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Reviewed: 08/31/03


Yeah, it's the summer of 2003, and I am writing a review for a game that is 6 years old. But, in my opinion, it is probably the best first player shooter I have ever played in my life and one of the best overall games to hit my gaming screen. Why do I like Goldeneye better than it's unofficial ''sequel,'' Perfect Dark, I'll tell you why.

First of all, like all great movies, the original is always the best. Despite the fact that this game is slower than PD, has less game-play options, and (insert criticism here), I just enjoy Goldeneye better.

Plot: I personally played the game before seeing the movie. But, with both cases, to be honest, I don't enjoy the plot THAT much. It seems to drag at time, and have many plot twists. But, if you are into Bond flicks, you may like this plot. I'd suggest seeing the movie before playing this game, because it's impossible to understand the plot just from the game. So, if you really want to learn the plot and not read all the briefs, just watch the movie and waste ninety minutes of your life. The plot is probably the game's low-point, but it is made up in other areas. It's a basic James Bond film where you gets with not one, but two women. There are many plot twists on the road to eventually face your main rival throughout the game, which I won't spoil for you if you are unaware of the plot. In retrospect, I would give the plot of the game probably 8/10.

Basics: The controls are very easy to learn, and it is a game that my toddler cousins can play. The only thing is that if you're not used to the joystick, tough luck. You may need practice. Also, practice using the Z button on the back of the controller if you're unskilled with it.

Difficulty: The 1P mode has 3 difficulties, agent, secret agent, and 007 agent. You can eventually master all 3 levels. The game itself, in my opinion, is fairly easy. But, this point of view could be obscured due to my mastery of the game over six years. First-time players will have a hard time finding the little keys and such, which is just standard for me nowadays. Some things will get very annoying if you are new to the game. But, under all circumstances, try not to use a strategy guide. It will be so much more rewarding if you beat the game on 007 agent on your own. Even beating agent mode on your own is rewarding.

Stages: The variety of the stages are endless! Actually not endless. There are 20 of them. Two of them are hidden. Two are repeated, with a twist. Here are a rundown of the levels. There is a dam, which can be fun, if you make it out to be. A facility where you can have fun in the bathroom. A dam, where you can use a tank. There is a surface, where you can roll and have fun in the snow. The bunker is a good old fashioned prison, just don't drop the soap. The silo is a fast-paced rocket test site. You can rock it with boats on the Frigate stage. The Bunker and Surface are then repeated. Then, try to maneuver your way around the obstacle-filled Statue stage. At the archives, you can read some books or jump out of windows. Then, you roam around the streets wreaking havoc. After the streets, you can have fun at a train depot. What comes after a train depot? A Train! Have fun blasting people on a high-engine locomotive. Then, James Bond reveals his crazy side in the jungle. After the jungle, try to deactivate computers at the control. Move onto a water-filled Cavern. Afterwards, the final showdown with your nemesis at the Cradle. I won't reveal the two bonus boards, so earn them to find out! Or just look on ANY site for gamers. I'd give stage selection a 10/10.

Weapons: The variety of weapons in the game is very selective. Hand guns, Automatics, Power Weapons, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launcher....should I go on? Yes? OK. Remote Mines, Proximity Mines, Timed Mines, Hunting Knives.....Done now? More? Ok. Throwing Knives, Lasers, Grenades, and the all mighty..... feared..... ferocious....CHOP! It doesn't get better beating the computer or a friend in multi player mode with the chop of the hand! The weapon selection is great. Definitely a 10/10

Multi-Player: This game is probably the most revolutionary multi-player game of its time. Never before could 4 friends get together, and play a game, with nobody sitting out, for hours at a time. It becomes so addictive and competitive when you are playing with people who are about equal to your skill in this game. This multi player feature helps the replay value. Of course, I have to give the multi player feature of the game 10/10.

Replay Value: Some people think that once you beat 007 mode for one player mode, the only thing left to replay is multi player with your friends. WRONG. Many people do not realize how fun it can be to try to out-due your times on every difficulty. It becomes addictive! This is the reason why I continue to play. TO OUT-DUE MYSELF. There is a site online that keeps World Records for every difficulty, and you can even possibly contest WORLD RECORDS for times of every level. The internal clock for beating your own records, and Cheat Options (rewards attained by beating a level in a certain amount of time) provide tons of replay time! And I give the replay value an unprecedented 11/10! Yes, a 1.1 on a scale of 1.

In conclusion, this game is the best FPS to date, in my opinion. So, if you don't have the game, you can find it cheap online or at a local store. And if you don't have an n64, I'm sure you can find a used one for 30 bucks of so. This game ALONE is worth buying an N64. Trust me.

Rating: 10

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