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Reviewed: 04/29/04

A revolutionary game, a timeless classic...

Goldeneye 007 is one of the greatest FPS (first person shooter) games ever released. In its time it was one of the best games around and was a major selling point for the nintendo 64 in the early days (I know it was the first game I got).

Some people nowadays would say that perfect dark blows goldeneye out of the water but these things need to be put in context. 4 years is a long time in the computer gaming industry and with computer power doubling every 18 months games often get left behind but then occasionally there are standout games that last many years. Goldeneye is up there with the diablos the starcrafts the final fantasies and the zeldas as one of those everlasting games. Another thing which is often overlooked is that this game was made based on a movie and there are very few if any other games which have achieved such fame after being based on a movie. On that note I urge the reader to take into account the fact that this game was released in 1996 which is a long time ago, this review is written in terms of retrospect.

ok now onto the review

Story - 10/10

Considering it was based on a movie the story is always going to be good. Bond (007) infiltrates a Russian chemical warfare facility best mate Alec Trevalyn (006) is killed after he doesn't manage to escape the facility in time and the explosives planted to destroy the nerve gas stored in the plant kills Trevalyn after a large shootout. The story then continues from there.

In my opinion Goldeneye is the best movie of the bond series.

Audio/SFX - 10/10

Great sound effects in this game, the guns sound cool even if they don't sound realistic. Good thought was put in to the sound of bullets hitting different surfaces such as wood, cement, steel and human with the the effects sounding realistic. Music is great, always suits the feel of the level. For example in a certain level when you are spotted by the guards and they trigger the alarm the music becomes faster higher and more desperate, a quality touch. On dark levels the music is gloomy and slow on action packed levels the music is fast and hard and the composers always managed to add a Bond touch to the music which is a credit to them.

The audio is well done all round, a good game to listen to.

Graphics - 10/10

The graphics were great back in the day, things looked realistic and life like and I can remember the day when I first played it how I was in awe at how great this game looked. I also think the game has aged well with respect to graphics which is always good. Yeah the guns look pretty good then levels in general still look great, the opponents look realistic, it's all good here.

Controls - 10/10

Playing FPS games on the N64 is always great and Goldeneye set the precedent for the control configuration of the various titles which were to follow. The default configuration isn't very good especially after you wear your joysticks out after giving the game a lot of play time but the second control configuration is great and is the one most commonly used (there are 4 configurations to chose from ones using 2 controllers).

again another are where goldeneye shines.

Format - 8/10

Yeah format is pretty good, it is fairly simple but it is often annoying when you press start and bring up your watch that you get hit in the time it takes your arm to reach your face. Also you need to pause a fair bit to use certain items etc, but it is generally all good.

Gameplay - 10/10

Gameplay is great, I played this game for over a year. The gameplay revolves around completing certain objectives all of which are often quite fun and challenging. This is really what made the game, you cant have a good game without gameplay which is why this game is so good. There are a fair few different guns you can get all of which have their good points and some of them are really cool (proximity mines are the coolest weapon ever). The levels are great, there are small levels which can be completed quickly and then there are huge levels which take 20 minutes to complete. Some classic levels here which are really fun such as train, cradle and the infamous facility.

Good guns, good levels, good objectives, its all good.

Atmosphere - 10/10

Great atmosphere really gets into the whole secret agent theme, good graphics and audio help this a lot. The levels are constructed really nicely to improve the atmosphere, it's good. This game has this aura about it which draws you back as well which is rare.

Multi player - 10/10

Multi player is very good, this is one of the best aspects of the game and it is disappointing if you don't have any mates to play with or any other controllers. There are a range of different scenarios, characters, weapons and levels which you can use and some of them need to be unlocked which is good. The weapon categories are done well as they put the good weapons in special places where the gunfights will often be focused. The levels are ingeniously designed and range from tiny single story arenas to large 3 story complexes. Some classic levels here which you never get tired of playing such as complex, facility and stack. The multi player really enhances the value of the game greatly.

Re-Playability - 10/10

A lot of stuff to do here, The different difficulty levels (agent, secret agent, 00 agent) offer sequentially harder enemies and objectives which are great fun to complete with bonus levels being unlocked after all the levels are completed on secret agent and 00 agent. An excellent feature is unlocked once the whole game is completed which I wont reveal here incase you haven't played it, but it adds great novelty value to the game and levels. There are also the cheats which can be unlocked. The cheats are unlocked by finishing each level under a specific time for a specified difficulty level and pose a real challenge (especially the infamous invincibility cheat for facility - boy that is tough). The levels once you have completed them are really fun just to mess around in with cheats and other things and you can amuse yourself for quite a while. It doesn't sound like it has too much replay value here but unless you have played it (which is strongly recommended) then you can't really judge it.

Play time:

I would say it would take 15 to 50 hours to complete this game first time on all skill levels depending how good you are greatly, some of the levels are really hard on 00 agent.

Challenge - 10/10

A great challenge, completing all the levels on every skill level is a very hard task and getting all the cheats is extremely hard, the invincibility cheat is a challenge which only the truly elite will obtain.


Great gameplay
Big challenge
A lot of play time
Excellent multi player
Generally good all round


Graphics and audio are a bit outdated


BUY, if you own an N64 and you don't have this game go to a garage sale or EB and get yourself a copy, you wont regret it.


One of the great classic games, ask anyone who has an N64 they will tell you how great this game is, heck just look at the score on all the other reviews here, an excellent game all round.

Disclaimer: reviews are just opinions, if you don't like mine write your own...

Rating: 10

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