them! Try it and 
see what happens! You sure showed them! You can use these tactics on 
some enemies, too! 

Defensive Tactics 1 - Dangle
Dangle to avoid enemies or projectiles. Press down and grapple now! Come 
back up!

Defesnive Tactics 2 - Duck
Duck to avoid enemies or projectiles. Press down on the control 
stick!...You've got it! Now you can avoid enemy attacks and projectiles!

...Head on over to the left.

Finally, here's another device. If you walk up to the arrows and wait, 
Evan will pick you up!

You've completed your training! 

__End of quotes__

The best attack is the 360 spin because it actually throws the player 
OFF the track and it will take a while for him/her to get back (Evan is 
kinda slow and will wait awhile). 

The best defesnive move is the duck because it's so easy to pull off! 

The default controls are the best to use, in my opinion, because it's 
easy to do everything. Something that the training didn't teach you: 
Press "R" and you will grapple and jump at the same time. Although I 
still press jump (It's almost invuluntary, I've been playing games that 
long), but it's useful when going up long stacks of platforms (Which is 
almost all of the time). 

The rollbooster is quite simple: Press "Z" and you can rocket forward 
way beyond your top speed for several seconds. You can only do this as 
long as your Turbo Meter has some colored nothces on it. Once it's 
empty, it's EMPTY! You can only refill it by: Pressing jump over and 
over again when in roll mode (boosters) and it gets refilled 
automatically when you start a new lap. 

Use your rollbooster when there's some balls/enemies in front of you, 
they'll be knocked out!

A final tip, but only because it's so common: Stacks of platforms, but 
the entire section is steel EXCEPT one little part (or only a few 
sections) and you'll have to hurry to the other side. Use those boosts! 
When you grapple and it's still in action, and when you get to the next 
platform, you'll get an extra little boost. It's hard to explain, but if 
you've played it you'll know what I mean. 

3) Characters

~First Balls~

You have eight balls to choose from the get go, by doing certain things 
you have can get nine secret balls. 

Description: A green ball with big blue eyes and spikes on his "back." 
Iggy is the main character in the game. He's a happy go lucky guy, and 
sounds like a Californian punk.
CPU: Not very good, he just races. Rarely attacks.

Being hit: "Oh, bogus!"
Winning race: "Victory for the bug kahuma!"
Attacking: "Later, dude!"

Description: A pink ball, big green eyes, and blond ponytails. 
Could this be Iggy's girl? 
CPU: Average.

Being Hit: "Owah!"
Winning Race: "Oh, hehe, me win!"
Attacking: "Mwhee!"

Description: A big set of teeth, with an orange body. He uses his sticky 
tongue as his grappling hook.
CPU: Very agresive, he'll come right up behind you and throw you off the 
tower. When you come back, he'll track you down at his own convienance.

All he ever says is *Sound of teeth hitting each other*

Description: A large green ball with pink lips, heavy eye shadow and big 
eyelashes. She talks like a black lady.
CPU: This is one of the toughest players out there. She'll grapple 
anything in her path and wizz right by you.

Being Hit: "Outta my way, geek!"
Winning Race: "Not in my house, baba'!"
Attacking: "Uh huh!!!"

Description: A glowing jack-o-latern with a voice like Darth Vader, save 
the heavy breathing. A vine whips out of his top when he grapples.
CPU: Rarely uses his vine, but finds A LOT of others ways to slow you 
down. He loves to use projectile items.

Being Hit: "Argh!!"
Winning Race "Victory is MINE!"
Attacking: "Muhahaha...!"

Description: A blue ball with shining white teeth and a clown nose. He's 
a hood, I guess, because that's what he sounds like.
CPU: This guy always seems to be dropping bombs, somehow. He likes to 
surprise you with his golden grapple. 

Being Hit: "Whoa!!"
Winning Race: "I am number ONE!"
Attacking: "Bull's eye!"

