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FAQ/Walkthrough by Cheshire

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 05/22/10

 ?¿?¿   ?¿?¿      ¿    ?¿?¿?¿??¿  ?¿?¿  ¿?¿ ?¿?¿?¿?  ¿?¿?¿  ?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?
 .¿?¿    ?¿?     ¿?¿     ¿?¿   ?¿  ¿?   ¿?   ¿?      ?¿  ¿;  ?  ¿?¿   ?
  ?¿?    ¿?     ¿? ?     ?¿?   ¿;   ¿? ?¿   ¿?¿?¿?   .¿?¿       ¿?¿    
  ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?    ¿?¿?¿    ¿?¿ ¿?¿    ¿?¿?    ?¿?         ¿?¿     ¿?¿    
  ?¿     ¿?¿   ?¿   ¿?   ?¿?  ¿?     ¿?¿   ¿?¿      ¿?   ¿?     ¿?¿    
 ¿?¿?¿  ¿?¿?¿ ¿?¿  ¿?¿?. ¿?¿   ¿??   ?¿    ?¿?¿?¿?¿ .¿?¿?¿     ¿?¿?¿   
       ¿¿       ¿¿                                                     
       ?¿¿     ?¿?                                                     
       ¿?¿?.  ¿?¿?  ¿?¿?¿   ¿?¿?¿   ?¿?¿   ?¿?^         ;     ;   ,    
       ¿¿? ?¿? ¿?¿ ?¿?¿ .? ?¿?¿ .?  ^?¿?¿  ?¿?         ;     .;   ;    
       ¿??  ?  ¿?¿ ??¿?¿¿? ??¿?¿¿?   ¿?¿ ? ¿?¿        ;;     ;;  ,;    
       ¿?¿     ¿?¿  ?¿?¿?.  ?¿?¿?.   ?¿?  ??¿?        ;;     ;;  ;;    
      ¿?¿?¿   ¿?¿?¿                 ¿¿?¿   ?¿?¿      ;;;.;;. `;;;;;;.  
                                                     :;;'  ;;    ;;    
                                                      ;;,  ;;     ;    
       Guide & Frequently Asked Questions              `;,,;'     !    
                 By Cheshire

                 ASCII art by zenmaster



 **Use Control-F to help you find what you're looking for!**

I.  Background
      A. Game Information
      B. Introduction
      C. FAQ History
      D. Story
      E. Game Objectives

II.  The Harvest Moon 64 World
      A. Characters
         1. Affection
         2. Character List
      B. Places
         1. Your Farm
         2. The Crossroads
         3. Flower Bud Village
         4. Green Ranch
         5. The Beach
         6. The Vineyard
         7. Moon Mountain
      C. Seasons
         1. Festivals
         2. Other Important Dates

III.  Playing the Game
      A. Getting Started
      B. Items
         1. Tools
            a) Stamina and Sickness
         2. Possessions
         3. Belongings
         4. Miscellaneous Items
      C. Crops
         1. Spring Crops
         2. Summer Crops
         3. Fall Crops
         4. Winter Crops
         5. Planting Styles
         6. Forageable Items
      D. Animals
         1. Dog
         2. Horse
         3. Chicken
         4. Sheep
         5. Cow
         6. Miscellaneous Animals
      E. Marriage
         1. Courtship
            a) Maria
            b) Ann
            c) Popuri
            d) Elli
            e) Karen
         2. Marriage
         3. Starting a Family
      F. Evaluation

IV.  Stuff to Accomplish
      A. House Extensions
      B. Power Nuts
      C. Recipes
      D. Photo Album
      E. The Perfect Game

V.  Tips and Secrets
      A. Secrets
      B. Tips and Suggestions
      C. Frequently Asked Questions
      D. Rumors
      E. Points to Ponder
      F. Glitches

VI.  Closing
      A. Thanks/Credits
      B. About the Author
      C. Contact
      D. Legal Stuff


                          I. BACKGROUND

   Welcome to my guide for Harvest Moon 64.  Of course, you can skip 
this introduction if you're in a hurry to get to the actual 
informational part.  I just want everyone to know that I want this to 
be the best FAQ in existence for Harvest Moon 64, and I'll work hard to 
make sure that it is.  Harvest Moon 64 is a game that has been out for
many years now, but it seems to have developed a strong cult following. 
Even now, N64 games are beginning to be considered as "classic gaming," 
and this is one of the finest titles for the system.


   Released in Japan on February 5, 1999 as "Bokujou Monogatari 2." 
(Predecessor "Bokujou Monogatari," for the Super Famicom, became Harvest
Moon for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  These titles 
translate loosely into "A Farm Story.")

   Harvest Moon 64 released in the US on November 30, 1999 for the 
Nintendo 64.

   ESRB rated E for Everyone (OMG contains use of alcohol!), 
category Role-Playing > General (though I think of it more as a 

   ©1998 Victor Interactive Software Inc.
   ©1999 Natsume Inc.


   I'm still not exactly sure what prompted me to write an FAQ for 
Harvest Moon 64.  I'd never done anything like it before, nor had I 
ever wanted to, but during a boring Christmas break back in 2000, I 
was struck with the urge to write it and just sort of ran with it.  
After overcoming total lack of FAQ knowledge, indecisiveness, and times 
of complete boredom with the whole thing, here it is, nearing 

   It was late one night, many years ago, during a long and dull 
summer vacation when I discovered the joys of Harvest Moon for 
SNES, which I discovered to be highly addictive once I tried it.  I 
became obsessed.  I played it all night, every night, until sunlight 
was streaming through my window and I fell asleep from exhaustion.  
After beating the game twice, however, I became bored, and forgot 
all about Harvest Moon.  That is, until... 

   Sometime in 2000, I was browsing the video games in Toys R Us when I 
saw it.  Harvest Moon 64?  Didn't I play that game for Super Nintendo 
a long time ago?  Hmm... looks fun.  I bought it and took it home.  I 
found it to be the same in many ways as the one I had remembered, and 
was once again addicted to Harvest Moon.  This time around, I was a 
pro.  I already knew the routine, and what made it interesting was that 
there was even more to learn in this version.  But maybe some people 
weren't quite so lucky.  It would be so easy to be overwhelmed by 
Harvest Moon 64, with so much to do and so little time to do it.  So 
I'm making it my goal, as a Harvest Moon veteran, to enlighten those 
who are confused or frustrated with Harvest Moon 64.

   But enough about me!  Onward to the FAQ!


Started: December 19, 2000
First Draft Finished: July 10, 2001
Submitted to Internet: January 27, 2002 (proofreading something this 
long takes a long time! ...or maybe I'm just lazy.)

Version 1.8 - 5/21/2010

   I know I keep claiming that each update is the final one.  But I 
think I might really mean it this time!  Harvest Moon 64, amazingly, 
still has a devoted cult of followers who are STILL discovering new 
things about the game.  In my opinion, that's one of the reasons 
that this game is so great!  

Anyway, in response to all this, I felt it was time to reread my 
guide, remove any unsubstantiated information, and include more 
specific requirements for events that occur within the game.  I'm 
the perfectionist type that likes to keep refining my work, you see!
I still want this to be the best general, non-specialized guide for 
the game at large, and I'm still working to ensure that it is, nearly
ten years later!

Oh yeah, and I had to remove the links to my livejournal and 
myspace, being as I don't use them anymore.  It's not that I don't 
want to be friends, of course!  It's just that those sites are soooo

A big continuing "THANK YOU!" to everyone who keeps emailing me
with encouragement!  I know I'm awful about responding, but much love
to you all the same.  And remember kids, visit the boards!

'Til next time. ^_^

Version 1.7 (Final!! I mean it this time!) - 6/11/2006

  Yeah... me again. I'm still around.  Still lurk the HM64 message 
boards at GameFAQS.com, although I never post. ^_^  I just thought I 
would update to inform everyone who doesn't already know that 
SomeCrazyGuy has created a fantastic and in-depth guide to the numeric 
values of affection and statistics in Harvest Moon 64. I can only 
imagine how many long and grueling hours of ROM hacking went into this.
You should really check it out; it's quite insightful:


For those interested, I posted a little mini-biography and links to my
blog and myspace account.  You know... just in case anyone happens to 
care. ^_^  Also, I changed my email address because the Hotmail spam is

Anyway, that's about it.  Hello to everyone who still reads this!  Drop
me a line and say hi!  Oh!  And go to the message board to post something.  
Fewer and fewer fans of this game have been hanging out there lately... 
don't let it die!


Version 1.6 (Final! ...I hope) - 8/16/2005

  No, I still haven't abandoned this FAQ.  What can I say?  I still love 
this old game.  I just recently played through again, and finally got the 
party picture!  (It's about time.)

I feel that is the most thorough guide in existence for this particular 
game, and my meticulous nature wants to make sure it is absolutely 
perfect.  So while I still refuse to add a walkthrough to this FAQ, I 
went ahead and created a new section that could serve as a guideline to 
getting the perfect game (please keep in mind that this may not be the 
way YOU go about getting it, but it is ONE way).  Also, I finally got 
around to fixing a couple of glaring errors that still existed.  Yay!
Why didn't anyone tell me I had misprinted the price of a tomato? *cries*

My latest brilliant idea is that I need to make myself a website that 
could serve as a compilation of all my stuff that's scattered across the 
internet, including this guide, so stay tuned!  Haha, with how long it 
takes me to get stuff accomplished, we'll see if it ever happens.  

As always, I'm so flattered to hear from people who like this guide.  
Thanks everyone, for the kind words!

Version 1.5 (Final!?!?) - 4/27/2004

  Hey, it's been awhile, hasn't it?  Well, I haven't forgotten about 
this thing.  And even though it took me over a year, I said I'd eventually 
get around to editing it, didn't I?  ^_^  Lately I've been getting help 
from the people at the gamefaqs.com Harvest Moon 64 message board (where I 
now occasionally lurk under the name "Cheshire913").  And I think I've 
finally managed to get just about all the errors out of here.  *phew*
So if you still see one (even a typo) be sure to let me know!

Also, I've been having problems with people plagiarizing from this FAQ 
(and having the nerve to post their own legal section about how nobody 
is allowed to copy their FAQ, etc.)  So if you happen to see any part of 
this under any other name, please tell me!

Anyway, there are maaaaybe a couple more things I'd like to do with this, 
but for all intensive purposes, consider it done.  I hope people continue
to be helped by this FAQ... I've been so flattered by everyone who wrote 
to tell me how useful it was.  So thank you all!  See you around the 

Version 1.4 (Final?) - 2/22/2003

  You'd think that with a game as old as Harvest Moon 64, not too many 
people would still play it.  But judging from the amount of email I get 
regarding this FAQ... well, I guess that's not the case.  And I can't thank 
the people enough that send suggestions, praise, and just generally 
coherent mail.  But of course, there are many who completely 
disregard all my requests to make sure your question is not in the FAQ 
before mailing, are generally rude (I've had some people tell me I'm 
WRONG about certain things in this FAQ... and then they aren't 
even referring to the Nintendo 64 version), and sometimes grammar 
and spelling get so bad that I can't even tell what people are trying to 
say.  And because of this, I am (regretfully) no longer accepting mail 
regarding this FAQ, unless you'd like to point out some sort of glaring 
error, or unless it is something involving the legal section (PLEASE let 
me know if you see someone plagiarizing).  And of course... I'd never 
turn down an email telling me how wonderful I am *wink wink*.  ^_^  
It's just that with college and all, I can't find the time to answer the same 
questions over and over again.  *sigh*  There needs to be more hours 
in the day.

This time around, I've updated only a few things, namely added 
information here and there, took out some redundant stuff, etc.   
Nothing too exiting.

Anyway, this will probably be the last update, or at least pretty darn 
close.  It's about time I retired this monster anyway.  So I'd just like to 
say that it's been great, and I hope to be able to find the time to write 
another FAQ someday.  I've already got one on the burner for DDR 
Konomix... but the game's already been out for a little while now...  
I guess we'll see.  So until then... *wavies*  ^_^

Version 1.3 - 6/17/2002

   AAAARG... Sorry, everyone, for making you wait, and to everyone who 
sent email that went without a response.  Between getting my wisdom 
teeth out, dealing with college apps, having to deal with my computer 
crashing (and losing most of my files in the process.. including this 
FAQ), reformatting my hard drive, finals, and a gazillion gillion other 
things that have been plaguing me these last months (I'll spare you the 
details), I got really, really bogged down.  But after all this time, 
here it is, Version 1.3 of my Harvest Moon FAQ.  Hooray!  I'm sure 
you'll all be pleased to know that I've added another thingy to the 
Secrets section, fixed a few errors that people have been kind enough 
to yell at me for, put in a few more glitches, added a few Points to 
Ponder,  added a few other things people have informed me about, and of 
course, added new names to the Credits section.  

As usual, a BIG thanks to everyone who wrote in (even if I was a 
horrible person and didn't get back to all of you.  Feel free to flame 
me ^_- ).

I have the feeling that I'm nearing the end of this FAQ.  Hopefully, 
within a few more updates I can get this wrapped up, and maybe move on 
to writing one for another game... well, probably not. ^_^;;

Version 1.2 - 3/3/2002

   First of all, I'd like to, once again thank everyone who've taken 
the time to email me with suggestions, general help, and encouragement.  
On a less sappy note, I've made a few more adjustments to this FAQ in 
my attempts to perfect it.  New this update are some additions to the 
Frequently Asked Questions section, added a new Point to Ponder, a new 
tip, a new glitch, and just generally added/fixed stuff.  Also, the 
Thanks/Credits section has been updated to accommodate all the help 
I've been receiving.  And that's it for this update!  See you next 

Version 1.1 - 1/31/2002

   Hey again!  Just a quick update, I read through this whole thing one 
last time and tried to fix every last typographical and grammatical 
error (I'm a perfectionist like that).  So there shouldn't be too many 
of those left (of course, if you see any and would like to point them 
out, I always appreciate mail ^_^).  Also, I went ahead and added a new 
section (V-F) which covers glitches that people have discovered in the 
game; so if you happen to stumble across a glitch, be sure to send it 

Thanks for all the great letters that have been coming in, I really 
appreciate your kind words! That's all for now.. 'til next time!

Version 1.0 - 7/10/2001

   Well, here it is: the first draft of my Harvest Moon 64 FAQ.  So, 
what do you think?  Of course, I'm only a first time FAQ writer, so cut 
me some slack!  Anyway, there's not all that much left to do for my 
future updates.  I tried to finish as much as I possibly could before 
putting it on the internet, since I know first hand how irritating it 
is to find incomplete guides for games, and having to search an 
infinite number of webpages to find the answer to some simple question.  
This version includes a thorough overview of Harvest Moon 64, a guide 
to playing the game, lists of all the secrets I know of, and even a few 
extra things to make it fun.  It also has a section for frequently 
asked questions, which will be the main focus of future updates.  Of 
course, before I can answer questions about the game, somebody has to 
ask them.  So don't be afraid to e-mail me, as long as you read the 
section explaining the conditions first.  I think that's all for now; 
thanks for reading, and I'll see you next update!

       D. STORY

   The citizens of a small town gather together for a funeral.  It 
seems that your grandfather, who owned the ranch near the town, has 
passed away, his final request of you that you return his old ranch to 
its former glory.  There's only one problem... in his old age, he 
really couldn't keep up with the work anymore, and the ranch is a real 
mess.  Well, it looks like your work is cut out for you; with only 300g 
and a few tools to aid you, you need to fix up the old farm and make a 
life for yourself.  What's the catch?  You have only two and a half 
years to accomplish this before you dad comes back to check in on you.  
If you don't impress him, he'll be upset, and he'll want you to return 
to the city with him.  
...Well, it seems that there's no time to waste!  Lets get to work!


   First and foremost, why do we play any video game?  They're purely 
for entertainment.  Have fun playing Harvest Moon 64!  That's what 
it's there for!

   But aside from that, what should you accomplish in this game?

-Clear your land of debris
-Successfully raise crops to earn income
-Buy and care for animals, also for the purpose of income
-Make friends with the townspeople
-Woo a girl and get married
-Start a family
-Improve your house and farm by buying and winning things
-Uncover secrets (recipes, Power Nuts)
-Make lots and lots of money
-Don't forget to relax a little!  Go fishing!

   If you can successfully do all of these things, you will end the 
game with a good rating from your father and the townspeople.


                   II. THE HARVEST MOON 64 WORLD

   Welcome to the engrossing world of Harvest Moon 64!  It's bigger, 
has more people, and is more interactive than the world in the SNES 
version of Harvest Moon.  Take some time to get to know your


 1. Affection

   Affection is a hidden numerical value that most characters and 
animals in the game possess.  The value will range from 0 to 255, and 
your interactions (or lack thereof) with each chracter or animal will 
affect this number.  Unfortunately, short of hacking the ROM, there is 
no way to know any character's exact affection value--you can only 
make an estimate based on the character or animal's behavior.  The 
best ending score for the game requires that certain characters' and 
animals' affection be maxed.

   Townspeople will react differently to you depending on their 
affection level--they will become friendlier as their affection 
increases, and events will sometimes be triggered if they like you 
enough.  Also, you may recieve gifts from townspeople who are very 
close friends with you; for example, one of the Power Nuts is only 
attainable by becoming good friends with Basil (for more information, 
see the section which describes how to find the Power Nuts).  Having 
conversations with the townspeople and giving them gifts will raise 
their affection level, as will interacting with them at festivals.  
Their affection levels will not decrease through neglect--you must 
give them trash such as weeds, rocks, or poisonous mushrooms for them 
to lose affection points.

   Marriagable girls also have a hidden numerical affection value, but 
it's quite a bit easier to figure out what it is, due to the heart 
displayed at the bottom right of the text box when you speak with 
them; the color of the heart directly corresponds to the girl's 
affection for you.  As with the other townspeople, you can affect the 
girls' affection by talking with them and giving them gifts.  You can 
especially boost their affection by choosing them as a dance partner 
at some festivals, seeking them out at individual festival locations, 
giving them a birthday gift, or completing certain events specific to 
each girl.  For more information on the wooing process, check the 
MARRIAGE section.  As with the towspeople, you cannot lose affection 
points with the girls by ignoring them.  You have to willfully give or 
show them something that they don't like in order for their affection 
level to decrease.

   Finally, certain animals have an affection value--specifically, 
your dog, your horse, cows, and sheep all possess the same 0 to 255 
point affection scale as the people townspeople and girls.  

   In this guide, I only tend to touch on affection values without 
being overly specific.  For a detailed numerical breakdown, you'll 
want to refer to SomeCrazyGuy's guide.

 2. Character List

   Characters are what flesh out the game and make it interesting.  
Here is a comprehensive list of everyone you'll meet in the world of 
Harvest Moon 64.  Characters you have the option of marrying are marked 
with *asterisks* rather than -dashes-.  For more detail on those girls, 
check the MARRIAGE section.

   The "favorite items" listed for each character indicate which gifts 
yield a slightly higher amount of affection than the usual amount 
(some characters gain higher point increases for daily gifts than 
others).  Typically, the favorite items of the townspeople are the 
same ones which, when given as a gift for the first time, yeild a 
recipe.  Everyone apparently knows how to cook their favorite thing!

The character that you control.  Strangely enough, he doesn't speak 
much... or at all, yet still manages to get his point across (Yeah! 
Chrono flashback!).  While the official name is Jack, you can name him 
whatever you like.

Your trusty canine companion, this is the dog you inherit from your 
grandfather when you take on the ranch, so you begin automatically with 
him.  Once again, you can choose whatever name you want for him.  While 
he doesn't really do anything for you, you can race him in the Winter 
dog races (See ANIMALS and FESTIVALS sections for more detail), but 
don't expect him to win unless you keep him happy.  You can carry him 
around and show him to people if you like.
Favorite item: n/a

   -Your Horse-
Yet another character for whom you choose the name.  You can get him 
from the Green Ranch in the first Spring, starting on the fourth.  He 
starts out as a colt, and is useless until he grows up, which takes 
about a season.  Once he is fully grown, you can ride him, use the 
saddlebags to ship crops, and he also can be entered in the local 
horse races in the Spring and Fall (See ANIMALS and FESTIVALS sections 
for more detail).  Like the dog, he's not likely to win unless you 
treat him well.
Favorite item: n/a

Pretty self explanatory, but what the heck.  As the mayor of Flower Bud 
Village, he will give you a guided tour of the town when you first 
arrive (if you so desire), invite you to come to the festivals, make 
announcements, trade medals for prizes at the dog and horse races, and 
do many other mayor-ly things.  He lives in the large ivy-covered house 
in the southwest corner of town with his family.  You can find him in 
his home, wandering around in the town, or in the library sometimes.  
He seems pretty busy, but will always stop to chat with you. 
Favorite item: Potatoes

   -Mayor's Wife-
Very polite and helpful, she helps the Mayor out at festivals, and 
sells tickets at the dog and horse races.  She's usually at her home, 
but goes to the church with her husband every Sunday to pray, and 
sometimes stops by the bakery to take a break. 
Favorite item: Turnips

The Mayor's daughter, Maria is very shy.  She works as the receptionist 
in the library every day except for Monday, and on days when she's not 
working she can be found in the mountains looking for bugs, near the 
church, outside the Midwife's house, or at home with her mother.  She's 
afraid of animals, but loves cabbage, and appreciates it when you read 
the books in the library.  She also has a talent for playing the 
organ.  You can choose to marry Maria if you like, but you will have to 
move fast, as Harris, the mailman, will try to woo her as well.
Favorite item: Cabbage

   -Green Ranch Owner (Doug)-
At first, this guy may seem kinda rude, and he doubts you can handle 
the ranch on your own. But over a little time, he warms up to you, and 
becomes quite friendly.  His wife died years ago, and he has raised his 
two children, Ann and Gray, as best he could.  He is the one to go to 
if you ever want to buy livestock and/or supplies for livestock.  He 
also will enter your dog and horse in the dog and horse races if you 
like.  You can always find him at the ranch during its business days, 
and sometimes at the bar at night.
Favorite item: Corn

The cheerful daughter of the Green Ranch Owner, Ann loves all animals.  
She is somewhat tomboy-ish, and can't cook very well, but she's very 
friendly.  She'll give you your horse when you meet her for the first 
time.  She also plays the flute and is learning to knit, so she really 
appreciates wool.  You can usually find her in the fields of Green 
Ranch, and in the barn when the weather is bad.  On days off, she 
tends to be bird-watching in the mountains, in Rick's shop, or sometimes 
visiting Karen's family at the Vineyard.  Ann is one of your choices 
for marriage, but if you don't choose her, she will marry Cliff.
Favorite item(s): Potatoes, corn, wool

As Ann so eloquently put it, Gray is a social disaster.  In the 
beginning, he won't speak more than a few words to you, and more often 
than not, they're somewhere along the lines of "go away." Supposedly he 
used to ride in the horse races, but had an accident years ago, and 
became the antisocial guy we know and <cough> love.  If you're 
persistent enough, you can become friends with him, but he still won't 
really open up.  Gray is Ann's brother, and is extremely protective of 
her.  You can usually find him either in the fields of Green Ranch, or 
in the barn, tending to the animals.  He spends his days off in the 
mountains near the Carpenters' house, and he's also occasionally at the 
bar at night.  Surprisingly enough, he will marry Popuri if you don't. 
(Surprising considering Popuri is one of the more bubbly characters in 
the game... not what I'd consider Gray's type.)
Favorite item: Eggs (note: you will only recieve extra affection for 
giving an egg to Gray one time: the time he gives you his recipe.  
Every other time, they yield the same amount of affection as any other 

The prized horse of the Green Ranch, he is always entered in the local 
horse races (though whether he is the one called "Green," due to his 
home at Green Ranch, or "Guard," a shortened version of Cliffgard, 
remains a mystery to me).  According to Rick, he's a great horse, but 
his rider isn't that good.  Cliff also seems to have a bond with 
Cliffgard, seeing as how they share a name.  Cliffgard and your horse 
are brothers.
Favorite item: n/a

Lillia is the town florist, and runs the shop that sells you vegetable 
seeds and flower seeds.  She is a very cheerful and sunny person, and 
loves flowers.  She is also Popuri's mother.  If you have any questions 
about plants, it's a good idea to check the book she keeps on the table 
in her shop.  She is sensitive to heat, and therefore doesn't like hot 
Summer days, and doesn't like dark, rainy days either.  She also 
becomes somewhat depressed in Fall and Winter because there aren't as 
many plants, and also because her husband is away.  Jeez... she's sort 
of picky when it comes to weather, isn't she?  Find her in the Flower 
Shop whenever it's open.
Favorite item: Tomatoes

A traveling botanist, Basil lives with his wife Lillia and his 
daughter Popuri in the Spring and Summer, and travels to find rare 
and exotic plants in the Fall and Winter.  He invites you to the 
Vegetable Festival, and if you win the contest, he'll be very happy and 
celebrate with you.  During the day, you can find him either in the 
Flower Shop, or in Moon Mountain by the fisherman's tent, and at night 
you can sometimes find him at the bar.  According to Lillia, it was 
Basil who named Popuri, even before she was born.
Favorite item: Corn

Like her mother, Popuri is bright and friendly, and has a passion for 
flowers.  However, according to Lillia, she can become angry easily.  
She has a good singing voice, too.  You can often find her outside the 
Flower Shop watering... something (the sidewalk..?), in the bakery, or 
at Moon Mountain (especially in the grove).  She also can sometimes be 
found at the summit visiting the old couple that live there.  Popuri 
is another one of the marriageable girls, but will marry Gray if you're 
too slow in courting her.
Favorite item(s): Flowers, strawberries, Berry of Fullmoon Plant

   -The Bakery Master (Jeff)-
The Bakery Master owns the bakery in Flower Bud Village, and acts as 
sort of Elli's guardian, though he's not related to her.  He is a 
contemplative person who loves tea.  Since Elli's father died when she 
was young, the Baker promised him that he would see her get married 
since her father couldn't.  He cares deeply for Elli, and if you don't 
marry her, he will keep his promise and marry her himself.  You can 
find him at the bakery every day that it's open, and at night, he's 
often at the bar, since the bar's owner is his uncle.  On off days, he 
goes to the river to fish.
Favorite item: Milk

   -Elli's Grandmother (Ellen)-
The oldest character in the game, she remembers when you visited your 
grandfather's farm back when you were just a little kid.  She taught 
Elli how to bake delicious cakes, and Elli now takes care of her.  She 
is also very cheerful and kind.  Every day when it is sunny, she sits 
outside of the bakery in her rocking chair reminiscing and napping, and 
on rainy or snowy days, she sits inside the bakery.  It is suggested 
that she is the same Ellen which appeared in Harvest Moon for the Super
Nintendo.  Sadly, she dies during or after the second year.
Favorite item: Walnuts (though since she dies, there's no real reason 
to befriend her)

 This information was sent to me by Nick Labos regarding Elli's 
 Grandmother's death (thanks!):

 "The sure fire way to know that Elli's grandmother is going to die is 
 that you'll see that she has stopped rocking in her chair. If you 
 approach her, she'll say that she had a nice dream and that she saw 
 your grandfather. She'll "fall asleep" and then Elli will come 
 straight out and get traumatized seeing her dead grandma."

 Rayni Shadowmusic added this:

 "Don't talk to Elli's grandmother on the second spring when she's 
 sitting still in her rocking chair -- if you don't talk to her 
 until summer she'll start rocking again and you CAN talk to her. She 
 won't die."

Personally, I always just sorta let nature take its course with Elli's 
Grandmother... it's part of the progression of the game, and the 
Bakery Master won't say anything different to you until she dies.
But some people really want to save her, so to each their own. ^_^

Elli is the sweet and gentle girl who works at the bakery.  Her cakes 
are very yummy, supposedly because she uses fresh ingredients and bakes 
them with love.  Her parents died when she was very young, and now she 
lives at the Bakery with the Bakery Master.  She also loves to fish, 
even though she doesn't catch much, and is related to the fisherman.  
She can usually be found at the bakery, but also sometimes at the 
flower shop, at Moon Mountain, or at the beach.  You can marry Elli, 
or if you don't, the Bakery Owner will.
Favorite item(s): Eggs, milk, fish

   -Karen's Father (Gotz)-
Being somewhat stubborn and downright rude, Karen's father and Karen 
just don't see eye to eye.  He owns the vineyard, but has no real 
ambition to make it successful.  He claims not to care about Karen, 
but if you get to know him (a tough task, I assure you), you will find 
that he worries a lot about her, and only wants what's best for her.  
Find him at the vineyard during the day, and he's often at the bar at 
night fretting over Karen.
Favorite item: Wild grapes (note: no other gifts have any affect on 
him.  Don't bother giving him anything except for wild grapes!)

   -Karen's Mother-
Apparently, Karen's mother was once very beautiful, and a great dancer 
known as the "Queen of Dance."  These days, she spends her time inside 
her house at the vineyard sighing and worrying about Karen and her 
father arguing so much.  She seems so quiet and sad that Karen wonders 
whether she is really happy in her marriage.  She is easily befriended, 
and asks you to cheer Karen up, if you could.
Favorite item: Tomatoes

Like her father, Karen is stubborn and rude to strangers.  She doesn't 
like being talked to too much, and is very picky when it comes to 
gifts.  She won't even introduce herself to you until she has a blue 
heart!  It takes time for her to warm up to you, but once she does, 
you'll find she's very friendly and outgoing.  She doesn't like crowds 
that much, but she doesn't like being alone either.  She loves to 
dance, like her mother, and is a hard worker.  She wants the vineyard 
to be prosperous more than anything else.  In fact, that's the only 
thing keeping her in Flower Bud Village; the fact that she feels 
obligated to make the vineyard a success again like it was back when 
her grandmother ran it. She talks of moving to the city, and if you 
don't make friends with her, she might make good on her threat and 
leave, and she won't come back.  She's the last of the five eligible 
bachelor-ettes, but if you don't want to marry her, Kai might.  She's 
tough to find during the day; she's occasionally at the vineyard, at 
Moon Mountain near the carpenters' home, at the beach, or nowhere at 
all.  At night, she sometimes can be found working at the bar.
Favorite item(s): Veryberry fruit, tomatoes, wild grapes

Kai came from a faraway town near the ocean where he lived with his 
family.  He was originally going to travel further from home, but 
decided to stay with Karen's family because they are good people... and 
because he likes Karen. ^_^  Kai works at the vineyard, and is probably 
the only one who really understands Karen.  If you choose not to marry 
Karen, Kai might marry her.  Or if she leaves for the city, he might 
leave, as well.  He's a really good swimmer, so he'll win at the 
Swimming Festival if you don't.  You can find him during the day at the
vineyard, sometimes down in the wine cellar, and he's often at
the bar at night.
Favorite item(s): Veryberry fruit, tropical fruit, wild grapes

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night... umm.. how did that do 
again..?  Harris is the friendly neighborhood mailman who makes sure 
people get their mail--even on rainy and snowy days.  He has Sundays 
off, however.  Find him wandering around town, at the crossroads, in 
the mountains, at Green Ranch, or at the library.  Basically, anywhere.  
You can also find him at the bar sometimes, agonizing over his feelings 
for Maria.  If you don't marry her first, Harris eventually will.
Favorite item: Potatoes

Cliff first shows up at your house on the 18th of the first Spring, 
asking for food.  You can't go to the mountain to get it because he'll 
disappear, but if you have something on your farm, he'll be really 
happy to get it.  That's Cliff for you, the wanderer who hunts and 
fishes when he needs food and finds a job when he needs money.  He 
seems sort of cocky at first, but he's rather friendly once you get to 
know him... and he has a mysterious, tragic past.  You can find 
him in Moon Mountain almost all the time, but occasionally he'll be at 
the Green Ranch.  He says he goes to visit Cliffgard, whom he likes 
because of the similarity to his own name, but he's also intrigued by 
Ann.  If you don't choose to marry her, he might.  If you don't become 
friends with him, and he doesn't marry Ann, he'll eventually come to 
your ranch to say goodbye, and will leave permanently.  Cliff is 
Karen's cousin, and he has a nifty pet falcon named Cain.
Favorite item(s): Eggs, milk

Cliff's pet falcon, whom Cliff claims to be his only friend.  He likes 
to eat fish, and also rabbits, much to Ann's dismay.  At Cliff's 
wedding, Cain flies over the church among the usual white birds that 
fly over at everyone else's weddings. ^_^
Favorite item: n/a

This old woman (with pigtails, no less!) delivers all the babies in the 
village.  She'll even deliver your own when your wife has a baby.  She 
is the Buyer's mother, and therefore, May's grandmother.  She can be 
found in her little house, or sometimes walking around outside of it.
Favorite item: Eggplant

The Buyer makes his living buying and selling the crops you leave in 
your shipping crate.  He's an old friend of your grandfather, and 
though he secretly has a few doubts about you running the farm, if you 
become friends with him, he changes his mind about you.  He has a 
little daughter named May, who he is raising on his own since his wife 
"went to a far away place," as May put it.  He picks up your crops at 
five-o-clock sharp every day; anything shipped after that will not be 
picked up until the next day, so be careful! You can often find him 
in the bar at night, wishing he could spend more time with his 
daughter. (So then... why is he at the bar and not with her..?)
Favorite item: Tomatoes

May is the Buyer's daughter, and therefore the midwife's granddaughter. 
She's the little girl with black hair.  She's very shy, but once you 
give her a few gifts, she warms up to you and is very sweet.  She seems 
to be very smart since she can take care of the house by herself, and 
also has a good understanding of nature, like the time she understood 
that even though it was cruel that a butterfly was caught in the spider 
web, the spider might be very hungry, too.  She spends her weekdays in 
school at the church, and her free time is spent in the town and in the 
Favorite item: Potatoes

   -Potion Shop Owner-
This old man is raising his two grandchildren Kent and Stu by himself. 
He makes medicines in his shop out of medicinal herbs, poisonous 
mushrooms, and various roots you can mine up, which help prevent and 
cure sickness.  He is very popular in the village, and apparently grows 
good vegetables, since he wins the vegetable contest whenever you 
don't.  He can be found at his shop most days, but sometimes he can be 
found in the mountains gathering herbs, or in the mines, looking for 
roots.  If he is friends with you, he'll ask you to play an instrument 
at the Spirit Festival in the first year, as he is the default King of 
the Harvest Festival.
Favorite item: Edible herbs

The outgoing little boy with brown hair and freckles, Kent is the older 
grandson of the Potion Shop Owner.  He seems to like your animals.  
Whenever you get a type of animal for the first time, he'll visit your 
farm to comment on it.  He'll also tell you which of your cows has the 
best chance of winning the Cow Festival.  Kent is usually in the church 
on weekdays being schooled, and other days is sometimes in the mountain 
or in the town.
Favorite item: Eggs

The younger of the Potion Shop Owner's grandsons, Stu is a very sweet 
boy. He is the one with black hair.  He can't read yet, but goes to 
school every day to learn.  He loves flowers, but doesn't want you to 
tell that to anyone, because he thinks boys aren't supposed to like 
flowers.  He also appreciates bugs; for example, when a butterfly is 
caught in a spider web, he thinks you ought to free it.  Stu can be 
found in the church during the weekdays, and sometimes in Moon Mountain 
or around in the village.
Favorite item: Strawberries

This is the dog which belongs to the Potion Shop Owner, and is about 
the same age as your dog.  She does pretty well at the dog races, and 
if you leave your dog near her, they can have puppies.   You don't 
actually get one... but, oh well.  (See ANIMALS section for more 
details on the puppies)
Favorite item: n/a

Rick owns the tool shop in Flower Bud Village, and also seems to be an 
inventor.  He's a tad flaky; his shop is only open about half the 
time.  He is Ann's cousin (Man.. orange hair is a seriously dominant 
trait in their family), and she often visits him to scold him for being 
so lazy and keeping his shop closed so much.  The Tool Shop is the 
place to get many important items in the game. You can find Rick in the 
Tool Shop whenever it's open, or he might be standing outside of it, 
but otherwise, he's nowhere to be found.
Favorite item(s): Milk, rare metal

The owner of the Craft Shop, Saibara sells souvenirs like pots and an 
ocarina.  Actually.. that's all he sells.  How exactly does that place 
stay in business?  He sells two things in all the years you play... 
aww, nevermind.  He can be found in his shop on business days, and on 
off days, he might be near the hot spring in Moon Mountain.
Favorite item: This one is tricky.  The first time you give him a 
medicinal herb or edible herb--the time he gives you the recipe--they 
will be worth more affection points.  But every time after that, they 
are worth slightly less than other gifts.

