Reviewed: 01/27/06

Best. FPS. Ever.

Goldeneye is the most popular FPS game for the Nintendo 64, and there is no way in hell it shouldn't be. This game nails every element of what an excellent game requires, not just graphics or gameplay. Once you play this masterpiece, you will never forget about it. Your memories of shooting Boris in the face will last a lifetime, I guarantee it. It is safe to say that you will simply wave off every FPS that will ever exist to surpass Goldeneye. This, without a whisper of doubt, should be the best FPS you ever played. Hell, it is even a likely contender for one of the best games ever, if not the best game ever. Enough said. This will blow you away.

Introduction: The game's presentation is basically the same as the movie's. Bond, James Bond, is the target of a gun barrel as he casually walks to the left of the stage as if nothing is happening. Predictably, he shoots his pistol at the gun wielder, and blood flows down the screen. All with the classy Bond music. Gosh, how you would love the Bond music. The game's title, Goldeneye, flashes and you are brought to a set of files. You simply select one of the files, and a frame of 20 to-be-completed missions appears.

Gameplay: This is, thankfully, the best part of Goldeneye. There is Single Player and Multiplayer. First off, the damn-good Single Player. The mission design is perfect. You will absolutely love how every mission is well thought-out and not pointless. This is because they follow with the movie's storyline but also set the game's storyline apart. Before every mission, you receive a set of confidential files: background information, instructions from M Briefing and Q Branch, along with a witty remark from Moneypenny. As you play through your first mission, Dam, you notice that this game is GOOD. You start off with your trusty PP7, silenced. As you pump a few rounds into the first guard you see, he realistically reacts to the wound. He grabs his chest in pain if you shoot him there, or he flies backward from a headshot. If you didn't already know, Goldeneye is the first game to use mission objectives. They are reasonable and realistic objectives. You are asked to do a variety of tasks other than destroying this or that. The difficulty settings for each mission are Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent, from easy to hard. Each come with its own objectives for you to do. If you want the full experience of the game, you must complete 00 Agent in every mission. You are also rewarded with a special bonus that allows you to adjust enemy AI settings, such as intelligence, accuracy, and health. The PP7 is obviously not the only weapon you use, by the way. There is a boatload of weapons you can use, including the grenade launcher, Moonraker laser, Golden Gun and tazor (sweet). You can also obtain cheats by pressing a sequence of buttons at the Cheat Menu or during any mission. The hard way is beating each level at the required difficulty faster than the time limit. As fun as Single Player, the Multiplayer enhances the gameplay. Up to 4 players can duke it out free-for-all or in teams. There are arenas modeled after the settings of some Single-Player missions. You get to choose your own character, and my personal favorite is Boris. Just imagine a nerd owning you with a Moonraker laser. There are also settings for the chosen arena, such as the weapons available and health of players. The Single Player and Multiplayer constitute a very satisfying experience.

Story: The story sets the pace of the Goldeneye movie but also follows through on its own with extra missions. If you don't know the story of Goldeneye already, here it goes. "All right, 007, it's time to get down to business. Some
time ago, Pirate, a top-secret combat helicopter, was hijacked from a French war vessel in Monte Carlo. Pirate was stolen by Xenia Onatopp. She was assisted by several mysterious comrades. Xenia, a former Soviet pilot, is a known accomplice of the Janus Syndicate, an international organization that is world renowned for its dealings in top-flight illegal arms. They are currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Pirate reappeared two days ago in Russia near the site of an unusual disturbance believed to be the result of the discharge of the GoldenEye weapon satellite. The situation is serious, 007. If Pirate or GoldenEye has fallen into the wrong hands, I don't have to tell you that the security of the free world could be in jeopardy. We want you to recover the Pirate helicopter and get to the bottom of this. You are licensed to kill -M." (Copied from the Goldeneye instruction manual as a result of being too lazy to explain it in my own words.)

Graphics: The graphics are absolutely phenomenal, although they are outdated. They are freaking good for a game made in 1997. Your breath will be taken away as you explore the snowy landscape or the interior of a complex. You can check out guard towers, a communications dish or an antenna cradle. Each mission is packed with small details. There are tables, mainframes, security cameras, ammo boxes, computers, lab equipment and whatnot strewn about in all of them. They can be realistically destroyed by your gunfire or enemy's. You can see smoke trailing off an explosion or fire. Enemies point their guns at you in many ways, from standing up, kneeling, from the side, or by their chest. Blood appears on their bodies as you fire bullets at them. The gunfire from the enemies' weapons is easily spotted, usually a faint red line. Bond usually wears a black suit or other fitting attire that is suitable for every mission. Each guard's uniform looks sharp and nice, and I especially favor the stylish blue vested guards in Bunker. Their faces are fugly as hell, though. The characters' faces look pretty realistic, even though Natalya looks uglier in the game than in the movie. You can easily see the glasses on Boris' face, making you want to shoot them off. Each weapon is a realistic replica of the real weapon or made-up. It is indeed funny that the sniper rifle looks like an oversized water bottle, but it is just my imagination. There is so much to gloat over this game's magnificence. This game has better graphics than any N64 game. Trust me.

Sound: Do I love the sound. Each weapon sounds exactly the way it should. When you pick up body armor, objects, weapons, or any articles, you hear an appropriate sound that fits the item. The sound of the tank's movement sounds real. Enemies cry out in pain as you shoot them or run them over with a tank, followed by the sickening smushing of their bodies. You can hear the slice of wind and whack of your karate chop at a guard. If you hear something destroyed, you should know what it is, whether windows, mainframes, tables, chairs or boxes. Explosions sound nice as well. An appropriate sound follows as you hack into a computer or download data from a mainframe. The sound of a door opening is recognizable since it is varied by the type of door it is, mechanized or regular. If all that crap isn't enough, there is, I tell you, awesome music for every mission, Bond style. I just adore every song that enters my head as I play through the game. I'm considering buying the soundtrack for the Goldeneye game. Sound is fantastic, 'nuff said.

Controls: Controls are very user-friendly. You should have no problem with the controls. Doing various things should be comfortable and automatic with a push of a button. It can't get more complicated than that. Start brings you to the Q Watch. B is the primary action button. Z is the fire button and secondary action button. R and L buttons: to aim. Right C and left C: to strafe. A button: switch weapons. Up C and down C: to look up and look down. Analog: to move. Control pad: to move. Simple as that.

Play Time/Replayability: Apparently, the play time is definitely worth it. This game offers unlimited replayability as well. There are countless things you can do, and you will never forget this game, as said before.

Final Recommendation: It doesn't take a physicist to know my final recommendation. As you read through this review, it should be a definite no-brainer. Nooooo, this game is not recommended. This game totally blows and it is pure crap. It should be thrown out of the window or given as a gift to someone you hate. No duh, of course you should get this game! Tell your friends about it! Get it now!!! It will be the best FPS you ever played.

Rating: 10

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