Description: A floating sun, he has an AWESOME (!) particle effect 
around him at all times. He sounds like a New York taxi cab driver. Did 
ya know that David D. (can't spell it), the producer (I think, maybe it 
was Director) of Turok 1/2 did this guy's voice? But...no offense to 
you! :)
CPU: Pretty good, almost as agresive as Amanda. 

Being Hit: "Hey, watch it!"
Winning Race: "Oh, I'm HOT!!"
Attacking: "Hot, hot, hot!"

Description: A highly detailed robot with ateanna, flashing lights, and 
cords coming out of him. His voice sounds like a monkey laughing!
CPU: He doesn't attack, he just WINS! I don't know how he does it, but 
if he's not watched carefully he will somehow get a few sections ahead 
of you! And I know he's not cheating!...I think...

Being Hit: "Not in my house, baba'!" (My note: He says it real fast, so 
it sounds like gibberish, but sometimes he'll say it better. And it 
can't be Amanda, she wasn't there!

Winning Race: *Monkey Sounds*
Attacking: *Really fast Monkey sounds*

~Secret Balls~

There are nine secret balls in total. As you can see, these are not all 
of them. Don't Email me about them, I want to be surprised when I get 

King Jr. 
Description: A really bad Elvis impersonator, with an even worse 
CPU: Pretty good, actually. Likes to grapple people. 

Being Hit: "No way!"
Winning Race: "I'm the KING, baby!"
Attacking: "Uh huh...!

Description: A giant eye ball with veins and an orangish brown iris. 
Talks like a toddler, but it fits his appearance. 
CPU: Kinda wimpy...just don't piss 'em off. 

Being Hit: "No!!!"
Winning Race: "I am a true visionary!"
Attacking: "Yay!!"

Description: You know those aliens with big, black eyes called Greys? 
Imagine them in an AWESOME looking ball with cool affects on the eyes 
with reflections and marks on the body...except it's purple.
CPU: Not so good, not so bad. Average...!

All he ever says is *Messed up alien noises*
Longest when he wins.

Description: Have you ever seen those little plush Skulls from 
Goosebumps? No? Well, he looks like one :) Just a skull with red, 
glowing eyes. He sounds EXACTLY like the Cyrpt Keeper...in fact, it 
sounds like they recorded it!
CPU: Fear him, run from him...AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS!

Being Hit: "Oh, perfect!"
Winning Race: "No one can defeat me!"
Attacking: "Mwahahahhahahha..."

Description: A snowball with shades and a long carrot nose. He sounds a 
little bit too much like Chef from South Park...
CPU: Average, likes to use items.

Being Hit: "Oh, thankyou!"
Winning Race: "I am the mayor of coolsville!!"
Attacking: "Oh yeah!"


Yellow Block
Description: A yellow block...
CPU: When you get near, it'll rush forward with a blazing "Meeeeeow!" 
and try to knock you out. Trust me, they're pyschotic. They can not be 

Red Brick
Description: A red square that jumps around.
CPU: Running into this will stun you for seveal seconds, and getting 
stomped by it is even worse! Try to grapple it. 

Description: Red creatures with spines on their back
CPU: Just in your way. 

Description: Normally it's just a pile of goo, but when you get close it 
changes into a slug with one eye. 
CPU: It fires projectiles at you...DUCK!


Evan the Dragonfly (s?)
Description: A dragonfly

This is what Lakitu is to Mario Kart, except each charcter has his/her 
own "Evan." . If you go off course, he'll bring you back to safety. He's 
also the announcer at the beginning. His voice is just as super deformed 
as his appearance, which is a good thing since it's hilarious (the 
voice, I mean). 


Start of Race: "3...2...1...Goooo!"
Picking you up: "Come onnnnn!"
Dropping you off: "Bub byeeee!"
On Last Lap: "Last Laaappp!"

4) Items

~Pick Ups~

You can get these by touching the star fish that are trapped in 
bubbles...god, this game is strange/original! :)

3 Bombs: Set a bomb down and it will stay there until someone hits it. 
When someone does, it'll blow them backwards and usually make them fall 
down a few sections. Avoid at ALL counts.

