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Reviewed: 02/12/04

The best, the pinnacle, the king, the Final Fantasy VII of first person shooters.

Yes, the N64 was beaten by the PlayStation, not only it was beaten, it was kicked in the butt very badly, but if there is a reason to acquire this console, matter how disappointing it was, that is Goldeneye, not only this is the best N64 game, this is the best first person shooter ever created, what about Half Life are you wondering?, well, yeah it is a great game and everything, but it is not match for this Rare-Nintendo’s masterpiece.

Graphics 10/10:
Ok, they are not going to blow you away, but I guess they deserve a perfect rating because there is a lot of variety and they look spectacular even without being that good, the textures are a bit simple and some scenarios are a little bit empty, but hey!, this was one of the first N64 games, and we can blow away windows, computers and stuff, there are tons of different weapon, enemies and environments. Great.

Music 7/10:
There isn’t that much music like it is usual in these games, just a few tunes here and there, but enough to create the perfect scenario for the upcoming bullet party, and we can’t forget about the awesome Bond theme, only because of that theme we have to say that the music is excellent, ok, maybe not, but the thing is that it sets the mood perfectly, and that is the important thing.

Gameplay 10/10:
This the main and only reason why Goldeneye is the best of the best of the best, the gameplay is the absolute best you will ever find in a first person shooter, ok, still it can’t compete with the mouse and a keyboard, those are probably always going to be the best “weapons” for any first person shooter fan, but the way the N64 controller has been adapted is simply amazing, you’ll see, the N64 controller works so good that it is like if it was designed only to play this game. Normally we aim automatically, so we just have to press Z to shoot, but if we want we can aim manually R, that way James won’t be able to move (yet we can still move to right or left a little bit with the C-buttons), but we will be able to shot more accurately. With the C-buttons we can also look around like if we were using a mouse, but this is something useless and the way the camera moves is very bad, so most of the time we will never use those buttons, but it is the same, we are not going to need them. Maybe it doesn’t sound as good as it is, but believe, you won’t find a better gameplay in a console first person shooter.

The game follows the plot of the movie almost step by step, and it is amazing but that is not a problem, the guys from Rare sure know how to do everything right no matter what kind of stuff they are working with, this is a prove of it.

Goldeneye is structured in missions, and one of the best things about them is that we don’t have to look for stupid keys or cards, here we have objectives, deactivating or placing bombs, or we have to kill someone, find something, steal documents, etc. We can’t recover our health, if we get shot we will have to keep going because we can’t save in the middle of the game, which another magnificent feature, there are some bullet-proof jackets, but that is all, no health kits around, and that is great, because we have to be very cautions, we can’t just broke into room and shot like in a Tarantino movie, we have to plan our movements, run and hide when it’s necessary.

The enemy’s AI is pretty high, they are not going to stand there and wait until you feed them with iron, they sure know how to hide and run, sometimes they will even call reinforcements if we let some of them escape, we always have to try to shot them in the head, because that way they will die with one shot, depending on the place we hit them they will do different things, and sometimes it is impossible to resist the tentation of shooting them right “there”, it is really funny to see them falling to ground in pain, no wonder!, that really has to hurt.

Another thing that makes Goldeneye the winner it is are the weapons, in this game James Bond has the simplest but at the same time the best selection of weapons ever in first person shooter, and al of that for one simple reason, they are all useful, “all of them”, it is not like in Doom, Quake, Half Life, or any other first person shooter where the weapons suck because they run out of bullets in no time or are as useless as fancy looking, here it is true that they are not too impressive, and all of them work basically in the same way (95% of them are just machine guns), but if you are thinking “oh man that is boring”, you have just said the most stupid thing in you miserable life.

Replay Value:
The only thing that pisses me off are some of the secrets, there are tons of them, things like a paintball mode, or enemies with big heads, unlimited ammo, invincibility and things like that, as I was saying, to obtain these secrets you will have to replay the game’s mission with a limited time, but for example to get the first scenario’s secret you have to beat it too extremely quickly, and that is impossible, not matter what that is not possible, and you can’t use the previously obtained cheats in the scenarios where you haven’t. There has to be way of course, guess someday I’ll probably end up using a FAQ.

There are also two or three secret missions, I can’t remember their exact number, what I do remember was that they were BLOODY HARD, I have yet to beat the last one, in those mission one shot and you are history, but they are great and you’ll even find two new weapons. Cool!

We have three difficulty levels, but they don’t just make the game harder as you are probably thinking, they also add new objectives, so we will have to play each stage more than once if we want to see everything they have to offer.

To conclude there is a miltiplayer mode, I have never played with friends, but is has to be great, and if it is not then single player mode alone is so good that no one gives a damn the multiplayer.

The Goldeneye movie resurrected James Bond as the most prolific spy of all time, it also made Pierce Brosnan famous, and if all of that were not enough, from it came the best first person shooter in existence, as I said at the beginning, if there is a reason to acquire a N64, that is Goldeneye, an all time classic that MUST be played by anyone who calls himself a video game fan. Those that talk about their Dooms or Quakes or all of that revolting crap don’t know nothing, Goldeneye is the best, as well as the best N64 game ever created, and yes, even better than Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Rating: 10

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