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Reviewed: 12/27/99 | Updated: 12/27/99

Just one more reason the N64 was dubbed the "fun machine"

Graphics: 9/10
Music & Sound FX: 9/10
Control & Gameplay: 9/10
Plot & Characters: 9/10
Fun Factor: 10/10
Overall: 9.2/10 (9/10)

Graphics: When this game first came out, and before I went out and bought a PSXbecause my interest in the N64 was fading, I thought the graphics for this 007 shooter were bomb-ass. The only thing that really got my nerve was the square-headed characters with frightening looking faces wrapped around their square skulls. Besides that, the graphics are very well done for the most part. The characters, as slightly deformed as they are, look near-close to the movie counterparts. The enviroments are well done too, despite a lot of extra effects that could have been put in (like snowfall...rain) and they are fitted toproportionate the actual sets of the Goldeneye movie. The little pre/post-stage opening animations are pretty cool too (also following in sync with the movie). The thing I’d most praise for the game is it’s animation. When you fire at an enemy’s foot or put a slug just near his head in the adjacent wall, they turn around and start looking around, etc. As soon as they see you, scientists put up their arms to surrender, then they run off for their lives. Essentially the animation gives credit to the AI.... for without that, there wouldn’t be such a diverse range of animations for the enemies. One final gripe is the fact that when you start shooting at walls for no reason, loading it with bullet holes, after a while they....MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR! WOOOOOoooooooooooo! I think viusal damage to wherever it is, with the kinds of weapons you have would have made things more amusingly realistic. I mean, some stages you get a bazooka, shot-guns and even a tank.... you should be allowed to destroy the entire stage if you wanted to rather than have a tank being stopped by a small building. Despite the gripes, the graphics are marvelous considering this was from Rare at the time when it came out. A lot more realistic thanmost other N64 games at that time too.

Music & Sound FX: Being as this is a movie translation, expect to hear some familiar 007 jingles in here, but don’t go far as to assume there’ll be pure CD quality material or takes from the Goldeneye soundtrack in here, cause there’s little of that. Despite this, the soundtrack is for the most part fairly solid and fits the suspenseful action you know a Bond movie will give you. Sound effects aren’t really as stunning or amazing... just plenty of “grunts” and “uhhhhs” coming from the enemy that was shot down. Some exceptions are all the weapon noises and explosions along with the tank driving around. And speaking ofthe tank (MWAHAHAHA) over a drove of enemies with it to hear some marvelous screaming and bone crunching.

Control & Gameplay: The second game to effectively use the rumble pak in gameplay (first was Star Fox) was Goldeneye. Unfortunately, I’m not too partial for these little vibration functions in games (PSX or N64), so I don’t use them much on a consistant basis. For the most part, the rumble pak didn’t have me shaken OR stirred.... This is not to say I never used it, but it’s more of a novelty to me than a gameplay experience, and good god... when you get nailed with an expolsion, it’ the most annoying thing EVER. Though I will say.. it was a lot more realistic than in Star Fox 64. Okay...back to control. Controlsare pretty well setup for being a 1st person shooter and ESPECIALLY since this is on the rather unusually shaped N64 controller. As far as gameplay goes, this is a shooter. Figure it out. You run around shoot people.... but wait! This isn’t as much of a mindless balst-em up game as you think! Keeping with the fact that this is a game based on a Bond movie, you have to obtain certain objectives in each of the levels to which each has three difficulties (thus resulting in more objectives). Some objectives are simple (find items,destroy targets), some recquire speed to go through, some require you not to blow up targets o protect certain peopel (like Natalia...ugh...I hated having to save her ass in the game). Finally, the best and greatest aspect of gameplay you will love the N64 for (????) is the multiplayer mode and all of the cheats. The whole four-player madness is what makes me love this game. Proximity mines hidden in toilets of the facility stage’s bathroom, one hit kills, moonrakers, IT’S ALL GOOD. The more friends you’ve got playing, the better. Various modes, 60+ playable characters to select from (from various bond films), tons ofweapons... oh man.... If anything, get this is a party game. If you live with a bunch of gameplaying fiends interested in multiplayer carnage, then this is it. Despite the platform it’s on and your love/hate relationship with it, this is a great compensation.

Plot & Characters: As mentioned numerous times, this is a movie translation..... and a damn good one at that. I think the only other decent movie translations I’ve ever played were Judge Dredd and the SNES Star Wars games. The missions all tie well into the gameplay and a lot of familiar characters join the 007 fray. Only complaint I really have is that Q isnot visually present. DAMN! Q is tha man! The only reson I’ve stuck with watching these films is to see Q and the veluptious women. “Shut up 007, you sound like a whining ninny....all you have to do is shoulder this ghetto blaster, armed with missiles and those “homies” on the streets won’t give you any lip. Got that? Now, hurry it up 007, I’ve got to start work on this air matress with retractable knives....” (obviously not a Q quote, but....)With great misfortunes he was killed in an accident........... :( The game stays true to the movie in all respects and tosses in some extras just for kicks.

Fun Factor: THROUGH THE ROOF! If the one player modes don’t get you, then themultiplayer action will. There’s plenty of secrets to obtain (secret stages, new playable characters in the multiplayer games) from the differing difficulty levels in the game which will keep you going for a loooooong time. Of most of the N64 games I’ve played, this is the only one I’ve constantly played just for sheer enjoyment and nothing else. Spending a half hour rolling around in the tank mashing soldiers just makes my day. By all means, if you have a N64 buy this! It’s hard to get disappointed by this one.

Buy or Rent: Either/or Buy it..... rent it with some pals. Have a good time.

Overall: 9.2 (9/10)

Rating: 9

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