This kindly man holds services at the church on Sundays, and 
provides schooling for the children in the town during the week.  When 
you decide to get married, he will be the one to wed you, and when one 
of your animals dies, he'll make a little speech at the funeral.  You 
can always find him inside the church (or outside of it on Saturdays), 
and chat with him if you're so inclined.
Favorite item: Tomatoes

   -Tavern Owner (Duke)-
He spends every night but Sunday running the bar and selling drinks.  
He's always willing to chat with you, and if you become good enough 
friends with him, he might give you a bottle of valuable old wine from 
Karen's family's vineyard. (See PHOTO ALBUM section for details)  He is 
the Bakery Master's uncle.
Favorite item: Wild grapes

   -Chief Carpenter-
Slightly uh... bald, this jovial but tough old craftsman loves the 
mountains immensely, and *insists* that you appreciate them.  He's the 
one to ask when you're ready to upgrade your house, or build a 
greenhouse.  Though it's not cheap  (and it requires that you use your 
own lumber), some of these upgrades, especially the greenhouse, are very
useful, and some, like the kitchen and the baby bed, are necessary to 
get married and have a baby.  He'll always be at his cabin in the 
mountains with his workers, but annoyingly enough, he sometimes stands 
in the doorway of the cabin, blocking your entrance.  No upgrade for 
you today! (See HOUSE EXTENSIONS section for details)
Favorite item: Mushrooms

   -Other Carpenters-
Aside from the Chief Carpenter, there are two workers who help build 
house upgrades, run the mines in the Winter, and will hire you to help 
out part-time when they build the bridge and the hot spring.  They 
usually hang out near the cabin in the mountains, or inside of it when 
it rains.  They're hard workers, and good at what they do, I guess.  
But is it really necessary for that one to make that incredibly long 
speech /every/ time you want to mine? Yeah.. you can't mine without a 
hoe.. can't come out until 5:00... we got the point the first few 
It's a bit difficult to tell them apart.  One of them typically 
hangs out on the right side of the cabin and carries out a saw.  
The other can be found on the left side of the cabin, and occasionally 
whips out a hammer.
Favorite item: Fish (Though it applies to the carpenter with the saw 
only... and you only get boosted affection points when he's giving 
you the recipe)

   -Harvest Sprites-
There are three little guys that look like elves living in the cave 
with the mine.  One of them is in the front, but to see the others, you 
have to go to the back wall and push the A button (there's a little 
spot that looks like it might be a tunnel... yeah, there).  At first, 
they only speak Pig Latin; it's been so long since they last talked to 
humans it seems they've forgotten English.  But once you befriend them, 
they speak it just fine, and will tell you all sorts of interesting 
things.  See that little tunnel on the left side of the room in back?  
If you're really good friends with the Sprites, they might go through 
that tunnel, which leads to your barn, and feed your animals during a 
typhoon.  Useful, eh?  Befriending the Sprites is quite the wise move, 
as they help you quite a bit, and you need to in order to restore 
the vineyard.  Too bad there's no use for all of those strange tools 
in their home... they look kinda cool.
Favorite item: none (though as a tip, I'd say to give all your gifts 
to the one outside--the three sprites have a linked affection 
rating and the one outside has a higher default affection value for 
the gifts he recieves).

      *Amy "The Mayabird" had this additional information about the 

      "If you befriend the Harvest Sprites (they stop speaking pig 
      Latin) and give them mushrooms, you can learn their names! I 
      remember that two of them are Arthur and Billy, but I can't 
      remember the third."

   a/n:  It's true!  The ones inside the hole are Arthur and Billy, 
   (to the right and left sides, respectively) and I don't think the 
   other one ever gives his name (or, at least, I've never seen it).  
   Arthur is a good cook, but Billy apparently sucks at it.

The fisherman you often see fishing at the river in Moon Mountain or 
at the beach.  He'll give you a fishing rod for free and teach you 
how to fish when you first meet him. (See TOOLS section for details)  
He seems to feel that life needs a little recreation.  He's also 
related to Elli.
Favorite item: Fish

   -Restaurant Owner-
This old man owns the restaurant on the summit of Moon Mountain.  
Hmph.. they say it's a restaurant... but how come you can't buy any 
food there?  Anyway, he's been very lonely, since no one's visited 
since the bridge was out.  He's always either inside the restaurant or 
wandering just outside of it; he doesn't come down off the mountain.
Favorite item: Edible herbs

   -Restaurant Owner's Wife-
(Man.. it's bad enough not to have an name, but being known only as the 
wife of someone without an name really sucks.)  She's the wife of the 
old man who owns the restaurant on the summit of Moon Mountain.  She's 
a nice old lady, though a bit forgetful.  She never comes out of the 
restaurant, so you can always find her there.
Favorite item: Turnips

This swirly-eyed scientist seems to have one objective: to see the 
Emerald Butterfly.  He wanders the mountain with a butterfly net during 
the Spring and Summer of the second year, searching for his obsession.  
If you can get the Blue Mist seed to bloom, the emerald butterfly will 
come, and the Entomologist will take your picture with the flower, 
butterfly, and Popuri. (See PHOTO ALBUM section for details)
Favorite item: n/a

   -Special Gourmet Judge-
This is, without a doubt, the ugliest guy in the game. <shudders>  He's 
quite overweight, wears a bright blue suit with a tall blue hat, and 
has the largest lips I've ever seen.  He minces French with English 
when he speaks, and the only things he cares about are those which are 
edible. (I showed him my baby, and he insulted it because he can't eat 
it!)  He's the special judge at many of the festivals, like the 
Vegetable Festival and the Cow Festival.  Occasionally, you can find 
him wandering around the path to Flower Bud Village, but usually, he's 
only seen at festivals.
Favorite item: n/a

   -Teenage Girls-
These three teenagers don't live in Flower Bud Village, but they come 
to some of the festivals.  They show up at your ranch sometimes to 
admire it if you've planted a lot of grass or flowers.  They'll even 
ask to take a picture of your cow if it wins the Cow Festival. (See 
PHOTO ALBUM section for details)
Favorite item: n/a

   -Old Couple-
They're also not residents of Flower Bud Village, but they come to 
watch the local horse and dog races.  This old man and woman seem to be 
somewhat rich.  They have a dog named Baron that they talk about 
entering in the race, but they never do.
Favorite item: n/a

   -Traveling Salesman-
This guy dresses really creepily if you ask me... with an all black 
outfit and a big black hat.  He'll show up occasionally to try and sell 
you some strange items, which are usually a scam, so you'll get ripped 
off if you buy into them.  However, the Power Nut that he is selling at 
the Flower Festival is real, so go for it, even if the price (1000G) is 
a bit steep.
Favorite item: n/a

   -Romantic Couple-
A.K.A. Honeybunch and Sweetiepie. Bleh.
Every now and then, first thing in the morning when you leave your 
house, a young man and woman will come to your farm, talk mushy to one 
another, and make out.  This occurs if you have planted lots of flowers 
or grass in your field.
Favorite item: n/a

The photographer occasionally shows up at en event to take your 
picture, like when you win the Swimming Festival.  Also, when you do 
something noteworthy, you might find a picture in your mailbox the next 
day from the photographer.
Favorite item: n/a

   -Mrs. Mana-
This woman asks a favor of you: to take care of her three cows from the 
first of Winter through the fifth of Winter in the first year.  The 
Green Ranch Owner wants to sell them afterwards, so if you do a good 
job, you will be paid for your troubles.  She hangs out in the bar at 
night for the few days she's in town.
Favorite item: n/a

   -Mrs. Mana's Son-
This strange-looking little boy doesn't really speak much, but he seems 
to like you a lot.  He'll come to watch you work on your farm if you 
tend to hang around there all day long in the Winter.  I don't.
Favorite item: n/a

   -Your Dad-
Your dad comes on the first day of the third Summer to evaluate your 
game.  It is here that the game officially ends, but you can keep 
playing forever, if you like.  He strikes me as the workaholic type; he 
couldn't even make time to be there for your grandpa's last words, or 
even your wedding.  He did send a nice card, of course, but it's not 
quite the same...
Favorite item: n/a

       B. PLACES

   Harvest Moon 64 is a big step up from the SNES version of Harvest 
Moon when it comes to places you can go.  While there's still not 
/that/ many places to visit, the number has been increased quite a bit.  
However, your farm seems like it has less planting space than in the 
previous version, but this is made up for by the space you acquire when 
you get a greenhouse.

 1. Your Farm
Your grandfather bit the big one, and now it's up to you to return his 
run-down old farm to it's former glory.  Here's what you can find 

   -Your House-
Your house is where you begin each morning, and where you sleep each 
night.  Your nifty little hideout.  Actually, it's not that nifty when 
you start out.  In the beginning, it's just a single room constructed 
entirely of logs, empty with the exception of a television, a calendar, 
a toolbox, a nightstand, a bed, and a plain table.  Bummer.  There are 
a few things you can do here, though, and you can add lots of stuff to 
spruce it up.  You can also have the carpenters build add-ons, like a 
kitchen, and a bathroom. (See HOUSE EXTENSIONS section for details)

 The television is a helpful tool with four channels. (Well.. 
 technically, I'd say there are only three.) You can watch the 
 television whenever you want, but be warned, that if you come home 
 after midnight, you won't get to watch anything but the test pattern.  
 The channels are:

    Channel 1: (C Up button) Weather
  This channel tells you (without error) what tomorrow's weather will 
  be.  You should check this channel every day so that you can plan for 
  tomorrow and put your animals into the pasture, or back into the 
  barn, etc.  It also warns you about typhoons the day before, so pay 
  especially close attention in the Summer.

  Personally, I like to check the weather each morning right after I 
  get up, as there is a glitch that sometimes causes the game to 
  freeze when you watch TV... and it's better to have this happen in 
  the morning than the end of the day.  Also, you can plan your day 
  better if you know tomorrow's weather, such as putting your animals 
  out to pasture, etc.  If you need it to be sunny for some reason, 
  head to the Goddess's fountain and throw a home-grown veggie in, then
  wish for "weather."  This is a good way to try to avoid rain or 
  typhoons.  Of course, the most failsafe way not to be screwed by 
  weather is to back up your game frequently to a second file.

    Channel 2: (C Right button) Special Events
  This tells you which festivals are coming up, and what you should 
  be watching for.  The day of a festival, it will remind you that 
  that particular festival is taking place, if you check.

    Channel 3: (C Down button) Educational
  This channel will give you tips on growing crops and taking care of 
  your animals.  Usually, it tells you things you already know, but 
  occasionally, it can be informative (though usually long and boring).

    Channel 4: (C Left button) Entertainment (so-called in the manual)
  About as far from entertaining as it could get, I'd say.  This 
  channel features nothing but static.  The Japanese version of the 
  game DOES indeed make use of the entertainment channel, but for some 
  reason they decided to remove it for the American release.

 The calendar on the wall is used for keeping track of events. However, 
 nothing is marked for you. You have five stickers that you can use to 
 mark things yourself.  The events you have marked are cleared at the 
 start of every new season. A red check marks the current day.

 The toolbox is where you can store tools that you don't have enough 
 room to carry.  There is room to hold 32 items, basically more than 
 enough to hold all of your tools, bags of seeds, and other things.

 Pressing the A button on the nightstand brings up a list of options. 
 They are:

    A Diary
  This is what saves your game.  Before you go to bed at night, you 
  have the option to write in you diary and save, which is a good idea 
  to do every night, unless you're not quite sure you're happy with 
  what you did.  When you write in your diary, you will go to bed, and 
  choosing not to write will cause you to go to bed as well. Choose 
  "Don't sleep" if you still have stuff to do.

    A Tool Note
  These are the notes on tools that your grandfather left.  If you're 
  new to Harvest Moon, you might want to read about using the tools, 
  otherwise, you'll probably already know most of the info in there.

    An Estimate
  This basically tells you your progress on the farm.  It tells you the 
  amount of money you have, how many of each animal you have, your 
  stored lumber, and the amount of fodder you have.  It also lists the 
  name of your horse and dog, and whether or not any of your animals 
  have won at a festival.

    An Album
  Sometimes, when you do something interesting or noteworthy, you will 
  get a photo taken to remember the event.  This is where you keep all 
  of your photos, and you can look at them if you like.  Pressing the A 
  button on a picture will give you a caption telling you what the 
  photo commemorates. (See PHOTO ALBUM section for details)

   -The Barn-
This is where you can keep your cows and sheep.  There are enough 
stalls for a combination of up to eight cows and sheep.  There is a 
fodder spout on the north wall for getting food for the animals, a 
shipping crate on the east wall for shipping milk and wool, and an 
additional stall in the northeast corner for pregnant cows to rest in.  
You may also notice a small hole in the north wall.  This is a tunnel 
which leads to the Sprites' cave, so that they can feed your animals 
during a typhoon if you're friends with them.  You should always keep 
your livestock inside the barn when it is raining, or in the Winter 
(since there is no grass) but they like to be put into the pasture 
when the weather is nice.  A stable for your horse is built on the 
outside of your barn.

Between your barn and your chicken coop is a silo that holds your 
fodder. You can't go in it, but there is a sign on the front that will 
tell you how much fodder you currently have stored.  Holds up to 999 

   -Chicken Coop-
This is where you can keep up to six chickens.  Inside it are the 
stalls where you can place the chicken feed, and a shipping crate for 
your convenience when shipping eggs.  There is also an incubator in the 
northeast corner, and if you carefully place an egg in it, it will 
hatch into a chick within a few days.  You can also keep chickens 
outside, but be sure to bring them in on days when the weather is bad.

   -Lumber Bin-
Built onto the right side of the chicken coop is a place to store your 
lumber.  You can check to see how much wood is stored by checking the 
sign right next to the bin.  The lumber can be used to build fences and 
make upgrades to your house.  You can take pieces out and put them back 
in with the A button.  Holds up to 999 logs.

Next to the chicken coop in the northeast section of your farm, there 
is a small water hole where you can fill your watering can to water 
crops with.

In the northeast corner of your ranch, there is a lonely tree.  It 
wouldn't really be worth mentioning, except you can find the treasure 
map hidden there.

You have a space of 20 by 24 squares to plant crops, flowers, and grass 
in.  This field first comes covered in debris, but once you clear it, 
it becomes your livelihood.  

   -Shipping Crate-
Anything that you can gather, like crops, items from the mountains 
(with the exception of flowers), milk, wool, eggs, and minerals can be 
put in here to be sold.  Just be warned, however, that anything put 
into the bin after 5:00 will not be picked up until the next day.

   -Dog House and Dish-
Your dog's little house, that he never seems to use.  Oh well.  The 
dish is more important anyways.  You can put any edible item in the 
dish, and it will magically turn into dog food, which keeps your pooch 
happy, happy, happy.

In your mailbox, you can find fliers from shops, letters from friends, 
and occasionally, a photo from the wandering photographer.  You should 
check every day for new mail.

 2. The Crossroads
When you leave your farm, you'll notice (if you're particularly 
observant) that the path splits five ways (that is, not counting the 
way back to your farm). The southernmost path leads down to Green 
Ranch.  Both paths to the west lead to Flower Bud Village, the upper 
and lower halves, respectively.  The hill leading upwards goes to the 
vineyard, and the path heading straight up goes to Moon Mountain.  
Signs are posted to tell where all paths lead.

 3. Flower Bud Village
Flower Bud Village has three parts; the upper half, the lower half, and 
the town square.  There's a map in your book if you're having trouble 
finding your way around, and the tour on the first day will acquaint 
you with the locations of things.  Here are all the places to go, and 
what they're for.

 Northern Flower Bud Village:

  -Flower Shop-
Open: 9:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
Location: Northeast Corner of Flower Bud Village
Owned/Run by: Lillia, Basil, and Popuri
  This is the place to come for all of your agricultural needs.  You 
can buy seeds for  vegetables, grass, and even flowers, depending on 
the season.  The notes on the table will tell you about the current 
season's vegetables, and Lillia will gladly answer any questions you 
have about planting if you talk to her over the counter.  Between the 
25th and 29th of Winter every year, a raffle will be held, where you 
can win nifty prizes. For every box of flowers you buy, you get one 
sticker (point) on your card.  For every ten points you get, you can be 
entered in the raffle and get the chance to win one of four prizes.  
You can enter the raffle as many times as you'd like every year, but it 
takes ten points every time.  (Keep in mind that flowers can only be 
purchased in the spring, and the raffle takes place in the winter, so 
winning anything requires some degree of planning ahead.)

 For Sale:
                        Season:            Price:
Turnip Seeds:           Spring             200g/bag
Potato Seeds:           Spring             200g/bag
Cabbage Seeds:          Spring             200g/bag
Tomato Seeds:           Summer             300g/bag
Corn Seeds:             Summer             300g/bag
Eggplant Seeds:         Fall               300g/bag
*Strawberry Seeds:      Winter             500g/bag
Grass Seeds:            Spring-Summer      500g/bag
Moondrop Flower Seeds:  Spring             200g/box

 Any vegetable seed (with the exception of strawberries) can be bought 
during any season once you have purchased a greenhouse.

 *Can only be bought once you have acquired a greenhouse

 Raffle Prizes:
1st Prize: Cushion- This cushion will serve as another pillow in your 
2nd Prize: Flower Bath Crystals- They appear in your possessions menu 
           and will cause you to recover more strength when taking a 
           bath (or something).
3rd Prize: Flower Seal- The number of stickers available for use on 
           your calendar will double, going from 5 to 10.
4th Prize: Pink Cat Mint Seeds- You'll receive one box of these rare 
           flower seeds.  The only other time you can buy them is at 
           the Flower Festival.
Blank:     Moondrop Seeds- You'll receive one box of common flower 
           seeds to cheer you up.

Open: 8:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Saturdays and Festival Days
Location: Top-Center of Flower Bud Village
Run by: the Parson
  People come here on Sundays to pray, but during the week, the church 
serves as a school for the local children.  The parson himself teaches 
basic edu-ma-cation to the little buggers.  There's not much here 
except for the things you'd expect to find in a church: an old organ, a 
statue of the Goddess, a stove for heating, and some benches.  You can 
always come here to talk to the nice Parson.

Open: 6:00pm - Midnight
Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
Location: Northwest Corner of Flower Bud Village
Owned/Run by: the Tavern Owner
  Many of the guys of the village will come here in the evenings to 
drink their troubles away.  They'll appear on random nights and sit at 
the same spot every time. But once they get married, they don't go 
there anymore.  Heh heh.. they're whipped.  Karen also works here part-
time to make a little money. At any rate, it's a great place to gain 
information, as drunk people tend to open up to you.  You, too, can buy 
a few drinks to relax after a long days work.  Here's the menu:

Wine:      300g
Liquor:    300g
Beer:      350g
Milk:      150g
Water:     0g (Aren't you the healthy one?)

  -Flower Bud Bakery-
Open: 9:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Mondays and Festival Days
Location: Central Flower Bud Village
Owned/Run by: the Bakery Master, Elli, and Elli's Grandmother
  The Flower Bud Bakery doubles as the home of the Bakery Master, Elli,  
and her Grandmother.  It was actually owned by Elli's father before he 
died, and now the Bakery Master runs it.  If you're feeling hungry or 
tired, there's no better place than the bakery to regain your stamina.  
The cakes here, baked by Elli and sold by the Bakery Master, are 
delicious and energizing!  Anyway, there are two places you can buy 
things here.  You can either sit down at the table and order, and 
everything you order, you will eat automatically.  Otherwise, you can 
go up to the glass display case and order.  There, everything you buy 
will go directly to your hands, so you can carry it around and give it 
to someone, or put it in your backpack for later.  Like the Flower 
Shop, there's also a raffle held every Winter from the 25th and 29th.  
Buy lots of cakes, get points put on your card, and for every ten 
you'll be able to draw for a prize.  Repeat as necessary.  Just a quick 
thing I've noticed; you can only get points for cakes you buy from the 
case.  If you order a cake at the table and eat it, you don't get a 
sticker for it, so keep that in mind.  Anyway, here are the things you 
can get at the bakery:

 At the table: (will be eaten automatically)
Cake:      300g
Pie:       350g
Tea:       200g
Water:     0g

 At the display case: (can be taken with you)
Cake:      300g
Pie:       350g
Cookies:   300g

 Raffle Prizes:
1st Prize: Tablecloth- A pretty blue and white checkered tablecloth 
           will cover the table in the middle of your living room.
2nd Prize: Mug- A blue and white mug will sit on your kitchen table.
3rd Prize: Luncheon Mats- A couple of yellow placemats will spruce up 
           your kitchen table.
4th Prize: Honey- It will fill an empty bottle and refill all of your 
           energy when you drink it.
Blank:     Some cookies to cheer you up.  Bah!

  -Souvenir Shop-
Open: 9:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
Location: Central Flower Bud Village
Owned/Run by: Saibara (the artisan)
  The souvenir shop doesn't have much to offer.  The artisan, Saibara, 
is friendly enough, but it's not really worth the trip to see him, as 
his conversations are generally pretty dull.  But it's good to try and 
become friends with everyone in the game if you can, so I suppose that 
includes him.  At first, he won't sell you the pot he has on display in 
his shop.  To get him to sell it, during the Winter, go to the mine and 
dig until you find a Blue Rock.  Bring it to Saibara and give it to 
him, and he will give the pot a coat of blue glaze and sell it to you.  
Anyway, here are his goods:

           Price:         First Available:
Pot:       Not for sale   Spring of the first year
Ocarina:   1200g          Fall of the first year
Dyed Pot:  2000g          Give Saibara a Blue Stone (Winter)

  -Tool Shop-
Open: 10:00am - 6:00 pm
Closed: Wednesdays, Weekends, Festival Days, and Rainy or Snowy Days
Location: Central Flower Bud Village
Owned/Run by: Rick
  The tool shop is the place to buy many useful and frankly, necessary, 
items in the game.  However, it's almost as though every time I want to 
buy something there, the shop is closed.  How annoying!  But what can 
you do, really... Rick is a brilliant inventor, good at fixing broken 
music boxes, and he'll even discuss girls with you.  If you can ever 
manage to catch him on a business day, here's what you can buy:

                   Price:      First Available:
Brush:             600g        3rd of Spring, First Year
Wool Cutters:      1000g       When you buy your first sheep
Milker:            1800g       When you buy your first cow
Carpet:            3000g       1st of Fall, First Year
Room Organizer:    2000g       1st of Summer, First Year
Blue Feather:      980g        When at least one girl has a pink heart

 Town Square:

  The town square can be accessed by either of the staircases at the 
far west side of northern Flower Bud Village.  It's usually empty, but 
many of the festivals take place here, and from Spring 19th to the 
22nd, you can vote for the Flower Princess at the little box on the 
table.  The door in the back leads to the race track, but it's closed 
except for race days.

 Southern Flower Bud Village:

  -Potion Shop-
Open: 10:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Weekends and Festival Days
Location: Southeast Flower Bud Village
Owned/Run by: the Potion Shop Owner (and his two grandchildren)
  The Potion Shop Owner sits behind the vat in his living room, mixing 
God-knows-what and trying to sell it to you.  The three pot-looking 
things on the north wall are all types of medicine you can buy by 
examining them with the A button.  The door in the back leads to his 
grandsons' bedroom, where you can go and see their... beds.  Hehe... 
one has a bedspread that looks like a Pikachu.  But I digress.  The 
three types of medicine you can buy here are:

                 Price:         Effect:
Cure All:        1500g          Heals you when you're sick
Vitamin:         1000g          Helps prevent sickness
Strong Vitamin:  2000g          Helps prevent sickness (better)

  Before you can buy any of these medicines, though, you have to give 
the Potion Shop Owner some items so that he can make them.  He only 
needs one, though, and he'll be able to make the potion from then on. 
Here's the list of requirements:

Cure All:       Must give the Potion Shop Owner a medicinal herb from 
                Moon Mountain (any season but Winter)
Vitamin:        Must give the Potion Shop Owner a poisonous mushroom 
                from Moon Mountain (Fall)
Strong Vitamin: Must give the Potion Shop Owner a Pontana Root from 
                the mine (Winter)

  -Midwife's House-
Open: 9:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Festival Days
Location: Central Flower Bud Village
Owned by: the Midwife (and May)
  The midwife lives here with her granddaughter, May.  There is a 
stove, a bed, and a shelf full of maternity books.  Unless you're 
looking to talk to the midwife, you won't find anything of interest 

Open: 9:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Mondays, Festival Days, and the 1st through the 10th of each 
month (beginning after the first Spring)
Location: Western Flower Bud Village
Run by: Maria
  The Flower Bud Library is full of shelves of books.  Unfortunately, 
you can't actually read the books there, but you can browse the titles.  
Maria acts as the receptionist and sits behind the desk all day.  There 
are a few crates around, too.  The only reason I can think of to come 
here is to see Maria.

Location: South/Central Flower Bud Village
  There are several old tombstones here, including your grandfather's.  
Also, if one of your animals dies, they will be buried here, and you 
can visit their grave anytime you like.  What I can't figure out is 
why the graveyard isn't next to the church...

  -Mayor's House-
Open: 9:00am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Sundays and Festival Days
Location: Southwest Corner of Flower Bud Village
Owned by: the Mayor, the Mayor's Wife, and Maria
  This rather fancy house is where the Mayor and his family live.  It 
has a mailbox outside, a fireplace, a table, some art, and a door that 
leads to Maria's bedroom, which is off limits.  If you want to visit 
Maria's family, this is the place.

 4. Green Ranch
Unlike your farm, Green Ranch doesn't plant any crops.  Instead, they 
focus on raising and selling animals.  This is where you can buy and 
sell livestock, and where you can get your horse.  The Green Ranch 
Owner lives here with his two children, Ann and Gray.  The champion 
horse Cliffgard also calls the Green Ranch home, along with numerous 
livestock in the barn and grazing the fields.  There is a barn, a 
storehouse, and a shop to purchase/sell livestock and supplies.

Open: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Thursdays and Festival Days
  The Green Ranch Owner runs the shop, which also seems to double as 
his and his family's home.  A door leading to Ann's room is in the 
back, and a shelf showcasing all of the merchandise is also in the 
back of the room.  To buy an item, simply walk up to it and press the 
A button.  To buy or sell livestock, talk to the Ranch Owner across the 
counter.  There is also a notebook on the table that will give you 
helpful advice on raising livestock.

                  Price:            Use:
Chicken:          1500g             $$
Sheep:            4000g             $$
Cow:              6000g             $$

Medicine:         1000g             Cure sick cows and sheep
Miracle Potion:   3000g             Impregnate a cow
Cow Fodder:       30g per meal      Feed cows (in place of grass)
Chicken Feed:     10g per meal      Feed chickens

Open: 8:00am - 5:00pm
  This is where the cows, sheep, and horses of Green ranch live.  Gray 
spends lots of time here tending the animals, and Ann can be found here 
on rainy days.

Open: 8:00am - 5:00pm
  There's not much to do here, as it seems to be uninhabited and empty.  
Tools belonging to the Green Ranch are stored here, along with an old 
bed and stove.  Ann and Cliff appear to utilize this place a bit once 
they marry.

 5. The Beach
The beach is an area that's rather small to the east of Green Ranch.  
There's only one entrance and/or exit, and it's pretty empty.  It's 
very sandy, water laps at the shore, and a wooden dock protrudes out 
over the water, which makes for an ideal fishing spot.  Sometimes, 
you'll find Karen here, because she likes the solitude, and some 
festivals, like the Firefly Festival and the Swimming Festival, are 
held here.

 6. The Vineyard
The Vineyard is owned by Karen's family, and has been around for 
several generations.  The wine that used to be produced there by 
Karen's grandmother was highly regarded, but for some reason, the wine 
produced there now isn't nearly as good.  Karen wants nothing more than 
to bring the vineyard back to its former glory.  She lives there with 
her mother, father, and Kai, the vineyard worker.  There is a house, a 
storehouse, many rows of grapevines, and a dead tree in the corner.

   -The House-
Open: 8:00am - 5:00pm
This is where Karen and her family live.  Karen's mother spends almost 
all of her time here, while Karen's Dad is usually out working in the 
vineyard.  Karen's room is upstairs, but her mother won't let you in.

   -The Storehouse-
Open: 8:00am - 5:00pm
On the ground level, there are contraptions for making wine. 
Downstairs, in the cellar, there are two large barrels of wine, and a 
rack of bottles of finished wine.  Kai spends a lot of time here.

   -The Old Tree-
This dead old tree houses the Spirit of the Vineyard, which has been 
sleeping for twenty years.  Once you awaken it, (See PHOTO ALBUM 
section for details) it turns from its dead, gray color to a healthy 

 7. Moon Mountain
Those rugged enough to survive in the wilderness make their home in 
the mountains.  The mountains are a good place to forage for food and 
chop wood.  Various townspeople will occasionally wander around the 
mountains on their time off from work as well.  

   -Fisherman's Tent/Pond-
First thing you'll run into when you enter Moon Mountain is the 
fisherman's tent.  It's right in front of the pond, but you can't go 
inside.  The pond is a good place for fishing, but keep in mind that it 
freezes in the Winter. It also houses a kappa that likes fish a lot...

A river flows down from Moon Mountain, splits, and continues east and 
west.  It's a popular fishing spot, and it never freezes, so you can 
fish there year-round.

   -Carpenters' House-
If you enter the mountains and cross the river to travel left, 
you'll find the cabin where the carpenters live.  If you want an 
extension on your house, visit here and check the sign on the back 
wall  (See HOUSE EXTENSIONS for details).  Just don't mess with the 
tools.  The carpenters really hate that. ^_~  

The cave is located just above the carpenters' house.  The door on the 
left wall leads to the mines, but it's only open Winter 8th through the 
30th.  The hole on the back wall leads to the home of the Harvest 
Sprites when you push the A button there.  Medicinal herbs grow here in 

Hmm.. it's just a tree, located right next to the cave entrance.  But 
if you push the A button against it, you can climb up to the ledge.  
This is really useful if the carpenters in your game haven't built the 
bridge yet.  On the edge of the ledge, pushing A again will cause you 
to jump back down.

   -Goddess's Fountain-
Located in the grove to the left of the screen with the carpenters' 
house, the fountain is home to the Goddess of Spring.  Throwing 
vegetables into the pond will summon her (they have to have been grown 
on you own farm, and it has to be between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00).  
She will a) revive the Kifu Fairies for you if you possess the 
"Doorway to Heaven" vintage wine (see PHOTO ALBUM section for details) 
or b) ask you to make a wish.  Each time you summon her (maximum of 
once a day), you can wish either for weather, energy, or love.  