Ice Bomb: This will make everyone be incased in ice, which will slow 
them down considerably. If this is done to you, boost and it will break 
the ice. 

3 Blue Energy Balls: They'll circle around sections, occasionally 
jumping around, until someone hits them. When someone IS hit, they're 
knocked out for a few seconds. 

Yellow Energy Ball: Tracks down the nearest player, never misses unless 
the other person is in the middle of being transported by Evan or 
warping to another section. When it hits they are shrinked and move 

Red Energy Ball: This baby tracks down the nearest player, when it hits 
that ball will go FLYING backwards. It really screws them up.

Reverse Controls: 'Nuff said. That person turns red and their screen 
flashes red, too.

Star: Talk about blatantly copying something...guess what this does? It 
makes you invincible!!! You go faster, plus you can grapple through 
steel platforms. Very useful. 

Let's Play Catch Up: You only get this when you're WAY behind, it makes 
you fly to another section.  

T: Refills your turbo meter.


These are found on the tracks...

Plungers: In an impressive show, these will "bounce" you to another 

Warp: Same as Plungers, except it's just a few little sparkles and 
"POOF!" There you are!

Roll Zones: Have you ever played a Sonic game? If you have, you 
probabaly remeber those loop-da-loops that make you go really fast. Same 
as that, except not all of them have loops, they speed you up...BIG 
TIME. Press jump a lot and your Turbo meter will slowly fill up.

Zippers: Just normal platforms with arrows on them. You'll slowly build 
up speed, so the longer the section the faster you'll go. When it ends 
you'll still retain some momentum, but you'll slowly lose it. 

Air Fans: You can't just hop on these, you'll have to take a running 
jump and then stay in the same place. They make you go straight up.

Conveyor Belts: Do I really have to explain this? Didn't think so.

Wall Fans: They push you around, pain in the...

Goo: They only cover a few sections. They slow you down...A LOT! Hop 
over it.

Ice: Slippery, almost like a Zipper.

Raising Platforms: Just like normal ones, except they go up and down.

Chance Warps: If you go in when the arrow points up, you'll go on. If 
you get in when the arrow points down, you'll go backwards.

Steel Platforms: They can not be grappled (Unless you're invincible).

Spring: Makes you go super fast!

Some may be missing.

5) Courses

There are 110 levels, split into 11 towers with 10 levels each. Each 
level has it own unique landmarks and personality...imagine, all of this 
on a 4MB cart! Talk about compression!! :)

For difficult I rate it in stars. 1 being simple and 5 being nearly 

=== Tower One: Easy Street ===
- Course 1: Grapple Up -
Two Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: A track that leads to a plunger which then warps you to the 
finishing line. Simple!

Suggested Turbos: All the time!

- Course 2: Mind the Gap -
Two Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: A straightaway with a few hills and sections to come over, which 
leads to a plunger. This goes to another section, a few grapples and 
your at the black and white!

Suggested Turbos: All the time!

- Course 3: Loop da Loop -
Two Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: A straightaway with a few sections, a warp that leads to a 
boostzone, and then a spiral part. That's it.

Suggested Turbos: When you start out, that's twice. Save the last two 
for the spiral section. 

- Course 4: Jump@End.com -
2 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: A curving part which leads to a spiral, some of the parts are 
amored. When I say an "amored spiral" that means that there is only a 
few places to grapple. At the top is the end.

Suggested Turbos: When you start out, and in the amored spiral.

- Course 5: Jump up, up, up... -
2 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: First there's a jump, so don't turbo. Then an amored spiral, it 
twirls around, so I call it a "twirling amored spiral." A few sections 
and then it's the end. 

Suggested Turbos: At the beginning, but immediately jump to avoid the 
gap. Then just whenever.

- Course 6: Follow the Path -
3 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: An amored spiral, then a zipper that zips you to a platform. Get 
on the triwling section and then there's the finish line!

Suggested Turbos: At the start, to clear the spiral. Then right before 
the zipper, you'll go FAST. That's all you need, really.

