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Reviewed: 02/06/00 | Updated: 02/06/00

The game that put movie games on the map.

Goldeneye is definitely not your regular first-person shooter, that is what I thought when I first saw my friends play the game. When I saw them playing it, I thought that it was the stupidest game ever, running around and shooting innocent soldiers that never really did anything to you. But then I borrowed the game off my friend, who swapped it for Pilotwings, which I think was not a really fair trade for my friend, Pilotwings doesn't even come close to Goldeneye. Goldeneye is the one and only game I have ever experienced where the graphics and sound are awesome, yet the controls, story, gameplay, replay value, and fun factor are, too.

The Graphics just plain rule. Although there are a few bugs, like when a soldier gets too close to a door, you can see their bodies, they are exactly what I expect from an N64 game. Yes, I'll admit that you can sometimes see the polygons that make up the graphics, but who cares, anyway?

The Sound and Music are just as good as the graphics, if not better. For once, you actually don't get tired and bored of the music fifteen minutes after you've been playing the game, it's quite the contrary, in fact. Check out the Cradle music if you don't believe me, I didn't believe it at first! And the sound is nothing to sneeze at, either. None of the guns have the same firing sound, as a matter of fact, I can tell whatever kind of gun the enemies have by its sound. The only thing wrong with the entire game is that I WANT SPEECH, NOT JUST TEXT!!!!!!!!

The Story is awesome. It follows the movie almost completely to picky little details, and it incorporates all of the movie's special features into the game very nicely, very smoothly.

The Controls are some of the best I have ever personally witnessed in my entire life. When I played Doom 64, I hated the strafing system, L and R, it was too hard to get your hand away from the joystick to the control pad to be able to press the L button. But Goldeneye's system for strafing is that they use only the C-left and C-right buttons to strafe left and right, and the C-down and C-up buttons for looking down and up. Very, very simple, the R button aims, the Z button fires the gun, and the A and B buttons reload and change your weapons.

The Gameplay, I think, is precisely what made Goldeneye so popular. It is summed up with one word: extraordinary. Everything about this is excellent. Every single thing flows together as smooth as silk. The enemies aren't that lifelike, but I like it that way, you can shoot and kill a guy with the PP7, not silenced, and the guy next to him doesn't even notice!

The Difficulty of Goldeneye is average, not too easy, but a little bit hard. It took me awhile to get used to moving Bond and fighting the enemies, not to mention accomplishing the objectives in the alotted time spans sometimes. But then it was smooth and steady sailing, I was cruising through those levels, maybe one a week! Good for gamers in between the amateur level and the expert level.

The Replay Value of Goldeneye is fabulous, there is the standard one-player mode, which is a game in itself, but then the Multiplayer mode, which is most likely what Goldeneye is famous for. You and up to three other players can go head to head in a competition where you are on a level with each other and whatever guns you choose to have, and you must find the guns, ammo, and kill each other. Simple. Very.

Overall, everyone should love Goldeneye, if not, they're very weird and you should take them to see a doctor. Everything about Goldeneye is excellent, and the game is
living proof that yes, a movie game can be colossal.



STORY: 10/10





OVERALL: 10/10 (not meant to be an average, but could be considered one in this case)

The Final Thought: Seeing as this game only costs about $39.99, dependent upon where you live, you should go out nd buy Goldeneye right now. You have been informed.

Rating: 10

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