   -Hot Springs-
This won't even exist until the earthquake which occurs in the first 
Winter opens up a hot spring.  From the 12th to the 16th of the first 
Winter, you can even help the carpenters build a bath house around the 
spring.  Once it's completed, you can use it whenever you want; a 
quick dip will help prevent sickness.  It's located up the winding 
path, near the top of the mountain.  It's kind of out of the way... the 
bath in the bathroom is much more convenient (once you get it).

In the beginning of the game, the cliff near the top of Moon Mountain 
simply ends abruptly with a sign reading "BRIDGE OUT."  Well.. in the 
first Fall, you can help the carpenters rebuild it from the 23rd to 
the 27th.  Then, the way to the summit is opened.  (Of course, you 
could just climb the tree near the cave to get up, too.)

An old man and woman run a small but very traditional Japanese 
restaurant near the summit of Moon Mountain.  Not only do they not have 
any customers (due to the bridge being broken, and also the fact that 
they're in the middle of nowhere) but there's only one thing the woman 
cooks: dumplings!  I'm sure they don't do much business.. so how is it 
that they live..?

Rising a majestic 800 meters above sea level (or that's what the sign 
says, anyway) is the summit of Moon Mountain.  You can't really do 
anything there and it's a really long walk, so don't waste your time.  
However, it's a nice place to watch the sunrise with the girl of your 
choice on New Years.  Popuri also spends certain festivals up there.

      C. SEASONS

   The World of Harvest Moon 64 has only four months: Spring, Summer, 
Fall, and Winter.  Each season has certain festivals and crops that you 
can grow, as well as different materials to be found.  (For information 
on crops and forageable items, see the CROPS section under PLAYING THE 

The snow from Winter has melted, and a fresh, new year has begun.  
Flowers are blooming, animals are coming out of hibernation, and it's 
time to begin planting again.  Single-harvest plants are in season, so 
you'll be making lots of trips to town for seeds.

Summertiiiimmmme, and the living is eaaaaasyyyyy~~ ....or maybe not.  
Summer is the most busy season of the year.  Crops like tomatoes and 
corn which require re-harvesting every few days will keep you occupied.  
Be on the lookout for disastrous typhoons; you'll probably get one or 
two every Summer.  

The trees are losing their leaves and the days are getting shorter 
(metiphorically, of course.. the days don't ACTUALLY get shorter!).  
You won't be able to grow anything but eggplants unless you have a 
greenhouse.  In other words, it's a slow season.  You'd better have 
some animals by now if you want to have a steady income.  Make sure 
you're cutting lots of grass and stocking up for Winter, or you'll be 

'Tis the season to make money!  When the mine opens, you'll be raking 
in the cash every day.  Combine that with the price you can get on 
strawberries (if you have a greenhouse) and you've got it made this 
season!  Just be careful, it snows frequently, and you're likely to 
catch a cold on those days if you work too hard.

 1. Festivals
Usually, someone will come to your farm the day before a festival and 
remind you to attend the next day.  Festivals are typically located at 
the Town Square, with some exceptions.  If you want to attend a 
festival,  show up at the location before 5:00, or you will have missed 
it.  Of course, some festivals take place at night.  In that case, you 
need to show up after dark. (7:00 or so is good.) When a festival is 
over, you will automatically return to your house and go to bed without 
the option of saving (so you have to play another day to save.)  
Because you go straight to bed, make sure you do your work before 
heading over to the festival.  (The races are exceptions to this.  They 
will simply set you loose at 5:00.)  Here are the festivals:


-New Year's Day-
Date: Spring 1    Location: Town Square
  This festival takes place after the first year (since your first day 
on the farm falls on the third of Spring).  Once your chores are done, 
head over to the town square.  Once you're there, you're supposed to 
greet everyone--you will earn affection points for each time you talk 
to a person.  However, there's a catch: you have to have a toast 
every time you greet someone.  When someone's had enough, they'll 
leave.  The idea is to be the last one there.  But you have to greet 
some people more than once before they'll get too tipsy and leave.  So 
how do you manage this without passing out?  For every drink you have 
during the year, your level of alcohol-tolerance raises a little.  So 
if you hit the bar every night, you'll be able to hold your liquor with 
no problem.  But if you haven't touched a drop, you won't even hold out 
against little Popuri.  When you're done, you'll either walk home, or 
you'll have to be carried by the Buyer.  Good luck, and here's a hint: 
watch out for Karen and Kai!

 If you really want to win, spend some time in the cellar at the 
vineyard with your empty bottle, shamelessly siphoning the unlimited 
booze from the barrels.  It's free and time won't pass while you're 
down there--imbibe enough and you're a shoe-in to drink everyone under 
the table! And since toasting people gives you free affection points 
with the townsfolk, you'll definitely want to be able to greet each 
and every person.  Make sure you've had about thirty drinks, just to 
be on the safe side.

-Planting Festival-
Date: Spring 8    Location: Town Square
  The king chosen at last Fall's Harvest Festival will choose an 
assistant, and go up in a hot-air balloon.  Everyone else will get a 
balloon filled with seeds, and at the signal, release them into the 
sky.  Hopefully, the balloons will burst and scatter seeds to plant 
grasses and flowers wherever they land.

-Horse Race-
Date: Spring 17   Location: Town Square/Racetrack
  If your horse is grown up, you can enter him in the race the day 
before.  Otherwise, just watch the other horses race.  There are three 
races over the course of the day, the first of which starts about 8:00, 
so don't be late!  If you have money to burn (or you use the trick in 
the SECRETS section) you can talk to the Mayor's Wife to bet on the 
horses and win medals.  To win medals, buy tickets from the Mayor's 
Wife at 50g apiece.  The number of tickets you place on a winning horse 
will be multiplied by the horse's odds (which are displayed next to the 
horse's name) and you will win that amount of medals.  Medals, in turn, 
can be traded in for prizes if you talk to the Mayor.  After the first 
race is over, you'll be able to use the door that leads to the track 
and talk to everyone.  Some people who you won't normally see around 
town will come to see the races, too.  The Buyer and the Bakery Owner 
are also selling food, if you've got some spare cash.  Here's what you 
can get:

 The Buyer's Stand:
Located: Top of the Town Square
Candy:      120g
Fry:        200g
Corn:       250g

 The Bakery Owner's Stand:
Located: Top of the Racetrack area
Iced Tea:   150g
Milk:       200g
Cookie:     300g

 Things Which can be Exchanged for Medals:

                    Price:          Use:
New Stable:         3000 medals     A new stable for your horse
Stuffed Horse:      1000 medals     A toy horse to decorate your house
Sustaining Carrot:  500 medals      Makes horses tame (supposedly)

  To race your horse, he first must be old enough to ride, which means 
that you won't be able to enter him in the very first horse race of the 
first year.  To increase his stamina (and therefore, his chances of 
winning) you should whistle for him (using C Left) in addition to 
brushing and exercising him every day.  It doesn't matter how long you 
gallop him; mounting and dismounting real quick will give you the 
affection points which increase his stamina.  Anyway, come race time, 
you'll notice a meter in the upper left corner of your screen with a 
horse's face in a green colored circle.  That shows how much stamina 
your horse has.  As you race your horse by pressing the A button 
repeatedly (not like you would for the swimming festival, but a bit 
more slowly) his stamina will gradually decrease, and finally run out.
Green means he's in great shape, yellow is still okay, white means he's
almost done for, and red means he's exhausted.  Once the meter is red, 
no amount of pushing the button will get your horse to run.  So what's 
the best strategy for winning?  Well, first your horse has to be in 
fairly good shape.  Then, at the offset of the race, wait a few seconds
without tapping anything.  Let some ground pass, and when you're 
nearing the end of the race (you'll know because the crowd will 
begin cheering) give it all you've got!  Of course, if this strategy 
doesn't work, try one of your own!  You can always reset the game and 
try again as many times as you'd like.

  One more thing.. if you don't think your horse has any chance of 
winning, you don't have to enter it!  Participants in the race are not 
permitted to buy tickets or bet on the race, so you'll be missing out 
on an opportunity to win medals.  That means that rather than having 
three races to bet on, you'll only have two.  It's your choice.

-Flower Festival-
Date: Spring 23   Location: Town Square
  It's the season when flowers are blooming in abundance, so today, 
we celebrate them!  You can walk around and talk to everyone while 
you're waiting for the Flower Princess to arrive with her entourage.  
The Flower Princess, of course, is chosen by the vote which took place 
in the town square from the 19th to the 22nd.  There are a few things 
you can buy at this festival, too.  Don't worry if you can't afford 
them all in your first year, since they'll be there every year until 
you buy them.  Once you've talked to everyone and finished your 
shopping, the Flower Princess will enter with the other girls (her 
entourage).  Talk to each of the girls to receive a flower, and make 
sure to compliment the Flower Princess.  Then, talk to the Mayor, and 
you'll be able to choose your dance partner.  Problem is, you can't 
dance with the Princess unless you're the King.  Pick a girl and dance 
'till you drop!  Oh yeah... and here's what you can buy while you're 

 Rick's Booth:
Located:  Southeast part of the town square
Empty Bottle:    200g

 The Traveling Salesman:
Located:  Along the left wall (next to the Mayor)
Power Nut:       1000g

 Lilia and Basil:
Located:  Upper left of the town square
Moondrop Seeds:  300g/box


Date: Summer 1    Location: Town Square/Summit/Bakery/Green Ranch/Beach
  Once the sun sets, head out to where your girl said to find her.  You 
should have talked to her earlier in the day to find out where she'll 
be.  Once you meet with her, you'll watch the fireworks which celebrate 
the beginning of Summer together.  Who knows what can happen on a 
romantic night such as this?  Here's where you can find the girls:

Maria:   At the Town Square in Flower Bud Village
Ann:     At the field on Green Ranch
Popuri:  At the summit of Moon Mountain (If the bridge hasn't been 
         rebuilt yet, climb the tree behind the carpenters' house)
Elli:    At the bakery in Flower Bud Village
Karen:   At the beach east of the entrance to Green Ranch

-Vegetable Festival-
Date: Summer 9    Location: Town Square
  This is the day when we show our appreciation for veggies!  You can 
bring a vegetable to be judged if you have one, or you can just go to 
engage in conversation with the people (and such witty conversation 
they provide.. saying the exact same thing year after year).  If you 
want to enter, simply carry your veggie to the town square and talk to 
the Mayor.  If you don't have one, he'll let you in anyway.  Just talk 
to everyone and bide your time until the winner is announced.  Some say
that talking to the Special Gourmet Judge increases your chance of 
winning and talking to the Potion Shop Owner decreases them, but this 
is likely a myth.  

  The truth is, in order to win, you must enter a vegetable type which 
you have shipped at least one hundred of.  This means that you can 
indeed win in the first year if, for example, you dilligently plant 
twelve plots of turnips, ship all but one (meaning that you had shipped 
a total of 107, if my calculations are correct), and keep that extra 
one in your rucksack until it's time to enter.

If you win, Basil might show up at your ranch the next night to invite 
you out for a drink, and your affection level with many of the 
townspeople will increase.

-Firefly Festival-
Date: Summer 17   Location: Beach
  Following an old tradition, this is the night that all the 
townspeople float "Firefly Lanterns" out to sea to light the way for 
their dead ancestors' spirits.  Supposedly, the spirits come to visit 
for a day, and then leave at night, by the light of the floating 
lanterns.  All you can do is talk to everyone present, and then float 
your light to sea.  If you're dating a girl, afterwards, you might even
walk her home.  Just remember: this is a night festival, so show up at 
the beach after sunset to participate.

-Sea Festival-
Date: Summer 24   Location: Beach
  This festival is a tradition that dates back to a time when strong 
young men would swim out into the ocean to demonstrate that it was 
safe, or something like that.  These days, it's a simple swim meet.  
All of the young men from the town gather together and race to the 
buoy out in the water.  Kai usually takes first place, unless, of 
course, you can manage to beat him by tapping the A button with a 
quick and steady pace.  In the first year you can win the Invincible 
Katori, a statue of a pig that sits on your living room floor.  
Following that, you can win a month's supply of lumber.  


-Cow Festival-
Date: Fall 4      Location: Green Ranch
  Whether or not you chose to enter a cow, head on over to the Green 
Ranch today to drink milk and hear what everyone has to say on the 
subject of cows.  When you're done, the cows will be judged by their 
milk, coats, and dispositions.  If you win, your cow will start giving 
gold milk!  That's reason enough to enter, since gold milk gets you 
500g per day.  Of course, you'll also get affection boosts from the 

  The requirements for winning the festival (which were discovered 
originally by scribblykakuloo) are twofold: The cow which you enter 
must have at least 240 affection--in other words, nearly maxed 
out--and you must have shipped at least a total of 60 jugs of milk.  
Doesn't matter which cows produced it, or what size it is... only 
that you ship 60.  Of course, this means it's very nearly impossible 
to win in the first year, unless all of your early income goes towards

-Harvest Festival-
Date: Fall 12     Location: Town Square
  This is probably one of the most important festivals of the year.  
People cook all sorts of yummy food to celebrate the years' harvest, 
but the most significant by far are Elli's cakes.  Every guy gets a 
piece of cake, and the lucky one to find a coin in his is the next 
year's King.  That means he gets to ride in the balloon at the 
Planting Festival, choose the participants in the Spirit Festival, 
and dance with the Flower Princess at the Flower Festival.  Yes, I 
know, it's so exiting...  Anyway, talk to everyone at the festival and 
be sure to tell Popuri that her salad tastes strange; she'll know 
you're lying of you don't.  Once the King has been chosen, you can 
choose a girl to dance with.  Just remember, the Harvest King is 
chosen at random, so if you don't get it, better luck next year!

     *Lagniappe wrote in with this strategy for becoming Harvest King:

     "Do you really want to be Harvest King?  This strategy, although 
      a little time-consuming, works every single time for me.  You Do 
      NOT save the game the night before the Festival.  Save it two 
      nights before.  (The King is chosen by the day before the 
      Festival, so it’s too late to change it if you’re not King at 
      that point.)  Now play until Jack is given his cake by Elli.  
      If you’re not the King, reset the game, and do it again (still 
      not saving the night before the Festival).  The game cycles 
      through all of the eligible male characters (i.e., Jeff, Kai, 
      Cliff, Gray, Harris), so give it 4 or 5 times.  Once I got it 
      on the 2nd reset, once on the 5th…you know it’s working when 
      there’s a different winner each time.  Do NOT turn it off, or 
      you “lose your place”, in other words, it starts over with the 
      first guy and works its way through all of them until it gets 
      to you."

-Egg Festival-
Date: Fall 20     Location: Town Square
  The Egg Festival is pretty much the equivalent of Easter to the 
citizens of Flower Bud Village.  Once your chores are done, head over 
to the Town Square for an egg hunt of sorts.  The Mayor will hold up 
an egg of a certain color and you'll have to find the one that matches 
by checking the boxes located throughout the town.  If the egg you fond 
doesn't match, just toss it and keep looking.  You'll only have a 
limited amount of time to find each egg, and once it's up, the Mayor 
will hold up a different egg to find.  Sadly, it's too easy to win, as 
the other players don't make for very good competition.  The first 
year, the winner gets a Power Nut, and in the second year, you can win 
a turtle figurine.  Each year following that, the winner receives a 
month's supply of lumber.

-Horse Race-
Date: Fall 28     Location: Town Square/Racetrack
  See the details under the description for the Horse Race in Spring.


Date: Winter 10   
  This is the day when women show their appreciation to the men for 
all the hard work they do by baking cakes for them.  If any girls 
really like you, they'll bring cakes to your farm, so you can spend 
the day waiting for them.  Ride your horse, or exercise your dog for 
the race that's coming up.  The girls will be happy if you're waiting 
to receive their cakes.  If you're already married, your wife will 
bake a cake for you in the evening, and you'll get to eat it.

      *Johnathan has informed me of other ways to get cakes, too:

      "On Thanksgiving (Winter 10) instead of staying at your house, 
      you can go and get cakes from all of the girls at these 
      locations (no matter if they like you or not):
      Karen - The Beach
      Elli - Bakery (inside)
      Ann - Green Ranch
      Popuri - Flower Shop (outside)
      Maria - Inside of her house
      Most of the girls you need to talk twice for them to give 
      you the cake."

-Dog Racing-
Date: Winter 19   Location: Town Square/Racetrack
  Same deal as the horse race applies here.  You can enter your dog in 
one of the races the day before, or you might just choose to watch and 
place bets.  Either way, finish your chores early and mosey on over 
to the town square by about 7:30 to make sure you have time to buy 
tickets before the first race, which starts right at 8:00.  If you race 
your dog, just remember that you can't do anything but watch him run, 
unlike the horse race in which you have to press the A button over and 
over again.  Nope.. dog racing sure is easy!  There are the tickets 
you can buy for 50g each from the Mayor's Wife to win medals, same as 
in horse racing.  In fact, the same medals are used in both the horse 
and dog races, so you can combine your winnings to get better prizes.  
There will be three races over the course of the day, and after the 
first one takes place, you'll be able to talk to everyone in the race 
track area.  Like the horse races, the dog races attract visitors from 
out of town for you to meet as well.  And the Bakery Master will also 
be trying to see you some food.  Here's the available wares:

 The Bakery Owner's Stand:
Located: Top of the Racetrack area
Hot Tea:    150g
Hot Milk:   200g
Cookie:     300g

 Things Which can be Exchanged for Medals:

                    Price:          Use:
Awesome House:      3000 medals     A new house for your dog
Cool Clock:         1000 medals     (A.K.A. The Moo Moo Watch)  Sorta 
                                    like a skin for Winamp, this 
                                    gives the clock in your start menu 
                                    a cool cow pattern.
500 Lumber Pieces:  500 medals      500 pieces of wood, put directly in 
                                    your lumber bin.

  If you're planning on entering your dog, a bit of preparation is in 
order.  He needs to be healthy and happy to have a shot at winning, at 
the requires a little extra work on your part.  Start by making sure 
you feed him every single day.  Any sort of food item will do, from 
eggs to fish or even edible grass... put something into his dish once a 
day. I'll just automatically turn to dog food. Keep in mind that this 
isn't required- he won't starve if you don't feed him, but his chances 
of winning will be better if you do.   Secondly, give your dog some 
daily exercise! Whistle for him so that he runs towards you, then pick 
him up to get your daily affection points. Just don't ignore him or 
he'll become unhappy. Also, don't leave him outside in rain or snow... 
he'll be miserable, and his health will drop.  That's bad.

  Just as in the horse races, it isn't necessary to race your dog if 
you don't want to.  After all, participants aren't permitted to bet on 
their own race.  So if you've already won one year, what's the point of 
depriving yourself an opportunity to win more medals?  It's your 

-Starry Night-
Date: Winter 24   Location: Church/Summit/Beach
  Once the sun sets, go find your favorite girl to do some romantic 
stargazing.  You should have asked her where she'd be ahead of time, 
but in case you didn't, here's where to find them: Ann, Elli, and Maria 
will play a musical number in the church in which Ann and Elli play the 
flute and Maria plays the organ, Popuri will be at her usual spot on 
the summit of Moon Mountain, and Karen will be on the beach.  If you 
go to see one of the girls in the church, be sure to talk to her after 
they're done playing.  Or, if you wind up in a secluded spot with 
Popuri or Karen, she might be up for some cuddling if she likes you.  
Once again, for clarification, the girls can be found:

Maria:   At the Church in Flower Bud Village
Ann:     At the Church in Flower Bud Village
Popuri:  At the summit of Moon Mountain (If the bridge hasn't been 
         rebuilt yet, climb the tree behind the carpenters' house)
Elli:    At the Church in Flower Bud Village
Karen:   At the beach east of the entrance to Green Ranch

      *Johnathan has also informed me of this fun fact: ^_^

      "If you're good friends with the elves (Harvest Sprites) and 
      you go up with Popuri on the Starry Night then they (the 
      elves) will talk about the love scene and giggle. It's funny."

-Spirit Festival-
Date: Winter 27   Location: Town Square
  The year is drawing to a close, and following yet another of the 
town's old traditions, it's time to chase away all of the evil spirits 
so that the new year can be free of them.  The King chooses three 
assistants to help him perform a little musical number in the Town 
Square.  If you're friends with this year's King, he'll visit your 
ranch to ask you to play your instrument with him at the festival, 
or if you happen to be the King, you'll have to choose assistants of 
your own.  This is the only time you'll ever need that ocarina you 
can buy in the Souvenir Shop, but if you can afford it, it's 
preferable to playing your cow bell, I suppose.  It seems everyone has 
a nice talent; most of the town's guys can play the ocarina, and while 
most of the girls play the flute, some (like Popuri) prefer to sing.

-New Year's Eve-
Date: Winter 30   Location: Bar/Church
  It's the last day of the year, and come nightfall, you can choose to 
go to the location where your girl said she would be to celebrate 
together!  In case you forgot to ask earlier in the day, Karen and 
Ann will be in the bar, while Maria, Elli and Popuri will be in the 
church.  You can only visit one location, so choose wisely!  You can 
always visit the other next year.  Anyway, once you decide to leave, 
one of the girls at your location (if she likes you a lot) might ask 
you to go and see the first sunrise of the year with her on top of Moon 
Mountain.  Of course you should agree to go!  It would make her very 
happy.  Once again, find the girls here:

Maria:   At the Church in Flower Bud Village
Ann:     At the Bar in Flower Bud Village
Popuri:  At the Church in Flower Bud Village
Elli:    At the Church in Flower Bud Village
Karen:   At the Bar in Flower Bud Village

 2. Other Important Dates

Spring 1-10: (beginning the second year)
  The Flower Bud Library will be closed from the 1st to the 10th.  
You'll have to find Maria elsewhere if you want to talk to her.

Spring 15: (any year)
  Popuri's dad, Basil, will come back home from his journeys until Fall 
comes again.  The first time, he'll introduce himself to you.  Any 
other year, if you're good friends with him, he just might bring a 
Power Nut for you.

Spring 16: (any year)
  Deadline for entering the Horse Race.  The Green Ranch Owner will 
visit you in the morning and ask you if you would like to enter.  
Remember, you won't be able to enter the race until your horse is fully
grown, so the Green Ranch Owner probably won't show up in the Spring 
of the first year.

Spring 18: (first year)
  A mysterious young man will show up at your ranch first thing in the 
morning, asking for food.  Make sure you have something in your 
rucksack or in the field!  He'll introduce himself as Cliff.

Spring 18-22: (any year)
  Voting for the Flower Princess is open.  Go to the Town Square and 
cast your vote for one of the five eligible bachelor-ettes.  Just 
remember, you won't be able to dance with the winner, (unless you're 
the king) so don't vote for the one you want to dance with!

Spring 22: (any year)
  Popuri's birthday is today.  Bring her a flower for a present; 
she'll love that!

Spring 25: (beginning the second year)
  Blue Mist seeds go on sale starting on this date every year.  You 
can get them until the end of Summer.  If you can get it to bloom, 
you will get a photo with Popuri to add to your album!

Summer 1-10: (any year)
  The Flower Bud Library will be closed from the 1st to the 10th.  

Summer 2-30: (any year, as long as you're not married)
  (The date on this is variable--it can happen on any non-festival, 
non-rainy evening during the summer.)
  If Maria has a pink heart, she will show up at your farm after dark 
to invite you to watch the fireflies with her in the mountains.  You 
get a photo for this event, so try to accomplish it before you get 
married.  It IS possible to do it in the first Summer, so long as you 
try hard from day one to get her to a pink heart.

Summer 7-8: (any year)
  A sort-of festival called the Bamboo Float is tonight.  You have to 
be married to attend this, and you have to enter your farm after dark 
and find your wife standing in front of your house.  She'll ask you to 
go to the Bamboo Float.  If you go, you'll first get the option to 
wish for either animals, family, or weather.  You and your wife will 
then float little boats made of bamboo down the river in Moon Mountain.  
The legend states that if the boat doesn't sink, you wish will come 
true.  If you have a kid, he'll go with you.  If you miss the festival 
on the 7th, you can go on the 8th.

Summer 14: (any year)
  Ann's birthday.  Give her corn, wool, or a potato and she'll be very 

Fall 1-10: (any year)
  The Flower Bud Library will be closed from the 1st to the 10th.

Fall 1: (any year)
  Elli's birthday is today.  You should give her eggs or milk if you 
see her.

Fall 2: (any year)
  If you have any cows that are eligible to enter in the Cow Festival, 
the little boy named Kent will come and tell you which of your cows 
has the best chance of winning.

Fall 3: (any year)
  If you have any cows that are eligible to enter in the Cow Festival, 
the Green Ranch Owner will come today and enter one if you like.  You 
should enter the one Kent suggested the day before.  The Green Ranch 
Owner will then take the cow with him.

Fall 5: (any year)
  Popuri's dad, Basil, leaves on this day every year to continue his 
journeys to find rare and exotic plants.  Don't worry, he'll be back 
next Spring.

Fall 6: (any year)
  If you went through the trouble to get the Doorway to Heaven wine, 
befriended the Sprites, and revived the spirit of the old tree, 
tonight is the night the Goddess will show up while you're sleeping 
to tell you the Kifu Fairies have returned. (For more information 
on reviving the vineyard, see the PHOTO ALBUM section)

Fall 7: (any year, as long as you're not married)
  If the Goddess appeared the previous night to inform you of the 
fairies' return to the vineyard, and Karen has a pink heart, she 
will show up at your farm after dark to invite you to the vineyard.  
You get a photo for this event, so try to accomplish it before 
you're married.  It won't happen if it's raining, so either have a 
backup file ready, or be wishing for "weather" from the goddess for 
a few days in advance.

Fall 9: (any year, as long as you're not married)
  If Elli has a pink heart, tonight she will show up at your farm 
after dark to make Moondrop Water in the mountains.  You get a photo 
for this event, so try to accomplish it before you're married.  As 
with Karen's photo event, she won't come if it's raining, so be 

Fall 10: (any year)
  Another sort-of festival is tonight: the Full Moon.  You have to be 
married, and your wife will be waiting for you outside the house after 
dark.  You will go see the full moon with you wife and kid, if you 
have one.

Fall 10-12: (any year)
  Once every year, the Full Moon Berry blooms near the restaurant on 
Moon Mountain.  You can only find it on these three days.  You can 
either sell it or give it to someone.  Personally, I enjoy saving 
them up and filling my fridge with them.  It makes me feel epic. =P

Fall 23-27: (first year)
  On these dates, you can help the carpenters repair the bridge to the 
summit of Moon Mountain.  You have to show up at the foot of the 
mountain every day before 3:00 or you'll miss out on that day (and 
believe me, you don't want to miss out on any, since they pay you 
1000g per day).  Work will end at 3:00, so technically, if you show up 
at 2:00, you're getting paid 1000g for an hour of work.  Not bad...  

Fall 27: (any year)
  The deadline for entry into the horse race is today.  The Green 
Ranch Owner will show up in the morning to ask if you would like to 

Fall 30: (first year)
  Ann's father will come and ask you to do a favor for him.  Mrs. Mana 
is going to let the Green Ranch Owner sell her cows, but first, they 
need a place to stay for a week.  You should agree to help him if 
you've got enough fodder.

Winter 1: (any year, as long as you're not married)
  If you have a pink heart with Ann, she will invite you to see the 
rare Pika Bunny in Moon Mountain.  You will get a photo for this 
event, so try and accomplish it before you get married.  Unfortunately, 
she shows up first thing in the morning, which means that if it's the 
first year, you won't be able to feed Mrs. Mana's cows.  Try to be 
friends with the Harvest Sprites so that they will be taken care of.  
Oh, and make sure it's not snowing, or Ann won't come.

Winter 1-5: (first year)
  You'll have to take care of Mrs. Mana's three cows.  They're not old 
enough to be milked, but you should brush them and talk to them every 
day.  If you do a good job, the Green Ranch Owner will be very pleased 
and pay you well.  You'll also become better friends with him.  You'll 
be able to find Mrs. Mana in the bar on the nights she's in town, and 
her creepy-looking son might visit you on your farm.

Winter 1-10: (any year)
  As usual, the Flower Bud Library will be closed from the 1st to the 
10th of the month.

Winter 8-30: (any year)
  The mine opens to the public on the 8th every year, and closes on the 
30th so that all of the minerals aren't mined out at once.  You can 
make a fortune mining here, just use your hoe to dig (only level one 
swings are possible, anything higher doesn't work, so don't bother) and 
find all kinds of useful things.  There's all sorts of minerals, coins, 
roots, a Power Nut, and even a weathervane.  Sometimes you might find a 
hole.  Chose the option to go down a level, because every level you go 
down, chances of finding better items become greater.  You can't even 
find the Power Nut unless you're on the second sub-level or lower.  
(See a list of what you can find in the section called FORAGEABLE 

Winter 11: (any year)
  Maria's birthday is here.  If you have a greenhouse, try to get her 
some cabbage.

Winter 12-16: (first year)
  The carpenters could use your help again.  This time, an earthquake 
opened a hot spring on Moon Mountain near where you just built the 
bridge.  It's the same drill as last time; show up at the mountain at 
about 2:00 every day and help out until 3:00.  They'll pay you 1000g 
a day for your help, and you'll even get a picture out of the deal if 
you decide to help.

      *Lagniappe had this to say about the earthquake:

      "If you have a greenhouse with crops in it on the day the 
      earthquake hits, some of your crops will vanish!  It was pretty 
      funny the first time it happened to me; I had no clue what was 
      going on.  I don’t think that’s a glitch, it’s meant to happen.  
      Not many know this I think, since I’ve seen posts on the 
      Message Boards about “missing crops”."

Winter 18: (any year)
  The deadline for entering the Dog Race is today.  The Green Ranch 
Owner will be at your farm first thing in the morning to ask if you'd 
like to enter your dog in the races. 

Winter 25-29: (any year)
  The raffles are being held at the Bakery and the Flower Shop.  If you 
happen to have 10+ points on either of your cards, you should go enter 
(simply talk to the shop owner OVER the counter).  If you don't quite 
have 10, you can buy cakes until you do, but you can't add any points 
to your Flower Card until Spring.  For a list of prizes, check the 
Flower Bud Bakery and the Flower Shop under PLACES.

Winter 29: (any year)
  Karen's birthday is today.  If you have kept any berries from other 
seasons, give them to her today, or if you have a greenhouse, you might 
give her a strawberry.  She loves any of those.


                      III. PLAYING THE GAME

   Now for the meat of the FAQ.. actual information on playing the game!  
As I said in the intro, I'm not interested in writing a walkthrough 
for Harvest Moon 64.  Why?  Because Harvest Moon 64 doesn't have a 
plot or a set storyline. It's creating your farm and building your 
empire, so to speak, that is entertaining.  If you're just reading 
off of someone else's FAQ exactly what to do, how is that any fun at 
all?  Anyway, this is as close as I'll get to telling you how to play; 
the rest, you'll have to figure out for yourself!


  Congratulations on acquiring Harvest Moon 64!  Once you've turned it 
on, you may or may not choose to watch the slightly long, but 
informative intro.  Once you're ready, hit the start button, and the 
fun begins!  For additional help playing the game, you can choose to 
watch the game's built-in tutorial by selecting "How to Play."  
Otherwise, choose "Play" to head to the next screen.

  You'll see that there are four diaries, or in other words, slots to 
keep your saved games.  Choosing an empty slot will start a new game, 
and choosing a filled slot will continue a game in progress.  You'll 
also notice two icons off to the right side.  The top one, "delete", 
will obviously delete a file, so that a new game can be started.  The 
lower one, "move", is a pretty bad translation; it actually copies a 
file into another slot.  This is useful to back up your game 
occasionally, just in case you happen to mess up irreversibly.  Keep a
fairly recent copy of your game at all times!  Anyway, since this 
section is titled "Getting Started," let's start a new game.  Name your
character, farm, and your dog whatever you like, and pick out your 
character's birthday.  There actually is a strategy to this; since you 
get presents on your birthday from girls with a pink heart, set it on 
the date that you think you might have accomplished that by.  If you 
think you can get one by the first Fall or Winter, go for it.  If you 
think you'll take a bit longer, try for Spring or Summer, so that you 
can receive them early in the second year.  Of course, if you're a pro 
or you decide to use the "Karen/Dog Trick", you'll be able to get it 
done more quickly, like the first Spring or Summer.  But if that's 
the case, why do you need to read this? ^_^ Anyway, the date will 
always be the 25th.

  Now, your very first day on the farm!  You find yourself in a little, 
empty house.  Stepping outside, you'll meet the Mayor, who offers to 
show you around town.  If you feel the need to accept, go ahead, 
otherwise, get right to work.  You'll find that your field is a 
disaster area; rocks, bushes, and stumps are choking the land and 
making it impossible to cultivate.  This is a good place to begin: 
clearing your land.  With the tools in your rucksack, you can crush 
the boulders and rocks, chop the stumps, and cut the weeds (see the 
ITEMS section for help on using the tools).  There's no possible way 
you can clear it all in one day, or even in several.  For now, just 
clear enough to plant a 3x3 square of crops with at least one square 
of space all around, so that you can water it.  It's best if you begin 
by planting close to the shipping crate so that you can harvest crops 
more efficiently.  Now till the soil with the hoe in a 3x3 square in 
the area you prepared so that you can plant a crop and begin earning 

  Now, the land is ready.  You should still have plenty of time to run 
down to the Flower Shop and buy a bag of seeds.  You need to start 
earning money fast, so use the money you have to buy a bag of seeds 
(potatoes are good) and head back to the farm.  Plant them and water 
them.  Don't forget to water them every day until they're ready to be 
picked!  Once that's taken care of, there are many things you can do.  
Your field needs to be cleared eventually, so don't forget that you 
need to be working on that.  You can go to the mountain and gather food
to be sold, so that you can start buying more seeds to plant.  
Remember, everything you want to sell goes in the shipping crate before
5:00, or you won't get any money for it until the next day!