- Course 7: Movin' on up! -
3 Laps
Diffiulcty: * *

Layout: A twirling spiral, coupled with broken parts. At the top you'll 
find a long path that leads to a dead-end, or does it? Part of the floor 
will rise to another path, which leads to a twirling spiral. At the top 
of that is a finish line. Make sure to make it to all of the floors in 
time or the other guys will cream ya! :)

Suggested Turbos: Right away, to clear the the first spiral. Then RIGHT 
away to make it to the rising floor...if it goes up before you make it, 
wait on the other side so others don't come and grapple you. Also when 
you make it to the upper section after the rising floor.

- Course 8: Ride the Roller -
3 Laps
Diffulty: * *

Layout: Welcome to the first level with items! First there is an amored 
spiral, at the top are some warps that lead to a Loooong rollzone. Then 
there's a small amored spiral, and a few platforms to finish it off.

Suggested Turbos: Right at the start, to clear the amored spiral. 
Anywhere else if fine. Don't forget, you can refill it in the rollzone 
by pressing jump quickly!

- Course 9: Tricky Grapplin' -
3 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: Some little platforms, some that twirl, must be overcome before 
reaching another similar section. At the top is a rather short rollzone, 
at the end waits the finish line. No biggie, right?

Suggested Turbos: Doesn't matter...I always use them to clear the 

- Final Course: Baby Enchilada -
1 Lap
Difficulty: * * *

Layout: A amored spiral leads to a a strangely set up zipper, which 
bursts you into another amored spiral. At the top is a plunger. Here you 
must go up the twirling amored spiral, with a few gaps, it can be 
confusing. At the top is a chance warp...it goes to a rollzone, recharge 
your turbos if you want, but at the end are a few platforms and then the 

Suggested Turbos: At the start, to get to the zipper. Use it in the 
twirling spirals, and at the middle where there is only one side to go, 
which is on the OPPOSITE end. 

=== Tower 2: Downtown ===

- Course 1: I'm Saying "Eleven!" -
3 Laps
Difficulty: *  

Layout: A large, normal spiral goes to a long path with an amored spiral 
at the end. Then there's a zipper, but be sure to jump before you run 
into the slime. Then it's another amored spiral. That's it!

Suggested Turbos: Use them sparingly in the spirals, before the zipper 
to the goo, and the long path after the first spiral. 

- Course 2: Tube Ride -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: A long path leads to a plunger, but it is fraught with puddles 
of goo, so jump to avoid it! A long armored spiral is at the top, but be 
careful of the all the items spinning everywhere by now. A long path 
greets you at the top, at the end is an "Evan Caller." Hop on the 
plunger he takes you to, and then rush forward and jump over the fan so 
it propels you up. At the top is another plunger, Go up the twirling 
spiral and it's over!

Suggested Turbos: Use two in the first spiral, and the one on the long 
path to the "Evan Caller." The last one is up to you...

- Course 3: Nice Action -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: Run to the fan that's in front of you, it will cause you to go 
up and land in a warp. Quickly run to the 2nd fan, it will transport you 
up to a long and tedious spiral. A zipper will carry you to another 
spiral, then a wall fan to another. Then there's another zipper that 
puts you under the finish line. 

Suggested Turbos: Use one to get to the 2nd fan. And to the long path to 
the 2nd spiral. Then on the way to the 3rd...and finally on the last 
zipper, since it's nice and long and will give you some room to reach 
top TOP speed.

- Course 4: Cooky Jar -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: It's just a series of long, amored spirals until you get to the 
end! Each one has a plunger at the top to transport you to the next one. 
Some twirl, as well.

Suggested Turbos: After the warp at the start. Use them spraingly until 
you get to the last amored spiral, it's long.  

- Course 5: Wobbler -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * 

Layout: You start out in a tall, armored spiral (What? Surprised?) with 
only one place to grapple, so get there quick! At the top you must wait 
for a platform to come down, and then hop into the warp that's on the 
"secret" platform above, it's not hidden. Hit the spring and go flying! 
Whoohoo! Then it's a BIG spiral, which leads to the end. 

