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Reviewed: 04/13/00 | Updated: 01/22/04

Incredible First Person Shooter based on the Goldeneye film

Goldeneye, based on the film of the same name, boasts some of the most stunning and beautifully drawn graphics seen in any game in existence at that time. Everything about the graphics have been tweaked nearly to perfection. Friends and enemies in the game move almost realistically. The animations are superb. From the way the guards draw their guns, or the way the scientists lob grenades at you if you shoot them in the leg too many times; The animation is brilliant on all counts.

Being a 3D game, you could expect Goldeneye to lose a little in the way of detail. That couldn't be further from the truth, everything looks good! When you start the first level: Dam, you may just be running around just staring in amazement at the beautiful scenery. The objects in some of the rooms (such as the facility) are detailed, but can also be smashed, should you want to take out your frustration on a less dangerous object than an armed guard. And let's not forget the animated scenes when you complete a level, or the digitised faces of the characters, or the detail on the backgrounds, etc. Basically, Goldeneye has some of the finest graphics seen on a game.

The sound is as close to the movie as you are likely to get in a game. Everything about the sound effects in this game are great. From the moans of the guards when you shoot them, to the sound of the glass breaking as you decide to shoot through a decidedly annoying window, to the sound of the guns which all sound different from each other, the sound effects in this game is of a particularly high quality. The music sounds exactly like the movie, and combined with the sound effects, it just increases the general atmosphere of the game.

To start this game, you have a choice of three difficulties. These are: agent, secret agent and 00 agent. In order to progress through the game, you have to complete a variety of objectives. Some of these objectives are very easy, whereas some of them are extremely difficult, but all of them are fun. The levels are absolutely huge! I can't understand how a game with such huge levels can remain to keep such huge amounts of detail on all of the levels! It is possible to complete the game just on agent level, but you wouldn't want to semi-complete the game would you? To be able to say that you have done well in the game, secret agent(the medium difficulty) should be completed.

Okay, so maybe you have done extremely well by completing the whole game in secret agent level, but the last difficulty is there: 00 Agent! With this difficulty, all objectives have to be completed on every single level, and the enemies are tougher, and there's less bullets in a gun, and there's less body armour etc. etc. Okay, so with all these difficulty levels, I think we can probably agree that there is already an extremely fun game. But is there anything else? Well, there's the cheats for a start. In order to get a cheat, you have to complete a level and it's objectives in a certain time limit.

Some cheats are easy to get, while some cheats are nearly impossible, but it's great fun trying to get through the level under the set time. One player mode in Goldeneye is extremely fun, but multiplayer mode is where the game really gets good. You can plug in 2-4 controllers, and play against your friends on any level. You can set how long the battle lasts, which guns you want to have, you can even set which cheats you like. With all these options in one player and two player modes, it just shows how much effort was put into this game, and this makes Goldeneye one of the most fun games on the N64.

For a start, getting through the game will take ages. It's huge! Even agent mode is extremely difficult, and some of the levels are so huge they are like mazes. First of all, you have to find your way around the level, and then you have to read the objectives to find out what you have actually got to do. Agent mode is quite easy after a bit of practice, and shouldn't take more than a few days to complete. Secret agent mode is difficult, as there are so many more objectives to complete, the guns have less ammo, and the guards are stronger. After secret agent, there is the 00 agent mode. Only Goldeneye experts will be able to successfully accomplish all of the objectives in this difficulty!

And so, after about a month of playing, you may have completed Goldeneye in 00 agent mode. But it's not over yet. There are still twenty three cheats for you to find, which you can get by zooming around the level, completing the objectives as fast as you can. Some of the cheats are easy, some of them are nearly impossible, but they definitely add to the length of the game. And then there is the two player game, which people are still playing even today. This game is huge, there is just so much to do, and it's just great fun! This game will last absolutely ages.

Goldeneye is one of the best games on the Nintendo 64. The graphics are stunning, with the animation being very realistic. The sound is similar to the movie, and so it definitely adds to the atmosphere of the game. The gameplay is great. There is just so much to do, and it never feels like a boring game. And this game has lasted longer than any other game I have played on the N64. Whether it's trying to get a new cheat, trying to get through a level in a quick time, or just playing multiplayer mode, Goldeneye is one of those games that will always be fun to play.

Rating: 9

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