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Reviewed: 06/14/00 | Updated: 12/16/02

Nintendo 64 Owners Get A Licence To Kill!!!


Courtesy of Nintendo and Rare, everybody's favourite secret agent has finally made his long-overdue appearance on the Nintendo 64. Goldeneye 007 was developed almost two long years by Rare. At first, i wondered how Rare was going to make a videogame based on a movie. To my knowledge, most games that are based on the movie are very lame, especially those stinkers that are made by Acclaim a few years back. I hesitated to purchase the game at first but after reading several reviews which commented Goldeneye 007 very highly, i decided to give it a try. After all, the game was made by Rare, a very respectable company in the industry.

I guess i have made the right choice. Goldeneye 007 has turned out to be everything it was cracked up to be and more. It really deserves the title for being the best movie to game. Why? Read on to find out!

Rare has pulled off a mighty feat by making Goldeneye 007 truly an awesome game that also manages to meticulously follow the movie. Even the locations that you see in the game are almost a resemblance to what you see in the movie. Goldeneye is a first-person shooting game that plays quite similar to any Doom-style games. [Hmm...i suppose you know what a first-person shooter is, right? I don't need to explain it, do I?]


Graphically, Goldeneye 007 is one of the best looking games on the Nintendo 64, with the best use of textures, even till today. There are hardly any pop-up. Enemies walk and run with unusual realism and each of them has a set of different poses when they die, depending on which part of their body is hit. Transparency effects like window panes are neat and clean. The animation is simply gorgeous and incredible; levels are all very well designed as if these are what you see in the movie itself.

Music and Sound

Sound effects are excellent and majestic, ranging from the sounds produced by explosions, gunfires, glass-shattering, footsteps and so on. The music isn't any shabby either, with music taken directly from the movie and various remixes of the traditional Bond theme. Any fans of the movie will definitely love it.


Control is inituitive and responsive. The game plays almost flawlessly with a fast-pace gunmanship. Furthermore, the game supports Rumble Pak and you can feel almost every shot and explosion in the game as if you were right there in the middle of the action. [It sounds as if i am exaggerating but it's really true! Try it and you will know.]


There are a total of 18 stages and each begins with a detailed mission briefing that includes a list of objectives that must be carried out in order to complete the stage. How much objectives per stage will be, will depend on which of the three difficulty levels you choose before play. It's obvious that the more harder it is, the more demanding the game will be and therefore, more objectives. Common sense, right? Besides, if you choose an easier level with fewer objectives, you can also try completing other more difficult tasks that aren't included in your mission briefing- a welcome feature indeed.

Like any other super agent, James Bond is armed to the teeth. There's a wide variety of arsenals to choose, from the usual assortment of nifty gadgets from Q [By pressing Start. it will pull up Bond's wristwatch, complete with a subscreen that is full of interesting items that Bond can used on the various stages.] and over 15 different weapons that he must collect, ranging from Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Throwing Knives, Hand Grenades and lots more.

The game's Al or artificial intelligence is very good. For example, enemies who sense that you are behind a door won't be so stupid to rush in to get himself killed. You can even choose a site as to how you should aim and shoot your enemies. Bullets can penetrate through windows and injured enemies on any body part such as hitting the head which will instantly kill them.

If these aren't enough, the greatest surprise from Nintendo and Rare is the fact that Goldeneye 007 supports up to a maximum of four players, which allows you to challenge one another. It's addicting, fantastic etc. Even if you have completed all the missions, it's a blast, gathering three other friends to join you for a deathmatch.


Without doubt, Goldeneye 007 is a rare masterpiece and one of the truly must-own games for all Nintendo owners. Few first person shooter games play so flawlessly like Goldeneye 007 and the four players mode is a blast. It's definitely the best movie game which all other first-person shooter games should be judged upon to. Rare has taken a long time to make it but this long wait is indeed worthy. It's a pity that Rare isn't making Tomorrow Never Dies, don't you think so?

Story : 8.0/10.0
Graphics : 9.0/10.0
Concept : 9.0/10.0
Control : 9.0/10.0
Music : 9.0/10.0
Sound : 9.0/10.0
Gameplay : 10.0/10.0
Replay : 10.0/10.0
Challenge : 8.5/10.0
Overall : 9.0/10.0

Rating: 9

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