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Reviewed: 07/12/00 | Updated: 07/12/00

When i play this game it is like I'm in heaven.

Goldeneye is the ultimate game to own on the N64. It is truly the best game to own. It is just so great I cannot explain it. Well, my feelings towards Goldeneye may seem odd, but Goldeneye is truly amazing. Many people play Goldeneye and think it's a very good game, but hardly anybody truly experiences the game. Goldeneye is by far my favourite game. I absolutely love it. I try to play it every day, every spare second I get. It’s just the best. Anyway, enough of my blabbering, I better start talking about the actual game.

As you most probably, and should know, Goldeneye is taken from the movie. And, I think everybody knows the main character, James Bond. In Goldeneye you play the main man, James himself. And, you must follow the basic plot of the movie while you play the game. All the characters are there - James, Natalya, Alec(or Janus...Whoops!), Ourumov, Boris, Mishkin, Valentin, and lots of Russian dudes. All the characters play their part as they would in the movie, and act it out well. Ourumov really does play that death scene rather well. But even though the game is taken from the movie, you will find that it is quite different in some areas. You have levels that were created just for the game, and some of the scenes in the movie are not in the game. But, this does not effect the game in the least. It is still a brilliant game. And I think the differences make the game all that much better.

As you play the game you see the game through the eyes of James Bond. The first-person shooter view that was made famous in the classic Wolfenstein game. All you can see is you gun, and in some cases your hand. If it wasn't for this first person view I'm not sure if this game would have been the hit it is. The first-person view is such a great experience, and it adds so much. As you see through the eyes of James it actually feels like you are James. It makes you feel like you are the one running around killing people, not James Bond. Most other shoot 'em up games that are taken on from the third person perspective haven't come any where near the success of first person shooters. Even Duke Nukem 3D made it big! All because of the first person perspective. It really does make the game feel so much more real.

The graphics in Goldeneye are stunning. Even today, the graphics in goldeneye astound people. Some games that come out on the N64 STILL don't match the graphics. They are quite amazing. All of the colours are bright, and there is never a dull picture. The idea of the creators was to create a comic style of graphics. Where as, it doesn't look real, but looks totally realistic. You may not get what I mean straight off, but once you play the game you will get it straight away. It is like you're playing in a cartoon, but it is really realistic. That might seem easier to take in. All of the edges and corners in the game are perfect. In most Playstation games, if there are two colours that come together, they often mix together creating an ugly effect. This doesn't happen in Goldeneye. No colours mix, everything is as sharp as a blade.

But, there is an area in the graphics department that some people complain about. This is the fact that arms and guns may go through doors. This isn't even serious enough to be brought up. It does nothing to the game what-so-ever. Most times it adds something to game. I enjoy shooting a guard in the arm even though he's standing on the other side of the door!

The sound in Goldeneye is great! The sound effects are amazing. Some great sound effects are the sounds of the machine guns. They sound very real, and they sound even more realistic with the volume on max! The sounds of the guns are really good. The explosions in the game are also very good. Some people say they sound dull, but I don't think so. The music in the game is also very good. Some are taken straight from the movie while others are remixes. All levels have different music, and it isn't a pain on your ears. The music suits the game very well, and it adds plenty of gameplay.

Goldeneye contains a feature that wasn't ever seen in any other first-person shooter. This feature is AI. If you don't know what AI means, it means artificial intelligence. In other words, the computer has brains. Because the guards have AI, they are now able to hear, and see much better than ever seen before. If you run around and fire a very loud machine gun, heaps of guards will hear you and run after you. Then you will have to face a hoard of guards, and in most cases will result in death. This adds a whole bunch to the gameplay. It makes you feel like a real spy. This means that now you will have to be silent when killing, and be as stealthy as possible. And guards also have the ability to see, and use their head at the same time. If a guard sees one of his comrades drop down in a heap on the floor, he will immediately look around to see who killed his friend. Guards can also see bullets hit walls. If a guard is facing a wall, and you use a silenced PP7 to shoot the wall in front of him, he won't hear the bullet, but he will see it hit the wall, and will turn around to see who is there.

