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Reviewed: 01/08/00 | Updated: 01/08/00

Shaken, not stirred.

First you see the Nintendo logo and the Rareware logo. Then comes the famous Bond intro, followed by a presentation of the Goldeneye crew. ( Not the workers at Rare, but James Bond, Natalya Simonova, blah blah blah ). Then, you choose a file to start with. You can choose from either Single Player or Multiplayer at first, but later on, you'll open the Cheat Options ( DK Mode will most likely be the first cheat you unlock ). There are lots of cheats to unlock, Paintball Mode, All Guns, Infinite Ammo, Enemy Rockets, Fast Animation, Turbo Mode, 2X Grenade Launchers, Magnum, Gold PP7 and so on.

The weapons are PP7, Silenced PP7, KF7 Soviet, Sniper Rifle, DD44 Dostovei, Klobb, Throwing Knives, Hunting Knives, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, D5K Deutsche, AR33 Assault Rifle, ZMG ( .9mm ), Gold PP7, Silver PP7, Golden Gun, Automatic Shotgun, RC-P90, Hand Grenades, Proximity Mines, Timed Mines, Remote Mines, Moonraker Laser, and maybe some more that I may have forgot. But in the two levels Runway and Streets you'll get to control a tank! A very cool feature to this extremely cool game.

You'll recognize a lot of places and scenarios from the movie. In Facility, you'll feel like Bond when he entered the toilet and knocked a guard ( you know what I mean if you've seen the movie ). And, in the end of Facility, general Ourumov will "shoot" Trevelyan and you'll blow the gas tanks in the exactly same room as in the movie. Really awesome. And remember when Bond chased Natalya and Ourumov in a tank? That's exactly what you do in Streets. And you'll even get to fight guards in the satellite dish in Severnaya! Neat.

The story is just the same as the movie. No description needed.

There are a lot of details, but one strange thing is that almost everything blows up when you shoot it. Chairs, tables, boxes... Are they full of explosives or something? Anyway, fun to watch and the boxes often hides ammo. The movements of the enemies are also great, if you get behind one that isn't seeing you, the guard will do different things. He'll swipe at flies ( it would be REALLY fun if he'd start shoot at it! ), scratch himself in several places and some other things. But there are flaws too. Sometimes guards do somersaults, but if you shoot a guard while he's doing that, he has to get up before he can fall down again and die. And, this doesn't happen all the time, if you shoot a guard that stands beside another, the one you didn't shoot won't see that his friend was shot. As I said, it only happens sometimes and not if they stand close to each other, but it's worth mentioning. And guards take pauses in shooting, which means that a guard sees you, fire a few shots, stands still a couple of seconds and then start to shoot again. Again, no huge problem, but that could've been fixed. The guards have screwed up faces and you wonder if this is the zombies from Resident Evil 2 wearing uniforms and moving like a normal person. And they seem to have twins.

As for the sounds, the guns sounds really great and the Bond theme rules. As you're getting closer and closer to the helicopter in Frigate, the sound of it will get higher and higher. One thing I don't like though is the sounds that Bond makes when he gets hurt. Well...I guess it's kind of hard to make the sound of Bond getting hurt since he don't exactly get hurt much in the movies, but the sounds when Bond gets hurt can and should be improved. I know Rare can. I love the music, it's intense and fits the situations you'll have to put up with. Like in Cradle, it's very intense music makes you feel that you're hunting someone ( in this case it's Trevelyan ).

The Challenge.To complete the game to 100% you have to complete it in all the difficulties. You can kill Trevelyan and still only complete the game in the easiest difficulty, but there are two extra levels, Aztec and Egyptian. And remember, don't bother using cheats to complete the missions - it doesn't work! You can't score a new record using Turbo Mode, and so on. I'm not sure whether you should really call the Cheat Options Cheat Options or if you should call them "Additions That Makes The Game Funnier And Sometimes Easier, But You Can't Use Them To Complete A Level". But it's too long for a title, I guess that's why it's called Cheat Options. The difficulties are Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent. Well, there is a fourth, called 007 Mode where you can customize the difficulty yourself. You have to earn it. As perfect as it ever could get. And the Multiplayer really adds to the Replay Value, my friend got it the day it was released and we still can't stop playing it and loving it. It's better than any other Multiplayer for any system until Perfect Dark arrives.

Perfect control, couldn't be better. Let's just hope that they have the same control system in Perfect Dark.

Now pay attention. I should be done by now with this review, and the final solution is that Goldeneye is the most realistic ( well, um, if you don't count Rainbow Six, but that's a whole other kind of shoot 'em up ) shooter for the Nintendo 64 yet. Buy this now, it really puts you in the clothes of Bond, James Bond. Don't even think about renting it, this is a pure buy. That's all I have to say.

Rating: 10

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