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Reviewed: 07/31/03 | Updated: 07/31/03

The Last 007 made by Rare, and it is definitely one of the best.

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to my review for Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. James Bond has been around in the movies for over 50 years, encompassing 4 different actors due to age. That is quite a lot, and they are still making new movies today with the latest Pierce Brosnan. The 007 series must be pretty darn good if it is stayed around for so long and it has stayed so popular. When the Nintendo 64 came out everyone was excepting a wealth of games to play, which would include first person shooters. Well, Rare and Nintendo delivered another incredible 007 game, this time to their new Nintendo 64 system. There is so much to take about in this game, let's get right to it.

Gameplay - 9.8 out of 10
Outstanding, simply outstanding in this category. There is so much to the gameplay in this game and they organized it and presented it in the easiest and most effective way so people could understand. There are several parts to that Gameplay rating, and these next paragraphs should cover it.

For the actual missions itself, I was very impressed. The difficulty level of these missions was very good in rising slightly every mission, not flattening out ever, forcing you to practice and get better instead of lethargically moving through each mission. This might have been a little too steep for some, but I think it was just right. The inclusion of the other two difficulties made it even better, and only the best of the best at this game can beat it on 007 mode. There are three difficulties: Agent, Secret Agent, and 007 Agent. I think that from Agent to Secret Agent is not a very significant jump, but from Secret Agent to 007 Agent is a big jump and many people find themselves trying the first level over and over again on this hardest difficulty. Another good inclusion into the main missions was the ability to gain cheat from beating levels within a certain amount of time, making more and more people stick with the main missions until they are all taken care of with the cheats and the difficulties. Lastly, I loved the way they organized the missions, where you can select each one. In many first person shooters you must continue on from your save point and you cannot go back unless you start a new game. I hate that, and the system Goldeneye has is perfect.

Now, just the main missions itself were enough to buy the game, but then they include the multiplayer and people went absolutely berserk for this game. The multiplayer is phenomenal and there are so many settings to customize your multiplayer game it is incredible. You can choose what license you have, what guns there will be, what character you will be, the level to play at, and more. There are probably at least 100 different characters you can be including all your favorites from the past 007 movies as well. I believe they are unlocked doing the main missions, another reason to finish the main missions.

The controls in this game were very well thought out, and getting used to them is all it takes. This is the only section where I had some problems with the gameplay. But first, it was very easy to get used to the settings with the strafe buttons and the fire button is automatically good for being the Z button by default, and the switching of weapons/reloading isn't too bad. The troubles I had with this system was getting used to which button to press for reloading and which to press for changing weapons, as they are B and A respectively. I would press the wrong button at some point and it would kind of screwed me over. Another trouble was the aiming system. When you pressed the R button, you were unable to move but a crosshair appeared and you would be able to aim exactly where you wanted to shoot. The aiming was a little bit tough, especially with moving objects. Other then those two the controls were sensational.

I don't know why, but I found myself playing this game again and again. Wait, I know why. It is so much fun. This game doesn't seem to have much replayability, but I found myself playing this game over and over because the missions and the multiplayer and everything is so much fun, even after getting all of the codes and such. This is a great game and all great games are replayable to some extent as this one is.

Graphics - 9 out of 10
The graphics in this game were well done and still a good showing off of the Nintendo 64, but because of the huge emphasis on gameplay instead of graphics, it still lacked a little bit compared to some of the higher quality games of the Nintendo 64. The characters/enemies were done fairly well, but their faces still looked too blocky. The backgrounds were nice, but still not very clear and they looked just like another background. One background that really caught my eye however, was the snow in the Surface levels. I thought it was very, very well done considering the graphics power of this machine. Otherwise, the graphics were above average, but not outstanding.

Sound - 10 out of 10
The sound in this game was very, very well done and the sound crew of this game really did a very good job. For the level music itself, it was very fitting to each level and the suspenseful parts as well were well done. There wasn't much difference in each level's music in my opinion but the music was good anyway so it didn't matter. When I first played this and I heard the gun shots I thought it was a little too obviously done, but I realized that Rare had made the gunshots exactly like in the movie, so that made them extra special. All in all a great musical experience.

Final Analysis
- Great Length of Play
- Very Nicely Done Multiplayer
- Great Soundtrack

- Mixed up Controls
- Manual Aim Problems
- Relatively Blocky Graphics

Final Rating: 10 out of 10
Rent or Buy: Buy
Comments: As you can see from the chart above, the cons in this game are little things and the pros of this game really shine. I would tell anyone who is even a slight fan of first-person shooters to pick this game up, especially these days as the price of it probably has dropped to a mere 5 or 10 dollars, well worth the price of even 30 dollars for the amount of fun you will get by purchasing this game. Thanks for reading my review for Goldeneye for Nintendo 64.

Rating: 10

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