There is another feature in Goldeneye that was relatively new in the gaming industry. This feature enabled the guards to sense where exactly they are shot, and act as if they were shot there. In past games such as doom, it didn't matter where you shot a monster, the end result would always be a bloody mess on the ground. Goldeneye is different. If a guard is shot in the leg, he will act as if he was shot in the leg. Limping for a few seconds, and crouching in pain. If a guard is shot in the hand, he will hold it in agony. And the damage of a bullet also depends on where it hits the target. A bullet to the head will surely do more damage than a bullet to the leg. In most cases, a bullet to the head will kill a guard. Using one bullet to kill guards is essential if you want to preserve bullets. It is also quicker, and creates less attention.

Bond has a wide selection of weapons and gadgets. The total package adds to over 50 different items Bond may use. He has pistols, machine guns, mines, grenades, rocket launchers, lasers, cougar magnums, sniper rifles, the all mighty golden gun, and the most enjoyable of all, a tank. Bond has many gadgets that I don't care to list, but there is a wide variety, and most are fun to use. Sometimes, different weapons are needed for different parts of the game. Some weapons are easier for one level, but cause problems on other levels. You will have many a night’s fun using all the weapons Bond carries around. I assure you that.

One of the most famous things about Goldeneye is the multiplayer mode! It boasts some of the most multiplayer fun ever seen on a game. A maximum of four people can play, and the more people that play, the more fun you have. There are plenty of options to choose from, and will keep you and your friends occupied for many an hour. You can choose almost any weapon in the game, and can choose any character you want. Some characters are only opened up if you complete the game on a certain difficulty level. Multiplayer is extremely fun. But, it is not necessarily the only thing that Goldeneye offers. Oh, and in case you don't know what you do in multiplayer, you run around and try to kill everyone! It is a fight to the death with no rules.

Goldeneye will take you a long time to finish completely. But, it will satisfy your urge in the meantime. There are three main difficulty levels - agent, secret agent, and OO agent. Agent is very easy, secret agent is normal, and OO agent is VERY, VERY difficult. Well, it is for the first year of owning the game. The game is fairly easy to complete on agent, and will give you practice for when you play the game on Secret agent. Secret agent is much more difficult, and will take longer to finish. Then, once the game is finished on Secret agent, you then have to complete it on OO agent. This will take you at least 2 months to finish, and that's if you're good. Then, once you have finished the main game, there are 2 bonus levels you must complete. The first one of these levels is EXTREMELY difficult, event on agent. The second bonus level is one of the easiest in the game, but it is fun, which is all that matters. Goldeneye also introduces another new feature in the one player scenario. As in every game you cannot move to the next level until you beat the level before it. However, once you have beaten a stage, you can then play it whenever you want. You don’t have to beat the entire game up to that level, you can just select it straight from the level select screen. You can play the last level over and over again without playing any other level!

Goldeneye seems to have it all, but, there is STILL more stuff in it. Goldeneye also includes a very good cheat system. To gain cheats in Goldeneye, you must complete different stages on different difficulties, in a certain time limit. Each time limit is different, and not only in minutes and seconds, but in difficulty. The best cheats like invincibility and invisibility are the hardest to get, and have been the centre of attention for a long time. But, the game doesn't let you complete stages with the cheats on. You can't move up levels using cheats, and you can only play levels you have already beaten. The cheats will be saved onto the cartridge, and will stay there forever. You can turn them on any time you want.

What a long review. This is the longest review I have written, for my favourite game. Everyone should buy this game. If not for you, for your friends - I'm sure they will appreciate it. I cannot get over the sheer greatness of it. You will be playing Goldeneye for years to come. I'm still playing it 2 and a half years after buying it. Anyway, I hope you make the right decision.

SOUND: 8/10

MY SCORE: 10/10

Rating: 10

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