Suggested Turbos: Save them for the last spiral, it's big ya know. :)

- Course 6: Supper Happy Fun - (My note: An obvious poke at Yoshi's 
3 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: You begin in an...amored...SPIRAL! Yes, you guessed correctly. 
Then it's on to a zipper that puts you in a long path, at the end is a 
plunger which puts you in the heart of ANOTHER amored spiral. At the end 
is a zipper which bursts you into another spiral, then on to another 
zipper. Grapple the ice, go to the other side, and that's one lap!

Suggested Turbos: Try them on long paths, zippers, and the last 
platform. Use the last one in a spiral. 

- Course 7: The Ring's the Thing -
3 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: Spirals, amored spirals, plungers, and yes, more armored 
spirals. Nothing exciting here, folks. Move on, move on.

Suggested Turbos: In the spirals...

- Course 8: Clang Clang! -
2 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: A VERY short rollbooster will send you into a plunger, at the 
top an AMORED SPIRAL (!) will greet you...sheesh...! That's basically 
the entire level, all spirals. 

Suggested Turbos: In the spirals...again...

- Course 9: Maze of Torment -
2 Laps
Difficulty: * * 

Layout: A long path leads to a giant maze of twirling platforms with 
items and players all around. Get up to the main path, follow it until 
you see an ice platform: This is the ONLY way out (That I know of, at 
least), so get up there! Then there is a loooong path, full of gaps and 
platforms to navigate before the final few twirling spirals...whew!

Suggested Turbos: Immediately, the path to the maze is the perfect place 
to boost. From there on, try it on the long path. Just don't fall...

- Final Course: Orbital -
1 Lap
Difficulty: * * * 

Layout: First there's a little race to one singly warp, which leads to a 
rather short rollbooster. Then there's another warp, this sends you to a 
rather large AND confusing twirling amored section, just a hint: Go to 
the OPPOSITE side for the way up, ok? Ok. After that there is a long 
path to a warp which leads to an "Evan Caller." He'll fly you to a 
really short rollbooster. Use your momentum from it to keep going, 
though, it *really* makes a difference. Go up the slick and difficult 
ice platforms, to the final part of this already grueling level.    Here 
you'll find fans, plungers, yellow blocks, and other oddities. Then 
there's the familiar finish line...ah.

Suggested Turbos: Use two for each of the first two warps! You can 
refill it in the rollboosters, even if they are kinda short.  Use the 
last few in the last section, or in the loooong paths that take awhile 
to go  through...duh.

=== Tower 3: Candy Lane ===

- Course 1: Critical Juncture -
2 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: A few zippers, an "Evan Caller", and some other things will lead 
you through this easy course, plus a few...ahem...spirals...Near the 
middle, you can either go up a spiral or through a zipper; use the 
zipper, it will take you to a warp that drops you off near the end.

Suggested Turbos: On the long paths

- Course 2: Lebanese - (My note: Uh...hehe)
3 Laps
Difficulty: * * (5 *'s if you're not used to grappling)

Layout: A long stretch of platforms, straight up. Just tap R a lot and 
you'll make it up in no time! At the top is a rather confusing ordeal of 
twirling amored platforms. Just wait at the end of it, and the one 
overhead will come to pick you up! Then there's another stretch of 
platforms, a few more spirals, and that's IT!

Suggested Turbos: In the confusing spirals...

- Course 3: Roll 'em baby -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * * 

Layout: Some spirals will lead to four different paths, take either one 
you want! They all lead to the same place...sorta. At the end is a 
plunger, which rockets you to a medium sized rollbooster. Eventually 
you'll need to jump on a plunger, on a strange platform, to end this 

Suggested Turbos: In the looong path before the rollboosters, the place 
after...everwhere! Whoo!

- Course 4: Steady Eddie -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * (Two *'s if you miss the shortcut)

Layout: At the start, fall through the platform to reach a secret 
plunger! You get to skip a really big amored spiral that is a pain in 
the...! Go up some platformes, a plunger, another amored spiral, and 
then jump on the finish line! It's not short, but when it's written down 
it sure is :)

Suggested Turbos: In the spirals, dum dum...