  I recommend gathering everything you can from Moon Mountain for 
the first few days, and selling it for money.  This way, you can buy 
more seeds to plant before the ones you've already planted can be 
harvested.  Just make sure you're in bed before midnight so that you 
stay healthy.  But if you notice Jack shaking his head with a bluish 
color to his face, it means you're getting sick anyway.  Don't overwork 
yourself beyond this point.

  You also should meet the townspeople, whom you need to build 
relationships with each and every one of.  The fisherman will give 
you a fishing pole.  And don't forget to visit Green Ranch and get your 
horse from Ann before Spring is over!  As time passes, till more of your 
field and plant more squares of crops.  Start bringing gifts to 
townspeople (especially girls) so that they like you.  Be gathering 
from the mountain every day and chop some wood, too, so that you can 
begin collecting lumber.  Eventually, save up enough money to buy 
some livestock to take care of.  Develop a routine so that you get 
things done that need to be done, and don't forget to do some exploring 
as well!  I know it sounds complicated, but once you've played a little 
bit, you'll see that it's easy to organize your day and keep track of 

        B. ITEMS

   Items fall into one of three categories: tools, possessions, and 
belongings.  You will need to learn to utilize all three types of 
items in order to be a successful farmer.

 1. Tools
Tools, obviously, are the items you work with.  You can carry up to 
nine of them at one time in your rucksack (though how you accomplish 
this feat, I have no idea).  You can only use one at a time, though.  
To check which tool you currently have equipped, take a look at the 
green box in the top middle of your screen.  That is your active tool, 
and you can use it by pressing the B button.  To change tools, press 
start and point to one of the other tools in the bottom section of your 
rucksack, then press the A button twice.  Once you start to accumulate 
tools, you may not be able to hold all of them in your rucksack.  The 
toolbox in your house, however, has more than enough space to 
accommodate all of them.  You can switch out your tools whenever you 
like.  Be careful when using the axe, sickle, and hoe around your 
animals.  If you accidentally hit one, they'll lose affection points!

  On a related note, some of your tools gain levels and become more 
powerful as you use them more and more.  They start out as a dull gray 
color, then become silver, and finally, gold.  You'll know when your 
tool levels up because you will hear a little fanfare and your 
character will hold the tool above his head.  To utilize the maximum 
power of your tool, hold the B button down rather than simply tapping 
it, then release once you have powered up for a bigger swing.  The 
more powerful swing you wish to use, the longer you will have to 
hold the button.


How to Receive: Begin with automatically
Price: n/a
Use:  The hammer is useful when clearing your field.  With one swing, 
you can break those little boulders, (or you can throw them in the 
well to conserve stamina) and with six swings, you can break a large 
boulder.  Of course, if your hammer is leveled up, it takes fewer 
swings.  Another use for your hammer is to pound broken pieces of your 
fence; it's the only way to get rid of them.  Also, if you accidentally 
till a square of land that you didn't want to be tilled, use the hammer 
to flatten it again. (if you want to conserve stamina, you can put a 
log or rock on the tilled piece of land to flatten it and then remove 
it, rather than use the hammer.) 

Standard:  6 swings to break a boulder
Silver:  2 swings to break a boulder
Gold:  1 swing to break a boulder
(Make sure when using multiple swings that you don't move at all 
between swings, or you'll have to start over!)

The hammer takes the shortest amount of time to level up.  It becomes 
silver after 100 swings, and then gold after another 100 swings.

How to Receive: Begin with automatically
Price: n/a
Use: The axe has only one use: to chop up stumps.  Each stump you 
demolish will automatically transfer 6 pieces of lumber to the lumber 
bin on your farm (how convenient!)  At first, you'll use the axe to 
help clear your field, since lots of stumps reside there, but 
eventually, once all the stumps on your land are gone, you're going 
to need to find another source of lumber.  (Getting lots of lumber 
is very important if you want to build extensions on your house or 
build a greenhouse.)  You can find quite a few stumps in the mountains, 
but you can only chop them once a day.  They'll reappear the next 
morning to be gathered again.

Standard:  6 swings to chop up a stump
Silver:  2 swings to chop up a stump
Gold:  1 swing to chop a stump
(Like with the hammer, make sure when using multiple swings that you 
don't move at all between swings, or you'll have to start over!)

The axe is a rather slow tool to level up.  It becomes silver after 
450 swings, and gold after another 450 swings.

How to Receive: Begin with automatically
Price: n/a
Use: The sickle's primary function is to cut grass once you have it.  
You have to wait until your grass is fully grown before you can harvest 
it (you can tell what stage it's at by how high it is).  The grass you 
cut will automatically be added as fodder in your silo for your cows 
and sheep to eat.  Another use for the sickle is to cut down weeds on 
your farm, but you can just as easily pull them up with your hands and 
throw them; that way, you don't use up any stamina.  And if you're ever 
tired of crops, like in your greenhouse, and you want to get rid of the 
plants, you can hack them down with the scythe.

Standard:  Cut 1 square (The one right in front of you)
Silver:  Cut 3 squares (The three right in front of you)
Gold:  Cut 9 squares (The one you're standing on, and the eight in a 
square around you)

The sickle becomes silver after 200 swings and gold after another 200.  
That's fairly quick!

How to Receive: Begin with automatically
Price: n/a
Use: Use the hoe to till the land in your field to prepare it for 
planting.  Unless you prepare the soil for planting, nothing will 
grow.  This applies to vegetables, flowers, and grass.  And you can 
only till soil on your farm in the designated planting area, or in 
the greenhouse.  The hoe also works as a shovel.  In the mine, which 
is open during the Winter, you'll use the hoe to dig out minerals.  
Only level one swings work when trying to dig in the mine, so don't 
bother wasting stamina to try for larger ones.  Also, if you dig 
enough in the right spot with the hoe on your farm (see SECRETS 
section) you can unearth the music box!  A final use for the hoe is to 
get rid of grass.  Make sure the grass is freshly cut, so it's at its 
lowest level.  Then use a second or third level swing on the grassy 
area to till it up and kill the grass.

Standard:  Tills 1 square (The one right in front of you)
Silver:  Tills 3 squares (In a straight row in front if you)
Gold:  Tills 9 squares (In a straight row in front if you)

It takes a while to level up the hoe--250 swings for each level 
(plus, it takes more energy than most tools to use, so you can't 
use it as often). But it's not important to level it up anyway; 
you can only use the level one swing to dig in the mine, and you can 
only find the Power Nut and music box in your field with a level one 

   -Watering Can-
How to Receive:  Begin with automatically
Price: n/a
Use: Obviously, the watering can is used to water your crops and 
flowers.  Grass, for some reason, doesn't need to be watered at all.  
Using a watering can seems a bit rustic to me, but it suffices.  I 
think that you should be able to invest in an irrigation system, but 
alas... Anyhow, the watering can requires that it be filled with 
water before use, and again each time it runs out.  (To check how 
much water is remaining in the can, press start to go to the menu, 
place your cursor over the watering can, and press the Z button.)  
You can only fill it at the pond on your farm located next to the 
chicken coop.  The game really becomes so much easier after you get 
the watering can leveled up, believe me!

Standard:  Water 1 square (The one right in front of you); Holds enough 
water for 30 squares
Silver:  Water 3 squares (Three right in front of you); Holds enough 
water for 50 squares
Gold:  Water 9 squares (Nine in a 3x3 square right in front of you); 
Holds enough water for 80 squares

It takes 600 uses before the watering can becomes silver, and another 
600 before it becomes gold.  But believe me, it doesn't seem like that 
much, with all the watering you'll be doing..

How to Receive: Buy it from Rick's Tool Shop
Price: 600g
Use: Use the brush to.. uh.. brush your cows, sheep, and your horse.  
This will make their affection toward you increase, which means they'll 
produce better goods for you, or in the case of the horse, have a 
better chance at winning the races.  Brushing each animal is only 
effective once a day, any more than that won't do you any good.  

How to Receive: Buy it from Rick's Tool Shop after the purchase of 
your first cow
Price: 1800g
Use: After going to all that trouble to keep cows happy and healthy, 
you need to make some money off of them, too!  You can milk each full-
grown cow only once a day, but you can use the empty bottle to get as 
many bottles of milk to drink as you like.  For more information on 
cows and milk production, see the part on cows under the ANIMALS 
section in PLAYING THE GAME.

   -Wool Shears-
How to Receive: Buy them from Rick's Tool Shop after the purchase of 
your first sheep
Price: 1000g
Use: Like with cows, you want to be making a profit on your sheep 
after all the trouble you go to to keep them, right?  Use the wool 
cutters to take their wool once a week, which in turn sells for a lot 
and makes keeping sheep worthwhile!  For more information on sheep 
and wool production, see the part on sheep under the ANIMALS section 

How to Receive: Get it from the Green Ranch Owner with the purchase of 
your first cow or sheep
Price: Free with your first cow or sheep
Use: Cows and sheep can be pretty stubborn.  Getting them out of the 
barn and into the pasture, or vice-versa, is much easier with the bell; 
it works just like whistling for your dog or horse.  They'll come right 
to you!  Then, you can shove them right through the door.  Also, if 
you're lacking an ocarina if the King asks you to play at the spirit 
festival, you can always play the bell.

  -Empty Bottle-
How to Receive: Buy it from Rick's booth at the Flower Festival
Price: 300g
Use:  The bottle is one of the most useful items in the game, even 
though it's not even mandatory.  You need it to buy medicines from the 
Potion Shop Owner.  You also need it to win the fourth raffle prize 
from Flower Bud Bakery: honey which refills all of your stamina.  You 
can use it to "borrow" wine from the cellar at the vineyard; just go 
downstairs in the storage room and fill the bottle at the spouts of 
the two giant barrels, then drink to your heart's content.  Also, you 
can walk up to one of your own cows and fill the bottle with milk to 
restore stamina as many times as you like.  What else can you do with 
the bottle?  Try some things and find out!

   -Fishing Pole-
How to Receive: Talk to the fisherman that lives in the tent near the 
pond in the mountains.  Upon meeting you, he'll give you a fishing pole 
to use if you tell him that you like to fish.  Actually, he gives you 
the fishing pole even if you tell him that you DON'T want to fish.  
I guess he just reeeeally wants you to have it.
Price: Free
Use: Use the pole to fish in the pond by the tent, in the river, or off 
the dock on the beach.  Just push the B button and hold it in.  This is 
where patience comes in handy; just wait until you see something tug 
the line and release the B button as fast as you can.  If you were 
quick enough, there will be a fish on your line, otherwise, it might 
have escaped.  There are three sizes of fish you can catch: small 
(blue), medium (orange), and large (also blue).  Supposedly, the best 
time for fishing is early in the morning, but I've never noted any 
difference in the fish that you catch.  And just for your knowledge, 
my personal favorite fishing spot is the beach. There's always that 
chance you might catch a Power Nut, and I've had better luck catching 
big fish there than anywhere else.

   -Vegetable/Grass/Flower Seeds-
How to Receive: Buy in bags or boxes from the Flower Shop in Flower 
Bud Village, or in the case of the Pink Cat Mint flower seeds, get 
them from Lillia's booth at the Flower Festival.
Price: For prices of various seed types see the description for the 
Flower Shop under the PLACES section
Use:  Use the bags of seeds to plant things on your farm.  They'll 
only work on YOUR farm, in the designated field for planting or in 
the greenhouse, so don't attempt to plant them anywhere else.  Well, 
the Blue Mist Flower gets planted in the mountains, but that's an 
exception.  Anyway, before you plant them, you have to till the land 
with the hoe, or else they won't begin to grow.  Seeds will only 
take root in tilled soil!  Using seeds is a bit tricky for the newbie.  
When used, you will throw them up in the air, and they will scatter in 
a 3x3 square around where you're standing (the square you're standing 
on gets planted, too).  If you've planted veggies or flowers, you'll 
then need to water them until they've matured, but if you planted 
grass, don't bother.  (For more information on the types of things 
you can grow, see the CROPS section under PLAYING THE GAME.)

   -Chicken/Cow Feed-
How to Receive: Buy it from the shop at Green Ranch.  You'll find it 
sitting on the shelf along the back.
Price: 10g (for chickens) and 30g (for cows) per meal
Use:  If you're planning on keeping chickens, it's a good idea to have 
chicken feed handy.  You can keep them outside most of the time and 
they won't need to be fed, but if it rains and you have to put them 
inside, you'll need something to feed them.  Simply sprinkle the feed 
in the proper bin (check with the A button to see which bin belongs to 
which chicken).  Cow feed is simply a substitute for fodder if you 
don't have enough.  You should be able to make it just fine without 
ever having to buy cow feed, but it's for sale in case of emergencies.  
You can buy as much as you like of either, so stock up.

   -Animal Medicine-
How to Receive: Buy it from the shop at Green Ranch.  You'll find it 
sitting on the shelf along the back.
Price: 1000g
Use: If for some reason, whether you forgot to feed it or you left it 
in the rain, a cow or sheep gets sick, you should cure it right away so 
that it doesn't die.  (If a chicken should get sick, you don't need to 
give it medicine. Just feed it and it will be fine the next day.)  You 
only get one use out of each bottle, so don't waste it by accidentally 
using it too far from the animal.  Remember, try to prevent your 
animals from getting sick in the first place; it's much cheaper that 

   -Miracle Potion-
How to Receive: Buy it from the shop at Green Ranch.  You'll find it 
sitting on the shelf along the back.
Price: 3000g
Use: Use it to impregnate a cow.  Once you use it, it will disappear, 
and the very next day, the cow will have moved to the birthing area 
near the fodder spout at the top of the barn.  It takes twenty one days
for the calf to be born.  You won't be able to buy it again until the 
calf has been born and you're ready to accommodate yet another cow.  

   -Blue Feather-
How to Receive: Buy it from Rick's Tool Shop when at least one girl 
has a pink heart
Price: 980g
Use: Use it on a girl to propose to her.  Or, you can also try showing 
it to various townspeople for amusing reactions.  You can reuse it as 
many times as you like until you actually propose seriously, and then 
it will disappear.  Your wedding will be held on the following Sunday.  
The price is actually 1000g, but if Rick likes you (and if he's 
carrying the feather in his shop, he does) he'll take down the price, 
just for you.

   a) Stamina and Sickness

   Note: My research on this topic barely scratches the surface. 
   For a much more in-depth look at stamina and fatigue, check 
   out SomeCrazyGuy's FAQ:

   Based on my extensive research, I think I have figured out the system 
which keeps track of stamina.  It's quite simple, really.  Here are the 

   Let's look at stamina in terms of points.

   You start the day with 100 points.  At first, your stamina maximum 
is 100 points, so no matter how much you eat, you can't have any more.  
Every power berry you eat increases your stamina maximum by 10 points.  

   Every morning, as long as you went to bed at some point, you will 
wake up with your maximum amount of stamina.  If you never returned 
home for some sleep, you will be teleported to your house at 6:00 am 
to begin the day without recieving any additional stamina points 
(except for the 20 that Jack recieves for eating breakfast).  For 
example, if you have found three Power Nuts so far in your game, you 
will wake up each morning with 130 points.

   You can tell about how much stamina you have left by watching your 
character while he works.  He'll give little signs:

75% capacity: He will wipe his forehead with a handkerchief
50% capacity: He will put his hands on his knees and breathe hard
25% capacity: He will fall down, but get back up again
0-2% capacity: He will wobble and fall down, unable to use the tool
 (If you're unable to use a tool which uses 2 or more stamina, you 
might still be able to use a tool which only takes 1 point once.)
   Some tools use different amounts of stamina:
Hammer: 1 point (2 points for level two, 3 points for level three)
Axe: 1 point (2 points for level two, 3 points for level three)
Sickle: 2 points (4 points for level two, 6 points for level three)
Hoe: 2 points (4 points for level two, 6 points for level three)
Watering Can: 1 point (2 points for level two, 6 points for level 
Seeds: 1 point
Brush/Milker/Shears/Bell etc: 1 point each
Bottle: none

   Eating and drinking is a good way to regain energy if you have more 
work to do before going to bed.  Cake is really good for regaining 
stamina, but anything edible will give back a little.

   And also remember, don't expend too much energy on rainy or snowy 
days, or after dark either.  You're likely to get sick!  Being sick 
is a real bummer because you can't get out of bed for the entire day, 
which means your animals go unfed and your crops go unwatered.  There 
are only two warnings that you're about to catch a cold:

Your forehead gets dark and you stand while shaking your head
  -and if you continue-
Your forehead gets dark and you fall to the ground, shaking your head

  Once this has happened, get some rest immediately!  You might also 
try some of the Potion Shop Owner's medicine.  Also, a dip in the 
hot springs or your own bathtub will help prevent sickness.  You don't 
want to risk getting sick and losing an entire day!

 2. Possessions
Possessions are items you carry with you and can view at any time, and 
get other people to interact with them, but you can't actually use them 
like you can with tools.  They're displayed along the right side of 
the start menu and scroll down a little ways, although you'll probably 
never fill the entire thing at once.  Pressing the Z button while the 
cursor is over any of them will give you a description.  Here are all 
the possessions I've managed to find:

   -Cake Card-
The first time you buy a cake from the counter at Flower Bud Bakery, 
you'll receive a card to keep track of the total number of cakes you 
have bought.  You can use your points to enter the raffle at the 
bakery at the end of the year.  Each time you enter, ten points will 
be subtracted from the card.  For a list of prizes, check the 
description for the Flower Bud Bakery under PLACES.

   -Flower Card-
Very similar to the cake card, the flower card is given to you the 
first time you buy a box of flowers.  For some reason, it doesn't work 
if you buy your first box at the Flower Festival; you can only receive 
it the first time you buy flowers from the Flower Shop in the village.  
But once you have the card, buying the Pink Cat Mint seeds at the 
festival will earn you points, just like the regular seeds in the shop.  
Each box is one point, and at the end of the year, you can spend ten 
points for each entry into the raffle to win prizes.   For a list of 
prizes, check the description for the Flower Shop under PLACES.

   -Medals Bag-
The medals bag holds all of the medals you win at the Horse and Dog 
Races.  Since the medals are the same for each race, they all get 
thrown into the same bag.  When you use medals to trade for prizes, 
they will be subtracted from the total.  To see how many medals you 
have, press the Z button on the medals bag in the start menu.

Heh... makes you think of Zelda, huh?  The ocarina can be bought 
from the Souvenir Shop for 1200g beginning in the first Fall.  The 
only time you can play it is at the Spirit Festival if you're friends 
with that year's King, or if you're the King yourself.

   -Treasure Map-
You can find the treasure map if you check the tree in the upper 
right corner of your farm.  It seems you buried a treasure in the 
field when you visited your grandfather one Summer as a kid.  You 
can find the music box buried on your field if you follow the vague 
instructions on the map, but it's much easier to check the SECRETS 
section in this FAQ and get exact instructions.

   -Music Box-
You can find this buried in your field with the help of the treasure 
map.  It's purpose is to give it to your girl to raise her heart 
rating for you.  But first, you need to take it to Rick and get it 
fixed up.  See the SECRETS section for help on finding it.  
If you're not adverse to using exploits, you can get it as many 
times as you like!

      *Thanks, Lagniappe.. for correcting me here... *sheepish 
      grin* and giving more information on the music box:

      "I’ve gotten the music box in every season except winter.   
      Every game I’ve played.  Also, you can have two at once: one 
      broken and one fixed.  I’ve found so far that Rick only will 
      fix one per day, however."

   -"Doorway to Heaven" Old Wine-
Karen's grandmother, who started the vineyard that Karen's family 
still runs today, made excellent and highly regarded wine.  
Unfortunately, the wine produced there now isn't nearly as good, and 
there's very little of that original good wine left.  The bartender 
in Flower Bud Village has a bottle, but you have to be good friends 
with him to get it.  Just give him gifts and he'll eventually fork it 
over.  Karen and Kai will both be impressed if you can get your hands 
on some, but the real reason to get it is to revive the vineyard.  
This does a few things; Kai and Karen will be able to get married 
(if you're not courting Karen yourself), Karen will be much happier, 
and if she likes you, she might invite you to get the "Dance of the 
Kifu Fairies" photo one Fall night. (See PHOTOS section for details)

   -Sustaining Carrot-
For 500 medals at the horse race, you can get this wonderful prize; 
a sustaining carrot!  It supposedly "tames" horses, but I never could 
figure out what that meant.  Once, just for experimental purposes, I 
had my horse in pretty bad shape, entered the race, and lost.  I had 
a few medals lying around, so I reset the game, bought the carrot, 
and tried the race again.  I lost just as badly.  I think I had the 
exact same amount of stamina as I did before getting the carrot.  So 
yeah, I would hazard to guess that it doesn't improve your racing 

   -Flower Bath Crystals-
Winning second prize in the raffle at the Flower Shop will get you a 
package of nice flower bath crystals.  They supposedly go into the 
water in your bath and cause you to recover better each time you bathe.

   -Hand-Knitted Socks-
On your birthday, if Ann has a pink heart for you, she might bring you 
a pair of socks she knitted herself.  Aww... how sweet!  I hear it 
keeps your feet nice and toasty warm, thus keeping you from catching 
colds as easily.

   -Embroidered Handkerchief-
If Elli has a pink heart for you, she might stop by your farm on your 
birthday to give you this handkerchief.  Some people think it makes you 
sweat less, thus conserving your stamina.

This potpourri is given to you by Popuri, the girl of the same name, on 
your birthday if she has a pink heart.  I've heard conflicting stories 
for it; some say it causes your to sleep better, thus restoring more 
energy at night, and some say it causes your plants to grow faster.  
Never gotten it myself.  *shrug*

   -Lucky Bracelet-
Karen's present to you on your birthday, should she have a pink heart, 
is a bottle of wine and this charm bracelet.  It's said to give you 
better luck, I suppose pertaining to weather.

   -Golden Pendant-
If you're courting Maria, you'll see an interesting little scene 
outside the Mayor's house one day.  Poor sweet, trusting Maria is 
witness to the wandering peddler informing her parents that they owe 
him money, and that they're gonna have to pay up.  Maria is convinced 
that the peddler must be a good person, deep down, and offers him her 
pendant for payment on behalf of her parents.  He maintains that he 
doesn't have a conscience, and Maria will ask you, once he leaves, if 
you think he's happy.  Either way, the next day, he'll have mailed 
the pendant to you.  It seems Maria was right about him!  You should 
return the pendant to Maria right away; it'll make her happy.

   -Kazimidori Weather Vane-
This weather vane can be found on the lower floors of the mine when 
digging there in the Winter.  It doesn't have much of a use, but you 
can give it to Rick.  This is a throwback to the SNES version in 
which the weather vane from the tool shop was always getting lost.

 3. Belongings
Belongings are temporary items that you're carrying from one place to 
another, or perhaps storing them short-term in your rucksack.  If you 
check the start menu, you'll see that there are eight slots along the 
bottom for holding some items.  You can also carry something in your 
hands, but the downside to this is you can't talk to someone without 
giving them the item in your hands.  The rucksack makes things so 
much easier; simply press the C up button and whatever you have in 
your hands will go into the rucksack.  To take it out again, enter 
the start menu and select the item you want with the control stick, 
then press the A button twice to put it in your hands.  This is 
useful when harvesting; you can carry more vegetables when running 
back and forth to the shipping crate.  It's also nice to be able to 
carry gifts for everyone when you go to town, bring more things back 
from the mountains at once, feed you animals faster, and carry more 
logs for fence building.  It's one of the most useful and time-
saving aspects of the game!

 4. Miscellaneous Items
This is just a section for random items and belongings that didn't fit 
in anywhere else, mostly things that sit around your house doing 
nothing.  Try to collect all of this useless junk... just because!

   -Invincible Katori-
If you win the Swimming Festival during the first Summer, you'll 
receive the Invincible Katori.  It's a statue of a pig that sits on 
your living room floor and does... what does it do?  I know it doesn't 
protect your greenhouse from typhoons, since mine blew away while I had 
the Katori.  I've heard that someone asked Natsume themselves and 
learned that it's just a trophy.  I'm inclined to believe that.

   -Turtle Figurine-
Winning the Egg Festival during the second year gets you a ceramic 
turtle to sit on top of your TV.  Yet another mysterious item, said 
to prevent typhoons by some, and said to protect your greenhouse from 
said typhoons by others.  I can't remember ever getting a typhoon once 
I got the statue, so I'm inclined to believe it prevents them 
completely, but like so many other things in Harvest Moon 64, It's 

   -Oriental Rug-
A mere 3000g gets you this spiffy carpet from Rick's Tool Shop.  It 
goes on sale on the first day of the first Fall, and remains on sale 
until you buy it.  It sits in the middle of your living room.

   -Room Organizer-
The room organizer costs 2000g in Rick's Tool Shop beginning on the 
first day of the first Summer.  Once you buy it, it sits along the 
left wall of your living room and acts as storage for items that won't 
keep in your refrigerator or tool box: things like flowers and 
minerals from the mine.  You can hold up to 16 such items in the room 

   -Stuffed Horse-
Trading 1000 medals at the Horse Races wins you a horse plushie that 
sits on top of your Room Organizer.  Or if you don't have a Room 
Organizer, it just kinda lies there on the floor.  It's only for 
decoration, but it's kinda cute, and adds character to your room.  
Or something.

   -Blue Vase-
The vase that you can find in the Souvenir Shop in the beginning of 
the game, which Saibara refuses to sell to you, can be bought if 
you meet the criteria first.  You have to visit the mines once they 
open in the Winter and find a blue rock.  Then, give it to Saibara 
and he'll use it to make a dye for the pot.  Once it's nice and blue, 
he'll sell it to you for the low, low price of 2000g.  It will hold 
flowers and sit in the middle of the table in your living room, and 
looks quite nice, I might add.

   -Beautiful Picture-
If Maria has a pink heart for you on your birthday, she might bring 
you this picture that she drew.  It hangs above your bed, and...
um... looks beautiful.  

This nice cushion sits in your bed and looks comfy, but other than 
that, doesn’t do anything useful.  However, if you must have it, you 
can get it by winning first prize in the year-end raffle at the 
Flower Shop.

   -Flower Stickers-
You automatically begin the game with five reusable stickers for 
marking your calendar, but winning third place in the year-end raffle 
at the Flower Shop will earn you some more.  The number of available 
stickers will double, going from five to ten.

If you manage to draw the lucky ticket in the Flower Bud Bakery year-
end raffle and get first place, you'll receive a lovely blue-
checkered tablecloth for the table in your living room.  It serves no 
purpose, but it sure looks nice, especially with the blue vase sitting 
on top of it.

Second prize in the raffle at the Flower Bud Bakery is a cute yellow 
mug that sits on your kitchen table.  You can't use it or anything, it 
just makes your kitchen look nice.

   -Luncheon Mats-
Third Prize in the raffle at the Flower Bud Bakery is a pair of 
yellow-checkered placemats to sit on your kitchen table.  They don't 
serve a purpose except to look pretty.

   -Cute Clock-
For 500 medals at the Dog Race, you can get this Moo Moo Watch.  
Rather than decorate your house, it acts as a sort of skin (for those 
of you who use Winamp or ICQ) for the clock on your start menu.  It 
gives it a black and white cow pattern.  It's just for aesthetics.

   -Awesome House-
I'll bet it sounds too good to be true.  3000 medals at the Dog Race 
gets you a new house?  No, no... it's for your dog!  It's a new, 
better looking dog house.  Too bad your dog doesn't use his house 

   -New Stable-
3000 medals at the Horse Race wins you a new stable for your horse.  
It look exactly the same to me: it's just a stable with a red roof 
as opposed to the one you had with a blue roof before.  What a ripoff!

        C. CROPS

 Agriculture will be your first and most important source of income in 
Harvest Moon 64.  Not only should you always plant as many crops as you 
can afford/handle in the beginning of the game, but you should be 
gathering plants from Moon Mountain to supplement your income as well.  
That way, you'll have money to buy animals fairly quickly, and 
hopefully, within the first year or year and a half, you'll be able to 
afford a greenhouse.  Once you have a greenhouse, I suggest filling 
your field with flowers and/or grass and stop using it to grow crops, 
because it takes too much time out of your day.  (In the greenhouse, 
time doesn't pass, so you can take as long as you like.)  When you've 
accomplished this, the game becomes much easier and you'll find 
yourself with more money than you know what to do with.  But I'm 
getting ahead of myself; let's start back at the beginning, shall we?  

 Remember, you can buy all your seeds at Lillia's Flower Shop in Flower 
Bud Village.  To plant them, till the soil with your hoe in the desired 
planting style (for information on the various planting styles, look 
further down in this section under number 5).  Then, choose the seeds 
you want to plant and use them.  They will scatter in a 3x3 square with 
you in the middle, but will only take root where the soil has been 
tilled.  Now, just water them every day, and pick them when they're 
ready.  Easy, huh?  Here's a list of the seasonal crops:

 When I list the seasonal profit for each, assume I'm planting them in 
a 3x3 square, and harvesting the 8 border crops, but due to
inaccessibility, leaving the middle one.  So all profits are for 8 
units. Also, I'm assuming (for Spring/Winter crops) that after each 
harvest, the same crop is planted in the exact same spot that same day.

 1. Spring Crops

Price (per bag): 200g
Selling Price (per vegetable): 60g
Growing Time: 4 days
Number of Harvests (per season): 7
Seasonal Profit: 60x8x7= 3360-200(7)= $1960
 (With the extra middle crop, if you have an upgraded watering can, the 
profit jumps to $2380.)

Price (per bag): 200g
Selling Price (per vegetable): 80g
Growing Time: 6
Number of Harvests (per season): 5
Seasonal Profit: 80x8x5= 3200-200(5)= $2200
 (With the extra middle crop, if you have an upgraded watering can, the 
profit jumps to $2600.)

Price (per bag): 200g
Selling Price (per vegetable): 90g
Growing Time: 7
Number of Harvests (per season): 4
Seasonal Profit: 90x8x4= 2880-200(4)= $2080
 (With the extra middle crop, if you have an upgraded watering can, the 
profit jumps to $2440.)

  Best Spring crop: Potatoes!

 2. Summer Crops

Price (per bag): 300g
Selling Price (per vegetable): 90g
Growing Time: 9 days first, 3 days for reharvest
Number of Harvests (per season): 8
Seasonal Profit: 90x8x8= 5760-300= $5460

Price (per bag): 300g
Selling Price (per vegetable): 120g
Growing Time: 13 days first, 4 days for reharvest
Number of Harvests (per season): 5
Seasonal Profit: 120x8x5= 4800-300= $4500

  Best Summer crop: Tomatoes!

 3. Fall Crops

Price (per bag): 300g
Selling Price (per vegetable): 80g
Growing Time: 7 days first, 3 days for reharvest
Number of Harvests (per season): 8
Seasonal Profit: 80x8x8= 5120-300= $4820

  Best (a.k.a. only) Fall crop: Eggplants!

 4. Winter Crops

Price (per bag): 500g
Selling Price (per vegetable): 150g
Growing Time: 6 days
Number of Harvests (per season): 5
Seasonal Profit: 150x8x5= 6000-500(5)= $3500
With the extra middle crop, if you have an upgraded watering can, the 
profit jumps to $4250.

  Best (a.k.a. only) Winter crop: Strawberries!

Since Strawberries can only be grown in the greenhouse in Winter, and 
all other crops can be grown there year-round, it is most cost-
efficient to keep a greenhouse full of tomatoes (since they have the 
highest profit overall).  That's a yearly gross income of 90x8x38 
(that's price for each tomato times eight in each harvest times the 
number of harvests per year) minus a one time cost of 300 for seeds... 
and you get $27060 a year... just for one plot of tomatoes! And I know 
the greenhouse can fit a lot more than just one plot... imagine the 
money you could be making!

On the other hand, corn only has to be re-harvested every four days 
with an initial growth of twelve days.  Since harvesting eventually 
becomes a very tedious activity late in the game, it might be worth 
it to go with the slightly less yearly net income of $26580 for a 
plot of corn.  Simply a matter of personal preference.

 5. Planting Styles
There are countless ways to arrange the crops you plant, for reasons 
such as harvest number, ease in watering or harvesting them, or just 
plain aesthetics.  It's up to you how you want to plant your field, and 
there's no right or wrong way to do it.  Here's a few examples of the 
most common ways:

X- marks a tilled spot/crop
o- marks an untilled spot/empty square

   -The 3x3 Square-


This method utilizes every possible seed when planting.  The problem 
with it is this: the outside crops prevent you from reaching the inside 
crop when watering and harvesting.  So what most people do is ignore it 
and harvest the outer crops, and then cut down the middle one to 
replant.  Or you can always cultivate the center crop once the others 
have been harvested, but then you have to wait for it to be harvested 
before you can replant, which wastes time.  In the case of Summer and 
Fall crops where they just keep growing back, you can ignore the center 
entirely, since you won't be able to get to the middle even after 
you've harvested.  Either way, this is one of the most profitable 
planting styles, since you're getting the maximum number of veggies 
from a bag of seeds.  A variation on this style is just to leave the 
middle out and save yourself the trouble of having to cut it down.

