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Reviewed: 01/03/03 | Updated: 01/04/03

"The Best Game this World has Ever Seen"

Here we stand in the presenece of the greatest game of our time. GoldenEye, released in 1997, shook the world with a revalation for all first person shooting games. I base this review on how it would be reated six years ago, know that. A classic 007 adventure is contained in this game, like all, but this game is truly special. Twenty levels of fun filled action. A lot of classic standards were set by this game, such as the view and basic version of the graphics. The game posses a good amount of challenge. Bond is decades old, but this game shall never be forgotten. The multiplayer on this game is also classic, to always be remembered. Bond is a top secret 00 Agent, 007, working for the British Government unit MI6. Goldeneye was released for the N64 in 1997 and was one of the top sold games of all time. GoldenEye has great Graphics and Sound, and a great adventure story. It can be played over and over again.

GamePlay: (10)
I can only go up to 10? I was planning on 100. The greatest game I have ever played. Twenty levels across the world. Bond must attack soldiers in all the levels and show true skill. There are a wide variety of guns you use to rip through your opponents. You get to use gadgets and act as an agent would. There are so many combinations you can use. In the second level, facility, you sneak up on people in the bathroom. You can also try to survive in a room of gas. You go on high speed chases and have great challenges like geting out of a small room on a train in one minute. You can play on different modes, agent, secret agent, and 00 agent. There are the best cheats in the world for this game. You can be invisible, invinsible, infinite ammo, and more. It is very fun to test you skills with a gun and finally seeing things as an agent has. You can betray people. plant rockets, break out of jails, just SO MANY things can be done in this game. And get this; can you save the girl with a gun to her head by one of your arch enimies? Test your skill. Feel the excitment. Your eyes will begin to know all, and see all, and you will become GoldenEye.

Story: (10)
The epic Bond Story of a Satellite that can shut off power that is stolen and activated by a General, Oumovor. Bond needs to find out who Xanus is and then atop the Goldeneye from destroying the world. It is almost identical to the movie. You start out with a Partner, 006, Trevelyn. There are not many things Bond can do except try to find the Xanus orginization and stop the Mayhem. And, as usual, there is a Bond Girl, and an evil Bond Girl, Xenia Onnatop. Bond tries to go undercover most of the time and even asks for help from an old enemy, Valintine, who he gave a limp to.

Graphics: (10)
For the time, these graphics were revolutionary. Never before had a First Player Shooting game had such good graphics. The people look almost real, as do the guns. There is vivid detail, with good color, tone, and sharpness. Basically, the graphics are three dimentional, unlike the games before it. You can see the bullets begin to fly, people bleeding, getting shot, falling. There was obviously so much time put into them. One of the first games with things made to proper scale, and things made to proper distance. The game makes sure to show everything. There is no question like ''He disappears after one shot?'' like in some of the old games.

Sound: (9)
This set the tone for classic Bond sounds. Classic bond songs along with great sound effects, especially for each individual gun. Battling music often motivates the player. Mostly, just the presision of the sound for each action bond does, such as opening doors. There are not sounds for player reactions all the time, but it is usually persistant.

Scoring: They score you well in this game. The better you are with a gun, the more points you get. For example, you get a head shot off you get more points as apposed to a leg shot.

Multiplayer: (10+)
Praise the high heavens, this mode revolutionized gaming as we know it more than anything else. With tons of levels, to chose from, there is always varity. Not only that, but the levels are huge with many paths. The multiplayer options allow you to pick the guns. If you want, you can use Golden Guns to truly test your skill. You also have many scenarios. You can capture the flag, form teams, claim bases, and more. Contests were formed from this; who can last the longest?? Machine Guns can test your persistance and pistols can test your accuracy. You can be daring and try and chase people down, but make sure you hold your own. One level I have found extremely fun, is called Library, with three huge levels and rooms for rocket battles. You can also snipe for the first time in this game with a sniper or a K47 Soviet. I have a walkthrough for this level as well, tips and all. Get good at this game so you can kick butt when battling your friends.

Controls: (10)
What A Grip? I thought Z would never really go with the controls, put it is the perfect button to fire with. Also all the buttons are in the perfect place to move as quickly as possible. You can also do everything with Bond but Jump or crouch like modern '03 James Bond games.

Replay: (10+)
You'll play it forever. The multiplayer never gets old, and you can always set the modes harder and try to beat your old scores. You can use cheats and experiment over and over, and because the game is so long, play it over and over, and it always stays fun.

Overall: (10+)
The Best Game of all time as of 2003 in my opinion. An amazing game with challenge until the very end.

Rating: 10

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