Review by Casanova973

Reviewed: 07/16/04

I was so close to beating this game, then it froze. But the replay value made me come back to the game and play it non-stop!

As soon as I heard that this game was released, I rushed straight down to the store to get it. Nothing, stopped me, I even pushed in front to make sure that I played this game first before anyone else I knew. I have now been playing it for over four years, and not once have I ever got bored of this game. I play it all night, even though I have completed it about a million times now. I know that there have been other James Bond first-person shooter games that will be more up to date and more high-tech weapons, but I know that there will be no other James Bond games better than this one. This game is just a classic. Totally James Bond. No fancy technology and no high-tech lasers or nothing as such, this game keeps the James Bond tradition, and it will do for years to come.

The graphics are brilliant, even with all the glitches. The sound is taken from the film, but with added sound effects and better music, the gameplay is just the best, the story is just amazing, even though it has been taken from the film. Everything is just so good about this game. Even now you think that this game could have done much better with vehicles in the game, but I think that vehicles would have ruined this game. There would just be no place to put vehicles in this game. On with the review!

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are brilliant, just brilliant. The characters in the game look almost the same as the actors in the film, but there are just minor mistakes in the graphics that can be fixed. Like sometimes their mouths just don't look normal, and the eyes look massive. Also, in the graphics, you will find quite a few glitches. There are many glitches in this game, but most of them are for the best because they are actually quite funny. These glitches include things like the guns not fitting your hand properly and the walls being invisible but again, these are only minor mistakes. Goldeneye 007 is a first-person shooter. You are playing James Bond, and you can only see your hand and gun when you are playing. The enemies look brilliant too! As there are different missions in the game and there are many different settings, the enemies look just right and they are always different in different settings. The graphics would have got a ten if it didn't have as many mistakes and glitches, but they are still amazing! Maybe the graphics would have been better on a PS2 but who knows?! All we know is that they are excellent graphics for an N64 game!

Sound: 10/10
If you have seen the film Goldeneye before and you have played the game, you will probably find them very similar. the game has taken most of the music from the film and put it in the game. They have cut out the bad bits of the music from the film in the game which is good, and they have added other parts to the music like improvisations. The sound effects are brilliant too! The guns make different noises, and when you get hurt or shot, James makes this noise like he's out of breath and I found that quite realistic. The thing that I don't really like about the sound is that the characters don't speak at all in the game. James Bond never speaks, and neither do the villains in the game. Instead of speaking, they're dialogue comes up in writing at the bottom of the screen. The sound is still good, and it still deserves a ten.

Gameplay: 10/10
I just can't think of the right word to describe the gameplay in this game. It is just absolutely brilliant. And the best thing about the gameplay is that it never goes over the top with things like vehicles and more new high-tech guns. I think that things like that would spoil Goldeneye. You can do a lot with the gameplay, battle your way through loads of missions, play multi-player with your best friend, do cool stuff on missions and just everything you could ever imagine from a James Bond game, but better! There is one single mission in the game that involves driving a tank, but they didn't spoil the gameplay with that because it worked out brilliantly just how it is. You will find yourself in a lot of different types of gameplay like stealth missions and chases, and with all the different settings in the game I find it very hard to get bored of the gameplay. If you can think of the right word for the gameplay, you are a genius, because the gameplay is just too good for words. Please note that the gameplay is very similar to other first-person shooter games, with a little touch of James Bond flavour.

Story: 10/10
Although the storyline in the game has just been taken straight from the film, I still find it incredible. The storyline in the film is a lot longer and a bit different. The game cut a few bits out of the film but it still kept the main story branch of the film in the game but just deleted some parts of it. The story is a bit too complicated, so I won't go into a lot of detail right now. The game has also added a bit more to the story like they have put in two secret levels in the game that you can unlock by getting high scores on the missions. The story is really good, not brilliant, just really good. It still deserves a ten.

Replay value: 10/10
As I have mentioned before, this game has excellent replay value and you will be playing it for at least four years before you get bored of it. You might complete this game in about 8 or 9 days playing non-stop because some missions are really hard. There are also a lot more things to do other than missions you know. If you beat certain levels in certain times you can unlock cheats. All of the cheats are really funny like DK mode shows everyone's head massive. There are also two hidden missions in the game that you can unlock by getting high scores in other missions. You will be playing this game for years to come, unless you throw out your N64. If you have a Nintendo64, but you don't have this game, that's a good enough reason to get rid of your console, because this game is just amazing. Multi-player keeps this game alive. I think you will enjoy this game better than any other James Bond game ever to hit any console in the world.

Multi-player: 9/10
A very good multi-player system. You can choose who you play as. You can play out of characters from previous Bond games and movies, and you can even play as guards and officers. You can choose your level and you can unlock secret levels, so basically it's just your average multi-player system. The gameplay is just the same as in single player, but it still rocks! I am still playing this game with my brother and it's 2004! The multi-player takes up a big part of the replay value, so it has to be good if you want decent replay value. I don't think you will be let down at all with the multi-player. I am pretty sure you will love it.

Rent Or Buy: Buy
Seriously, it's your choice, but I think you should buy this game. It will probably be very hard to find one now unless you borrow it from your friend or something. This game is a classic game, and you will be a bit ashamed if you only rented it for a week and you don't have it in your game pile. You should buy it, you will NOT regret it.

Rating: 10

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