- Course 5: The Nest -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * * (Three *'s if you missed the shortcut)

Layout: When you start out, go left a little and drop down to find a 
secret platform with a warp! It takes you way ahead, to a spring that 
rockets you forward. Use the Bubble Machines to reach the plunger, it 
takes you to the finish line...Can you say "Yay!"?

Suggested Turbos: When getting the secret warp, before the spring, and 
anywhere else you want, you really don't have to use any turbos! 

- Course 6: Curly Twirly -
2 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: First there is a looooong rollbuster, then a long path after a 
zipper. Another boring twirling amored spiral awaits! Then there's a 
bybblemachine, more spirals: END OF LEVEL. 

Suggested Turbos: At the start, after the zipper, and in the spirals. 

- Course 7: Tricky Climbing Wall -
2 Laps
Difficulty: * * *

Layout: First there is a short rollboost, then a long path to some 
platforms that go up, and a looong circling path that never seems to 
end. After that, there is a REALLY big secion with little platforms, 
take the upper path, it's faster. At the top is a fan that will lead you 
to the exit. Not much, but it takes awhile.

Suggested Turbos: In the long sections at the beginning! That should 
wear them all down. 

- Course 8: High Roller -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: First there is a floor that goes up and down, it acts as an 
elevator to above. Then there are some...armored spirals...and 
rollboosters, bubblemachines, another spiral, and then THE end. 

Suggested Turbos: Whenever

- Course 9: Doughnut Shortcut -
3 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: Go up the spiral, into the distance you can see a road...follow 
it to some secret spirals! At the top is an arrow pointing up, wait and 
a platform will come here. Hop on the plunger that is on it, a POOF! A 
few platforms and you're done!

Suggested Turbos: When going down the long road, the spirals, and that's 
about it!

- Final: Spiral Insana -
1 Lap
Difficulty: * * *

Layout: First it will be some INSANA spirals, a few rollboosters, and 
another short, but sweet, spiral. Then there are these weird things: 
Platforms that move back and fourth...it's hard to explain, but it's 
very disorientating. Near the middle of this you'll see a platform in 
mid-air, well, fall through the platform (Down and Jump) and PRESTO! 
Nice, BIG shorcut! Some platforms, lots of spirals (amored, of course) 
and a few springs and rollboosters make up this stage. 

Suggested Turbos: Everywhere! But don't waste them.

=== Tower 4: The Deep ===

- Course 1: Color Wolf Inc. -
3 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: A long path leads to sme armored spirals, at the top is a long, 
circular path. Get on the platform above it, go to yourself (i.e. the 
character is facing you) and drop through...another secret! This one 
warps you to the very end of the level!
Suggested Turbos: At the start, and in the spirals.

- Course 2:  Davy Jones' Locker - (One of my favoirte levels!)
3 Laps
Difficulty: * * 

Layout: A really long path leads to a section with a platform above, get 
on it and (a) jump to the adajcent platform with the plunger. Follow the 
arrows to find another plunger. Up the easy amored spiral it goes, at 
the top is a warp. Take the left side, through the rollbooster. Grapple 
up one platform, to find the finish line in the distance.

Suggested Turbos: At the start, where I put an "a". It's best to turbo, 
jump to the upper platform (which will give you a mini-burst), do an 
about-face, and use the mini-burst to hop to the plunger platform! 
Getting into the warp, and getting into the rollbooster. Powerup in the 
booster and unleash it near the end to make it a quicker trip!

- Course 3: Ski Jump -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * * *

Layout: Carefully go up the zipper platforms, which is hard to do, and 
then through the rollboosters. "Flap" towards the nearest bridge, and 
get in the middle. Don't worry about the enemies, the other players will 
get hit, too! Then it's a little ammored spiral, and the black-and-

Suggested Turbos: Whenever, not really needed.