Also, once you get the gold watering can, the 3x3 square is by far the 
best way to plant single-harvest crops, because you can water them all 
and then harvest them all at the same time.  Planting your greenhouse 
with blocks of strawberries will make you rich, fast!

   -The C Shape-


This method is similar to the last one; you get 8 harvests, but it 
allows you access to the center crop.  There are lots of variations on 
this one- just omit any outside crop and it'll work.  Remember, you can 
even water and harvest diagonally.
         XXX    XXX    oXX
         XXX    oXX    XXX   etc.
         XoX    XXX    XXX 

Or you can sort of link them together; anything goes so long as you can 
reach all of the crops.


     XXXXXXXXX      XoXoXoX
     ooooooooo      XoXoXoX
     XXXXXXXXX  or  XoXoXoX
     ooooooooo      XoXoXoX
     XXXXXXXXX      XoXoXoX

This method certainly looks nice out in your field, and it's easy to 
water and harvest; just walk down the rows and call your horse to have 
him follow you around.  But the profit is lower; you don't utilize the 
seeds as well to make the maximum amount of money.  But with the time 
you save, you might be able to grow more, which would in turn increase 
your profit.  Either way, it's a matter of personal preference. 

Once you're pretty much set in the way of money and you're not so 
desperate to make as much dough as possible from each bag of seeds, you 
might try some other, more fun ways of planting, just to combat 
boredom.  Try making pictures out of different crops!  From smiley 
faces to all-out masterpieces, just find ways to have fun and be 
artistic.  If you want to use plants from all different seasons, or 
just want to have it last forever, do it in the greenhouse.

Anyway, there are a multitude of ways to arrange your crops.  I've only 
listed a few, but try all different sorts out and see what works for 

 6. Forageable Items
The mountains are brimming with the bounties of nature, you just have 
to take advantage of it!  In the beginning of the game, especially, 
you'll need to gather things to take back to your farm and sell to make 
extra money.  It's a good habit to get into early on.

Things you can find in the mountain can only be harvested once a day, 
but they'll grow back overnight.  They also change with the season.  
When carrying stuff, remember that pressing the C Up button will put it 
in your rucksack, thus making it possible to carry up to eight things 
plus one in your hands.  Pressing the C Down button, adversely, will 
cause you to eat whatever it is that's in your hands (as long as it's 
edible) which is good if you want to regain a bit of stamina.

Here's a list of things you can find in the mountains, by season.  The 
number listed with each item is how much it sells for.


Edible Herb: 30g
  These look like a thin bit of grass, I suppose.  They're all over the 
  mountains, including in the cave and by the fishing pond.  Since they 
  don't sell for much and people don't really want them, I usually feed 
  them to my dog.

Medicinal Herb: 70g
  You can only find these in the cave or the grove.  They look like 
  little plants, and they have big leaves, whereas the edible herbs 
  don't.  They sell for quite a bit, but you should give one to the 
  Potion Shop Owner for him to use.  Or if you get tired, they're good 
  for restoring stamina.

Veryberry Fruit: 40g
  This looks like three pinkish/purplish berries clustered together.  
  These can be found in several places on the mountain.  Kai and Karen 
  particularly love these.

Flowers: n/a (can't sell)
  You can get these in the mountains during the Spring and Summer if 
  you're too lazy (or poor) to grow them on your farm.  You can't sell 
  them, but they make good gifts, especially to Popuri.


Edible Herb: 30g
  See above description.

Medicinal Herb: 70g
  See above description.

Walnut: 70g
  These tiny green-looking nuts will wash up along the shore of the 
  river in Summer.  They make good gifts for Elli's grandma, or you 
  could sell them to make a decent profit.  Either way, they're worth 
  picking up.

Tropical Fruit: 40g
  These big, round, yellow fruits are pretty scarce.  You can only find 
  them in one or two places, but they're not that great anyway.  They 
  only sell for 40g and only Kai particularly likes them as a gift.

Flowers: n/a (can't sell)
  See above description.


Edible Herb: 30g
  See above description.

Medicinal Herb: 70g
  See above description.

Mushroom: 70g
  Regular mushrooms have plain brown tops, and sell for a nice amount. 
  THe Harvest Sprites and the carpenters like getting these as gifts.

Poisonous Mushroom: 30g
  You can tell these from the regular mushrooms by the spotted red and 
  white top.  They don't sell for much, but the Potion Shop Owner would 
  like to get one to make medicines with.  Nobody else will want 'em.

Wild Grapes: 40g
  Wild grapes, which look like normal bunches of purple grapes, are 
  popular among the townspeople, especially Karen, her father, Kai, and 
  the Bartender.  Since they don't sell for much, it's good to give 
  them out to your friends.

Full Moon Berry: 300g
  This only appears once a year, between the dates of Fall 10 and Fall 
  12 near the summit of Moon Mountain.  You can either sell it or give 
  it to someone, though the only person who appreciates it more than a 
  standard gift is Popuri.

  The exact location for the Full Moon Berry is right in front of the 
  door to the restaurant run by the old couple.  You can't see it well
  because it's blocked by the two trees that grow there, but that 
  doesn't stop you from being able to pick it.  Just walk up to the 
  far side of the clump of trees and press A.


Coin: 10g
  Occasionally, you'll unearth gold coins when mining during Winter.  
  You can't keep them, but what happens is 10g is automatically and 
  instantly added to your money.

Iron Ore: 100g
  The most common thing to find in the mine, iron ore doesn't really 
  sell for much, and nobody will want it.  It looks like a slate-gray 
  rock with no shine to it at all.  You should throw these away if your 
  rucksack gets too full and you happen to unearth something better in 
  the mine!

Moonlight Stone: 500g
  These beautiful stones glow with a soft light that the people of 
  Flower Bud Village use to light lamps at the Firefly Festival.  
  They're fairly rare, so they'll bring a good price if you happen to 
  find some in the mine.

Blue Rock: 800g
  You can only find these on the lower levels of the mine, so they'll 
  be pretty difficult to find.  Thus, they sell for lots.  Try giving 
  one to Saibara so he can dye that pot he won't sell to you.  

Rare Metal: 1000g
  These beautiful green-colored cubes of metal are only found deep 
  within the mines, and are rarely unearthed.  Finding a rare metal is 
  quite exciting, as they sell for 1000g apiece.  Rumor has it that Rick
  needs one to complete his latest invention.  Give him one, just for 
  the heck of it, and he'll appear at your ranch one morning with a 
  teleportation machine.  It's quite amusing, but you can't get it, or 
  anything.  Too bad...

   -Any Season-

Small Fish (blue): 30g
  These tiny fish are always a disappointment, not at all worth all the 
  time you might have put in to catch them.  I suggest throwing one 
  into the pond to get the blue Power Nut (for more info, see the 
  SECRETS section).  They also make good gifts for Elli.  Or, if you're 
  desperate for money, you might as well sell them.

Medium Fish (orange): 100g
  These are a fairly good catch, and common, too.  Or good for 
  regaining stamina, if you eat them.  But imagine eating a raw fish, 
  before it's gutted or anything! Bleh.

Large Fish (blue): 180g
  Wow... whenever you manage to land these big ones, all the time you 
  spent fishing is worth it.  Well, maybe not, but it's exciting.  I've
  always had the best luck finding these on the beach, but maybe it's 
  just me.  Throw one to the Kappa in the fishing pond and get a power
  nut in return!

       D. ANIMALS

   You will, over the course of your game, accumulate a fair amount of 
animals.  You can get a maximum of one dog, one horse, any combination 
of eight cows and/or sheep, and six chickens.  They all have their own 
special uses.  Here is a list of the animals with a summary of each, 
plus the profit for each.

   Note that your dog and your horse can never die, no matter how 
badly you neglect them.  Chickens, sheep, and cows can all die if you 
don't take good care of them.  Don't leave them outside in the rain, 
and remember to feed them every day!  If your animals die, not only 
will you have lost money, but people, especially those who live on 
Green Ranch, will not like you as much.  If you do keep them outside, 
make sure to build a fence with wood or small rocks to keep them from 
wandering all over the place (also, chickens will not produce eggs 
if they are not fenced in).

   Finally, animals sell for less than their buying price.  You can 
only make one animal transaction, whether it be buying or selling, 
each day at the Green Ranch.  If you have a cow or sheep that is 
producing better goods due to lots of TLC, it might sell for more.

  1. Dog

Receive: Automatically comes with the farm

Maintenance: None required, but it will be happy if you feed it 
anything in its dish, whistle for it, and pick it up (doing these 
three things will get you a maximum of three affection points per 
day).  If allow a day to go by without paying attention to your dog, 
you will lose an affection point.  The more affection your dog has 
for you, the better he will do in the races.
To call your dog, press the C Right button and it will come to you.

Use: You can race the dog in the Dog Races on Winter 19 every year.  
You can also make certain people happy by showing your dog to them.

Breeding: I'm not entirely sure of the requirements for this 
event, but it is possible for your dog to sire puppies with the 
Potion Shop Owner's dog, Taro.  Maybe try being good friends 
with Kent and Stu..?  There are two puppies, and the Potion Shop 
Owner keeps one and gives the other to a neighbor.  Just for your 
information, the Potion Shop Owner will name the puppy that he 
keeps Jiro.  

Profit: n/a

  2. Horse

Receive: Anytime in the first Spring, if you visit the Green Ranch 
and meet Ann in the field she will offer you the brother of her 
champion horse, Cliffgard.  That's an opportunity too good to pass up!

Maintenance: None required, but it will be happy if you brush it 
every day, call it, and hop on its back.  While it's still young, 
you should talk to it every day as well.  Like the dog, you can get 
three affection points per day with your adult horse, but for each day 
you ignore him you will lose one.  Your horse's affection for you 
directly affects his stamina in the races.
To call your horse, press the C Left button and it will come to you.

Use: Once your horse grows up (it takes about 1 season), it wears a 
saddle with saddlebags on each side.  They work as kind of a portable 
shipping crate.  Instead of running back and forth to the shipping box 
you can just toss something into your horse's saddlebags.  It 
automatically makes it into the crate.  You can also ride your horse 
around your farm to get from place to place faster.  If you take good 
care of it and think it might be in pretty good shape, you can enter 
it in the local Horse Races in the Spring and Fall.

Breeding: n/a

Profit: n/a

  3. Chicken

Receive: Buy full-grown chickens from the Green Ranch for 1500g each.

Maintenance: You must provide food for your chickens every day.  If 
they are kept outside, then they won't need feed, because they'll 
find their own food.  But if you keep them inside, you'll need to 
put chicken feed in the proper bin for each chicken every day.  
Chicken feed costs 10g a meal at Green Ranch.  If you don't feed them, 
or leave them outside in the rain, they won't get sick, but they will 
fail to produce eggs for two days.  If you continue not to feed them, 
they'll die.
Chickens have no affection value.

Use: Make a profit with your chickens, either selling eggs or breeding 
and selling chickens themselves.

Breeding: To breed a chicken, place an egg in the incubator (that box 
with straw in it in the corner of the coop).  In three days, a chick 
will hatch.  Chicks don't require any maintenance whatsoever.  Just 
leave them be.  In seven days, it will become a full grown chicken.


Eggs sell for 50g each
Maintenance: Feed is 10g per/day

   One chicken kept outside (No feed required):
50g per day
50x7= 350g per week (7 days)
50x30= 1500g per season (30 days)
50x120= 6000g per year (120 days)

   One chicken kept inside (Require feed daily):
50-10= 40g per day
40x7= 280g per week
40x30= 1200g per season
40x120= 4800g per year

   Six chickens (maximum amount) kept outside (No feed required):
50x6= 300g per day
300x7= 2100g per week
300x30= 9000g per season
300x120= 36,000g per year

   Six chickens (maximum amount) kept indoors (Require feed daily):
(50x6)-(10x6)= 240g per day
240x7= 1680g per week
240x30= 7200g per season
240x120= 28,800g per year

  4. Sheep

Receive: Buy young sheep from the Green Ranch for 4000g each.

Maintenance: You need to feed your sheep every day; you should even do 
so when it's young.  This means you either need to put fodder in the 
proper bin for each sheep every day, or if you keep it outside, make 
sure it has at least one square (per animal) of mature grass to eat.  
It has to be fully grown, ready-to-cut grass, or else it won't eat it, 
and it'll go hungry.  You should also brush and talk to your sheep 
every day to make it happy.

Use: Once your sheep matures after 21 days (you'll be able to tell by 
the sheep's size and coloring- adult sheep are whiter, whereas baby 
sheep are more yellow), you'll be able to cut and sell its wool.  It 
takes 7 days for wool to grow back, but just because your sheep has no 
wool coat doesn't mean you shouldn't brush them every day anyway!  If 
you take very good care of your sheep, it will stop producing "wool" 
and start making "good quality wool."  This sells for much more.

Breeding: n/a


Wool sells for 900g
Quality wool sells for 1800g
Maintenance: Grass keeps growing without costing anything

   One sheep giving regular wool:
900g per week (7 days)
900x17= 15,300g per year (About 17 weeks in one year)

   One sheep giving quality wool:
1800g per week
1800x17= 30,600g per year

   Eight sheep (maximum amount) giving regular wool:
900x8= 7200g per week
7200x17= 122,400g per year

   Eight sheep (maximum amount) giving quality wool:
1800x8= 14,400g per week
14,400x17= 244,800g per year

 5. Cow

Receive: Buy young cows from the Green Ranch for 6000g each.

Maintenance: Like the sheep, you need to feed your cow every day; you 
should even do so when it's young.  This means you either need to put 
fodder in the proper bin for each cow every day, or if you keep it 
outside, make sure it has at least one square (per animal) of mature 
grass to eat.  It has to be fully grown, ready-to-cut grass, or else it 
won't eat it, and it'll go hungry.  You should also brush and talk to 
your cow every day to make it happy.

Use: It takes 21 days for a store-bought cow to mature, and about 40 
days for the home-grown variety, but either way, once it matures, it 
will start to produce milk.  You can milk an adult cow once a day.  
Depending on your cows affection for you, it may give different size 
bottles of milk.  To raise your cows affection level, simply brush it 
and talk to it; show how much you love it!  There are four sizes of 
milk: small, medium, large, and gold.  Small, medium, and large milk 
can be attained through hard work taking good care of your cow, but the 
only way to get gold milk is by winning the cow festival with that cow.  

 Fun Fact: Gizmocat tells me that bottles of milk are not treated like 
 regular food items.  You can't drink it by pressing the C Down button, 
 and you can't keep it in the fridge.  Interestingly enough, it can be 
 stored in the room organizer, with all your minerals, flowers, etc.  

Breeding: To breed a baby cow, buy the Miracle Potion from the Green 
Ranch, and use it on an adult cow of your choice.  The next day, that 
cow will have moved to the birthing area in the stable.  It takes 21 
days for a pregnant cow to give birth, and in that time it will give 
less milk.  More specifically, the size of milk it produces will be one 
step smaller than what the cow gives normally.  Don't worry, when the 
calf is born, the milk size will return to normal.  In the meantime, 
take care of the pregnant cow as you usually would, talk to it, brush 
it, and milk it.  Also, feed it, but make sure you use the new feed bin 
in the birthing area.  When the baby cow is born, it will take 21 days 
to mature before you can milk it, but take care of it every day until 


Small milk sells for 100g/bottle
Medium milk sells for 150g/bottle
Large milk sells for 300g/bottle
Gold milk sells for 500g/bottle
Maintenance: Grass keeps growing without costing anything

   One cow giving small milk:
100g per day
100x7= 700g per week (7 days)
100x30= 3000g per season (30 days)
100x120= 12,000g per year (120 days)

   One cow giving medium milk:
150g per day
150x7= 1050g per week
150x30= 4500g per season
150x120= 18,000g per year

   One cow giving large milk:
300g per day
300x7= 2100g per week
300x30= 9000g per season
300x120= 36,000g per year

   One cow giving gold milk:
500g per day
500x7= 3500g per week
500x30= 15,000g per season
500x120= 60,000g per year

   Eight cows (maximum amount) giving small milk:
100x8= 800g per day
800x7= 5600g per week
800x30= 24,000g per season
800x120= 96,000g per year

   Eight cows (maximum amount) giving medium milk:
150x8= 1200g per day
1200x7= 8400g per week
1200x30= 36,000g per season
1200x120= 144,000g per year

   Eight cows (maximum amount) giving large milk:
300x8= 2400g per day
2400x7= 16,800g per week
2400x30= 72,000g per season
2400x120= 288,000g per year

   Eight cows (maximum amount) giving gold milk:
500x8= 4000g per day
4000x7= 28,000g per week
4000x30= 120,000g per season
4000x120= 480,000g per year  (@_@ That's quite a bit.)

  6. Miscellaneous Animals
In the mountains, especially, but sometimes in Flower Bud village, you 
can sometimes find other animals wandering around.  Some you can pick 
up and show them to people, but you can't keep any of them.  These are 
the one's I've seen:

(In the Town)

(In the Mountain)
 Rabbits (Including the rare Pika Bunny- see the PHOTO ALBUM section)
 Stag Beetles

(On the Beach)

       E. MARRIAGE

   Once your farm is on its feet and you've secured a bit of money, 
it's time to start thinking about settling down and raising a family.  
Of course, this is easier said than done.  You first must win the heart 
of one of the five eligible bachelor-ettes from Flower Bud Village.

 1. Courtship
Each girl has her own unique personality and tastes.  You could go to 
all the trouble to find out what they are for yourself, or you could 
just read them here and save time.  Give the girls gifts, talk to them, 
and interact with them at festivals to get them to like you.

How can you tell if a girl likes you?  Whenever you talk to one of the 
five girls, a heart will appear in the lower right corner of her text 
box.  The color of that heart measures the girls feelings towards you.  
Each girl begins with a white heart, and the color will change as her 
affection increases.  Each girl's (hidden) numerical affection value 
is 255, so the heart color will change with each increment of 52 
affection points.

  White -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Pink

Once a girl gets a pink heart, she's ready to marry you.  Of course, 
you don't have to do it right away.  There are lots of advantages to 
being a bachelor.  Try to get at least a few of the girls' special 
photos and birthday gifts first.  (See the PHOTO ALBUM and ITEMS 
sections, respectively.)  As long as the girl has at least a blue 
heart for you, her other suitor won't ask her to marry him until you've 
married someone else.  Just remember that making friends with the other 
bachelors causes them to marry their girls faster, so get the girls to 
like you first.

It's not necessary to stick to one girl, either.  Getting all five 
girls to have a pink heart for you will get you the best rating from 
the Midwife at the evaluation at the end of the game.  Even if you're 
already married, keep giving the other girls gifts until they all have 
pink hearts.

Also, some events will be triggered by various stages of affection.  
Each girl may-
  -Get sick on one of your random visits to their house.  When this 
happens, their parents will let you in her room to visit.  You can 
look around and cheer her up.  This always occurs on a rainy/snowy day.
  -Have a dream sequence/flashback.  This happens when the girl has at 
least a yellow heart.  You will have a mysterious dream involving a 
girl, and will have to act on it the next morning.  For individual 
girls' dreams, see their personal sections.
  -Sprain her ankle.  If this happens, you will get the option to 
carry her home or call for help.  You should always choose to carry 
her.  She'll complain a bit, but she'll appreciate it deep down.

   For an in-depth look at how gifts affect the girls' affection, refer
   to SomeCrazyGuy's FAQ:

Without further ado, here are the girls:

   a) Maria
The daughter of the Mayor and his wife, Maria comes from a good 
background.  The fact that her family owns the largest house in town is 
nice, too.  She works as the receptionist at the library.  Her birthday 
is Winter 11, and on your birthday, she'll give you a picture that she 
painted.  If you chose to court Maria, your competition will be Harris, 
the mailman.

Some people have claimed to get a book from Maria on their birthday.  
This is tricky, because her affection level must be lower than that 
required to get the painting, but still high enough that she brings 
you a gift at all.  I haven't managed to do it, personally.  Besides, 
the painting is awesome.  Why would you want a stinky old book? ^_~

      *Thanks to Amy "The Mayabird" for helping clear things up with 
       Maria's gift.

Personality: Maria is very shy.  She has a hard time speaking about 
her feelings, stammers a bit when talking, and is quick to blush.  She 
loves to read, hence why she works in the library, and therefore is 
very intelligent.  She loves scientific things like bugs, but she's a 
bit scared of your dog.  She's also very kind and trusting, and 
therefore is the perfect target for the wandering peddler’s scams.  

Looks: Maria has long, dark brown hair and large glasses, which make 
her look a bit bookworm-ish, but also very sweet.  She wears a 
turquoise vest and pleated skirt with knee socks, kinda giving her that 
cute schoolgirl look.  

Likes: The only gift which produces a higher-than-normal affection 
boost for Maria is cabbage.  If no cabbage is available, stick to 
things that are free, like flowers, or easy to get, like eggs.  Of 
all the girls, Maria is the only one to get two affection points 
(rather than one) for any gift--even those which aren't her favorite.
She is truly just pleased by any amount of thoughtfulness, it seems!
What a sweetheart. ^_^

Dislikes: Giving rocks, weeds, and poisonous mushrooms to Maria will 
cause her affection rating to decrease.  She also seems to be afraid of 
your dog and other wild animals, but this doesn't have any actual 
affect on anything.

Where to find her:  Whenever the library is open, you can find Maria 
behind the front desk.  Otherwise, you can find her at her house 
(particularly if its raining on one of her days off), standing to the 
right of the entrance to the church, inside the church seated at the 
organ, or in the mountains looking for bugs.  I've even heard one report 
of her being on the beach at night, looking for seashells, though I've 
never seen it myself!  During the fireworks, she'll be at the town 
square, on the Starry Night Festival, she'll be at the church, and on 
New Year's Eve she'll be in the church as well. 


  -Dream: Maria's dream is the one that goes:

"Thank you for showing me..."
......An old fairy tale book......?
"When will you come next time?"
"We'll visit again next summer.  Right, <your name>?"
"Really? Will you really come again?"
...The girl is about to cry......
"What? For me? Is that OK? Thank you, I'll take care of it."
"Come on...... say goodbye to little......"
...The girl was waving for a long time...
...That was...

 When you have this dream, go to the library the next day.  Don't talk 
to her; instead, pick up the book and give it to her.  Tell her that 
you were the one who gave it to her a long time ago.  She will be very 
happy.  For some reason, you will then time-warp to 5:00 in the 
afternoon.  *shrug*  Don't ask.

  -When she sprains her ankle, she'll be in the library.  Carry her 
back to her house.

  -If Maria has a pink heart, she'll take you to see fireflies in the 
Summer (usually happens for me around the 20th).  You'll get a photo 
of the event.

  -One day, you might see an event where the Wandering Salesman is 
telling the Mayor that he owes him money.  Maria will offer her golden 
pendant to him for payment, but ask him if he's truly happy.  The next 
day, he'll mail the pendant back to your farm.  You should give it back 
to Maria, and she'll be happy.

   b) Ann
Ann was raised by her father and older brother, Gray, without the 
assistance of a woman's gentle touch (it seems that her mother died 
when she was very young.)  Couple that with the fact that her family 
owns Green Ranch, the place where animals are the main area of 
business, and you get an animal expert with a rough, but friendly 
exterior.  Her cousin is Rick, who runs the tool shop.  Her birthday 
is the 14th of Summer, and she'll give you socks on your birthday if 
she has a pink heart.  If you don't chose to marry her, Cliff will.

Personality: Ann is the epitome of a tomboy.  She spends all of her 
time taking care of animals and raising champion racehorses.  Her only 
company, besides the occasional visit to her good friend Karen, is her 
dad and brother, both of whom raised her as best they could without a 
mother.  Ann never learned how to cook, she's frank and brutally 
honest, and overreacts to everything, but she's one of the most 
friendly and cheerful characters of the game.  She's also a hard 

Looks: Ann, like everyone else in her family, has bright orange hair, 
which she wears in a long braid tied with a white ribbon.  Dressing the 
part of a hard working farm-girl, she wears long denim overalls over a 
yellow T-shirt.  The overall effect is very cute, but functional.

Likes: Ann especially appreciates gifts of potatoes, corn, and wool.  
She is generally considered one of the harder girls to woo, due to her 
expensive tastes.

Dislikes: If you let any of your animals die, Ann and her family will 
each lose a whopping 30 affection points towards you.  Needless to say, 
this doesn't do much to help your chances with Ann!  Also, weeds, 
rocks, and poisonous mushrooms are NOT appreciated.

Where to find her: Ann is almost always at the Green Ranch, either in 
the field, in the barn, or sometimes, in the storehouse.  Sometimes, 
you can find her in the mountains, sometimes at Karen's family's 
vineyard (Karen and Ann are good friends), and occasionally, she'll be 
inside Rick's shop, yelling at him to work harder!.  During the 
fireworks, she'll be in the field at Green Ranch, she'll perform at the 
Church on the Starry Night Festival, and on New Year's Eve she'll be 
in the bar. 


  -Dream: Ann's dream is the one that goes:

"Hey, look at the little birds."
......A bird's nest in the tree...
"They're so cute..."
"I hope they grow up fast so they can fly!"
......The happy girl......
"...Oh! Kyaaaa!"
She got too exited and fell... then...

 When you have this dream, go to the tree behind the carpenter's 
house--the one where you can climb to the upper ledge.  Ann will be 
there.  When she asks, tell her that, yes, you were that person from a 
long time ago.  She'll be happy you remember.

 -When she sprains her ankle, she'll be at the crossroads just outside 
your farm.  Carry her home. 

 -If Ann has a pink heart in the Winter (on the first), she'll invite 
you to see the rare Pika Bunny in the mountains.  You'll get a photo 
to remember it.  Make sure it's not snowing, or she'll be a no-show!

 -If you have lots of points on your cake card for the bakery, you 
might drop it on the way out of Green Ranch.  Ann will follow you and 
give it back to you, commenting on the number of points.  She will ask 
if you like cake; you should say yes, because if you don't, she'll 
think you go there just to see Elli, and be sad.

   c) Popuri
Popuri is the daughter of Lilia and Basil, the owners of the Flower 
Shop in the village.  Thus, she was raised all around flowers and 
plants.  Everything about her is akin to flowers; her name, her 
birthdate (Spring 22), which is the day just before the Flower 
Festival, even her pink hair.  If she has a pink heart, she'll give you 
potpourri on your birthday.  Your rival in courting her will be Gray.

Personality: Popuri is outgoing, feminine, and generally sweet.  She has
a romantic side that appreciates beauty, especially in nature.  She 
even makes trips to the top of the mountain out of kindness just to 
visit the old couple that live there.  However, she has a quick temper 
and is quite stubborn.  She's  picky, too.  She loves the Spring best 
of all, but does very badly in the heat of Summer, and misses the 
flowers in Fall and Winter.  

Looks: Popuri has long, pink hair that cascades down her back and curls 
at the ends.  She wears it down, with a headband to keep it out of her 
face.  Her eyes are pink too... typical anime style.  She wears a rather
old fashioned looking dress with a tight bodice and a full red skirt.  
Popuri is easily one of the prettiest girls to choose from.

Likes: Popuri REALLY loves flowers.  This makes her one of the easiest 
girls to catch, because flowers are so abundant.  Many people have 
gotten her to a pink heart by halfway through the first Summer.  She 
also likes the Full Moon Berry, though it's probably far more 
worthwhile to sell it.  However, her favorite item to recieve is a 
strawberry.  It's sort of a moot point, since you ought to have no 
trouble getting her heart level up long before the first winter, which 
is the absolute earliest you'd be able to get strawberries at all.  
*shrug*  Just telling it like it is.

Dislikes: No weeds, no rocks, and no poisonous mushrooms.  Pretty 

Where to find her: Popuri can usually be found outside and to the left 
of the Flower Shop on the sidewalk.  On rainy days, she'll be inside 
the shop.  Usually, on Sundays, she goes to the bakery.  Other times, 
you might find her in the mountains, especially in the grove to the 
left of the carpenters' cabin, or at the restaurant on the summit.  
As she gets closer to Gray, she might sometimes be spotted at the 
entrance to the field at Green Ranch.  For the Fireworks, she'll be at
the Summit of Moon Mountain (if the carpenters haven't built the 
bridge yet, just climb the tree behind the carpenters' house).  On the 
Starry Night Festival, she'll be at the summit once again, and on New 
Year's Eve she'll be in the church. 


  -Dream: Popuri's dream is the one that goes:

"A little bit more, and I can reach it. Uuuun."
.....A girl was trying to pick a flower under the cliff......
...Falling together...
"Hey! What are you doing here? It's dangerous!"
"Daddy, I found a flower."
...That girl was......

 When you have this dream, go up to Moon Mountain, and look for her at 
the cliff behind the carpenters' house.  When you find her, Popuri will 
slip and fall, and you'll have to climb up the tree and save her.  When 
she asks if anything like this ever happened before, and you say yes, 
she'll be happy you remembered.  
Alternatively, if you've already built the bridge, walking across it 
may trigger the event.  In this case, just walk up to her and pull her 
to safety.

 -When she sprains her ankle, she'll be in the mountains behind the 
carpenters' house.  Choose to carry her home.  She'll comment on how
strong you've become. ^_^

 -Blue Mist seeds go on sale in the Flower Shop the 25th day of Spring 
starting in the second year.  When you buy a seed, Popuri will go with 
you to the mountain to plant it.  Remember to water it every single 
day, and it will bloom.  Then, wait one more day and the Emerald 
Butterfly will show up.  The entomologist will take you and Popuri's 
picture and send it to your farm the next morning.  Completing this 
sequence will make Popuri happy, too.

   d) Elli
Poor Elli; her mother died when she was very young, and her father 
wasn't long afterwards.  She just has her grandmother left, and lives 
in Flower Bud Bakery with the Bakery Master.  She earns her keep making 
delicious baked goods to sell.  She's also related to Greg, the 
fisherman.  Elli's birthday is Fall 1, and she'll give you an 
embroidered handkerchief if she has a pink heart on your birthday.  
If you don't marry her, the Bakery Master will marry her himself 
(and they're such a cute couple!).

Personality: Elli has the most sweet and gentle disposition of anyone 
in the entire game.  She is very kind and soft-spoken, but very 
emotional as well.  When her grandmother dies, she is so upset that it 
just breaks your heart, but when she falls in love, whether it be with 
the Bakery Master or with you, she just exudes happiness.  She seems 
like a very nurturing person, like someone who would make a good 
mother.  She also has a lot of patience, as is demonstrated in a scene 
where she tries to teach Ann how to cook. ^_^

Looks: Elli styles her light brown hair in a short bob and has large 
brown eyes.  She wears a long, light blue dress with a lacy white 
apron, giving her a very domestic look.  This combination makes Elli 
cute as a button!

Likes: Elli loves to get fresh eggs and milk from your farm to help her
in her baking.  Any size milk will yeild the same amount of affection, 
so there's no need to fork over the gold stuff!  Also appreciated, 
though slightly less than the baking ingredients, are fish of any size.

Dislikes: Weeds, rocks, and poisonous mushrooms are a no-no.  Also, 
Elli hates to be shown any type of insect.  Don't do it!

Where to find her: Elli is almost always found at Flower Bud Bakery, 
whether it be inside or out in the yard.  On off days, she wanders up 
to the mountains and goes fishing.  I even see her at the beach 
occasionally, and she sometimes appears in the Flower Shop.  To watch 
the fireworks, she'll be in the yard at Flower Bud Bakery, she'll
perform at the Church on the Starry Night Festival, and on New Year's 
Eve she'll be in the church as well. 


  -Dream: Elli's dream is the one that goes:

"I'll be the mommy and you be the daddy."
"Honey, dinner is ready."
......Playing house.... The girl made mud cookies.....
"No, don't eat it!"
"Help! somebody, daddy"
...He got a stomachache and was sick in bed.
.......Then ...Then?

 When you get this dream, head to either the bakery or the Midwife's 
house in southern Flower Bud Village.  The kids will be there playing 
house.  Elli will come and talk to you.  If you tell her you remember 
what happened, she'll be happy.

 -When Elli sprains her ankle, she'll be in the Mountains, in the area 
beside the river.

 -If Elli has a pink heart and it's Fall (specifically on the 9th), 
she'll come to your farm one night and bring you to the mountains.  
There, she'll make Moondrop Water with you, and you'll get a picture in 
the mail the next day.  Elli will be happy, too.

 -One of the saddest events of the game occurs when Elli's grandmother 
dies.  It can occur any time during or after the second year, but may 
not happen until much later.  If she's still alive after you marry 
Elli, then she won't ever die.  The only sure way to keep her alive 
is to never talk to her.  But you need to get the recipe from her, 
right?  It seems nearly inevitable.  Anyway, when she dies, Elli is 
heartbroken for several seasons afterward.

   e) Karen
Karen is the beautiful daughter of the Vineyard Owner and his wife.  
Since her family owns the vineyard, she is very knowledgeable in all 
areas having to do with drinking or wine.  She even works part-time at
the bar in Flower Bud Village.  She is an excellent dancer, too.  
However, she gets along poorly with certain people, especially her 
father.  If Karen is indifferent (white heart) to you in the second 
year of the game, she will leave for the city and never come back 
(that's right, NEVER), but if you restore the vineyard, she'll marry 
Kai, the vineyard worker.  Her birthday is the 29th of Winter, and on 
your birthday, should she have a pink heart, she'll give you a lucky 

Personality: Karen isn't exactly what you'd call friendly at first.  
She barely puts up with your presence, and becomes annoyed if you talk 
to her too much.  She snaps at you and fights constantly with her 
parents.  She won't even introduce herself to you until she has a blue 
heart.  But once you get to know her, Karen is kind and loyal.  She has 
a good sense of humor and is a hard worker, but longs for something 
more.  If it weren't for the fact that her vineyard needs her, she 
would move to the city.  Maybe you could be the reason she decides to 
stay...?  Karen doesn't know much about housekeeping and things like 
cooking and children, but she tries hard.  She also loves to make and 
drink wine.  One thing that makes her unique is that she likes solitude.  
It's not uncommon to see her on the beach by herself.

