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Reviewed: 02/18/04

If you dont have this game by now I will chase you down. Cougar Magnum loaded.

Some games just fit in with their chosen console so perfectly that they resemble the insanely accurate fit of a Tetris block. James Bond movies always knew they were great, but never transferred well into games, until now. Although the red-hat plumber has always been the most notable for any game on any Nintendo system, there are other games which break into new ground and weave the golden path to the future. We must pray that the people from the original Rare golden eye team make it along the hard road ahead, and can once again stabilize themselves as the best FPS team in the world.

If you have ever seen a James Bond movie it is always about some huge bomb, a drug deal, secret agents, really hot bond babes, big guns, explosives, and really nice cars! James is defiantly the top agent in any situation anyone could put him in. If you aren’t a total bond geek like us Goldeneye lovers seem to be, let me fill you in, 007 movies are always top of the line quality. Rare games are always of great quality. Not all Bond games are however, but Goldeneye intended to fill in the empty void of good spy games.

For the short time Rare did have the Bond license they obviously put it to work from the get-go. Here is a classic case of a great company, getting a license with potential, and showing everybody they have what it takes and just need to be given a chance with the Nintendo fans. Battle toads sure didn’t get Rare to become a household name, and Donkey Kong brought Nintendo in, sure, but not so much the company who developed it. Goldeneye set out to fix this and make Rare Ltd a respectable company in their own right under the most influential creators in the world: Nintendo.

Violence here is defiantly over the top. At this time people weren’t feeling too secure with themselves and video games. Mortal Kombat was released just a few years earlier with a bunch of violent people, and streaming blood. This is the first game where you have become a legal agent and can now go killing everyone around you from the bond movies that you have always wanted to. Personally this game sounds like a dream game. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it! However there are a few select people that think there are better games in the 3rd party N64 publishers. You know what I have to say to them? What N64 3rd party publishers?

Shaken, not stirred James certainly does come out on top of the situation here, as the story through him the trials and tribulations announced in the blockbuster 007 flick, and my favorite of all Goldeneye! This movie was truly a testament to any other action packed thriller was done at the time. It presented its characters beautifully, and unknowingly opened up for one of the best games of all time. Rare has sure shaped up to the challenge of giving us the best experience possible.

Some games are so incidentally cool, and have such awesome characters. Well, so does Goldeneye! Although the names are all kooky and most likely of some kind of British background, they all make for entertaining attributes to what is already a game full of personality. This game was noticed by everyone when it came out. And I mean everyone. This was the talk of the town much as Grand Theft Auto and other over-the-top games would soon become. Although the N64 didn’t have a whole lot in quantity it was games like this that made it such a great console to hold, and own.

The game plays out smoother than any other FPS I have ever played, and to this day the only game I have actually played to live up to it are either other Rare games, or some game straight out of the Unreal Series. Unfortunately for Goldeneye, Perfect Dark would shake the many foothills of online gaming and would de-crown the champ for most people. But not me. I never bought into the PD crap, and remain a Goldeneye fan! After all there is no such thing as perfect dark, but perfect N64 games are golden.

Joining the first round of the now famous player’s choice awards labeled to high selling/highly played or rated games. Having the extra 1988 game of the year on the cover also pushed a lot of units. By a lot I mean millions. Unlike other shooting games though, there was always something special about Goldeneye. The key to the specialty I believe might be Nintendo’s say in whatever Rare had been doing at the time. There are so many guns, and so much personality packed into every pixel-perfect detail, it is all so overwhelming. Bond is truly the man.

The graphics are what I was getting to there in the last paragraph. Yes…they are freaking perfect! All the enemies look like they could be passable for real people, and the guns look so real, and nothing looks too artificial in my opinion. The effects and everything right down to the bullets of the guns spreading the massive levels are awesome. The only real problem I had here was a lot of fogging. The controversy rages as Rare has developed the most powerful game for the Nintendo Sixty-Four yet and includes some of the more violent gun-fights ever seen.

There is no voice-acting but there is a very effective way of communication. A little box of text which has been used in every Rare game ever made. While this might make way for judgments on production values we have to remember that at the time this system was just launching off and wasn’t quite ready for that kind of power. Hopefully in the next-gen we can have a remake of the game instilled with high-power graphics, and voice dialogue. Even all this doesn’t touch the greatness that is Goldeneye!

Combining the best of both worlds (movies and games) 007 has brought to us an all star shooter that can hold up against anything any other company can ever make. I wish to challenge other companies to become this innovative and make more games like this. People will buy in, you just have to get your game to be this cool, and pack in all these great unlockables.

Overall, Goldeneye has gone golden in my list of the best N64 games ever striking the amazing hard to reach position of #1. Not even minor fogging and graphical glitches can strike it into the depths of no return that is some of the Doom games. Now if you don’t own Goldeneye you should feel ashamed. Go buy it before I beat you with my stupid stick, or maybe I will shoot you with my golden pp7.


Rating: 10

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