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Reviewed: 07/23/00 | Updated: 08/14/02

FPS For YOU!!!

This is one of the best Nintendo 64 shooting games. This game is pretty cool but the control sometimes is confusing. The levels and graphics are totally mind-boggling for the Nintendo 64. The game has a pretty sweet multiplayer and nicely designed levels to stump most people. The players you can pick in multiplayer are all very detailed including Bond himself. Rare did a pretty good job on bringing Bond to the Nintendo 64. The game has plenty of levels to keep on surprising you with lots of enemies and plenty of guns to pick up on your journey. The sounds and music in this game are in great detail, they sound great and are very cool sounding. The game is fun to play with friends or by yourself.


Well not the best gameplay I ever saw. It’s hard sometimes to go down stairs and narrow passages and bond moves a little to quick for me. Rare did a pretty good job but could have made Bond a little slower and maybe an easier way to get into passage without getting killed before you can get through. Everything else gameplay wise is great and is perfect for the Nintendo 64 controller. The controller seems to work good with this game and everything is quick and responsive. The control is tight and works good besides moving down stairs which can sometimes be hard to get down.


The sounds and music were all chosen very carefully and are in deep detail. You can hear the gun fire the yells and screams of innocent men being shot or ran over by a tank. I like the music although it isn’t on during gameplay it gives me the feeling I’m a secret spy. Everything that has to do with sound or music in Goldeneye sounds awesome. The sound and music in this game is very detailed and sounds life like. The music in this game is great it fits the games theme perfectly. The developers went into great detail on the sounds of this game and also the music.


The graphics are spectacular with plenty of extras to shoot. Sometimes I forget I’m playing on the Nintendo 64. All of the characters including Bond are all detailed and look great on the Nintendo 64. All of the graphics in this game were all detailed in there own special way. The level designs are all awesome looking. They are all in full detail and look awesome. The levels have many passage ways to go through and lots of little rooms to find ammo or a special gun. The game shows great detail on the levels and on the characters. The graphics are very smooth and look nice.


The game has an awesome multiplayer as well as single player mode. There are plenty of different agent modes to complete it through that all have different objectives and difficulty levels. Bottom line this game has a high replayability status to keep you coming back for more. Although the game is very hard to beat you may get bored of it before you beat the last two levels on this game.


This games challenge is so high man. Even the first level should take some time to beat unless you’ve already played the game. The games levels are filled with all kinds of enemies to kill ones that are hidden very well. The games challenge just keeps on getting higher and highter through out the game till its almost impossible to beat. This game will take a very long time to beat will all of the missions and the difficulty level.


The game is a must have with a few problems but once you get use to them you will learn to control your player. If you’ve never played a shooting game before though you may want to rent this title first. Read the review you decide.

Rating: 9

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