Looks: Karen has long, straight blonde hair with lighter pieces in the 
front that frame her face.  She also has deep green eyes.  Her clothes, 
denim shorts and a white tank-top with a purple vest are casual and 
practical, but stylish as well.  Popular opinion holds Karen as the 
most beautiful of the eligible ladies, or so I've heard.

Likes: Karen appears to be difficult to please, but hard numbers 
show that she's not as picky as she seems. ^_^  A good rule of 
thumb for her: if you can make wine out of it, she'll like it!  Thus, 
veryberries and wild grapes are winners.  She also gets a good 
affection boost from tomatoes, despite responding unenthusiastically 
to them.  

Dislikes: Don't even think about giving Karen fish--that's big 
negative affection points.  And as with the rest of the girls, she'll 
be angry if you give her weeds, rocks, or poisonous mushrooms.

Where to find her: Karen's a bit complicated to find.  She's often in 
the bar at night, so that's a good place to look.  Finding her during 
the day is a bit more difficult, however. Sometimes, you can find her 
at the vineyard.  Other times, she's at the beach.  She also has been 
known to visit Moon Mountain.  But most frustrating is when she's 
nowhere to be found at all.  She sometimes just disappears, and you 
could waste the whole day looking for her with no luck. >_<  To watch 
the fireworks, she goes to the beach.  Same for the Starry Night 
Festival, she'll be by the ocean.  On New Years Eve, you can find her 
at the bar.  Surprise, surprise!

      *This helpful bit of information was contributed by Lagniappe: 

      "I have found that Karen is at the beach every Sunday unless 
      it’s raining or there’s an event going on."


  -Dream: Karen's dream is the one that goes:

"Daddy! I'll never get in trouble again! Please open!"
......A girl is crying...?
"Sniff, sniff."
"Oh, who are you? Where did you come from?"
"Wow, there is a hole here..."
"...My daddy's angry, so I can't go home..."
He went home with the crying girl holding her hand, then......

 When you get this dream, head over to the vineyard.  Karen will come 
to you, and offer to give you a tour of the vineyard.  When you go into 
the storeroom, the door will lock, and you'll be stuck inside.  She 
will be hungry, and will be a bit testy for a while.  Either you can 
wait for her dad to come and let you out, or you can find the hole in 
the upper left corner of the first floor.  Karen will say she forgot 
about the hole being there, and if you tell her that you are the same 
person who helped her out all those years ago, she will be happy.

 (Just an idle observation of mine... every FAQ I've ever looked at 
describes this dream as "Karen getting locked in the storeroom and 
her dad finding her and letting her out," but to me it sounds more 
like he locked her in there himself because he was mad at her.  
Or... I could be wrong, of course.)

 -When Karen sprains her ankle, she'll be next to the dead tree in 
the vineyard.

 -It is possible to restore the vineyard in the game.  First, you have 
to become good friends with the bartender.  Try giving him gifts for a 
while.  He'll eventually give you a bottle of the good wine Karen's 
grandmother used to make called "Doorway to Heaven."  Once you have 
that (Karen and Kai will be impressed if they see that you have it), 
the next step is to befriend the Harvest Sprites, until they notice 
the wine and comment that you should visit the Goddess.  So take their 
advice, and head to Goddess' fountain in the grove on Moon Mountain.  
Throw a home-grown vegetable into the water (between 9:00 and 5:00) 
and when the Goddess appears, there should only be one option (grape 
spirits).  Choose this, and she will wake up the spirit in the tree.  
In one of the nights which follows, the Goddess will appear above your 
bed to tell you that the Kifu fairies have returned.  When Fall comes, 
and if Karen has a pink heart, she will come to your farm one night to 
bring you to the vineyard and show you the fairies.  You'll get a 
picture in your mailbox the next day (isn't it nice to know that 
photographer was spying on you?) and Karen will be happy.

 2. Marriage
Once your girl has a pink heart and you're ready to become a married 
man, head to Rick's Tool Shop and buy a blue feather.  The price is 
1000g, but Rick’s your buddy, right?  He'll knock the price down to 
980g just for you.  If the feather isn't in the shop, give Rick a few 
gifts until he's friends with you, and it'll appear.  Oh, and you 
need to have a kitchen, too, or it won't work.

You use the blue feather just like any other tool.  Select it in the 
start menu and use it with the B button.  Show it to as many people as 
you like to see what they think about it (it won't disappear until you 
use it to propose seriously), and then go ahead and propose to your 
girl.  If she accepts (she will if she has a pink heart), you'll be 
married at the church the following Sunday.  Ahh... and they lived 
happily ever after.

The rules change a bit once you get married, but there are some things 
that stay the same.  You should still talk to your wife and give her 
gifts every day until her affection is maxed out at 255 (you'll 
have to guess, since you can't see the actual number without ROM 
hacking).  A happy wife will help out on the farm!
Here's what each girl will do for you:

 Maria: Pulls weeds and crates eggs
 Ann: Feeds chickens and crates eggs
 Popuri: Waters (some) plants and feeds chickens 
 Elli: Feeds chickens and crates eggs
 Karen: Crates eggs, but she may drop one! 

(Interesting facts- I've been told you get paid for all the eggs, even 
if Karen does drop one.  Also, Gizmocat says that if your wife feeds 
the chickens, it doesn't deplete your feed supply.)

At first, they may not do their chores very often at all.  But as you 
shower them with affection, they’ll do it more and more frequently.  
Also, they'll do /more/ of them.. for instance Popuri will go from 
watering about 4 squares to something like 30.

Just remember, that as a married man, you need to be responsible and 
loyal.  Make sure you come home at a reasonable hour.  Your wife will 
go to bed without you at 10:00 sharp, so you should be home before 

If your wife drops below a green heart, she'll leave you and go back to 
live with her parents.  During this time, none of the other girls will 
be anywhere around, so unless you want to be alone for the rest of your 
miserable life, go find your wife and talk to her.  Once you work 
things out, she'll come back to the farm and everything will be okay.  
Her heart rating will be back at green.  But you can't divorce her, no 
matter how hard you try.

 3. Starting a Family
If you're treating your wife well and you have a baby bed, it will take 
exactly one month for your wife to get pregnant.  If you're not so 
attentive, perhaps a bit longer.  The earliest she can possibly be 
pregnant is the day after your one-month anniversary.  So if you were 
married on the 16th, she will be pregnant on the 17th of the next month.
The pregnancy will last two seasons, and each season is different:

 First Stage:  You wife will be tired and have strange cravings without 
knowing why.  Karen will develop an obsession with cake, Popuri will be 
unusually sleepy; each girl will say some things out of the ordinary.  
If you talk to the midwife, she'll tell you that she'll be there for the
baby, so it's fairly obvious what's going on.

 Second Stage:  Your wife will tell you one morning that she's pregnant 
(as if you didn't already know that. ^_^).  From then until the birth 
one season later, she'll talk about things like reading maternity 
books, having morning sickness, etc.  

The birth will occur after the last day of the second stage, so 
basically, three seasons after you've been married, if you're a good 
husband.  You'll wake up one morning and your wife will be in bed, the 
midwife will be there, telling you to get out, and a member of the 
girl's family will be there (usually her mother).  The baby will be 
born exactly at 3:00, but as you know, time doesn't pass indoors.  
You'll have to leave and wait outside.  You can do all the work on your 
farm, but the Buyer won't let you leave the area (unless you use a 
glitch where hopping off your horse next to him puts you on the other 
side).  At 3:00, go back inside to meet your new bundle of joy!  The 
baby will automatically be a boy, and you'll have to name it.  You'll 
even get a picture of you, your wife, and the baby just after it's 
born to remember this day by.

From what I understand, if you don't show up to name your baby, 
your wife will do it for you.  Amusing. ^_^  

Don't slack off now!  You still have to be nice to your wife and give 
her gifts to keep her affection maxed out.  Now, as an added bonus, 
you have to be nice to your son, too.  He's a bit temperamental, so 
he may not accepts gifts on some days; go figure.  You can try to 
give him things like baked goods (those are his favorite); to do 
this, aim right for his shadow, but if it doesn't work... well... 
the easiest thing to do is show him your dog; it's free and better 
than nothing.

Your baby will have three stages.  They are:

 Blanket stage:  Looks like a baby.  That's about it... a little head 
 sticking out of a blankey.  He doesn't talk except when you give him a 
 gift or show him your dog, he'll say "Kya kya!" or something.  He 
 can't be put down, only held and placed in his crib, but you can carry 
 him around and show him to everyone.  This stage lasts one season.

 Crawling stage:  Aww... so cute!  No matter who your marry, your baby 
 will be dressed in a ridiculous mouse suit.  He'll crawl around and 
 make baby sounds, and you can carry him around or put him down on the 
 ground.  Keep giving him gifts or showing him your dog, and pray your 
 wife doesn't get the idea in her head that you're a bad father (she 
 does that sometimes, even if you're doing a good job... but she'll get 
 over it.)  During this stage your wife will say something about the 
 baby being hot, and the possibility of him having a fever.  He'll come 
 down with the measles then, and you can call either the girl's mother, 
 the midwife, or the Potion Shop Owner.  It doesn't matter who you 
 call, the outcome is the same.  This stage lasts for three seasons, so 
 basically, until his first birthday.

 Talking stage:  He's growing up before your very eyes, hmm?  He'll be 
 crawling/walking around, and spouting off a few random baby words and 
 phrases.  Remember to take extra good care of him; you want to max out 
 your affection with him for the evaluation!  You can't carry him around
 any more, though.  This is the last stage, despite what rumors may say,
 so don't expect him to grow up and help around the farm.

The other married couples will have babies as well to grow up with 
yours.  It'll happen all on its own, especially if you're friends with 
the other couples.  Of course, if you're looking to speed it up, make 
friends with the guys first.  All of the other girls will dress up 
their kids as animals as well: Maria's baby is a panda, Ann's baby 
is a frog, Popuri's baby is a bunny, Elli's baby is a chicken, and 
Karen's baby is a Pikachu.  Also, Popuri and Karen are the only two 
to have daughters (unless they marry you).  Everyone else has a son.


   This is the moment you play for: your father's dreaded visit to your
farm for an evaluation.  Well, I promise, it's not as painful as you 
might imagine.  You just have to have been preparing for it for a 
while.  Besides, if you get a bad evaluation, what's the worst that can 
happen?  Your father leaves and doesn't come back?  Oh well, that's 
what happens if you get a good evaluation, too.  So don't sweat it.  

   Summer 1st, 3rd year.  That's the date, so you better be ready!  
Here's what you can expect.  You father first stops and talks with the 
townspeople before coming to see you.  This is the order: 

 1. The Mayor:
Based on how well the townspeople like you, he'll rate the opinion of 
the town of you.  To get a good remark, become friends with everyone!
 Best Remark- "Yes, everybody trusts him."

 2. The Midwife
The midwife will rate how well you get along with the ladies.  For the 
best evaluation from her, get all 5 girls to have a pink heart.
 Best Remark- "He's very popular with the girls.  They all have a 
 crush on him."

 3. The Potion Shop Owner
Have you been taking care of yourself?  If you've done a good job of 
not getting sick too often, going to bed at a reasonable hour, and have 
gotten all of the power berries, he'll give you his best evaluation.
 Best Remark- "He is strong and healthy and very good about looking 
after himself."

 4. Greg (The fisherman)
Based on how much time you spend fishing, Greg will rate how well you 
relax.  Just go fishing occasionally and you should be fine.  If you 
think you haven't been doing enough fishing, spend the week before the 
evaluation at the fishing spot of your choice, but don't slack off in 
other areas.
 Best Remark- "He seems pretty laid back."

 5. The Chief Carpenter
As long as you have every possible house extension as well as the 
greenhouse, you'll get his best rating.  How easy!
 Best Remark- "Yeah, his buildings on the farm are perfect! I'm 
impressed he has achieved so much at such a young age!"

 6. Basil (The botanist)
Basil rates the size of your fields of grass.  Why?  I don't know.. 
just nod and smile.  And make sure you have lots of grass planted.  I 
mean *lots*.  Try about 24+ full squares.  Never can be too careful.
 Best Remark- "His grass fields are all excellent!  Yeah, I'd like to 
give him a Green Master award."

 7. Special Gourmet Judge
Depending on how many recipes you collect, this guy rates you 
accordingly.  Collect all 35 to get the best rating.
 Best Remark- "Oh my, yes. He has a fabulous recipe notebook. I'd 
like to give him the 'Recipe Master'award <3"

 8. The Buyer
This guy hates me, he really hates me.  I shipped enough vegetables to 
feed a small country as well as became good friends with him, but he 
still didn't give me a good rating.  SomeCrazyGuy seems to think that 
he got the best possible rating, so I've posted that one here, despite
the fact that I haven't personally confirmed it.
 Best(?) Remark- "Yeah, his numbers are impressive! Hmmm, I think he 
could ship more eggs."

 9. The Green Ranch Owner
Based on how many animals you have, as well as how well you take care 
of them, the Green Ranch Owner will rate you.  Make sure you never let 
any animal die, especially.
 Best Remark- "He's a guy who can talk from the heart with the animals.
I am very impressed."

   Now your father comes to your farm to talk to you.  Make sure to put 
all of your animals out in the field the day before the evaluation, or 
else he'll tell you that it looks lonely.  He'll ask you a few 
questions; just answer what you think he wants to hear, and he'll be 
happy.  Tell him that working on a farm is hard work, but that it's 
worth it, and that you have lots of people you can count on.  That kind 
of stuff.  Then your wife (and kid, if you have one) will come and 
greet him.  If you have a log terrace, the townspeople that are very 
good friends with you  will come to spend the evening with you.  
Depending on how many people show up, your father will either say
 "Is that all your friends?!" or
 "Wow, all of these people came for you?"
and then your wife will reply by saying that that's all for now, but 
the rest will be by later.

   If your wife is pregnant or if you have a child, there will be one 
more scene with you and your wife standing alone on the terrace at 
night.  You wife will ask if you figured out your grandfather's last 
words.  If you say no, she'll assure you that you'll figure it out 
eventually, but if you say yes, she'll kiss you and ask you to tell 
your child, or if she's still pregnant, to tell the baby when it's 

   And that's the end!  If you watch all the way through the credits, 
you'll have the opportunity to keep playing.  Even though the 
evaluation period is over, you can play for an infinite number of 


                     IV. STUFF TO ACCOMPLISH

   While you may think that growing crops, raising livestock, and 
hitting on chicks are engrossing enough, there are even more things to 
do in Harvest Moon 64 that give the game depth and replay value.  
Here you go, stuff to accomplish (or collect):


   The carpenters who live on Moon Mountain are hard working, and for a 
fee, they'll build add-ons to your house.  Once you've accumulated some 
money and lumber, head to their cabin in Moon Mountain.  They're closed 
on Tuesdays, but otherwise, go inside and press the A button on the 
sign on the back wall.  It lists all the extensions you can get, and 
their prices.  The extensions are:

                  Price:            Lumber:
Kitchen           5000g             450
Bathroom          3000g             300
Stairway          2000g             250
Greenhouse        30000g            580
Log Terrace       7000g             350
Baby Bed          1000g             150

Having a kitchen is great.  It almost doubles the size of your house, 
for one thing.  There's a table, sink/stove area, and a refrigerator, 
which allows for the storage of up to 32 perishable food items (for as 
long as you like).  There's also a pair of lists on the top wall.  The 
one on the left keeps track of all the recipes you collect from various 
townspeople in a neat list.  The one on the right is actually a picture 
of a tree which displays all of the Power Nuts you have found, and 
where you found them.  The kitchen is a requirement for getting 

The bathroom attaches on to the back of your kitchen.  The main 
feature is the hot tub there.  Using the hot tub has the same effect 
as the hot springs in the mountains; it helps prevent sickness.  But 
it's so much more convenient when it's in your own home.  There's also 
a sink and a room with a toilet in the bathroom, but they're just there 
for show.  They don't do anything.  And just because I know some 
people are curious as to what happens if you get a bathroom before a 
kitchen (since it connects to the back of it), I'll tell you. ^_^  
Basically, your living room will gain a door which would lead to the 
kitchen, if it was there.  Instead, it leads outside.  The place where 
the kitchen would be is empty, but the bathroom is built directly 
above that spot, as a stand-alone building with a door you can enter 
to get in.  It's like your own personal outhouse, or something.

The stairway is pretty useless; it takes up the upper right corner of 
your living room and leads to a little trap door on your roof.  What 
can you do up there?  I have no idea.  Rumor has it that you can leave 
your chickens up there and they won't need to be fed, but it doesn't 
work.  Besides... they don't need to be fed if they're on the ground 
either.  What's the point of putting them on the roof?  Anyway, spring 
for the stairway only after you've gotten all of the necessary and/or 
useful upgrades.

Without a doubt, this is the most useful thing you can buy.  It comes 
with its own shipping bin, water supply, and a 16x16 area for 
planting.  That's almost as big as your field!  With the purchase of a 
greenhouse, you'll be able to grow strawberries, but only inside the 
greenhouse.  Also, the Flower Shop begins carrying all types of regular
seeds during every season, so you'll be able to buy anything whenever 
you want, with one exception: strawberries.  These profitable little 
berries are only sold in Winter.  However, anything (including the 
strawberries) can be planted year-round.  Plus, time doesn't pass when 
you're indoors.  This means that you can plant, water, and harvest huge 
amounts of vegetables while time stands still.  Unfortunately, the 
shipping bin is in one corner, and your horse can't come into the 
greenhouse, so you'll spend lots of time running back and forth... and 
back and forth... and back and forth... and back and forth... until 
you're ready to break the damn game. 

   -Log Terrace-
It's.... uh.. pretty.  Yeah.  The log terrace is just a big porch with 
a picnic table that is located behind your house.  Like the stairway, 
it has no real function.  The only time I've ever even seen it used is 
in the evaluation; all of your friends will come and gather on it.  And 
it's really expensive, too!  But hey... I guess you need it if you want 
that photo for all extensions completed...

   -Baby Bed-
Well... it's a cute little bed below yours for a baby to sleep in.  I 
suppose it goes without saying, but you can't have a baby without a 
baby bed.  And it's pretty cheap!


   Power nuts are wonderful red berries that permanently increase 
your stamina capacity by 10% every time you eat one.  So, if you 
start the game with 100% stamina capacity and eat.. oh, two Power 
Nuts, from then on, you'll have a stamina capacity of 120%. Nifty, 
huh?  Here's where to find them:

1. Use your hoe at level one in your field.  A Power Nut might appear 
at random if you dig around enough.  Digging in the same spot 
repeatedly DOES work!  You can't till your field in Winter, but you 
can find this one in any of the other seasons.

2. Throw a large, blue fish into the pond behind the fisherman's tent. 
A green imp-like monster (a kappa) will pop up and give you the Power 
Nut.  Make sure you do this between 9:00 in the morning and 5:00 in 
the evening, or he won't show up.  Guess he's sleeping, or something.  
This works during any of the seasons except for Winter, because the 
pond freezes.  This power nut is special--a programming glitch 
(discovered originally by Sam Van Dam) caused it to take on the 
properties which were intented for the special blue power nut... I'll 
talk a bit about that one later.  Suffice to say, you want to make 
sure you get this Power Nut.  It will not only give you more stamina, 
but it'll prevent you from getting sick in the rain.  For this 
reason, some people refer to it as the purple Power Nut.

3. The Traveling Salesman will sell you a Power Nut at the Flower 
Festival in Spring for 1000G.  If you can't afford this your first 
year, don't worry.  He'll show up every year in the same spot until you 
buy it.

4. You can win a Power Nut at the Egg Festival in the first Fall.  It's 
almost impossible *not* to win, so this one's really easy.

5. Try fishing off the dock on the beach.  You'll eventually catch a 
Power Nut.  This works in all four seasons.

6. Either make sure your strength is at 100%, or eat a few pieces of 
cake to get it there, and then take a vegetable you have grown to the 
pond in the grove to the left of the carpenters' cabin in the 
mountains.  Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m, throw your 
vegetable into the water.  The Goddess will appear and ask you to make 
a wish.  Wish for strength.  If you're already maxed out on strength, 
she will give you a Power Nut instead.  This only works with vegetables 
you grew yourself, not one from the mountain.  Also, it should work in 
all four seasons.

7. During Winter, the pond behind the fisherman's tent will freeze.  
You can walk across it to reach the large rock on the other side.  Take 
a level three (golden) hammer and use your most powerful swing to 
break the boulder.  A Power Nut will magically appear in your hands.

8. In the Winter, while digging in the mine, you might unearth a Power 
Nut on one of the lower levels.

9.  Give Popuri's parents, Lillia and Basil, lots and lots of gifts.  
On his return from the south in the Spring, if you're good friends with 
him, Basil might bring you a Power Nut.  

10.  In the third Spring or later years, fill your field with flowers.  
Plant eight to ten plots with a combination of Pink Cat Mint seeds and 
Moondrop seeds.  I did it by planting five of each, but I think you can 
get away with less.  When all of your flowers have bloomed, Stu, the 
little black-haired boy, will come and ask for one of your flowers.  If 
you agree, he will give you his marbles, since he has no money.  The 
next step is becoming good friends with the Harvest Sprites.  Give them 
gifts until they are able to speak English, at least.  Eventually, they 
will notice your marbles and ask about them.  You can give the marbles 
to the Sprites, and in return, they will give you a Power Nut.

      *Bluebird had this to say about getting the marbles from the 

      "You can also get the marbles as early as the second spring if 
      you buy 5 packs of pink mint flowers the first festival so you 
      have them in the spring. By planting 2 or 3 of each kind and when 
      Stu comes by and says plant lots more, plant the rest and you can 
      get the marbles."


   Recipes are stored in your kitchen (on your wall, on the sign to 
the left), but you can begin collecting them before you build one.  
You can't cook them, but if you collect them all, the ugly Gourmet 
Judge will give you a good rating.  Also, if you don't have enough 
recipes, your wife will complain that she doesn't know how to cook 
anything.  Anyway, they're fun to collect, and give you something to 
accomplish when there's nothing else to do.  There are only 35 
recipes total, but 48 spaces in your cookbook.  Here they are in the 
order they appear in your cookbook. (with Natsume's spelling 
errors corrected, of course ^_^)

Just remember that if you give the correct ingredient to the correct 
person, and they neglect to give you their recipe, try becoming good 
friends with them before attempting to get the recipe again.  Don't 
give up hope, it'll work eventually. (Just make sure to get the cake 
recipe from Elli's grandmother before she dies, since you can't get 
it from her afterwards, obviously.)

1. Cream of Turnip Stew- Give a turnip to the Mayor's Wife
2. Tomato Cream Soup- Give a tomato to Lillia
3. Tomato Rice-  Give a tomato to Karen's Mother
4. Simple Tomato Soup-  Give a tomato to the Parson
5. Corn Fritter- Give an ear of corn to the Green Ranch Owner
6. Corn Pasta- Give an ear of corn to Basil
7. Mashed Potato-  Give a potato to Ann
8. Fried Potatoes & Bacon-  Give a potato to the Mayor
9. Twice-Cooked Tomatoes & Greens-  Give a tomato to Lillia
10. Garlic Potato Beef- Give a potato to Harris (The Mailman)
11. Eggplant with Miso Paste-  Give an eggplant to the Midwife
12. Rolled Cabbage-  Give cabbage to Maria
13. Stuffed Omelet-  Give an egg to Gray
14. Spa-poached Egg- Give an egg to Kent (The brown-haired boy)
15. Handmade Butter- Give any size milk to Rick
16. Mushroom Rice-  Give a mushroom to the Head Carpenter
17. Fried Char- Give a large, blue fish to the fisherman
18. Grilled Trout with Cheese- Give any size fish to the carpenter*
    with the hammer
19. Char Stuffed with Mushrooms- Give a mushroom to the carpenter* 
    with the axe
20. Steamed Clams with Wine- Give wild grapes to the Vineyard Owner
21. Miso Soup with Sprouts- Give an edible herb to the Potion Shop 
22. Sesame Dandelion Greens- Give a medicinal herb to Saibara (The 
    craft shop owner)
23. Mushroom Salsa- Give a mushroom to one of the Sprites
24. Strawberry Dog- Give a strawberry to Stu (The little boy with black 
25. Herb Rice Cake- Give an edible herb to the old woman on Moon 
26. Bread Pudding- Give an egg or milk to Elli
27. Herb Rice Cake- Even though this recipe looks the same as 25, this 
    is actually the Walnut Cake recipe you get by giving a walnut to 
    Elli's Grandmother. Stupid glitch!
28. Potato Pancake- Give a potato to May (The little girl)
29. Strawberry Jam- Give a strawberry to Popuri
30. Strawberry Champagne- Give a strawberry to Karen
31. Veryberry Wine- Give a veryberry to Kai
32. Spice Tea- Give milk to Cliff.  This one is very tough to get...
    He may have to be married before he'll give it up.  Otherwise, try 
    becoming EXTREMELY good friends with him.  Another theory is that
    he will only give it up in the Winter.
33. Hot Spicy Wine- Give wild grapes to the Tavern Owner
34. Cinnamon Milk Tea- Give any size milk to the Bakery Owner
35. Turnip & Cabbage Preserves- Give a turnip to the old man on Moon 

Spaces 36-48 are blank. Hmmm.....

And, for your convenience, a quick-reference list organized so you  
can efficiently acquire all recipes with less difficulty. Give the 
vegetable to the people whose names are listed by it.

Turnips:  Mayor's Wife, Restaurant Owner (On Moon Mountain)
Potatoes:  Mayor, Ann, Harris, May
Cabbage:  Maria
Veryberry Fruit: Kai

Tomatoes:  Lillia, Karen's Mom, Buyer, Priest
Corn:  Green Ranch Owner, Basil
Walnuts:  Elli's Grandmother

Eggplants:  Midwife
Mushrooms:  Head Carpenter, the carpenter* with the axe, any of the Sprites
Wild Grapes: Karen's Father, Tavern Owner

Strawberries:  Popuri, Karen, Stu

Eggs:  Elli, Gray, Kent
Milk:  Bakery Owner, Rick, Cliff (though this is likely Winter-only)
Fish:  Fisherman (must be a large fish), the carpenter* with the saw
Medicinal Herbs (not available in Winter):  Saibara (Craft Shop Owner)
Edible Herbs (not available in Winter):  Potion Shop Owner, Restaurant 
   Owner's Wife** (On Moon Mountain)

* There are two carpenters that look identical, except for the tools 
  they sometimes pull out and use.  Only the correct one will yield 
  each recipe.

** I have heard that this recipe is only attainable during Spring, 
dispite edible herbs being available in the Summer and Fall as well.


   The photo album sits on the nightstand by your bed, and holds up to 
16 snapshots of memorable moments in your life.  You can view them at 
any time you like.  Most of these will appear in your mailbox the day 
after they are taken, so be sure to check for them there.

   -A Picture Taken Together with Grandpa-
This picture automatically comes inside the photo album.  It's an old 
black and white photo of you, your grandpa, and a dog, taken when you 
were just a little kid.

   -At the Seed Planting Festival-
In the second year or later, if you by chance become King, this picture 
will be taken of you and the Mayor before you go up in the balloon.

   -Winner of the Horse Race-
The first time you win the horse race, you'll get to pose for a picture 
with your horse and the Green Ranch Owner.

   -With a Sightseer-
If your cow wins at the Cow Festival, make sure it's out in the field 
the very next day.  Of course, this means that you have to have put it 
out in the pasture the day BEFORE the festival.  The three teenage girls 
that go to all the races will come and ask to have their picture taken 
with the prize cow.  

   -Winner at the Swim Meet-
If you win first place in the Sea Festival, the photographer will come 
and take a picture of all the participants.  Everyone in the picture is 
looking quite upset, except for you, grinning with excitement in the 
back row.  

   -Celebrating Completion of the Hot Springs-
If you chose to help the carpenters build the hot spring during the 
first Winter, you'll get a picture of you and the carpenters 
celebrating in front of the new hot spring.  You do NOT have to help 
every day to get the picture, so if, say, a deluge of weddings prevents
you from helping out on the first day of construction, you should still 
be okay. ^_^

   -Winner at the Dog Race-
The first time you win the dog race, you and your pooch will pose for a 
snapshot with the mayor.  Woo hoo.

   -Wedding Ceremony in Front of the Church-
When you get married, you'll get this picture of you and your wife 
kissing in front of the church on your wedding day.  It looks different 
depending on who you choose to marry, obviously.

   -After the Baby was Born-
When you and the girl you choose to marry have your baby, you will get 
a picture of the three of you sitting together as a family.  Again, the
picture will look different depending on your wife.

   -Firefly Night-
If Maria has a pink heart for you, she'll come to your farm one night 
during the Summer around the time of the Firefly Festival and invite 
you to watch the fireflies with her.  If you're trying to get this 
picture, make sure you watch for her to come after dark, or you'll miss 
it.  Also, make sure it's not raining!

   -Blue-Mist Flower-
On the 25th of Spring every year, Blue Mist seeds go on sale in the 
Flower Shop.  When you buy one, Popuri will take you to the mountain 
and you will plant it near the Goddess' Fountain in the grove to the 
left of the Carpenters' house.  You have to remember to water it every 
single day until it blooms, because if you forget even once, it will 
die, and you'll have to start all over.  (You have until the end of 
Summer to get it right.)  When it blooms, Popuri will comment on how 
beautiful it looks.  Go back the next day, and the rare Emerald 
Butterfly will be fluttering around it.  The Entomologist will take 
your picture with Popuri in front of the Blue Mist flower and the 

   -Essence of Moondrop-
If Elli has a pink heart in Fall (specifically on the 9th), she'll 
come to your farm to invite you to the mountains so she can show you 
something.  When you get there, she'll tell you that it's the night 
for Moondrop water, and you watch the water turn golden before your 
eyes.  Make sure it's not raining if you want her to show up!

   -A Rabbit in Winter-
If Ann has a pink heart on Winter first, she'll come to your farm to 
invite you to go see the very rare Pika Bunny with her.  You and Ann 
will hide behind a bush and observe it.  You'll get the picture in the
mail the next day.  Be careful--if it's snowing she won't come.

   -Dance of the Kifu Fairy-
This one is a bit complicated to get.  The first step is becoming 
friends with the Tavern Owner.  Give him gifts and talk to him 
frequently, until he gives you a bottle of old wine called the 
"Doorway to Heaven" that Karen's grandmother used to make.  Karen and 
Kai will notice it in your inventory and comment on it.  Then, 
befriend the Harvest Sprites until they tell you to see the Goddess 
about it.  The next step is to take a vegetable from your farm and 
bring it to the Goddess' Fountain inside the mountain grove.  Throw it 
in between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 during the day, and the Goddess 
will ask you what you want.  Ask her to revive the tree in the 
vineyard.  Next, you'll see the Goddess waking up the spirit in the 
dead tree in the vineyard.  Now, you wait.  One night, the Goddess 
will come to your house in the middle of the night and tell you that 
the Kifu fairies have returned.  Now, if Karen has a pink heart, she'll
come one night in the Fall (specifically on the 7th) to your ranch and 
ask you to come to the vineyard with her.  When you arrive, she'll show
you the fairies kissing the grapes to make them sweet.  In her 
happiness, Karen will dance among the fairies.  You'll get the picture 
the next day.  Like the picture with Maria, Karen comes at night, so 
make sure you're waiting up for her if you're expecting her to come.  
And as always, make sure it's not raining!

      *Once again, Lagniappe sent in this helpful information:

      Don’t wait until Fall, you don’t have to.  Once you have the 
      old wine from the bartender, just keep giving the sprites gifts 
      and talking to them.  One of them will notice the wine you 
      have.  Talk to him once more, and he’ll say, “Anyway, ask the 
      Spring Goddess about it.”  Go to the Goddess after that with 
      your vegetable, but remember…after the sequence with the 
      Goddess is over, your day ends (so do whatever you need to 
      do first, i.e. feed your animals, water your crops…) I usually 
      have this done by Summer 1.  The Goddess always comes to me 
      in my dream on Fall 6th, and Karen comes on Fall 7th.  (That’s 
      how it works for me, at least, every time.)  Here’s something 
      I’ve discovered that I’ve never seen in another FAQ…if it 
      rains, Karen won’t come (neither will Elli), and there go 
      your chances of getting the picture that year.   Don’t take a 
      chance with the weather; go to the Goddess pond beginning 
      about Fall 3 and wish for weather every day.  It works for 
      me, I get Karen’s picture on Fall 7, and Elli’s on Fall 9.

   -Commemorating Completion of Home Extensions-
When you have purchased every possible extension, including the 
greenhouse, from the Mountain Carpenters, you will receive this picture 
in your mailbox.  It shows you and your dog in front of your house.

