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The Definition Of First Person Shooter

James Bond is one of the coolest characters ever in story or game or even a book for that matter. The women, the power, the gadgets, the weaponry, and being known as a spy. What more could you ask for? Women loved him and men wanted to be him. The James Bond movies have always been one of the greatest collection of movies ever. Before Goldeneye, however, there had never been a truly good Bond game. When Rare put out Goldeneye, they included everything that a First Person Shooter lover could ask for. Goldeneye has defined the genre that is FPS.

The game's controls are very good. Everything is placed well and they respond well too. You have a button to shoot, change weapons, move, crouch, strafe, manually aim, and that's about it. Overall, great controls. The gameplay is fantastic. I don't think it could be better. Goldeneye is a FPS that is based off of the movie, well, Goldeneye, which is a James Bond flick in case you didn't know. The game is really mission based and the missions are all based on things that happened in the movie.

The missions are perfect. They are just so fun and well designed that it is unbelievable. There are around twenty to thirty missions and there are two missions that you can unlock (they have absolutely nothing to do with the movie). All of the missions take place in exotic locales. You have missions in Siberia, St. Petersburg, and so much more. They are all so very different. All of the missions are fun, yet Goldeneye has a few which can get very hard. These are the missions where you have to escort people. No one likes escort missions so I don't even see why they put this in here. Oh well. There is an option for level select after you beat a level so it's all good. Overall, great missions.

The difficulty of the missions is based on Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent. Agent would be easy, Secret Agent would be medium, and 00 Agent would be hard. There is also a way to customize your difficulty. You can make it to where you die more easily or your enemies are extremely hard to kill or extremely easy to kill. Overall, great difficulty.

The weapons in the game are fantastic. They range from huge assault rifles to rocket launchers to submachine guns to pistols to even little throwing knives. A thing I don't like is how only a few weapons are available in most levels. Oh well. A thing I love about the weapons in the game is how you can have two of the same weapon in your hands. This is one of the only games out to have this. There is also a way to mix it up and have two different weapons in your hands at the same time. Another thing I don't like is how they didn't name the guns after their real names. This would have made it a little better in my opinion. In a few levels, you will also get to drive a tank, which is so awesome. Overall, great weapons.

The level designs are very good. They are all different in looks on the whole and they are all pretty huge for the Nintendo 64 and most games really. Most of the levels take place in indoor areas, yet a few take place outdoors. The levels look pretty detailed. Overall, great level designs.

The enemies are pretty smart on a whole. They almost never stand in one place. They will be walking around or guarding doors and stuff like that. They can get pretty tough. One thing that kind of ruins it though is how there are only two or three character skins in each level. If this would have changed, I think that it would have given the game a much better experience. Overall, good enemies.

The gun fights are awesome. When you add in all of those guns, five to ten enemies, and those bad ass levels, you will get a fantastic experience. I mean, try taking out ten to fifthteen guys with two pistols and not getting hit that much. It is really fun. I also love to do things in the game like snipe people. That is always fun. Overall, great gun fights.

The replayability is fantastic. I could play this game over and over again. It's just something that makes you want to keep going back for more. The multiplayer also adds to the replay value. There is an option for up to four player deathmatches and you can just kick each other's asses all night. There are also codes you can unlock which add a lot to the replay value. Overall, good replay value.

You play the role of James Bond. International spy. International man of mystery. Women love him. Men want to be him. The story is the same as the movie, Goldeneye. Someone has stolen this Goldeneye thing and you need to get it back or destroy it or something. You will meet lots of characters along the way which include Boris, Trevelyan (006), and Natalya. There are lots of twists and turns in the story. Overall, the plot is extremely good.

The graphics are great for the Nintendo 64. Everything looks really detailed. The characters can look kind of blocky at times, but that's not really a big deal. The explosions look very good. The levels look really detailed. Overall, great graphics.

The sound is good. The guns sound really good and so do explosions. The music in the game is alright although I hardly ever listened to it. I just turned down the volume on my television and put in a rock cd. Overall, good sound.

To buy or to rent, you ask? I would definitely buy this game. This is the game that convinced me to buy a Nintendo 64 really. This is one of the greatest games ever made and every game needs to experience this. Buy it. Now.

Rating: 10

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