- Course 4: Slip Slidin' Away -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: A long path and some platforms, then a plunger. Use the zippers 
to go to the chance warp, which warps you to a rather large and winding 
amored spiral (I'm getting tired of saying that...er...typing that), 
then it's on to some swaying platforms, which leads to the end...JOY!

Suggested Turbos: At the very beginning, and after the first plunger, 
and in the spirales...that should just abiut covcer it! :)

- Course 5: Fanatos -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: Go to the spring and rocket through all of the crud, up the 
platforms, and to another spring. As it starts to wear down, turbo! 
Oops..that doesn't belong here...oh well! Then it's on to A HUGE amored 
spiral. After some nifty platforming, your at the finish line!

Suggested Turbos: Save them for the big armored place!

- Course 6: Taxidermy -
3 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: GO up the platforms, hit the plunger, and it;s off to a spring! 
Can anyone say "armored spiral"? Well, there's one of those... 

Suggested Turbos: In the long paths with nothing to do.

- Course 7: Hopadelic -
2 Laps
Difficulty: *

Layout: Some twirling armored spirals get in your way. Instead of going 
up the platform, go behind it, there's a secret chance warp good for a 
nice shirtcut!   Get in the chance warp on the next platform, after 
going down a hill, and presto!!

Suggested Turbos: In the sprials, not to mention straightways!
- Course 8: Fan-Tastick! -
3 Laps
Difficulty: * * * 

Layout: Go up the short amored spiral and go in the LOOOOOONNNGGGGG 
(!!!) rollbooster, you should charge up all of your turbos (Don't need 
'em, but hey!). Take a running jump and go over the fans to go up, up, 
and away! The rest of the stage is just made up of twirling platforms 
and fans, so...

Suggested Turbos: Don't REALLY need them.

- Course 9: Jimbabwe - (Another one of my favorites!)
2 Laps
Difficulty: * *

Layout: Go to the plunger, go up the platforms until you find an "Evan 
Caller." Up the armored spirals we go, and even the slime covered path! 
Watch out for Mr. Hammer, and you will see a platform UNDER the path 
you're on. Well, drop down there! Keep dropping down until you find a 
hidden warp, use it! Now you're at the end! Yay!

Suggested Turbos: In the spirals!

- Final: Bar Maldoror - (Yet another of my Favs)
1 Lap
Difficulty: * * *

Layout: Go hop on Mrs. Plunger and then everyone will land in one, big, 
messy pile...ew! GO forward up the slime covered paths, and hit the 
rollbooster! WOOOHOO! After a nasty twirling armored spiral, you'll 
reach a warp. A veryyyy long rollbooster waits for you! Get on the "Evan 
Caller" and Evan will come and fly you away! All I can say now is to go 
with the flow, and the exit won't be far away. 

Suggested Turbos: When everyone is in a pile, before rollboosters, 
difficult platforms, etc...


Well, this is as good as place as any to wrap this up. Now, now, I know 
about the 5 other Towers, but it's time to return Iggy's Reckin' Balls 
to BlockBuster :( Look forward to the next five (hopefully) when I rent 
it this Friday...so...

6) Secrets

You can get 9 secret characters! Just beat the towers getting a 
"Perfect!" on each one, set on Medium or Hard difficulty.

See the characters section for more!

That's the only secrets known at this time, but I'm sure more will 
surface soon...hopefully.

7) Credits

Nintendo: Well...no explanation needed

Acclaim: Company...

Iguana: They made it, along with the magnificent Turok franchise!

Presdient of Acclaim, whoever that may be: He (Or she) let a team of 
people make Iggy's Reckin' Balls, the highly unique racer this FAQ is 
about (if you haven't been paying attention) ;)

Me: I wrote this...

8) Legal Stuff

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name 
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

9) Farewell/Final Notes

Any corrections, additions, shortcuts (just not secret characters or 
levels) will be appreciated. E-mail me at m_mallow@hotmail.com, I'll 
help you with any questions or gameplay problems you may have. So...I 
guess that concludes this FAQ!!

- marshmallow -

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