   -Party Picture-
If you're friends with everyone, have all the home extensions, are 
married with a kid (with both your wife and child at maximum affection),
have at least one chicken and cow (also at maximum affection), at 
least six Power Nuts, and at least 80% of your farm cultivated at the 
time of your evaluation, you can get the party picture.  Many rumors 
are floating around on what exactly the requirements are to get this
picture, but according to Lenny, Master of the Harvest Moon 64 boards
at GameFAQs.com ^_^, these are the official requirements as listed by 
Natsume.  And they worked for me (although I had a full barn of animals
and six chickens).  Thanks so much, Lenny, for figuring it out!


   So you've more or less gotten the hang of playing Harvest Moon 64, 
and want to shoot for the most perfect possible game?  Well, I'll lay 
out a few guidelines here to help you on your way!

   First of all, what makes up a perfect game?  There are 
dissenting opinions on this.  To be honest, it is impossible to 
get a totally perfect game.  You see, you can only get one 
birthday present a year, so to get all of them, you would have to 
wait 5 years before getting married.  On the other hand, in order 
to get the elusive party picture, you have to be married and have a 
child for your year three evaluation.  As you can see, you can't have 
both.  Personally, I think getting the party picture is more difficult,
and therefore a better achievement.  So this mini-guide aims for that.
Simply getting one girl to a pink heart per year really doesn't require
a strategy guide.

   You also must decide for yourself whether you feel right about using 
exploits that exist within the game such as the Karen-Dog trick, or the 
unlimited music boxes.  They will take much of the challenge out of 
getting the party picture, but for your first time, I see nothing wrong 
with experimenting a bit.

   Keep in mind there are many ways to go about doing this!  This 
is just the way I usually do it.  It doesn't try to cram too much into
the first year so that I have nothing to do in year two.

   To start off, make sure you set your birthday to be in the Summer!

Year One:

Goals:  Get Maria, Elli, Karen, and Ann to give you their pictures, 
get a birthday present from Maria,  clear your field and lay out a 
corral, get a chicken as early as possible, get at least one cow as 
early as possible, become Harvest King, build a kitchen, a baby bed, 
and a greenhouse, help the carpenters build the hot springs, begin 
collecting power nuts, win some festivals.

First Spring:
   From the moment you begin, you are under a huge time crunch to woo 
Maria all the way to a pink heart before the end of Summer.  
Furthermore, you will really have to rush to get Karen ready for her 
picture in the Fall, depending on whether you choose to use exploits.  
It's not impossible to do, but it is expensive and puts a big damper 
on your early income.  Therefore, you need to be harvesting everything 
from the mountains that you possibly can, every day.  

   On the first day, don't take the Mayor's tour, as it wastes time.  
Instead, my advice is to head to the mountains to get the fishing pole 
and catch the large and small fish needed for the Kappa's blue Power 
Nut and the special "purple" Power Nut.  If it takes you more than a 
couple of hours of ingame time, reset and try again.  Pick up foragable 
items while you're there to sell, as well as a veryberry fruit for 
Karen and flowers for Maria and Ann.  Elli has a bit more leeway due 
to the ease in wooing her with eggs, so we don't need to worry too much 
about her yet.  And Popuri isn't even on the radar yet.  Of course, 
if you want to marry Popuri, you'll want to get her heart up to pink 
by the first winter, too.  But that's your choice.

   [At this point, I assume you've decided whether you're going to 
use the Karen-dog trick, or if you want to woo her legitimately.  
If you're going to use the dog trick, then don't bother trying to take 
care of the dog, as you need him to be in bad shape for the trick to 
work, for some reason.  You also won't need to worry about Karen yet. 
In fact, don't bother giving her gifts at all and ignore her for now.  
Sure, you could get her to a pink heart on the first day, but there's 
a downside to that!  Maria's birthday present is so much better than 
Karen's.  Make sure that when your birthday comes, Maria has a higher 
affection for you than Karen does!]

   After you've been to the mountains, continue by running down to Green 
Ranch, talking to Ann and getting your horse.  Then head back through 
the town, meet Maria, and on your way out, stop in an the flower shop 
and get a box of cabbage seeds--you'll really need lots of cabbage to 
successfully woo Maria before the end of Summer.  Karen is usually at 
the bar on this first night, so meet her there.  And finally, you want 
to get those cabbage seeds planted before bedtime--clear just enough of 
your field to sow and water them--planting up by the well will save 
time in the long run.  I don't imagine you'll be swimming in extra 
time today, but if you can manage, getting the rest of the sellable 
items from the mountain would give your early income a boost.

   Whew!  The first few days are the hardest.  For the perfect game, 
you have to prioritize and make every second count.  Sometimes, this 
may mean resetting if the day doesn't go perfectly--like, for example, 
you spend too much time hunting for the girls.  Just make sure you 
are relentless in pursuing Maria, Karen, and to a lesser extent, Ann 
and finally Elli.  Something to keep in the back of your mind is that 
you will need to build a kitchen before the end of Spring, so that you 
can save enough cabbages, veryberries, and potatoes to successfully woo 
Maria, Ann, and Karen in time.  If you have the energy, this means you
must be dilligent in chopping wood each time you go to the mountain to 
forage.  You also must balance growing more crops with your other 
responsibilities--you not only need a steady supply of cabbage for 
Maria, but you need income to get your kitchen.

   Oh, and one more important thing that may make or break your run: 
utilize the Goddess!  After a few days of foraging, you ought to be 
able to afford your first chicken.  Now, naturally, the first egg will 
go towards making a new chicken.  But following that, head to the 
Goddess' fountain every day, throw in an egg, and wish for love.  This 
will boost the affection level of your highest-rated girl by one.  
Likely, that girl will be Maria, which when calculated over an entire 
season and a half or so, is a large amount of affection points.  
Don't neglect the fountain!  Wishing once for strength in the early 
morning is probably also a good idea, as having the extra energy from 
the Power Nut will make your chores go more easily.

   As for the dog and horse, I wouldn't worry too much about it yet.
There is an entire non-stressful year two to deal with those sorts of
things.  For now, leave them alone.

   Your cabbage will soon be ready to harvest.  It's okay to sell
some, so long as you make sure to leave enough to give one to Maria
every day.  Keep planting more cabbage, and some potatoes for Ann.
Make sure, if you're trying to woo Karen without the dog, that 
you're giving her a Veryberry fruit every day.  Flowers are still 
okay for Elli, but move on to eggs as soon as you have a couple of 
chickens and can spare the extra egg.

   The music box will give a nice boost to the girl of your choice, 
once you go to the trouble to unearth it.  You must give Rick a few 
gifts before he will fix it.  My advice is to give it to Karen, as 
she is likely to be the most troublesome.  You'll probably also want 
to dance with her at the Flower Festival.  If, of course, you're 
using exploits, then by all means, pass the music boxes out 
liberally.  You could be getting four, or possibly five a week, if 
conditions are optimal and Rick decides to stand outside on Saturday.

   If you are managing everything nicely, you can begin to lay out 
where you want your pasture to be.  Clear the area just below your 
barn so that you have enough room for four enclosed squares of grass 
surrounded on all sides by a fence.  This way, you can decide how 
many rocks to keep before you go around smashing them (rocks make 
indestructible fences, even though you can't jump over them).  I 
usually make a corral like this:

   L = Log
   R = Rock

   R      L
   R      L
   R      R
   R      R
   L      R
   L      R

   Yes I know, the spacing of this document makes it look rectangular,
but the inside is the perfect size for 4 plots of grass.  Putting it 
directly below the barn (very upper left corner of the field with no 
spaces on the sides) makes it easy to move your cows into it, 
especially since you can just pick up the two logs in front of the door
and push them through.  In your spare time, create a corral (it 
doesn't have to be just like this one of you don't want... it's up 
to you!).

   By the time Spring is halfway over, you should be able to afford 
a single bag of grass seeds to begin growing in that corral.  Just 
go ahead and plant them now so that by the time you're able to afford 
a cow, you will have plenty of fodder.

   Your horse probably won't be grown up in time for the horse race.
If you're okay with the betting cheat, go ahead and rack up a couple 
of medals with what money you have.  You should still be gathering 
from the mountains, plus you ought to have a little extra from 
selling some crops on the side.  But if you're playing legit, don't 
bother with the race.  YOu can't spare the cash on medals, and it's a 
waste of time.  Since you can't give gifts, farm, chop lumber and 
forage instead!

   Before you know it, it will be time to vote for the Goddess.  
Vote for anyone besides Karen, since she's the one you want to dance
with (or if you're using the Dog Trick, you'll probably want to go 
with Maria).  If you have the money, in the days BEFORE the Flower 
Festival, buy one box of Moondrop flowers from the Flower Shop.  
This will get you a card with one point on it.  This way, at the Flower 
Festival, you can buy five boxes of Pink cat Mint seeds and not get 
gypped out of your points (if you don't already have a card, you can't 
get one at the festival, and you get no points).  If you have spare 
money after that, feel free to pick up the bottle, but I usually 
don't bother with that or the Power Nut in the first year.  They'll 
be there next time, when you have more money.

   Don't forget, in order to have your kitchen built in time for 
the end of Spring, you have to have them start before the 26th.  

  Now that Spring is coming to and end, just keep giving gifts to the
girls, the bartender (you can stop once he gives you the wine), and 
Basil (you want him to bring you that Power Nut next Spring!).  By 
the time Summer rolls around, I usually have Maria and Karen right 
around green hearts, Ann and Elli at blue, and Popuri still at white.  
I've got some grass, and am starting to cut it.  My field is more or 
less clear, with a corral set up.  And the Doorway to Heaven is in my 

   To finish off the season, I like to buy four more boxes of flower
seeds so that I have ten points and can draw in the raffle at the end 
of the year.  Also, having five of each type of flower will allow me 
to get the Power Nut next Spring.  I fill my fridge with whatever 
cabbage (you want to keep about 20) and veryberries I have left, as 
well as a few potatoes to tide me over until I can grow some corn 
for Ann.  And I ship the rest of my crops.

First Summer:
   Chop down any crops that didn't quite make it, and get some seeds 
so that you can start making good money.  I don't like to overburden 
myself with more crops than I can harvest, so I usually end up with 
five or so plots of tomatoes just to sell, and one plot of corn just 
to give to Ann.  Make sure you keep a backup file this season, as 
typhoons are disasterous to our tight schedule.

   Another thing to begin working on at the very beginning of Summer 
is to become friends with the Sprites (if you haven't started 
already).  It may take a little while, but they will eventually see 
the Doorway to Heaven wine and tell you to talk to the Goddess about 
it.  You can then ask the Goddess to revive the spirit of the old 
tree at the Vineyard.  Make sure you complete this sequence before 
Summer is over.  It will also give you a boost to Karen's affection!

   Go to the fireworks with Karen (or Maria, if you've been 
slacking), and keep giving her veryberries until you run out.  By 
that time you should have some tomatoes to give to her instead.  Use 
the rest of your cabbage on Maria, and her events ought to push you 
over the threshold in time for your birthday (you know you want that 
Beautiful Picture!).  Don't forget Ann's birthday on the 14th--you 
might have some potatoes to tide you over, but either way, make sure 
you get a plot of corn up and running for her sake.  And Elli 
continues to get an egg a day.

   Keep chopping wood as you forage in the mountains--having a 
bathroom will practically be a necessity if you're watering your 
crops after dark.  With the money you're making you should be able to 
fill your corral the rest of the way with grass and buy a cow before 
the season ends.  When you get a cow, get a brush as well (or if 
you can't afford it, be sure to in the next few days).  You won't 
win the Cow Festival this year, but we're not in a hurry for that... 
next year it'll win for sure.

   At some point, Maria will come to your farm at night to take you out
for your picture.  This can happen as late as the 30th, so don't lose 
hope.  One down, four to go!  On the 24th, win the Sea Festival for 
the Invincible Katori, and on the 25th, collect your lovely birthday 
present from Maria.  It's so... beautiful.

   As soon as your birthday comes and goes, feel free (those of you 
using the trick) to go find Karen and show her your dog 250 times.  
*yawn*  That's two girls at a pink heart already!  If you're not using
the glitch, she ought to be right around where she needs to be right 
now, anyway, or you're in trouble.  Stay on top of gifts for Ann and 
Elli and their pictures should be no sweat.  Since you don't need to 
worry about wishing for love from the Goddess anymore, try wishing 
for weather instead, just as insurance against rain preventing you 
from getting the photos.

   By the time Summer is over, Maria should be all taken care of, 
Karen more or less ready to go, Elli should be at yellow, Ann at least 
green (although she's usually yellow for me by now), and Popuri... 
well, wherever you want her to be.  If you're going to try 
and marry her, she ought to be well into green by now, with all those 
flowers you've been giving her, right? ^_^  And with all the girls 
safely on the way to being in love with you, it's about time you 
started making good friends with all the other townspeople (especially
the other bachelors).

   You should also have your kitchen, possibly a bathroom, and be on 
your way to having enough lumber for a greenhouse.  You definitely 
should have a cow and a full coop of chickens, and have the Vineyard 
scene out of the way.  Save as much corn as you can and cut down your 
plants after shipping whatever is left of the tomatoes.

   Oh, one more thing.  Before Summer ends, be sure to give Elli's
grandmother a walnut to get her recipe.  I never bother trying to get 
them all until the second year, except for this one, as you might not 
get the chance later.

First Fall:
   You only have a little bit of time to get Elli (and Karen, for some)
to a pink heart, so make that your first priority.  Luckily, to give 
you a little boost, Elli's birthday is on the first; give her milk or 
an egg. Then, more eggs for Elli and wild grapes for Karen until their 
pictures are in the bag.  In the meantime, keep giving Ann whatever 
leftover corn you have... after all this time you've been giving her 
gifts, it shouldn't be hard to have her at a pink heart too by the 
end of this season.  Keep giving stuff to Popuri... even though 
there's no flowers left, a gift a day is nice.  If you like, buy her 
some cake and start collecting points on your card.

   Your cow won't be ready for the festival, probably, so don't worry
about that (just make sure you buy a milker and start profiting from 
it as soon as it's grown up!).  But maybe it's time you looked into
getting a sheep?  The wool you would be getting by the end of the 
season would add a nice boost to getting Ann's pink heart.  Plus, they 
make decent money, and are easier to take care of than cows.  Or maybe 
you could breed the cow you have now?  Anyway, you might as well be 
breeding more chickens and selling them as you get them for a little 
extra money.  Planting a few squares of eggplants will get you a bit 
of added income too, but they're not a cash crop by any stretch, and 
you're going to be busy, so don't overburden yourself.

   Be sure you're keeping your animals outside on nice days; push them 
into the corral and close it up with logs so they don't wander around 
the farm (or get eaten by wild dogs, heh).  It's cheaper (in the case 
of chickens) and will raise the affection level of your livestock.
Make sure you repair any sections of fence that get broken in the rain.

   Basically, you want to harvest lots and lots of wood this season, 
just like you were hopefully doing last season.  After all, we want to
get a greenhouse this Winter!  Mushrooms and what-not make nice free
gifts to the townsfolk, so either be passing them out or selling them.
The Potion Shop Owner could use a poisonous one to make a vitamin 
drink.  While you're at it, if you haven't already given him one, he 
could use a medicinal herb to make his Cure-All.

   Throw a vegetable into the Goddess' pond every few days and wish for
weather, starting at the beginning of Fall (keep a couple of tomatoes 
in your bag for that purpose).  If it's raining, neither Karen nor Elli
will take you to get a picture.  It's a good idea to back up your file 
at the beginning of Fall just in case you have bad luck with the

   On the night of the 6th, since you've already gone through the 
trouble to revive the dead tree at the vineyard, the Goddess will show 
up in your room while you sleep to inform you the Kifu Faeries have 
returned.  As a result, on the 7th after 6:00 pm, Karen will take you 
to the vineyard to get her picture.  Then on the 9th after 6:00 pm 
also, Elli will appear at your farm to bring you to the mountains 
for her picture.  Whew!  Having those two events out the way is a 
huge weight lifted from your shoulders, eh?

   Now for becoming the Harvest King.  This kinda sucks, because the 
game "chooses" the winner two days in advance.  Thus, since the 
festival is on the 12th, you can't save on the 11th, but instead play 
over and over from the 10th, resetting the game until you're the King.
It shouldn't take more than a few tries (you'll know you're doing it 
right if a different guy is being chosen each time), but it's still
annoying. >_<  As soon as you've managed to win, breathe a sigh of
relief, as the hard part of this guide is over.  Dance with Ann for
a quick boost in her heart rating, or if she's already at pink, 
choose whoever you want.

   Oh, as a sidenote, you might as well be harvesting the Full Moon 
Berry each day from the 10th to the 12th.  It sells well enough, 
and also makes a good gift. *shrug*

   Once you've got those pesky girls out of the way (except Ann, 
but you've been working on her all this time and she's almost 
ready, right?), it's time to shift your attention to making friends 
with the townspeople.  Focus your efforts, especially, on the other
bachelors, as the girls are now safe from marrying them until you 
choose one (well, except Popuri if you haven't been working on her
heart rating, so be careful).  Cliff, in particular, needs to be
friends with you, or else he'll leave and never come back.

If you're finding yourself with some spare time, head down to the 
beach and try your luck at fishing.  There's that off-chance you'll 
manage to catch a Power Nut!

   Win the Egg Festival on the 20th for a nice Power Nut, make your 
easy money helping the carpenters out near the end of the season, and
then you can choose whether or not you want to enter your horse in the
race (takes place on the 27th) or just bet to win some medals.  
Usually, my horse doesn't stand a chance until the second Spring, so I
don't bother entering, but if you think you can win, might as well try.
Go ahead and agree to take care of Mrs. Mana's cows for the Green 
Ranch Owner (he'll come by and ask on the last day of Fall); although 
Ann coming to take you to a picture means you won't be able to feed 
them one day, sometimes you'll get lucky and they won't get sick.

   At the end of Fall, cut down all your plants and harvest all your 
grass for the Winter.  Put all your livestock and your dog back 
inside and put any wooden pieces of your fence back into the lumber 
bin (it snows all the time, so it'll just get broken anyway).  You
should have a good deal of fodder saved up, a full henhouse, a happy 
cow giving either medium or large milk, and perhaps some other 
livestock as well (such as a sheep).  You should definitely have 
three of the girls' pictures by now, Ann at a pink heart, and Popuri 
can be wherever (though probably pretty close to pink if you want to 
marry her).  You should have enough lumber for a greenhouse (or be 
really close), a kitchen, a bathroom, and a fully upgraded hammer 
(if you don't, hit stuff until you do).  And you should be the King!
That's about it.  Time for Winter!

First Winter:
   On the first day of Winter, first thing in the Morning, the Green 
Ranch Owner and Mrs. Mana will bring cows for you to take care of, then 
Ann will show up to take you to get her picture.  This means you can't 
feed those cows, so cross your fingers that they don't get sick.  If 
you're really worried about it, try resetting the game until none of 
them do, or something.  If any of your own animals get sick, just cure 
them.  The chickens, of course, won't give eggs for a couple of days.  
That's okay.  You're finally done with those dumb girls!  Just keep 
giving Popuri stuff when you happen to see her, so that all five of 
them will have pink hearts.  And you'll never have to worry about that 

   Now here's the thing:  you can get married any time you like at this
point.  You just have to make sure that you have a baby at max 
affection in time for the evaluation.  I usually go ahead and propose 
as soon as I'm done with Ann's photo.  Thus, my wedding day is the 8th 
of Winter and my kid is toddling around by the time my dad arrives. ^_^

   If you do get married, get a baby bed built right away, preferably
in the days between the time you propose and the following Sunday 
when you get married.  You know... if you don't already have one.

   Anyway, there's no crops, and you probably don't have enough money 
for a greenhouse yet... (if you do, why haven't you built one?!).  The 
mine will be open, but not until the 8th.  Just take care of your 
animals (and Mrs. Mana's cows, too), and bide your time.  Use eggs to 
feed your dog, and as gifts to the townspeople.  Buy more livestock, 
if you like, but only if you have enough fodder.

   Since you have nothing better to do, try to get any Power Nuts you 
may have missed--such as the Goddess Fountain one, or the fishing one.
Also, go ahead and use your level three hammer to break the boulder 
behind the pond in the mountains to get an easy one.

   The extra energy will be helpful as soon as the mine opens.  When 
it finally does, you should be going there every day.  The objective is
to find the Power Nut buried here before the season ends.  And while 
you're at it, find a blue rock to give to Saibara, and a Pontana root
to give to the Potion Shop owner.  If you happen to pick up the 
weathervane, take it to Rick. Otherwise, you just want to be making as
much money as you possibly can.  Reset the game if you have a low-
profit day!  And when you're done, chop some extra wood before going 
home.  Make sure you're still taking care of your dog and horse, too, 
before going to bed.

   From the 12th to the 16th, help the carpenters build the hot 
springs!  This is not only profitable, but gets you a shiny photo when
you're all done.  On the 19th you can choose to enter your dog in the
race if you think he'll win, otherwise just bet.  You'll win next year 
without a doubt, so don't sweat it too much.

   At some point, as long as you're making good money in the mines, you
should definitely have enough for a greenhouse.  Get that built as soon
as you can, and you can plant strawberries before the Winter is over.
Nice!  Otherwise, fill it with tomatoes or corn (depending on how often
you want to be harvesting) for maximum profit.

   From the 25th to the 29th, raffles are held in the bakery and flower
shop.  You should have enough points on your flower card for one prize,
and I usually have about 20 points on my cake card.  I like getting all
the prizes, so over the course of those days, I reset the game if I 
don't end up with a good prize for each of my 10 points.  In 
particular, I insist upon getting the tablecloth from the bakery, and
either the placemats or the mug, and the cushion from the flower shop.
It takes a lot of tries, but it's worth it in my opinion.  Anything you
don't get can be won next year.

   So by the end of Winter, you should be sitting pretty with a stocked
greenhouse, a kitchen, bathroom, and a baby bed, plus plenty of extra 
lumber.  You are probably married, and you should have all the girls' 
photos except Popuri's, and all the girls at pink hearts.  You should 
have a few raffle prizes and at least five Power Nuts (more if you have 
good luck digging in your field, or fishing, or if you bought the one
from the traveling salesman). Your field should definitely be clear by 
now, with a corral full of grass (well, frozen grass right now), six 
chickens, and some livestock including your first cow (who should 
definitely be giving large milk by now).  You should be good buddies 
with many of the townspeople, especially the other bachelors and Basil
(before he left), and if you're married, the other guys should be 
marrying their respective girls.  You should have the picture from 
completing the hot spring, and the blue pot from Saibara's shop (or 
at least gave him a blue rock so he would dye it).  Have fun at the 
many festivals near the end of the year, and you're all set for year 

Year Two:

Goals:  Be married and have a baby, get Popuri's picture, get the 
hot air balloon picture, win the Horse Race, win the Cow Festival, 
win the Dog Race, finish home extensions, buy stuff for your house, 
get all recipes, get all Power Nuts, be good friends with everybody, 
win other festivals

Second Spring:
   Since you have a greenhouse, there's no need to plant crops in your 
field.  Instead, let's try to get another Power Nut!  Take all those
boxes of flower seeds you bought last year and plant two or three 
plots of each kind.  With any luck, Stu will come tell you to plant 
more.  When he does, follow his advice and make sure you have about
five plots of each type of flower.  You may have to wait a while, but
he'll come by either in the Spring or Summer to trade his marbles for
a flower, which you can trade to the Sprites for a Power Nut!

   In the spaces where you're not planting flowers, plant more grass 
to support more livestock!  They don't have to be standing on it to 
eat it, so any extra space you have will do.  If you're utilizing your
greenhouse to its fullest extent and harvesting vegetables like crazy, 
you should be able to raise enough money for just about anything.  
This Spring, keep buying livestock until your barn is full.  Hooray 
for more income!  Just make sure you've got lots and lots of grass for
them, and don't put them outside until the grass is fully grown and 
they can eat it.  While you're at it, put the chickens outside for
maximum profit (and less work), too.

   Start collecting recipes from each of the townspeople, too, now 
that you've got a kitchen and can see what you're still missing.  Use
my recipe list in this guide (in the STUFF TO ACCOMPLISH section) to
help you get them all.  Try to finish before the year is over!

   At the Planting Festival on the 8th, take whoever you like up in 
the balloon with you for a picture.  And on the 17th, if you've been 
showering your horse with affection for a while, you should have no 
trouble winning the horse race for yet another picture.  If not, 
there's always next time!  You're well on your way to filling out 
that album.

   On the 15th, Basil comes back and might bring you a Power Nut.  If
not, better luck next year!  Do your best to make friends with him.

   At the Flower Festival on the 23rd, buy that Power Nut if you 
didn't last year.  Since you're the king, you can dance with the Flower
Princess, so at the voting booth (in the days prior to the festival), 
feel free to vote for the girl you want to dance with (although it 
doesn't always work out).  At this point, you should definitely have 6 
Power Nuts; more if you've gotten Basil's, or the ones in your field 
or in the ocean.  Plus, planting all those flowers means you'll have 
yet another before too long.

   On the 25th, buy the Blue Mist seed and start watering it for 
your picture with Popuri.  Don't skip a day or you'll have to start

   In your spare time, be making friends with the townspeople and 
chopping wood in the mountains, like always.  By the end of Spring, 
you should have at least 9 pictures (10 if you've already gotten 
married, or more if you've won the dog race, etc.) plus be only a 
couple of days away from the Blue Mist photo. You should have a 
good deal of recipes, the aforementioned Power Nuts, 3 of the 6 
home extensions, a full greenhouse making you lots of money, and a 
full henhouse and barn (or at least, almost full).

   Oh, and make sure to buy enough flowers to have 20 points on your 
card for the raffle at the end of the year, or however many you need 
to get the remainder of the prizes.

Second Summer:
   Finish watering the Blue Mist flower for the Photo.  When Stu comes 
to trade you his marbles (and you get the Power Nut), you might as well 
pick all the flowers and give them away, or stuff them in your 
organizer (or just cut them down) and plant as much grass as you can 
afford.  Before the game is over, we'll have that whole field (with 
the exception of your corral, and maybe the square over the music box)
covered in grass!

   But before you do that, make sure you dig around in your field 
until you unearth the Power Nut, if you haven't already.  And if 
you're really bored (which you probably are at this point), try your
luck with fishing the Power Nut off the docks at the beach (again, 
if you haven't already gotten it).  By the end of this season, you 
should have either 9 or all 10 power nuts, depending on whether or not
Basil brought one for you.  If he didn't, keep trying to make friends 
with him so that he'll bring it next Spring (as that will be your 
last chance!).

   On the 9th, use something from your greenhouse to enter the 
Vegetable festival, as winning will help your chances at getting Basil
to bring the Power Nut, if he hasn't.  Enter a veggie which you have 
shipped a lot of and you're sure to win.

   You should still be chopping lumber, and you should have more
money than you know what to do with.  So build more house extensions!
A log terrace would be nice.  And then the most useless: the stairs!  
Finish getting those this season, if you have time.  If not, you 
shouldn't have any trouble finishing by the end of Fall.  When you're 
all done, you get a picture!

   By the end of Summer, you should have either all the Power Nuts, or
be missing just one, all the home extensions (or be really close), all
the recipes that don't require mushrooms, wild grapes, or strawberries
(in other words, almost done), and at least 11 pictures (12 if you're
done with the extensions, or more if you've won the dog race, etc).  
Your field should be almost full of grass (the rest can be finished 
next Spring), you definitely should be maxed out on animals by now, 
and that cow you bought a year ago should be ready to win the Cow 
Festival.  If you're waiting until this year to win the dog race, he 
should be nearly in tip-top shape by now (keep taking care of him).
And you should be friends with just about everyone (including weird
people like the old folks on top of the mountain).

Second Fall:
   First things first: be wishing for weather from the Goddess so that 
you can keep your animals outside with no trouble.  On the 4th, win 
the Cow Festival, and make sure you had your cow out in the field 
the day before the festival so that it'll be there again the day 
after.  Three girls will show up at your farm to take a picture with
the winning cow as long as it's outside!

   Keep giving gifs and making friends with people. If you got married 
last Winter, your baby should arrive on Fall 9th.  You should immedietly
start bonding with your baby to get max affection in time!

   If you want to be the King again at the Harvest Festival, I see 
no reason why it shouldn't work to do the resetting-from-the-10th
trick we used last year.  There's not really any reason why you 
would NEED to be the King again, but whatever floats your boat. ^_^
Either way, from the 10th to the 12th, get the Full Moon berry and...
I dunno... keep them in your fridge, or something.

   Finish your extensions if you haven't, get the Fall recipes, keep
pulling in ridiculous amounts of money from your greenhouse and 
animals, keep making friends with the townspeople (especially Basil 
before he leaves), and you might as well keep chopping lumber (nothing
wrong with having 999!).  You should also buy all the other "extras"
for your house, if you haven't yet: carpet, room organizer, pot, etc.  
At the Egg Festival on the 20th, win your Turtle Figurine, and at the 
horse race on the 28th, you should definitely have enough medals for 
the Stuffed Horse.  You know, all the things that make your house 
pretty.  Now you just need a few more raffle prizes and you're set!

   By now, you should have all the pictures except the one you get for
winning the Dog race, and of course the Party Picture.  Your house 
should be more or less done, your dog in great shape and ready to 
win the race, and you should only be missing those Winter strawberry 

Second Winter:
   We're running out of things to do, and it's getting tedious and boring,
I know.  But we're almost done!

   All you really need to do this Winter is finish getting all the 
recipes and win the Dog Race for the picture.  Keep making lots of 
money, get an Awesome House with your racing medals if you have 
enough (you know, for your dog), and keep sucking up to the 
townspeople.  If you haven't been, fish.  A lot.  It'll help your 
rating from the fisherman at your evaluation.

   For the sake of amusement, if you have nothing better to do, give 
Rick a rare metal you dig up in the mine.  He'll come to your farm in 
the Spring with a teleportation device (that doesn't work, of course).

   At the end of the season, get the rest of the raffle prizes (reset 
the game until you have the bath crystals and the stickers from the 
flower shop, and you can either reset (on a different day than you 
did the flower shop, of course) or keep buying cake until you get 
your last bakery prize (either the mug or the placemats).  Your house
is officially pimped. ^_^

Year Three:

Goals:  Max out affection with your baby, get last Power Nut if you 
don't already have them all, get your field filled with grass, fish 
like a madman, be bestest buddies with all the townspeople, tie up all
loose ends, be awesome for your evaluation, get the Party Picture

Third Spring:
   Basically, the goals listed for the year are what you want to get 
done now (with the exception of the evaluation and Party Picture 
thing).  Finish with the aesthetics of your field; plant grass in every 
available spot that you don't have fences or flowers ('cause, you know,
flowers are pretty ^_^).  You have to have 80% of your farm cultivated!
Make sure everyone (your wife, your animals, and all the townspeople) 
are at maximum affection for you.

   Cross your fingers and hope Basil comes back with that last Power 
Nut.  He's never failed to bring it for me, so it can't be that hard.
Besides, you and him are great buddies, right?  There's no way he 
wouldn't come through for you!

   Keep shipping crops like crazy; we're almost done, hang in there!
At the horse race, if you have enough medals, buy whatever you can 
(like the new stable, or the carrot if you lack the means). The race 
prizes don't affect your rating or your ability to get the party 
pictures, but they're still fun to have.

   In whatever spare time you have, fish.  After all, you want to look
laid back, don't you?

Third Summer:
   Use a veggie to wish for weather, and put all your animals outside 
(your father will say it looks lonely if you don't).  At this point, 
you should be filthy rich, everyone should love you, you should have
a kid, all the Power Nuts, recipes, extensions, animals, other 
fluff, one or two birthday presents, and be one photo short of a full

   For the evaluation, just tell your father what he wants to hear.
And if you've done everything right, all your friends will show up and
the picture is yours!  Congratulations!  You have successfully made
the perfect game in Harvest Moon 64.  Feel free to keep playing, just
to finish off the things you missed such as the Horse/Dog Race prizes,
etc.  But pat yourself on the back because most players never get to
see that last picture in their album.


                       V. TIPS AND SECRETS

   One of the things about Harvest Moon 64 that makes it such a great 
game is the vast amount of secrets that the game holds.  You can play 
for years, and still not discover everything.  But if you're not that 
patient, I suppose you could just read about the secrets here.  It's 
your call.

       A. SECRETS

   -The Blue Power Nut-
Between the hours of 9:00 and 5:00, take either a small or medium fish 
(a large fish will get you a normal Power Nut) and throw it into the 
pond behind the fisherman's tent.  A water imp will come out of the 
water and give you a blue Power Nut.  It supposedly keeps you from 
getting sick from working in the rain, or so the imp says.  There is
actually a glitch with this berry--the red Power Nut that the same 
Kappa gives you in return for a large fish is the TRUE blue Power Nut.
Catch them both to be sure to get the benefits!

   -The Music Box-
During a Summer visit to your grandfather when you were only 5 years 
old, you buried a music box deep below the farm and left a map so that 
someone could find it again.  You can find the map if you look in the 
tree that's located in the northeast corner of your farm.  It tells you 
where to dig.  For simplicity's sake, however, I'll tell you exactly 
where to find it.

 Imagine a perfectly straight line traveling to the right from where 
the dog house is.  Now imagine a perfectly straight line going down 
from where the tree (the same tree where you found the map) is.  The 
place where those two lines intersect is exactly where the music box is 
buried.  Still confused?  Here's a map of your field:

   X marks the spot!

                      (BARN) (SILO) (CHICKEN COOP)            
                       / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
  (HOUSE)        /¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/
 (DOG HOUSE) /¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/X/¯/¯/
  /¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/¯/  (RIGHT WALL)
 Yes, I know, it looks very disproportionate.  But it's really a 
20x24 square field.  I swear!  Anyway, if you start at the upper right 
corner of the field, the music box is the eleventh square down, and the 
third square to the left.  It's buried pretty deep, so you will have 
to dig with your hoe (use the weakest swing so that you only till one 
square) 10 times in order to find it.

 So, you've found it.  Good work!  Now what do you do with it?  You 
take it to Rick's shop.  If he's friends with you, he'll fix it up for 
you.  Don't worry about trying to give it to him, he'll notice it by 
himself if you just go talk to him.  If he doesn't, give him a few 
gifts.  He'll see it eventually.  When he fixes it, he'll tell you that 
it plays a love song.  So naturally, give it to your favorite girl!  
Just take the nice, cleaned-up music box and go talk to her.  Like 
Rick, she'll notice it, and you'll be able to give it to her.  Voila!  

 The purpose of this little exercise is to get your girl's heart 
rating up.  The best part is, you can do it as many times as you like!  
I'm not sure if it's a glitch, but you can go dig in the same spot and
find it over and over again.  This is a good  way to get a girl to 
like you, since the music box works better than flowers or other gifts.

It's possible to have both a broken and a fixed music box at the same 
time.  But you can only get Rick to fix one per day.

   -A Really Great Trick for Betting on Races-
You really, really want some of those prizes at the races, don't you?  
But you're afraid of losing all of your money and winning nothing?  
It's okay, here's a trick that will let you bet all of your money on 
the races and win medals, but without actually spending anything.

 First, talk to the mayor's wife and place your bets on all the 
animals racing.  If you have enough money, place 99 medals on 
everything. When you have bought all the medals you want, don't hit 
okay at the bottom.  Instead, press the B button to exit the screen.  
That gives you all your money back, and it should cancel all of the 
bets you placed, but for some reason, the bets remain as long as you 
don't talk to her again.  This makes it really easy to win prizes, 
because you can spend thousands of dollars betting without losing any 
money at all.

   -Full Moon Berry-
This isn't really a secret, but I couldn't figure out anywhere else to 
put it, so... here it is!  Every year, from Fall 10 to Fall 12, the 
Full Moon Berry blooms near the summit of Moon Mountain.  It only 
blooms this once every year, so head up there to pick it!  You can sell 
it, or you can give it to someone as a gift.

It's located right outside the front door of the restaurant, hidden 
just above the two trees that grow there.

   -Karen/Dog Trick-
Okay, you people can stop emailing me about this, now! ^_~  An 
inpouring of mail has informed me that you can raise Karen's heart 
rating to pink in a single day, with a little... make that a LOT of 
persistence.  Even though she doesn't seem to like your dog too much, 
her heart rating will go up a little bit each time you show it to her.  
If you sit there and show her your dog enough, her heart rating will 
just keep going up!  Yay!  Here's what I would suggest: for those of 
you lucky enough to have a controller with auto-fire, just corner Karen 
while she's indoors, bring your dog, stand up next to her, and jam the 
A button so that it repeatedly shows it to her, but saves you the 
trouble of sitting there tapping the button.  Then go watch some TV, 
get something to eat, take a nap, whatever.  Come back a bit later, and 
you can have a pink heart with Karen in a single day!

Anyway, I just confirmed this trick myself.  It seems like her heart rating 
goes up one color for every 50 times you show her your dog.  Crazy.

HOWEVER, this is another thing I discovered.  Normally, her response to 
your dog is something like, "It's not very smart, is it?"  But if you 
start taking really good care of it (for the purpose of winning the races),
her response will switch to something like, "Wow, it's smartened up a bit!"
Once this happens, the trick won't work anymore.  I guess she only likes 
stupid dogs. ^_^  So be careful!

Thanks, everyone, for sending this in!


   These are things you don't have to do, but they'll make you a more 
successful farmer.  Try a few and see where they get you!

-Remember that time doesn't pass when you're indoors.  Take your time 
when talking with people inside buildings, browsing merchandise, and 
taking care of your animals.  And look into getting the greenhouse as 
early as possible, since it means you'll be able to take care of crops 
without wasting any time.

-Brush and talk to your livestock every day.  It's really worth it once 
they begin to produce better goods.  Your animals are an investment!

-Don't plant more crops than you can handle.  Take it easy.  You don't 
want to be rushing every day to harvest before 5:00, then watering 
them late into the night.  Once you get a greenhouse, things will be 
a lot easier, and you can plant a lot more.

-Don't be in such a hurry to get married.  There are some things you 
just can't do as a married man.  For example, you can't get presents 
from the girls on your birthday, you can't get each girl's special 
picture, and you have to go home early every night, or our wife will be 
angry.  Enjoy single life before settling down!

-When you do get married, keep in mind the things your wife will do for 
you.  Karen will only crate eggs, occasionally dropping them, but a 
responsible girl like Ann or Elli will crate eggs and feed the 
chickens.  Of course, true love conquers all.  Who am I to deny the
unstoppable cuteness of Popuri or Karen?!

-Make friends with the Sprites!  They might feed your animals during a 
typhoon, saving you a few thousand gold in medicine costs.

-Make sure that when feeding your animals, you put the food in the 
right bin.  If you're not sure which bin belongs to which animal, just 
press the A button on the bin, and the owner's name will pop up.

-If you want to out-drink everyone at the New Year's Festival, but 
don't want to spend money at the bar on drinks, take an empty jar to 
the vineyard and go into the storehouse.  Downstairs, there are two 
barrels that hold wine with spouts on the front.  Use the bottle 
against the spouts to fill it with wine, and then drink it.  You can 
do this more than once, and on both barrels.  Move around to find 
the optimal spot.

-Be careful using sharp tools around your animals!  If you hit them, 
they'll be upset and their affection for you will go down.

-At the end of every day, use up the rest of your stamina using your 
tools on nothing.  That way, they level up faster, which makes your 
job easier.  Your watering can doesn't even need to have water in it 
for this to work!  Just keep an eye on your health; don't do it on 
rainy days when you're likely to get sick.

-(Submitted by Desert Lynx) Instead of wasting lumber to build fences 
for your animals, use rocks! Rocks are free and indestructible (well, 
to the forces of nature, anyway). The one and only downside to using 
rocks is that you can't jump over them like lumber, so you'll have to 
move a few around when you want to put your animals inside. 

      *Lagniappe took this idea further with this suggestion:
      "You don’t have to move the rocks if you put a few logs in 
      there that you can jump over.  Example of a nice corral for 
      your horse, cows, sheep and chickens (where R is a rock, and L 
      is a log):

      R          R
      L          L
      L          L
      R          R
      R          R
      R          R
      R          R
      R          R
      R          R

      I love this corral, the top side is next to the barn, so you 
      can see how easy it is to hop over the logs and get where you 
      need to go quickly.  But you’re only using maybe 10 logs, so 
      rain damage is minimal."

-(Submitted by Lagniappe) "Keep your horse in the corral also, so 
you don’t have to hunt for him when you need him to harvest your 
crops.  It also makes him easier to get to for brushing and riding."

-(Submitted by Rayni Shadowmusic) "Your animals don't have to be in 
grass to eat it. Plant your grass away from your pen so you can scythe 
half of it when you need to without fear of getting your animals. I 
suspect this may also cut down on that annoying lag of eight animals, 
six chickens, a horse and a dog close to each other."


  Here is where the answers to most of the questions that I have been 
asked over and over again can be found.  You should check here first 
before e-mailing me with a question, because if it's already answered 
here or anywhere else in the guide, I will ignore your mail.  It's not 
that I'm a mean person, I'm just too busy to answer the same question 
multiple times!  I'll add to this list as I update.  Now, the 

Q: How do I cook the recipes?
A: You can't.  The only purpose the recipes serve in the game is so 
   that you can get a better rating from the Gourmet Judge in the 
   evaluation at the end of the game.  They're also just fun to 
   collect, don't you think?

Q: How can I become King at the Harvest Festival?  Is there some sort 
   of trick I can use?
A: Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee you'll get the coin in 
   your cake.  You can try restarting your game, but I've heard that 
   you have to restart from two days prior to the festival, as the King 
   is already "chosen" by the game the day before.  
   See Lagniappe's strategy in the FESTIVALS section.

Q: How do I enter my horse/dog/cow in the Horse Race/Dog Race/Cow 
A: The day before the festival, the Green Ranch Owner will come to your 
   ranch first thing in the morning and ask if you would like to enter.  
   If, for some reason, you choose not to talk to him, or you don't get 
   the opportunity to (a wedding happens on that day.. that happened to 
   me once!) you'll have to wait until next time.  Sorry.

Q: I can't find the beach!  Where is it?
A: Enter Green Ranch, but don't go under the big wooden "Welcome" sign.  
   Instead, go directly right, towards where you can see part of a 
   tree.  There's a path that leads right to the beach.

Q: I planted tomatoes on the very first day of Summer and watered them 
   every day, but they weren't ready in time for the Vegetable 
   Festival!  My Spring crops died, of course, and the Mayor won't let 
   me enter anything from the mountain.  How can I possibly enter a
   vegetable in the Vegetable Festival?
A: It is a little strange that they put the festival on that date, 
   isn't it?  Well, you have two choices to enter the contest.  You can 
   save something in your rucksack or freezer from a different season.  
   Or, if you have a greenhouse, you can have crops growing year-
   round, and be ready for the festival.

Q: Can you have more than one kid?
A: The answer to this question is no. You can only have one kid: your 
   wonderfully lazy son who never helps out around the farm. Bah.

Q: Can I get any of the girls' photos or birthday presents after I 
   marry them (or someone else)?
A: Sorry, but once you're married to anyone, you can no longer 
   receive any of these items, which the exception of the Blue Mist 
   Flower photo with Popuri.  It's okay if the girl is married to 
   someone else, just as long as YOU'RE single.

Q: The Harvest Sprites said this to me: "I don't know what it's called, 
   but its round and sparkly, and if you give me it I will give you 
   something good, unnnn unnnn." What in the heck are they talking 
   about? They also mentioned something gold on top of the mountain.  
   What's that?
A: I believe the sparkly thing they're looking for is the marbles. You 
   get the marbles from Stu during the Summer if you plant enough 
   flowers in your field. Give the marbles to the Sprites and they will 
   give you a Power Nut!  (For more detailed information on that, look 
   in the section that describes how to find the Power Nuts.)  As for 
   the golden thingy on the mountaintop, they might be referring to the 
   Full Moon Berry, which blooms near the summit of Moon Mountain every 
   Fall from the 10th to the 12th.

Q: Ok, I have a HUGE problem.  I bought clippers for the sheep from rick 
   but they dont show up in my tools menu.  Why is that?   and now i 
   cant buy them again--what should i do?????
A: Don't panic, it's okay. :)  The thing is, you're only a little guy, 
   and you can't carry so many tools at once... so whenever you have 
   more tools than the number of slots in your backpack and you buy 
   something, it goes straight to your house to be picked up later.  
   You'll be able to find the clippers in the box at the lower right-hand
   corner of your living room.. just walk right up to it and press A, 
   and trade the clippers for a different tool in your backpack.

Q: In your FAQ you said that so-and-so would give me this recipe, but 
   you're LYING, because I gave them a tomato/egg/fish whatever and they 
   took it, but NO RECIPE!
A: Sometimes, people can be a bit stingy with their recipes.  They'll 
   only give them to people who are their good friends.  So you might 
   have to give it a few tries, but they'll cough it up eventually.
   As for Cliff, he will only give you his recipe in the Winter.

       D. RUMORS

   Like any popular video game out there, all sorts of rumors 
pertaining to Harvest Moon 64 are floating around.  Some are plausible, 
but most are just plain stupid.  If you disagree with me on any of 
this please send me your complaints with some sort of proof 
(screenshot, *detailed* explanation, etc.)

Rumor:   The Invincible Katori keeps your greenhouse from being blown 
         away in a typhoon.
Reality: I had the Invincible Katori and my greenhouse still blew away.  
         Can we quell this one now?  Thankupo.  Stupid useless 
         Invincible Katori... <grumble>

       *On a related note, Ben Hartz sent in this information:

       "The deal with keeping you greenhouse from blowing down it to 
       have the Invincible Katori (Swimming Festival, 1st win), and the 
       Mysterious Turtle (Egg Festival, 2nd win). Then it doesn't blow 
       down, guaranteed."

Rumor:   Putting your dog in your greenhouse will keep it from being 
         blown away in a typhoon.
Reality: See above response.  Not only did I have the Invincible Katori 
         sitting there on my living room floor, but my dog was in the 
         greenhouse too.  When I came out the next day, there was a 
         bare spot where my greenhouse used to be, and the mangy mutt 
         was sitting there in front of his little house.

Rumor:   Breeding one of your own cows is better than buying one 
         because as soon as the baby cow grows up, it will give the 
         same type of milk as its mother.
Reality: I once bred a cow who gave golden milk.  Every day, I brushed, 
         talked to, and fed it until the calf was born.  Then, I 
         brushed, talked to, and fed the calf every day until it grew 
         up (It takes 20 days longer for a home-bred cow to grow up 
         than a store-bought one).  Finally, the cow was of milking 
         age, and it only gave medium-sized milk, NOT gold, or even 
         large milk.  The moral of the story?   It's really not worth 
         all the trouble to breed your own cows.  

Rumor:   The Jumper
Reality: Some people claim to have caught this black fish in the river 
         in the Spring of their fifth year.  Since hacking the ROM has
         produced no evidence of this fish, I'm gonna have to say it 
         doesn't exist.

Rumor:   The Super Fishing Pole
Fact?:   Some say that if you become really good friends with Greg, the 
         fisherman, or that if you give the Jumper to him, he'll give 
         you an upgrade to your fishing pole that allows you to catch 
         more fish.

      *This was sent to me by Vinnie "OZ" Shelley.

      "The thing about the "Jumper fish" and the Upgraded fishing rod 
      is true. If you are able to catch the jumper,( you have a 500 to 
      1 chance of catching it) you need to give it to the fisherman 
      right away. He will give you 100000g and he will ask you for your 
      fishing rod, and then he will pour some special water on it. Some 
      sparks will fly and he will hand it back. Hooray you now have 
      the upgraded fishing rod. Now you have a 50% chance of finding a 
      big fish"

       I have to say, I think it's bogus, simply because Gameshark item
       codes have failed to dredge it up.  It's still funny, though. =P

Rumor:   Fixing Channel 4
Fact?:   Supposedly, the Harvest Sprites will fix the "entertainment" 
         channel on your television.  What.. you people don't like 
         watching static?  What's wrong with static?  This one has lots 
         of variations... but no solid proof.

      *On an added note, I had this sent to me by a reader by the 
      name of PhoenixChild.  Now, I have seen Japanese screenshots 
      showing that channel 4 did indeed have something going on...
      but I've never heard of another vegetable.  Perhaps a partial 

      "i was reading the rumor section in ur arcticle on game facts. 
      there is one that u werent sure was true or not. the one about 
      the harvest sprites fixing the entertainment channel. i can 
      garauntee u that it is NOT true. the entertainment channel was a 
      part of the japanise version. but the software needed for 
      translation took up a lot of memory and they had to get rid of a 
      few things. they got rid of a fall vegetable, a few recipees, 
      some other things and the entertainment channel. anyone with an 
      american version will not and never will have the entertainment 

Rumor:   The Second Photo Album
Fact?:   If you collect every single picture in the first photo album 
         and you're really good friends with the Sprites, some people 
         say they'll give you the second photo album.  Others say you 
         get it from Elli's grandmother (before she dies) instead of 
         the Sprites.  Either way...

Rumor:   The Great Hall
Fact?:   Some people think that if you get and fill the second photo 
         album, then the carpenters will build a great hall for you.  
         Not likely, seeing as how the second album probably doesn't 

Rumor:   Golden/Orange/Some Other Strange Colored Power Nut
Fact?:   Some say there is an 11th Power berry of some other color 
         that you can get by showing your kid to the Sprites, or by 
         throwing 2 of every type of vegetable into the Goddess pond.  
         Sure, go on and try it.  Don't let me stop you... just don't 
         blame me when you waste all those vegetables, since I don't 
         think it will work.

      *Dean was kind enough to attempt this rumor and send me the 
      results--nada.  According to his extensive research, throwing 
      2 of every kind of vegetable into the pond is nothing more 
      than a waste of your time (and money).  Thanks, Dean!


   I'm sure we all have noticed, there are some things in the game that 
just don't add up, are rather silly, or just don't make any sense.  This 
section is just for fun.  If you have any ideas, send them in and I'll 
post them here!

1. If Kai wins the swimming festival, he'll respond by saying that he 
used to live by the ocean, so he had a lot of practice swimming, and 
that's why he's so good at it.  Umm... I don't know if he noticed this, 
but Flower Bud Village is located right next to the ocean, too.  That's 
why they're on a beach...

Furthermore, the swimming festival supposedly celebrates the opening of
the swimming season.  But it takes place near the end of Summer!  What, 
swimming season lasts a week in their world?

2. You can catch a fish right in front of the fisherman, and even give 
it to him, but he still asks, "Have you gone fishing yet?"  Of course 
not.  I grew that fish on my farm.

3. When Popuri marries Gray and plants all those flowers on Green 
Ranch, you can pick them all and give them to her while she stands 
there watering them, and she'll be sooo happy.  Huh?  I know I would be 
pretty pissed off if someone picked my entire garden.  Then, she walks 
around watering nothing at all.  Oh well.  They're all right back the 
next day.  How come the flowers on your farm don't grow back when you 
pick them?

4. You never change your clothes!  You work all day in the dirt, take 
care of livestock, run around in the hot sun, and sweat profusely, but 
you don't even take them off to sleep!  What's up with that?  The same 
goes for all the other characters in the game.  At least you wear a 
clean tux on your wedding day..

5. On a related note to number 4, what was Jack thinking when he 
decided to wear white gloves to farm in?  On top of that, they never 
get dirty.  If you tried gardening, riding a horse, or fishing in 
white gloves in real life, I guarantee they'd be filthy within a few 

6. How does our little friend manage to eat everything, from 
watermelons to fish, in a single bite?  Also, he eats the entire thing, 
every time.  This means that he eats the corncob, the wrapper on candy, 
and the shell on an egg.  I don't even think the fish is even dead when 
he eats it, either.  He catches it, then doesn't cook it, or even gut 
it.  He's eating the head, tail, and guts!  Yummy.

7. What's up with his rucksack?  You could pack three pieces of cake, 
a clump of fodder, a ripe tomato, a fresh fish, two delicate flowers, 
and a log in there, and not a single thing would be squished, bruised, 
or even dirty.  That's not even considering how he managed to fit all 
of that in there in the first place.

8. (Submitted by Gizmocat) "In the first year, if you're watching cows 
for Mrs. Mana and Ann has a pink heart, she'll come to take you to get 
the Pika Bunny picture. You'll lose your production and when the Green 
Ranch Owner sells the cows, you won't get anything because "they're 
in terrible shape" due to Ann (his own daughter) taking you to a 

9. (Submitted by Dean) "How old are these people? Ann and Popuri look 
like 12 or 13. And these kids and getting married? AND having kids?? I 
thought we were trying to stop teen pregnancy not promote it."

10. (Submitted by Dean) "If Jack were to go with his Dad to the city, 
he would make a great pimp. Think about it, he hits on all the ladies, 
then hooks them up with his "friends". Screw the farm, pimpins' where 
the money is."

11. (Submitted by Desert Lynx) "Why does Rick only notice the music box 
if you're friends with him? Is he blind and needs gifts to restore his 
vision? Or is it invisible to him and only him until he's friends with 
you? The same goes with the Harvest Sprites and your marbles." 

12.  Why is it that on a rainy day, your crops start out watered, but if 
you pick them, the plants become dry again?  Not even going inside 
remedies this.

13. (Submitted by Kristen Samuel) "When showing Popuri your dog, she'll 
say something along the lines of: 'Haha, cute.  Hand, huh?'  What in the 
world does 'Hand, huh?' mean?!"

14. In the first Spring, when you get your horse at the Green Ranch, take 
a look at where people are entering the screen from.  (You're standing at 
the entrance to the pasture, and they're all coming from directly above 
you.)  We all know that there's nothing up there but a dead end, but 
for some reason, Ann, Gray, their father, and your horse were all just 
sorta hanging out up there together, in that tiny space.  Eh?

15. If you hand a blue rock to Saibara so that he can dye the pot, and 
then go grab the pot off the shelf, it'll turn blue in your hands.  
Seriously, it must take talent for such an old guy to take the pot from 
you, dye it, and give it back, all faster than the eye can see.


   I think that every Harvest Moon 64 player has noticed that the game 
still has a few bugs, but most of them are harmless and sometimes 
useful or amusing.  Here are all the ones that people have sent to me 
thus far: 

   -Vineyard/Village Shortcut- (Submitted by Bulzeeb)
"I found a glitch that I think no one knows in harvest moon 64: on the 
way to the vineyard, just before entering, go left, into the darkness. 
That's right, you'll walk into a completely dark area! You'll 
eventually pop up into the village's entrance. I use this glitch as a 
short cut from the vineyard to the village, it saves a few seconds."

This related glitch was sent in by A.J. "There’s a fence post near the 
flower shop door that you can walk right through."  Sounds fun.  
Natsume sure did leave a few screws loose.

   -Entertainment Channel Freeze- (Submitted by Kat)
"I used to, after watching TV in the morning, switch to the 
entertainment channel before I turned off my TV, so that when I turned 
it back on I could choose whatever channel I wanted without having to 
read through the last channel's shpeil for the day.  Sounds good, 
right?  It was until twice the game froze on me, and the whole screen 
filled with that annoying static.  Urrrgh.  Now I refuse to even put it 
on the entertainment channel.  Strange, but true."

Yep, I must say I've noticed instances where the game freezes as well.  
But mine have always happened while I was chopping wood.  Quite 
annoying, especially since you have to restart the whole day.

Desert Lynx seems to have had this problem, too... "This is pretty 
similar to your game freezing when you chop wood, only mine also does 
that when I pick stuff, occasionally. Also, my game froze when I 
flipped to the Educational channel for awhile, every time. It doesn't 
seem to do that anymore, though." 

  -Disappearing Horse- (Submitted by Rubi)
"i dont exactly remeber what girl it was, but im pretty sure it was 
ann. when she comes to show you the pika bunny, hop on your horse 
before you talk to her. say yes you can go see the bunny etc. the next 
day youll be on your horse in the house. you cant go out till you jump 
off the horse and then it disappears. if you call it it will neigh but 
its not there. you can also enter it in the horse race but it will 
never be outside again." 

  -Fashionably Late Cliff- (Submitted by Bluebird)
"On Summer 1 {first year} I got up and fed chickens, dog, brushed 
horse, bought seed, planted and watered. It was going to rain the next 
day so before it was to late, I picked up the dog and turned to take 
him in. I was inside with Cliff coming in with fish. The dog was 
outside. This is when he met Ann. This is supposed to happen in the 
morning but it was almost time for the shipper. This has happened 
only once- today."

  -Unlimited Wine- (Submitted by X0GeEkGirl0X)
"The wine cellar at the vineyard is great for getting free wine, sure. 
But isn't it annoying when the kegs never have any wine? I think I have 
the solution. Upon going down the stairs to the cellar, go up to the 
keg further from the stairs as though you were going to take some 
wine. Don't do that yet. Instead, turn 45 degrees away from the stairs 
so you are facing the far corner of the room. Then dip your empty 
bottle, and you will get wine. All the time. Every time. Sometimes you 
have to move around a teensy bit to get the exact spot, but when you 
do, the wine keeps on comin'. I counted 50 times that I got wine from 
being in this position until it got very boring and I stopped. Maybe 
there's just something wrong with my copy of the game. Try it 

   -Invisible Eggs- (Submitted by Kristen Samuel)
"I'm married to Ann in my game, and one day she fed the chickens.  I 
went into the coop to gather the eggs, and moved some chickens to get 
at their eggs.  Running across the floor, I suddenly ran into 
something, even though nothing was there.  After hitting the A button, 
an egg popped into my hands!  This happened with several eggs, but 
it's been the only time it's done that.  Invisible eggs?  O_o "

   -Fence Post? What Fence Post?- (Submitted by Kristen Samuel)
"At Green Ranch, you can run through a fence post leading from the 
field to the store/house area.  The post is the one to the right of 
the opening in the fence."

   -Invisible baby- (Submitted by TWFan810)
"If you have your baby in your hands and you have a bathroom stand 
right next to the shower room door make sure you facing it then open 
the door and the baby will be in the shower with you but when you 
get out the baby will be gone but you're still holding out your hand 
like your holding him then press start and then press be to get back 
to the game and the baby will be in your hands."

   -Easy Pink Heart?- (Submitted by Johnathan)
"My fiancee was just playing Harvest Moon and she had the Blue 
Feather. Elli had a Yellow heart and she went and used it on Elli, 
and it brought Elli's heart up to Pink and she accepted it.  We 
tried it with Maria (her heart was on Blue) but it didn't do 
anything to Maria. Maybe it was a glitch or maybe the trick only 
works on Elli? I dunno, but just thought I would share with you"

   -Free Lumber- (Submitted by MoonMistress07)
"Hey I found a nifty little glitch dealing with material. When you 
win the swimming race once ( you only have to win once) & the next 
year Kai wins he gets lumber. Well even though I didn't win the 
race I got the material that Kai won. Maybe my game is just weird or 
you have to be good friends with Kai."

I've noticed this!  Once you get the Invincible Katori for winning
in the first year, you no longer have to win in order to get the
prize.  Sweeeet.

   -Into the Void- (Submitted by Oscar Mach)
"If you place a piece of wood on the outer edge of your farm (this 
happened on the bottom part) you can jump into the black part of 
the screen and walk around. To get out, just walk to the exit."


                           VI. CLOSING

   Well, it's really been great!  This was my first attempt at writing 
an FAQ ever, but I think it turned out all right.  I'm not sure I want 
to do another anytime soon, though. ^_^;;  Thanks for bearing with me 
and my inexperience!


   Here's where I get to say "Thanks!" To everyone (and everything) 
who has helped contribute to this FAQ.  You made it possible!  The 
rest of the information presented here is of my own discovery and 
observations.  Some of the festival dates that I couldn't remember 
off the top of my head came from the instruction manual, but that's 
about it.  Anyway, here's the list.

 Thanks to:

zenmaster (zenmaster979@hotmail.com) - For the ASCII art title.

SomeCrayGuy - For his countless hours of ROM hacking which have 
FINALLY given the HM64 community accurate and precise information.
Thank you, sir, for sacrificing your sanity to the greater good!

Sam Van Dam - For originally discovering the glitch regarding the 
Kappa's blue and red Power Nuts.

scribblykakuloo - For painstakingly discovering the exact requirements 
for winning the Cow Festival.

Bulzeeb - For his contribution to the Glitches section (and 
inspiration to create that section in the first place).

Gizmocat - For some great information (that I didn't know beforehand), 
for a contribution to the Points to Ponder, and just generally being 

Jared Beatty - For writing in with some good questions for the FAQ 
section, and some suggestions.

Kat - For writing in with a contribution to the Glitches section.

Megan - For pointing out a mistake to me (oops) and general helpfulness.

Crazyblink653, Renee, Janelle Thayer, Katie, James Strieb, and PML654 
(sorry if I missed any others!)- For information on the Karen/Dog 

Vinnie "OZ" Shelley - For contributing information about the Jumper 
rumor and the Buyer's evaluation.

PhoenixChild - For information on the entertainment channel rumor.

Rubi - For writing in with a contribution to the Glitches section.

Bluebird - For writing in with a contribution to the Glitches section, 
as well as information on getting the marbles from the Sprites.

Amy "The Mayabird" - For writing with suggestions, information about 
the Sprites' names and Maria's birthday gift.

Desert Lynx - For writing with contributions to the Points to Ponder 
section, the Glitches section, the Tips section, and general 

Dean - For writing in with a contribution to the Points to Ponder 
section, and helping to quell a rumor.

A.J. - For writing in with a contribution to the Glitches section.

Ben Hartz - For information concerning the Invincible Katori rumor.

X0GeEkGirl0X - For writing in with a contribution to the Glitches 

Kristin Samuel - For writing in with great contributions to the Glitches
and the Points to Ponder sections.

Queen Mel - For a good question which was added to the FAQ section.

TWFan810 - For a contribution to the Glitches section.

Johnathan - For contributing to the Glitches section, and for several 
tidbits of information.

Lagniappe - For being extremely helpful, and pointing out places 
where I messed up pretty badly ^_^;; 

Oscar Mach - For his contribution to the Glitches section.

MoonMistress07 - For her contribution to the Glitches section.

I. Reikane - For letting me know how many swings it takes to level up 
the hoe.

Nick Labos - For information regarding Elli's Grandmother's death.

Rayni Shadowmusic - For a tip, and general helpfulness.

Lenny, Master of the HMB! - For info regarding the party picture 
(ganked from the HM64 boards on GameFAQS.com).

Natsume - For making Harvest Moon in the first place.

...And to everyone who read this, especially those who wrote with 
their encouragement!


   Curious about the geek behind the FAQ?  I suppose I could say a 
few words about myself... but I'm not all that interesting.

  I'm a girl, 26 years old, and my real name is Becky.  As of this 
writing (5/21/10), I live in Portland, Oregon with my boyfriend.  
We share a tiny urban loft high above central downtown with our 
obnoxious orange cat, Puck.  Gotta love the bustle of city 
life--and the rain and greenery of this city are beautiful.  I 
dig hanging out at the nearby Powell's Books, which is an enormous 
indie bookstore that takes up a whole city block and has, like, four 
floors.  A true nerdy paradise.  Afterwords I might stroll over to 
Ground Kontrol, which is a two-story bar/vintage arcade (barcade?) 
jam-packed with stand-up game cabinets and pinball machines.  I'm 
still very much a gamer, as well!  Adding booze just makes Tron a 
little more challenging.

  I moved here on a whim shortly after graduating from college--I 
attended Northern Arizona University and got my degree in English 
Education.  However, there are no teaching jobs to be found 
anywhere, so I currently work as a secretary-type for an investment 
firm.  Hooray for selling out to The Man!  Someday, aside from 
teaching, I'd really love to work for a newspaper, or perhaps a 
publishing firm.  I'm all about literature and the beauty and 
eloquence of the written word--that's one reason I still think old 
ASCII FAQs are so cool.  Text is pure information!  I get excited 
about these silly sorts of things... (I even miss the days when 
BBSs reigned supreme!)

   And of course, I'll never get tired of video games--especially 
ones like this that appeal to my OCD nature.  ^_^  Though I'd say 
that classic games hold a broader appeal for me; I can replay 
Chrono Trigger a million times, but the new Final Fantasy just 
looks overly flashy and boring.  Maybe I'm getting old!  

   Also of interest to me, in brief: classic rock music, playing 
bass guitar, snowboarding, board games, attempting to knit, 
computer/hacking culture, trivia contests, learning new foreign 
languages, making travel plans which I will never afford, 
studying history, amd other general geekiness.

       C. CONTACT


Okay, I haven't played this game in a couple of years, and I honestly
don't remember too much about it at all.  Therefore, I really can't 
answer any questions you might have.  You'd have much better luck 
asking the people who frequent the message board.

I still enjoy getting mail about this FAQ, especially if it's people 
pointing out errors.  Unless you're like this guy...

"i want to know where it says the harvest moon guys name is Jack 
because in harvest moon gbc 3it refers to the boy as pete whenyou 
choose to start the game as a girl. if you're talkingabout the ps2 
vesrion you're wrong thats a whole other kid"

Seriously.  I get too many things like this (I swear it's an actual 
email, copied and pasted from my inbox).  Does he even know what 
game this FAQ is for?

Or feel free to send mail to say hi.  ^_^  I'm a nice person, I swear!
...though I have a bad habit of reading emails, saying I'll respond 
later, and then forgetting.  But every single email makes me feel 
warm and fuzzy, I promise.  Thank you to everyone who has messaged!

Also, if you see someone plagiarizing this, I would appreciate a 
heads up.  It wouldn't be the first time.

And I can't stress this enough: DON'T SEND CHAIN LETTERS OR JUNK MAIL!!

With that said, you can contact me at:

 Scynful @ gmail . com (with no spaces, obviously)

  (Please put "Harvest Moon" or something in the subject line so I know 
  what your letter is about)

Thanks for understanding!


Harvest Moon is ©Copyright 1999, Natsume and ©Copyright 1998, Victor 

This FAQ ©Copyright 2002-2010 by Cheshire (Becky Williams).
Distribution for commercial use is strictly prohibited.  
No part of this FAQ may be reproduced for usage on the internet or 
otherwise without credit to the author.  Plagiarists will be 
dealt a slow and painful death. ^_^

In other words, if you want to post this on your site, just ask!  I 
need to check the site out first, of course, and you will be required 
to keep the most current version posted.  And one more thing, taking 
this FAQ and putting your name on it, or rewording it a little and 
passing it off on your own is plagiarizing.  Plagiarists REALLY piss 
me off.  Just don't do it, please.

These sites are guaranteed to have the latest version of this FAQ:

   Printing Information:

Size: 313KB
Number of words: 47,096
Number of pages: 105

  (Heh.. that's a lot!)

                              And that's all.
                            Thanks for reading!


                                                    ~Cheshire ^_^

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